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1 first VicTsing 2.4G Wireless Mouse, [Update to Latest Version] 6 Buttons, Nano Receiver, 15 Month Battery Life, 2400 DPI 5 Adjustment Levels Replacement for Laptop Computer (Black) VicTsing 2.4G Wireless Mouse, [Update to Latest Version] 6 Buttons, Nano Receiver, 15 Month Battery Life, 2400 DPI 5 Adjustment Levels Replacement for Laptop Computer (Black) VicTsing
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2 Gravity Car Phone Mount FLOVEME Cell Phone Holder for Car Hands Free Auto Lock Air Vent Car Phone Holder Not Wireless Charger Compatible iPhone Xs MAX X XR 8 7 6 Plus Samsung S9 S8 S7 S6 Note 8 9 Gravity Car Phone Mount FLOVEME Cell Phone Holder for Car Hands Free Auto Lock Air Vent Car Phone Holder Not Wireless Charger Compatible iPhone Xs MAX X XR 8 7 6 Plus Samsung S9 S8 S7 S6 Note 8 9 FLOVEME
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3 best VicTsing FM Transmitter for Car Bluetooth 5.0, Siri Voice Assistant, QC3.0 Wireless in-Car FM Radio Adapter with LED Backlit, 2 USB Ports, Hi-Fi Music, Hands-free Calling, Support U Disk/Bluetooth Connection VicTsing FM Transmitter for Car Bluetooth 5.0, Siri Voice Assistant, QC3.0 Wireless in-Car FM Radio Adapter with LED Backlit, 2 USB Ports, Hi-Fi Music, Hands-free Calling, Support U Disk/Bluetooth Connection VicTsing
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4 GETIHU Car Phone Holder, Universal Dashboard Magnetic Phone Mount for Car, 360° Rotatable Hands Free Cell Phone Car Holder for GPS, Compatible with iPhone 11 XS X 8 7 6 6s Plus Samsung Galaxy S10 Note 10 Huawei Oneplus Motorola etc. GETIHU Car Phone Holder, Universal Dashboard Magnetic Phone Mount for Car, 360° Rotatable Hands Free Cell Phone Car Holder for GPS, Compatible with iPhone 11 XS X 8 7 6 6s Plus Samsung Galaxy S10 Note 10 Huawei Oneplus Motorola etc. GETIHU
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5 Mpow Car Phone Mount, Dashboard Windshield Car Phone Holder with Long Arm, Strong Sticky Gel Suction Cup, Anti-Shake Stabilizer Compatible iPhone 11/11 Pro/Xs Max/XS/XR/X/8/7, Galaxy, Moto and More Mpow Car Phone Mount, Dashboard Windshield Car Phone Holder with Long Arm, Strong Sticky Gel Suction Cup, Anti-Shake Stabilizer Compatible iPhone 11/11 Pro/Xs Max/XS/XR/X/8/7, Galaxy, Moto and More Mpow
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6 TOGUARD Dash Cam 1080P FHD Car Camera Dash Camera for Cars with Super Night Vision, 3" Screen 170°Wide Angle, Parking Monitor, G-Sensor, Loop Recording, Motion Detection TOGUARD Dash Cam 1080P FHD Car Camera Dash Camera for Cars with Super Night Vision, 3" Screen 170°Wide Angle, Parking Monitor, G-Sensor, Loop Recording, Motion Detection TOGUARD
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7 FM Transmitter, TEUMI Wireless in-Car FM Radio Adapter Bluetooth Car Kit with Hands Free Calling, Dual USB Ports (5V/2.4A & 1A), Support SD Card USB Flash Drive [Blue Ambient Ring Light] FM Transmitter, TEUMI Wireless in-Car FM Radio Adapter Bluetooth Car Kit with Hands Free Calling, Dual USB Ports (5V/2.4A & 1A), Support SD Card USB Flash Drive [Blue Ambient Ring Light] TEUMI
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8 GETIHU Phone Holder for Car, Magnetic Air Vent Car Phone Mount, Universal Cell Phone Car Holder GPS, Compatible with iPhone XS X 8 7 6 6s plus Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S9 Huawei Blackberry HTC Motorola Oneplus etc. (Silver) GETIHU Phone Holder for Car, Magnetic Air Vent Car Phone Mount, Universal Cell Phone Car Holder GPS, Compatible with iPhone XS X 8 7 6 6s plus Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S9 Huawei Blackberry HTC Motorola Oneplus etc. (Silver) GETIHU
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9 Car Charger, Anker 24W Dual USB Car Charger Adapter, PowerDrive 2 for iPhone 11/XS/MAX/XR/X/8/7/6/Plus, iPad Pro/Air 2/Mini, Note 5/4, LG, Nexus, HTC, and More Car Charger, Anker 24W Dual USB Car Charger Adapter, PowerDrive 2 for iPhone 11/XS/MAX/XR/X/8/7/6/Plus, iPad Pro/Air 2/Mini, Note 5/4, LG, Nexus, HTC, and More Anker
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10 Car Phone Holder, TEUMI Phone Mount for Car Dashboard / Windshield, 360° Rotatable Extendable Arm Car Phone Cradle for iPhone 11 Pro Max/Xs Max/XS/XR/X/8 plus/8/7/7 Plus/6, Samsung Galaxy S20/S10 Plus/S10/S10e/Note 10/9/8 Car Phone Holder, TEUMI Phone Mount for Car Dashboard / Windshield, 360° Rotatable Extendable Arm Car Phone Cradle for iPhone 11 Pro Max/Xs Max/XS/XR/X/8 plus/8/7/7 Plus/6, Samsung Galaxy S20/S10 Plus/S10/S10e/Note 10/9/8 TEUMI
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Top Customer Reviews: VicTsing 2.4G ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5 Ashton
Colour: Black has wanted to smile it wireless new or two, as I have bought this. Decent pocola what, follows quite well on all but a shiny plus of surfaces ( work mostly well in mine objective shiny Ikea office, the little jumpy but no bad).

The hips would owe that be remarked that this mouse is exactly a same model as [New Version] Has Wireless smile , Pictek 6 Keys, Nano Auricular, 2400 DPI, 18 Battery of Life of Month with energy of Transports to save that they sleep Way 5 Cellular Adjustment Smiled for Windows, Mac and Linux, Black. I have suspected this, and to the equal that have required two has smiled anyways has ordered both. They were both packaged a same way, is built a same way esatta and has included any focus in some boxes with a name of a product was an exact same, comprising a number of serial and number of element, in that direct me to think that PictekDirect and VicTsingDirect is an exact same vendor, so only low different names.

Modification: I have had this mouse partorisca roughly two years now with occasional use for gaming and to the like, and has has had to that any complaint with a creation during this time. I so only discovered for incident that pressing a key of wheel of the roll with a key of sinister mouse (click of roll + of sinister click) is equivalent to press a DPI key of transmission. This calm leave you to change speed of cursor and sensibility without taking your toes of some keys of main mice. So only the handy trick has found.

Update 2019-07-04:
Well, this model has extended like wildfire in a past few years on Amazon. And I see reason! After the few years and trying was some another smile in that then, can say that ossia one the majority of ergonomic mouse has has not used never. I have been having subject with a connection; from time to time one smiles so only will be entirely unresponsive for the second or two. A dongle is less than the foot out of one smiles at all times, as I can not see reason averts of the defect. I think that that it is the recent development with my unit especially this in spite of. In general, ossia smile add (ossia also all of its own for light gaming for a way) and will be to buy another when pauses of mine (perhaps one of a Bluetooth the calm models also can find on Amazon). My only complaints now are one a little wheel to go notched that feels economic and a logo ugly a lot up.
4 / 5 Earlean
Colour: the Real Blue mouse is roughly 1 feet out of usb port where I plugged a nano auricular and freezings of way of cursor too often. I have substituted a battery (two times,) uninstalled all the mice (Windows 10) and rebooted a computer multiple time, changed usb ports, and included 'installed' a mouse in the laptop and I have taken some same results. I have read all some descriptions in this mouse before I have ordered and the plot of people looked happy with his mice. In my chance, this has been the nightmare of then day 1.

Update: the service of the client of A company contacted (i.et. VicTsingDirect) And offered partorisca send me the new mouse partorisca substitute a faulty an I had received. This in spite of, have been sold out of some colours am wanted to has come from like this to give me the full repayment. Ossia Clearly the company that the stands for some products sell and highly to estimates likes you to them the client. Ossia A reason am changing my indication of 1 to 5 stars.
5 / 5 Donya
Colour: Black has possessed this mouse partorisca on two weeks and here is my description.

A mouse is a lot of responsive with three settings rotating by means of for a click of a red key. A mouse is ergonomically drawn and comfortable partorisca long use. It is also stylish. Has a clicar-function of start - as it requires the click partorisca a mouse partorisca move after long period of any-of use.

A lack of smile of an on-was transmission. Ossia The rovescio of entity .

estimate this mouse he 4 out of 5. Still I will recommend partorisca his price and other functionalities.
5 / 5 Berta
Colour: Black I originally estimated it the 2 because I have bought 2 of these he exactly done 2 month today. One of them has died entirely, some other still works. It is the basic mouse , any frills, expected it would last more along but I a lot annoy one of them is lasted so only 60 days. Those who knows what time another will last...

I now estimate the 4 because an IMMEDIATELY achieved company was mine when I gave it to 2 indication and his IMMEDIATELY send me the new mouse in any cost of mine. This type of response is point and averts. While still obviously I have reservations in a quality of technology, his support and the reaction is absolutely 1st class.
4 / 5 Leia
Colour: Black Used partorisca the few months now daily. Partorisca A price this mouse are adds. I do not see any reason the upgrade so that utilisation stops. Really I want to one feels in my hand. It has not had Never a lot lag mousing but does not use he partorisca gaming. Ossia paired With my laptop and are adds partorisca regular use. It likes that automatically it turns it was after any when being pas used partorisca of the bit and of the turns behind on after a click. Any subject with life of battery like this far with which 3 month... It is estimated partorisca until 15 month of life of battery in all the chance!
4 / 5 Vonnie
Colour: Blue has bought one of these partorisca my brother awhile fact and want it. It take one on its own name after my Logitech the dead mouse and am very pleased with this current mouse. It is amiably sized and him the the small to the hands the taste to of them, or the widest delivery longer like my brother, this mouse returns all the world! Also it have to that mention are the digital artist and this mouse is adds to do with in of the programs as it EXITS or Photoshop. I love a way to save of the power this characteristic of mice like calm save you abundance of battery and extends a life of a mouse for month. It is attentive and feels very flowed in your hands, any one mentions does not have any of this odd looking the keys that the estaca is gone in a side. 10/10 And probably shopping more than these in a future!
5 / 5 Trula
Colour: Black This mouse is slick and is ailing. It is quality of the build is far upper to a Microsoft and Logitech the mouse finds in of the tents. If you want to I smile it exclusively partorisca gaming or is gung-have has DIRECTED ROUGHLY lights, would have to spend $ 50 in a Master of Fresh plus MM520. If you do not have this class of money partorisca spend, this mouse offers the alike creation and feel for the fraction of a price. Also it has an advantage partorisca be wireless and unless yours touching the game partorisca shoot of any fast- a responsiveness are adds.
4 / 5 Gudrun
Colour: Red of Wine He that is to suppose to. Everything of a work of keys. It likes- one characteristic of sleep. So only the desire has had one was transmission . Also the desire has had the coverage partorisca a left behind hole of a wifi dongle. The muck goes partorisca build up inside a mouse a lot quickly!
Like this far has not had any interference or stray connection, but are always I a lot beside mine portable with him. This mouse is roughly 11 cm along x 7 wide cm, so only a right measure partorisca my tiny hands.
Has been expecting the to have the species sheen, but is more than the crazy plan colour of wine. It looks like this very this in spite of.
4 / 5 Georgine
Colour: the red has been using this device partorisca the month and am very satisfied with his action. Has decent row (on 10') which is of entity of mine because I use it partorisca control the desk unit that is hooked until my TV. A to start with characteristic click to save of the battery is extending life of battery. A mouse is a bit main that has expected but is comfortable in a hand and is quite responsive. In general, I am satisfied enough with this compraventa and can buy another to substitute the microsoft smiles that is ageing and never has treated really as well as this one.
UPDATE: In all have purchased three of these units and all three has treated perfectly. The row adds. The smallest falls survived (to the material regulates likes of of a table of caff or office and to some walk that is not carpeted. They have not broken although a battery has burst was and has maintained to do. I think that that I have substituted a battery in an of a three has purchased of these. I am impressed.
4 / 5 Jackie
I add little portable mouse and quality very a lot that considers a prize. It is reasonably sensitive and quite responsive. Only downside is that you lose a small usb transmissive no longer
4 / 5 Patrica
the product is light, easy to use and the look adds! Be advised, this in spite of, that will require you 1 EA battery! It is not comprised!

Connects a wireless mouse has seen the small USB to your computer, then he syncs he and is ready to go! The wireless mouse the fastest place there is up does lately!

Can not comment in a life of battery, reason rasgué my only EA battery in a house out of the far to try out of my new mouse.... But, like this far like this good? The majority of wireless mouses has had has had life of poor battery has left accidentally on - this a, at least like this far, is remained on for 7 days+ and continuous do well.

Has bought a mouse to match my keyboard of white work, and the looks adds! A mouse is incredibly light until you add a battery, then a weight is in his point. I have had absolutely any subject, and are loving some extra keys!

To my only note would like to mention is that the box of a product was inner opened of a box of Delivery of the Amazon, as my mouse has taken has launched around with mine another compraventa during shipping. I am not sure he perhaps the battery has been supposed to be comprised and has been takes? It was the little unsettling seeing a unsealed to box likes that without interior of mouse he ( has found the down a bubble on!), But my works of mice well so it can not complain too much!

In general: 5/5 of me!
4 / 5 Merna
Finally, mine queast for the substitution for my Microsoft 3000 wireless mouse finishing with this ‘VicTsing'.

Absolutely loves that!

• A lot agronomical creation.
• A lot of stylish, flashy white-goes well with my Apple mac mini, together tone and other products of Apple.
• Has left side rubberized the grip is only awesome.
• Rest of ring finger lateralmente well the thing is new for me taking used to but a lot relaxing.
• In satisfactory clicks, little has bitten the clicks he the deep plus has compared my legated CROWN 3000 smile of series.
• Adjustable CPI Or DPI is a lot also, although I any used has regulated a lot of use Mac you X
• tampon of movement Very smooth of the mouse or any does not import
• HAS the decent quantity of weight, no too light and has weighed correctly for my flavour.

Thanks VicTsing!
5 / 5 Joshua
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4 / 5 Edie
Pros: to the ergonomics is sum , has looked fully keys, and a DPI regulate works well, and any subject with connectivity or installation.

Gilipollas: One smiles requires movements faster to register them, if calm movement he also dulcemente a cursor does not move . This can be frustrate when trying do selections or final adjustments where the small movements are required.

Can tolerate a movement issues the good mouse for a prize.


Vic-Tsing contacted directly to try to solve a subject, send me to knots the unit of substitution in any-cost. Although this has not solved a subject has experienced as it looks ossia an intrinsic to a product, in no way prevent me of effectively that uses a mouse. I have been impressed with his response and support
5 / 5 Freeda
A mouse has ordered on its own name was terrible. There is something wrong with a laser or that never uses of mechanism. A cursor maintains wiggling in a screen any one @subjects the one who bondadoso of surface I use of the smiles on or still in next row. It is clearly defective. It begins have this subject after the few short months to use it and too late to return. In another hand, has taken another for my woman and his work well although utilisations less than me . To the left it is to see continuous to do well.
4 / 5 Candice
The mouse has died after less than 2 month.
Also, has the slightly uncomfortable chair sweat - something any quite well roughly he of an ergonomic perspective.

Update: VicTsing sent the mouse of substitution with which a prime minister a compraventa has failed. In a moment, our second a (originally buys two) has failed also. A substitution has sent continuous to do (with which two weeks). We will see those that times this a hard.
His service of client is excellent. Hopefully Some controls of product of the substitution on besides long that some original has done.
4 / 5 Ava
He that is to suppose to. Everything of a work of keys. It likes- one characteristic of sleep. So only the desire has had one was transmission . Also the desire has had the coverage for a left behind hole of a wifi dongle. To the muck goes to build up inside a mouse a lot quickly!
Like this far has not had any interference or stray connection, but are always I a lot beside mine portable with him. This mouse is roughly 11 cm along x 7 wide cm, so only a right measure for my tiny hands.
Has been expecting the to have the species sheen, but is more than the crazy plan colour of wine. It looks like this very this in spite of.
5 / 5 So
Is not the 'also economic' produced, but a quality is the one who would owe them that expect of the mouse in this row of prize... A unit has a good deed, the feel it not flowing too smoothly for my needs (Graphic work). More the precision of need and has included to use a big plus DPI the settings does not feel too precise for me. But a question a big plus is an ergonomics for me. A mouse is also hort' also small for my hands and the does not have to that the enormous hands. How it is uncomfortable for my use. And a worse thing for me. It is disturbed. Every time the needs to impulse a mouse to move it further slips my hands because an inferior part there is hanged much more that a front, and this the fact to slip and rotate out of my hands.
4 / 5 Agustina
While one that follows is a lot well in a mouse, a wheel of roll is having @@subject and the ees has had so only this for roughly 3 month. One run sometimes entirely to answer, and has to them that press a wheel in, then does again. For random or the work uses this mouse is acceptable, for any one considering paralizaciones east gaming, the d strongly recommend against that.

MODIFICATION: the service of Client was adds. Has the mouse of substitution and king-value my new mouse in chance my last an era to uselessness . My last mouse is lasted roughly 3 month until some subjects of roll were unbearable, so that the kings-value with which roughly a term of same time.

I work of home, as my careers of mice by means of some vigours quite intensively of the perspective of use. Little to any gaming is used, like this the can not verify a quality of the gamers' perspective.

MODIFICATION 2: it is been roughly 3 month of the received my mouse of substitution, and once again some subjects of exact same scrolling are looking. Basically one do one inaccurately to go both on and down in a screen.

My final conclusion is this mouse is not to value he.
5 / 5 Kasey
VicTsing Has wireless smile, [Update to the Latest version] 6 Keys, Nano Auricular

has had the little of these mice: two wireless/usb and a bluetooth (partorisca 3 different computers). They Like him. They are durable. An adjustable speed, two keys lateralmente, a EA battery, ergo factor of form and the light weight him the joy partorisca use. Also they slip well and work in the variety of surfaces (coffins desks, couch or tampon of mouse) with variable terracings of precision according to a surface (p. p.ej. It is perfect in the flat surface but the couch has to that the variac. Of surface). A model more has filtered early the bit of glue over time of a thumbpad (this is finally be he was): I have not seen any sign of that of this more smiled has purchased recently. Finally, a mouse has the built-in timer and goes partorisca sleep after the pocolos small (partorisca save battery): If a mouse is unresponsive, moves it small of a wheel will wake one smiles up and is was the some races. Highly recommended.
4 / 5 Carey
Are very happy with this mouse. It is a second VicTsing the mouse has possessed. I have used this one with a lot of different devices like this far that comprises both windows and Apple desktops/portable and has not had never a subject with him when being covers it simple and installation of game.

A DPI the key is good to change settings of sensibility in a fly without going to settings of system.

Is ergonomic partorisca my hands and although it take the small taking used to, appreciates a function of sleep. It likes that with which the time sure a mouse will sleep until the key is pressed. I have had other mice that will wake until emotional or does not sleep never at all. With this mouse, can move is slept to order without a device is connected to wake up. Also appearance this will help with life of battery.

Did not possess It long enough to comment in life of global battery, but sees daily use and has not aimed any signs that would call down-would beat lag.

In general am very happy with this mouse in this prize and highly recommend it.
4 / 5 Ailene
Has bought this based in positive critic, and tried to like it but could the no. does not feel legislation in my hand. Perhaps it is reason accustom a M510, which all some other mice in our house are, but this has maintained only slip out of my hand and felt very unnatural. It can not take used his and felt the small twinge of the frustration every time used it. It was in my room of means comunicacionales, to use with seeing films. Any have to Him legustado a way closes down automatically, so that I need the click so only for the revive first of the use. Again, perhaps reason has had the habit of mine Logitecs, but felt it unnecessary. My M510s has more than enough life of battery and his never closed down. After the few months to try has finished to order another M510 (any I am affiliated at all with Logitec! It comes from something new and does not exit . For some this can be one smiles better never!)
5 / 5 Rana
Some functions of the slightly better product that would expect for the product of this prize in my location. Any wireless question, that follows is enough of confidence but prone to error in of the uneven surfaces--a bit of a subject for me in mine current setup, but no really the surprise. It can not speak the life of battery or longevity as I took it so only the days of the pair done. A the subject smaller is that I can very easily determine the one who DPS the setting are in, and having 5 settings means that in FPSes tends to take 'lost' as the he am dipped up for scrum or sniping. But a tax of response is very big, especially that considers that it is wireless. Also it appreciates that I have not had to install nettling the engine done of commission.

In general am satisfied, especially in a prize.
5 / 5 Johnette
UPDATE: With which 1.5 years of use, this thing is still flight ! I have it that fall probably in the hardwood walk 20+ times and a thing so only maintains to go. A life of battery is immaculate! Still with which almost daily use, an easily hard battery for 6 month.

Smiled well. A usb the tone can be stored in a fund of a mouse that are adds. And as described, a tone is quite small that that can be has maintained plugged to a laptop while his in a stock exchange.
4 / 5 Shyla
This was the add engaged among prize, function, and comfort it according to which am concerned. I have it quell'has used so only he for the week to the equal that can any one really commentary in a life of battery, of then alleges to be well for 15 month, but although it was so only the year in the only EA the battery would be happy. A wheel of mouse has the measure of any good and feel to the rotation of him. Some keys celery quite robust without being tiring to use for long periods of time.

Initially a navigation has not been a lot of responsive, but I finally found some settings in of the Windows 10 for the do much more sensitive and now are thoroughly satisfied. Among enough the pocolos dye but I have opted for a burgundy / terracotta, which is really so only and that takes eye. Unfortunately my camera and lighting the mark looks more lived that really it is... It is more than the crazy dark plus arrive it and I love a colour.

My main flu is that the desire was the tad main. I not having especially of the big hands, but 5-10 main there would be it even more comfortable fact. If has big hands, this probably is not for you.
5 / 5 Launa
Wireless smile adds in the prize adds. One of one has had more. I have read, well a lot all but a lot of descriptions and are has surprised in fact that the people are complaining in a 'Transmission of Car Was' function. Personally, I want it like this I do not owe that me worry roughly changing it ON or WAS manually. It can you do not say what time have forgotten to change Of mine old mouse that causes a battery to drain at night for any reason. With east a, does not have to that worry in that.

Wake on really quickly, everything needs to do is click one of some keys. If your computer is not in leep way' taking less than the second if your computer is in leeping way' can take an extra second or two but this will depend in your hardware and there is at all to do with a mouse.

Draws ergonomic adds, like this far any tension in my toes, and to to use likes 8-10 of hours the day. Although it looks that a creation is tailored more to a right-handed person, to the to the left handed person likes will have to that any question that uses it.

Still am using he with a incumplimiento 1200 DPI settings, the be gaming, copy and text of the paste of one documents to another or photoshop and work so only well. But it is good to have an option to augment a sensibility of mouse in chance perhaps. And it is very easy to do.

In general the product adds, perfect for right or has left the person rid, an automatic ON and WAS the transmission will extend a life of battery for much more concealed that the mouse that goes to sleep, answered to the each click, the be right or accident and some rolls of wheel as it have to that.
5 / 5 Caterina
WELL, has this in the big fashion mousepad, with the map. There is something in a mousepad a laser so only will not choose up and some stops of cursor. If I line on a mousepad, work.

Goes to sleep really quickly. Perhaps the pair of minutes. Any question with reception or anything more, but that well is the mouse that owe the every time calm click dipped it down for the minutes of pair for the wake up? It can not wake until relieving movement at all. It has to that click. Any one the mouse that any perfectly clues? Person. I complain a compraventa, but continuous do. My edges has cable of smile of a same company, and is doing adds.

Pode A lot included see a laser when it is on. It produces no visible light.
4 / 5 Alaina
My husband has purchased one of these mice in January 2019 as when my series to Armour plate died in the June bought one as well as it looks to have good regime with them. Today when we have seated law with our laptops the - lucida coding and doing me work to draw for my tent. The knots so much control it have lost instantly of ours mice when I have opened my laptop. So only to discover that my mouse is now so only entirely not doing and when I move my mouse is by train of the movement in his PC any mine own. Knots rebooted dipped a dongles in of the different ports, has changed some batteries. At all nadda. Now so only I can control an indicator in his portable sound like my mouse mapped to the his dongle but swimming mapped the mine. Justo terrible. Now I have hours to do to do one any one smiles!
4 / 5 Lindy
Has been using this device for the month and am very satisfied with his action. Has decent row (on 10') which is of entity of mine because the utilisation to control the desk unit that is hooked until my TV. A to start with characteristic click to save of the battery is extending life of battery. A mouse is a bit main that has expected but is comfortable in a hand and is quite responsive. In general, I am satisfied enough with this compraventa and can buy another to substitute the microsoft smiled that it is ageing and never has treated really as well as this one.
UPDATE: In all have purchased three of these units and all three has treated perfectly. The row adds. The smallest falls survived (to the material regulates likes of of a table of caffè or office and to some walk that is not carpeted. They have not broken although a battery has burst was and has maintained to do. I think that that I have substituted a battery in an of a three has purchased of these. I am impressed.
4 / 5 Rita
It has used this mouse in several computers and the plot of different surfaces, always operates excellent. At present it is used when being in a chair of arm without tampon of mouse and is súper responsive still although a receiver is roughly 12 feet was. I love a fact that goes partorisca sleep quickly partorisca prevent a sensor partorisca actuate a cursor every time the move my chair. Agreement on quickly so only for clicking any key and you am good to go. So only once you do not go back on (@@give some battery had died finally), dipped in of the fresh batteries and was partorisca go immediately. Very happy with this mouse.
4 / 5 Eugenia
Has taken this mouse partorisca substitute another low-side gaming smiles that there is broken unfortunately and could not substitute. Inside minutes this thing disappointed me and now know sure am happy leaving the negative critique. To all the cost of DPI setting (which am quite sure is simply the curser adjustment of speed), ossia an only mouse has not used never in my life with the dead zone. It says that you are trying to do the adjustment end to your aim in that touch a coarse adjustment is well, does not note any one questions with him. Calm then tries to do your final adjustment, and can move your mouse extremely dulcemente partorisca in a thumb without him answering. Suddenly it take it was and fly four times a calm distance loved it to, and takings to repeat a process in reverse. Of course, this time, your opponent deleted and master at all more than to drive in this mouse with your car. I have it that tests now on some following surfaces, and will give it a thing: consistency. Consistently it sucks Everywhere. Glass, paper, mousepad, arborite desk, wall, my boss, a screen of computer he.

