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Top Customer Reviews: Legend ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 36 ratings
4 / 5 Daniell
Formed: the elep Registers This took awhile partorisca write this description because ossia a first time has not been big partorisca the months of pair(the supply is running down everything by means of a country, massive epidemic) Here is a history, In anticipation partorisca weed resultant legal in Canada on October 17, 2018, has looked for something concealed would help me partorisca smoke my first legal joint. Note lateralmente, has smoked also never weed in my life before this. Like this directly to a point, has launched this record on October 17th and has smoked the big ol' fatty and Bob has discovered was a wiser man never and has known a meaning the life & secondly, would have to have state smoking this material of then was the wee gaffer, has squandered my life up until this point.
4 / 5 Pearline
Formed: Audio CD A line on the songs in this disk is at all courts of spectacular. It covers each one so only that imports only premiers five disks, and is created of his time in a focuses of Island. Really ossia one of some disks of Marley of Bob better that goes. Some diverse clues comprise such greats like ANY WOMAN A lot THIS ON The STAND has SHOT is so only the small representation of some varied songs that it is in this disk so that you can see so only that adds this disk really is ..A total of 16 course in everything...
5 / 5 Jammie
Formed: elep Record Bad quality. Partorisca Be sincere has not been if my mark of record player BYONE is too bad or a quality of this Vinyl is terrible. I have bought so much on amazon. If I have known of not going partorisca be possible to listen quite well has to that it has had saves more money to buy the better record player. Some vinyls can listen something but this legend of Marley of Bob is impossible to listen any song with quality in my speakers records.
A vendor Byone offered me in fact 50 repayment of the mine record player but still although it does not help because I can not enjoy some vinyls anyways. It gives the graces for an attention but unfortunately does not solve my question :(
4 / 5 Jodie
Formed: CD of Audio 'Legend: a Better of Bob Marley' is one of a better selling CD/of the albums never is. This CD so only contains the majority of famous songs of Marley, which is also one the majority of famous reggae music never, has listened the majority of these songs partorisca a past 30+ years! Partorisca More than people, this CD is everything requires partorisca possess of Marley & A Wailers.

Has compared this remastered CD with an original and found a sound partorisca be very improved --- more cleaned, clearer, drier, stronger, spectre more rounded (the original on had underlined mids and highs), more natural. It was esmastered of an original 2-follow master tapes'.

Some people have has commented of an original CD has used solteros mixes and this remastered ALBUM of CD of mix of uses. Has a remastered 'Exodus CD (sees my separate description in these CD stops more than info), and this CD has some same mixes and remastered sound. As the one who can say, more the mixes are some same except these a lot of songs in a remastered CD is more along --- ossia probably that is to be mean for album vs solteros mix. So only a song ome People/of Amur Rig' has the noticeably different mix --- an original CD there has been a backing vocals far more upfront and with more than effect (reverb), which can be more pleasant. Esdemption Song' is noticeably stronger, perhaps too strong, of then is just voice and acoustic electrical guitar.

An original CD totalled 50:07, while a remastered TOTAL CD 72:33. Here it is desglosa differences of approximate time among songs that differs in 2 CD is. In the each chance, a remastered CD has some longer versions:
Any Woman Any one Cry (3:00 more along)
could Have you has wanted to (0:25 more along)
Soldato of Bfalo (1:30 more along)
the stir Arrives (2:00 more along)
has Shot a Sheriff (0:50 more along)
Satisfy My Soul (1:15 more along)
Exodus (3:15 more along)

A remastered CD also has 2 additional price clues unnecessary songs, IMO. A booklet is reworked also. It contains everything of a leading information and pics, papers besides and some names of one all a Wailers. A backside of a CD now so only loans all some titles of song, how is easier that read a cast and find some clues want.

In general, yes love this music, well update yours yours CD old plus to the east a. It enjoys!
4 / 5 Idella
Formed: Record of elep thinks more the people are familiarised with a character of Bob Marley and with this fantastic compilation of his work, as I will not comment in a quality of a music. I will comment in this fantastic tri-the album has painted! It can not expect take my hands on that. His add and orderly work! I have begun of that shabby vinyl again this is resulted an immediate addition my collection. Fully I recommend it to any one.
4 / 5 Eli
Formed: Audio CD his Excellent quality. This disk is the must has partorisca Marley defender and particularly partorisca those with the 5.1 system. My only quibble is the song of Redemption is the different (any like this a lot IMHO) version then one any 30th anniversary CD.
4 / 5 Efrain
Formed: Record of elep has bought this because of good descriptions in a quality of his which does not think is all this good compared to the still sounds newer dulls to like average older.
4 / 5 Maude
Formed: CD of Audio has in the first place bought this album in a 80s and was the pause adds of adolescent anguish. Before fast 30 years. Now it creates an oasis in the hectic & half of stressful work. This album is still like this fresh and uplifting likes first the times have listened his. A piece required of any one is library of music. Classical. Any marvel this artist is like this revered that it can be it resulted a Prime minister of Giamaica if it was still around.
4 / 5 Hans
Formed: elep Record of Good album but touches calmer then all my others registers to possess it would have 5 touches of stars in regular volume
4 / 5 Toney
Formed: Audio CD Very good 5.1 surrounds mix. Some surround the sounds are not partorisca value your money, but this one is very orderly!!! They have separated the majority of instruments in all some different speakers, how is how was siting in a half of a studio with Bob in front of you and a backside on singer behind you... So better that an earlier Soul Rebels DVD AUDIO, sound like a stereo version with echo in a backside! Legend BLURAY touches the hundred times better that that animates it Rebels surrounds mix!!!
4 / 5 Reuben
Ossia The album adds that it spends rear memories of on some years. Well fact!
4 / 5 Branden
Elepé Adds, classical collection of songs of Marley of Bob.
A Tricolour is the good touch, although be advised that some records have the translucent appearance
4 / 5 Juana
Bob Marley does not disappoint , and he neither done a quality of this vinyl. Perfect condition
4 / 5 Belen
A tri-colored the sound of vinyl adds and looks awesome also! Amur He
4 / 5 Sung
the quality is well, the does not have any volume of question/of the sound.

An only thing partorisca this collector is a jacket, bad fact and no very gathered,
5 / 5 Angela
This really is an amazing album. All a song is sum !
5 / 5 Tarah
Has believed to be remastered but nowhere say like this
4 / 5 Maryland
Wonderful container of a register an old plus. Big quality dvd container, excellent liner notes.
And a blue-ray 5.1 remezcla is one of a better some. This memory of the good DVD-Audio remezcla. Now yes so only they stage another blue-ray remixes like this one, .....
5 / 5 Deanne
A coverage of album is very thin how is a record . A record was in fact crackly and has required the good cleaner. This elepé looks the economic knockoff with his poor quality.
4 / 5 Osvaldo
Lucido The disk is decayed, jumps. Of then I bought it it Touches partorisca offer he in present, the limits of date touches a turn is spent. Any shabby , you alkez have all like this me!
5 / 5 Rocio
No at all, maintains skipping. Ask the substitution, what same...
5 / 5 Brendon
Although it was has sent initially a wrong album -the error was corrected quickly and a correct album has arrived punctually partorisca Xmas. I very impressed with a service of the client and the element have purchased would recommend this place to friends and family. Thank you!
5 / 5 Cassy
First record has arrived warped but the amazon was quickly partorisca substitute it and a second is coming walk (or quite flat to any skip a needle).

Registers well for the 'plus of', for any ossia value . If it does not feel it likes having his discography fill this more probably do.
5 / 5 Evonne
Perfecto viynl to add your collection, sounds to surprise in a player.
5 / 5 Aurore
The record has arrived promptly and in good condition. A sleeve is the map of good quality and comprises the clear external coverage and poly there is streaky interior, which is always welcome. A elepé is very very pressed and everything but silent according to which the noise of surface goes. A mastering is also notch upper, Marleys the voice is pressed advance with a wailers very widespread was behind him. Everything a lot clear with the good sound, full.
Regarding a music, well that it can say it? Each clue the classical, fantastically actuated and presented in this king-@@subject . Recommended.
4 / 5 Theda
All'elepé Tricolor è molto buono. È translucid e abbastanza soltanto perché ognuno elepé c'è una stampa a memoria unica. Per Coprire abd labrado ha dato manica Interna il basico , ancora per regolare versione.
5 / 5 Petronila
L'album è stato offerto il un presente e c'è molto apprezzato.
5 / 5 Tisa
Vuole prendere grande adesso, E al vinilo ha preso kinda warped.
4 / 5 Anglea
La leggenda è bene. Bob Marley sta sorprendendo e quest'album è abbastanza duro ha dato per trovare. Per un premio così sotto est era un Non brained per acquistare.
4 / 5 Allen
Tale un vinilo sorprendente!!! In generale Ai record di giochi sono smoothly, ha tutti dei colpi più sommi hanno dato Bob Marley! Anche La canzone 'Qualsiasi donna qualunque ha gridato addirittura al vinilo è della sua trattativa ha dato Londra. Aggiungo compri Qualsiasi rimorso
4 / 5 Sharmaine
registro Sorprendente. Qualsiasi video per accompagnare la musica. Bluray 96/24 mastering È sensational specialmente per gli ha dato registro vecchio questo uno.
4 / 5 Queen
Qualità della sua e per registrare apre aggiunge. Pollici addirittura e quello raccomanderebbe la l'addizione buona a una collezione ha dato vinilo.
5 / 5 Arlinda
L'album aggiunge con le canzoni più sono ha dato Marley molto. Suoni molto nel Technics.
5 / 5 Magen
La qualità aggiunge. Quando toccato tranquillo dietro può ascoltare una ricetta partorisca il capo ha dato pollo chutney. Forse questo era soltanto un effetto lateralmente.
5 / 5 Sophie
Quello che i musulmani possono essere detti il suo questo uomo e la sua musica legendaria!!
5 / 5 Lance
Prensado terribile, l'album tocca terribile molto esplosioni e rumore.

