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Top Customer Reviews: VIDBOX Video ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 32 ratings
5 / 5
The cost has checked installed a software & has connected all correctly & does well initially, like this left it to them partorisca register the 8mm cassette that was roughly two hours long. It has gone back when you is done stop unexpectedly & in a device partorisca capture & apparently there is at all partorisca save for these two hours of video. As I tried it the second time, same result. I dipped it/ I dipped It on partorisca to 3rd round and now his not even showing the preview, as I do not have any idea if his although memories a video now or if his just audio.

Does not buy this product, spend of the money & takes something the main quality. His value your time.
4 / 5
The cost checked has Purchased this box partorisca help me scrolling Hi8 and Digital 8 tapes. Installed a software (DVD or download of web of place) the Windows 10 64-has bitten without any question. A software was easy to do with and was able to digitize 40 video several weeks without any questions. I have used a two audio jacks and a S-boss of video partorisca do some conversions. After taking a video partorisca regulate MPEG-2 format, a conversion of leaves of the software the MP4 partorisca use in the computer or Youtube. An only thing that loses is the tool of the editor of the video partorisca leave modification to the video taken. Partorisca A cost of a product, this box of conversion has done exactly like appearances.
4 / 5
The cost has verified Has two computer that Windows of law of the sud 10. I Prevail him that at least 8 years of ages and of in him motherboard was some windows 7 loans ( system of aprovechamiento initial windows XP) has not achieved partorisca see the image of capture. Like this functional Of the sud this last. With Him According to that the roughly 6 years of ages And of in him motherboard was a Windows 8 loan partorisca do very good. The Capture was simple, so many games of the video of the VHS that play the capture of him joins audio of cassette (cassette of tape).
4 / 5
The cost has verified Ossia an astonishingly terrific product . The stop that looks around and buy this . I have transferred 30 hours of old vhs tape perfectly. Easy install and use , tape of scrollings and audio seamlessly. Highly it suggests that calm uses it.
4 / 5
The cost verified has tried 2other devices of conversion that has not done. Vidbox Was partorisca arrive and that careers less than 10 minutes.
5 / 5
The cost has verified taken 5 minutes the insyall and do my first copy of the VHS tape. I produce it adds.
5 / 5
The cost has verified very good vidbox cassette of games of video of the transfers
5 / 5
Spent the work checked with a system are use also, and has appreciated an update has offered.
5 / 5
The cost has verified Finally, is a better convector that has taken.
5 / 5
Very good vidbox cassette of Games of video of the transfers

Top Customer Reviews: VHS To DVD 3.0 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 27 ratings
4 / 5
A software are not adds. Work, but a incumplimiento the settings of compression are quite aggressive. But a device of capture is awesome. Works well in USB2 and has not had any subject in of the Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. Included in 64- has bitten. So only take some good engine of honestech put web (ossia an engine loves: [...]

Has used he with virtualdub to be able to take using full interlaced video and doing an of-interlacing later (has taken the motion-jpeg with compression very small) and a laptop has done well. That The audio is gone in without subjects neither.

Resulted to sustain any MATE JUSTO-B / NTSC but also ARGENTINIAN DARK MATE-N (which I so only that have required). As any complains!
5 / 5
Originally Planned to copy my familiar VHS tapes to the video that uses it USB has instrumented VCR but has been surprised in as expensive was. I have read then the description of VHS to DVD 3.0 Deluxe in the place of technology and decided to try it. Frankly, it was very skeptical that has had results very poor with such devices in a past. When I have received a product, is returned almost immediately, but has decided at least would owe that try he - and has done fantastically! Any question to dip on, any question to use and a result was the DVD add, in fact upper to an original tape. And to the equal that to prize, has found could copy some tapes directly to a hard walk or USB stroll hard. One produces adds in the very reasonable prize. Highly I recommend it.
4 / 5
Has tried a VHS to DVD 3.0 recently and Loves that! A software is easy to install and the friendly user. It has done so only my first video Familiarised of some Tapes of the old beta and the knots are very pleased with a result. A a video costs a paid of small prize for a software. A software comes with all precise excepts a RCA boss of scrolling of Jack. I have had abundance of these dipping around like this this has not been the question. First video was the basic one but am looking forward to when being able to modify and insert chapters to my video for skipping the next section and adding effects. The investment adds. Thank you Honestech.
4 / 5
So only registers roughly 2 hours, any that has required. But it can not complain for a prize. Has think that ordered a same version that has had for the few years that the shot craps, but this has to that be a version of the oldest steps. For 2 register of now would owe that do well.
5 / 5
Takes like this long to look to to a film likes in fact to register it. Some directions are not easy to follow.
5 / 5
No for Windows 10. I have downloaded engine of Honestech put web and has tried included install in Way of Compatibility for Windows XP, View and 7. At all it acts. Unless has the XP, does not buy it .
5 / 5
Ossia The product adds - especially for a prize. I purchased it to of the archive the games of basketball of old institute of my husband and my recitals of old dance - has done really well. Sleeve-up was quickly and easy. Using is also very easy (calm once the imagine was)- some instructions are not of the súper clear in a way advanced, which is that I use a plus. With which some test and the error have imagined the things was and the law adds.

