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Top Customer Reviews: Viken Command ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 36 ratings
4 / 5
I have enjoyed really this history! There is has not had the quantities add of action and danger, but has had mystery, colgante, secrets and anguish. Ossia The history of report and wants to Whitney that faces was for everything of his steps to the hopefully the future adds. Cela There is matched sparks of strike of the mates with his when they fulfil - awesome! Cela Maintains his in a darkness in a truth to reason was in Trixon, no like this awesome and wine with the tonne of consequences. Whitney enjoyed also like intelligent was, still also forthright in his point of trigger, after his deceptions come to light. No an easy street for this unit familiarised but the heat one this finalises like this strong for some tests are spent stops. Well fact! I have received an arch of this book and voluntarily am leaving the description.
4 / 5
Has loved this book adds in a Vikens and one Floats of Coalition! I have loved a strong hero, brave and like & his mates have grown neighbours by means of some misunderstandings in both sides and has begun the new life, the strongest joint. There is also some transfers and turn that it marks for some suprises. Also he sure read you a Content of Prize of Grace newsletter for an extra surprise for one Floats of Coalition!
Has received the free ARCH and voluntarily am leaving the description.
4 / 5
This the voluntary description of some copies of arch, this another history of our Interstellar Promises want to all some books ! Ossia Roughly Whitney any one leaves all his questions in earth, his father and annoy lied his all his life , has used to deceive his fellow familiarised to invest in his company. When Whitney Is matched to Alarr the Viken IC captain that read in the dangerous mission in centres the the pleasure has decided to not saying his in his mission and ossia where there was mentido some complications 2hen Whitney discovers lied his. This book has the bit of action and is a lot hot has loved that!
5 / 5
Ossia Add it ski-fi idyll. It likes... Hot and spicy as always.. These groups does not have the easy time that imagines the things was... But they take there...

Has received the free copy of this book has seen Booksprout and voluntarily am leaving the description.
4 / 5
Whitney Is matched to the Viken with two other warriors and because of a speed of his arrival, some men are in some means of a Op. His communications are compromised and this heads to the action has packed situations.
4 / 5
Still another frekin that has surprised it works for Grace Goodwin. Hot, vaporous and fast paced action. I want to be taken behind to a basics of a history - human woman wronged, still strong, brave and has had to that say fk this, ossia my life , ossia which want to and go to go and the take. Whitney has wanted, the character adds with mountains of passion. Alarr, Teig And ooow Orlan ( was my preferred) - súper sexy, hot and demanding. The line of history is sum. The class of legustado as it has not spent too much time in the disposal to that is gone in with a war of hive. I seat it likes whilst of a war still is that it goes in, any one I always needs to listen plots roughly that. This book feels more like the first books of the grace in a Intersteller has promised, and has has wanted to those because it directs more in a history of some characters. If you have not signed until Grace Goodwin newsletter emails - do like this now still to take a chapter of prize! OMG Can not expect see where a next history goes. Commander Zeus Perhaps or Helion? Being mad about! Amado this book!
4 / 5
Because of questions familiarised Whitney have thinks that to result an Interstellar Promise and that leaves his old life behind would be a better way to begin again.

There is matched to a planet Viken and some three mates that expect his arrival, not knowing that his future mates are doing undercover and can not say a truth.

After being lied to for his familiar and while a truth of his mates, comprises bad that listens and finalises the prisoner of a brain for behind an investigation that is run by his mates.

With help of Reina Leah and his husbands some three King, together with him habladuría with possible new mates before Whitney a lot so only comprises some difficulties but reclaims his original mates.
4 / 5
Another good history of Grace Goodwin am pleased always when I see a later publication maintains them comming please
5 / 5
absolutely love these serious and this was another fantastic delivery. Hopefully Another Atlan after, loves them these beasts.
5 / 5
This one felt a lot hasty and I never taken to know some characters. Really I love this series, but from time to time one of them feels likes farce to so only move the forward of the future history and ossia one of those. It is good to do this but the desires has been priced like the history. Still that looks forward to a next book and G of Grace of just amour. Amazing imagination and world-wide edifice.
4 / 5
Whitney Loves of a planet. His family had done things that has not had any part of but with his name, was always the aim. One a casualidad to leave a planet, IBP and took it. Alarr, Orán, And Teig have the mission but his no endanger his new mate. A mate that has been moment to. But with a mission that his time of cause averts of Whitney, and the sound that begins to think the things are not in good disposal, can have the question.

Want that Whitney there has been so many questions for Governor extravió east. We take more information in a process. Any have to Him legustado the commander Helion. It was the jerk. Alarr When being a mate and having doubts in a mission and to the equal that has managed was for good reason. Even Orán And Teig has known has required to bond with Whitney first. But the things have not been like this planned. Reason is that the males always think to maintain a blind woman to that is going in. It does not result never well and they are always screwed. Such is a chance. My heart there is broken takes Whitney and I can comprise his lack of the confidence with that his family had done. It has required to feel sure and have this confidence and amour. There is the part in a book that attacked pleasant. When Whitney referenced “Swipe and legislation of on-line dating for your mate.” Ossia That spends in “Captive of Alien and Tribute of the alien” for Angel Dorato / Law the books of Savino. ( It pleases to say me go to take the history with Kayson, Geros and Bad. We can not have these three Viken without the mate. And that roughly Commander Zeus. This new female be a a?)
4 / 5
Was formulaic but a same time too hasty. The majority of a book was in his bosses. It has had any one builds of bond up for them for enamorar. Literally they were so only together still s and x time. And a time was uninteresting and unstimulating. And then one on reaction of feelings that has not had same time to develop was ridiculous and simply for farce of page. Really that has not had any history here. It likes me quell'has said that has been boring.

Felt sad for a second set of mates that GG spent in the finalises. I did not think that it it was so only to take his wait up for the mate and then the take was to like concealed. They were sweet and was interested more in them then in all a rest of this book has combined. It would want to take the book partorisca Kayson, Geros and Bad. It was really rooting for them to take a daughter. But that obviously could not have spent. Smh. This would be a prójimo Viken book I hope!

Also finds a Queen súper annoying in the each appearance done of his book. His character has turned stupid. A brainless dimbo the one who is so only there like this farce and no to the equal that drives of the vital plot like the author has feigned.

Any way, took like this long to read this book and that's that I skimmed the majority of him because I have maintained to roam was to do anything more then stay in this boring history. At all grabbed me another then a last three Vikens has mentioned on and then has been once gone has been of tower the extreme annoyance that even more had left to read first of this book was on. And I think that that a next book is with Helion, a unlikable to to character likes him the goodness. Ugh. They are not that it looks forward to that! GG Is the wonderful writer but this pound was flat. It enjoys. I still rest waiting for his books but no east an or Helion upcoming book. I can not expect take spent these two. It enjoys.
5 / 5
A lot wants to begin to say an I are the enormous enormous face of Grace Goodwin. Has all a IBP books. EVERYTHING Of THEM! But this reserves seriously is in disappointing. It has used to all the cost of a reason. It has used and it forgave him so only. Ray Cela and his of the that included has to that you read partorisca forgiveness he so only said ' has spoken roughly he'!!!! Wth? Has has not felt never like this with this author before I so that it follows seriously likes. I have been reading his for years soooooo there is disappointed!
4 / 5
Love the good romance novel, any type of romance novel. So only it could not take past eed can'. Really'eed can'?! Some women take the addicts to one mention semen for eed can' and that it is worse is maintains to speak roughly that. I have not finalised Never a book because it was ridiculous. Any I still recommends this book to any intoxicated to porn.
4 / 5
Are the mega defender of Grace Goodwin Serious of Interstellar Promises, it animal law the numerous time, but Viken the mandate has fallen short. We take such to build on comprising bad go in Whitney and his mates that a resolution is too quickly. Tongue in a situation with all the world EXCEPT his mates. Some mates do not take it casualidades to properly grovel and declare his devotion enough for me, a reader, to cure of his treachery. I have required the deepest connection that sex, which is that usually the inside Goodwin book, but I no in this history, which me he little sad reason liked him really of some characters.
4 / 5
Well, liked some few scenes of sex( way to small). A lot I displeased an end. I displeased That other people have said some main characters that is gone in and to the equal that would be necessary to interpret it. It has not had any “growth” in a report among some characters because they have not spoken never. It has expected partorisca to 4 star and has taken the dud or the short novel peddled like the book. Any a lot of information in some characters viriles as not taking attached to them, as any roots for a HEA. Reason his authors skipped that things of pause by means of.
5 / 5
Gracia Goodwin Writes his like this good characters calm in fact can him visualise there included with you. That daughter does not love two sexy types hot that is of the another planet that surrounds and master so only here? I have had to read this book with a defender on and his cold outside!! Way to go Lady Goodwin!!!
4 / 5
Whitney is running of earth and the scandal familiarised. Attended find any to love. That is taking is three! Ossia Another juicy addition to Goodwin Interstellar Fiancées. Each book is like this well likes afterwards. I am still in the moment to Governor extravió to take his own book. It would be to add Goodwin has added the lesbian storyline. The reports of the sex still is mentioned in this book and I think it would be adds to see that in a future. Also we take to take on on Reina Leah and his chunky ! Like this good.
4 / 5
Another Awesome laws of storytelling for Goodwin!!! If has has not tried already anything of this author then the failures was on some majorly hot and sensual storytelling that will maintain you entertained and going back paralización more!!! It does not lose it it is gone in any of this series.
4 / 5
Wants to all of some books of Interstellar Promises, and there is enjoyed is one, although it is not mine 1. Has thinks that that a hero was brave to leave his history of earth behind, and has loved to fulfil Reign Leah again in Viken, but am beginning to ask Dr. Helion Is the hero or the villain - and knows will maintain to read to see like this develops!
5 / 5
Amur A flow of some histories. Yes it is woman fulfils man, viriles, Mates and takes his HEA, but has some work in a half. While each history there is commonality, ossia the one who his fun fact like takings partorisca see leading characters, but does not have to that be read in mandate. Personally it prefers to read order this in spite of.
5 / 5
Has loved a continuazione of this series. This author maintains it fresh with each book. Some characters interact well with an another!! It creates in some emotions of history! It draws calm in!! Thank you!!
4 / 5
Loves to all your books like him some Interstellar Promises some better. Amur A Vikin mates and a Prillon warriors also. Well they are all really good. Thank you And maintain on a good work.
4 / 5
Excellent novel! I captivated me the history and the description of Ski-Fi, a brave woman and honourable and intelligent Warrior. I recommend it The all the lovers of Skis-Fi
5 / 5
Another winner for Grace Goodwin! I have comprised his feeling of treachery for his mates, considering his history familiarised. Like this happy has pursued. It can not expect for a next book, am expecting his roughly Commander Zeus!
5 / 5
There is enjoyed this book. I have begun this travesía in a local library and there is enjoyed a serious so much that has purchased this book. Quickly, sexy read.
5 / 5
Ossia Another book adds in a series of Interstellar Promises. Have enjoyed really read this book and to good sure would recommend this book.
4 / 5
Good book. I want to Grace Goodwin books of Interstellar Promises. It would be good to have that to the program likes that on Earth for real.
4 / 5
Hot, hot,hot! This book was a enjoyable quickly read. Had the little mystery but mostly romance. In general another adds one.
4 / 5
Grace Fa again! Whitney And his shouting the hot men were utmost. It could not dip a book down! It has loved that!!!
5 / 5
Soooo Well! I have enjoyed each minute of this book. It has not had sex like this vaporous as in his another reservation but a lot of enjoyable. The work of slow applause adds again Gracia!
5 / 5
This was my preferred viken reservation like this far. That can say that I want to Grace Goodwin and recommend to any concealed is to this gender.
4 / 5
To That likes? Erm... All some things. Very hot more can the a lot of-dipped-he-down weaves. Whitney has wanted. And, a content of prize have annulling all my obligations grieve some starts of next book.
4 / 5
Really Liked Me an emphasis in a requirement partorisca honesty as well as amour. This in spite of really would like to know that has spent the Dr. Helion And some other three mates that has been matched with Whitney.
5 / 5
Another history adds. My favourite series and author.
4 / 5
Adds read! A book has added to a complexity of a series. It is the wonderful addition . It can not expect for a saga partorisca continue.

Top Customer Reviews: The Crown of Gilded ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 44 ratings
4 / 5
It is been 6 weeks has read of this novel.

