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1 Turtle Beach Recon 70 White Gaming Headset for PlayStation 4 Pro, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mobile - PlayStation 4 Turtle Beach Recon 70 White Gaming Headset for PlayStation 4 Pro, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mobile - PlayStation 4 Turtle Beach
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2 Turtle Beach Recon 70 Gaming Headset for PlayStation 4 Pro, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile - PlayStation 4 Turtle Beach Recon 70 Gaming Headset for PlayStation 4 Pro, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile - PlayStation 4 Turtle Beach
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3 Turtle Beach Recon 500 Headset (Black) - PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch Turtle Beach Recon 500 Headset (Black) - PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch Turtle Beach
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4 Turtle Beach Earforce Stealth 600P GEN 2 White Wireless Gaming Headset for Playstation 5 and Playstation 4 Turtle Beach Earforce Stealth 600P GEN 2 White Wireless Gaming Headset for Playstation 5 and Playstation 4 Turtle Beach
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5 Turtle Beach Earforce Stealth 700 Gen 2 Headset - PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 Turtle Beach Earforce Stealth 700 Gen 2 Headset - PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 Turtle Beach
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6 Turtle Beach Recon 70 Gaming Headset for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 Pro, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mobile - Xbox One Turtle Beach Recon 70 Gaming Headset for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 Pro, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mobile - Xbox One Turtle Beach
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7 Turtle Beach Recon 70P Green Camo Multiplatform - PlayStation 4 Turtle Beach Recon 70P Green Camo Multiplatform - PlayStation 4 Turtle Beach
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8 [2 Pack 10ft] PS4 Controller Charger Charging Cable Nylon Braided Extra Long Micro USB 2.0 High Speed Data Sync Cord Compatible for Playstaion 4, PS4 Slim/Pro, Xbox One S/X Controller, Android Phones [2 Pack 10ft] PS4 Controller Charger Charging Cable Nylon Braided Extra Long Micro USB 2.0 High Speed Data Sync Cord Compatible for Playstaion 4, PS4 Slim/Pro, Xbox One S/X Controller, Android Phones 6amLifestyle
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9 Razer Kraken Gaming Headset: Lightweight Aluminum Frame - Retractable Noise Isolating Microphone - For PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X & S, Mobile - 3.5 mm Headphone Jack - Classic Black Razer Kraken Gaming Headset: Lightweight Aluminum Frame - Retractable Noise Isolating Microphone - For PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X & S, Mobile - 3.5 mm Headphone Jack - Classic Black Razer
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10 SteelSeries Arctis 7P+ Wireless Gaming Headset – Lossless 2.4 GHz – 30 Hour Battery Life – USB-C – 3D Audio – for PS5, PS4, PC, Mac, Android and Switch - White SteelSeries Arctis 7P+ Wireless Gaming Headset – Lossless 2.4 GHz – 30 Hour Battery Life – USB-C – 3D Audio – for PS5, PS4, PC, Mac, Android and Switch - White SteelSeries
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Top Customer Reviews: Turtle Beach Recon ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 46 ratings
4 / 5
It does very Well It Does of Edges. Edges of good quality but pocola comfortable in the long run
4 / 5
has to that buy the adapter partorisca locate x box which is my failure
4 / 5
Horrific, has arrived and a headset in a box has not been that is to be announce or that it was in a box, my edges was still the little optimist as it tried him in all the chance, his didnt work, goes partorisca go in fact like this far like this partorisca say is very economic knockoffs. Unfortunately because of personal subjects im in a allotted time for the turn and the repayment but he call morning and see that it is said, all has crossed
4 / 5
has Given these to my grandson of 6 years and loves him, always is breaking a mic on the but this one can tuck was to a side of a together of boss and saves to take broken, has said a quality of them is really well, his friends can listen clearly and can listen him clearly too much.
4 / 5
Buying paralización Xbox One? READ THIS FIRST!:
In a picture has attached, see a Force of Ear Headset More than Controller of the Audio, which is sold FOR SEPARATE for roughly a same value like headset, and is required to use this headset with a Xbox A controller. It was very lucky, as it has bought this headset like the substitution the economic plus for the Beach of upper Turtle headset which has had to come with an adapter of tampon, as I have had already one.

Regarding a quality of an element: A mic chooses on “s sounds in conversation elsewhere in a room and calm listen by means of your headset. It is a good headset, swimming of individual, but does a work. It would be roughly value of the money if it has not required an accessory that cost more than a headset he to leave uses with Xbox A. I hazard the supposition this would be one same for Serious X. Have been warned!
5 / 5
No the plot to say tha these are surprising for a prize! Calm can any gone bad with them!

A headset is comfy but feel plasticy, the interior a moment feels durable, but this is to expect of Beach of Wry!

A boss of a headset is the silicone/plasticy creation and has 2 bosses in slope of a headset sides whete extend or close a headset sides to the equal that could be a subject . Futhermore A headset adds he partorisca gaming! I use him for my PS4 to converse with the people and I have asked all the world of a quality of a mic and has said that a quality is surprising and some have said that touch like an expensive mic/headset.

A mic also have the characteristic transmissions, but to do is has to that move a mic all a behind way ( can see some instructions/of image on like this to transmission a mic)

In general these are surprising for a row of prize!
5 / 5
These headphones initially look well, feels economic and is relatively economic so that it is partorisca be expected. Beach of the turtle clearly is that it goes partorisca looks on quality. But the looks are not everything, and while a quality of his good east and is comfortable. A microphone does not add looks an arm with a microphone is to short, and faraway of a mouth. Partorisca gaming Can so only roughly evasion with him, but partorisca anything more (recognition of voice, dictation, etc) ANY WELL.

Has tried all some settings of the windows at all has helped. My laptops it inbuilt the microphone is included better that these headphones.
Has bitten Of the waste of money to the equal that have wanted to use them for recognition of voice.
5 / 5
Has bought these to substitute my Wireless office Sony auricular of Gold. This beach of turtle headset connects directly to a control. Although you lose one surrounds his trickery expósito with a Sony conjoint of boss, was hard pressed to say a difference. A mic the volume is very better and a quality of a sound was decent.

In short, for a money, ossia the value adds .
5 / 5
Ossia A second set of headphones of the beach of the Turtle has purchased.

So much is comfortable to spend and easy to use BUT both have has developed failures less than 6 months.

Thus model a headset jack has developed fault to write that so only a speaker has done.

Cured of the client of the amazon has been excellent and has distributed the substitution but I doubt would buy another in this prize as they are not built to last
4 / 5
his Well, comfortable & to feed for behind a mic well of law and an impulse on the transmission of works is.
That says that they do.

Also a lot so only partorisca gaming, a lot all the receiver of round for music and looking film.

These are so only the pocolos of things Miley (my dog) has said roughly him. It has been disappointed that they have not tried better and has not had the picture of the dog on him.

Downloads of authorship
Any dog where hurts or in affliction in a doing of this description. Abundance to treat where dice and several kisses and hugs.

