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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
Amur, amour, amour this!!!! Our cat is obsessed with feeding! Previously foods a cat two times the day and as feeding the time approached she bug a heck out of us. This feeder are adds. I programmed it partorisca feed his 1/2 cup in a course of the diets of 1/8 cup in the each diet. When it Listens an alimentary drop, she scampers to a bowl. Now when she the bugs is so only pay attention and partorisca be petted.

Has used a feeder while we were in vacacional (gone 5 days) and law like the field (the control of edges there was on partorisca do sure all was a lot of). It outrage a cord partorisca be able to (experience for separate) has dipped in of the battery partorisca me , apparently the electricity has been he was partorisca the few hours while we have been gone, but a feeder has maintained partorisca do.

I highly recommend this product. A bit pricey, but totally validates he partorisca we. Amur An I supposition are the little lazy, has a box of automatic discharge also ;-)
5 / 5
Easy to use and place up. You recommend!! My cat loves it. It likes that it can register it he of my voice and touches it before each lunch. A measure of the each lunch is quite attentive. Very happy with this compraventa!
5 / 5
These works of the automatic feeder so only how is announced to! These produced is quite he directly advance and easy to dip on, as well as quite customizable so that I can dip on different quantities of alimentary to fall several times. It does not produce any crazy strong noises that potentially could scare your cats, but so only quite his that would know is feeding time. Now, my cats run and attentive afterwards to a feeder every time some alimentary drops and the like. A quality is good and I like a function that a touchscreen can be closed likes some pets any disorder on some settings when they touch around that. It recommends!
5 / 5
This was quite easy the setup and program, still any sure yes feeds enough or too much for mine 2 cats but will continue to experience.
Looks to be the solid creation, is been the few days and some cats did not attack it on still or has imagined was regarding the open.
I so only purchased and place on my second feeder, was like this happy to see that this feeder has been of tower in stock with which having the slightly different fashion for the moment (has not liked him me a look of another). A new plus one was like this easy to dip on, this in spite of is no longer the shiny plastic but the crazy textured plastic to the equal that to good sure will be harder that clean. He this in spite of coming with the bowl for a zone of diet (something a prime minister a has not had) that will do to clean bit it easier (when being able of the take to wash in a tank more than drying down a feeder.
Although any one is interested more than feeding based in some directions of container (my cats are taking really fat) has begun to feed based in his caloric requirements (based in his perfect weight). It can be difficult to find calories in a stock exchange of lunch of cat he, but has to that be on-line listing. Based on that it was able to determine what lunch requires for day and regulate a feeder to feed a pertinent quantity to feed for day in 4 intervals. As they do not eat it everything immediately and is fed regularly during a day (still when they are not around)
5 / 5
This robot has been I adds! In place of two lunch the day, our cat now takes four. And they are measured precisely he has lost like this the little hanged.

First of a robot, has annoyed takes to feed every time locate our feet and has run to his dish feeds every time has gone near that room. Now, she a lot seldom asks alimentary and only careers his alimentary dish when some calls of robots. It is much more he relaxed. And he any one wake up in a morning anymore.

On the this, can be gone in mealtimes or at night without his in loser the lunch. Some controls of robots at least two weeks of kibble partorisca his so much, if we are was, the neighbour can spend for once the day partorisca duties of discharge but any to concern in a lunch.
5 / 5
This feeder of pet does like this well and save me like this time. I have been struggling partorisca feed my dog a time has included every day and this device saved really.

A setup was really easy you so only take he out of a box attaches a cord or place in the batteries and is ready partorisca use. This feeder of pet offer the plot of customization when you are by train of the place up. Has an option partorisca feed your pet until 4 times the day and calm can select those that eaten wants to give for each lunch. And of course, you are able to dip a time for when each lunch will be dispensed. My favourite additional function of this feeder of pet is that calm leave you to register a message of audio to the equal that will touch when a lunch is has dispensed.
5 / 5
We have had the question with our cat constantly begging the paralizaciones alimentary at all hours of a day and night. Ella paw and claw in our faces while we try to sleep in 2am - 5am. With this fantastic little device, has been able to feed the little has bitten partorisca feed each one that 4 hours partorisca maintain his in his diet, but maintain his quite full that is not constantly begging. It knows a sound of a auger, and will come to run when you listen it, and has has had so only he for two weeks. This has been a perfect tool for us to disassociate human with feeding for sound! It has calmed well down. Works perfectly and well each penny in my opinion!
5 / 5
I have bought this partorisca my two cats. Has the multiple lunches bet on acting until 6 lunch for day. Like this now I can go travesía without asking fellow to come to feed them Cuz an alimentary reservoire Is quite big to distribute some eats several weeks. Also it registers my sound. My creatures of skin will run to the voice of the mamma when they feel hungry.
5 / 5
Work exactly so that the supposition to. It is quite easy to program this in spite of recommend to look one of some video of Youtube. Once I that has not had any subject. A cat loves it and has learnt to go his when it listens a minuta cue. Control a lot of lunch and looks quite good.
5 / 5
These produced is surprising! All my cats want to went it immediately surprised reason have not required time partorisca take his use at all. A program is easy to dip on reason an instruction is a lot clear and detail. A whole car is quality very big and a measure is a lot attentive. To good sure recommends this product!
4 / 5
Daría this he 5/5, but 4/5 because of value: it can have more characteristic or the prize the low plus, otherwise is the product adds .

+Quality a lot well, feels like the appliance of cookery
+the Total volume is very big, It can last the pair of weeks for measures of regular portion.
+Some quantities to dispense can be personalised, but takes the bit to imagine was to know that he spits was. It is very compatible this in spite of.
+This one does a lot well and a bowl is quite big for the pair of cats.
+Audio recorder poster and CONCENTRATED is good quality
+Packaged well and has arrived quickly.

