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Top Customer Reviews: Me Against ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5 Dalia
Taken this album when it was in the first place released behind in '95. An album debuted in 1 on announces when it was liberto (superseding Bruce Springsteen) and has dominated a month of April '95 in some maps - all while 2pac was in prison. An artist with a number 1 album in some the EUA while in the prison speaks volumes.

Classical album. 2pac animadamente describes that it spends for and feeling in that then, while still when being at the head of his time (likes quota of his papers and the clues are appropriate today to the equal that have been of tower then). In my opinion, his better work; crude, real, sincere and true. The Some people can not liking some of of a production of clues but take the moment to really listen to the each song and listen to some papers - repeat ecessary likes a bit the things am listened a 2nd or 3rd time around.

For real the masterpiece, that considers a controversy that surrounds this man. Any subject where calm of, which run, the one who circumstances; the people could relate his in a way or another. An artist that can transcend his message to everything is for real value a title - an of a more add if more the add all the time.
5 / 5 Maye
2pac And Biggie near in Heaven. If you do not know roughly lucido so only grab a cd then will know.
5 / 5 Yen
It struggles Gems Here, Pac 4never. It wins it Sucks on repeat.
4 / 5 Vanita
At all but well lounging Pac vibe in this good album forms a start to an end of him!
4 / 5 Alfreda
Swimming but well lounging Pac vibe in this good album forms a start to an end of him!

Top Customer Reviews: All Eyez On Me ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 28 ratings
5 / 5 Latasha
Excellent service, punctual delivery. I am exited and has taken the work in Burger Rey like the boy as it can purchase this album during highschool which cost $ 65 CAD has retreated then. I left it to any first to begin university that was familiarised with by means of mutual highschool the friends and she have flown basically he of me any when returning never. I bought it again during my first year in pupil of law. I have moved past gangster rap but Tupac always will be an inspiration partorisca me and from time to time although a music is mainly violent and obcene, always there is the durable impression, knowing to to any one him me like the one who was black and has come from/come from a gutter could achieve the success that can also together with more to all the cost of class, state, gender or race. Bolt of real music partorisca always.
4 / 5 Dena
A content of a CD can not be contested; these are some of 2Pac better jams, worthy of any collection that has spent the hip of this era hop. My only flu is that a remaster there is cranked on some bass and loudness like this exited like this artificially weighed in both ends. It have preferred I register it more neutral, this in spite of can see like this can be that they want to retune things to better access a gender. Any way, is partorisca fly he less than $ 5, and the must partorisca yours collection.
5 / 5 Tomiko
If you want to PAC, knows that this album was definite. Your merit of collection partorisca have this piece of vinyl in him. The double album adds with everything of some more utmost swipes
5 / 5 Alyse
Fast nave, produced excellent, exactly as it has described.
5 / 5 Vernice
While earth I the chick of hood, rollin' around bumpin' this like this strong like my Ford stereo the system will leave. StreetCred
5 / 5 Lucio
It gives it the shot, any pun has feigned seriously are the ENORMOUS defender !!!
5 / 5 Janey
An album is class of bland in some points, but is to good sure an iconic album, and the cost required partorisca any hip-hop boss.
5 / 5 Eleonor
Ossia My vinyl of prime minister , very pleased.

Has shipped 4 fast days that estimativa original also.

2 thumbs up!
5 / 5 Nicolle
The better album of Tupac wants the nave of reward service very reasonable very good.
Thank you
4 / 5 Wan
It produces like discribed. 4 near of the vinyl was new mark and there is sealed. Fast delivery any question.
4 / 5 Chante
A lot of unhaopy with a condition of a CD is a lot streaky and skips would not purchase of book of marvel and video
4 / 5 Precious
Classical album, the prize adds. In my mailbox in 2 days. Material adds.
5 / 5 Danika
Wants this cd def one of a better 2pac album of all time! rippac
5 / 5 Tobias
CD add, taste like this avenges before a time of arrival has estimated, love an album and concealed is my description
4 / 5 Rufina
Amazing album, really exhibits Pacs talent like the true mc, classical album
5 / 5 Rosanna
the chance is Coming CD has broken entirely law well but a container wont has included near properly
5 / 5 Lucia
Rap is the creative source of music. We have had such classical albums have released in a past like a controversial album "Well Outta Compton" for , a anti-political album " it takes the Nation of Millions..." For Public Enemy, " it Pursues DMC" partorisca Run DMC, a estupefaciente "Unfinished Subject" for EPMD, of is album the fine plus of the cost "Ready partorisca Die" for A Notorious ., One twisting "Enter a Wu-Tang" for Wu-Tang Clan, he gueto statement "Illmatic" for In the, one that blows alcohol "Mecca and Brother of Alma" for Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth But any way in hell can all compare to some utmost more rap albums of all time, "All Eyez on Me" for Tupac Amaru Shakur.
To a bit those that, 2Pac was a More adds them rapper of all time, to an a lot, is looms it the society. Mina, was my favourite professor . Some people could not see by means of 2Pac, all could see was aversion, controversial, question and worthlessness. 2Pac Was any way in hell in bylines to any of these words. Raisin for hell and behind this in spite of directed partorisca maintain it real. 2Pac Was an only rapper, of my point of view, concealed really could comprise rap music. He rapped with a legislation rappers and has spent a better out of all the world.
'96, The time rap has begun partorisca fall. 2Pac Is Remained out of prison and has had a lot of songs written while do lacking time in prison. All these songs have been dipped to the east, a first double disk album in rap history. Released under Record of Row of the Death, this album there has been the WHOOPING number of appearances of guest. Of a west cost, has had a Dogg Book, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Richie Rico, And-40, C-Bo, one infamous OUTLAWZ, Big Syke and more. Of an east cost, has had Man of Method and Redman. Everything near, has created unfadable pieces of materials. It can go in and on roughly the one who ESTUPEFACIENTE this album for real is but I a lot of then has taken partorisca maintain this short. 2Pac has SPOKEN a truth all a way here, roughly died, in his prophecies, roughly life, roughly life in a gueto and the deepest meanings. There is the number of classical songs in this CD but in an end, has has had to that averts them until 4 songs and is: Ambitionz Az the Ridah (the beaten infamous for Daz is so only rugged and 2Pac the papers are believed like this likes hell!), The Only god can Me Judge (groovy beaten and untouchable papers for both 2Pac and Rappin'), Are not Crazy in Cha (the crazy but sweet beaten for Daz is just heart-animating and incredible. Absolutely IT ADORES a piece of the piano in this piece adds of music. Danny Chico really resplandores here, also) and Ratha Be Already . (The mix of Bootsy Collins "enough it was With you" so only it is in amazing. Richie Rico really shines here and 2Pac the papers are incredible, like this always). A whole album is so only the master piece and can listen to the each SONG without skipping. 2Pac has RELEASED also he WHOOPING number of songs of of the this:
1. Amur Of California- the hymn of Calas, was originally Dre song but gave it to 2Pac in an end
2. Heartz Of Men- Quik the production is like this raw and 2Pac goes ALL Is gone in this clue
3. Picture M Rollin'- a lot of sweet feels his, although it have preferred the ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME
4. All Extreme Or- clue of good party but I never really taken partorisca the feel, would have preferred AMBITIONZ AZ A RIDAH
5. They Are not Crazy in Cha- a song with a video that foretold 2Pac dead
6. 2 Of Amerikaz More has wanted to- Daz the production is so only incredible in this album. Snoop Really the starts clean here and 2Pac has more than the fast time here
7. That Does Or Loves He- has thought a video to this was wicked, box partorisca expect sees a uncensored version! It follows of the party adds
is been 7 years of then 2Pac the death and find still am listening to this work of art like being of tower in '96. It was not that 2Pac he but he have had something to really take me hooked in his music. It listens to classics likes Run DMC and the Public enemy then listens to 2Pac, has bet will feel the difference of entity. I never really seen 2Pac like him rapper reason have thought that was calm really has joined teachings of life and that some people that listens his music was his students . I have learnt so much of this man: a world is the gueto, the amour is not partorisca perfect, a gueto is the serious place partorisca be in, any partorisca ruin your life in the young age, does not take a lot of sht of any and more. It was not that it was bad with some means comunicacionales, a way has treated 2Pac was entirely unfair. Ignore each bad thing listens roughly 2Pac reason once listen his, instantly will fall enamoured with his music. When 2Pac Has died, rap died with him and at all there is concealed does not go it never partorisca spend behind the life.
. TUPAC AMARU SHAKUR, 1971-1996, Is in the hands of the god now.
5 / 5 Katrice
A content of a CD can not be contested; these are some of 2Pac better jams, worthy of any collection that has spent the hip of this era hop. My only flu is that a remaster there is cranked on some bass and loudness like this exited like this artificially weighed in both ends. It would have preferred I register it more neutral, this in spite of can see like this could be that they want to retune things to better access a gender. Any way, is partorisca fly he less than $ 5, and the must partorisca yours collection.
5 / 5 Melonie
Ossia The double double album with 4 record partorisca the prize adds. All some memories of chilling in a stoop with some homies of a hood.
4 / 5 Jannie
A timeless album of the legendary artist. Unfortunately this playback the quality is severely dissatisfying and on 50 of an album skips and can not be listened to.
5 / 5 Danyell
2.os The times have ordered this album and he is not playable, has received the different vinyl the different band and sum. Not even that goes partorisca annoy with a hassle partorisca return again. Like this disappointing 😞
5 / 5 Kiera
want to PAC, knows that this album was definite. Your merit of collection to have this piece of vinyl in him. The double album adds with everything of some more utmost swipes
4 / 5 Tyree
Fast nave, produced excellent, exactly to the equal that has described.
5 / 5 Carmella
Gives the shot, any pun has feigned seriously are the ENORMOUS defender !!!
5 / 5 Vi
I so only has taken this vinyl and all 4 elepé skip and grieve playable. It is this common? Some disks looks partorisca be warped and not turning well.
4 / 5 Katia
Produced like discribed. 4 near of the vinyl was new mark and there is sealed. Fast delivery any question.
4 / 5 Jeniffer
CD Add, taste like this is coming before a time of arrival has estimated, love an album and concealed is my description
4 / 5 Tobias
amazing album, really exhibits Pacs talent like the true mc, classical album

