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Top Customer Reviews: Muay Thai: Basic ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5
This DVD is the must has partorisca any one beginning is gone in Muay Thai. The basic technicians are aimed in of the different corners, slow speed and normal speed. A Paper is really easy to follow and there are some clips of prize with stock exchange-does,light sparring and work of tampon with the trainer. In general the very well has thought was and has presented Dvd.Personally I like him to him the look Saiyok likes all look like this easily easy and appeals out of movements in a blink of an eye. I have bought a video of Formation yesterday and will be partorisca move on to some another over time. Excellent and does not tire of the look on and on again.
4 / 5
Am writing this short description in soyuay Thai - Basic Technicians', reasons in my opinion ossia for FAR BETTER DVD in of the terms of structure of paper and quality of the at present available video in a phase. Besides all the technicians are described a lot well and is showed for the good Thai champions known. But of course all the world there is there own approximation to concrete technician. Never a the Less follows quite thrilled that it study some technicians have used of some fields in my same TV although has has has had years of alive action in Thailandia. For like this 5 stars!
4 / 5
A lot the demonstrations have explained , good and give you the point of good start, he wont you it muay thai struggling, any dvd wins, require the professional trainer wants to take really good but for just house workouts and abit of self the defended that coach you cant beat it
4 / 5
So only begun thai boxing and has looked for the dvd to suppliment my classes. Abeit Has has declared only law with a dvd still can say is of the big quality. It is a lot structured, narration and quality of the his glorious! They are no expert but think that is ideal for beginners and any one any improvement his technician. I reserve a star because I have not been by means of an integer dvd. Work very Done.
4 / 5
An exceptional and supportive description for all five of these mesmerising dvdes coming punctual....

All can say in this DVD is for now is ' Is A MUST HAS'
5 / 5
has practised taekwondo for some years and then the little muay thai, but does not have a time for the interior of gymnasium a moment.
Like this, coach tows day x the week and I use that dvdes the more define skill of mine. I found it simply 'preciuos'!!
4 / 5
Finde sehr Gut gemacht ist For eine dvd und natürilch kann mann nicht soviel lernen wie wenn man ins dojo geht aber mann kann viel mitnehmen aus dieser dvd
4 / 5
probably gives it to the sud of low BETTER DVD of the sud this discipline!Although it is Basic, the way of showed is a lot good!

Top Customer Reviews: MUAY THAI MECHANICS ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
4 / 5
I have not seen never the like this good tape has presented. Each one that like this of some basic technicians has been aimed that goes forward and behind to and of a camera and of accident to right and behind again. Like this, you can see each technician of a front and for a part.

Gentleman Janjira has dipped the plot partorisca try these lessons like this included of the old 'take' like me can learn and absorb some technicians. Tip a basic stance and place/of arm of the hand and shows like partorisca maintain them like this movements around a coverage. Then it shows a prick, cross, uppercut and technician of the elbow launched in three variac. (Corners)- uppercut, horizontal and diagonally partorisca down. Constantly it adds lovely tips during each presentation that a lot adds partorisca comprise a movement.

There is so only a negative factor - the interference of strong sounds has caused in a video. They owe that it has used it the economic microphone or has had a too big profit and has driven his amp the saturation. A rest of a tape was like this well that the aim has learnt partorisca ignore an interference.

A word to the youngest readers. The fights are won with basics - no with flashy technical. Showboating Only works in some films. In some streets 'flash' will take you beaten.

Muhammed There there is so only be four technicians: the sinister prick, the sinister hook, the right cross and a uppercut. The done lucido better that a rest is that he the to perfection with pertinent timing.

Another fighter, Bill uperfoot' Wallace mentions in his series of tape that has used so only four technicians in winning all his fights. It has Had two hand and two technicians of leg: the sinister prick, the sinister hook, fell it lateralmente left and the accident roundhouse has fallen. But, it treated him to perfection.

