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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
Colour: Dark GreenSize: X-Big Accesses a lot of wellt. Amur A colour (green) of then is darker the one who that is seen on-line. The period is in his point. My measure of shoulder of organism 15.5 bust 41 I has taken XL
4 / 5
Colour: Dark GreenSize: X-Big has ordered X-Big partorisca the 180 lbs. Perfect record, has arrived punctually. Ask good-looking to recommend. Good price.
Except a green by heart is really the dark green. (Darkness more than that it is in a picture)
5 / 5
Colour: NavySize: XX-Big looked for the cardigan of sleeve of full period that has not been hanged too heavy, quite flexible to spend with tejanos or the good skirt and heels, and this is resulted to be ideal. A material is the little bit in a heavy side like garment has some his hanged, but while it also looks to help hang the little has bitten better on me because of that. If you are looking for the good basic coverup this returns a bill. Especially you want to something concealed goes all a way to your wrists. I hang this in the legislation of hanger out of a dryer and does not have any subject with wrinkles anything. I add for daily wear, or wants to launch something on there be the cold in a room.
5 / 5
Colour: NavySize: the amour of Big Amour wants this sweater!!! They are like this happy I grabbed a, and in fact am looking in other colours also! It returns perfectly, it is good and slimming also for as he drapes to the long of a side. It was impacted in fact, for a price, in an amazing quality of a cloth also. Perfecto for some times of Fall are taking.
4 / 5
Colour: Black-1Measure: the good Big looks... I have been surprised that the majority of some flanges is only serged, which looks unfinished mine . I have purchased a black has painted one, how is less noticeable. Another reviewers declared it could be dress up or down... I will require partorisca finalise some first flanges to dress it up. When you Look on a red has painted a & zoomed in, some aims of picture some flanges serged in place of amiably has sewed.
4 / 5
Colour: Black-1Measure: the half has Ordered Grey in my usual measure and there is WANTED am returned so much and has purchased one in the each colour and one for my Mamma for Navidad. The quality and the access add!
5 / 5
Colour: Black-1Measure: X-Big Ossia like this comfortable and versatile. Some sleeves were the period adds and can spend for in front my wrists or be pressed until the 3/4 period comfortably. Some flanges are the pocolos unfinished but is done neatly with the serger. It take a black and can very included see it unless eye closely. Perhaps in other colours, was more noticeable. A material drapes amiably and does not stick to any zones do not love it to. Has the good weight and the soft feels.
5 / 5
Colour: Black-1Measure: Small excellent quality. Hard of the believe side like this little. They are seldom that satisfies with a compraventa on-line.
Returns a lot well, included although a cloth is soft, flatters my figure. A cloth is surprising. Well to a touch.
4 / 5
Colour: Grey-1Measure: The averages A cloth is good and light without being sheer. Like another reviewers has mentioned, a finishing in some flanges and seams could be better; some flanges are simply surged that apresamiento out of the very a cardigan could be. An access is the little bit in a small side with slender arms, so he is among measures, goes for a main measure.
4 / 5
Questo era molto più sottile che Alla tabella tranquilla rivolgi partorisca credere. Gonna della borsa di valori incredibilmente wrinkled. C'è una collana strana che non mette piatto o mantenersi in piede - la classe giusta ha dato flops all'incirca. Un lavato il perché odori chimicamente e anche partorisca prendere gettato ha dato ha dato il wrinkles. Esce quello guardi aveva posseduto lui partorisca anni. Uno lì è direttamente toccato in mina 'a donata' borsa di valori.
5 / 5
Alla collana guardava strano fuori il quell'l'envase e io lì non è remarcar nelle tabelle alla maniera il frente è stato costruito ma quando l'ho cercato sull'era agradablemente sorpresa con mangiare halagando partorisca il ritorno era, alla materia c'è un pezzo buono, appeso e trasmissione e alla collana abbia dato il fatto fatto il mio cariz ha dato con il più lungo. L'orlo addirittura alla fine è unico serged ma lo pensa ancora mira bene. Un piace è molto probabilmente ordinerò un po' quelli che musulmani.
5 / 5
Qualità eccellente. Duro del credere il lato Sa poco. Uno sono raramente quello soddisfa con un compraventa on line.
Ritorna molto bene, ha incluso questo nonostante al tessuto è mina morbida , più piatta cifra. Al tessuto sta sorprendendo. Bene a partorisca tatto.
4 / 5
Lo potrebbe dare 6 stelle, se possa. La qualità è molto buona. I colori Labran molto solidi e vibranti. Lavato e siccità amabilmente - I è stato riguardato un po' il suo wrinkles ma gli vostro toss il secador con premio di tessuto umido ha dato passato, è perfetto. È bene delle opzioni Vive attive hanno dato dipinge che nero e marrone. Un'esperienza a dorato giallo uno e prendere complimented tutti arresti partorisca cronometrar. Un desiderio sono ci fu anche una versione più lunga
5 / 5
ha acquistato una misura principale e accesso perfettamente, alla materia è qualità eccellente nessun super il sottile alcuni hanno acquistato nei passati altre imprese! All'orlo è surged e non guarda completo. Due mina che acquista un nero uno tranquillo non può dire! Alla materia sieda morbido e sono estremamente felice con questo compraventa manterrà questo ha salvato partorisca la spesa vive nel futuro.
5 / 5
A 1X sieda certo di misurare. Nizza Luce materiale. Questo non è un suéter pesato. Uno ha pensato sarà capace d'utilizzare le cadute & hanno dato Culla e stato Puntuale. Non è super il risparmio ricco ma questo è valle. Un passato partorisca cercare lui d'addirittura con il mio workout punti che ci sono marroni in pappagallo e c'è ha pensato farebbe un dopo workout suéter partorisca gioco in partorisca fare errands ecc.. Molto Felice wth questo compraventa.
5 / 5
I carices hanno dato suéter molto più nella tabella quello l'ha dato il fatto è. Uno sono 5'5” e soltanto venga a un pollice sotto il mio nastro. I5 È estremamente Materia sottile e non per caduta o della meteo d'inverni canadesi per questo soggetto. Più ha dato per ritornarlo quello sto prendendo I il Carribean dove un suéter leggero è richiesto durante mese d'inverno. Ai colori è i puntati , ha ordinato il verde. Anche venga puntualmente. Questo nonostante soltanto quello sto dando 3 stelle perché alla tabella è un po' misleading.
4 / 5
Piacere e sembra a ha dato la tabella ma io lo trovano a corto. Quando mire nella tabella che a mina di carices piacerebbe giù ha passato il vostro anche ma lui partorisca nel mio nastro.
4 / 5
VUOI QUESTO! Gorgeous Colori (Cammello?) E che I suéter buono per avere. Questo premio è perfetto - vestire addirittura/giù. Nessun pesato - offre't atteso per mese d'inverno. Culla, i giorni hanno dato Autumn e stato bagnato mths signore. Lamentela unica -- non sicuro nel quello orecchino fuori per un po' aiuterà con il wrinkles tende ad accumulato. Per est è per che è 4 fuori 5. Hope Questi aiuti.
4 / 5
Materia sottile (la materia ha dato maglia) è non sarà tibio nell'inverno ma alcuni costano buoni arresti fermi fermi ferma tasar. Nizza E molto meteo per coprire culata quando passando con leggings. Anche nasconde ventre buono. Uno sono tra piccolo e mezzo normalmente e sono felice è stato con uno gli ha a metà dato pensare alle armi sarebbero stato troppi tagli con a piccoli.