Top Customer Reviews: Love Yourself: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 42 ratings
5 / 5 Sade
Formed: Audio CD WOW! BTS Has been really all was is one. To good sure one of mine favourite (in of the terms of songs and packaging of album). It avenges 5 days with which skirt, and am enamoured. A packaging is gorgeous, love a holographic colour. I have been it touches happy to take a F version (my personal favourite) and avenges with all that said that to him - 2 cd is, the photobook, stickers, the poster, and the photocard. It take an adorable RM photocard! A bit those that minors downsides (to the equal that can see in some photos) is some the tiny scratches and the frames litter concealed was in a coverage of album and photobook, and some wrinkles? In a underside of an album and photobook. But in general, some amazing songs, qualities of albums, and everything does on partorisca he! Totally you recommend- I LOVES It.
5 / 5 Meredith
Formed: Audio CD I follows 60 years and I like BTS. This 2 cd the neighbour is without any defects and the young plus BTS the defender will want a bit extra that goes in a together. Now they are while to a 2nd near to arrive.
4 / 5 Anastacia
Formed: CD of Audio has bought two album and they are really good-looking. They are really happy of cost of mine. Highly you recommend to buy one or still two of him if you are the defender adds of BTS... This is not the waste of money, but the good investment. This in spite of, some two albums that has received was each fraction in some corners... It is for this that am giving this product four stars in place of five.
5 / 5 Rae
Formed: Audio CD My album was abused slightly in some corners during a process of nave, but in general is an amazing album . Expected of BTS of course! They are so only happy that has not taken 2 photocards of a same member still as I want to have a whole collection (sinister hope I just didnt jinx I). It take one is' version and the Jimin photocard <3
4 / 5 Lillian
Formed: Audio CD A last album in a trilogy of Calm Amour. Purchased this the fact for the moment but has thought was more partorisca write a description after listening to an album partorisca the few months. The difference of my album of Tear, this one is gone in fact with a KOMCA sticker as has a peace of alcohol partorisca know that I have purchased a true album. It finds that I take this less than Tear but can , still recommends to purchase this one of then contains some songs in his emissions of Calm leading Amour together with stirs it of new clues also. Partorisca Take a full experience partorisca listen to the BTS album, recommends to listen to some songs of some extremes to the another reason some clues are dipped in this order partorisca the reason. I seat it likes a bit the clues titles him is saying the history - My favourite part is a particular order of some titles of the clue partorisca some last three songs are Well, IDOL, and Answered: Amur I.
Recommends to verify out of translations of his papers also. I admit that I initially a lot gravitate his music until me in fact listened to his papers. Like the Korean speaker, I immediately recognised the one who powerful and poetic his papers have been compared to some works of his peers. Some the real gems are some clues that usually does not promote . Unfortunately, some things take lost in translation but there are some very good translators on-line took a time partorisca look for them. A Calm Amour the series is the introduction adds his work. But I recommend that it listen to some emissions that precedes a Serious Amour (carefully special in some papers) reasons these are some songs that clearly try reasons have such the enormous and has consecrated partorisca follow.
4 / 5 Felecia
Formed: Audio CD An album is glorious, BTS continuous try our, turn with which turn, that his talent is besides comprehension. A music cant be faulted. My subject only is that an album was bit it broken in some corners like the book of photo is the bit has broken also.
4 / 5 Paris
Formed: Audio CD This album takes calm by means of the travesa and all the phases of amour. Without even comprising some papers, can feel some emotions for a way rid and treat in the each clue. Comprising some calm papers take you deeper. A message that BTS the delivery is one of entity a that all the world would owe that listen; ossia partorisca want to you. Thank you BTS.
4 / 5 Coletta
Formed: Audio CD My album there has been the smallest fold in a flange but is at all too serious. A poster and all more remained in the good condition. I recommend to purchase using prime of amazon, among 24 hours less. It take a L version and Jin for a photocard .
4 / 5 Wally
Formed: Audio CD I amour this album! It is beautiful and wants to all some songs, this in spite of, avenges bit it broken when I received it (a bit those that dents)
but, any of a less, love this album the plot! This in spite of another amazing BTS album.
4 / 5 Karlyn
Formed: Audio CD offered partorisca my granddaughter the one who is 11 and enamoured with this group, as anything dies his with anything partorisca do with these types want. But really it wants that it receive this like the present. Any easily available where bolt.
5 / 5 Layne
Amazing album, the main quality of production. A photograph in a book has comprised is extraordinary and some songs is of course upper-notch. And a holographic the albums are gorgeous! Appearances at all less than BTS and Big Swipe :)
4 / 5 Nilda
Each good era! It can not have been 100 perfect but is partorisca be expected because of shipping. An album aesthetically is so only like this beautiful, and avenges with everything has not been to suppose to. I see swimming can complain roughly
4 / 5 Rhoda
has paid 45 dollars for my new BTS albums of Calm Amour, so only to find that it suffer expensive give in some corners, dent of circle in a coverage and he have broken a book of photo. I have not been satisfied!! It is there some way can achieve was to a vendor?. They are enormous defender ossia very disappointing...
5 / 5 Genoveva
Has bought he for my Daughter was enamoured and still is ... Arrived in the perfect sleep comes tru!
5 / 5 Winnie
A lot Of course this goes to take 5 stars. The beautiful album and all avenges with. Lame Jin like my little paper. What only that pissed me was has been concealed is has not been to like the bubble on or something partorisca take he to suffer harm. Some corners are bent/squished. Another while beautiful.
4 / 5 Marcia
BTS So much has done always the wonderful work in his album. They are felizmente a OT7 and like this always has while fun to see the one who locate a photocard (this time has taken J-Hope!!!). It is to good sure value your money to so only resist the concrete test of BTS wonderful music AH is so only like this very
4 / 5 Assunta
A packaging and the pictures are lovely. That is better is a music! Loving this repackaged album. They are the very happy defender of BTS! The hearts have lived all a way for this album!
5 / 5 Nerissa
Am enamoured with each song in this album. All the world is so only is is surprising is a combination of some leading albums door all near. They underline an importance of self want to which celery likes is something that all the precise world listens.
5 / 5 Idell
Was bit it disappointed for a fact that my album has suffered harm (pages of the book of the photo was bit it rasgado of a compulsory, pocolas dents in a coverage) but another while, surprised. It was totally value a wait and are like this of the happy I pre-ordered it.
5 / 5 Dixie
Has taken my sprain V for a paper of photo to the equal that am happy in that! A corner of a chance and the book are kinda bent but a CDs is a lot I so that I am fresh with him
4 / 5 Salena
When I have bought calm amour the, has not spent a time partorisca read that comprises and has finalised not taking a poster that has had to that buy for separate. This album is coming with everything says it and looks beautiful! It take a L version !
4 / 5 Audry
Has received an album in perfect condition - has had any dented corners. It take the inner poster has bent, a discharge of sticker, a paper of photo. It is gorgeous and an album is holo! I love it.
5 / 5 Hisako
Took it a day was released, with paper of photo and pre-poster of mandate :) amour bts so much and this album is like this amazing to the equal that have embezzled they!
5 / 5 Reid
All is the bomb -!! First time that buys BTS album like this happy with him, a paper of photo an album of picture a quality and of course his songs are wonderful -!! Good work Bighit, BTS -!!
4 / 5 Giovanni
CD very received and document very beautiful my daughter adores
4 / 5 Ali
has loved that!!! The desire could have chosen a paper has taken but has has wanted to he anyways :) I have not had any idea the booklet is coming with him xD so that well!
5 / 5 Brittny
Has Had any question with CD. They are happy with cost of mine. Any harm. Amur Of amour of the amour
5 / 5 Francesco
has loved a packaging for an album, quality very big! Any economic was on anything when they have dipped this album the production. And, of course, an album was One +!
4 / 5 Andree
I utmost contents were awesome but skips bit it on some songs kinda annoying
5 / 5 Ok
has been concerned that avenges dented or fraction in some way, but arrives in perfect condition! Taken a L version! I do not want to it open of then it is the present of anniversary for the partner. I KNOW Quell'MASTERS SURE!! AMUR STILL BTS I!
4 / 5 Shondra
You love it!! Produced of quality very big of BTS and Big Swipe as it has expected. Amur A packaging
4 / 5 Anastasia
has taken F Version. One the majority of the beautiful album has not seen never. BTS Always is in amazing. I love each song in an album.
4 / 5 Paulene
I amour BTS and all his music! This album is like this amazing to like all his leading albums if any better!
4 / 5 Ilda
100 % value a prize are like this happy an only down the point was during one shipping a container has taken the fraction and my album has the little swipe in a coverage
4 / 5 Fonda
WANT TO THIS LIKE THIS! Still it take a version there is wanted!
5 / 5 Gilberto
Has taken a s version of some serious and he have come with the poster also , an only downside is that it was the little dented of some corners but concealed does not affect anything inside a book of photo ,
5 / 5 Judi
all is coming like this expected, was really happy with everything and there is not coming with any dents or anything missing
4 / 5 Theodora
amours of Daughter BTS!! It says that an album is very good!!
4 / 5 Delilah
All was perfect, a sleeve of album was the little has bitten broken but at all too much of entity, in general is surprising ! Neither it forgets to common ape and squander it on me on available program 🤪
5 / 5 Josephina
There is not 1 sewing the to of to the that likes in of this product among, in perfect condition and his real and both of some disks levy in good-looking and comes with pc and poster.
4 / 5 Christy
An album are adds! It avenges faster that expected and is gone in the condition adds! (In a prime minister pic looks fraction but avenges without dents or anything) is really an amazing album and I recommend to buy!
5 / 5 Lindsey
The elements was not as mentioned in of the ads.
Has received a reservation with CD and booster. They have mentioned to have the together of 4 pcs.

