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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5 von Renee
It adds little purse of travesĂ­a, no too big, no too small. Measure roughly 8-1/2' for 8-1/2' and has the pale blue semence. It feels esolid' still although it is nylon. There is anti-clips of flight in a zip, a strap is test of stab , and an organism of purse there is RFID protects can return my passport, stock exchange (still this in spite of has pockets partorisca papers crediticios), glasses of alone, telephone, lipstick, paintbrush of small hair and the pocolas other things. It have ordered another purse to trip a time still - another feels and looks economic compared to this Travelon.
5 / 5 von Lovie
A measure was that it had expected, and am happy to the equal that have loved the purse of travesĂ­a small. I have it quell'has bought also measure it the elder of another Travelon the model for the train / of slowly spends-on etc. That has loved with this model was measures it has adapted to exit to the restaurant or theatre, without looking was prepping for the day has visited some seen. A quality of a manufacture is better that has expected, a cloth is good-looking and the good weight and a anti-characteristic of the flight is impressive.
4 / 5 von Romona
Has ordered this purse for our travesĂ­a to Europe. It was a perfect measure and can return all essentials. We direct to return the telephone, auricular, papers, stock exchange, lip balm, mapea, gums, and has had included the trace of shirt in him in some signals! Some locks the seat bit it more reassured in our belongings. A material is durable and has on resisted well. A mechanism to close for a strap is gone in handy when we have not wanted to have our purse in our lap in of the restaurants. It is also the simple looking purse to the equal that was easy to dress up or down there is wanted . Highly you recommend this purse.
5 / 5 von Krystle
This purse has surpassed my expectations. I bought it to use while travelling, but taste so much, is now of my daily stock exchange. So many good details. Some locks in zips, some the still comfortable strap strong, is very durable, very different zippered the compartments he easy to maintain the things have separated. Included the little torch, to help look for things! Highly recommend!
4 / 5 von Booker
Has seen a same purse in the local retailer that sells luggage for more than two times a prize was on Amazon. Amur A material and all a lockable compartments. A prevails the light focused was the good touch . The still functional creation simple. Mayor that expected but a lot also to use in the travesĂ­a to Europe would have to is exited so only adds.
5 / 5 von Meda
This order has arrived a lot quickly and was so only that has looked for. It is quite light that the will not hurt my shoulder and he will resist all I need for the day of sightseeing. A anti the characteristic of flight is to touch also. TravesĂ­a In Europe extracted adds , and a last what precise is to tug around the calm things do not use the day with a longitude to walk.
5 / 5 von Darcy
Loves this purse!!! It returns my long and telephone stock exchange and camera with spare room. Some pockets are a right measure for me and a material is so only that looked for-sportive, classical and simple. Has another travelon the purse and an only reason am taking this new one east the downsize bit it. I have had my leading purse for 2 years and he have aimed few signs of wear-such good quality for a prize. I also really like an external colour and colour of inner-bone in an outside and choral in an interior. It can not say quite a lot of good thing really.
4 / 5 von Tangela
Love this purse. I used it on the travesía recent to Europe and I have has not felt never surer. Any to mention you can return TONNES of materials in him. His roomier that looks. It was able to return I and my stock exchanges of fiancés, mobile phones, and camera in there, together with the boat of sunscreen and another necessities and has had spare still room. If you want consolation and extra security when travelling, can not recommend this stock exchange enough.
5 / 5 von Voncile
Is a stock exchange three practice with a lot of compartments, differentes magnitude, many with closure have joined eclair, that is more securitaire, a lot qualitee of resistant cloths and some-a with mousquetons delicats and well like, touches his rendres more anti-flight and securitaire.. The ganse is quite a lot of Games of time to spend around the with the desirer.
Touch me, the so only probleme, is that it take would have to that a bit main, is a bit difficult to dip roughly has chosen of the half among his pochettes,,, the space is not quite big... A course this small inconveniant, everything is securitaire and good truth qualitee, so much touches his closures that his ganses you them materiel... Ca Reward of Edges of the costs ....
5 / 5 von Sherri
Has loved my Travelon stock exchange to the equal that have bought this one for my woman. We are both using them now still in Spagna. I really like this stock exchange, the chair like our passports is sure of everything excepts accidentally losong his to leave in the café or something.

Further of his characteristics already are, my wishlist would be to sew in the big quality bluetooth tracker. In this way it can dip my telephone to alert me walk out of him.
