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Top Customer Reviews: Simon & Simon: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5
This was the present partorisca my brother the one who really enjoys a show!! It has said that it was good quality and has been rid punctually!!
4 / 5
This show looked partorisca improve each season. Fun episodes partorisca look, again.
4 / 5
Each season amena of the rear memories partorisca look this series in television. The quality is good but no the digital quality but ossia well. It can not expect for a final season partorisca result available!!!
4 / 5
Such good TV in a 80 is all have today is TV of reality
4 / 5
This 1987-88 Season of rocks & of SIMON of SIMON and is one first season when Joan McMurtry joins to to a mould likes him Rick & AJ of hard-nosed new cop buddy(Lt. Abigail Marsh)of San Diego P.D. That substitutes his streetwise predecessor Det. Marcel Brown 'central' it departed a show in a Cradle of 1987.

This seasons also take me behind the route by heart to when it was the Freshmen in institute and when CBS has used partorisca aim this work of detective every night of Thursday.

Something has found intriguing in this work of detective was SIMON & SIMON has been looked so only in a lot of ways, reasons partorisca a thing, SIMON & SIMON was of a prime minister and objective detective very small concealed has taken place in San Diego in place of L.un., New York, or San Francisco still.

Partorisca Another, was also one of a bit those that shows of detective in the detective-duet, especially of then Rick & A.J. It has not been only brothers, but was partners that has run the agency of joint of private detective, different the majority of works of detective like a ROCKFORD FILES, MAGNUM, P.I., CALM HOUSTON, MANNIX, etc.; Of Rockford(James Garner), Magnum(Tom Selleck), Houston(Read Horsley), and Mannix(Mike Connors)was all private dicks the one who has done so only and has run his agency of the own private investigations for them likes him opposed Rick(Gerald McRaney)and Of One.J.(Jameson Parker), in spite of a fact that a premiere of SIMON & SIMON in CBS in a Fall of 1981 was inspired by the ROCKFORD FILES and MAGNUM.

Like the @@subject in fact, Gerald McRaney and Mary Carver(Cecilia Simon)has both guest starred in a ROCKFORD FILES how was of course before Gerald McRaney is resulted the star and probably that McRaney has taken an idea to portray an ex-veteran of Vietnam Marin now gonzo private P.I.(Rick Simon)of McRaney has touched the police detective in a 'Hotel Of Dreaded' episode of a ROCKFORD FILES behind in a Fall of 1977.

In fact, SIMON & SIMON agreed to plot of a ROCKFORD FILES of then Rick & AJ has not had so only the report/of hate of the amour with each another like a down in his regime Jim of private eye Rockford(James Garner) with his often desperate cop buddy Det. Dennis Becker(Joe Santos)of a LAPD, but Simon brothers has lived bondadoso to join it to him to eccentric lifestyle likes Rockford has done of then Rick has maintained partorisca base of the boat in a backyard of Of One.J. It is house so only likes Rockford has lived so only in the small rustic trailer in the plot of estacionar for a beach in Malibu in the shoe-presupposed-of series of Rockford was has beaten frequently up for scoundrels, shot in, rasgó was, has maintained his gun in a boat of cookie, and often taken snookered for to the clients so only likes him to him Simon Of Brothers , more Rick was has broken always likes Rockford was on that.

This 1987-1988 Season of SIMON & SIMON has had also some stars of the interesting guest in him likes
Of Bills Boyett known partorisca to his function likes Sgt. MacDonald On ADAM-12 in a esomething Special' episode

Charles Cyphers of HALLOWEEN, The FOG, and EVASION OF NEW YORK in a 'New Cop In Episode of City

Thalmus Rasulala of a sitcom THAT is SPENDING and has touched Capt. Bolz In the NEW DRAGNET looking in a 'For ever Resist Your Piece' episode

Robert O'Reilly whose known likes Gowran on WALKED of ESTRELLA: DEEP SPACE 9 in a 'does not go partorisca Take He Of me Jack' episode

Joan Pringle the one who has touched Sybil Bucannon in the WHITE SHADOW in a 'Little Dead Boy' episode