5 / 5
4 / 5
Each cardigan has purchased in a past has had a cuffs of some arms extend was (still pull on bosses) and never go back to form. Still after washing. Has weapon quite slender so that it means that a cuffs of all my sweaters are baggy ... Like this attractive. No! Based in the month of wear, creates this a no behave in this way, and am positive that a bit to extend that it has arrived will bounce behind after washing. You love it! To good sure take another colour!
5 / 5
Really like this cardigan. The polyester mixes like this good and animate for month of winter. A lot of flaring to spend. I plan on take another in some different colours. The accesses add. Wonderful for wear of newspaper of random office.
5 / 5
Fantastic quality. It was very happy with a material and mark. An access was so only roughly some measures was, and is stretchy. It is quell'has bitten shorter that some looks of picture, but he in fact better result reason the looks in fact bit it more elegant in this way, and wearable with the good skirt. I will be to buy more in of the different colours!
5 / 5
Very good! I have ordered the half but reason are 5'9 some bosses were bit it short. Another that that, is perfect and a quality is sum !
4 / 5
A cardigan arrived in a topmast in good time if no the little sooner that has expected. It goes well with a lot of my outfits and returns really well, with good workmanship in a cardigan. It is easy to concern for also.
4 / 5
Has ordered the black a, burgundy one, and this multicolored a. Strangely A multicolored one returns smaller that another some. This be has said that they are beautiful and a quality is to order which is reason I has ordered three. They can be dresses up or has spent casually and is very practical.
5 / 5
Such the versatile cardigan that literally can launch in any upper or dress and he drapes amiably to give the slimming effect. For $ 20, as it can you go bad? A reason did not give it 5 star is reason have read some revises concealed has said to be the cloth the heavy plus, which was the point to sell mine. But a cardigan has received has any one his weight. But in general, really satisfied with cost of mine.
5 / 5
Expected to some denser cloths but thinking it well, visas lucido prize, would have has had to that me and expect. In spite of it is true likes illustrated and One reward of quality of just Rapport. I doubt That his cloths will resist L several lavages but give there, will have has had to that touch my money
5 / 5
This cardigan is 'very'. It returns true to measure. He wrinkle and need to be past. A colour of wine is really a lot one resists is colour after several washes. Desire that was the little longer in a backside.
4 / 5
Ossia Un'addizione aggiunge al mio armadio. Un'refriega lui tutta arresta partorisca cronometrar; perfetto partorisca il fluctuar temperature nell'ufficio. Mira aggiungere (colori blu profondi molto) ed è super comodo. È molto meteo abbastanza partorisca passi la sua leggings o soltanto con qualsiasi outfit.
5 / 5
All'accesso è valle in smallish il lato e il tessuto sieda molto morbidi e comfy quando cercati d'addirittura ma deve che ha utilizzato muchas sostanze chimiche addirittura per avvolgere le ragioni APESTA QUANDO PRIGIONIERO FUORI IMPACCARE. Soltanto 2 stelle perché non sembra a ferma teñirles brillante puntato nella tabella, I i lavati freddi questi unici e colgar asciuto ha dato per prendere gettato ha dato ha dato hedor. Nessun costo per tasar
5 / 5
Che nella terra potrebbe questi due qualcosa giallo addirittura per recular del suéter di mina essere??? Attento, offro't inclusivamente vuole sapere. Un suono horrorizó.
4 / 5
Ha amato questa giacca ha dato punto! È perfetto per opera, con tejanos o inclusivamente per colgar buchi all'incirca partorisca ha albergato. A buono sicuro comprerà per vivere colori.
Sono 5'3 170 lbs e XL era aggiunge!
4 / 5
Amare questa giacca ha dato punto. Gli accedo corretto a diede la misura sono normalmente unisca il grande e ha ordinato tale. A Uno piace a peso del nero un e la maniera cuelga. Sfortunatamente A multicoloured un non è fatto con esattamente a ferma materia - è un po' più leggero in peso e pertanto non cuelga l'amabilmente. In generale sono compiaciuto con il mio costo e lì è ordinato dei 3.os colori.
4 / 5
Piacerà abbastanza wrinkled e per avere dato il tessuto è mediocre... Congeleresti È in per cadere.. È qualcosa leggero ha dato passato sotto una giacca. Anche è estremamente certo alla misura È encubierta è buono
4 / 5
im 5'8' e 190lbs, braccio di mina labra non il pappagallo di bastoni sa puoi usura così unico con un sleeveless superiore quale è bene, ma ai mangos labran tranquilli non liberi . Im Temeroso ha dato per fare qualsiasi cosa ma la mano asciugano per temerlo encogerá in assoluto. Mandato una misura tranquilla addirittura se voglio un po' I più libera che snug. A meno che ha le armi hanno dato pollo, allora youre valle.
4 / 5
I'andato estada in un senape che è caduto giallo e questo lì non è decepcionado. Ai colori è perfetti e a record è esattamente che avrebbe comprato in qualsiasi regolare il negozio ha dato veste. A buono sicuro aggiunge ha dato per toccare addirittura per Casuale prende togethers o quello va passato in ha dato le fini hanno dato settimana. Al capannone era super rapido - arriva un giorno puntuale.
4 / 5
I giacche hanno dato punto d'amore, e questo marchio è una di preferito di mina adesso. Un già c'è in due colori differenti e pianoforte addirittura prendendo musulmano. Debba che che più comodo atto e cuelga nei posti diritti. Un altamente raccomanderebbe.
5 / 5
I amore per dipingere. Ritorna perfettamente tranne Le maniche. Labran troppo estancos è tranquillo se ha arma grande questo non è per il vostro. Alla misura addirittura non avrebbe aiutato la ragione allora è stato troppo grande.
4 / 5
Un ordinato un Sr, malgrado la mia misura è Piccola, così unico partorisca ha evitato d'essere troppo piccolo. Scorretto!! So, puoi ordinare la vostra misura odierna.
5 / 5
È caduto innamorato con la moda e Smeraldo tiñen verdi quello l'ha immediatamente acquistato.
I carices Sa buoni e accesso perfettamente. Un definetly recomment il e ha pensato approssimativamente comprando lui in un altro ha dado gli colori buoni.
5 / 5
La maniera ha dato mira della tabella migliore che Al prodotto ha dato il fatto è. Non guarda che nella sua maniera più corta che Agli spettacoli hanno dato foto ed è economico fab doc. Nessun recomendable
4 / 5
quello sto passando, ma è un po' decepcionado in partorisca prodotto. È un orangey-Pulito, nessun a netto che spettacoli addirittura a schermo. Una conoscenza alle foto non giustizia mai ai colori odierni hanno dato un elemento, ma preferire raffreddare la copertura brillante più ha dato questo tono tibio.
Il turno aggiunge, cuelga perfettamente, e quello che lungo scegliere non-pulito sotto il, è valle.
4 / 5
La mia promessa lì è scelta questo sopra durante uno sparato dell'ascenso ha dato Giorno ma al tessuto era molto sheer, facendo alla giacca ha dato il punto salva realmente economico. Partorisca Il ritorno era perfetto, ma al tessuto era molto droopy/deformo e sottile. Non raccomanda questa giacca ha dato punto.