Top Customer Reviews: Death Row Greatest ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 19 ratings
5 / 5 Enoch
Amazing album. 5 stars all a way. Has some dope remixes too much. A negative only thing can say is there has no quite dogg book. There is the pocola another row of artists of death that would owe state comprised too much but the calm supposition so only can plant like this songs in an album
4 / 5 Verena
A Better of Record of Row of the Death on 2 cd is, CD 1 HAS a majority of the row of the records of death attacks MAIN & CD 2 has clues more classical with several scarce remixes of well of known swipes.
4 / 5 Denae
Has bought last the year and I love it! All the world has touched he for loves it. It is reason his never comprised All Eyez On Me or Doggfather or a Makaveli Album. It is to maintain some albums that sells in planting to dip all some attacks on here and the arrival that takes cannibalized.
5 / 5 Twyla
A must has for any the one who has on grown in the era of one 90 of hip hop! The classical west cost the calm tune can appreciate throughout again...
5 / 5 Johanne
MASTER !!!! I have had this c.D When it was younger and has not been able of the find anywhere. It is the little pricey but yes school old taste rap, then cost the !!!
4 / 5 Romana
This round-up of two disks of the unexpectedly better records of the row of death is in fact a bit of the mixed stock exchange like outside of his early swipes of a prime minister two so only issued (Dr. Dre "A Chronic" and Snoop Doggy Dogg "Doggystyle"), it takes odd directions in his elections. There is a Cube of Gel classical, "Any Vasoline" that has said . And it has been registered first of the row of death was included to focus. So only two of a seven 2Pac clues that is comprised here has been recorded in fact during his days of Row of the Death. A rest is in fact aim Pac registers of the his Interscope days (this in spite of " it touches Out of A bit Liquor" it has been released on Row of death "On A Rim" soundtrack.) A good portion of disk 2 is poured in remixes of songs of Row of classical death that is comprised on disk 1. So only a "To the left Stroll me" remezcla looks to cost a space. An original "To the left Stroll me" it is nowhere to be found neither is an original "Dre Day". A remezcla of some characteristic last vocals of Jewell in some beaten old with any of Dre or Snoop original papers. In fact, neither it contribute his at all. A never-before-has released "Those who Been There, It" for J. Flexx Is a prime minister of a lot has said that the row of death would release to attack leading producer, Dr. Dre. It would have been better has left he out of the "swipes more utmost" the album like his inclusion looks innappropriate. Another marks new song, Daz "Me In Your World-wide" it is the quite good addition although he any up for a lack of Dogg Book classics concealed has not done a yard. There is not any song of "Dogg Feed" or "All Eyez On Me" to be found here. "Swipes more utmost" it is the must -buy for some data-defenders of Row of the hard dead person but he would have been a lot has comprised more than the his classics (" rule", "Deep Coverage") as well as has lose songs and scarce B-to to sides like 2Pac "Ache", Dogg Book "So only Doggin", and a Dr. Dre B-Side "Sippin' In Tanqueray and Puffin' On Blunts" like opposed to the number of known good swipes that his seal any included has produced. An inclusion of "Maintain His Bosses Ringin" and "Paste In' On" it was selections quite good but for one the majority of part, possess his first few emissions, probably calms will not find anything the value that buys in this Row of death "more than" collection.
5 / 5 Leandro
A logistics of having legendary, fines-to the artists of platinum likes him the dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Tupac And other laws of West Cost veteran under a same ceiling today is alcohol numbing. Before money, ego, and the beefs are gone in a way , all these MCs Records of the row of death marries call. Of 1992 to 1996, Suge to focus of the knight was one the majority of compatible selling focus in rap- all his emissions have been at least platinum until 1996 Christmas on Row of death. To celebrate a success of these years of glory, has the row of death Attacks more Utmost, he 2-CD band of hymns of classical West Cost.
A first disk is for far a strong plus of a two, as it comprises clues of some classical emissions Some Chronicles and Doggystyle. To to The Songs like 'Nuthin But Of A G Thang,' 'Ginebra and Juice' and 'Is not Very Fun' is' obvious elections for inclusion. This in spite of, there are some odd surprises, likes Cube of Gel is 'Any Vaseline,' the clue of classical battle in spite of a fact that the cube has not gone never on Row of death. Although Tupac has been signed to Tha Row in 1995, everything of his appearances on Disk 1 coming from/come from his early career. With a vast catalogue Suge the knight has had to choose of, his odd that decides to purchase some legislations to these songs for this emission. Still, an album is no worse thus fact. In spite of sustaining bit it too strongly in a Chronic and Doggystyle, Disk 1 corrects with 'Afro Puffs,' a Lady for the moment of Anger of glory. For any the one who has forgotten, the anger has skills and spare flavour in a Dr. Dre-the clues have produced:
In place of cointinuing the legacy of Row of death chronologically on Disk 2, Suge opts instead to pack he with remixes of songs on Disk 1. Ginebra ' And Juice (Remezcla)' and 'Lil Gueto Chico (Remezcla)' do is to adapt an auditor of the superiority of an original. A remezcla to Tupac are ' Taking Around' is horrible, laced with saxophone directly of the adult irradiates contemporary. A bit those that R&B songs that Row of the death is not never state represented in a form of Jodeci is 'Come Until My Room' and Danny Chico is 'Come When I call.' Disk 2 is the mixed stock exchange in an end: a Toneless Dr. Dre-diss 'The one who Been There, The one who Cela' (treaty for J-Flex) is balanced for wipe In Up.' A disk also gives Dat black Daz the casualidad to shine that it produces a hard funk of soye In yours World-wide' and a breezy, DJ Quik-esque 'To the left Stroll me (Remezcla).'
While Row of death the most Utmost swipes does not have any penuria of classical songs, when it consider the record of the clue of one focuses and enormous catalog swipes, this container is slightly underwhelming. Where it is esgulate,' 'Dollaz and Felt' and 'Amur of California'? Tupac Is All Eyez on Resulted the strike it the big plus of a focuses never, but is entirely ausenta here. But that considers the negation to progress of Row of death to a future (where is Crooked I, for a way?), The majority of Utmost swipes is steeply rooted in his glorious past.
4 / 5 Carissa
Deathrow There was once all and was once a More adds them rap focus never. You result it now the little ant. Partorisca Which do not know , Deathrow has been created for Suge Cavalier and Dr. Dre. Of this day from now on, Deathrow has gathered very utmost rappers likes 2pac (the legendary rapper), Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Born Dogg, Dogg Book, Life of Bully, Daz, Kurupt, Michel'the, Lady of Anger and more. This CD gathers an a lot of classics of the each one and each one which of these rappers. That I a lot really comprises is reason any of 2pac sooner classics is on here, likes soyaintain Already Boss On'? This is to be release under Interscope record and was before 2pac joined up with Deathrow. It looks the majority of Deathrow songs of vendors more final of Dres. Dre Is 'A Chronic' the Snoop is 'Doggystyle'. Also it has songs of Dre and the cube is 'Natural Been born Killaz', songs of 'Friday' to to the soundtrack likes soyaintain Of his Bosses Ringin' and some take-Tupac adds Shakur. Disk 2 is basically the CD of remixed versions of some original versions and also has some original clues.
In general an album is the classical and are adds to see Deathrow finally together place the CD that it is full of legendary and classical songs. Deathrow Use to be my preferred to focus record but with which Dr. Dre And Snoop Dogg finally breaking of some canals of Deathrow and 2pac planning on leaving Deathrow as well as taking killed, looks Deathrow has has died dulcemente. This in spite of has some separates disagrees on where 2pac the earliest swipes are looked in this album. I think that that this was bad as it was not signed the Deathrow but Interscope record. To to The Songs like soyaintain Already Of Boss On' and ' volume Around' does not have to that it has been on here still although they are utmost classics.
Some better songs in a CD are:
Dr. Dre- Nuthin But the G Thang
Snoop- That it is my Name
2pac- has loved to Suck
2pac- Paste 'In Up
Life of Bully- Game Out of the Little Liquor
Scarface- Smiled for me Maintaining
Snoop- Tha Shiznit
Dr. Dre- Maintain His Bosses Ringin
2pac- Maintain Already Boss On
Cube of Gel- No Vaseline
Dr. Dre And Cube of Gel- Natural Born Killaz
to a , Tupac Amaru Shakur. Your alcohol maintains the base of. 1971-1996
5 / 5 Hui
These chronicles of albums some strikes any big plus of the row of death registers' heyday in a prompt and mid @@@1990s. The majority of a classical rap the clues are here, of Dres. Dre "Nuthin' Except the G thang", to Snoop Dogg "That is My Name ", "Ginebra and Juice" and "it Is not very fun", to Cube of Gel "Born Killers Naturalidades", and 2pac "Me against a world-wide", " volume around" and " it Wins to Suck". Some of some other clues are obvious fillers , especially one 2nd disk, which also comprises remixes of "Nuthin' except the G thang" and "That is my name ". I think that that this would have been the much more cohesive album all some the better clues have been condensed to a CD, but seeing this is in hip-hop album, the insiemi of double disk are a norm , as I can very really complain. Ossia An only reason an album is taking 4 stars of me. Otherwise, Is, rightfully, as one of a better rap/hip-hop the never has released album, and to good sure would have to that occupy the something in the collection of CD of any defender. More, a digitally remastered the sound so only is that it surprises, partorisca say a less.
5 / 5 Major
This album is like a history of one 'Gangsta Rap' revolution. Start of a G-Funk sounds of Dres. Dre And Snoop Dogg to a paste of hard plus classics of Tupac Shakur this gives an overview of some attainments of Records of Row of the Death.unla Row of death Born Familiarised Members Dogg,Daz,Kurupt,Michel'the,and A Lady Of Cholera is looked of course on here as well as the guest apperance for Cube of Gel on 'Any Vaseline'.Everything of a classics is covered,and some unfortunately are covered two times for remixed versions.unases Original versions shouldnt has been messed with and more the room could be be give partorisca add even more ,any the one who enjoys a music of Record of Row of the Death or anything of one 1990 Gangsta Rap to the was would have to that verify this collection was.
4 / 5 Gerard
Like begin was to says does not comprise reason some reviewers has said that this album has all a classics and that any one remains era. I Excuse me to me??? That roughly some of Tupac songs? A Row of song of Tupac of the only death on here is Paste 'In Up. I do not have any idea because it Maintains Already Boss On, the heart has wanted, Me Against a World, volume Around, and the game Out of the Little Liquor is on here. That roughly Amour of California with Dr. Dre?? Ossia One of the majority of classical songs of Row of death. Also they would owe that it has comprised it 2 of Amerikaz The majority of Wanted with Snoop, also has Hail Mary. I do not comprise reason have not added any clues of All Eyez On Me or A 7 Theory of Day. Those were ENORMOUS albums . They would owe that it leave it it was some of Tupac songs older, any reasons are bad ( is all the utmost), but reason are not Songs of Row of the Death. Quell'Idiot decided to add these and leave out of an Amour of CLASSICAL California? Anything, outrage concealed, would have to has added some original songs Dre Day and To the left Stroll me. They are very better that a remixes. Has thinks that that this was the most UTMOST SWIPES cd. There is any reason to have clues of filler in the cd SWIPES MORE UTMOST has called. CD 2 would owe that it has called FULL more UTMOST, with some exceptions. Well, that averts, is the album adds . It has to that it weaves of classics and is good to listen them near. It can have created the better selection this in spite of. This would have been my election ... Dr. Dre: Dre Day, To the left Stroll me, Nuthin' Except the G Thang, Deep Coverage (of a film), Natural Born Killaz; Snoop Dogg: Ginebra and Juice, The one who Are I?, Lodi Dodi, The murder was a Chance (remezcla), Doggfather (reason has not been this classical on?); Tupac: Amur of California, 2 of Amerikaz The majority of has wanted, All Eyez On M, Ambitionz az the Ridah, Hail Mary, Swipe In Up, The one who Does Or Master is selections quite good. There are other good clues also. So only I do not comprise reason left it was the songs of Row of the Death of Tupac. They would owe that create another album of the swipes more Adds, and leave was all some fillers and remixes and so only release all some better songs of some artists of his Period of Row of the Death. This album is the very good collection this in spite of. All some songs are of sound for one the majority of part. I recommend it highly to any the one who enjoys that I cost west old gangsta was.
5 / 5 Catharine
These seals has had so many swipes and of the so many utmost artists to come thru likes Snoop, Dre, Daz, Kurupt, Of Lady Of Cholera, Michel'and, Tupac, and Born Dogg.
This album is to compilation of the swipes that diverse Chronicles up until the murder was a Chance and on Some soundtracks of Rim. Still Although ossia the album of double disk , the abundance of songs are remained was and couldve EASILY BE the four cd album. But they have added some utmost remixes the songs that is a prize added.
The songs add on here comprise:
Swimming But the G Thang, Aint Any Entertainment, Natural Born Killas, Afro Puffs, Ginebra and Juice, The one who Are I, Lil Gueto boy, Swipe IN Up, The Calm etc. Etc. Etc.
He shabby this in no way be disappointed.
4 / 5 Lou
There has to that well sure that a music is excellent, but there is the little too overlap with "A Chronic" & "Doggystyle" (for the half this CD), as you are taking to plot of the probably calm clues already the. I add remastered his, this in spite of. A lot of disk 2 is taken up with remixes of material of disk 1, and could have been better filled with different clues or some material of album a lot already sampled or any plus 2Pac clues. Still, the good value and to the entertainment adds if you do not want to go for some character CDs.
4 / 5 Haydee
A really fresh death row cd, be all of his more utmost swipes. Something really well in this cd, is that it does not leave out of swipes more utmost! The majority of collections of the swipes more are to do. And another really good thing in this album is, the row of death was one of a first focus of entity, as it has done alot of swipes. All some swipes are packed up in this cd.
Some very better songs on he (mine) comprises like this Snoop Dogg is That it is My name ? (The one who Are I)? It is Nuthin But A G Thang, 2Pac is 'the Paste of Dear/mamma In Up/ take around' and lady Of Bellow' Afro Puffs. A production really orders.
In my opinion, this has to that be a collection of swipes more the better orders never. It does not leave out of any one. Ossia The must -buy cd.
4 / 5 Lucila
Ur The gangsta and or dip the down for a westside, taste, or really would owe that take of this cd, this cd is directly on west cost, ...,biggie, Chico bad, and one east. This cd is a better cd of the time everything , looking cube of gel, dre, snoop, and my preferred rapper 2pac, person any never the best cd that this a, ... Chico bad, His Westside Box I Data, Watson Pure, Westside, will locate, and will locate given of boxes, spent this cd Sound A better, if you are to like it, the recomend or In peace, Pac
5 / 5 Shalanda
One of some compilations more Are to exit in recent history. Some the Better songs are no vaseline in eof some classical gave all the time, nuthin but the g thang creature, and any of a 2pac or snoop dogg songs. So only Continue ridin
5 / 5 Drew
this has everything of the most utmost swipes of row of death. It is AWESOME. Each song on is perfect and the classical. It does not leave out of any of some attacks
5 / 5 Camie
Perhaps one of a Row of the death of album has the better place was still... I love it... Everything is on that... snoop doggy dogg dr dre Cube of gel... The knight does !
4 / 5 Argentina
Ossia A timeless cd, or can listen his day in, the day was, or will not take NEVER PATIENT of him, first disk is for far better that a second a, but his fantastic closing!