5 / 5 von Madonna
I have taken this purse with me in Europe partorisca the month, last state. Has does not have to that me never concerns roughly: a rain that ruins my purse, or cleaning litter , or when being in the metre fill or museum. With this purse, has not required the stock exchange. And you resist all have required partorisca the pairs of day of glasses, sunscreen, medications, mobile phone, notepad and pens, further of all more usually doors. A Navy the colour is the very dark navy, which want, and goes with everything. Navy Is a new in a summer. Go partorisca buy a main fashion at the beginning, but has seen he in the retail tent and felt it would be weighed too much partorisca spend around all day, when fill. Also it have to that mention that I my investigation in the first place and this was a better prize and a value has better compared the alike purses. I plan to buy the red a partorisca a cradle.
4 / 5 von Donn
Has in the first place bought this purse partorisca the travesĂ­a to Morocco (14 days). It has had the habit of of then goes to an Antarctic (16 days) and partorisca a day run by means of a flange when I require partorisca take my passport. I want a bit extra clips partorisca attach some zips to a rest of a purse. Has a lot of room partorisca all has required partorisca the travesĂ­a of day. Calm also have the small zip in a side partorisca lipstick, knitted etc which are partorisca add like this calm does not have to that clip and unclip a zip. An only negative like this far - some hooks that come with a strap has lost a coating of money and is now the brassy. When A purse was new could use it anywhere, anytime same exiting partorisca dine, unfortunately with a coating that spends was, so only would use partorisca daytrips.
4 / 5 von Wiley
Has bought this purse partorisca my travesĂ­a recent to Rome where some pickpockets are everywhere approach some tourist places. Has has not felt has had to that look my stock exchange so many and has left my free hands to take my pictures. It is also the walnut looking purse and has gone well with everything. Highly it recommends this element. Also it go with me in Cuba next month.
4 / 5 von Israel
Receive a stock exchange and he looked utmost. First day in our holidays in Europe and a cradle in a clasp has broken in a 2nd time that opens it. You are a main clasp in a big half zip where the majority of valuables is maintained. A lot disappointed to the equal that purchase a stock exchange for a anti characteristic of flight. Now it is so only the reg stock exchange of organism of the cross with protecting very small. Not to buy it again
4 / 5 von Sue
With which having the purse flown, has loved the sure, well has drawn & fact of small purse. I have required a concealed easily could be past crossbody, or has ensured near for, for eg. To the chair. I have wanted to you love/It To it also quite big to resist my mini IPAD. This purse concealed and much more. I can apt pill, cash, resists my papers crediticios safely, tones, trick, defender,more Kleenex etc, without looking stuffed. It is comfortable, and a navy the cloth is attractive & cleaned with the humid cloth. They are very pleased.
4 / 5 von Elinore
Like this far like this good. So only that directs in Italy today. It likes a neighbour up. They are the male and looks a lot on me too. Both my woman and I have taken one. Perfecto for our papers crediticios of passport of iPhone of money 7 More chargers glasses and camera of die mini tripod and blue tooth far headphones , small. Happy camp!
5 / 5 von Scottie
After completing to 3 week the European holidays with this stock exchange takes loaned of the partner has has wanted to bought it so much my suitable for our travesĂ­a next. They call this the mini but is measured adds and pode apt stock exchanges, passports, drives of travesĂ­a of the pocket, telephoto lentil and the handfan still hot flashes. To Some details of security like prĂłjimos the zip and the stab-the strap of test gave the confidence is gone in of the crowds. A prize was fantastic to the equal that in the tent and other on-line places have had a same stock exchange for two times so much. Highly recommended!
5 / 5 von Tyra
Has used this for the 3 travesĂ­a of week around Italy. The upper control of adds. It was able to dip my stock exchange, the telephone and the boat waters small in him. Amado a crossbody strap and felt a lot knowing my money was sure with some a lot of characteristic for Travelon.
5 / 5 von Ela
Has been looking for something like this for the moment for when I travel. Has the stock exchange the big plus that use for travelling by means of the airports where maintain my documents of travesĂ­a. Rings something small to maintain passports/some money and papers crediticios while in our fate. Like this to the equal that has used was quite big and does not have comfortable sense in the now inside my rucksack. Ossia Exactly that has had in alcohol. It is small but quite big to resist that need. It is RFID blocker and has stab resistant straps and closing pouches and can spend it organism of cross. They are very happy with this compraventa.
