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1 JJLEAF 3D Pen for Kids and Adults,Compatible with 1.75mm PLA and ABS Filament Refills,3D Art Printing Printer Pens with LCD Screen Automatic Feeding,USB Charging,Interesting Gifts Toys for All Age JJLEAF 3D Pen for Kids and Adults,Compatible with 1.75mm PLA and ABS Filament Refills,3D Art Printing Printer Pens with LCD Screen Automatic Feeding,USB Charging,Interesting Gifts Toys for All Age JJLEAF
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2 HP Envy 6055e All-in-One Printer with 6 Months Free Ink Through HP Plus (223N1A) HP Envy 6055e All-in-One Printer with 6 Months Free Ink Through HP Plus (223N1A) HP
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3 Creality Printer Tents Warm Enclosure Constant Temperature Soundproof Dust Cover for Ender 3 Ender 3 Pro Ender 5 Ender 5 Pro 3D Printer Creality Printer Tents Warm Enclosure Constant Temperature Soundproof Dust Cover for Ender 3 Ender 3 Pro Ender 5 Ender 5 Pro 3D Printer Skophy
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4 ANYCUBIC Photon S 3D Printer, UV LCD Resin Printer with Dual Z-axis Linear Rail and Double Air Filtration System & Print Quietly and Off-line Printing, Build Size 4.53'(L) x 2.56'(W) x 6.49'(H), Black ANYCUBIC Photon S 3D Printer, UV LCD Resin Printer with Dual Z-axis Linear Rail and Double Air Filtration System & Print Quietly and Off-line Printing, Build Size 4.53'(L) x 2.56'(W) x 6.49'(H), Black ANYCUBIC
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5 TRONXY Factory Direct Sales X5SA Print Size 330X330X400MM,Large-Size DIY kit high-Precision Industrial-Grade CoreXY 3D Printer, Resume Print, Run Out Detection, Auto Leveling, Works with PETG/PLA/ABS TRONXY Factory Direct Sales X5SA Print Size 330X330X400MM,Large-Size DIY kit high-Precision Industrial-Grade CoreXY 3D Printer, Resume Print, Run Out Detection, Auto Leveling, Works with PETG/PLA/ABS TRONXY
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6 Creality Official CR-6 SE from Canadian Seller Mech Solutions Ltd New Version 3D Printer Leveling- Free with Silent Motherboard Touch Screen and Double Z-Axis Meanwell Power Supply Print Size 235 x 23 Creality Official CR-6 SE from Canadian Seller Mech Solutions Ltd New Version 3D Printer Leveling- Free with Silent Motherboard Touch Screen and Double Z-Axis Meanwell Power Supply Print Size 235 x 23 Creality 3D
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7 Houkr GT2 Aluminum Timing Belt Idler Pulley Bearing 20&60 Teeth Width 8mm Born Synchronous Wheel, with a Length 200mm Width 6mm Belt and a M4 Allen Wrench, for 3D Printer. Houkr GT2 Aluminum Timing Belt Idler Pulley Bearing 20&60 Teeth Width 8mm Born Synchronous Wheel, with a Length 200mm Width 6mm Belt and a M4 Allen Wrench, for 3D Printer. Houkr
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8 ANYCUBIC Wash Cure Machine Plus , 2 in 1 UV Washing and Curing Station for Photon Mono X, LCD SLA DLP 3D Resin Printer,Curing Size: 190mm(D) 245mm(H) ANYCUBIC Wash Cure Machine Plus , 2 in 1 UV Washing and Curing Station for Photon Mono X, LCD SLA DLP 3D Resin Printer,Curing Size: 190mm(D) 245mm(H) ANYCUBIC
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9 16 PCS 3D Printer Brass Extruder Nozzle Print Head with 4 DIY Nozzle Tools, DuKuan 7 Different Sizes Nozzles & Screw Driver, Spanner, Wrench Sleeve and Cleaning Needles 16 PCS 3D Printer Brass Extruder Nozzle Print Head with 4 DIY Nozzle Tools, DuKuan 7 Different Sizes Nozzles & Screw Driver, Spanner, Wrench Sleeve and Cleaning Needles DaKuan
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10 Bzocio 5 Sheets FEP Film 140X200mm x 0.1mm DLP LCD SLA Resin 3D Printer for Wanhao Duplicator D7, Photon Bzocio 5 Sheets FEP Film 140X200mm x 0.1mm DLP LCD SLA Resin 3D Printer for Wanhao Duplicator D7, Photon Bzocio
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Top Customer Reviews

Top Customer Reviews: JJLEAF 3D Pen for ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
To to my daughter likes-him this 3D pen a lot, is easy to use and can regulate speed. It has tried to believe the 3D “among”, but looks the “2.as” versions for now, lol, needs to buy more would marry for his to create more interesting small illustrations.
5 / 5
Very Simple uses it and appreciated to do his own creation !!! Has of the Go back Transport to break it but I go in commander another
5 / 5
This 3D pen can be the fun and useful tool to “draw” three-dimensional objects ,my amour of daughter is comfortable to resist and is sure with the little protective toe coverage.
5 / 5
Is the pleasant toy that is with the very good quality and prize very economic. A speed is tunable and easily can draw some simply 3D model to use it. Highly it recommends this one for another.
5 / 5
Has bought Touches my daughter like a present of anniversary. It would want always there is it concealed, she so it will be for loves It.
5 / 5
Easy to use. To to Chico likes. First illustrations looks good-looking.