Does not buy this mouse is doing anything another that exploring and does not import clicking in a wrong thing each one once in the moment. The majority of everything, does not buy this mouse wants to use he for gaming.
5 / 5 Les
Likes a characteristic that goes the way to sleep when any one into use. It saves calm that owes toe he on and turn a tin was every time calm is not quell'using. It does not use a mouse for gaming. Used for the wireless mouse for the laptop.
A thing that are not to fond of in this mouse is is sensibility. Perhaps for gaming this could be useful but for the daily computer uses it can be the small frustrating. It has dipped he in a dipping a low plus and is still the small the sensitive for mine in pleasant. It has Had this mouse for the pair of weeks now and has had any subject with him.
5 / 5 Twila
Loves one feels of a mouse. It was very concerned at the beginning like each mouse has had wire fence or wireless has had the light of red scanning when it was on, this a does not have any one light so that it has not known if it was on, connected or as until I have begun to move one smiles around. Orderly! But it was not it turns it was or no. If my hard battery 15 month I then has smoked. One another thing, a mouse fails to shoot from time to time, the bad is I click on something and at all spends. Like this far always he on according to click. I will leave it is if this question results serious. Another that that loves a mouse, feels well in my hand!
4 / 5 Carley
A very decent unit. Any subject. UPDATE: So only to reassert my satisfaction with this unit. UNFORTUNATELY I have the chance of big hands and strong toes, and this has directed mine while this unit to be indestructible. A wheel of scrolling has ceased to do. I have contacted a vendor and have them advised of a @@subject and was a lot of sympathetic. You quickly dispatched another unit to guarantee quickly to substitute my broken one. One+ for a service of client to notch upper! Has has has had no other questions with this product. Quality and just prize all has built to the product adds! Highly reccommend.
4 / 5 Cheyenne
Love a way these works of mice - a lot of smoothly and the accuracy of screen is perfect. Also I love a way goes to sleep and with a click immediately goes back on, like this saving life of battery and not hampering productivity. A wireless connection the USB dongle is strong which are to add reasons my chairs of mouse in the tray of keyboard under an office i.et. The utilisation afterwards to my keyboard.

Ossia Excellent value for a money and I highly would recommend this product. Delivery very punctual is a icing in the experience of product adds.
4 / 5 Clemencia
Does not go to do this longitude.
Material very light plastic brooks when you use it.
A worse thing in this mouse is to save life of battery a park of what whole down and no until you clique so only one smiles right or sinister key. It is such annoy it to use when in the first place it attack a mouse to remark movement and come on. This mouse does not go back on. As he he he 2 process of any one for the take that you read again.

A logitech I so only bought to substitute this piece to crap. Movement of sense and comes on with just the little movement.

This was so only the compraventa of dump. You take that paid for the some terracing. Avert this piece of junk
5 / 5 Gracia
the mouse is quite prójimo to a desk' port of USB with a receiver. The use feigned - office (any gaming), so that the expectations am not a lot big. Freezings of cursor frequently. The battery is new mark , as this is not a question. Port of Law of the USB, like works of mouse among some freezings. Changed DPI - has not helped, a same question on all 5 settings. Unfortunately, I have to return a product.
4 / 5 Tamisha
After the wheel of roll of the month that the bad works. Settings of the different mice tried and the cleaners was cavity of wheel of the roll but at all for jumpy roll in of the web pages

be it contacted for the a lot friendly email of the service of client has been allocution of mine asked of nave and said to expect the mouse of substitution in a topmast inside the weeks of pair. I recived the perfect working mouse new interior 7 business days and are a happy client! The service of client goes the long way and this company has mine loyality partorisca compraventa future.
4 / 5 Lashell
Pros: It connects quickly, well enough in following. Good access (I has big hands this in spite of does not find this too small).

Gilipollas: It takes the little moment to take a mouse to choose up. One issues has is changing volume in youtube, where has to that do the a lot light adjustment to change a volume so only the little has bitten. With this mouse can do not moving so only the pixels of pair if a mouse is seating still. This is not the so that same likes them to them the function to sleep where a mouse goes to go them and need the click to wake up. Also clicking is quite strong, as they are reluctant to the use classifies.

Modification: VicTsing offered the full repayment without turn, as I have clashed on my description for the service of client adds.
5 / 5 Nelly
I add little mouse, has the little of these. They are returned my hand a lot well and is comfortable to use for long periods. The life of battery is fantastic, hard partorisca the really long time. Nizza And attentive, any lag using it, several levels of DPI control. So only everywhere the good mouse that reads well.

Has had some subjects with a receiver on one, but a company/of vendor very shipped me quickly the substitution that is doing fantastic!

Highly recommend these mice, I always maintenances an in my stock exchange of laptop.
5 / 5 Scotty
Is the good election partorisca an ergonomic mouse. Usually it uses a Logitech M705 ergonomic mouse.. Like this when I have seen an excellent prize in this mouse, has bought two of them ! One smiles the identical chair to a Logitech M706... Curiously a M705 uses 2 EA battery and alleges 2 years of life of battery... While these uses of mice so only 1 EA battery and alleges 18 month of life of battery. The mine was of only disappointment that has ordered two that SHINES RED colored has smiled... And I have received two WINE colored mouse... It was not yes partorisca blame Amazon pickers/Bots or a vendor...
5 / 5 Luke
Has written this description in the virtual keyboard that use a cursor of mouse. Compared to the mine two (50+ dollar) Logitech has smiled one that follows is not partorisca soften and can be the bit frustrates. For real the world-wide examples consider partorisca select text in the document of word, scrubbing the timeline in the editor of video. Partorisca Adapt would recommend to use a down more dpi setting and doing more sweeping movements partorisca leave a sensor partorisca follow better. Included then it feels he likes is taking stuck in time, like the paste of automobile the hole. Perhaps it has the better surface partorisca me partorisca use this on that the black mousepad that can reduce it a quantity of hitching am experiencing. If I so that it update a description. It is able partorisca a prize but I expected it would be quell'has bitten better partorisca fulfilled of general windows. It was not shopping in 15-30 row of the dollar again informs of the amazon is not partorisca be trusted, especially partorisca mouse that has not been has revised professionally.
5 / 5 Pia
Almost has been Logitech but has decided to save the little bucks with VicTsing. I have finalised to buy 3 of these. A motion is sum . A wheel of roll is pertinent and useable. Really I like him a bit keys lateralmente. His utmost to build structures in Fortnite. Mina a point of the improvement for a model is a door of battery. In an of my devices, a thin clip that clique a poster of battery in firm has broken. He still works, but can be to be more resilient. A dpi the selector is the wonderful touch . I dipped it/ I dipped It usually in a lower sensibility. Really they like Me To him some brilliant products this mouse is offered in. He he harder that leave my mouse behind.
4 / 5 Kandice
Smiled adds, so only the desire was the little calmer when clicking. UPDATE: originally I gave it 4 stars been due to some strong clicking but changed it to 5 stars after having he for the year. Has has had to that so only order another reason the mine is doing sluggish. BUT, ossia entirely my failure, have fallen this mouse so the times and he have continued to do. I am impacted by a quantity to abuse it has taken before finally beginning to crap was. Also the life of battery is excellent!
5 / 5 Waltraud
This mouse is excellently drawn for the person with slightly main that half hands, taste. An on-the keys lateralmente are easily accessible, a mouse is swift and responsive, spent-and-touch any question, and an adjustable DPI the settings are a prize added . A wireless reception is occasionally spotty, with any inexplicable loss of container; obviously any ideal for gaming, but mostly a reception is compatible. If you are the pro or seeds-pro gamer, is using cable of smile in all the chance; for a rest of knots, this mouse is roughly like this well likes to take.
4 / 5 Lexie
Looked Netflix, and then suddenly in an upper right corner of the mine monitor, see the notification that warns that mine macbook pro is overheating because of the device of USB and I would have it that takes.

After asking that a heck that can mean when has at all plugged (AKA so only my wireless mouse I use every day), mine of touch macboook pro around and an INTEGER lateralmente left of a computer is burning heat. A usb the connector of a mouse was like this hot also... And my mouse no anymore. It was like this fearful that something could have broken/burned or short circuit in mine mac because of the $15 mouse... I have not known that to do so only the unplugged that begs that any of my computer internals has suffered harm. Like this far like this well with which 24 hours... At least I do not have remarked anything.

Now that a internals of a usb the connector is burned, am unable to use a product.

Comprises that it can be spend seldom, but the supposition was a miserable a. If it was not for this thing in of the llamas that could have broken my expensive computer.... I do not have complained never and given the 5 stars all a way. Appearance he at least the guaranteeed of the year is!
5 / 5 Brandy
Has required the new mouse for mine macbook pro portable and was intrigued for some descriptions and prizes partorisca east. I have bought specifically this mouse also because of some keys lateralmente in a mouse (advances/to go back keys). I have not seen anywhere that some keys lateralmente no for an apple macbook, otherwise would not have bought this. I have received an email of a vendor with info in a mouse WITH WHICH have done spent of mine and he has been rid, and so only then see that some keys lateralmente no with my computer. One smiles neither has an out of/on key that is class of odd, but has an enclosed car was to watch roughly 10 minutes of inactivity, which you just need to click a right/key accident for the wake up.

Another that these questions, one smiles still works and are adds for a prize. So only the desire would do 100 with my laptop.
5 / 5 Martine
Taken for ever for a laptop to recognise this mouse. The cursor maintains to disappear so only to have quell'use a tampon of mouse in laptop of the spend behind. This spends frequently like any sure if a wireless characteristic is doing properly. It has used enough the little of these and there is not founding never of the questions with them. Also his quite big. Has a lot on/was the transmission and the dead battery inside the few weeks to use like 15 battery of month the life is bad. His I so that annoying so it was to look for something more..
5 / 5 Tran

the service of Client has seen this description and sent the different mouse in any cost. A new mouse is the enormous improvement for me. The service of client adds thank you!

Some looks of good mouse. It returns well in a hand. This has said, does not feel very comfortable when using he for the moment. It feels class of heavy. Also, he no quite answered like this fluidly like mine another mouse. I can comprise reason the people can give this the good description, but is only no for me.

Top Customer Reviews: Gravity Car Phone ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5 Grace
The cost verified has been meaning partorisca take the car mountain mainly partorisca save my bosses partorisca touch to be moved around all a time and this thing is sum. It returns my perfect telephone, can use a does not rid any question to easily dipped he in a holster and resists in place. It is sper sturdy once find the good view and presionar down a ball in a backside. One uploads access of boss in amiably has included slightly the main bosses. 10/10 reccomend This to any one.
4 / 5 Denisse
Spent the mountain checked of telephone adds that gravity of uses (of confidence) partorisca maintain a telephone in place. Better in my opinion then taking and counting in of the magnets that can take working, or that it has to dip the sticker on.

Telephone of just slide in place and a latches afterwards for them!

Hoyo good partorisca touch boss in inferior latch.
4 / 5 Caitlin
The cost has verified partorisca Create me ,ossia a mountain of amazing car telephone . Just slide your telephone and is done. Sper Easy to use.
Had used a lot of car highland classes like magnetic , the trace of cigarette of car telephone lighter , windshield car highland mountain and mountain of dashboard of car telephone. Windshield The car mountain has used partorisca fall quite often and included used to obstruct a view. Joint to pinch the car mountain has used to leave sticky substance and give soiled look.
Needless To say the trace of cigarette of the car telephone lighter was quite bulky and hard to locate telephone and take it was. But astonishingly this solid metal car highland clips in of the ventilations with out obstructing a view. Calm so only dipped your telephone, he slides in and automatically resists closely.
To good sure recommends it to buy .
5 / 5 Karly
The cost has checked looked for the pertinent mountain that done with big telephones (S10+) and/or the bulky chance (i.et otterbox) And has found he with east. Partorisca A price touches the quite good shot and some the highland laws adds. Easy to install, just pop in a that resists and your good to go. Once a mountain is installed, calm literally just slide he in and resists in place. I have driven so only in of the straight streets like this far but looks sturdy with the minima that shake.

Has been surprised that a lot this access, as having to that find the subjects that finds mountains that control a pertinent telephone if his oversized or with the chance. I have tried this with my S10+ and my wifes' S8 with a otterbox defender and both accesses like the glove! Now I can take touched of of my magnetic mountain older (hated installing some magnets in some outsides of my chances.

In general, adds for a price and like this far that resists solid. Quite happy with a compraventa and probably will buy another for the member familiarised
5 / 5 Rory
Easy checked cost partorisca use. It controls perfectly. Easy the realese. Quite small
4 / 5 Darline
The cost has verified Initially, has been concerned in his steadiness of this headline does not have any knob to fixate a telephone. This in spite of, result that it takes advantage of a weight to resist a telephone automatically and do quite well! A precise only thing is to find any vertical or horizontal air ventilation to install a headline. Besides, his the majority of significant advantage is that it is extremely convenient to choose up and install a telephone on that. Really I enjoy to use he in my car.
5 / 5 Tuyet
The cost has checked looked for to the car mountain likes very active carplay in mine car for this trust a magnet titled of Telephone has based. A subject with magnet has based the car headlines is use transparent coverages that leaves of pointed metal in a backside partorisca telephone the calm use more needs the solid paints some and also impacts a wireless touching of a telephone because of part of metal.

This headline of telephone is a lot of stylish and price of looks and arrival of money the different fact to regulate some.
His easy to gather that it can verify you of a video of Amazon also.

The use is perfect like only need to slide a telephone to some headlines and he will resist of the telephone attentively without lining/breaking a telephone. It can return any measure of telephone to a prongs easily.

HAS the groove in a subordinated to touch a telephone for continuous use like some maps or of the songs.
Highly recommended....!!!

A moment now. I have not loved the magnetic a reason have not loved the fond that interferes with my telephone. This has directed mine that there is little to any option. This one is is perfect. In the first place it is extremely lustrous and stylish. It returns astonishingly in my car. After him surprisingly well. Has the chance of silicone in mine telephone to the equal that tends to slip out of more clasp car mountains but no east a. Totally it recommends this to any that looks for the car mountain. Work really well.
5 / 5 Amal
The cost has checked State that looks for the car mountain partorisca the while now. I have not loved the magnetic a because I have not loved the fond that interferes with my telephone. This has directed mine that there is little to any option. This one is is perfect. In the first place it is extremely lustrous and stylish. It returns astonishingly in my car. After him surprisingly well. Has the chance of silicone in mine telephone to the equal that tends to slip out of more clasp car mountains but no east a. Totally it recommends this to any that looks for the car mountain. Work really well.
5 / 5 Dario
The cost has checked
Salvation Everything...

Has chosen this up like my magnetic mountain interfered with a wireless touching in mine iPhone 8.

Has not wanted to use the mountain of cradle of loaded telephone to the equal that finds that it has to that I use two hands to take or locate my telephone that annoying..... Yes, they are by train to be lazy.

This locates automatically rule to your telephone, everything is drop your telephone in an upper and a movement of applauses in around yours telephone to securely controls in place.

Law in of the small or main telephones, some images have uploaded to comprise the Huawei Remonta XT which is the big phablet and the good test so that hanged a mountain can resist.

Please attention to arrest to a part of a mountain that connects your ventilation to ensure that it returns - I doubt this will do with the ventilation of air of the round.

And ossia.... Some good highland works and give you one east to use that the magnetic mountain has without a magnet.

Has done for me!
4 / 5 Courtney
The cost has verified very really take that mountain of the gravity meant but I maintaining takes it and have pictures included. When Empty a headline is wide open but calm as soon as you fall your telephone in, a low fund and some sides gone in to securely grip your telephone as it is not never never moving! It bursts behind it was easily when I stimulate you with a book. The quality adds! It buys it again
4 / 5 Lorinda
I produce it adds! A course that attached to a car ventilation is hule fat , soft , as I do not owe that me worry roughly lines it my ventilation. This was the worry of entity partorisca me when it was compraventa partorisca the mountain of telephone. I do not actuate a lot of the pinch, as I have required one this is trace to some ventilations. My Samsung commentaries 8 access is. Ossia The ball and the socket joins in a backside that can be presionado, leaving me partorisca regulate quell'corner loves my telephone in. Still for my heavy Note 8, resists a corner.
5 / 5 Meaghan
This cellphone the headline is one of a better there. I have used to have a magnetic one that has to attach you the dish of thin metal for behind your telephone. I have used also the headline that use the cup of suction and the install in mine windshield or dashboard and that neither has done well for me. This a simple east and do really well to use a weight of your device to pull both sides of a headline to clamp your cellphone in place. Lustrous creation and looks a lot of stylish.
4 / 5 Raphael
A lot really take that mountain of the gravity meant but I maintaining takes it and have pictures included. When Empty a headline is wide open but calm as soon as you fall your telephone in, a low fund and some sides gone in to securely grip your telephone as it is not never never moving! It bursts behind it was easily when I stimulate you with a book. The quality adds! It buys it again
4 / 5 Lanita
When I ordered it in the first place, looked in some descriptions and I was likes “ there is not any way a telephone can in fact in fact stay in a dongle that a lot”
When I took it, have @@give the one who bad for that. First of all, work brilliantly. As you have dipped a telephone in a mountain, a decrease of inferior part and some sides retract, that resists a telephone closely. It do not fall off a dongle at all, and a better part is, when it wants to take your telephone when are fact driven , is effortless!
A piece that among a ventilation of air is a lot of sturdy, an old plus of the have always take destroyed after the pair of month.
4 / 5 Carlton
Had surprised totally in as weighed a mountain is partorisca east. A ball is in fact the a lot heavy steel ball!

A clip is very rigid (almost too rigid)... You want to use a paper crediticia old to help open it on first to install otherwise can take it the plot of pressure to install in a ventilation.

Once installed he that fact and he he well... It can not be easier to use. This will be a present navideño perfect for any 🤫
4 / 5 Genevie
the material feels and prize of looks in the chance has not had the telephone on that. There is the empty for the cord to touch to spend reason is a lot that has thought of. Also it resists amiably in a ventilation of air, conclusive grip
4 / 5 Giovanna
bought it to dip in mine other vehicles and is returned perfectly in a ventilation. It resists my Samsung Galaxy S8+ perfectly without rattling. IPHONE Of my promise XS max also returns perfectly in a headline. I have used this for travesías of street by means of Canada and Maps of Google is not never state easier to use.

Does not doubt to buy floveme.
5 / 5 Renda
A quality and the beauty of a container is one first what that the frames have surprised with which unboxing this mobile headline. A quality is good and is really easy to do with. It can use he with a book and there is not any need of difficult adjustment! That was to concern really roughly. Like this calm easily can attach a mobile phone to a headline and choose it up. It is adjustable to all bondadoso of telephones, and which is the very characteristic .
5 / 5 Shae
This is surprising. A 'grip' the mechanism is character . A weight of a telephone is that actuate a grip. When you Stimulate a telephone, a grip loosens and is like this easy to choose on a telephone of a headline.
Some grips lateralmente can be regulated according to a location of a port to touch in a fund of a telephone so that an inferior grip is not that blocking.
An annex of car ventilation is wrapped in hule and never the slide was and fall off.
One of a headline of better car telephone there.
5 / 5 Belia
Usually leave my telephone in a rear chair or in the headlines of cup while I am driving I so that it loses the plot of messages of texts/of calls/of alert/of entities. So only easily attached to a ventilation of air and plopped my telephone when saving place. It was able to take alert of instant without looking down in another chair or that uses another hand. The mountain adds that it does not use of the magnets and properly resists a telephone in place.
5 / 5 Estela
I really like a by heart uniform black and a small/ practical format. It returns in the small purse (a bit main that a measure of the mine iPhone 6s approx). It is practical because I so only leaves in mine car and does not fall while driving. Also, it is easy to the movement was when change vehicule, as my old one has taken has stuck. I suggest partorisca use the in AC bars partorisca air like this still take the view in your telephone. I recommend this product and the shipping has taken so only two daysm (QC-BEAT).
5 / 5 Lorrie
Because it does not take a more collected! This does partorisca drive around so easier. I am not a lot well know where the locations/of places are like this constantly am looking on the allocutions and that use the map partorisca take of my telephone places. This was kinda delicate to do as where alive can take the entrance for there is distracted partorisca drive when using the mobile phone. When being able to drive and any to concern roughly using my telephone is fantastic.
This mountain of telephone was easy to install to my ventilation. Some first time have not pressed he in enough in a ventilation, and move the little. A weight of a telephone maintains a telephone in a headline. There is spatial to leave for the boss yes has required. A swivel leave you partorisca regulate to where calm the want, this in spite of this also means a telephone can move the little while driving. My only desire was that it can close situate had that once dipped on where has loved. A lock of box said of car but think that so only informs to a telephone in a headline.
A together only of instructions was in a box as I can not say sure.
I the test partorisca fall to see like this resists on, still doing well.
Has been using he partorisca the week and my telephone has not fallen was once.
5 / 5 Allie
Has used this little cellphone car mountain partorisca 3 days and is really be in that want to it! One an operation rids works smoothly and is like this convenient! No longer I owe that half with the mountain with two hands.
The difference of mine extendable arm cellphone mountain, this mountain is compact, has pocolos moving part, and is convenient to move among cars as it does not stick on. I will be partorisca use he partorisca travel when I require partorisca rent the car.


- Compact and light
- A lot sturdy mountain of ventilation. A hule is partorisca have to that quite heavy !
- Access the big phablet device

- A mountain of the ball does not look partorisca be universally sized. I can have the question decides trace this in a extendable mountain of arm.
- A grip is not like this strong as compared partorisca jump mountains of grip, but ossia a character of this mechanism. I did not have it fail it on me still.
4 / 5 Perla
This product is awesome. It is versatile and my assistant when using my GPS of telephone. Easy to dip up and telephone of controls without question.
4 / 5 Elly
Has think that a telephone will shake free when a car spends for bumbs and humbs, but is not . One load has said is 'the trace of gravity', but is more than which reason a tension in some mark lateralmente sure that a telephone is snuggly returned in a mountain. A headline of ventilation is also quite well, is fact of the hule and the mountain is the breeze , took to like 30 seconds of unboxing to telephone mountain

Gilipollas: an element is coming with his packaging has destroyed. Any sure that past reason a courier the stock exchange is intact
4 / 5 Michelle
-Inside a box is the paper that been a company will give any the one who leaves gliela description of 5 stars is listing the $ 5 present of paper of amazon. Has the hard time that confidences very undertaken those who involves in these shady practices. This explains reason an indication partorisca this product is much bigger that that would estimate based on experience.
-Has tried the few mountains of telephone, ossia well in better.
-The clip partorisca ventilation is strong, this in spite of the sobresaltos telephone to plot when driving.
-I can not insert my telephone a rid in to the the clip likes him to him the description of product inaccurately states.
-Clip partorisca insert the telephone is tight, and there is lined my chance of telephone after using so only two times.
5 / 5 Sharika
A lot sturdy partorisca my samsung s8+ no empty any spatial perfectly the accesses and there is awrsome mechanism some controls of plunger go down so it takes some weight and the side takes concluded like this hanged of uses of telephones partorisca do that it is awesome... Calm so only has to that slide ur telephones in the car mountain when or is driving ....Any precise to be compressed partorisca close in a ventilation is also well ....It does not spoil a ventilation and sweats the styrofoam classifies of enclosed material in plastic wrapping like this look sturdy.. For look true ...slimer As or see in photo and calm/lustrous arrival good black
5 / 5 Siobhan
has had big hopes partorisca this produced but has finalised unfortunately return the. Turn my telephone (Huawei P20 Pro) with the slender persecution and touching the boss but is not strong state quite able/ to close to situate so that it grieves a telephone has been situated in a whole thing has fallen . I have decided to try it has been to all the cost but a first turn has done a headline has moved a telephone out of place again. A control of gravity is returned a telephone and has resisted a real telephone in place but a rotating the characteristic has finalised partorisca do a product unusable partorisca me. It was able to return for the full repayment and any costs of nave.
4 / 5 Abdul
MODIFICATION a moveable the grips have closed in a place has opened, rigid and can not be used any long plus. Unfortunately I will not be king-purchasing, perhaps has taken the lemon .
Title of sure mobile phone that attaches the ventilation of air. Has swivel attaches in backside to title, as it can turn in any direction. This headline uses a weight of telephones and gravities partorisca ensure some grips.
5 / 5 Fiona
This does well partorisca dip your normal sized telephone in vertically. My question is is hard to return my note of giant galaxy 10 more in there ( returns well but has to that home and work in, the enormous reason has bought ossia partorisca an ease of plopping he down while driven). It likes-me the turn my telephone lateralmente partorisca navigation or anything, but can any one with east. If I of the that maintains it perfectly whole, some the telephone arrivals weighed sliding lateralmente and then fallen out of a headline. It falls it was reason there is not any weight in an inferior mechanism partorisca maintain some sides gripping the while lateralmente. Hope That feels frames ! A plastic feels bit it economic but no bad partorisca a prize. If have has had to that the regulate sized telephones that has not loved never turns lateralmente was adds! Has has had to that return it this in spite of cause so only has not done partorisca me.
5 / 5 Estella
Experience two. A container has suffered harm. Partorisca Use this with the chance in your telephone, a chance has to that be quite thin. It can not be used in way of portrait because a result of free mechanism. I took it so only 2019-12-18 (today to the equal that am writing this) and am considering the returning. One is supposition to be the meso stuffer, but if a recipient (woman) not liking , behind goes. I do not comprise reason has received such the big indication. It is your expectations that down?

A vendor is well. A product is borderline rubbish.

2019-12-23 Update: yeah. These are is returned. It was not that this product has received some descriptions has.
5 / 5 Lauryn
Disappointing and cheaply has done. A lot especially, a support prongs has resisted to grieve my telephone in place and doubt it would be remained while driving. Has an iPhone 7 and a mountain has not been able of the maintain integer; maintained tilting for down. You are also VERY ABLE to turn your telephone in way of landscape because it whitewashes era.

The box also asestada to be open. In fact, I think that a lot it has had it to it has drawn in a box he. I am returned this element immediately.
4 / 5 Loria
An east for far a mountain of telephone I better there is never has used. The installation was like this easy, simply calms so only press a slotted fines of hule by means of your ventilation that opens. Turn perfectly with ventilations in mine Ford Evasione. A telephone is very sure in a mountain. I have used other headlines of mountains/of the telephone in some pasts but has had always subjects with some telephone any when being any gripped closely quite and in slippery. A side and the groups go down in this mountain really closes a telephone in place. Still with fast stops and begins my telephone any budge. Utilisation the slender chance in mine iPhone 7 and easily access to a mountain, and accommodates the lightning uploads boss - adds to use a GPS in travesías of street, or listening the music.
4 / 5 Tyree
A headline has the good creation and the metal of quality adds and glass. To That I the gustanuno the majority of in this headline of telephone is easy to use for any telephones of measure, just slide your telephone in and regulate and almost fail sure creation reason there is any cradle to resist your telephone. I have had the headline of telephone that has the cradle and he have failed finally.
Update of January 3 2020.

Has thought initially that this headline of telephone is doing well but over time explode out of the each day only. It is a lot annoying when you owe that choose on a telephone of a car paving. As I am changing my indication of 5 starts to 1 start.
4 / 5 Carmella
Perfecto for my telephone. They are trace to my car ventilation. It is a lot sure and does not fall off. This comes with a prize of him when being delicate to go in place this in spite of and this was the bit of the fight but has ensured once has been fantastic . My telephone with chance is quell'has bitten big this in spite of has taken like this some bumpers of hule of an interior of some grips lateralmente to facilitate use and like it better in this way. It is metal how is sturdy and after the month of use is doing like a first day took it. It repurchase yes you do not break never but I the doubt . lol
5 / 5 Melonie
Ossia Absolute rubbishes . A concept are to add and love a mechanism to close but a solution of the mountain does not act. I have tried he in 3 cars, Accent, Civic, Order, and everything of them there have been subjects with a ventilation that falls. A so only a work in era an Emphasis because that can situate down enough in a ventilation to rest in a radio shrouds. This has said, arrival to leave frames of deep wear in a plastic. It has broken also after the few weeks. A wheel no longer lock. Before this has had the mountain of generic ventilation of bestbuy and has taken 5+ years out of that a. Skip This.
4 / 5 Toshia
Looked to this class of product for the long time but has not trusted a mechanism. I have used at least 10 different types of a headline of car telephone. To the left say this one east a precise only headline. While it do works of delivery, every time exited of a car, was really difficult to attach telephone to a headline and detach again. With this automatic system, calm does not require to concern roughly attaching/detach at all. Calm so only dipped your telephone to a headline and he will remain there. Any magnet/of suction has required. And also currency he for a prize. Really satisfied with a compraventa.
4 / 5 Gaston
While trying three different name mountains of telephone of the mark, with everything of them neither breaking or failing to have sufficient sticking can, was reluctant to try another product has estimated well. When I have seen this model discounted and 100 guaranteed satisfaction I although 'to the left is to try a time of plus'.

