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Top Customer Reviews: Faith Like Potatoes ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5 Kasie
In the first place we buy this films the few years does. This in spite of, because it has not had subtitles or enclosed captioning, the find too difficult to comprise some varied emphases for some different ethnic groups. Sadly, we gave It it go. Surprised! We discover that I have been free again with subtitles, as we buy it again.

Ossia The wonderful account of a life of Angus Buchan and his family. Originally The farmer that has not prospered, Angus has moved his familiar in South Africa, where his life has changed partorisca always. Powerful, and wonderfully and fantastically filmed, this history of the faith of a man in God and like this the faith has changed his life and finally some lives of thousands of people in Africa and calm grip further and perhaps change your life also,

enjoys a special characteristic where Angus Buchan has given the documentary in his life and ministry. Highly we recommend this true history to all the one who are looking for a true meaning of life in this earth.
5 / 5 Tanya
I have looked this with mine 11 year the old glorious daughter and she there is enjoyed really a film. Especially it enjoy a fact that was the true history. I have found a presentation that interest because thick the histories some sound 'enhanced' partorisca do the film the dramatic plus or that interest to some audiences to see, but this history looked partorisca be true to some chances to the equal that have arrived. For like this, it has had some parts of a film that classifies looked of boring, reason ossia true the life (is not the?). In general, you resist the attention of a spectator like the history unfolded.
4 / 5 Chris
I have wanted a part when one of some workers of advantage in the park of a main character asked why the white people in the look of Africa to think can have some feet in Africa and another in the European nation (like Scozia). His explanation that his heritage can not be changed and is still proud of him, but that Africa is his house and feels the god has situated there for the purpose. This in spite of, was the little there is disappointed that, for the true history, looks the little unrealistic. A conversion was too much sudden. It suggests an addition of the simple date in a fund of a screen to aim what time there was among his conversation with a shepherd and a prayer for peace and park of potato in a stadium. All more was excellent. An a lot of the film does well so only like a rest for this company.
3 / 5 Dani
These starts of films was really good. An acting and storyline was quite to have my attention but there is a separate where he apparently ameno very behind giving God full credit for him (as it has to that) but annoyed much less. I know the miracles of the god spend all a time but no for likes it has been portrayed here. It was dipped 'also on' for my flavour. Another that that has been a good film .
5 / 5 Lino
Ossia A second time has purchased this film. It is the orders of film familiarised , a lot of things partorisca chew in last. I have wanted that in an end has aimed a real family that this movement is roughly. A prime minister one has finalised to be die to the Shepherd to take with him when movement on to another location.
5 / 5 Latrina
I have had this product partorisca several months, now. It has been such the inspiring film sum , has ordered many other copies and the data were like this of the presents. Has has loaned also our copy was to numerous other people also. Each person the one who has seen this film has given the descriptions add also. 'Faith Like Potatoes' is so only like Hebrews 11:1. Faith Is has has built no reason is seen, but that is not seen. The god is pleased with our faith (Hebrew 11:6). 'Without the faith is impossible to please God, partorisca he the one who comes to the god in the first place has to that believe this God is and that it is the rewarder that diligently look for.' Matthew 6:33'eek prime minister a Realm of the god and ALL THESE THINGS will be the additions extended you.'
2 / 5 Renita
Very hard to comprise .... No it liked Him To Him a name that calls . Turned went it after 20 minutes
5 / 5 Vernetta
It is not the life of expectations that takes our recompense but for some tests and of the tragedies live by means of has been volume
ours force and character. And that in it is our reward . A history has based a lot familiar that can be enjoyed for
all the ages. A history of having faith.
4 / 5 Melissa
The film adds! I so only ladies t likes read a cc partorisca the different lanuage, but Adds in general!
4 / 5 Leopoldo
Has looked this with mine 11 year the old glorious daughter and she there is enjoyed really a film. Especially it enjoy a fact that was the true history. I have found a presentation that interest because thick the histories some sound 'enhanced' partorisca do the film the dramatic plus or that interest to some audiences to see, but this history looked partorisca be true to some chances to the equal that have arrived. For like this, it has had some parts of a film that classifies looked of boring, reason ossia true the life (is not the?). In general, you resist the attention of a spectator like the history unfolded.
5 / 5 Adaline
There is wanted a part when one of some workers of advantage in the park of a main character asked reason the white people in the look of Africa to think can have some feet in Africa and another in the European nation (like Scozia). His explanation that his heritage can not be changed and is still proud of him, but that Africa is his house and feels the god has situated there for the purpose. This in spite of, was the little there is disappointed that, for the true history, looks the little unrealistic. A conversion was too much sudden. It suggests an addition of the simple date in a fund of a screen to aim what time there was among his conversation with a shepherd and a prayer for peace and park of potato in a stadium. All more was excellent. An a lot of the film does well so only like a rest for this company.
5 / 5 Su
These starts of films was really good. An acting and storyline was quite to have my attention but there is a separate where he apparently ameno a lot behind giving God full credit for him (to the equal that has to that) but annoyed much less. I know the miracles of the god spend all a time but no for likes it has been portrayed here. It was dipped 'also on' for my flavour. Another that that has been a good film .
5 / 5 Alla
Ossia A second time has purchased this film. It is the orders of film familiarised , a lot of things to chew in last. I have wanted that in an end has aimed a real family that this movement is roughly. A prime minister one has finalised to be die to the Shepherd to take with him when movement on to another location.
4 / 5 Etsuko
Good film! It is surprising as turning in an enclosed caption helps! I have looked the averages of a film without enclosed captioning began it then again with enclosed captioning - the one who the difference!!
4 / 5 Alexandra
Has had this product for several months, now. It has been such the inspiring film sum , has ordered many other copies and the data were like this of the presents. Has has loaned also our copy was to numerous other people also. Each person the one who has seen this film has given the descriptions add also. 'Faith Like some Potatoes' is so only like Hebrews 11:1. Faith Is has has built no reason is seen, but that is not seen. The god is pleased with our faith (Hebrew 11:6). 'Without the faith is impossible to please God, for him the one who comes to the god in the first place has to that believe this God is and that it is the rewarder that diligently look for.' Matthew 6:33'eek in the first place a Realm of the god and ALL THESE THINGS will be the additions extended you.'
4 / 5 Willis
Is not the life of expectations that takes our recompense but for some tests and of the tragedies live by means of has been taking
ours force and character. And that in it is our reward . A history has based a lot familiar that can be enjoyed for
all the ages. A history of having faith.
4 / 5 Elizabet
The film adds! I so only ladies t likes read a cc for the different lanuage, but Adds in general!
4 / 5 Patience
A lot last to comprise .... No it liked Him To Him a name that calls . Turned went it after 20 minutes
5 / 5 Larue
An excellent film on faith,if so only believe,which the god can do,and fully confidence in Goddess partorisca resupply for us.
The film adds.
4 / 5 Dionne
Ossia Somehow the pleasant film, showing fight partorisca survival and a victory. This film leaves the Christian promoting influence in a 'beholder'. Well partorisca all the ages.

Top Customer Reviews: Life Is Beautiful ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
5 / 5 Elise
The LIFE Is won of GOOD-LOOKING NUMEROUS PRIZE by all the world comprising 3 Oscars comprising Better Actor, Roberto Benigni and Film of Better Foreign Tongue. Benigni The function is the owner of Hebrew bookshop that, together with his family, is prendido and situated in the camp of Nazi death. It turns a chance to the game partorisca maintain his young edges have hid of a jailers and partorisca maintain has amused. They are in the section that contains so only able bodied men those who are dipped partorisca do in toil. If a boy has been found would be sent a gas chamber. A woman the one who touches a part of his woman in a film is his real woman, Nicoletta Braschi.
5 / 5 Stanford
This could be my favourite film in a world. I have tried to take all the world was partorisca the look. I am not sure any one loved it so as I , but will continue to say people partorisca the look. I thought it begun with the bit of Italian and would change to English; I have imagined finally it was that I have required partorisca select English!
5 / 5 Eleanore
That can say concealed is not already state said in this fantastic film? I have ordered he in an original tongue, with subtitles, and looked it on and on again! There is at all concealed I DIDNT amour in this film! I drive it will do it falls enamoured with him, so only likes with Gilding, his 'Princess'.
While protecting his edges of an ugliness and dangers in the camp of German concentration, imagination of uses, creativities, and quickly thinking partorisca turn it all to the 'played, with a glorious prize when being the Tank !
4 / 5 Corene
Alliance especially and Blue special Canadian-emissions of the ray in general has the poor reputation but ossia the welcome exception. An English subtitles does not look when German is spoken but otherwise is excellent. If you choose an English audio has baptised, (which is surprisingly well with entertaining Italian accented English), then a subtitles does not return too much as well as I have been obviously done of an Italian original. These are signal smaller this in spite of. Considering an age a scrolling is quite strong and the big improvement in a DVD. A featurette is not really in this film but roughly Roberto Benigni. It is SD 4x3 and one seeing will be enough. A coverage is reversable English / French, boasts French Canadian but could not say sure. Ossia An excellent lovely disk . A prize is estaca economic and Canadian is brilliant. It take my disk in Australia in 5 days! It does not doubt, strongly recommended.
5 / 5 Gala
I have it quell'has loved always this film and am loved to possess the copy of the mine own! It is incredibly sad but also pleasant a same time!! A famous film a human alcohol that can find it ways the thrive in some worse of circumstances. Like this always, the service was fast and effective.
5 / 5 Carson
Amur, amour, amour this film !!! Roberto B was excellent -- to to both likes him the producer, and an actor, together with his woman. A lot sobering the message has related to a time-period of this film. But the good-looking history also.
5 / 5 Betsy
Absolutely I love this film, tip the one who the amour goes besides any advesity and some parents of amour have for thir boys. Amur A line of history, a humour... Like this good! All the world would owe that look this film and agree all these people those who suffer in a holocaust
5 / 5 Dorthea
This has been always one of our favourite films but had it to knots so only in VHS. That Seeing again (in DVD FORMED) there is not disappointed. A must sees. We like him Particularly of an election of tongues as we are not of the big defenders of subtitles!
4 / 5 Jeneva
Beautiful film, the quality of picture is utmost and a subtitles is attentive, but one baptises is quite poor. Everything in the amiably presented Blue-ray.
5 / 5 Lesa
While a dialogue is in Italian, with some German, a subtitles marks an easily comprised plot, and entertaining. Blue-The ray certainly does the difference the one quality of a picture.
5 / 5 Xiomara
Has has loved always this film and am loved to possess the copy of the mine own! It is incredibly sad but also pleasant a same time!! A famous film a human alcohol that can find it ways the thrive in some worse of circumstances. Like this always, the service was fast and effective.
5 / 5 Sierra
My favourite Film and can listen me in French ! Súper !!!!
Thank you The Life !
5 / 5 Cecile
Absolutely love this film, tip the one who the amour goes besides any advesity and some parents of amour have for thir boys. Amur A line of history, a humour... Like this good! All the world would owe that look this film and agree all these people those who suffer in a holocaust
5 / 5 Annmarie
Amour, amour, amour this film !!! Roberto B was excellent -- to to both likes him the producer, and an actor, together with his woman. A lot sobering the message has related to a time-period of this film. But the good-looking history also.
5 / 5 Stacia
This has been always one of our favourite films but had it to us so only in VHS. That Seeing again (in DVD FORMED) there is not disappointed. A must sees. We like him Particularly of an election of tongues as we are not of the big defenders of subtitles!
4 / 5 Andra
Beautiful and touching the history fill with fun and sorrow.
4 / 5 Laurence
The life Is Good-looking: the edition of the collector / The life is good-looking (Bilingual)
Roberto Benigni

the life Is Good-looking: the edition of the collector / The life is good-looking (Bilingual)
Roberto Benigni
Thank you.
4 / 5 Dana
The product arrived with other titles have ordered of Amazon
Original shrink wrap, good condition
the film is the classical
the boss Annulled recently, and the money has saved partorisca have the habit of gems of compraventas like this film
5 / 5 Nancie
4 / 5 Waldo
Ossia My favourite film . It is the history adds that the man will do partorisca his family. One first half is light hearted and comedic to the equal that fulfil and idylls an amour of his life. A second half is the little darker (some will say unlikely or unrealistic) dramatic,less comedic to the equal that protects and the looks were partorisca his security familiarised. With saying consequences.
5 / 5 Nora
A film is partorisca liberty partorisca import inclusa although they are in a worse situation.
This film is a better film partorisca any the one who does not think the life is not good-looking...
4 / 5 Guy
The history adds of the terrible historical chance! Excellent!!!
5 / 5 Eliz
Such the travesía pleasant, beautiful , harrowing . One of mine all the favourites of time
4 / 5 Alison
Very good and touching film in a sadness of WWII. Well lovely viewing partorisca a whole family.
5 / 5 Ernestine
This Film is a bijoux !