Top Customer Reviews: Complete Greatest ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 22 ratings
5 / 5 Winnie
This probably a CD has better bought the very long time. I have bought hard cradle, and was intoxicated. Of then it was the creature has been spent on on Gordon Lightfoot in a radio, and arrive mine hard year, reason does not possess Gordon Lightfoot CD? As I bought it, and there is so only something in the voice of this man and a music. Always I acclaim up and when I touched it, I cranked he on strong, and my parents have loved that. Now my Dad loves it and my fiancé thinks that that an album is wonderful. My preferred--'Good-looking', 'Pussy Rows of Cat of the Sauces', 'Daylight Katy' and one a song I so only learnt roughly but never listened before until last year-- unny Side of Life,' is all fabulous--the whole album is awesome. Has the effect to calm on me, of his distinguished voice and the good-looking melodic songs gives my place the special atmosphere. Material Lightfoot and One Guesses The one who was some real main corridors of '70s Canadian music. So that he yr Canadian or of another country, believes SPENT The COMPRAVENTA!
5 / 5 Marcia
This would be a music partorisca touch of Gordon Lightfoot.
Really pleasantly has surprised that well his voice is.
The perfect papers that illustrates so only the one who big this country is and that once is.
Good-looking emotional description of neverending forest of tree and how is partorisca indigenous villages.
5 / 5 Assunta
The product has arrived punctually as it has promised. One the majority of complete synopsis of Gordon Lightfoot illustrious the career that comprises of 1964 - 1993 and comprising to to swipes Like ‘ Could Read My Alcohol', ‘Beautiful', ‘Sundown', ‘Carefree Street', ‘A Wreck Of Edmund Fitzgerald' and a lot, much more.
5 / 5 Nerissa
Gordon Lightfoot is one of some more utmost composers of all time. So only some two swipes; Trilogy of Canadian Street and Yes Could Read My Alcohol costs a price of this CD so only, has left so only his other utmost swipes that it is has comprised. If you want to listen Gordon in his flange more in the video, the consultor partorisca look a video of his 1972 concert partorisca a BBC, available in a coverage. It was in his absolute cup, sings the majority of his swipes. This CD cost each penny.
5 / 5 Idell
A Canadian icon. Partorisca Any the one who does not know his music (do these people really exist?), Ossia 1 incredible artist /lyricist honradamente HAS TO THAT listen the so only once and will comprise the one who the this of true musical talent.
3 / 5 Dixie
Has everything of some songs listed and sound like the cd a lot much more partorisca say
5 / 5 Hilda
A good disk of Compilation. But it do not know any a lot of this singer. I love several songs To the sud this Compilation.
4 / 5 Deloras
I have chosen this edition of Gordon Lightfoot better known swipes because it contains a plus follows that another compilation. Partorisca me, complete other registers owe that his work.
5 / 5 Linn
The ones of way that adds partorisca have like this of Gord swipes partorisca sing to the long of the in a street!
5 / 5 Sharron
Ossia An excellent CD . Gordon Lightfoot was, and is one of some composers of singer/more utmost in Canadian history, and highly would recommend this in any defender of Lightfoot. Gordon has been in a scene of music partorisca almost 50 years, and continuous treat to this day.
5 / 5 Hai
Ossia The totally awesome cd. Gordon lightfoot in his much more. Absolutely I LOVE each song in this cd. If calm only order 1 Lightfoot cd, ossia The BEST one to take.
5 / 5 Desmond
Dulce vocals rests with fabulous melodies. Liner The notes do not comprise of the papers.
4 / 5 Ona
There is rid quickly. Amur An artist and his music. Has all some songs have loved in a CD to the equal that has announced.
4 / 5 Lonnie
A good album to touch in the quality stereo when it loves so only relax and agree an use of way to be in music!
4 / 5 Charlena
Ossia Gordon Lightfoot in his better. A Canadian legend. A necessary album in your Canadian Collection.
5 / 5 Adrienne
Glorious collection. Sum of Canadian legend. The Continuous May much more years!
4 / 5 Addie
I have bought this like the present, and my brother the one who is Gordon LIghtfoot defender, loves it . I said that has everything of his songs more are in the, and is pleased like this with his present.
4 / 5 Elicia
Want this cd take me behind to when it was the boy . Not to appreciate it so much at the same time.
5 / 5 Stephany
All my life there is grownup listening to Gordon Lightfoot. I love this disk.
5 / 5 Denyse
Want to Gordon Lightfoot songs. Amur This cd, was exactly that has has wanted to
5 / 5 Shaquana
To At all they like him some abonos ol' Gordan Lightfoot,partorisca of some light background music :)
5 / 5 Giuseppe
Adds cd! Has the tunes are and the voice adds! His music is folk way.

Top Customer Reviews: Twenty ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 31 ratings
3 / 5 Chery
I WANT TO George Michael !!! I have not bought Never this album because there are them has not wanted to another are ore that' albums and has had them already some songs in diverse Cds... It excepts 'This is not real amour'... This in spite of, with which George is spent, has wanted to them buy ALL ANY FACT never and has bought this has thought in has bought them a regular version but this CD was a version 'cleaned'... Any big shot but when you know some papers and a lot here some real words, is is considering it buying this and is Canadian, HMV is more economic. otherwise, has been thrilled when it took it to them and have any complaint in this vendor.
5 / 5 Forrest
Produced EXCELLENT to a very good prize. It recommends this CD of Album that is that it spends is quite complete to touch all his defenders of George Michael. You And you will feel 29 of his better songs gathers of the sud 2 CD. Relating his 25 years Of career, of the start with him groups WHAM! And Pair the continuazione in Alone pair and also has accompanied other artists. I eat : Elton John, Mary J. Blidge, Paul McCartney, Mutya and well others.
Not being missing this Casualidad to try this excellent album. WELL IT HEARS!
5 / 5 Guillermo
This album has the good sampling of the work of George Michael that goes back to when it was part of Wham.
Some songs are very chosen and combine to create the a lot of listenable CD.
Unless George Michael in your at all calm collection probably will find some duplicates like this the album covers the quite big comprises of time and numerous register but he all flow quite amiably.
The value that buys for more than people. You take the plot of music for a prize.
5 / 5 Elissa
Has and always will be the defender of his music, as I have been pleased to find this available collection of the much better and professional salesperson!...( I have had it results of disaster with 't buys they!)