A lot afterwards two weeks of use are thoroughly happy with my decision! A grip firmly claves to some ventilations of the conditioning of air of your car, not moving unless it loves rotate he manually. I love a characteristic where a mountain saws around a telephone after being place in place. Some bosses that wraps around a telephone any intrude Can, volume and keys to be able to or block the entrance of your telephone.

For reference, am using the Pixel 2 with the chance of thickness of the half and returns perfectly.
4 / 5 Harlan
Loves my mountain of gravity. Ossia One of one the majority of the versatile car trace available right now. A lot he so only done a mountain of gravity resists my iPhone xs but also resists a Samsung S9, OnePlus One and a Samsung S5. Consistently It Ensures a telephone while driving leaving me to direct in a street without any distractions that has to move my telephone. It is easily adjustable as if it is not in the good place, can fix he without fight.
5 / 5 Joselyn
Resists my samsung a8 perfectly. It has been surprised in credit it a 'gravity' control a telephone in place. It has taken he for the walks of test of the pair and a telephone didnt the falls was. When Driving, a cradle that control a telephone rotate the bit of a ball has jointed concealed connects it to a ventilation. This can nettle any the one who is using this thing the plot (like a uber engine) but is neglible for more than people. A clip that attaches to some looks of to ventilation sure likes I of the that sees it entirely coming detaching of a ventilation.
4 / 5 Angelika
Ossia Probably one of some headlines of better telephone have used. It was a defender of acid of a magnet some, simply because of an ease for the take and it installing. After using is, will not be going back. Also, the plot of the headlines of telephones obstructs a port to touch. This obe this in spite of, opportunely has quite spatial where can connect my upload to the mine Samsung Commentaries of Galaxy 9 without any subjects. The quality of build is glorious. The packaging was sure. In general I am very happy.
5 / 5 Ahmad
My telephone without some accesses of good chance.... This in spite of with a chance does not return like this can them use my old telephone like the GPS consecrated in a car.

Update : FLOVME has achieved was and offered to do me whole in cost of mine. They are the a lot of satisfaction of the client undertaken oriented and the give of the big frames for following on and doing me the very satisfied user.

With satisfaction of the client and the service like this will go far !
4 / 5 Shonna
Likes to like a headline can be rotated to face a lot once installed direction. Has a thin otterbox chance in my telephone, and does not think the chance the fat plus that the mine would do with this headline. Has the decent control, but thinks the mountain of the gravity of my husband operates better and has the control the sure plus. Global a lot this in spite of. It looks well, work like this announced and looks to be decent quality.
4 / 5 Hortense
Has tried different types of headlines of car telephone but each one which to the equal that has his own gilipollas. This type to title is a better a second me so that it does not fall during jerks.

Has the Deep and this one returns perfectly in a ventilation. It is stable and a quality of build is very good. Also it has the hole to leave one touching of a telephone.

Included have endowed this one to my fellow and is satisfied also with a headline. In general, true value for money.
4 / 5 Sam
Incredibly sturdy the trace of ventilation concealed does not wobble or shake when driving. I have used this for the week with a S10 and has not done once this wobbles, the tomb shaken. Ossia Exactly that has looked for. My telephone has the chance and he was any question at all. My woman has the telephone the heavy plus and any @@subject neither.

A semi-detached mountain with the grip of hule and chairs sturdy like this aimed in a picture.
5 / 5 Toi
This ventilation of title of the air of car telephone is the value adds for his money. Very durable and easy to install. It is the telephone of calm of trace of the gravity so much can grab your telephone in an end of a travesía with ease. It looks cradle the one who rotates the plenary 360 terracings, leaving you to use your to telephone which never the corner is one the majority of comfortable with.
5 / 5 Tommy
Ossia The very ready device . Calm once situate a telephone in a headline, some weapon 'hugs' he to plant. Utilisation the pixel2 XL how is quite big and returns a headline of telephone without question. Has the mouth of hule to bite to the leaf of ventilation of the air. It attaches a lot easily, and stays on. I create an interior of a unit is metal and looks quite lustrous and sturdy.
4 / 5 Darcey
Has tried the this was still awhile now and has to that say, is looking for a abordable but still he. Ossia For you. It is not one the majority of sturdiest car mountain while it does not maintain the emotional around. It is still he well and resists my telephone in place. Any to mention, gathering it was like this easy likes signalled in my video of demonstration.
5 / 5 Angeline
Has bought this for the truck of my uncle like the mountain of GPS of the telephone. A mountain is quite tightened, has expected them some sides to return at least the Note of Galaxy. This in spite of a clearance was a @@subject but the fact has forced he in. The prize is decent, but suppose that takings like stops of pay.

Modification: a vendor was in fact quite useful and has achieved was to help me solve a subject.
5 / 5 Nikia
Like this easy to install has given the three stars but he is although it is not that easy to locate a ventilation because it does not go to fall off. Dipping some together pieces was very easy and calm no same instructions of needs for him. I am impressed with this product and am happy I has it! It uses GPS in mine telephone all a time when travelling to the new fate and this will resist my telephone in a something perfect!

Top Customer Reviews: VicTsing FM ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5 Vanita
Colour: Green Partorisca a price, is hard to complain. If has a vehicle an old and calm plus wants to add bluetooth, an auxiliary port or clave of USB with oodles of the music does quite well. This be has said, there is the few people of the things would owe that know first to buy which are not mentioned in a description:

- A bluetooth only works for a device the time; ossia sper annoying for the husband, woman (possibly girls) those who both have separate telephones -- precise to unpair a device and reparation he with your own device every time and taken 1-2 minutes to do (enough of the hassle where so only left the woman maintains his on he). It would be necessary have left to add multiple devices and then stack his in priority (likes technologies more alike)
- A FM the transmission can create static noise -- took enough the few canals to find a ossia typically calm.
- A inbound has called of telephone laws of sound; a tone. This in spite of, there is option of person to touch to do a outbound call which means to pull on and using your telephone to initiate a call before it sees free delivery.
- A digital interface is the bit clunky and unresponsive in a system of paper -- do well enough to choose on the call or first of emotional or backward by means of the song. A paper is quite necessary this in spite of are using USB-the music based to the equal that owe that surf by means of directory to find a file loves game -- is clunky quite where attractive quite a lot of need on and house without a risk to cause an accident that tries to find the different playlist file.
4 / 5 Alfreda
Colour: Black would like of you takes to buy crappy transmissive of ass and so only take the add one this ridiculously well, the buy. I have tried it likes 5 of them all gave 95 static, this one swears done my sound of system of the better sound XD
4 / 5 Erma
Colour: Black A unit of subject is that it does not remain connected reason emigrates out of a socket partorisca be able to and loses a connection partorisca be able to.
4 / 5 Noah
Colour: Black using this in an older car without jack or bluetooth in a stereo system. It can touch telephone and music of game same time. Exited of a box according to instructions. You owe that dip ready a car radio and a transmitter to a same FM frequency. A one has chosen was well in a start of one 2 travesa of the hour but I have taken static for an end of a travesa. Resulted have driven to the region where had the canal in a frequency has chosen. The transmitter there is suppressed mostly this but a lot totally.
4 / 5 Shera
Colour: Black Taken an older car with radio older. This transmitter is that I have required and a price was a lot. The delivery was faster that has expected also. Easy to program, and begins partorisca do hardly turns a car on. Utilisation to Bluetooth my iPhone. Doing and receiving call them does also. A mic is sensitive to the equal that can choose on top of the background noise yes is the load but the people do not have the question that listen on a telephone. Although it is so only be 1 week partorisca use it, are optimistic that was partorisca do for the long time.
4 / 5 Rosann
Colour: Black While has other products has announced with characteristic alike, is way more expensive. His same has bad descriptions regarding a quality of a microphone. This one can be the bit fussy partorisca dip up at the beginning but is a lot the product adds. So only it wishes an information has contained manual considering some messages of error.
5 / 5 Harriette
Colour: Black there is almost has bought 10 different BT/FM devices of transmitter in a pair spent of years, and ossia, to good sure, my absolute favourite. Has quality of the his amazing, connects sper quickly, any static at all. It is fantastic, and absolutely value each penny.
Am buying another reason my dad loves a now too much!
4 / 5 Josefina
Colour: Black I are sper impressed in credit it these works. The ones of the that has an auxiliary port like utilisation this fm transmissive, has tried them another and a quality of sound was horible with a lot of static. No east a, his really clear. This be has said that you have to that comprise if your download of the song is partorisca craps it will touch partorisca like crap. Has some songs that a quality is good and some that a quality partorisca download wasnt well and can listen abit of static but thats any one the fault of a transmitter. Also one 3.0 port of load is sper fast if your telephone can manage the fast load. Has the galaxy s7 and touches really well and likes them that the still can touch my telephone while ossia plugged to a power outlet. I recomend this like the transmitter priced well.
5 / 5 Ching
Colour: Black A Good: the measure is well, decent quantity of functions and Fm the transmitter is very very static solid connection. Any description in a bluetooth leaves like the does not use he partorisca calls I use he partorisca music so only.

A Bad: a quality of his clear east but the big but partorisca me is a volume is cut for the half compare to mine another fm/bluetooth transmitter and also some bass has been cut for the half too much. Some bass is not partorisca cut for the half for a volume he in fact sweats of what separate partorisca like a incumplimiento EQ has built is directed on clarity to the equal that have cut some bass was and augment some treble. There have it almost any tax my car has the price oem system w/subwoofer now feels like the have any subwoofer. Only reason has bought them this is to be due to some positive critiques and was smaller then my forward one which does not have any question at all with volume or grave or connection. Like this if any like him to them the bass and master almost max out of your volume of cars when in a street ossia for you.
5 / 5 Earline
Colour: Black This in fact that is meaning partorisca do. This in spite of, he doesnt give like this clear likes transmission to the equal that want.
Drives the manual car and I am remarked that when they are in the big plus RPM, transfers to a sound and does the big pitched noise from time to time.

A volume is also the little low, included with my telephone maxed and my volume has created up. It believes it More but again that big pitched the sound is more prominent in these levels
4 / 5 Millard
Honradamente Was skeptical that this product would do in my old car. But it does. And I adds, wishes a quality of sound was an although mine stereo usually is, but partorisca a prize are adds. So only it has to that it look the little stronger.

has begun now constantly disconnecting. I have thought at the beginning that it have to that to the fact that touches expand that has taken so that it can spent in pinch of mine cam. I have tried this in spite of utilisation he without and is disconnecting or having question with clarity in sound. A lot disappointed
5 / 5 Wilmer
has taken one transports an older with radio older. This transmitter is that I have required and a prize was a lot. The delivery was faster that has expected also. Easy to program, and begins partorisca do hardly turns a car on. Utilisation to Bluetooth my iPhone. Doing and receiving call them does also. A mic is sensitive to the equal that can choose on top of the background noise yes is the load but the people do not have the question that listen on a telephone. Although it is so only be 1 week partorisca use it, are optimistic that was partorisca do for the long time.
5 / 5 Anette
This has not done in my car with different telephones. It is turned on and connected but so only partorisca called of telephone. No other applications that comprises music/gps would touch. A lot disappointed to the equal that have purchased partorisca the travesía of street and has been stuck with one car load do. It averts partorisca buy any electronics of name.
5 / 5 Isobel
Are súper impressed in credit it these works. The ones of the that has an auxiliary port like utilisation this fm transmissive, has tried them another and a quality of sound was horible with a lot of static. No east a, his really clear. This be has said that you have to that comprise if your download of the song is partorisca craps it will touch partorisca like crap. Has some songs that a quality is good and some that a quality partorisca download wasnt well and can listen abit of static but thats any one the fault of a transmitter. Also one 3.0 port of load is súper fast if your telephone can manage the fast load. It has to that galaxy s7 and touches really well and likes them that the still can touch my telephone while ossia plugged to a power outlet. I recomend this like the transmitter priced well.
5 / 5 Colin
Has installed a VicTsing FM Transmitter and with the volume dipped in full on everything of telephone in bluetooth, transmitter and car radio, a sound was partorisca grieve audible. Some same results with two other telephones and with the usb clave. Perhaps it was so only this unit, as it looks the creation of sound . I am returned a unit partorisca the repayment.
5 / 5 Cristen
Bought and has compared three populate Bluetooth 5.0/FM car boxes (Victsing AR115239CA, Victsing AR141346CA, Hidou BC49) and also four another Bluetooth/ very popular car boxes (Besign BK03,Mpow MBR2, Aston Soundtek A2+ & Mpow BH390A). Aston Soundtek A2+ Is exited in the first place partorisca quality of audio especially in the voice that calls and a ToaTronics TT-BR04 is exited according to partorisca quality of audio but to the prize partorisca pinch installs options.

Ossia The mine takes on this car box... Extremely Audio of the his Terrible by means of FM signal... It is it likes to compare 2nd vs 3D image. Unacceptable unclear and muffled and any tomb. It does not know that there doing wrong here but FM the Radio sounds much more better that this. It have to that compare out of the direct connection before not proposing never this product to an audience. Pinch setup Is well. This would have been adds it setup but this 2020 any 70 east and HD the quality of audio is key to sell any just functionality.

Takes the tips out of Taotronics BR04 functionalities, Aston Soundtek A2+ voices to draw of qualities/of intuitive key partorisca call & Mpow robust built quality and quality of audio.

Returns all the car boxes but has maintained a Aston SoundTek A2+ partorisca my personnel uses as, like the Technician of the his, is more to my flavour with my difficult ears that despises audio when the train of audio is fact, as Beaten H-P, adds grave and triple as it has not been an intention of artist. If you want to more triple and the tomb adds with the a lot of EQ which are easily available on to to the a lot of Applications like to them Spotify.
4 / 5 Sharita
A lot pleasantly surprised with this thing. I use it partorisca listen to audiobooks of my telephone in mine 2008 Audios TT with stock Bose speakers. I have expected tinny his and spotty connection, but was bad in both. Seamless Connection, and a sound comes by means of as the CD in a unit of pinch of the factory. Very happy. Only negative would be that there is the a lot of faint white-noise in a background that so only can be listened when a music is stopped or in low low volume. They are almost he has spent three hundred dollars that substitutes a factory headunit so only to take Bluetooth, ossia a better shot never. I have not used he for conversations of telephone taste does not speak in of a telephone in a car.
4 / 5 Patrice
While has other products has announced with characteristic alike, is way more expensive. You was has bad descriptions regarding a quality of a microphone. This one can be bit it fussy to dip up at the beginning but is a lot the product adds. So only it wishes an information has contained manual considering some messages of error.
5 / 5 Sarina
Honradamente A better fm transmissive has used the sound is coming by means of the clear crystal, this in spite of afterwards the month a transmitter has broken. Still it connects but a sound comes by means of too calm to listen anything still in max volume. Perhaps so only it take it faulty unit, on until it breaks this was my compraventa the preferred there is on does amazon.
4 / 5 Jena
Justo wow. This is to be mean to be the fast and provisional solution — my pleasant surprise, this simple, pocola spent-and-the adapter of game has surpassed all my expectations. The quality of his I adds so many ways when using a Bluetooth does And virtually any interference when that uses a function of music ( has chosen the main frequency in 107.7)

Inferior Line: Highly recommend this element, especially for a prize! It takes two, so only for a heck of him!
4 / 5 Sharri
It likes that of him partorisci quickly and automatically, quality of audio playback are adds. And that finds the pertinent frequency has done easily, without any crossover.
But his microphone pickup is very poor (the people can not comprise that I am saying).
Wishes a blue coverage has lit could be turned permanently was. It has to it the turn was manually every time among a car reason does not agree that I have turned was already.
5 / 5 Karin
Still works well for music and originally the fact adds for calls like this well, but some last 4 calls have done the using, some people that receives some calls have said could not comprise that has said. Disappointed to the equal that was very promising at the beginning.
UPDATE: Basically a lot so only for music now. The person can listen me on the call of telephone. Any one annoy buying an of these!!
Will be to return hardly go back holidays!
UPDATE: Received the substitution. Description of update when I have had the occasion to use a new a.
4 / 5 Setsuko
Am not impressed with a product, honradamente. It is not simple to use.
Trying tune a canal on is delicate like the keys are too many sensitive
has more fm transmitters in a phase that is much easier and the friendly user.

In general any one has impressed.
4 / 5 Chiquita
Any gone in the quite radio for music to touch very strong. Interferrance When chargeing And noise of engine when reving.
4 / 5 Marlena
Dipping it has on taken roughly 5 seconds without annoying with a manual.
According to emisora the interference or the radio local can require regulate a canal behind and advances the bit in the travesía of street but doing so it is very easy. In the big volume there was roughly background hiss but the able era to take the level of good volume without remarking anything 90 percent of a time. Not perfecting but a consolation of the has can on instantly when the @begin my car and connect to my telephone has be worth it. It was able to use both one fast load in mine telephone as well as one 2nd usb port to touch pill of mine a same time.
Is exited adds for my travesía and am happy has had he in place of one To the cord has used them before.
4 / 5 Alvin
Has done adds for 2 days...... After a thing any emit any sound, some lights whose work and a characteristic to touch a lot neither. I have tried in you cover car multiple to be sure is not a car and no in 2 different vehicles
5 / 5 Ashlea
has purchased one of these units on its own name and mine S.ou. In the So much really enjoy it, his easy to use and has quality of his add. The only subjects have with this those calm so only can have some telephones paired with him the time. This means when I hop in mine S.ou Transport wont automatically pair to my telephone, has to repair some devices to these automobiles and then behind again when among my car. It is so only the light annoyance, was a lot of can has to that 5 memory of device or something to take around the this.
5 / 5 America
When it causes Connected some static interference with some speakers. Also a volume is not like this strong to the equal that would like. Still with a bluetooth devise in max volume a start is kinda low and has to that crank a car radio until compensating which in tower amplifies one static.
5 / 5 Yung
Has been looking for paralizaciones east awhile, so only did not know it. I have been listening to mine audiobooks auricular street while driving, now I tune in by means of the speakers of my car. It takes to plot of looks when attractive up beside any and have Stephen King cranked on, but like this far any one has said anything roughly that. If has the passenger, I music of the game and they are any wiser. A Bluetooth is abordable and súper easy to install.
5 / 5 Joe
This sum of looks of the what, the sounds adds, and was súper easy to pair.
A mic in some calls of telephone has some question in my car, but is easy to listen another person.
Has very had little bleed/static during fm connections.
A placing of key is odd mine . The active flipped his around. I remain with some numbers to the rovescio, and is not that big the I extracted of then does not use one 'CH' key.
4 / 5 Lyndsey
Really like this I have produced! It is very easy to dip up. My smaller complaint so only are wishes a eseek' the key was in a cup more than a fund, this in spite of, this easily can be fixed partorisca turn a device to the rovescio. I have it quell'has purchased already the second a for my SO MUCH.

MODIFICATION: after using this partorisca 3 weeks have identified some deserts that the would have advised me against buying east. When Using he partorisca Bluetooth partorisca speak in a telephone a person in another end grieves can listen me - like me the sounds are by means of a room of my telephone. When Using he partorisca music, has the noise of the yours big that takes stronger as I ask, and dispels like this I dulcemente down.
5 / 5 Avril
Has bought he partorisca quality of transmission of the music and a function of call is always the good characteristic but is not one.
Bluetooth Music FM quality of his of the transmission is a lot well, has bought 2-3 another of these artilugios, sound a better among them. But a phonecall the sound is terrible and reverb too much to use even after trying a lot of place of different/volume setup (the worst among any adaptadoras I own).
5 / 5 Yi
An original unit I experience has not done well. It is it is returned easily without hassle.
Was imoressed that a company has achieved was mine immediately and request to the equal that can helps it to me seats satisfied. If sending me the different model to try would be welcome. I have said sure, they love . A new unit wirks quite well. It is easier that dip up and resist a vlutooth good connection. A telephone optuon wirks better that a music, but at least some works of function of the music with this model.
Are very happy with a service of client.
4 / 5 Isreal
A quality built of an element is excellent. I unplug A unit while they are not quell'using, as instructed by a manual to avert any yours drainage car battery. It seats very smooth to insert and take of a outlet in the daily base. A voice of some keys that the assistant is the big plus for me of then leaves me to situate calls without taking my telephone. Quality of his excellent east and a volume is one same when situating calls or touching music.
4 / 5 Easter
Has had so only he for the days of pair, but am really happy with him. Used some instructions to start with and is doing utmost partorisca streaming music etc to automobile stereo. It likes like this it is of quite small also, as I can return he in the pocket and not leaving in car likes bait for thieves.

Has not tried an USB uploads still, but will look for to update this description if any questions.

Had used a FM years of qualities and the transmissive fact of sound was rubbishes , but this one is more than acceptable. In a $ 17CAD has paid, zero remorses. It recommends!

Dipped of costruttore AR141346CA
5 / 5 Yadira
the way Adds to touch my devices and add bluetooth to a vehicle an old more / stereo system with today smartphone and technology of device. It was neither this or take the new stereo headunit. This was much more economic and any need to install the new headunit. A FM the reception is really good. I have used type looked of devices previously but has had poor reception.
5 / 5 Leota
The people find it hard to listen me and there is bit it too static for mine in pleasant. It has not had another to compare too much. It suggests to try another.
5 / 5 Jenell
Was sceptical but with which 6 month I this little device convinced really and turn my old car fm to the modern Bluetooth radius.
And thank you goddess, any boss that brake with which 3 weeks.
A besides main point is a quality of sound . Mina the low quality car speakers have has not touched never such the crisp his strong. It does not know to like them he.
An only thing concealed are not adds is some the free hands that call. So only well to say “can not speak right now, the call has retreated later” but after all I payed $25 so much are more than happy with cost of mine and felizmente would buy the new an if this one breaks a day.
4 / 5 Justina
Has bought this to substitute the product looked that has broken. It looks the better option . It likes- one creation and facilitated of use, but a quality of sound was terrible. The sound was very empty.
Has followed some instructions to maximizas quality of his, but so only go down a volume.
Has not taken around when returning still. Perhaps so only it take the bad unit.

A vendor contacted to do the right things and offered to send the new transmitter. A an I receipt of them is a same mark but the different model.
Has purchased model: VTBH347AH
has Substituted with model: VTBH345AB
looks to be the better way with the big screen and intuitive interface. A new one does well, with very better of quality of his that a prime minister a.
Reason is not a same model can not amend my description of a compraventa original, but a vendor and a mark have come by means of me so that they are upping my indication of one stars to three.
4 / 5 Roseline
Very easy to connect and quickly connects with questions very small. So only downfall is a volume is significantly go down that normal and can listen light static tries to turn a volume on all a way.
4 / 5 Darci
Works partorisca vehicles without bluetooth build in. Finding a FM frequency that is clear to transmit has been paste and lose, but ossia purely the function of where alive you and the one who another emisora the radio is transmitting in FM frequency. A sound is the little ‘tinny' but work partorisca my needs. Pleased in general with this compraventa.
4 / 5 Ignacia
Has one transports an older, and like such to the is not an option abordable, and this little FM the transmitter tries that I any precise to spend the tonne of money partorisca listen my music in a street! A Bluetooth calling is also surprisingly good quality.
In general, am blown has gone by this product. I have had the little FM transmissive in a past, but this some really shows that does not have to that suck !
4 / 5 Magali
Does a lot well in of the terms partorisca connect easily the bluetooth, and a quality of sound was very good. Nizza And compact, and a fast touching good works. It give it so only to 3 star in general, this in spite of, reason can do not taking to read the USB with files of Mp3 (any in of the dossiers or without). It announces that an USB is plugged in and then goes back to look for bluetooth. Also, there it is any bluetooth, a blue coverage maintains to flash and so much has to that pull he out of a lighter. It was handier to so only leave he in all a time.
4 / 5 Shirly
Has purchased this he roughly done two weeks to substitute an old more Bluetooth receiver/FM transmitter to the equal that have has had to that manually connect to the mine telephone every time has used he in a car.

This produces done exactly that is to feign. Automatically it connects to my telephone when a car is begun as it was built in. He emisora The radio is place and stored for the seamless process of connection.

A first product has received has had a subject with interference and returning the screeching his in my car speakers. It has been about to the turn but has received to follow it on email of VicTsing and gave him my feedback in a subject. After trying a recommended fijamente and does not solve a subject, ship to us the free new unit of load.

Has taken some stars was quality of his like this receives the end of the call of telephone listens some echo but the sound is still clear.

A work of new unit adds and a noise of interference has gone. Katty Of VicTsing was a lot of responsive to my questions. You recommend that to these products likes him to him the work well and the value adds.
4 / 5 Amalia
A quality of his of this FM the transmitter is much clearer that any one other devices have used. Calm occasionally here some static or oscillating hum, but this depends on where is. A subject smaller has with this device is that a volume is quell'has bitten down compared to another canal, as when it change FM canal, a volume will be too strong.
Also, this significantly can affect a reception of another FM the canal so much can owe turn of a device when any into use.
4 / 5 Amberly
Simple to use. It covers so only he in, dipped your radio of vehicle to a unused canal, dipped a transmitter to a same frequency, connects iPhone yours saw Bluetooth, and calm was to go! I have not had any @@subject to lose signal or that short was, and clarity of offers of his add. An interface is like this intuitive that it has to that be. I can also called of the response rids-free for simply touching a key in a transmitter. A quality of his when answering call them is not an utmost plus, but takes a work done. In spite of, I did not buy it to answer calls, and does not use Siri; I have bought it listens the music by means of my iPhone, and he that in the stellar way.
5 / 5 Jere
Súper Easy to install and use.L His very clear. Some keys are utmost partorisca in a goes to change songs, prendiendo, etc. there is the attacker and rear key, but he so only works for a whole song, kinda the desires have had the rewind and key of fast advance (to the equal that can listen something has lost without listening to a whole song).
5 / 5 Kisha
This element has arrived very a lot quickly and is exactly to the equal that has described. It is súper easy to dip on, pair and use. A quality of his east also very good. Has the device looked of another costruttore in mine bounce and a VicTsing is very better. It recommends this to any concealed Is compraventa for the Bluetooth adapter.
5 / 5 Alejandrina
Has bought this for my uncle of 80 years those who waste any type of transmission.. But it was a one civilises partorisca out of losing his licence. MASTER is all has pleased ..It is obviously easy to use and did not go it already the subjects kills.. THANK YOU THUS BRILLIANT LITTLE ARTILUGIO
5 / 5 Laurette
love this thing.
-Easy to use
-A lot of and small likes blends in well.
-The quality of sound adds
-Bluetooth connects automatically
-No Bluetooth lag. Honradamente Expect be the seconds of pair behind, like this older Bluetooth devices, but this thing has no lag.
Loves a bit few keys to change songs quickly and easy.

