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Top Customer Reviews: Bound Through Time: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
A book was good writing and love an amour among Ellie and Thorin, this in spite of would have liked him has liked his turn behind to a future to at least see like his friends have the data endure his disappearance. It can imagine a guilt felt roughly spending his in a cruise and then having his so only disappear.
4 / 5
A book was good writing and love an amour among Ellie and Thorin, this in spite of would have liked him has liked his turn behind to a future to at least see like his friends have the data endure his disappearance. It could imagine a guilt felt roughly spending his in a cruise and then having his so only disappear.
4 / 5
Thoroughly enjoyable History with the little gory the bits have launched in.
Like the historical idyll and our hero of a present done the work adds to give sustain a hard reality of life a time of a Vikings.
An only thing that me prendió to give to 5 description of star was a lack to read of test. Spellcheck Is any substitute!
Has had the pocolos few errors partorisca spell, likes row with pent' but has taken spent those..
I huffed in a saying of mother soyy to to the edges likes him-you' Really? It is that that says that it goes back to a time of a Vikings? Touched more yard of Institute, roughly @@@1970s.
But that really dipped my teeth in the flange was when a hero has said has been attracted to the his of a moment was 'drug' his view. A tense past to tug is 'tugged'!
Please, has left any bed your books, before they are published, to the look was for this class of what.
5 / 5
Idylls Of the travesía of the time is one of the mine favourite has read . This book maintained on all prejudices it reason have not loved to lose reading 📚time. It would recommend this book to any any one the good bed, calm does not want to dip the down until an end. When it is a next book pleases?
4 / 5
Quell'Has wanted really. A little short mine but the history and the development were less bad. It will begin one 2nd an immediately
5 / 5
Twyla Turner has written legit books. It is the writer the one who somehow knows like this to do female goodness annoy really likeable, sometimes! A whiney woe are h with to the low self-esteem is the common trope. Well. But it was very confused in a flow of this novel. A warp of time is used like the device of main plot but does not take fully fleshed was. I am not sure if ossia he spoiler but a warp of time is a glue to do or break a report with h and H and has not been that a heck a thing exists or where randomly has to come from/come from like the reader. It would owe that it has done it some investigation has added the mythos or something. Fini Loose in Paranormal is much more last to recover of. A h is also a lot of loveable in spite of his reasonable defects (scar, overweight, orphan, brown woman). At all it is worse that he frumpy doormat the one who obtains confidence with which sex with an alpha. Also, it chooses to muck some stops(?) Like the sign by force and personal growth. Just no. A Hero has had potential, was in fact likeable too bad for him and his wishy washy modern woman. Some needs of whole book to be has thought enough was, a bad nemesis is too easy but a main nemesis is whiney, complaining, h the one who watchtower to leave a hero constantly still although it does not know like this is gone in viking world in a first place. I will not say ossia my last Twyla reason tries to sustain GO writers in general, but has required to spend more the time that read this book was. Sad. Please investigation and spend the time that thinks things by means of in a paranormal category. If you want to something to read concealed calm heat you then well, but love depth of emotion and character/of chance the development informs behind to some of his first books.
5 / 5
What follows it is spoiler free description, because merits to discover a goodness that is Joined By means of Timing everything for your account. Highly it recommends calm to treat to some time-travelling Viking amour.

This book gave the promised of new book, has broken my heart (a pair of time), has fed my amour of fictional war (bloodlust), work and intrigue. I have loved that Elliot was the book nerd. I have loved to look the sound finds it, quickly, when pressed a lot external of his zone of consolation. More than a swipe, had in my feelings. It did not think it it was the warrior , absolutely is the warrior. A chemistry among Elliot and Thorin is electrical. Thorin Has elevated to reserve state of fiancé with his intensity in EVERYTHING does. Thorin No among half when it goes for something. It is fiercely protective of all that considers sound. It is not fearful the launch hands, axe, broadsword - anything is handy. Still with everything of this masculine energy, has moments that is like this sweet, your ache of teeth. Swoon
Am not sure reason an author thought that it had lost his wet. Perhaps some words have not come his. In my opinion, his wet has been to Crossfit, bulked on and has gone back the BEAST!
5 / 5
Swears that I am mad about every time Twyla dips out of the book and I has not been disappointed with east a. Have enjoyed sincerely read this book. The desire could say that I want to Thorin and Ellie but only Thorin is taking my interior of amour a moment l.un 'woe touched the attitude of Ellie has taken old really quickly for me. It looked some secondary characters was more enlightened that she. And still after a heart the conversations of heart, she still continued in his street of self the desesperanza has induced. I gotta give it to Thorin. This hunk of hotness was persistent and felizmente he all has come near in an end.
5 / 5
This rids is not for all the world. I love historical idyll and was very excited to see it Viking travesía of time with the African American woman strong like heroin. This history headed out of strong but there was ALOT more the sex that I earth in other romance novels and no quite Viking adventure. Still although our heroin has been attracted and enjoying a physical feeling of sex, was hard to forgets has not had any build of romantic bond among them, and has been the prisoner maintained and has chained up for the good portion while this sexual interaction is taking place was and on. To the lust does not compare to want to and idyll. At least any thus reader. If you are the this class of kink this book is for you. If it likes-you partorisca build of romantic bond among two characters and bit it more adventure among our two protagonist in place of some of some excessive loveless scenes of sex, will want to something more. It felt a book has had to weaves more potential and has been disappointed. I have finalised still a book for the give it casualidad so only.
4 / 5
The one who the good-looking history! This author always surpasses my expectations and does not disappoint never! Elliot Was stubborn and fearful to want to, and Thorin was his perfect party. I have loved some challenges were to the each one like this another. A history was very said and maintained entertained. To good sure the king-read, likes quota of Twyla the books are. Ossia An author the one who takes a time to write, and give of the histories that is enjoyable. I can not expect see where apresamiento Dags history. Well he Twyla!