Top Customer Reviews: Turtle Beach Recon ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 18 ratings
5 / 5
These are utmost. I have had to that a lot of investigation to find auricular with the mic concealed done in the Transmission of Nintendo... A recon 70 east to all the cost to act by heart!!!! We have chosen blue reason my partner of the daughters there has been a red. A green work also. They announce some red for a transmission but is all some the just different colours was :) I produced Adds.
5 / 5
I add headset still gaming. It chooses especially in of the terms of gameplay sound. It maintains one his happy woman doesnt his like this ww3 is in a basement.
3 / 5
Produced was a lot of a lot of emballé. And act very good. But Lucido Volume ,included to Max , is not strong and his tombs are feeble.
I games roughly has chosen to prizes regulier($79 ). It finds three half. To the moin was has Sold moin expensive. It is so only réconfort
5 / 5
These were described like this and arrived faster that originally !
5 / 5
You cover to a PS4 controller. Any subject with this headset.
3 / 5
The product has arrived punctually and was wrapped fantastically as it was the present . Thank you
5 / 5
Adds headset still gaming. It chooses especially in of the terms of gameplay sound. It maintains one his happy woman doesnt his like this ww3 is in a basement.
5 / 5
The product was a lot of a lot of emballé. And act very good. But Lucido Volume ,included to Max , is not strong and his tombs are feeble.
I games roughly has chosen to prizes regulier($79 ). It finds three half. To the moin was has Sold moin expensive. It is so only réconfort
5 / 5
has Bought for mine 12 old year and his really likes. If it thinks that that these are too many calm, has to change a setting in a xbox! It is not a subject with some headphones, is the subject of settings !
5 / 5
Bought him for my boys ... And they love. The works add..
The quality of sound adds perfects for gaming.

Top Customer Reviews: Turtle Beach Recon ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Ossia A third headset bought and finally found one this has good audio. But of course ossia a lot pricer that another two I has tried. Like this calm to good sure take that paid partorisca in this chance.
5 / 5
Gives a po has given Time am looking for of the headphones that mine satisfy,that are to read and confortevoli for a prolonged use and touch , any one say well,(any sleep certainly a audiofilo) mine tactfully, sopratutto to play and feel a po has given music.

Beh This were almost, He have used for small , mine in the discreet auricular complex , only note dolente , the archetto as it could be me estendibile has given at least others an or planned tacche, to dare one margins has given confortevolezza main, damage the feeling has given to be suitable to the limit that creates (at least for me) a sense has given oppression on the big part of declares it. Afterwards ojalá is A mine Alone question . Any one have tried he microphone, having initiated he surrendered little dope have them tried , thus sense has given disconfort.

Have testado Little also the Audio of mine in the complex mine looked touched a lot well for the games, a po less with the music, mine still accetabile.

On the ears No presionan practically for nothing and the padiglioni beautiful dream larghi , gives that the point has dressed of data were súper comfortable, he question for me is the top , had been slightly more estendibili probably he would have held.

Undermines is not larguísimo ,mine however does not create questions and is in cloth intrecciato that does not augment it quality my c is the fault has given a splitter to connect them to the pc.

3 stars For the absence of the splitter that would have to be always in gifted headphones has given so only a jack with terrace and microphone , and for him consolation that could be better mine this is a personal feeling. Ojalá By others will be súper comfortable.
5 / 5
Has bought Games to touch mine of the sud PS5 lucidas act of helmet perfectly and island súper well give external noise.
Instead Impossible of activer the edges of option 3D of the ps5 in transports any that gives support and flap tt his edges. Harm but ca Embezzle a good helmet
5 / 5
Mixes anpで使用してます。




5 / 5
using these headphones of Beach of the Turtle with my Transmission of Nintendo. Pleasantly Surprised with some global positive points of these headphones, in a arguably prize of estimativa.

-Some headphones come amiably packaged. Good quality external box (would do for an ideal present).
-The quality of build is upper-notch. In big do big of plastic, but has the adjustment of band of the steel. Good foams to cushion in some upper frames for the very comfortable spending experience.
-Headphone Cushioning And the material is very soft and a stitching looks to be of the big quality.
-Easily can be spent with glasses.
-Dial Of adjustment of the transmission/of key of the volume in a side.
-Clearly marked SINISTER and RIGHT cup.
-Braided boss.
-I pieces of ear can turn in his iron.
-Detachable mic. I took it it was as I am not using he for on-line gaming.

QUALITY of his
-I found a quality of his to be excellent, particularly in this row of prize. One on-creation of ear the work adds to delete his outside (in spite of any when being no the noise that annuls).
-Deep to use he with my Transmission to be the joy. All the games have touched fantastic, and very better that using the together rule of the ear wired buds. It could listen everything of the jumps of Mario and Golds of a Wisps touched particularly épico (to the equal that has a bookmark of music that surprised).
-On-pair with mine XBOX Serious X wireless headset in quality of his global and consolation.

- has used these headphones for some quite long gaming sessions (until 90 minutes in the suns that seat- yearn me!). And found the partorisca be really comfortable throughout.
-Some on-helps to draw of the ear, and has not had any sweat or moisture build-up.
-Like this already mentioned, a cushioning is súper soft and feels pleasant against my face/of ears without irritation.

-Some headphones are the little bulky (nit-choosing here), but like a lot when being pas took out of a house, really is not the worry.
-Period of boss (1M) is fijamente and can not be regulated.
-Dial Of the adjustment of the volume could have been the little elder, as it can be delicate to find/regulate in a half of the game.

In general, a together amazing of headphones. If you prefer (or no precise ) wireless, east beside good sure will live until expectations in of the terms of qualities of build, consolation, his decent in a point of prize abordable.
5 / 5
In general this gaming headset touches really well, is very comfortable and is the value adds for a cost.

Has been using this headset with my PC every day for some last 2 weeks and has been impressed with a lot of appearances:

In the first place on, are no audiophile but finds a quality of his of these to be a lot well for a point of prize. Has the pair of another headsets in this row of the prize and these really underline. A sound is balanced and volume look included very big finds clear rest without sprain. Also a record of some cups of ear resupply the good blockade of external noise. A microphone also rids his of the quality adds when touching the on-line games with friends.

A creation is also very good and finds this comfortable to spend for long work days was as well as sessions of game of the evening. Some cups of tight returned ear to resupply the blockade of his well of the external sounds but a foam is also very fat the doing comfortable to spend. A foam of tape is also comfortable and an adjustment of band is in bylines and solid whilst when being quite flexible that pode the record comfortably. In of the terms of the keys there are two controls in a sinister hand-held side, the transmission of key and a dial of volume of the equivalent. A transmission of key is the chunky change which feels adds to press and can say a place of a transmission so only for the feel. A dial of volume are to add and adjustments of leaves of small volume without fiddling with up and down keys. I love some pocolos controls escoles old.

A braided cord also feels solid, has had the few moments where is taken against my office like this suddenly has moved or stood up without any harm to a cord at all. A period is quite short in 4ft so it likes distance of your PC or to the console can require a cord of extension.

Finally, asthetically these are quite well for those of knots that as it looks calmer. A black and the ash does not look also 'gamery' this in spite of sound still quite chunky, particularly around some ears like this whilst has used these for the pocolas called of work prefer to change to earphones or something the little more discreet.

