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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
It sees update down slowly in that runs this in full power.

Ossia An ADJUSTABLE DC conversor with the built-in 3 phases upload. This means that a voltage of the start in fixed way can be regulated using the 1 Phillips screwdriver partorisca turn a potentiometer and this adjustment also will be applied to a way to touch start (bulk will be augmented or decreased and some another any to the touch will be augmented or decreased for a same quantity).

This can looks a normal thing, this in spite of using 6v sour of goodness of battery of deep cycle like a GC2 type of Trojan, USBattery, etc, which requires the (partorisca the 12v configuration) touching voltage in 25°C ambiant and then the decrease of voltage/of the touch of significant increase likes movements of battery revenidos out of 25°C ( likes to require to upload against 10°C and in 5°C), there is not very marine or be alone battery chargers there (beside an expensive and short living inverter chargers or some solar controller) that can match it these requirements partorisca touch.

This conversor is a perfect party partorisca resupply a voltage of offers and cariche attentive almost quite exited (80an out of an ideal 120a) to match a power to touch of 900ah bank of battery (4 serious parallel of 2 serious 6v battery) giving until 20an of cariche for serious and of then can regulate a voltage to start with freely, is possible to compensate for drop of voltage in chance your career of boss is neither too long or undersized, and then to also extracted to equalise to be able to pump a voltage until down it uploads (my needs of battery in 25°C, and in 10°C).

Now a bit downsides or the improvements would benefit is :

A 5/16-18 beats stud in place of the set maquinal-ray lug would go the long way to do the fastest installation, surer, sealed and versatile, as lugs is to grieve quite big to take the 2 AWG fines stranded type 3 boss (takes the plot of patience to return a boss without the edges that takes and sticking was) and to that likes the sake of drop of voltage in such big amp, one would be expecting to use at least 3 AWG and up. Then when being able to do the bolted connection with sturdy boss lug and the heat sealed shrinks is much more of confidence that exposed edges molested for the crew of insiemi in the sailor or vehicule half. A power on/was the transmission in a unit would be adds also to prevent sparking or arcing when plugging a unit down uploads as well as leaving it plugged when not operating . An adjustment of potentiometer is very sensitive, having the emotional row slower would do the adjustment much more faster (for risarcimento of temperature when touching).

To all the cost, this unit is a lot priced and some personnel in PowerMax was a lot of gain in a telephone in answering technical question in his product previously to purchase. I expect that a quality of build will be enough to last the few years, without any expectations of long term. The inspection of an interior, thermal paste and wicking adhesive of the ray where used more everywhere. Some movements of the temperature of defender has controlled enough air to maintain a unit of in some llamas up.

Updates on January 2nd : after running down my battery to house the roughly 50 capacity during some parties vacacionales in a yatch, is come from for his touch behind and finally equalise them so only to discover that a conversor any exited more than 80a same when some batteries could be use on 120a to touch current. This be has said, has used the fixed start and I suspect that a 100an indication of start is limited to a nominal estimating so that has no other indications or estimating available in a unit or a manual of owner has comprised. Even more, there are any indications of power of the entrance another it 110v-130v AC. Any one mentions of nominal power or current indication. Further more, and perhaps this has to that do with using the generator regulates to power a unit with 115v AC 60Hz and no the generator inverter this resupplies the clean more sine wave 60Hz, but a conversor pulled 15an and more when those careers in full capacity, and for a long period of time (several hours). And in spite of pulling almost 1 800w of mine genset, hardly has taken 1 200w out of a unit. Ossia On 500w of hot and apparent power that a unit is squandering. A factor of the power of this conversor is more probably down and could use the capacitor to rectify is consumption to be able to , but that have concerned is a undersized boss in both entrance and start, like both ends have dissipated the plot of heat during normal use (using the Flir E8+ Thermal imager). This unit would owe that be done with the 12gauge cord to be able to and 20some discharges or at least require hardwiring of the level 15a receptacle (especially the gfci a) will produce the plot of heat. What same for a DC start, included this in spite of 2 gauge the boss with to 105° indication is a lot of stops until 200a when any bundled and down 30° ambiant, will heat until 10° on ambiant and ossia a phase of better chance . Like this once again, this 100a conversor would owe that have houses to use a lot of main wiring. Finally, a defender that swipes hot air directly in some bosses to start with sure do not help, but can be directed with the shield of simple deflector to the long of a boss. If uou slowly in those careers this unit in full start for more than pocolos small, definitively hardwire he with 12gauge in the 20a breaker to remain interior 80 has to that (federal law) and be careful in yours DC overheating of bosses when they run trough wall or does not have the 1' clearance around the his (likes run joints him or among structures/of crew). And you will require to have movement to air forced to locate inside the cupboard or where the air can not be renewed easily, like this the conversor will generate the plot of hot (enough to create the 30'x30' the upper cupboard has opened to 30° C on ambiant).