Top Customer Reviews: HP Envy 6055e ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 17 ratings
5 / 5
This was a lot of frustrating partorisca dip on why a recommended software (of Tent of Microsoft) has any option excepts the esearch' partorisca the printer. Any exposure DIRECTED so that it does not have any way to manually connect to the wifi and enter a signal of security, will not connect to 5G (and does not say you concealed), and although has the quite pulsing the light has lived, has not connected never. I have had to look for some engine and software to download ( Any he of a LADY Tends), and has connected he with the boss of USB (any comprised) to connect to the wifi. In an end, has said to hell with east and so only will use with an USB. To good sure ANY for the noob or any with the sure coverage. Oh And HP wants to install the tonne of 't he.
4 / 5
Be súper easy to dip up and like this far like this well, a colour is good-looking, and am happy that is an expensive ink a one this leaves to do an ink was extremely expensive and sucked. He like this paralizaciones like some expensive this printer was and the one who economic an ink is, and the one who vivid some colours are am happy like this far.
5 / 5
Every time uses a WiFi, me he reload my WiFi in my computer
4 / 5
Easy out of a box to dip until my WiFi 5! Any question any one. Works like the charm. Easy to sign up for ink of instant. An only thing has been disappointed is that my rollover pages of my leading printer any
5 / 5
near of nightmare-up! HP Put on the software has not done. The printer has sent behind for full repayment.
Is spent 1 hr with on telephone with help of technology, the far access still left to the mine portable. The technology has known at all roughly produced and the half of route by means of a process his servers have clashed! Has has had to that reboot my laptop, control of the disk fixed some errors and now a laptop can not connect to the mine mouse of blue tooth! I have purchased several laptops the and printer of HP, always happy state. No more.
4 / 5
While any easy to dip on, a quality of a printer can not be denied. I am pleased really with a printer, and a prize is abordable.
4 / 5
HP The cast is not on the dot.

Already have a HP marries of printer and loves everything roughly excepts a HP “Ready” application. For a prize, quality and consolation of Ink of Instant, is been a more in the satisfactory cost of printer has had. That mostly spends is that a HP the Loans of the application can not recognise a printer in WiFi, as it would owe that reconnect that uses a poster of exposure.

Now, need to take one for my office and was hesitant on that it has to that so only trust an application, but has taken the casualidad because this model is thermal inkjet which have not had before. With which setup, was fantastically usable for the day until it has been off-line and has required the reconnect. Ossia An impossible task ! I have thought perhaps HP Ready has had an improvement in some last few years, but see now that it is like this transmission like this never. I am returning this and purchasing another HP with the poster of exposure.
5 / 5
Sure mark that is meticulously some steps of a 'HP Initiates Easy' setup program, otherwise, will be in question deep! It was bombed by an army of messages of dark error reason had built in a 2nd cartridge in the 'freestyle' way. Well, if a continuous printer insist on having a cartridge inserted in the concrete order, so only run he in a-way of cartridge, before it install one 2nd, has refused a, and will be well.

That takes of an operational printer is quality adds for the very reasonable prize. Even 'Dyed of Instant' is now value the look of HP expanded a number of options of byline significantly.
4 / 5
Some noise = is the relatively economic printer ! It is quell'has bitten dulcemente = still relatively economic! Some cartridges of ink are reasonably priced. I have had a Epson, never again! Ossia The lustrous aim in-jet of house of ink to use moderate printer. It likes... 🇺🇸🖨️🏡
4 / 5
This printer sucks and no sinister use a fax copy or scan anything without creating an account for the printer that has paid partorisca. Also it has squandered tonnes of ink when you install it.. At present in 75 without using it... The meaning loses a name of the user and the calm signal probably will owe that buy the new a

Top Customer Reviews: Creality Printer ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
4 / 5
Partorisca A Ender 3/PRO printer, highly recommends this coverage, partorisca some following reasons:
[1] is very easy to gather, and some accesses of printer very inner he
[2] resists in some ultra-fine particles (UFPs) ossia emitted for 3d the printers and this are to consider partorisca be the health hazard. This particle will solve was and then can be dried up with the humid cloth
[3] has shouted a temperature of air of environmental press, which have taken quality of impression
[4] goes down a level of the his stops in the half (10dB)
[5] him him a light CONCENTRATED has attached, concealed to light is enhanced for some reflective inner wall
[6] a cloth composite to the wall resupplies the level of fire retardation
4 / 5
Wow, this was exactly that has required partorisca take struggling while printing ABS, PETG etc. In mine Ender 3.

An enclosure has been I near like this easily and a coverage returns a frame perfectly. The material of big quality gives confidence that an enclosure will last the long time and a aluminized fire that delay the cloth is confidence inspiring. It is the genuine Creality part, any aftermarket. A coverage has two poster partorisca access one in a right side where a supply partorisca be able to exhaust and the upper a partorisca control of temperature that/lights. One in front of the accident has the port partorisca the computer or Rasberrypi hook-arrive and a right forward has the pocket partorisca these tools wants to maintain handy.

Returns my Ender 3 perfectly the wise dimension, could not be happier with this compraventa. Torres yours printer of economy of level of entrance to an enclosed printer that hundreds of costs further of dollars. And it opens like this more options of filament that just PLA.

Recommends to take the thermometer for an interior of an enclosure to the equal that can control temperature and regulate he with some flaps of accesses for the take perfect for you the filament has selected. Also a clip DIRECTED in light for a Z the structure and you are in business.
5 / 5
Using he with a ender 3, the desire was more economic but another that that, material quality a lot well, toe in an assembly of nose and the one who the difference in my impressions !
Using PETG of INAUGURAL nosle 240 read 80, there has been warping and all the classes of questions, once in an enclosure has printed felizmente 12 pieces of the mandalorian helmet perfectly.
Very happy with him.
5 / 5
A lot disappointed in a product a way arrives zip very economic already broken when it has arrived and a cheat of boss of the side also and has taken more the time has then expected to receive a product in general bad experience
5 / 5
For this the enclosure looks very durable would have given it to 5 indication of the star but I think some sides are behind. A control for a cord is in a side advance left and would have to that be in a right side behind where a supply to be able to this. A door is right side centred and would have to that be in a sinister hand-held side. It is hard to take a filament in a hole if I can not see a hole lol. I think it that it would have to be it the little has bitten more width also so that I can dip one drives of filament in a ender 3
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Better enclosure for my ender 3 printer

Top Customer Reviews: ANYCUBIC Photon S ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
Partorisca An idea of where am coming from, has been printing in FDM printers partorisca 3+ years now, the house has built i3s and the Prusa Mk2. As I will be partorisca use my experience of this so much the comparison here.

Like this well of a bat will say is in models and imagines concealed is tiny (pieces of player of the board game partorisca chance) calm to precise look good insurance in this thing.

The quality of build is well, on half in fact. Everything is done out of anodized aluminium, a printer feels solid, a dish of build and vat is both good and sturdy.

Quality of impression to the equal that have said is excellent compared to a FDM.

Has measured of the impression is WELL. A 65mm the restriction is quell'has bitten limiting ( would want to see the version of this printer where ossia more afterwards to 100mm). But then again I require partorisca print the big objects have mine i3 is that big plus, less detail has oriented good things.