Top Customer Reviews: The Saxon Lord's ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
4 / 5
An emotional roller-coaster walk of emotions! Left me breathless! 6 stars

Emily Reale rids the UNWANTED PROMISE of the SAXON GENTLEMAN has taken literally respite of mine was! I have devoured each pages and I could not taking the reading until a very last chapter! I have read he in two sittings because it is the real page turner! They are sure, will take his readers in the roller-coaster walk of emotions, of the dark tone of the history of amour to the a lot of-crafted travesía of two good-looking souls. You will alternate to be sad and smiled for his wonderful characters. His travesía emotional near is really breathtaking and filled with ups and downs!

To ensure peace among Norman and Saxon, Harald of Wildstorm is commanded to marry Norman noblewoman has appointed Eloise. His future husband is the mysterious man with the dark side caused for terrible nightmares of a Battle of Hastings. His future woman is the sweet and sweet soul the one who is pursued still for his tragic past. Harald Is really a hero of alpha viril with Eloise and a lot of defects takes glimpses of the sympathetic man under his rugged outside and will look for to be patient with him. This in spite of, is naïve roughly Eloise and a lot fully trust. But when danger lurks around the his, will do everything to take behind! He be able to save his in time? It admits his injustices his? It can two souls helps broken each one which so another? Amur True be possible among these two tormented souls? Edwin, Harald The brother touches a function of entity in his lives. I expect that will have his own history a day!

A plot was developed well, some the secondary characters were amiably blended to a history. I have loved that a period of time was Mediaeval, one of mine was preferred. Strongly it recommends his series of new Mediaeval Promises! A MUST to read! That can say, the one who the one of truth in amazing exceptional book! Amazing start! Grab The cup of caffè, or tea, the warm coverage and rig to be swept is gone in the glorious adventure! Level of heat: HOT! BEWARE, This series will be a lot of ADICTIVA!
5 / 5
Has loved that and remain expecting besides like this of this author
5 / 5
has left other voices take precedence on reason ...

Oh Mina, the one who the heart wrenching history!
Left shaken, things like this displaced and would not have liked me like this too much.
Is dark, is wanting to, is flailing and stirring.
Still has read like this he long, the pages that fly an after another.
Prefer my histories to be read hearted and easy for my peace of alcohol, still have any remorse to having read this book, is the glorious and harrowing history of like this casualidad and recovery- I can not write cure, reason some characters will remain for ever marked for some chances that the door near.

Eloise Is the saint , would have to be canonized for a purity of his soul even more after an agony has the lean data. Never she the free sound tempers, always looks in control. It is sincere to a failure, anything a prize could cost.
To the equal that Could Harald remains blind and deaf his goodness for like this long, when it would owe that be worshiping some walks of earth on.

Has thought An Enemy in a Highland Yard for Celeste Barclay was a summum of the like the abuse could be, which hurt era.
Will not ruin this history but know you will have to that take while it follows Eloise and all some abuses faces silently, his boss has bent.

And while I can comprise reason Harald has reason to be wary of women, but has done of an example reads it. Although it is again and again distinguished the one who bondadoso and that concerns his new woman is.
When A history has achieved the sure turn, has not seen any street partorisca redeem for him.
To the equal that Could atone for all his sins, anytime deserves that it had been admitted, doubting his anytime, that prefers to listen to snaky treacly voice that confidences that has in front of him all this time.

And because of him and his inability to trust or his need to believe a worse of Eloise, has dipped his in way of harm, do one more time the victim of an unthinkable.

Be warned, is not the history to dip by all the world is hands, is not for a faint of a heart, this history will achieve his full circle but in a travesía, some characters will face challenge and ache, will be for ever changed and any trauma never for real cures . While the amour prevails, some pages are uploaded with hurt, sorrows and wounds like this deep for ever will be tattooed in his soul.
And yes, is the very dark history and he in timing be even more sinister. But in an end, triumphs of amour.
5 stars

𝗦𝘁𝗲𝗮𝗺 𝗹𝗲𝘃𝗲𝗹 onscreen there is detailed sex and lovemaking scenes.