- A prize for these feeders of pet have automated is quite big, but is understandable to touch the product of niche with the small phase; in my experience, well of the money for a consolation.
- Does not have some of this far cloud/more elegant-characteristic of accesses
- A headline of bowl can dislodge easily reason is simply the hook/of puzzle that connects to a base
4 / 5
am very happy with the east compraventa likes the work well and there is prendido my cat to wake me up in a half of a night. With the creature in a way, am totally thankful. It is also he has taken the good creation and no very a lot of noise.
A a snag has is that some instructions can be the little more detailed on regarding the reset/ dipped he/ and that exactly is some quantities of volume to feed sessions. Simply it say that you can dip he of 1 to 80. 1 To 80 that exactly??
I mine of beside 3 out of pure supposition and 6 diets the day and find is included the little too.
In general this in spite of, once imagines was regarding the , work well and am still very happy with him.
4 / 5
Ive Has bought the pocolos feeders like this there are them alot to say in east a. It likes-me a lustrous look, a light focused blue, and a bowl of stainless steel. The measures of portion are acurate, a quantity of kibble resists is impressive and was easy to program. A bit those that to the things do not like roughly is that you want to feed of an extra lunch is the ache because you owe that press multiple keys versus so only having a. Also there it is supposition to be the indicator to look for low lunch this in spite of does not go was until there is so only the little Kibbles has left inside a chamber. Another that that it is the decent feeder , would recommend.
4 / 5
Does several years have not wanted to spend $ 100 in an automatic feeder. It Finalising that it spends more money on 3 different feeders that has done further 48 hours. I have had to that go in the travesía last weekend for 3 days. I have required the way of confidence to feed my cats while it was was. I have seen the little another concealed has has done legustado this one and more expensive. A lunch feeds my cats are small pellets so that it has not had any question. A lid is resisted a lot well, takes two hands for the take on, like this there is not any way some cats can take his. They are very happy with this feeder.
5 / 5
Has bought this for my two cats. Has the multiple lunches bet on acting until 6 lunch for day. Like this now I can go travesía without asking fellow to come to feed them Cuz an alimentary reservoire Is quite big to distribute some eats several weeks. Also it registers my sound. My creatures of skin will run to the voice of the mamma when they feel hungry.
4 / 5
Need to spend some time to imagine was regarding the dipped but calm once know that, is quite easy. Has the 40 lb dog and feed two times the day. A full transmission can last his seven days without any worry. A thing of what only that that can be the question is to feed your yours dog feed more a time, can stuck when in the first place the utilisation. Just transmission to the lunch of the smallest dog or cut a portion but augment a frequency that was very. In general I beautiful like thus compraventa. My dog loves it too much.
5 / 5
My cat is pipes a lot feed and would harass (read: cry and destroy a house) first hours to feed time. We take this he so that it associates to feed with a robot in place of his human. Inside the week to use it, entirely leaves so only and quietly chairs in front of a first robot to feed time. Sucedido! It is pipe of still lunch but is Very better to be around reason any alimentary wait to come from, thanks to this robotic feeder. A reservoir is quite big, and some portions look attentive (the cat has not lost or hanged of profit on using he for the few months). Highly recommend! It is also a lot of test of cat. It can do some keys beep but is unable to take inner his lunch.
4 / 5
Was bit it difficult the setup like the instructions am not very good. Has has had to that google like using it and in fact discover that some measures of portion was.
Is a lot of lite and my cat can attack it on easily. Felizmente A latch for some looks of lid to be strong as it was not able of the go in. This in spite of have been terrible was was for the few days as it have not taken lunch.
Suggest that they add the interior of weight when his redesign he.
Has taken around he for wedging among two shelves and dipping the weight on that. It has to that that does not have to that do this this in spite of.

Is quite strong, but ossia as well as the cookery is distant a lot our chamber, but yes live in the small space can be the question . In general we are happy.
4 / 5
A car was easy to program to 3 daily diets. It takes some times to imagine out of how much past is required to finalise with a quantity wished and concealed is also addicted in a kibble has measured. My cat eats dental kibble (t d) and has have a jam where any kibble has been rid to a dish. Like this far if I do not fill a reservoir more than 1/3 plenary, looks to do well. My cat has imagined that his lunch comes from/comes from a schemes like this he prendió in the wake up in 6am to feed and instead attack for a car. It is a perfect product for the cat the one who can not be fed free and is reassuring to know that it was fed if we are was for a day.
5 / 5
The desire there has been sooner. Now my dog can pranzare punctually same when we are not home. It is very easy to dip up and can register my voice partorisca call his takes feeds. My toy poodle eats 8 portion for the lunch and this car can dip until having 80 portions. I assume lager the dog can use it also. A creation is a lot quite and the connection of boss is very simple also. The battery is an option but not annoying the using.
4 / 5
Absolutely love this car of diet, looks a lot well has done. It is easy to gather although it have confused initially for one 1 to 80 stairs of the diet/measured of lunch (the instruction has not been very clear in a manual of user. This in spite of, some stairs has been explained clearly down Description of Product, is counting for weight 1 informs to 1 x 4g = 4g, 2 informs to 2 x 4g = 8g, and he like this advance.) During a period of experience, so much my cats of creature has been surprised that the lunch is gone in his bowl :D :D :D
5 / 5
This feeder is extremely difficult to dip up. Some instructions that is coming with are very difficult to comprise. I have looked included several video of Youtube of the people that do tutorials of as it has dipped his arrive and still confuse. I have then had the fellow coming on to try and help me and can do not taking dipped on any one. ' It see it it has had this for weeks now and am quite sure is allocated for some rubbishes
5 / 5
This quality of the feeder of the car is very good. Any cockroach of plastic feeling. The so that better likes is a bowl to feed and the headline can take out of a car that can wash him easily. So better that a one that has used. Has the shih-tzu, am using 4 volume every time, two times the day. There are so many settings to regulate, well for all the measure of dogs or cats. Highly recommend
4 / 5
comes with clear and instruction of detail, so only the follow and takes the moment for the dipped up. I so only setup for 3 lunch the day, and work well. Forget the one who each piss of portion for 1/16 cup, so only tries several settings of portion until a right quantity of era of alimentary drops. Once it finds the right portion for my dog, the falls were lunches quite compatible every time.
5 / 5
Some instructions were difficult to follow, but have the video adds on-line that strolls calm you thru a process spends to no.
A register of the voice has not been required like my dog has begun quickly recognise a sound of a car that rigs the spew was some kibble, as I have registered on he without speaking he so that it was so only the little white noise more than my voice blaring 3x day!
4 / 5
Does really very calm once imagines was regarding the program. Your best more is to look on Youtube/of Youtube; there is the young woman the one who possesses two bunnies the one who takes calm by means of a setup.

Once dipped on, are adds. Our cats are gluttons and have them that feeds small portions, thickness, to avert them when being ailing. This law adds... You are small lunch for day.
5 / 5
No more worries roughly feeding my cat. Having 2 boys always forget to feed my cat and felt bad roughly that. The feeder comes with the instruction and was easy to program he for 3 lunch. Also it has an option to select a measure of a lunch. The feeder there is well modern creation, done of good material. Good device for busy life
5 / 5
ATTENDED!!! Before shabby, please read this:

Our cats have imagined was like this to use a feeder and dispense lunch in his own . If they have dipped his paws in a front of a cup of a feeder, a sensor chooses up in a pressure and spits out of the plenary do fault. We have tried to dip elements in a cup of a feeder - like this suggested for a costruttore, for a way - but some cats so only maintain to the strike went him.
Also of entity to remark that has the batteries have situated inside a unit in chance a regime to be able to, but there is this in spite of a lot the fluctuation or the brown was, a feeder will dispense to feed. Like this now, some cats take alimentary when they love it, when one has fallen battery in, and again when AC can it goes back on!
A unit is extremely difficult to program. Highly we recommend to look video of Youtube/of Youtube and dipping at least 1 now averts partorisca east.

