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Top Customer Reviews: Dragon Professional ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 26 ratings
5 / 5
NOTE: I have left some errors in the calm purpose so much can take the sense of like this Dragon professional Character 15 work out of a box.

Am writing this description that Dragon of uses professional Character 15.0 and the Plantronics M 50 Bluetooth headset that has has bought years partorisca my mobile phone.

Ossia My first time that uses the software of recognition of the voice of the dragon and could not be impressed more (5/5). Out of a box, a software is more than 90 attentive same partorisca my parents, those who use some Indians accented English profile.

Has given this product to 2/5 indication like the result of a headset this comes with a container, which is the piece of rubbish (0/5). In one was of easy of easy direct connections among devices, because the nuance chooses the headset that force his clients covers he-in the USB dongle to sustain the connection among a headset and the software? My old years Plantronics M 50 Bluetooth headset (available on Amazon for less than 20 bucks) does not require a dongle and works so only well.

Saves $ 100 and the plot of headache and buy Dragon 15.0 Professional (which is simply fabulous) without a Bluetooth headset container (which is simply rubbishes).
5 / 5
This is resulted to be the very better product that my expectation. A voice to the translation of text is excellent but some results is likes program the computer, he the one who calm instruct it to do, any that calm wants to do it. A dictation takes the little time to take uses to and the few types of the use still escapes me. Has no mastered a capacity to do has numbered casts or to the equal that to control like the numbers will be transcribed (1000 vs thousands).

In general touch the súper the produced and I would recommend it to any the one who is considering using transcription of voice enmedio professional.
5 / 5
There is ruined the present navideño of my woman. It relieves use of locks and medical transcription out of an user to dictate medical terms. It is not that well? It has to that be roughly any one is privacy . I can not blame a vendor, fast service and any question in a turn.
4 / 5
Ossia Mine 3rd version of the dragon has said. I have limited use of my hands and has had software of the voice actuated for 22 years. A device of USB and the correspondent of blue tooth for the dragon of Nuance Said is not compatible with Windows 10, in spite of information of product that declares compatibility. As I can very included determine if a Dragon in fact does correctly. The service of client has seen both telephone and on-line was earthy and incompetent. They have closed some entrances of question without even that looks for to identify or solve a question. They are that it has to that return this product and will have to that it expects 6-8 weeks for the repayment. The service of client was like this bad likes sostenimiento of technology. No longer I can recommend Dragon like the feasible option for disabled users.
5 / 5
Has written a down first of a program has clashed totally. The dragon there have been escompra' a program with a promise that my original money would be returned. The amazon has refused to do as 'A program is WELL. He disorders with my computer the bit but I can manage concealed. This in spite of, a boss of USB for a headset is economic, economic, economic. A connection of USB to a computer has broken was and now a headset is useless. Be very careful to buy a version with a Bluetooth headset'.
5 / 5
No the disorder with some versions some economic plus will do well with our without an ear & mic wants to sell add long like utilisations crew of good quality.
4 / 5
A container has come with the headset this is to be interrupt for years of the nuance done. As such, a battery has died and does not look to be replaceable. I have opened of these varied weeks with which has arrived, the looks am spent date of mine for the turn. So only it adds.
5 / 5
HAS difficulty recognising some words and was after teaching. Any obvious whee to find support of technology. Uploading upgrades is the challenge.
5 / 5
Friki Instrument it can does not take partorisca install. Probably when being retuned Tuesday
4 / 5
has Tried Dragon on and was over time. So only he no partorisca me.

Top Customer Reviews: Dragon Naturally ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 12 ratings
5 / 5
This description can be the little difficult to read, because it will be dictated and presented in a unretouched formed. A new version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking really done the good work partorisca recognise when I am trying to say. Partorisca me, really approaches 100.