𝗧𝗿𝗶𝗴𝗴𝗲𝗿 𝘄𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴 Abuses and sexual assault.
5 / 5
My first time that reads this author and the boy are I happy has done. They are the defender of the his paralización well after this amazing history. It deserves 5 stars more.
Was in a flange of my chair by means of a whole book. That he whirlwind this has taken a lot of turns and of the waves to impact rippled in time. A rocky start partorisca Eloise and Harald the one who are 2 has defied emotionally characters to say a Less direct them further to the long east thrilling sometimes terrifying history. In it times it has loved to achieve in some pages and grab each one which as one of them and shack some sense to them especially Harald. An author extracted the a lot of touchy @@subject and she he extremely well. A lot of emotional moments that had spilt some tears.
Has had warriors, jousts, intimate scenes, has bitten of humour, terror, villains of harm, and more. A history had captivated me and an end was heartfelt with the wonderful Epilogue partorisca top a history to the HEA.
Can not say enough in that I there is enjoyed for real read this history.
Mature reader:
5 / 5
Takes your cloths ready! Have enjoyed this history immensely! Has the little quirks, like the few deceptions to modify, the time that spends of long way too fast or to the fortnight has turned to the pair of days but otherwise the a lot of very read! A lot emotional and some action. A very bad type. Strong rich characters. I owe that say a last 2/3rds of a book had in of the tears was and on. Calm once the volume to a history is a lot of enjoyable. Especially I like him -it enjoys me the good tear jerker! Lol! Happy reading! Lori😸
4 / 5
Harald And Eloise has fulfilled a day was to marry. A King has found the husband, the warrior. His father ensures is the good man . His pair will help to spend peace among some Saxons and Norman is.
Has so many chances that spends in his lives. I have had the hard time that dips this book down. Dulcemente, Harald and Eloise learns to win his pasts. They have won one hurts that another has done to them. It has had secrets that is learnt. Enemies to vanquish. And bolt to save. Excellent book.

Top Customer Reviews: Highland Blood (The ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
I cant dipped this reservation down. Tugs In yours mysticism, your heart and amour of history. My celtic roots hum reading these histories.
5 / 5
Wonderful book, has read he of has joined so only extracted ! Partorisca Read absolutely, is A wonderful world-wide pair has presented the author, has haste partorisca read the continuazione !
4 / 5
Adds partorisca wrap until a history, agreed really of some Fogs of Avalon Serious.
5 / 5
History, magic and me, the combination adds. Well fact. Thank you And down waiting for an after bed.
4 / 5
Has enamoured absolutely with this series. The cant look to dip some reservation down! The cant attended see the one who a next book ameno.
5 / 5
There is enjoyed really these 2 books have has had to that but one 2 new an after read a prime minister one are now while to a next book in a series , a lot of bed , like a period is dipped in , good characters allover the abonos reads
4 / 5
Loves some few mysterious ways of a Celts and a way Melanie Karsak weaves his histories. Also I like a undertones of history, time and places of real life ,is spent the sweet summer is lost in a book.
4 / 5
In this excellent sequela to ‘Highland Raven', Karsak continuous a magic, mystical history of Gruoch like continuous learn of his destiny among a complexity of both worlds to the to the equal that belongs.

To the equal that with a first book in this series, Gruoch the history is like this fantastically writing and expertly crafted that some results of the deeply invested reader in some chances and of the characters of a history, sharing Gruoch fears, ache, and the hopes like his life takes to oblige transfers and of the unpredictable turns. It is the complex and powerful woman , strong and admirable, and steadfast in a face of conflict and danger. Still, it is not portrayed never like perfect, never unrealistically well, and never like this created like the not being believable.

Has some the lovely references the Shakespeare is soyacbeth', halftone seamlessly to a narrative. This establishes next bonds among this history and this a, included although some chances of these serious like this far spends before those in a famous game.

A history rids the fascinating blend of history, mystery, fantasy, idyll, and adventure in a deeply involving read that, once begun, questions to be lunches.
4 / 5
Are everything in a mystical world of Scozia ancient. Ossia The good history , and know this can touch too picky for some, but could not help but be disappointed really when I have been shaken of my fantasy read in people a 11th century for an use of a word 'okay' any one once but two times. Admitted, would not want a tongue to feel forced but go to go to the to question to use on hire purchase likes soyerry of praise', does not ruin he with the pair of 'well is' launched in there. Where, I marvel, was an editor in everything is?
4 / 5
Has not been the enormous defender of a first book in a series, but has had separates to to that liked, as I have decided to give that of a second book tries it. They are happy has done. It has been it adds. For those complaining in chances in a first chapter? It dips a base for a rest of a history, is the necessary harm . A continuous book fantastically, flows better that a first book, and has the wonderful history while yours.

Top Customer Reviews: Viking Glory ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
It was the real pleasure partorisca follow some lives of five friends that finds or finally admitting his amour, while also that tries to take touched of of his enemy. These histories are fill with action, vaporous scenes and the nerve wrecking plot that spends for some premiers four books. Of the each woman but one is the maiden shield, is everything strong willed and frustratingly stubborn. I have discovered some Nordic people by means of these histories and has to that admit be quite impacted with his particular ways of torture. It was the good way to finalise a bad type. Has has ADORED having a whole book there is poured in Ivar and his beloved Lena like the prequel. We learn like a whole plot has taken roots. An only reason has not given this description five star is been due to typos and nomination to be changed and/or mixed up. Really the page turner, with a lot of vaporous scenes, unconditional amour and has has authorised women.
4 / 5
In the bed that all these books for separate, highly can recommend this together of boxes. Some characters are very drawn, the adventures are exciting, vaporous and romantic. Ossia The Viking history so that has violence, but again overshadowed for a history adds and characters.
4 / 5
Excellent collection of Viking Histories. These books are hard to dip down.
Fast-paced, very developed Viking history. This history is full of action and comprises treachery, rejection, anger and idyll. Leif Is the strong, self-ensured Viking warrior the one who is asked to succour a niece of the neighbour Jarl. Sigrid Is the strong seer , the one who poden also walk with some alcohols. Ella and Leif is fated to be together, but external influences, comprising his father, strive to maintain them averts. Some battle that has to that struggled before they can find happinesses, marks this the book that is hard to dip down. I have loved also discover in a Viking the culture and that follows some secondary characters. Ossia The calm wonderful history does not want to lose .