Has his others strikes more add cd collection, but this one has like this the gems have hid that has has had to that the so only add my collection!
5 / 5 Cory
A better of a better singer-composer of our time. « The begging for the time » is my preferred .
1 / 5 Doretha
I have bought the double CD of Amazon. It have to that be the new mark , open receipt with the plot to line in past (both side) and the scrath in a dvd 1 is for the present, has paid an extra for fast nave and has received that You, That can the say more. I will agree[ [ASIN:B000H1QYXY Twenty-five]]
5 / 5 Johnsie
That can say it that it was the music will maintain to base that that the fun explosion of a past! All some songs have on grown listening to on some years. And skookum the prizes have paid thus two disk dipped with 29 songs have comprised.
5 / 5 Jenniffer
So only it feels a lot real . Easy listening and find go back to a 1980 east and agree time like this good. It recommends this to all the ages and of the generations.
5 / 5 Haley
Any of mine favourite but I will listen his occasionally for some of some memories.
3 / 5 Bertram
Has bought the double CD of Amazon. It have to that be the new mark , open receipt with the plot to line in past (both side) and the scrath in a dvd 1 is for the present, has paid an extra for fast nave and has received that You, That can the say more. I will agree[ [ASIN:B000H1QYXY Twenty-five]]
5 / 5 Erica
That it can say it that it was the music will maintain the base of
4 / 5 Ashton
The one who the fun explosion of a past! All some songs have on grown listening to on some years. And skookum the prizes have paid thus two disk dipped with 29 songs have comprised.
4 / 5 Earlean
So only seats a lot real . Easy listening and find go back to a 1980 east and agree time like this good. It recommends this to all the ages and of the generations.
5 / 5 Carlton
CD of George well Michael and a prize is a lot very too much.
5 / 5 Genevie
Ossia Another person that really like has not had never cd of his Of has had so only he dvd a second dvd I really likes it does music really well that I really injoy
4 / 5 Giovanna
Très good disk, harm that there is quitté!
5 / 5 Renda
The collection adds of an amazing and for real stray artist.
5 / 5 Shae
This Cd the neighbour is fill with songs of old eighties, some of his upper 40 swipes can not agree.
5 / 5 Raquel
Enjoyed the a lot, is good to have the memory adds of the artist adds
Always likes order for amazon
4 / 5 Deeann
Wonderful album. George Michael maintains partorisca improve with ageing
5 / 5 Tessie
excellent cd ... You love it ... It spends rear memories ...Amado a way is divided two cds ... You recommend ...The songs add ...
4 / 5 Sadye
I owe that begin of this description partorisca admit that I have on grown with his music. It was so only 7 when have in the first place listened some of his songs as 'Faith', 'Figure of Father' and one a lot sexually suggestive but well ' Love Your Sex'. Yes, I comprise that 7 it is perhaps way too young to be listening the such songs, but has touched often in a radio has been he has on grown, and some songs were a lot of catchy and has drawn one is attention partorisca listen to. That helped reignite my interest to finally take his cd was when I have listened his song 'Fast Amour' in the club of band viril that has had honradamente has been to when I have visited Darwin, Australia. When it Live in Giappone, his newer music also has taken touched there (like a 'Freek' song). A lot of his songs are very original and classical, how is so only natural that would be enjoyed on two decades later for a lot of people. To the as it likes me in of this collection is has the very wide row of songs according to your way. Partorisca The chance wants to be acclaimed calm up can listen to the his classics as 'Faith', 'Libertad', and 'Flawless'. If you are in a erotic way some songs partorisca listen to this 'Also Funky', 'Fast Amour', and 'FreeeK'. Of course, there is a lot another enjoyable songs in this eclectic collection. It was so only honradamente listing roughly of mine favourite. Ossia The good collection partorisca begin possess so only the little of the albums of George Michael (three or less) or is your first time . I enjoy this collection, but desire that one follows ' Love Your Sex' would have been comprised on that. So only I say this reason touches a lot of passion and strong energy to a lot of his songs, which is the positive thing . There is something roughly some of some sexual songs that sings that really exhibit his talent. Please comprise that I seat that it is also well in his another type of songs likes Figure ' of Father', 'Faith', and 'feeling A lot of'. This in spite of, there is something roughly sing his erotic songs where his talent and the passion am exited a plus (as in 'Freeek' and 'Fast Amour'). My husband thinks that that this has something partorisca do with George Michael when being the be sexual , and has to that admit that they are in accordance with his statement. Also, my husband has listened the a lot of some songs when the touch, and enjoys a lot of some songs in a collection also.
4 / 5 Edythe
Twenty-five is according to album of the swipes more adds of George Michael with which 1998 Gentlemen & of Ladies, of then which has released an album of discharges in 1999 and an album of new material in 2004. While ossia the a lot of listenable album partorisca mix Wham songs with materials of solos, which L&G any, also suffers partorisca one all-too-often decision partorisca comprise newer but the smallest clues in the album of swipes in a cost of some attacks some old plus, main (U2, is in opinions). In GM husband, his last album, Patience, the good album but hardly the classical, is representation of date with a too generous 5 songs (6 if the accounts Presses a Dog, which has been released in his version of United Kingdom of Patience), while Faith, his album his big plus with 6 Short Ten songs (4 that goes partorisca Number A) is limited to only 3 songs in this together. Besides, in a limited 3-cd set, Each SONG of Patience is comprised, with a third disk misleadingly subtitled 'Partorisca a Loyal;' it have to that the be be headline'or that has not Bought My Last Album, here Is.' As the result, the swipes of entities likes them Pleasant, kissing the Fool, Love Your Sex, are Your Man , has Known Was while the mine is all missing, how is to the clues of entities likes them the club Tropicana, A Flange of Heaven, while to This Day, Any partorisca Want to, and like this on. Also, comprising a Wham song Last Christmas, while the bona fide the classical Christmas, the sound bit it out of place in the swipes cd; it is better was in compilations navideñas. An album & of Gentlemen of the Ladies there have been his defects also; confidence too on follow of album and has had a pointless Love Your Sex (run II) in place of a version unexpectedly, but still directed partorisca dip the majority of GM the swipes in a situate.

Of some new songs, A @@Subject An Easy plus is the song of light pop where GM defends his lifestyle; it is decently fact but unremarkable; This Is not partorisca Want to, the duet with Mutya, is the continuazione of his low-animates key ballad his that would owe legislation in the house in the adult irradiates contemporary; while it Cures An Ache, the quite a lot of song originally of one Listens Without album of Prejudice, is redone like the duet with any one another that Paul McCartney and is easily a better new song in an album. With his perfect harmonising, to sounds like Beatles long lost classical.

All the defects averts, ossia still the very good album, and some songs are divided amiably to groups of upbeat songs (subtitled For Living) and ballads (For Fond), with each disk in gross chronological order. An accompanying booklet has no liner notes, information and only papers of basic song, and abundance of pictures of GM video. One 3-disk Deluxe the edition comprises songs of some Songs of some Last coverages of Albums of Century also.

Are add, and long overdue, to have the available collection this combines Wham & swipes of suns of Michael of George, and has his the majority of recent swipes, as this is not the bad representation of him of one 80 east to a present. But you are the most random defender of George Michael, and is not interested in some newer songs or already own Patience, would be better was with Gentlemen & of Ladies and perhaps Some Better of Wham like the overview of better career.
4 / 5 Ursula
This album covers twenty five years of some starred and scarred career of one of some composers of the known English/singer better of his generation. It contains more, but a lot all, of his more utmost swipes, comprising his best selling 'Faith', his prompt mega-swipes like the means of Wham! As well as three marks new songs.

An advantage only is one of some new songs 'A @@Subject An Easy plus', another two be 'This Is not Real Amour' with Mutya A lot of (a forward Sugababe) and 'Cure an Ache' with Gentleman Paul McCartney. Of a new some, the mine chooses is a McCartney clues, which looks boss and of the shoulders in another two.

Some clues that there is enjoyed listens again was some duets - 'As' with Mary J. Blige And 'does not leave a Low Sun on Me with Gentleman Elton John - more 'Figure of Father', 'Faith' and of course 'Careless Whisper'.

Of 'Careless Whisper' to 'Amazing', ossia the addition adds to any collection of music of the pop, that dips the majority of your swipes of George of the favourite in a 'basket'.

Amanda Richards
4 / 5 Estela
George Michael has in the first place entered some maps in an early 80s with 1 single in Wake me On Before you GO-to GO, that the Careless whisper and All Want to. In a late 80s, 1 single the clue with A Plus Tries, Figure of Father, Faith, begging For Time and in 1992 with does not leave a Low Sun On M- the duet with Elton John. Too much Funky, Fastlove and Jesus To the boy is three more than my favourite songs. George Michael has produced a record of clue that surprised successfully of map and successful album. George Michael is amazing star to pop viril and ossia a definite collection - although a song- I has KNOWN WAS while Mina the fault of this collection. Still, this collection is an absolute must -have.
4 / 5 Lorrie
Good compilation of the work of George Micheal. Mostly sweet clues - think living rooms music. But you are the defender is very material . Registering the quality touches quite well too much.
4 / 5 Virginia
George Michael is the legend and one of a male better pop peformers of all-the time with 1 single in All Want to, Wake me On Before you go-partorisca go, Careless Whisper, begging Partorisca Time, Faith, Figure of Father, A Plus Tries and a duet with Elton John, DOES not LEAVE THE SUN DOWN ON M. It is one of a better. It is livestock Grammy prize. George Michae has released a definite collection and ossia the must-have collection partorisca each defender of Michael of George. It thanks-calm partorisca this collection.
5 / 5 Alvera
Are very satisfied with George Michael Twenty Five CD. Some time arrives like this said and His in the condition adds. Listened his and Im a lot happy when being the defender of Michael of George. Thank you
5 / 5 Tomika
Has Received mine 3 conjoint CD and happy am spent an extra transmission partorisca take it. Although has everything of George Michael, there is enjoyed still this compilation. Had the pocolas tunes that I never listened, or could take my hands on, so that he so only value he partorisca me.
4 / 5 Son
The desire soyonkey' and ' are Your Man ' was in an album!
5 / 5 Johanna
Has received this like the present in the natal and so only love it. Still although has everything of his albums that comprises the majority of these songs, there is enough the little that has has not had. Only calm can not beat his soulful voice. Ossia The addition adds to any collection of defenders.