Kim Miyori of ST. ELSEWHERE in a 'History Of A Tiger' episode

Richard Impacca known partorisca the sound has sawed-starring to the function likes Capt. Dennis Sheridan in T.J. HOOKER In some 'Bonds That Bows' episode

Original air-date partorisca each 1987-88 Season was
2/11/88-BETTY BAD
3/3/88-BONDS That BOWS
4/7/88-of MAY The ENFADOS of STREET

Like this now that to 7th Season of SIMON & SIMON is emissions finally on DVD, hardly can expect look the, but there is remarked the light discrepancy in a backside of his packaging when it says that SIMON & SIMON was originally aired on NBC of 1981-1989, reason was in fact in CBS of 1981 thru 1989, any on NBC.

Outrage that, the CRY a lot included annoying partorisca resupply Concluded Captioning in this DVD neither partorisca some reason, perhaps because of cut of estimativa!

For a way, the CRY will be to release SIMON & SIMON 8th and final season on DVD on January of Tuesday 15, 2013.
5 / 5
My sister LOVES this show of television. My AMOURS of sister Gerald McRaney. Well, it loves a show and so only had 'taped copies in VHS' that she taped in 'three in a morning', yes ... Ossia Well, 3 A.m. Ossia a time that one of this canal of boss the would air ....................... And calm sometimes would be to seat there and while his to come on and 'OMG! A 'PAID INFORMERCIAL' would come on instead!!! YIKES!!!!!'

Now, finally is offered when being on DVD and the amazon HAS It! This vendor has offered he in a BETTER PRIZE. 'OMG! Ossia The PRIZE ADDS and the go to receive QUICKLY for my sister???? OMG! I will buy it!'

Seriously, partidário or any partidário calms like this show. And, calm like this vendor for one ''... And speedy book!
4 / 5
I really liked this season especially entering the new cop the one who is the female to substitute Brown Centrical. It was very touched in an episode udden Storm' that a show has treated the real @@subject that spends in society and pleasure some brothers have treated a crime and has liked him especially an end where a whole family has come joint and was able to begin a process to cure. Some brothers are improving the chances and they know the majority of some people in San Diego that does to take the easy chances and is able to be more financially stable. It would recommend this show to all my familiar and fellow because it aims values familiarised and is better quality for familiar viewing.

Top Customer Reviews: Tour Of Duty: The ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
In the first place it was like this it has read you in other descriptions. There is not any music of subject original. They have baptised in some class of music of Asian flute.
The second is a quality of the sound is not always there is matched . It is it likes a bit clues of the his does not line on or something. A minute hardly can listen some voices, but the background sounds are strong. Then it is another way around. It is watchable? Sure. But it likes to say it goes: takings which pays stops:
5 / 5
has Received my Series of CD a lot quickly after ordering to the point of prize adds and enjoying some shows. An only thing has not gone too happy with this that a container has been sent invernadero the regular topmast and a container was has run over slightly. I think that that they have to have packaged the more when shipping any regular topmast or courier. Felizmente My CD is is well. In general I am very happy of the his have and would recommend to any interested in this type of show.
5 / 5
A series is sum but a Dvd is unwatchable. Some premiers two episodes on disk 1 was a lot. A rest three episodes in disc1 and all another some I sampled in other disks suffer quickly, continuous micros-skips in a video. Ossia Especially noticeable when casseroles of motion of a side to another. This me the ailing motion. I have verified this on two computer and he Blue-player of ray, and verified with another person that has seen also a skipping. More, the plastic box of a neighbour is has arrived broken. I am returned a together .
5 / 5
Has looked this behind in a @@@1980s (geez Im old lol). Binge Looking this I takes a lot of episodes. Because of copyright a music of subject main has been substituted. You wouldnt know that this in spite of. A substitution is seamless and think that that it is even more pertinent. Perhaps so only my flavour of music. Acting type , historical good histories that stand a test of time.
4 / 5
An only complaint, as seen of some other critics, is a casing.
All some CDs is gone in bosses of individual paper, and a bodx looks to be the little flimsy
the quality of a show is one same to like that it would have been it when he is in the first place exited, but a picture is well and well of sound. didnt Go any subjects in this department
4 / 5
A DVD has a series of whole TV 'Recognition to Owe.' It is announced like this and like this very so much when I looked it on television a lot of years.
4 / 5
Visits to Have that has covered all the classes of controversial subjects have related to a war.
For the series of television was that that it hard paste!
Sgt Zeke Anderson is a man !
4 / 5
Loves a series but a quality of a dvd is selves a lot like this good. First 3 disks a volume of music was way stronger then a volume of tongue does a lot last to listen and clock. A disk has not had any sound on he also 6 ABLE SHOWS to LOOK AT ALL. But if yours quite lucky any to have these questions, in my OPINION one of a series of the better TV of war EVER has done. Well value a risk.
4 / 5
Had read some descriptions that says a music has not been an original, substituted with generic material. I did not imagine it it would do a lot of difference, but was bad. So only a lot of enjoyable without him.
5 / 5
A show is 5 stars - although that loses an original soundtrack. The quality of DVD is better that the version has purchased previously. A collectible foot locker does not look a picture. It is the cheaply done map box, and has arrived enough has beaten on, with a shrink wrap rasgado and some corners of a box have spent. I have seen another has has announced pictures that looks a one receives, as I am not sure has different versions of a box, or if ossia so only he misleading picture, but was that it disappoints to consider a cost of a together.