Wonderful storyline with flange of your action of chair. This book comprises dangerous surveillance, breakneck persecutions of ship and the wonderful idyll among two strong characters. It is certainly any one the book when you are in the haste to go anywhere as I do not want to dip the down. This series is developing to one of mine favourite.

Tyra & Bjorn
The one who the wonderful history. The to the equal that has loved some interactions among our two main characters. They are both strong, still vulnerable people, that you really feel for them and maintain wanting to all to result well in an end. A lot of mystery, action, danger, idyll and amour in this book, which grabs calm of one a lot beginning and maintain you reading to discover that it will spend afterwards. I am loving these serious and remain expecting besides in a future.

Wow! That the way adds to finalise this series. I have loved absolutely this book and he was like this last of the places down. Strong Viking characters, action-has packed battles, treacheries, danger and the wonderful idyll for Strian and Gressa, marks this the book to the good calm insurance does not want to lose . Strian The history was like this sad in of the places has had to take some cloths were. I have loved really an epilogue also. I have loved this whole series and remain expecting further of books of this author. Celeste does well.

Lena & Ivar
Wonderful Viking History. They are add storyline is fill with intrigue, danger, treachery, revenge and idyll. It is good to learn more roughly Lena & Ivar in this prequel to a Viking serious of Glory to the equal that answers some of some questions could have in a background to Leif history and books later. Also we fulfil some families of Strian, Bjorn and Tyra, and discover that near his all was. I have loved this history and highly recommend it.
5 / 5
Has read this individually when they are exited and happy is in the neighbour now. When being the big defender of serious reservation this he the easiest fact when calm enjoy them a second time around.
Celeste Barclay spends also to be an Author that also knows can trust on always coming by means of with enjoyable histories. It does not import Of Scottish Histories, Pirate, or Vikings are always Intrigued and while to a prójimo a to be released.
Will not be disappointed with these although Vikings could no partorisca be you gender.
4 / 5
Such awesome collection of riveting Viking histories. Law very odd in the amour and the amours of some boys and then a last an on some parents. The series adds and to good sure will maintain you has interested til an end.
5 / 5
I amour Celeste Barclay books, I binge read this whole series and I has not been disappointed. These books are full of action, adventure and idyll, yes buy this calm dipped you will not be disappointed.

Top Customer Reviews: Surrender to the ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
Tenth or twentieth idyll of century is romance and ossia the one who this book is, but is like this more. I have had the little difficulty with some Welsh names at the beginning same although the family of my grandmother is of Country of Galles North and I am spent a lot of holidays there, is hard to take my tongue around the but that averts really, there is enjoyed really this book. It has had to that conquer hero, action, emotion and hot sex and of course romance and the happy end. Steiner Was all the hero would owe that be strong, and powerful when required and fond and bondadoso especially with Sara and of the boys. Sara was his perfect party , was strong and independent but also submissive and that loves with Steiner. A history interested and although violent in timing a lot be supported by a line of history. An add read this take calm has involved well of a start.
5 / 5
Love the character of strong female goodness, and historical some concealed has to that win trace and the incredible hardship against the social/cultural norms is the character catnip of mine. Sara is the heroine of butt of has fallen it , and trace against Steinar and his Viking the crew has exhibited his bravery. Have enjoyed his amour-hate banter, and his vaporous idyll. Another book adds for Ashe Barker.

