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Good period but no a better to take slushy snow or gel. The works add in fluffy or dry snow. Difficult to use when take snow of some ventilations of groove of the front.
5 / 5
Is a lot of
So only the little short
will require a longer version
5 / 5
Well, where partorisca begin. It takes 3 weeks he like this paralizaciones partorisca take here perhaps have included the month (lost the third of winter) once arrives it has been missing 2 pieces (A boss and 1 of some pieces of extension) as it has had to that order one 36 model of thumb and now have the less foot has produced. The worse thing is that the contact via email, has has asked pictures, sent them of then that it had asked it has listened at all. The suspect has paid for an element never fully has. The accident of zeros would owe that be an option . Also to remark an end of scrolling of the snow 'foam' is quite flimsy and doesnt extracted well with the heaviest snow!
5 / 5
Has been tired of some paintbrushes of snow go in tents like Canadian wheel, Imposición of House, Wal-Mart, etc. A bristles was always too soft and the snow takes packed among and a paintbrush results useless, as has thinks that would give this one tries it. It is basically you fine it-layered flap of foam in an end in place of bristles. A concept has touched well, but has not been has tried he in the pertinent winter.

Used quell'on 10 times now and some results are some same every time:

- taking bent out of forming easily
-is not able to choose on besides hard, stuck-in nieva reason a flap of the foam does not create quite control
- is very difficult to manoeuvre in and around a windshield wipers and windshield canal
- has to that take a corner correctly to clean the window lateralmente amiably with the few swipes. If any taken a boss a lot down to a door, then so only a part at the head of a foam will be to dry a window in place of a full period of him.

HAS some profits:

- looks to be marketed to some people that is concerned roughly that line his car? To good sure does not line your car, but am not sure the paintbrush of snow neither.
-A construction is sturdy, can do not seeing to break or falling averts easily
-Nieve a lot really takes jammed his so that it does not worsen calm so that use it, the difference of paintbrushes of traditional snow

In general, has paid the prize of first so that it looked the good idea, but does not think trying in of the conditions of real life has been treated for a developer of crew.
4 / 5
Sturdy. The works add. Amur That has no bristles. Scraper Of gel is good measure . To good sure does not feel economic. It recommends.
4 / 5
All is that I have expected interprets adds. Súper Luz and sturdy