Has touched sooner of Dragon NaturallySpeaking has done well, but an accuracy was so only a lot a lot enough for me to use them every day. This in spite of, have taken used to dictate frames of punctuation together with text. With this program of recognition of the tongue, the cadence Is Everything . If you are hesitant, or provisional, will not like you your results. For chances, a capitalisation in a leading sentence has been dictated as follows: 'Camp-cadence, Camp-is, Camp-everything.' A calm program also leave to select words or sentences enough with accuracy and easily, and to modify or modify a selection.

A computer am using is five years, is running Windows 2000 in the Pentium 4 processor clocking 600 MHz. It was the bit has concerned that it would be the small to retard to treat until my expectations. This in spite of, looks to be doing so only well. I am dictating this to the window of word, to minimise some the harmful effects of the mandate have comprised bad. Although this program of the recognition of the tongue can have the habit to control your computer, are not gutsy enough to try this. A the mandate has comprised badly critical could potentially feeble immense havoc. But perhaps they are fooling I -- while it has dictated this description, I accidentally shot of the backup that has had to kill manually with a mouse. Ossia potent Material; some concentration and the attention is required.

This in spite of, a new version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a lot quite that expects to do to plot less writing in a future. A neighbour up was to the fastest plot that leading versions, and has has had to that so only read for the pocolos small. A forward reviewer recommended that leaves a program to examine your documents and adapt your way; ossia the really good idea . In mine portable, some looks to program to run a computer out of resources, and has had to Restart my computer the pair of time. Also, once a battery is resulted down, was a kiss of death -- I has had to run, any Iraq, to a next plus outlet. But these are minor inconveniences when you consider a power and accuracy of a new software. A tutorials is excellent; highly it recommends that calm take them. So much habladuría to your computer, but dictate arriesgadamente, confidently, and quickly. Calm will not go back never to write.
5 / 5
Has installed this software two days ago, and has experienced ANY of some severe questions that some have written on. An installed program without the hitch; a tutorial was a lot of useful; a formation is quickly state and smoothly. I have dictated roughly twenty minutes of materials, and a program has it very recognised with accuracy. It takes some time to take used to some varied mandates of voices, and still are that it spends the considerable time that corrects the smallest errors of punctuation, a recognition of 'the' in place of 'a,' etc., But this looks to be decreasing, included with a short period to time that I have used a program.

Has the worry that like the program takes more attentive, could has to that spend to plot to time proofreading for errors very obvious occasional in a text. ( It is annoying when the word in the document is obviously wrong -- the always looks a writer was careless or ignorant.) I think that Dragon NaturallySpeaking will produce more than his action of these errors, but the only time will say.

Like this far, am very impressed, and am pleased that has bought a program.
4 / 5
This program are adds! I have had question when I in the first place tried to install so only b/c there is not reading some requirements for advanced. Mark sure has quite RAM to install in your computer. I took it once installed, calm instruct to coach a program. Calm this to read a text has resupplied. In this way a system can take feel he for you voice, level of voice and calm pronounce words. After a first initial that bus that is required, can do a lot of more additional formation. There are a lot of texts to choose of. Some are easy law like childrens histories and another more complicated. I have chosen a excerpt of one of Dave Barrys books.