The life is good-looking while it wants to very the appreciated ! A prisoner of man with Edges of Edges ... That Have to all the Swipe to conserve the joy to live of of the east !

Lucida The happiness is not never well Loin, suffices of and believe !

Good film !
4 / 5 Gema
The better Italian film has not seen never. It recommends all my friends for the see.
4 / 5 Shenita
Lucido The subject is very treated. Dresses of period quite good successful. How it is Lucido if his Hebrew inhabitants berçait of Ilusionaras or everything would finalise the fixed pair.
5 / 5 Lisandra
One of one the majority of heart that film of the touches has not seen never.
4 / 5 Aracely
The enjoyed really, multilingual clues and the image of good quality, any widescreen, the image is 4:3.
Soundtrack of good quality! The film is a classical instant .
5 / 5 Almeda
Loves this film and I have required the copy to aim my class ASAP for the law of unit on. I have been pleased in a speed with that arrives.

Top Customer Reviews: Nostalghia ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 23 ratings
5 / 5 Enda
'Nostalghia'(1983) Is directed for would go Tarkovsky (A Sacrifice, A Mirror, Solaris). This film is like the meditative sleep in the Russian poet the one who is in exile in Italy. In a lot of ways this film is autobiographical, in that probably represents Tarkovsky own feelings roughly when being in exile of his homeland of Russia, of the as he never turn. This was Tarkovky first film partorisca be shot external of Russia. A film is refreshingly slow emotional. One feels a relax partorisca be in the holidays in some historically half rich European, with an excessive quantity partorisca go them time, which resupplies one a contemplation of one is existence in a face of history, humanity and character. A location of the majority of a filming was apparently in and around Bologna, where up in some surrounding mountainous hills was perched he decaying old mediaeval city where the hot cradles have fill still the public swimming pool. There are shots of bone abandoned cathedrals and walled houses, where groups partorisca water reflect some porous ceilings where rain perpetually drips down by means of. The looks of character partorisca be reclaiming the human past, which is now to a large extent roams and pursuing.
4 / 5 Bruno
enjoyed olaris' and 'Ivan' Infancy'. Any 'Nostalghia' this in spite of. I thought it never final, but I persevered and seated by means of him. Of then it was essentially plotless, to the left is calls it a sleep along that founds like this interesting as having the strangers in the bus say me to us of his sleep of last night.

Partorisca me, more pretentious and self-indulgent that insightful and spiritual.
5 / 5 Cinthia
This film of mine is an example a pure plus of poetry of the film has not seen never. There is not in a level of plot, this in spite of like this each image is like this suggestive of things further or under a surface that a comparable only thing his is the deeply significant and pursuing sleep.
Tarkovsky Was tormented for his Soviet-exile applied to touch Russia of the homeland at the same time does this masterpiece, and some chairs of nostalgia was more than for his own house - was to nostalgia for one spiritual world-wide ossia absentee in so much of modern life. It is supremely ironic he and his main character - the bitter Russian writer - to the nostalgia felt for an alcohol in an of one the majority of "spiritual" places on earth - Italy. This in spite of like this is frighteningly appropriate today.
Has any of one taking loaned another half - if literature, theatre or product - ossia common with another like this-the films of art have called. This film is a cinema a pure plus that can exist it, reason all is done like an image of reality - the reality that exists in the world typical of a character, and is transfered to a spectator is by means of one the majority of intense visual imagination.
Some actors are like this perfect in his functions that does not look to be doing at all. Ossia Always the hallmark of Tarkovsky film - utter realism of human behaviour, without a slightest traces of fakery.
Ingmar Bergman Has Called this master of cinema a More adds them of all filmmakers, and ossia probably his film more orders. It is essential to any interested in a half.
4 / 5 Penelope
A mercurial character of this film - his liquidity (incompressible but formless state) - is mesmerizing. A centrical narrative - the Russian poet that investigations the time of the Russian musician spent in Italy in a @@@1700s - is of the frames like an amorphous material of Tarkovsky flow to film up against, to and around without each saturation to achieve. Everything of of the this is to say, Nostalghia is the portrait of a state of imprecise desire felt for all sentient is without not achieving never that is yearned. An extraordinary structure of a his - film staged - is to somewhere among- the parable for Bergman or Antonioni, the parabolical half this represents an intersection of variable states of consciousness (of vaporous, fixed and fluent states that belongs to an or another of some inhabitants of this film, included of a landscape and architecture) more illustrated for a longitude in following shots Tarkovsky used in some blacks-and-of the sequences of white sleep where the figures look in the first place in a separates of a frame to evolve and then in another, looking so much was in them looking in them looking in a dreamer looking in him. There is the recurring subject of architecture like analog for consciousness, and several scenes where the architecture in of the ruins is invaded for character. And then it has rain, permeating this symbolical structural system like a fog that opens a film and suggesting the rotting, decomposing and regenerative essence inside a film mirroring a boredom and a morbidity of the to Russian poet likes to him the slides to his own end, doing the @@@peregrinación by means of an external group with the sail has lit to fulfil a promise has done to the reclusive and visionary madman. This eccentric man of faith is spent his own obsession with this ritual law on to would go, a poet, unable to complete a transaction he. A Russia partorisca yearn, the affliction of a poet (shared with a composer of 18.os centuries), resulted to universal condition how is deferred and transcribed to the investigation for something this transcends time and spatial and nationality, spending home the words of a poet that to comprise an another has to that dissolve national flanges (and one could add flanges 'natural'), some provisional flanges and suggestive walls of inexorable psychic states - rationalities, individualities, sanity, madness and, of course, nostalgia.
5 / 5 Ollie
A night has received my copy, has had some heavy duties to be finalised, as I have thought: 'Hmm, so only will take the light glimspe in him... The glimpse.' The times owe that it has slipped went to the mine likes them the milk in of waters he. When I Have come to me, looked in a paper with my full alcohol of Beethoven, goes him, and images of water. More have @@give evening that has had state taken to another plan of existence, experiencing a travesía of épico by means of meditation, spirituality, and total beauty.
Has bought the box of goes them of emergency and the light more a next day.
Ossia Exactly that would spend yes calms fully can appreciate Tarkovsky masterful film. 'Nostalghia,' This in spite of, has some elements of films of Hollywood. Besides, a whole plot resembles very other conventional films also: A protagonist of melancholy fulfils the crazy old fool and accepts. A lunatic offered some class of odd redemption , spiritual but a protagonist no @to give an importance. Of course, some the natural forces drive a protagonist tortured behind his mission has ignored, ususally in an end. Such devices of look of plot ubiquitous but with Tarkovsky aestheticism, some the emotional impacts are absolutely unsurpassable for literally any in existent filmmakers, any to mention a fascinating images like a cathedral flooded and a final confrontation. A formularized to the plot is totally unrecognizable because of some only feelings unforgettable scenes, and perfect acting.
A DVD he, this in spite of, is quite disappointing. I can click very same in a bar of time in mine PowerDVD player. A look of economic paper and feigns to have to that it weaves of extra. A trailer is simply BAD REASON develops everything. You can love attended for the better version but I think the only criterion would have some balls to release the new a. RUSCICO A lot he because 'Nostalghia' is in Italian (in another hand, will be able to take all five Russian some! Quell'Thrilling!).
Try do to to a same thing likes would go, but can light very included of mine sail.
Looks this film. Feel a power of true cinema.
Thank you.
4 / 5 Milo
Is the film adds . Everytime You screen this in Giappone, goes and the look. A water, a fire, is fantastically emotional film. One of some better films of my life.
This in spite of... It is not exactly partorisca television. Some lights subtiles no tip a lot well in a screen of television. Good-looking shadows and subtiles of darknesses that Tarkovski excells in, is has lost often. Very thick, some results of the entirely black screen and does not have any idea that is going in. It is very better that a VHS tape that has used to have, but yes is possible, if it calms not having never an occasion, sees in the theatre of film.
Ossia An only reason that gives it so only 4 stars.
4 / 5 Evelyne
Tarkovsky Has said once that looking an of his films is likes look something of character, like the decadence. Some decadences are dulcemente, some am very slow, but is not never equally. You can see the Tarkovsky film 10 times and is different with each viewing. Usually a first time is boring. I have learnt any to rent Tarkovsky. Jump in and buy it. Alive with will reward you. Nostalghia Is extraordinary and probably one of a slow and more odd plus that his works, and incredibly moving. A beauty of this film is sublimate. The beauty is Goddess /of the god is Amour /of Amur is circle that is truth.
5 / 5 Fatimah
Tarkovsky Was mine ignored until roughly done 10 years. I am coming house late of work and soyirror' was aimed in television. Captivated, Has on seated and looked it entirely. A film has done the enormous impact and remained with me for days. I have had to see and know more. And have obtained like this of the copies of everything of Tarkovsky film, somemetimes a lot like this easily, and in of the impressions of content and variable quality. Now it was and it wants to him everything. Soyirror' At the side 'Rublev' would look mine to be his better works, but my personal favourite is 'Nostalghia'.
So there is concealed is extraordinary in this film that is hard to know where to start with. A longitude, beautiful and lyrical shots that persists on everything, always giving the textural, tangible feels to a esurface' of a film. One lighting, one spare but evocative soundtrack that often underlines mundane sounds, like a buzz-has seen in a centrical meeting of some two protagonists, and some Russians folk-song that goes in a start and in an end- these things really stay in your memory. Some interiors, a fog, a rain, a wind, some sleeps that looks partorisca pull a film to the logic of the his own. A meeting of some two protagonists in that hardly say the word to the each one like this another. It can go in and on.
An end is extraordinary and emotional; the always come tears for me I like this look would go fight to take a sail by means of a group, and a final has shot, enigmatic and ambiguous, is one of some the majority of amazing images in contemporary cinema.
Tries to achieve this film and in fact some another and to the sinister work his magic on you.
5 / 5 Lula
Would go Tarkovsky NOSTALGHIA - Like everything of his amazing films - are fill with masterfully the images have drawn that simultaneously do an ache of heart and impulse he until some heavens. Literally hundreds of lie of potential products inside his frames. But, besides a visual, deeper that any of these, there was mentido a heart of his work - and touches an a lot of soul of a spectator with some hands of the craftsman and researcher.
Each one that like this of some three main characters - would go Gortchakov, the Russian poet (Oleg Yankovsky); his beautiful Italian interpreter, Eugenia (Domiziana Giordano); and the eccentric venue, Domenico (Erland Josephson) - is trying, consciously or instinctively, to fill it void in his life.
Gortchakov, in Italy to research a life of a 18th century RUSSIAN COMPOSER, is suffering terribly of nostalgia - his thoughts and the sleeps often turn his woman and house. His interpreter done of the romantic advances to him - but is like this fixated in his woman that any included give that it is doing. When it Arrives his - he quite obvious, baring his heart in his chamber of hotel and asking 'Is this that master...?' - It is staggered visibly, but remains sympathetic and that worries to touch. A parallels among his life and that of his subject is a lot of - and like progress of film, looks to result increasingly conscious of them. These leaves of realisation to feel emptier still - and this could be the big factor in his acceptance of a task has attributed his for a madman Domenico. Fulfil his promise, Gortchakov is perhaps one the majority of achieved of three characters in his investigation to fill a unnamed void inner lucido.
Domenico resists to add it guilt. Long considered to be crazy, a lot of years in a past he sequestered his woman and girls inside his house in the tentativa desperate to protect them of the like street like imminent final of a world. The suspicious neighbours have alerted some powers, those who has broken down a door and has released a family, the one who there was not external state for seven years. In an of one the majority of heart-wrenching the never has involved scenes to film, sees Domenico, addled, gingerly pursuing his young edges down he pathway. A guilt that Domenico feels in this episode hanged strongly to his shoulders for a rest of his life. In the symbolic law of contrición, tries to spend the sail lit by means of the group - treats it second looks simple fact , difficult for a heat that water of trace and some currents of air. His neighbours, consider to be unstable, thinks is roughly to flood it, and prevent to complete a law. When it Fulfils Gortchakov - perhaps reason remarks a emptiness in a soul of a poet - asks to fulfil this for him. To give a Russian a task to transmit a sail by means of a group, emissions of his own promise, leave to move on to that sees like definite law of repentance - and a same time, present an occasion to a poet to commit the saint law to fulfil the promise, which leaves Gortchkov a casualidad to release his own hurting alcohol.
Eugenia, a translator, has a less comprising of his own needs. She, also, feels it void in his life - but looks to think that can fill sexually, for 'finding a right man'. When Gortchakov rebuffs His advances, abandons and taken was Rome, to another man. We see this man so only once in a film - while it speaks in a telephone to Gortchakov - and looks far, regarding his coolly, if at all. It is easy to surmise that ossia so only a fruitless plus, unfulfilling stop in his investigation.
Visually, Tarkovsky has DONE his usual, unequalled more commit his ideas and ideals to film. His work - here and in everything of his films - is, am coming to believe, without peer. Of some inaugural images of a fog-the Italian field shrouded - the stunningly good-looking photograph inside a church, clock-lit - to a hotel - to some spas - each scene has a capacity to take breathe he of a spectator was, and, more importantly, to do a spectator thinks. Tarkovsky Seen of as the humans are isolated of the each one another - and of them - for a technology and some cities have built is underscored for a scene in Rome, where Domenico has travelled for the 'demonstration', partorisca air his seen and give his public confession. It is situated atop the statue, big on the square - a corner of camera develops the width, down-angled dipped of any of marble. A perhaps would expect to see the milling throng in these steps - but Tarkovsky instead situates so only the dozen or like this people there. A space among them, in these widths expanse of marble and edifice, simply and eloquently underscores a subject of human isolation.
NOSTALGHIA - Like everything of Tarkovsky laws - is the film that would have to be the multiple time view. Each viewing will develop ideas and of the new discoveries. His work is visionary.
4 / 5 Claudine
Enjoyed olaris' and 'Ivan' Infancy'. Any 'Nostalghia' this in spite of. I thought it never final, but I persevered and seated by means of him. Of then it was essentially plotless, to the left is calls it a sleep along that founds like this interesting as having the strangers in the bus say me to us of his sleep of last night.