Read it two times of a reviewers has taken some arches.

This in spite of DO not HAVE WORDS.

Likes... I do not comprise like this I am supposed to reasonably articulate my thoughts and feelings in this book.

So only when you think in fact comprise that it is going in... Jen So only he rasga all out of down you. Some covers the discharges of the lore and the intricate history is surprising. Seriously it has not been that Jen he.

Can not say the whole plot in east of then is a third book in some serious but essentially, this book is all some responses am wanted but then the million and ten questions come on top of a same time. A start of these starts of book of fast and then shiz only paste a defender on and on again. But calm still take a same steam and swoon of Chance and Amapola.

And an end?! oh yeah.. It is something special. Has the daughter of entity runs over on Amapola.

I amour that takes to know all these characters more and more.

Once in the while it find the serious ossia honradamente something more. Something strikes concealed your alcohol in a possible better way, and ossia. So only I love it. I want to everything. A world, some characters, Jen way to write, a lore, a fund... So only... Everything of him.

Has read some premiers two books at least 5 times to arrive to this point and see much more rereads in mine future
5 / 5
A word: WOW! A Crown of has Gilded the bones was the crazy roller coaster of some premiers few chapters to an a lot of well! This book was phenomenal! This are still transmission after finalising a book that wish that there were more pages. Jennifer L. Armentrout Did not disappoint Me again because a plot to good sure there is thickened and am seriously more enamoured with Chance. Some words that has come from/come from during a book was like this swoony and wishing has has had to that to to the man likes concealed!

During a whole book there is enjoyed everything. Jen The world-wide edifice was brilliant and his to good sure of entity to reread some books because each piece of information is like this of entity. Comprising a history of Atlantia and a Craven/is Trace & Nyktos. To the poppy Like the character has grown so much also. In FBAA, was more timid and shy, but in ACOGB his confidence has grown so much. Still it is asking the questions and Kieran annoying. I have had a lot of moments by means of some of a book that laughs during some scenes. Included this in spite of me still amour Aiden of a Covenant serious, thinks Chance dulcemente is taking on. Aiden Sad. Each word has said is so only ugh!! So only it loves.

'Any risk to too much adds, neither is anything too much jury. Reason is mine everything. There is at all more adds that the, and mean at all'-- Husband

underlined to plot of Casteel is date during a whole book especially with which Understand 37. Each detail is of entity with Jen rid like this sure mark to reread some scenes of leading books. More the characters are presented and some see concealed is mentioned in of the leading books, as well as information on Ian. Already I am remarking to hangover of book. Jen, I really book of need 4 after this end.
4 / 5
This book disappointed. To the appearance likes to write very juvenile peddled to a group of Facebook. Some characters now speak in the modern slang and is súper cringey. One same recycled inside jokes in a newspaper, to poppy that asks questions, and stabbing mark on 50 of this book. Some scenes of the sex is not the value that rereads which is usually any one a chance for me. A last an I almost skipped on. A joke of casserole looked odd and out of any where just to cater to a fb group. 6 books and kill Alister was immediately. I thought that it that it would be to crap disturber for the little longer. I have thought the hair of Poppy was the red of dark wine but now is described like this ginger - does Jen included know his own characters? You the way has described the organism of the poppy so only felt again catered to a fb group. The volume is not slender but like a duke starved the and those that extra calories are packing for his in this long the horse walks by means of some mountains. Perhaps some people appreciate that, the bondadosos of there is ruined his image for me. Those times are that they go to rearrange the one who his parents are? And now that to the poppy is takes the immortality is concerned now in Chances not living while to to sound likes ??? You have taken the 1000 years to concern in this yesh.
4 / 5
Seriously, has begun this reserves a minute was able to. The work has not imported neither feed or sleep. I have required to know so only that it was after spending after a way a Realm of Flesh and Fire has finalised. Honradamente, will not be able to dip this book down easily. If you have wanted to some premiers two books, goes to love east a.

A Crown of has Gilded the of course continuous bones where a leading book left and honradamente can say that some first chapters of this book are intense with information, action and to plot of discoveries. Will have your falls of jaw quite the little time in just a start.

Amapola And Casteel the report still is that it grows stronger and throughout all have to that treat, maintains to learn roughly an another. I seat it likes him to him he comprises each one which as another more and more in the each book. It is not necessarily perfect, but calm can not deny an amour these two has for each another.

Taste felt particularly is taking to see the side of Casteel this was more vulnerable in this book and he have added so only the new discharge to this character.

To the poppy Is still he badass and in this book, test so only that has come far of a first book. I have wanted that although it has had to that mature to the fastest plot because of all has learnt, still has the naive side that comes with his age and feel like his real (I really the hope felt fact ).

Is really hard to maintain this spoiler free, but so only be ready to be rasgó averts with this book. Jennifer jut knows where to paste so that I we paste like this last that have still this in spite of any recovered to read this book. One feels that this book gave is like this intense.

Like usual, will see new faces and some of them still am trying thinks in that I thinks they. So only I chair to like some characters are spoken less to maintain that asks roughly the or perhaps, is imagination of only mine, but will have to jueza for calm.

Honradamente, This book is fill so only with new information that does not have to that it weaves to time to try to think in the bad before something calms more paste you. Included in of the chapters that any necessarily have something spending a lot to the left relax a bit.

Jennifer L. Armentrout Looks to have of the presents to write the book that will do raisin for the whirlwind of emotions this in spite of will do to go back adrede in a world has created to demand to be rasgado averts so only bit it more with each new book.

Ossia One of my series of favourite book of the his and so only recommends to any one any fantasy, idyll, he kickass hero and the history that will maintain you guessing until an a lot of well.

In general, this book was like this amazing if no more like this first two books and I so only can not expect see that has in tent for some next books.
4 / 5
There is enjoyed this series, but for a third book was skipping by means of one A lot of reptitive and (frankly) scenes of boring sex. I have while maintained to a real plot to advance but has had to that wade by means of second Poppy of looks of endless pages waxing poetic roughly like the chances is 'perfect' and blah, blah, blah.
Are also the little confused, in fact. A book just class . In a half of an action. It was under an impression this was in trilogy , but the supposition concealed was bad, he so that there is certainly still the book cost to stuff to spend (and to good sure some more gratuitous sex). Also, it can please to stop that beaten a horse dead person ossia an on-used inside jokes?

A good informative is that this book has answered a lot of some questions some forwards some have created, and the growth of character of the poppy of randomly violent sad daughter, to purposefully violent bad btch was a lot.
4 / 5
Oh. Mina. Goddess.

Remain transmission and requiring more. Absolutely I love this series with my whole heart. JLA Continuous kill each one that like this of his books, is phenomenal and good-looking and filled with action and idyll.

To the Continuous poppy be the badass reigned the one who continuous try his force and resilience inside the each chapter. I have wanted really a friendship among his and Kieran as well as the and Vonetta and Delano and all the world more than results near with. Of the hands of amour with Casteel continuous melt my heart.

Casteel Continuous be awesome also. Leaving Amapola to do his own elections and in that give a liberty has required to have sucedido. Have enjoyed really take to know the best to the equal that has on open more. His friendships continue to strengthen included with some changes that arrives. Tip forces and compassion when it comes to Amapola and his more beloved fellow but neither leaves those the lack of respect his woman.

This book me laugh, me angry, me happy and have me finally does transmission. These starts to reserve immediately AKOFAF and is fill with action. Also it gives even more it contrives to a history of some of the, Atlantia and some Trace.

Can not expect read a rest of these serious and are súper excited for ASITE to exit later this year.
4 / 5
This possibly can be a worse book there is not reading never. Like this tedious. So much repetition.
This whole series was really the enormous disappointment.
Would not recommend these books to any one. Ever.
4 / 5
Miles is shouted in my boss in an end of this book. A bit those that curses cuz has been finalised. And an immediate response has been required reason this Beauty was an amazing walk . A lot the daughter done very done a lot very 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️
5 / 5
am stunned and like this enamoured for this series. Some transfers some turns had me to us riveted and reading late to a night to see that it was to spend. I can hardly attended for more than this series.
5 / 5
Wow!! This book is included better that a prime minister two, I so only finalising and my falls of jaw in an end!!!! Jennifer blew really was with east a! It can not expect for a next book.
5 / 5
My favourite series of a year. First time that reads this author. Such estupefaciente storytelling. Development of fantastic character. I can not expect for a next book.
5 / 5
Again Jennifer directs in a flange of our chairs a whole book! Amazing to cover to cover! Like this happy has found this series! I will be king reading these partorisca years partorisca come!!!!
5 / 5
The one who the MASTERPIECE!!!!! JLA Really oudid she with east a! Poppy, Casteel, And Kieran is absolutely wonderful characters. This whole world is MAGIC.
4 / 5
Poppy for real comes to the his own and Queen of results. Such unexpected revelations and comprising of some propiciado by humanities. Fulfilling Crown Willa was a better.
5 / 5
The amazing end can not expect for more! To good sure one of my favourite series. Well be buying some books when they exit partorisca add my collection.
4 / 5
Has has wanted to he
the work Adds. A history of poppy and castiel continue and remains like this épico like this never. It can not expect for a next book!
5 / 5
Could not dip this book down, when being a third delivery there is not disappointed ! Dying partorisca a next book in a series. A humour of Poppy and Casteel is was to add, finding of Amapola she in an end. Fantastic bed, a whole series !
5 / 5
My heart is anguish in a fact that all now owe that expect again partorisca of the novel that surprised afterwards. A bad time so only will owe that maintain king-reading some premiers three books.
4 / 5
Absolutely captivating! Wonderful characters, fabulous development of character, intricate storyline, , beautiful world, brisk can not EXPECT for a next book!!
5 / 5
Am fill with soooo a lot of anger. It was the book adds but the god the mine wanted to feels. I seat traumatized. They are happy took it casualidad to suffer with this book.
5 / 5
Third delivery adds, some parts have felt hasty, the difference of a slow burn of some premiers 2 books, but otherwise utmost, can not expect for part four. Very well write
4 / 5
This was all and more. His writing is good-looking and epic. Some transfers and turns this book takes partorisca do me lose the years of my life comprise
5 / 5
Sooooooo well!!! This book has surprised! An end was crazy and like this good. So many transfers and turns. I can not expect for a prójimo a.
5 / 5
4 / 5
A Crown of has Gilded the bones chooses on immediately with which some chances of a leading novel, A Realm of Flesh and Fire. So much, if there is not reading some leading novels beware of spoilers!

A reason has estimated a novel four stars in place of five is because of a slow start to a novel. With which some chances of A Realm of Flesh and Fire has been solved, has taken A Crown of has Gilded Bone awhile to find his footing. It felt as if some characters have roamed around aimlessly stepping water.

The continuous poppy be an amazing protagonist. Continuous be fierce, intelligent, and strong to the equal that develops further and grows to the his can. That appreciates one the majority of in these novels, is Armentrout is devotion the Poppy like the character. Poppy Is a house of these novels, even more like this in an end A Crown of has Gilded Bone.

Casteel Felt likes has taken the backseat Amapola. A Crown of has Gilded the bones directs on Amapola and his developing powers while Casteel sustain his in any precise way. Ossia That mark Casteel the swoon interest of worthy amour. It is a male of alpha with the something exerts for Poppy.

An end of A Crown of has Gilded the bones is an incredible sequence of chance that has blown my alcohol. It is an explosive and the game that change when finalising that I exasperated me for a fourth novel. I can not expect!

In general, A Crown of has Gilded the bones packs the punch that takes to leave the desperate readers for a next novel. Armentrout Again attacks the perfect balance among fantasy and idyll for blending his together when creating the world-wide ossia comprehensible and aldea for characters that is very developed and feel real.
4 / 5
A moment has begun to read book three in an OF BLOOD And series of ASH, has known was in still the walk adds. It had lost some characters, banter, and world, as it was amused to be gathered with them again. This has been always a draw for me for this series. Yes, has his dramatic and bloody moments, but in an end of a day, ossia a class of immersive adventure of fantasy I crave. Some characters are all master, has moments that heart near animate, the ardent idyll that me redden, and a when finalising that I leave exasperated to know that it will come afterwards.