Top Customer Reviews: The Iceburg / ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5 Rubye
Classical album, has not aged at all, will not be leaving my boys listen his this in spite of.
5 / 5 Kaylene
Quite possibly Hiela T better endeavour never. This CD extracted more with the censorship and another issues concealed has been a proscribe of a lot of artists of late. An inaugural clue with Jello Biaffra (Kennedy È died frontman) is the frightning look to a future of the country this is to be situate under marshall law and now has to that obey some govern each mandate to good sure. The majority of some songs here are of the a lot of darker character. Libertad of Tongue.. So only look that says is an obvious lashout in some groups that feels the liberty of the tongue would owe that be regulated and fulfil an approval of desiganted groups ( PMRC). A lot of artists have has has had questions with has said group due to the fact that it has been felt to be material offensive, so only ask Megadeth. Peel His discharge behind extracted gangwar and retribution. Many of some subjects have resisted inner is not good and enough but is subject of real life. A death and the destruction is something concealed any all the world can relate to, I for a has not assisted first hand a lot of a band has related happenings. They are real life for a lot of people although Some rhymes and the beaten is súper tight. The remarkable clues are Peel His Discharge Behind, My Word is Bond and a clue of title. It gives this one listens it. Well the value that chooses up.
4 / 5 Marisa
Thinks that ossia one of a ready plus rap album around. With which some police of focus he of the look has been to effect with business record, ice-T dipped this album was. Has everything in him to piss of a PMRC, but adds the message to the each song. A lot an old pornographer way to take around laws of obscenity to do his films the esocial commented, this album is full of violence and raw tongue, but glorifies neither. 'Peel His Discharge Backs' is the example adds, saying of the murder of revenge of the band and that aims that useless such violence is. The difference of an old pornographers and like the good author, Hiela-T the frames look further some words to surface that has shouted PMRC hair of with the and see that some words listen , and listen more afterwards will take a point. If you are interested at all in rap or social commentary, ossia the must has album.
4 / 5 Lucius
I I. Iceburg Is like this fresh and crisp here like lettuce that dares his name. Ice-T and gives rhyme sydicate be all up in here, and his word is bond .
Some starts of albums of a same way like the first album of the Black sabbath with an inaugural riff and thunderstorm, while the tolls of bell of spicy church for thee in a distance. It was not long before Harm And is cutting crossfades and a MC of MC is to be busting out of a dope rhymes of fly.
Afrika Islam And Donald D be gives house also with rhymes and rap this takes no smack. Peeling Spent behind, sexual adultrous escapades, and the thumbed nose to 1989 notorious PMRC.
A word a fresh plus has not listened never. Iceburg.
4 / 5 Tifany
This album can not be the "classical" album of 5 stars, but spends rear memories with each listen, and that so only is worthy of one 5-stars to estimate.
Each clue is sum , but a stand-was is a clue of party (clues 11 I believes). The, personally, still agree kickin behind in a porch and bumpin in this way of clue behind a day.
Included a skit in an album cost more than one listens.
He Loves old school hip-hop and of the one who have this album in your collection, the buy now.
5 / 5 Shakita
Sex, Violence, drugs, violence, hopefulness & uplifting, & mentions them violence? Everything of these are comprised in Gel T 3rd album 'A Iceburg/Libertad of Tongue'. This was an album fallen when the gel and another struggled for a legislation to say that it wants to say on wax(2 Alive, NWA, another) & a PMRC was hot in some rows of any those who dared to do like this. In the first place it was, this is not an album for a faint in heart. But if your good with this ossia in fact the quite tight album. One to this crazy like h--- for real. Then it sees to the rain of hot(Iceburg, Lethal Weapon, Black-N-Decker, clue of Title, the word is Bond )) all a way until an end. In all honradamente really does not have the bad clue in this perhaps a clue of party was also for me(still although dance to this sh-t behind some days). It is for real one of the better disk of the gel(probably the quota 3rd in general, OG when being a better & Power when being a 2nd better). It was political, pimpish, & gangsta like him muthaf---an is one. Well it validates at least the listen if any he cop(buying for you new school wankstas!!) It calms it does not leave already the mammas listen it!!
5 / 5 Ghislaine
Loves that it loves that it looks a whole rhyme syndicate that was tight back in 89 and also looks the lethal and calm weapon has touched calm ice t was the real brother and has said likes was in each cd of long alive an Iceberg.
5 / 5 Shawnda
This albulm is one of the his better. Has papers and beaten utmost. Ice-T is so only tha the man can not say much more concealed it. Also it has the guest apperance for Jello Biafra of Kennedy È died.

Top Customer Reviews: Music And ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Almeda
This album is quell'has bitten vulgar but love his voice! RASGA Born Dogg <3
4 / 5 Will
Well, here is a way is, Born Dogg has been always one of my favourite artists in a hip-hop game. After a @@@crumble of an empire of Record of Row of death, emission his first album of only, a mammoth West Coast masterpiece 'G-Funk Classics, Volumes I & II', but because of a poor distribution and on lacking a quickly disappeared album of hip-hop followers' memories. Well, with which that had been the year of career for Born, managing some hooks and vocals for several upper solteros of several upper artists that has given some mainstream appeal of pop, he finally signed with to focus of entity, Elektra, and has fallen his sophomore endeavour. Soyusic & Be the lean and more easy plus-to-take-in endeavour, and Been born the voice has not touched never better, but are the bit jaded.
Well, well, knows are kinda evening, 'the cause are so only now taking around to revise this album and is state was paralizaciones almost the year now, but took this long to form an opinion roughly the, and now, finally, has decided that way to go with my description. If this was any one another artist, this would be without the doubt the album of career for them, but reasons is the talent like Born Dogg, is, in better, a tentativa half. Man, hate that has to that say that, reason ossia my boy right here. True, a bluesy first only ' has taken Amour ' with this Donny Hathaway-for-way-of-sample of Charles of Ray is the good piece of music of rugged soul that we would have to please fan the one who has been ready to see more than this side of him. Sure, 'I Loyalty of Promise' looking Pharoahe Monch and 'Concrete Streets' have bumpin', hooks and beaten hypnotic with juice' a right quantity of introspection to do @gives there is more to this type that a typical caseous gangsterisms. But a fact of a subject is, this album feels very launched near.
So that it is some defects of albums ? Well, here it is a big plus one could come up with: WHERE it Is The FUNK!? His first album has been laced with a smooth sound, blunted of Long Beach summertime G-Funk, with production of Daz Dillinger, Warren G, some' another the one who has caused a place-rear, breezy feel of a West Cost rap scene. Well, they are no where to be found in this album, in fact there is hardly Any of some producers of West Cost of entity in some neighbouring east times around, averts of one follows for Battlecat and one follows of Fredwreck (Dr. Dre does not count ale of causes out of a West Cost). It conceal it is not to say a production is bad, reason further of the places is not , but producers like Bink, Megahertz, and, ugh, Jermaine Dupri so only does not resemble compliment his fashion all that well. To the sinister reassert me this: WHERE a HELL is Warren G in? I join him' Born has the chemist inconfundible near, and everytime has done neighbouring some results have been nothin' except classics. Like REASON spend on a casualidad to dip down another slick, summertime paste so only for defenders of knots of West Cost to clash while we are havin' to barbecue or rollin' in ours lowriders (or in ours beat-on old Neons that feigns is lowriders)? A better song in an album is, in my opinion, 'Another History', the very little ditty in Born that submerges for one-stands at night and his coldness to an amour of the woman. One of some reasons I like this song, another that a slick G-Funk has beaten, is that there is so only the clue of remorse and remorse in a unloving the man feels is resulted. To good sure, classical Born Dogg. Well, so to the equal that am bashing this album, probably are asking reason looks close to think quite highly of him. It is for one reasons: Been born the voice has touched simply never better before. It is taken richer and fuller with time, and, with some right producers behind the, thinks that is to good ready insurance to fall another classical sometime punctual. But soyusic & Me so only is not the.
He Love the pure Been born Dogg albums, take his prime minister a, a double-disk masterwork 'G-Funk Classics Volumes I & II' and indulge calm in his smooth harmonising and breezy, dipped-rear G-Funk beaten. And calm inclusa then has not taken your to fill of ol' Born Dogg, goes 'boss one choose on top of the east an up. So only know that put you in comparison his prime minister. For a better West Cost rap album of 2001, chooses on Warren G is 'A Turn of a Regulator'. There is exactly a class to feel-well, summertime music and smooth, that the funky beats that this would have to that it has had. And guess that? Born Dogg Is on there.
5 / 5 Tyisha
A big question was, could Been born Dogg together place he sophomore album in a level of a G that surprised-Funk Classics, Volumes I & II? A response would be yes, can. Although both beat-wise and material-wise in general, this album is not quite I so that it adds like his prime minister, he to good sure rival he. Born Dogg The voice is still smooth, and has a lot mentionable songs in this album. The production comes from/comes from Bink Dogg, Megahertz, Jermaine Dupri, Battlecat, Dr. Dre, And another. Also it has the wide variety of guests but also resists it down amiably in a tip of only often. Although ossia much more commercially that appeals that his leading album, still is extremely good and is one of some better albums to exit this year. Kurupt, Dr. Dre, Xzibit, Lil' Me it, Ludicris, Pharaoh Monch, Jermaine Dupri And Snoop Dogg also guest, together with another.
Some starts of albums were with some classical " it take Amour ", which is an amazing so only with his a lot of Donny Hathaway-for-way-of-sample of Charles of Ray. Some horns are good and Been born down on here. "Backdoor" It is also classical Born, and would not touch out of place in his first album. A song is roughly that loves the woman the one who has stuck with the man the one who extracted bad and Born can save. There is a lot of trombones, the definite tight has beaten. " It maintains it ." It is bouncy the song that looks Lil' Me it and Xzibit, with the funky the beaten of West cost and to abonos of Born Dogg and Xzibit. This in spite of, is not one of mine favourite, a song takes repetitive after the moment. " I promise Loyalty" it is the good clue with the horn a lot-the keyboard has beaten distributed by Honey-Man, and the good appearance of Pharaoh Monch. Door for behind it G add-Funk flavour. "Your Woman comes to Be Sighted" it is the decent song , produced for Jermaine Dupri. This in spite of, although it is funny and a bit smooth, a beaten is not G-Funk and does not go also with Born Dogg fashion. A heart is done amiably, and it verse of Jermaine is not bad. "Your Woman" characteristic he abonos beaten of Dres. Dre (The one who hardly produces anything well these days), but also dips in the to good. Born Sounds well in this clue. " It can no any Person" it is the funk-follows to take the backside to 1986 with Kurupt, the one who also dips in the good action. Has an old-to the pupil feels and organs in a fund, although no those surprised , is the good clue . "Another History" it is classical Born, in his plus refinadas, with the beaten emotional glorious and the smooth feels. You can say dipped his heart to this clue, the song of definite rewind. "Concrete streets" it is also the song adds, full of energy and add the beats have produced for Battlecat. Been born HAS the class of the jazz feels in this song, and also gives it shoutout to 213. "Real Pimp" characteristic Ludicris, and has the I beaten quite annoying but Born sounds a lot in the, and although never it liked me Ludicris a lot at all, dip the decent verse in. "Ditty Of a Ditty Don" it Is the quota dipped-the rear song that looks Snoop Dogg and A Eastsidaz, with a classical G-Funk keyboards, produced for Fred Wreck, those who has been doing beaten well for the long time. Snoop, Walk D and Born resplandor especially in this clue. "Music And Me" it is the good, dipped-song of only rear of Born Dogg, where goes back to his roots, music. It is the good transmission of subject @@@subject of whenever speech in women. " It takes Amur Remezcla" it is also a lot well, a bit it has beaten same like originals, but Fabolous and Kurupt both dipped down to very good. Especially Kurupt, totally rasga this on, and Born exited amiably. Too bad . Habladurías So only in his to and is not in a same level of energy, but does not ruin a song for any half.
In general if you are the defender of Born Dogg ossia the must -have, would estimate it on the full product roughly 4.5 stars. But that considers that it is state that goes in in hip-hop this year, Been born there is rid the classical album. There are the weak spots of pair in this album but there is roughly eight amazing clues in this album, and any of them is for real bad. A question is a production is not G-Funk in of the sure clues, and so only leave you the wishing was the little less superficial in time. This in spite of, Been born still has it, any underestimate him. To good sure the worthy album to spend money on.
4 / 5 Alona
I hyped this cd on sure and expected it to be add. Now I know I shouldnt has done that reason the expectations ALWAYS direct if disappointment. Thats Any to say a cd is rubbishes because the more to good sure isnt. C soyencima Now is Born Dogg! SO ONLY it can sing, it harmonises, it pours all the world is heart this year, frames wack tight, anything loves it call. He so only doesnt measured until his Double Disk have opposite G Funk Classics Volumes. You can ask reason am included that compares that to this album. A reason afterwards is listening to this cd, master more Born Dogg, meaning you will have to that retreat to the his first album. A prime minister is obviously better. Patient explains........
One first remarkable difference is some beaten . These beaten, likes opposed to his start is, sale more than the punch that the fact more bumpable. He a bit abandoned a jazzy, bluesy, soulful beaten in this album. Ossia Evident for some producers choose. Daz Dillinger, Warren G and other producers of a first album have gone and substituted with to to names likes him to him Jermaine Dupri, Bink, Dr. Dre, And Megahertz. Any to say that these producers are worse, his just that his no really compliment Born Dogg to to the fashion likes them Warren Of G done.
Secondly, Some appearances of guest are basically dull. Door in Lil Me it partorisca try and add the fire but she exits likes a afterthought. Pharoahe Monch Stops For in of the hopes to re-create a magic in Oh Any for true of me Promises Loyalty, while it is the good song , is not the classical. Kurupt Fallen he forgettable to in Cant Person ossia equally one the fault of beaten. Included Ludacris stops For in of the hopes to do another banger likes Codes of Zone but to any avail in Real Pimp. But ossia also the solid song and the value that clash. Although it likes him a Eastsidaz there of appearance in Ditty Of a Ditty Don is at all exceptional. That has done Fabolous included take a priveledge to be in an album? Favour for the Favour? In a remezcla to I Amour Taken his flow is surprisingly on aim it but that says is rubbishes.
With everything east says, unless it can not be Born Dogg or yes is fanatic looking Volume 3, ossia one of some better albums of a year. The remarkable songs comprise: Music & M, has taken Amur , Backdoor, Concrete Streets, Real Pimp, Your Woman, Another History, Ditty Of a Ditty Don. Really it recommends this cd reason is the worthy to listen and the yours collection of good addition.
4 / 5 Celine
All know that Been born D-Or-GG is a voice in a heart of like this club hoppin clues (Codes of Zone, Can Do not denying, B Please), but that knows concealed is the album is not Born alone prime ministers outing?
Falls an album, in fact the double album, the few years for behind the east has gone HIGHLY unappreciated. It is the solid only cd that alot of the people have known no never roughly. Now, Born has paid his has had to that and wants to aim his diversity in this bangin album.
Of a jump was, can say Born is in upper-form. " It take Amour " it is smooth r&b jam that Born raisin a whole way. Among an a lot of certificate bangers in this cd, " it maintains it " it is a definition of the west cost/Dr. Dre has beaten. This song is one of a cup five this year and Is Born Dogg better song.
Has a downside, which to good sure can be spent for big, is a plethora of appearances of guest. Of JD to Dr. Dre. Of Ludacris to Snoop Dogg. Obviously all this artist is paying Been born behind then do his swipes of songs. (P.ej. Dance Outta Control). So only it looks in timing that Been born is reducing to ONLY corner some hooks and leaving another rap some verses. Sure, Born Dogg is no lyricist likes Rakim, but is not like this horrible likes Nelly. It looks Been born does not like to sing some verses, and so only likes to sing some hooks, which the think the person would complain roughly. This in spite of, was well to see sing for him more often, the cause can spend songs for him (ej. Fiancée Alligence, has taken Amur )
in an end, yes can appreciate the one who Born , require this album. If all has listened you of him is "Codes to Describe" and " it Can it do not deny," calm REALLY need this cd. It is the album adds that has to that no, but more probably will go spent for big.
4 / 5 Waneta
First of all when the look for the album well want them something can listen them to all a way by means of without half boring and concealed has to that have variety. Born Dogg Is soyusic & Spent so only concealed.
1. It takes Luv - Born so only with old skool the type has beaten
- another so only Been born the song with the lighter has beaten
He - str8 gangsta to the song likes them the view of a title Xzibit,Born,& Lil soyo all the resplandor
4. I promise Loyalty Intro - only dulls moment because of pointlessness
5. I promise Loyalty - a lot musically different clue and Pharoahe Monch the delivery is like this smooth
the arrivals of woman to Be Sighted - song of classical club with JD spending that it attacks beat
Woman - to to the beach likes them the song with adding Dre the west cost has beaten
't Person - DPG likes song with his Dogg Book hommie Kurupt
Counts - the smooth song very slow like old soul
Streets - Born so only with those strikes have beaten
11. Real Pimp - song to write slower with Ludacris coming with some very pleasant rhymes
Of a Ditty Don - Snoop Dogg & Tha Eastsidaz come to the long of to do this heavy song registers a lot of enjoyable with something so only especially Goldie Loc
13. The music & One - the clue of title is the personnel a lot very heartfelt song to write
14. It takes Luv(remezcla) - is faster that an original and door adds ryhmes of Fabolous,Kurupt,& is the a lot of budy likes song that Born helps to the long of a lot very
A lyricaly and musically the interesting album is together place here for hip hop man of soul.
4 / 5 Alethia
In his sophomore emission, Born Dogg dips quell'advances plethora of smooth funked-on clues, many of the which are executed amiably, with the few swipes to the long of a way.
The one who "Music & Me" it suffers it is a overabundance of appearances of guest, some duquel of the one who do fault any purpose at all another that to have a name listed in an album and attract that it bases of partidário of the artists for the buy. An album would have been very better with the majority of clues of solos more than collaborations.
A production in an album isnt bad, but some follows exited bland. Also, Born doesnt gives all his endeavour in the little lackluster clues, which really hurt one in general feels of an album.
"Music & Me" faults a diversity and the only add follows that "G-Funk Classics," his prime minister so only, had in abundance. But his still the good album is the defender of his sound, or is so only lookin for music to kick behind to.
4 / 5 Lashaun
Has not thought Never would respect anything same remotely R&B-like in his, but has listened then to Born Dogg. In fact, I have it quell'has thought always Born was so only the type of backup, the one who hooks for people. The majority of a material has listened was clues of the albums other people, like this Xzibit is Multiply, WC is Some Streets, etc.
has chosen then on soyusic & Me . The album adds, in my opinion. Been born The aims still can kick he with some people that has done - Dre and a crew of Consequences. One follows 'Yours Woman' looking Dre is the song adds, and some other remarkable good clues comprise 'A Played looking Robs Black and 'Backdoor' that has the very good sound.
Some clues soyaintain the .' It is well, but like write those who posted the description before I signalled was, one instrumental is so only BAD. When I listened It in the first place, a crisp mecanized voice in a hook so only hurt my ears. But Xzibit and Lil that to me up for him to spend his rap to a table.
In a whole, ossia the album adds has has not liked him never anything with Born in a hook.
4 / 5 Carrie
Born Dogg The album has expected long "Music and Me" it is a lot well, but it is also at all astounding. Born Dogg So only goes with those works and took any real artistic risk in this album. An album covers a material of subject usual and something of guest of the characteristic of Snoop and a Eastsidaz, Fabolous, Monch, XZIBIT, Ludacris, Lil Me it, Kurupt, and more. Each song in an album is good to add but there is at all that surprised and a lack of clues is class of disappointing also. Also, it have enjoyed the appearance of G of Warren in an album. In general this in spite of, is the good album that cost to purchase enjoy Born Dogg.
4 / 5 Elene
Has undermined always Born Dogg but no door never he Dogg is Likes Mark Jackson(New york Knicks Guard of Point)of there is far more Assits that knows but when a Light is Lucida on usually can Do not spending.&Ossia Like me listens Been born Retreated a lot up is like this the yard goes to Blow On Born reasons is there but when has His falls of occasion to be too hands in a Soup takes Stray& it result it Outsider looking in Guy has Helped was A lot of but is Mark of time in planting to Be a Guard of Point for like this another concealed there is Benifited was Lucido.