In general, for a side these are excellent value without real downsides. A quality of solid build create these will last the long time.
4 / 5
Ossia He fines-page of product and so that the descriptions are melted. This description is for a Beach of Turtle Recon 500.
Some headphones are cups of ear that can help blockade out of external sounds, like this calm no precise to crank a volume until flooding out of a world. Of the perspective of music produces his a lot of clear without hiss or crackle and the bass gives the good thump without being dulls.
Has been using these change it which is quell'has bitten laughable like the headphones are main that one comforts – a lot almost. The games touch exceptionally well by means of these, and am listening the sounds can very usually listen. An accident and right is quite diverse and like this now am taking some directional help. The voice is clear and crisp and teammates have any question that listen.
A mic propiciada some headphones and is in a sinister hand-held cup. An arm is in the fixed place, but a boom there is a bit flexion to leave you to regulate placing, but is limited. This be has said, the voice chooses up is a lot of wherever is situated. Some cups are the foam in bylines that is quite big to comprise my ears without his touch and like this with an inner depth. I have spent these for several hours the time and has been well to spend. There is the little pressure soreness after the moment, but the simple take and the substitute relieves a pressure and has gone to go again.
A mic is easily muted to press the key in a sinister cup and the leaves of wheel for adjustment of volume in a fly. A braided boss is approx 135cm that it is spare for the one of hand or where cover to a controller. If plugging to the PC, can require the splitter has separated mic and headphone sockets. I have used these for the squads that fulfils in a HP Elitebook and a sound so much the ways was perfect.
My so only a lot of negative minor is that it would have preferred the microphone that rotated out of a way , but ossia so only the personal preference.
4 / 5
Has been using these headphones for some have spent few weeks now and with all some the recent hot times are having a thing I amour is that some cups of ear are cloth , such the difference to comfort when spending them the paralización has has extended periods, especially in hot time!

Is quite light and returned a lot comfortably, easily can him spend the whole day has loved and has possessed auricular that was way more expensive of these still have not been like this comfortable to spend work I so that it adds in a record and consolation of these. Both cups of ear swivel and a tape has abundance of flex his so much volume a perfect returned when past.

The sound is quite decent also; I mean it does not take me bad will not blow you was but to touch the games and the half comunicacionales the general is utmost. They touch clear at all the volumes and calm take the decent quantity of mids and tomb. To to Sounds like footsteps in of some games or far gunfire is where this resplandor of headphones, can listen him a lot clearly. With considerations to a quality of his, am pleased enough with them.

Are by train to use With my PC, law perfectly well but like my tower of PC is in a paving has found a headphone boss to be very short as so only roughly achieves, another half the metre would be as well as been the boss is attached permanently like this you cant the transmission was for the plus along a.

Some works of good microphone and according to friends on Discord his big quality, can listen me perfectly well and there is not any a lot of background noise that takes chosen up. You can attach and take quickly and want to change a mic so only can press a key in a side of a cup of sinister ear.

In general, for gaming I thinks these are the pair adds of headphones and one of a comfiest has used in of the recent years. I think that that they represent validate quite well for the money and are more than happy to recommend them, chair four star is appropriate mainly because of boss of a short audio!
5 / 5
Am revising a Beach of Turtle Recon 500 here which is at present £ at the same time of this description.

Is to wire fence gaming headset that will do by means of diverse program. I have been trying he with mine PS4 Pro, Transmission of Nintendo and PC for the pair of weeks now.

Will begin was with some good points:
• I like a creation of a Recon 500. It is a unpretentious creation and good for gamers of all the ages.
• A quality of build of a headset are adds. Some cushions of ear to foam by heart is wonderful. With that and a flexibility of a tape, is extremely comfortable.
• A mic is excellent thus point of prize and is detachable.

Now a no like this good:
• A quality of his this meso. Although better that economic entrance headsets, a HyperX the alpha of Cloud has blown a Recon 500 out of a water.
• Finds having a control of volume for behind a sinister ear bit it uncomfortable, but this could be because the earth has controls in a line.

So much, recommends a Recon 500? This depends in a prize. In a current £ enough would have a HyperX Alpha of Cloud that is at present £. Quality of his east one the majority of factor of entity of mine. More, an Alpha has the detachable to wire which can be substituted one 3.5 audio jack suffers harm, which kids tends to break. But if this was to fall to in £55-£60, would not doubt to take a Recon 500 like the good allrounder.

I frames take the tent around, has the little headsets in this group of prize.
5 / 5
Having Possesses another model of headphones of Beach of the Turtle, has been expecting thing of sound of this Recon 500, but was a lot of disappointed with which unboxing this, to the left is goes directly to a gilipollas:

- A very short boss. You it The device will require to be in period of arms partorisca east to do. If your Tower of PC is in a paving will require an extension.
- Require splitter for mic and headphone like this comes with the combined three-coverages mic and headphone jack.
- The boss is not detachable like this quite a lot replaceable at least any for calm.
- The economic plastic used in a tape and earmuffs the economic look like this inner and external.
- No comfortable for people with big boss, which are! This headphone very apt so only with my ear lopes bending.
- Pricey In £60+ for a quality and work

This in spite of, has to say that a quality of his excellent east. A highs, lows and the depths are all there, doing well with some two same engine to listen the music.

Has to that it weaves of elections for wired auricular in this row of prize, included could take the decent pair of wireless ANC auricular with this prize.

Does not recommend this product.

Top Customer Reviews: Turtle Beach ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 41 ratings
4 / 5
These headphones are decent the middling. A quality of his this quite well although I have listened vary it crackle when equally. A mic was a lot choose on my voice. At all elegant.

My @@subject my big plus was consolation . These are not auricular very comfortable. A foam in some pieces of the ear is not very soft, and is quite tight. So only I can have the big boss but maintain quell'import when that decides as to buy. Also a microphone is a bit last the grab and appeal down while spending
4 / 5
has Used these for 2 months now and any value he. Always having the questions that connects to the mine Playstation and always having the questions that communicates with mic. No shabby.
4 / 5
The product adds his add. Listened a lot of subjects with connectivities, so only some have had is the first turn on. Simply unplug USB and spent behind in the works add. Another product of beach of turtle that has surprised.
4 / 5
No shabby ! Compraventa In a web of place of beach of real turtle , my mic does not love work . Tried everything for the take working ! It could listen all a lot of but a mic so only does not love work , a lot disturbing & waste of money
5 / 5
quality of his Well. A lot comfortable and life of good battery. A microphone is quell'has bitten finicky, but all and all adds it headset.
5 / 5
Has bought this reason have loved my Beach of wireless Turtle 500P so much. Unfortunately celery more economic, sometimes have questions sync'ing a dongle to some headphones. Any one bad but his kinda suck compared to an old version. Ugh.
5 / 5
Sees other some descriptions of star. These subjects in compatible. Request to focus of turn. No shabby.
5 / 5
In general the decent headset. Few things the to of to those who likes them this in spite of. In the first place it was, it looks his fact for people with incredibly of small ears. Also short was so much the cant the use unless im seating directly in front in my system.
5 / 5
His écouteurs is well. Sometimes Lucido the edges is distorsionné and too much loin of the USB his déconnectent, but in general is well.
4 / 5
To good sure any value of the money. A quality of his poor east, am spent less in the beach of turtle headset and has had his best. Sometimes any hook until his Bluetooth USB, the sound is a lot, a lot of grainy. The on-line friends also informed sometimes to sounds likes him he are the chipmunk. Shopping the different a!