Spends of estaca - is not that bad. Really. A lot of people are turned has gone by the estaca that accuses some impressions. It say that I take roughly 20-30mins of granddaughter on the time after the impression is done to wash some parts in alcohols, UV cure them (has built me he fourth to cure) and clean on a spare resin out of a printer. It takes some time, but a calmer he, a volume of fast plus in him.

Time of impression - slow calms 1 element the time, súper quickly yes fill a stuffs. East need some explanation, of the time of impression is based in totally a Z-date of your part, the main impressions take longer. A good thing is volume does not affect time of impression. Like this if the impression needs stirs it of things. Press 1 taken a same time as printing 10! So you are printing it stirs it immediately. A time of effective impression is súper quickly compared to a FDM. Like an example a picture in my estaca has 12 models have printed a same time, the time of total impression was 2h30m. Cela The average was the roughly for part.

Like this yes plans before, can take some time of impression of the murderous and calm reduce a cleanup cycles also.

Consistency - Like this far like this good. I have read to plot of negative critiques of the impressions that is exited a bed, and other subjects, I so that there is far has had any of those, my successful tax has been 100. It remarks king-zero and relevel flat of mine of first build of the each impression, having the experience in 3D press knows that the perfect 1st spent is a successful tone, as while it can does not have to that do this step, so only takes roughly 2 minute to king-zero and level a stuffs like this imagines reason any one?

Smell - odora. Ossia An only real negative I has like this far. Has an unpleasant smell, to good sure ventilation or an open window recommended when printing. They say that that has the filter, but he still smells. You do not recommend this printer if you do not have the spare room / workspace to dip he in. I need the zone consecrated for him.

There is remarked some looks of clear resin to have less than a smell that a colored some?

Software - SIDE, but could use some work. A software is functional but there are some annoyances, for one, each model is is own establishment, the calm desire could him the together group, to dip out of a stuffs to build easier and faster. Still with generation of support. You owe that do each individual part. Also the metre of use would be good to have (the volume estimated of the resin used), now included does not have any idea the one who material am using. This would help to calculate side/of part. It likes me quell'has said, is functional but expect anycubic maintains to update the and adding more characteristic his.

Cost of term along - More expensive That FDM. I did not use it enough to judge the one who different ossia, but FDM the filament is súper economic now compared to when I have begun to print, and there are elements that fray in a photon (FEP material). It was not that time a FEP hard, but this to good sure will add to a term along that it cost of careers.

Security - no for girls. In his uncured state, to the resin is material bad , need to use pertinent PPE when that managing, but concealed is not concrete to this printer, is all resin -writes to print.


Simply dipped yes is looking to print extremely big detailed press a Photon is to fly he for a prize is listed in. A resolution and level of the details that takes is incredible. FDM The technology so only can not compete, to all the cost that well of a FDM the ones of printer.

Absolutely recommend is looking for an on.

The credit for some models goes to: VirtuallyJason, has downloaded these of thingiverse for mine Scythe board game.
5 / 5
This little printer is amazing value . Súper Easy to use (shows a video in his page of Support of the website). I have had arrivals and that careers and printing part inside an hour. It downloads a Photon slicer software, is really easy to use. Has 8 other 3D printers (all FDM type) - ossia prime minister of mine ELA printer.

Has bought the litre of a clear resin - a printer comes with the half litre of green of transparent resin. A quality of impression is glorious.

Some things to consider buying yes go to be using this to plot (likes are):
- UV CANAL to cure of the nail - has stirs it, but has bought one this has no inferior, as I can locate on top of big and things to cure really big. Also it has room to resist the solar rotating stand of exposure - useful to the things take cured uniformly.
- Rotating Stand Of solar exposure (sees on)
- cleansing of Ultrasonic jewels washer - fill he with isopropyl (rubbing) the alcohol and does to clean your a lot of easier parts - this FIRST OF calm cures him or will cure stirs it of extra resin to them.

Can take all one in material partorisca in $ 60 and is a lot of value he.

A printer comes with everything will require - gloves, tools, funnels of filter, and to spare FEP film for a tray to print.

Highly recommend this need of printer súper the resolution detailed , big impressions. Thicknesses to wall down to .004' it Is possible - that surprised - 4 thou.
5 / 5
Has taken this printer done on the month for some purposes to print miniatures for mine tabletop games. Like this far I have cranked was roughly 30 miniatures like this far for D&D and Battletech. A quality has to that the character when calm properly piece and sustain the model.

Setup And levelling a bed was surprisingly easy in pertinent FDM press. Has has had to that simply attach a program of impression and run one levelling with the piece of paper once. With which was immediately

An only small flu has is that the surfaces the date of support tends to lose the detail has too many supports or any enough of a corner partorisca to the excess resin to flow was. But ossia the limit of ELA/DLP press and any Photon he.

Any subjects have had was solved immediately has seen a Anycubic Photon facebook group.

Is looking for To resin of printer of solid down cost to produce some amazing miniatures for your table the upper games can not recommend this printer enough.
5 / 5
Is new to 3D press this can look the little intimidating.

Dreads no, this printer is like this easy to dip up and use. One the majority to time that eats the thing is levelling a dish of impression. Any that takes the long time, but precise take the impression that goes to see yes that is corrected. And an impression can take 1hr or more. As to 1 wait of now among before you know yes calms took it right or no.

Are 100 new to 3D press and I took it on a 3rd test. A trick is to be able to pull a paper was while feeling control, and no really when being able of the press behind in. Taking there, and is gilded.

Some impressions are incredible. They look tent has bought. If precise small has detailed parts or desire to do minis, creates and print your own chess pieces, a heaven is a limit .

For the newbie, this was the breeze . So only please be careful with a resin. A material is bad mishandled.

Anycubic The supports of the client besides is astounding. I have had it subjects with another product and was a lot of gentile and took that it has required it ASAP for the take up and that goes. His included verified in to do sure has done well with him.

3D press is the only form of patience.
4 / 5
Are very impressed with this product. Extracted like this declared. A software is simple but do a lot well. A generation to sustain automated and a slicing like this do the very good work. It is state said to plot in other descriptions, but can confirm that a quality of impression is excellent. Also confirmation that a uncured smells of resin, how is used more in the a lot airy zone.