Top Customer Reviews: The Slim Shady LP ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5 Francoise
Formed: elepé the Record vinyl touches like this well, basically has taken this partorisca give my adolescent boys an impression his dad is partorisca say them but no the Format 🙂
4 / 5 Hilton
of hate: elepé Formed Record: the elepé Registers A Format
4 / 5 Dolly
partorisca begin: the elepé Registers One of Eminems better albums of all time.
5 / 5 Maritza
Formed: Record of elepé Was the present , but a recipient is a lot happy with him.
5 / 5 Catrina
Formed: the elepé Registers Any a lot of difference among a vinyl and CD QUALITY still the album adds.
5 / 5 Angeles
This fantastic album, Eminem when it does not give a F. All grow up and mature out of this phase but his amused the jam to this and agree like a legend has begun. A pressing is partorisca add some times rap the albums can be subpar on vinyl but this one is well. Some beaten in this album is like this well could take some papers altogether this in spite of six the good album , dr dre that does his thing.
5 / 5 Juliane
The vinyl touches like this well, basically has taken this partorisca give my adolescent boys an impression his dad is partorisca say them but no the hate 🙂
4 / 5 Yael
Was the present, but a recipient is a lot happy with him.
5 / 5 Shaneka
Any a lot of difference among a vinyl and CD QUALITY still the album adds.

Top Customer Reviews: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 17 ratings
4 / 5 Dennise
Ordered this element two times and has had to that return both they so that it was mislabelled. I have ordered a Uncensored version ( the contained Explicit Advisable Parental) and received with a focuses appropriate in a front. This in spite of both elements were in fact one has has censored versions and indicated in a @@@back cover.
5 / 5 Kami
Ossia To good sure a better rap record of all the times. It was hesitant to order he because of some descriptions that says it has not been an explicit version but in fact is. In spite of a @@@back cover that says censored on one swears words when the calm touch is a uncensored version. I have loved estaca this revises so only to clear that for another request if it is a version censored or no. In spite of a be of @the @@back cover has censored a real album is uncensored.
4 / 5 Vivan
Although has paste the 'Explicit' his words are censored. They are this in spite of the car disappointed joins the good part gives the words is court (30 % games several songs)

Besides the last part of the album to a defect to manufacture that does gricher he pendant of edges to the moin 3 minutes.