Top Customer Reviews: Highland Queen (The ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 43 ratings
5 / 5
This book is fantastic. Highly it recommends this series. I can not expect for a next book in this series, if there will be one.
5 / 5
Would love the truth knows The continuazione ! The arrivals of serious a bit quickly pair against, leaving ours of the sud wins
5 / 5
burned by means of this series of 4 books in two days. It captivated Of a start. While it would not classify it like this strictly historical, has had historical elements, as well as some fantasy, and work, and to good sure some violence/of action. Had also the little typos here and there, but swimming concealed there is distracted too much of a history. Also, some of some historical elements were probably inaccurate, if any worries roughly that, perhaps look for something more.
In all this in spite of, this was the wonderful history , and incredibly that involves that it says history. Had hooked of a start and are now on partorisca verify was more than this author now. Good book, good series.
5 / 5
Well, Melanie, Calms he! You crafted a thrilling, beautiful and that satisfies series of an extreme to the another! I have been thrilled with a way the Highland queen has finalised. These characters, has based on Shakespeare Macbeth, has come alive partorisca me and a intertwining of some old ways with a Christianity of a time was perfect! Ossia The series that reads very lovely and if any new reader is by train partorisca the consider, any one only download an or buy one. It takes him all a same time. Calm no prenderá calm of reading once begins. It can not expect see that it is after partorisca Lady Karsak. Oh, His steampunk the series is each one has bitten like amazing!
4 / 5
A lot thanks to an author. They are so only he has spent 3 days in the travesía wonderful. Amur Yours managing ofShakespeare ' s history. Has not dipping a serious down until I finalised it. Pair of all nighters in there. A bit those that typos partorisca treat but at all could take out of a history. It would be a lot of calm would do it the longest series partorisca spend on with some girls. It was one of these histories that with which have finalised are spent a whole day that continuous in a history in my boss. It has wanted, it has loved a series. It gives the graces for the wonderful holidays without leaving my chair.
4 / 5
Does not like Me to share of concrete details in characters or storylines in my descriptions. A blurb actions quite usually to entice the reader. It likes in to change to share my emotional implication with some characters and likes to invest result in them. These builds of whole series to the growing concealed spent me the tears again and again. So much treachery and ache but still there is also triumph and amour. A character of Gruoch has taken the something in my heart to the equal that have travelled with his to an end. The vision of Shakespeare of Lady MacBeth was terrible. Ossia The very better history of some fights and has has divided loyalty of a 11th century SCOTTISH WOMAN whose destiny has not been his own. Appearance like him, of your opinion of his very changed east after reading this series.
5 / 5
So that the action has fill, emotionally touched and energy infused likes first three in a series. I enjoyed it a lot and it recommended it to a lot of friends.
4 / 5
Rid 1 has tugged on, book 2 was too short to be in his own, book 3 has had the plot that goes in and book 4 has been hasty. Still it has not been it likes Grouch, does not know reason but of me never liked Banquo, I sympathized with Macbeth and has has wanted to Gillacoemgain.
There is sooo much more wants to say but or does not want to give a lot of spoilers.
4 / 5
Has loved these books of some first pages by means of a last: especially an element of Gruoch dipping a record directly after being slandered for Shakespeare! While some movements of history to the long of in the fast clip, maintains your interest and gives the sense of the like a world can summer like the years of thousand does.
This in spite of, has time where an author moves a history to the long of too much quickly, when it suggests much more the years have spent that a history accounted stops. Also, I did not appreciate it when an author has changed a spelling of Emer and Ynis Verleath to reserve to reserve!
I smaller failures in the wonderful history.
4 / 5
A book has surprised. I have not wanted to dip any of some books in these serious down! I have taken a lot of my friends to start with that have read these serious and I will be to look for more books of this author to the equal that are very written, and usually is not my gone to gender. It is written in normal English and very easy to follow and comprise. 10/10!

Top Customer Reviews: L'amour, la mer, le ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 46 ratings
4 / 5
He And The all of gathered in this bouquin games partorisca spend a moment excellent !
Of the Idyll, of the history, of the action, joins fluent and thankful writing ...
Has loved the truth submerge in the universe Viking, discover his life, his habits to the travers gives references numerous and precise historians whose author we régale !
Idyll lateralmente, are at all disappointed, All the contrary! It goes any one mentirse, with a warrior sanguinaire, ultra sexy and viking of surcroit… is sure to any still bore !
Amateur of the gender, darkens !
4 / 5
Etant Joins been mad about of the period Viking, this Roman join me next fact to the œil. And I confess That Aurélie Depraz is a lot of incursion. This history of accounts of the history Joined of Amur among a viking and joins saxonne. He any And The step of the possible amour when it is question of hate among two enemies of villages. Among envahisseurs and invaded. Among the village has said barbarian and another has civilised.

These Steps of historical Idyll the year 865. It joins the available period touches his saxons. His viking has launched his dévolu to the sud his earths fertiles and his fat herbs. But The…

Sven, a valeureux the warrior is has created of the games of day to discover that it loves more. More than that his arid earth does not give. Lassé Give wars and give Travesías bloody. It loves this that the no longer finds edges of the sud alone natal. It dreams Of sédentarisation. He The desire to live gives produced of joined buries that he the the-still has done. It joins woman that will not be that to him and that will have to that action with his brothers of arms. Of the the boys…and other sleeps fill the boss. This that will have in him. Of where lucida raid to the sud his Anglo-Saxon margins. His Promise of earth in some type !

But when On to has sung and in décime all a village, can-feign to the redemption of the amour ? Sven will not take to Comprise to his dépens when it will cross his eyes of this good-looking and farouche saxonne !

Aalissia The stray his parents and how is so only to attend of his young brothers and of his earth. It joins the arduous task Touches his endebles shoulders but she and has fulfilled of the heart the fault to rastras. Until this funeste day. Where The earth has shivered, has sung has flowed. Body of edges enflamma of the desire and the heart of edges wake to the émois of the amour as after a longitude sommeil !

His vikings created his general neighbourhood to the sud this earth so much convoitée and asservirent the Population. He any And will have of the place touches the amour there where the cendres has not finalised to be consummated. Although lucido the desire hatches such fire rougeoyant and that the Passion attacks his cœurs !