This class of looks an odd thing to say of a book is said in first person, but this for real felt like the book of AMAPOLA. It has Had a the developer of majority of all some characters, has learnt of a truth in his past and has been admitted some for real insane capacities. Casteel And Kieran there has been some utmost moments, but his mostly do fault to elevate Poppy. Any that am complaining. Casteel Remain the dreamboat and does not go never of the sarcasm of Kieran.

This book delved the deepest way to a politics and of the legislations of a world, which headed to some transfers and of the elections of interesting character. HAS also he any of one develops all a plus impactful and dangerous to Poppy a next plus has taken to a truth. Any so only was some political plots there is enhanced, but some world-wide and the lore has been developed on. New creatures, new characters, and devastating the powers were unleashed, and the poppy has refused to be resisted behind for any of them.

Regarding an end? Well, it has on open that will be it some darkness and of the bloody doors. Some bets maintain to take main and main and would imagine will have some sequences to battle that jaw of fall in a future. Poppy Has been admitted approach limitless can, and am curious to see that, if anything, can be against sound. It is no odder that win challenges, and his prójimos one will be exasperated more than ever.

This series is exactly that need to be and for one the majority of part, gave all has wanted to ( had a thing in the loser and I patiently attended for him because to the left it is to be real, need to spend). An enormous recommend for any the one who enjoys vaporous idylls , ardent, witty banter with fun characters, unbelievable magic and can, and to is for adventure.
5 / 5
Of the blood and The Ash is the series of romance fantasy this has taken a world for storm. An author, Jennifer L. rmentrout Is any rookie to a bookish community, but a last year his name is synonymous result with to likes him to it Sarah Of J. Maas And Leigh Bardugo. These connections are very deserved, and a third book in this series, A Crown of has Gilded Bone, solidifies these comparisons. I have LOVED this book. It was so only for the book three. The majority of the series of fantasy is trilogy has based, and follow the particular formula. FBAA Followed this for the bit, rid a when being a intro book with all a world-wide edifice and subjects to start with. Book two has moved out of these initial works, and a reader has been taken on the travesía the wide plus , and insiemi on a conflict a big plus. It excepts Where A Crown of has Gilded Bone strayed is that it rids three has has not wrapped things on perfectly. In fact, this series goes to explode to six books And then more prequels and transfer offs. Like this buckle on and rig submerged it calm in this world, and remain awhile.

Tin a lot really revise this reservation too particularly regarding a plot. Had SO MANY TRANSFERS And DEVELOPS. It has dipped a book down multiple time with just the gasp and that be has muttered lips. I can not expect see that it is afterwards in this world. This can have been my favourite book of some serious and to good sure resists some of some spicier scenes. Highly, highly recommend - I so only could has not dipped down! That the book adds in this amazing series!
4 / 5
Estimating: 4.5/5

taken the moment after finalising that it rids first being able to write this description. At the beginning, it was without the shadow of the hangover of doubt (any one a type of alcohol, a bookish characterises of course). It was entirely change after finalising it and is to remain with the void and the strong desire for a next book (which is not an unusual feeling with the JLA book). And to the equal that can see even now, the week after the arrival a hype is still big and are having the hard time that it is quite coherent to write this description!

As… where begins to speak in this book? It is hard to do like this without spoiling anything. As you know to arrive to this point A lot is spent in some premiers 2 books. One stirs of wild theory has been turning by means of my boss this in spite of, they a lot of justice to a plot of this book.

The poppy has to that face all some discoveries is doing roughly she while it looks for to avert the war in his fight to save his brother and Casteel is. It is also of respect to the has has divided people those who idolise and dread his in equal measure. . But some people those who dread and mistrust will do it to him very difficult for them, Because of this Poppy will spend for the plot, suffers a unspeakable and will owe fight until his last respite. Felizmente Has it Casteel, Kieran and everything of a wolvens in his side but this in spite of, will not be the walk in a park.

A development of this novel is incredible. Has the rhythm that grabs you and eat you, to start with to finalise. He any time to take breathes it. But felizmente have a time to enjoy a estupefaciente (and vaporous!) Amur Go in Casteel and Amapola. Be careful with your heart, could take the time or two while reading this book!

An enormous start and the end of attack of the heart. You will finalise not knowing as it goes to survive until a regime of next book. This pound will destroy you, dipped your calm pieces behind joint so only he so that it can destroy you again. You will remain transmission…. It knows era!
5 / 5
Jennifer does again. There is entirely rasgó my heart was. This next delivery in Poppy and Casteel the history has begun was with the bang and finalising with the bang. He me feel each emotion like this fiercely am surprised are still alive. Somehow Jennifer has directed partorisca answer all some questions have had after reading A Realm of the flesh and The Fire but left with even more questions that I can so only the hope will be answered in a next book.
Also DRAGONS… of dragons!!! This series so only maintains partorisca improve and better!
Like this always after reading Jenn the books have the hangover of book of entity and will be anxiously waiting for a fourth book in Poppy and Casteel history. Hopefully A Shadow In an Ember will help the bit with that in October but he more probably give me like this big the hangover 😂
4 / 5
the people can have different opinions in this book but am enamoured absolutely with him. Wholeheartedly enamoured with a history, some characters—everything. Repetition had in a history, and to the plot of people that can take annoying. But mine, think that the repetition is something partorisca direct on more than taking annoyed by him. There is the reason because it is repeated (in my opinion). A book was like this AWESOME. Still I have goosebumps during my organism. Poppy Is my preferred of female protagonist of all time, is all the anxiety partorisca be. His history is like this interesting and everything is partorisca be by means of this like this heart wrenching. The And Casteel is the good-looking pair that would do anything partorisca each another. In an end, @give his value, knows the one who is and that it is able of and the mine concealed is one the majority of amazing part of a book. It has loved the like this like this so much. My hands are itching for book 4.
5 / 5
I really enjoyed some premiers two books in this series. It was like this like this like this excited thus book, but foof the one who the left down. It is like this tedious, so that repetition, a plot is slow and some looks of dialogue to go in any one leaves to except spent some same points on and on and on. Honradamente Is one of some worse books have read the long time, and has had the hard time that finalises it.
4 / 5
Absolutely stunning! My favourite bed of 2021, of all time! Some characters and friendships and plot and absolutely all surprised in this book! JLA Is the beautiful brain 🥰
4 / 5
This has to that be one of my favourite books that JLA has written! A OMG moments ugh! Like the desire can gush and spoil but alas I no! Interest if your hesitant roughly that law this series is not ! It is phenomenal and calm will not complain it !
4 / 5
“A heart does not concern those times can have with any one.” “So only it concerns that has a person for while you can.”

A Crown of has Gilded the bones is the work of the character - ossia. Ossia A precise only description 🤣

Seriously this in spite of, that in a name of some of has spent them so only? Everything is spent like this quickly has had to that force to retard down and leave all the tanks in, was in a flange of my chair! A Crown of has Gilded the bones is a third book in some serious but he almost felt like a first book with all an information and I devoured it! A world-wide that builds that has been given the foundation in a first book continued and a world-wide enormity is cut at all of amazing. JLA Has created a like this vast world I also invested to take to know that more it is that it spends with some other characters.

A development of character of Casteel and to the poppy is probably mine the majority of favourite appearance of a history. Have Never swooned like this last in my life. This is not the blood and The Ash has any smut, but again, JLA written some better spicy scenes there is! And to the left it is not to forget some other characters because TCOGB has given amours older and new, to sure Miss cry!

Has expected at all less than a queen JLA but wow this book is alcohol blowing! 99 of my theories were all wrong! Or perhaps 95 just to do me feel the little better🤣 Person, absolutely any one is ready for TCOGB, has scared for my life and for my characters' bolt of some first chapters until a last. And that final? ( It inserts/ it inserts nervous laugh here) never does not recover never...
4 / 5
Can say of a fashion to write, repetition, and lack of originality that Armentrout is bored of Poppy, If, and a whole series. This is not Armentrouts writing... It is almost he likes does the writer of ghost thus novel. Perhaps the new editor?

' Have the question' and an on sexualization in a report among Mark of Chance of Poppy on 40 of a book. And reason can any one to poppy has any one defects? It is also 'perfect'.
4 / 5
Jennifer looked to be really repetitive in one first splits of this book and load had of dialogue that really has not required to be there, if taken all that was has loved the then of here some 4 stars.

Knows to the poppy is so only, and in spite of this shes still quite Vanilla and in spite of some memories (like the felt has not required like this of) knows that to the poppy is not he like this look but like the book has built felt that this frustration felt with a repetitiveness by means of out some first two part was to prepare like this of the readers for a quantity of growth does in a final part of a book. This growth has saved a Poppy of book has been really princess to God in the pages and I was here for him!!

Although the has not liked him in a book there where also to plot other elements am wanted, has has wanted like Jennifer has touched in some Wolves, is the crucial element of a history and so much to the equal that loves plot of some characters, Kieran always will remain big on liking one of mine faves, can not expect take more than him. Also it has wanted like TCoGB was unpredictable would not have guessed never that is to go down to an end and he have me to the knots of the flange has required to be anxious for a next book, which to arrive to this point are like this ready for
5 / 5
' will bend before your Queen. Or you bleed before sound.'

A third delivery in an Of the blood and the series of Ash was all could ask.

A series is one of mine favourite, absolutely loves some few characters and a plot but this last an is resulted my preferred of them everything.
A leading critic has had in these books was that I have thought JLA often waffled to plot, but this certainly does not apply to TCOGB. A book was a perfect mix of romance and action. In fact, there is not reading never the book the one who first 150 pages were so that the action has packed that chronometer had grieves to breathe. It was absolutely stunned with each transfer of plot and pleasure some characters treated. JLA Looks to be a queen of transfers of plot and to the left warn, this one is fill with them.
Could not dip a book down although I have wanted, has devoured he inside the day and when it was on I felt like this empty... I need má it will speak it in any concrete scene like my descriptions is spoiler free but to the left say, spend the box of cloth. Has has not felt never like this sad, angry and happy a same time.

In my opinion, to the poppy has flown a show in this book, like this always. I know it is a main character but in TCOGB really there is outdone she. It is gone through hell and behind in this book but still remained strong and that final? Yes, this end has tried ass the one who bad his character is. There it is not coming to touch and honradamente are quell'has bitten scared for some people that could dip him in his way....
TCOGB Has left to submerge deeper to the powers of Poppy and bloodline and although some of my theories in his was corrected, was all imports to blow.

Can not recommend this book enough, as you plan on reading it or a serious has to warn you: A series is the rollercoaster, likes buckle on fellow readers!!
5 / 5
Amazing book. A rollercoaster of emotions partorisca a first part and a strong end that has surprised. I have loved a continuous flourishing report of poppy and casteel, and the transfers of an amazing multiple history. A good balance among some ‘big' phases that favours a reader (and some characters also) to take small pauses with all that goes in (still a lot of information digest). This in spite of, the sadly go to give so only 3 starts. Some the continuous monologues of poppy were too excessive, 100 pages could have been junked was. It is to clear the type of the character and the poppy of mentality has (questioning all and all the world-wide multiple time), but was so only repetitive and pointless, a majority of a time the bed of just skin by means of him. Besides, in comparison to some other leading books, Casteel sadly has touched the background function. A lot of supportive of poppy in everything, really showing his amour and in front of the his and that it is to be by means of, but has looked mostly any for scenes of sex or to do some jokes of usual interior.
Although it was the little has bitten disappointed with some contextual appearances the can not expect for a next book!!
5 / 5
This book is much more political that his two precedents, and mine of the time to for real begin - wholesaler, in the had his premières 15 plenary of rebondissements after ossia a bit aplati until 50/60. But afterwards... It claque!
The history complexifie, to the mythology is dingue, lucido the character of Poppy results even more that bows (to ask the commentary is included possible!) And it is so only crazy.
Swipe of Fat of heart.
4 / 5
This third book is a better one in some serious like this far! Has has wanted to read it he in just one seating and could not taking thinking roughly that! It can not expect for book 4.
4 / 5
As To say ... Our creatures are spending for the plot and some reports in these books wants to believe in true amour like this bad !!
Otherwise Thinks one 1.ºt (Of blood and ash) and 2nd (a realm of flesh and fire) taking is slightly better... Some 3.os the books has some slow moments but is still I so that it adds to read !
4 / 5
Is cost a wait ! So only it is in amazing ! I can not expect for a ASITE novel and some next books of this amazing series !!
4 / 5
𝗛𝗲 𝘄𝗶𝗽𝗲𝗱 𝗮𝘄𝗮𝘆 𝗮𝗻𝗼𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗿 𝘁𝗲𝗮𝗿 𝘄𝗶𝘁𝗵 𝗵𝗶𝘀 𝘁𝗵𝘂𝗺𝗯. '𝗜 𝗻𝗲𝘃𝗲𝗿 𝗸𝗻𝗲𝘄 𝗶𝘁 𝗰𝗼𝘂𝗹𝗱 𝗳𝗲𝗲𝗹 𝗹𝗶𝗸𝗲 𝘁𝗵𝗶𝘀. 𝗧𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝗜 𝗰𝗼𝘂𝗹𝗱 𝗳𝗲𝗲𝗹 𝘁𝗵𝗶𝘀 𝗳𝗼𝗿 𝘀𝗼𝗺𝗲𝗼𝗻𝗲. 𝗕𝘂𝘁 𝗜 𝗱𝗼.'