With which I a formation, then some updates of computers some files. Once this is to be do has tried out of a program and he have done wonderfully. It does deceptions, but has found is had to mostly to me mumbling or not pronouncing a word clearly. If memories to speak like you would be to read more than the converstation with the partner, goes much smoother. This program hopefully help of the jumps and bounds with my writing.
5 / 5
Judging for some descriptions, neither love this software or calm the hate. They are perhaps lucky state, but has to that say that I am very impressed. If my experience is anything to spend of longitude, this really could result the application of murderous. But the different people inevitably go to have different experiences. Here it is my history . I am using a P4 3 Mhz HP laptop of Flag with 512 megs of RAM and he Logitech USB headset/sounds to annul microphone. I have done enough the bit of a formation has distributed. And I have done some of mine own, reading of books that is more after my own fashion and @@subject @@@subject usual. A program has analysed it chunk of my own work and email that looks for having helped recognises and wave correctly to plot of the names could not be be expect to take right otherwise. I write for the living but is not never be the typist particularly well. Of then installing a roughly done software 10 days, has churned out of several words of thousand with him in the step I never achieved with my toes. I found it extremely useful to transcribe notes. In my leading life like the journalist, has had to dictate quite often to copy offices in the date of tight caducity, and this system is faster and the majority of attentive plot that any of some humans has does not have to that never treat. But like this it suggests, it has had some experience with dictation and concealed can be one of some reasons looks to be enjoying sucedidos with DNS. Like Tongues to DNS surely has to that be a variable of entity determines some am result takings. I speak with an English English emphasis duquel Henry Higgins probably would agree. My installation of DNS has an ear for American emphases with occasionally comical is resulted. But the day for day is coming around likes Eliza Doolittle has done. Be patient, read some instructions, does not expect miracles at night, and speak consistently -- and can find you like this blown has gone by this product to the equal that are.
5 / 5
Has impressed enough with this program. Prpers Having done any more than a obligatory formation of five minutes in a start, now am dictating this description. Ossia Much better that a last recognition of the program of voice has tried. In fact I do not seat that included I owe that speak weirdly. As I am speaking and dictating a sign that speaks almost of course; included dictation of frames of looks of punctuation almost natural. The interior a moment is odd to have that expects the bit to see that I am saying looks in a screen like opposed to a feedback of instant would take with writing, but do quite well and am pleased enough. It imagines the one who easy will be he for me and for any with which give it to plot more practical! Mina a question with this program is concealed comes with the a lot of uncomfortable headphone. In general, this in spite of, am impressed incredibly with this program.
4 / 5
Has come from/come from the time when this type of the software so only results esady for prime time'. The action of current product is impressive.
4 / 5
Has loved this program and do fact so much easier. Ossia Has to that has for any for work or use of house.
5 / 5
Ossia The product adds . I have bought reason am doing to the devotion excluyente and that goes to grad school at night. I have it quell'has reduced significantly a time has required to produce cousework.


1) there is GB of RAM, roughly 6 paragraphs of dictation calms a memory. I have looked for to use he with 256 MB of RAM and immediately upgraded.

2) Be patient. A software improves to recognise your voice. I have found with which roughly 6 paragraphs of dictation does not recognise my voice also.

Another while, is truely astounding. If calm asked, at present am writing the east was. It has written the paper and killed a memory with Dragon. I will restart and maintain working... It enjoys.
4 / 5
Has taken this for my husband that does not write a lot well and master quell'
4 / 5
It does not recognise word of Microsoft or my EMR Sustem that because it has purchased the. It was the big disappointment .

Top Customer Reviews: Dragon ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 42 ratings
4 / 5
I have been using Dragon NaturallySpeaking produced partorisca 11 years now. The Dragon has bought recently NaturallySpeaking 9 preferred reason have wanted upgrade of version 8. More than buying a upgrade the version has bought he marks-new version reason found it here in Amazon for an excellent prize. When A product arrived and has dipped my CD in to upload a program that is where my questions have begun. I have tried several times to download a program and has taken a saying of message of error although the could not locate a file. When I have visited the web of place of a costruttore has found absolutely any help. With which the hours of investigation has discovered finally has had the bad CD and I have required to download an update of the website of a costruttore. But still it has confused reason has said that an update was for operating system of windows seen. It was so only with which have decided that it takes it casualidad in an update that has received word of a costruttore that this update also laws with XP. It could have had this question has solved to the fastest plot if this information had been comprised in a web of place of costruttore. Once it has taken an update and was able to install Dragon NaturallySpeaking has done adds! It is so better that my leading version and is to the fastest plot also! Inferior line ossia the program adds but service of the client totally sucks!
5 / 5
Done of the years, has tried an earlier version of Dragon, but was like this bad sent it behind. After reading some descriptions, has decided to give the one who another has has shot.