Please does not think that is to say all the negative critique . A unit is good-looking and feeds our cats. Unfortunately, ossia roughly all a well has to that say roughly that.
5 / 5
Has Had this unit for 2 or 3 weeks now and is doing well. We are using he for lunch of the dry cat and he dispenses a lunch without any questions. If it find to program to be the challenge there is the video of Youtube/of Youtube on regarding the , much easier to follow. 'As to dip on HoneyGuaridan A36 car of feeder of automatic pet?(subtitle Comprised)' is a one has looked.
4 / 5
They are very happy with my automatic feeder! In fact it is exciting partorisca see my tear of cat by means of a house when it listens my voice that record that play so only before a lunch dispenses. Although a register repeats the little time, so only require one a time. In a morning a lot still hears a register, but my cat done! In an evening, to my diverse schedule, does not have to that me worry roughly taking house partorisca feed my pampered princess. Use partorisca take the little destructive if not feeding punctually. Also, it has been weeks and has not been able to open or swipe in a dispenser. ( It has broken the leading container and bitten by means of stock exchanges and containers partorisca take his lunch in a past. Now, it seats in front of a bowl and attended partorisca some alimentary to dispense. When A lunch dispenses, to to sounds like a lot of that wins in the @diagrams of empty, but is not bad, in fact exciting.) It loves this product! Highly recommend it!! ( There is the few grammatical errors in a manual of instruction and a name of mark is in fact Honey Guaridan. I have taken the few tests partorisca take a right quantity partorisca dispense, but that has taken so only less than 15 min, and was amused.) Originally I have bought this automatic feeder partorisca feed my cat while it was was partorisca a night, but have it dipped until feeding his two lunches the day. Now, I can sleep in. We could the to transmission of knots partorisca feed his three or four times the day with the smallest diets. I want to the one who flexible is with both times of diets and quantities. More is easy to clean!
4 / 5
Ossia The automatic feeder very good . It likes-me a cube is the stainless steel and a container is removable to clean. This in spite of, a control is very complicated likes touch a game of arcade that has to that treat the special portion is very small to the equal that love the big portion has to that press a lot of a lot a lot of thing of the voice is not strong quite a lot cause of the alimentary that strikes a stainless steel is stronger that a voice perhaps is so only too complicated that it was not that partorisca the dipped in general a feeder is very good.
4 / 5
Is not a lot the friendly user. Once it take a hangs of him, was quite easy. I want like this you can cover he in in planting to use battery. It is more slender and taken on less soiled of the mine leading a. It is also sturdier and easier that clean. There is the interior of cube ossia removable to do cleaning easier. I love a dish of metal.
4 / 5
Some works of product well with the dry lunch rule.
This in spite of, with some types of dry lunch (for example Real Canin the lunch of Dental dry cat) still although I am little enough according to a description, no every time. Kibbles Takes stuck in rotating table (inner mechanism), and is therefore any one has dispensed. (Although they could spend for a start according to his dimensions and a description of product.)
Has had to return a product unfortunately. I bought it to feed my cat when they are not home during a whole day and I have verified for a week with my cameras and many times my poor cat has not eaten. :(
5 / 5
This feeder would do well for small to half-sized dogs, but am using he for my cat. It has done perfectly. They come of his legislations when it goes era.
In general this has saved my travesía and my worry that any one would have to that be in my house in 6:15am for time of desayunar.
5 / 5
AMUR Of AMUR LOVES this feeder of pet. It is easy to program and lustrous looking. It can dispense so as 6 lunch the day, which is more than feeders more automatic.

Our cat of the savannah always eats too much and too fast and arrivals to vomit his whole lunch. A feeder of leaves of pet to extend out of his daily portion that the easiest fact in his little stomach. It is a lot of gain to the equal that are is gone in pupil/of work for 8 hours during a day.

Ossia An ours second feeder of pet and for far a better election.

Highly recommend it!
5 / 5
Like any when being no under a gun to feed some cats. They can no any bully me anymore. Still they try but I say: 'Habladuría to a Robot'. Also it adds to leave some cats in his own for few days like this averting exhorbitant costs of kennel. Some the accompanying instructions are quite poor but is quite easy to imagine out of a programming - resupply until 6 separate diets in 24 cycle of now, each one that like this with the different portion. Has the mine dips up for 4 diets daily with equal portions. Finally, already gotta loves a 'Engrish' Honey to appoint Guaridan, any Guardian, Guaridan. Pleasant, eh?
4 / 5
This thing is fantastic. Well built, easy to clean, calm warn when it is going down.

Are almost me prendió entirely to create in 5am every day to feed a cat. Instead she so only attack for a noise that means to feed is coming.
5 / 5
This product is an excellent one which have bought. I have bought another automatic feeds first diagrams, but this one is more economic and easier that use that another. This was quite easy to dip up and program, as well as quite customizable so that I can dip on different quantities of alimentary to fall several times. It is not very noisy that it can scare your cats, but is quite his to leave know is feeding your cats. I a lot recommend this product. I left easier that feed my cat and I do not require to concerned in my stay of cat in home when I go to do or have the travesía short.
5 / 5
In general a sum of laws of the unit for our miniature schnauzer the one who is has fed 3 times daily with relatively small dry lunch. This unit no with big lunch, but the law adds for us. Especially It likes Me one does this unit comes with AC cord to be able to, as some batteries are used so only like this behind-arrive slope of the failures to be able to (the ours the leading unit there has not been this characteristic). A lot little it separates to clean. The unit adds to feed your small pets in timing rule with compatible quantities.
5 / 5
I have bought two of these partorisca feed my cats while it was was. They are very easy to use and can be dipped on enough quickly! It can be plugged in or battery of use! With some options of programmable voices grieve my cats listen my voice run to some wait and alimentary plans for his alimentary to be dispensed!
4 / 5
Measures sum and compacity. It likes- one flexibility of program with a number to eat as well as a volume. A volume is one dipping an imprecise plus . Has the row of 1 to 80 but there is not any information to the equal that to that 1 represents. With the bit of experimentation has taken a volume has loved.
5 / 5
Looks well. The portions are well with my kitty. This in spite of is not the friendly user at all.
A second day to use it, was them so only able the setup of a clock and the timer for lunch is hard to dip (for a way are them the software young engineer) probably the aim of turn.