Oh Mina, this BOOK. I have taken my sweet time with east an and has maintained although it has to that go back and reread to till all up in my boss. Everything in this book is delicious, like warm chocolate , decadent, and like this attentively plotted. I am gone in with the theories of thousand have spent on AKOFAF only to come on courts. An end left the little dead interior and anticipating book 4 immediately, until then I nurse this hangover with some wine.

A Crown of has Gilded the bones is incredibly dynamic, which is light in magic but weighed in laws, intrigue, dark secrets, mythology, IDYLL and amazing world-wide edifice.

To the Things liked on this book:
>Amapola of Mine of daughter is spending for so many tears
> have fallen enamoured with Chance even more
>Kieran is so only downright awesome
>World-wide edifice. If AKOFAF was Atlantia 101, ossia Atlantia 201
>I amour that daily
>the importance of April 20th
>All some spicy scenes. That The fang please!

To the Things did not like:
>too much the time spent in of the sure locations
>a fate sure has not looked plausible when compared to a map
>new info repetitive and long in timing
5 / 5
This book was intense to begin to finalise. It was so that the action has packed that had on a flange of my chair a whole time. It could not dip this book down and a next book immediately. Ossia Some only series have never read where each one that like this the reservation so only improves and better. Poppy And Hawke a bit has invested in his lives spends too much the time that thinks roughly him. I want to see to the poppy grows to these powerful sure women that astounds during this book and series. Also I want that Hawke is his like this his system of support and the same in this book. Ossia For far a book has better read in 2021. It was like this amazing and if yours doubting beginning this a lot of will not complain the reading. Ossia My first series of fantasy and am like this happy this book loves me read more the books of the fantasy. Thank you Jennifer L. Armentrout To give this serious and wonderful world. I can not expect read a next book!

Top Customer Reviews: A Kingdom of Flesh ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
Has no freaking words.

Has enamoured absolutely with this world-wide and these characters.

Took weeks and rereading this book two times to included approached partorisca write the understandable description. Ossia Like that surprised this book is. I have not known Never I have required this history until Jennifer has published this.

I amour some characters. Absolutely it adores Amapola. Seeing his growth by means of even so only these premiers two books is incredible. And an idyll among his and Hawke well each minute takes to read this enormous book.

How is Kieran becomes friends with .

And a sx scenes. Oh My life, are quite lame my kindle the shoot has pressed almost enough the little time. They are chemical is maps.

Lucky partorisca has had two books in this series have released a same year. I can very included begins to choose which have has wanted to more. But second syndrome of book? I reign it of Flesh and Fire is in any one leaves to close to have second syndrome of book. It is so much or even more that has surprised that FB&A.

I learning of amour in a mythology in this world. Seriously I can not expect for some next books to exit. The ones of the that knows if my heart can take a wait.

To good sure will be partorisca reread is the little more time.

Seriously. It buys it. Any attentive. It is it was today, so only the buy and binge like this if you havent read FB&One still. Calm will not complain it .
5 / 5
And a hangover of book begins...

Of the blood and The Ash has been one of my favourite books of 2020, and honradamente has not known as it could be topped. Still, I have had faith in Armentrout, and that the faith has paid is gone in the massive way.

AKOFAF Is all have loved in FBaA and then some. There is more action, more work, more than a world, more characters lateralmente (Kieran is lovely and has to that never come to hurt), and of course, more romance. PLOTS more romance.

Where Still begins? This book is gigantic, this in spite of Armentrout has packed he with fun banter, scenes of wicked action, unexpectedly creepy and intense moments, serious steam, and obliging characters.

To the poppy Is AWESOME. There is no another way can describe. It reacts like this it would expect that to the strong female character likes . Has the solid heart, the fierceness, and wild powers that I never imagined would go in an end. For real I am in decline to see that it spends to his prójimo.

And Casteel? It considers my fiancé of new favourite book. Any only is unfairly hot and wicked with his romantic antics, but is the complex character the one who struggle with his pasts and his feelings partorisca Poppy. His together moments never look tired or unexpected, of then spend a lot his together time that is exited that it is and that loves of the each one another.

Has LOVED this book so much. I am not surprised for the see everywhere in Instagram reason is in entertainment , the wild walk packed with two obliging main characters (and Kieran!), Perfecto for any one looking for adventure and unforgettable idyll.
4 / 5
Entirely is in accordance with Laura Thalassa informs. It is looked forward to this book sooooo a lot of - and are transmission!! Ossia Included BETTER that a first book in a series! That goes to be absolutely EXCRUCIATING while to reserve 3!

Am attacked with some characters, a setting, some cultures, an action , emotional depth and witty humour, all has on wrapped in the fantabulous container!

The chance Is my fiancé of book. It is the legit viril of the alpha can appreciate - is not so only strong, able, with the delicious darkness roughly is ready, moral, and no fearful the sensitive. It slays Me roughly his character, is that an author balances his capacity for sensibility with all his other shots as it does not turn to the complete ball of mushiness - too many authors in this gender is not able to balance his Alpha is in this way.

Ugh! This description sucks, and so only is not that he a justice of book. READ THIS!! It will attack your freaking the socks were!
5 / 5
Does not have any idea where to start with this description because I am so only like this enamoured with this book and a Blood and series of Ash and feel likes there is not word quite strong a lot of to express so only that has loved that. So only the just opinion, could wants to consider taking a day was reason could finalise bed a lot-the calm piece once takes your hands on that.

A second delivery in a Blood and of the starts of series of the Ash where a prime minister a finishing and is partorisca suck well behind to some world-wide that Jennifer L. Armentrout Has created. We find Poppy that tries come on hire purchase that all she never believed to be true his whole life was in fact there was mentido. We see his fight to trust Casteel that dreads that is not fully sincere in his motive to marry. It is not on the dot to go down without to struggle this in spite of and ossia so only like master.

When you Find behind in this world, calm can not any help; you want to go and read a next page, a prójimo a, and a a with which. Poppy And Casteel is still bickering and these scenes were among some of mine favourite in this book. Have enjoyed really a fact that like some fights of Poppy to come on hire purchase with that knows to be a truth now or that in fact feels partorisca Casteel, is there was still to help another; still it has had to sacrifice yes it can help. It is such the strong character and has loved that she a lot behind down of one querella or say that another wants to say; it is his own person and has his own faiths. Casteel Is the character that is still intriguing and read you a book, discover the little more do of him and I loved it really.

Has like this other characters in this series that will love you, hate or simple have confused roughly. I know I am looking forward to a next book if so only to discover are the one of fact likes some of these characters or no.

Taking to discover more in Atlantians and his legends by means of this book and he have added so much more to a history. Honradamente, This world of fantasy is such an amazing one to lose you to for the few hours.

This book has all can look for, has the secrets have discovered, has battles, has romance and the ones of the so many questions that want to wants to have a next book in your hands. Once again, Jennifer L. Armentrout Has created the series to reserve that maintains calm in a flange of your chair and wins master skip the calm law so much can continue reading.

Like another 5-star read for these serious and I can not expect for a next book.
5 / 5
A lot of have it that says. THANK YOU JLA To create this masterpiece of the series. It is highly addicting and like this entertainment to read.

Thinks that I amour one the majority of in this series is some characters . I adore Amapola, is fierce and intelligent, endlessly curious and violent (in a possible better way, of course). And Chance.... oh Chico I does not love never. And a dynamic among a two of them? It is a plenary of challenge and banter and the admiration and I so only want it like this. And to the left it is not to forget Kieran, the one who has grown on took me dang a lot in this book! Honradamente I Me crack on, has loved to read each scene was in and liked has liked his become friends with to the poppy develops.

Sees a lot of king-law in my future to the equal that expect for book 3.
5 / 5
“Your heart, Amapola? It is the present does not deserve .” It has situated his hands in the his knees likes-the lifted his gaze the mine. “But it is one will protect until respite of mine to die.”

That will find:
✔️Fiction of Fantasy
✔️Vaporous Scenes
✔️All One Feels
✔️Singular POV

to the poppy has believed is the lie. Comprising a man has fallen enamoured with. It is forced to go to the earth where will be in danger. To do together with Chance to find his brothers. But the chances has the plan that will join him near in of the ways neither of is has prepared stops. While it resupplies to temptation I too much adds to resist. And when his capacities begin to strengthen, the questions arise and the looks there is even more the secrets that expects to unfold.

The one who the edition adds to a series! Calm can not help but fall more enamoured with Poppy and Chance is one . Has this roller coaster of the report. It is angsty and questionable the time and another time is playful... Full of banter and humour. A same time, never really that knows that for real feel or is to the each one like this another. A factor of steam is still there.

Has had the little lulls for me. But this book is on 600 pages. I love a world-wide an author has built. A way is writing and has described. It is so only and creative. Easily pictured. There is extracted adds of flange of your mystery of chair. While to secrets to be exposed. And has so many characters lateralmente utmost also. Especially Kieran. Has the enormous runs over. It is so only like this loyal and protective. Still ape and bondadoso hearted. They are class to expect to the author takes the sure direction with him concealed is almost of the clues of data and teased is one.

Ossia Rid two in a Blood and series of Ash. And it has to that be order read so that it follows a same pair. I am excited like this to see that it spends in a next book after this cliffhanger!! To good sure recommend!!
4 / 5
“So only so that it is, Penellaphe any precise protects. It is more than able to manage things she. But ossia my future is to the walk was with. It saves his well. Your life depends on that.”

Oh My Gentleman! A Realm of Flesh and Fire is phenomenal and any one imports that I can not look to form the coherent has thought on describing this roller coaster of the class of walk of book!

A Realm of Flesh and continuous Fire of where Of the blood and The Ash owe that the left was and to the poppy is in so much question. It has been betrayed for a man is enamorando with, the looks of whole realm to love his dead person and another realm loves his alive but so that reasons? The secrets have been discovered in this book and he was épico.

Intense to begin to finalise. A banter and dynamic go in Poppy, the chance and Kieran was a point underlined of my year. An idyll was oh also and does not have any word that could justify that perfectly written this book is. The character of arch of Amapola? Oh It is the beast ! It is still a curious and innocent Poppy same fulfil of a first book but all this inner fight and the treachery has experienced has taught lucido to plot. Considering Chance, is still hot, still wry, still sexy but ten times in that like this was of Of Blood and Ash. And mine the majority of favourite of all was Kieran . We have had the glimpse of him of a first book but here in a Realm of Flesh and Fire was the star . Jennifer L Armentrout has created one the majority of charming secondary character of all the times. I need the whole series to the point of view of Kieran pleases!

Am obsessed with this history and would recommend it by all the world the one who is looking for an epic has read. This pound a lot so only do enamore but also would do think and formulate theories. A Realm of the flesh and The Fire so only moved until one of mine all-preferred of bed of time.
4 / 5
Yes, she he still again. I have not thought a second book would stun me like me a prime minister but has done! It could it has not dipped down. The character of Poppy evolves immensely and a bond with Casteel maintains to deepen throughout that he almost flooded enamoured, anguish and passion!
An end was épico and a travesía whole throughput was spellbinding, sexy, complex, heart wrenching and alentador.
Can not believe has to that expect another year until a prójimo an east has released.
5 / 5
Like this like this hurt me a lot to give A Realm of Flesh and Shoot the perfect bookmark, he sadly failed to live until the progress of plot of his predecessor and . Of the blood and The Ash still remains one of my cup reads of 2020, and honradamente, has dipped the quite damn big bar for his sequela. A Realm of Flesh and Fire can be summed up for the few words - to poppy that comes on hire purchase with his feelings partorisca Casteel and accept.