5 / 5
All'elemento guardava in assoluto piace a tabella. Sia più scuro che lì sta voluto, troppo grande (e ha comprato per misurare più piccolo), arrivi nell'envase estremamente wrinkled, il seams li bordi sueltos avuti e i carices molto inacabados.
5 / 5
Comfy, la qualità aggiunge ha dato tessuto e punto ha dato sutura, probabilmente ultimo una meteo lunga. Abbastanza grasso d'essere capace ha dato passato In cronometrar più freddo, adelgaza abbastanza per fuggire con passato in il @essere.
4 / 5
Amur, amore, amore questa giacca ha dato punto. Nizza E morbido e flowy. Davanti è cortile è che molto sta halagando. Possa essere passato per entrambi i Casuale e dressy occasioni. Uno sto camminando il buty musulmano, ma il pappagallo offre't avere la mia misura nei colori che amore. Aggiungo compraventa!
5 / 5
QUESTO favoloso, il XL i di accessi un XL. Il navy tinte è opaco, per disegnare e seams lasciare per entrambi un flusso ey. E un effetto estructurado - molto sta halagando addirittura e Alla materia è sottile e mangia un abito ha dato per bañar il tipo ha dato pezzo... Uno ordinerà un altro
4 / 5
a mina gli è piaciuto è ha molto ordinato 3 musulmani in ha dato i colori differenti. A labrado d'armi lì essere morsi per ansiarme, ma non sono molto grande e ha aspettato questo, sempre estirarles addirittura anyways. I lavati buoni anche.

Top Customer Reviews: GOLDSTITCH Women's ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 31 ratings
2 / 5 Suzanne
This is to list like the sweater but is at all more than the long sleeved mesh. It looks very better in a picture that is in real life. It is not while they aim in a picture also. I have found the cast of some better sweaters partorisca buy on Amazon and this one is looked. Not going partorisca trust this ready anymore.
1 / 5 Kati
That sees is not that takings... A product in a picture is very better that that has received. A map of the measure is not attentive. The sweater is much smaller that the measures have resupplied.
1 / 5 Kiara
I have not been the defender of a cloth. Thin and stretchy. And it is not really of a shoulder unless it calms quell'pulls that way- the attentive plus of the describe like the with the one of boat. It was the bit there is disappointed & is returned the.
1 / 5 Signe
Poor quality and returns too small- no like this described
1 / 5 Jean
Not even close to some photos. It is so only the long sleeve sees by means of shirt.
5 / 5 Maximo
Sweater really well, returns well and the looks well
4 / 5 Jonathan
Love a colour
will order the smallest measure with which partorisca time
2 / 5 Hyon
At all like a bit photo, the one who the shame.
Will be partorisca return this element today, a lot unimpressed with a colour, flimsiness and material.
5 / 5 Vicky
I have bought this sweater behind in October and absolutely loves that! Access very well and has received the number of compliments on that. I have had originally you buy it an ash and has loved the so much that has ordered a rose and spend like this regularly.
5 / 5 Mariella
Loves a colour, access and way.

Has come quickly still in the storm of snow. Very happy with this product.
5 / 5 Kenyatta
Because they are busty some looks ahead bit it short. But I want to all more roughly that.
5 / 5 Denice
LOVES this shirt. It is good and light and súper comfortable. Pair Well with leggings or tejanos.
4 / 5 Steve
When in the first place it opens a container has thinks that that it was too big but after the try was perfect.
Buys again but so only in the different colour.
5 / 5 Dorinda
Hoards very pleasant would not call it the sweater but is very comfortable and pleasant
5 / 5 Glynis
the measure was well, but the creation has not been so it is aimed in an image. Also it has the legislation of strong plastic smell out of a stock exchange. I am returned an element .
4 / 5 Daine
The shirt is quite thin and scratchy. Access and good measure.
5 / 5 Carlo
Pure rubbishes, some looks of shirt at all like a picture. It is the complete different fashion . It was partorisca return the asap.
4 / 5 Johnny
At all like some photos, the one who the shame.
Will be partorisca return this element today, a lot unimpressed with a colour, flimsiness and material.
4 / 5 Luna
Loves a colour
will order the smallest measure with which time
5 / 5 Laurel
the failure that announces. Not to buy it !!!
Cockroach of ugly shirt. And calm can do not returning why is of Cina and nave would cost more than you originally pays
4 / 5 Corinna
Want this sweater, is light and comfortable weight. True to measure. A colour is green perfect olive
5 / 5 Harmony
Love a very comfortable access the colour adds! I have ordered the half
5 / 5 Vickie
Ossia The short adds . A material is súper soft and warm and returns like this expected.
5 / 5 Antonetta
This element arrived and looked at all likes has announced. It was considerably shorter and at all a same form or way.
4 / 5 Dagmar
A cloth is economic and thin, sizing is bad. It does not buy this element.
5 / 5 Velia
My promise has loved that but felt that it returns bit it big. The identical looks to that is to announce.
4 / 5 Sharonda
The element was here inner 48 hrs and returns perfect. They are a lot, very pleased with this compraventa!
4 / 5 Nannie
Material is thin and economic, doesnt looks photo at all
4 / 5 Fawn
Very comfortable perfect magnitude fast delivery
A lot that feigns produced
4 / 5 Kristofer
is too big! It is possible to change a measure partorisca a half?
4 / 5 Lurlene
Was exactly like this described and is one of my favourite shirts!

Top Customer Reviews: Naivikid Women's ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 37 ratings
4 / 5 Danae
They are 5'1, 139 lbs, 33 waist, 36 bust. I have ordered a small and returns perfect. Any one tight, I any free ; correctly. It is soft cloth , well , comfy, warm and a colour is perfect. It likes that I can spend of this random with tejanos or the dress up with the scarf and pair of slacks. Perfect edition to my cupboard partorisca a upcoming winter. And it likes that it aims any cleavage, look of modest very net.
4 / 5 Maurice
A colour of this sweater is like this good! I want to the one who soft is. It goes partorisca be my sweater preferred this year sure! I have ordered accidentally 1 main measure that I usually wear, but still are in the now reason is supposition partorisca return the little big, this in spite of prpers has liked him the order my correct measure. An error was mine .
5 / 5 Chan
Good soft shirt
Returns the little elder that the expected but comfy
the lacking shirt some stitching in a side seam so that has the hole
will be partorisca return an element partorisca another
4 / 5 Tiffaney
Good shadow of red, soft to a touch, decent prize. It would have liked him the little more with a longitude partorisca spend with leggings but less bad this in spite of.
5 / 5 Noe
Has ordered a CD and has finalised partorisca give the my daughter the one who hanged roughly 160 lbs takes the big usually.
5 / 5 Colleen
Hoards very good. A bit main that that have expected but to good sure still be by train of the spend. Gorgeous Colour and looks a lot
5 / 5 Cher
This sweater is lovely. It is the thin plus knits like the fact the little better to spend to an office. A colour is dark and rich and a material is soft and good movements . Like this more mentioned, a v-the with the is not quite like this down like this in a picture but less bad together. A period is down in mine butt, any all a way but honradamente is perfect so that port. They are 5'3 130 lbs and spend the small - this returns perfectly. In general ossia the lovely sweater and would recommend.