Top Customer Reviews: Coyote Waits: An ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
'We so only rearrange a mystery'
So that they have read a book will remark a lot if where a history is changed and the people have moved around. One the majority of striking is that Emma is still alive and a cat (Slender) is of tower. They have had to that add a character of Slick Naki to cut was in an hour of skinwalker investigation. I can say no more without giving was a mystery.
Jim Chee chairs to drink caffè while partner Tribal Police Delbert the nose fulfils his death. Chee Takes an obvious perpetrator. A Navaho sciamano, with bouncing he in a delivery and The GUN in his tape. The chance has closed.
Because of the his guilt in not backing on his partner and in an insistence of Chee is on again and was again report with a lawyer to defend, Janet Pete, Chee has to that discover for him self the one who past and yes can have done the deception.
Because of the report by means of this woman, Emma, with Ashie the products is (the defendant) clan, and his insistence that Ashie is railroaded, Joe Leaphorn also has to that it researches of the different corner. Emma help in an investigation and support of leaves to Joe.
Both men are pressed to the that looks an endless number of overlapping mysteries duquel a murder of Delbert the nose is so only one. His - and - has to treat a history of a CIA and that of witches.
5 / 5
'The coyote Attacked, propiciado a small screen for a same crew that has produced a regrettable kinwalkers', is the experience to satisfy for Tony Hillerman defenders, for defenders of mysteries to film in general, and for folks interested in a portrait of Native Americans, in this chance a Navajo (Dinner'). It looks that some writers have listened to some complaints roughly kinwalkers' and is coming up with the history that adheres much more closely to Hillerman plot and to the portrait of an author of his main characters, particularly Jim Chee (touched for Adam Spiaggia) and Joe Leaphorn (Wes Studios). As any novel adapted to the film of two hours, there is conflations of characters and substantial trimmings in a narrative. This in spite of, one of entity plotlines in a book is treated here in the generally satisfactory way, although a climax was bit it too pat based in an information that a spectator has been given during a course of an investigation to a death of Agent Delbert Nose. A transmission of the main character in a film involves a substitution of Leaphorn woman Emma(the one who has died in a book sooner) for Professor Borbonnette, the transmission that is not particularly jarring in this context. Maintained intact of a book is a report among a traditionalist Chee (those study to be the haatali, or man of medicine) and a rationalist Leaphorn (firmly touch with his own Dinner' culture, but deeply sceptic of some of his faiths). In general, a treatment accorded to 'the coyote Expects' bodes well for future productions in a series. Hopefully, 'Thief of Time' will be afterwards.