Now, this does not mean that some characters and the history are any less impressive that was in a first book. This book me the enamoured fall with Hawke character and personality like this freaking a lot of, hurts. One development and coming to the terms was A lot of required with which some chances of a first book, but has on taken on 70 of one 600+ book of page. And these controls of serious SO POTENTIAL; it felt he taste has been of too squandered in the no pertinent things for a main plot to progress.

BUT, some pertinent chances that is spaced far averts and mainly in an end of a book, Is LIKE THIS FREAKING lovely reading by means of a rest of him. A build-on an intrigue for some transfers and revelations was a lot. Some characters are some main stars of this book, and his interactions are amused like this to read. Of an a lot of sneak peeks of an author, was EXCITED LIKE THIS to fulfil Keiran, and there is not disappointed. If there is anything more ridiculous that Amapola bantering and stabbing Casteel, is his conversations with Keiran. Really appearance take to learn more roughly the in a upcoming book.

A big develop in an end of a book was built amiably until, of here predictable but has not been any less thrilling and impressive. An end is not exactly the reef-hanger, but the boy has the things be shake up. It was LIKE THIS Afterwards to launch mine kindle to @give that a second book cut of just when the things have begun to go! In spite of, it will be to interest to see like Jennifer pulls this was and like some chances will unfold in a next book.
5 / 5
YASSSS!! One reservations craved after reading Of Blood and Ash. Has all has wanted and calm leaves in colgante. An amazing history of Poppy and Casteel will leave you satisfied this in spite of begging paralización more (3rd book that comes). You will fall enamoured with these books and find you king-reading. Spicier “”. Mature content. It would not recommend for the youngest readers.
5 / 5
“I do not want to feign ,” I have muttered.
“ Are Amapola and is Casteel, and ossia real.”

Can listen me crying? Ossia Also real.
This book was too beautiful.🥺

AKOFAF Is to good sure one of some better books of 2020 and my preferred of JLA.🥰
Any included thinks was possible to want to JLA more than already do, but is.


Like her he?!?! Casteel, Amapola, And Kieran has to that be my favourite characters of everything of his books. A banter among them all and .🤧😍

Awww Now to the chairs likes them to them the cry has included this in spite of there is not any reason to. JLA Is simply so only in amazing.


A Realm of Flesh and Fire chooses on literally well after Casteel Gives'Neer aka A Darkness A aka a Prince of Atlantia aka Hawke Flynn (xD so that different names) declares to everything in his plans to marry one once-Maiden, Poppy Balfour.

Well, Can guess like this has been with Poppy........

Has has wanted to very sure to stab any one.😈🤣 And has like this headed: A battle among Poppy & Casteel.🔥⚔️

“ Was a Maiden, almost groomed my whole life to remain pure and has directed so only in mine Ascensión. I have been Chosen to be die to some of the, included although I have not chosen never a life. I have not taken to choose that it has eaten it, when I have left my chambers, or those who is remained to included touch me.'

'But was one first what I never for real chosen on its own name.”

The poppy Has to that be one of mine all time preferred MCs. I love this daughter so much.🥰 It is such the strong and witty main woman. Finally, after being @@subject to the life of any election and silence, to the poppy now can be and speak was to the sound of abuse. And when be declared likes promised of a Prince of Atlantia—well, goes to have of course to plot of the enemies and the aversion have directed his.

This in spite of, speaks his alcohol and of the waste to leave any one has dipped down or scorn him. His curiosity neither ceases never to surprise me xD. I want that all some questions asks to annoy Kieran endlessly. His bantering is so only too good.🤣
“ Thinks that will believe?”

“This in spite of another question?” Kieran Has behind sustained, crossing his arms. “Seriously? Calm does not tire you never to ask like this?”

“Apparently, calm no, of then has asked so only three of them.”

And although it has used to feel the self-conscious of his scars, now to the poppy is proud and looks directly to villages' eyes without absolute fear that will think it of sound. I love this daughter sm.💞

“To somewhere to the long of a way, no longer has seen likes bargaining chip or the tool for revenge. I have seen his piece the one who was. The one who is—this beautiful, strong, intelligent, endlessly curious woman and bondadosa the one who was so that the victim of a Trace likes any Atlantians.'

' Have fallen enamoured with his, probably long before there is @@give included has had.”

Ahhh To the equal that Could any one does not fall enamoured with Casteel?!?! Included after all some lies and treacheries, could comprise where catered/is come from. It has loved so that bad to save his brother, Malik, of a Trace and planned on using Amapola to take his, but all this changed of an a lot of the moment has fulfilled. In planting to spend for with that, he entirely changed all his plans so only to find the way to be with his.🥺 This boy.....

And then there is Casteel fierce protectiveness on Amapola. I want to the one who stop although it concerns and tries to convince Poppy to take risk enormous, any in fact paralizaciones. It respects the decision and the capacity of the poppy to do that it is necessary. Always it is curing of the his, also.🥰
“Fight. Dispute with me. Any you prenderé . But I will not leave you to dip your life in jeopardy.'

And does not forget these dimples like this amours of the poppy to signal was.😏😍

“ Was Casteel then so only likes is Hawke now,” Kieran has declared quietly, drawing mine his gaze. “And you know it concealed. Only calm is not on the dot for the accept.”

Oh Kieran🥺🤧💞. You are like the wingman and a barrier among Casteel & Amapola for majority of a book xD. It has had to treat when being among a heat of Casteel and he querelle and the conversations of the poppy. You gotta admire for all that.
Probably loves a plus.🥰 It has attacked some sense to Amapola, ossia sure.

Haha And some conversations a 3 of them there has been😆🤣
“ am curious,” Casteel has said, in that cause me to jump. I have had it it has not listened approximation inclusa. “That is two that speaks that has Poppy that looks as if it is five seconds out of crawling under a table?”

“At all,” has said.

“So only said roughly to the equal that has augmented physical senses,” Kieran has answered a same time to the equal that have done. “Like your capacity to see better that the, and sweats of scent arousal—”

“Oh, my of the!” I have turned in a bank, swinging in Kieran, but has averted easily my fist.

“ Seat.” Kieran has not looked remotely remorseful. “ I have meant desire. No it likes Him To Him a word arousal.”

Does not have to that use a word 'arousal' in front of Amapola xD. Casteel, Amapola, & Kieran.... Everything to touch to good sure more when near.💖

Of course, has taken to see more both some new and old characters. Some wolven, Atlantian, and Descenters. Declan, The wolven, has been situated on has to that on call the little time and his responses to the poppy that asks to remain was was so only too good.👌😂
“Any one wishes to pursue calm by means of the snowstorm.”

“I quite not being gutted for a Prince, likes no.”

“A Prince will return punctual.”

My preferred was when I has had to dictate that so only has loved some fresh air. “At all personal, but there is literally any way would trust you enough to break this door opens to leave included a thumb of fresh air to enter your chamber.”

Is learnt his lesson of a last time was on has to that on call with his xD.

Ooo And then has are the little clashed roughly does like this wants to be such the bondadoso wolven to Amapola, but the sure chances leave me that they ask some things. Still, he Poppy has fulfilled so only this in spite of already offered to help. Like this bondadoso.🥺
“Like this, ossia reason are by train to offer you my help. If you are forced to the east, will help you evasion. I will do everything in mine can to ensure sure passage.'

'But will do sure is to somewhere neither a Trace neither Casteel can any never achieve. All have to that do is to say me, and this will be on for you.'

I must, before it finalises this, dipped in these moments with to poppy that threatens a life another xD. Mostly so only Casteel & Kieran.
He chuckled. “Careful, Kieran,” Casteel murmured, that takes my hand before it could swing in Kieran once again. “ It will be partorisca threaten partorisca stab you afterwards.”

A wolven grinned. “ They are quite sure ossia has spent it already.”

“ Hate you,” has announced. “ You hear both.”

Awww Of course to the poppy means an exact opposite.🥰🤣
“Obviously, Casteel taken after his father when it comes the women with acute objects,” that the jasper has commented with the snort. “ I seat it likes it to me the fault some vital information that Delano opportunely has to that the left was when I fulfilled halfway.”

There is creased the front, but has known at least where Delano had been.
“ There is stabbed Casteel?” Jasper has repeated. “In a heart? With bloodstone. And calm thought it would kill?”

“In my defence, felt bad afterwards.”

“ Has cried,” Casteel there is remarked.

Was partorisca stab again.

The violence and the murderous intentions of Poppy is too pleasant, especially when it is around another those who resist his testimony.😂 More the precise of that.

Well, With which concealed when finalising a 3rd book has landed to good sure mine the majority of has has anticipated emissions for 2021. Ackk Can not expect!!! I REQUIRE a next book NOW!!!😫😭😍

I just amour JLA so much.🥺🤧 Calm really can say the one who his writing has has changed premiers few books. For real so only the queen😍💞

Hopefully, a late plus a 3rd book the starts will be cradle 2021.

Does not think can resist expect the full year or more.....
'Of Blood And Ash.'
' Will trace.'
4 / 5
Ossia A second book in a Blood and series of Ash and to good sure my preferred like this far (the third book exits this April.) While a first book headed of slow for me, ( sense weaves to have of rambling in some premiers pocolos capitulate) this one begins was where a last one has to that the left was. It retreats the bit to refresh yours memory (I are not the king-reader lol.) Some characters are better explained, a storyline is easy to follow and there are some scenes of spicy amour (face of defenders.) In general, highly it recommends to verify out of this series enjoys fantasy.
5 / 5
5 Macizo has deserved entirely stars! If it could give it more I totally ! This reservation surprised and has had to that well sure any recession of half book here. A history surprised and full of the transfers and the turns have not seen coming but is these characters that has flown my heart! I want to Amapola and Hawke but Kieran is my creature and will love for ever and never 💜💜💜. As my question now a hell are I supposition to expect until April 😭?
5 / 5
A pacing of a history and a development of some characters during one novel leave me on embroiders constantly. It could not help but read so only A more admonish before and again.

Mina the only remorse is that it has to that expect until April for a next book to be emission - This series to good sure will be a will enjoy to read time and again!
4 / 5
Ossia Good but think still prefered a last a! There is no quite action for me but an idyll is perfect! And saint cliffhanger in an end, cant attended for a prójimo a!
5 / 5
Which in a hell has spent so only? This book there is topped so only a prime minister a, and does not have to that think that would be possible. If have thinks that it has required the defender for a last book? You will require a bath of gel for east a! The Idyll that Nails and crazy good chemistry; ossia all can say. Ossia Jennifer first serious of book of Big Fantasy, and his world-wide edifice is upper tier. It is writing characters that has depth to them, creating scenes that replay in my alcohol LITERALLY FOR EVER, and doing me desire that this series maintains the base of until an end of time. I have devoured this the alone day and is the fantastic edition. I can not expect for a next book to exit!
4 / 5
Has loved a premise, characters & of history. Fast paced. Interest of amour (sexual content, no for adolescents), battles, killing/dead, plotting/scheming, fantasy (is magic and magic). To good sure to the plot driven with the spice has added. (To the long of the vetoes same likes the cup of Thorns and serious of LIMIT Rosa. If it likes that, of calm like this)
4 / 5
has loved this book so much. As it is coming final ... Improvement. Has has not loved the arrived reason can not direct a wait suspended in a next book. Read this book at night reason I so only required to know all concealed was to spend. A treachery, confidence, amour, doubt and revelation go in Poppy and Casteel have me in mine can not be here early enough... His a first time the long time, has been that rushes a new year. Calm require you Crown of has Gilded Bone
5 / 5
I. Amur. This. Book.