Top Customer Reviews: You Never Walk ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5 Freeman
Formed: Audio CD This album are partorisca add and comprises a CD and a photobook, likes says. A version takes is random, any one an accident or a right version. The partorisca one has received a right version. Inside a photobook is photo of some members (individual and some group), papers (in Koreans), and the cast of clue of some songs. Please notes that this album comprises everything of some clues of his album 'Wings' further of some new songs. I am satisfied with a product how is exactly that is to declare and avenges quite quickly, arriving in only the few days. A product was in shape well when I received it and has had any visible harm. You recommend this product.
4 / 5 Nadine
Formed: Audio CD Oh my God wants to took it a blue a side of a clue looked for it to take a rose but still wants that it take
4 / 5 Shawnta
Formed: Audio CD My glorious daughter is the enormous BTS defender, some photos are really good.
5 / 5 Christine
Formed: Audio CD An album is coming with the alone group photocard and no extra goodies as it has specified. Some law of CD perfectly and a coverage has not had any defect anything. You recommend.
4 / 5 Patrick
Formed: CD of Audio has finalised partorisca take a sinister version (Blue)!
5 / 5 Dina
Formed: CD of Audio Loves this album and he has shoot of mine of favourite photo BTS has not done never ( has taken a sinister or green version a). Amur My photocard of Suga also (any one my sprain, but wants to him still!).
5 / 5 Ying
Formed: Audio CD An of my favourite albums!!! Absolutely in amazing!!!! Highly it recommends to buy this album and does not forget partorisca verify out of his album his late plus also
4 / 5 Conrad
Formed: Audio CD Fast nave and good quality! It has not had any dent anything.
4 / 5 Susan
Formed: Audio CD Genial album!! I want it a lot. At all Of Remorse.
The album adds!! It likes like this. Any remorse.
4 / 5 Kum
This album are partorisca add and comprises a CD and a photobook, likes says. A version takes is random, any one an accident or a right version. The partorisca one has received a right version. Inside a photobook is photo of some members (individual and some group), papers (in Koreans), and the cast of clue of some songs. Please notes that this album comprises everything of some clues of his album 'Wings' further of some new songs. I am satisfied with a product how is exactly that is to declare and avenges quite quickly, arriving in only the few days. A product was in shape well when I received it and has had any visible harm. You recommend this product.
4 / 5 Arnette
Oh My God loves took it a blue a side of a clue looked for it to take a rose but still loves that I taken
5 / 5 Cassey
My glorious daughter is the enormous BTS defender, some photos are really good.
5 / 5 Kathrine
An album is coming with the alone group photocard and no extra goodies to the equal that has specified. Some law of CD perfectly and a coverage has not had any defect anything. You recommend.
5 / 5 Donnie
Loves this album and he has shoot of mine of favourite photo BTS has not done never ( has taken a sinister or green version a). Amur My photocard of Suga also (any one my sprain, but wants to him still!).
4 / 5 Jaclyn
One of my favourite albums!!! Absolutely in amazing!!!! Highly it recommends to buy this album and does not forget to verify out of his album his late plus too
5 / 5 Joan
Fast nave and good quality! It has not had any dent anything.
5 / 5 Marquerite
Genial album!! I want it a lot. At all Of Remorse.
The album adds!! It likes like this. Any remorse.
5 / 5 Yolande
With which take partorisca love your self album, could not expect take another BTS album , this are adds also.
Am enjoying each alone songs.
4 / 5 Gwyneth
Lucido CD has arrived to the planned date. A lot Feigning has produced.
4 / 5 Carolann
10/10 quality adds, the plots have comprised, has arrived quickly!

Top Customer Reviews: Blue ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 33 ratings
5 / 5
If any one was partorisca ask me partorisca create the Best of album of Joni the songs of Mitchell, was an impossible task because all Joni has touched is beautiful and excellent! I have been the for ever of defender of Joni and Blue is one of one much more of his albums. Emotional and intimate. His voice is excellent and Joni has the only fashion that once has discovered results adictiva. This album has a lot of sweat of songs like Remachar and California, but also has other songs that grows in calm because of the his richness and good-looking poetry. A must for any defender and to be discovered by all another.!
5 / 5
It is refreshing partorisca listen to the complete and attentively crafted album. There is the narrative flow the Blue, which this album like this involving and like this deeply impacting. This version of PARTICULAR CD is a lot of-drawn with papers of support. This album is the musical masterpiece.
5 / 5
This CD is surprising. There is some few quite powerful songs on that. Blue and the river is two of some better clues on here. Joni The voice of Mitchell is hauntingly beautiful and deep and adds so much to these songs! I have not been the defender of the his at the beginning, but this album sold on lucido. It is now one of the mine alltime favourite musicians.
This album is the must has!
5 / 5
Amazing! Thank you Partorisca Spend behind to that music is everything roughly. Voice, melody, perfection! Well fact. Calm can not expect more than the register!
5 / 5
The experience and the correspondent the daughter likes them surprised, done his day
5 / 5
A very influential album partorisca a whole generation.
4 / 5
Pause by means of album A transmission aventajada in music .
5 / 5
I add CDs in the price adds. Arrived punctually and in the condition adds.
4 / 5
I know this album a lot, a lot well, and although a vinyl is heavy and professionally presented, a quality of his east to good sure any ideal.
5 / 5
Adds CDs in the prize adds. Arrived punctually and in the condition adds.
5 / 5
The must there is Joni Mitchell record. Moody Blue and pressing of quality.
4 / 5
CD VERY GOOD and perfect condition. The delivery has been very done in a delay. Very satisfied.
5 / 5
The songs add want to me of a swipe to the time the simple plus
5 / 5
This is to estimate often like his best. It is good but no glorious.
5 / 5
Has bought for the anniversary of the partner. That want to and works - a lot much more to say!
4 / 5
Classical Joni. It inspires Sara Bareilles with this album
4 / 5
Positive commentaries : A lot Well, Quickly, Excellent
5 / 5
Joni Mitchell has the totally only voice & way of musical interpretation. Partorisca Lovers of Joni Mitchell I in fact would estimate this CD as to 5 star. It wants to but a reason gave it to 4 star is reason consider this music as 'A Classics'. It does not mean that some of you will not appreciate it ; calm reason but for the current auditor is of the music can not fall to a category of music would want to be touching repeatedly today. Prpers Having said that it is an original in 60 folk music and has had the long career; still producing album he so that has the base of partidário there sure. These are my favourite clues of this CD.

Want to: So only take listen to a work of electrical guitar in this song; it is exceptional. Calm can not manufacture that any @@subject the one who a technology has used. Some papers are like this saying of the the hate of amour/of the amour where like him the a lot of women behind in a they in of the reports on those who was likes character. This song is like this reminiscent Joni Mitchell; heartfelt interpretations of reports & that comprises.

: Mina this song will adapt those that have on grown in a 60 east of when this song is start . Has the quality has dated roughly the so it can not appeal to everything today. A lot of some words have used is some concealed has been used in 60 east....(Some desquels has gone back of decade the decade) in a lyrical has contained. A work of electrical guitar is always flawless how is some compositions to write . His voice is likes the voice concealed is not never state re-created to date.

: A lot of artists have done renditions of Joni Mitchell classical but still thinks his version is a better. A work of piano is like this good and his vowel defines a song and I take on to the travesía likes him the data in some papers. It is the history to say of the period in falsetto vocals is so only mesmerizing. I have it quell'has listened so only an another artist that gives this justice of song that is Sarah McLachlan but with all planned respect I still think Joni vocals give it a quality that an artist has feigned.

: I love a work of electrical guitar in this song so only wants to me revere in. I love some few textures his voice in this which talented is vocally. These still sounds like this very today so one to listen again!

: Another classical Joni Mitchell song this is to be do for a lot other artists. Ossia Such the a lot of writing that has in mine Xmas playlist reason the mine is such the pleasant song to touch together with another traditional plus Xmas songs. It transmits his feelings in missing his means to house while he on visit and of course the reports are tones to the majority of his songs that comprises this one. While master to this likes to always of of respects to pay to one that causes also like a rendition that Sarah McLachlan has done of this song. Has both of them on & another playlists (Classics & Chilled). It gives this that causes the version listens it to this in spite of how is so only lovely!

6. A Chance Of you: Amur a mandolin in these that papers in this song. Ossia The traditional folk song of mine perhaps been due to a mandolin this in spite of me so only amour he for him is originality. His voice is besides words and agree me every time listen it that that has not had never to to any one likes Joni Mitchell of pauses to a scene of music.

7.un Last Times have Seen Richard: Amur a work of piano in this CD resonated well to digital format or perhaps is so only that a lot it was originally has produced. So only sounds so that it adds this in spite of. This song when I listen his @to give ossia an artist that Ricki Law Jones replicated his own fashion of. Has that can listen easily when listening to Joni. This song is like this honradamente written of his report with 'Richard'......Calm always give you his truer hinge when sharing the experiences of sound how is adds.

If you are the current defender of Joni Mitchell or new his music expect will give listens it & can appreciate a character in his voice & also each one that like this of these songs that the majority is appropriate included today.
5 / 5
Joni Mitchell sings the plot of the jazz and his songs are like this often layered with whimsy and flutes and look quite fat. While they are in general, the defender of Mitchell repetoire, any of his albums has directed to penetrate my soul like his masterpiece, a omnipresent, beautiful, spectacularly sad, rich, and of course, appropriately diplomado, 'Blue'.

'Blue' is the staple partorisca so many reasons. It takes the class of nostalgia that any the one who, taste, is of too young to experience some cultural movements in a @@@1960s like a movement in California and an emotional confusion that agrees that it characterises of migration, could a lot fully comprise. It takes a mentality of any the one who is in the sense, lost of them and metaphoricaland the literal homelessness. There is like this classical a-liners in this album so only (' take me so that it follows, strung is gone in another man?'; Esongs Is like tattoos'; estarbright, starbright, has taken a lovin' to the east like him a lot of'; 'when I think that it kisses my alcohol sees -saw', and like this on). Mitchell is not so only the wonderful guitarist and one of some better vocalists of all the times, but is the true poet , any the one who writes heart-felt, emotional papers , crudes and sings him in such the way that has cut deeply. It is not often anymore that such the special, the interpreter of renaissance comes to the long of.