Some other descriptions there is complained in an audio that is has gone by the second - on mine, is was when they are by train for the record in my computer but I once burns it and the sample of a disk is perfect. Highly it recommends this product to do sure yours the lovely memories are sure :)
4 / 5
attention to Arrest to a description. It says clearly he no with windows 10. I have lost that details as his my OWN failure. Of the that takes It and complains no with Windows 10.
5 / 5
Has had virtually any question that use VHS to DVD 3.0 Deluxe. Followed a recommendation of another reviewers to download an evening more vidbox engine and update/of patch of a Honestech put web. Using a basic way can not be easier. Although a video and the audio in a screen of capture is out of sync, a product finalised (DVD) is perfect. A way advanced is more the time that eats but is some directions , a program extracted like this announced. After reading some negative critiques was some pocolos hesitant to purchase a product. This in spite of, after using it, recommend it highly. It controls some requirements of first system to purchase. Suspicion that count for some of some questions have experienced of another reviewers.
4 / 5
Ossia The system adds . Unfortunately, I have converted a tape and leave - no because of a product but because I do not have a patience. I will go back his because has lovely familiarised memories on some of these tapes. I will take a work done and have the perfect tool to do it.

Top Customer Reviews: Adobe Premiere 6.5 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5
Program partorisca Exposure: the disk of PC are the complete ignorant in edition of video and mastering. Rings programs it that it would help me modify and mix my video of house.
Premiere Helped was the plot with him and was easy to grab a basics. It is not complicated partorisca begin the using and any time will be partorisca add effects or of the transitions to this video of the yours.
Any need the sper PC with a lot of RAM partorisca use it (128 is quite to start with) although it is advisable with this class of programs to have a lot of Megs of RAM that retreated up.
Can import digital cameras, VHS, and almost each known format (AVI, MOV, MPG, etc) and export your projects to almost each format also. You can add sounds or of the extra images to enhance yours possess 'pieces of art'.
Can any never forget that smiled big enormous in my face after modifying the video of house and it looking in television with transitions, imagine still, and has has registered comment on that! It seats like this good!
4 / 5
Program partorisca Exposure: Disk of Season of PC Premiere 6.5 is far from a more advanced video any linear that modification the container can take this in spite of to the accident mark this a commentary.
- Modifying is everything in cutting and not liking effects. A force of a project is that it is that it has to that and for behind the to camera does not like of of the effects.
Would not recommend never using a lot of some effects in any of a no linear video that modifies containers in all the chance. Taking has consecrated containers of the effects yes really want to do your special effects well.
In short Season Premiere is a BETTER cutting software and an EASY plus partorisca use. A curve partorisca learn is slightly empinada but will be partorisca cut your images inside the day or two with east a.
Some courses of editors and fixed means comunicacionales. It season Premiere That perfectly. I recommend that to to this likes any of another but is looking for pro the containers then go elsewhere and be poised partorisca pay five figures.
4 / 5
Program partorisca Exposure: Disk of Season of PC Premiere has been that follows the natural evolution of the a lot of modifying software partorisca comprise far more. In a past few years like the possibilities partorisca video have improved as has some options have comprised with this powerfull software.
An interface is very easy to use taking some options of same keyboard like this on modify systems like Avid and another. In so much doing it accomodates both an editor partorisca learn and a professional editor.
When Doing in this program all some options are easily accessible and with an option partorisca customise your space of work do sure partorisca maintain an imagine which are of available yours entity at all times. With an option partorisca move of ab modifying partorisca touch modifying as of the interior is good to use.
Following on of the east a new titling the software enable you partorisca create very interesting titles which are able to outline an object.
Is interested in exporter to a calm web then will be pleased partorisca find that a software partorisca encode for the half comunicacionales of the windows are comprised inside a software with a late plus codecs. This calm leave you partorisca feign modify you to your familiar and the on-line friends efficiently.
Besides to this DVD Is COMPRISED with a software so that you can export your product to DVD, VCD DVCD so that I can begin DVD authoring that offers the upper quality modification partorisca yours audience
4 / 5
Program partorisca Exposure: the disk of PC has begun partorisca modify years of diverse video that use Ulead Mediastudio Pro, which is quite good. I have then moved in the Premiere, and is very better. You can find much more it covers-ins and has plots more support in a web of users. Strongly it recommends this for advanced and beginners. It is not difficult to use, and always takes fulfilled a start expects. Just need to dip in timing to take to know his functions, as any one another software. The utilisation to create MPG2 for Dvd and occassionally realvideo or quicktime. Also, it is an only software that leave to easily and extremely quickly convert the file of his to 48khz prices of sampling. All another software, same software of the his, so only gives 44khz option, which is not compatible with DVD.
5 / 5
Program partorisca Exposure: Disk of PC Oh man, has been has relieved when I have found First 6.5 (after using Crapinnacle Studio 8). You will find almost everything of Final Yard is and with which effects pros here. A whole container, some utmost effects, includig the season is very known and fabulous sprain by heart and everything. I reccommend this. Totally.