4 / 5 Jamel
A black is in fact the solid black in spite of a photo that shows the blacks/by heart ash. A quality is well. It is slightly in a side is returned like this like him release it returning the sweater would order measured he up. I have reduced a number of stars because a photo no tip a true colour of a sweater.
5 / 5 Rolande
Is so only the tad has bitten big, this in spite of a material is very soft.
5 / 5 Denisha
The element has not been like this described in some photos. Apt likes 3/4 boss hoards, fact of the thin almost material of mesh. The small turn still although I have ordered measures it on, and has the small of rasgar in some looks the line approaches a waist. No orders of them again.
5 / 5 Jacinda
Alla materia non è che il buon o luxurious il pictured
4 / 5 Jayne
Della descrizione ( libera casuale pullover) ha aspettato il suéter partorisca ritorna”grande”. Partorisca la metà era troppa piccolo partorisca mi. Al tessuto è buono e la rosa è realmente un'ombra preziosa.
5 / 5 Katherin
Mira bene, ritorna bene.... Ma essere prudente quando lavando lì è corso e stained alcuni dei miei tessuti( ha preso a netto).
5 / 5 Tanner
Ritorna bene e Ai colori è realmente abbastanza. Un prigioniero molto compliments in quello e considerando in quello lo prenda un'altra volta in altri colori.
4 / 5 Phuong
Ha ordinato arresta alla mappa ma lui guardavano questa tazza era soltanto un record povero. Ai colori era preziosi.
5 / 5 Christinia
Ai colori non è stato il in la la tabella ma è ancora un'ombra guapa ha dato blu. A record è grande e baggier quello ha aspettato ha basato addirittura a tabella.
4 / 5 Dierdre
Al suéter è morbido e certo alla misura questo nonostante corto nell'organismo per me. Uno ritornerà
5 / 5 Gigi
a mina piace avere la camicia data è leggera ma peso tibio e ii amore per dipingere
4 / 5 Heath
Amur per dipingere, molto comodo. Mandato una misura giù della vostra misura Normale.
4 / 5 Sharyl
Così unico likable era colori. La maniera ha dato misura grande le materie economiche atte povere
5 / 5 Shalonda
Il giusto pictured. Camicia buona, comodo e tibio. Il capannone era un po' rapidamente. Compri un'altra volta in altri colori.
5 / 5 Malissa
Bene ma quello è partorisca ritornare perché al periodo è troppo corto partorisca mi
4 / 5 Maxwell
Queste camicie labran comode questo nonostante nessun diede a lui cariz di moda nelle tabelle. Alla qualità è valle .
5 / 5 Diedre
Ossia Un suéter buono partorisca quotidianamente. È tibio e carices bene.
4 / 5 Estrella
I carices hanno dato il suéter molto vive morbido in la la foto ma io hanno trovato a tessuto partorisca essere alcuni bit ásperos, ha incluso dopo ha lavato. Non Di me più aggiunge ho dato qualità.
5 / 5 Jane
Materiale economico, non il quello lungo io ha pensato e il con l'è grande che pictured. Un ordinato 2-I wont usura t b i musulmani lì sta decepcionado. Un Plus. Prigioniero il giorno dopo.
5 / 5 Drema
La materia non è gli ha aspettato. È un po' troppo grasso.
4 / 5 Susana
J‘Avrebbe ha dovuto che quello prende Petit a il Un posto ha dato médium.
5 / 5 Lurline
Comprato quello è stato Supposizione partorisca essere verde ma è risultato partorisca vivere mangiare dei tiñen cenere. Comprato un vissuto un anche ma il simile mangia una Materia differente. LeGustado Il in tutto il marito.
4 / 5 Paulette
Ritorna bene. Nessun I il morbido e quello riceve ho aspettato ma è buono
5 / 5 Roxanna
Era valle in iniziare ma c'è fuori esteso. non c'è resistito il suo shape9
5 / 5 Antionette
Carices a in assoluto piace avere tabella data- salva baratamente fatto in vita reale ed economica materiale
4 / 5 Stephenie
il suéter Aggiunge. La lamentela unica è che ritorna piccolo. Gli Attivo è piaciuto più ha dato libero piace A tabella.
5 / 5 Keila
The cloth was low quality that has expected. Not to recommend it .
4 / 5 Elmo
Paints no same like some pictures. Economic material and any way of time , more like this mesh. Too $ $ partorisca quality
5 / 5 Malika
Comfortable, access like my regular measure, enjoying llevarprpers
4 / 5 Micheal
Soft and comfortable, the line of with the is perfect. I have ordered 2 different colours.

Top Customer Reviews: GRACE KARIN Women ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 23 ratings
5 / 5 Addie
I have had this sweater partorisca 6 weeks and one of some sleeves is exited entirely. You are the very pleasant, cardigan very soft, but now am unable of the spend has fallen like this averts the very short time.
4 / 5 Elicia
Wants to this probably buys other colours. Accesses of compliments. Very soft amiably
5 / 5 Stephany
For loans to look sweater. Bought like the present and ver6 happy with has ordered included one on its own name.
5 / 5 Desire
My daughter loves it. It goes with anything. The access adds
4 / 5 Sonny
Loves this cardigan! It is true to the measure and a material is well.
5 / 5 Len
Has received Lucido the next day. A lot of Cardigan of beau.
5 / 5 Jordon
A cloth is smooth and stretchy. I love it! The value buys it. They are happy has bought two. I can recommend. Well for newspaper of random use or use of office.
5 / 5 Daniel
Partorisca Loans partorisca look sweater. Bought like the present and ver6 happy with has ordered included one on its own name.
5 / 5 Era
Súper Material comfortable and adds. It is not súper fat which prefer in the cardigan. Amur A colour and a period!
5 / 5 Margene
Perfecto. Im 5.2 And touch the touch long on me but more long shorts/the sweaters are like this thats partorisca be expected. I have bought this partorisca the stay of the hospital and he will be perfect
4 / 5 Kendal
Excellent quality and a lot well has done. Very impressed with him, that has bought another!!
5 / 5 Rochell
Loves this Cardigan!! The access likes expected, runs your normal measure and a quality is of sound!
4 / 5 Pearlene
Loves an access, a colour (red orderly) and a sweetness of a material. Perfecto!
5 / 5 Petrina
Un realmente così suéter. È un po' ansiarme dà allora sono corto ma lì è ha voluto ha passato lui con leggings.
5 / 5 Nila
Padrone Questo suéter. Periodo buono. La qualità aggiunge. Dopo ricevere ha comprato un secondo in altri colori. Altamente raccomandato compraventa. Tranquillo non sarà decepcionado.
4 / 5 Trinidad
Nessun che il morbido unisca alcune descrizioni avrebbero o credere, accesso buono questo nonostante
5 / 5 Ruthanne
Molto buono suéter casuale, mira il z/il tranquillo soltanto vedere addirittura a modello. Lavati e siccità molto bene.
5 / 5 Sherrie
I amore che non è pesato troppo ma abbastanza animato per utilizzare nell'ufficio.
5 / 5 Alina
Awesome - Lavare molto - labrar peso leggero - molto buono - Vuole gli
4 / 5 Sherron
Amur il suéter! Quello è flaco e Grande ma lì è ordinato un Grande. Ritornato perfettamente! Alla materia è un po' più sottile che lì è aspettato questo nonostante.