Partorisca me, more pretentious and self-indulgent that insightful and spiritual.
4 / 5 Miss
Left me in the first place say that Tarkovsky the films are to good sure any partorisca all the world, and that your attention comprises has been shaped for MTV and culture partorisca pop in general, can not have a patience partorisca this film. If, this in spite of, calm is not allergic the poetry, long, contemplative taken or an on purpose evasive use of iconography, this could be a film partorisca you.
Does not listen to any that tries to transmit a plot of a film, reason really does not have one. No really. If you have left partorisca go of an information partorisca surface that usually it contains some way of decipherable plot, can take was something More the add and much more personal, which create was an intention of a filmmaker.
Certainly, ossia one of a plus fantastically has shot the films have not done never. Each frame is the attentively crafted piece of art that would be proud to have in slope in my wall.
Takes comfy (but no like this comfy that I want to go to sleep), calm place up with all a necessities so that I do not owe that take a DVD, and experience Nostalghia.
5 / 5 Jillian
At least ossia the one who a film has transmitted mine. Your supposition is like this good so much mine. Partorisca The lark, invites one the majority of data-hard Tarkovsky fan those who has not seen still the, play he in yours DVD, feign have a call of urgent telephone, leave a room and go in the averages an hour later and ask: " Sad in that. So much, say me, that is going in? "
Tarkovsky Has consecrated this films his mother. Like this usual there is wonderfully has composed the worthy shots of Vermeer or The Greco ( Any, any one Van Gogh, is too brilliant, colour and explosive. ) A camera dollies dulcemente of accident to right, and sometimes, partorisca a sake of the step the slow plus, behind to the long of a same clue of legislation to accident. Often we take gothic archways, raindrops and fog. There is also the actors but they look secondary to a camera. A colour goes of black and aim the twilight blue the full colour and behind again to black and aim. I mention dulcemente?
But that it is a heck is a history?
Has one, really. But Tarkovsky is the fashion is knockout punch in a final round. A rest is the neighbour on, albeit the sumptuosly has photographed one. Any included try anticipate a conflict or that is coming afterwards. I surca so only in some 'produced' on films and to the left take calm partorisca the walk.
Has said the one who bad mine and so only will add that a climax---which touch absurd test explains he----maintained in colgante adds. Damn! He or does not direct partorisca take a sail lit by means of a group in a third tries?
Felt as if a fate of all the humanity is depended on that. Or perhaps they are it goes it but noble gesture, Or an allegory on all the art. It was not to except desire I , maintained on a flange of my chair.
Better that Rublev and far, far better that A Sacrifice.
A can not help but ask that have happenned to very utmost offbeat the novels have turned the 'art' the American films that is to be shoot in the sincere way--probably partorisca appeal to a mainstream audience---which predictably bombarded, likes "Fearless" (Peter Weir!) Or "Abattoir Five" ( Collina of Roy of George) has had had been filmed for would go instead.
Ah, Tarkovsky! A outpouring of the soul of a Slavic poet. Once again, it spends a Vodka. . .
5 / 5 Shasta
Of a time was the boy , has seen this book roughly Would go Tarkovsky in the shelf of book of my father, with a picture of the man with sees it the before him. Always the neglected, but a photograph there has been this appeal of mine.
Has not taken a casualidad partorisca look such masterpieces before. So only the few years begins to the look has beaten was film (and was also underage partorisca such films). But the few days there is pulled for behind a book down of the shelf of my father, and begun to toe by means of some pages.
Was surprised like this for this man, Gentleman Tarkovsky, that has asked my father roughly the, and say during his life had not seen the manager fine plus that this man. Well I have learnt partorisca trust my father in some fields of art, how is the painter he, and has bought this film of
Of a prime minister has shot in black and white, was spellbounded for a cinematorgraphy of this magneficient piece of art. There is this look partorisca pursue his, and this wonderful beauty, for real wonderful.
A basic history of a film is that the Russian poet has travelled in Italy in the mission of investigation partorisca discover in his composer of favourite music Sosnovsky. It remains in this city, with his beautiful assistant and in a course of his stay is pursued for some memories of Russia, and his infancy, and his past.
A basic history this in spite of perhaps simple a surreal screenplay, and a photograph of this film is for real brilliant. I have not seen never the person describes birth, life and death, in such the subtiles and beautious fashion.
Seats a lot of people will sleep by means of this film, but that takes a essense of him, bask in a marvel of a birth more adds partorisca always.
Have film for Kurosawa, and Fellini, Trauffaut, Kubrick, but any matches until this man. It would go Tarkovsky, so only 7 film in his lifetime, and all partorisca touch masterpieces, and seat ossia his gem .
Would recommend this film partorisca all, but especially would recommend to these people those who are looking for another dimension to this existense, this film is for real magnificient.
A quality of DVD is quite well, and any question with a subtitles, and a quality of sound.
A masterpiece for a master more adds of a screen of money. For real a birth More adds them.
4 / 5 Allison
Domenico is a tone , is the man the one who alive (out of reality?) ; But his tongue dates in a sequence of apex is a fundamental core of this monumental work.
Tarkovsky Has had to leave his birthplace , after doing Stalker , and this fact (like Nuremberg tries in Fürtwangler if) obviously will affect deeply this costruttore of film. Tarkovsky Decided to establish he in Italy ; and one first acts will be that one; to charge of Nosthalgia ; look that Tarkovsky always insisted in an importance dates to this word ; in a russian way Nosthlagia would have similarities with him brasilian word saudade but with landscape of entity.
Some concerns this extracted to film roughly is real recognition by force for all some spectators ; a reflectins in a human condition , a abscence of centre on our way of living , will leave calm in impacting state and will be to look it on and on reason some the powerful ideas are without finals in his meanings and deepness.
An artistic masterpiece of this cosmical manager.!
4 / 5 Shawnna
Am loved to see that like this reviewers feel ossia Tarkovsky is better work. Any reason necessarily is his best ( is all amazing), but reason can not describe some feelings this film evokes. It is my preferred for another reason. I have written the thesis of my Master in Tarkovsky and this one pursue one the majority of and giddiness of same causes as it writes. To be sense and any comprised is a double plight - for the characters of a film and for knots.
5 / 5 Liberty
With his sixth film, Tarkovsky finally he. In fact film sleep in "A Mirror", and personally fulfilling "Nostalghia" a summum of his worries. I did not see it again, perhaps for some subjects of religion that had fallen out of interest for me for the long time (to spirituality or the lack of him is a subject recurrent in Tarkovsky is good-looking work). That I bad is that, never first with any one another film, not even with Kubrick is final sequence in "2001..." It seats that the film could portray with such subtlety the dilemma of faith. No by means of some dialogues, or by means of an almost weaves very existent, but, in some point, can ensure that I have had to some people would call the glimpse of faith. I find it hard to communicate these thoughts because I can touch pretentious or hilarious. In all the chance, due to the fact that I have spent for in this point of my life, some sequences to sleep looked more real that anything there has not gone never seen, in of the sleeps and in cinemas: it was inspired for real and deffinitely would have given a film then the indication of "no more ultra" so that it considers some artistic and religious commitment. (And a reason that gives it now the plenary five stars that the estimativa is because of the odd durable impression that another "masterpieces" lack for me.) It is scarce, when "Nostalghia" it is not the film of thesis neither an artistic formulation of self indulgent "revolution" or inspiration. It can touch hypocritical when, as I have said before, a "subjects of a faith" it has fallen out of weight for me, and probably to to the worthy film likes "leaving Vega" it can result more fulfilling or entertaining in some form. Felizmente, during a nineties, film of exotic locations (Cina, more notably) is resulted like the experience to learn of spirituality for a western moviegoer the one who the falls was partorisca to the such pitiful works like "A Club to Struggle", and Prize of recent shameful Academy pics. "One the majority of film of entity?" Any one can give the just response, and are not the spiritual person, but honradamente think that with "Nostalghia", Tarkovsky would owe that obtain the just place among Welles, Eiseinstein and Ingmar Bergman, the one who without hesitation, had called a russian filmmaker, if any one the majority of of entity, simply "the More adds them". Still if it is not my favourite film of everything, can not forget that felt when he has looked "Nostalghia" for a first time like a cinematographic experience of entity; personally, lovelier that "Citizen Kane" and "An Andalusian dog".
5 / 5 Gaye
Looking Tarkovsky is the films is analogous the reading James Joyce, taking to plot of time, to plot of has thought, and the enthusiast of puzzle whobelieves in puzzle for his own sake, to all the cost of if an integer has completed is more adds that one orders parts. Nostalghia Is full of oblique and blatant metaphor and piecing together some meditations on faith vs.(statuesque)Imprisonment, self vs. Another, and the report of the god with a lost a lot this in spite of a lot of viewings apresamiento. Tarkovsky Is masterful visuals, like this always, is the data, like the mental challenge of a film is tempered with gorgeous compositions. A final has shot surpasses included an impressive final frame of "Solaris", any only in metaphorical importance, but in beauty also. This in spite of these images are neither "for his own sake", neither self indulgent; each one which so and each one which dulcemente unfolding sequence and persisting the shot has spent of weight. I have learnt, there is a lot of "filler" in Tarkovsky is film, each image is the line in a poem More adds them, and likes the writing of Joyce, like terse and sometimes like this difficult like this the master manager considers contingent to spend a wieght of the his brilliance. Nostalghia, As some second looks incoherent sayings of Buddhism of Zen, can simply befuddle, or, how is his some intent for a poised, amena Illustration. Nostalghia, Is able of both. FINAL
4 / 5 Christa
This films teaches (still although any directly) that all the world there is sometthing vital and essential in his life. But any fight for the the look of coto natural, like your country, some meadows, or your family. They are all the course of your life and calm could not live without them but your life does not turn to preserve that thinks is an Essence of him. Trying absolutely to preserve it would look insane in a face of a world, and would resist some deadly smells to the equal that dip your favourite landscape in aquarium. So that the men owe that treat his loss, maintaining more things in his bosses and of the hearts that in his pockets. But the life I aims that all turn included although the memories can no. Ossia a bitter power of a Nostaghia...
4 / 5 Kirby
Some first time have seen Nostalghia was in the theatre of film.
Was entirely captivated.
Come from faster paced film, likes the majority of a gnats the one who live this planet, recommends that it look this in all the chance. Calm perhaps will learn something.
In an end of a film was blown totally was, has seated so only therre with my mouth that hangs open, dumbfounded. It has had two pairs in any side of me. In an end of a film, a pair to a legislation created and has not said anything. You a lot included lok in the each one another. His so only looked in this final image in a screen, quotes the behind, and left on the quiet, looking in a paving.
A pair to a left of me has cried. Both of 'in. All the world in an audience was has moved deeply. I had it it has experienced it so only that once before, when I have seen Chris Marcatore is Sunless in a Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, D.J.C. In 1985. But there, the people stunned more with a steamroller intellect of this film. Nostalghia Speaks directly to your heart, and breaks it.
If really I comprise that it is in this film, calm will not be never one same. I know it was, and in viewing of mine of prime minister has taken so only the percentage that was it in him.
This DVD has the special place in mine DVD/VHS collection- together with Koyaanisqatsi, A Stalker, Without alone, some managers cut of Bladerunner, and Wings of Desire, is of special merit. And like these films, is an I can not look very thick. Every time it finds the new way to defy me.
5 / 5 Tayna
Recently invernadero NOSTALGHIA for a first time. I have seen everything of Tarkovsky is film except The SACRIFICE and am convinced this Tarkovsky is one of some giants of upper world-wide film. NOSTALGHIA Is simply like this glorious pleasure all a rest of his films. It is cinematically less poetic that The MIRROR but more poetic in the type of meditation of way, resembled the STALKER. I think that that a better way of the describes would be to say that calm has not seen never 81/2 for Federico Fellini and was curious to the equal that to that one of the films of Drive would be to like are quite sure was exactly likes NOSTALGHIA. The Italian tongue of a film and atmospere adds my faith (Tarkovsky fans the one who have not seen NOSTALGHIA would have to that give @ that it is in Italian and like this has the different feels at the beginning but if the waits will see that his closings Tarkovsky). It is fill also with thin symbolism and hard human psychoanalism and is purely subjective in his discharge, fill with connections to Tarkovsky and his past, a lot resembled the hopes of Drive for his film. Tarkovsky Was, this in spite of, for behind a camera and has done surely the film adds. The value that buys for any any one any poetic cinema or simply world-wide cinema.
4 / 5 Lakisha
A fellow well there is me advised partorisca see a film 'Nostalghia' stops would go Tarkovsky. Although any familiar with Tarkovsky or his works and a bit leery of subtitled films, was persuaded finally out of respect partorisca his eclectic flavours partorisca take loaned his copy on DVD and the spend house. As I have expected, a film headed in a continental fashion of the dialogue with the scene and the interminable pauses have resisted long shots. This in spite of, these irksome the qualities were transformed punctual to something quietly beautiful and cinematically poetic. They are not so only that says that a film resists the likeness the poetry; it is the hybrid , which achieves no partorisca exceeded postmodern or gimmicks, but behind to a die, It takes abstract thought, emotion, contemplation to a reader in the form recognises, slip he to his eye subtly, and has left the result more, something of the his own. It would go Tarkovsky This in film for deftly that walks a versatile plot and characters with discreet surreal iconography and effects of the his of the one who intricacies the deep burrow and blossom in an imagination. For real, this film weaves some genders of poetry and cinema to the rich, seamless, and pursuing tapestry.
5 / 5 Altha
A late Russian filmmaker better film, Nostalghia movements like the sleep of fever. Some images are slow and studied - some frames of films concentrate on join them the way can be in an abstract product. It is partorisca film the one who t.S. eliot I poems are the words . Calm can not comprise or sense to mark that sees, calm so only knows that there is his subliminal beauty.
5 / 5 Roxy
Follows a partidário avid of tarkovsky and ossia my preferred of sound. In fact it is my preferred of any film has seen them. It combines wonderful symbolism and phenomenal cinematography. Ossia A calm probably will want to see long.

