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Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia The good extracted toy partorisca beginners - my cat is in the first place treat the toy was a same idea like this one, which is why I bought it. Considering the quality is extremely has done well. Fact of fat plastic , heavy, without odd economic smell. Some pocolos the blue coverages are also heavy plastic thickness, not thinning or rubbery likes has been expecting. There is the thin circle of hule around a fund of a unit to the equal that will maintain of skidding around in of the pavings last, which is exactly a class of attention partorisca detail this takes the product of good to adds.

Like reason so only four stars? I have gone back and advances among four and five, and honradamente the desires could give four and the half. A toy is really a lot of fact, adds for the prime minister extracted toy or for slightly less intelligent cats, but honradamente thinks is the little too small. Some holes where have dipped one extracted is so only quite small that my cat has question taking his nose in there to eat them, and reason are tin like this small a lot comfortably take his paw in there neither. It is not the big cat - perhaps 10lbs, and is to be known to use his freaky little raccoon paws to take extracted out of midair and stuff them in his mouth, as it is not a subject of dexterity. Some holes are so only really small.

Use this toy but she to good sure takes frustrated sometimes with trying to take one extracted out of some holes. Like this if your cat is main, no very dexterous with his paws, or has dies it short like the persian, then this could no for them. Any necessarily faults of a company like any all treat work of toys for all the cats, but is frustrating reason can be solve so only to do a unit the little elder.
5 / 5
Is a good toy, but is too easy for our cat. We give it to us his only for some easy treat for him.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
Well fact, seamless so that it does not capture bacteria. Easy to clean. Some hooks have a lot of funds enough to really ensure a bath and there is the little ledge that also help for maintains it has anchored. I used it on a portal of alimentary dish of the largish cage of the parrot and he return well.
5 / 5
Perfect access for our cage, any look so that it does not recommend !