Has a lot of bed the series of Jennifer and honradamente thinks that is to say his better work still! I can not expect box april for one 3rd book to exit. This series has done his way to the mine favourite upper. Poppyseed The character is like this Intriguing and has found a history lines like this original! The chance Is to good sure one of the mine new fav promised of book !! A world has been near beautiful and could ail dipped the down. A perfect blend of action, emotion and vaporous idyll. 5. Friggen. Stars Jennifer!
5 / 5
One of some better books has read the long time. The only question was a wait of a first book until a second! Ugh! And now I am in decline for a third. Well writing. You fall enamoured with some characters. A witty banter and an out of kilter idyll. Justo wonderful!
5 / 5
I am enamoured like this with Jennifer L Armentrouts writing, could the drink dipped this reservation down. I think that that that has has wanted to this a never more then a first book. But honradamente are so only to the equal that has shaken precise to feel my emotions
4 / 5
Honradamente LOVE this book and some serious and I to good sure would recommend this reservation the people was BUTT am very a lot disappointed with a condition of a product has received.
Has ordered these reservations some first time and he came it to the bad condition and he then have taken the substitution partorisca he and has been still in bad condition. Ossia Reason has given 2 stars.
Are a lot disappointed. When being an avid reader finds books partorisca be collectable and this is not to to something likes to see and experience.
5 / 5
Ossia All has taken, could not sleep, has had to that know that it was to spend. 24 hours to devour this book that has surprised
5 / 5
has taken a soft coverage of this book- read that already but has loved the copy of the mine own reason is like this good and are the book hoarder haha
Ossia a second book in a Blood and series of Ash.
4 / 5
Has a word.... TRANSMISSION.... This book left absolutely transmission in a possible better way. Taking to further know both Poppy and Hawke thrilled and amazing and left that it loves more. I can not expect take my hands I on rid 3.

Has read this series. I can not say this enough, but JLA has some of some better books!
5 / 5
Has loved A Realm of the flesh and The Fire more than me has loved Of Blood and Ash.
Poppy And Chance is a torture has not known never there is wanted. Almost I did not finalise it reason was too anxious roughly where a history has been begun. Happy I , but also the little unbalanced is on reason now owe that expect until April to discover that it spends afterwards.
4 / 5
With which have finalised Of Blood and Ash I so only could any take me to read this book! It was like this a lot that read it everything in 24 hours! I have not taken like this sleep but man this was an adventure ! Totally recommend ❤️
4 / 5
A continuous adventure and there is not disappointed! Your favourite characters develop while the reports are questioned. To good sure value a bed there is enjoyed book 1! It can not expect for book 3!
5 / 5
Can not expect for a third book!! It goes to be there 5 total of books and while to a rest of this history goes to be very hard!!
5 / 5
A lore and romance so only deepens in this book of a prime minister. Transfers of character and weaves to astound arches. An only thing that could be it slightly inconvenient is a repetition of sure dialogue, but calm to good sure take used his. An end have literally the cryings that has to expect three weeks of now for a next book.
5 / 5
5 / 5
Are hooked, stunning and I fine stunning bad in this book. That the history with transfers and of the turns. I can not expect for a next book in a series.
4 / 5
Book and serious sum. It appreciates a world of fantasy that an author has created and his strong female characters. You can submerged calm in this series partorisca the good while and forget all some things that spends around .
4 / 5
Finally the series concealed maintained me wrapt throughout! If it likes-you Sarah J Maas novels then Jennifer Armentrout and this series is partorisca you.
5 / 5
This book was one same better follow until a first book, literally can not expect until a third book
4 / 5
Big and beautiful! It will update once the finishings, but like this happy to add my collection 😊
5 / 5
is not never state disappointed in the work of Jennifer. It is the phenomenal writer , but his Blood and the series of Ash is an absolute more than his work to date.
5 / 5
This book has blown my alcohol! Thoughtful character , excellent growth and amazing narrative with depth and has surprised. I have not thought Of the blood and The Ash could be topped but AKOFAF certainly he! It can not expect until a next book! Again alcohol-blown!
5 / 5
Has loved that! A book was like this good and is gone in perfect condition! These books are surprising and highly recommend them to any those who is the defender of Sarah I mass!
5 / 5
Witty, Darkness and entertainment. To good sure the page turner and highly recommends it. Utmost characters, mystery and adventure. I have finalised some premiers two books inside the week and can not expect for a third.
4 / 5
Wow! That a continuazione incredible to a history of Poppy. It can not expect book read 3 (goes partorisca be there the book 3?! With this cliffhanger, I sure hope as).
5 / 5
Could not dip this down. As they Are I that goes partorisca expect so anxiety a prójimo a?! I need moooooore
5 / 5
according to the book Adds in this series. I love some few characters, the poppy is a better! Some the good transfers and I am really that looks forward to a next book in a series.
5 / 5
Has loved this book. Included better then a prime minister and a prime minister was quite amazing!!
4 / 5
Ossia An amazing book that calm maintain you turning some pages of some extremes to the another. To good sure value a compraventa.
5 / 5
HAS TO THAT READ THIS BOOK!!! Woah ... I so only the finishings and does not have any word. As it Can appearance until one 20 April 2021 to read a third book!?😭😭 Any doubted goes to buy this book RIGHT NOW.
4 / 5
Really enjoyed this book. Excellent plot, characters, elements of fantasy. An art of coverage is beautiful. My only worry is that a corner of a corner was slightly has bent.
5 / 5
Has been packed with adventure and a lot yummy amour. Any sure his ALREADY
4 / 5
has required immediately a third book because a hanger of rests of reef on has not been something could live with. I require the responses and I require stat.

Top Customer Reviews: From Blood and Ash ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
If I know, that knows that Jennifer L. Armentrout I books are always the must compraventa. I am not never state disappointed and when it has taken a casualidad partorisca take my hands on Blood and Ash, swears has jumped in an occasion partorisca discover like this was partorisca enjoy his writing to this gender.

Left to say you that this author comes by means of once again with Of Blood and Ash to the equal that maintained enthralled during a whole book. Calm will not be able to dip down this history of the calm epic once begins. This book has all calm did not know you required in the book. The interest has has had difficulty partorisca dip it down when I have required partorisca do. I have required partorisca know more and more.

The poppy Is an incredible character . It is a Maiden; one Elected. Everything of his life, has been treated differently been due to he some time those that people those who take to see. Has the long cast of things can any one , but the poppy is also bondadoso of as the still breaker govern that it marks his more interesting. During a book, sees like this is struggling for the find, but still that tries to remain true to the that the people are expecting his, but like progress to reserve so the chance will be to dip his faith to a test. Has the strong personality and she has such endurance to all has had to that spend stops. Has has wanted as it has been portrayed in this book and am looking forward to goes that the growth will do in some next books to come.

Afterwards is Hawke those who is an intriguing character of a moment is presented in the first place his. It is cocky and sure of him, but also has the way that does to look the league with some people speaks to. There is one will have to that mystery around him which so only love to take to know more. His attractive of calm character in and so only taken anything the one who is by train to give you.

Amapola And Hawke the chemical is in a map and when they are together, calm so only feels in everything does or say. During a book, a two banter and really likes the tease the and this so only adds more to a chemistry among them. Hawke Will be the factor of entity in the investigation to find of Amapola she. It will spend the plot of the feelings there has been has not had really an occasion to feel before and will spend so more question in that is expected to do and that in fact loves.

Like this characters in this book that you neither amour, hate or perhaps be confuse roughly his, but a thing is sure; any of them will leave you indifferent. If calm worry you for them or simply wants to him gone, his all seat something .

A history is fill with the plot of the history of this world, his secrets and like this beginning of truths to be developed, some characters will owe that debate roughly where his in fact stand in this battle among two clan and or there was not right or wrong state in that has known it.

Swears this description is hard to write reason could say so much, but spoilers will be said and calm wants to writes to see for calm so only like awesome this book was. I have wanted king-read this book on and on again has been once done with him. Jennifer L. Armentrout Knows the one who his amour of readers and has dipped on an interesting cast of characters, of chances and secrets that will captivate you throughout a whole book.

Honradamente, Requires to grab this book now still reason is one that surprises read and can not contain my emotion for a next book to come.
5 / 5
These books was exactly that has required right now and everything has not known there is wanted.

Has been fill with intrigue, mystery, deception and lies. There is maidens and “prophecies”. There is form shifters and a undead. A female goodness is sassy and badass. A goodness viril is good-looking, darkness, and oh as mysterious. And to the left it is not to forget an unforgettable ANGUISH!!.

Amapola And Hawks the history taken for the storm and I could any the dipped down. Even Days after finalising, continuous think roughly him.

Honradamente, This history has had all I amour and a writing was absolutely flawless.

Can not expect take my hands I on rid two, A Realm of Flesh and Fire!!


Ossia My first book for this author and I can guarantee you that I will be stalking his rear catalogue ASAP!!
4 / 5
I. Amur. This. Book.
Was Jennifer L. Armentrout Book, as I have not been conscious of any of the his leading storylines (now that has read the pair of the his another reservation, see the plot of overlap).
When Have in the first place begun a book, does not have to that think that would like me. A writing has not gone enough there, and with Sarah J. Maas The comparison has had big expectations. But then, on 20 in him really begun to choose on - to good sure the give the casualidad! A main character really is the hero and ass of kicks.
4 / 5
4.5 Stars

“With my sword and with my life, swears to maintain you sure, Penellaphe,” has spoken, the deep and smooth voice, adapting me of rich chocolate , decadent. “Of this moment until a last moment, are yours .”

Of the blood and The Ash is a prime minister rids there is not reading never for Jennifer L Armentrout and is to good sure any one a last I so that it swears to read a rest of his books because to good sure am losing was!

A history follows Amapola, the Maiden that live it guarded life any reason there is wanted but reason ossia how has been domestic. Given the enormous authorship that is connected with a next generation, to the poppy has not had never the election until an arrival of a new guard, Hawke.

A world-wide edifice was like this detailed in this first book of a Blood and series of Ash that me pause and retreat to analyse that it was has described. It weaves to have of information in a first half of a book that could be lost easily. It felt that the intention of an author was to build the complex world and to confuse some readers with considerations to a plot.

Written to the point of view of Poppy, if it has had to has has felt frustrated reason has not been easy to relate to the his guarded and innocent alcohol. The reading of his precise perspective some taking used to but comprise reasons an author has chosen the owe way, thinks that was necessary for the travesía of a reader to properly comprise where to the poppy is coming from and for a sake of some secrets that will be untangled.

An election of words has used was perfect and has to that say that JLA can write romance like this like this like this although it was easy to take lost in a world of Of Blood and Ash.

Although I have had hampers to read this at the beginning because of some disturbing scenes (sexual harassment), has finalised to love Of Blood and Ash and highly would recommend this to any defenders of paranormal idyll. There is to plot of intense and sexy scenes that is highly adictivo.
4 / 5
“ Are one Maiden, Hawke,” has adapted – or I, has not been sure. “And I do not concern .” My eyes have flown opened in accidents. “ I can it does not create has so only says that.” “ I have done. And I will say it again. I do not concern that it is.” Hawke Hand slid of mine behind. A moment later, it felt his palmera flatten against my cheek with unerring accuracy. “ Respecto Roughly the one who are.”

That will find:
✔️Fiction of Fantasy
✔️Vaporous Scenes
✔️Transfer With which Turns
✔️Singular POV

to the poppy is a maiden . One chosen one. Waiting for Ascensión, to fulfil with some of the, to fulfil his have to that. An alive bad time the life in solitary. Spending time with only his guards. But when Hawke resulted his new guard- begins to feel more than the sense to owe. He his question all and his test with a forbidden. But with a realm that falls, begins to question that it thinks that that it knows. And everything begins to untangle by means of the blood has drenched edges.

This book is Fantastic! I have wanted to it loved/ It To it absolutely. To the fantasy is resulting the evasion to read any included knows has required. This book has abundance of action, steam, humour and emotion... Cela There will be you turning some pages long to a night. Poppy Is like this fierce! And Hawke is like this swoon worthy. A world-wide edifice is the little slow likes the majority is in a start, but flows smoothly. Building perfectly until BAM! Transfer with which turn with which twist. Some I coming visas and some I NO! Ossia Prime minister of mine read for this author and I have loved that. All some Stars! It finalises in the cliffhanger that are to excite to read in a next book!
4 / 5
This was my in the first place go around with JLA and a consensus is that there are improvements to be facts but no the unbalanced. A writing is incredibly simple; possibly an use of the thesaurus and the tool of grammar, more to the plot of sentence restructures could have has improved easily a flow. It is also quite predictable. An author does not leave any a lot of to an imagination; too much it is it spelt it was that a “develop” or the call “of big” transfers of a moment the new idea is presented. It likes-me the mystery but has been to feed each detail in this book. That comprise (of the which have been said), this book is a first author foray to adult/IN The (unsure of one classifies real) but he still read strongly in an ALREADY perspective. I have not been reading ALREADY lately, how was initially jarring to submerge behind to the majority of way of juvenile writing but again, any unfamiliar territory for me in general besides to resorting of expectations.