Confine a moment, am unplugging them and plugging he again to take the portion for my cat
5 / 5
has loved an automatic feeder for my two cats so many was easier for our house sitter when we go in vacacional and like this far are adds ! A measure of the yes calm portion dipped it to an east bit it small but I so only dipped the big plus for some cats so that it take enough. It likes that there is of the battery has retreated up in chance a regime to be able to and that a headline feeds is removable to clean. Taking roughly 10 minutes to imagine out of a neighbour arrive but calm once learns is easy !
5 / 5
Was bit it defiant setting on a timer and a measure of portion but once is, was adds. We require for our cat the one who overeat if the big quantity of alimentary rest for him. It likes-me a look, a measure, and that the hips has battery in chance of fault to be able to. Yes, you can listen starts on but is not that strong. The cat any the import ! LOL
4 / 5
When it Take this product , has tried to dip time up. But, I have not done, as I have sent email to service of client with a video that does not act . This in spite of, the personnel the one who has answered my email says ' Read the manual'. It was like this disappointed to them. Beside, I have tried to register my voice, but no also.
5 / 5
Has loved to take one of this feeder of automatic pet for longitude, is very happy with this feeder of pet. Usually we feed our cat two times the day, before it does and time to dine. Maintaining can remain out of later in a weekend or included go for the travesía short without respect of our cat. They are sure our cat loves it also, cos take his feed punctually.
4 / 5
This automatic pet the dispenser feeds is fantastic. My cat has developed an allergy to plastic and was difficult to find one with the bowl of stainless steel. This was perfect! Easy to install and cleaned, a lot of sturdy and well has done. To good sure value a prize paid partorisca, l highly recommend it.
4 / 5
This feeder has the good and solid creation, very easy to clean. A manual of instruction can be more concrete. I have used the video of Youtube to dip it up. You can dip on different portions of alimentary to fall in different time. Has 3 cats, am using 4 volume every time, five times the day. Qualified of big alimentary storage.
No very a lot of noise. My cat has recognised my voice and imagined out of the this is his new feeder . They love it!
4 / 5
A bit tinkering to imagine was regarding the dipped up. The works add rights with which. Each portion with the lunch of my cat is 10g. Very easy to configure calm once orders that out of

Top Customer Reviews: Arf Pets Automatic ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 51 ratings
4 / 5
This was my first automatic pet feeder, as I do not actuate a lot of partorisca the compare to. Work a lot well, has changed our day the life of day partorisca a better. Initially we buy this partorisca use while we have been gone partorisca some weekends so only, but maintaining use partorisca each lunch of diet.

Uses this partorisca our cat the one who is to feed obsessed. Use partorisca try to wake up in 6 are and then again in 7am if we have not gone already until feeding. Use partorisca jump in a bed a paw our expensive. Now that use this feeder of pet partorisca desayunar, no longer associates with feeding. It feels and be in a feeder that begs to some of the alimentary roughly 15 minutes before it goes era.

Some portions are very easy to change and partorisca imagine was. In planting to choose 1/8 of the cup, has to choose quantity of portion. It has dipped a feeder to several measures of portion and measured with the cup partorisca measure to see the number has corresponded to his plan of lunch. Every time, a same quantity partorisca feed is dispensed. It can resist the amazing quantity partorisca feed, at least 3 value of weeks of alimentary partorisca a cat, perhaps more.

Has 4 programmable diet different space partorisca time that choose the time and corresponding quantity partorisca feed. In the Only uses three; desayunar, lunch, and dine. One 4th empty to time remain in 0, but his very partorisca have the chamber has required .

A dispenser and the hopper are removable to clean which is the very good characteristic . A backup of battery is also well incase some begin partorisca be able to while we are partorisca go and resets of units (any sure if this bad does not take partorisca feed otherwise, but better any partorisca risk he).

Has tried a function of register of the voice while our cat has taken has used his, sound the good touch. He startle we sometimes how is very strong, especially when we are not fully wake in a morning. Still without a register, some dispensers his mechanic and a noise of an alimentary falling is able to attract our cat.

A black colour and the aim is very modern and access in with our pieces of furniture. It does not look economic lustrous plastic. He blends in with a rest of our very good decoration, something never include considered previously to the places up.

Our cat has tried paw in a feeder and stand included on the, like this far a lot extra the alimentary gem has fallen was. A unit is weighed enough and stable, especially when it is uploaded with feeding.

An annoying thing so only in this unit is a sample is slightly quickly. Each commentary of day had - the difference of minute. In a course of a week this addition until roughly 5 minutes. If it has left uncorrected, easily can add until 30 min or a difference of hours. We try to change a sample each few weeks.

In general highly would recommend this unit to any one looking to purchase an automatic feeder.
4 / 5
The amour loves this feeder. His perfect. His slow to dispense, calls your cat(s) with your voice has registered. Any jam, the look adds, one bases no detach for accident. The cats can not open a cup owed to the mechanism to close. The programming is not a simple but the calm plus will imagine it era.

Also, works in of the battery if some careers to be able to era. This could be an only with to this device, requires big battery very easy to find. So only buy an Amazon Basic battery that goes with this dispenser when that buying.

Again, highly recommend it. We have tried a lot of others fix, ossia of the best. Pro Tip, attended until a bellow of falls of the prize $ 100 CAD before buying.
5 / 5

changing my indication of 5 to 1 star.

Looked to the that other people have experienced, saw it to us for casualidades that this thing does not dispense to feed anymore. We have tried everything to change battery and it restarting, but still does not dispense to feed properly.

Is lucky that still feed our cat eaten wet and another material, like our cat a lot really loses hanged. We think to use this eats like this additional when we go in vacacional, but no anymore.

Plans on using this like this your main feeder, DOES not BUY THIS and I suggest found something more.



has had he for the few weeks now and like this far is doing well for our cat.