Top Customer Reviews: Pan's Labyrinth ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 23 ratings
5 / 5 Odell
A film adds for Guillermo of Tauro. So only the fast note, is in Spanish with English subtitles. It can be too dark partorisca a younger audience as it takes place in a 40s, after a Spanish Civil War. Guns, the people that takes shot and has included an execution of one of some agents. History of dark fantasy, a lot of writing, beautiful scenery and dresses. Value he!
5 / 5 Ronny
Ossia One of my favourite films. First of all, this DVD has arrived fast and in perfect condition, quality partorisca see adds.
Are the enormous defender of the fantasy fulfils film of reality. In spite of a fantasy, this film is realistic. It is captivating, deep, any predictable, and has morals of utmost/messages partorisca learn of. I have seen this film a lot of a lot of years does when it was the young adolescent and a lot of years later, at least the decade or more, has wanted to possess it reason have left such one impression on me still although it can not agree that it was roughly. Now having looked it again can comprise the one who special this film is. I can very included compare to anything more, reason personally does not think has to that to anything enough likes to him. Ossia To good sure the film to possess.
5 / 5 Adela
That an amazing film, belonging in the category all is adapted. Fantastic? Horror? Fantasy? Another-worldly? Everything of an on? Yes, but more: , a catoegory is 'Casserole' Labyrinth'.
Has bought 2 different copies of thi, like this fascinated was I partorisca know all the prime info. Friuends Called partorisca go to this film when it dip in a big screen locally, but I nixed the, has not looked my class of gender. If it does not go back never to a big screen I runn to a theatre.
3 / 5 Alycia
In these characteristic folds very basic, A Cell is any in English or French (annoying translation). The labyrinth of the casserole is any in Spanish with English subtitles or French without subtitles. There is no characteristic special, any selection of scene, any election of subtitles, any at all. It has dipped 3 stars because this would have to that be clear fact .
1 / 5 Lennie
Excellent film but be warned that this dvd so only there is spanish or french options of tongue with english so only in subtitles different has announced.
4 / 5 Hye
A film partorisca entertain, albeit the creepy and morose line of history. The delivery was utmost, included in a forest.
5 / 5 Kimberlie
Yes, there is subtitles but does not import like the history is engrossing and fantastically fact.
5 / 5 Garland
Well dvd - do well. Wonderful film although it is dark. Gentleman Of Tauro has the vivid imagination.
5 / 5 Mervin
And his one of a plus memorable the films have looked all year long. Fantastic film!
4 / 5 Ria
Taken the on sale, is gone in perfect condition, has expected the long time partorisca look this film, idk he alive until a hype, value the clock tho.
5 / 5 Verlie
The labyrinth of the casserole is excellent, the must sees like -you the fantasy themed film with utmost characters and the line of fantastic history.
5 / 5 Shantel
Took it on sale, is gone in perfect condition, has expected the long time partorisca look this film, idk he alive until a hype, value the clock tho.
4 / 5 Woodrow
Two excellent Films. I bought it especially It Touches ''Lucido Labyrinth of Casserole'' that has found sublimate. It treats of of the adults of Games of fantastic history. The another film is one very well film of fiction of science. It does not complain this compraventa.
4 / 5 Verdie
This was the wonderful film . Very creative. Good actors. A fund of Spagna, the revolution and the really added fascism to a history. To good sure some those scenes of fright and characters. A main character is the hard daughter , imaginative . A calm end leave guessing bit it. I have known 16 yr olds to the young adults to half has has aged people all that has enjoyed that to him.
4 / 5 Lynne
Has had to that have this one in Blue Ray. One of mine favourite. Shipped fast and very Blue ray.
5 / 5 Christie
Prefers an art in a a showed in a a rid but is still a film adds inclusa
5 / 5 Shavon
The labyrinth of the casserole Is not A FILM partorisca girls... So that he yours the mummy or dad plz of the that complains in a fact that this film is gore and bad... ( It goes partorisca a king of lion plz) A lot ossia a awsome film! Quality of the picture and touch it are perfect (almost) will not spoil a film but a history is surprising... (A must sees if you didnt ) validate each penny and more... I create
5 / 5 Leora
has seen this film two times in the years of diverse theatre . His the tragic dark fantasy of the young daughter that extracted his life in sound of Frank civil war brutal Spanish.
4 / 5 Katherina
There is Enjoyed a product the plot... Enough like it has been advised this in spite of more... I can say im satisfies
5 / 5 Codi
One of some better films never @fare in this gender! It fences in any one!
5 / 5 Lavonia
The film adds, is coming inside the pair of days with which have ordered!
5 / 5 Leonie
Has seen this in some theatres when you go up and really the pleasure
4 / 5 Federico
Absolutely !! I have completed my neighbour now and can finally dipped a VHS was. They are very happy now.

Top Customer Reviews: Gomorrah ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5 Shenna
Disappointed: Although a packaging is everything writes in English, an audio is any Italian or French, with English subtitles. Be forewarned that it is hard to follow the film like this while reading sub-titles.
5 / 5 Marcell
An Italian film 'Gomorrah' is riveting and stunning. It is filmed in the documentary fashion and with which to the little chair of minutes likes is looking of chance of real life. A subject @@@subject is dark and disturbing - this is not the film partorisca a toneless in heart. Also, it has to to to the structure a lot likes them Robert Altman is eshort Short'. It say of another way,, there is roughly five histories that takes place during a film and some interconnect more than another.

A subject @@@subject is A Camorra, which is described in Wikipedia eats:
'A Camorra is the mafia-like criminal organisation, or secret society, those causes in a region of Campania and Napoli main in Italy. It funds by means of distribution/of drug trafficking, human smuggling, prostitution, disposal of toxic waste, construction, ready sharking, game, smuggling of arms, extortion, protects and racketeering and his activities headed to big levels of murder in some zones in acts it. It is an old plus and the elder of criminal organisation in Italy.'

Ossia One dark underbelly of Italy that you has not seen. This is not a romantic Italian world partorisca feed and wines, some museums, art, culture, or music.... - Prepare you partorisca the view of some Italians of criminal deep basses and how is connected to all the facets of life in Italy and around a ball. Ossia An eye -inaugural film that any glamorize a subject @@@subject.

Has filmed on location in Napoli, Italy in significant risk to a crew of film - like this Camorra has been in his subject newspaper in some surrounding streets of a city. A Blue scrolling of the ray for Criterion is in the first place-quality of tax and some the additional characteristics are educational and informative in this edition. An edition of Criterion of 'Gomorrah' is RECOMMENDED HIGHLY.
5 / 5 Nellie
'Does not know reason any one would call this bad'?'Gomorrah' Is the hard and impressive vision
of the contemporary Gangsterdom,ossia the plus , and better Correct representation of the crime organised
that has seen the long time,if you can not buy for behind your life,that has invested in you, is the dead man ,
conceals is not quite simple partorisca you, the need well dips ready your brain,
Runtime 137 Minutes.
5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio.
That Can Say,I Amur has Closed.
4 / 5 Brad
Incredible film. I add storytelling. One of a better gangster the films have not seen never.
5 / 5 Gail
This italian the film is in the some same veto likes the city of Goddess. It can be complicated at the beginning because they do not explain immediately like a camorra works, but found that rewarding in an end and I has loved to know more in a subject. Felizmente, some bands of edition of the Criterion some utmost supplements on one doing of a film and an author of a book in that a film is based.
4 / 5 Daysi
This film absolutely stuns me. We follow a history of the born villages in the world of aversion and violence that can not escape. Early on they owe that choose the side, and some of them if they do not want never leave, must 'pay' partorisca a cost of his liberty, any in blood or money ... We follow some alive of 5 different villages that directed the seemingly normal life, but collected partorisca face an absolute violence in that alive. There is any music partorisca sustain some scenes, and this does this even more genuine film, doing likes the documentary. A scene where a two young boy farewell partorisca offer his friendship because from now on they are enemies , tip some absurdities of a wry world in that is. After looking such the film, one can question this: it is his really the human character, or in an end, is a half in that operate concealed said our election and action? A must sees.
5 / 5 Paz
Although a history is some (with a writer that hides with which publication of book), some characters do not leave partorisca a lot of identification of audience, like this Gomorrah is not like this interesting to the equal that have to that be. This films does well of the corruption of deep basses incorporates the only realistic fashion that put a spectator as 'a fly in a wall'. Unfortunately with this realistic fashion, an audience often is while together with some characters partorisca something partorisca spend (any action, violent surprise, or a point of the scene). In spite of a accolades (winning 5 European Film Prize) Gomorrah is unnecessarily long (2hr. 15min.) And surprisingly predictable. Sadly, it Averts of trailers, does not have any extra. (3 1/2 stars)
5 / 5 Casandra
This films really scrapes a fund of a barrel. It is one of this violent slam dunk films an American School of acting products naturalidades the say me the dozen. Bad writing, bad plot and, Harry included Potter new- I hated- is better