Top Customer Reviews: Turtle Beach ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 46 ratings
5 / 5
A Good:
1) Bluetooth + simultaneous connection
This mean can connect your telephone or another bluetooth the device enabled while using an USB resupplied dongle has attached to your PC/of console. Partorisca Use of console, this calm mean also can be connected the Discord has seen your telephone while it touches you in yours Playstation. Really it calms no @partorisca give you that failures until calm the the.

2) Mic Quality
A mic is in fact quite clear especially when compared to Armour plate Seriáis clear mould mics. Personally I have the tone the low plus of voice, like door my voice by means of without doing the sounds compressed or exiting of the can. But this depends in a person, as any all the world has the low tone of voice. Also it would owe that underline that a mic is really so only slightly on half. No the transmission of game. For that, take the consecrated mic, or a next better thing: Corsair Virtuoso . It comes with the 'emission' commentary mic. But it is also more than $ 100 CAD more.

3) Components of Qualities & of the Build
A quality of build is surprising. I have been to the east with the sprain against Beach of Wry. As to say that they are pleasantly surprised is a understatement. A sale of metal is sturdy ,the headset feels weighty but a lot painfully heavy, and some tampons have used for some cups of ear are comfortable. I also like a fact that a mic goes back to a headset and is not detachable or look an antenna that estacas out of a side of a headset.

An average:
1) Quality of his
quality of his east súper half. I am moving of a Series of Steel Arctis 5, and those touch a lot of 'aired'. One 700 Gene 2 this in spite of, is different. The same, but different. There is slightly more emphasis of basses and an isolation probably helps with that, but would not use this pair of headsets for music. While using it, there is remarked some crackling also. I am not listening in max volume and normal EQ. So much, it is disappointing but no more disappointing that a quality of his of a Arctis 5. A Arctis 5 a lot of crackle this in spite of.

Downloads of authorship: has Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro and Sony XM3. As I am spoilt. If you are not picky in of the this, one 700 Gene 2 is is quite competent.

A Bad
1) Lack of ChatMix
Note: This does not apply to a 700 Gen2 Xbox sibling. I comprise that a PS5 at present does not have chatmix available to 3.os auricular of interior of party a moment (or never!). This in spite of, quell'concealed would not owe that be an excuse for any in that has it on PC. Yes, this headset is compatible with PC that use neither a bluetooth or USB Dongle. I have bought this headset with these criteria. This in spite of, that comes from/comes from one he Arctis 5 which there is ChatMix on PC, ossia he sorely characteristic missing.

2) Connection of Quality
Ossia in of the considerations to a connection to an USB dongle. While dipping on a headset, and trying it was, some sounds would distort and cut out of time in when (quite scarce to refuse but still distracts it when it spends). I am seating in front of a dongle has connected to a PS5 in the 5ft distance without obstructions. As really it would not owe that be the question. But somehow it is.

3) Setup
One first what has done when I have received was to connect a headset to my PC with a boss resupplied to update a firmware. Quite simple. This in spite of, interior a moment, has the bug which does not relieve a mic transmissions (muting and unmuting) in a PS5. If management in a headset with a mic safely tucked was when pairing with a dongle in PS5, a mic stays muted. Although you move a mic down to plant. This in spite of, starts a pairing with a mic in a unmuted place, is well. Ossia True as of Nov 25 2020. Probably it will patch it with which. I have had also an on first subject @of pairing where zero had be of the sound has touched. But the cycle of power in a headset has cleared that up. So much, no the grandson and smooth setup process and needs any tinkering.
MODIFICATION: there is patched a subject. Once paired, work so that it has feigned. Mic On or down.

4) Rest to Build
While a band of the metal and the tampons of ear are sum, a rest feels.. Economic. Some keys are a lot of clicky and no in the good way like the keyboard maquinal. It feels he likes after enough presses, some keys no longer read. A key to be able to sometimes does not register , which is confusing reason would think are not in the resistant down long quite or quite hard. A plastic used for a container that resists some engine feels economic also.

5) Comforts
A band of metal that gives a headphone the sturdy feels also comes the tradeoff. Some auricular clamps harder that to the as it would like me and agree me of of my old Playstation pulse headset (the those noises and has been sold to complete a PS3). Been due to of the this, am concerned that a swivel the joint in some cups of ear would break with which some use. Any to mention it will not be comfortable for long periods of game. To good sure east would differ for the different people but I think to have the boss quite meso measure.


UPDATE: With which Almost 4 Month of Use
1) Quality of Connectivity
To the equal that have mentioned in my initial description, a headset has the tendency to fall and choose it has retreated on again. This in spite of, there is remarked is spending more with Bluetooth. Unworthy is, there is remarked that when it covers you in an USB dongle when that that the audio at present is touching in the Laptop/of PC, some works of his for the second or two before suddenly that short was to the mix of static and sound. This can be the subject of engine , and terribly is annoying. Finally, a speed in that a headset partorisci with a dongle is the swipe or lose. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slow. I have it there was also any pair at all and has had to restart a headset.

2) Quality of his
confidently can say that after using this headset with cold War of COD, R6 Seat, Rest, Joins of Legends, NFS Hot Investigation Remastered, and Discord, that a quality of his of this headset is really any until a level would expect of 200 CAD headset. Perhaps $ 150 or lower.

3) Console
With some games have listed on, has dipped these on for hours in finals. I can say it does not take uncomfortable in long periods (still feels tight), but I precaution he against present with the main bosses. Although some tampons am a lot now, finally will lose his form.

4) Life of Battery
No bad. Any bad at all. It would say his announcing of 20-the hours of use is attentive.

5) Bluetooth + Wireless Simultaneous Connection
has thinks that would take to plot more use of of the this. It results, no really. But ossia my personal view , like another person can use this characteristic more. This in spite of, have received llama while gaming. Short of a mic for one wireless and transmissions on to a Bluetooth. There is the effect lateralmente odd when receiving the call of video also. It does not use a headset, but all audio in/out has used my telephone instead. It had imagined that would use a headset, but no. of the suppositions Manually Can change, but in this point, is another step in that would have to it has been the simple call pickup.

6) Conclusion
These are auricular that has tried really hard to love. This in spite of, are in a point where use another pair of auricular (wire fences) and use a inbuilt mic in mine portable so only to avert some subjects of connectivities. Also it listens to the plot of music when I , and these a lot he for me. This in spite of, can do for another person. In a PS5, still uses him, but so only reason at present do not have other options in my disposal. Down waiting for to substitute these when I can, and perhaps giving these when I do.
4 / 5
With his characteristic newer these headphones requires firmware updates to operate properly. They are not “to cover and game” like this like this “uploads and install.” Once calm an update ( has taken me two test) is quite decent! But pardon the star for his row to transmit (anything on 10 feet and calm pause on a signal) and delays of the pairing on begins up. But fir a prize and the few advances of technology in his predecessors, is the good compraventa ! Also it loves one changes to construction of metal in an adjustment of measure of the boss.
4 / 5
So that far it has been it a lot please with these headphones. A quality of his this surprisingly good and an effect of basses gives an impression of solid bass without in fact requiring to rattle your boss (classifies of odd when it attended to physically feel that it is listening but taste - the speakers will last more than long was in of the main volumes) the life of battery is wild in fact to the equal that has still still to require for his touch. Row when using a Dongle is a lot very also compared to the mine old PS4 Gold headset, Bluetooth the row less is exciting this in spite of and can cut was while using some controls in a earpiece. A microphone is also noticeably better to the equal that have had the people his same commentary ' take the new headset'.

