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1 teenage engineering Pocket Operator PO-20 Arcade Synthesizer and Sequencer teenage engineering Pocket Operator PO-20 Arcade Synthesizer and Sequencer Teenage Engineering
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2 teenage engineering Pocket Operator PO-35 Speak Vocal Synthesizer and Sequencer with Built-In Recording Microphone teenage engineering Pocket Operator PO-35 Speak Vocal Synthesizer and Sequencer with Built-In Recording Microphone Teenage Engineering
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3 iVideosongs Piano Chords Chart (8.5'x11') • 84 Chords Full Color with Note-by-Note Keyboard • Includes 150+ Free iVideosongs Lessons iVideosongs Piano Chords Chart (8.5'x11') • 84 Chords Full Color with Note-by-Note Keyboard • Includes 150+ Free iVideosongs Lessons IVIDEOSONGS
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4 teenage engineering OP-1 Portable Synthesizer, Sampler, and Controller with Built-In FM Radio and 4-Track Tape Recorder Bundle with OP-1 Protective Soft Case (Black) teenage engineering OP-1 Portable Synthesizer, Sampler, and Controller with Built-In FM Radio and 4-Track Tape Recorder Bundle with OP-1 Protective Soft Case (Black) blucoil
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5 Mchoi Hard EVA Travel Case Fits for Teenage Engineering PO-14 Pocket Operator Sub Bass Synthesizer, Case Only Mchoi Hard EVA Travel Case Fits for Teenage Engineering PO-14 Pocket Operator Sub Bass Synthesizer, Case Only Mchoi
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6 STYLOPHONE GEN X-1 Portable Analog Synthesizer: with Built-in Speaker, Keyboard and Soundstrip, LFO, Low pass filter, Envelope, Sub-octaves & Delay STYLOPHONE GEN X-1 Portable Analog Synthesizer: with Built-in Speaker, Keyboard and Soundstrip, LFO, Low pass filter, Envelope, Sub-octaves & Delay Stylophone
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7 24HOCL Keyboard Pianos 61 Lighted Keys, Musical Digital Teclado Piano keyboards 100 Rhythms LCD Display for Kids Adult Beginners (Black) 24HOCL Keyboard Pianos 61 Lighted Keys, Musical Digital Teclado Piano keyboards 100 Rhythms LCD Display for Kids Adult Beginners (Black) 24HOCL
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8 Donner Keyboard Piano, 54 Key Piano Keyboard, Electric Keyboard with Microphone and Piano App, Portable Electric Piano, Supports MP3/USB MIDI/Audio/Microphone/Headphones/Sustain Pedal Donner Keyboard Piano, 54 Key Piano Keyboard, Electric Keyboard with Microphone and Piano App, Portable Electric Piano, Supports MP3/USB MIDI/Audio/Microphone/Headphones/Sustain Pedal Donner
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9 Piano Keyboard 61 Key, AKLOT Portable Full Size Piano Keys Infinite Volume 61 Keys Electronic Keyboard for Adults Kids Beginners Professionals Piano Keyboard 61 Key, AKLOT Portable Full Size Piano Keys Infinite Volume 61 Keys Electronic Keyboard for Adults Kids Beginners Professionals AKLOT
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10 Donner DEP-10 Beginner Digital Piano 88 Key Full Size Semi Weighted Keyboard, Portable Electric Piano with Furniture Stand/Triple Pedals/Power Supply Donner DEP-10 Beginner Digital Piano 88 Key Full Size Semi Weighted Keyboard, Portable Electric Piano with Furniture Stand/Triple Pedals/Power Supply Donner
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Top Customer Reviews: teenage engineering ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 46 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia In fact a fresher thing never. I owe that no partorisca the dipped down of then receiving it. Easy to learn and a lot of adictiva. My only worry is a lack of casing. It is literally so only the joint of chip with the screen and @@@knob/of keys. The time will say if ossia a subject , until this signals this enough the perfect little device.
5 / 5
Has bought this for my boys to experience with music on. Has like this far very signalled any interest, but ossia a lot of then are having enormous fun messing around with east!

Some instructions are well to take you begun, but has found some tutorial video abonos in youtube that helped really take that it goes with east.

Quality of his this really a lot of (obvs depended in that speakers/earphones is using). Registering a start on PC would have to that be really sincere has the line-in - if you do not have, will require to think roughly that buys the paper of his of economic USB with the line in stops to be able to register your music.

Really tried to save up for one of another operator of devices of pocket now.
4 / 5
This description is in a PO-20 Arcade.

Can look bit it odd and minimalist, but touch incredible and resupply the plot of fun for a creatively has imported. If you are the beginner the electronic music, a PO can a bit calm puzzle, but in some hands of any with even the little bit of experience, these resupply hours of fun and has included some serious musical capacity.

A PO-20 totally take me behind my youth when I have used to possess a Atari. A rich 8-has bitten quality of a square wave arps superbly re-create an atmosphere of this era, but with moving it modern. An agreement sequencing is inspired. A lot ready in fact, hats of the Jesper Kouthoofd and his crew to produce something remarkable. I love a way a sequence in consonance changes a arps and baseline, included without looking a dron. A simulation of compression of canal lateralmente in a dron the sound is the a lot of fresco touching modern transfer.

Has surprised also of a very expansionary sequencing capacity. It can store 16 x 16 sequences of any and links to the canal of until 128 models, ossia whopping 2048 no! A sequence in consonance of until 128 'bars' (of the election of 16 agreements cleverly have chosen) is independent of this like this some options are virtually limitless. Each sound has two parameters that can be sequenced also.