A lot disappointed Touches an album legendaire
5 / 5 Daniell
a record has indicated was explicit but to good sure was a clean version.. Like this basically a whole album was beeped
4 / 5 Pearline
Ossia a version has censored . Detail a lot of the entity has to that the left is gone in a description. It has not been once written in a description. And a photo has some explicit papers in a coverage. There is ruined entirely an experience.
4 / 5 Jammie
A elepé the whole is censored????? Kinda Ruins for me IMO. Kinda Likes overcooking the steak.
4 / 5 Jodie
Although a listing of the product said in explicit papers, ossia a clean version of an album. Be prepared to listen the plot of has has censored songs.
5 / 5 Idella
5/5 While quality of his east there which is, 100 flawless.. The I Desires have had a lp opens up or have some dre pictures and illustrations and material. It looks class of economic when there is so only one 2 lp is stuffed in a sleeve. Especially when in my venue of record tent is also (took it to them on here)
4 / 5 Eli
A coverage said 'of the explicit papers' , when you have burst a record on, is at all but blanked was (censored) words. Any to the equal that has looked for. Returned this immediately!!
5 / 5 Jenee
CD adds. My husband has purchased this partorisca his business mate in China the one who had not listened never of Dr. Dre. His mate has loved that!! The present adds, the one who the classical!
4 / 5 Elnora
Hell Yeah!!! Dr. Dre Is my preferred Rapper and Producer!!!
His Rap is A lot of[good, knows is not a better but master in all the chance!]
But are fukin' sure that it is a better Producer NEVER!!!
Can Produce Tonne partorisca DOPE has BEATEN!
One of one the majority of artist that imports in Rap Biz!!!
Dr. Dre first Chronic album is to good sure the TIMELESS CLASSICAL, is the classical while calm listen it!
And this a, 2001, is another CLASSICAL!!!!
Start with the Intro "Lolo"
"A Watcher" Dre has to that the to the left know that it is A Watcher of this Rap Game! The papers add and Utmost has Beaten! 4.5/5
"FXXX YOU" he habladuría of song in Hoes, swimming of individual but the value listens in all the chance! 3.5/5
"Still ." One to give More in this album! It DOPES it BEATS to look Snoop Dogg sing a Hook! 5/5
"big Ego " material this is not the bad song, but after listening this time of pair of the album, beginning to skip is one! 3/5
"XXplosive" This one without Dre Rap, but looking the type has called Hittman! [He was rap more than Dre in this album, no the bad rapper!] Some beaten is Simply but extremely ADDS! It DOPES And BANGIN' A!!! 4.5/5
"That is A Difference " looking Xzibit and Eminem, all the types fall the verse ADDS in here and some BEATEN is one of a better in this album! 4.5/5
"Light Speed" No really the song ADDS but I like this some personally 'causes I amour some beats and of the spatial external-like sample! Some beaten is DOPES!!! 4.5/5
" it Forgets Dre" OSSIA MI FAVOURITE SONG !!! Looking Eminem, DRE drop two verse in here which are EXTREMELY ADDS! Really I love this song and Always rap to the long of when it hears this of the MOST BEATEN is still to DOPE like this fuk!!! 5/5
"A Next Episode" another mine PREFERRED, one of one has Beaten more never hears! Looking Snoop D.ou. Double and Born G Dogg!
"To the left it is Big Taking" it looks a lot of types like this one but are not ! 3/5
"Bith Neither__a" one, another DOPES BEATEN to look Snoop, are-two and Hittman! Well one! 4.5/5
"Ink to Murder" this Hittman it verse with the effect of voice is really the agony and a Heart maintain yellin' the MURDEROUS is agony also! Any one like this one! 3/5
"And-UCATION" A BETTER SKIT DOES not HEAR NEVER! I always skip skit but I never skip this a, this one are REALLY Adds and the humour more a background music are adds in a same fukin' time! 5/5
"SOME L.un. Neither__A" this a good east also, another Simply but add beaten, featurin' MC REN BUT there is not falling the verse in here which is TOO BAD!!! 4/5
"Housewife" the music Adds, Line of Bass Add with Sample of electrical Guitar of the Funky, Corazón Well 2!!! 4.5/5
"Ackrite" This one east Hittman So only, the a lot of one! 4/5
"Bang to Attack" it has BEATEN it Is it ADDS! The HEART ARE ADDS! One of the mine favourite! 4.5/5
"A Message" A Last song that looks Mary J. Blige, The sad song in Dre has lost one of the his Hommie! 4/5
Has said that you are Rap the defender and you there is not taking this,
is jokin' with me muthafuka!!!!
5 / 5 Hubert
Dr. Dre has spent of the recession when you leave Row of death in 1996. His album, Some Consequences, looking talent of his new focus of a same name, was the critical disappointment, his exec-the album has produced A Company (with In the, Foxy Brown, etc.) Has been considered the flop, and each one another song produced for him after has not taken fire (agrees Dre and LL Quota J is 'Zoom', any one?). But in 1999, when hip-hop was all roughly Jay-Z, DMX and Lauryn Collina, Snoop Dogg (of the that the career was also in the recession when Dre left) mecer in the Dre-the song has produced called 'B Please' with Xzibit. Some beaten was adictiva and is the sign of things to come. It averts to sign Eminem and in that help make history, a Doctor teamed with Snoop again later that year for a lovely song, escaja .' And it was then official. Dr. Dre Has been of tower.
This album, Dr. Dre 2001, to the hip helped-hop dipped a house in a West again. With an exception of Tha Liks and A Pharcyde, has not listened never of any production of West Cost deviating of George Clinton and Roger Troutman show until this album. Peep A dopes use of some series in boxes .', ' it has forgotten Dre' (with Eminem), and 'A Message' (a tribute that looks Rell and Mary J. Blige, has SAWED-produced by Gentleman Finesse).
With help of Honey-Man, Dre the production has taught other producers like the so only has left a walk of beaten and any to concern in hats of salvation or scratches. To to The Songs like esome L.un. N Is' and 'Xxplosive' is critically acclaimed for his simplicity, so only beat it the bassline. For a way, a hard has been supposition to be it Dre the only called 'Way I Be Pimpin'', but that the version has been cut when Dre and Royce one 5'9' (the one who has written some papers to this song) has taken to some beef. But ossia very reason Hittman, Kurupt, Born Dogg and Sixx-Two boss a song so only well.
Speaking papers, Dre is not never be a tight plus emcee in a world, and a dopes semence that says is usually that writes ghost, but everything of a guest rappers on here does up for that with the actions have conferred. Snoop Never touched better in Dre beaten (well, duh), Xzibit has done more the people take opinions of him on songs as 'That is a Difference ', and for any to the one who has liked him Eminem first of this album, his action in an aforesaid song has not changed his opinion. There is a lot recently arrived likes Lady Roq, Knoc-Turned'to the, Bomb of Time and more notably, Hittman, the one who looks more time that Dre he (perhaps Hitt has known for advanced that his album would not fall anytime punctual, that with working with Dre?).
Is hard to choose a better song, but some runners-up are 'B.N. It is', esome L.un. N Is' with MC Ren that pause in a intro (reason oh reason does not fall the verse??), 'Xxplosive', And 'That is a Difference '. Although this is not the flawless album ('Bang of Attack' and 'To the left is Big Taking' his also 1993-ish), a rest of some songs achieves classical state, doing 2001 the a lot of enjoyable album.
5 / 5 Yuko
Forgets that?? DRE, Ossia WHO ! Any one @subjects the one who wannabees or other real deals come on, Dres. Dre Still will be listened to years of now like this possibly one the majority of any one influential a rap the industry has not seen never. All know that Dre has been writing beaten partorisca Eminem and another while not doing any one a lot postpone he, but is still boss when he spits the he.
Dre 2001 Has BEEN was still awhile now, but for some stupid reason, did not buy it until recently. Any one @subjects the one who new rap compraventa, Dre 2001 still is in a row at the head of my collection of CD in a car. And it is not so only Dre rap that marks this CD add, is a wonderful compilation of a talent of another rappers joining up Dre beaten classical that marks this album really resplandor. Xzibit And Eminem underlines my favourite song of an album, 'That is a Difference .' And of course, Snoop Dogg appearances of frames in this album, the majority of excellently in an a lot of-touched 'Next Episode' and escaja Dre.'
Has countless other good songs in this album, comprising 'A Watcher', 'Forget Dre', 'Housewife', 'Ackrite', .... Attended the minute, am listed all some songs here.
Then again, ossia a full stop estupefaciente roughly Dre 2001: each song in this album is listenable. It is one of these scarce albums that will burst in your player of CAR CD, and listen to of an extreme to the another. Sure appearance this is not Dr. Dre Last album, but yes is, at least has convinced a world-wide any to 'forget Dre.'
4 / 5 Gillian
Forgets a futurism of a title. Dre Is always be he nostalgic classifies, and 2001 resupplies the glimpse behind to some glories of 1992 is A Chronic. It is a ornery codger, also, this in spite of, and 2001 is the rap attainment of another class - a where that flies the balls cut by means of a dopey haze to age memory.
' Has seen to come / looked the go,' agrees Dre in an inaugural 'A Watcher.' An original gangsta is now an original guru, giving sensatez of the his ranch to somewhere in a smoggy fogs of some hills of Hollywood. It is the house has built on pragmatism: a majority of this sensatez consulting to use Dre in your next album. This time around, a producer presents the new person to a rap game: a too old godfather to attack, and too wary to rid in his empire. It is not easy when being a big statesman. Like the reigning gunslinger, all the world loves duel. And like any legend, Dre is in danger to be forgotten. In skittering beaten and Psycho-serious, he moans, 'When my last CD was was, calm has not been bumpin' me.'
Fill with ultra-the violent fantasies have covered for NWA beginning that it defines Right period Outta Compton, A Chronic was true manna of one 'hood. In him, Dre has discovered the fresh voice in a half-croon of partner in crime Snoop Dogg. He also appropriated a sound of the summers of thousand - P-Funk organ and frenzy of full bass. An old dog has new tricks for 2001, although in an evidence of his cinematic loops, the majority of them was street-tried for Wu Tang RZA. So only 'To the left it is Big Taking' revisits a Chevy-shuddering of yesteryear.
Is a perfect soundscape for a simmering paranoia that is L.un. At night. Dre Walk his bad streets like the prophet that spends the complex of massive persecution. While preaching monogamy on 'Fck Calm,' and revisiting Centrical Of the sud on'box Dre,' his east still an anger of God - in of the llamas down houses, dipping of car and threatening bombs gangsta holocausts. His stars of guest - among them Snoop and Born Dogg - come to an armed party.
A Dre of 2001 is Sam Peckinpah cowboy, a man an old plus in the world-wide this has on grown without him. It can it changes? In a that concludes 'A Message,' a response is to good sure perhaps. With Mary J. Blige Corner behind the, Dre cries his dead brother. ' They are so only the averages a man was,' he streets, ' @give am not a lot of gangsta.' Until a next episode, of course ...
5 / 5 Kym
Has Had any 'has Forgotten Dre'? Well after this person of emission . It is been the longitude six of then dip years out of the classical 'Of the Chronic', but Dre gives a CD has been that they want to listen. It has fallen his familiar Deathrow/G-Funk sound and has created the new sound to change (and present) rap to.
When Looked in this album has to that be taken of the production standpoint first and then a rapping. A production is sum and like each claves of song was so much has to that it has been difficult partorisca Dre to choose a single for this album. 'A Next Episode' with his bouncy, beaten rhythmical, and escaja .' With his only use of serious tip that Dre is still on a game when it comes the production. Dre Resplandor Of skills of the production in another way also. It is always able state to do rappers touches his best (agree RBX). Snoop Objective some postpone that it is been missing partorisca awhile. It listens to the appearance of guest of Devin and would wish to to sounds like that of all a time.
Of the rapping standpoint there is at all new, included 6 years of the his first album of only. But it tries to change on his fashion at least of warm response in Some Consequences CD, like this without this type of the papers so only has not been Dre. Eminem And Xzibit contributes utmost appearances in some two songs look on and Hittman the quite good work with his prime minister has shot in a spotlight.
Now a negatives of an album. Too many skits. 'And-ucation' With Eddie Griffin is a so only a listened lovely. ' It fences in One', 'A Car Bomb', and 'Pause 4 Porn' would have to that it is remained was. A song 'Housewife' is so only he remezcla of the Kurupt song and this remezcla also looks in the Kurupt album. Dre Would owe that it has dipped another song here.
A negatives really is not a lot a lot of to complain roughly like this the album is surprising. It was impressed really with 'A Message' the song of devotion to his brother that looks Mary J. Blige. This was the a lot of the song done well and is good to listen Dre rap roughly something a lot personal his. If or a lot Dre written his papers this is a more is done never that. He rap: 'I fact been by means of all the emotions, of in incidents, to keepin the face of poker/to right breakin down and showin all the emotions/ are anxious to believe in real G is does not cry /If ossia a truth , then are realizin am not a lot gangsta'. It is the song adds to finalise the album adds. More, if you do not have enjoyed an album enough, control out of a hilarious skit in an end of a last song. It is Thomas Chong, of Cheech and Chong!!!
Was the long wait , but Dre came by means of. After listening this album some partidários they any one leave to go that long again first to dip Detox was reason is quell'has taken still.
4 / 5 Luanne
Dre, As his Cube of Gel of leading partner, is able to do the one who a lot of gangster rappers is not and ossia evolves. I have it that has not listened never he Dre production that touched likes to follow the tendency. Instead, almost always dre is creating some tendencies with his musical fashion and included a directional entrance that resupplies in a content of some papers. 2001 it Represents the mature plus, introspective Dre, and while still spending a lot of his original gangsta flavour, adds more for way of thought and content. It is ironic that a man the one who has spent gangster rap to the his epitome would be a a walk out of him, for this creating this in spite of another direction for another rappers to follow.
Different a lot a "Original Gangsters" the one who touched him was to try the on-sell his hardness the audiences. Dre An exact opposite to touch a function of a OG the one who looks behind in this past and advance of looks in his career. This coupled with Dre smooth attitude and some impressionable appearances of Snoop, Born, XYZbit, In, and included MC Ren done an album the linear musical experience that calm spends you of an extreme to the another.
Although background G-Funk, in typical dre way, in 2001 waste to look behind and return the old creations. Instead, he upgrades his music to the blend of traditional rap with futuristic and R&B sounds. That this new sound will call , does not know .
But this album confirms reason Dre is one the majority of influential man in hip-hop today.
4 / 5 Demetrius
The accident is taking a lot down to some wonderful part of an album. Some beaten is magic, and some tones are smooth and easy to groove to. Ossia A lot gangsta rap-dip this on when you are going down a street late at night and calm so only loves dipped down. Snoop Dogg I contributi to an album are wonderful. Calm can not help but love his fashion of rap, a lazy, softens drawl. And Dr. Dre Is main and better that never in this album. If it is taste, of the enormous Eminem defender, then will acclaim when it listen some songs that looks on. It is a more all a way!
Now, has not been that Dr. Dre Smoked, but another that Eminem and Snoop Dogg a perhaps Xzibit, dipped some real lackluster rappers that the person has not listened never of, in this album. It conceal really it tugs an album to the hole. If Dre has not had like this goofballs rapping on here, is a better rap album each one has created. Also, Dr. Dre hardly extracted for him in this thing. I think that that all pardon concealed. And finally, some songs can be bore in some papers. With this be gangsta rap, the majority of some songs is roughly vodka, frauds, and cruisin' down a street in the 67' Buick smoking fat Cuban cigarettes. A fashion takes old.
In general, this album is well, but does not add . If it love rap, takes he in all the chance. The songs adds is Still ., A Next Episode, and has Forgotten Dre. In his next endeavour, to the left is begs that Dr. Dre Can do the little better that is one . If all of his songs are like this very like this of the points have underlined is one, this'll be any question!