On done the month, has received an order promptly of Amazon and anxiously installed the, or tried. It could not solve some questions for my account, as I have called Emphasize 'the first called is free'. After jumping by means of the number of hoops, was to arrive and that careers ... For awhile. When I have tried tip has been, has done in an application, then another, then ... It leaves on everything. Another time, has begun to do again, then leave.

When it has DONE, was the delight , almost like magic. I have bought an after staging headset locally, and while it has not been like this attentive, has done and aimed a question was a headset.

Has contacted Amazon for the turn (prime minister of mine to them), and has to that say, was a smoother turn, easier has not done never for an internet or catalog compraventa. To the amazon has paid to ship both ways and has sent a new a forward of an old one has been received. Absolutely enormous service.

Like this far, like this well with a new headset. In chance of questions, has decided to maintain an additional a, although I prefer a a resupplied, while work.

Like an additional element of information has related, a web of place of Nuance resupplies the cast of compatible hardware. After studying that it loans and doing investigation further, has purchased the Sony UX80 recorder laptop directly of Sony, of then has not been available of Amazon. That can do is record to a Sony, load to your computer, and have turn of Dragon he to a word impresa.

Was the addition adds : 1.7 oz., 1 AAA Battery, whose life alleges is a estupefaciente 34 hours. 24 hours that time records in general qualities, 590 hours in the lowest quality. Formed of Mp3, propiciado by USB built in and a quality is surprising. In $ 160, it has to has mate to a Dragon.
4 / 5
Has decided to stick a description 'interim' still although has has had so only a product for the few days. I have read a lot of some descriptions to clash here I so that it is the one who difficult is to determine if this software really works or is junk.


1.) The in fact done dragon the very good work to recognise dictation. Calm he precise spends 15 minutes that coaches it, and yes can sees will take some time to result the user to be able to fluid with everything of some mandates and customise your personal vocabulary.

2.) Beginner Very a lot of tutorials to take you going hardly is installed.


1.) Arrogant company, difficult to treat.

2.) You same load for support of email - can calm to believe it?!

3.) Hard to imagine out of next steps to learn more than material of beginner. Yes it has the section of help, but is class of stray with the technology complicated (and does not dare technology of call. Support). Like six unsure that/yes will improve over time, or owe calm so only do the fast decision to return a product.

4.) He disorders with your memory of computer and some shady things (I a lot of opinions 'Finals now...' Messages when I closure a computer now.


has had any competition to speak of the dragon would be in question big. But there is not a lot, like masters the recognition of calm tongue takes it or calm leave it.

In fact done the very good work of recognition of tongue. Period. I can speak like this quickly like this possible and he the work adds (commentaries that I upgraded my memory to 2 Gb still XP Pro, and has added the paper of his to do sure that my system was until sado). Yes, you have to practise saying each word clearly, but my Mamma said that 30 years ago in all the chance.
4 / 5
Although some subjects with this product has been spoken with some personnel of company, tongues with employees of sales those who has read some script before him. They are a lot disappointed with the service of client of the dragon. The action of this product is not compatible and in general a lot that adds. A concept of product adds, some needs of company to do to plot more improvements and upgrading first of a software is ready for a phase.
5 / 5
LOVE this program. They are the lousy typist, using so only two toes, like this often lose the 'add' thought mid-writing. A newer version of DNS has to that individual. It is extremely attentive, and has the surprisingly big (and teachable) vocabulary. Calm also can insignia concretise it new work your situation of own writing. And, I have discovered something. My dogs barked another day and a microphone chosen on sounds to bark. 'Bark Of bark of the bark' (according to Dragon Of course that Pause) has translated to 'ours the ours the ours!' The one who has known? Seriously, it does not think calm will be disappointed in a program. A lot of new bells and whistles of a last incarnation. So only they maintain to improve in this tool/of program.
5 / 5
Has had all the classes of subjects with a transcribing of registers of the his other sources like digital recorders or files of Internets.

A quality of his has to that be glass and the big quality clears for him to do in transcribing way.

Was unable to take the simple and that has thought was the clear digital voice that the records transcribed with this software -- and ossia that has bought partorisca!