Like this far, has used so only a anycubic resins of mark (green distributed, as well as skin and ash) as it can not comment in an use of another mark/of type of resin. A anycubic resins all the work equally well in my experience. This in spite of, there is remarked that a resin has cured is quite brittle when estaca-cured with UV, especially an ash some looks. A green some looks to be one the majority of flexible.

Like the result, some impressions am not very very adapted partorisca parts maquinales, unless they are quite fat and does not rub against an another too much. Any part ossia thin (4 mm or less) will break was quite easily yes stressed mechanically. Ossia Reason I taken of half the star in my description...

Wants to use some impressions so only for aesthetic purposes (statuettes or such) then is perfectly well, this in spite of, to good sure would be interested to find the mark of resin that has better properties to print parts maquinales.
5 / 5
Like the professional user of FDM cars in fact a lot of years now, has thinks that would give one of some cars of resin try he for smaller detailed pcs. A row of diverse prize a lot in a UV cars of resin everything with measures and different characteristics. I have found a anycubic the photon like the diagrams of estimativa priced with adding specs and the compact measure.

Has ordered an on, and like this far a car has been fantastic. Cleanliness Is the must when that uses a car, resin prep and the arrival can take a lot of messy like the little Tupperware the containers am poured in a car is the must partorisca separates to clean and prep, as well as the few litres of isopropanol alcohols to clean. But it can live with the bit of setup and the space for minimum disorder cleanup will have add it powerful little car.

Right out of a box, setup was simple and interior 10 min has printed was with a part of sample in a clave of USB. ... NOTE to any, tries to take the best usb clave for this car, a distributed an is not of a main quality, personally has not had a subject with him, but there are reports of fracasada press no because of setup, and has been narrowed down to faulty usb clave. Pickup The mark of clave of name of big quality, and be in your way. A car reads a clave each layer so that has the fair has bitten to use dipped his.
5 / 5
Has printed the few objects with this 3D printer like this far and a detail in some impressions is surprising. It is quell'has bitten messy with a UV resin, a cleaner of some 3D impressions afterwards but well an endeavour. There is the smell that exited of a UV resin when a DCP the printer is printing. You would owe that spend a disposable gloves and mask when managing some impressions and cleaning on a VAT of resin. For a prize of this DCP the printer is a lot of value he.
5 / 5
Ive Has had occasion to try dozens of fdm printers and included possess 11 of the mine own but mine mimd has been blown when it has printed them my first big detail miniature.
Of course has had the curve to learn and a current software is not until sado still but he wasnt hard to choose up.
Im Finding a cost for impression is s has bitten more than a fdm causes of a consumables has required to run it. ( isopropyl, Filters to paint, some screens and the same start of paper towel adds up.)
Im Finding his no able a peice moving impressions like fidget cubes. Im Very sure reason still but the have any intention on squandering this capacity of cars for detail in of the cubes.
Has received some help at the beginning of 李娟'<.
Has helped me also by means of a subject with mine chiron leading.
Has had to take the little help with the questions of pair but out of all some mark has possessed them anycubic has had a better support.
To I amour likes to take a same quantity to time to do to to a tiny model likes in fact to do 20 of a same.
Like like aims the one who each layer in a screen like his dipping it.
Likes that it can mix them alike resins and different colours that a bit those that that is available.
A noise are much lower that any of the mine another cnc cars.
Has to that to to many like and the havnt there is prendido to run the one of then ive taken the.
Does not like Me some pocolas hinges in a lid, the feel that im that goes to break them.
Does not like Me that his 400-500 of discharges in before you can see anything.
A smell is terrible but thats quite easy to fix.
A measure and form of a zone to build really is not a lot well takes a lot.
Strongly would suggest this for any one touching warhammer or another 40k games to save 35k.
5 / 5
Quality of fantastic impression. Unbelievable Same detail in of the tiny projects. Highly you recommend this for the printer of beginner. The smell has not gone too bad but calm to good sure would want to have this to somewhere with good ventilation. A thing that is the bit to annoy is there is not any instruction anywhere which say you like this to prepare one .STL Lima to .That The photon has has had to that do a bit undermining on-line to find this was. One another thing that is class to annoy is a clave of USB was defective out of a box and some diagrams give me an error 2-3 first times to recognise my own usb the clave takes some class of error comunicacional. Once it is printing this in spite of, near and forget.
4 / 5
In the first place was am new to 3d press without background or experience in him. I have chosen this like my first printer and could not be happier! Anycubic Impressed expectations further to a point that when I take the second printer (FDM for impressions of the main stairs) is another of a Anycubic line.

A packaging was done well and a car has been protected very better that has anticipated. Initial setup was the breeze with some instructions has comprised that they are clear and easy to follow. As you note it there it is a lot youtube video the reference with setup so that they want to visually see this step. A quality of some components is utmost for a prize and is in fact better that has expected.

Like this far has not had any subjects with this printer averts of the impression has failed that has been due to my lack of sympathetic of supports for a model as it is forming. Of any one the alone impression has failed and has found that this car, for the level of hobby likes mine, is glorious. A schemes probably there is around 100 hours of time of impression/punctually without any subjects.

Thank you ANYCUBIC For a wonderful car and to ignite the interest of new/hobby in my life.