Top Customer Reviews: Adobe Premiere ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
4 / 5
Season Premiere Pro Is like this sophisticated and container of the software advanced like any one another project of Season, drawn partorisca professional and "prosumer"-users of level. You owe that spend for the curve of sure learning, invest hours in learning, but calm once is by means of, will be rewarded fully for a flexibility of a program and his almost endless possibilities. A good way to learn is to buy book of Season "Premiere Pro Room in the book", which is essentially the sequence of hands-in of the lessons that strolls calm by means of characteristic different of a program that use of the widespread neighbours of tutorial films that gone in the enclosed disk with a book.
Has been using this program for the pair of month, and has had experience very positive. A program is very stable, has the logical and convenient interface, can surrender modification in real time, and leaves to do like this sophisticated modification like this one can imagine. In fact, I can not think to the so only look which is not comprised in Premiere. One can take video of the DV camcorder of Premiere, modification in any way, add transitions, analyse a balance by heart of a film, contrast correct, brightness, balance by heart, mix or his record (5.1 surrounds can be modified, but the plugin to encode he in dolby the digital format is comprised like demo version so only, one has to that buy the full version for extra money; with regulating stereo the sound there is any question), and export some images have modified in the variety of formats for DVD or internet. There is a long selection of audio and filters of video and plugins, the generator of title, and the half to generate to to effects likes him to him the screen has left, moving logos, etc.
the season HAS the test of 30 version of days of Premiere in his place of web. A difference among a plenary and a version of test is that a version of the test does not comprise Average comunicacionales Encoder (i.et., A file has modified can be except so only like this AVI or has exported behind to the DV tape) and, thinks, has some limitations in the audio that modifies. Highly it recommends that all the world buys for the editor of video to download a version of test, take the good book in Premiere, and do a polite decision in the well this program is.
Has tried also very other products, as Sony Vega and Ulead Studio of Video. Vega, in my opinion, has less capacity (p. p.ej., it does not sustain multiple/embedded timelines (sequences)), there is a bit counterintuitive interface (that for chance applies to that spends when calm to the accident-click or right-click to somewhere in a timeline - although at the beginning look his interface of looks of user to be friendlier), and is much slower in a rendering/encoding phase. Ulead Is infamous for his instability (sees descriptions of Amazon); in my chance, incident 15 second with which have begun a program, with which which have decided that I better try something more. It contrasts, Premiere has a lot of be stable and has not clashed the time so only on me.
In my opinion, is a better product in a phase of consumer in a row of prize under the dollars of thousand, and highly can recommend to that looks for the editor of video of big final with the wide row of capacity. (Of course, the very basic modifying can be does included with Costruttore of Film of the Windows, which comes free with Windows XP).
Note that the Collection of Season of Video, which comprises Premiere, Still, Audition, and With which Effects, is the full video that modifies continuazione that offered much more for almost of the money although a Premiere so only.
Premiere Pro Is available so only for Windows, Mac is no longer has sustained.
5 / 5
This familiar with Premiere 6.0 and 6.5 will not find anything too different to begin with, when taking to grips with 7.0. This simply means that it does in the progress will not be interrupted with familiarisation with any radically new interfaces, and where has some tools be hid.
Characteristic new and useful comprise a capacity to directly of import and modify MPEG and QuickTime files, which is handy, in planting that has to that it transcode such files to a AVI files that leading versions of Premiere would do with. Premiere 7.0 also will do jointly with Audition of Season, so that a file of the audio created like a work of Audition can be king-touched in Audition.
7.0 no with anything less than Windows XP. So many users of Windows 2000 will owe that upgrade SWEAT also. This also applies to Afterwards the Effects, and his DVD authoring container, Still.
4 / 5