The amour, the sea, lucido iron and has sung, leaves title of edges. Car is not to question the properly said of history but especially of amour, the author the to us vibrate to the edges of the iron that crosses , and knots the fact humer the metallic smell of the has sung that flows.

The romance Prime in this history but Aurélie Depraz the successful lucido challenge to relate a casserole of the legend has appointed viking. A bit his history and of his mœurs. Leaving also the free course to the Imagination to do embezzles. It touches those that have not looked the series Vikings taste, does not have to that of bad to do his own images, his own films like this this was a lot describe. And Yes good writing.

The author one sold of the sleep, undressing a bit vikings of his legendary barbarisms. It gives More accessible and approximations, more attachants.

An any moment of my conference, does not have décroché. The neighbour was in harmony. I have discovered to the mine like Glorious one relates flowed and joins thankful plume and that knows to count give histories without abusing of fioritures. It joins history of the impossible amour in a real context. With Of the gross characters to the décoffrage but that the Amour désarmera. It says that the music adoucit his mœurs, but the amour also to this there is qualified !

Games, joins historical idyll adictiva that counts all his game of ingredients to travel among sea and earth !
5 / 5
The author signs a glorious Roman, joins history of amour but a lot that, the History with a glorious H comes to do fault joins idyll viking exciting, with giving dialogues and give actions prenantes, the all adorned of has joined affirmed and delicate plume. Sven and Aalissia takes life and spend, everything simply. It is a Roman that would have like to relire! It is to do fault in action, in good dialogues, in the diving in the life gives men of Of the one of the north, and in historical details. It joins auteure filler of Talent, to continuation, this 2.ºme Roman confirmation Exc of edges in lucido gender. Thank you Aurélie touches these moments of beaux have gone through half of your lines!
4 / 5
Scozia, joins he of the fates of month have preferred, added in that then moyenâgeuse involved had done to choose me this book.
Two things Paralización he in the course of Street !
- The very Strong impression to read to a large extent lucido script of the series televised 'Vikings' (same places so many Scandinavians that British names , same, the same history at least the games have left....)
- To Overdose of words that no longer have run or simply ignored, obliging without ceases to go to his returns have enciphered after going back to the text to such an extent that @in loses lucido edge of this that is reading...
Is quickly saoulant and although nomination the pages have announced was elevated little, has craqué to so only a fifth of the book.
The The conference touch, is of the entertainment. If these results joins taken of boss, then so that well !
5 / 5
'The amour, the sea, lucido iron and has sung' of Aurélie Depraz. The history among his 2 hero is perfect, lucido development of his desires after the perfectly marked the rhythm feelings and dosé and the History with a glorious H is a lot very fed, done with priest, has loved the opposition gives cultures, the one of the sud of religious influence Aalissia: it sees this in spite of him obscurantisme and the main dipped to the sud his pair of women the religion, said ah his vikings was this in spite of more opened to his women ....And besides vlan, Sees the commentary extracted his 'another' women, those out of the clan and is the horror! No Of manichéisme, all his cliché and écueils is averted and there is stuck to to me fond, has wanted to see knots the heroes project his differences of culture and his incompréhensions that derives, this was that it feigns and I consulting animadamente to read.....
4 / 5
Has discovered Aurélie Depraz with the prime minister of roman edges Touches the amour of joined Sasunnach where there was able state to live join good-looking adventure in Scozia in the surname of the serious Outlander of Diana Gabaldon. Here, the meeting in another universe of then goes to treat give Vikings. I have discovered Of another side quite recently the series of the same name, Vikings, that confesses it, join me totally ardent. It is a village that fascina and whose tongue pocola, and find in a film or in a book is a lot interesting. I have been able to Join the new time appreciates his historical knowledges of Aurélie Depraz that embezzles to the plus if on the games of big History to do alive to his characters give thrilling adventures.

Owing to having looked the series has televised, has been happy to find true of his characters, such Ivarr or Ube, his edges of Ragnar. The history of these Roman steps in 865, a one after the death of Ragnar. His edges spend Joins croisade of Revenge against his Saxon that has killed his father. In his men that alive around Ivarr, finds two brothers, Sven and Leif. Sven want to More, he in the marre give raids, gives crossed to the sud the ocean. It wants to till Of the earths, loves pose, has joins woman, and more give maitresses, master has joined down. That does not correspond with glorious warrior that it is that the past give raids against his Saxon. It goes precisely profité the Ivarr and his men leave Games to spend his revenge against his Anglo-Saxons touches to ship with them and give to the sud these earths. There, it goes to find Aalissia, joins youngster saxonne that bolt so only with his brothers. His Vikings lucido fear of Source, has has caused the death of like this of people that she connait. It does not comprise It attirance that she do it to this giant come to give cold paid. But it Touches Sven, everything does not go to be also simple that has thought, has to faces to joined ancient maitresse jalouse, and to a king that would prefer the have among his warriors touches to spend his revenge. The amour will be lucido stronger...This, smokes to read this Roman...