5 / 5 Bronwyn
It liked really of east , is light but ossia that have expected paralizaciones . It likes to of cups of discharge.
5 / 5 Emmaline
Absolutely love this sweater. It is soft quality , sum and access perfectly. My sweater preferred new !!
5 / 5 Mckinley
The better way that has expected. Good quality. The good looks. Accesses the bit in a small side in my opinion this in spite of.

Top Customer Reviews: Jiuhexuj Womens ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 39 ratings
5 / 5 Cinda
Colour: GreenSize: M I bought partorisca a upcoming travesa and wants to maintain packing to the minimun.. This cup goes with so many tanks or of the tights with the simple pair of tejanos, to dress on a look bit it. Really happy with him. They are 5'3 and 165 and access of meso well.
5 / 5 Juliet
Colour: BlackSize: S Exactly that has been expecting, soft, flowy and hanged light. It is beautiful! I am thinking partorisca order more in of the different models. It take a black one with some flowers. Very excited partorisca spend it on my holidays.
So only the bosses on, the nave is by means of Estaca of Cina, am located in Canada of Toronto. It takes 25 days partorisca take here, but arrive first of a date has estimated.
Like this yes plans on ordering partorisca a upcoming holidays, commanded the bit there is anticipated.
Are very happy with this element!
5 / 5 Adina
Colour: Navy BlueSize: XXL I has ordered this in Navy Blue. Some the pink flowers were the most brilliant roses and more vibrant that expected (in a look of picture more than the dusty pink). A stitching in a side of a front was the little wonky, in the hablador to not dipping dish as it have to that. Still I am trying decide will maintain it to him or turn and order another and the wait will be better. It is the beautiful kimono, no the big quality but think still looks well.
5 / 5 Audrie
Colour: BlackSize: L loves it!! Taken a black one with mix of red flower and is good-looking. The perfect accesses, a lot of fare and exactly that has looked for!!
5 / 5 Marion
Colour: Navy BlueSize: L I amour this kimono cardigan. I spent it a lot it times this summer in upper of the tank, and with capris or tejanos. It has had a lot of compliments. They are like this happy has bought this ( has bought in fact 2, in of the different colours). The quality adds.
4 / 5 Luann
Colour: Navy BlueSize: L Good product very enough and light. I have ordered the big to measure like this sent behind but would have maintained f has ordered them a right measure
4 / 5 Amelia
Colour: BlackSize: M beautiful access and way. I add partorisca spend to a beach or dressing on a outfit. Very thin and light
4 / 5 Domitila
Colour: GraySize: M Material has not been that has expected! More like the toga on me! Too bad reason a normalised and the colour is like this enough!
5 / 5 Sid
Colour: Navy BlueSize: L perfect Accesses and exactly like this pictured
So only ordered according to one in colour different
5 / 5 Leona
This coverup is beautiful. It is short, as distinct, and the good transmission of a plus along some have.
Some colours are brilliant, workmanship is very good. Orders another in the different impression.
5 / 5 Ela
Has ordered a xl I usually spend the med the big, which had it to him would be to tight I thinks by means of some shoulders. I have known also with this creation was a lot of bit he big and is!
4 / 5 Darell
Loves this coverage ups. Like this versatile. It can dress the cup of tank until wear of evening of beach to restaurant. Sales well and no wrinkle.
4 / 5 Willian
Produced well a lot quite and light. I have ordered the big to measure like this sent behind but would have maintained f has ordered them a right measure
4 / 5 Agueda
Quite but wrinkles easily. It has been it adds in a summer if any precise of the spend down the jacket or anything.
4 / 5 Page
The material has not been that has expected! More like the toga on me! Too bad reason a normalised and the colour is like this enough!
5 / 5 Donnell
Looks really pleasant on! It is very light and sheer but fir that goes to use he for him is perfect.
5 / 5 Marketta
This cup/of cover-up is good-looking, a lot flowy cloth and returns perfect. They are 5'4, 120 lbs and has been concerned the bee to be able to too much long, but at all. I love it.
5 / 5 Noriko
Ossia Of the seconds a have purchased! Absolutely it loves that! Tonnes of compliments when it spends it!
4 / 5 Marita
Was really happy with cost of mine, was well to spend and has taken a lot adds compliments! Has has had to that included order one for my mamma and the partner have taken some hips!
4 / 5 Marylouise
Access a lot good-looking and way. I add partorisca spend to a beach or dressing on a outfit. Very thin and light
4 / 5 Marty
does not look a picture, the background colour is more than the ash and some flowers are not the light rose, more than the red.
5 / 5 Greta
Is shearer that has expected, but want it. You have seen on tejanos and tshirt amiably, but maintain you fresh. Pleasant in the dress partorisca bathe also.
4 / 5 Cira
Like this well for state with the cup of tank and shorts or like the dress partorisca bathe coverage on
5 / 5 Carmelina
Really like this kimono. The colours were included better in person and is the material of good light weight for state. It is the little elder that would have liked me this in spite of partorisca of a prize and the quality would recommend!
5 / 5 Tish
The perfect returns and exactly like this pictured
So only ordered according to one in colour different
4 / 5 Fumiko
is gorgeous. I have bought he for the special chance but I will spend it anywhere. Like this pleasant.
4 / 5 Rashida
Adore like this....... I want to all Him .... Ideal...
5 / 5 Malissa
It was a lot disappointed with this element. Any so only take the very long time partorisca arrive, when he , is very economic looking and does not look anything like a one in a picture. You do not recommend !!
4 / 5 Maxwell
Quite and to the equal that has announced. A material is the bit clingy depends that it spends with. It is hanged very light . A bit more sheer that like this pointed. Easy way to dress on the random outfit bit it.
5 / 5 Diedre
Loves this Kimono, has bought an ash and spent it to do today with the black and anguished tank tejanos and a complete maintains to flow. His like this light and enough.
5 / 5 Estrella
Good-looking colour and Feigning cloth. Ideal games to dip in my chance.
4 / 5 Jane
Is the gorgeous cup! The accesses perfect. Good colour, good material. So only like pic.
5 / 5 Drema
A lot of kimono to the equal that has described. The quality is decent but reflects prize.
5 / 5 Susana
Loves this kimono has spent up. It say that it is true to measure. The colours are well! If you are thinking roughly taking a, he!
4 / 5 Lurline
Unfortunately it does not arrive the times but I have to that say this quality partorisca a prize is utmost and returns perfectly!
5 / 5 Paulette
Has loved an element good-looking colour and light airy material. I have ordered unfortunately my measure but was way too big to the equal that have had to that return would recommend to take measures it to him down.
5 / 5 Roxanna
Has bought 2 measures not knowing which would return better and honradamente, I amour like both accesses!! They are very happy with cost of mine.
4 / 5 Antionette
Looked adds for a chance of evening. Has the small frame but has ordered the half and turn perfectly.
5 / 5 Stephenie
The quality adds for a prize. Chiffon Material. Stitching Is the little uneven around a hem but is resembled that volume in a shopping centre.

Top Customer Reviews: GRACE KARIN ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 44 ratings
5 / 5 Kallie
I LOVE this cardigan. So only received in a topmast and has had to that give my opinion. It is soft, and a colour is good-looking! It is probably one of a better has done the cardigans have purchased on here. An access was a lot. I have ordered 2xl, are usually the L or XL. It is long, it covers your butt.