Another update of November 2020, while touching my battery, roughly 30 minutes to a process, the cold has burned plastic smell. Pocola Researches has developed that one of a four 40a dc fusible overheated in his headline and has broken in two, leaving some other 3 fuses to take one full load and finally also founding them slightly. It was able to substitute 3 fuses but an island one will require the new headline like some leaves are stuck properly to some jaws, probably with molten plastic. Emailed A company with pictures, never listened behind the to this day to the long of the month later. It has not had an occasion to open on one uploads to see exactly as failed, but like this far all the still works in only three 35some fuses. It has not expected a unit to fail in such the way.

Inferior line, has been expecting an announced 100a start and the compliant max power of entrance, how is the fluke in both ends, but some looks of units to operate properly in designating to resist the voltage of start in bylines and cooling he I still under max uploads for several hours. It has expected to take some batteries recharged much faster, but the look will owe that take another 100a unit in parallel wants to achieve the in firm 120a start without having an overheating of entrance of the power. This attacks the star of my initial description of any no extracted like this announced or at least of a bit those that specs available.
5 / 5
Where Begins? When Have in the first place opened this conversor has to that say that it is a lot confusing. A focuses in some upper states the 100 amp 3 phase uploads (to to any 4 phase likes them the description is listed. Some instructions also is generic and the cast to 3 phase uploads. A model has received is not like this pictured, a defender in a model a new plus has received is built in and any trace in a backside like pictured and there is so only 2 40amp fusible so that I am not sure as it can be the 100 amp upload with 80 amp indication of fuse. It has considered to send the behind but decided to maintain it and try it was.
The installation was easy. It controls a grandson to confirm your measure of the boss based in amps and the total period has required. It connects the batteries and discharges he in. Ossia.
After looking voltages for the few days, was able to confirm is the four phase uploads. I think some focus and of the instructions ( and listing picture) is for the old plus 3 phase uploads this has been upgraded.
I final thoughts is that it would give it some stars for confusion and literature, but calm once take spent that an action and the prize require me to us for the give to 5 star. As it would recommend.
5 / 5
Way of voltage fijamente stable. Well he he internals. Partidário Strong that can be substituted with the calm plus a. Terminals of the ray will not accept big that 4AWG boss.

Are by train to to use likes him to him the supply of power of voltage fijamente in my workshop, and like such has not tried a esmart uploads' appearance.

Having to that do around a unit, a defender can take I quite annoying how is strong and on 80 of a time. Substituting a 80mm 12v defender with the calm plus Noctua a fixed that.

Am surprised honradamente in like this stable a start of voltage is. After dipping it to and situating the 700w uploads in the, a voltage so only fluctuates among that is really good.

An only downside is a ray is exited terminal to the equal that are quite small and will not accept anything main that 4AWG boss. It would have preferred to see fashionable/terminals of ray of die for lugs, but any way has finalised to cut the chunk out of 1/0AWG lugs to do my bosses returned (like visas in my semi-detached picture).