Top Customer Reviews: Bandolero! ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 11 ratings
5 / 5
A lot of enjoyable western that defenders of any of some three stars of entities will enjoy, and is defenders of these actors, has to see this. A flu of Sergio Leone is evident immediately in some on-advance of credits and bookmark of music, and goes on down half of with an atypical western plot, but do a lot of deception: Manager Andrew McLaglen is Sergio Leone. A course touched for Dean Martin was the disappointment in that has not been quite credible, and is looking forward to a cocky, wisecracking, womanizing rascal Dean often games, this film leaves something to be wished reason is hard to accept Martin in this function. He not having enough looms to be that it directs his partners in crime, and an idea that he no quite know like this to treat a female hostage (Raquel Welch, any less!) You look the contradiction of entity when writing the one who has is gone in a world with some real unsavoury mates of horse riding, so only that takes that it loves. Has has had to that to to any one likes him Richard Widmark been launched in place of Martin, a character could be more be believable and a film would have spent more gravitas. Jimmy Stewart dips in the fine action and I am still to see the Stewart function that could not enjoy; a man was the wonderful actor and does not go never to see. Welch The big hair that the looks perfect for days in a saddle and nights in an earth in a desert was Hollywood cliche of a day that defenders of Raquel Welch will not import . A history has sucedido in redeeming some two advantages viriles, so that I found lamenting a lack of Hollywood more typical-the fashion that arrived to this a bit unconventional western. This in spite of, have enjoyed a film this in spite of. The cinematography Adds in widescreen bombs on some values of production. Certainly the value that looks.
4 / 5
Please be conscious ossia the Region -2 disk and will not touch your player of DVD unless it is all the region ! For folks to the to the one who likes him to him this class of westerns, master you conscious before you finalise to buy the turn of precise product!!!
4 / 5
Is not one of a better westerns. You are the bit of the uselessness like the western. James Stewart has done very better.
4 / 5
A classical of adds it western starring 2 of these was utmost actors. The must for each defender of some western films.
4 / 5
The time of nave was to add and is coming before it was fiancé . You are not I so that it adds the film to the equal that has expected included although there is to all the star has launched. Unfortunately you do not recommend the buying. Sad
5 / 5
produced Excellent to the equal that has described. A delivery was promised like this that.
4 / 5
Has looked Bandit like the boy with my familiar and there is of the years of summer have looked of then was like this as well as I have agreed and a mould was excellent. I will buy of this vendor again and will add to the cast of my good vendor.
5 / 5
4 / 5
One of mine all the favourites of the time with the mould adds.
4 / 5
has looked Bandit like the boy with my familiar and there is of the years of summer have looked of then was like this as well as I have agreed and a mould was excellent. I will buy of this vendor again and will add to the cast of my good vendor.
5 / 5
Produced excellent to the equal that has described. A delivery was promised like this that.

Top Customer Reviews: Les Choristes ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 22 ratings
5 / 5 Apryl
I love this film. Lessons in human alcohol - a good and an unkind. A person can do such the enormous difference. I am trying it submerged it I in French ( self-taught with DUET of on-line application). I looked it two times, but is not to cry it.
A music is good-looking also.
Early will turn a subtitles was.
5 / 5 Loyce
Received before it quotes of delivery. The product is described like this. Exactly that has looked for. They are happy with this compraventa.
5 / 5 Gordon
It Film that amours that do to look dress in mou pendant his holidays navideas.
4 / 5 Elijah
Good film, enjoys has amused so much, would have to look!
5 / 5 Danielle
Always it looks all the volume before it still thinks og using he in the room. Rings something another that His of Music partorisca my French Diving and room of French Beginner. Ossia The film adds , the enjoyed totally! But there is some a lot rough tongue in him. NO partorisca boys.
5 / 5 Brigitte
This film was utmost. One of these histories escoles wonderful where a professor the difference in a lot of bolt.

Commentaries of tongue: This DVD has subheads in French and English doing it perfect partorisca students of French tongue the one who prefers to read in French that is listening.
5 / 5 Essie
I adore it, this has given the years had not listened the but want it always so much. Lucido The boy joins It glorious voice and lucida professor all games to help his youngsters.
5 / 5 Doria
Wonderful little film, charming, original, good-looking music. No partorisca cynics.
5 / 5 Bree
I have looked this Film with my small edges of 13 years and has has adored.
5 / 5 Jules
Has looked this film 5 times. It is like this delicious.
4 / 5 Georgine
Excellent film with students, but MUST pre-clock. Tongue in 3 or 4 places the fact the precaution, but a history is cost absolutely he.
4 / 5 Jackie
Am learning french now and always wants to look french film. Like this I film no only is in french and has an option to choose a tongue of subtitle. That more, his big quality, both audio and video!!!
4 / 5 Romona
I have ordered this after my young plus has been attributed the with only that his heart. A song was Traces to the sud the ocean, and is so only one of some signals underlined of this film. After looking for the bit, a subtitles is there is remarked hardly. Beautiful film , good-looking :) the music Adds throughout.
5 / 5 Krystle
Lovely history, the music adds and the heart of the glorious boy. Anxious to look again
5 / 5 Booker
has ordered this second copy so that the friends can take loaned enjoy it also. I have looked this film on and on. The film adds!
Was very happy with a service and delivery of my product.
Thank you very much!
4 / 5 Meda
Extracted adds fast shiping ! I recommand this vendor. Thank you.
4 / 5 Darcy
I want like a dense plot, calm so only maintains partorisca take drawn to a film and some characters.
5 / 5 Jackson
Heartwarming, Develops an advantage and also a bad side of man. One in those worries and the amour of the professor has changed some lives of many little some.
5 / 5 Fermin
excellent, to to the my students likes a lot, of excellent music
5 / 5 Layne
His Choristes (A Heart), Manager Christophe Barratier. This film was the 2004 Prize of Candidate of Academy in a category of Film of Better Foreign Tongue and he 2005 César Candidate partorisca Better Film (Better Feature film). It is heartwarming, especially an end.
4 / 5 Nilda
'His Choristes' ('A Heart') is the history familiarised in the professor that comes to the school and does the difference partorisca students that person more worries roughly. Included when presiono down a category partorisca comprise professors those who use the music would owe that be able to appoint quite a lot of film in this gender partorisca fill on at least a full book of toes. In fact, an only thing that could do it this 2004 different film of some another has seen you of 'Goodbye, Chip of Ladies' the soyusic of a Heart,' is that he in French. Ossia Reason 'His Choristes' takes place in France.

In a start of this film the man (Jacques Perrin) is partorisca wake with informative that any one has died. We learn that a man is the manager adds and when it goes house partorisca some funerals there is another man (Didier Flemish) while his. He the a lot of years were students near in some Fond of the Etang school partorisca board. Although this is not a better of circumstances, another man has something partorisca share with a manager. A notebook of a man the one who was his professor and the one who taught him like this partorisca sing. An inaugural page of a notebook is the sketch of an entrance his colegiala and a drawing transforms to the camera shot and is of tower to a start of our history.

In 1949 Clement Mathieu (Gerard Jugnot) arrives in Fond of the Etang partorisca be a new prefect. His introduction to a students is when Rachin (Franciois Berleand), a boss of a school, is disciplining a whole school reason any one will admit partorisca be a a the one who there is wounded one of some professors with the prank. Mathieu is the tad overweight and bald, like this first of a students still knows his name is by train partorisca call 'Chrome Dome.' Know less still on some boys, but clearly does not like a way is treated and takes the series of different approximations in treating them. A musician has failed, Mathieu listens some boys that sign the derogatory song roughly the and use him to that likes inspiration partorisca create the heart. His motives are not exactly pure, reasons think his primary aim at the beginning is partorisca listen his own music that is sung. But in it times they move on to something more formidable (I thinks is Jean -Phlippe Rameau is 'The Night').

Three of a students underlines. Pierre Morhange (Jean-Baptiste Maunier), is one of some leaders of a boy and a less able to admit to have an interest in singing, but has a voice of an angel. Pepinot (Maxence Perrin) Is one of some boys plus very small and an orphan, the one who thinks that that his father will come partorisca he on the Saturday. A recently arrived to a school is Mondain (Gregory Gatignol), it bully the one who is contained partorisca be paste on and on again because ossia a world in that bolt. I have appreciated a fact that Mathieu does not save him everything, and that his bequeathed is not so only with students of salvation but with some other professors in a school. In the history that is quite predictable, has the note of grace in an end that comes with that would have to be it an unexpected turn of chance. Further that it is a earnestness of some actions that elevates 'His Choristes' stops in other films in this gender. Your only complaint could be that it wish had more singing of some boys once take his together law.
4 / 5 Rhoda
Has bought a lot of copy like this of the time of diverse presents. The music and to the plot adds! My daughter had seen the diverse time and is one of his favourite. You are aimed in his french classify when it already see in home so much was able of the appreciate even more. Any recommended for the boys he young plus that 13 because of coarse tongue. The present adds for professors and of the lovers of music.

Top Customer Reviews: Full House: The ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
4 / 5 Alonso
Had state that loves a Series of whole Full House for the few years and finally decided to treat me. Felizmente Has finalised a whole series before type in Netflix or probably would have been the tad there is disappointed. In another hand, has like this time his useful plus to in fact possess a dvd. There is not always access of internet everywhere and Netflix chooses to take elements all a time. I am excited to take these were to a lake for rainy days :)
5 / 5 Lilly
the Full house was one of a bit those that wholesome shows in television. The majority of the questions fixed inside a show of now half. A history of three daughters those who has lost his mamma and is domestic for his dad, uncle as well as another fellow viril. His caseous, ape and volume in time but value all a craziness to share with another generation. I have bought all some seasons and he maintains Toddlers well entertained. An only draw behind constantly is that it listens a song among shows. This in spite of his well to look them grow on on all some seasons and he also teaches acequia concealed any all the world has the Mommy and Dad in the house but each family has amour for each-another any @@subject a day to subjects of day to grow up.
4 / 5 Raina
Has not been impressed with this season. Writer of creator/of the serious Jeff Franklin has gone, and can feel his absentee. A writing is not like this well, and some the new characters have spent is neither pleasant or likable. (D.J. It is promised Steve , Danny has promised Vicki, and some sister that touch nikki and alex).
Some sister that touch nikki and alex are more annoying that pleasant. The difference of a olsen twins like toddlers, those who was adorable and entertaining, these kids so only of those who has it at all. My question my big plus is with a writing. A quality to write has fallen the PLOT . You recommend to look that estaciona 5 or before instead.
4 / 5 Gerda
My granddaughter is such the defender of the Full house and I could not find he in some tents. It was hesitant at the beginning to order on-line but has been thrilled that avenges well my door in perfect condition.

My girls have on grown home Full and now mine 8 yr the old granddaughter is by train of the want to like this a lot. It Familiar viewing adds.
4 / 5 Milton
My daughter loves this series! It cry to win each episode. It ships a lot quickly too much.
4 / 5 Daphne
My daughter of 5 years LOVES It! Nizza To see hard for generations!

Top Customer Reviews: Beauty and the ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 36 ratings
5 / 5 Hanh
It has seen this film a lot of years in ours local PBS canal... So only one a time.
Has thought is like this well that with all one announcing roughly Disney films that has tried locates this a partorisca see again.
Has thought still is fact very good.
Would not expect young boys partorisca the appreciate. I will look it again sure.
4 / 5 Jenine
This blue Ray of the Good-looking and the Beast of Jean Cocteau is a enchantement wireless indistintos , his images and lucidos the edges like this treaties of the thecnique Blue the ray adds everything in intensity this does magistral that is this film of another time.
4 / 5 Werner
If any one the this, please compraventa!! The picture adds and the characteristic special is awesome!!
4 / 5 Lavinia
Would have liked me very better has followed of a line of history in the most traditional way.
Neither cleared mine that a film was in French. This would have to that be declared much more clearly.
5 / 5 Mica
Excellent remasterisation of the Original of film of Jean Cocteau. The quality of the Image is impressionnante.
5 / 5 Harley
eatherreal Is a right word partorisca describe this film. Any exactly an innocent disney version of a history here. Absolutely the must partorisca all classical film buffs. Some saw so only is the swipe was.
4 / 5 Hassie
I have seen this film he roughly done fifty years partorisca a first time and has been wanted by him never of then. I recommend it by all the world the one who loves histories of old fairy.
5 / 5 Shanelle
Has turned months Of the sud new of the Fin of the Second War, to the month of August 1945, Cocteau the réinterprèté 'The Good-looking and the Beast', history of Lady Leprince of Beaumont, in the cinematographic poetry has joined gives plus of entity of the history of the cinema.

Has accompanied Of his fellow whose his actors Tejanos Marsh and Marcel André, he décorateur Christian Bérard, Marcel Escoffier likes costumier, and Georges Auric likes composer, Jean Cocteau the received in his troop other admirable people. Artists Of Talents One thousand Parély and Nina Germon in lucido the function gives sisters Félicie and Adélaïde, Michel Auclair in lucida function of the brother Ludovic, Doudou in lucida function of Targets, and Josette Day in lucida function of the Good-looking. You sublimate discovered touches Cocteau that this actora of the that the natural, the purity and it subtlety of source of game of the his the actora create them play this function. Among His Technical collaborators, Henri Alekan (operator of boss) and René Clément (assisting realizador) has sustained Cocteau. Especially Clément that the fact some sequences of the film in lucido castle of the Beast while Cocteau has been in decline down give horrible illnesses to the Institute Pasteur. Detail that describes well in Magazine of edges to shoot, available games his interested.