Top Customer Reviews: R U Still ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
5 / 5 Cristal
no a better 2pac cd some good songs but the plot of filler
4 / 5 Cathern
that Follows a untimely and dead tragic of musical character and rap icon, Tupac Shakur, his mother, Afeni, has seen his that she and his held have achieved some legislations to his musical legacy that comprises roughly of a stray and forgotten outtakes of his early albums like "Strictly 4 Mine ." And "Life of Bully". Such leftovers of look of albums to be a point underlined of this beefed-arrive but the double album has dated.
The majority of some clues in this album was registered clearly among 1992 and 1994, first of the his incarceration and his infamous days in Records of Row of the Death. There are some very powerful clues like "Hellrazor" and an emotional "Do 4 Amour" but extending it was on two disks hurts one in general feels of him. Pac Questions of self-value in "Marvel Heaven has taken A Gueto" also do the good work to exhibit Shakur a poet but does not have any need for two versions of a same song when one has taken a do one so only well. It averts the points have underlined, the majority of this album of two disks touches exactly some same. More work could be be do to update some beaten and some clues underline more in his own. Everything concealed really rests in the alcohol of a half auditor when it thinks of a majority of music in "R Or Still Down" it is a raspy and voice that the tired sounds of Shakur echoing by means of some speakers. So as a lot of defenders critique later posthomous emissions to depend too much in of the samples and R&B-production of type, the little that can have it has helped in fact this particular emission. They are not that it suggests that a sound of whole album that the way but the few clues could have state to be polished bit it.
In general, "R Or Still Down" it is the very raw and rugged-souding album. So to the equal that has has wanted the take to the plot of some clues in this album, a production was so only like this simple that do a lot the his exactly one same. So that they could not know, many a production has been changed but a record still feels rushed. A result has finalised is the double-album that could be be cut down considerably but is still value a prize of admission for any one true Pac defender.
4 / 5 Majorie
These are 26 registers of yard of the earliest days of Tupac taken of some years of 91' by means of the 94'. A long listen, but in an arrival to finalise to @ give you the one who the loss adds of talent a world of hip hop has suffered when a bully rapper was tragically gunned down behind in 1996.
Although these are songs that no that to his earlier albums, this there is not doubted my opinions of his quality - was material well , although no quite compatible. Ossia More than the black album and aim without shadows of ashes, some the good songs are of sound, some the bad songs are terrible. 'R Or Still Down?' Has his something heat with to the clues like him some unforgettable 'Do For Master', of a religious 'I Marvel If Heaven Gotta Gueto' and one pursuing and very mysterious 'Only Fear Of death'. Lyrically, to arrive to this point of his life especially, the seen of Tupac is more political and intellectual for a majority of an album of then there is no quite achieved his days of Row of the Death so only still.
A two near of disk, in the way, has said the history of the man the one who was in a verge of something here, still has not taken never a time for the fulfil calm so much can say some verses are incomplete and hesitant. It does not think east lessens a quality of album, like this roughly 80 of well while. Although one of my albums of Tupac of the favourite, 'R Or Still Down?' In short is the sad and depressing history of the man the one who has known his final was to come far too punctual.
5 / 5 Christen
Shortly after 2Pac dead, has had rumours that hundreds of unreleased the songs are remained in some turns; the simple two month after his death, a first posthumous record, 'Gentleman Killuminati: A 7 Theory of Day', has looked. A material was exceptionally strong, but some the pour like this exploitative a Row of the death of the way has looked Pac dance-riddled the organism that is crucified in a coverage, and a way has directed in some tonnes of the subliminal messages that suggests that it feign it his death. It was after the that his mother Afeni Shakur has obtained some legislations to all of the his unreleased registers. This album of double disk of material registered among '91 and '94 has been released the little more than the year after his death and is, is more, the shop window of a young plus, more has imported politically 2Pac.
Unfortunately, a fact that is almost 30 deep clues the fact the downright exhausting listens, and of these was demo-the quality follows concealed was has considered obviously unfit for any of his early albums, can imagine that a material is not really all this strong. Still although the majority of some songs has has had to that behind musical clues "reconstructed", a production is in general quite lazy. During one first splits of a first disk, a place-rear, the sweet and that goes easy feels of the majority of a instrumentals there is there will be it sure of sadness roughly him. His way will do takes that the talent and the potential was like this quickly taken of us, but after the while it begins to touch like passage of subject regulate. In fact, if it was not partorisca Pac strong and committed voice, a dense and the weakly produced music probably dipped bear you sleep. For one the majority of part, some sounds of man well, resulting of rhymes that is alternately ready or startling, but occasionally begins to repeat and some ideas in timing feels the little stale.
A lot of some songs are that they look for soul and present the portrait to touch of this too-the man has comprised often, as it comments in some fights of some inner-cities and his own underlying fear that a life directs and a street takes inevitably will be a death of him. There is quite heartfelt messages and strong contemplations roughly societies and a youth to satisfy these fans the one who yearn more than this side of 2Pac. Particularly strong is 'I Marvel if Heaven has taken the Gueto', a song of plus very known in an album, a easygoing, dipped-rear number how is resulted a classical instant and one of the his now famous mantras. You will recognise a third to like this still one of 'Transmissions', another of his main posthumous swipes. Another that that, has a lot of gems have hid for the do interesting partorisca hardcore 2Pac defenders, as some excellent 'Do For Want to' another of Pac' emotional amour-fights of hate with women, a clue of title 'R Or Still Down' that is one of his the majority of lyrically on-thought of point in some deceptions in life and a corruptness of society. Then there is also a dangerous and brooding 'Only Fear Of death' that is lyrically resemblance to the his dark and operates it nihilistic later.
This emission, in spite of a mediocre and low quality production, is still value a compraventa yes is looking for this in spite of another window to the east fascinating quell'soul of the man, and, like an album of poetry 'An is Locate that has Grown Of Cimentó, servants more as the memory that behind all some chances of yard, shootings, and all another atrocity, 2Pac was the strong-imported, charismatic, expressive, and brilliant man that, the difference of another hard rappers, has not been fearful to speak sensitively and develop his the majority of personal thoughts. It can have been one of some voices more are of his generation. But, to somewhere to the long of his travesía of self-discovered, he succumbed to all a darkness has known no never and is resulted his own worse enemy. His chance is certainly the tragic a, but, felizmente, there is an extremely prolific character and has has registered hundreds of unreleased songs. It was the need to take each one which has thought has, any subject like insignificant, down on tape. And now, almost five years after his death, is all these rests to spend in his legacy. This in spite of other duplicate-albums of previously unreleased the songs were released recently, and, more probably, will have more in some prójimos few years, so that we can still probe this fascinating man this in spite of finds solace in his words of alcohols. But, included after a last previously unheard 2Pac the song is remixed and shipped of a warehouse, his influence still will maintain the base of. It speaks something concealed is universal. And at all it can transmissions concealed.
5 / 5 Audie
Ossia Tupac second posthumous emission after Makaveli, and ports drastically in comparison to his other albums. But it conceal it is not to say that it is bad. As with all another Pac album, is very easy to listen to and calm causes to think on some messages have hid in his songs. But with almost 30 songs, is simple likes day that this album is quantity on quality.
Defenders of 2Pac the main complaint in this album is a mediocre production. It is beat quite lazy there is laced with strong voice and engaged of a man. And you have listened Pac the earliest albums, this emission can calm so only resisted included. But you want the sweet was to a more soothing the album never dips was, then R Or Still Down is perfect for you (how is his later emission , One is Locate That has Grown Of Cement).
Some better songs in an album are I Marvel Heaven has taken A Gueto, Partorisca Amur, R Or Still Down and Only Fear Of death. I ask the heaven has taken A Gueto is resulted an instant 2Pac classical, as you result one of the his a lot now famous mantras (likes Maintains Already Boss On). And the Only fear Of death is one of a bit those that songs with some exceptional has beaten.
This emission is STRICTLY partorisca hardcore Tupac defenders. If you do not possess the Pac album still, recommends All Eyez On M, Me Against A World-wide or Makaveli (which is planned to be king-released some time in prompt May). And you are one of this old pupil rap buffs, 2Pacalypse Now so only could be a calm better CD has not listened never in your life. It can have died (or any), but his words continue to achieve stressed young people those who require a class of alcohol preaches. His legacy maintains the base of, and Amaru the records have has released already 4 Tupac posthumous albums. March 27th, will have the fifth. And I can not expect.
5 / 5 Dominick
In the first place was, loves to know reason ...Like this rap the defenders have hated this album. I have had this CD for the ages and I the enjoy heaps (but take me the long time!)
To be sincere, has not been the 2pac defender of his his days the young plus but I have grown quickly his music when soye Against a World-wide' has been released. A lot of people are familiarised with 2pac when it was with Deathrow but ossia some the old material has created for behind still before '2pacalypse Is NOW STATE has released.
Both CDs is generally well, although it likes CD2 bit it better. Some the songs add in this CD is: At all to Lose, I Marvel Heaven has taken the Gueto, R Or Still Down, Hellrazor, Lie for The kick, When I Take Free, Take Be Strong, ..., Partorisca Amur, Nothin But Amur, When Free Volume II and Only Fear of death.
2pac has RELEASED 2 songs of this CD (I think), I Marvel Heaven has taken the Gueto and Do for Amur. You follow you add to listen to but could be be do in any plus. Some follows calculates has to that it has released is Only Fear of death and At all to Lose.
Will not find 2pac way of bully on here but will find some quite heavy, old material on here. Generally, you recommend this CD to some 2pac defenders. It is the album adds but would take the long time to like.
5 / 5 Adena
Those of you the one who is expecting another more than the time all 2 cd album of 2pac will be sorely there is disappointed. This album is nowhere near as well as aforesaid All Eyez On M. Calm of course can very really expect too much of a man had been died roughly 2 years when this album is exited. A prime minister cd is quite decent. I can do he by means of the majority of some songs without any serious complaints. Some of some better songs comprise " I ask the heaven has taken the Gueto" (any one has listened a a radio), "Way of Bully", and "At all to Lose". A second cd the terribly short falls this in spite of. In the to only song likes to listen to the east "Do to Want to" and you could he has registered so only that of a radio or BET. If it was so only a prime minister cd, this album could take 4 stars, but how is, is lucky takes 3. Those of you the one who is expecting vintage Pac ( First of his death), does not squander your time in this album. Those of you the one who only has to that have more Pac, well go advance and take this; it is not entirely terrible, but is not that well.
4 / 5 Jaimee
Very true Pac the defender loves this album in a first moment listens, is hard for me to decided that of a cd is is a better, cuz both of them are UTMOST!!! But one a thing sure is, this album is my favourite third after soye Againts He
World-wide' & 'All the Eyes On Me . Although the majority of some songs in this album are remixes but is still utmost, could be a reason partorisca east, is reason some the original versions is too many sloppy, so that it is reason his never looked in some leading albums, and is like this then this album is true definitions of has has lost Tapes. Different some another Pac posthomous album, this one is distant a lot of commercial approximation. Calm does not have that worry on some beaten new reasons still is spending some sounds of Pac albums before some years of Rows of the Death. We would owe that give the big props to Ricky Rouse those who the magic touch for one the majority of songs with his games of excellent electrical guitar, which any I so only adds to complete for some songs but also turns Pac papers to vivid picture that can see you clearly like film in a big screen. If calm already have soye Againts A World-wide' & 'All the Eyes On Me , has to have this album or wants to begin to listen Pac, this is not bad election.
5 / 5 Winford
A lot this is not quite Tupac better album never. Im Not saying his bad im the just saying has compared to the albums has the place is gone in an example spent for ï½All eyez in meï½ and ï½Me against a worldï½ this album is not like this good.
Ru Still down looks two disks but one has to that say that they have had has added so only some better songs to a disk this album would have been better.
For me standout the clues in this album are first out of disk 1, Open fire, a clue to title R Or Still Down (memory), I marvel if the heaven has taken the gueto and to be sincere so only can choose was a good song of disk 2 which is to Do For Amur.
His no really the good example that Tupac was really roughly. Some beaten is lame in time and donï½t really appreciate Tupacï½s lyrical capacity. Saying that this album is better way that some albums other artists have been releasing and one some reasons are quell'has bitten disappointed with this album is because of a quality of past projects. Really of the one contrives that any arrivals to dip these together songs and the hope will please defenders because Tupac is by train of the sing.
If any elected on this album and had not listened of Tupac first of this moment his wouldnï½t thinks a lot he and he would remain to choose on powder.
You Really amour Tupac would be necessary to take you this album but personally has been I would try to find any concealed has it and so only the take loaned was for the few days. A bit in disappointing.
5 / 5 Carlie
No a better 2pac cd some good songs but the plot of filler
4 / 5 Tai
I think that that this album was remixed. I have listened these songs have looked in 1990, 1991 and 1994. That? Any way! Cuz When I bought It, I poped both disks in mine sterio and with which have taken fact listening to both disks, has been stunned. I have not listened any of this hardcore his of 1990-91 or that G-Funk sound of 94. Ossia When it has begun partorisca think that these songs were remixed. Some papers are utmost but is some beats that you read of need. How it is so only one Or.K. Album in my opinion. ALL EYEZ ON Are waaaaaayyyyy better.
Has found so only 6 songs add on here. They are "Ass of Fake B----ez", " they are Lossin'He", "When I take Free part 2", "Take Be Strong", "Do For Amur", and "R Or Still Down?". The majority of a rest is kinda well, but no the well. If you want to 2Pac unreleased songs, that shabby, Tupac Shakur: Tha has has lost Tapes instead. Or included better, spent ALL EYEZ ON Me and STRICTLY 4 MINE ., If you do not have 'in. But it does not buy this hates these remixed songs. 2Pac always would be a More adds them gangsta rapper in Hip-Hop history.
. 2Pac. (p.S. It sees or in crossroads.)
5 / 5 Claud
Are in accordance with the sooner reveiw that a first disk is verry has taken partorisca amour,ready 4 anything,and a second version of the marvels if the heaven has taken the gueto,together with loosing my alcohol,when the free taking and a interludes and cramed one in a prime minister cd this in fact would be stagnate it the he still merit 4 same stars although his no the alone disk.
5 / 5 Arla
First of all ive taken partorisca say that cd1 is'nt better that in general this album is not that bad,no a better 2pac album of course partorisca diverse has been released in 1997 but some songs are of 1994,some of some songs have been missing that that goes partorisca expect of é liked 4 luv and hellrazor,when the taking free2,taking and some this album a bit has beaten really good and tunes,the take but of the one who be to disa signalled roughly some of him.
4 / 5 Karmen
2pac In the life was a More adds them rapper of all the times and - as these shows of albums- he loooses any quality in death. A production in this album can be the litlle inconsistent that goes of immaculate (do for amour/ r or still down?) To slightly down pair (open fire) this in spite of a rap to to the flow likes him the water a 2pac the name would owe that be enough for you for the buy. If you are thinking to buy it there is at all to lose like this unfortunately will not listen never material very fresh of 2pac again. This album to good sure takes some thumbs up.
5 / 5 Neida
4 / 5 Armanda
A cd, A song, and a reason. Disk two song 13, 'only fear of death'. Ossia Probably a darker song and deeper PAC has not written never in his career. If it listen to the each alone lyric in this particular clue, calm surely will know the one who the bad. When you listen it in the first place, my reaction was, 'whoa!'. pac Has KNOWN goes to die, KNOW IT. In this clue predicts several results of his death, know go to die but so only didnt knows that, but a fact KNOWS absolutely is in amazing. I personally of the one who possess each one cd for him, but has listened alot of his clues, has said 83 of them.(Enough to know the thing or to in PAC). This a song underlines more then any song hes never writing. This cd is hid for behind his populate more cd is, for chance 'all the eyes on me'..And... Esseca More added. Although this a clue is incredible, also offers abundance other hot clues. My preferred are 'only fear of death'..'When the free taking II'..'I Marvel if the heaven has taken the gueto(hip hop version)'....And a lot especially 'do still master'...A remake of bobby caldwells song, is excellent. PAC Resisted it down in the each cd but ossia for far his best in my opinion, distributes the papers add to like expected, directly gangster beaten and eerie papers. If nothin more so only listen to 'only fear of death' and youll see where im taking in,
. PAC Does sho, dead or alive yours still a better
5 / 5 Jone
R Or still down contains 2 is too many good songs to list here Hellrazor, R Or still down?, I marvel If the heaven has taken the gueto? Those are all of disk an only disk 2 is uploaded so that to the plot of people has aimed this album any amour and I can not comprise reasons, is so only Radio-Defenders of tupac and concealed me crazy. Once again there is you at least 2 cds of tupac and is starving 4 more than his music and not doing R Or Still down a third cd of the yours 2pac collection?
5 / 5 Jolene
This album is one has done on clues that is already state cut, gathered by his mother. Some are quite new, some are quite old. But everything of sound Tupac classical. 'Hellraizor' And 'Fuck all already'll' so only to appoint the little, there will be you missin Tupac grieves begins to listen his. Alot Of some clues are of awhile the backsides and will want to him listen fresco and new but, not boring never or too old. I love it and amoung all mine 2Pac cds I game this a a more. It has to that listen to 'Hellraizor' (DISK 1 clues 4) hardly the take. You will be blown was I promise. You lose to you Pac. .
5 / 5 Elana
Well, goes to maintain this real simple, likes tupac of music at all then this album,is so only another piece adds of work!With exploding to to the clues like: they are losin the,Marvel if the heaven is taken the gueto, for amour,and other songs are so only a start to comprise this album,ossia like knots harcore pac to the partidários likes him to them the call; the page in a life of the legend. I love each song,and each clue pac has has not written never, is perhaps,no,no, is a More Adds them rap singer of all the times,as it does not doubt to cop this album.
4 / 5 Samuel
2Pac Is a More adds them rapper of all the times. His music is life for more than people. R Or Still Down (Memory) is the albumn has done on the songs written first of his Makaveli period. A albumn is dope, with to the clues adds likes him In of absolute to lose, R or Still Down, Hellrazor, and F%ck Yall. Although a albumn looks to be remixed, possesses a flange of Pac emotions, and is still value a compraventa.
5 / 5 Deshawn
Ossia The bad 2pac album. Do 4 amour is an only good song . It can have one or two another concealed is salvageable, but if any already the this CD, does not rush was and buy. Any mistakenly think it will do the good X-but present partorisca any one. They will be thouroughly there is disappointed.
5 / 5 Moon
5 / 5 Maryanne
the mother of Tupac the work adds on dipping this Cd near. The majority of this material is unreleased songs of around 1994. Partorisca Some people that is really down with Gentleman Makaveli, has to possess this element underlines the phase of tupac life. "Hellrazor", it Listens and learn.
5 / 5 Oren
This cd is very partorisca when skirt. He these songs when rap was changin thats reason take alot besides old soundin beaten. But his papers is tight on here and ossia that mark a cd any some beaten. Partorisca All the world-wide the one who has said this cd is feeble you of the one who know that the music is but I thats reason take one the majority of out the each cd. Partorisca Those of you the one who comprises the chairs of music with this cd and you wont be disappionted trust me.
4 / 5 Lakeisha
So only like each 2Pac, sale like this one of a better cds never. Well, ossia he awesome cd, have to that has. Ossia The classical, and or does not have it , then the think or would be necessary to take it punctual.
4 / 5 Ladonna
After a 7 theory of day was R Or Still 26 album of clue
was hard but he diffrence side of pac is exited on I hip of Marvel-hop
has taken Still the Album adds
5 / 5 Miranda
has had this album partorisca 4 years now and is solid Pac. I am tired of all you fools critiquing this album. This material is far better then some clues in "Still I Increase" and "Until an End of Time". Ossia Tupac estaca better-humous album. It takes it.
4 / 5 Michael
Is the good album. Tip all the classes of sides to tupac. This in spite of, some of some clues in this album are alcohols boggling. For chance, that is "Redemption"(song 1, disk 1) roughly? There it is still to go in any conclusion of a "secret message" the this song. If any one knows, email me and say me the one who "Redemption" it is supposition to mean . Paz.
4 / 5 Kacey
tupac Is a bully each amours to hate. He quell'image for him and has finalised to treat he in the tragic way. It thanks advantage his music still maintains the base of............ Ossia Have to that has together with each another acts for tupac.
5 / 5 Issac
2Pac Album R Or Still Down?,[I Memory] has released in 1997 is the must has for Tupac Shakur defender. Together with his double album previously released, All Eyez on M(1996), R Or Still Down?[I memory] is also an excellent addition to the comsumer Audio CD collection. RASGA Tupac "Makaveli" Amuru Shakur. We will not forget you never....
4 / 5 Stephane
This cd, which any is not exited never yes Tupac had not been killed, is better that that besides another rappers. This cd so only tip what read Tupac has dipped his music. These unreleased the clues are a lot enough to be a test of time, which is scarce.
4 / 5 Deedra
This album contains purely demo material. It does not have any together place his pre-posthumous work. Production of the poor studio does not help to create songs that could developed to something Tupac was alive to turn them the quality of album. Has has felt robbed of the mine twenty some few dollars.
5 / 5 Deedee
This CD is tight. If it likes 2pac has taken. A better disk is disc1. Some the better songs on was Open Fire , Hellrazor, Im Throw Money, Way of Bully, for amour, and Only Fear of death. An integer cd is of gives hook like this stop readin this and go for the buy! Paz
5 / 5 Terrence
This album is first Pac, his best. It is the perfect blend of some gangtsa rap and spiritualism. The majority of these songs has one the majority of punch and bang directly that any one another rap NEVER.
4 / 5 Soo
5 / 5 Isaias
honradamente can say that the enjoy this CD so now like this when it has bought them he in '97- this CD is HOT!!! It has CDs where the skip has spent traks when it listens them, but this a, the so only listen all a way by means of. A must has for Tupac defenders!
4 / 5 Jaymie
Touches the worthy listening, politacal motivating for those among the strugle. But thus behaviour in the street is the symbol of hope and home-coming reason is unequically to explicit saying , so only likes is.
4 / 5 Trish
2pac Is a realistic not having never and listen and analyse some words, knows is coming from a heart. Estuary as well as cry
4 / 5 Agueda
This album is 4 tru defenders. IF or of the that like this pac of the one who take this cd take all the eyes on me. This cd tip all the sides of pac and thinks them is very dipped near. So that he or like pac choose this cd up.
4 / 5 Page
Buys this cd for Knife of Hell and Way of Bully... A rest is gravy in a steak... I add cd for a collection, any the one who doesnt think so cant has called they the defender.