Are a lot quickly joined to these characters, also Sven well it Aalissia. It does to having looked the series televised and The fact also, but although it had not seen the, think that it would have wanted so much. Aurélie Depraz he lucido the gentleman touches the account joins history, games to situate he in his places, in edges historical context without touching so many overburden edges relate the pair gives descriptions too heavy. It employs equally Lucido corresponding vocabulary in that then and to the village Viking, that contributes the tone complements joined of realism. I have had truth The Impression to see them evolves in front of me. Have has wanted a lot That this Idyll among two fictitious characters takes the true history of this village that one, to a moment given of his life, looked for to extend his earths in disposal coloniser another paid. This Gender of Roman give his Vikings more human, less sanguinaires and less monstrueux that the one who his legends imposed to the alcohol. @It gives that they also have a cœur that bat in his heart and that they could also has to that give feelings.

The Conference has done quickly and especially with avidité, has wanted to know that it was to arrive to these characters, there was sometimes the impression that eyes of the month has not read enough quickly. I have spoken Of the serious Vikings on, but although you did not look it, will arrive easily yours to imagine these men and his rites thanks to the precisions that quell'auteure contributes in the edges relate. On it has sent that she the fact attaches in amont, that has had to quell'also law to give things, she the sound applies all his knowledges in these Romans, and east, everything in finesse. It learns everything in divertissant, without @giving . Of course, that the idyll is present and prédomine to the sud embezzle, but lucido the context and his historical facts are there games apuntalar lucido relate and contribute even more of reality to the history. Lucido The way is always a lot well, Aurélie Depraz is joined novelist of talent. I discovered it a bit More with this roman second, that is to touch me joins also good-looking tarpaulin that prevail him. It treats of a different historical context, but is everything also exciting, also good writing. It stands out grown of this gender of conference, with the desire to press loin besides his knowledges that read other books to the sud dread him still.

Are a lot happy to continue discovering Aurélie Depraz. Visiting his bibliographie, have of then had written equally writes to the sud Mediate-Age in France. They are impacienta to see that history she The a lot of able state to create to the sud this base. They are admirative to the every time Give coverages that is always a lot good-looking, and of the election gives titles. Here, in the amour, lucido iron, the sea and has sung, finds three elements of the sud four of the entity in the life gives Vikings. Lucido The iron gives arms, the sea that is mother of as and has sung that flow of source. It touches that it is of the amour, is one feeling that all the man feels, that that has been, of where that was...

Recommends sincerely this Conference. I am persuaded That will spend a moment well in company of Sven and Aalissia. Me, One desire of data to look again the series, embezzle me the sixth season to see, thinks that goes quickly me replonger inner. This Roman join me has wanted at all that with his good memories of the visionnage of the series. And have hastes equally to read again a Roman of Aurélie Depraz...To the continuazione eats...
4 / 5
The period gives vikings, is joined period that has a lot of fact, and have me-still writes to the sud this period that fascina of our history. I have bought this book In seeing gives commentaries that any tarissaient of praises to the sud these Romans. It did not expect Me at all to find in this way of book; we are in some Romans to the water of this trace neither more neither less.
Of where my disappointment.
Is predictable, he any and the any suspens, is resulted without question the fin.
Joins saxonne that the enamoured falls almost in a battement of eyelashes of a rustre the barbarians come degollado the edges Populate, is everything simply joins more than situation that unlikely.
But that One lucido more ossia his historical details have contributed, in concentrating to some passages, give the conference inintéressantes pair so much of details that is not timely to signal ( especially when Sven abandons his own cost, he and the give the descriptions give the divers plants that his longent too long).
Equally, lacking still to know that to this period, during the IX century, he and give object that is not existed still, and that is to quote this in spite of in these Romans ( his gobelets has arrived a century later, his coverages have not appointed like this, contrives it of 'Jarl ' is not used to a lot of escient...)
He any And The step of real historical details, to the sud his conflicts among saxons and vikings, on lit so only joins horde of vikings, lucido cliché lucido more common, without faith neither law, eradicate all of the sud his passages. But it would have been Of entity to specify precisely his force in presence, with his territories have directed.
Although I have not wanted to Touch his reasons quoted here-on, maintains at any rate to signal that he auteure joins it beautiful plume, and thinks that with a work a bit more precise that the sud his historical elements, and joins intrigue a bit less evident, less water of this trace of Harlequin, this auteure could surprise me, the transports manages his words remarquablement.
Commentary 3 stars at any rate, transports this historical period maintain to cœur, and the work of edges is to animate.
5 / 5
Had read already and Appreciated he first Roman of Aurélie DEPRAZ, Touches the amour of has joined Sassunach.
Are all Pair has excited also the Second that has arrived to finalise. Any one only is evident that she the effected joins impressive geographic investigation, but also to the sud the culture, his habits, his faiths, the life gives Vikings : I have expanded a lot of knowledges of month to the sud this village thanks to this book.
Of a purely literary point of view, master a lot the fluent writing, simple, but also poetic and precise of Aurélie in the description of his characters and the evolution of his feelings, she he sensatez of the narration and the offer like this joins good-looking history of amour and of life.
Are Partidário of this writer and response impatiently to receive edges 3rd book that coming of commander.
Does not doubt for The bed, will spend of good moments.
4 / 5
The time has joined launched, has not been able to lâcher this book ! On it leaves of the brutal world gives Vikings in time of his invasions and little by little has fulfilled to expect that this Viking-there, hero of the book, goes to achieve to live the amour to the to the equal that aspires. Of the raw scenes and sometimes impactantes ('lucido iron' and has Sung ' of the title, and to lust - ours eyes - of this known bad village) contrast with the amour and lucido side chevaleresque of the hero, man viril is , the all in tongue has joined irréprochable and give descriptions vivantes of these world-wide - to think that the author the summer one of these Vikings in the leading life has joined ! Aventajado !
5 / 5
Is joins idyll new historian that we desvela here Aurélie Depraz.
This time is in Inghilterra of the IX century, in the moment of the invasion viking, that the action situates .
Sven is A warrior in investigation of fertile earth and of the better life has joined.
Aalissia Is uploaded to elevate his brothers and to attend of his earths of lucido óbito of his Parents.
Is not done Touches It the another and would not have has had to that never find... And this in spite of.
Joins good-looking historical Idyll that one still has conquered. Perhaps A small little too Descriptive pair moment, but beat-reproach to the auteure an excellent work of games of investigation joins better diving in the action.
Joins glorious Conference that recommends !