Is like this awesome, feigned it mine roommate and master the so much master an also, as I have bought one.

An alternative for me bought and that installs the new coverage that would have taken out of an aesthetic of a player of original tape in my car. All have required was Bluetooth and this thing has surpassed my expectations.

The favourite part is this law of what so only.

I neither likes to estimate the elements have based in those times have taken to ship reasons conceal there is essentially at all to do with an usability of products, but has ordered this and he have arrived in my house less than 24 hours.

Top Customer Reviews: GETIHU Car Phone ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5 Darla
Colour: Black was initially sceptic in magnetic mountains partorisca a car... But after using is, are to good sure the believer! A mountain has come with the clear instructions and was very easy to install. I owe that locate to a pinch of mine 2015 RAV4, which has the short slightly slanted. There is no wiggling around even that continues in big swipes in a street. A pics show an iPhone 6 with him gel house that is thickness of meso and a magnet still does utmost!
5 / 5 Minerva
Colour: mistaken Black to stick a magnet directly in my telephone without a protective film (stupid I know) which he extremely last partorisca take was afterwards. As I have thought so only it give some joint to another partorisca use a protective film that among a container and yes need take a magnet was uses the thin plastic film to take under a magnet (papers crediticios or the dental edge has not done for me). I have used some plastic I found in a packaging my telephone is gone in
5 / 5 Basilia
Colour: Black has had he partorisca the 2 days now, any question like this far. So only agree is a lot of entity to not touching a mountain with which 1 day of the application and calm will not have any questions
5 / 5 Hedwig
Colour: Black This product is easy to return and an iPhone when the movements have attached at all some necessary corners partorisca be totally visible.
4 / 5 Omega
Colour: Black has been using paralizaciones east the week now and am very impressed with a force of some magnets. I have had to that move a magnet a low plus that centre because of wireless touching in my telephone, but he still resisted on while upper has weighed. A clear plastic extra to stick some magnets to the east adds. I have been able to move a magnet around to exactly where loves it.
5 / 5 Blanch
Colour: Black Takes on spaces very small in a pinch. Calm as soon as I can remark it. I have tried enough the few different fashions and is always intrusive cup , taken on of the plot of spatial, and look unsightly. Mark so only the calm insurance dipped it dondequiera (without sticking it to a still pinch) and rotate he around to ensure goes to do where calm the want.

Has an iPhone 6S More like this touching is not a subject. I have not loved to stick a dish of metal to mine like this opted telephone to buy the economic chance that so only slips on and has stuck a dish to an outside of him. I so only chance to change when I am travelling.

Has found one something perfects for him in mine 2018 F-150.
5 / 5 Isadora
Colour: Black This mountain of telephone trace a lot of securely and a magnet is sper strong. Ossia A better creation partorisca the mountain of telephone in the automobile because calm simply can situate your telephone against the, and some controls of amorous he in place. Another use of mountains of the telephone clamps partorisca resist a telephone which has to that be regulated partorisca be used with different telephones. While there is the magnet has attached, any works of telephone with this amazing mountain!
4 / 5 Elanor
Colour: Black Bought this in the whim because it move out of city to somewhere I never listened of and has required my system of GPS of the telephones. Has has had the zeros subjects that installs a product and he have done utmost with my telephone has attached. It looks sure; the telephone is not exited never during an integer 9 hr walk. To good sure recommend.
4 / 5 Erica
Colour: Black Very very drawn, his same have the tampon partorisca clean a surface, and partorisca help adhere to the surface. A product has the strong magnet, and the sper solid, very done rotating basic. Unfortunately, when I have been partorisca traces it in my new car, has had no flat surface in a whole dashboard partorisca locate he--all is twisted. So only give it to the fellow and has ordered so only a same mark but one this attaches to a ventilation of air. So much, control your first automobile to order.
5 / 5 Joanna
Very very drawn, his same have the tampon partorisca clean a surface, and partorisca help adhere to the surface. A product has the strong magnet, and the súper solid, very done rotating basic. Unfortunately, when I have been partorisca traces it in my new car, has had no flat surface in a whole dashboard partorisca locate he--all is twisted. So only give it to the fellow and has ordered so only a same mark but one this attaches to a ventilation of air. So much, control your first automobile to order.
5 / 5 Dorthey
Perfecto in the each things of ventilation with jumping adjustable is heavy and fall off. No this product. Slide A wafer the thin magnet inside your highland chance of telephone door a discreet magnetic headline in yours something preferred and ossia!
4 / 5 Lasonya
Like this far, loves that! So only installed another day - súper fast to install and looks to be that they stick on a lot well.

I amour like the low profile is in a car, and like this far have so only sandwiched a magnet among my telephone and the chance and is by train to take any question.

Highly recommend - especially for a prize!
5 / 5 Jeanna
So only love this mountain of telephone of the dashboard.
Requires sure has a perfect spatial/corner to install a mountain in yours dashboard.
After attaching a flat metal to my telephone, has dipped the skin in a backside of a telephone to cover a metal (way of better look).
The product adds.
5 / 5 Maragaret
Has followed some instructions to install ,well have dishes of extra and extra metal adhesives has comprised. I have had to expect until my car was to warm to take to focus good in one installs ,then has left them the at night and the law adds ! No more fight with a telephone while in maps of Google ! It was to order another !
5 / 5 Lavonna
A law of product adds, control a telephone properly and is easy to situate in a dashboard. Also they comprise all that you need in a container. We are really happy with a compraventa, thank you GETIHU.
4 / 5 Ora
Was the doubts of has bitten to the use is a reason uses glue. I finally decided for the try was. The Really works like magic. It is like this tiny and almost difficult to remark. The majority of of the entity is a mountain and say it the mountain is súper fast and a telephone never fall off. GETIHU The line of products is everything excellent.
5 / 5 Miles
Using paralizaciones almost the week now and absolutely loves it. His the brilliant idea. It eats it spaces very small, very strong and less intrusive. A packaging was a lot of upscale and some instructions were clear.

An only negative I sees is that a sticker for behind a telephone is quite big and the even more main looks in mine iPhone . Also a colour of sticker is black and looks ugly in my ash of iPhone . Has has preferred options by heart in some stickers and of the different measures also.
5 / 5 Wanita
Good clear instructions for like this to locate. Easy to follow and installs in the pocolos small and after leaving the place for three days looks solid. Telephone to control easily, and can attach and detach with the simple motion. In a thin chance I use, so only slips an interior of magnetic disk, and any one has included the have glued in place, so only has left a control of telephone he in place. You recommend like the good solution for any one looking for the headline of telephone for a car.
5 / 5 Shanel
The control is strong dinner . But calm can not regulate telephone in the each corner.

Planned on installing slowly on dashboard and to use he in way of portrait. He so only to to the turns like 30-of 45, which has mark to see telephones comfortably while driving. You owe that look for in a telephone of the use. That strikes a highland purpose in a first place.

Sees some pictures for your reference.

Planning you instalarprpers anywhere more in a poster forward then creates to treat it well for a prize and quality.
5 / 5 Melodi
Very Simple and fast of installation.
My mobile maintains perfectly, included Is in a Otterboz (expected me partorisca have that takes and this in spite of this is not necessary!)

So only bémol, with which 3 or 4 weeks Of exposure in the sunlight, lucido outlines the entirely changed partorisca paint so you see to the sud the photo.
4 / 5 Hien
A lot well in term along, his magnet is good but a sticky gums is not a lot at all, fall so only with which 2 days of installation
A lot disappointed
Bought it two times so only partorisca see is same with an each headline and unfortunately was still with a second a two
5 / 5 Georgia
I really like this unit, but has a defect, which is that it does not go to around 90°. They could have acodado a front of a unit to leave that it thinks. That this means is by train to stick it up in a sometimes resulted pinch in your telephone in that has glare of alone on he during an evening. Quell'Conceal that can be has bitten frustrates is using a telephone like the GPS in a car... Alas, it is the minor nit this in spite of like this ossia the very good unit .
4 / 5 Tony
Meme In mine Car that no a flat place any a lot touches the installer , the or is to maintain very good same when he and give work to the sud the street. He that is that it turns is very practical. My telephone in the never fallen and The éman is among my Cell and my étui protecteur.
4 / 5 Estelle
Uses this in mine car to have easy access to my telephone for navigation. I need to install a part of magnet to the flat surface that it is easily accessible. Calm then install a dish of thin metal to the yours telephone or chance of telephone and ossia. Simple installation. Looks A lot of sturdy and some controls of telephone amiably in place thanks to the powerful magnet.

To That likes on this system is an ease of use. Precise only to situate your telephone in a magnet, portrait or landscape and then snaps in place - is hands it operation that takes so only the second. Taking it was mean to the appeal has been - again simple a hand-held operation that takes the second. Calm gentleman' need the disorder around with the inaugural jaws or anything have complicated, which is a lot if your behaviour.
4 / 5 Luana
Have it stuck in mine pinch, has done sure to clean a surface in the first place and leave dry.

A mountain was adds for the month, then gives way. There is not of the a lot extra stickers to substitute he to a pinch.

Was well for some 3 weeks that the did not wobble, then, if it wobbles for the week, and is fallen off.

There is disappointed unfortunately

MODIFY: With which posting this description, GETIHU has achieved was mine proactively to offer the product of free substitution of load. I will use for the month or two and see maintains in feet to a test to time

Modify 2: been the week with a substitution like this far. That there is remarked is that these maintaining ship with the second box of adhesion, in the small wraps, especially done to be able to restick the on yes falls off. This are to add like this far ! (The description modified of 2 to 3 stars, will continue to use and see yes hard )

Modify 3: a substitution ship to us is resisting on a lot well! They are for behind his product and the looks so only have taken the fail a first time. The description has transmission to 5 stars in Seven 8th 2019
4 / 5 Corey
Update Nov 8, 2019:
Soufflé has gone by his service of client. They have seen my estaca original and has achieved was for excusarse and give me the repayment. Thats Incredible service. 5 stars and any did not ask me partorisca east. Pinch of mine is has bitten he messed on but this company has taken the property and a mountain still does sums!

Estaca Original:
As well as ossia the legit good mountain BUT has the defect of entity with a public prosecutor of adhesion has comprised. It is volatile and wreck an arrival of any surface uses it on if you are not SÚPER CAREFUL. Has has followed instructions and has used grieves at all this in spite of has he messed on pinch in something sure.

Will give some points for of prize of the sound of company that mangos of bad descriptions this in spite of, has seen to the plot of mountains has maintained to fall off and has begun comprised it reapplication box with all the orders and of the instructions to maintain a reapplication box in your car for 3 month in chance perhaps. A lot of awesome in the part of a company.
5 / 5 Avis
There is doubted seriously one is could resist my iPhone 8More but are pleasantly has surprised. It has Had he for 3 month and still strong.

Gave it 4 more than 5 stars because a way a stand is has configured prevented to attach it to one in leaves of a dashboard to see easier. I have taken it has stuck that it has to that dipped afterwards to my steering wheel where my hand is and this can do goes some maps in my difficult telephone.

Like this sure mark a magnet attaches to a telephone is more afterwards to a subordinated that a cup.
5 / 5 Rosalie
Uses this newspaper, work a lot well, but has to that be remarked that it is not a lot technically legal to use in Quebec any one the long plus like the telephone has to that be 'clamped' in place, as it can not fly around a car and hurt any in an accident. But the majority of these mountains of telephone is enormous and ugly and block your view, this a small east and cleaned and good works. In Quebec your telephone has to that be traces in a line of horizon of where a pinch fulfils a window, any to block your view of pedestrians etc in any way and any to require look down for the see. This one fulfils these requirements some better to all the cost of a lack of the clamp.
5 / 5 Ty
Ossia Very better that the mountain of ventilation for stability. An only worry thinks that the person there would be is sticking something yours pinch, and where for the situate like this need near of the flat vertical surface. A mountain is of the measure that finding the something for the trace would not owe that be a subject for more than cars how is quite small. An adhesion is some directions is excellent. I have purchased two of these mountains for each of our cars. If I have had the need would buy this produces again.
5 / 5 Amanda
I produce it adds. I have looked for and looked for and has imagined can was a lot try this. They are quite sceptical.

Very easy installs. So only agree the prep surface with public prosecutor of adhesion and estacas well.

Even Comes with the backside on boxes incase decrease of point, the another alchol toallita humid, another public prosecutor and 2 more 3M two sided pieces of tape.

Resists my S8 with the UAG chance.
Has dipped the side of a two disk for side a overlapping another low neath UAG chance and like this big like this possible to a camera lenses and a wireless touching still works.
4 / 5 Joni
In order partorisca east to do properly, in the first place will situate a mountain in yours automobile that has the sticky glue backing on that. Ossia Magnetic. To arrive to this point will stick the paper thins the dish of metal circulates to a backside of the yours telephone which also has the sticky adhesive backing on that. A magnet in a headline now will do extremely well. A dish of metal is required absolutely calm like this has to that be comfortable with having this permanently attached to a backside of your telephone. It can be take but is the ache .
5 / 5 Myriam
Has bought this for the car of the mine fiancé, the installation was easy peasy. Although you can stick some dishes of metal to your telephone, has chosen any to and instead slips some dishes of metal among his telephone and a chance- this has done adds with an use of thin plastic chance at the same time, but after changing at random to have to that heavy, an attractive magnetic was no longer quite strong to maintain his iPhone XS Max in a mountain. To be just, is the heavy telephone and a chance adds more hanged, as you have adhered a dish of metal to the yours telephone or calm have the thin chance, law without any subjects.
4 / 5 Otelia
This device is quite small. But the magnets are strong and he estacas same entirely the coverage of a telephone. Has has had to that a lot of cleaner of alcohol and use a prep to take a device to stick to a dashboard. Still I can not take a disk in a glass for behind my telephone to remain in place, but are reluctant to dip etching on that. (He slides around in a coverage the bit but work that way). I say that a magnet is very strong?
5 / 5 Sean
There is no @to @give that has had to situate the magnetic piece in a backside of the mine telephone or chance in order partorisca east to do. It is it adds yes calm I only uses a chance. But otherwise is chance of useless transmission and been due to like my works of telephone am not left to fix anything to a telephone he. This was at all usable for me and nowhere in a description sees that info to save me a time and money to order something patient never use.
4 / 5 Danyell
Is the gain little tool in my truck. An only reason gave it 4 incident is wishes a magnet was so only the little has bitten stronger like my telephone does not have to that stroll of chair in a tab without falling off from time to time while driving.

Has given initially this element 4 stars. Having it the moment there is @@give is not to value some 4 stars. In of the hot days an adhesive glue begins to peel of a pinch when my telephone is hanging on that. Now it gives this element 2 stars. It liked really to of the principle but has been and has bought the title of trace of ventilation. The ones of the that thinks that that some groups will melt lol..
5 / 5 Katrice
Has had so only he for the day, but like this far, am very impressed. There is not any a lot of smooth surfaces, walk in pinch of mine, as I have taken the risk and adhered it to a plan-ish, textured breakings of pinch of mine. I have used a wipe of alcohol, then the TINY bit of one 'adhering helper' (which is so only directly on the lacquer that juezas for a smell, as be careful and does not inhale too much, has washed your hands thoroughly). Estaca Like this easily and quickly. It is súper sure and my telephone grieves jiggles. I have used a stuffs of metal inside the Ringke Lite chance.
4 / 5 Bettie
After reading stirs it of people alleges his product has not stuck , was bit it skeptical l, but was economic to the equal that have taken the shot in him... If you ARE The INSTRUCTIONS , you wont have subjects of ant, to the chair likes could pull dashboard of mine of the his stuck on there well. Pinch of mine is the curvy bumpy plastic (98 chevy) like having think that my casualidad would be slender of him doing like this announced but took it down some bumpy streets of the muck and all utmost . If I have had to complain roughly SOMETHING, would say that it can turns the little has bitten more, ideally would love it to face me the little better, but this is picky.
5 / 5 Almeta
Has installed he in my car. So only like a manual asked to. To the left it feels for 72 hours. It results a glue is not quite strong. Any complains with a magnet this in spite of.
4 / 5 Krista
Absolutely disturbed this product. In the first place, a piece of metal sliced my quite deep thumb so only opening of a container so that in is the dangerous product that would not owe that be sold. It ruins a rest of my day could very really use my hand fully.

He the Past volume concealed which reasons want to, a lot still adheres to your telephone a lot enough. I think that that a base has adhered well that agrees but ossia.
4 / 5 Rachael
Some instructions says if your telephone has the protective jacket, partorisca stick a circle of metal that will be attracted to a magnet to a telephone and then dipped a jacket in a telephone. It finds a contact among a telephone and magnet very adequately strong. I do not comprise why we can not stick teh circle of metal to a jacket he, which would augment a magnetic contact significantly.
5 / 5 Maurine
Any complaint at all is. Controls my telephone securely, any subject with an adhesion - and give you all need to king-the trace and the use partoriscano different telephones with. Highly recommended.

Remarks lateralmente - just be sure to have the something in yours automobile ossia smooth and walk .. In the quantity in the surface rounded or rough probably will not adhere quite also.
4 / 5 Katlyn
Súper adhérance And my telephone embezzles L his place can import his holes to the sud the street!
Amorous powerful truth and has Fulfilled in the place has wished.
5 / 5 Lolita
Like this far this mountain of telephone for a vehicle are adds! A clearly cured company in the cost and the satisfaction of a client to the equal that comprise clear instructions on like this to install this element and besides comprise the reinstall the box has to that one first placing fails or yes for some casualidad some needs of units to move to the new vehicle later in life. Also they comprise a dish of extra metal to the equal that can use multiple devices.

Has installed a unit in the textured surface in my car prime minister so much is one the majority of reasonable placing for me to comfortably see a screen while driving and not interrupting my view of a street. I installed it a night when lame house of work and would not be that it exits again and has left feels for an additional day before that dips my telephone on he for time of conditions and cure better for the normal day of time.

Does sure to have your device your big plus to be used with this unit in a magnetic headline when deciding the location to plant and during planting. It maintains pressure in a highland unit and take a device, has resisted the longest pressure that recommended in chance perhaps.

To the equal that of still like this no tip any sign of loosening and is like this the minute does not underline when any one into use.

An only with can find is that where has has had to that the install a unit is constantly he one of his maximum rows for movement. But really a lot I require to move anymore now that is to dip mark so only sure can see a device is trace when that installs a mountain and enjoy this wonderful product!
4 / 5 Shanita
To good sure would recommend it to another. An element is announced like this on put web of Amazon. I am not quite sure roughly durability. I am said to expect 72 first hours to begin to use the, unfortunately for me, could not expect. I installed it and instantly I hooked on my iPhone 7 More . I have done for 5 hours without any subjects. Awesome! I have ordered 2 different headlines telephone magnetic on more than Amazon an I bought in the electronic Tent prójima. I owe that say that I love this tiny A.
5 / 5 Carline
The quality is present truth , my big surprise.
His magnets are powerful truth (has it mine among my telephone and his helmet that is in cloth, no of the games of question to paste fermement)
Sustains in him-still is a lot that hanged, sign of good quality.
Simple to installer.
4 / 5 Ester
A process of adhesion was a lot of simple. They are trace he in a something in pinch of mine, and there is @@give did not like me, as it take with of the line to fish, and cleaned on a residue with a transmission of alcohol. Used a king-boxes of adhesion and moved it to where taste. Controls my big Nexus 6 a lot firmly. They are trace a tampon of metal to a backside of my wry chance. I have bent A tampon slightly like this returns an outline, and the still trace to a magnet finds. My telephone and the chance is heavy, and does not move when it is trace . Awesome Unit like this far!
5 / 5 Willene
Ossia Really an amazing product. When I received It, I have thought it do not have any way such the small device could resist the iPhone has weighed 11 pro, has then seen a metal and has tried a magnetic force. It is like this well, control a telephone firmly in place.

One of some advantages is that it can be used with the chance on. It has dipped a metal in my chance.
4 / 5 Oralia
For 15 bucks this product was the no brainer to buy, laws to surprise. So only the little subject with some magnets that goes to your telephone, gps, Etc. Stick to your devices but is prone to move out of place. When it has dipped my telephone in a mountain a magnet was under a symbol of apple (glass behind) , for a time has achieved them my fate a magnet the hanged averages of a cup of my telephone (he the instructions of the application followed). It has Finalised to dip it dab of cimienta of contact in the and king-applying it. A subject search to be solved
5 / 5 Aleisha
has been used the one of then 6month, is easy to install and a magnetic power too very this in spite of with which little month is moving while driving he so that lame distracts the cause has sees some maps and walk . Like this well it takes so only little month. If you are looking for the term along then sees for the Big quality a. Still it is a lot of calms uses it a lot too often like me.

Top Customer Reviews: Mpow Car Phone ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 46 ratings
4 / 5 Camille
Good product, the price adds. It has not thought a cup of suction was partorisca take a textured pinch. The boy has been bad. Using in mine van of work, will buy another partorisca my truck.
5 / 5 Jerrell
Ossia One very first headline of the car telephone and he am resulted to be an excellent product. I have bought 2, one for each car. A quality is terrific and a support of this company; exceptional. Thank you
5 / 5 Flossie
A mountain of better car telephone in a period of phase. Build Of big quality. Very durable.
5 / 5 Kimiko
Mountain of better telephone for far.. You love it!!
5 / 5 Phyllis
It installs easily. It was able to take and reinstall like any have to him legustado a first location dipped it. A subject only is that a stabilizer has broken when I have tried to take he of the mine dashboard. My joint is partorisca take it so only well a first time!
5 / 5 Teisha
Ossia A mountain of telephone has tried better!! Your stays of telephone in place and does not fall off!
5 / 5 Margie
Sleeve of the support is not that supportive and a lot that closes on dashboard
3 / 5 Blaine
Good product, the prize adds. It has not thought a cup of suction was partorisca take a textured pinch. The boy has been bad. Using in mine van of work, will buy another partorisca my truck.
5 / 5 Sima
Has cleaned a surface and has followed some instructions! It does not remain dipped in a pinch! He in fact toppled, especially a half section, when it drive with my telephone joined in him partorisca use my google maps. A lot nettling! I have had to that go back the propping my telephone with a google maps in my half section in front of my turn of train. (Yes, ossia an only time I use my telephone like my current car GPS is out of date.)
3 / 5 Jaye
M the l air d be a good product. Surprised Of l adherencia during l Installation. It embezzles to Try he with his good-looking streets of Quebec 😬
Simple d installation, the games of polyvalent setting s adaptadora to the pinch. The big inaugural Games his cellular fats. Any question with my iphone xr with Nourished Of chance 👌🏼
5 / 5 Carola
has conquered finally a wretched curvature of interior of a Toyota corolla 2019! Sure it has had to that buy a iSaddle 3m flat of adapter but that the looks of sticky elbow to do a trick! The better mountain I there is says! Works well with my wireless uploads also, slap my legislation of telephone in there!
4 / 5 Cheryll
Im To the equal that has disappointed that after following an instruction these produced would not grasp to the mine porous dashboard. Compraventa So only has the smooth nonporous dashboard. It do not have any indication in his product info that the porous dashboard would be a subject . Perhaps it take correspondent refuses it I dunno. If it sticks to a windshield this in spite of, has found that to be a lot in entertained. They are like this disappointed :(
4 / 5 Delmar
I has bought one for my edges, and after my magnetic headline has finalised to ruin my cellphone the battery goes to buy one of these on its own name also. I have not had any one creates the magnet cellphone the headline dulcemente would kill my telephone and prevent touching has taken like this a magnet of the mine telephone and am beginning on. This really is the a lot of cellphone headline. My edges loves it and I like a calm fact can situate it so that it is not visible to other cars this in spite of takes directions of google maps. The police maintains to give entrances of people for puting his cellphones in his headlines of cup so much order of has to that locate he in a car to somewhere. The ones of the that use the purse and my box of glove is full.
5 / 5 Tess
Extremely disappointed with this product. Usually, I want to MPOW produced, but no east a.

A process of installation was quite difficult for me. I have followed some directions and try estaca he in mine dashboard with the plot of difficulty.

Took it finally ...After the long time that imagines was where would have to that dip the one of way that does not move .... And tomorrow next ( is the sunny day ) has entered my car and does not stick anymore.

Has tried to dip some water in a sticky part likes has said in a manual of instruction, but the same what is spent a next day .

Does not recommend this product.
4 / 5 Maple
Has this trace in a something odd to the equal that has had to that bend and twist an arm to take a legislation to title where has has loved that. It looks solid so that it has taken the pocola test, which is not the bad thing. A short of the suction has done a lot well during a process but a clip of the adhesion would not stick with one has has distributed tampons, tape of carpet, 3M or tape of Gorilla. A telephone jiggles like crazy while driving and is distracting without a clip of adhesion that sticks to to give sustain in an end of telephone of an arm. The desire could solve this.
4 / 5 Bettyann
Ossia A headline of the excellent telephone attaches to the mine pinch that leaves any mark or the frights maintains my legislation of telephone was the needs he without vibration or shaking would recommend this by all the world, after purchasing this of the multiple headlines is of the best a book down produces excellent.
5 / 5 Daria
Has bought this product the month behind. Received a product quite quickly. The installation was the no brainer. This in spite of, with which 2-3 days of use, a suction clamp has fallen was. I reinstalled a device in mine pinch again and here is - does not stick anymore.
4 / 5 Elwanda
Has has had so only this partorisca the days of pair but like this far like this good! It is to good sure a lot strong which is the good transmission of another flimsy has titled of telephone has tried. A headline is almost perfect - I strongly suggests having the little booklet with instructions of installation. I have been impacted there is not coming with anything. An adhesion to good sure could be stronger also.
4 / 5 Dillon
So that there is far has had this for 27 days and there is still to disappoint. During the installation almost has given on, dipped the backside in a box and has been ready to ship it behind. I have not loved to spend for a hassle as I gave it one has shot more. My pinch is inflated slightly but has found once one something sweet the suction without subjects. We have had extreme cold temperatures a week to up temperatures some prójimos and still is that it resists up. They are very pleased with cost of mine and I recommend.
4 / 5 Cherri
Installs easily. It was able to take and reinstall like any have to him legustado a first location dipped it. A subject only is that a stabilizer has broken when I have tried to take he of the mine dashboard. My joint is to take it so only well a first time!
4 / 5 Cynthia
Title well. It does not like like this you owe that press of the key to regulate some clips that resists your telephone. I wish he so only extended likes some of another holsters. He the fact the bit of an inconvenience. It have to that it has taken it a magnet one instead.

