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Top Customer Reviews: Guher & Suher ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
This disk of digital video is very very amazing and thrilling. Sisters Pekinel is fantastic and has been some preferred partorisca H. Von Karajan... And also partorisca me!!!! I reccomend this DVD!!!
4 / 5
He dvd that the diverse presents have extracted of pair of Concerts has interpreted his sisters Pekinel is decevant.
His Concerts BWV 1063, 1060 and 1062, of Bach is incomplete.

The video of quality is very bad.
The quality of the gentleman is mediocre.

Finds the whole of the content of this dvd internet of the sud of several years, with joined equal or upper qualities.
Buying he dvd, has thought partorisca have the optimum quality joined and give complete concerts.
Are a lot disappointed !
5 / 5
Highly recommends that that purchases this
DVD touches a narrative portion (words for Guher and Suher)
in the first place first to touch there works of fantastic piano.
Will not be remissed partorisca purchase this DVD

Top Customer Reviews: Bellydance Divas ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5
This video is the waiste of money. Rania performace ,Although technically well. She definately need to do in witnesses of phase. The didnt like his spatial be, annoyed so only. Marina performaces was horrible. So only it flies thru his dance without listening to a music; for like this, when being behind with one has beaten of a music. Any partorisca mention his dress didnt flatter his figure at all. Louchia I dances was utmost, although I have not seen never in persian dance that a middriff (belly) has been exposed. They declare it is spending a true persian dress but to my knowledge is not . Souhaila The actions were good and the the majority to separate a lot of egyptian and his dresses were fabulous. Fault of energy. I bored me with his cuz was like this robotic.
5 / 5
Does not know master study modern Nightclub, traditional Egyptian, Turkish, or Persian folk? The no. has known has has wanted to one 9/8 Roman times Turkish, but could not find any actions to this fabulous Oriental music. Up to now. Rania The good work in a Turkish has broken has broken ( is Eva Cernik, but is a lot very). A neighbour is not a lot imaginative, but some dancers' expertise and gorgeous costuming does up for him. (An only fashion that loses is American Tribal.) You are looking for Beautiful persian, Egyptian, traditional Nightclub, or dance it animate Turkish to incorporate to the yours workouts & accione, ossia the fun way test something new; so only be ready to move very fast!
4 / 5
This DVD is well. Personally it does not think it is too spectacular. They use some same to dull place for each action. Frankly to be sincere, think an only dancer really the value that sees is Rania. Sohaila Dips in the quite good action also, but some other two dancers so only do not appeal mine at all. Ossia Probably reason no extracted like this often like this Sohaila or Rania.
4 / 5
Ossia An excellent collection that objective the wide row of bellydance ways. A coverage looks four dancers , although two of them (Rania and Marina) has been allocated quite more time that some another. Rania Extracted the a lot of slinky and dance of sexy sword, whilst Marina extracted a solo of the wildest drum has not seen never! This DVD would have to that be bought by all afficionados of a bundle of belly.
5 / 5
Has adored to look two of a bellydance and Marina. Rania Is an extremely talented interpreter, and Marina, the one who is also talented, has the fabulous energy in his, could look his for hours! This in spite of, have not been impressed with some other two dancers, Louchia and Sohaila. Of course, ossia so only my opinion. In fact it recommends this video because Rania is and the actions of Marina were like this enjoyable that do a value of video he! This in spite of, have preferred more than them and any of Louchia and Sohaila. In all the chance, interest to see some different fashions. Now, certainly it was that some prefer. I have seen a DVD in his entirety two times. Now, when I see it, so only I go the Rania is and the dances of Marina.
5 / 5
This video of action was a lot. Some of some boring and no creative actions. Some faces of some of some dancers were scary sometime (Rania and Marina). They are not the professional dancer, but has looked for something difficult to learn. As I have bought this video because it look for ideas to do the coreography piece, but has been disturbed with which have looked a whole thing. For a way, some dresses were a lot. It suggest to buy another video instead!!!!
5 / 5
Ossia The wonderful video wishes to see levels and of the different fashions of bellydancing. Desire that has had the way to purchase a music of this video that was so that it adds to listen consider Rania workout the video have more music of ceiling.