This in spite of, the technical subjects averts... I have not been disappointed. Although Hawke is your regular career of a strawberry “impossibly sexy boy , bad all the world loves tame”, has had to that weaves of the qualities so only can not look to walk went in the interest of amour and like this, was perfection . Amapola Like him heroin was again, quite typical. Outside of them individually, a world was... And I will say it ... Intriguing lol. When I have begun to suspect a type of creatures that governed a world, I almost cringed and has walked was reason any one a overdone trope of vampires and werewolves but how is result, was the surprisingly refreshing taking. Enough to maintain me reading, anyways. Some conflicts are abundance , there is a lot of action (both violent and sexual) to the equal that calms will not be never boring reading this but calm has to that be able to look spent a writing and so only delve to a world-wide to the equal that am expecting , will have edifice more world-wide and be further fleshed was pound two.

Will say, some characters are quite bland. There is the mould of map cutouts the one who do not have any development the one who is killed was the I assumes, be rid of an authorship of fleshing went them? To all the cost, does not expect any a lot of interest or information of a mould of support. They are there to the ends of the furthest poppy and add farce.

My last complaint (reason are already rambling and would not owe that take on more time of page with this description) would be a vocabulary. If this book is supposition to be adult, attended the most expansionary vocabulary and this especially that the hard paste on some sexually explicit scenes. If you want to write explicit smut, are everything for him (please, goes was), but is not fearful to express a terminology. If I owe that the zone “reads deprived” a time of plus, could give on totally lol. If an author is that has involved to write smut, mine a complaint is my lack of disposal to see some scenes have squandered in any those who is fearful to to the call likes is.

Was these looks of the totally negative description but a cat grupal are in regarding this series has it slew of the mine has has excited reactions in the each one signals that that law this book and I have bought book two in the times still likes the book a, as I am continuing. No out of obligation, but reason desperately I need to know that it spends afterwards.

Has been promised A Yard of Fog and levels of Fury of surprise and adoration and devotion, as has my toes have crossed paralización all these feelings.
5 / 5
Can not taking gushing in this book! Honradamente Deserve endless Praise.

Is so only such one thrilling history, a concealed captivated me well of a start and me gone back his again and again. And Amapola and Hawke the fact all a thrilling plus.

Of the blood and The Ash there is quickly and firmly has pressed his way until one of mine all time favourite books. Ever. There have it seriously any one the alone thing that would change roughly. And I am in decline to take my hands in some prójimos a.
4 / 5
This book has surpassed my expectations. dulcemente Are that he my way by means of his backlog has discovered of then am result hooked with his writing.

This novel begun out of has bitten it slower that has expected. This in spite of, he quickly chosen on any and hooked me in. A history was like this intriguing and intertwined. Everytime Has thinks that has had something has imagined was, the wrench would be launched to change a result entirely.

Our MC is surprising. It is strong, knows like this to be independent. Although she also laws before it thinks. It is the 'are not to like other daughters' trope. These some works in my opinion. I want to follow lucido around that looks for to imagine was the one who in fact can be.

Some transfers maintained me on a flange of my chair a whole way by means of. I chooses me I on rid two immediately (which is scarce for me) and now has to that ' patiently' attended for a third book.

I highly recommend this novel especially for lovers of fantasy. Ossia To good sure any one the young adult and is not still beginners of fantasy.
4 / 5
Of the blood and The Ash was an I was while to all the year.
Secret darkness. Treachery. Vaporous.
A world-wide edifice is very easy to comprise. A history, really addicting. A world-wide an author has created is interesting and so only is own way .
Want to enjoy the book that there is esteamy' time with a history lateralmente interesting, then I highly recomment this book.
Has-liked you Sara J Maas the books that ossia for you. Especially have-liked you A Yard of Thorns of trilogy of Roses.
Hawk Sleeps. It is .... Like this dreamy.
5 / 5
Like the chairs has there is almost has lost a capacity to speak. A row of the emotions in this book has been alcohol blowing. It is an only five indication of star has given this year. It has not been that this woman has a capacity to shatter each piece of me!
So only maintains to do the! Like this happy Jen has taken this casualidad and jumped to write and that releases this history because it was everything !!!
Like this praise thus book! 👏🏼👌🏼❤️
5 / 5
I have finalised this reserves a day because it could has not dipped down! An idyll forbidden, and transfers of plot omg!! I can any one plant the words that I amour this book. Entirely enamoured.
4 / 5
Saint cow! I have finalised so only this the pocolos small does and still am reeling - I desire had taken a second book when I have purchased a prime minister!

A history was súper involving and one that builds world-wide has been dipped is gone in the very intriguing way. Considering the circumstances of a MC, a start of a history is quell'has bitten slow - But reason is of his perspective, felt. Things really beginning partorisca choose up in a second the averages of a book, and a plot has reacted like this hard to them!

To good sure would recommend this to any any one to good fantasy!
5 / 5
Has has not thought was the defender of vamps and wolves anymore but this book sucked me behind in. A storyline is not quickly, this in spite of, calms gone back partorisca more. Every time I have dipped this book down could not taking thinking roughly that!! It is to good sure one of a better bed has had the long time. Like the ENORMOUS defender of a Throne of the series of Glass is remained with the gaping void but this reserves really helped partorisca the fill! Imo Has loved a main character, Amapola, and love a character that builds throughout. I have cried when the dead sure characters and when the crazy things am spent to Amapola; it can be relatable. A world-wide edifice has does not marry of paste with me so only reason want to when the books have the maps but a second book has one! It would recommend this series to any any one he saucy romantic work with a lot of action. I have not finalised a second book still but can not expect until the third!
4 / 5
Am still in afterwards reserve with which incident, he leaving all solve in. I am not sure like chair entirely.

The history is fantastic and original take and incredibly one of the bondadoso

thinks that it would say this book is the 4.5 or for me.

Loves to the plot is so only has taken the few things that annoy on the level of personal word 😂. But another wise
4 / 5
the words can not describe this book. It is the MUST has read. If it likes-you Sarah J Maas - this book will help volume in any ACOMAF hangovers of book!
5 / 5
A fashion and the flavour of this book felt like the start that I earth with Jennifer. Jen ALREADY to the fantasy is always an automatic buy for me—and concealed will continue. But it has felt to like it has looked for to retard thing down with this novel (at least in a half prime minister) with more than descriptions and of pages to be in a boss of characters. It was like this different, I included asked if it still had been the ghost written for another author. But have paste then one halfway mark, and he all has changed. A step has on elected. Some transfers have come. An expected romance and plot that for the heart has been rid to the equal that has promised. Included his fashion of writing familiarised looked to move behind to something his readers all know and amour. I have enjoyed this book has taken once go, and will read a sequela.
5 / 5
This book is like this good!! A report of hate of the amour among Poppy and Hawke omg I are 😍 an only question is that one transfers is the little obvious ! Bur Still ossia has to that read for each already lovers of fantasy!!
4 / 5
Ossia A first book of the fantasy there is never really read, and am like this happy has done! Honradamente Could not dip this book down. I thought it that it would take it mine for ever to finalise based in a measure, but has finalised so only take me 3 days! It could it has not dipped down. A history is interesting, some characters that captive, and everything in a world in that a history takes place is fresh and thrilling! I have it quell'has ordered already a second an and can not expect read a third when it is is gone in the few months
4 / 5
This book is surprising! Highly it would recommend for the Paranormal the idyll has read! Vampire and types of Werewolf (called other names in book). You will take immersed easily in this world. No too spicy “” for but has the few moments so that it would not say appropriate for those of the age it young plus. Mature content.
5 / 5
Has bought a ebook version. It was really the chance of “is not you, are”. This book has received to plot of hype, and was intrigued for a premise. Unfortunately, I have found he to be bored, without to plot that spends in a prime minister 15. We are to give to plot of information of an a lot of start, but has not had really a lot of storytelling for behind the. It averts of Hawke when being hot AF, has not gone enough to maintain me has interested. Sad. I DNF'd he in 17.
5 / 5
This book was all has not known has required right now... I bought it reason has been mine recommended without even that law his description and I have flown by means of him in the pair of days. It is a prime minister rids has read the few years ( has used partorisca spend for books daily) and there is not disappointed. LIKE THIS A lot of
5 / 5
has listened in this book in TikTok, and decided partorisca give goes it that consider those that people have spoken roughly that. Always I have levels and big expectations with books, and this one has surpassed him everything!
Has read he the few days, and has ordered a second an immediately.
A history is surprising and like this writing very good. A development of character and the transfers in a history are surprising and could not be more enamoured with Poppy and Hawke.
Love this history has asked so much my sister of artist partorisca paint me the portrait of Poppy and Hawke.
Him him A lot of hesitations roughly buying this book, knows that it calms will not complain the reading.
While to a third book partorisca exit in April goes partorisca be torture !
4 / 5
Read you never the book and loved it immediately read again well after calm finalised it?
Yeah thats This book partorisca me!

This was a prime minister JLA the book has read Lux has read in fact serious 5 years and this have fallen has begun my reading of all the things JLA in 2020! Now so only I have a serious more main that face! This book has had all I never wanted to and of the things have not known never has loved in the alone book! I have laughed, I have cried even lovingly I have launched he by means of a room in one signals. Defenders of Sarah J Maas - this book is for you! It is a perfect to go in IN THE BIG FANTASY! I will sing some praises of this book for ever!
4 / 5
First... This book taken behind to read and always will adore thus

Segundo... This was like this fantastically writing. I have begun to read reason all the world has spoken in an idyll (WHICH is SURPRISING.. Especially when takings to a second reserve which is included better) but was entirely hooked for a plot, a world-wide and a strong main character.

Was bit it garbled of some of some terms when beginning a book but so only maintains to go reason all taking has explained!

5 / 5
The Beautiful sound! A rear page of book has been bent, but ossia well. Big reserve which is perfect for fast readers! It will update once it has finalised a book, but am like this happy 😊
5 / 5
Has to it way that be a lot the time has found of the book ossia adictivo, captivating, and intense like this one. With the life that is occupied like this I time has had to read so to the equal that has used to. I have bought this book in of the hopes that the would spark an amour has had to that read behind then behind my life, boy he never that. This book was like this good. They are honradamente like this happy is the trilogy to the equal that would be like this sad to having finalised so only in a. Some characters are like this captivating, a plot and the history of amour is like this intriguing. Everything in this book is surprising. If you are to the fantasy BUYS THIS BOOK!
4 / 5
Oh God!! Ossia My favourite book of 2020 ! This book convinced to begin to read in English and the boy not having prendido of then! It is like this a lot that has has had to that the read two times in four month! I want to all some characters and a writing of Jennifer L Armentrout! And so only I can not expect for a third an in April 2021 ❤️
4 / 5
has been the dusk got obsessed with when it was 13. On ten years later, reading this book gave these same vibes. It was the welcome evasion ! I swept me entirely it was my feet . You Apple all like this animadamente. Something so only calms any volume with each book.
5 / 5
Honradamente, A history was bit it dulcemente in a start but he have on elected and once could has not dipped down. It was like this captivating has required to know that it spends afterwards. Amur Some characters and a chemistry among them.
5 / 5
Has loved this book! An iconography was that I have required to read again. Some characters were very developed and there is a lot of intrigue! I want to see the women develop the strong sense to be.
This book has spice to the equal that maintains that import like this the one who is buying paralizaciones.
5 / 5
It has looked for something resembled Sarah J. Maas' Operates it and this was exactly concealed! An idyll was partorisca add and has has wanted to really one that builds world-wide. Will 100 be reading a second book in this trilogy and then while impatiently partorisca a third and final book in a trilogy partorisca exit the few months. It would recommend this book to any one any idylls of fantasy, and lovers of Maas, Bardugo, and Blacks.
4 / 5
Has loved this novel. It was enticing and sucked me well in. I have finalised he a day because it was taken like this up in a history and some characters. A chemistry among Poppy and Hawke maintained in a flange of my chair, absolutely love his interactions and his report have.
4 / 5
Captivating History and development of amazing character. One of some better books has read recently. A must read especially after a first hundred of pages of pairs. I in fact read the two times and there are so many perspectives of the character and he little have said that loses a prime minister goes around. It gives a reader I much more adds sympathetic and nuance with a history and his two main charcters. It can not expect for a sequela to exit!
4 / 5
This was an excellent read. His was my first book of this author and I never happy!
There is wanted a tongue and writing way. Of a start, was hooked and has loved a colgante, line and inner conflicts of global history. The character of Poppy is a better of everything in all some right doses. To good sure the good bed.... I have moved on to 2 immediately.
4 / 5
Has had the hard time that takes to this book, has begun a lot of dulcemente with some world-wide edifice and left has confused. On some things of the point of half way has begun to choose up and take interesting, and then could not dip a book down. I think that that it is something that all ALREADY the lovers would have to read.
5 / 5
The quality of the Piece is excellent, this in spite of, some pages were pliées. Not being in the boxes have joined, but joins on, was déformé travesía of pair of edges. The sending has done his time and the pound is good truth!