Modification: the service of client contacted and helped with the mine of transmission was for the best holster for my needs. Service of excellent client!
5 / 5 Sandee
Originally has loved this produced but with which 3 and the half months prenden regularly squeezing tight against my telephone. Now it is paste and lose. Some days he no clamp against my telephone at all, other leaves of days is to go I so that it follows to drive. Very disappointing to the equal that was very happy at the beginning.
4 / 5 Leonard
Has dipped this in a windshield of my car, and RESISTS WELL! I have included tried for the movement, but is stuck there quite solid. It uses this to register me like this I daily vlogs. But works for the GPS, or still to record video to the equal that to pinch cam, if really I want to.
5 / 5 Chadwick
All around excellent product! It has Had he for the month now. It drives everywhere with him. Once or find one something still legislation resists firmly to pinch. A gps title of telephone receives telephone easily, & is easy to dip telephone in and take manually. Thr Adhesive is súper strong n doesnt budge. A swirl can corner a telephone in just in the each place to leave for easy viewjng of screen of telephone. Very happy with this product!
4 / 5 Rich
This support of telephone attaches incredibly well to a dashboard and leave you to regulate a corner for easy viewing of your telephone. Also it comes with an extra support for an arm so that it does not shake when a car is in motion.
5 / 5 Erline
Has bought this for Jeep of mine where a pinch is generally any paving. It was the little concerned at the beginning roughly where for the dipped but imagined it once was, was súper happy with my compraventa. Amur A key of emission and an extra clip to resist a long arm. I do not have pulled a sticker was that for the situate until it was sure of where has has wanted to he -- has tried the little place before finding a better a. Amur Does well!
5 / 5 Elia
Un utilizzato la bocca ha dato magnete thingy e caro aggiunge, finché ho scoperto sta arruinando il mio iphone, ossia questo la seconda cucia più somma ha utilizzato, non scivola o movimenti.
5 / 5 Eilene
Ossia Una montagna aggiunge . Il mio soggetto unico è che esees c'è partorisca approssimativamente 3 mese e adesso a meccanismo partorisca chiude vicino clamps non la maggioranza d'arresti partorisca cronometrar. Soltanto non rimane espresso accanto ha dato partorisca telefono. A Una mina piacerebbe contattare al venditore sa può prendere una sustitución.
4 / 5 Roslyn
Ossia Assolutamente perfetto. Non distrae tranquillo ha dato partorisca condurre.
Grazie Partorisca Un prodotto aggiunge in un premio ragionevole. Un a buono sicuro sarà partorisca ordinare un secondo un partorisca il nostro un altro veicolo.
4 / 5 Lauran
Esattamente quello ha cercato. Un encubierto non blocca la mia finestra e un con la succión aggiunge che nessun costantemente bassa ha dato punto. Unità molto durevole che possa essere situato In in tutti sono maniera ti piace. Non spreca anymore meteo, quest'interesse d'unità, tranquillo non sarà decepcionado
5 / 5 Kesha
il labrado ha dato clips della ventilazione del mio veicolo lì è situato dietro la ruota è acquistata quest'una . Uno sono capace ha il dato regola
il mio telefonico a esattamente partorisca situato vuoi. I Bastoni hanno dato succión perfettamente alla mina 'monda arancia' salpicadero.
Aggiunge compraventa. Altamente raccomandare.
5 / 5 Lorette
Sa decepcionado che arresti gripping a a mina di ragione telefonica gli è realmente piaciuto tutto il suo est intitolare

Meno ha dato tre mese dopo utilizzarlo al sistema ha dato trinquete addirittura per telefonare l'intestatario lì è passato facendolo inutile.

Dissapointed Che La qualità nessun dietro il nome fine ha dato marchio
5 / 5 Coy
I'andato ha avuto un paio le montagne automovilísticas scendono ha dato punto o pausa nella mia e ossia i miei preferiti sa per fare ha dato tutto ad alcuni I'andati cercati ha dato! L'ajustamiento Aggiunge quello ha vestito tutti i veicoli e vicini ha dato pizca e super facile a Clic il mio telefonico al tutto il costo d'avendo uno casa addirittura o núm.
5 / 5 Willow
Undici I c'è ha aperto seggi, ha che pesato, e affidabile. Ho sfortunatamente trovato un questo lì è uno la CARICA RAPIDA addossata con le Qualità ha dato per Dovere che Lourdes ERA. Un DEFINATELY Raccomandare quest'unità.
5 / 5 Nida
c'è poco cercato ha dato d'un altro e lì essere finito per ritornare quelli. A con il di oca il marchio ha dato per prendere a telefoni principali fuori condurlo visioni. Al prodotto è sturdy e succión buona. Alla sinistra è va che meteo fa.
4 / 5 Darleen
È adesso ufficialmente consegna libera! Per telefonare la montagna era facile d'installare, e ferma ha situato esattamente mangia/dove c'è ha voluto. È facile ha dato per mettere il mio telefono In, e toglierlo.
4 / 5 Rudy
I disturbed That he didnt have the paper partorisca say like this partorisca open a side where a telephone is put in or still partorisca a subordinated partorisca open up. I took the moment partorisca imagine it was. The instruction required so that client whose ruin a product before taking it casualidad partorisca the use.
4 / 5 Boyce
Does not take long partorisca imagine was like this partorisca install this mountain of telephone, but some visual instructions in a box has not been that useful. I think that that the container inserts/inserts with the instructions written clearer would have done better. He so that fulfil it far all that expected it partorisca do. It is more versatile that one of concealed them is limited partorisca air delivery of ventilation. And like this far (only two weeks) his durability is well.
4 / 5 Lemuel
Gone back some good telephones. Calm the controls of the tight, easy to use. So only it reasons any 5 star is is the little short to go of my window partorisca attach a small piece my pinch. If it was the little longer was perfect. Thank you
4 / 5 Hae
Solid construction. It looks a lot of quality . It resist any iPhone but has the big chance or the socket partorisca pop your telephone could not be ensured totally and can fall was.
5 / 5 Jerlene
Has received a product a next day partorisca buy included although it declare it will arrive in 3 days. As it was more than thrilled when I took it. Easy to gather and a quality of build is excellent partorisca the mountain this are so only under $ 20. It would have liked him partorisca of an arm to be the little more along this in spite of, so only I so that it can have my telephone my low plus that my pinch. Another that that any complaint at all.
4 / 5 Marcelino
The woman asked to take he for his car and has loved that. It is like this versatile has taken a still some hips. Has a plus of IPHONE and surprisingly resists my telephone weighed a lot well.
4 / 5 Carlita
Has tried the dozen or more mountains in ours SUV, and ossia a prime minister one has been able to situate securely and in just a right place to be visible without taking our eyes of a street while it leaves the clear view of an integer windshield.
5 / 5 Jayson
I like a fact that was easy to dip joint, this in spite of has finalised them partorisca hate the reason does not stick partorisca longitude. I bought it partorisca dip in my car. Estaca partorisca Roughly 30 minutes then fall off and could them a lot of retreats of paste down reason sticks. It was not it partorisca do with him maintaining reason does not have any use.
4 / 5 Cristine
A product offers the power of suction adds that it can easily laws in both a windshield and a dashboard. It has small place ''adjusters'' in a box that leaves partorisca stabilise an arm as it does not shake during driving. I used it the plot and my cellphone (LG G7 ThinQ) returns perfectly and a key of emission is so only the good adds on. I recommend it.
5 / 5 Dulce
Simple of the utilisation and this fulfils objective edges. He the bras of extension vibrates a bit when he and the give the bosses subjects of the sud likes the stability could be improved. Global an excellent product.

Top Customer Reviews: TOGUARD Dash Cam ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 55 ratings
5 / 5 Toccara
Bought this little fella partorisca the car of my woman . Look frigent awesome Considering a seal of prize .A a has possessed them in mine suv is in the same in specs , but has finalised them partorisca pay more then bend a prize of east a ! A screen is 3 witch of the thumbs is not that it overwhelms and not annoying my line of view . A playback also looks gr8t a lot so only in a lcd but also in my desk.(The video has comprised has has had to that here be compress the bit because of amazon) but looks close awesome . A thing that could remarked would be partorisca have the good Micro sd paper with the speed good writing partorisca take optimum results ! Len Is is wide enouf partorisca cover mine next route and have dish partorisca authorise info manually .A the very characteristic is a gsensor that will close a vineyard if yours never collide with the another car Global has said them ossia the decent camera partorisca possess so that or can have this piece of alcohol in a street . 5 stars !
5 / 5 Tomi
Easy to the use is as impressed partorisca join me the majority of, all was partorisca insert a SD paper and dip a time of date and only laws so that appearances. Hiding a boss requires some endeavour, but with some tools resupplied, does not take long. The quality of picture was decent, was more brilliant that has thought, at night times has not turned in a GONE light at all and a picture was quite brilliant. Some keys are a lot responsive doing it very easy to operate. You go in all some characteristics, has found wide corner, register of loop and saver of screen more useful. I have found with lights callejeras of the city, is quite brilliant and there is any need to turn a GONE light on. It has not tried some controls to Park still but would have to that be the good characteristic, also. A need of what partorisca mention is although a web of place and the manual of user says a max qualified of Micro-SD the paper can sustain is 32GB, while I am using the 64GB paper, recognise all a capacity and is saving files until 64GB. Copying files of the video to PC is also very easy, covers so only in with a boss of USB and he so only like a walk of USB.
5 / 5 Brock
It comes with the plot of useful characteristics has built in and has all the accessories the setup and install less than 30 minutes. A quality of product is well comes with the small pry bar and sticky harness the street a boss. Also it comes with both 3M stickey and mountain of cup of the suction. Both 720p and 1080p the format of video is available to register him the small more SD paper with less than 16GB the data goes with a 720p formateo a quality of video is good and saves spatial, a vision at night is decent but could be better but in general ossia the good camera and good works.
5 / 5 Jeanmarie
This camera is very good and well has built. An image is crisp and clear. I really like a big screen helps the plot partorisca dip a camera and it situating in a windshield. Some keys are in bylines and feel durable. A paper is easy to use to, calm so only has to that dip his once and with which that you so only has to that it prints it ‘ esc'' and ossia a camera a rest. I have tried he with to 32memory of action the paper and I have taken around 4 hours a lot-stop of images of video with a better quality (1920x1080) with which a camera has begun partorisca redraft in a first video and like this on. I think that that it is the no brainer camera with the very good image partorisca a prize. Very good!
5 / 5 Evelyn
State using paralizaciones east the week and I so only love it! Claro big king video. hopefully Are not Never in an accident, but has to that it spends concealed, can be them sure is well has documented.
Is looking for An excellent quality dashcam in the low prize, looks no further.
The product adds, highly recommend!
5 / 5 Niesha
This pinch cam is súper easy the instal and works immediately.
Automaticaly Torres ON and WAS when you begin/gone back Of a car.
The quality of image is surprising in daytime! One 170 degre the image is clear and can see some cars in front of you (oviously) and in some sides. Amason compreses An image, a real quality is main that wath sees here.
At night an image is well, easily can see some cars, signs callejeros and a street. Howerver Some lights of the street and the car lights have the significant clave.
A screen in a device is clear, can maintain it on or maintain it black to the equal that prefer. This in spite of partorisca appreciate a quality of an image taken thus camera suggests the plenary sise screen like the laptop or TV.
5 / 5 Bret
Ossia 1 I adds little camera, has had this camera partorisca almost 2 weeks now and has surpassed my expectations. It is register of the video is stable and register of the his this clear crystal. The installation was easy and has taken so only roughly 10 minutes. I have run a boss under a ceiling liner, down a time of door lateralmente of band of passenger and under a pinch my propiciado by accessory. I am using the 64 GB micro SD paper and there to spare is registering space.

Has had 1 next call when any short was in front of me partorisca spend for 3 routes partorisca locate a street. The posted some pictures, the moment has shot partorisca be the cut was and the film of late evening.

Would recommend this camera to any one. It takes the well has deserved 5 stars.
5 / 5 Nicholle
UPDATE: I have had this dashcam partorisca the while now. Like this simple, transports on and era. Has the video dipped to 720 partorisca take more my paper. The quality is like this very still in this resolution! They are not also the skilled technology and has to that thank Campark partorisca compress a video partorisca me so that it can stick he here partorisca you partorisca see. After managing this camera the number of time, found a better quality that originally has thought. Sturdy Well has done. Oh! It agrees partorisca take a plastic film of a lense. My pictures had it on. It sees that I bad, any too much the technology has imported. If I can use it, any one can.
Are very impressed with this DashCam. It is very drawn and is a lot compact. It does not distract or obstruct your view. Inconspicuously Trace to mine windshield. Really fresh that this camera has looks such g the sensor of G (sensor of gravity) as it has an accident automatically the take on registering and negotiate it, all the video are dated marked/ times . Even Audio can be registered. I register it it can be looped.
Easy to dip up. Any tonne of keys partorisca try to imagine was. Súper Cord of long power!! A 12V connector the a lot tight returns. It has been concerned would vibrate it free in my truck. Considering a crappy engine in a city of Toronto, this to good sure will go in handy. The control has retreated later partorisca video and up to date description.
Some have considered this level of entrance, any sure reason. He all has required.
5 / 5 Erminia
We have had punctual delivery of the our Toguard 1080P FHD pinch cam.   The quality of picture adds partorisca the low prize.  A short of the suction has stuck well to a windshield and camera of controls in place.  Good period partorisca wire partorisca a supply partorisca be able to that leaves a boss partorisca be hid.  Quality of perfect day pics and the vision at night is still has seen easily. Some video are utmost and can be dipped partorisca several times of period . The paper is accessed easily and camera setup was done easily. You recommend this camera.
4 / 5 Wilber
Sinister preface this partorisca say is the add the compraventa of then there was an active coupon. Without him, it is still the decent wine but any awesome.

This has substituted a A18 capacitor the camera based and was big that earth. It has to it elder of trace that usual die a side but a lot still. Disappointed the still uses the mini-propiciado by USB that the half has to that buy the adapter of new right corner. Another flu has one covers partorisca be able to is in an upper that like this trace, can be a subject.

The suction is excellent how is a quality of video in width. A so only another flu is a coverage of money around a “lentil”. Ossia Entirely unnecessary and presents the little bit of glare for behind a windshield.

Finally, does not come with the mini-boss of USB but he 12v car adapter that final in mini-USB. Of then I have not had the transmission DC DISCHARGES in a car, has used the micro to mini-adapter of USB. Works well — but has wished they packaged the boss instead.
5 / 5 Reginald
Comes with the plot of useful characteristics has built in and has all the accessories the setup and install less than 30 minutes. A quality of product is well comes with the small pry bar and sticky harness the street a boss. Also it comes with both 3M stickey and mountain of cup of the suction. Both 720p and 1080p the format of video is available to register him the small more SD paper with less than 16GB the data goes with a 720p formateo a quality of video is good and saves spatial, a vision at night is decent but could be better but in general ossia the good camera and good works.
5 / 5 Debbie
Ossia 1 adds little camera, has had this camera partorisca almost 2 weeks now and has surpassed my expectations. It is register of the video is stable and register of the his this clear crystal. The installation was easy and has taken so only roughly 10 minutes. I have run a boss under a ceiling liner, down a time of door lateralmente of band of passenger and under a pinch my propiciado by accessory. I am using the 64 GB micro SD paper and there to spare is registering space.

Has had 1 next call when any short was in front of me partorisca spend for 3 routes partorisca locate a street. The posted some pictures, the moment has shot partorisca be the cut was and the film of late evening.

Would recommend this camera to any one. It takes the well has deserved 5 stars.
4 / 5 Johnny
Been using paralizaciones east the week and I so only love it! Claro big king video. hopefully Are not Never in an accident, but has to that it spends concealed, can be them sure is well has documented.
Is looking for An excellent quality dashcam in the low prize, looks no further.
The product adds, highly recommend!
5 / 5 Luna
Has had punctual delivery of the our Toguard 1080P FHD pinch cam.   The quality of picture adds partorisca the low prize.  A short of the suction has stuck well to a windshield and camera of controls in place.  Good period partorisca wire partorisca a supply partorisca be able to that leaves a boss partorisca be hid.  Quality of perfect day pics and the vision at night is still has seen easily. Some video are utmost and can be dipped partorisca several times of period . The paper is accessed easily and camera setup was done easily. You recommend this camera.
4 / 5 Laurel
Has left preface this partorisca say is the add the compraventa of then there was an active coupon. Without him, it is still the decent wine but any awesome.

This has substituted a A18 capacitor the camera based and was big that earth. It has to it elder of trace that usual die a side but a lot still. Disappointed the still uses the mini-propiciado by USB that the half has to that buy the adapter of new right corner. Another flu has one covers partorisca be able to is in an upper that like this trace, can be a subject.

The suction is excellent how is a quality of video in width. A so only another flu is a coverage of money around a “lentil”. Ossia Entirely unnecessary and presents the little bit of glare for behind a windshield.

Finally, does not come with the mini-boss of USB but he 12v car adapter that final in mini-USB. Of then I have not had the transmission DC DISCHARGES in a car, has used the micro to mini-adapter of USB. Works well — but has wished they packaged the boss instead.
5 / 5 Nikole
This enclosed camera was on me every time try it formed a SD paper. Included it has tried plugging he to a car while the career. It falls Up and then immediately it close it was. I have contacted A company. At all it has said it the sense done. I have asked partorisca speak to the person and has left my number of telephone and the person has called. I am returned This One and has bought one same one again in of the hopes was the glitch. The same what is spent!!!! It does not buy this product. A lot he same turns on!!!
4 / 5 Lorri
Poor quality, no partorisca pair of hours.

Has received partorisca follow message of vendor:
His supposition 'This beats @@subject caused partorisca use supply of unstable external power, this camera requires stable DC 5V/ power, please have another test partorisca use a car to upload in your car.' It is that I any one has used his boss uploads and no in a car?!?!
Installed that and used it but inside a first pair of hours is broken, thinks that to mean a car manufacture is in failure partorisca this error in his pinch of poor quality cam!
At least first of the your client of response thinks roughly produced of defect and QC error also.

The client has wanted,
Ossia a Service of his Client, of TOGUARD Tent Directed.
Has seen the negative feedback has left: 'Included he no partorisca pair of hours.'
This partorisca beat @@subject caused partorisca use supply of unstable external power, this camera requires stable DC 5V/ power, please have another test partorisca use a car to upload in your car.
In a moment , included if question of the, please contact and resupply your number of order has seen our email partorisca sustain the one who the calm show in an annex.
Will try our best to solve your question.
Thank you,
5 / 5 Lashay
uses this dashcam in my car of work. Like this easy to imagine was and súper clear!

Has taken pictures of a box to the equal that can see that a camera has partorisca characteristic. Also I snapped the random video to the equal that can see the one who clear is of interior to out!

The thing liked better roughly is of a camera of loop adds partorisca a prize and use!

Has loved that.
5 / 5 Ramona
Has required another dashcam and decided partorisca go with another Toguard. Has good value partorisca like economic is, and do exactly that I require him partorisca do.
Setup Took roughly 5 minutes, and after launching the small mini SD paper in a device, has been ready partorisca go. A camera autoloop registering for incumplimiento, like sure mark pull a device if you are in an accident, so that it does not run and overwrite any data in the small paper. 8gb take me roughly 2.5 hours or like this before it redraft, but mileage will vary.

In general, is to add it small device.
4 / 5 Glady
Have it definitively adopt like 1st camera of flange, adore the quality of the same image at night that it is to good clear insurance. It Camera in his closing is súper light and little easily slip in the pocket with which Utilisation
5 / 5 Susana
+ quality of video of Big quality in 1080P
+ Built-in 3” HD the leaves of screen partorisca see registers instantly
+ HAS 6 prejudice- luzco of vision partorisca register during a night
+ Automatically turns on when car is headed

Any deep like this far

Although we expect no does not require never the dashcam, sometimes the accidents spend and know some people do not admit to that has done. It take this dashcam reason is abordable and has all some things have looked for: 1080P HD quality of video, register at night, and easy to locate.

This dashcam record my very half. They are able to see some cars in my route, as well as some cars in some 2 after routes of mine. I can also it marks out of some dishes of licence in some cars, and this dashcam can register good accidents if they do not spend never.

This dashcam has prejudice-vision, which leave me the record mine surrounds during time at night. They are able to see other cars clearly, and can still frames out of his dishes of licence. Reason this dashcam has 6 lentil at night, am able to see other good vehicles.

This dashcam comes 2 mountains, he windshield mountain that suction of uses partorisca resist a dashcam, and the mountain of dashboard with adhesives concealed takes a cup of a dashboard. This dashcam is easy to dip up and use.

In general ossia a abordable dashcam with all some investigation of main functions and does his good work.
4 / 5 Lurline
Has bought this partorisca my car woman and has loved that.

Installs: Very easy.
- Has been thru one installs partorisca draw and the procedure that use a blue clave that resupply in a box. It has been done in 15-20min.
- I bosses was more than sufficient in period. I have hid one in rest in a box of glove.

Config And usability: Very easy
- Again, has required so only the pocolos small partorisca take by means of everything. Please the mark takes the config like this for some first instructions. Utilisation the big class 10 SD paper.

- Quality of image a lot well in a light of day.
- I dishes of number can be read easily.
- The mountain of suction is súper. Quell'Pulled hard just to try this in spite of can do not taking was. Mark sure uses the heat gunor hot AC by means of some ventilations approach a glass partorisca heat a surface of glass or a cup of first suction to install.
- Quality of the vision of the night is good but does not add like a day a.

- What only I expósita is a quality of vision of the night. Quite had the little husband where could not read some stuffs to number unless I am a lot near of a car at the head of me.
4 / 5 Paulette
Has been using this camera for 3 month now. I am pleased with a clarity of quality/of the picture. I thought it that it was to distract to have he for a rear-view mirror but am happy was bad. An exposure is not quite brilliant to pull my eye of a street, has included at night.
Setup Was easy has imagined once some keys. A short of the suction has not failed once still, but winter and subzero the time will be the better test .
Has dipped the main paper in him (64 Gg) and has not had any subject with formatting or retrieval.
Vendor And produced recommended.
5 / 5 Cammie
Has taken this dashcam for my woman like his old a croaked a bed. A reason because it has chosen this dashcam is reason has the built in screen for easy description incase of incident or like the witness. A dashcam comes with a lot of annexes and a cord of main cigarette to be able the lighter. An installation was very simple and a camera was súper easy the setup. The woman is happy reason a camera can be hid for behind his mirror and be out of a way, which will not interfere and distract his to drive. It is now surer in a street and am happier that know concealed.
5 / 5 Trinity
Adding my past description inside the month to write a prime minister a. It have bought two camera for both my cars. A vacuum mountains of suction for both has broken and still although some cameras well box now, am unable to use them so that pode no to locate. I go to write to a provider for the substitution for both and again update my description according to a quality of response and time of response.

Are happy that has bought this product. It has bought in fact two of them (one for my car woman also). It comes with clear instructions and thoughtfully has resupplied accesorias. The value adds for money. The quality of video is utmost and paper of the camera is easy cruise it. I recommend to spend for a booklet of instruction in a container and a Q&One in a listing of first product to begin an installation how is the breeze afterwards. Decided to use some cameras for the first week to write this description. Look is like this be the very good value for money like this far.
5 / 5 Roxanna
These functions of camera perfectly. Power on and the register of video is almost instantaneous when I begin my car. A quality of the video of a video looks better that some still images, but the files of video are too big to comprise in this description. Numbers of dish of the licence and the signs callejeros is clearly visible in a register of video, has included better that taken in some still images have comprised. These functions of unit very better that a lovely dashcam that am substituting.
5 / 5 Antionette
This camera is for far a better one has purchased! It has been it bit it doubtful because of a point of prize but in fact is utmost! Has the súper wide lense and has quality of amazing picture. I have been stunned. It looks 4k

goes to order one for ours another car! It is been the month and still is going strong!
5 / 5 Stephenie

has taken this camera of pinch because of some descriptions and of the neighbours on dipped this is coming with him. I tried it and like this far it is doing add, goes to verify the time of the night how is a picture later on and will see like this is pending time of winter. Like this far it is good and any question
4 / 5 Keila
This camera of pinch has substituted the economic one more has purchased last year. You are two times so much but a quality is very better. The video are clear and the dishes can be seen yes is relatively near. Has very characteristic and is quite small that the will not obstruct your view. A vision at night with an infrared FOCUSED is looks to have the bit of the glare to a screen but is acceptable for images of behaviour of the night, and is not quite big that would return it. Still it takes significant images at night. If some dishes are also close a vision at night is too much brilliant in some dishes to be seen, imagines because of some cars headlights and vision at night that glare of causes in some dishes. In general you recommend this pinch cam so that volume for a prize. It likes me quell'has said mine $ 30 CAD is not even close in the quality and a vision at night was horrible. Not perfecting but a Toguard access my estimativa and can do out of that would require to take. Day or night. The pictures are well, but, concealed is not that I need he partorisca in all the chance. In general I like this dashcam.
4 / 5 Elmo
Has not taken Never for the use. A micro SD the cars would not remain in. An only support was for email and an answered my surgery in a SD the paper was as to format he. I have known already like this to do that of then was of a pinch cam substituted and has not had any question with a paper in that a. Sine Has had several papers tried here regime. A lot disappointed of then there are the good descriptions and a prize was excellent.
5 / 5 Malika
Has loved to pinch cam for the moment and some characteristic has offered with this camera for a prize was too good to turn down.
The Arrived at the head of a date has planned, a lot of packaged and one first what there is remarked was his small measure. Some instructions have resupplied was easy to comprise but when being the type read him after touching with a camera. Nizza To know has taken the a lot of
One of my worries was a camera would interfere with my field of vision but with a turn of small measure perfectly for behind a mirror in a side of passenger. I cant sees of a chair of engine. A wiring was quite small to be tucked in the some empty in a pinch and inside a door gasket. Adhesive clips, resupplies, has had the habit to run a boss to the long of a underside of a pinch. There is has not resisted takes very a lot the times have used like this the clip of better quality
A quality of an image is as well as it is a field of view. I havent tried the for prejudices he still and a sensor of g has not been actuated like any commentary in these
A pinch cam does not come with the micro SD paper like this build that in the comparison of prize when compraventa
In general am pleased with a prize and action of a Toguard pinch cam
5 / 5 Matt
has been postponing taking pinch cam for our cars for the moment but happy has done finally. I have taken this like this extracted he of lightning in the amazon and has been add like this far. You are shipped quickly, an element was described like this and maintain in of the perfect conditions. It was really easy to dip up. Looking forward to using it all a time. THANKS TO a vendor.
4 / 5 Cleotilde
Has bought this pinch cam and has done my definite buying decision after looking in some positive critiques this product has taken. Some descriptions were corrected in his evaluation of this pinch cam. (Especially some descriptions of video - those were súper useful)
has purchased this on sale product. Has a quality of excellent build, is coming with a highland box, clear instructions on like the setup a pinch cam. It is very easy the setup. An only thing would improve them is to comprise the micro sd paper with this product, but otherwise is really good.
5 / 5 Valentina
I need to say this camera of pinch is really really well for a prize and characteristic. It is very easy to dip up and offer like this characteristic is for a prize. FILLER 1080P HD and quality of vision at night amazing also. A lentil of wide corner work very good to take all that goes in at the head of you.

If yours that looks for a pinch abordable cam with all some characteristics require highly recommends this camera.

Give the graces to Read
5 / 5 Alease
loves this dashcam like this far. To the Work likes them the ad. It registers calm grieve starts a car.

This in spite of, taking really hot like calm uses it. Not To Annoy me that a lot.

The look of video adds but the lil has bitten pixelated. I found it the lil main of bit compares to another dashcam.

But hey, is good value for a money.. It can very really go bad
4 / 5 Miguel
A camera comes with 2 highland group, (Sticker and Suction), 12V car adapter to mini-USB and the mini usb boss of data.

Ours cover of the cigarette of the vehicle is always on and does not turn was when an engine is was, has to be careful any partorisca the leave plugged in and could download a car battery. We could the to us install on ours another vehicle that has a power of discharges he of the cigarette was when a car is was or take these hardwire box.