A type has said on he cant take the simple sequence? Well it has had them it has not tried never any video that modifies program until the the season has tried premiere 5. Now the own Season Premiere Pro and has to them that say touch a better video that modifies software has used them. I have tried pinnacle junk, Final yard Pro, all a macintosh material and more but for FAR Season Premire Pro is a better. I find it very simple, and is like this powerful. There is sound a lot of filters and endless options. I have been able to create such amazing effects to mix unlimited filter. There are so many formats to export to and some easy to use program of capture.
Thinks that ossia a better video editig software the has not used never, and has used them quite alot.
5 / 5
I have been surprised to read that the little reviewers has had question learning this software.
Is true that one drives of user is the monster of 330 pages that do better fault like the reference that the tutorial, but with just the little experimentation, has discovered very there is anticipated mockery and of the the plant to use in mine first sequence. It was able to create the sequence of 14 minutes with voices and music-in fact, comprising 80 individual scenes, and has completed this interior of project six hours to install a software without any leading experience with a product.
Has found a software to be quite intuitive and am enjoying the learning bit it more with each project. One the majority of defiant part to learn Premiere Pro 7.0 has been that directs some options of export, which is not covered in detail add in one drives of user. A difference, this in spite of, is enormous. My project was 3 actions like the film and so only 120 megs like the MPEG-1 VCD. My computer has had question that bosses a main file, but has done well with a MPEG.
Be sure that your system is sufficiently powerful to manage a software (the minima have declared can be too down for a lot of functions). In general - I confidently recommend this software.
Expect that ossia useful.
5 / 5
They are quite the literate computer, and has bought this software that follows the recommendation of the partner.
Has done so the month after buying my prime minister camcorder, the DV a to be precise. Like this calm think you that can take like this read that has known enough at all that goes to this - hey, like to flash of a cash!
To be brutally sincere, when I in the first place begun with PremierPro found quell'quite intimidating, quotes a sheer the volume of possibility transmits. After the few tips of my partner have begun this in spite of to the experience has had once mastered a basics.
Say now - has the DV camera and film of house of the mark, BUY THIS SOFTWARE!! Never again your relative & yawn of friends in some bad shots, qualities of his poor, coffins monotony and dullness of a video familiarised usual.
This software look me is that I am doing. I made a mistake when have in the first place used my new camera to do use of some fresh effects in the, but there is @@give quickly that it do not have any need, reason simply can him add later with PremierPro.
To those on those who has has mentioned having the difficulty that uses this, dipped a manual averts and just experience! It tugs & drop and right-click your way to editting heaven.
Strongly recommends this product to any one has interested film of house, Danny Boyle only of this world (the one who has used this software to do 28 Days less evening!).
4 / 5
If it calms it has not modified never video before To all the cost of the yours intellegence, then this program is not for you. Ossia A awsome the video that modifies for any the one who has the basic comprising to modify software. If has has not used never this before you will be Stray and never found again. Too bad like this sad, thats a fact jack. If you have used the leading version or anything alike, one will have you an orgasm a big plus of your life with Premiere Pro. New Mp3 , smoother codecs and dynamic plugics marks this the winner. Strongly it recommends this for an intermediary to the editor advanced. For thos there that although so only can choose up and chair without any leading knowledge. Chico didnt chooses a wrong thing
5 / 5
Ossia the awsome the video that modifies program.\
Very stable, never incidents, and the v has had he for the moment.
The sound has taken tonnes of the characteristics and he will take the moment to learn everything of them, but can do basic video for one 2nd day. He reguires the hefty computer, the have the P4 2.4 gigahertz, he lighting quickly motherboard, 700 something the ram and a program still is asking more. Of the that Takes me deceived, still cut well, so only to take an a lot of very calm action better will require to like the actions of Ram and he 3.2 ghz processor.