Top Customer Reviews: Passengers (2016) ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
I have bought this film without having it seen based in some trailers and a premise. They are happy has done! It is the mix of fiction of science, action, thriller/of colgante, work, and idyll. A plot and the dialogue is excellent and believable with utmost characters. Some special effects and the creation of a ship is wonderful. An acting is glorious as really there there is so only two people in a history and Lawrence and Pratt to good sure spend a show and have some believable chemical.

With which is exited, has had a lot calm does not inform of sound partorisca this film. After looking it, does not believe him . Ossia The wonderful film and sincerely recommend it!
4 / 5
Is hard to speak in this film without “spoiling it”. Left me so only say that I maintained interested of a start to an end. Yes it is the ski-fi the film but is also grounded in the reality of normal human being. Chris Pratt is excellent and totally believable in the function of a main protagonist. Jennifer Lawrence is also good but bit it too bipolar partorisca my flavour. Partorisca A purist there is the few blatant scientific errors have related the gravity and temperature of plasma but, after all, is so only the film. In general an excellent film that really recommends to ski-fi been mad about while any attentive “Hike of Estrella” or “Alien”. It is more in human elections that “it is there life there?”.
5 / 5
A surprisingly a lot of ski-fi/romance film with the good storyline, roughly 5,000 passengers onboard the spaceship transporting to the new life in another planet. A travesía takes the deadly turn when two of some passengers' pods of the hibernation mysteriously wake him 90 first years of a pre-the fate and the time have programmed. With all these lives at stake, these two is some so only some concealed has to that imagine was and fix a dysfunction before it is too late. With Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Sheen and Laurence Fishburne. (2016, English, French and Spanish tongues with respective subtitles, 116 mins.)
5 / 5
In the first place was I five star this produced partorisca a simple reason: this version comprises both he 3D disk and he 4K disk. Really it wishes more the studios would release both formats like this in the container only.

So to a film is one concealed can be enjoyed for more all the same world-wide that any usually shows ski-fi. In his core a history is the first dramatic history , ski-fi as (in my opinion). Pratt And Lawrence spends a film to a large extent in his rear and they the fine work of him. His characters are interesting so it is some circumstances find in. Without developing too many spoilers, a basic premise of a film is that two passengers on board the long-vary the spatial transport finds him wake of stasis 90 years too many early without means to this-hibernate.' Complicating the subjects are the series of questions plaguing one ships that some protagonists finally owe that treat. But in his core a house of history in some two main characters, likes answered to his apparent fate and a report that evolves among a two. One ski-fi the elements are really secondary by means of the majority of a film that comes to a fore more to an end.

I really enjoyed a film and would recommend it to another has interested the good history, well has said.
5 / 5
This has all the film of the fiction of the science would owe that have: those interest, believable the characters dipped down in the future imaginative with a engrossing history. There is more — is funny, is exciting and has intelligent dialogue. Precise like Pratt and Lawrence reason one or another is on screen 98 of a time and there is so only two other characters, which Laurence Fishburne and Martin Sheen directs to do them memorable. He put same the moral question that probably will have you questioning calm with which some finals of picture. A highly enjoyable film.
So only for a record, the opinion of my copy mentions nudity, but this looks this of fleeting eye of Pratt butt to the equal that rains as it would owe that offend person. It does not take any profanity and any violence is in a technology, no among characters.
5 / 5
awesome Film I really hope partorisca to sequela, is to believe was to wake for in a very minimum 40-50 years that has not had never of the boys, same grandson, of then his never the organism of show or fall can all so only begs that there is the thriving family I already wake this in spite of to be found.
With a autodoc knows would have to that have any worries of health. They could have found some secrets to drastically slow aging.
The film adds, alas has shot also.
One Blue-extra of Ray is awesome too much.
5 / 5
Some descriptions for a film have tended to centre around an idea that a protagonist viril was some type of the stalker and that have disturbed. I saw it on the flight and bought it then. It is Ski-fi and this appealed but more than that was on that it wants to find the connection and that sometimes do bad elections that in some results of end for a better. Some actions for Lawrence and Pratt engreído and emotional. Some the special effects were done good and has had things subtiles that sees so only when calm looks it the second or third time. If it likes Ski-fi likes to of you and more importantly is the film that your spouse probably will enjoy, included if it is not in Ski-fi. I did not give it 5 stars so only reason is remained in slope in an end.
5 / 5
Has thought I be a lot and give this films the 3. A film is bored really, slow and any one a lot to a history. A ship that goes has launched spatial has all the world-wide frozen, An awake person arrives and is so only that kinda say you the one who dulcemente this film is. Awake woman on reason loves any to take to and is enamoured still although they have not fulfilled never. The questions spend discovers that has wake and now will not see a new world thanks to him. When finalising enamoran and die.
5 / 5
Has found this to be an excellent film with a lot of realistic transfers and no only pure fantasy. Some actors were utmost in his functions and believable. But it thinks one very last scene in a film was really a better part.
5 / 5
The quality of Image is excellent, sees surgical that follows his plans ! The band-the edges is not to embezzle !
An Excellent bluray of 'démo' give qualified of the format in your library ! (With such that the crew follows obviously)