Debuts of pound dulcemente and is a bit difficult of and submerged, but joins time that is fact, in no longer can the dipped lateralmente!
5 / 5
This book is Surprising. So only it underlines so only in the gender where the majority of look of things overdone.
Am enamoured with a chemistry among Poppy and Hawke. A moment a book has finalised has known has required more. Felizmente A sequela, Realm of Flesh and Fire, was already available, as I do not owe that attended, probably would have died.
5 / 5
Absolutely LOVE this book. It is the must has read. I have read this one and book 2, patiently while to reserve 3 to exit in April. But a book has been missing the pages and I do not know like this partorisca rid the report and take the new book has sent mine because it has been purchased more than fact 3 month. Any one knows that?
5 / 5
There is wanted absolutely this book with each piece of me. A writing, some characters, an idyll, all was done like this good and absolutely phenomenal. Poppy And Hawke is one of my characters of favourite book. A force so much the presents during a book is phenomenal.

Ossia That the serious MUST has read.
5 / 5
Wow. So only in amazing! A world-wide edifice are to add and fact to the each page of a history in the good-looking way, and a character is like this obliging even the smallest character really sucks calm in and arrivals to concern you for them like this!
4 / 5
I really, reading enjoyed really this! The any fish of fantasy usually but this reserves there was to us hooked of chapter 1. Lucky partorisca me there is @@give so only that some starts of sequela tomorrow - September 1st !
4 / 5
There be enjoyed to read a book. It began it it was a lot of slow but then is taking more thrilling with which concealed. A plot is a lot very very written.
4 / 5
6 Out of 5 stars. Shining read. The characters and the development of history was terrific. First time that reads this author. I can not expect for book 2
5 / 5
This is to be receive in the quality adds. Entirely unmarked and well has joined. It has not had any sign or physical harm of use.
4 / 5
SUCH A lot of READ! One of my insurances of new favourites.
Are like this INTRIGUED. (Hehe) Can not expect devour a next book!
4 / 5
Loves this book so much! I usually read ALREADY, but there is wanted recently do the transmission on to Fantasy of adult. Ossia One first Fantasy of the adult rid that has read, and has surprised! I have read he in only a day, and are at present I on rid 2. If it love fantasy with a lot of spicy idyll, ossia a book for you!
5 / 5
Receive A book that L the air of a book bought in a low to the chips, and no in , Inc, this is not very pleasant.
4 / 5
Any aversion loves a coverage of this Novel has read to plot of his novels and am sure I like this one.
4 / 5
To the condition adds, the book adds, the history adds, different and interesting fantasy novel. It can not expect for a sequela.
5 / 5
Absolutely love this book, could has not dipped down. Development of amazing character. To good sure recommend this book by all the world!! A must has read.

Top Customer Reviews: Rejected Exile ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
In the first place, a first chapter is probably one of my favourite chapters of all time. It is a thing has dreamed of when I have done in service of client and me amour a FMC, Delilah. It likes that a prime minister admonishes has launched well to of a history.

I Delilah really liked, has found extremely relatable. It is strong but has seen his vulnerabilities and his ache. It tries to press by means of his trauma, but still has an effect in his and has found that a lot real. His inner monologue is also hilarious and has laughed out of strong the little time during some of some situations has finalised in.

There be enjoyed to be presented to his men but I would have has wanted to learn more roughly the and his histories. Hopefully More than his POVs will be in some next books in a series. They liked him some few interactions among some men but also with Delilah also. Looking forward to that it sees that some reports evolve.

Of course, rests with the cliffhanger but the only leaves much more questions that I can not expect learn roughly.

Has think that this was an interesting to take on the shifter world. It would have liked me liked more in this world-wide and bit it more to a history. Especially in a situation that goes in in the history of his band, really expect concealed is explored more.

This was the first good book of the series with an interesting introduction of the new world and some characters. While an author explores more in his characters and a world in some following books.

Has received the free copy of this book via Booksprout and voluntarily am leaving the description.
5 / 5
Liked a dif POV of of the east. It was harrowing reading in his past. Lucy really done the good work that connects a reader to some emotions of characters. I have found a history to be the little slow, and an end was the quickly. Otherwise Could has not dipped down.
4 / 5
That an interesting transfer to the history of werewolf. I couldnt reading of stop, has loved to know more and that cliffhanger! The cant attended for book 2
5 / 5
Was unable to resist my attention. I displeased Delilah, has not been the strong female character. This can have changed but he so only halfway by means of a book.
4 / 5
The one who the book adds!
A history is in the daughter the one who in 14 is exiled of a band been due to his wolf not looking in his ceremony to joint. He skips advances 7 years when his dead father and house of calls, where fulfil old small and his ej.
Is surprising with like this extracted the load of the carp has launched his way.
He of good summer to know more on touch that grows on, but concealed is not integral to a history.
Some 3 types fulfils the just sound sinful :0
5 / 5
A blurb has touched to interest but alas no. A female character was during a place - has been hard / shy/ fraction etc? It does not have it it felt like his character wobbled with his intent. His inner dialogue bored and is gone in too much long.
Thinks that some the main subjects were that a setting of scene has taken too much long and a dialogue was clunky- I could not finalise. Sad.
4 / 5
There is enjoyed really this... Good characters, a lot of writings, obliging history. It has been in to read book 2 and can not expect for book 3 now! :)
5 / 5
Has found this a lot half reservation. Well storyline. Good characters. I have found one “that wants to be with all some men” immediately bit it absurd and is written to be entirely heartbroken but falls for his ex immediately. Probably I will not read a next book like this an only no quite take there for me.
5 / 5
There is enjoyed really this book..
Initiates really slow. It has taken the bit to take to a line of history, but has begun once taking has been was invested.

Top Customer Reviews: Mated Exile (Wolf ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
There is something in a history that could not take enough of. I have tried to read he by means of in one dipping has @to @give then was 3am. Lol Has loved a dif POV east. Desire Delilah has not forgiven like this easily would have done a history bit it better in my alcohol but I think Lucy has known the one who has done when it has written this book. Everything has the reason and some holes of plot dulcemente fill like the history unfolded. I can not expect read a last book when regime!

Top Customer Reviews: The Rowan's Stone: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5
Stone of Rowan is book 2 in a Killian Serious of Leaf, and Crash Brie third book has published. I blow it was that ossia so only his third book. Crash Brie Way to write is done like this well, and some characters come the life of a page. A history is intriguing, suspenseful and emotional in the way that calm draws in a world. A page turner, sure. They are hooked and has left partorisca want to more!

Rids 2, the burn is trying to untangle a mystery of his heritage and discover the one who is looking for to murder him. With a help of a Imperium Marco, law partorisca comprise some clues have left partorisca his. Besides, some reports continue to grow and evolve he like this taking partorisca know some men of a frame.

Valerian Is still my preferred, but some another so only found my heart. It is the sign of the author adds partorisca be able to have such the connection to some characters! So many mysteries have left, this series to calm of good sure design in, giving you enough to have a turning of page while building moment and tip any sign to retard down!

Some scenes of battle were of sound, and an action was augmented to good sure of book 1! I can not expect for a prójimo in a series to see the burn and some types find some responses!
4 / 5
Can not spend on a casualidad the rave in this book. If to yours like, has read enough to anticipate that it comes afterwards. Seldom it finds the book that I paste me on a boss with an unexpected. If you want to paranormal, strong female characters, reverse harem with some sinful indulgences. The sequelas are usually never like this very like this in the first place, but am thinking this one is better. Time to take the ladies intoxicated !!
5 / 5
Are adds to read the history knows has come from/hard word come from for an author. To portray the puzzle the words and have flows easily when it is read is no easy task. This rids said 2 was the hanger of complete reef all a way by means of, calm does not know never that it is to spend in a next page, has loved that, and can not expect that more it is to be developed in book 3. A question to think roughly to everything, When Rowan Albero be planted in Abby?
4 / 5
Could not dip a book down! It has been written fantastically. Has has wanted to which deep each one that like this POVs the character felt. He gripped me of an a lot of start. The holes of leading plot am fill while other open. Calm will not complain reading this book!

Top Customer Reviews: House of Earth and ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
I love his books, has been always my preferred and he again with east a! It can it do not dip down!
4 / 5
Has loved this book so much. A time thought and try this book is gone through this for real wonderful. A quantity to detail a book has. Has has wanted to he because of some of some chapters me to us cry. And a period of a book was perfect. I love a book and the work of an author. I want to be in the world-wide concealed spend me behind home!!!

Top Customer Reviews: Magical Midlife ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
If so only I can have a desire, would be partorisca Level On never partorisca finalise.

This reserves this late plus has answered a lot of questions owe that the sinister slopes with some leading books, dipped a phase partorisca even more magic action, launched light on some characters of entities and some less than entities some (likes to discover that it Marries of the ivy really thinks of Edgar), and if it has not had like this laugh to the equal that in some leading books, was so only reason a phase was different. Although the laugh there was! Those have flown wrists!!!!

And the amour has had, of course, and hot and vaporous moments.

Another Breene homerun!
4 / 5
These serious so only improves and better and BETTER! A thrilling adventure, an amazing feels, a pulsing action, a fascinating plotting, some incredible characters, a awesome the series HAS. HE. EVERYTHING!! I can not expect for a prójimo a!!
4 / 5
The series adds books of fantasy with each odd and quirky fantastical bobo. Fast paced the reservation concealed is devoured easily in of the hours!
4 / 5
This series is like this thrilling and an intensity is beginning partorisca take stronger and stronger likes progress of series. Jessie Is really kicking ass!

There is wanted each one which so and each amazing character (new and old). His each one which so I maintain the readers that the laugh in his only and pleasant ways possesses. And calm can not help but wants to be part of the familiar/grupal of Jessie of misfit magic people.

Has left so only has said that this really hot history up in a department of chamber for Jessie and Austin and damn is HOT!! FINALLY!

Also, these freaking damn the wrists had me in stitches running around with the full glasses of water!! I need read a history to see reason!

Fantastic writing like this always, with amazing characters and the storyline this is exciting, those thrill, intense and sexy. I can not expect for more.
4 / 5
That reserve of mark 4 better? Door out of the 5th book. Each one which as one of this series is better that a leading book. Jess Has added more home of Ivy, his magic is improving for jumps and bounds. Finally it faces Elliot Tombs. Some wrists are still around (I amour these pocolos tugs !). And Jess and , will have read a book to find that it was. 5/5 stars!
5 / 5
There is enjoyed a heck out of this book. It is like this good to see some characters all grow and a humour maintain laughing. To good sure recommends grabbing the copy, can any gone bad with this author. I want like this real and that honradamente some characters are portrayed.
5 / 5
Jesse Takes an invitation of Elliot, she, Austin and crew decide to face. This was a more read like this far, Jesse finally @gives that Austin is his mate and everything comes to light with Elliot. Calm will not be able to dip this law down.
4 / 5
Loved it absolutely. A growth of character and a storyline take my imagination. It is hard any to go to detail further as I do not want to spoil anything.. All can say are could not taking reading box finalised it to them. A must has read.
4 / 5
Absolutely that loves this series. The characters are quirky and loveable. The history is very done and one writing phenomenal. As he 40+er is relatable, ape and so only awesome to read. It chooses it up it calms really it will enjoy it.
4 / 5
Usually to arrive to this point in the series, my starts to interest to decline. But this was one of favourites. So many laughs and these scenes of hot mating...[Hand of waves in front of type]. Seriously the fun characters and a dialogue is delicious. I have loved each minute.