Loin to count the history that knows already, Cocteau explodes this the games of films to enrich he with giving antagonists a lot of entities, was Ludovic, lucido brother of the Good-looking edges, friends Avenant whose the the amour touches the Good-looking desvela in joins soul very dangerous, but also a magic flag in lucido castle. Pair these adicións/additions, Cocteau the data to the history joins the dramatic tension stronger, that enriches the thematic to give appearances and of the beauty, but also joins open fin that dips question lucida film and some elements visionnés. Especially The same Character of the Beast and of universe of edges. Car in this history mèle two dimensions. That Gives vivants, joins true product of Vermeer stifling of accesorias and of froufrous superficial, and that of the Beast. Thin, frugal, fill of clear-dark frissonnants that agrees Gustave has Gilded. In rodeo, A theatre of surrealism.

Visualmente, The Blue version-Ray is impressionnante to the sud a screen HD, and concealed although the quality of the pellicule, done writing of the sud different of bobines, feels of the sud some sequences, this that explains that a prevail to the sud the Recovery of the film. Sure enough, pair the wear of the time, lucida the film is détérioré, the one who the data gives audible parasites, gives rayures, and give perforaciones that the need gives numerical recoveries with several nitrates.

Auditivement, Lucida the offers of films joins the audible clue IMITATES no compressed, but also an audible register HD of a work of Phillip Glass, that is has inspired of the film of Cocteau. It Likes him the prize finds of marvels very beautiful. It was His bands original ads of the Films that reference of source to give the sequences suppressed among Good-looking, Adélaïde, Ludovic, and Félicie. Of the commentaries of historical, a folio incluant a message of Cocteau to the consideration gives American spectators. But especially An interview that celebrates his 50 years of the film, that has developed to Rochecorbon with Henri Alekan, One thousand Parély, and Tejanos Marsh, accompanied of audible shot of Cocteau that explains film of edges.

Finally, this Film is a pleasure touches all his cinéphiles and followers of Cocteau that, down lucido treatment HD of the Criterion of collection, can be redécouvert in joining a lot good-looking splendeur.
4 / 5 Wesley
In French manager Jean Cocteau 1946 adaptation of a history of classical fairy, Good-looking the father is sentenced the death to choose the rose of the garden of a Beast. When Good-looking Goes to his castle in the place of his father, a Beast falls enamoured with his.

Without the doubt, The Good-looking and he Bete is one of some more amorous histories of the never dipped fairy to celluloid. You will be transported in the world of beauty and darkness this is to fill with him dreamlike quality that few films can rival. The special effects of a film, groundbreaking trick, soundtrack, cinematography, and some ardent actions for actors of advantage Tejanos the marshes and The Day of Josette is everything exceptional. It is without the doubt one of my favourite films of all the times.

Like usual, the criterion does not disappoint with this presentation of audio & of stunning video of this timeless classical that also comprises a long container of characteristic special. He included Is the booklet has illustrated beautiful (32 pages), two commentaries of audio (one for Knight of Arthur of historian of film and one for Ladies of writer Christopher Frayling), an alternating soundtrack of Work of Glass of Philip, the gallery of photo, four featurettes (totaling roughly 50 min) and the original of French trailer of a film. Very impressive!

Jean Cocteau is The Good-looking and he Bete has not looked never better that does in this breathtaking Blue-emission of ray of Criterion. With the wonderful collection of special characteristics and the film that is magic of pure cinema, calms the favour and choose on this masterpiece. Belonging in the collection of the each defender of film and easily wins my main recommendation!
4 / 5 Pearly
The beauty and a Beast is based in Lady of the history of fairy of Beaumont with a same name, and Cocteau the adaptation is strikingly equally an original with the few exceptions. A history begins with Cocteau explaining he in a start of a film with the small statement in of the considerations the girls and his naiveté and then a film opens like this the majority of the histories of fairy do with, "Once to the time..." A father is creating some edges, Ludovic, and three daughters, Felicie, Adelaide, and Good-looking (translates the Beauty) for him. Felicie And Adelaide is a malicious daughters that openly expresses his avidity, sloth, and envy to the equal that have hurt Good-looking. Some edges amenos of the familiar to a flange of poverty to the equal that loses the pieces of furniture of some familiar and valuables in the debt of game. In a house of way to try to solve a debt, a father takes lost in the storm and finds the one who looks to be the magic castle has deserted. In a morning when some rigs of father to leave a castle finds the rose and agrees that Good-looking the desire was to receive the rose, this in spite of, some looks of Beast and expresses his aversion for flight of a rose and he says that it was pay necessary with his life or a life of the daughter. When Good-looking discovers cause his father this anguish voluntarily gives to a Beast. The beauty and a Beast is the history of fairy that teaches the lessons like this of the histories owe that, and there is diverse lovely learning of the lessons in this glorious adaptation for Cocteau. Some the special effects in a film enhance to a magic likes Cocteau present his vision of Lady of the history of fairy of Beaumont. In general, a supreme realism that is remarked in the humanity of a Beast is the factor of entity in an influence of film of the brilliant cinematic experience.
Likes Jean Cocteau declared in his test of his own film, Beauty and a Beast, " I have tried to give you something that has directed to join it to me experience that will not repeat , reason the true experience has to that be so only. So only I can comparisons once again to an advance of fusion of the seed, which falls in favorecedor or unfavorable earth, blowing where that ." Of here, the beauty and a Beast is for real the only cinematic experience.
4 / 5 Coretta
I Jean has revised previously Cocteau BEAUTY And The BEAST BASED IN A Criterion sooner DVD, but was die so only one 2002 reissues like the present, and has to that say that they are simply stunned in credit it this disk is. It is like this upper to a leading DVD that sincerely recommends any that possesses any earlier editions to sell that has and take this new version.
A film has been restored to pristine condition, in a tradition of better Criterion. An original soundtrack has been cleaned until a discharge More adds them possible, although it does not compare well to modern film. One of a unfortunate frames of English and continental filmmaking in a thirties and forties was a fact that his technology of sound was several years for behind that was done in Hollywood, and was so only in a @@@1950s that his to a large extent taken up. A sound in this film, for like this, does not compare to a better to Hollywood, this in spite of visually a comparison of stands of the film with any period. A thing more orders on some clues of the audio in this new DVD is an ease with that that can change of an original soundtrack to a work of the glass of Philip has composed to accompany a film to any of two commentaries.
This DVD is like this stuffed with goodies that one asks like the all the accesses in the alone DVD. Documentary takings , trailers of several classes, a text of a history a film has been based to, some two aforesaid commentaries, and a work of Glass of Philip glorious. To be sincere, a work of the glass of Philip is like this spectacular that has justified a price of compraventa of a disk. To have it comprised like the simple extra is extraordinary in fact.
Have several disks of Criterion, and all are enormously impressive, but has to that say that this can be my favourite disk that has dipped still was. We listen the shot adds roughly piracy these days, but has joined several companies of means comunicacionales would concentrate in products of qualities like this his active less to complain roughly. Still it thinks that a prize is the tad big, but will say that a quality of an at least done disk one feels that his prize to ask is justified.
A moment favourite: the beauty has left a Beast to visit his father and family, but dawdles partorisca more along that has propiciado. A Beast, to promote to return, sends his mirror. It looks his and sees his face, beautiful and reposed. A surface of some transmissions of mirror to this of a Beast, in the agony adds. His turn of type, to develop his face again, so only now pained and has dismayed. In the film with the dozens of of the east of the wonderful moments is one of mine favourite.
5 / 5 Tova
A 1947 French Cocteau classical, "The Good-looking And The Bete" (Beauty and a Beast)was revolutionary his day and in this new DVD, take all a excluyente in a doing of this film and a masterpiece of French cinema. There is commentary for film and of the critics of cultural historians, idea of a manager, cinematographer and one mould this in spite of more impressive, a work for Phillip Glass, which he modeled after this same film. A Day of Josette of stars of films like Good-looking and he costumed and in horrible Tejanos to to Marshes likes them to them the beast. This film has been released when Second world-wide War still weighed in the shoulders of the people. A French cinema has taken a world of film for storm. It was so only one of a lot Cocteau film, this in spite of more assuredly his better work. One the majority of the impressive appearance of this film is his special effects and cinematography. Cocteau infused A film with surrealism and magic, enhanced for special effects how was new at the same time, this in spite of tame and antiquated for today of levels. First of a digital, the image of computer has generated, there was "tricks of cameras". Cocteau Was wise to do the film dipped to a history of fairy has wanted. It was able to do a bewitched castle looks alive. There it is when prevailing eerie way. Gargoyle, Bone statuary, noctunal ways, voices, in mirrors of speakers and doors, spend quell'open and close in his own and dimly lit candelabrum has done an interior of a castle of Beasts supremely Gothic and sensational.
According to that an acting goes, a mould the good work in deliviring the good action eventhough is portraying characters of fantasy. Josette Day is the good-looking and noble hero like Good-looking and a Beast, monstrous in looks but sweet of alcohol and bondadoso hearted in the most human way. A history is truer to an original concept of Beauty and a Beast. This is not to be deceived with Disney 1991 animate film. There is a lot of little cuteness and the charm is one . It is presented like the serious work of cinema. A must has for students of cinemas.
4 / 5 Cordia
Jean Cocteau Beauty and a Beast (1946) is not so only one of some films more is has seen - the perfect blend of poetic fantasy and psychological depth - is also one of mine all-preferred of time. A version restored of a Collection of Criterion is among one more Dvd has seen, both for a breathtaking clarity of an image and his, and for the wealth of supplemental material, comprising several fascinating documentary, tests in the lavish forms of booklet, and the complete work of Philip Glass synched to a film in the clue of separate audio.
With each king-seeing of Beauty and a Beast, sees new discharges of Cocteau vision. Like the girl, was enthralled for like this real, and in fact lived in, this world of the history of the fairy looked. And it was spellbound for a Beast, has spent fully, both horribly and tenderly, the life for Tejanos Marsh' riveting action. I will not forget never the scene of death of a Beast, when the marsh expresses worlds of ache, amour, and self-sympathetic so only by means of some eyes peering out of the feral, hair-expensive coverage.