5 / 5 von Rosalba
1. Shipment Has arrived 2 weeks late of the amazon concealed directed me partorisca give 4 stars.
2. The looks of product that the be be describe in a place. It has not used the closing but pleased with a quality and creation. It have to that be quite big for some necessary elements during travesĂ­a.
3. I have bought included a plus like the present of anniversary for my partner.
4 / 5 von Aurore
Utilisation this like my daily purse. It likes that no the widen was when of your things are in him and that my papers are protected. It is not the big purse but the things of turn of entity amiably. I can also returned in my husbands diebetic declare and meds. It is light.
4 / 5 von Margorie
My husband and I have taken turns partorisca spend this stock exchange in ours recent 14 travesĂ­a of day to Italy. Has the a lot slender profile and easily can be spent under the discharge. All some compartments help the stay has organised. They are happy there is the unisex appearance so that both could use it. We use so only public transport and felt very sure.
4 / 5 von Bonita
Has beaten gone back the plot in this stock exchange, want to all a zippered compartments and especially some zips to close. One of a zip to close the pockets is a perfect measure to returned the passports of my family. I loaned it to the partner when it go the Disneyland and thinks that was a lot also.
5 / 5 von Chantay
Like this far I really like this looks of purse sturdy and has the plot of spatial of storage. The havent has tried went it entirely still am saving them he for the travesĂ­a but like this far the really the like. An only thing is that I touch the odd material for the purse for mine in pleasant but so only think that is a anti-material of flight. This purse is also very sure with some clips that attaches in some zips that the amour! Also it avenges with the little semi-detached torch in an interior the one who the didnt knows roughly and the amour also!!
4 / 5 von Randal
The stock exchange of travesĂ­a adds and for every day use. There are a lot of compartments. It is the a lot of sturdy the shoulder done well stock exchange. I have been using this for roughly two years. A stock exchange the still look adds. It is the very big quality has produced. Highly recommended.
4 / 5 von Lavonne
This has done perfectly for me for my late plus 3 travesĂ­a of week. A lot of sturdy, resists on well to heavy use. I want to all some different pockets. It was perfect to spend my sunglasses, sketching supplies, passport, and telephone.
4 / 5 von Tommie
More the probably use this just to exit to dine while it was. Has the main version of this which has two pockets lateralmente partorisca bounce it water and umbrella that use still excursions of full day. This stock exchange are adds to maintain valuables in him gliela light for behind pac that it can use to store waters of boat, sweater and umbrella.
4 / 5 von Britni
Has used this stock exchange for the pair of weeks now and absolutely loves that. A construction of him looks to be very good and a colour has chosen goes with almost everything. A subject only has had was when I a lot fasten a hook to a loop resupplied and take in the pair of things (the cage of boss of the cart of compraventa and a side of the door in the commercial edifice). Both chances there is me been due to not using a Anti-characteristic of Flight as they are meant to be used.
5 / 5 von Stacie
Perfect purse for travelling! I access our passports and all a travesĂ­a essentials. Some zips to prĂłjimos seats like your valuables is sure in of the zones of big traffic. I have bought him like this of the presents for friends that is travelling, is surprising!
4 / 5 von Alta
Quality a lot well stock exchange of travesĂ­a. Run like the crossbody or like the purse rule in your shoulder. A material felt sturdy and was easy to clean. I have taken this in Prague and San Francisco and walk felt sure around with some cash and the few papers crediticios in him.

Some locks of zip me feel included surer, although some of that was the placebo of then remained in of the sure places to start with with.
4 / 5 von Cassondra
This stock exchange was well in a start.
After the few months' uses a key and the pocket of the looks of interior was rasgĂł averts.
Is not the durable and stock exchange of qualities.
Would not recommend this stock exchange.
5 / 5 von Apryl
Takes this purse that travel. Able to spend small camera and small boat of water together with small stock exchange. The colour is neutral, although it have preferred he in light ash.
5 / 5 von Loyce
Ossia Such the travesĂ­a adds purse. Your material is really sure and ensures has bought in fact this purse like the present partorisca the travelling mate with which listened raving roughly mine
4 / 5 von Gordon
A stock exchange is well has done. I forced partorisca cut down in that I usually dipped in the stock exchange (which is a lot). Partorisca me, is not too big, no too small, is in his point!
