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5 / 5
I touch klezmer with my goyim partner ( use a book of Bay of Honey), but have any access the Hebrew culture, the alone pairs have left. Stadtman Is the good professor, the one who sprinkles in quite a lot of cultural references so that it seats mine touching has deepened by means of my new comprising. Like the cultural experience, this was adds.

Has taught the alike class, would have more micro lessons. For example, it takes two bars partorisca go down notes. That could do with his interiors a tradition? It would give several examples. Then, he again with other two bars of something more, and on and on. Statman This, but a lot enough to my flavour. It would speak the little in different fashions of klezmer, which he , but he he in the virtuoso level, no an intermediary levels which is that I need . That, exactly, could do to the concrete hour to do touch New Yorkish, or Rumanian, or Russian, or Israeli? (And if this is not a pertinent thing to do punctually-is really, really local, like to know concealed.)

Are happy has bought this and will listen his much more time, then the spend on to some other members of band.
5 / 5
Are the classical musician the one who the need learns Klezmer way of clarinet for the future action. I have found an instruction, especially paired with the small folio of the music to cover comprised to be very useful. Statman Is touching is warm and sensitive and a quite good accompaniment. A quality of audio this in spite of is horrible and is the serious distraction. It touches like quell'has been recorded in of tape of bad analog cassette, with the pronounced 5Hz flutter. Also it would be better state Statman assaid his commentary more, as his verbal delivery is prendiendo and uncomfortable. Felizmente I sounds to touch is flowed, and his approximation to a lesson is well. It touches each piece to a large extent traight' first, then adds ornamentation, then explains that it has added it.
5 / 5
Touches a clarinet but in Greek and Turkish fashion. I have purchased this video because the person more has the video that teaches or explains anything in the ethnic clarinet that touches. They are not the Klezmer the player but am happy purchased it, helped to comprise an ethnic touching or the better fashion that anything that has seen like this far, and a history for behind the and a Hebrew culture of music, but the majority of Andy Statman is such the down to write of earth and very gifted. A lot inspiring
4 / 5
is well, but a lot especially educational or entertaining
5 / 5
This book was in the cast navideña of my husband and was very happy of the take. It has spent already quite some time to enjoy is contained .