Mina a disappointment with this so much is far be an inability for the dipped up with a 2nd turns for audio of game vs audio of cat. With some games have required the audio Of ENTITY that the tunes changes so only to listen other people in cat but once dialed in his utmost . Apperently A PS5 wont sustains this class to stuff anyways emotional advance so that it would not owe that be a reason that calm pushes out of a headset. Still I can do transmissions of level of the audio among saying discord by means of bluetooth of the mine telephone while using a dongle for mine PS4/Transmission/of PC.

Oh And will say comfort it wise is both abonos and bad. The to the to both like like this of returns and chairs in my boss, but also to chair likes a headset squeezes so only the little too much to be able to ensure to focus good with some cups of ear. Any horrible but in of the longest sessions can take uncomfortable or included sweaty.
5 / 5
Any happy at all with a quality of his, neither is very strong at all same after doing adjustments with an application. You are whenever it wants to look but thats a limit. They are tight and of the facts for the smallest bosses. Some of some functions of application any any adjustments at all. I did not have him long enough to try a life of battery to the equal that have gone back mine Logitech 935, has the very better sound.
4 / 5
After having has bought the product still Touches my edges with has joined súper qualities and autonomy, commanded exactly the same product and alas the no hard battery some very long. After so only It Joins veintena of Minutes to the normal volume lucida the signal begins to cut!! It is- this A question of the battery or another do not know , but when I recharge all redevient the normal pendant still joins veintena of minutes. This crew is still new,..After-I Transmission he against another?
4 / 5
A headset feels sturdy, and big quality. A quality of his east in a main end also. A question is, after the days of pair or weeks (if you are lucky) a headset the just stops that reads. To turn on, and takes any one load. His the shame, would be a perfect headset if it has not been defective. If calm some first investigation to purchase, will see is the quite wide propagation subject.


Build = 11/10 (His that well!)
Quality of audio = 9/10

A lot sure can recommend go some data in the +$ 200 headset.
4 / 5
When The call among an audio to call supersedes an audio of game that an audio of game grieves audible. This can be the useful characteristic when you take the call in a telephone that is to connect to a headset while touching. This in spite of, this no for me like this mostly uses other applications (discord in a telephone, calls of telephone, etc) for an audio while gaming. Of here doing my efficiency minorada inside a game because of audio of game like this down during a call. For like this, it has had to return mine.

A more the thing the note is that can have has received faulty unit but a Bluetooth audio, when connected with one wireless, taking muffled from time to time. There is remarked that this spends when it use both a wireless audio and Bluetooth simultaneously.

A reason gave it still to 3 star is due to a fact that a quality of build is well, a quality of audio is well, comfort it is well, and a mappable keys of helps having Bluetooth volumn adjustable in a headset, this in spite of, has separated any mic transmission of key for one wireless and Bluetooth. You will owe transmission in a telephone (again no for me I like this maintenances a telephone out of me while gaming and would like me speak to any by means of an audio of game while it speaks with any in a telephone and would prefer more control in a mic settings with keys last for fast dumb and unmute.

Beach of the good turtle headsets this in spite of, in recent time his insiemi of characteristic there is decreased. At present, I still use TB PX4 a awesome headset. This in spite of, time to substitute it and I am in hunting he for the device of look of able way. To the left know me there are any suggestions.
5 / 5
These are some worse headset has tried in of the terms of consolation. A clamping the force is like this big feels likes is torturing yours jaw. And the one who has thought to do these earcups like this small was the good idea?
Also, a headset has taken filtered the sound and my friends could listen they by means of mine mic. Probably it has taken the defective headset. These are going back.
4 / 5
Has bought this headset for the present navideño of my edges. It was to add, until his so only died and would not take cariche, all a troubleshooting the tips have not done. Unfortunately these have been returned.
All a dead emotion when a headset has died. Still unsure love the give to like this casualidad, would recommend to purchase a guarantee.
4 / 5
Adds headset. Bluetooth Is the must has characteristic for me. If has has not had never he gaming headset with Bluetooth as well as wireless, will not go back never.
A capacity to change a EQ to the yours to to that likes is awesome, of any one a lot headsets owe characteristic.
A recent update for this headset has fixed totally some static subjects in a headset and a messed on sounds in a Playstation 4 & 5 papers and games.
Believes, ossia mine 3rd unit . His finally fixed some subjects of the his and this headset is awesome now.

Top Customer Reviews: Turtle Beach Recon ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
I have bought these today of A Source. And I am very surprised in a quality. Partorisca This prize has been expecting mediocre in better. But it has been it has shaken also see that they are in fact well. A sound is a lot a mic is good and is Comfy. I will say tho yes is touching more then 4 hours takes the little plague on a boss but another while they are utmost. Yours taking the together good partorisca a prize.
5 / 5
They touch utmost and feel add in my boss ...Recommended
5 / 5
has bought these today of A Source. And I am very surprised in a quality. Partorisca This prize has been expecting mediocre in better. But it has been it has shaken also see that they are in fact well. A sound is a lot a mic is good and is Comfy. I will say tho yes is touching more then 4 hours takes the little plague on a boss but another while they are utmost. Yours taking the together good partorisca a prize.

Top Customer Reviews: Turtle Beach Recon ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 44 ratings
5 / 5
Characteristic fresher that these is a mic. The Car mutate when you toe he up. Too fresh. Also it looks partorisca maintain surrounding sounds partorisca register very better that another mics has used.
The sound is a lot although partorisca calm of has bitten but ossia partorisca be expected of the headset without to an inner amplifier likes I any deduct aim in favour that. The quality feels well. It has taken the quite big boss and access comfortably. It does not buy a model of chance Recon. I am spent for 2 of them less than 2 weeks. Some bosses have broken internally inside the few days. THESE have been THIS In spite of that resists on amiably a last month. If you are in the estimativa and game in the calm place, these are for you. If the external noise is a subject would recommend to take the headset with an inner amplifier.
4 / 5
Has been averting taking the real gaming headset partorisca like this long, but am happy that has given finally in and has purchased this headset. For a time a long plus had been using the economic headset with only a piece of the ear and the control of volume has limited.

-Very comfortable. A headset the band and the pieces of ear have the significant discharge to foam to resupply excellent consolation for hours the time.
-The quality of sound adds. A quality of his in a headset is comparable to surround it system of the his, but resupplies a capacity to touch games in ridiculous time at night without maintaining another awake.
-The annulment of sound adds. No longer I can listen some neighbours that shout in the each one another while I am trying to touch video games.
-Good prize for a quality of a product.
-The control of volume is very easy to use and is highly responsive.