5 / 5 von Elijah
Excellent and handy purse partorisca my travesĂ­as in Italy and Uk this year. It was like this happy to having bought the, is measured add ( has spent the small stock exchange, glasses, cloths, some trick). I have loved some characteristic of security like a zip to close. Some the different pockets were very thought-was and practical. I love this purse!
4 / 5 von Danielle
Likes everything in this purse excepts to the desire has been in a thumb a wide plus and a strap the little longer. Controls a basic material well.
4 / 5 von Brigitte
A bit small but in general has loved that, so the pockets and I have loved a feeling added of security especially to maintain document like your sure passport.
4 / 5 von Essie
Can return my sunglass husband in this purse and bounce it water in a side. I love a period of a double strap, where chair can rest them my arm in a purse while walking. Some spaces for papers is to touch also. Any precise to jam the stock exchange in a purse.
Is roomier that has thought but quite slender.
5 / 5 von Carry
Loves a measure.... I have possessed the big more Travelon stock exchange of shoulder and expĂłsito that takes weighed. A measure of this one leave to dip so only my essentials in him, for this doing it lighter that walk around with.
4 / 5 von Guadalupe
Has used so only this stock exchange in the travesĂ­a of three weeks in Europe and was perfect. Light and sturdy. A anti-characteristic of the flight gave an additional level of consolation. It can use it likes him my purse of newspaper now!
5 / 5 von Rufus
This was the present partorisca my woman when we travel in Cina - the want. The decent looks resupplies, perfect measure partorisca glasses, telephone, passports and another travesĂ­a docs as well as the stock exchange. The security was consolation adds although certainly we do not experience any tentativas of the fly or take his. I think that that ossia the ready accessory partorisca travesĂ­a and has bought also a partorisca my daughter.
4 / 5 von Buddy
Has bought partorisca the travesĂ­a the vegas partorisca the week. It has wanted to have my free hands ( to drink lol) resist alot more than has thought them. Included the waters of boat. Fat material, solid zips that can close it. I add. I want a bit other colours
4 / 5 von Man
has taken a stock exchange in Europe and felt very sure with him. Knowing a strap can very easily be cut and have the RFID the blocker in a side of stock exchange is the feeling adds. There is the plot of room in a still purse incidentals and that never more precise. You recommend this purse to any one these trips
4 / 5 von Misha
love a purse but that has ordered the stock exchange a same time, I sure desire would have chosen a so only bit it main. My stock exchange only accesses in him when I the force. It have to that do until I can resupply another. It is the lovely purse .
5 / 5 von Terica
Has arrived faster that has expected. It is main that has thought. It can not expect take has been and the verify was. Has the room for all raisin and probably the small cost ot 2. Bought one for my daughter, will be to buy more for presents. I produce it adds.
5 / 5 von Fausto
Really enjoyed this stock exchange. It is a stock exchange of travesĂ­a perfect with all a anti-mechanisms of flight. The calm leaves relieves to know your stock exchange is sure. Perfect measure also!
4 / 5 von Coreen
Even more adds that I thought it would be. Perfect measure for my travesĂ­a in Europe this summer. It returns more than it would have thought them looking in an on-line dimension. An only thing that soule the surest fact is all some zips where hid.
5 / 5 von Victor
Has decided any to use these too many that tries to find where have dip things. It can be I adds for travelling any I still uses it.
4 / 5 von Anh
I really like this travelling still purse. I think that it that that can have taken bit it main but returns more the things have required. No really big enough to take the small mini iPod in him. But it is a lot well, with a lot of pockets.
5 / 5 von Robbi
Very happy with this compraventa taken some taking used to access a zippered parts but to good sure the difficult fact for thieves to slip in and out of your stock exchange without being remarked

Top Customer Reviews: Travelon 33220 51A ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5 von
A Travelon 3320 32X Anti Flight Boho Apple Crossbody the stock exchange in Summer Paisley has arrived punctually and in the condition adds. Ossia Mine 3rd Travelon stock exchange and a never fail to live until his quality. A model was the refreshing transmission of simple colours. A strap was extendible and has done well for organism of cross. A stock exchange returns all have required more bounce it water. My only critique would be to have it the little wider as taking the things was was the little more defiant. A global measure was perfect to take by means of a aisles in an aeroplane without paste other passengers & return well I under a chair.