'Blue' is real folk in his much more. There is not anything more to say like this the album speaks for him. It is infamous for the reason and person the one who can appreciate such desolate, solitary but somehow good-looking and in timing celebratory the music would owe that be without him. This album means more mine that basically any album has not listened never in my whole life. If has has not listened never this before, the trace.
5 / 5
When The utmost albums are tossed around in conversation, one often listens Beatles, Bone, or Dylan album, but has left often was is a work of the singer of prime minister of one '70 east: Joni Mitchell. With sure bands (Radiohead), takes the few albums to really @give a full discharge of the musical character of an artist, but concealed can be done in an east fallen swoop with "Blue." Simply declared, his 1971 register is a arguably unrivaled piece of introspective musical poetry. Sure, lack of some fines-piece completeness of his endeavours his late plus, and generally acts among two musical " it feels" (the cure-free "Tortoiseshell" and a harrowing "Blue" mark that marries), but that it is bad with the piano, the electrical guitar, and the masterful composer that knows like this to take each one which so and each yours low song skin? "Blue" it can not have the full orchestra for behind the, but a lot of some songs are like this violently moving like the Mozart has operated.
That is like this intriguing in "Blue" it is that, for one the majority of part, each one which so and each song is increasingly better that a a before that. A global effect is surprising.
-An opener, "All want to," it is not BAD, for , but certainly is a point a low plus in a whole album.
-"My Old Man" has his own charm, but he certainly doors in comparison to some clues that follows it.
-"Little Green" it is for real one first song adds of an album. Stunning In his simplicity, has said an inspiring history that resonates in a lot of levels.
-"Tortoiseshell" it Is a favourite song for a lot of lovers of "Blue," an airy, driving tune.
-"Blue," a song of title, is an emotional low point of an album, no in quality, but in like this depressing is. Mitchell door the vision to oblige to the colour that represents so many things in life.
-"California" and "This Fly Tonight" it is both light , catchy tunes, but "California" triumphs "Flight" with his sense of humour.
-"Remachar" And "A Chance of you" it is both extremely moving, a belonging last in a handful of his better songs. Few songs of amour improve or more heartfelt that "A Chance of you."
-True to a tendency, a next plus, "Some Last Times have Seen Richard," it represents Mitchell in his summit both in an album and in his creative career. "Richard" it can be his better song of all the times, and dips on the quite convincing argue like this he lyrically dissects opposing seen on amour and arrives in the chilling but beautiful conclusion. It says so roughly Mitchell like an artist. It sings so roughly amour and disappointment, and this song takes both of this so much well. It is a "Anti-Amur" song if he not having never one, but Mitchell tries that included these classes of songs can have an emotional depth of "A Chance of you." It is like this beautiful, is really hard to listen to. Calm can do not losing, this in spite of.
If there it exists some reasons to buy "Blue," it is an album a next plus, "Some Last Times have Seen Richard." Felizmente, this in spite of, there are ten reasons: each alone song in an album. "Blue" it is the perfect example of poetry and music in his more obliging, more moving, more personal, and his best.
4 / 5
Ossia Joni Better album. Yes, I listened him everything. Yard and Spark' approached, but is the little less emotionally generous that 'Blue.' 'Hejira' Is too bleak; soyingus' also experimental; 'Ladies of a Canyon' also abstract. In fact this can be an album of better pop for the female artist. It is up there in a narrow company of Carole King is 'Tapestry,' Pacts Smith is 'Horses,' and Master Bulls' 'Rosa Down.' But it is better that everything of his suspects.
Ploughed with 'All want to,' that takes a singer in the romantic way alentadora. 'When I think kisses, my alcohol seesaws,' affirms. Read among some lines, this song is in the bond in the alcohol of a singer. Soyy Old man' is after, a hear to an out of-of-wedlock @subject blessed with the flawless vowel. A melancholy 'Little Green' follow, the song roughly that dips the daughter up for adoption in 1967. Like a adoptee I in 1968, this song has special resonance for me. 'Have the happy end' is which expect my mamma of birth has thought also.
'Tortoiseshell' Relieves a way just in time. It is the tempting invitation to the partner of ladies of the wandering woman in the touristy city of beach in an of the sud of France. It suggests a more rollicking late in a bar before it moves on--the gentleman so only knows where: 'To the left it is not to speak roughly passage-thee-wells now. A night is tame launchings . And they are touching that scratchy rock ' does not surround under a Matalla Moon.'
'Blue' is lament for a step of a @@@1960s likes him sober the 70of s. California,' with sounds to jump vocal and contagious melody, a singer anxiety his state of same house while lounging Parigi, lovemaking in Miconos, and partying in Spagna. 'This Fly Tonight' takes a singer that looks ambivalently in the longtime subject of amour. It is leaving in the plan (for good?) But like this-suppositions she. For esmachar' is behind in Calas (that learns green of stays in Natal) lamenting a loss of his lover, although it is things of era of clear pause.
'A Chance of you,' an album' the finest song, looks behind in this subject. Still in this distance, commentary his power: ' you are in my blood as of the saint wine. Tests like this bitter and like this sweet. Oh I could drink the chance of you, darling, this in spite of was in my feet.' A vowel is delirious, seesawing, gorgeous. His fusion of a erotic and spiritual is potent. The vital papers of Mitchell are a blood here, and the electrical guitar of James Taylor that touches, touching that Bach in a fund, is a saint wine.
ome Last Times have Seen Richard' fast-main a scene. An old lover of Joni find his in the café. It has given on romantic sleeps and has entered to dull it practical pair that has drunk at night. It is still he alentador romantic, and the points was his that his jukebox the selections aim that it is still in his world more than thinks. But with which leaves, asks if his fate is his too and swipes out of his sail, fearful to speak to any one. It is different. The tolerance goes for true amour. A last line of a song, of an album insists 'So only the phase, these days of dark café, so only it dark cocoon before it takes mine gorgeous the wings and the fly was.' As stately piano ebbs in an end of this solitary song, is has convinced hardly.
Simple and transmission, this ten house of songs in Joni feathery big and poetic papers. A ducilmer, the electrical guitar, the piano accompanies quietly is, the singer-the shop window of the composer. Joni Written in his like me itinerant and uneasily, the young woman that loves a world-wide but whose youthful excites is losing earth to cynicism of adult by means of the series of romantic hard swipes.
5 / 5
Has had birfucated betwen two seen of Joni. Until enough recently it was nettled in fact for his, and think in this period has seen a start during a Jaco Pastorius phase like representative. Of course, it is not - and for more intents and purpose, thinks that has to that go back the Blue to take an idea of Jonis character of real music.
Blue is surprising calm reason say you virtually a whole Joni Mitchell history in a breathtaking unit. I can any the majority of simple place that this. That is surprising in this - three things. In the first place, under one very sophisticated lyrical surface (and for good reason, a lot of people do not take never besides an endless joy of surveying this only) has some of one the majority of complex and the structures of wonderful music have has not listened never. There is a resource of immense music in this album, and the suspect there is elements of the song that writes that it is some first appearances of anything of this terracing of quality and depth. Secondly, That Joni in fact is writing on... I am surprised that directs to sing this with any terracing of self control - I knows that it can a lot of - period. Some of some songs here describe one the majority of sadness and terrible loss coupled with the beauty adds - I thinks "Green" it is a chance of archetype on the dot - so that so only can have a comfort it of heaven. Well it remarks that this is not such the bad way to describe that has spent later - has had the happy end in fact, and Joni and his daughter has been gathered. It thanks God for that. But to seat (still with James Taylor) and sing this - well, this lady has the one who only can call it stout heart.
Suppose a third amazing attribute of this register is that while it was issued in 1971, is, in an indirect way the a lot of foward looking refutation (this in spite of any he recant) of a lot of some ways of lifestyle in a sixties and some seventies. You can listen this class of bitter sweet commentary in Tortoiseshell - ossia, loves to listen he - and "Some last times have seen Richard", it forms the class of couplet with "Tortoiseshell", a when being in a start, and another in an end.
This register has deep personal associations for me. Some first time have listened was the fragile time in my life, has situated of the half way among two chance of loss quite severe. But it was 12 at the same time - quite unsophisticated, also listening to T-Rex and probably quite superficial. I rememember a wonderful summer in Hull with the really good daughter next door the one who was simply the fellow well, and my older sister, the one who has used to listen to this, and Leonard Cohen, and James Taylor. Had so then. You are the whole universe was. I think that that you have to recognise that people have at least two alcohols immediately, the boy of twelve somehow conscious years of the music that speaks and breathing in his ear, conscious, but possibly conscious more like this quite later. It does not know . I can not listen to this without crying the little for the days have spent of longitude, and the summers have lost the piece of remembrance, charred and ragged. And perhaps, oddly enough, ossia exactly the one who this record is everything roughly in a first place...
5 / 5
Joni Mitchell is a class of artist that shines the one who needs repeated listenings. Any all the world loves a first time listen. Coming his quota, has some people those who find his voice the little paving, his melodies distractingly complex, and his papers the odd combination of earthy and abstract.
Is one of these people - does not give up!
Resultant Joni Mitchell defender is sometimes the gradual experience, but is the highly rewarding a. Some people love his simple big notes and his interesting papers of an a lot of start. But other people owe that grow to want to Joni. They will listen to a time of diverse album, then suddenly, his " it takes it", and everything of his albums suddenly will result jewels in his eyes.
The one who Joni expresses in his albums is a lifestyle and attitude of any the one who is entirely free-spirited, this in spite of, still has uncertainties and human anxieties. Each song - a lot of @@subject the one who a cement @@subject - is fundamentally in this subject. Each song of amour is sung of a point of view of any the one who is simultaneously vulnerable and free. Each song of street is roughly any that long both for a wind in his hair ... And a consolation of the house.
His delivery is simple - as the delivery of the partner. But it sings with his whole heart. And once his words to meander weave his way to your spectre of sympathetic ... His songs result buddies can not live without.
Is sincere. Tongue plainly and dips his emotions a lot there. It is free like wind. It is vulnerable like the creature. It is wise like the tree. And it is sweet as of the water.
BLUE would owe that be a first album learns to love.
5 / 5
Folk Hero Joni Mitchell has influenced all the world of Focused Zeppelin, Prince, Maxwell, Master Bulls and Michelle have dipped. His the majority of popular album, "Blue" it is an album with songs of odd beauty, unwanted pregnancies, memories of ex-lovers, etc... Ossia A prime minister and only Joni Mitchell album that has listened until this point, like this far. Some papers in these songs are a lot personal and any a lot of artists have a capacity to write papers like these. It looks like this still in a song, has too many things in disposal in immediately. Ossia To the equal that writes his songs and a world has loved sound for him.
Joni The voice of Mitchell can not be sensual likes some other female artists, but has the good, hallow voice that is not an annoying sound of the agnello, likes Carly Simon.
When I have bought this CD, took it home and for the little on thirty-five minutes, this album had situated me in relief of the stressful June migrane. It is enjoyable and would say that it is one of these albums that is hard to speak roughly calm reason admire it like this. It is also one of these albums that grows on you. Joni Mitchell is the significant lady the one who always looks to be strung was in the man and she will not dip you to sleep with his folk music, different Cat Stevens.
ESSENTIAL CLUES: "All want to" (an inaugural song that calm plant deeper and deeper to this undercurrent and take you more interested in a rest of an album!), "My Old Man", "Blue", "This Fly Tonight", "Remachar" & "Some Last Times have Seen Richard".
4 / 5
Ossia "Blue" it is 30th year , and is also be 30 years listened it of then. As Has have on resisted? Well, some results are mixed. But "Blue" it has resisted on just well. In fact, if anything, has improved of his longitude-the emission done in 1971.
Well remarks that I am coming to this album has retreated then armed with complete scepticism. It was the devotee of some bands of mecer condemned of a day -- Hendrix Experience, Cream, some Doors -- and had begun to hook in the jazz, together with blues to to types Like B.B. King, Albert King, Howlin' Wolf, James Cotone, etc. Have me like this approached this album for the little blond daughter (taste labeled his with all my worldly of sensatez of a time) with his acoustic electrical guitar and piano and big voice , clear with the one of the side looked and the bit of the sneer.
Both duquel has been blown was with which perhaps two listenings. One of some things adds in Joni the voice is that it is not so only extraordinarily clear, but uses it throughout a record in of the amazing ways. Has the sensibilities of the singer of jazz. Although "Blue" it is not the album of jazz, Joni bends notes, juggles rhythms and maintain you was balance throughout with unusual phrasings.