-Would want to of the variac. By heart additional!
4 / 5
Has done for 1.5 month.... Then audio glitching has begun. Unable to listen audio of game and conversations with other players a same time. His crackles and run. I am disappointed, has not had never any subject with products of Beach of the Turtle in a past.
4 / 5
Master!! Highly recommend them to any the one who to games likes him the hell a sound is surprising 5 stars ....!
And has taken here3 the early days of a date have appointed.. eary Is included better! Thank you.
4 / 5
Is ridiculous. Any time I slightly move my boss am forced to listen the big pitched squeaking sound, this am a lot annoying. I have had my beach of old turtle headset of then 2017 and does not use never the squeak. It can not imagine the one who bad a squeaking his after the time of weeks of use, reason already is really bad.
4 / 5
Perfecto Touches to touch the Warzone without saigner stock exchange of edges! Lucidos I edges is very good and is comfortable. Has game 2-3 hours without @@Tiredness!
5 / 5
I like a fact that you so only can swing a mic until transmission he in planting to try to find the key. They are comfortable
5 / 5
helmet A lot very d ecoute, touches a low of gram of TB recommends strongly.
5 / 5
Any one has impressed. Bought these partorisca substitute another dips which are uncomfortable with which 20 minutes or like this partorisca spend. These are like this bad, in fact worse. A tape is too short and walk of chairs in my boss. A boss is kinda short. A quality of his east in a same likes the pair is suppositions partorisca substitute . Has think that the beach of turtle was the good is going back.
4 / 5
Does well with Xbox and PC. This in spite of the a short boss has optimised he partorisca Xbox. A sound is well. A critique so only is that those in mine Xbox celebrates asked partorisca turn down a volume slightly so there was bleed by means of this echo has caused. This was the smallest inconvenience . Partorisca A prize, is a lot of value he.

Top Customer Reviews: [2 Pack 10ft] PS4 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 33 ratings
4 / 5
Works of cord partorisca touch a controller. If you are by train partorisca use it to so only the touch in a ps4 or sync his controller, work well. But you are planning on using this cord partorisca touch games in a pc with the ps4 controller, be conscious that some slips of cord was and calm will not have the good connection.
4 / 5
Ossia Hands down a worse touching the boss has has not bought never. A never done prime minister perfectly at all. It has maintained disconnecting of some first time used it, I tossed was on day two. A second boss was partorisca add, partorisca the week...
Would owe that remark that these bosses were @@@subject to a LESS quantity partorisca stress possible as I left it plugged in the walls of chamber.
Does not squander your money that tries to save money with this costruttore.
5 / 5
Is the good period, the connection looks strong to first use.. This in spite of does not resemble 'given-sync' i.et. It can not file scrolling partorisca telephone to computer.

Another that that, is that it has ordered. Any complaint, looks good value.
5 / 5
This produced are adds initially. Access well in your devices, this in spite of, both bosses with which roughly 2 weeks would not remain snug in any device I plugged the to. Constantly they have slipped it was and it is not never sure state - if ossia something can live with east the compraventa adds . If no, it is the compraventa terrible . I have required a boss partorisca mine PS4 controller so that it could touch with USB. Bosses constantly disconnected. It would not purchase again.
4 / 5
Touches lucido prize cest well ... No His solid Plus but this in spite of a lot
4 / 5
Fast delivery, law like this far . It will see how long they have had to. Another has tried so only last around around 7 month then some contacts spend era.
5 / 5
Has bought mainly Touches lucida download of a helmet partorisca listen and manettes of PS4.
All does very good.
4 / 5
One of some 2 bosses has broken with which I plugged he in mine Xbox controller partorisca a second time. Of the one who <Clip>In a controller. I have bought these bosses because they have been announced like essistant''. Well You arent... Maintaining I of any average return the ones of then has paid so only $10 but wont buy them anymore...
5 / 5
A subject is that they do not remain in a controller a lot well. In any one leaves partorisca close to OEM load.... Otherwise Adds
4 / 5
love these cords as they do not result unplugged if a controller vibrates. Perfecto partorisca a PC or PS4.

Top Customer Reviews: Razer Kraken Gaming ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 26 ratings
4 / 5
I have thought always Razer the prizes are way also when compared to his fellow competitors. But one of my friends suggested partorisca buy this headset.
A moment a headset is gone in a house was enamoured with him. Some looks of way and a way razer has dipped so many details to when regulating the tape could see number which does not think any one a lot of headsets has ... It can be only unuseful but could feel an endeavour a razer has dipped his.
He mic The quality is quite good ... But still it has to that improve to the plot but he is well of way for this estimativa.
Personally has not felt some cushions to cool announced but has used he in the piece for 15 hours and has not felt never a weight of a headphone in my ears.
Finally when you use Logitech g933 and while drinking water with a headset in my ears, a headset the slips was but razer sticks quite well...
If any one is looking to buy a lot of headset with mic .....So only go advances ....Value each one which buck is spent
An only thing would want to see of razer is the edition has limited panda version of a headset.
4 / 5
Please to the amazon dipped an element in the box so only does not send an element with the code to scan in a container ossia the expansionary element that any one is home he can be easily take flown , thank the advantage was home for delivery.

Been that tries to look for a lot of gaming auricular for a sound , more like this far is these the majority of headphones tends to be way to strong same when you regulate a volume a low and no good plus HD touch it only shivers , These headphones are really good. You can regulate of big to low and a clarity HD is really good. These are still utmost to listen the music and rhythm of games of game also

A consolation is excellent, was quite lucky to take dread when they are on sale :)
4 / 5
A sound are adds with the headphone amp. One cooling gel operates a lot well for me and these are extremely comfortable for longitude gaming sessions to the equal that return entirely around my big ears and a tape is well cushioned.
Razer Also comprises a digital 7.1 surrounds download of the his free of load. This work adds when gaming or listening the music. The twist go for video of Youtube and Film (Dolby surrounds the sound has turned on for film).
An adjustment of volume is very easy to move when rubbing in your shirt or paste he with your arm. I have situated the small point of SUGRU on the into use and full volume mine amp to regulate a volume and this has solved a question.
An aim is stylish and look adds in the headphone stand in my office.
A mic the better works that expected has a inline slides and transmission of transmission to a headset when any into use.
Highly recommended.
4 / 5
Has very satisfied with a product, but very disturbed to see like my container has been managed. I have come late also ! :(
5 / 5
Likes any the one who has subject with the headphones that spends my glasses, these are hands down in amazing! I do not seat any class of pressure in some sides of my boss. Can spend him for the hours and my ears do not take sore. A sound is surprising. Some speakers are utmost. When I am speaking to any can not listen any environmental background noise, so only my voice, included when I am writing in my keyboard maquinal! They are like this happy with cost of mine!! My subject only has had is that I have purchased an open box but he has been missing a mic/audio splitter, so that it was the little disappointing. This in spite of, achieved it was to the amazon and was a lot quickly to help in any way could!
4 / 5
Kitty Version:
has Purchased this for mine Xbox and PS4 to the equal that was supposed to be compatible with both. (Several responses of client have declared is) but has spent he of USB any audio jack.
There is disappointed INCREDIBLY.
The descriptions have said that that avenges with an adapter but I have taken an open unsealed container and at all has listed in a box that promised any form of adapter.
Has contacted a vendor and was basically the hard regime has said.
Is a lot quite otherwise. I owe that go to buy an adapter to see like sounds I supposition.
Will change my indication if this is to rectify otherwise.
Would suggest a vendor maintains a diffent versions of this headset in of to the separate listings like some questions and the responses do not take muddled in neighbours.
Disappointed and angry to say a less.
4 / 5
These are well in some appearances. For example, can listen them exactly where an enemy footsteps east. Some sounds are crisp and clear. This in spite of, these headphones do not take very strong. Included in max volume, so only is not like this strong to the equal that would owe that be.
5 / 5
Has given these headphones like present he in mine bf. Unfortunately these are not a better quality. A sound in his final is good but in another end, that speaks with his partner, has an echo. Also, the computer does not recognise when these are dipped in with which start up. Going to be returning and finding another together.
5 / 5
Has bought these like the presents navideño for my add-grandson. You love him, it says that it is really comfortable and have quality of his add. Also It likes Him one covers has resupplied that gives extra options to use them. A bit pricey in regular prize, but like extracted he of Black Friday, was the value adds . They have fulfilled his expectations, which is one the majority of what of entity .
5 / 5
Has Had he for the few months now. Amur A colour. Súper Comfortable also. My subject only is that easily a control of volume in a cord so only turns a volume down when so only grieve paintbrushes against the alone surface. Also a cord kinda has broken the little near a control of volume. Taking as calmer or stronger like a cord is bent that really it sucks. If it can take the substitution, would want to know like this can go roughly the one who . Another that that, absolutely loves a headset. A control of volume in a cord only looks to cause all some questions.