Top Customer Reviews: Three Seasons / ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 25 ratings
4 / 5
This film will leave you has daunted. Partorisca See a fight that people those who alive in the poverty spends for and likes to maintain positive perspectives. A film is breathtakingly gorgeous and a music is simply good-looking. An experience of utmost viewing!
5 / 5
Would pay money partorisca look the Doritos ad has known them Harvey Keitel was partorisca be on that. This was a reason has rented them this film. I kill, this in spite of, these cashiers of the film in this country feels precise to stick the photo of the famous actor or actora in a coverage so that a film sells, and ossia to all the cost of as minimum his function is. Harvey Keitel is not a star of this film, this in spite of calm would not know never that partorisca look in a box of video. I have fallen partorisca this same thing once with "Flirting", an Australian film with Nicole Kidman during a coverage. In fact there is the very minimum part in a film, while some the main characters are dipped in a fund of a photo.
But the digress: Three Seasons is the beautiful film , viñeta fashion, where some streets of the few characters grieve partorisca touch in time. There are four basic histories. Some starts of films with a lotus blossom pickers, among that has this good-looking young woman the one who sings the poem to touch while work. An owner of a lotus pond is the famous poet that it has to the leprosy and the lives have hid of a world. After listening to a young woman, a poet summons up and develops the beautiful and touching report with his. Another history is a one of a rickshaw engine the one who the enamoured falls with the prostitute, and tip a true meaning of amour. Another history is one a starring Harvey Keitel. It goes back in Vietnam that looks for the daughter there is has not fulfilled never. When finally it finds, his heart is broken. Finally, there is a history of two little panhandlers (and when it says them little the really the bad: a boy was perhaps 8, but a daughter could not be more be of 5) and his questions that tries survives in the hard earth. A point underlined of this film is that it aims Vietnam how is today, in all his raw beauty.
4 / 5
Tony Dark, a manager of 26 years and old writer of this film, escaped of Vietnam with his parents when you are two and has been spent until California. It receives permission of a Vietnamese government to do this film, and win prize in a 1999 Sundance festival for both better dramatic picture and cinematography. It is one first film to be filmed in Vietnam further of 30 years.
A setting is Saigon today where that the modern commercialism is flourishing. A visual banquet of beauty adds, could feel an attractive of Asia, and has been drawn well to some histories partorisca interweave of five separate character in four different histories, each complete history in him.
There there is Kien One, the young woman has assumed to join the big group of women those who gather lotus blossoms in sunrise and then sell in a city. Each one that like this slips in the small boat separated in a beautiful lotus pond and has beauty and peace to the equal that sing like this law. His song attracts an attention of his emprendedor, the rich man the one who the rests have hid because of the his leprosy. There is Woody, an extremely appealing little boy of roughly 6 the one who sells trinkets in a rain. There is Harvey Keitel in the small part like an ex-marine American the one who returns in Vietnam to look for a daughter he fathered 30 years before. And there have it Have, he cyclo engine the one who the enamoured falls with the prostitute. Cyclos Is some taxis pedaled for engine the one who attended in a shadow of some hotels of luxury for tourists, winning small quantities of money for his toil. It is the difficult life , and a film described it well. It can remark a tension in his muscles, see a sweat in his cloths, comprise his anxieties and of the humble aspirations.
Sometimes some histories were rambling. Sometimes I no quite comprise each alone habit. And I have wished sometimes that everything would move faster. But @I give a way a film was paced was part of a history. And I know it does a lot roughly Asia does not comprise . In spite of his failures, recommend this film. Calm you ameno well in an interesting and exotic world. And it presents some characters those who will persist long in your alcohol.
4 / 5