Top Customer Reviews: TRONXY Factory ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia A third printer has. I have wanted to take the volume to print main for some of some projects. The printer arrived and all the parts are in. Instructions to build a lot of ( can be better special one gathers of Z the parallel axial canes to the each one like this another, and a X axial ).
Some good parts:
- screen of good user of paper and friendly touch
- components of quality a lot good
- frame of solid metal relatively precise measures of profiles of aluminium.
- Relatively easy to build yes can follow some instructions ( pay attention that Z the canes are parallel to direct ray or a Z the iron no well and the X axial )
- bosses and headlines of good bosses
A no like this splits of goddess:
- the frame is resisted so only in 8 rays and in him the measure is not quite stable. I finalise to buy 'joining Group of Dish Out of Right Corner' a bit '90 Terracing L Group ' and 'Inner of L Forms have jointed of Connector to Corner grupal Inner' and mark mecer solid.
- Attention to arrest that at least a frame of upper polygon has 90 angels of terracings, or some impressions will be was. Ideally All the angels in the printer of cube has to that be 90 to have deeply has printed.
- X iron ( profile of aluminium of hot final) controls in 4 rays but no clear instruction as to gather correctly. I have found calm has it that take all a way in rear ( the front is not possible because of a hot boss) and tight some rays wile in the resistant in bylines. If it is not to perfect perpendicular in an And orients will not take 90 corners of terracing in printing
- transmission of Power in an a lot of behind and will be good to be in an opposite side how is now ( there is quite spatial to run a boss to be able to of there that)
A bad :
- a dual Z the engines are controlled for a controller(engine) and is not independent. That this bad:
(a) - a plan of a dish of the edifice will not be in the parallel plan to XY controls with which pair to be able to in/cycles of a printer and you have to that regulate all again and again......(Encircled Of time of client and concealed is not appreciated ). All good printers with the beds the big plus that 200mm x 200mm has dual separate Z engines of walk but this one.
(b) - If some engines are in parallel connection an engine overheat to give quite common for each of them or remain normal and give less than quite common to engines wich will begin skipping no. If some engines are connected serious could not have enough voltage to do in nominal power.
- Has any transmission of stop of the end for Z irons to take a boss to smash into a dish of impression if a Z the sensor fails to do (the dish of aluminium is a lot easy to deform) . It looked in a motherboard in this Tronxy and surprised big : any user friendly socket for substitution of engine yes the burn was how is soldate directed on. But also any fifth engine soldered on, so only empty place. In a Tronxy the place of the the tape 'upgrade' to synchronise a two Z engines ( silent a company recognises that they disorder he here). For me a lot the feasible option reason does not have to that it pay for his deceptions to draw. It is side Tronxy less to dip the chip of engine in motherboard and pair of lines in software that a upgrade box, and will have the happiest clients. It has wanted to Tronxy dipped an endeavour in changing a Z question in origin (still dual engine Z) any in of the extra tapes.
All some other questions with this printer are smaller compared to a Z axial question
the Inferior line will buy the Duet2 Wifi motherboard and screen and dipped it wright for a Z axial questions and perhaps use a Tronxy motherboard for the small printer where a z combination of the engine of axial engine is enough.
Finally yes is has had to that to invest some time and the extra money on this prize can do the big printer a lot well out of east a.
Quality of impression 4 stars yes know regarding the build and dip a @@@titan or extruder of dual train.
5 / 5
Ossia The a lot of good 3D printer. It has printed professionally well with which assembly. Always it uses PETG filaments. These are difficult to stick to a bed. After several types of spray of the hair and the glue sticks which has not done has found the very good way and cleaned for adhesion of bed. I have used 2 thumb Folds sided Tape to Mask that it is sold for Staples. It does not use a heater of bed and apply this tape to a zone impresa. Work perfectly. I use same tape to print roughly 3 to 4 impressions without taking.
5 / 5
Like this, this was my first printer , knows at all roughly printing. This has said, show the youtube video of assembly, a book of instruction is confusing.
This car has very printed out of a box, with which read levelng and z adjustment (which is quite easy)
the comprised slicer Repetier host isnt to bad, no very intuitve, but he a work
in general, with the little fiddling and a capacity to print upgades for him, is the diagrams adds , and am them a lot happy with cost of mine
5 / 5
Mina 1st printer, that @gives fast I need to convert to the bed of impression of the glass. Amur A printer otherwise. A lot easy to learn, quality all a way Was a lot of surprise in a workmanship of this unit. If looking for the main printer I highly recommend is one, but take a sensor of bed & of the glass.
5 / 5
The printer adds for his prize but would have to that add the tape to time for a z-axial, and Marlin like firmware. Everything on everything loves a printer. Good work TRONXY After the month to use recommends to take a bed of glass and sensor this would do 5 printer of star for his row of prize.
4 / 5
Has had subjects with cost of mine and has sent the number of emails to Tronxy support and has not had never the response to any one.
Marks sure look to Tronxy descriptions of support!
5 / 5
Printer a lot well, silent and precise. Volume of Fat of impression. Liking to Are trace in spite of, he plateau buildtak is cost at all !!!

Top Customer Reviews: Creality Official ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 27 ratings
4 / 5
BECAUSE DID I ORDER THIS: Partorisca a time a long plus was partorisca order the Monoprice printer. It has Had he in my cart of compraventa partorisca quite the moment. But, one has read more roughly the, there is remarked the model. A new plus some descriptions have taken, some worse they all looked to take. I have seen the model in those a lot of people is returned his printers, and has been sent was the new clients, those who he then complained roughly taking has has used cars. Then a Ender 3 has taken my attention. The descriptions add everywhere, good prize and have ordered like this one. Tee One has received has had the defect could no with, as I sent it behind. And with which almost 90 minutes of setup, the then has to that it disassembles for the send behind. Ugh. I have not been deterred this in spite of, and has decided takes a CR-20 after seeing the few descriptions on web and video. For an extra $ would be happy to does not have to that dip the on scratch. I have loved still he Creality.

The CONTAINER: A box is packed tight. A lot of solidly has packed. It comes with everything would require. It is essentially 1 run giant. I know, laws or there is of then is two parts . True. But, they are joined together for bosses, like this essentially is so only one separates. You owe that unpack both big parts - connected for some bosses, and manoeuvre them so many can the ray joints him. It is not hard really. So only have the surface of available big work.

Before CONTROL of ASSEMBLY of @@SUBJECT: If it look descriptions of video of a unit, the majority will say to bend verify some rays in a car. He. Sure enough, my bed was free as it had seen in the video. I have required for presionar he of low those uses a wrench has distributed. Once this is to be do, has verified all other rays. Some have required the half turn at most. Then it was near.

ASSEMBLY: 6 rays. Ossia. 4 For a main frame and 2 for a spool title. 5 minutes and he was near. It concealed there included the mine is cost an extra $ in a Ender. TRANSMISSION The VOLTAGE To 115.

He SD LAWS of PAPER? The majority of descriptions has seen to say a SD the paper is faulty. I have turned in my car. I have inserted then a SD paper. At all. I have turned of a car. It has dipped a SD Paper in mine Mac and has verified there has been given in that fact. I then dipped he to a CR-20 - has THEN turned a power in a printer and has been recognised. This in spite of, as all a text in a paper is in Chinese has not looked correct. How it was to copy all some happy to the file in mine Mac, delete a paper and I just use he for mine GCode files now.