Sure mark to do the tests and the measure out of a lunch dispenses based in yours kibble. We imagine one drives to the measure has not been attentive for a type of use of dry lunch so that it is good to bend control. Also we buy some batteries on Amazon so that in chance of black outs, can take on.
4 / 5
Has received a schemes has sent his box of packaging (any second box), and is packed quite sturdy, to prevent any harm. Prep Cleansing and setup was easy and stress free. I have appreciated an option of discharge, like this constantly substituting D battery is the hassle. A feeder resists the good quantity to feed, the month cost according to a measure of portion/kibble form.
Have two cats, so much that it is devious in of the different ways. Our leading feeder (different company) was absolutely useless, like a cat there is pulled one feeds the paving was a first day and has shaken a turnstile with his paw for more feed. This one has the better creation for far. One, some locks of dish feed to plant in both sides of a main organism, like this still one the majority of dextrous of the cats would have the subjects that the appeal was. As, a mouth is too small for the cat to shove his paw to.
A car is surprisingly sturdy, thanks to a dish to close. Mina another cat enjoys to attack things on and touching with his lunch, bowls, and really anything can take to move. And it is quite strong to move dining chairs to be in a better direction for sun. Like this far the has not moved a feeder, and has done the few tentativas preliminary. It thinks yes to to the the big cat likes him the organism of the mine closed it unexpectedly, was able of the game on, but of then he a lot of slide, some cats think that is immovable. They have not tried to open a cup, but because of a press of key that goes quite deep (far plus and harder that any cat could reasonably push) I doubt will be able to go in in this way.
Has not had any @subject with a kibble measured (Wellness inner a moment); it is of the summer spends quite uniform . The the big batch once each morning this in spite of, as any discrepancies can be balanced was. This in spite of, every time try it the alone portion is to declare enough regulate.
Can see reason a newer version has an application has controlled to feed, but for my purposes is well without.
An only thing would change is to add an optional stainless steel inserts/inserts for a dish of diet. I prefer in that has it at least some bowls in stainless steel, as they are easier that clean and any bacterium of port on some years.
4 / 5
Produced a lot well for a prize.

My cat has maintained to wake arrive me in 5ham to have feed. With a feeder she a lot he anymore.
The storage is a lot of ( the stock exchange fill of dry lunch like Whiskas)

Setup is ridiculous like this easy ... At all facy, has dipped a current time, has dipped on a time of some lunches (until 4) and has then dipped for each one quantity loves (of the few pieces until 1 cup to do fault)

included can leave to do (on battery) while you are in vacacional for the few days !

I produced adds 8.7/10
5 / 5
Sturdy and of confidence. Has one for my cats and one for my dog. It is neither able state to break his closing. A function of the register of the voice is sum to call pets to dine. Also it helps my pets imagine was those who has gone back is to dine for a call of voice. Highly recommend this feeder for any with the busy schedule.
5 / 5
Has done adds for 3 month, but now so only tip a message of error, EE:EE every time so only tries to dispense feed and so only the little kibbles fallen was! I do not have remarked for days that my cats have not taken to feed reasons any light to the look is visible. An only reason has decided to verify that a car was reason some cats have done out of character because they were like this hungry. Like this basically now I have the worthless plastic kibble title that that can not return reason have had he for longer that the month. That the waste of $ 119.
5 / 5
After the months of pair, this has begun to eject pocolos the plastic rectangles aims that the the suspect is part of a mechanism that pushes some alimentary was. He a bit those that the weeks eject another and he no longer does at all. I have answered to an Amazon 'please estimate or say there is the question'-email to write fact 4 business days, and there is still to answer. In a side besides, I amour to the equal that has the system of backup of the battery, a capacity to program the sound to call your pet, and a lot of a creation (except a real that dispenses to feed separate to the equal that has broken of course :P )
4 / 5
This feeder is better way that a WOpet a. I have bought both. Some instructions indicate the one who big each one that dipping of the measure of the lunch is, like this calm does not have to that spend treat adds to time manual imagining this was eats to do with WOpet. Also a message of voice is way stronger in this device has compared to WOpet. Finally a WOpet an east misleading indicate to 7L capacity that so only is not true... Included a manual has said that that is 6L.

LOOK - súper inconsistent feed settings 1 & 2. As it does not use for the dog down 15lbs. A time dispenses 2 kibble, a prójimo roughly 20?!? It looks to be well for mine 40lb dog in dipping 6.
5 / 5
Games :
- Paz of alcohol of not having to that hasten to go back in the house touches that minó does not die to win
- Minó does not wake me the more game to do feed (to 5h of the tomorrow example of pair!)
- Possibility to offer 4 lunch (minó no longer eats in 5.ºt Speed!)
- Possibility to register (personally, has not used this function.)
- Well There Is qualified of chargement.
- His Battery have had to that a lot long.

Against :
- He he the bowl is in plastic, that is not the ideal on a long-term basis, and does not go to the dishwasher.
- Touch to ensure to have his good portions, lacking gogosser a bit with the car at the beginning. There is practical state to add joins Grille to the instructions with his 10 portions (the 1 corresponds to joined cuillère to subject, he 2 to 1/4 of cup).
- His Instructions are in English so only, this could annoy some people.
- Mini Detail, but lucidos the edges give réglages is unpleasant truth. Also, Lucida key '' hover '' does not do to all the swipe, although in maintains adentrado 3 seconds. The blue light results, after turn and at all does not spend.

Recommend this product without doubting!
4 / 5
has Done adds for 3 month, but now so only tip a message of error, EE:EE every time so only tries to dispense feed and so only the little kibbles fallen was! I do not have remarked for days that my cats have not taken to feed reasons any light to the look is visible. An only reason has decided to verify that a car was reason some cats have done out of character because they were like this hungry. Like this basically now I have the worthless plastic kibble title that that can not return reason have had he for longer that the month. That the waste of $ 119.
4 / 5
Has has had so only he partorisca 2 weeks but I want to that I can depend in this product partorisca dispense lunch partorisca our cat to the equal that has planned. We like him go in of the travesías of weekend and used partorisca take his to the long of of then does not want to leave his house so only with the big bowl to feed. The pets are not really famous to owe portion of capacity-control his lunches! Now it is more convenient that go in the travesías that knows that my feeder of pet is load- of the diet of my cat. And we do not owe that take extra time to pack his material (box of discharge, bed, plan/of alimentary water, etc) to take his to the long of.

And so only to be sure has situated his feeder how is visible to our camera of the security where can control anytime of anywhere. You look every time of lunch and has not failed to dispense a right quantity to feed.
4 / 5
Has received a Arf Feeder of Pets of Automatic Pet in mid-July 2017 but a feeder has not done. I have contacted Arf Pets to take the substitution and sent it to them (in my additional cost) which have received in late July. Following numerous emails with his agent of service of the client, the unit of substitution has been rid finally mine in prompt November. A new unit now does well. After additional contact with service of client, has excusado for a delay and I was repaid a cost to return my original unit. I can now fully recommend this product.
5 / 5
With which attentively researching the feeders and that spends for all some descriptions, has to say personally am disappointed in this car. It is at all intuitive the setup (and are the technology savvy person) and some instructions were quite imprecise. It is doing now, but it was surprised also in like this STRONG is when dispensing kibble and also a beeping when that programming. An alimentary tray is also uncomfortable for my cat because it is not slanted, like an alimentary all the chairs in a backside of a tray and my cat has to that advance it of appeal with his paw for the take :( As in general he that is to suppose to, but is no more special that another has tried for half a prize. You do not recommend .
5 / 5
Has description of update! Changing of 5 stars also 1.