Top Customer Reviews: SteelSeries Arctis ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5
In the first place the bit of history:

has possessed and has wanted a lot SteelSeries produced in a past, of a Senei to a Xai and arguably my favourite PC gaming headset never, a Siberia V2. Like this when it is coming time partorisca substitute my Star to age A40s in a PC I a rabbit of description of Youtube pierce usual of investigation the headsets and these consistently have come up as 'the best gaming headset never' or 'A some contend to a Star A50' (in a chance of a wireless version).

So much, there is pulled a trigger. Had the few things have looked for in the headset:
1. Consuelo
2. Spatial audio
3. Quality of his


Although one esquíe goggle and 'airweave' creation of looks of cloth partorisca be, on paper, like the good idea, in practical short tomb. Side clamping force in these is in fact more adds that my old A40s and concealed to annoy me like the glasses wearer. Also, a headset fact classifies he of rubberized deep 'creaking' noise when you flex yor jaw or move your boss like material slips against some arms of your glasses. In a contrary, a material 'blurred' in a A40s never this, also a tape, in spite of any when being pas fact of this goggle material, is more comfortable.

A lot so only was a Arctis pro less comfortable, but a tape of the suspension is not like this adjustable as it looks. It has had to that has it near of an end of his adjustement for my boss and a velcro fastener was alreay for the pending half-of his mountain so only to try and take that extra 2-3cm to achieve.

Has retreated To a clamping forces, these headsets tends the 'attractive on' in yours skull more than resting on him. An elastic goggle works of band like the cradle, pulling a earcups has retreated for up creating the quite unsettling feeling in a side of your face.

Spatial audio:

DTS Headphone X 2.0 is billed like saint grail of positional audio for this headset, is also a prime minister for the sustain. A question is, there is literally the z/the ZERO mentions roughly how is actuated. Do the games owe that explicitly the sustain? Magically It Enhances to exist stereo and surround currents? Any answered, and any information is given in this another that the quite bobo info-piece in Steelseries' the place to disguised web likes one 'interview' with a goodness DTS engineer for Headphone X.

Also, theoretically, Headphone X looks misguided. It bills like able to esproducto an original mixing room' audio of a material of source without in fact questioning if a creator loves that to spend to start with with.

Takes a creation of his excellent of Battlefield 1, for example: When DTS is enabled, (tried with each in-dipping of game) an audio tends to be hollowed was, and a soundstage widens but precision like this in fact lessend for him. I really tried for the give some time for my brain to regulate his but the few things have me finally does to give up. In the first place, a esimulation of technology of room in DTS was like this aggressive that a orchastral the bookmark touched during BF1 the parties ruined absolutely for an effect, and second a female voice announing dips them the tones during a party are resulted like this echoed that it has had to them that bend verify my settings again and again.

Mina of looks, at least for audio of game, that Dolby has had an upper hand for years in DTS and that the tendency does not look to be revoking anytime punctual.

Quality of sound:

the Spatial audio averts, has it to them that gives to a Arctis pro is here. Some engine has very deep, crisp and cleaned after regulating a EQ to my flavour (impulse of light bass and tiny drop in mids / tiny increase in triple) the found a stereo presentation quite well, full bodied, albeit quite 'closed' in of the terms to touch compared to some seeds-open A40s and A50s.

Has touched some clues in iTunes and A/B has tried my Steelseries with my old A40s and a Steelseries generally advance of start, slightly. They touch soybrillante of ore.'


A GameDac is well, some papers are really quickly and snappy and turning on/of DTS Headphone X is the push only of the key. I have tried a Salvation-Rey Way but have any content (and little to zero game I in fact sustains 24bit/96Khz) to try his value. I have used simply my clues of tent of the iTunes to experience a Salvation-Rey Way and has listened so only a tiny plus of differences in a esmoothness' of a presentation of clues, something can be them in fact be cognitively the verse biased like the blind test could have been better for me.

For a prize has paid, and so that it has wanted to (something his absolutely the swipes was my old A40s) has not taken a real shot of Steelseries. There are two things has required thus produced to have sucedido and the falls courts there: 1. It solves DTS still Dolby like spatial sign of Headphone X is terrible while I experienced it. 2. Rey-Do a consolation and access of these headphones, a eski goggle' the idea is pleasant but glasses of the ski is not of the suppositions to be some saints grail of consolation, is drawn to remain in your skull like rasgas down the mountain, comfort it is secondary. Reason take inspiration of the product that not even is aiming to achieve your paramount aim?

Although my old A40s does not touch like this well, his spatial Dolby the setting of audio is solid of rock without a lot of sprain or muddy room-the effects have added to a sound of game. I will expect for another offering of Steelseries or simply see that Estrella has tent afterwards.
5 / 5
Is not the bad headset but for the little has bitten more would have to that it has bought one the Master wrist Fresher MH750. A reason partorisca east is reason have has had so only this headset partorisca less than the month but a detachable microphone has there is prendido already law, the unplug often but I always tried to do sure that has seated sure in my rucksack.

Ossia A lot unfortunate durability and although ossia the 'presupposed' headset, still is quite expensive in comparison with a lot of another headsets easily available on Amazon and with First nave, has paid to light prize excpecting more quality of the prize but the supposition was bad.

Has tried to contact Steelseries directly by means of Amazon before it has to that write this description but I could not find anywhere to contact them, as it could owe email his support to neither take the part of substitution or the repayment.

Ossia To the shame really likes me really liked that convinient this headset was to use for me, he plugged to all my devices and am able of the take everywhere, and a mic is in fact quality really big but he apparently to do or unplug it too much, so only the bosses up!
4 / 5
Has had these maintaining for roughly 6 months. As this is not one first class of initial impressions of description. I have read the one who the plot of people has said and looks the few people think that that they comprise things that a clearly any and faults some headphones for him. Like this to the left it is it goes.

