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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
President of Company of Boot of Men of Thursday 6' Tip-arrive to Kick
Looks: Subjective, but think that some kicks the utmost look. For far a better thing on some boots.

Quality: the quality is decent as remarked for another. So only the notch down Allen Edmonds. With just down 1 month of occasional wear, a boot is beginning partorisca aim the little creases. Any ideal, but a shoe the still look adds and look for be built well. I am satisfied with a quality offered in a prize.

Consuelo: In spite of a delicate sizing (sees down), some boots are very comfortable out of a box, and one the skin softens on besides far the fair has bitten after the few wears. They are not the boot wearer (the aim of only dress), and these boots have relieved my apprehension roughly spending boots.

Sizing: My main critique is that sizing is really delicate with boots of Thursday.
Partorisca Reference I wear Allen Edmonds has measured 8.5 EE in a 65 hard (Edges/McAllisters/Admitted of Parco) which return me average more comfortable I own. Partorisca Athletic shoes I wear Saucony 9.5.

For recommendation of the boots of Thursday would owe that it has taken measure 8.5 (1 full measure smaller that my athletic shoes). But 8.5 it ran it it bit it big.

Now am spending has measured 8, which is very better, but loosened on the fair has bitten over time. Although it is still quite comfortable. A zone of a ball of a foot to some toes gone back a lot (I has the wide feet and I am less bad). But a heel has way too much room. Ossia A question with the footwear built in generic a measure returns all hard. Ideally the boots of Thursday would have boots with different hard, concealed accommodates wide feet but of the narrow heels, big in-give a very etc. But ossia probably very a lot of cost-effective for them.

In general, am satisfied with some boots and would consider other products. If you can take a sizing to do for you, ossia the add mid-produced to vary to consider. Better value then your average are all the variety ' boots.
4 / 5
I really like these boots, is beautiful and big-quality, I just desire has not taken nervous roughly too-small boots and go with the too much-big measure. I have found that that goes the half-has measured the the smallest that my athletic shoes was too many tight, has taken some this there is matched my athletic shoes, these also looked too tight, then has taken some this was the meso-measured more. Yes it felt bad roughly sending 2 pairs behind, but are the student and was very nervous roughly spending like this money in of the boots and loved him to be perfect. Now that has broken in my pair, is too big for me. My joint to any the one who is new to buy the hard/boots-shoes of skin to not taking scared when some boots are the pocolos tight. So only I have to him legustado some stop them smaller have pressed down hard in my toes and that to the resemblances likes him paste of mine of toes an end of a boot when I have walked, but I maintaining @gives that a some concealed there is matched my corridors would have been a lot once his loosened on the bit (first of these boots I only shoes of the past random skin and corridors). In all the chance, amour these boots, desire I ees the Thursday followed' recommendation to measure the little more closely.
5 / 5
Difficult to say which damage two models among him Capton and the chairs is better. He And of this three month that bought Capton. And M here is with him Chair. His two models are extraordinary. Lucido The skin of the President is well has done. It chairs it is very comfortable. After having used His two models,am difficult to say which damage two is better. The alone amazing difference is that it Chairs is debugged More. To this prize $265 , is Join aubaine comparativement to other boots..
Not looking for Loin, improve them the boots are those of the company Thuesday Bounces Company. QC
4 / 5
Incredible boots, done a lot very absolutely accesses like the glove after the short pause in. They are the measure 10 in almost all the shoes and has fallen to have to that way that be the half measure down to 9.5, more the descriptions say to go the full measure but the any one and is the perfect record. There is not any comparison among dr. Martens Or was frye boots ( I wear he 10 in those, has a lot of partorisci of both, whose his door now been due to these upper boots ) these are simply the yard on and well value of the money. It could not be happier. They will look like this lovely once weathered, took brown chrome and am very happy has done. Also the black captains have bought same measure 9.5- these 2 is fence any one some better boots I own. It peels fat, adds stitching. Perfecto !
4 / 5
Good-looking boots, but serious subjects with manufacturing consistency. Ordered the pair, to the right boot is boot adds , to the left is crooked/defective/discolored (I are not so only that pause on the variac. Light because of handcrafting). Ordered another pair and has received kicks with some subjects very was (right boot perfect boot , left with defects). Probably of a same batch. Any sure like this spends control of quality. It has loved to love these boots because they are otherwise utmost, but an experience of the cost has not been positive. A shipping ping-pong are not adds. I have paid for a shipping of fast plus so that it is not only time but also $ $ that this experience have cost like this far. It does not like the giving of a stars reason the boots of Thursday are doing so many good things :(
Update: I have received the pair of substitution of boots of Boots of the Thursday and those are utmost. Changed my indication of one stars to 5 to reflect a service of good client in an end and a fact that these are boots add .
5 / 5
Has been impressed with a quality of some boots. Quality and good skin stitching. Almost of pair with Allen Edmonds, would say. I have not looked some boots would require to plot of pause in timing to result comfortable.

Some NOTES IN SIZING: the step Measures 11 career of EUA shoes, and measures in of the shoes of dress. I have ordered one 10.5 and were in 1/2 too big measures. Like full measure down the looks of recommendation to resist true.
5 / 5
I wear:
Timberland measured of boots of the work 8.5
Nikes measure 9.5
Another skin has fallen 9
Florsheim inhabit it average 9

has ordered some 8.5 EUA has based in other descriptions. This was the good call . Some 8.5 accesses amiably. I think it it could escape with one 8 for the more snug returned to the long of some sides of a boot (I am tightened-footed) and to hug some toes bit it more. But I am happy to all the cost.