Any quite the year after purchasing this feeder, some resets to time to 12:00am every time achieves the time of diet and does not dispense any lunch. A lot of dissapointing.

Informs old

has the cat that is the ache! Always you locate on in 4I are to take feed, this in spite of leave alimentary was scarf he down in the second. This have left to dip different diets 4 times the day to the equal that can eat the smallest portions during a day and be in the schedule closely. He also doesnt launch on more than inhaling lunch!
4 / 5
These works of product perfectly and my cat loves it. A programmable message is the good touch ! Utilisation this to dispense 1 small portion, 3x at night like my cat is not starved and wake me arrive each morning. A creation is tamper test, different a lot of another car-feeders in a phase and a prize is utmost for a quality. To good sure recommend. Fast tip - spent you this in but there there is also an on/was transmission in a subordinated that need to be turned on and is not mentioned in some instructions. :)
4 / 5
Love this product and as it do not have to that me the worry takes home late or has to that exit unexpectedly. An only remorse in this product is that the desire was weighed more is basic . My cat learnt like the head butt he and attack the little kibble was. I have fixed that question for wedging among a couch and the cupboard and bracing a backside with the box of weight. Still it tries but any one a lot wiggle room for him for mecer behind and advance. Also, I wish a bowl was stainless steel in place of plastic. But so only insert your own bowl on a plastic a, the work adds!
5 / 5
Our cat is very pleasant and personable until around 4 follows. Then it turns to a devil. Biting Our toes, crawling on some wall, generally ruining our house. All reason loves kibbles. NOW. This has been in still the few months and lost to plot of sleep. We try the not giving in and to the left learn that we no aliamos to create to feed in 4 are. It persists. Hard. As we buy this amazing car, and now he spits out of the small quantity of kibbles in 4 follows, a cat goes well behind to sleep, can sleep, and there is prendido wrecking a place. Downside, This jerk has imagined was that he wiggles his paw on a kibble spout, can take the little extra kernels to the fall was. Also rid a short like the breaking of vixen of the snow by means of a snow to take in the little mouse, the little kibble the fall of bit was also. Any big shot, bores of this fast of game. You recommend for all the owners of crazy cat.
4 / 5
I never produced of description on here but are really angry with east a like this I. Look another any to buy this! I have had ours so only the week and days of interior a time has transmission to EE:EE. At all you dispense for a cat to feed and in the then restart like this does a lot again. Now the week with which is not doing once again. A register of voice comes on and any lunch is dispensed. They are a lot fallido like this is not the economic car and the one who knows what time a cat has not taken his feed as it has assumed so only eat it all when it was dispensed taste typically gone in or wake on legislation with which is dispensed. Tonight it was there to see at all is exited.
5 / 5
Is in our second feeder and for a first year, has loved the ours. He suddenly working decree and take the substitution (on guaranteeed). A substitution has been he at all but questions and is at all of confidence to dispense, included this in spite of does not have any jam. I have contacted ARF with my worries and they admit touches defective, but my guarantee is expired now (raisin of long original date to purchase on first a) and he so that there is at all can do.

Are like this disappointed in his service of client.
5 / 5
This does now More dun one that jai the car and my opinion produced of the sud to change complement. His Prime minister 6month in perfect summer! Lucidos I edges was súper, felt my register to marvel . His Proportion was also genial!

Lately Lucido the edges is yes feeble that any I seat practically any one! His animals react a lot also quickly when it is the lunchtime then Imagine quils the feel to him a lot also well that before! If I say meme Message to continuation of tall voice to the register run to eat...

Equally I rests of lunch often took in the spiral of Distribution... jai Repeatedly has opened The Car, cleaned to the glorious complete and always at all!

Lucido The weekend has spent launched to the outside, joins casualidad that has had camera of installer of surveillance, continuazione the doubt of month to the sud the revendedor, that mine confirms that the animal month has not been fed and that a plan B the one of the etre has established... If any would not owe that eat of the Weekend!!

Go to have that finds an alternative product, the truth disappointed...
5 / 5
I bought it on May, 2019 and law well and was very happy with him. Something past ( I thinks is when some firemen cut an energy owed to the next fire ) that it prendió law, almost like it has had any quite a lot of supply to be able to of the maintain alive. I have then contacted Arf the service of client of the pet that promptly has answered to ask in the spent with a unit. I have explained then the one who past and has sent the small video that aims a subject. A next response of them was so only to say sent the substitution for us.

Am not so only happy with a product, but also with a service of client that has done an amazing work. To good sure in my alcohol recommends this automatic feeder a lot so only reason is the good product but also reason has the very good client service.
5 / 5
When in the first place we order a feeder, arrives used. Covered in skin and kibble crumbs. The support of client was to add and have sent the new a. It is less than the old year and a propeller that pushes some alimentary down has broken entirely. Everything of some plastic pieces that push one feeds has broken down was one for one. For a prize, has expected the main quality. Now I owe that buy the new a so it can not trust that my cat in fact will take fed. It was not that it buys this again.
5 / 5
A programming done until 4 lunch and the portions are not that hard to imagine was. Really the product of good quality.
Am not concerned roughly he dieing reason has battery as it will back up in faculty outages.
My cats are monsters and has not taken his which is well.
Resists to plot to feed follows just class of dissapointed does a lot of endeavour to seal a cup for freshness.
4 / 5
UPDATE: With which less than the year of use, there is prendido doing properly. Still it dispenses to feed the majority of days, but seldom was means a quantity. A LCD exposed is broken entirely, and no longer can change some settings. I have it that leave always plugged in, with battery for backup, as it is not the @@subject to be able to. I do not know reason is prendido working.