Consuelo: Honradamente, this goes to touch to lose your form of ear and measures probably more than anything. If has few ears, or ears that the chairs stagnate to your boss - then in of the terms of consoles can adds on more to say calm probably will forget calm his the on in time. They are comfy, light, and chair well with a system of band of the ski. They are the 6 '6 male of adult. I do not have the little boss - still like this these headphones remain on me all day yes im in the gaming marathon or working and listening the spotify. A calm only ache probably will take is has ears that jut out of your boss because a earcups is quite superficial - as your ears will be pressed against a unit and concealed can result painful in long periods of game; I have owed for some premiers few days to spend these but did not feel it of then.

Quality of build: they are any the one who will pay the plot of money for quality. The quality of build is the factor in me maintaining or returning elements. Has no in 6 month bored to choose a headset on and it dipping on. It feels he adds. It feels he likes cost. At all it spent it down, coming free, etc. so only maintain to look and treating well.

Wireless and Battery: they are comboing this section because they are has related directly. You take 2 battery , like an always is touching while another east into use. The transmission takes 5 second and I have to that down to the 1-the science rid. It is laughably easy to exchange and touch some batteries, any those who complains in this probably failed note school recess. A life of diverse battery in the phase of use has found - but was to say in meso is looking in MINIMUM 6 hours with constant music in full volume with the basses that augments (more in these prójimos) and so as the full day calm so only leave them has turned on and only use some real speakers sparingly.

In of the terms of wireless row, can broadcast of mine upstairs computer (using a wireless dac) all a way to a basement (3 levels) and of a front of my property to some corners of the mine backyard (big plot). A look of only time to have Any subjects with row is when I am inner 5 ft of a microwave and is running. Def Interference there - does not recommend that it covers the explosions of pizza while spending these headphones.

QUALITY of SOUND: I have left this finally, and my inaugural commentaries were mainly in this section. The people that complains in a quality of his and that dips that in some headphones do not know like works of audio. These speakers are absolutely able the start of incredible loyalty and a mock surrounds the sound is also notch upper for headphones in a phase. A subject is not a hardware here. It is some limitations of a source and the one who a dac is able to do with this sound. Probably, you are planning on using these headphones on PC. Windows incumplimientos The audio is quality ____ of dog . The really take one the majority of out yours hardware, require the third audio of manager of party to unlock some like this same capacity a headset yours using when reading east.

Does not believe Me , very left me calm show. Opened on google and look for 'boom 3of (pro tip, is also on steam). Will have 100 free test complete. It downloads it, and dip the up. When that running, the turn on is to surround his and choose to to a bow likes, typically leave it on 'of of the windows'. I have bet your economic walmart the headphones suddenly touch the better plot. If it love crazy good music in a arctis headset, the turn surrounds was and instead dipped the the max loyalty (same row to the equal that surrounds key, to a legislation) and augment a slider controlling a bow. I will bet the calm money can not manage a sound that exited in full volume without developing tinnitus.

Go, there is at all to do with a headset he. A headset is money. The people so only no @to give that his computers, telephones, and the consoles have all the classes of limits of factory or settings that really gimp an audio. You can spend like this crazy and does not imagine never was reason still feels empty. There is another way to unlock that his, but Boom 3D is a more economic way and easier that the direct everything. More than everything, yours $ 10 licence can be used on 2 computer, as you can give one to the fellow and look the hero.

All has said, this headset is surprising. I have had HyperX Cloud II before this so that it has catered/is come from the very a lot of headset with big expectations - and a Arctis has been all had expected that would be.
4 / 5
Had left the description of 5 stars because everything in this headset has surprised. I used it every day. But it is been 16 month and for a past month, can not take a battery to touch properly. I am taking perhaps 4 hours of the first battery of a light goes red, and any @@subject that the times upload for, does not go never on yellow.
4 / 5
Maintain import has used them this in PS4 and a lot on PC

Allright. Sound My promise has bought one same headset but has been satisfied with his east, the decided to buy a wireless version, thinking the d have a same quality without boss.


-I has paid $100 more
-the equilizer give you 5 rows of his in place of 10,
-you can not control your mic volume of a game dac
-you can not change a mic the colour focused(wich is smaller)
-it soud is not like this a lot(still very good but compare with a version wired...)
-Yours voice in the cat is not like this a lot(still like this on)

In general this headset has quality of good build, his well and feals verry a lot still after the long thing is, would have all concealed with a version wired is had to that save one $100 ;)
if any one the closing recomand of then is still the very a lot of headset.
5 / 5
To the left be me absolutely clear. These are very you of the that has cured roughly: 1. Loudness, 2. Deepness, 3. WHOLENESS - MIDTONES. A SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless Gaming Headset his also like this Beaten for Dre auricular, Everything is clear to good sure on that this in spite of so only like the sound beaten Empty and empty to spend you a clarity has.

A direct comparison of SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless Gaming Headset still Star a50 this [Gen1],
A Star a50 is is stronger, the better sound in each way, all celery 'fuller' in sound.
A winner among these is clear mine.

Here is some of some things love in a SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless Gaming Headset,
An accessory of battery; these needs to continue in of the tendencies - sinister I on transmissions our headset battery,
feel lighter that Incidents a50 east but some cups of ear are smaller for just the bit this in spite of a cushions is rich feeling and a lot a lot of stitched; I can not say one same to Star reason , although his cups of ear are form and measures is , one looks waste come always .

In general am returning my pair because a quality and expectations Steelseries sold on has not gone there.
Any one the alone description mentions the one who empty these SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless Gaming Headsets sound.
The star Owes partner until doing it headset together with consolation and of the removable battery of the material band BUT with some engine of the his still star a50 this but im dreaming.

Will be to look for the pair to Star a50 this [4th gene+] in a future. Sad Steelseries there is wanted really like your product. It results so only liked likes look and no it sound.
5 / 5
The sound adds but a quality of build is like this bad is unbelievable mine so that cost. I have had multiple substitutions reasons I a prime minister there has been the factory deserts a rest of them together with a joint of prime minister constantly does plastic squeaking sound of some cups of ear pivoting in your boss and so only takes jaw or movements of small boss to do a squeaky sounds. Has has wanted to really like this headset, I like a fact can have sources of multiple audio that touch immediately. It is so only I last to enjoy a sound adds when he punctuated for plastic squeaking of around some keys, a @@@knob of audio or earcup movement. I wish a build was better reason love me really like these.
5 / 5
At the beginning has to that buy a steelserie p800 . Didnt Really like a sound of quality of him like this decides them the turn to try a artic pro wireless. Supposition to be 'the best headset 'still gamer. My clue ... Ossia definitly A better . I touch alot he battlefield game and another game fps and trust me will listen footstep the mile was. But in the first place you really need of the tune and he firmware updates he really inprove a quality of sound.
He He expensif but this headset will do for any console that will go in future.
Any remorse here expensif but so happy with him
5 / 5
was happy with this product until a moment it begins to do plastic breaking noise. They are any concealed to take cured a lot well of all the electronic devices and I has been surprised that with which two years this headset has broken with normal use. When it contacts support of the client has not offered any help out of a 1 guarantee of year. Ossia He 450 $ headset with him lifespan of two years? I did not leave any election but to contact our agency to protect of local consumer.