THAT it is IN THE SD PAPER: there is the file with english (inside the file with Chinese text) this has a manual and the few things. At all that imports. It excepts. There is the DOCX file for a car that sensor of levels, which have ordered. I will take to this in the has bitten.

That CAR of LEVELS: So much, it has taken a sensor with mine. A mountain for him was already pre-installed in a boss of impression. It is quell'has bitten clunky in general in action and looks. There is the video MP4 in a SD paper on like this to locate to a printer. There is the DICX which tip the little more detail. This in spite of, this time - I active so only has levelled a bed manually. I go to use a punctual sensor and will resupply an update to this description then.

MANUEL that it LEVEL: using any 4 @@@knob, is easy. There are thousands of video and tutorials on like this to do this there.

The SOFTWARE has COMPRISED: So only come with Priest for Windows. Any use of mine. Downloaded a Mac version. Calm then has to that add the CR-10 profile, but modify a printer config for a 220x220x250 dimensions. This takes less than 1 minute. Calm then can download STL files, tugs to Priest and ask he, dipped in a SD paper and then impress them was!

FILAMENT: In a box is some white filament in a real spool. I did not weigh it but it is the just quantity . They are on 10 hours to print, and has has used grieves any of him. The way adds to start with!

PRESS: there it has any a lot of to say except all have like this the form is exited far fantastic! Utmost results. It has attached some photos have taken first two impressions. I have been printing chess pieces, and with a filament has comprised to have the shiny, marble like white texture. Fantastic!

A LCD exposed the good work to maintain you informed of what time an impression is taking, and the fact of current percentage.

HIS And NOISE: it is quite strong. And it has taken the bit for me to @give that has listened... Then it dawned on sound - like to be in an old arcade in a prompt 80 east. All a beeping and odd noises. Kinda Pleasant in fact. Now, some people will say that any one is really calm. Like this like this dipped - I has in mine living room. I do not have other environmental noises like the refrigerators that career, noise of traffic by means of some windows, strong computers, the music that touches etc. any the import . Some real defenders in a sound of device like my old PS3 has used to have. So much, quite noisy.

AFTERWARDS: for a $ past, am very happy. Has some the fantastic impressions that exited - and like this more planned. For him hobbyist like me, value of the money is past.
UPDATE: I have loved to go back with an update now that has dipped 2kg of filament by means of of the this and had it running every day for almost 2 weeks except at night.

BUILDTAK SURFACE - has Take this after the week. So only it does not remain dish and level. It has caused too many first questions of discharge. I have ordered the discharge of the glass done for a Ender 3 - and is perfect! I have not had the first alone bad discharge of that taken that. Also, hardly require the never do more adjustments on levelling. I recommend to take the bed of glass.

FIRMWARE - Has it firmware update for July 16th (late plus as to maintain). I have contacted MEchSolutions the one who a next morning sent the PDF on regarding the install. Installed any question.

That the CAR LEVELS - has the data up is. Now that has the surface of glass I do not require it . Save of the money in this option, and take the bed of glass instead.

Amur FINALLY Justo this thing. Value a $ . It takes one!
5 / 5
- 3 update of week:

- a capacitive the sensor to level is a lot too inaccurate. It has taken the repayment for an extra $50 and has bought a inductive sensor with the 4mm distance of trigger, a stuff to the clip up resupplies finally warped and is useless. I am using build tak in a bed of aluminium with a inductive sensor, a firmware is also a lot that has surprised . I have finalised reverse engineering he and that recopila marlin using s-twists to soften, UBL levelling, k-dipping ready of factor and all another goodies added to a paper. I took roughly the week of test and error to take all some correct parameters, but he now works like the charm. I have added a nema dampeners to some engines and together with a firmware the transmissions is incredibly silent.

I also found a stock 24v defender to cool has not been good quality and produced to plot of vibration that has transferred to an impression, has substituted them he with the 12 volt Noctua fan which is expensive but amazing silent and 0 vibration, need to add the down conversor to turn one 24 to 12v for a defender, of careers on with a printer, has connected them simply that the 24 supply to be able to, could add them the relay to configure marlin the so only the turn on when a hotend is active.

Are still tweaking a firmware the modified for him, but has interest the'll fork of mine of the estaca in GitHub.

With all these transmissions, is now the solid printer.

Update 1 week later:

- I still are having subject with a bed that level, Mech Solve the touch gone in with me and hopefully, can take it fixed. Now included it looks it could it to them have faulty sensor


am very clashed, in a hand, love a printer. In another, to the chair likes has added of some last transmissions of minute to justify a point of the main prize without thought even roughly him. This is disappointing of then for the little bucks more could have it done well.

Averts of a need of presionar and vary it, a quality of impression is surprising. A quality of build is a lot well, an inner wiring looks clean, how is the printer adds in general looking in a 'figure added':

One transports it the level is incredibly low endeavour:

comes with the capacitive sensor and an optocoupler, google capacitive the sensors and you will discover is prone to change a distance of trigger of moisture and hot, the add afterwards to 2 surfaces that the heat and calm can imagine a result. For mine, a mountain has been installed already which is fact of the metal that split a rest of a printer.

An optocoupler among the 3d box impresa that looks less than amazing and has an outside 24v brick to be able to?! A supply of internal power is 24V, these same sensors would do well on 12v. It has not been the big shot to open on a printer and the install inner a chance and connect to a supply to be able to, but would have to that it has been done that way to begin with. Other people could not feel comfortable the doing.

Has attached some pictures.

One @subjects one the big plus is a lack of firmware support for him, has a function of level of the car, but compared to marlin, lack of:

1) an offset of a sensor is not considered, as it will centre a probing in a nozzle more than a sensor. This means some 4 points of probe are 40mm to some have left of centre.
2) A bed will not be flat, will be warped, guaranteed. A surface of removable build the worse same fact, this in spite of them didnt add in tights to level. Election of data of terrible drawing this is to base of marlin and this characteristic has been in marlin for the long time now. Seriously appearance this is to fix of this initial discharge is quite crucial and this looks really helps with that.

Another gimmicky the characteristic is a surface of removable build . Utmost idea, terrible execution. A backing is done of plastic and is semi-detached using clips of paper. In planting to use metal of discharge and the magnet like each another mark, has opted for this election of terrible drawing. A result is a stuffs of the build will worsen a bed warping and add some of his own. When A bed is has gone by in some describes does the big difference...