Will update my description there is any lifespan subject, but otherwise to good sure would buy another considering a prize.
5 / 5
PowerMax PM4 55A 110V AC to 12V DC 55 Amp Conversor of Power with Built-in 4 Battery of Loans of Phase to Upload

has purchased this unit how has been estimated a lot highly in varied web of places when compared to another 55 amp conversores of cariche, but unfortunately my experience with this unit disappointed. It has done well for some premiers two camp of weekends and topped on battery with which ( has the 400w solar setup like one asks has not been big in one uploads in our turn how was sunny) but when that tries to touch 4 6v Trojan T-105 battery of 77 level of load has died. It has directed to create to 92 load has then blown the fuse and has had the smell of burned boss 2 the. It was quite warm when I disconnected the.
Has left cools down and the fusible quotas installed a following day, but has blown also. I have tried emailing PowerMax but has not answered on some last 6 days. My experience with Support of looks of Client to be common likes another there is remarked the lack of response to his subjects also.
This was the waste of $ 200, has ordered now the Progressive Dynamics PD9260CV. I expect that the experience will be better. Another $ 300 bill, sound the bet I supposition to the equal that have read mostly good things but some mixed descriptions.

The good regime and I expect your experience is better that the mine of calm chooses this unit
5 / 5
has bought this uploads reason have loved a function of bow of the battery for my bank of 6 golf battery of cart in ours RV. Have equalised some batteries in February, and everything looked well. This in spite of, a first time in a cradle that has tried recharge some batteries have found that a voltage of start has jumped around randomly. It would begin the king-upload-against one specified 14.7 volts, but finally would begin to jump around 13.2 to 16 volts, and everything goes in. I emailed Powermax and has begun the long series of emails and calls of telephone to his manager of sales. Has has sent video of the mine multimeter that objective some transmissions of random voltage, photo of a battery- upload setup, video of a green light in one uploads flickering in time with some transmissions of voltage, has tried a same thing with the only 12 battery of volt and there is remarked a same result, and a same result with diverse other metres of voltage and with all the new bosses.. I have loved simply return one uploads to them so that it could try it and send me the substitution; and I have said that this was all has expected they. Another that session of a short bow in February, had not done never correctly, right out of a box. A manager of sales has insisted that a question was the defect in my battery, does not sweat to upload. This in spite of a fact that a question still has arrived while it has been connected to any one would beat, CAN have has done WELL without the batteries have connected, and this was quite for him. Has thinks that perhaps simply could use a defective upload in a 'start fixed way, has been dial in a voltage of start loves and produced so only that, but in this way also jumps around randomly. They were so only well when these headed, but has is returned only mine 6 golf battery of cart to Costco to the equal that are totally has fried; to good sure of overcharging. Four of them were less than the old year as we gave me to us the credit of 5 of a price of compraventa. No his question, how was lucky to take anything. And, oh he, tried it (A lot IN BRIEF) with a new Costco golf battery of cart and there is remarked a same result. I emailed a Powermax that directs sales a last time done the week and he has asked to honour his guarantee, but looks to be in me ignorant. It knows this: you can, or it can any one, take the conversor of them which acts correctly, but yes decide take the casualidad calm can forget him when being for behind his product or that honours a guarantee. In my alcohol that his scoundrels done, and I my best to never do business with scoundrels.
5 / 5
The fantastic works, the utmost 4 phase uploads substituted an alone phase load that was in a RV.
A bulk upload against 14.6 volts, and then falls to 13.6 volts, then down to 13.2 volts. A 4th phase is the voltage fijamente has selected .
A unit has the transmission on side to select among voltage fijamente and fines the phase that touches, also has the metre of pot to regulate a voltage fijamente of 13-16.5 volts.

The rock distributes of solid power
4 / 5
has bought this to touch 4 very big 835amp Surrette battery in 12 volt. The his tone when has the excess power of the ours was grille solar system, and then use a tin when it is cloudy to give my hydroponic light of plants.

Laws well. A word of precaution this uploads uses 15 amps right in a nose. It could be wise to dip in a outlet and breaker that is 20 amps so that it does not trip on you. I had it it concealed it spends the pair of time. It looks to be in 30 timer of minute for max load and then relieves down. Uses 1800 watts for some premiers 30 minutes and then around 1500 (IIRC) watts with which concealed to touch.