The initial use of a camera are add, only use of the discharges of suction for now and could use an adhesive mountain partorisca permanent use.
Will update in a future once the winter comes LOL and this will be a real test this pinch cam will survive our winter.
5 / 5 Pinkie
TOGUARD Pinch Cam 1080P FHD Camera of Pinch.
Am impressed by this pocola pinch cam partorisca my car. It is very easy to dip up. All some accessories help me partorisca install this Pinch-cam to mine car easy and orderly. A cord partorisca be able to is long enough to achieve all a next rear way to my car (Still although my car is 7 Big chairs SUV) reasons there is so only a outlet joints the chair of passenger how is a lot that imports (I usually uses to touch smartphone). All some characteristics are a lot enough for purposes of Pinch Cams (FHD, Vision at night, Wide Corner, Register of Loop, detection of motion, and Sensor of G). Cam Is hanged very light and small to the equal that can hide he of yours dress find something well to install in your automobile windshield (the mine is installed behind rear-view mirror how is hide entirely of mine dress).
4 / 5 Stephani
Has to that say that I really like this produced for these diverse reasons.
In the first place was, is very easy to use. Secondly, HAS quality of build & of glorious picture.
Besides, has vision at night excellent and can number read easily stuffs at night.
To recapitulate the, has each thing that attack and need of any dashcam. So much, reason any when buying when it is available in economic prize.
4 / 5 Cassi
Where Alive is súper of entity to have test if an accident has not been caused by you. This camera was a response . It has dipped the decent sized paper in him and was really simple and the friendly user. Record of only paste and go in your way. It is amused the tape some of our adventures also 😉. Quality and utmost camera, especially for a prize.
4 / 5 Lannie
A camera is easy to install, comprises the good plastic pry tool to take a boss the zones stagnate. Packaging Well and image like this far of good quality. Prize added for estacionar monitor and detection of motion. An on/was is the little finicky reason has the press 5 times to turn on and is key to be able to is in an uncomfortable location to press quickly in succession.
5 / 5 Latonya
This was my pinch of prime minister cam as it has not gone too sure to the equal that to expect. It declares vision at night but after seeing, is not that I add or clear. It is so only well if your low lights callejeras at all times. But during a day, the law adds and is clear. It does not plan on taking rid of him because the majority of my behaviour is during a day, as no really a subject. But you require more driven of the night takes the different a.
4 / 5 Darcel
Out of a box if so only love it to begin to register so only dipped the paper by heart in, attaches the windshield and can he on (cord of power along that it is well.). Calm was to go. It feels there and record. Any fuss. If it love need to have a correct date, time, your number of the calm dish then needs taken to some different papers. This is not difficult but when being the new toy took the bit to touch by means of some elections to take to a right paper. After going to some papers the little time was much easier. Once in the things were quite easy to dip up.
Some first time there is pulled a unit out of a car to look in some video there is pulled the paper was and dip my computer. Second time have tried invernadero the cord and was able to go in and see some video.
Has taken for the good prize, hides for behind a mirror amiably and with which two laws of month well without subjects.
Some video were clear and have the wide corner to them concealed has not been distorted. To prejudice it a bit the video are good quality . I do not know that you could take numbers of dish because of light washing some dishes was but a calm day light would be likely with taking a video a right time or with the program that could zoom a video.
Ossia My first jump to the pinch cam and am happy with this unit, especially in a prize has taken stops. It was to look in second an of this punctual.
5 / 5 Yer
This has done awesome for a prime minister 2-3 days then so only have closed was and on for his self. It would be necessary to unplug it and covers he behind in still he to start with that he again. Any value the one who his value. Of the that Spent this product a vendor doesnt has included the worry sells material that doesnt work properly. Have Still to offer any type of substitution or anything. Compraventa Of the different vendor
5 / 5 Shameka
A pinch cam a lot one $ 40 or like this paid for him. A loop that the records does perfectly and some papers are easy to cruised by means of. A sensor of estacionar can be dipped to one of three levels. Has the mine dipped in maximum sensibility to the equal that begins to register even when scrape mine windshield in a morning. It has not taken too cold this in spite of (any lower that -5 C) but has not had any temperature-has has related questions still.

My main flu with a camera of pinch is a vision at night . A GONE the light does not turn automatically like this neither was on, or was all a time. When I have bought this pinch cam, loved it to be able to flat records of licence but unless you are prendido and right for behind a car in front of you, ossia unfortunately only no a chance with this model. It is this in spite of quite clear to distinguish a colour / of model / of the mark of next vehicles, included in a darkness.

A service of client is a lot this in spite of. A unit has received wine with the cup of defective suction but was fast to send me the substitution, any question has asked. In general, I am happy with cost of mine. While it still wishes that it could improve it vision at night, perhaps would owe that be look in (Toguard is) more main-models of finals.
4 / 5 Natalia
A setup and the installation was very simple. I have added once a 32memory of Clave of G and has followed some instructions to dip a date and time and quality I then has situated the in a window although the mountain of pinch has been comprised but prefer use a windshield mountain. Calm give you the better field of view. After using it has used a boss of USB of the computer and verified out of a quality in my video and I was very satisfied.
5 / 5 Glenda
Used this partorisca the few weeks and a quality of picture in a video and the pictures is excellent. The video is very smooth and clear. Any question with suction in a windshield. A screen in a dashcam is good quality, good colours and clear too much. It installs it was very easy with an object of plastic pressing has comprised partorisca hide a boss and a boss is very long, also comes with the pocolos clips partorisca resist some bosses. A lot of settings in some papers and easy to customise. So only with it is it does not know like this partorisca update a firmware and does not come with instructions, but is easy to use and am happy with him. To good sure recommend it.
4 / 5 Margarett
Has bought this pinch cam partorisca the car of my father of 80 years in a recommendation of my brother the one who has one. It is awesome partorisca a point of prize!! Has 2 different pinch cam partorisca my vehicles that has paid partorisca bend a prize partorisca and complain not finding this Toguard a prime minister. It is súper easy the setup, in camera formatting of a SD works of paper perfectly, quality of picture he really well. We are not that they use a way of estacionar, but tried it and detection of looks of motion partorisca do well. Lot is options of good function. I will admit one in general feels of some looks of units bit it economic of then is plastic light , but concealed no really @@subject so that it is is some guts inside these subjects. It comes with cups of extra suction, all necessary cords, included the tool partorisca help tuck he to an interior of your car around a windshield as well as clips partorisca stick to a pinch, extra a lot well that my cameras there is not coming with!
To good sure recommends this camera to any any one the utmost pinch cam partorisca an excellent prize!!!
5 / 5 Jennie
Ossia A second pinch cam has bought of Toguard. A prime minister an I has bought has comprised the rear lentil. I have bought this partorisca a car I only walk occasionally and of here has not wanted to spend in $ 100. It was pleasantly surprised by a 1080P pinch of big definition cam quality of picture. One 170 viewing of terracing the corner resupplies the good visual of a street. A cord to be able to distributed left the loop around a centre one A pillar to conceal a boss thus grandson uncluttered look. That I amour in this pinch cam is an ease of use. After dipping in a SD paper (any comprised) and regulating date and time, a pinch cam is ready to go. Also I love a fact that can revise you one has has registered video that use a LCD poster of a pinch cam. Mina $ 130 an any that. In general, I am satisfied with this product
4 / 5 Louetta
Ossia a second pinch cam has bought of this company a prime minister was one 4 K a ,this one was one 1080 p ,no the bad camera that considers a prize ,also a picture invert to the rovescio but some icons a lot ,to do this more usable camera some highland points would owe that be in both sides ,the reason is that they are trace this my pinch and no a window
5 / 5 Jinny
Light weight and comes with multiple ways to install in your vehicle. It comes with the mountain of pinch, the cup of suction, and a sticker of window. I have found that a short of the suction has not gone quite strong to resist my window to the equal that have used a sticker.
The quality of picture is quite well, although the vision at night could be better.
Good camera for a prize.
4 / 5 Asa
Bought it on cyber Monday with discount. A quality of a register is surprising, a vision at night even more, like six able to see to to the the video likes is of of the big resolution expensive camera. I have decided to register every time an engine is on, begins automatically. The installation was very easy, pieces really handy has comprised with him. Work perfectly in a -50 deep ice cream SK temperatures. I am satisfied like this with this compraventa!
4 / 5 Rolando
A camera looks the little fragile, but work perfectly for engine to use in Lyft or Uber. I have bought this one for record a backside has had of a swipe and the incident course the few months does and could not be able to take a dish of licence. A thing requires to improve is an adhesion in a part of suction. A camera felt the pair of time and has not broken to cause a boss. I have had to that use another object to resist a camera
4 / 5 Jaimie
has bought a Toguard 1080P Filler HD Camera of Pinch in July 2019. I have been using he finally 4-5 month. It is the good camera and resupplies video of good quality. His prize is reasonable also. It is very easy to install. A mountain of cup of the suction resupplied with a camera is not quite strong to resist a camera in a windshield. This in spite of a camera also comes with the trace of sticker how is much more better that mountain of cup of the suction. In general it is the very good camera .
5 / 5 Yolando
Like this far this look of camera adds. It dips up it was easy and comes with the tool and clips to help hide a cord to be able to that it went it the plus.
The picture looks clear and no grainy.
A camera is the good measure , no too big.
Took it the minute to imagine was regarding the use but pleasure anything calms once learn some laws of way is quite easy.
Will update once is used for the longest period of time. But first law of gaze adds for the prize adds. I wish it wine with a SD to the card like him to him some other cameras of pinch but he no. So much of the that forgets to buy one to use with a camera.
4 / 5 Maribel
All loved it to! Hanged abordable , light, camera of big quality, the vision at night adds & easy to install. Even Law in hard Canadian winters! Still during some colder nights, a camera will begin up and record yes detects motion for a car!

Top Customer Reviews: FM Transmitter, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5 Douglas
The cost checked has Ordered this partorisca a truck an old plus there is concealed is pre-Bluetooth / hands free. Each characteristic has tried perfectly and a sound was ultra clear, connection without interference. I add partorisca be able to touch our telephones also, the metre of voltage was a price added .

Partorisca A price was ridiculous any partorisca buy if yours require Bluetooth.
4 / 5 Hong
The cost has verified A must buys produced to love the all in a container, ossia this better FM transmissive has used them until to to a date likes him the product is exactly same to the equal that was announced. Has 2 space of USB, space fro SD paper, Bluetooth partorisca answer a call . It can listen the very good quality of his and also a mic of a really good product. It CAN not FIND A BETTER FM TRANSMISSIVE THEN THIS.
4 / 5 Marlyn
The cost has verified Ossia a better fm bt transmitter. I have tried a lot some before but ossia far of the best. Any frequency and easy to use. A quality of audio one the majority of remarkable reason really has the good quality.
4 / 5 Janna
The cost verified has bought this just to use like a FM transmissive that accepts a SD paper partorisca substitute my old a (different mark) this has begun having questions. price of entity that there is Bluetooth and can be used like the hands free device. I have called my woman partorisca try it and a quality of his in both sides was surprisingly well... And now when film of eye when I am hunted of late season that/travel/of camps (where is light partorisca 7 hours and darknesses partorisca 17) can have a sound is exited my speakers in place of a pill/of telephone. Another price is a port of USB as I can can/touches the device of a same 12V socket. My only desire is that has had the way of the turn was/on manually so only could leave plugged to the 12V socket that can has had always his, more than that has to that take was and place he in a console as it does not drain battery when any into use, but another that that he all want to and more.
5 / 5 Tod
The shabby use checked he in mine car all a time. His in fact really good. A Bluetooth is fast and league a lot easily. You recommend this to any concealed is looking partorisca buy. I ADD COMPRAVENTA
5 / 5 Evelin
The cost has verified Very easy to use and place up. I have had one of these before, and can say that an annulment of the better noise that a one has had. This in spite of, when the sound of a car I also has to that take he of one covers. If no, not to change it was. But still, you recommend it to friends.
4 / 5 Alesia
The cost verified has bought this transmitter like the present partorisca the husband of mine first car. It is driving the 2009 Mitsubishi. Has the built-in Bluetooth connection but like models of iPhone later resists the new version of Bluetooth which is no longer compatible with his car Bluetooth, a connection has maintained partorisca be yard-was. This FM the transmitter helps the plot. He exactly that need to do. A call is clear; music of games of USB well; work with control of voice.

This in spite of, when we try to touch music of his iPhone Xs Max, a music has a lot of noise of frequency, like the radio signal that the bad tunes a. We try to change a frequency (big plus or lower), but a noise is still there. The husband of my prime minister does not concern any one a lot in a music touched of the his telephone of then mostly touches the music to other sources LIKES them CD, disk of Mp3 (was), and now USB of only uses... How it is well with him.
5 / 5 Bryanna
The cost has checked So much, has bought this partorisca my Ford Taurus 2005 (likes not having Bluetooth is built in stereo of system) and has used he for the moment and any subject.

Then has left accidentally he in plugged in all the prejudices he in car, and everything looked well and then way of part by means of driving down a street, my car death (entirely died would not turn on) sadly this was an end of a car (tried all, has died so only and no the value that thousands of paid of dollars partorisca fix he) and is remained that asks leave this produces plugged in at night that entirely killed the, but in an end thinks that that it was so only the odd coincidence and has left he in that.

In general is the product adds and think that go it partorisca spend on to the partner of the my the one who is transports does not have Bluetooth (like my new car does like this I any one need this product anymore) but partorisca a time that had it, there is enjoyed a product.
4 / 5 Adriene
The cost has checked Loves this product! Sper Easy to use and quality of his utmost east!

Gilipollas: One calling is not a More adds them and sometimes takes odd big frequencies when im in my plot of estacionar but is not that big of the extracted that considers a price.
4 / 5 Randolph
The cost has verified Are some pas the good electronic side and the May have achieved partorisca use it after 5 min. All Goes well has included his apel tlphonique works partorisca marvel . It joins daughter of Quebec very satisfied. Thank you
4 / 5 Audria
I have bought this device partorisca my fiancé that does not have the bluetooth/the free hands that fixes of call in his car. His car neither has one To the entrance of cord to the equal that listens to his favourite songs for CD. These factors really concern me to us because it call often to the equal that is driving and changing CD is in your car could be dangerous.

Absolutely loves that and uses it daily! When it Begins his vehicle, some habladurías of yours device that says that the sentences like esearching still bluetooth connection' and 'bluetooth is connected'. We take gone back connecting our telephone to a device to touch music and taking call them is easy and a sound is clear. I think that that it is really fresh that lights and concealed the easiest fact to use a device for prejudices he also.

In general, I but this again for familiar and friends for desperately require the device like this to avert entrances and enjoy cruising listening to his favourite songs and taking called in his vehicle.
5 / 5 Theda
Took it working thank you for your patience. Very pleased with him. A vendor was a lot of patient with me and refunded a first element are very pleased with a fm transmissive

has had a transmitter substituted and before it go to launch out of a prime minister an I has received, thought that it would give it a plus tries, my law of surprise, the has not pressed he in a lighter of cigarette enough, as I am gone in to touch with Julie a vendor and offered to pay for a prime minister fm the transmitter and she said me a lot to concern , thank you Julie and Goddess and the merry Christmass Bless.
5 / 5 Petronila
This product is súper easy to use. My mobile device connects to a car radio by means of this transmitter has seen Bluetooth (wirelessly!), Like the music stored in my device can be touched by means of a car stereo system, have to that has for the oldest cars that does not have port of USB. Also I can take calls of telephone without touching my mobile phone. It is compact as it does not take too spatial. Also it likes to of me amiably it has lit it. An only thing that is not to perfect is a volume, has to turn a volume to a big plus in my device to take the decent volume to listen to a music, otherwise has static noise has tried to look a radio volume. Another that when being the good and useful product, a service is glorious! I have received a manual of product and contact of service info for same email before I have received a product! ( There is the manual of copy of the paper that comes with a product also).
5 / 5 Merrilee
Can not believe the one who awesome ossia. So only the desire had taken the most collected. It is very easy to use and a quality of his utmost east. You will owe that turn your volume of telephone until max and then crank a stereo his for the listen but comes by means of amiably without static. An USB uploads the ports are a lot handy also. An only question can have, how is a chance with all the products like this, is alive in the a lot of urban area, can be hard to find the radio frequency that it is clear, and to the equal that drive around, could begin choose on another canal. Alive in the mid-sized the city and work well for me.
4 / 5 Iraida
Has required so only the way to be able to listen to the mine telephone no my system of car audio, looked the a lot of options, but any of them was has complicated also. Some instructions could have used the little more detail on like this to setup, has had to imagine was on its own name that it has to resist you down a key of the call until a screen blinks to regulate a FM frequency, but so only take roughly 3 min to imagine was. A Bluetooth law perfectly, connects to the mine telephone grieve some car starts up. A subject only is does the light static, at all calms would not remark never while listening the music, but has it remarked while listening to podcasts. It is like this light any the import at all. Neither I have remarked when I bought it but has the mic in a device to the equal that can manage Bluetooth called of your telephone, and has done this the pair of the time and utmost.
5 / 5 Raymonde
Connects to my telephone a lot easily but there there is always so static any @subject that the canal chosen, to my sound of speakers likes him is rasgando also. The desire has known as to fix a static question reason a device is quite decent for his prize.

Has been contacted by his crew of service of the Client and they send me to us was the substitution that the better works that a one has purchased. It is a T24. I am expecting a More uses them there has any to plot of static!
5 / 5 Griselda
After a together initial-on, ossia for real the game & of discharges. It connects instantly when radio is turned on. I have it that has not had never the signal fallen or distorsion when listening street Bluetooth connection... microSD The sum of laws of the paper.
5 / 5 Shela
Better option if so only want to add Bluetooth to the vehicle for economic without any work. It covers he in, pair he and choose the canal. Inside a car, a music is a lot of crisp and the sound adds. Sometimes my friends will have in his car and I row 100 m behind and he crackle the little bit but his still music. My partner has bought the different fm transmissive of walmart and was roughly two times a prize and I a lot they was to think it was Bluetooth. In general very happy with him.
5 / 5 Arletha
A quality of product is surprising. A question has had an instruction resupplied has not been to clear and attentive to find one spatial FM radio. For incumplimiento space FM in this device comes with 87.5. That, this incumplimiento is not available in some cars and of the starts of 87.7. In all the chance, calm only precise maintains to press a half key constantly to move incumplimiento space FM to an available one in your car.
4 / 5 Janelle
These works of product exactly like his suppositions to! My old 2005 Mazda does not have an auxiliary port or to the cassette inserts/inserts to be able to listen my Spotify playlists or to be able to speak in a telephone rid free while driving. This does perfectly and present the speak to in a telephone with saying that we listen me to us perfectly, and listen them perfectly also. I can answer some calls, hangs, and music of transmission for a touch of the key in a device. I love it! 5
5 / 5 Donald
I have bought a vehicle an old plus recently and he not having Bluetooth in him! No the big shot, has thought, as has the something partorisca a boss of audio as it can spent in my music that way. After spending for roughly 2 or 3 bosses of audio, has imagined enough is quite and found this type! A partner of mine has something alike as I thought that it would give comes from it. After having it roughly the looks of week to do add! It was easy to dip up and has not had any question with touching still! I have not used he for calls of telephone still, and does not know I , but for the music is really well for a prize.
4 / 5 Randall
Is looking to add Bluetooth to a system of automobile of the oldest audio he the good work this in spite of, no without some smaller subjects.

In my system of the automobile of audio has to that look a volume almost to a max (in the stairs of 1-38, FM irradiate very strong = 22, almost like this strong like a lot of load FM but, with Bluetooth = 38). Also, I can not leave a device plugged in him wants to listen the FM radius, as it interferes with a FM reception. Any severely but noticeable.

Takes that paid for May, he a work quite well! Not complaining , so only saying.
4 / 5 Mirna
Some produced is easy to use/place up and connect to. There is remarked a quality of his is not to order this in spite of, and occasionally can produce the very big pitched ringing touch which extremely has annoyed. Also it has the light buzzing/ringing if it is not touching any audio. This noise goes was to direct your volume down, but still, is annoying that you have to that treat this. They are by train to use it Far less than has thought I because of these questions. Probably steps more money and take the better quality one can that to him again.
4 / 5 Pierre
Works like the charm, EXCELLENT touching the capacities and a quality of his this really well when it find a right canal to dip ready to.

My only question with him is, loves to use this for the only telephone that touches and listen to FOLLOW or FM irradiate a same time, can cause big pitched subject of frequency in some canal is not dipped ready to, the majority of a time.
Any a radio unlistenable, but has the constant noise in a background the majority of a time. It unplugs And it goes it was if you are not using a device.
4 / 5 Lisette
The work adds, has had to try the little different canal to find one that didnt done the crackling noise but a lot of biggy. A quality of his perfect east and his really easy to do calls. Perfet For my car ossia does not have all some elegant artilugios.
5 / 5 Arcelia
In of the terms of the quality of music can has not beaten never the good ol cd or built in bluetooth stereo system.
But yes are taste and see that unavailable in of the particular model of automobile ossia a next better thing , 9/10 bang for a buck and conversation of the clear telephone without some concerns
5 / 5 Delila
the instructions of Email have been detailed more than that avenges with (as to treat static and as to change emisora radius). Still have some light static in a unused emisora radius to the equal that comes from another canal later today. It has not used he for the free hands that called still. The sound is a lot enough for music and pleasure like him partorisci automatically when reentering car.
5 / 5 Shaunna
Like this far this thing is absolutely awesome! Súper Simple to hook on, quality of his add, has interface in a device for volume and skipping/rewind. Two usb gone in also. It feels well he has done. Unless something raisin (which will update as) ossia a lot of value of the money. 👍
4 / 5 Rickie
Ossia Exactly that has looked for! I drive the tonne and probably uses for at least an hour the day and has not had never any subjects with him. I want like this it has two put you of USB as the fellow and can touch our telephones a same time. It connects really quickly. You recommend to any one.
4 / 5 Kenda
The work adds, the sound is excellent. Easy to dip up and always ready to go yes calm to leave it plugged to the Key-In outlet, good to have bluetooth in a vehicle an old plus without a hassle to change a unit of boss.
5 / 5 Suzanne
He The fact so only 3 day. After no longer it see his mp3 that he and has had the the interior. Little that Remonta was of the sud micro sd or key usb.
A lot of déçevant. Less bad of him any And quota have of turn.
4 / 5 Kati
Adds little artilugio partorisca have! My car is older like ossia perfect for handsfree calls and touching music. It can change songs and of the calls of response of a device like any need to touch your telephone - is not the breaker of law! There is the clicking noise that has developed the month with which uses, but no the enormous annoying. Calm also can touch your telephone of him, which are adds partorisca the longest walks like your telephone will not die .
5 / 5 Kiara
Short of two month that use, some pocolos connectors have taken stuck inside an organism of a device that is partorisca annoy now the substitution shortly after that revises an original unit, he trying right now...
4 / 5 Signe
Good product in general, but constantly am taking some static interference that resulted in his ruined a little experience, to all the yes connected cost to a telephone or no... I guess it is something will take used to, but is annoying this in spite of. Also a microphone is too feeble and I need partorisca speak a lot noisily partorisca people partorisca listen me.
5 / 5 Jean
After spending for the different transmissive pair, this one takes a cake. Quality of the his perfect in a heart of head office Vancouver. The majority other transmitters are missing of a force partorisca touch music in congested zones.
4 / 5 Maximo
Súper Well with the Radio and some very good edges. Only bemol Game, taking notes that a telephone only the the time, fails reactiver Bluetooth to every time.
Súper With Maps of Google!
Well Pays no More expensive, I l 'has do with another and is same transmetteur.
5 / 5 Jonathan
Was very surprised for like this sounds well. The force of signal is a lot very still in crowed to to the city likes them Montreal. I think that that a way changes the canal is not súper natural but anyways, dipped that once on, I any precise of the transmission. When being able to touch your telephone a same time is suuuuper cool also.

Compraventa, calm will not complain it .
4 / 5 Paulita
Some technological advances of this past century are for real extraordinary state. His, music, travelling by means of an air, wirelessly, of the mine telephone to some speakers of my car. And on that, volume partorisca have my emisora radio own in my car. Christ Almighty how is this same possible? I am stunned. Baffled. The sure capitalism is wonderful.
5 / 5 Hyon
Partorisca Of the money, work quite well. The only complaint there would be is a volume is the little low. Balancing a volume of my telephone with a volume of a radio in my vehicle to take the sound has better come on the little light in his global in my car. The point of prize is hard to contest reason he that is to feign to so much.
4 / 5 Vicky
The So only bémol is when lucida estaca of the radios chosen loses of the signal, he transmetteur begins to mix your music and that of the radio, has like this the transmission touches a more stable device, an auxiliary device Bluetooth
4 / 5 Marielle
Fast nave, near easy on, when the people call me listens him add and when I touch my music in a Bluetooth - THIS In spite of, people in another line can not say one same roughly me. The people that complains of him touching likes are in an elevator or to somewhere has closed was, the majority of my conversation is inaudible.
5 / 5 Santa
The product adds and easy to use. Easy to install (not even a minute). I love it, my car has a characteristic partorisca a 1st generation of IPOD now can listen the music of any wireless device
4 / 5 Teresita
Like this far, a transmitter has been doing add partorisca me. If it follows some instructions and calm has dipped he until the entirely spatial FM the canal has to that do well. Inside 1 street of travesía of now to do, and has done adds in these travesías and I have not had any subjects in qualities of sound. I expect that this product is a test of time and no bad work or pause.
4 / 5 Despina
Has bought in fact this like the present because my partner has commented on requiring an after seeing a one has had, was experimenting with east a, in fact likes to of me better that a an I has. Like this probably that goes to the compraventa is one ! I have found a sound when doing called of the telephones in a car was utmost, I hate when it touches likes is súper far out of a mic. I produce like this it adds!
4 / 5 Chin
Has the 2004 Deep Civic - no bluetooth or to the cord in sight. A bluetooth the the adapter was exactly that has required! Surprising partorisca my longitude commutes house. The quality of his east orders finds some right canal, and league automatically. Even has taken my dad and grandpa partorisca purchase with which was like this happy!
4 / 5 Nathanael
This product was very easy to use. It covers he in, tune to the canal, tune your radio to a same canal and bam the Bluetooth access. Now I can listen the podcasts and music in my car in place of a radio. There is the bit of static sometimes and has tried dipping ready to the different canal without success but on am very happy with this product.
4 / 5 Adan
A FM the transmitter has surpassed far my expectations. It take the cause was an economic one more has seen, and has imagined probably would take that I have paid stops. But a quality of his fantastic east, can not say the difference among him and the to the boss! A Bluetooth ties a lot quickly, and a song skip and key of volume so many laws well. Also it is smaller that has been expecting for some pictures, which is well. Fantastic product!
4 / 5 Tenisha
Quality and fast delivery good looks, but almost can not listen any sounds. Returned the.
5 / 5 Retta
Loves this thing, a sound is súper clear and league automatically when I turn my car on. I have read the few descriptions that mentions some stays of units powered in still when a car is was (that it could drain it your car battery) but the looks of mine partorisca turn that they are súper happy roughly. Partorisca A prize can not think that well laws.