Top Customer Reviews: Dogg ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 24 ratings
5 / 5 Jolyn
Magic and timeless, Dogg the lunch is comparison further of anything more there is never has listened. Tha Dogg Book, the group that looks of infamous rapper Kurupt and upcoming producing Daz Dillinger, is an amazing and memorable duet. Intrepid And colour, this album has been registered during a summit of Deathrow Record, one of a more utmost hip-hop focus never. With production of Daz Dillinger and Dr. Dre, This album is to good sure one of one the majority of amazing rap album never. Another thing that mark this special album is that the samples are not used in this album. Instead, there are a lot of alive instruments partorisca be listened; electrical keyboards, electrical guitars of rhythm, percussion, and the tomb is all has used partorisca give this the fresh and original sound. This in spite of a better thing in this album is Kurupt. His rap flow with amazing accuracy. His fashion is a better that has listened. Kurupt The smooth fashion mixed with some alive instruments and Daz is producing the expertise done this album the timeless classical.
Some better clues comprise a keyboard partorisca bounce rhythm of "Dogg Rid Gangstaz", an amazing old school funk experiences of "Respect", infamous New York diss, "New York, New York", a brilliant sun gilded of "Smooth", which looks the cameo of Snoop Doggy Dogg and the guest adds vocals of Valley Young, "Cyco-Lic-No", which looks Gentleman Malik , the clue partorisca run with the add beat and action of Kurupt and Daz, a softly bouncing "Ridin', Slippin' and Slidin'", a loan heartwarming histories of "Sinister House of Game", an amazing "it does not like partorisca Dream In Throw' Paid", which looks Born Dogg and the pair of female behind-on singers, a paving that tears "A Dogg Late of Day", the yard where Kurupt tears on a microphone with the sterling action, "Reality", the clue adds that Walk of characteristics D and the fresh construction has beaten, and an add "So much Way", which there is lush trills of keyboard and Kurupt and Daz lines of trade. Sincerely I excuse me to any the one who is reading this description partorisca my listing so many songs, is so only that there are so many songs add in a value of album that mentions has had to that mention the majority of them. I want to all some songs this in spite of but can no to mention them all reason am speaking in a standout clues, and can conclude this paragraph to say the this is the standout album.
Finally, ossia one of mine favourite of all the times. Kurupt Is 'Kuruption' could be the little better that this album. It have to that say 'Kuruption' is mine all time preferred, but this is to recommend highly. Some very better clues am "New York, New York", "Smooth", "Sinister House of Game", "it does not like to Dream In Throw' Paid", "Reality" and "So much Way". I recommend Kurupt and Daz!
5 / 5 Dorine
Has been inspired to take this for one of my friends to rhyme (GIVE) to take this and am them like this happy has done them! The wise production this album is flawless with Dillinger that bosses the majority of a production. Kurupt Manages one uploads of papers for this album becus Daz wasnt also the rapper so it is now. An usual Dogg row/of death of the pound folks is to the long of to help in this lp. They comprise Snoop, Born Dogg, Anger, Michelle, Big Pimpin, Gentleman Malik, and Like this Sentrelle. In my opinion this album is better that a fabled Chronic cd, but no like this a lot so much Doggystyle. The majority of a standout the clues resupply the abonos summertime feeling like Big Pimpin 2, House of Leaves of game, I to of to the that Likes him the sleep In Throw has Paid, New York Lisa , New york, So that Way. Another standouts comprise a lyrical near likes the reality and That feels, and an I adds Some Ass to Bomb P. My favourite song is I to Of to the that Likes him the sleep In Throw has Paid. I think that that ossia Daz the clue of better production has, together with me aint Crazy In Cha. This song is extremely tight. Of the rap for DAz and Kurupt is tight and a heart with Born Dogg crooning is upper. To good sure one of my favourite songs of all the times. This cd is an Excellent to Buy and is recommended highly for me.
5 / 5 Javier
1992-1994 Was one was of Row of the Death with rear-the-rear classics of this focus of West Cost likes Doggystyle, A Chronic, and included a soyurder Was a Chance' soundtrack. But shortly after that, an East Cost has gone back on clue and paste with flava of to the similar laws like Biggie, In the, and Wu-Tang. But it conceal it does not have decree Kurupt and Dat N. Daz To release this album in 1995.
Basically, a better song is an East Cost diss for Kurupt, 'New York, New York' (still has an East Cost-flavoured beat), as he 'sell more knowledge that Confucious'. A second better song is ' That chair ' with a adictivo heart for Daz. And I can not forget the game Marries 'Sinister'' which loves me buy an album in a first place. But it averts of 'it does not like to Dream Roughly taking Paid' (based of the Rakim of line of 'Paid in Full'), a rest of some songs has has touched dated, included behind then. This would have been an album to the bomb was to release a year sooner reason for a fall of time, folks was all DPG'd was.
5 / 5 Altagracia
This '95 emission has looked for to be another paste directly outta a camp of row of the death. Some contents of this album, kurupt and daz speak some histories of typical bully of sex, money, and murder but he in the smooth fashion. It is ironic that kurupt and daz a lot so only is resulted the crew of seal but also do really I a lot of neighbour in this album. kurupt HAS lyricism of east cost ( is been born in philly) and daz has the west cost gangsta way. Some beaten is minimum with soopafly, dj pooh, and daz that boss a production. A question is that dre to to the drops likes them to them to them 2 beaten on here the difference of chronicles and doggystyle where he all some beaten. Also, some guests are very limited, with snoop looking in the few songs. Esspect' Is the classical dr dre has beaten with doping papers. 'dogg Book gangstas' definately frames in fact as well as 'cyco lic no.' But compared to other emissions of row of the death, 'dogg eaten' felt out of place. Considering that it was an only emission for tha row that year, would have to has had more the endeavour dipped his the wise but a lot of production props would have to that be die to kurupt for his lyricism.
5 / 5 Halley
An only reason can not give this 5 star is been due to another Row of death classics is compared to (A Chronic, Doggystyle, & All Eyez On Me). Ossia Some quite rigid competition, but these controls of album is adapted. A production is done almost totally for Daz the one who a excellect acts. Kurupt Easily outshines Daz in a microphone, A better song 'New York, New York' any included look Daz, but figure Snoop Dogg in a hook. Almost each song is well, but lyrically there is at all new here follows a formula of Row of basic death that reads of sound for a Dogg Book. Basically, if you are the defender of another Row of the albums of death has mentioned calm like this CD to plot. Calm can do does not love, but calm will not complain the buying.
5 / 5 Benito
Ossia A dopest partorisca dogg the pound could any never think of. Each song on here has like this way. Ossia More def an album of plus has estimated down all the time. No another cd that dogg book or kurupt and daz has done there is approached to this. I think that that this album would owe that have the 5 mic in a source or at least he 4.5. I do not have any clue because each view goes to give this eather the 3 or he 3.5 culos has listened this dogg album to reserve like this time and loved it still. Although it thinks that that it is to gangster or sumpin' can buy he for new york, new york. More if it does not like daz or kurupt then can buy of him partorisca snoop or born dogg. They are on 5 or 6 of some songs.
Each song in this album is dopes. Each intro or other frames sence.... If you are the defender of row of death or westcoast rap then ossia an album for you. If any calm believe me while that goes to believe then. Ossia Have to that has in your shelf. Time like this after going to a tent or wants to take hooked up in this view then ossia an album to verify was paralización shizzle dizzle.
5 / 5 Alfreda
Has had to that add my description because this CD is for real the classical. If it liked Snoop do more than prompt, and Dre. It is and Suge the pure prompt character of the knight, then some hypnotic papers for Kurrupt and Dazz the fund will take you out of here, believe me. Included my Born man Dogg is smooth likes silk. You will love this CD. It can be a better rap CD never.
I recently that begins to kick this CD again, and has to that say all the one who are reading that I am still uncomfortable with a cruelty of a lot of of these subjects of Row of the Death, and am not sure reason these types felt it necessary to degrade and deride like this people; in spite of, a music and the intelligence is like this strong, like this pure that has to that say that it love it. Black character.
4 / 5 Erma
This cd is the album of classical West Cost, Daz and Kurupt couldnt has better fashion in a mic. Some beaten is so only well, and has to that buy this cd grieves can. This cd has been released some better days of Row of death, right after A Chronic and Doggystyle, this one is exited. And it is still in a classical footsteps of these 2 records. My favourite song in this cd is "it does not like to Dream in throw' Paid" Daz is so only stagnate in this song and Kurupt is also, is the little slower then a rest,but his tight, and says the fresh history. Some other better songs on here am "Sinister House of Game" "Dogg Rid Gangstaz" "Doggz Late of Day" "Smooth" New York of New York" & "Cyco-Lic-No". Ossia The good cd to have in your collection to the equal that sees for the take.
4 / 5 Noah
Has listened now to this album 3 times, and will admit, is the just emission , but to at all likes had listened that would be. An album is WAY too long and is hard to seat by means of of then in the middle of some clues are bad, but reason there are so many clues, roughly 4 or 5 is well, 2 of those is classics ("New York, New York" and "Sinister House of Game"). In my opinion, 2002 is the very better emission and well value of the money. It chooses this on (for some odd reason) is to say need to listen more than a Dogg Book with which listen all of the his another material, but for new auditors of a Dogg Book, 2002 would be better.
4 / 5 Shera
Has bought this album he roughly done 2 weeks. In fact it was little disappointed when I in the first place listened to this album. It has been expecting another 'Doggystyle'. Has read descriptions a lot well in this album and concealed is was the classical, but honradamente this was so only the just emission. Sure Daz and Kurupt really resplandores here but some beaten and a heart of some songs really suck. It has been waiting for the beaten like-the those of 'Doggystyle'. Daz Has managed mostly a production, but to the equal that wish Dr. Dre has produced some follows here. An appearance of the guest here has done to grieve this different better album in 'Doggytstyle' where an appearance of guest really that mark that album the classical. Here it is desglosa all some songs.
1. Intro
2. Dogg Book Ganstaz - (5/5) I like this song. Daz And Kurupt really tears a mic averts here. Some beaten is fresh.
3. Respect - (4/5) Prince Ital almost destroys a whole song like that does to 2pac is 'Hail Mary'. It sees, his verse is just way toooo long, more than 2 minutes. And his voice is really odd and annoying. This could easily be the classical has had has cut down Prince Ital the verse he plus cut.
4. New York, New York - (3/5) has not been that marks this song the classical. A heart for Snoop are quite annoying .One beats and Kurupt rapping is so only decent.
5. Smooth - (5/5) DJ EC Dick (has not been it partorisca spell his name) is here. It was really pleasant on 'Doggystyle' and this a has not been an exception.
6. Cyco Lic A lot of - (4/5) A heart are quite annoying and really door a song down. It Verse of gentleman Malik is good but does not like me his cause of voice is likes that of the boy.
7. Ridin' Slipin' And Slidin' - (4/5) Daz and Kurupts the verse are to add but an only decent heart.
8. Big Pimpin' 2 - An ape interlude for Big Pimpin'
9. Sinister' House of Game - (4/5) A beaten are adds. His sampled that the song of the girls 'Pont of Londra', which is kinda fresco.
10. It does not like .... - (5/5) A better song in an album. Again Rey Crooner Born Dogg rids another hook adds. Daz And Kurupt is excellent here like this usual.
11. That chair - (4/5) One of this boss bangin' clues. Some beaten here is really hard and Kurupt and Daz trade to abonos. The anger raisin for to fall the good verse.
12. If All Fucc - (3/5) One of these songs of sex. Nothin Special.
13. It pumps Azz Pussy - (3.5/5) liked in fact of this song. 'Have you never have some azz pussy, this mark wants to shout Dogg Book.'
14. A Dog'z Late of Day - (4.5/5) Again of this boss that clues of strikes. Kurupt Really goes all was here and rasga a mic averts. An only downside here is that this song is too short.
15. Reality - (3/5) Daz Kurupt and Walk of interpreter of the guest Dee trades the excellent verses but a heart ameno this song down. A heart really sucks. This song is way too long. There is some class of one instrumental for roughly 2 fck!ng Small that entirely destroys a whole song.
16. One for one - (3/5) Again a heart SUCKS.
17. Sound A lot of Way - (2/5) Daz and Kurupt again spits good verses but of the beaten and a heart ameno this song down.
There the, a desglosa complete of some songs. Sure, ossia the good emission but in my opinion, ossia nowhere approach a classics 'Chronic', and 'Doggystyle'. If it wants to I add it Dogg album of Book, test Kurupt is 'Kuruption' , 'A Streetz iz the mutha' or Daz is estaliation, Revenge, and Go back'
[!] PAZ [!]
5 / 5 Deann
Ossia One of the mine favourite all tume album. Each alone songs is perfect, of some papers and delivery to an incredible music. Produced for Daz sure can be considered like this like this chronic. Kurupt Strong and hype fashion together with Daz is partorisca take-no-bulshit the sum of breakings of the fashion with another Row of death inmates also know OG Snoop Doggy Dogg, Born Dogg and Lady of Anger. An album aims each side of a gangsta rap Row of death kinda has taken to another level. As they say in a intro... You ARE MOTHAFS Ready?...
5 / 5 Suzan
If or r the defender of born dogg,snoop dogg, warren g or has to that cop this album. I recently aquired to to the this album likes 3 of days and has not been out of my cd player. Some stronger clues r Dogg book Gangstaz, smooth and ridin slippin and sliding. These starts of albums of strong and takes the little feeble in an end but is still definetly the value that the controls was. Control out of another add mc to the equal that bily guliman(the endeavour the strong plus is classical christmas) and control out of a kurupt album of suns. It have to that take of the star or 2 partorisca a coverage of album of the week but am feeling them well today.
4 / 5 Shizuko
Are the enormous Dogg defender of Book and love this album. Kurupt rapping Is surprising and does this album the classical. Daz, This in spite of, has improved so much of this album has been done, both like a MC and like the producer. A new DPG album, Dillinger and Young Gotti, is far better that Dogg Lunch. Some characteristics of entities that prevents this album partorisca win to five indication of star is one stupid W-Balls interludes. They are not pleasant, so only is annoying. This in spite of, ossia an essential album for a better rap duet never.
4 / 5 Romelia
Of then are the defender of a Westcoast sound and Deathrow record when a focuses was hot, has had to that take Tha Dogg Pound immediately after that the game listened House 'Sinister''. Memory to listen his first song 'The calm ' out of Snoops soyurder Was a Chance' soundtrack, as I have known Daz Dillinger and Kurupt was to be tight in this album! I have flown this CD all day when I took it in the first place. My fav was esspect', 'Cyco-Lic-Any', Left' House of Game W Michelle, and practically an integer cd. A production is tight and this album was a bomb . Any one has flown my CD : ( as I have not been able to listen to this album in 6 years, as they are roughly to reorder the cause DPG was jammin'.
4 / 5 Shawana
I wrecked my car listening to this a night. Like this gangster there is the brother doin the buck[100] intoxicated. Some beaten fashionable new and some rhymes of west cost with a flavour of is has has had to that me amped. This album is a prime minister this dips was and a better and is that beginning it to me that his terrace besides his appearances in some Chronicles with Dres. Dre. A lot props the Daz and Kurupt.
5 / 5 Daina
This was an album a hot plus of '95 Daz has done really his thang producing half of some clues in this album, but Dr. Dre has produced so only 2 Respect of feat of clues. Bushwick Bill and feat of Reality. Trey Deee Of Tha Eastsidaz. All of some songs are hot except Sooo A lot of Way, 1 for 1 and Ridin' Slipn' and Slidin'. Kurupt Has taken lyricism 2 the big level in this album also Daz. Snoop Dogg Has done really famous. Some the beaten hotter is DPG, Respect, New York, New York, Cyco-Lic-Any (B_ A_ N-s), Big Pimpin'2, Left' House of Game, does not like me 2 Of Sleep In Throw' Paid, That Feels, If All the F-, and Bomb A_ P_and. 8 yrs. Later DPG has broken on causes Kurupt has gone back to row of death. I do not blame him but I still like Kurupt.
5 / 5 Errol
This album is at all short of the masterpiece. In of the terms of production, this CD SHOWS because Daz Dillinger was one of some Producers of Prime ministers in Row of death and one of some more utmost producers. Daz Uses to add of alive instrument which gives an album the diverse sound. Kurupt Resplandores In this album with some of some rhyme more is written never. Standout The clues in this album are esspect', the clue adds to start with an album. A Cost Of is classical Diss to the equal that has begun in fact a Cost Of the this-Beef of West Cost, 'New York, New York'. Kurupt Has received the plot of the recognition after the people has listened this clue and characteristic Snoop Dogg in a heart. Another clue adds and my favourite clue in an album is 'Cyco-Lik-Any'. Ossia A song more orders to never exited of a G-Funk was and look the verse of Gentleman Malik (Lil' Hershey Loc of Doggystyle) the one who completly outshines both Daz and Kurupt. Another clue adds is 'Ridin, Slipin and Slidin', to good sure one to clash in your walk. Another album banger is a Game 'Sinister' classical House'. One follows a more produced in an album is ' does not like me to Dream In Throw Paid'. This characteristic of Born clue Dogg flange in a wonderful heart. ' Quell'The Chair' characteristic a Lady Of the that rasga a Mic averts. Another clue adds and the Row of classical death is 'Bomb Azz [Pussy]' the characteristic Snoop Dogg. A better lyrical the clue in an album is 'A Doggz Late of Day'. Kurupt Tears on a Mic and a phase also, included Daz drops some rhymes stagnate is one . Esality' Is another adds to follow which look Flat Dee of Tha Eastsidaz.
Ossia The complete album . A production and lyrical the contained in this album is as to any one. It is the real shame that there is not the plot of album that included approached to this. If you prefer music of a G-Funk was, this album has to that be addition your collection, if any will not be able to sleep easy!
5 / 5 Sharon
When it Was in 6th note, all the world has known, comprising me, has had this album. Ossia The first example of West Cost Rap in his better. Any one can even approached. This album is one of a More adds them all the time. Take this album now still if any calm the the. This album would owe that be the necessity of life.
5 / 5 Lara
Is gangster rap and yes is earthy, crude and vicious but is also musically delicious and entirely marinated in luscious funk beaten. Definately The value that the controls was has included the far interest in this type of what. I see bobbin' yours boss...
5 / 5 Leonora
This cd is the add cd. It is the good combo of quality lyrical talent of daz dillinger and kurupt, and also some beaten in each song is excellent. My personal favourites are respect , the does not like to dream in throw has paid, and realities, but all the songs are upper notch . This cd is exited a perfect time, which there is enabled he partorisca gone triple-platinum. daz And kurupt still exited with cd is, but is in focusing smaller and of the one who take quite credit. Calm all would have to that buy daz and kurupt cd is. Also RECORD of the ROW of the DEATH Is OF TOWER, buys album of quality of them, an only record company keepin he gangsta. sup The Suge Cavalier and a c-crew.
4 / 5 Rivka
... kurupt A kingpin . dogg Book gangsta,
this album is exited with the enormous and energitic clues and alike
snoop dogg and a rest of DPGC,To good sure THAT THIS ALBUM will BE
4 / 5 Prince
Ossia A awesome cd the real must there is the like a dogg rid this cd has some awesome beaten. It goes cop that
5 / 5 Katrina
ALL have to that say is THESE STINKS of ALBUMS. The Clues are feeble,the papers are bootie,netheir daz or kurupt can be like this bad as warren g,and a rest of this sad Long beach that takes NOOO game in my walk.
5 / 5 Twana
Yeah! One of a better Hip hop\Gangsta-rap\Wesscoast album never!!!! I add Dre productions in Daz and Kuruot awesome flows!!! ... It buys it! ;-)