And then has some papers. One can read some the a lot of papers have printed in of the albums then and now and find lovely pocolos concealed does not require a melody and musical crafting of a composer to impulse him. Joni Give abundance of melody and musical crafting, but some papers maintain for them. A better example of of the this is a wonderful "Some Last Times have Seen Richard," the poem for romanticism has condemned. It says the complete history in poetic tongue. Touching it and listening Mitchell chilling the voice has said a complete history an experience.
"Blue" it is listened more to to start with to finalise. Mitchell calms take on his travesías by means of some world-wide and by means of the sound looks for amour and companionship, included like his artistic walk the loner and the lover of a darkness. Particularly strong, for me (averts of "Richard"), it is "A Chance of you," "California," "Remachar," and "All want to." But then it thinks in a life that explodes in "Tortoiseshell," and a song of wonderful amour "My Old Man," and @I give to choose favourites of "Blue" it is probably the waste of time.
Seldom has an artist dipped like this personal to the focus in the work likes Mitchell has in "Blue." He the tone, savor the, and especially, the save, because material there are few albums exiting today that will resist on as well as this one there is after 30 years in a shelf.
4 / 5
Joni Mitchell has explored virtually each musical and emotional nook and cranny during his long and distinguished career - but "Blue" the stands averts like his utmost plus acheivement. While instrumentally transmissions, some papers and melodies that comprises "Blue" it is uncommonly rich, somethow grabbing an attention immediately while developing even more to has repeated to listen.
Listens to a song of title, the amour lament (apparently aimed in James Taylor, his then-fiancé) that at the beginning the gaze does not look to have the structure, but somehow resonates long afterwards. "Remachar" It is more than just the breakup song, with his iconography navideño starkly juxtaposed against the anguish of Mitchell. A same time, Joni can be downright playful - "California" I me grin of ear to the ear every time listens it (work of fresco of pedal steel for a legendary Sneaky Pete) and included "Tortoiseshell" (looking Steve Stills loping line of basses) still stands up in spite of his radio game weighed in 1971.
"Blue" it is (I believes) a point of better possible start in exploring Joni the career of Mitchell, as it takes sound that blurs a line among pop, folk and genders of jazz, breaking out of a hippie/folkie mould, and resulting an artistic to force the one who would influence a lot for years to come.
5 / 5
Joni Mitchell "Blue" it is the perfect, albeit court (36 minutes), albums with subtly good-looking songs. It is not something touches to the partner, saying, " it listens to this material adds." But calm once take absorbed in him several times in daunting of your house, thinking in a meaning of papers, is almost impossible any to be swept has gone by his crude, this in spite of extend, elegance and melancholy.
Created and has treated almost exclusively for this very only artist, so only in the middle of the songs looks electrical guitar (an or more), and in other means Joni is singing with his accompaniment of own piano. Some ten songs form the mosaic to oblige of the soul of the woman, describing reports of two people in several phases. Lyrical The quality is surprising, contributing a lot to a global deep impact of a collection.
Each song would deserve the special paragraph to describe. To offer my own subjective point of view on some of some signals underlined, "My Old Man" it is a hear to devotion, "A River" it is the a lot of touching pang of remorse, the a lot of-goodbye to the stray amour, which a loved a can not listen anymore. And "A Chance of you" it says that it spends 'so only first of our amour has taken lost' -- leaving goes when any one calm really master can be almost unbearable... Any marvel this song is coverage like this often.
These are so only small glimpses of this work of art, the beautiful tapestry and a lot of human.
Is the harm a lot of my friends do not comprise English. They would like him to listen the "Blue". It is an essential listening.
5 / 5
Any one has done more impact in a sixties folk-scene of rock with his deeply personal songs that Joni Mitchell. Certainly this album galvanised our collective consciousness for enough deliberately turning away that it had been it his forward mainly social orientation to a community by here concentrating in his own mercurial character and torrid romantic adventures in a outrageously autobiographical recognition of a state of the his psyche in the season of the lover or two. Of course, to the person likes them the observer and perceptive likes Mitchell can help but do the commentaries lateralmente probing in a inanity of social or political circumstance happenstance to the long of a way, and laugh to the long of while accompanying his in this soulful travesía by means of a risky, crater-the landscape fill of romantic fight in some early seventies.
Of one downloads of inaugural authorship of 'All want to' to one disarming soyy Old Man', sustains our musical interest with ready papers and memorables melodies. Especially it likes 'Of Small Green', a evocative and pursuing recollection of one of transmission to touch ego, an irresponsible floater the one who evade all the authorship but still fails to escape his own negative self-tests. There is the plot of self-confession here, and an almost need the scorecard to maintain some famous faces in alcohols. 'Tortoiseshell' Is purportedly the loan takes-name for a-lover of time James Taylor, and soyy Old Man' was the extraordinarily indecisive Graham Nash, strung was among some attractive polar of a endlessly Mitchell seductive in a side and his woman in another. Ah Some rumours of amour and war... 'Blue' is the song of his sad amour and a hard time for lovers in a social chaos of a sixties' consequences.
All the bets are was for Lady Mitchell for a time sings 'California', the bittersweet expatriate' cry for a familair insanity of home, and already is waxing solitary like the wheels of the plan of his byline of leaves of the lover sotterrata in 'This Fly Tonight', in that adapt that sometimes it thinks 'the amour is so only mystical'. In fact. Meeting humming esmachar' sometimes; it is the pensive look behind in another stray amour and a perspective of another solitary Christmas without him. In his own creative way, Joni was an inspiration for the whole generation of iconoclastic feminist then and now, that tries to find the wise and significant way to treat all this 'amour 'in and leave 'in' men and sometimes give them some of his own medicine. Ossia The classical album for one of a plus that captive, surprising, and articulate talents in modern music. Calm will find you listening his and shaking your boss adrede to the equal that recognise his sensatez like this sings his way outta a blues. It enjoys.
4 / 5
When Listening Mitchell of the rests among an iconography of Fitzgeraldean indulgence, and a sinister reality of an ideal and reality. Mitchell vocals is enough to do a lot captivated, but his work of electrical guitar, in interesting rhythms and in general well crafted the songs this one of a cup five composer/of album of singer never. They are sure he has a lot of album that sells so personal and emotional tuff' to his songs, but a lot he with a power and iconography that Mitchell done.
Mitchell was one of some women (the holidays comes to import like this in the first place)first to leave it to be entirely vulnerable and not solving he in some songs. One feels a powerlessness tries to transmit when it describes the amour to plot less than ideal. This door to an album such the realistic view of amour that comfort he much more that the amour has idealised that like this little can relate with. In fact Mitchell laments a myth latently during this album to the equal that have to that compare his rugged, self-concious amour with an idea of the as all thinks that that the amour would owe that be like.
Musically, The yard and The Spark is the better album , but is almost two different genders although some careers of edge by means of both albums. In an end loves songs roughly those who are, a lot those who we arent, and Mitchell dares to do east. But, different some modern phenomena of self-deprecating oneself the death Mitchell preserves an integrity and dignity in his human !!!!!!!!!!
5 / 5
In BLUE, Joni Mitchell tip that is one of a plus astonishingly talented, intelligent rock , the brilliant imagines to do music. Ossia, delivery down, one of one all time the better albums have not done never.
Thinks a reason I BLUE amour one the majority of all Joni Mitchells the work is reason is packed with songs of amour. You can be line your boss with the garbled expression in your face, but honradamente has a lot of amour in this album. No a 'rah-rah' 3rd class to note to want to this was to accuse for bubblegum group at the same time this is to be dip was. I am speaking roughly grown on, well has thought was, sincere, faithful, some advance uncrushable kinda AMUR.
Although each song in this album is surprising and beautiful, all the world-wide looks the gravatate to 5 songs especially...
A prime minister be 'A Chance of tea, where Joni compares deep amour to be drunk (now, the one who can not relate to this? hmmm). It sings "... It can drink the chance of you this in spite of being in my feet...".
A prójimo when being a mornful esmachar', which underlines a blue side vacacional. His the a lot good-looking song, but a lot emotional and a lot of heartfelt. When Joni Sings "...Im Like this egoistic and sad, has gone now and has lost a better creature has not had never..." I cry like the school daughter. Esmachar' HAS BEEN covered several times for the little C&W Singers.
Afterwards is 'California', which is simply the song of the amour written for one of some better states in some the EUA. Prpers Having grown up in CA, me smiled to listen Joni sing '...Im Your partidário your big plus, California Im coming wife...'.
Also, has 'Tortoiseshell', another light hearted song to the "bad old dad" the one who Joni likes "so only a lot of".
Finally, but much less is one of one the majority of beautiful amour, the sincere songs have has not listened never. In 'All want to' Joni does not touch in a sugar and honey. Simply it sings that it wants to do his mate a more can be , and be a better person can be for them. AMAZING! Also it sings that it loves shampoo, has amused, habladuría to, and renew this person of his condition. Among other things...
This album also contains a song 'Little Green' the Joni has said recently has written to a daughter has had to that give up for adoption. Sound the beautiful, still weighed hearted tune. Some other songs in this @@@sparkle of album and resplandor with Joni talent and sensatez that you cant help but adore.
Another point of interest is that Stephen Stills, and game of Taylor of James in the full hand of some clues of albums.
Joni Mitchell has released this album he almost done 30 years and is still timesless, unmatched, full of beauty and the true work of art.
5 / 5
Ossia A CD more adds has has not listened NEVER. Be 19, has not had any idea the one who Joni Mitchell was. I am spent then to take the PBS special in sound. Memory to think it was the only singer & I concealed I have recognised the song of "Magic Practice" and one of the ad of television, and had underlined in my alcohol so that really it adds. As it take a CD so only for the try was. I took it then the house and he was instantly mesmerized and has impacted that any one could sing like that. "Remachar", "Blue", and "If of you" especially underline and literally shout me (the others the songs are like this powerful). And his papers are always so only like this raw. In fact take it has said it any to be like this personal in his songs for next friends those who has known. But ossia that marks this record to the equal that can listen an ache and a sadness in any one only some papers, but Joni is seats like this more when it listen to them, that so only a typical reaction to the majority of songs today. You are abler that relate and take to a song when calm in fact can FEEL an emotion for behind the. So only I can not believe he so many people my age that loses was in an of some composers of singer/more utmost never to live. Esteems this better CD although Carly or Paul the work more orders of Simon.
4 / 5
Is like more anti-Joni is--a category I generally fallen to--all have listened is probably "Big Yellow Taxi" and his idiotic whining in a Isle of Mann festival in 1968 (or has gone a Isle Of Wight?)(The Isle of Longitude?)...In all the chance, has bought to an image of Joni to to Mitchell likes them one has estimated in egotist, the one who has bought the folk electrical guitar, has had the little smaller swipe solteros, and has baptised a new Coltrane.
Well, the majority of that is true. Mitchell is always be his partidário his big plus, considering included his the majority of inane ramblings some class of saint experience.
BUT, yes can dip averts a personality and a ego, there is some some classics in his together. BLUE is one of them.
Mitchell is spent some last twenty years that tries to try is hard like some nails, that tries to take credit for all the world of Tom Expects the Jewel to Dylan same, as it imagines hate to listen his moments his plus end is always be when it leaves down a butch façade and sings to extend, almost girlish lyric--"A Chance Of you" it is heaven . BLUE is the next-perfect album.
And, for those of you the one who unemployment thinks Mitchell is so only for women and wimps--reasons thinks that Robert Pianta has write "that Goes California?" A "daughter there with amour in his eyes and of the flowers in his hair" it was Joni Mitchell!
5 / 5
A lot of still superlatives marvel abound in just in each description of this album. Joni, Already established like the composer and interpreter of scarce capacity, averted all the unnecessary decorations in producing this virtualy unrivalled collection of songs that directed be deeply personal and have universal appeal a same time. "The amour is touching souls" it sings in "A Chance of you"...Well surely it touch mine some first time have listened this album (he almost done thirty years now) and remains the for real emotional experience to follow Joni by means of these songs of joy, desesperanza, hope, desperation, amour, loss, the appoint! A title can be blue but Joni dips coffins thrill of each possible colour here; some songs are like this subtly crafted, one writing like this effective, ails it commentary a construction of each song. Joni Appalachian dulcimer Touching is augmented fantastically for the electrical guitar of James Taylor on some clues; Steve Stills help out of elswhere, while in some ask more introspective his only Joni in an intensity and quality that Joni there is matched on some later songs ("Amelia" of Hejira cradles to import) but never again for the full album. Together with Dylan "Blood in some Clues", ossia a level because all singer-the albums of composer would owe that be court.