A film does not need today digital special effects; still he perfectly with his own low-technology but deeply resonant marvels. And it is I triumph it to draw. Cocteau Done closely with production 'illustrative' Christian Bérard and cinematographer Henri Alekan to give a picture that called 'the soft gleam the hand-held old money polished.' It is fill with simple but gorgeous - and unforgettable - pictures, of the corridor of disembodied the human arms that takes candelabra that call them burst into like steps of longitude, to the beauty that slips in slow motion by means of a delighted castle. Then it has a indefinable magic of a scene in a manor with the enormous white discharges that dry in a sun, creating silhouettes of striking power. (Cocteau The crew is spent of the weeks that looks for everywhere for discharges without patches, an almost unheard of luxury in postwar France.)
Technically, and aesthetically, is surprising that Cocteau wrested interest like this visual of the film has comprised almost totally of shots of means. One the next look develops that dynamically, still subtly, has disturbed the majority of some compositions is. Seldom we see the @@advance @subject, but of the slightly slanted corner. And during some of some the majority of moments of entities, Cocteau foregrounds a without importance object (a candlestick, stirs it of tree) to block our view, to do our imaginations fill in some main details have hid. Throughout also he evocative use of shadows, so where would expect them to you, in the mysterious realm of a Beast, and where be able to you a lot, in a trader strangely is presaging manor wife. These points of tense visual qualities perfectly with the complex of emotional character of a film.
In a level, the beauty and a Beast is the perfect, and to a large extent faithful, realisation of the history of fairy adds, originally written in 1756 for French author Jeanne-Marie Leprince of Beaumont while do fault like this to governess to Scozia. But Cocteau the film exists in a lot of other levels also, which is continuous reason appeal so much to adults like this of the boys. Has Has a lot of interpretations, comprising symbolist, Jungian, Freudian, deconstructionist, and same readings of gay (Cocteau is not so only the preeminent author, poet, artist, playwright, and filmmaker of a 20th century, is also the icon of centrical gay). Everything of this help of seen develop an a lot, and sometimes contradictory, discharges of Cocteau vision.
In his simple plus and more directed, a film has painted the moral lesson like this easily comprised for the boy as it stops more than adults: Those who and that it is - your true character - subject more than your appearance. We see this idea has embodied, in troubling ways, for many of some human characters, that comprises both wicked sisters of the beauty and, to the smallest discharge, his wastrel brother Ludovic. But a more morally ambiguous character, and a a the one who gives a film considerable emotional depth, is Avenant. It is, of course, touched for Tejanos Marsh, the one who also extracted a Beast and, in an end, the Ardent prince. Avenant Is strikingly good-looking, self-ensured, and energetic Marsh , still also ameno out of the his his side dark plus, subtly in the sound has has tried seductions of Beauty and overtly in his fatal avidity in an end. That has composed Avenant the resonance for some starts of films in an of some final lines. Prince of responses of the question of the Ardent beauty roughly yes wants to Avenant with the breathless, 'Oh he!' As, And reason, he tin to our hero - the one who comes to see by means of a person of fearsome Beast to a rasgado still righteous inner of man - has not been never enamoured with to the to any one likes Avenant? Ossia Still another of the emotional mysteries of a film, one some that can appeal more to, and perhaps included unsettle, spectators of adult.
One of one more fascinating, and visceral, the commentaries in this film is musical. Glass of Philip of the composer (of the that the laws comprise some works Einstein in a Beach, Satyagraha, and A Travesía, and bookmarks/marcadors to film Koyaanisqatsi, Mishima, and Some Hours) dip Cocteau screenplay the music that careers simultaneously with a picture in a DVD, like the composer has feigned. The original of a film, magisterial bookmark for Georges Auric is one of cinema More adds them; and Cocteau has known exactly when to use he - or silence - for maximum effect. But the glass uses his patented syncopated the rhythms and the symmetrical sequences have repeated of agreements to create that they pursue it alternating voice for a picture. Diverse of Auric, the bookmark of the glass develops a sometimes dark and disturbing emotional subtext, more than a sense of history of the fairy of marvel. Previously it had liked him me join me of work like a register of audio; but when joined with a film found it absolutely obliging.
The beauty and a Beast is the film remains waiting for reexperiencing for a rest of my life. Has the way to take under your skin, included entering your sleeps. One looks of next plus in him, a mysterious plus, and spellbinding, results.
5 / 5 Malik
Is, his first feature film, manager Jean Cocteau dipped the level for filmmaking that not even can surpass. A masterpiece of inventive, surreal iconography, this captive film a spectator like this little other films have. Pursuing, lyrical, and amorous, these accounts to film again a history of an account of age of classical old fairy, "Beauty and a Beast" for Jeanne Marie LePrince Of Beaumont. A film is sheer poetry in motion.
This wonderful, exquisitely rendered centres of adaptation around a core of a history of fairy. A trader impoverished (Marcel Andre) finds the unusual plus chateau, deeply hid in a forest, where is resupplied with hospitality for an underlying host. To leave, raisin to break of the rose of the rosebush in a garden of the his reclusive host, to take it behind the Beauty (Josette Day), one the majority of beloved of three daughters. These calls of simple law advances his previously hid host, A Beast (Tejanos Marsh), the one who says that a flight of this like A Beast loves the majority will cost a trader his life or a company of a a that a trader loves more, one of his daughters. Left to return home temporarily, a trader tearfully recounts that has spent his, and Beauty surreptitiously among his place to one has has wanted to chateau to the magic horse this resembles @@@sparkle with powder of fairy. It is there that she, also, fulfils A Beast. Alas, a street of the true amour does not run smoothly, and Beauty and A Beast, neighbour, marks that discovered.
Be prepared for the visual banquet of dreamy black and white cinematography, as well as one of some the majority of insiemi unusual never the grace a screen of money. Living statuary, Human candelabras, and rasga that the turn to diamonds is so only some of an extraordinary, surreal immagery this taking breathe he of a spectator go. Accione Exceptional for Josette Day and Tejanos Marsh, as well as a mould of excellent support, marks this, in fact, the film to agree! Filmed in 1946, the time has no dimished a capacity of this masterpiece partorisca want to and captivate a spectator. Bravo!
5 / 5 Georgie
Has not had the version has filmed better of "Beauty &the Beast" neither before or of this film. ((I knows Disney dida film with a same title, but has not been a real history.))
The majority of people ought to know a history -- an a lot of-to-do trader the one who loses everything, sound a last casualidad to recoup this goes to the failure, a travesía by means of a spooky forest that favour to a magic castle, one is trace a trader chooses for his daughter, an angry Beast the one who report the life of a trader, the turn of the beauty to the castle of a Beast in the place of his father, (...) And like this on.
But really DOES not KNOW a box of history sees this film and leave Cocteau the mark clears for you.
Done in an obviously shoe-presupposed-of serious, brilliantly applied, with laws of cameras and incredibly simple but effective "special effects" it conceal for real it enhances a history without calling undoes attention to the his own cleverness, with trick and draws of good-looking dress to add even more, this film is simply the visual extracted. (An example of a simple-but-the effective effects is gone back of Beauty in the house of his father -- a actora has stepped backward by means of the paper "wall"... And they have run a film backward.)
[This film is/ was a lot of quite that when a boss "Faerie Theatre of History" serious "B&B", they have done basically he 60-small remake in colour of this film, that comprises the majority of some visual touches, especially the trick of a Beast.]
Beautiful, dreamlike and entrancing.
5 / 5 Xuan
This description is in this emission of DVD so only!!!
Once to the time - Ossia a history of true classical fairy . Disney is to update characteristic animate has copied a lot of ideas of these Tejanos & Black Targets Cocteau French Clasic.
A DVD of original Criterion 'Beauty & a Beast' is exited' of impression and has been now digitally remastered and king-released for knots to enjoy.
A film is an exceptional cinematographic marvel . This is to be do during Second world-wide War and film, cameras, money and has occupied France has contributed to some questions & a character of this classical.
This Criterion CLASSICAL DVD resupplies with new big defintion the fact of digital scrolling of elements to film restored,he Orignal Full Screen (first of WideScreen), the picturesque/aim Black sub-film titled, the second original operatic version for Glass of Philip of renowned composer - exceptional & very romantic, 5.1 Dolby Digital - the crystal clears his flawless, Documentary: Exploitation of a Majestic - 1995 interviews with the crew & launched (exceptional), Glimpsed: Cinematographer Henri Alekan, commentary, that the Original trailer related for Jean Cocteau.
This film is a boy / of classical adult while to be has has discovered & compared to for all generations to come. Maintaining can enjoy this French version - and has lived felizmente never with which..... It enjoys.
4 / 5 Lashunda
This classical 1946 adaptation of a history of classical fairy is the real to find for any the one who spends partorisca be exploring by means of a library, or the one who is interested in French cinema. Famed French filmmaker Jean Cocteau directs this history in the peasant daughter good-looking youngster the one who goes partorisca live in a delighted castle in a forest with the hideous looking bobo. Gradually, it Wins his fear of a beast and comes partorisca pity, and finally wants to him.
Some dips that aim an interior of a castle is quite remarkable. This has to that be one of a eeriest looking the castles have not seen never on films. It liked Especially of first dress ours of an interior of a castle with all these goes him that it is resisted reason looks the human arms that exited of some wall (is in fact robotic). A black and white cinematography is good-looking and luminous.
This film begs comparison with the animate version of Disney of a same history. Finally, both films are terrific, although this film is much darker and scarier. Discretion of use with aiming this to young boys, a beast could look in the nightmare of some girl.
5 / 5 Scarlet
Good-looking father (Marcel Andr') has to that go the city for business. It asks Good-looking (Josette Day) to that it would like me to it spend. A Pink so that it does not have any house of has ascended. In his way for behind a city has to that spend for the mysterious forest in an evening. He stumbles to some lived delighted. There it is offered to feed and drunk. In his start a next morning he pilfers the prize is trace to fulfil his desire of daughters. Now it is faced by an owner to house The B'you (Tejanos Marsh). For his indiscretion is given an election to give on his life or that of his daughter. It returns home to say a history.