So much, young readers, that is that they go partorisca be? Master the pocolos technical and win fights or learn dozens of flashy or esecret' technical and take yours the rid your in the esal' fight. But, you will look 'a lot of' as all the world is laughing in you when takings planted in yours [...].
4 / 5
This DVD teaches a basics. A difference among the good fighter and the fighter add is a good fighter knows a basics and a fighter adds knows a basics really well. An only reason has given this DVD 3 star is reason has been lined well out of a box and my player of DVD has had question touching the.
5 / 5
This dvd has excellent instructions and if yours in the MMA or UFC and wants to learn Muay Thai this dvd is a better election in that.
5 / 5
This dvd is a prime minister in the series of 4 and contains all a basics of muay thai, of footwork to paste and technician of elbow. It is very presented and shows some technicians clearly. This dvd laws as well as the point of start and is excellent partorisca beginners. Students More anticipated of muay thai will know the majority of these technicians, this in spite of is still values to buy for an excellent presentation of technicians with a house in correct footwork.
5 / 5
A video was useful. A format is dated. A knowledge and is the presentation is sum . A true muay thai legend Seakson.
5 / 5
This DVD so only contains some the majority of basic punches and technicians of elbow. It is announced falsely with " it discovers some secrets of Muay Thai Kickboxing concealed is not never state released to a rest of a world." While this DVD contains basically that would learn in your prime minister muay thai lesson, any secret and any one has advanced movements or technicians.
4 / 5
This DVD contains very basic of Muay elbows and Thai punches. If you owe that be learning this level to struggle in the probably calm DVD would not owe that be doing this art. I quickly forewarded the majority of him.

Top Customer Reviews: Street Fighting ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5

zunächst einmal zur Laufzeit: entgegen gives Angabe bei Amazon (und auf gives Rückseite give DVD ACHIEVE) beträgt die Laufzeit gerade einmal 42 Minuten und nicht 67! (Auf Gives hompage Gives Blackbelt Seen again werden 43 Min. angegeben).

Wenn Man von has given 42 bzw. 43 Min. noch Die ersten 13 Minuten abzieht, in denen William Cheung lediglich eine Geschichte aus seinem Leben erzählt (die er übrigens auch schon im Vorwort zu einem seiner Bücher zoom Besten gegeben hat), bleibt gerade bad eine halbe Stunde a Material übrig.
Has given Material kann man sich zwar bad angucken, ist aber auch nicht likes lehrreich, wie the man is sich vielleicht erhofft hätte. Vor allem wird auf Gives DVD nicht wirklich auf quotes Abwehr von Muay Thai Angriffen eingegangen. Eine Down-Has fallen-Abwehr (bei gives man sich dann auch noch fragt, ob die bei einem harten Has fallen zu gebrauchen wäre) und ein paar weitere unspektakuläre Techniken - give ist dann doch etwas zu allgemein gehalten.

Kurze Laufzeit und selbst im gezeigten Material relativ wenig brauchbare Informationen - give Preis/Leistungsverhältnis stimmt bei gives DVD einfach nicht.

Hinzu kommt ein Question, gives scheinbar to the Dvdes von William Cheung (zumindest given, die ich kenne) haben - er kommt beim Beschreiben seiner Techniken immer wieder ins Stocken, wobei the man gives Gefühl hat, dass is give Faden verliert, weil er know Gedanken auf Englisch nicht wirklich gut ausgedrückt bekommt.

William Cheung Bücher waren bisher meist recht interessant. An are DVD werde ich zukünftig einen Row machen...
4 / 5
Good wing Chun Kung Was book. Value partorisca try and learn, but would say, need to learn of Kung Was master and no only of this book. This book is partorisca reference partorisca practise further.

Top Customer Reviews: Fascination Coral ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
This film is good-looking images is surprising to to an only thing did not like was a way was filmed ,to of the to the left explain me
the camera moves the plot in a water that does home bit it hard the always takes on the second or two before the image is stable has looked so only he in 3d ,to the experience can say you that 3d the documentary is usually he does not have this effect