Has looked this film two times with my Vietnamese daughter has adopted. It was entranced with him, looking some scenes to see that it can recognise; and you recognise a lot his infancy. Everything of some histories there is portrayed in this film is a lot attentive. An only feeble part of a film was a character that Harvey Keitel has touched. Something has not been developed quite a lot of a lot of spaces and spaces. I think that that a film there is showed that , like some human beings, that has to that do and a lot always loves or Vietnam of no. there is suffered from a lot of years facts with wars and poverties, the families that is destroyed, and sadness besides comprehension for the majority of knots. This film aims everything of that and also gives, some spectators, hope that the life really can go in, and the flowers flower again.
5 / 5
I any lie and say that Three Seasons is one the majority of thrilling film in a world. It is the slow film . But it is the beautiful film and look to a lot of Vietnam in the has not seen.
Film of mine of Vietnam well was some films of war like Platoon or Go to Say a Spartans. But a war is on be of then 1975 and has not had any idea that is gone in to Vietnam today until I have seen this film.
Is so only the beautiful film partorisca interconnect histories in Saigon of modern day. Highly it recommends this film to any one has interested to see spent of Vietnam 1975 and in the way that is not the film of fight.
Again, is the slow film , but a ossia so only like this beautiful to look in.
5 / 5
Is Vietnamese-the American production follows the few different edges and has said several histories immediately. A storyline follows the soldato leading (Harvey Keitel) the one who returns in Vietnam for a first time of a war to find his daughter. Another storyline said of the rickshaw engine the one who the enamoured falls with the prostitute of big class and finally tries to take his out of a lifestyle of prostitution. This in spite of like this another storyline said of the young daughter the one who read to gather lotuses and selling them on a street and the one who finally results the scribe for the disfigured man whose boss is full of poetry. It is the beautiful film and of the tears to emotional and social subjects.
5 / 5
A beautiful film that intwines some lives of many. Each one that like this of them is in the different phase of life. You finalise to concern you for all a charachters in this film. Especially You Have,( a cyclo engine) the one who tomb for the prostitute, and Dao(the bitter, diseased old man) the one who hides of a world. Regarding Keitel prescence in a film, is little more than the cameo. This in spite of, Keitel laws of the marvels in his function have limited, giving the memorable action. There have it to good sure that there are powerful forces work here. This film is lovelier your time. Manager Tony Dark promised of aim, and look forward to his future films.
4 / 5
First of all, read some other descriptions. That finds on and on is that " it is a better..." And "he yours done prime minister..." And like this on. YES. Usually they are quite verbose but am running out of cloth for my wet eyes and a smile in my face is alleging territory by means of a room. I guarantee a same intensity of emotion so much effect and affect any the one who sees this extraordinary piece of humanity. Estaciona A (or is that they speak linear here in all the chance) old age; Estaciona Two - a heart in his full plus, determined with such the gentleness, patience and raw force that we are almost wooed behind to the ours a lot of starts of 9 months that volume of knots to Seaon Three - when to the infancy tries that a dickens to blend to age first adult of his time this in spite of book with each game of football, each film that objective, each fleeting moment of the fragment of television of the cartoon. And like this always, reason all loves this film, is reason are to spend for prpers recognises to an edge of a seasonal circle he and float like this lotus flowers, each one that like this of knots, fed by amour, only amour.
4 / 5
Has seen so only this film in film festival of Istanbul today and really has loved that. Here it is the film roughly loves as well as an endless hope to achieve something that really means in the each perspective. The scene of final of the film is one the majority of the what good-looking has not seen never in of the films for the long time. The film really touches some note in the each way. Short but significant appearance for Keitel also adds to a flavour. Of the one who lose It If you havent seen the already and take the walk in an emotional sea to aim lotus flowers.
5 / 5