Does like this announced, every day. It does not use a recorder voice. My cat is the little wary of him so that it dispenses to feed, which are to add reasons he so only atascadas on he during a day in place of immediately stuffing his type and then launching up. Impossible for them to open or stick his paws on inner to grab more feed, some starts of tray to wash, and did not touch it on or has included tried to do that. You love it.
4 / 5
I like this alot! im Using this for 2 cats, beginning like this patients to say yes laws for 2 cats IF your cats are to have action. For me this in spite of, has taken them this for my cats, cuz eats way too much, always when being overfed, was around 17-18 lbs.. And it thinks them has has lost already the lb or like this which is the start . I use it 3 times the day ( calms that can dip to 4 but is fat to the equal that of the the said) but yeah exited like this planned usually, any @subject. But again using me he for 2 fat cats that has any intention in sharing.. yeah Was a subject . Regarding the fix, has tried them dip some class of map or anything small that could separate it down a half on the one hand where some starts of lunch of.. And in fact it does enough very otherwise mine a cat would eat it all and another wouldnt has any one. So much it has required them to good sure that sews to separate. Now a thing is, he wont perfectly exactly give them half n half but his prójimo. It likes produced in general yes his add, doing like this expected usually,his all well. But has 2 cats and his wont action, waht the lol. If has one, is all the place and his very of confidence.
5 / 5
The But of this compraventa was that my cat loses of the weight (roughly 3 books). Has has declared his measures of the alimentary and is necessary. It has fractionated his lunches In 5 portions. In 6 months of mine habladuría the stray 2 books without having wins. They are very satisfied Of this cashier, simple to programmed and the cleaned. ALWAYS USED UNDER CAR of the SUPERVISION Is WHEN MEME OF THE ELECTRONICS. If I leave in the holidays joins the guardian come to feed it.
4 / 5
Was very happy with this feeder for some premiers few months. Work reliably and has dispensed a lunch of cat consistently.
Has added the bowl of superficial stainless steel, like another reviewer suggested, which was easier that clean and eat prevented to finalise in some rear corners of a semi-detached dish, where my cat could do not achieving.
This in spite of, has run finally to the question. My cat has discovered that when a feeder has operated, the pocolas alimentary pellets are remained in a chamber to dispense in place of falling to a bowl. It learns to clash a feeder to dislodge these pellets. After the while it was lifting he with his nose and it leaving drop with the bang to take these last small bits of alimentary to fall, and this is resulted a lot annoying, especially late at night and aim in a morning.
Am guessing this would not be the subject with big kibbles, as the majority of you can do not finding. But there is reverted to manual diet so that I can sleep by means of a night.
5 / 5
Used it now for several weeks. We are no longer wake up for hungry cats in a morning. Quite easy to dip on although need of instructions to be more complete (eg. Any one mentions of him on/was transmission or as to clear settings). Useful if the cube is maintained full. Utilisation the flattest dish so that both cats can use in same time.
4 / 5
The alimentary start is inconsistent and a time maintains to change even after being place of numerous time.
I pieces broken also of the plásticoes is exiting to a stuffs fed of the some place inside a car.
5 / 5
Has bought this for mine to Olanda Lop Butterscotch and loves it. This feeder is drawn for the cats and the dogs but is fantastic for small animal also. Mina Butterscotch his pellets to take in a morning and his veggies in an evening. Some days that are was for work, is hard to find any to go in 6am and 6pm to feed have dipped like this on a feeder to give his 6am pellets . It has been doing adds with a Sherwood Pellets that feeds. It dips up it was súper easy. This also will go in handy when they are in vacacional likes prime minister of mine so only has to that coming to a house to feed Butterscotch once in to an evening likes opone to 2 times the day. I love this unit. Highly recommend this unit for any with small pets.
Mina Butterscotch is release it roams house bunny.
5 / 5
This feeder of cat of the car does exactly as it has announced. I am impressed.

Setup Is simple. If you can program your clock of alarm, can program this. It likes more than men, I never annoyed partorisca look in some instructions and I imagined it everything out of final. A container feed resists the sizeable quantity partorisca feed - probably enough to last you the week or more with two cats!

There is enjoyed to record and that uses a characteristic of audio to call my cats - beautiful fresh functionality.

I only transmissions a thing in this product and concealed would be a capacity to spit a lunch to two separate bowls (an annex of different bowl??) And he a metal of bowls in place of plastic. A plastic will spend over time...
4 / 5
Like this, when I have bought this device, has not had a lot of negative critics.

I usually read some 1 descriptions of star and assumes will spend mine, and ask my self: ' it can you live with that?'

In this chance, at the same time, there was so only the pocola 1 star revises the one who has said that it arrest to dispense, but any one a lot another concealed it. Without a lot to go in, and a fact that has gone 4.5 stars at the same time, has decided to try my regime.

Well, To the left say REASON to dispense:

has 'paintbrushes' plastic this auger a lunch to a tray, and these plastic pieces are drawn to be flexible.

An only question is that they are not quite flexible, and @@tiredness over time. Once they , a device no longer properly dispenses to feed.

Also, a main auger component inside a cube sometimes resembles not turning neither. I can not look to see reason, like the engine is quite strong and does not touch to like is struggling, but there is something fundamentally bad with a whole creation of a unit.

All this to say: it does not squander your money. It calms that will want to at the beginning, but with which roughly 3-6 month, silently fail and unless has the enthusiastic eye, calm could not remark that your pet has loved is not taking has fed.

Has other feeders there ossia a lot comparable in prize and probably preform better.
5 / 5
This produced are really adds. A lot easy to dip on an alimentary time and the measures of portion have dipped. Registering your voice for your pet is the really pleasant characteristic.
An only thing will say is that our cat is a lot of result ready and achieves his paw on a spout where a regime eaten, as he grabs he extra kibbles when to the chair likes. But it likes that it is of easy to wash an inferior part where some pets eat of reasons he detaches and the very easy fact to clean.
This has done our life so easier reason when we exit for long periods of time, know our cat always will be fed punctually. Like this far, there is has not lost never to diet and had a product for on 1 year.
Very satisfied with this product. You recommend to all the cat and of the owners of dog. Marcos yours life the little easier, and maintains the happy pets and has fed.
5 / 5
Love this feeder and like this done my cat. I have dipped it to go each 12 hours and he maintains the time and he has left to sleep by means of a night. A recorder voice repeats 3 times and is easy to use so that the sample and functions of timer. Easy to clean removable plastic bowl and backup of battery in chance to be able to outage. It takes the stock exchange of measure of the half of lunch of cat and hard for the few months.
5 / 5
This feeder of car is simple to use, easy to customise with the wide variety to feed time and portions. A register of voice is class of the pleasant touch. It is calm and a lot startle a cat.

Mina a complaint is that it dispenses a lunch to the tray but any those play was and out of a dispenser a lot as well as the cat owes class to achieve in to exit for the half a portion has dispensed every time. Perhaps the bit of a corner down in a tray to do fault could correct this in a future.
5 / 5
Has received this interior of feeder two days to order he with free nave regulate, so that the things remain at the beginning well! Like this far, this feeder is treating a lot well. It is a lot sturdier that has been expecting, and dispenses a correct quantity to feed punctually. Has the snap-upper lid, which our cat has not broken still in to, included although it can see a lunch by means of a clear plastic. I want that this unit has AC adapter, and I only plan to dip battery of backup in him when it goes was for a weekend. I programmed it to dispense two times daily, as we no longer take to wake on prompt in some mornings, which is fantastic!! The the fair has bitten to research on-line before I have chosen this unit, and chair that has done a right election!
4 / 5
Like this far am pleased with this feeder of automatic pet. The this in spite of seats from time to time can be give the small bite more than me has programmed for some controls of stops of portion. Some animals were the little apprehensive has bitten roughly his at the beginning, but has learnt now a schedule and wait for his feed to fall. Has has had so only these products this in spite of for the little the month, as I am expecting that it resists up for the long period to time to consider a big cost.
4 / 5
Has had this feeder for just down 3mths. Another that loosing the minute in a clock each month or like this, adds, until until this week when it is lost 3 diets that am conscious of..