Top Customer Reviews: Shakin' All ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5 Maudie
Here it is some prompt register (and Sundazed has chosen undoubtedly a better of 'in) for A Supposition That. His coverage of Johnny Kidd & Some Pirate' "Shakin' During" it has shaken certainly on radio this year of the rock adds 1965. Unfortunately, everything more kinda has suffered in comparison, but there are some real gems here, like " utilisation Your Imagination" (previously unreleased), the very good coverage of A Hollies' " you know ", "that Goes partorisca Look for", and " it is My Pride ", with the terrific vowel to mark new member Burton Cummings, the one who has taken quickly in cry of direct vowel when Chad Allan (the one who has sung "Shakin'") it has begun to suffer questions of throat. Excellent liner notes, giving the history of this early incarnation of a group. So as I like him to them some of a group RCA registers, these aim the grittier, his raw plus, and is the real extracted, especially for defenders of band of the cochera. You skip some of some clues (mainly because of papers quite feeble), but more than the half of this CD is really rockin'.
4 / 5 Vernita
Roughly done five years I stumbled to this CD while exploring in the retail CD outlet. Hardly it can think that the mine was the collection of twenty-four harvest to Guess The one who single and course of the album with some real rarities has launched in still good measure. For those of us those who has lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada one Guesses The one who was royalty of local rock . It was hard to think that the band that could touch in an of our local community clubs had released single that could listen in a radio. Even more that it surprised them it was this eshakin Throughout' had done some maps of Poster in a Joined that be it has said the pair of the years later traded this CD arrest touches to think that could buy another copy in a future. This is resulted to be easier said that does. I have lost a lot this CD and has begun compraventa around for another copy. Alas, a has not been to be found. Felizmente, the person of sales in the CD outlet recommended that tries to look for he in . With the a lot of recognition was able to order a eshakin' For all leave' CD of Amazon. Needless To say will not be trading in this CD again. It was necessary signals it was that my favourite period in the history of rock was some phenomena of band of the cochera of 1965-1966. Yes, I possess a Nuggets the box dips also. A eshakin For all leave' CD looks a rock of cochera classical'hakin'For all leave' alone emission. This album also looks both to Chad Allan and Burton Cummings advantage of flange in of the different clues. My favourite songs in this album are eshakin'Throughout', 'Tuff And Nuff', 'Believe me', 'Clock in Mur', ' is My Pride ','Feeling of Creature', 'use your Imagination' and 'Flight in one will hold is Wrong'. My only complaint with this album is that it does not comprise four of the mine favourite punctual Guesses The one who so only emissions,'His Daughter', 'Tossin' and Turning', a Canadian version of'upper Teasing Me and 'This Time A lot the time Done'. Felizmente, 'His Daughter' and 'This Time Long ' still can be found in a CD 'This Time A lot the time Done'.
The god blesses and expect that you enjoy this early Guesses The one who collection so as I ,
Knowledge Stewart

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5 Winston
It is a very good disk and has arrived in perfect been
5 / 5 Tarra
His more ancient songs of Gilles Vigneault and equally the months have preferred. A régal partorisca feel with giving songs that agree gratos memories.
4 / 5 Katelyn

Top Customer Reviews: ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5 Else
Awesome Band, CD adds. Any need partorisca you partorisca be reading these.
5 / 5 Johnathan
Touches his defenders of metalcore this album is essential I recommends strongly!