Three Seasons have described some lives of three different people all that raisin in the no linear way , parallel. Some he the looks was unlikely: reason is that the scrotchingly late hot is followed always late rainy? A beauty of a film is a capacity to interweave of course these seasonally in impactantes phenomena to the wonderful flow. Each season is the spiced life with flavours that the only and interesting fact. Cradle, State, autumn, the winter is everything without sense. Each place has the cradle, or the summer. The names mean at all. So only that raisin and the one who spends to mean something.
Three Seasons have said a history of the country, the people, the culture, quantized to small, simple, and discreet bolt. This in spite of, says a history extremily well, any to mention is pictorially gorgeous.
4 / 5
If has has not visited never Vietnam, a soundtrack so only will move you the tears. Some three histories are simple but a lot moving. One contrasts of ways and the old customs and the new modern expansion is like this strong. A simple scene of a daughter partorisca flower any able to sell his fresh flowers been due to some new and improved plásticoes some, said of the volumes.
A history of Harvey Keitel the character is a feeble plus and does not add any a lot of to a film. But some other three histories do this value to film that sees.
5 / 5
Tony Dark test to act later there is at all immature in Vietnamese cinema. Together with "Cyclo," Dark "Three Seasons" it resupplies idea to one Have The one who Minh City underclass, but he departs of Cyclo sensationalism with the sensitive examination of human amour. We visit a report among the young daughter of some provinces and some elderly, dying poet; among two "drunk doi," or boys callejeros, and that of the turn GI and a daughter does not know never. In some heels of "the scent of Papayas Go," Dark the latest work establishes like the talent of a first row. This film is, in of the few words, an exercise in fond advantage and fantastically fact. To good sure the value that shabby and sure to having seen again and again.
4 / 5
The one who the lovely film that touches a heart. It is for real a film to love with the history lines that it marks chair deeply in your soul. It has had scenes that was like this beautiful ... As some red flowers during time of state. A Vietnamese dress was white floating inside the forest of red.
Takes your time to give the reception to in the new culture and savor a beauty of his country. This film is like the fresh air the day of state. Highly recommended!!!
4 / 5
Three Seasons is breathtakingly beautiful film. Some the a lot of different images of Vietnam leave me to knots more intrigued with a country - both earth and culture. Like the history, has found some separates so only the little lacking. It was the GOOD film , but certainly does not blow me era. You are composed four different viñetas, and has while maintained to them to result intertwined and a fact that his no left me little there is disappointed. Comprising more in a Vietnamese culture, which I lamentably any, probably would do a bit of some appearances any plus subtiles of this film this emotional plus.
5 / 5
Of a beautiful scenery the four heart-wrenching histories, Three Seasons is masterpiece of filmmaking. Tony Dark would have to that be proud of this success! I saw it in the first place in a Sundance Film festival in Utah and all more paled in comparison. If has any bonds in Asia at all, will want Three Seasons.
4 / 5
Wow! Amazing! A reason has purchased this video (I only own 2-3 film)and continue to rewatch is reason take my heart. Vietnam is the beautiful country , but that the beauty is punctuated with his action of ache. Sometimes the film, when any properly fact, can overburden the person with desesperanza and tragedy. But Three Seasons no, develops something that an American physche search to avert, this ache can be transformed the beauty. A music, a tongue and a true to portrait of the life of a culture combines to form the wonderful history. There are few words spoken among characters, but there is not the need for a lot of dialogue, some characters communicate so more by means of his silence. His eyes speak the one who his no. of the mouths And this gives a time of spectator to connect with some characters, to feel that it is feeling. Then some words that is spoken is much more poignant.
In some parts, almost seats that you are in the each character in his travesía. This film has the ardent heartbeat, no like this noticeable in a surface, taking to situate a legislation of ear in a wrist. To connect with another culture, to forget that he not having so much that seperates eat knots a, to good sure would recommend this film. He a lot of lie on some conditions to Vietnam, but agreed also that another culture, this in spite of in desperate need, still can teach like this! It conceal there it is you Can it that can transform hurt the beauty!