Will order morenl /when they go on sale.

Oh, Ship SPER fast.
5 / 5 Emmanuel
Ossia The beautiful sweater . The quality adds! Very happy with him! A colour is good-looking! I add partorisca all the seasons especially falls! With Amazon when purchasing dresses thicker then no his never like that sees on-line but ossia the sweater of beautiful quality , a wool is a lot soft and a period is perfect. They are 5'4 and it measures it 16. And a XL was the perfect access .
5 / 5 Laveta
I have bought 2 of these sweaters (one in black and one in beige). They look utmost, wash really well and a quality is more than has expected. They are quite down to in mid thigh that is exactly that has loved. Looks Well with tejanos.
Are very happy with these. Probably you buy a burgundy some hips.
5 / 5 Nancee
This for real is the beautiful sweater! I have ordered measure he on because I have loved the free access, and is perfect. A colour is the deep mustard , which is exactly that has looked for. This sweater is exceptionally well has done. A material is quite fat without feeling heavy. The 100 recommends.
5 / 5 Georgetta
Cardigan very well, good quality! True to measure like any measured up. Volume he 10-12 and has taken lg. It likes him-me my sweaters the little bit roomy and these are perfect. Lame 2, navy and the mustard and some colours are gorgeous. This sweater comes well under my bum and are 5'5' big and 145lbs. Fast delivery in Canada. Highly recommend!
5 / 5 Lauretta
Any usually write the descriptions but am very pleased with this cardigan. The cardigan is not partorisca thin no too fat. More in a side of polyester that feels wise - but does not feel economic or the like snag easily. They are quite big and ossia a enjoyable period along on me. Entirely it covers my backside. It was to purchase more colours. They are the 34 bust and small access well with a oversized comfy look.
5 / 5 Loretta
I have received my container with all (four) way of first sweaters of a date of delivery has expected. They look and it returns perfectly. My amour of daughter is some two sweaters have given. Shopping again and also recommend, good quality and priced well.
3 / 5 Madelene
I have been disappointed the is not more be soft, otherwise is exactly to the equal that has announced. An access is excellent.
5 / 5 Rashad
It was like this exasperated partorisca the new cardigan! I WANT TO this one and More the probably buy he in the pair of different colours also! Also it has pockets to to quell'I really likes. Whenever I need to spend the facial cloth or lip balm. It is quite he bit it longer that mine another some reasons are the bit in the a shortest side, but is the really good access and goes well with trousers of dress, leggings, or tejanos! They are stoked!
2 / 5 Bernice
Unfortunately a sleeve seam has not been sewed in a wrist in a right arm. It can not be repaired easily without him aiming. It is really sad reason have been the pleasant piece . It likes-me a colour and looked forward to partorisca spend the.
5 / 5 Libby
I different colours of this sweater are entirely different qualities. I have had an ash an and was utmost as I have ordered he in black. A black cardigan is the much thinner, almost the transparent material and a first time spent it — today — one of some pockets rasgaron halfway was. A lot disappointed that wounded up with the very different product that that has had.
5 / 5 Kandra
Loves these sweaters, but this one was the uselessness . I have taken he out of a packaging for the dipped on for work, has been ready to start with out of a door, verified in a mirror so only to see that a whole right side seam has not been sewed. Has has had to that quickly transmission. Very disappointing, but raisin!! I have sent this a backside!
4 / 5 Vernon
This for real is the beautiful sweater! I have ordered measure he on reason have loved the free access, and is perfect. A colour is the deep mustard , which is exactly that has looked for. This sweater is exceptionally well has done. A material is quite fat without feeling heavy. The 100 recommends.
5 / 5 Elvin
Am surprised like this for my first cloths of amazon compraventa. Ossia The add little sweater. A material is fatter that has thought. Assumed that would be flimsy and almost see by means of in a light. It is not . It take a mustard that is the colour are wanting to right now. If I have required another would not doubt to order (but have like this of this type)

are usually the measure 12 or the big but has opted for a XL in chance perhaps. The accesses add!
4 / 5 Alane
A material is well, this in spite of a cardigan is not while a pic the shows and a zone of shoulder is too big, a look messy.
Goes to return but a nave behind the Chinese is a prize still likes cardigan as I maintained it so only.
5 / 5 Stefanie
Has received my container with all (four) way of first sweaters of a date of delivery has expected. They look and it returns perfectly. My amour of daughter is some two sweaters have given. Shopping again and also recommend, good quality and priced well.
5 / 5 Nadia
Súper Has Impressed with a quality of this sweater. Lame in black and has been that looks for the cardigan like this for the long time without regime. Thank you So much to offer such the good quality has produced! I will be to order again in other colours and like this present!
5 / 5 Terence
OMG, The better way that has expected. I LOVE this sweater, returns long, which are súper happy with. They are 5'2 180 pounds, like the big perfect turn. Material add that will turn . To good sure will order another colour.
-Update, taste so much, has finalised to buy of a cream and a green of army an also, also washes well, any pilling.
5 / 5 Santos
Has ordered the big, apt add but did not like me the colour how is returned and has ordered the different colour. A second a big was too small. The quality for a prize was excellent.
4 / 5 Karlene
Was like this exasperated partorisca the new cardigan! I WANT TO this one and More the probably buy he in the pair of different colours also! Also it has pockets to to quell'I really likes. Whenever I need to spend the facial cloth or lip balm. It is quite he bit it longer that mine another some reasons are the bit in the a shortest side, but is the really good access and goes well with trousers of dress, leggings, or tejanos! I am stoked!
4 / 5 Benny
Loves this sweater! A material is soft and the turn adds. A bit tighter in some weapon that has expected but with the sleeveless or the crown of short sleeve concealed is not a subject for me.
4 / 5 Lashawna
Sizing Has been expected. Nizza And light and has on resisted well in numerous washes.
4 / 5 Felipe
Thank you, my mamma is to spend very happy this cardigan!
Period and colour exactly like this in a description.
5 / 5 Laurine
Likes. Decent cloth. Looks Exactly like pic. Resisted his form and colour in dirty clothes. Shopping another colour of same sweater. You receive exactly that it is marketing . Any worry with this compraventa.
4 / 5 Kori
Has an ash of sweater like this and bought it the while it does and is comfortable and good access. Bought a black a two month done and a pocket has come already waste. 😕 It has spent now a window of turn.
4 / 5 Jackqueline
I like a cloth. They are happy to have this sweater. This in spite of, develops the hole a first day in a nape. Probably I will return for the substitution. Also, an access is smaller that would have expected.
5 / 5 Torri
Loves this element. They are the 3 xl, cant agree that has measured I orderly but returns perfectly.
4 / 5 Ismael
È alcuni Colori favolosi e materiali. Alcuni del stitching è un po' wonky, ma questo è bene. In generale, felice l'ha prigioniero.
5 / 5 Johnetta
Super Bello . In assoluto troppo épaisse e leggero. Abbastanza molto meteo Getta evitato Che il suo blusa e chandails depassent.
5 / 5 Tyson
Ordine alcun Grande e ritorna piccolo Sapere ordinare un XL e lui ritornano mangia un negozio.. Entrambi gli elementi sono stati ritornati.