A history in the first place writing for Jeanne-Marie Leprince of Beaumont is adapted for Jean Cocteau to film, also directed for Jean Cocteau.

Could explain some the utmost visual effects and the dialogue chooses. But it is described very better for a voice in clues in a version of Criterion. You will be loved by this version one will come to do this yours preferred.
5 / 5 Karyn
Cocteau The BEAUTY And The BEAST will leave an impression in that is for goes for a first time. Any the one who saw it already was able to recount multiple favourite images and delight in expounding to them. Film in some hands of some people looks to result more malleable. Cocteau Is a such weaver of images whose world of fantasy is a same time childlike and presaging - innocent like the theatre of puppet ,then to the darkness likes them the sin.
A fantasy of mixes of the film and reality to present the time spent in a normal world in of the sincere scenes , unambiguous and juxtaposing these with fashionable theatre of the sequences that represents a parallel world of enchantment. Surreal Pieces of together, the fogs and to the blackness defines some flanges of some means of Beasts.
Of some Beasts that hands to smoke with which one kills to a living arm sconces and a flight of pairs in an end, look of simple effects to obtain impact of some coffins uncomplicated the character of them has pressed was in sight like this of the magic tricks.
Has composed like this of the products a rich iconography conspires with stellar black and white photograph
to produce looking it mid row of smoke of money and shimmering the points have underlined.
Any to or discovering the film would be necessary to familiarise them with this highly original sence of cinema this has deceived admierers for almost are decades.
This adaptation of the fairytale will be comprised more for adults but would have to that be shared with boys also.
I small boys will be uneasy in a presence of a Beast the one who looks the far cry of the character of cartoon. Also, any older will have to that read a subtitles to them but in the room has darkened that that can do even more effective like the experience of history of the fairy.
4 / 5 Boyd
'The Good-looking and the Beast' Is undoubtedly one of some films some the plus end has not done never. I have possessed a DVD of the criterion of then exited in 1998 and was the little tired roughly taking a second DVD of Criterion of a same film in just five years. It was bad: a second DVD is better and here is reason. It looks one 1995 official, held-estada in consonance, European recovery maquinal and digital of a master picture French and touch negative like opposed to the languid, image recovery so only , American of an American master of a film (the introduction and the titles are different of a French version). A 1995 recovery not having so only has been with practically all the machineries, restores a film sheen, contrast, brilliance, stability and rhythm. A sound is enhanced a lot and free of burst and hisses (2.0 digital ape in this disk, like opposed to 1.0 digital ape in a forward a), included although some sprain in the musical passage very strong (Good-looking dipping in a glove for a first time) was absentee of an impression of EUA. Also, some missing frames of a French impression, which a French there is redone digitally, was always present in an impression of EUA (the restorers would owe that speak to the each one which as another more often but the law of copyright has involved probably here). There is the second commentary that is more to a point that a forward a (also offered) and some documentaries and interviews (4 in everything, comprising the documentary of recovery and 1995 interviews with some surviving members of a mould and crew) is all French-fact and the marked improvement in a 60 east, American-fact, slightly embarrassing 'pupil after special' of a version to precede. Finally, these offers of NEW DVD like a Glass of Philip of optional clue' (ahem) work reprising the French script of a film. Like a lover of work, included one seeing some varied possibilities of 'The Good-looking' as the lyric piece, really would like me say this homage of paid of the work to Cocteau words, on some level. But a reality is that I find Glass of Ladies' minimalist read them tedious and abysmally inept. This is not necessarily the bad thing. One appreciates a French comedians' natural delivery and opulent expression all a plus, as well as Cocteau occasional use of silence to create mystery. The French papers of a work are horribly mangled in pronunciation, delivery, metre and the little something a French likes called 'tonic emphasis', which totally is that it loses. A Yankee has written this work and George Gershwin is not ! No respecto that it is enamoured of a supposed avant-garde, there comes the time when one has to that spend a page, musically in speaker. I think it that it have to that have the special circle of the hell there is poured in Glass of Ladies' endlessly repetitive creations. Like the French, could a lot of decipher a chamber of some same words knowing a script by heart. Some singers' to the diction is in fact insulting no only to a script but the French tongue in general. It can any one this production resupplies the bus of French tongue? Other negative points: a synchrony of a flange with some actors' the mouths are approximated so only and goes in a prize to shorten roughly of Cocteau better lines (the work comes with his own subtitles). This work is for necessity comprised of recitatives interspersed with orchestral passages and devoid of arias. Like this recitatives gone, these are quite inert and predictable subjects. Also losing is a humour and vitality of some scenes of comedy, some effects of the his and, the majority of everything, Georges Auric immortal music. Auric Has Had the hundred times more in a ball, harmonically and melodically, it Glass never . His looks of music to exit of an air at night and turn there when it is fact and always is surprising even with which one hundred has listened. Glass' the bookmark is that it can be wickedly called 'duotonic' for lack of the better word, of then looks for to be based in a same two notes and some same two arpeggios (recycled of his bookmark to a 1931 'Dracula'). Glass Tentativas feeble in of the effects of the his, besides, is ludicrous, e.g.: that the Good-looking prime minister in common has been to join a Beast, the day-for-scene at night, this Glass transforms to daytime with an use of jolly, insomniac, totally out of place, chirping birds. In a side besides: that substitutes an alone voice of Good-looking and Good-looking door the mirror with the heart viril was the good idea musically, but hardly value a prize of admission. That would have been the wonderful idea is to resupply in an extra clue the totally synchronised version of the complete reconstruction of Swiss manager Adriano and registering of an original Auric bookmark in 5.1 stereo. Also it can be neither isolated state or synchronised with a dialogue and clue of effects, that assumes this isolated clue there is, which the probably no. But need the chance of Cocteau is and Auric character, could not recommend the best tonic that this DVD THAT offered the look in that 'The Good-looking' could have touched likes without Josette magic Day, loving voice and Tejanos Marsh' multilevel interpretation of a Beast. Any never done pair music that the better sounds, with or without an orchestra.
4 / 5 Gilberte
cocteau The attractive was again with "beauty and a beast". Included this in spite of the like his works of 'pure surrealism' better, this film is the must buys is included slightly interested in a visuals of a surrealist movement. A course where the father of the beauty in the first place goes to the castle of a beast is absolutely incredible--clock for a clock with moving eyes and the facial expressions a bit sour. ( It was pissed also was them the clock.) An end is quell'has bitten puzzling and the am not sure yes iunderstood the properly, but the no really shows for a history that is quite trite and all too oft' said, but he no really master of a rest of a film is like this perfect and absolutely captivating. Any one has touched a beast the enormous work and really resulted a character. He necessity!
5 / 5 Yu
Leprince Of the BEAUTY of history of classical fairy of Beaumont And The BEAST is not so only Disney cartoon. In 1946, Jean Cocteau has directed the worldly-wise, shimmering, silvery-toned poem of your visual of a romantic fantasy French that rids the surprisingly emotional climax.
This dreamlike, stars of seduction falsified Tejanos to to Husbands likes him to him the beast. It is astonishingly good-looking, perhaps more like this like this bobo that man.
Does a lot of deception, this is not the girls' films, but an entertainment of adult of an art a big plus. An attention to one ornamentadas the insiemi and the dresses are like this precise likes cinematography, lighting and acting. It loses you in this along figment of the eye and he go to derives of an alcohol is gone in an ephemeral fantasy of the timeless fable of amour and desire.
5 / 5 Bebe
Every time seat bombed for lustrous CGI pics; for too much of paste of map disney cartoons; for heavy rid plodding works; for clue to laugh desperate comedies; for chemical-histories of lacking amour; for gratiutously violent or on-sexed modern films:
Every time your artistic soul has been trashed until it dreads for his existence--take out of this indescribably beautiful, erotic, spellbinding, metaphysical masterpiece and replenish yours soul.
A reviewers is well. It is the mystery like Cocteau could weave this wave in 1946 during some immediate consequences of war, with like this little to help in his visualisation. Surely it was touched by a hand of Goddess, reason the dare you to appoint more the one who could have achieved this miracle.
Thank you Jean.
4 / 5 Luise
Is surprising the one who Cocteau directs to do so magic better that any computer has generated effects. Simple things like glitter in row of horses, programs it in the wheels for Beauty is slips down room, reverse film(he also used in Orpheus)
agree me of a magic of Japanese Kabuki theatre, where spotlights is goes him in of the claves of long forests and a oceon is scarves churning roughly, so more magic that modern
Also finds Ray Harryhaussen the magic special effects.(Jason and a Argonauts, a Seventh travesía of Sinbad)
also recommends A blood of the poet.
Does not think Cocteau has deserved a place down for some surrealists so only the rich boy. I think that that it was the true artist .( Radiguet Has thinks so.)
5 / 5 Liane
Cocteau Vision of of the wonderful history of Beaumont is the view to behold and romantic, extend-hearted, fill with stunning "special effects,"...This film will surprise calm in is beauty. There are scenes in this film that will remain with you for ever because of an incredible direction and cinematography.
Can not rent this film be able of the look in east has restored VERSION of DVD now is the sleep that comes true for all the admirers of of the east quell'will treasure for ever.
A new DVD comes with the booklet concealed any so only has to that it weaves of information in a filming,and a manager and actors,also has a history he,in English for any the one who has to no for the bed still.
5 / 5 Nakisha
This glorious DVD is crowned with Glass of Philip of legendary composer is 'work' in the separate soundtrack. As you can see other descriptions, a film needs any explanation further of me- is simply magic. The bookmark of Philip Glass the fact even more like this- full of energy, passion, and good-looking melodies that swipe an original bookmark for Georges Auric was. An alive production of the work of Philip Glass has visited during a world-wide to be the ovations and the critics acclaims. Of the big thanks to Criterion thus WONDERFUL DVD. A soundtrack of Glass is simply one of some options in this DVD- wants to listen to the inferior soundtrack and bored far, simply select an original soundtrack in a paper. Principles of glass!
5 / 5 Eliseo
I have been wanted with "The Good-looking and The Bete" for while I can agree, seeing he in repertory the film houses more the time that can agree, has included to buy an original poster of his French emission.
Has thinks that has known "Beauty and a Beast," but that sees this version of DVD, published by a reliably meticulous crew of a Collection of Criterion, was the revelation and the delight.
By means of long and painful processes (documented in a DVD), a scratchy, jumpy, fluttery-touching the film has wanted to has been transformed. Some producers modestly say "restored;" I say at all I cut of REBORN. No more scratches, objects that the hairy look, in losing frames.... Finally this masterpiece has, like Cocteau has feigned, a " I exert gleam the hand-held old money polished."
A glorious recovery so only would distinguish this emission, but is treated also to two fascinating and clues of informative commentary, the numerous short segments that comprises the "doing of" an original film, recollections of several people have involved in his production, an art of trick, the operatic soundtrack discovers that alternated, and more.
When it Can look out of a screen, discovered it lavish the booklet that contains a excerpt of Cocteau book of press for an emission of EUA of a film, the passage of the biography of Cocteau, and a history of integer of original fairy (was surprisingly short), generously dips was among the selection of still photos of a film, all suffused with this patina of old money.
Criterion quite immodestly llama a result "breathtaking," and it proclaims it is "...Proud to present a definite edition" of the "masterpiece." They deserve to be proud; I can not imagine the better treatment of this classical and beloved film.
4 / 5 Shiela
Has possessed diverse video and DVD VERSIONS of 'Beauty and A Beast' and this the version restored has taken my I breathes was some first time looked it. It is almost like a totally new film, remade has shot arrest him has shot, is that very better that another version has seen. If it calms it had not seen never the forward, calm would not think it never was on 50 years; it is that clear and unblemished. It is a perfect film to look when one has spent precise that falling enamoured with the perfect physically the good-looking person is quite wonderful, but the true beauty there is at all to do with an outside of the person. A film has been done under the difficult circumstances and a result of final is the true work of art, has created the time when the films have been done out of amour, no the amour for profit. When One looks a film , your eyes do not owe that never lose the second of him. Some scenes especially are works of art all in his own: a sail sconces in a wall, lighting in his own and emotional to the equal that are spent; Good-looking the father that chooses a rose, which suddenly results illuminated; one first meeting of a Beast and Good-looking, when she faints; one decides to Aim that that comes the life; Good-looking in current by means of a property after the @give master a Beast. A exteriors has been shot in the fantastically decaying held French. Any person any one this film would owe that buy this version and launch all another was.
5 / 5 Rudolph
Was lucky to grow up in the house that is coming with the room of projection, which enabled me to see a lot of wonderful films in the regular base. When I have seen the beauty and a Beast was mesmerized. Had roughly are years when I have walked by means of a castle of a Beast and has seen some wonderful human arms that project out of a wall that resists has lit candleabra a chimney decorated with the real human imagines concealed has turned his bosses and has blown smoked out of his mouths! You are the sleep to wake , seen by means of gauze, and each detail of this earth was fascinating. I have expected for years this would result available on video, and strongly recommends this version.
5 / 5 Savanna
A question with old (esp. Foreigner) the film is that it can be hard to find good editions. Classics Like this, which there is already has survived a test of time, tends to take elected up for two-has bitten revendedores and released in one the majority of disgraceful of ways. It thanks god for a Collection of Criterion; This lavish the scrolling will not disappoint those with the sãos aesthetic. Reading the plot of some other descriptions, there is remarked that has mentioned something in a quality of sound: it is true, included in an again restored edition there is some imperfections, but does not think that is enough to deserve 5 stars less (perhaps 4.5, but concealed is not an option.)
5 / 5 Jennifer
Is remained yes waiting for a new Criterion remastering and has some wonderful things - two commentaries, glimpsed and another information. But a new sound in Dolby is disastrous. It is hard and species. I have pulled out of original of subject @of Criteria of this film and a sound is full and rich without the questions except some light cramping typical of his French in a 40s. The criterion would owe that take touched of of a new soundtrack and place for behind an old one more - this shame so many good things am ruined - a lot of any one listens to a first sound of the subject????
4 / 5 Nannette
Ossia The visually does of stunning art. It is it likes look in some illustrations of the History of book of beautiful old Fairy. Bears not losing the alone scene. I truthfully consider this one of one has done more film of all the times. Still with today of technology any one has taken this dreamlike will have like this stunningly has photographed. Ossia definetly A better version of this history of classical fairy. Yes, it is in french with English subtitles, but does not take calm of the enjoy. It buys it. It calms that will want to see on and on. Your boys will be wanted!!!
4 / 5 Beryl
Before I have known Cocteau like the very interesting poet and writer of phase and The Good-looking and He Bete is a prime minister (but sure any hard) of his films for me. I have been stunned for a visual beauty and surreal way of a film. It is surprising like the history of fairy, which is has considered today be the thing of the girl can be turned to the such same time macabro and good-looking piece of the art for the artist adds. Or perhaps so only returned to some roots? Take the book of your boy, forgets some images of Disney of Walt and try think that some histories of fairy really bad. Calm will scare you to put to bed ( there is something down he). To return to a film - an end left totally perplexed: I am at all sure that has lived felizmente never with which.
4 / 5 Maxima
An impression is exceptional, a recovery they on ossia at all careers of glorious. It show with music and subtitles (my preferred) or listen his sung in work. Any way, any one can has not gone never do this a way was has has filmed years. It can not believe some the special effects have had then. Costuming Is also first tax. It can not say enough in this film and a dvd edition. I have seen a criterion of the earliest version had and this a transmission throughout that. Calm would think it has been filmed today a way is cleaned up.
5 / 5 Richard
Can not believe are roughly to say this, but has preferred Disney animate version of this history to some 1946 Jeans Cocteau films. They are Disney defender , and personally would like me his paralización to take on a world (together with Starbucks), but ossia a chance where has thought so only his instilled this history of fairy with more magic. I have lost a character of Gaston in a Cocteau version, and has lost also a resupplied delicious of animate objects. And I think that that this history is particularly conducive to be plant the music, and there is enjoyed some songs in Disney version.
This in spite of, in his own terms, a 1946 emission is very done, and considered for a lot to be a definite version of a history/of beast of the beauty. I have thought an acting was bland, this in spite of Good-looking is in fact the beauty. And there are moments of magic of pure film: a candelabras that light Good-looking way, a chimney that show his father eats. And for once the slow motion is used in the way that does not feel cliche. But a report among Good-looking and a Beast is not well has developed. Calm does not see Good-looking falling enamoured with him on a course of a film, and when she profesas his amour in an end, looks to exit of thin air. And I have gone a so only a garbled of a transformation in an end? It does not take explained well at all. Although it is class of ape in as blase Good-looking is when a Beast results the hunk and says has to that take used his new face.
A film is interesting in that recognises a Beast animalistic character. It hunts wild game, he craves blood, and more than a swipe ask you or any quite Good-looking comma that courts them. There is the underlying violent eroticism this film, that founds to surprise for a year was liberto.
Knows Cocteau asks his audience in the start to look of a film a film with some eyes of the boy and to give it on to an enchantment of histories of fairy, and does not have any question that that. But this in spite of, seats likes uses logical of the history of the fairy to explain was things that could be be explain better.
Note: B
4 / 5 Layla
almost hate write this, reason there have it to good sure that the criterion is a level of platinum in DVD. I have looked so only the copy of description of a "restored" Beauty And A Beast and is not like this "beauty"-ful likes edition of original Criterion that is exited the few years does. A film looks pristine, but a depth of an original failure. Almost it looks too squeaky clean , digital. It marks any deception, will be entirely entrhalled thus DVD, but yes can take your hands in another edition of Criterion, he. You will be still he has loved that more.