Am using this to feed my cat, like this kibble is quite small that has to that that any jam a feeder..

Needless To say, considering a prize, are the little there is disappointed.
5 / 5
Simple the regler, 4 pair to eat the day is parametrable. Lucida The discharge is a lot of bows, my cat any one a step reussi open meme apres several months. Lucido The reservoir contains roughly 2 weeks of alimentary, his battery have had to that 3 month.

Touch his signal negatifs, the clock deregle to the edge of the time then fails for the dipped to the hour all his 1 or 2 month. Lucida The discharge is not etanche, a small jointed would help for the save the lunch more fraiche.
5 / 5
Well Give the 5/5 reason he really all want to and was súper easy to setup and muse on some settings. Quickly I have imagined it was like this to dip each one that like this of some 4 lunches and the one who portions for my two cats. It resists so more foods that mine leading feeder. A characteristic of register is ordered.

Can be more than an occasion for improvement of product but no really the enormous defect. When A kiddle the drops to a paving is class of strong. A tray is plastic. Perhaps it has been it classifies it softer that hule that it could dampen a noise. Part of of the this is alive reason in the modest paving. Some eats that is likely to wake me is one some in 12am and 6am. Of course... If it is not a sound of a kibble wake me up is a force with those launches of mine of cat of an after the pillow of mine concealed .
5 / 5
I have required the feeder of new cat with which having another adds a partorisca 5 years that my cats so only outsmarted... It take patient of coming house to all an alimentary falling was reason had attacked the on or opened it. This one has the cat-lid of test, a lot of different settings partorisca time and portion, and the clean creation. My subject only is some keys , which look partorisca be neither a lot sensitive to touch or no sensitive at all, and has not imagined was like this partorisca do to to the things like to them the transmission a time on he without entirely resetting a car, included with following instructions. Otherwise, Is the device adds .
4 / 5
Has bought partorisca my cat and the law adds. Any one the big to the equal that will do adds partorisca cats and of the small dogs. It do not resist quite eaten for big diets. It dispenses alimentary portions quite near of that says, but really depends in a measure of a lunch. It has had to regulate consistently to a lunch of cat I use. The instructions are easy, but has to that press a key closely everytime any program any @@subject the one who some instructions say. It has thought he no when that program a voice, but key closely of the first push and work? The voice is a lot clear like the cat comprises. In general you buy again.
4 / 5
Games to feed my dog 48 lb
block Him of revendedor all lucido time his ailettes inner is already plier with which 2 utilisation of month !??? I recommend it do not touch of the the fat portion can be small dog with giving small seed but a lot the fat Peppitte
5 / 5
This feeder is awesome!! The works add!! Utilisation for my sphynx cats:) they eat the raw alimentary diet but I will dispense kibble once the day like the bite/extracted. This kibble the dispenser can be programmed until five different times the day, as I do not owe that worry in your pet that takes quite eaten. Really it likes-me the mine. Also it likes that it gives of an option for battery bc if your poden starts, your pet still takes fed different some of another some concealed does not have an option of battery.
4 / 5
A product is surprising. I think a portion sized is inaccurate this in spite of. Has my cat on 1/2 the short the day (lunch 1, 2 portions; lunches 2-4, 1 portion for lunch) totalling 5 portions. There is always enough the bit has left on.
Has taken this for my cat to the equal that leaves the value of days of alimentary is gone in the time eats too much and takes to ail. It has not been patient of then using this system.
Súper Easy to dip and love an option of register of the voice.
A box an element is gone in was wayyy the big. It feels like the waste of materials. But ossia an only complaint .
5 / 5
Easy to program, the work adds. It recommends plugging in and using battery to safeguard against can outages. 4 stars because the calm desire could do less than 2 tbsp, and some measures do not look like this compatible to the equal that could be,

Our cat has taken increasingly feed aggressive in some last few years. It is the rescue and is always alimentary state insecure, not leaving never anything in a bowl. On some years have tried all- treat balls, hiding a lunch are geles', feed on slowly feeds slow etc.. But each one which mealtime (3x/day) he meow incessantly sooner and more collected before it was fed. To a point where begins to bite and lining yes seats his lunch has not gone punctually. This was the last resource , and with which two weeks he a lot the knots that annoy anymore! It knows that a feeder will dispense his lunch, and always goes to be in the poster that is hailed with kibbles. It is fact adds like this far and will feel so much better exiting for the day or a weekend that knows his lunch will not have gone inside an hour to leave.
4 / 5
These works of what perfectly! It can be estimated 6-7 stars... Any need to use a recorder voice, after reading the description of Client has purchased this one with absolutely any remorse.... Justo perfects.... Recommended +++++ Easy to progam, sturdy, and like this punctual a lunch statrs to fall, my careers of dog to take is lunch ... It does not buy economic 50-$70 unit.... You will finalise to buy this one in all the chance or encircled just your money if no...
5 / 5
Like this far like this good! I do not have any complaint with this feeder. It dispenses so only a right quantity to feed for our tubby kitty and calls his name quite clearly.

Take our little type some taking used to, as it does not know was sure to go in.

An only complaint has is that his lunch takes estuck' near of an alimentary hole as it can not take in him, wish a stuffs there is had the bit of a corner so that down.
4 / 5
The law of product adds. I have it plugged in with the installed batteries and any subject. My cat always thinks shes starving (in 6kg, the doubt concealed) can stick his paw by means of a fall and take the little kibbles but this takes his considerable endeavour and so only take kibble of a next diet. There is gouged a fall, hard plastic like the majority of cats a lot, but does not effect a unit. Still it finalises with a same quantity to feed the day in 2 day/has fed. With some his installed battery quite inferior heavy, she cant touch it on while in a paving, Ive has looked the sound tries. Cleaning a tray is easy. Amur A product still, 1 year later, and would buy it again.
4 / 5
Finally my cats can not take his paw in a dispenser! Woo hoo! Dipping on a feeder has not been hard. So only drawback is that no tip a program of schedule of the diet, I so that there is at the beginning has thought that a feeder has required to be reset each one that 24 hours. Unsure an all an empty lunch was in a headline how is class of the plan in a sees I supposition. Vendor a lot always questions of compatible response :(