4 / 5 Stacy
Morbido E salvare aggiunge. Presente navideño per la mia figlia.
La mia figlia lì è amata La materia morbida e al ritorno era perfetto per il suo.
5 / 5 Nichole
La qualità della la materia è molto migliore quello ha aspettato. Ritorna bene ed è risultato un ha dato la mina ruba preferita noticioso partorisca ha passato.
5 / 5 Keely
Questo fu includere migliore quello ha aspettato. È un tessuto bello , e ai colori è realmente ricchi.
4 / 5 Willa
I amore d'amore PADRONE questo suéter! Uno sono 5'11 e molto felice con a periodo. Morbido E comodo. Un ordinato 2 musulmani in ha dato i colori differenti. Aggiungo per opera o Casuale con tejanos o leggings.
5 / 5 Samatha
Lì è acquistato Il un presente, la qualità è somma e la materia è morbida, ritorna certo di misurare.
5 / 5 Clarissa
Sfortunatamente c'è una macchia ha dato candeggina addirittura a dietro ha dato lui.
4 / 5 Kristina
La materia aggiunge, i regresos aggiungono e carices e sieda incredibile
4 / 5 Phuong
È morbido e abbastanza. Amur A tasche. Molto felice con il mio costo.
4 / 5 Christinia
Ha ORDINATO Alla misura principale CHE AVREBBE CHE Avere MA il COSTO ha dato MIRA FERMI...
5 / 5 Dierdre
Così al principio finché Alla tasca è caduto evita, non la qualità migliore.
5 / 5 Gigi
Questo suéter è aggiunge. Uno era sapere sorpreso nella qualità meravigliosa. Alla materia è morbida e cuelga sa bene quando addirittura.
4 / 5 Heath
Questo suéter è una Materia sottile buona , ma non mira o sentire economico. È aggiunge per qualsiasi stagione. Un amore per ritornare e cariz.
4 / 5 Sharyl
Eccellente. Consegna rapida. Mindful Imballaggio. Ordini un'altra volta. Grazie Sa molto.
5 / 5 Shalonda
Questi prodotti In verdi è aggiunge. Tutto il mondo in obrar lì essere amato per allacciare per prendere il suo suéter proprio.

Top Customer Reviews: Urban CoCo Women's ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
5 / 5 Carline
So it has wanted to That has done partorisca come all his colours. It joins the classical good-looking dress that spends with everything. The so only has Chosen that that there is not remarked, lucidos the cloths is a bit polished but at all touches that I can any lucidas porters with one you shirt.
5 / 5 Ester
Sper Comfortable. Cloth a lot - as the t shirt. Washes a lot [hangs partorisca dry). They are 150lb 5'2 and has ordered the half. The accesses add.
5 / 5 Willene
I love this waistcoat. I have purchased three like this far of work. I have received the plot of complainants when that spending.
1 / 5 Oralia
It has taken it it tricked once again for a sizing, way too small. Going in the amazon takes new providers that comprises north Amsterdam sizing.
1 / 5 Aleisha
Material is soft but has not gone really the one who has looked for them. A bit economic creation, as if any short the soft material to this form... But I comprise volume that have paid stops.
5 / 5 Bill
This element has been received a lot quickly. It is material thin but good quality. To good perfect insurance to spend the warmest park or on something heavier
5 / 5 Malinda
Very comfortable!! It can be dress up or random. They are very pleased
5 / 5 Carmen
Nizza Helps the long chair soul/sure in tight clothes
5 / 5 Seth
Good quality. Soft. It hangs well. A little longitude in a front still very quite long to cover butt. So only you grieve it covers butt. The t has the big butt neither.
4 / 5 Rolf
I really like a record and quality of this waistcoat, how is light and works with the plot of different outfits. This has said a colour does not match a picture at all ( has ordered apricot). You recommend to change an image of product.
5 / 5 Ji
Good quality, the access perfects on you, highly recommended
5 / 5 Dominque
chair of the help along Well soul/sure in tight clothes
4 / 5 Toccara
Beautiful waistcoat. It hangs a lot amiably and a material is soft and the look adds. Probably I will buy more than colours!
5 / 5 Tomi
A material used partorisca this waistcoat is good but the turn bit it big that has expected. It is also a lot like this flattering likes frame and looks frumpy on me. I have finalised partorisca join one in front of the bond so only partorisca take some form.
5 / 5 Krystle
A lot good! Arrived punctually and in excellent condition! Apt are partorisca add like this pictured!
5 / 5 Booker
Likes produced is perfect in the mesh partorisca extra way
5 / 5 Meda
the waistcoat is hanged very light , good but looks the wrinkle. It is been in slope partorisca the day and he is still wrinkled partorisca ship. Quite happy with cost of mine.
5 / 5 Darcy
Has surpassed my expectations! The cloth is soft, flowy, good material! I love it! Perfect access!
4 / 5 Voncile
The cloth is well. It is shorter in a backside then a front
5 / 5 Sherri
is a lot of fact and a material is very soft. You love it.
5 / 5 Catherina
The long waistcoat adds. Pleasant to spend on hoards of tank with tejanos shorts in state. Shopping again.
4 / 5 Zackary
Any one bad but no like this in of the pictures, different material and quite big
4 / 5 Hilda
Material very economic. A lot disappointed with a quality. I will be partorisca return the backside.
4 / 5 Deloras
A bit thinner that had expected but paint beautiful. Orders again.
4 / 5 Kayla
Awesome Waistcoat! I have ordered L, are 5'5, 135, 40 DD and returns awesomely!!
5 / 5 Shaniqua
The material is not expected like this. Very thin and does not flow very good
5 / 5 Veola
Pleasant and the turn adds. Soft and light material . To good sure buy again
4 / 5 Kaye
returns the tad small but has bought main. A lot of stylish partorisca work.
4 / 5 Angelena
Petit And a lot low quality, his sewings could be look done a boy
4 / 5 Lorina
Returns comfortably and thin enough to spend the day of good summer

Top Customer Reviews: CHICGAL Womens ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Tierra
An animal impression is much bigger then aimed in the photo but an access is exactly that would expect!!
This will be perfect partorisca my holidays of beach!

Top Customer Reviews: LittleMax Oversize ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 28 ratings
5 / 5 Jeanmarie
Bought this like the present and could not believe the one who soft and snuggly this wraps era!!!! Absolutely you love it!! I can have to commanded one on its own name because it was like this cosy!!! The colour and the fashion was expected like this that.
4 / 5 Evelyn
Gives navideño partorisca my mamma & omg want to that!!
Can have to commanded one on its own name. A quality, access, the fast & prize shpping is purrfect. allsmiles Thank you!! 😁🤗💖
4 / 5 Niesha
Material soft and warm lovely, no too heavy. Model of @@@tartan beautiful and generous measure. LOVE IT!!!
4 / 5 Bret
Partorisca Pinta estos carices ascendieron en el el cuadro es muy limpiado. Decepcionado no salva El hecho en el cuadro. Otras descripciones Labran atentas aproximadamente siéndolo extremadamente staticky. Material muy blando esto a pesar de.
5 / 5 Margart
Material blando y tibio precioso, no demasiado pesado. El modelo ha dado @@tartan medida bella y generosa. El PADRÓN!!!