PSU - Looks the good quality a, likes them that I have been with 24V of a current in some bosses is halved. This means some connectors, the bosses and the load in a joint is much more sure. So much so that the probably would be good without adding an extra mosfet the bed, has done them in all the chance of has had them one, but another that safeguarding against the boss broken short, the ones of the that thinks is has required really.

A boss of power of the bed is not a right class, for the emotional part would owe that it has used to silicone flex boss, his no. These have the tendency to fail like this puzzle of decision me. It likes that of the soldato to a bed that takes a point of the failure and has added also the relief of tension. Like the tip has dipped some have thought his.

Some quality of look of the engines a lot well, low noise and the there is not remarked these machineries of skin of the salmon like this far. Very smooth.

The creation of extruder is solid, the has not had any subjects with a fittings for a bowden tube.

An enclosure is very built and solid, any rattle and mechanically stable. There is remarked almost any ghosting press in a incumplimiento speed.

Is this value he or has to that take a ender 3?

- This has the best PSU
- better enclosure
- potentially better quality (up to date) mainboard and engines (??)
- Less assembly has required

But cost 150-$200 more. Otherwise, thinks probably print some same. If you want to save some time and like this draw better, goes partorisca east. Otherwise, ender 3 Is a better way to go.
4 / 5
Impressions well when it operates. A SD the paper is not to ensure and does not close in and yes touched prenderá an impression. A tape tensioner knows turned too much easily and finally behind was. A bed has some something big. A sensor of filament is tempermental. I have ensured a joint of circuit because this often prendería an impression and after still laws up. I have sent the message to a costruttore the few days done but any answered like this far. If Creality wants to take to somewhere this day and age, will require an English that line of pause of help. How it was? I have had a Ender 3 last late year. It takes him too long to answer and a communication is not acceptable. I will look elsewhere for the expensive plus second car.
5 / 5
While it likes-join me measured of a product and returns well in the small space, these needs of car to be controlled all a time when printing. Has the hard time that comment a filament. Continuous take and indicating there is not filament very same when has. If you are not by train of the verify from time to time, would think that your product has completed press, so only for discovers it there is prendido the half of route.
5 / 5
Nick has contacted in Mech Solutions with the questions and he answered patiently and the joint adds resupplied to dip up and the quickly in the take was an earth and that careers.

In general, so only the experience adds. All has been rid with accuracy and punctually.

My girls are loving this car and I know where to go to take additional supplies, parts and joint: Mech Solutions.

Some careers of car like the breeze and averts of not knowing immediately in a secret drawer in a front of a car, all has been smoothly. An interface is friendly user and can do not saying how long save with a built in autolevelling characteristic. That it saver of time!

Would suggest that you resist is gone in any firmware updates to the equal that touches likes can have the pocolos bugs. It runs it adds like east. We use a Priest slicer and has a lot of fact with this car. His solid and has built well. A program has heated to resist some models down a lot well. It can very really say a lot against this model.

Thank, Nick!
5 / 5
Amazing little printer. This is not my first printer, as have has wanted to something well out of a box. I have taken exactly that has looked for. Easy and fast assembly, very simple and convenient levelling. A removable builtak is glorious, Im in fact against a thing of whole magnet, but yes is feeling lazy it PEI the discharge is a lot of abordable and goes the long way in of the terms of consolation and quality of adhesion. Mech The solutions surprised when I have achieved was to them with the little subject of bed has had with my unit, a lot of proactive and useful, with fast responses. It would say that unless you are feeling a lot lazy, a autobed levelling is probably any value he, especially is planning add some upgrades to a pritner, but ossia so only me, and bought it :p
4 / 5
A printer he, once repaired is exceptional. My main flu has been he is coming very a lot of packaged with the sample that was 'printed apparently' of a device and it saying of the cast of the control has run he for 12 hrs without defects. SERIOUSLY it doubts this claim, as when a device has arrived a boss of control for a Z the iron was in fact pinched and fraction under a stepper engine in a backside of a frame. This means there is not any way in a world-wide a z the axial limiter could have been plugged in. And without that the will not run so that it can not find the point for to take a height. I have repaired once a boss for loosening and take a boss pinched, the expósita has has had to that done the wired behind. A x the axial and some bosses of extruder were plugged in backside.

This took a better part of an evening to diagnose and fix everything of some subjects, but once done a unit runs very a lot well.

Modify: 16 hours to the macizos battlemech impression. I couldnt be happier with this unit. It is doing astonishingly well. It has run out of pla of a sample has comprised and was able to take a press and change a spool without question anything. I have moved accidentally a z irons while changing a filiment but does them sure to do note of a place when the prendido and the able era to use a control to plant for the movement behind to a right height.

AMAZING unit, blew was with this printer.
4 / 5
Is my printer of première 3D and has done already some impressions and is. Some Sake. Simple rule.
5 / 5
A nozzle has closed unexpectedly to a bed two times, in hablador harm to a dish of bed and an underlying glass like material. When I have contacted a costruttore @gives that one transports that it levels the sensor no . They have loved so only substitute a sensor and any all the harms are returned like this to Amazon.
4 / 5
Take that paid for here. A printer is not too bad but it taking setup and doing taken some endeavour. Some instructions are in Chinglish and will have to that go in -line to and find answered to take installed and headed, those precise take the things that goes no among a box. Once it is gathered has it self levelling the mechanism but has to that be setup and is not in fact self levelling like this so rule Gcode and the impressions have regulated that it is not really ideal. An assembly maquinal has to that be goring averts and properly presionado, does not have any way this has done in fact a burn prescribed in time in factory, would have been impossible.

If you are mechanically bent and technology savvy for a prize signals that a unit is quite decent. If you are expecting an out of a product of boxes that does not require any insiemi of the knowledge or the skilled skill of 3D printing highly would recommend something more.