Has thinks that was to save the time that transcribes has registered glimpsed and conferences, but has finalised to expect now or more for computers to transcribe two sentences and then freeze my computer also.

Laws well quite calm once the take dipped ready your voice for dictation but am not sold at all in a transcription, still. I will try service of client and support of technology, but if he no with which go to return this to a company.
5 / 5
Has purchased this product after several months of tendinitis because of writing. One initial download and the formation was a lot quickly and easy. An accuracy of a product surprised, included although I have had the big expectations have based in other descriptions. It has learnt unusual names after the pocola test. Reason do in both an office and in home, an appearance to be able to use a program on more than a computer was extremely advantageous. A versatility of the programs with quell'I have been able to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking is also a lot well, comprising programs of Office of the Microsoft, email, and virtually any programs/of web of places with boxes of text (comprising this description). He no in some sections of text of the scrolling of fines-players on-line games, like this World-wide of Warcraft.

Has had a lot of pocolos to disappoint me. Some headphones that is coming with a product was far too small, in that give me the headache when I spent them takes very long (I has the quite small boss also). I have finalised to twist a microphone the bit and so only spending it headset around the mine with the, which so only well. An only another negative is that these produced is not available for Macintosh users.

In general, is extremely state pleased with this program and highly would recommend it to any but Mac users.
5 / 5
So only like anything more, goes to exit so only of this software that is has had to that to invest in him. With which so only the few hours of working with Dragon Of course that Pause (version 9.5), found the partorisca be extremely easy to do with. Yes, he garbles some words, but learns quickly of his once taken deceptions a time for the teach like him misinterpreted your words.

Have the quite pronounced 'twang' emphasis, like this perhaps are the little more patient with this software that another reviewers has been. Everything knows is that while I seat and show for another only that effective this program is (I use he Plantronic 3-in-1 headset when dictating), the people tend to be quite blown went by.

Does not have any idea like effective DNS version 10 is reason have decided to buy version 9 after spending to plot to time to research some two produced and reading some descriptions. This compraventa has a lot of fact well for me and I anticipate to use DNS for a rest of my career. For a way, I type 70 words by minute this in spite of finds this software there is dramatically has augmented my productivity.

Good regime.
5 / 5
If your computer fulfils all some requirements, highly recommends to give the dragon tries it. It is for far a software of recognition of better voice there and is ready for prime time.

Are writing this without touching my computer. I am seating behind in my chair that listens to the music and that pause to the microphone. And like this far, a computer has not done the alone deception. Dragon Of course that Pause dictation the software surprised when I used it in brief the few years done and, as one could expect, has improved dramatically of then. I have coached he for only 20 or 30 minutes after the install this morning and is already at least 95 attentive. And an accuracy will continue to improve every time use it.

Perhaps one the majority of addition of mine of entity setup, this in spite of, is a microphone am using. It is TheBoom the noise that annuls microphone (I calls it my magic microphone). Using it, can seat in the tent of people of caffè full that speaks, music blaring, and calls directed of conference of entity without any in another end of a line having any idea that am not seating in my office. A microphone chooses especially says, although I am muttering, but does not choose on any of a background noise.

This lack of noise is critically of entity when using software of recognition of the voice. A less noise has, a Dragon a fast plus can imagine out of that is saying and some less deceptions will do. When I have used Dragon before I have had to that be enmedio quite calm for him to do. With Dragon and theBoom mic, can seat in my office with music blaring or the tent of caffè noisy and dictate documents, email, IM -- anything. In fact it looks for tents of the caffè noisier reason then can dictate without any overhearing which follows to say.

Calms to plot to write every day, the dragon could save both times and ache. I have begun to feel ache in my hands and of the lowest arms the years of pair does and has known that has has had to that something. I have improved my place, has augmented a frequency of my pauses of a computer, and has added recently he Wacom compressed to a mix. But any of these has done almost a difference that mark of software of recognition of voice. In this a lot of the moment am sustaining behind in my chair with my behind the hands of mine @to extend of boss like said. I can literally book of the exercises to the equal that write!