A skin is quite big-quality and I like a texture of interior. Súper comfy. Has thinks that would require more breaking in, but is already shaped amiably and is very comfortable. They look utmost, the smell adds and feel add. Totally value a prize.

I amour that his door!
5 / 5
One of a good plus, has done enough bounces has not seen never, Sadly, has had to send them behind. A period was true to measure but a level D width, which is an available only width here on Amazon, is tightened too much for me. Incredible boots otherwise. If has the narrow foot plus that me, commanded these in your normal and calm measure will be sportive some better boots in cities.
5 / 5
Well: a recommended shoe sizing of the half measure down is perfect for me. It could spend both socks of socks of wool fatter and normal without any question. An average also looks a lot well, returns perfectly with mine business attire.

An unexpected:
Last week was my first full week to spend some boots in work. I do in it stirs it to bank that details, without any triple edged mobile and carpeted walk. With which he the Thursday, has found the small, but noticable nick in a skin of a right time of a shoe while preparing to leave. It is different of a normal scratch like the upper grain of a skin is exited entirely. It has not expected this like the skin felt really well when it has taken in the December will treat with shoeing incinerate and see like this goes. But beware of of the this.
4 / 5
A quality is obvious when in the first place I take them out of a box. A classical looking, bold but a lot of flashy, boot of brown skin. Exactly that has looked for. Some have the habit of, this in spite of, has the very odd model, a so only could describe as 'nipple cleats.' Step measures it 13 sneaker, but has taken the measure 12 boot (12.5 would have been perfect, but some world-wide looks to be against this concrete measure for some reason). It would not spend this hiking, but does not think that is his purpose has feigned. Utmost boot; it would buy of one this company again. 5 stars.

Top Customer Reviews: Thursday Boot ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5
In general ossia the boot adds partorisca a prize.

Are the in everything of Allen Edmonds shoes and partorisca this boot a 9 was a better access .

- Construction of big quality
- A boot is extraordinarily comfortable when in the first place spent partorisca the Goodyear welted boot/of shoe. I have it that has not had never he Goodyear pause in like this easily (almost too easily which marvel me).
- Only is good quality
- A skin of interior is a lot comfortable

- I desire a creation was bit it tighter around a foot to the equal that would owe that be a chance with Chelsea
- A skin is good quality but would have expected it to be bit it better and bit it the fattest data is supposition to be in garacon bounce that hundred of diverse sides more.
- I personally does not like an aim stitching but has not been the breaker to treat
4 / 5
Sizing is delicate with boots of Thursday. Orderly measure 8, which mostly returned well, this in spite of an instep was bit it tight. The desire had done a boot in the last with the cone the big plus. Returned.

Ossia Odd like the measure 8 in a President (also of boot of Thursday) has not had this @@subject and has maintained that bounces. Need of company of boot of Thursday to dip order his sizing. Otherwise, The product adds to consider can dip commanded a sizing for your self or join them to him foot 'half'

In general, the boot looked to be of the good quality and I would recommend can take a sizing to do for you.
5 / 5
Ossia A first time has bought pertinent boot. I have bought this for rainy season and to the equal that has expected has maintained my feet dry during the moderate rain but does not have any insulation of cold time.

Has not known roughly pause in period in the boots and ossia my first bounces like this has spent them for long time initially like sneakers and has finalised to wound my legs for behind the ankles. After breaking in his really comfortable. As it would say any one buying these please maintain in alcohols of pause in period and take precautions.
4 / 5
Ossia My second pair of the Thursday has fallen that I am mostly happy with, but unfortunately a loop rasgó was when dipping them on after the month of the his have. It appears that it was so only you grieves glued in that was kinda disappoints it of a rest of some boots looks to be the quite good quality does not know reason they a lot of stitch some loops. Another that that quality of skin adds, to good sure orders half measures he down or the full measure.
I usually wear 10.5 shoes of the dress and a measure 10 of boots of returns of Thursday of sound.
5 / 5
My second pair of Thursday is and have gone with a Duque Chelseas. As with my first order I sized down 1/2 measure of my regular and apt shoes is perfect. My first Thursday is direct wine of web of place of company and has taken roughly 3-4 weeks, this second order has come from/Amazon come from and was in my door-step in of the days. Look And feel is awesome. A light negative (that it was it a lot quickly corrected) was on first use one of an attractive-the tabs have released of boot. Thursday rep answered immediately and that follows some pictures a question has been managed. A lot happy with my new boots and probably will purchase further down a line.
5 / 5
My first pair of shoes of the quality and I was surprised really in a difference! The skin feels strong and looks smooth. All so only feels stronger if this felt. A record for me is expected like this. They are the 8.5 sneaker and 8.5 works for me here too much. I have tried measure 8 in the first place like another has said and was too tight. I possessed him for two weeks now. They take more than comfortable daily to the equal that take more broken in. It would recommend.
5 / 5
Like any the one who is not fond of sneakers, exclusively buys boots and has listened Thursday a lot of time. Have pulled a trigger and has bought the pair of chelsea boots, is gone in two days and they are returned perfectly. The colour adds, excellent creation and in a point of prize, have at all to complain!
4 / 5
The husband loves these boots! A quality is surprising and a fact that can the to you animal taking has the habit of or fixed yes breaks down a line is as it has sold lucido on that! Also it says it does not have any breaking in synchronising the one who the majority of the boots of men have!
5 / 5
10.5 measure is for 28 feet of cm have measured. I really like a quality of this product. It would be the good idea to send the small sample 10-30 ml of vanetian cream of shoe, saphir oiled incinerates of skin, or atleast odorless neatsfoot oil at the side oil tanned boots of skin.