5 / 5
Is not never be in Vietnam. They are not Vietnamese. For this this film has not had such the "sentimental" effect on me. I also film of approximation of the quite critical point of view, and usually exited of a thought of theatre on some defects and to the equal that can be be execute better.
THIS In spite of, included with this perspective, has left an exploitation of Three Seasons in the class of big. It was like this for real contented for a fact that wines to experience (yes, experienced) the film that left very satisfied.
A film was emersive both visually and emotionally. Sure, there was little "defects" here and there (my critical eye always chooses him has gone by habit), but on all a slow and included pacing, together with a respite that takes the scenes swept me to the knots were. It seats like this it was the passive observer of some scenes that has been untangled before me. At all you look it forced or very unnatural.
Has described on paper, a slow-paced the sequences could look as it would dip more people to sleep. But, in fact his lulled me it them very comfortable "zone" it conceal, for an end of a film, had developed to the calm sense of euphoria.
One another note is a fact that is was the relief to see the film roughly Vietnam concealed has not involved in some ways of traditional Hollywood. Some ways that Hollywood had conditioned my thoughts roughly Vietnam is result emparenta while I have looked a film. For a first half, was contantly that attended meso some violence to erupt. This really sickened me. I think that run of the aim of a film was to leave audience to see the different part of a beautiful country and culture -- a concealed no in in all the chance involves violence. It was for real refreshing.
4 / 5
The good-looking pictures form the pointed exposure, tightened of postwar Vietnam - Saigon, in all the chance. But happy with a quite ripples, for peer by means of a surface and you will see any fish. "lyrical" It can be the worthy evaluation , but to the left is tempers that with "languid"..
4 / 5
A film to start with of Tony Dark is the beautiful looking,poetic tapestry that it is immediately both intimate and épico. He intertwines three histories, of a lot differet the people that alive in Vietnam of present day, with the fourth involvng an ex American-GI looking for a boy of the war is not never has fulfilled. A sweet,tranquil the film has won a cup three prize in a Sundance Film festival,and is one of some better films of Keitel are add,like this always,likes vet. Highly recommended.
5 / 5
Has seen this film shortly after active returned of Vietnam Of the sud six prompt month more. A subject @material was looked to the equal that have had retunred to Vietnam with which 28 years to spend some closure in my life. Still like the young man there was conscious state of a beauty of a country. This last travesía aimed a beauty of some people to the equal that was very very described in a video. A heartfelt histories, some good-looking scenery and finally an incredible soundtrack has done this one of my cup 10 film have seen.
5 / 5
A tenderness expressed in the each history of this film is sincere and powerful. A cinematography is extraordinary, an acting, true. Some transitions partorisca modify among histories seemlessly, and presents a work like the good novel. It was the joy to discover .
5 / 5
Would say that I have loved this film but he is not a class of this film. Calm move, some mix of histories this in spite of shares the common edge. All that of the another contrives in a human character. Has think that a way all the world of boy peddler to the prostitute has been treated with the front in big, was excellent. A must sees and sinister calm touch reason will look in of the people differently with which.
4 / 5
This film was very emotional for a sheer point that objective the transitioning Vietnam. He any one cover of sugar a poverty neither a suffering of a country. Some points of view are a lot poignant to say a less. If any one feels that this film no tip a human side of transmission and progress, then obviously calms has not felt never a sting of poverty or depression.
5 / 5
The meaning or rodeo of message of this film for me the half there is to like this casualidad and the second dream for all the world. It is the concept adds that it can be true for everything. Well presented and directed with such beautiful acting and the settings owe that be the winner .
4 / 5
This film is like this smooth and that involves that You really beginning to feel and identify with some people in a test that well doing and the good-looking history still can be done without special effects.