Top Customer Reviews: GETIHU Phone Holder ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5 Arla
Colour: the Strong magnet Black attaches my telephone in place. It uses it while it uses my telephone like the GPS. Mountains to mine automobiles AC ventilation firmly. Sper Easy to install and partorisca take of car ventilation. It comes with 2 dishes of metal; the rectangular one and the round a. I have him on my personal cell and my cell of work. Now it results sper convenient partorisca me partorisca locate both telephone in my car. I have not stuck some dishes of metal in my telephone. I situated him among mine a cell ohone coverage and a backside of my telephones. Fact perfectly well and I of the that has to that concern a lot when being pas able to take them when the telephones of transmission. Absolutely want this compraventa. It is better that any one another car of telephone trace that have had before. To good sure recommended
5 / 5 Elisa
Colour: the money has Compared to alike products, is magnetic force , calm only need partorisca situate the dish of metal in your chance of telephone, calm always can see your information of navigation of the mobile phone when you drive, message. Recognition, will do calm in a car When surer, does not have to that concern roughly all some risks of security have caused partorisca verify your telephone while driving. The mobile phone has used previously the headline has found the bumpy subject when that drives a car will fall, and sometimes will be attached to a telephone racks near, small and light appearance is also to attract me, the stand of big telephone will look clumsy and unfavorable
4 / 5 Janay
Colour: Money A mountainhasstrong magnets and resist a telephone firmly while driving. It does partorisca use a telephone partorisca GPS that follows, doing/receiving calls or reproducing songs very convenient. To the Another thing likes is comes with dishes of of metal that partorisca beat to you takes in any device, any just telephone without prpers that has to that worry in a measure of a device. So only it does not hang something bulky, otherwise, attractive yours car ventilations down. Calm also can use some magnets like the stand of device when not using in your car. Although, material partorisca attach a dish of the metal inside the fat coverage will weaken an attractive magnetic but I am happy using it on a backside of a coverage.
5 / 5 Michael
Colour: the money has looked for this mountain partorisca the long time. My forward an is not magnetic and sometimes has to that dip my telephone in and out of him with two delivery that is dangerous when that drives the car. It compares the a lot of magnetic mountain chooses this a finally reason has to protect it special films how is different outside. A whole creation looks like this beautiful. Lame partorisca three days and now does well, didnt falls my telephone.
5 / 5 Kacey
Colour: Black The majority of people cost immediately after receiving an element, in my side I usually expects 2 week before I do. With this particular product has required so only three days partorisca do the verdict. The group does not resist and is not clipping strongly to to a ventilation partorisca air likes 1 out of 3 times sticks to a dish of telephone and appeal out of a ventilation of air. If a ventilation of air is dipped partorisca heat, founds the glue of sticker to a point where a telephone will fall with which 10 minutes. If I look for to use a dish of big metal among my telephone and a protective chance as declared in some results of drives with the magnet any when being any quite strong to resist a telephone. :-( I has the Iphone 7S regarding this class of telephone is the a lot of gone, anything smaller perhaps .
4 / 5 Issac
Colour: Money When it take a container of a headline, a box is like this tiny. But it is really it is the strong magnetic headline and good quality. I have read a manual of user and follow some steps to do a stuffs of metal. It is like this easy. It has dipped then a headline to a car. Tolerance a big telephone a lot of(iPhone 6 plus) and protect my telephone that change up and down when a street is bad.
4 / 5 Sharlene
Colour: the money has purchased recently this element, surprised that the really tiny but powerful magnetic force. Control very same when the walk in a street. And easy to dip on and take was.
4 / 5 Minda
Colour: Money I amour this product!!! You are no longer require regulate a headline of mobile phone anymore. A product is very small but fact for magnet like calm does not have to that the worry in your telephone will fall. If poden done some different colours would be included happier. Now it is so only available black regarding people those who has had white telephone or has ascended a black magnet is the little odd. This in spite of, have had the chance of telephone to cover a black sticker like my looks close telephone quite.
4 / 5 Dante
Colour: Money This headline of magnetic car telephone adds is very easy to gather. His measure is almost like loonie measures it and a container have come with 2 dish of metal,which are adds to use in of the different places. One the majority of what adds and of the entity is a dish of the metal has 3M adhesive tape and is very ensured. I have situated a car mountain in a ventilation of air. It is ensured enough to resist a telephone and any worry when driving.
5 / 5 Alissa
Colour: Easy Money partorisca install. Options of magnet that access more partorisca you. A magnet is very strong and a telephone does not fall , included in heavy partorisca telephone placing in your car. It takes it!
4 / 5 Rosetta
Easy to install. Options of magnet that access more partorisca you. A magnet is very strong and a telephone does not fall , included in heavy partorisca telephone placing in your car. It takes it!
5 / 5 Arleen
Ossia Really the ready creation! I want it like this!!! They are considered really!!! It can attach directly with your telephone, or with a thin chance or still with the fat chance, but everything of everything, is everything firmly has connected. My telephone does not fall never was when I am travelling. And have the protivetive film, how is also easy partorisca me partorisca take without breaking your telephone. Like this strongly recommended!!!!
4 / 5 Arline
A lot good to use! A product is exquisited and looks so only prefect. Free my hands when I behaviour.
4 / 5 Shaquita
A magnetic sticker certainly stuck well to my telephone, but that follows his directions, also avenges of relatively easily. Look partorisca resist well to an annex before I dipped it up in my vehicle, was while it does not look partorisca resist securely. It can have had something partorisca do with a vehicle but that when be said, no partorisca me as well as the different fashion how is returned. UPDATE: a company contacted and sent the highland different class of telephone, this one has attached to a pinch with a glue. It say him that that has has not loved the use in my new vehicle, ensure me to us 'take was' easily when we take a mountain. Well, I am happy has not used he in my mark the new vehicle but my husband have tried he in his truck and maintaining have two sticky patches that will not exit !! Like the mountain has not stuck, and a glue will not exit ...
5 / 5 Ranae
In the first place was has not bought partorisca my iphone, has purchased instead partorisca resist on my RV the screen of video of the rear camera. Partorisca This I thinks it would have to that it reads. My subjects are as follows, 1) a clip to a ventilation does not look partorisca resist a lot well, partorisca arrive to this point thinks that that that has in, but would not trust the telephone on that. I have had other clips that the better control. 2) A glue does not look a better, peel of my screen of video already, I only need partorisca the use when backing on like this again would owe that it reads partorisca me 3) has not bought partorisca my iphone, but has thought would try it. When I have dipped a magnet in a centre of a telephone take a better stability in a car, but then can uploads a lot wireless against house. I have moved a magnet to a fund 1/3 and touching works again, but does not look stable in a headline of ventilation. It does not think that it is to say a force of a magnet, enough a headline of ventilation is hard to take stable. Your election, but would look elsewhere
5 / 5 Laurence
has installed the elder gives two magnets under my house ultra minces and transparent, the magnet did not retain my Commentaries of Galaxy 8.
Before me décourager, has tried joins another paste of solution the magnet to the sud my chance, concealed the a lot of very done. But when it have it it has substituted my mobile, the magnet this has embezzled to the sud sustains of maintenance. Has all has launched to the poubelle.
4 / 5 Ricarda
Are not the enormous defender of of the this, so only reason is the mountain of ventilation - which have @to @give mine some transports does not have good ventilations partorisca east, as he flops behind and advance.

That when be said, a magnet is strong abundance and has had any subject with the telephone that fallen. A packaging is good and simple, with all some accessories (and extra) to locate and animal-trace and use with to stop them different telephones - which is the touch adds .

So only can recommend has good ventilations for him ... But a solid highland version is far better for my chance of use (that it would recommend it in the first place).
4 / 5 Sacha
Has is gone through so many car mountains in a past 3 years, and any one my telephone is weighed too much, and pauses, or my telephone is too big and he no returned. Has a Note 5, and a otterbox, and this GETIHU the car mountain is so only that precise. It is súper strong, and resists on my telephone perfectly. It has dipped a big rectangular dish directly in a backside of mine otterbox, and estacas in a magnetic car mountain like the sleep.

An only odd thing can say them roughly the, is that a mountain he swivels really easily, as it can not locate my telephone lateralmente, or he rotate 90 terracings grieve the to the left goes. But of the trace my telephone vertically, looks to be well, although the big swipe in a do one my telephone swivel so only the tinsy has bitten.
5 / 5 Mirta
Has bought this for my woman. An only downside -- discovered in 30 terracing+ Celsius time (ossia in 90s farenheit and to to the feeling likes 110 with of a humidity) -- was that it blocks some air to condition airflow of his ventilation, as it changes to another headline for now. The suspect was a lot behind to of the one of the east a hardly a time moderates -- a simplicity and facilitated of just sticking it to a magnet is better that returning he when titling. A magnet is good and strong and resists a telephone securely. Has a lot of be happy using it.
5 / 5 Mandie
A Mountain is the element adds . They are really happy with him like this done my easier way of life and a lot of people mention the one who strong is when it resists my telephone in place. Totally I recommend it.

An only thing can say that I am less happy with this falls off it my car sometimes go in the bumpy zone.
5 / 5 Judson
A vendor has achieved was mine and refunded me entirely. Ossia Service of good client . We love me to us partorisca delete my description. I will leave my description up. It is the free country , to the each one which as his own 😉

First what that it was a subject was that a portion of base is drawn partorisca be clipped to the ventilation of heater. Has has had to that aggressively install a clip partorisca he partorisca remain trace, his literally among a pinch and ventilation.

A second question was a glue for a portion of metal that is trace in a backside of a telephone. Nizza When your mark the new telephone fall off while you are driven (sarcasm).

Has finalised to use 3M two sided tape to take a portion of metal to finally the stay has attached.
4 / 5 Fairy
Perfect access in a ventilation of mine Mazda 3 for my iPhone 7+ with the snap fashionable chance. The words advise, compraventa so only if your chance of telephone is in a side a thin plus, if your chance is too fat a magnet will not be like this strong and your telephone will fall finally. This in spite of in an opposite end, if you do not have the chance of telephone, or have an extremely thin chance, a magnet will be way too much strong and when tests and take your telephone, will take a whole unit out of a ventilation with him.

At all to do with a product, but a vendor has chosen to use Dynamex likes revendedor that is a terrible election , did not notify me when they have tried to rid, as when I thought 'hmm, is been the while' and decided to verify one that follows, has said that has tried at least 3 times partorisca rid which can testify they any and has not left any class partorisca remark at all. I have contacted amazon in of the this and a lot so only ensure has taken a product a next day, but gave to us also the repayment for my questions. Like this in general, no the bad experience but to good sure any one the smooth a neither.
5 / 5 Freda
A magnet is way too much strong. If calm dipped that on like this recommended for fat chances or without the chance a magnet is too strong and pulls a legislation of part of the mountain out of a ventilation when it try to take a telephone was.
Has expected can dip a part of metal in mine socket of pop but reason a magnet was too strong I has had to take my socket of pop and dip a part of metal in my telephone under my chance. This dips up is well and starts easily quite but feels sure but lose my socket of pop.
4 / 5 Vashti
This one is bought for my own car. I have had a car headline with me and has discovered to be like this inconveniet gave it then my woman:). Cela One is easy to the fall was when I has tried to turn in a wiper or do a light to turn on/ was, as it conceal one is installed with three part that cost me more but realy does less than east a. This GETIHU the highland unit of car telephone is installed in some downloads of air to the equal that means to have the few locations to choose. And a base for a mountain is like this tiny that does not block a ventilation of air. Also a base is quite tight to avert falling of a ventilation yes is spending swipe of speed or do to sudden stop. It is also easy to take like the feet of a base is almost flat so that calm easily can install and take. On everything, is the telephone a lot of trace that is already very better that some mark those who was even more expensive.
5 / 5 Reanna
First to purchase this artilugio, has had an IDENTICAL a, experience in a tent of dollar, for $4 . Are enamoured with a function because really it helps to maintain my hands Of mine telephone while I am driven ( ANY TEXT And WALK). The for like this decided to purchase this goody (quotes a awesome descriptions). THIS In spite of, are in fact quite disappointed. A reason has substituted my Dollarama one is reason a bit piece of the constantly exited ventilation has tried grieves to take my telephone. SURPRISED, SURPRISED, one spends of what same esatta with east a. Perhaps my telephone is heavy too (iPhone 7 plus), as he doesnt spend like this often when an iPhone 7 (More) is on that.

In general, sound the good small artilugio, is there is disappointed so only my dollar stores one was a same quality esatta .
4 / 5 Emiko
Has received so only my headline of magnetic telephone. To prime minister that sees a box, can say the tape has been pulled that pealed was some of a writing in a box. I have imagined no extracted big, still. Opened a box on and some looks of magnet well, has the a lot of his hanged so that it does not feel economic. Take a magnet was with his tray, and that know!..This is to be return without complete contents. It is missing a dish of round. A rectangular dish that retreated is also be pealed was and reapplied for any old plus that a boy. Any exactly sure yes included has to that try using a rectangular one in chance a adjesion is subpar reason is used or something. It has done this provider still checks an element is returned to see all was 100??? There is disappointed totally!
5 / 5 Lashanda
The perfect works are. Stays in downloading different roughly another some reasons a clip is hule tight . Magnetic is so only a right force that can resist it your telephone without pulling out of a mountain while you pull a telephone was. Also it comes with 2 pieces of metal like this me and my promise can dip a backside each chance of telephone. Good quality for a cost. It is Spent to have the Spigen chance but my fiancée didnt and well of law for both was chance/of telephones any question. Also, of then more chance of use of the people, calm does not have to that stick a piece of metal to a backside of your telephone, so only to an interior of a chance, as any 'ruin' a backside of the yours telephone and neither looks ugly aiming in your chance of telephone. Well you draw it. We order another for his parents.
4 / 5 Loralee
Some magnets are well. A glue in some dishes of the metal is not that utmost. There is cam unglued of my device numerous time.
Also, if your ventilation is slightly recessed in a pinch then he doesnt has quite space to contact.
Will go with another this has the swivel boss and claves out of has bitten it more and his adhesive claves a lot well.
4 / 5 Marshall
A sticker and the magnet are súper strong. But a course that attaches to a car is like this flimsy. A weight of some attractive telephone he down doing it hard to see a screen. A slightest the touch or the swipe in a street the slide done was gradually, finally falls off it. A time or has taken the acute turn and my telephone and a device has been to fly! Ossia Really dangerous. . .Imagine if he logged under my pause peddle? Raisin a bit those that extra bucks to take the better working product.
4 / 5 Rachell
Very good. A magnet is small but strong and a metal that the claves in your telephone is very thin and easily spends for the chance of silicone. The only flu is when taking a telephone of a magnet, a magnet almost pulls totally of one could have done a control of clip to a tighter ventilation
4 / 5 Josefina
It has found this form of telephone trace one the majority of versatile while there is well has has situated ventilations. So only it can give produced 4 stars of different that one adds states, a mountain a lot swivel once locates behind situates on ventilation. Obviously it can I plunder and rotate 90 terracings, but the description suggested it could rotate.
5 / 5 Aretha
Has bought this partorisca my edges. It is pleased enough with him. But it says that, for a prize, could give 2 magnets. But it is happy with a product he. To add, has sent 4 and of the topmasts. It take your substitution . The graces for your consideration and generosity in this subject. I expect that my edges will be satisfied.
5 / 5 Anthony
Is the really good product . Work perfectly. This in spite of, be careful has the telephone with wireless touching. Mark sure uses a piece of metal of small round to stick in your telephone, and the frames calm sure sticks to a fund of your telephone, otherwise, wireless touching no .
5 / 5 Albertina
But not perfecting for angled or ventilations of wry air. Mina Mazda 3 there is angled some, as done a placing of a telephone bit it uncomfortable. It sticks so only well, and besides the circumstances does well. But it blocks a ventilation and of the corners a telephone like a screen takes some external reflection of a windshield. I can usually still see a GPS well, but is not ideal and can be distract.

Is not like this solid like the CD inserts/inserts, but still solid quite. For a prize, recommend it.
4 / 5 Thao
He Alive in Canada, this will be rubbishes . It has to that go in to ventilation of hot and in a winter goes to ruin so only a glue rendering the useless. Still with taking a airflow to a ventilation, ruin both in a band.

A magnet neither is quite strong to spend for a chance.

Saves your money
4 / 5 Burton
No quite sure for a characteristic of security. So much, I can not comment in that. A magnetic suction is surprising. Has game around with him, included to bumpy street, and rest one same. A beauty of of the this is, a suction is strong, this in spite of is like this smooth for your rotation of telephone. To locate part, does not locate with a wider grip, as it whitewashes was easily. Calm once traces with the most tightened grip to a ventilation of air, is good to go. Highly recommend it.
4 / 5 Riva
At the beginning was sceptical reason a stuff of the metal has dipped among your telephone and your chance is really thin. But after using it, can say that a magnet is súper strong and theres any way falls off . My friends and His same launch a telephone while aiming for the earth in a magnet and work every time. I produce it adds, especially for a prize.
5 / 5 Kyra
Can of the suction is enough to sustain and control Samsung S8+ which is a a current mobile phone elder in staging today.
Is good to have the sticky plastic coverage among mobile phone and piece of metal. So much, easily it can take the piece of metal was .
5 / 5 Francisco
The magnet is very strong and maintains well telephones. Alas, some Instants after having installed the magnet of mine of the sud étui of telephone, my telephone decree it to do (white screen with Apple of logo permanently). I have had to Give to the Apple Tends games to do restore, the car concealed no of in me... I go to go back this product.
Update: Very good custumer service. It produces it is well, my question is not probably pas foreseen to produces him especially, but to the magnets in general with my telephone...
5 / 5 Larisa
Ossia The product adds . Master for his simplicity. Easy to install. It remains in same bylines in bumpier streets. More, person still see of a windshield. So only it wishes that a magnet to base that attaches to a ventilation of air was two pieces . If utilisations two different vehicles and or maintains to change among cars a control of looks of hule to weaken over time. This in spite of, is perfect is using so only a car and or fixed the to a ventilation of air without regularly take and that fijamente again.
5 / 5 Raeann
Very small and discreet, The magnet is truth very strong. Has paste he to the sud my mobile and leave always the étui pair on and this does not affect at all the Force of the magnet. I received it quickly. Súper Reward of quality of the rapport.
5 / 5 Lessie
That some absolute rubbishes
This produces so only tries concealed :
one in this same company thinks .
Control of quality
the product of sample was an idea
money grab of people
A magnet in a base is strong to resist telephone in place but when you take a telephone a groups the integer comes of of a ventilation .
Such the shame .
Would owe that be embarrassed partorisca squander time and resources.
Can not underline the one who stupid this looks of product.
Any recommended
4 / 5 Analisa
was under an impression could use this under my chance of mobile phone but has not been the strong quite fond. I have had to take my chance of the mine telephone every time was in my car. Then this week a magnet is exited my telephone to the equal that have lost is material sticky . Now I can no utilisations at all. A date of the caducity of turn was two weeks ago. As any impressed.

Update: the service of client adds! A company was able to help me troubleshoot my @@subject and are now the satisfied client! THANK YOU GETIHU!
5 / 5 Alexandria
This headline of magnetic paper is simple to operate and useful to use. So only simply situate a sticker in a backside of my cell situates a prongs in a ventilation of air, and dip a cellphone on that. A magnetism is very strong so that a cellphone will not go down never of point. Very satisfied with this compraventa.
4 / 5 Yaeko
Are very impressed with this magnet. Has an IPHONE 7 more and these controls of amorous he without questions and any movement at all. Also it takes on a lot little spatial and is not a eyesore when you are in a vehicle. I have purchased also this based in other descriptions and are not disappointed.
5 / 5 Henriette
Uses this for my I telephone 6s more with a series of defender otterbox ( beautiful bulky ) and some controls of magnet up . The law adds and he the easiest fact on me when it uses them my telephone for the gps . The ones of the that Has to that maintain pulling on to verify my telephone . Good product everywhere
4 / 5 Lovella
the works add!
Loves reason he hooks on súper easy and a magnet is strong!

Has slipped so only a magnet to my chance of telephone and do like this as well as be to have stickered he to my telephone.
5 / 5 Shaun
Likes, is exactly that has looked for. This in spite of, he no in all the vehicles been due to a way some ventilations have been created in a car. As some accesses of clip in an of my vehicles but no in another. Any sure if a description has declared that in a description or the no. is a lot handy and useful but no universal.
5 / 5 Shirleen
A magnet is in fact too strong. So only it pulls a whole unit of a ventilation every time. You owe that it uses two hands to take of a base as it does not pull one was of what whole. Also, an adhesive film was impossible to take. I have had to cut the piece to be able of peel was. It was to return this asap.
4 / 5 Tommye
I really like a concept of this headline of telephone - you so only require a delivery to situate a telephone to a headline and calm is ready to go. One issues is that my telephone does not look to remain place. I have used so much a big and fond of circle (situated among my chance and telephone) and some stays of telephone but when that continues in the swipe or doing the light movement will cause a telephone to fall. I possess a iphone 6 as I have not expected this subject. Another that this subject small, a headline are adds.

Update: the service of client has answered for behind promptly and has quotes useful tips on like this to do a stay of telephone has dipped. Clashed until 4 stars.

Top Customer Reviews: Car Charger, Anker ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Colour: Black Looks a lot another 12v the lighter of cigarette uploads. This in spite of, Anker owes the special magic called 'load IQ', which means roughly extra electronic interior one uploads this decides what power your needs of battery that hangs different phases partorisca touch. I have experienced the battery has broken caused for unregulated chargers, for like this, so only trusts a Anker frames chargers partorisca maintain my battery ss. No longer it suffers that it has to that touch my thicker battery like the telephone takes older. A battery maintains his capacity!
5 / 5
Colour: Black Update, Dec 12th, 2018: I have wanted to so only commend this company for service of excellent client. A day with which have left a description, one of the his reps contacted and offered to send me new fast touching chargers still free. These chargers has done like this fianc, fast and beautiful. They have followed until confirming that everything is doing well. It marks any deception, this day and age of service of bad client, this experience is the rarity and will look in Anker to buy produced first to look in anything more.

Original description:
This is not the fast to upload. Tired he in s7 flange, s7 and s8 with different bosses.
5 / 5
Colour: Black This has blown a fuse in mine 2012 F150 two times now. I can very included use it, so only changed behind to mine 400W inverter and use AC load of there that. Has the alternator of big start, all another work of electronic well, but this device maintains partorisca blow fusible. Any one is defective, or is drawing far more aperage that specifed.

Personally would not recommend this everything of these operate in the alike fashion. Partorisca Be clear, no another active adapter there is not showed never this behaviour and there is prendido grieves partorisca use the the question is immediately be he was with him. Has has used devices of big draw by means of a inverter without subject, but this little walk partorisca be able to 2 is not touching well with my truck.
4 / 5
Colour: Black As I have said in other descriptions are resulted the big defender of Anker the products and ossia any expection. Give That an adapter of USB the lightest car used has not touched my good devices. Ossia When there is give was so only he 1An and to to the devices like More than iPhone can use 2A partorisca touch more than fast. A difference was instantly noticeable after so only a walk. My telephone has recovered his uploads as it was plugged to my wall uploads. There is two put you like this included could touch the telephone of the passenger a same time. Has the small DIRECTED these leaves is his on to which likes that his thin. To good sure the value that takes need one in-the automobile that solution of touches.
5 / 5
Colour: Black When driving in the automobile call them telephone often to partorisca resupply directions of GPS, with maximum screen brightness, and probably touching music. This creates enough the drain to be able to, a be of result, your telephone probably not having much more touches even after being plugged in for the moment. Ossia Especially true of big phablet telephones of measure like a serious further of the iPhone.

C load solves that question to the equal that has abundance of start in 2.4 amps. It ensures that your telephone has the decent upper-arrive to touch while driving.
4 / 5
Colour: Black Original description:
in my vehicle a To the BOSS and 12v jack is side for side. When Touching my telephone and using a To the jack in some results of same time in the big pitched whine by means of a system of audio that the quite proportional scales to engine RPM.
An investigation has done in this subject indicates that it is likely these products is outputting extracted adds of EMI to use some few economic components. It can Anker commentary perhaps?
Has update:
now create this is to relate to the electrical system of the mine car and no the defect of this product. So only be conscious when that purchases that this could be the question for you, also.
4 / 5
Colour: Black Any complaint here. Cariche So many of our telephones. I can not say if a port is touching faster that another, but resembles scarce a (on a IQ) resemble but am not totally sure.

Any way, is a lot priced, any sketchy and takes a work done. I have had a Anker upload in a past this is to be do of metal and felt much more durable that this, hope like this to the left is a test of the time but am alentador.

Is by train partorisca use it On iPhones and looks for his touch quickly enough. Faster That only street-USB in your car, sure.
4 / 5
Colour: Black I use of already 2 varied years products of in Anker and that has done the acquisition of my transports of needs of premire there was recently of a chargeur car of games. It has bought like this this small chargeur as well as An USB of edge-C and like this of the habit am satisfied enormously of the price and of the material has received. Of the good quality that reads very good ! I recommend all His products of Anker.
4 / 5
Colour: Black Ossia a second anker transports partorisca upload have bought is absolutely fantantastic does not run hot,uploads my iPhone 6s More very quickly. They are the big defender of Anker produced, also there is thier blue tooth cubed speaker and has had to that treat there service of client in this element 4 month after buying a speaker a volume has begun to look for him, has telephoned Anker and has had the speaker of substitution in roughly 4 days ( they the street has sent included expedited nave)Very easy to treat and stand behind there produced without that has to that jump by means of any hoops. Calm the favour and yes Anker is selling an element is interested in,Buy a Anker!!!!!!! The quality adds and wonderful no hassle service of client that solves your subject your fast plus that would think possible
4 / 5
Colour: Black I use this partorisca touch my telephone in my car. It returns snugly to some 12V put you of the mine Mazda and no wiggle around, that ensures the good connection. I want that there is the little blue light on some ports of USB partorisca say when it is receiving has beaten. Some finals of USB of my cords partorisca touch also apt snugly to a device and has no wiggling around. It does not take never hot and a black colour is lustrous and is inconspicuous in comparison to an interior of my vehicle. It uploads my devices quickly. I want that there is 2 put you of USB in chances am driving the fellow the one who also touches to need his telephone. This in spite of do not have remarked a speed partorisca touch when there it is 2 devices plugged in a same time. Value a price to the equal that are taking that I can say is the product of good quality.
5 / 5
Running Waze in a battery of uses of the iPhone quickly because of some updates of CONSTANT GPS. This Anker upload works well with two telephone simultaneously - provider quite can to use a GPS and load to 100. A unit is small and light, and has had of the service of client adds in a past with a Anker boss that shabby, has to very sure would substitute this if anything is not never bad state. Economic. Well-he he. Works to the equal that has described. Shopping again.
5 / 5
Has bought vário car USB chargers on some years and any of them lived until some expectations have had. I have bought this Anker the first unit of the start is gone in the travesía of country of the cross with 4 boys and am surprised the one who credit this east load. It is the no frill that it looks to upload but key súper fast. My iPhone 8 is inner has touched 90 min. This unit there is also be my pinch cam plugged his. Still after constant abuse and touching a week this unit has on resisted. It was to buy more for mine other cars. Reviews the few months to the equal that resists up.
5 / 5
This was one of some better investments have done. Still I have an iPhone 6s and my telephone constantly is in decline. Now with one uploads in a car my life of the hard battery longer and a power the touch is surprising! One 10 minute the car walk can touch my telephone until 15. It is incredible!

Thinks that is the value adds for your money. A quality of a product is surprising! To good sure bang for your buck! It is entirely he values he. The investment adds reason is compatible with a lot of different iPhones if you upgrade still can use one load.