Top Customer Reviews: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
It can any gone bad with a more collected Also $ hort album. I have not gone too big in a material dips was after the Cocktails. So only it changes the little has bitten after, and the supposition am stuck in a classical material, hehe. This album is quite well with enough the few good clues on that. Gotta Loves Also $ hort Oakland funk.
4 / 5
Too Cut never fails to impress me. It is one the majority of compatible mc in a game, there is near some the majority of album for the artist of only and there is has not fallen never the album of rubbish. The cocktails is no different. Mackadocious pimp The rhymes has done Too Short the living legend. It is to good sure in a cup ten better emcees never and ossia one of his better albums. The cocktails there is has updates more beaten that it was in his leading emissions. They are better? Yes and No. Some beaten has lost that touch of funk ( any so much of him in these songs ) and opts for more bumpable mainstream sound. It is a lot well or bad according to your flavours in beaten. The mine is equally bumpable. Drops too Short classical lines in of the songs like Cocktales, is not Swimming But Pimping-a hilarious heart, Thangs Transmission-where knowledge of tomb in the degrading women his, premarital sex, and sex in television and to the equal that is destroying youth, can Take A B!tch, Paystyle, Etc. Etc. leaves Too Cut other producers like this of the Banks of the ant and A Dangerous Crew manage a majority of some beaten. Tupac Shakur Looks for the appearance of guest on This, one of some better songs in a cd, together with MC Race, Jamal & Malik of Illegal and Banks of Ant. In general ossia the classical Also $ hort album. The short dog does not disappoint and maintains it real. I recommend it.
5 / 5
Some papers in this album am centred in pimpin' and having sex with numerous the 12 album of clue this can take the little boring,but Too Short is 'Cocktail' has the production adds that it mark an entertainment of album to listen says histories of pimpin' as well as his visas on societies and adds in the little hillarious lines in apperances is done for Tupac,MC Race,Freddy B and the ant is the album adds for any new to Too Short and I highly reccomend ,please notes that is much more sexually explicit that anything was today,likes to please use with precaution around young girls calm of any one them partorisca learn has has launched terms for sexual favours.
5 / 5
If he aint some the majority of basses of funky bangin hip hop follows around while it is. The one who concerns in some rap, when a line of basses is this funky at all more subject. Enough the good album to start with to finalise but follows 8, funk with the main bass. Like this usual some clues of the banks of the Ant are some courses of election obviously beginning with Upper Down then Can take the Bitch and giving On a funk respectively. No like this consistantly enriched with funk that hes leading 2 album in general, his closings to begin to finalise the plenary on listens to do join funkiest rapper alive. Upper Down can not be matched in my opinion for funk
4 / 5
This album is the classical. Out of 12 songs so only 11 is not that well. A reat is just bangin'. The production adds for Banks of Ant and a rest of a Dangerous Crew. All a resemblance atrist mark remarkeble appearences - Banks of Ant, MC Race, Pee Wee, Gentleman Malik, Goldy, Freddie B and a a ond only 2PAC in the classical guest appearence. This CD is of 1995 but he still the sound adds these days.
4 / 5
Has to that very sure that Too Short is AC/DC of rap. His songs are instantly identifiable. Some can say that everything of song touches Too Cut some same, this in spite of a truth is that Too Short dips down the project that each rapper value his studios of rooms. The cocktails takes the big jump of some old school beats basic of the albums Also Courts earlier. (The life is..., Been born To Mack, Shorty a Pimp.)East times around is clear that short has learnt to act the song to use alive instrmentation and papers that is ready and serious a same time. Ossia An album that relly tip that I Also Cut always will come up with another rap. I reccomend this for any rap defender or applicant MC.
4 / 5
This line has come from/come from a song " they are the beach ", and it resists true. I mean a type uses a closing little rhymes on and on again, but gosh darn the, resists down like one of a tighest rappers never. This was one of a bit those that rap CDs that that could press game and to the left go. With guest appearences for 2Pac, MC Race, Freddy B, and Banks of Ant, this album was of a hook. I did not think it it can have an album the upper "Go in Where Returned in" but this is coming very together.
5 / 5
Musically, "Cocktail" it is album Too Short stronger. Looking perhaps two of his better songs, "Aint Nuthin' As Pimpin'" and "Cocktales," an album is this album is musically balanced with very a lot of (and often amusing) papers. A underrated rap classical and have to that has for any defender.
4 / 5
Too short is one of one the majority of original and better rappers of some beaten is really good and some papers are different casts a lot of rappers today. You recommend to take this album in any I too short said my peace.
5 / 5
Ossia One of mine favourite of Too $ hort, does not disappoint never.
I cocktails has a lot of collabos of some late utmost 2Pac, MC Race, Freddy B, and Banks of Ant.