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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
A 3D reproduction of this film is so only glorious.
Even Although a 3D is done in production of estaca, some 3D effects are like this well like those of films have filmed with 3D cameras.
Can say that a manager there has been 3D in alcohol during a filming of this film.
Some long casseroles and the careful navigation of a camera adds to a 3D and could not imagine looking this film otherwise.

If you are in tent partorisca an action film that is not the súper film of heroine ossia a a partorisca you.
Has has wanted a 60s/70s film of the era of Vietnam feels of a film.
Can say a manager has taken the priest adds with lighting and half of a film.
Some accionas utmost knots also, there is at all bad to say in this film, was the pleasant surprise in a Theatre partorisca me.
He Goes partorisca see this film has to that see he in 3D.

Are really that looks forward to that it looks a franchise of monster after active seen a Godzilla and now a Kong film.
4 / 5
Kong: The island of skull” is the masterfully exploitation of of new island that any one has known is existed.
Ossia The big intrepid Ape the one who there is not going partorisca die for person, not even Samuel L. Jackson.
When there is run over acclaims a lot noisily Yeah. A a rest of a crew.
Going to a half of Apes (which have begun) that looks for to kill a thing, stirs of idiots.
The typical Americans shoot it if you do not know, happy to see Ape some Humans a lot.
Entertaining Film of Fun.
Widescreen 2.4:1
Runtime 118 Min.
English 7.1 Dolby Atmos.
4 / 5
A film was utmost but when I have been partorisca download my digital copy has taken a code of the error that says it has not been valid in this territory. I buy film of (the Canadian a) all some time and I have there is not founding NEVER this question. If I am buying of a place the Canadian web attended my digital codes and such partorisca be valid here or would have to that say you in of the papers of the bolds where will see it to you that is buying this film in Canada calm will not be able to access your digital code. I have it quell'has contacted also WB partorisca see can helps it to me takes a code
4 / 5
WELL. I have known this was part of Universal reboot of his unrivaled franchise of Film of the horror of Hammer is to touch also, but has learnt of Universal - and was reticent after A Mummy with Tom Cruise (that it was it wretched). But, some the technological advances of an original are more convincingly used here when remained with one all-star launched, the history partorisca oblige and so only a sheer entertainment of this adventure. The corn Of pop adds flick, with one 7.1 SS alike strong!
5 / 5
Am not sure reason this film has been done excepts perhaps like the bridge to the Kong-Godzilla cross-on film, but in spite of having a awesome mould (with an exception of Brie Larson the one who was mediocre) this film was bad. Bad storyline, bad dialogue, development of bad character. Justo bad. My only positive commentary is that a CGI was well, but ossia hardly the ringing approval. Mina yours joint, skip this one and clock Peter the king of Jackson Kong instead.
5 / 5
All have loved of this film was Kong be awesome, and ossia exactly that has taken. There is the very better proportion of giant beasts to boring humans in this film that to plot other films of monster. It likes, there it has like this Kong. And included some the boring human scenes have to that it weaves of my favourite actors like this those have not gone this in spite of bad. John C Reilly continuous be wonderful.

Kong Is in plot like Godzilla 2014, in that is the paper of amour to a classical material. But Kong he a better to spend way more time with a eponymous ape and some other monstrous residents of Island of Skull.
4 / 5
Likes -you the action and of the films of big monster this one is for you. It is not to like a lot another Kong film and stands in his own averts of all a be has said that has has discovered of it ossia part of the potential series of film that begun with one 2014 Godzilla (3D) films. Like this which have been said, Warner the brothers is possibly remaking some Japanese integers 1950-60 series of films of Monster, Mothra, and to the, when finalising with the Kong - Godzilla film. If they are anything like this one will be a lot the value that looks in of the theatres and on video (on and on again). Here it is while!!
4 / 5
This film is something , an action is big so that some animals are in a film! History had enough to pull the good flick but an action is really where this film extracted his best! I have looked he in 3D and am them happy the , he one of a better 3D the ees seen like this far.
4 / 5
A line of the history and the action is in plot of fun, and a film is a lot entertaining. Right up there with Jurassic World. I In fact liked Kong better- some special effects and 3D is awesome in this film. A sound are add, and there are some good songs in a film.
4 / 5
Has Had a subject with this disk not running in ours Samsung player. Perhaps to old. Any insurance that formateo this disk has been created on. Has has had to that the course in the new more Sony player of disk. Once view, a quality of picture was excellent and a quality of sound was awesome.