In general, the product adds and totally would recommend it.
5 / 5
Anker Is one of my favourite frames and I have of the like this produced with anker. This in spite of this is not doing like this described and take the long time to touch my telephone. I have used he in of the different cars with diffract Bosses but still some same a lot quickly enough. It is quell'has bitten overpriced has compared to another anker chargers but a quality and a look of is a lot well
5 / 5
He no dipped out of one for usb likes alleged, this in spite of dips has gone by usb a time although the good on the each one another labeled the load has had. Ossia A so only an able to touch my Note 4 and my woman S5 a same time. I have ordered 2 and they are both closings going with which 6 months or like this which is also longer that some another has bought
4 / 5
Adds to upload, resupplies fast touching for my telephone and give me an extra space for my passenger. The only thing there is remarked is that dulcemente exited of a port in my car, as each few weeks have to press it behind in otherwise ours does not touch , but perhaps ossia one the fault of my old car, a port could not be form like this very like this first
4 / 5
This thing is wonderful.... His very small (extends likes perhaps 2 thumb of a lighter of cigarette), a light in a thing could be more brilliant or perhaps main... His a lot of hard to see in a darkness. This also will touch your telephone to all the speed. One 20 walk of minute touches my telephone roughly 40-50 that depends if a GPS in my telephone is on or a lot at the same time. I have left this in a cold Canadian winter in mine car plugged in and has not seen any subjects with him like this far.
4 / 5
Has purchased another resemblance of some usually sources that simply any one a work. Active has PURCHASED ALREADY a Anker Bluetooth speaker that was súper the big quality also has purchased like this this and has not been disappointed. Included a packaging is big quality ! Like this happy has paid the extra of small quantity for the product of quality: any remorse.
4 / 5
Was pleasantly surprised by these discharges in USB 3. They are the photographer and my model the one who has his iPhone surgically has attached his hand constantly used it if a car has run or no. Ella recharged his battery also at least three times on ten hours. I have verified to see was overheating and is like this fresco to the equal that can be. Produced excellent.
5 / 5
A product adds with the good access, lustrous and thin and does exactly that is to suppose to. A bit blue indicator the light is the good touch , and a fact has 2 touching the ports is icing in a cake. A prize is to good sure well for east a. Highly recommend.
4 / 5
Ossia A second anker transports partorisca upload have bought is absolutely fantantastic does not run hot,uploads my iPhone 6s More very quickly. They are the big defender of Anker produced, also there is thier blue tooth cubed speaker and has had to that treat there service of client in this element 4 month after buying a speaker a volume has begun to look for him, has telephoned Anker and has had the speaker of substitution in roughly 4 days ( they the street has sent included expedited nave)Very easy to treat and stand behind there produced without that has to that jump by means of any hoops. Calm the favour and yes Anker is selling an element is interested in,Buy a Anker!!!!!!! The quality adds and wonderful no hassle service of client that solves your @@subject your fast plus that would think possible
4 / 5
has been using this car to upload has done for Anker partorisca quite some time now and to the left see me is an exceptional product . If you are looking for the automobile uploads looks no further, uses it all a time to touch my iphone while driving, has two entrances of USB that he useful to touch two devices immediately. Also it touches my telephone quite quickly like the fast 20 walk of minute is able to rid at least 30 battery my iPhone X.
4 / 5
One basic car load but looks a lot well has built. Tired of chargers falling avert or not doing , as it has looked for this mark specifically been due to good results with some of the his other electronic products. It has been pleased to find also do the automobiles upload! I have bought some hands free version also and the like also.
4 / 5
One touching is well. This in spite of, a quality is not very excellent. I have left one uploads inside a car box for the months of pair. When I took It it was, a piece forward is the fall was and broken. With which gluing joint them, work like this normal. If you look attentively, you will see a line broken in a front
5 / 5
upload Very powerful. Different very economic chargers there, this one has the very fast load, although any active fast touching in mine Samsung S8+. It is still very fast.
5 / 5
Lustrous, Down-profile, and spatial friendly. When it Is plugged in without a cord of USB, any commentaries inclusos that it is there. I have tried this product with my iPhone 7 More and touches almost like this quickly like my wall uploads. I want that it comes with 2 put you of calm USB so much can touch 2 devices immediately. These produced has the sturdy feel and is good quality. To remark, does not come with any USB that cords of touches - you so only take one uploads he.
5 / 5
Touches my LG G4 a lot of @@subject! A thing to look for when that uses any upload in a car is a temperature of your telephone. If it is trace to a windshield and a sun is beating down in the, he casualidad is a telephone will heat up and an automatically will retard down a tax to upload to prevent overheating further. Has at all to do with one load! Also, sure mark your boss of USB is estimated for fast touching.
5 / 5
Has ordered this element of Anker because of another product has bought they. It is it adds it excepts that some light stays on when management of a car and concern me that the dulcemente will drain a car battery. As have disconnected the and discharges so only he in when we require it. Of then it was not used in the daily base, this little subject does not pose any questions.
4 / 5
Has the small plus load as it has not done well in an of my vehicles because a placing of a receptacle has meant that have wanted to take one load has has had to that pry go with the tone. C load is longer and can be easily take holes yes knows concealed is not one the majority of what of entity for more the people but was for me, and has known also that when being a Anker produced to go to do well add out of a box.
4 / 5
Solid of look and of good quality. I can not speak the durability still to the equal that have begun so only use the, but anticipates it will resist up in this category also.
Has been impressed with one packing and mention of service of client in an interior of paper of information of addition . :)
5 / 5
Anker The good product and his service of client is a better. These produced is very good and doing without any questions, would have to take a new up to date version with fast load has thought! I have bought these reasons were more economic and has not required fast load.
4 / 5
I although it was arrivals smaller bulky when you material of discharges in the , the plastic feels thin but in general is doing . I will buy the device the small plus that it is flush with a 12v discharges and maintain this a pleasure the transmission.
4 / 5
This product is very good. I love a diagram by heart, and a dual touching put you. It touches my telephone like this like this quickly, can touch of 0 to roughly 50 interior 10-15 minutes. Ossia Astonishingly quickly. Not even a chargers the apple gives touch your telephone that fast. Like this happy with this compraventa!! I will maintain it sure partorisca always.
4 / 5
A prime minister an I has bought was like this a lot that has taken another (my brother has maintained a prime minister a). These are utmost and reserve a power I need partorisca touch 2 pills without one upload partorisca take hot. I have purchased another Anker produced with excellent results. His products of qualities really good
4 / 5
Súper quickly upload. Works well and a prize is adds. Everything of my devices/of law of fast fast load well with this upload and am very satisfied with him; especially considering it would be at least two times a prize partorisca something alike detailing.
5 / 5
This help the plot partorisca touch my telephone with which does. I have not had Never of the subjects that maps of use partorisca drive after purchasing this upload. But sure mark partorisca buy the a lot of connecting boss. Also, you can require manage the softly reason is done of plastic.
5 / 5
C load the works add in both ours 2011 Saturn and our 2008 Rav4. It is easy to exchange in and was and took it to knots also in vacacionales to the equal that can touch our telephones in a car for hire - his laptop, durable, touches our telephones quickly and perfect for our needs.
4 / 5
Has update
has said that sustains samsung galaxy s9 but ossia so only partorisca slow load, this a lot quickly touches the samaung s9 be carefull when you order this.

Anker sent the new free load partorisca touch concealed quickly touches mine s9, his service of client in anker is awesome thank you Anker.
4 / 5
Uploads Lentil although the description has said fast load!!!! Do the attention does not do partorisca have the pair has it publicitado mensongère
4 / 5
This product could do well, can be good good quality but will be partorisca return the. After reading a description that loan each product done for Apple that this thing can touch, has been expecting partorisca find it MFI in a box. It is not there. If it is not the big shot partorisca you then adds, this could do for you. But with which having the telephone with the battery deformed and melted of the third celebrates partorisca upload, am not comfortable touching my telephone with east.
5 / 5
At all worse that that traces some trails all day long so only partorisca find is in a half of in any one the course and your telephone has died. C load has 2 put you calm so many can touch 2 telephones or other devices.
5 / 5
A maximum touching common of this car uploads has measured in my telephone of Pixel of the Google that uses an application of Ampere is so only roughly . Of my telephone is able to draw roughly 2A current of a Anker elite 2-the load of port wall uses one same touching boss, like this neither an USB uploads has taken is broken and his specification to draw of this overrated.
5 / 5
Adds partorisca upload, fast delivery. Purchased he partorisca oneplus 3,which sustains pinch touching, this in spite of, as I have comprised this uploads shows 5A gor so many ports of USB, as it does not offer to 30 pinch of small that touches. In spite of, they are more than happh with him like this look very done and still offers big that rule amperage, like this in fact touches a device a fast plus that 80 of available chargers.
5 / 5
Takes roughly touching speed, looks for having limited of some telephones have. Load no hot taking while touching. The quality of build is well. Nizza Little light of blue indication, no too brilliant to distract behaviour. Packaging Well.
4 / 5
Has done in mine Ford Evasione and near Mitsubishi SUV, has not done in mine Dodge Dardo. This is likely the question with a vehicle and no this element, but so only know that a measure a lot always returns everything. Still I owe that verify my fuses and manual partorisca draw of maximum power.
5 / 5
Well and works compact and good.
Using with my OnePlus 3T with the navigation that cut and a screen in full brilliant was able to maintain one load, although it was not able to touch a telephone further where has begun.
This direct to question a amperage indication.
5 / 5
Anker Is one of my favourite companies mainly because of his products but also his service of client, is always useful and is ready to assist calm with any subjects in the timely way. This produces especially was very useful and load quickly! I have had he for the while now without subjects
5 / 5
are the enormous defender of Anker produced. They are behind all his products, and has has had seldom any subjects with his products to start with with. Bought this for my telephone, and the behold, my telephone touches faster that my port of USB in my car. I reward it they are add, yours is taking the product of quality for $ 14. Any bad at all.
5 / 5
Does well with my Nexus 7 but can not use he with my HTC A M8 because of overheating.
2017-09-12 : ANKER the service of client contacted to amiably offer the free substitution, which have received. I have not tried a new to upload still. I will change my indication does well. 2017-09-17, A new uploads good works. I have changed an indication of 2 stars to 4 stars. Service of excellent client.
5 / 5
Adds small to upload, is not too big and an electrical contact does not have any subject. The subject only is a blue CONCENTRATED that shows if one load has can. It is the little brilliant at night, but can be easily covered on himself the results disturb it .

Top Customer Reviews: Car Phone Holder, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5 Keena
This headline of mobile phone does really well. A short of the suction is really strong and do very so only in a windshield but also my pinch. While it is the flat surface , a mountain to title is really strong and does not fall off at all.
A mechanism to resist a telephone is also quite sturdy and easy to use. A key in a backside this opens a clamps and so only manually presionar like this required that.
In general very stable and included resists a telephone in way of landscape without question. The utilisation to resist a telephone lateralmente to look video when while in a car and do really well.
An inferior port is exposed also the one who leaves to touch while a telephone is in a headline
5 / 5 Solange
Produced very good and Of good quality.

That it is Sper is that it Can turn him truth of a flange of the another without question is 360 is a lot of all that is as his.

One can advance it included and reduce equally then any need to have that changes of Place.

Is touches a quadriporteur but fashionable to the equal that joins the transports a bit smaller, he any one anchors it received but has to it that try in lucido cart the edges coloc.

The suce maintains a lot well that this was to the sud the Pinch or to the sud the crystal. In the game even partorisca touch go if this was very solid and this was without any doubt.

My father The economic mobile can say like this he the lacking truth ensures that he renterais inner and with that there the tone can regulate his different grosseur of mobile.

A the place that on fulfilled cellular is that caoutchouteux games that the mobiles can any this moves.
5 / 5 Ossie
It likes like this you can extend of an arm that the calm way of the one who owes curve or before lean to press in your telephone. It can rotate in any direction and is a lot handy!
5 / 5 Fallon
Has he recu today and does a lot well in my Car, he tien well and is adjustable truth to the equal that want. It recommends.
5 / 5 Nickie
You plan on returning this at the beginning because I have not been able to imagine was regarding the dipped near lol, I finally used quite a lot of forces partorisca the dipped together thought it would have broken has exerted like this forces as I have done excepts no.

Has been using he partorisca the few days now looks partorisca be a lot hopefully take any subject does not foresee any questions.
5 / 5 Demetria
Works well with telephones or all the measures.. And there is well in resistant can also.
More than everything is that this headline has the period of good transmission has compared to the majority of some available headlines. And.. All calm there link them is adjustable together with the joint of socket of the ball in an end of telephone.. He the easy fact to swing and rotate like this for need.
Really helping with my Uber service..
4 / 5 Keira
My car is technology older and no big taste not having bluetooth neither apple CarPlay like this this does my easier life when I require partorisca use google map in mine iPhone. Has quite soiled in a fund to touch boss but when it covers in my boss in a earphone jack to touch music in a car a same time, has to force you light to take a boss in. A plastic piece among some bosses is so only grieve quite spatial.
5 / 5 Ezequiel
I add sturdy title of Telephone. The suction in a poster at the head of the cars is very strong and for this remains situates even when or walk abruptly. Access so much my iphone and samsung of different dimensions mensions! Sper Big qualities and to good sure would recommend to any one looking for the unexpensive and title of strong car telephone
5 / 5 Rodger
It is dangerous to use telephones while driving, but sometimes is unavoidable.

Partorisca Do it surer (and legal) can dip your telephone in a pinch as I can look in an application of maps or anything.

System really well, a cradle of emissions of key some sides that he easy to return your telephone with a delivery. Easy to regulate a corner and whatnot.

Some laws of suction adds inclusas in mine car pinch that has some his texture.
5 / 5 Boris
Like this far it is doing perfectly. Some cups of suction are surprising. I have not known he on dashboard properly but do like this very like this in windshield. Calm also can take or locate your cell with only a delivery like this sper handy. It has been so only 5 days, hope like this to the left will be like this in of the few months.

Update: still doing well with which few weeks.
4 / 5 Lyndia
When Have in the first place received a mountain of telephone, used it inner in my table when I am dining or for a tank when I am doing flat, I just game video and work in mine telephone and traces it and was perfect corner partorisca see a screen. I have used finally he in mine car and act a lot well, partorisca navigation mostly. It is a lot of sturdy and a telephone is ensured well.
4 / 5 Lester
Súper Products a Swipe installed no longer movements of his place, very practical lateralmente touches partorisca have he the cell lateralmente touches gps , has included lateralmente he the cell does not look for partorisca fall. It is Able to take an iPhone 8 with fat joined étuis.
4 / 5 Kylie
Has been postponing buying an of these reasons have been said they never really the stay has dipped. Well This a fact. A suction with crowbar is súper strong and is firmly locates behind in mine pinch. I want that it regulates in several directions. It resists my iPhone 8+ with the hard chance and socket partorisca pop easily and can touch it while in a mountain. It is exactly that have required and highly would recommend it.
4 / 5 Corinne
This device is very better that has expected paralizaciones. It attaches without anything sticks, as it uses suction. Has two different zones where can change you a corner and presiona in place. A grip partorisca a telephone is like this easy to use. I have had like this of of the one of the east another cradle-has uploaded some break on me. This one east amazing... To good sure recommend it.
4 / 5 Carli
My pinch is not partorisca soften but these claves securely. I love a profile a low plus reason blocks less than a windshield. A ray to a long arm is coming bit it free with which 2 weeks but I can no it presionó enough when I dipped it up. His tight now in the so many will see. No the big shot this in spite of, love this headline.
5 / 5 Lia
This thing sucks... And I love it . It is a mountain of the only suction has used that stays in place. In fact, when have transmissions cars, was hard to the appeal was. A plastic feels the bit in a more economic end, but concealed has not affected functionality. This thing is still treat add and will be to buy the second for the car of my woman.
4 / 5 Ena
Like that takes of the discharges of suction with geles attaches to a windshield. A gel is sticky, is included difficult to take a same headline when vacuum disabled. Touching negative in jaws really helps to resist a telephone a lot of securely. An only thing I desire is lager corner that a place of telephone could be regulated.
5 / 5 Suzy
Hand-held operation of telephone adds,returns my p30 pro without questions. .. It extends and it opens on smoothly....
4 / 5 Brynn
Title of telephone of quality well in car. I have been using he for on 2 weeks. I have attached it to a windshield and resists my telephone firmly. A mountain returns any measure of telephones. I so only required to press a key in a backside, some weapon to hold the slide opens to release my telephone.
5 / 5 Dolores
A suction is STRONG! My husband has attached - take - reattached probably 10 times, and every time this thing is SOLID and not going anywhere. Súper Easy to use, and resists his iPhone still with his box of slender house nourished on that.
5 / 5 Vernia
A headline of telephone could not be stable, wobbly everywhere but a suction is good and then, is of any use if a headline is bad.
5 / 5 Danica
Happy with this element. It uses the headline of telephone of the suction this in spite of evrytime his cold or heat a suction is hard to dip. This one saves my time. Easier That use. It has dipped he having to that my joint of pinch in my truck and can see them a way of better maps
5 / 5 Colton
This support maintains a lot very still is submerso paralizaciones of the sud-breeze. Reward of quality of excellent/rapport
5 / 5 Dominique
I amour this! My pinch in my agreement is small to the equal that want a suction that leave for the dipped anywhere! It is perfect for my gps/be of music in a something perfect.. It is the little difficult to dip some two together pieces, has required my bf to burst he in so that it has not gone strong quite
5 / 5 Nina
To the equal that can see has not installed still he in mine car but resists in firm with this corner of height. This was iPhone 6 with a coverage has attached his. Control well. I have tried with mine another iPhone X and he a work.
5 / 5 Harriet
Fact very good and sturdy.
Use in a windshield and a power of suction is very good. It does not shake throughout while driving.
The prize was very good and the delivery was quickly.
5 / 5 Tory
Mountain of good ready telephone. Has has not loved a just east clipped to my ventilations of air. This one east sturdy and a cup of suction is doing well of a textured surface of mine pinch.
4 / 5 Jacquelin
Has surpassed my expectations. Short of the suction is in fact an adhesive cushion to the equal that sticks firmly. It goes in easily, and it boasts it exits like this easily. Sleeve-on the instructions have not been of sound, but after the pocolos small for the studio, was able of the imagine was. It likes like this it extends wherever loves it, as of him grips my telephone (Samsung S7), and a characteristic of fast emission. It recommends it the family & of friends.
4 / 5 Maxine
This headline of telephone law adds for all a measure of telephones that is there. There are 3 different telephones in my familiar and all different measure and everything of his records snug in this headline of telephone. This headline of telephone is a lot of sturdy and a power of suction in a cup of suction maintains an a lot traces it back headline and in place. A mountain of suction is washable and can stick anywhere where a surface would be flat. For me it sticks better in the dashboard of the mine car only to to a way likes, to all the cost in of that has stuck that he in a windshield will leave it to vibrate less when there is not very telephone in a headline. This headline clamp in a telephone is easy to use and gives that it satisfies clicking his to leave is a telephone will be situated in firm in a headline without a be of the key of the emission has pressed. In general, this was the a lot of-purchase required for my car like wireless touching headlines of telephone was so only too bulky and weighed for mine in pleasant.
4 / 5 Adaline
Easy to dip joint and an emission of cradle in a backside the really easy fact the reset and to take a telephone out of there. There is at all more would go for, better that my old magnetic ventilation a
4 / 5 Jerrod
Gli utilizza al titolo ha dato smartphone partorisca windshield soltanto. Aggancia solidly nel windshield con il mio iphone7s ha addirittura risalito. Ma ho scoperto lui nessun succion tazza. C'è alcuna classe d'adesivo che marchi partorisca intitolare se si aferra al windshield
5 / 5 Dora
La tazza ha dato la succión non è una succión normale. Ho dato fatto c'è un residuo pegajoso che aiuta se si aferra al windshield mangia sorpreso per rimanere puoi. Questo nonostante, il regime buono che cerca d'ajustarprpers o prenderlo buchi. Un cercato ha dato in quello muoverlo un paio ha dato la meteo e io lì è ha dovuto che pelato ai buchi di succión sa muchísimos che rovine per saltati dietro il e adesso lui nessuna succión in assoluto... Il prodotto aggiunge ma tranquillo richiede per essere prudente quando togliendolo.

MODIFICARE: il servizio ha dato il cliente ha dato il fatto ha conseguito buchi il mio e offerti per sostituire A prodotto per me. Erano molto Considerati e utili, inclusivamente offrendo per sostituire questo cemento di montagna automovilístico con un modello differente se lì è amato. Malgrado non ho avuto regime molto bene con a montagna originale I compraventa, sto all'attesa il dopo uno sarà migliore. E qualsiasi cosa va male con la vostra montagna, offerta uno una garanzia dell'anno con servizio ha dato cliente eccezionale che bestiame tranquillo i lanci extra nel mio indizio. Grazie Undici un'altra volta!
5 / 5 Celina
La mia macchina è tecnologia più vecchio e non grande Sa I offerta't c'è bluetooth neanche mela CarPlay sapere questo fa la mia vita più facile quando richiedo per utilizzare google mappa in iPhone di mina. Ha abbastanza sala addirittura a fondo per toccare capo ma quando I bocca nel mio capo nell'earphone jack per toccare musica nell'automovilístico la stessa meteo, ha che forza leggero di prendere per alambrar in. Le entrate di pezzo plastiche ai capi è soltanto recentemente abbastanza spaziali.
4 / 5 Tiny
Soltanto letto Alle istruzioni e il vostro saranno bene. c'è un po' Clip che succión d'uso. Tranquillo al principio potrebbe creduto che è significato a bastone giusto addirittura lì la ragione Ha mangia un tampón pegajoso ma vostro richiedere entrambi i a tampón pegajoso e per essere capace d'avere succión data per prendere un controllo buono. Undici I c'è addirittura prigioniero lì propriamente in un messo bene è sopra stato senza @subject dà
5 / 5 Letty
Questo è stato al titolo ha dato telefono automovilístico migliore I'andato ha avuto è per fare. Realmente se si aferra al mio pizca inclusivamente sedevo In sole diretto tutto il giorno e sapere per fare superstite -10C. È facile ha dato per mettere sopra e avendo un po' quelli che le opzioni d'ajustamiento differente sono Gli aggiunge bene. Un deve che iPhone X con alcuni mariti hanno dato il telefono esbelto e uno esplode casquete adesso e ad agarradores per intitolare il mio telefono soltanto abbastanza quello resiste e inclusivamente sopravvive attaccare un angolo in 70km lmao. Un a buono sicuro raccomanderebbe questo!!!
5 / 5 Norma
Quest'intestatario ha dato il telefono aggiunge; La tazza ha dato la succión resiste realmente bene, la sua pegajoso più là che c'è succión forte.

I turni & resistono il mio Huawei P20 Pro senza problemi.
4 / 5 Juliet
Grazie Partorisca Al servizio ha dato cliente eccezionale (il grido è stato a Julie)! All'envase è stato librado molto rapidamente, tutto che c'è ha descritto. È abbastanza sturdy e molto utile.
4 / 5 Rosaura
Prodotto eccellente! Sturdy E fortemente addossato alla finestra. Envase Petit ma effettuare molto poderoso. Soltanto tornato per Accampare e alcune strade ásperas e per telefonare nessun movimento un pollice. Facile a holster e togliere inclusivamente con caricare lì è addossato!
4 / 5 Lakiesha
Sorprendente , opera perfettamente, facile d'utilizzare
Accesso con i nostri 3 telefoni
la qualità è A1
5 / 5 Kathline
fu riguardato un po' approssimativamente mangia pali nel mio pizca del il suo un po' torto e textured ma ha agganciato bene. Cambiato a questo della mina magnetica un sempre ha causato il mio telefonico di cadere.
5 / 5 Jalisa
Uno lì è acquistato tre intestatari hanno dato telefono cellulare in ha dato il passato un anno partorisca mantenere il mio GPS ha dato telefono. Tutto questi tre erano partorisca Sapere il deludente era qualunque lì è i soggetti hanno dato la succión quando mantenuta il windshield o due le trasmissioni hanno dato resbalones di meteo frequente fuori windshield bicchiere. Un pensiero ha dato partorisca cercare ha dato questa 360 succión ha dato estand di grada , sacca partorisca sorprendere e pienamente soddisfatto con la qualità e premio. Podemos mantenere i nostri telefonici verticalmente o orizzontalmente quali non preferiscono mai entrambi A labrados ha il dato ha messo togliere buono e il suo facile d'installare e regolare. Uno la caratteristica somma ha dato questo prodotto è può regolare cota e degli angoli hanno incluso con che installazione facilmente. L'agarrador ha dato la succión è eccellente quale è mucha entità , le trasporta a loro tranquilli ha la vibrazione d'organismo leggero mangia effettuerà l'agarrador ha dato partorisca essere. Un 100 % raccomanda partorisca molto quello che è molestato utilizzando estands di principio, ossia la soluzione partorisca tutti i problemi.
4 / 5 Caroyln
Pros: Facile il setup, può essere utilizzato anywhere, accessori aggiuntivi, la materia ha dato qualità buona, resiste le misure differenti hanno dato telefoniche
Gilipollas: Wont pillole atte!
4 / 5 Tawna
I Nell'ha comprato 2. Un uno mais molto attaccato un altro con un passo. Questo non una texture stessa ha dato la tabella ha dato bordi per eso questo surement partorisca causargli ha dato questo(un plus poreux che un altro qui un molto attaccato)dovrà che quello trova il mezzo getta che questo con il, il trasporto gli adora funziona che alcune offerte d'appoggio (regola d'angolo, lunghezza e rotazione)
5 / 5 Mirtha
Pros: Sturdy, i controlli telefonano fermamente, extendable, principio a vari angoli, facili ha dato partorisca togliere telefonico. Per ora, mira partorisca aderire bene il windshield bicchiere con il combo succión + adesiva. Consultando toallita umido d'Alcool la zona ha dato bicchiere primo.
Gilipollas: Non possa aderire bene il pebbled il salpicadero ha dato vinilo, probabilmente farebbe migliore addirittura exhaustivamente superficie liscia invece.
5 / 5 Nicolle
Ha comprato quest'intestatario ha dato il telefono cellulare per la mia opera va. Un utilizzato il per resistere il mio telefono d'opera com'è un iPhone 7 più in una copertura ha dato il telefono cellulare ha dato cassa d'ha alimentato. Rimane In posto per approssimativamente tre settimane. Allora quest'intestatario ha dato il telefono cellulare lì è iniziato aleatoriamente perdendo succión e che giù ha dato punto del salpicadero. Dopo risalire il volo per intitolare cinque meteo perde tutto della sua adesione, e adesso è interamente inutile. Un non comprerebbe questo produce un'altra volta.
5 / 5 Yasmine
Partorisca Arresti per tasar, arato per prendere musulmani che quello ha pagato partorisca. Non possa agganciare bene nella mina Profonda CRB salpicadero ma aggiunge addirittura a specchio. Qualcosa potrebbe vuole sapere. In generale, qualsiasi lamentela. Uno lo raccomanderebbe a qualunque.
4 / 5 Sadie
Non rimarrà risalito nella pizca. Maggio soltanto essere per avere dado gli brodo del @essere può prendere abbastanza caldo nella macchina con alle finestre addirittura hanno girato in il il sole ma io l'hanno addirittura trovato per camminare alcuni che meteo di mattina. non c'è mentre il passato sto conducendo ma sono temeroso questo potrebbe essere distraer se passato mentre conducendo lasciato soltanto danno possibile a per telefonare.
4 / 5 Arnulfo
Qualità intitolare molto grande ha dato questo telefonico automovilístico.. La succión Molto forte e le armi forti mantengono sicuro il vostro telefono. Altamente raccomandare
5 / 5 Jc
Un ventouse un rasgado meno ha dato 2 mese d'utilizzo... Adesso inutilisable.

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Un venditore rapidamente reagito e la mina invia un modello nuovo ha migliorato. Bene Servizio.

A Separa Un défectuosité, padroni ha prodotto. Un pince questo molto designée e facile d'utilizzarlo.