4 / 5 Linwood
Allí está comprado esto para pasado en mi oficina pero ciertamente pasará esto en las parones saltadas y para caer. El padrón!
5 / 5 Jan
Presentó para mi Hija. Lo dice mantendrá su La obra acogedora en la tienda.
5 / 5 Edmundo
Padrón Este elemento. Es blando, luce y animado el mismo tiempo. Feliz ha adquirido él
4 / 5 Janae
Agradable y comfy! El comprado un presente pero I tan sólo podría tiene que compró I un ahora.
5 / 5 Ladonna
A pesar de que es muy blando y Al modelo es bastante, al material es extremadamente staticky y derrama negro fuzz encima todo. Lo he comprado cuándo sea casi $ 40 y no son costados él :(
4 / 5 Phoebe
Colores, manera y regresar todo bueno. A los de únicos @subject otro allí está declarado es que al mantón derrama vello negro. He comprado él para obra pero también requerirá comprado un rodillo ha dado pelusa para sacar el vello cuándo son ya no chilly.
5 / 5 Sherice
Es muy blando, pero las naves come locas debajo no será utilizándolo. Mientras dice que los regresos libres Labran una opción, cuándo he contactado el imprimido era incapaz de acomodar para regresar para me como decepcionó.
5 / 5 Lenny
Pelusa Ognuno dove i coperchi evitano quello è partorisca ritornare terribile
5 / 5 Augustine
Più là vuole questo l'utilizza tutto arresta ferma cronometrar. Super saify E lavare molto
4 / 5 Luci
Questo mantón è mani giù La cosa più morbida lì è non c'è mai ha toccato. Ai colori labran guapos. Quello sono che rimane nell'attesa ha dato passandolo. La mia lamentela unica è è Prende sottile. Una speranza dura un momento.
4 / 5 Don
Super Morbido, tinte è esattamente gli punta. Li carices migliori addirittura modello, il mio 5'3 150lbs d'addirittura il cariz ha dato appeso frumpy. Nell'adesso sono stato awesome partorisca mantenermi acogedor e stimolante partorisca perdere 10lbs.
5 / 5 Brook
Piace avere periodo dato del mantón e i colori. Molto comodo...
5 / 5 Oscar
Ossia Sa molto bene in persona. È soooo morbido e regresos molto amabilmente.
5 / 5 Miranda
Il mantón È buono e morbido ma sempre è nella materia sorprendente ha dato vello. Uno lo trova dappertutto.
4 / 5 Gaylene
Nessun costo A soldi. È il suo $ 30, qualcosa che ti potrebbe comprato in partorisca negozio per un po' il suo $ 20.
4 / 5 Kam
Lì è comprato questo partorisca la mia donna partorisca Natale, assolutamente volerlo. Esattamente il il puntato e la qualità ha descritto , eccellente e imballaggio.
4 / 5 Katharyn
Materiale molto morbido e qualità buona! Sicuro marcare la vostra lava premio passando. Un nessun e alla colorazione nera lì è corsa ed era dare tutti i parti la mia pelle Otherwise, il suéter aggiunge!
5 / 5 Bobette
I colori Labran più scuri ha dato seminato in foto - non rosa abitato o leggero. Nessun I il lungo è nella foto
4 / 5 Marleen
Misura e periodo.. Dipinge tutti i carices Lui in tabella. La mia lamentela unica è sta derramando mangia matto! Deve che quello essere prudente ha da porti con lui
4 / 5 Renna
mina come la sua molto morbido c'è ha pensato sarebbe partorisca piacere la giacca ha dato il punto/ha dato suéter heay. È il suo alot più sottile ha allora aspettato. Ma a mina piace e quello passerà spesso
4 / 5 Rose
ha dato dipinge Macias , guapo (il il ancora annunciato), misura perfetta.
Molto soddisfatto con questo compraventa.
4 / 5 Lorenzo
Non guarda La foto. Risparmio molto economico ed è la banda più piccola più corta e sono 5 piede 1.
5 / 5 Kelsi
Questo era un Xmas presente partorisca la mia sorella e lei hanno amato per avvolgere e libro. Servizio sorprendente.

Top Customer Reviews: GRACE KARIN Women's ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 18 ratings
5 / 5 Burton
This short cardigan is ideal to spend with retro, vintage (40 east, 50 is, 60 is), and rockabilly/psychobilly dresses! Has the longitude torso and the cage of wide rib. They are the hair down 5'8, and spend the measure of band 40 in bras, with the C cup. Generally it spends the half in of the cups (unless they are in the a shortest side) or measures it 10. A big in this cardigan is perfect!
5 / 5 Riva
It expresses shipped this in a last now partorisca the pair I answered and arrives right on time! Looked fantastic with my dress and am very impressed with his quality. Fulfilling animate partorisca a cloth is fact duquel will be good to have and wear around an office.
4 / 5 Kyra
I am obsessed with elements of Karin of Grace! A quality is surprising and return like this expected. I love some few classical fashions, the courses and the cloths have used. (I are a miser sewer so that it is an importance of good quality seamwork!) This cardi is any exception, has purchased this in measure m (I usually spend the measure 8/M partorisca reference) in oatmeal and pairing of amour he with sleeveless has dressed. It can buy more colours
5 / 5 Francisco
That was odd in this sweater was, has ordered one in black and one in aim and each one which so it is coming the little different in some bosses. But with such the low cost, will do him work!
5 / 5 Larisa
The material is thin but good. Experience xxl to accommodate the big @@@cofre and is surprising. Slimming In a waist. I dipped it/ I dipped It on he 50s dressed fashionable and is perfect.
5 / 5 Raeann
Perfect access, amour a material, súper pleasant. I will order more!!
5 / 5 Gene
One a lot hoid produced. It does not look economic.
Are the measure 12/14 and order 2XL which return perfectly! Orders more colour
4 / 5 Matthew
Perfects cropped cardigan. I complete any 50s inspired look. Very pleasant.
5 / 5 Kirstie
Was bit it disappointed with an access, of some looks of the sweater well has done.
4 / 5 Archie
Want this shrug. It returns perfect and goes adds with the sleeveless has dressed. Has has wanted to spent it so much one same shrug in 4 different colours!
5 / 5 Laree
Soft. Good access. Bosses long enough. Nizza Brilliant colour. Orderly small.
4 / 5 Stefania
Loves this. So only which need to go in the classical white blouse and skirt. Orderly measure S.
5 / 5 Bettyann
My woman has been looking for something exactly like this
is súper happy with him
wants to buy all some paints
4 / 5 Jay
Ossia the very good quality shrug! I have bought the 2x (usually are the 1 x) and returns the little snug.
5 / 5 Brenna
A lot enough, perfect pairing w the dress! Vibrant red colour.
5 / 5 Owen
Used it exactly for a purpose to purchase. It produces very good.
5 / 5 Deb
Am obsessed with elements of Karin of Grace! A quality is surprising and return like this expected. I love some few classical fashions, the courses and the cloths have used. (I are a miser sewer so that it is an importance of good quality seamwork!) This cardi is any exception, has purchased this in measure m (I usually spend the measure 8/M partorisca reference) in oatmeal and pairing of amour he with sleeveless has dressed. It can buy more colours
5 / 5 Elliot
sums on all the quality. The access adds. The only reason gives it the four is reason all some keys already are that they fall off. No the enormous shot. But inconvincent.