Top Customer Reviews: An Auctioned Bride ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
4 / 5
Ossia The new author partorisca me. This pair, Tiled and Hugh, the support given experiences like this harrowing and has had the little that could not imagine like this would exit of! I wish an author would have spent more time in an end of a book, sharing his together good time and leaving arrive like a pair has regulated the daily life, during good time, when being house. After all some the diverse hair-raising traumas have had to that experience with them, and all an acclaim-main , would have been well to be able to experience some high points. Those boys have? That has done Tiled to solve his new life? Like this closure an author could have spent and like this well time an author could have shared! It is for this that have estimated so only 3 Stars.
5 / 5
Likes that Hugh offers Tiled and then tries to hunt. It insists that they marry and a lot really it loves and part of that. Taking to question when it tries to hunt. It likes- one the way reacts to this. Also it has the sense of humour. I like this leaves of a series.
4 / 5
Interesting history, has been still in leading books but has had the line of history all of its own. Maintained and anxious interest to purchase a next book.
4 / 5
Any included thinks has kissed in this book and has been married!!! Lol. But have-liked me a history. A h is kidnapped of his family in Svezia and propiciado Scozia to be sold like the slave. A H the shabby and he house. It discovers an Uncle is for behind the reason is by train to pursue them trying matarprpers both. There it is hiding in of the grottos, harms, the noble horse, and the travesía of thrilling sea. And it felt that it travels authors that writes skills. I have done for real. It has surprised. It felt he likes was in this ship how has gone and mecer and has struggled against some waves. Has has wanted really that leaves. Like reason three stars? Reason calms does not discover never reason his uncle has loved his dead person!! Ossia Reason the plus has not felt a romance at all among some two main characters. I will maintain to read this author.
5 / 5
Was a intresting history and yes has had one that finalising would have been the very good history. A reason an uncle has wanted to kill his
was that you maintained intrested but does not discover never. It Liked me a bickering but has had no romance. Any idyll among them any @@@sparkle, but worse is not that it knows an end of a mystery. Perhaps theres another book where discovers reason
the z/the uncle hated has destroyed so much the city his ship
and killed he and his crew
5 / 5
liked me very quite a lot of stops of s “free” book this in spite of; final of history abruptly for me. I have required closure. His uncle persues the reasons loves his dead person but does not discover never reason. Hugh Finds the brother has lost long and is not a happier that reunions because of the rift that separate but neither discovers never reason. A last question has with a storyline is like Hugh and Tiled suddenly @give want each one which so another but an author never has developed for real report very physical or has included a lot of interaction besides saving each another constantly.
5 / 5
An action has built dulcemente like the pair has tried each one which so another is flanges but like the history fill in, an action has on elected. It is the idyll cleaned , so only the few kisses so that they do not want to some few scenes plus very explicit. With the pair of next death escapes a bond is result forged for him HEA final. As it looked on some of an author is other works , is resulted there was a lot of bed in this series a time sooner. It was well to revisit another chapter in a current history of Duncan clan
5 / 5
This was such the wonderful history . It has taken my attention of a first page and has resisted my attention throughout. This was the idyll cleaned and has had the interesting storyline. An only complaint that has with era that would have liked me liked reason Tiled the z/the uncle was was to kill. A history has not given never the reason for his Uncle that loves his dead person. It could do suppositions that have learnt of Tiled background but would have been well to know sure a reason reason. Another that that a complaint, I reading enjoyed really Hugh and history Tiled.
4 / 5
A main female character was the member the low plus of a Norwegian real family and has been supposition to go to the convent but before this could spend his uncle has had kidnapped and propiciado Scozia to be sold like the slave. But Hugh was in a tavern that the day and he have seen his dignity I still under his circumstances and he has bought. But his uncle has to that it has decided that would treat too well reason pursued him throughout Scozia to do sure has not been to survive, but Highlanders and pressed of the princesses are quite ready
5 / 5
This reservation so only improves and better! His
really deserve 10 stars!

The one who the amazing way to take the promise! It
Raisin for partorisca find the twin of Hugh?
The one who want to Tiled died? The one who has dipped the prize
in both of his bosses? As they Take
earths of Duncan of rear house?

Takes this amazing and calm book will be able
partorisca read all roughly that! Highly it recommends
this book and series!