Has used 4 AWG boss for a 12 portion of volt. The boss takes the little warm but a lot uncomfortably warm to a touch. A boss of anchored (120 volt) does not take warm neither. I suppose that a defender is the little strong but are sure my plants does not import a noise. Not even a lot of heat leaving one uploads with a defender on.
5 / 5
Has purchased this for my Trailer of Travesía and installed the easily. After installing, a unit done how has been supposed to with one issues, has augmented massively a power has required to run anything in a trailer. Mina inclusa 1000w to the microwave no longer can be powered peel 2000w generator. A/C to the equal that has used to do well with my generator, now requires 2700 in common watts to run. I have tried several generators and all have had a subject same.
Has achieved was to time of costruttore diverse by means of his support but has not listened never anything behind. It would recommend to spend the little more to take the quality and the support out of the product has taken.
5 / 5
Have this unit in a 100 amp the installed measure and that touches an extremely big battery bank in the system of solar energy. We live in north BC, Canada and in a winter requires to supplement a solar energy some days. A system of battery is 16 measure of battery 8D for the total capacity of 3520 AHR. I have used diverse different (and more expensive) chargers on some last 14 years, but any one has done as well as this one.
Was seriously the concerned overheat, but a unit is doing exactly like this promised, without signs of estréses or overheating. Some fines the way of the law of phase adds, and king-involve to taxes to upload main if the load is situated in some batteries. Also it is roughly 12 more effective tin that any another load has used and this means my generator is not doing like this hard and using less fuel.

Is the 'Black box' as it does not resupply any exposure of any one dies. Has monitors in my system and this was well for me. The quality of connector is well, but no exceptional. Some connectors could be main, is well for 6 guage but the squeeze for 4 gauge. They use the ray of fixation more than the ray in terminal, but work so only well for solid or coarse edge boss. For the boss of fine edge likes boss of welding, solders some finals or use the connector.

At present 12 volts so only, hopefully 24 units of volt will be offered a day?

Produces exceptional, arrived a lot quickly and doing like this promised that. Highly recommended. A prize in the amazon was for far one the low plus has found.
5 / 5
Has pleased enough with this product, he exactly like this described and resupplies a amperage for king-touching and touching my battery of deep cell for mine 42 ft RV.

A prize was so only, the delivery was too much long, and when a product has arrived, was a wrong product TOTALLY.

With which Service of the client in Amazon is mediated, has had a pertinent orderly product rid less than 12 hours later, to the AMAZON DOES WELL!!!!!



Top Customer Reviews: Compatible ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
4 / 5
Very happy with this compraventa. Saved the tonne of money in OEM partorisca the very old UPS.
5 / 5
Has bought this partorisca substitute a battery in mine ups. The works add. Any @@subject at all
5 / 5
Delivery very fast. Simple substitution. My UPS is again 100 functional. Very satisfied.
4 / 5
Has arrived punctually, a correct battery and is doing well, any subject.
5 / 5
Has done perfect. Everything returns exactly and like this far that the careers soften without any defects.

Top Customer Reviews: DC 42V 2A Power ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
C load is almost able to touch mine 36v name./42v max. And-Battery of bicycle but as it achieves tentativas and full voltage to change of Constant Current the Constant Voltage, something goes bad. An indicator to upload quickly flashes of red the green and a voltage and the current fluctuates wildly. C load is significantly lighter that any another of the mine chargers, as so only could be the chance of components of poor quality.
5 / 5
Has tried this load. So only it dips era .73 amps max. It is not the 2 amp load. As it will take more than two times like this long to touch he so that it alleges.
4 / 5
Was able to choose a correct to upload of an information has resupplied on one uploads
5 / 5
One uploads works very this in spite of, has had to cut and transmission of the propiciado by adapter to do he with mine uploads common. Some pictures of some finals of the adapter is not like this attentive as they could be.
4 / 5
Any one not having a fine required for my scooter, the description would owe that comprise dimensions of adapter.
5 / 5
Like this happy to have my Gotrax XR scooter on n running now that has the substitution uploads. And in the fraction of the as another is asking.