Top Customer Reviews: Houkr GT2 Aluminum ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
No a same measure has resisted takes one in and one in 5mm, another that that some train is in the condition adds partorisca a prize with an attentive bores in a correct sized train
5 / 5
has used this product partorisca turn the potentiometer in my house brew antenna rotator partorisca positional feedback to a computer... The works add.
4 / 5
I holes are not always directly in some of these, which he his fact wobbles
4 / 5
Expensive but think that a quality is well. Both some big and small trains bore is 6mm.
5 / 5
Liked me that is coming with Allen yours partorisca fix to an iron.
4 / 5
Like this announced, the product adds, fast nave, appreciates to! AAA+++ Good quality!
5 / 5
The tape is measure too short would have to that it has been in mm and thumbs.
4 / 5
Nizza qulity Has arrived in michined parts , and looks of good tape.
4 / 5
The product is good and as described, the delivery was long.
5 / 5
Would be more useful him the the pulley bores had been listing

Top Customer Reviews: ANYCUBIC Wash Cure ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
4 / 5
If precise wash and printed of priest, there is certainly less expensive options, but a Anycubic the washed and the cure is the way to guarantee good results with small endeavour, and also take on upper of a less quantity partorisca subject spatial. It is also I last partorisca deny look really orderly when you are curing the impression. Compared to an old plus v1, this model is main, has more UV lights, and has better controls. You can dip automatic timing of any cure or washing in 1 small increments. I am using water washable resins now this in spite of has my tub partorisca wash fill with water, but would be good to be able to buy an extra tub partorisca alcohol (look of tubs of the substitution out of stock everywhere inner a moment, hopefully is available on Canada of Amazon in a future). A tub seals tight so will have the evaporation or the loss calm to use alcohols. It likes that you pode directly dunk of a program of build with printing attached to a tub partorisca wash so it is entirely free disorder. In all the chance, considering cost quite one same like my Mingda K3 printer, this car is to good sure the luxury and his prize is quell'has bitten hard to justify, but yes love the refined wash and solution to cure that reads well and the looks adds in your office, this checks a box.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Never of then taking my printer of resin has dreaded a cleanup process and while to an impression to cure in the window. A wash and the helps of priest reduce a disorder and of the waste. Less managing on the one hand prevents powder and mucks to stick to an impression. I actuate Still to see the downside, but am imagining them a that resists in a stirrer has to that require relatively frequent substitution. A good part is the one of leftover that resists is comprised with a unit. This really is to be expected of then has any way to seal one that resists entirely and is doing fully submerged in the bad enviroment.
5 / 5
Has chosen a V2 of a Anycubic wash and cure for 2 reasons. In the first place, a main wash and main container and secondly, a fact can run one washing with a yellow coverage was but a lid of container on. These helps to reduce a quantity of smoke of a IPA. A basket is easy to impulse in and was and an action of utmost work global cleaner. I find some very simple controls and a sum of laws of the cure. In general, the product adds that works so only. Calm do not require it but after using he for calm for the moment will not want to go back the manually cleaning.
5 / 5
Has taken this after any cubic photon, reason cleaning it manually sucks sound a lot. It exits astonishingly and dry, any leak, has cured fully. To good sure the mate adds to go with a anycubic photo or another printer of resin :) But that the cubic photon has been meant thus like this it does really really well!
5 / 5
Is him very liked a big vat and cage for a solution of more cleaned. Although it is so only the washed and canal of priest, the manual of instruction detailed that indicates suggestions / to time to cure of wash for several measures of impression, and suggestions to filter some means comunicacionales of the wash would be in prize . When being new to press of resin, find me hunting for information and as to this all a time. Any whenever it finds the clear response
5 / 5
save you to plot of headache and buy one of these. Lava and cures your product finalised with small fuss. Highly it recommends to take the.
4 / 5
Acts a lot well. Estaca Of frames that accuses fast and easy to clean up. The lid has the subject of the smallest alignment with a sensor in a backside.
5 / 5
These works of canal of the wash and he look adds, has taken with my pleasant x and one looks of the pair adds in my office for my canal to paint 10/10 in both and to good sure 11/10 for a company. Utmost and useful prize like heck
4 / 5
Washes and cure my impressions perfectly. To good sure would recommend this canal/of cure of the wash.
5 / 5
Well A wash and the cure is to good sure the must for any printer of resin. It is compact help recycles ipa like this money of savings of the helps wow. He manual cleaner and 3d the printer will say that it is the grandson up does after the grandson on top of laws. Also all some extra tubs and bounced them has used to clean urg. This car is resulted my fellow better new. It is it saves in spatial and clean up. He also dose some amazing labour impressions are cleaned and has cured immediately not expecting and fussing. I love this tool the better tool has taken like this value an investment.

Top Customer Reviews: 16 PCS 3D Printer ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 18 ratings
4 / 5
Good nozzle, all the holes are perfectly centres of nozzles and perfectly access rounded , sum in mine ender3.
4 / 5
Has Give Drunk to change the desire and of dimention vary
4 / 5
A diverse election gives buse and all that fails the games have changed his bus.
4 / 5
has tried a 0.4 nozzle in mine Ender 3 and the work adds.
5 / 5
The absolute rubbishes and this vendor would owe that be informed. Reason pack and send has has destroyed nozzles to any one. I think that that each company would owe that be valued on Amazon and any company deliberately sending was destroyed or the bad sakes would have to that be take of period of Amazon. The products that comes from/comes from the Chinese will be resisted in the the level like him all other costruttrici. I am horrified like the half comunicacionales and buyer. This can not leave spend and will fly this name of company in our Place of Half comunicacionales Social. Of the personnel of the amazon can be too busy partorisca verify sakes of consumer. Anything buys of the amazon that goes forward will be valued in our alive canal any one has to that the look was partorisca consumers. I am not returning these rubbishes partorisca be that they annoy to another consumer and I demand the repayment.
4 / 5
Was having subject with some nozzles and in his substitute. It Finalising that curves my rays of hot final once before. I have ordered this when it is spent and has not had any subjects with him of then! The frames that takes hot nozzles really easy and in his same substitute easier.
5 / 5
The product is coming a lot of packaged and all was in an a lot handy container with quite a lot of elements the yours arrests 3D printer
4 / 5
the value Adds the compraventa has oriented. They treat as well as options more expensive, although it holds of the abrasion is being missing of. It will buy again.
5 / 5
Spanner The wrench is useless. Too wide to use for any nozzle. It does not know that it is supposition partorisca be used partorisca
4 / 5
needs the box that covers all that could you possibly need partorisca yours 3D printer then looks no further that this box. Calm can any gone bad with this box adds. Excellent value partorisca money.