Has the new technologies that exited every day and, while many to touch very orderly, pocolos of for real surprise me anymore. It is refreshing and exciting to discover new technologies and new applications to exist technologies that has such the massive impact, positive in mine every day life.
4 / 5
Dragon Of course that Speaks 9 is an exceptional product. A product was the present for my woman Janet, the one who to plot of work of volunteer for our church that requires the enormous quantity to write.

A product was easy to install and easy to learn. Janet Uses all a time and say me has wished has had this does the year. A software writes like this quickly like this of course tongue.

Like the software has learnt his voice, less and fewer words were bad. Today it can dictate or read pages of information with practically any errors of word. Perhaps one or two errors for page of measure of full paper.

A Product Adds

Top Customer Reviews: IBM ViaVoice Pro ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
4 / 5
A more collected ViaVoice the installation done 3 years has been a lot and a product was quite useful and quite attentive for my purposes.
ViaVoice Version 10 has been this in spite of the nightmare. Still I have not been able of the install in the Win2K-SP4 computer. They are the quite anticipated computer person/of systems of the programmer with 20+ years of experience.
The support is virtually non-existent of Scansoft. Mina 30 days of free support of IBM where has purchased a product has not been honored. All the support has to that come from Scansoft.
The characteristic is, if I can access him. Seriously I am thinking of demanding my money behind. State of Washington there is a bit a lot of consumer friendly laws regarding "Fitness for Purpose", a reason of plus am appreciated to live in a Noreste.
5 / 5
A recognition of tongue of real time of IBM ViaVoice 10 is extremely well. It is possible to take 99 accuracy. Possible is a word key here. So that , I need the good microphone (better the one who that is comprised) and calm will be necessary to teach it words that the does not know (i.et. Plantronics, uncommon Names). And you will require to be in the the product to sustain to date likes him to him the word of Microsoft. If all these conditions are fulfilled, is to like Flint.
I, unfortunately, tried to use Browser of Internet, and a support was less than stellar. A mandate of voice esurf a web' has launched the and one 'house', 'behind', and 'before' the mandates have done well to do an obvious. But a undocumented the mandates am resulted tones the navigation. The tab of a field or link to a prójimo, says 'next field'. 'Leading field' is like the turn-tab to go behind. 'Next line' and 'leading line' look to be equivalent to a down and on arrows.
A microphone has comprised with this container is Andrea NC-61 joint with a pod of USB of Andrea, which is the half of the paper of his (side of only microphone) this connects by means of your port of USB. I have found a quality of a pod to be excellent. Andrea announces a NC-61 headset so that using the noise that annuls technology, but has found this microphone to not even be directional, and quite useless in any half in that any more has spoken, this in spite of softly, in a same room. I have purchased for separate Andrea ANC-750 microphone and a noise that annuls in this microphone was quite good. (Note: there is some white noise in a background ossia audible he uses a ANC-750 to do the register, but this would have to that be ignored, how is part of a noise that annuls system.)
A better action was when I has used the microphone of studio of big quality enmedio calm to create my profile of voice to read his text. An accuracy of recognition has surprised. I have used a AKG C-3000 (precise phantom has beaten), but has listened that he Sennheiser MD431 II is another excellent microphone, and has noise annulling held also. A better action has taken of mine ANC-750 headset was when I have used a profile of the voice created with a C-3000.
Gives a part of recognition of the voice of a software he 5, a navigational qualified the 2, and a microphone has comprised the 2, for this my indication of 3 in general.
4 / 5
I have used ViaVoice Ver10 Pro USB for the little the year with utmost results. In the system of fast computer maintains on with you almost a lot @@subject a speed of the yours in speaker. He occassionally incident. There it looks to be the question with him writing behind the memory. IBM Was unable to find a question. It have done this in other computers also. I have used he with WASTE of LADY XP Pro in my old computer. I upgraded to the new computer with WASTE of LADY Negotiates Petit And 2003 only to find that ViaVoice is not compatible with some components. I am spent $ in support of technology so only to be said that! They have said that slowly to dip that info in his web of place(Scansoft is now a support of technology thus produced). To date have Supposition of no., loves to sell like this a lot of like this possible copy before they patch it. In all the chance, is planning use this with Office 2003 or main the will not do and of support of the technology that at all to help except to take your money.
Update: 5/5/2004: I have contacted ScanSoft to discover yes is doing patches it to do it compatable with Word 2003. His regular response are ' is doing on that.' If you go to his web of place will find that they still have not dipped in the plea of authorship that no with all the editions of Word. So only it say that you read with Word. I ask those that reembolsas are giving was the paralizaciones dud that announce? It is it has surprised also that some magazines of PC OF THE ENTITY does not have on elected is.
5 / 5
Installed ViaVoice 10 in of the Windows XP Pro...
And sometimes opens and sometimes he no. Mainly no.
Then finds Google..
after launching Dragon or ViaVoice and clicking link he in an of some papers, some locks of system up or freezings. Other symptoms comprise Dragon NaturallySpeaking is to Select-and-Say or ViaVoice dictation and the lacking mandates in Office of Microsoft XP applications, likes Word and Perspective of Microsoft.
Office of Microsoft XP "Alternating Entrance of User" it installs the background process called which can interfere with Dragon or ViaVoice. A following information has been taken of a web of place of Microsoft:
"... Monitors some active windows and resupplies support of service of entrance of text for recognition of tongue, recognition of paper, keyboard, translation, and other technologies of entrance of alternative user...."
And can take NO, repeats, NO, help of ScanSoft.
5 / 5
Has used ViaVoice Ver10 Pro USB for the little the year with utmost results. In the system of fast computer maintains on with you almost a lot @@subject a speed of the yours in speaker. He occassionally incident. There it looks to be the question with him writing behind the memory. IBM Was unable to find a question. It have done this in other computers also. I have used he with WASTE of LADY XP Pro in my old computer. I upgraded to the new computer with WASTE of LADY Negotiates Petit And 2003 only to find that ViaVoice is not compatible with some components. I am spent $ in support of technology so only to be said that! They have said that slowly to dip that info in his web of place(Scansoft is now a support of technology thus produced). To date have Supposition of no., loves to sell like this a lot of like this possible copy before they patch it. In all the chance, is planning use this with Office 2003 or main the will not do and of support of the technology that at all to help except to take your money.
Update: 5/5/2004: I have contacted ScanSoft to discover yes is doing patches it to do it compatable with Word 2003. His regular response are ' is doing on that.' If you go to his web of place will find that they still have not dipped in the plea of authorship that no with all the editions of Word. So only it say that you read with Word. I ask those that reembolsas are giving was the paralizaciones dud that announce? It is it has surprised also that some magazines of PC OF THE ENTITY does not have on elected is.

Top Customer Reviews: Dragon Naturally ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5
I have verified some descriptions in a lot of types of dictation software before selecting Dragon NaturallySpeaking 8 level. I have had recently my wrist has operated on and has known that it would be unable to write that it uses my hand partorisca quite the moment. Like an on-line student that goes the university has had to be able to mediate in joints of discussion and papers of investigation daily. This software was incredibly easy to learn. I have followed some directions on dipping he on forming that a computer would recognise my voice. I am spent roughly 5 hours that learns to program, and practising before I have been operated on. I have found that have spoken in my own natural speed a computer that use this software an excellent work of deciphering my words. I have found some very simple instructions to follow. Yes it has had time that a computer there is showed that has said wrongly, but it correcting was extremely easy.

Was able to maintain up with my class during some six weeks was in the mould. My arm is still in the mainstay and still am using a software in the daily base. In fact I am using a software to write this description. Highly it recommends this software to any concealed precise to write papers of the investigation or this does the plot of the computer that writes in the daily base.

Are such the strong believer in a software that knows will continue to use the same when my starts of mainstay.

Has found a very compatible and easy software to use included to answer my emails quickly and efficiently.

This could be a perfect software to take for any university student. To be able to look in of the books of investigation and habladuría to a computer to the equal that are looking on material of the reference is for real advantageous. It was also very easy to take software of Dragon when you have required to to take the pause thinks that that that has required to write afterwards. All have required to say was 'go to sleep' and a microphone in bylines was until calm the awake was.

The sum he everything on a software was very easy to use and easy to dip up. I recommend it highly.

Atasque Raton Florida
5 / 5
breaks attentively and clearly this program done exactly that is to announce. An accuracy is quite stunning. Work in of the multiple formats, but looks to do more in his own DragonPad halves. I need the decent microphone that any propiciada the port of USB or the paper of his compatible. I am using a Creative Sound Blaster form of Bolt of external USB with Andrea NC-61 microphone. This is not an expensive microphone, but one of a better in my experience with programs of recognition of the word, mostly Dragon Of course that Breaks which have been using of then Version 1 is exited several years. It has been substituted by a NC-91, which a costruttore sells partorisca $ . The microphones of USB tend to be more expensive and any all adapters of USB are equal. It would recommend a creative Sound Blaster the model of alive USB has mentioned in that the number to other works likes them record the disks of vinyl to CD quite well. I suppose it can write 90 words the minute with calm accuracy any need this program. But any very . Sincerely recommended.

C. S. Beck
4 / 5
For some last diverse months have been transcribing hundreds of pages of entrances of handwritten magazine to the processor of word. It has taken really tired to write and decided to see yes dictation the software would do a work an easy plus. I have researched some products of available different software and solved to Dragon Of course that Pause (Regular Edition). Initially, a program has done to plot of dictation deceptions, like this quickly is result frustrated and sceptic of his utility. But I persevered for 2 or 3 hours and has run then Acoustic Dragon Optimizer. After running a optimizer has found an accuracy has improved dramatically. In fact, an improvement was like this dramatic that has decided to maintain a product. Now I am happy that has done. It is surprising that well these works of product (once his coached). They are the quite fast typist and has found that now I can dictate faster that I can write, with roughly 95 to 98 dictation accuracy. My only flu (which is a reason did not give it 5 stars) has been has taken several hours of 'formation' the first dragon of his accuracy was acceptable. But now that is 'coach', does not think never would write again.
4 / 5
Thinks that a Version 8 pc-requirement of RAM that an Emphasize of the costruttore has published is dud on web page < it says that he pc with '256 RAM of MB' is sufficient; but the could not take a product to be useful, included with which a lot of trying, some tantilizing resulted, and a lot of optimising and coaching of a product for me. Then I have discovered accidentally the requirement according to contradictory looks declared inside a software: '(256 mb minimum FREE)' (the capitals added).
4 / 5
This software is unreal. I have suffered with harms of estréses repetitive for years. I have not had any one creates the product this well is existed. I have begun so only use this in home, and go to ask now does also. In fact I have hope for a first time that perhaps will not owe that leave my work and find something concealed does not use computer. Thank you To do similar products adds. If any one is doubt , can ensure you these works.
4 / 5
Laws well and has completed a work has required to preform.
5 / 5
Has taken the long time for aforar this software and still then often has taken bad things. Potentially so only for bland North American emphases

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5 / 5
When I have seen this product has thinks that has had the winner here of the mine iPAQ 6515 is the mobile phone that would have to be the delivery has used free when driving, well was a lot of disappointed.
Work and partorisca this part so only would give it to 5 indication of star but of there is down hill quickly. Has the question by heart has too many contacts partorisca look up. He dial on a manual number but no of your cast of contact.
In general, am a lot disappointed that I have not been my money. I will give it the pair of walks partorisca try before sadly it take was my PDA ..
Could/ would have to that it has been the winner..

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Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
The better works that a leading version that has had, and is easy to learn and use; still it is distant very perfect, this in spite of, but cost effective