I amour a fact that can sync my PO to the mine Korg Volcas and another synths. Very easy to dip on, discharges in and select SY2, ossia all has his!

A so only has bitten of the critic has is in a packaging. Volume that ossia all the course of a global minimalist creation of a product, but does not protect it enough when envoy. Especially some @@@knob is vulnerable to the equal that stick out of a packaging. My prime minister an arrived with one of some @@@knob has broken in. Ossia Partly because Amazon a lot properly packaged he (so only stuffed he to a envelope, which has taken run over among the heaviest boxes). A substitution is gone in a packaging of same rubbish, but all the work well. I disagree That a unit is vulnerable to break. Of course have it always those that treat to to his box likes them Casey Neistat, but then of course in of absolute is sure of harm.

Highly recommended, seriously that thinks that that which want to afterwards!
5 / 5
Is such the happy little artilugio!
Are in the to boat still like him to him some another; the toe-ladle that tries to take the electronic music. A PO-12 rhythm was probably where would have to that it has begun but have gone with an Arcade after listening a awesome chiptune effects on Youtube. And his adorable.

Any remorse like this far.
He Uses tutorial video and some instructions that come with an Arcade, will be to write give form amused and chaining them the clues any time. Like an hour at most.

Also is very easy to spend around to the equal that will be adds for entertainment of travesía. He besides the sound adds plugged to the speaker yes loves mates to show some clues have done.
One adds prime minister synth/car of drum, gave a confidence to look further the synth music and probably will buy another PO or another synth punctual.
4 / 5
Has loved the chiptune trinket for the a lot, time very long. And to the long of comes Adolescent Engineering with the premade, effective side bleep-blooper. I am enamoured; of a minimalist and simple packaging allthe way by means of a grit sweeps and a FX... It loves it!

Is playable in of the minutes, very easy to learn. A built in the speaker is limited, but decent and connecting to my system of speaker develops the impressive level of depth. For such the tiny thing, a sound is enormous! Afterwards on, a PO-137 😎
5 / 5
have fallen enamoured with an Arcade in of the seconds, a chip-beaten of paste to dip me ready well in some nostalgias.

All does perfectly and can begin program in your own tunes immediately, a curve to learn is not too big and will be the long time before you held messing around with some different parameters. A function in consonance is awesome and affects some of some another 'notes' as some models have touched.

Will be to buy another PO without hesitation. I have bought the chance a same time, is not necessary but is the good touch , if the little pricey.
4 / 5

Massively 8 has bitten defender of music and found this for accident. So only a marvel of engineering, the sounds are utmost, likes having a car of arcade in your pocket or included the Commodore 64!!

Would love the chance but in £30 is quell'has bitten on priced, will be to add another PO devices my cast of desire!
5 / 5
These few bits are súper entertainment. Has the decent quantity of the parameter that modifies that the prenden to be complete it a pony of trick. I add to so only choose up and jam.

Has this a & a drum a.
4 / 5
One everything in a pocket sized synthesizer which can be connected to other models in a row. Each model has the together different of effects. This one leaves sounds in consonance to be touched.
4 / 5
Carnt believes like this can return so much to the small container
Chooses up and go batters last partorisca age

Top Customer Reviews: teenage engineering ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
So only the buy. If yours looking is and has looked the little youtube vids in the, calms the favour. Of all a synths, keyboards, controllers of the midday has not possessed never in my life, ossia for far a better value!

- 40 second time of sample can be limiting, but is easy to do with maintaining in alcohol
- the speaker in this thing is a lot of (around like this as well as the mid telephone of row), the microphone is SURPRISING! Marcos the easy alive sampling breasy
- look flimsy but this thing is solid. It feels like a motherboard could pull you out of your computer, solid piece of hardware


Moves of the data can be delicate. You save dataa/the songs/touches etc by means of a line out of port, but can be delicate to do that, and with 40 seconds of the memory that has retreated this thing up in thee rule is of entity. BOSSES ON, more the people owe that bosses of compraventas or peripherals of ADDITIONAL/cords partorisca be able to in fact record some do any in this thing to the computer/of telephone etc.

TL;Dr.: BUUUUUUUYYYY ITTT!!!! This thing is SURPRISING!! It is a creature of copy/of the pocket MPC has been dreaming roughly. And leave to be real, is a device of music of better pocket partorisca exit further of the decade so it is in fact in stock would say partorisca the take!
4 / 5
Loves this thing, to good sure value of the money!
If they are taste and of amour to do music and beaten of mark and has amused while doing it!? Then ossia perfect for you, calm once takes a hangs of him, is amused really! Meeting taking lost in some different types of beaten, the sounds and the songs can do, if you are unsure to the equal that to the use sees characterises of Youtube in operator of the pocket there is so much useful video, if you are to like me also and was unsure he to spend that a lot in the little manufacturer to look, so only will say has done and am happy I ,
thinks in fact could him collect
like me that a lot
5 / 5
po 35 is the vocoder for people that does not know the one who the vocoder is, calm can not change a carrior the wave ossia further laim would think that would give you clean 120 seconds sampleing memory but a lot they an audio is junk like this bad that it can so only frames out of words when muttering he so that it adds noise so only 15 empty but the flange completes a synth carrior touch it wave and one a lot so only thinks is 4 of a vocoder effects that tuneing looks to have any effect on and calm can not change some samples of drum unless it buy a vst and a lot there litraly samples with some class of rubberband fashion pitchshift and control of yours 2 voice but yes has dipped the drum has in the first place beaten sometimes he the bug was and so only give you 1 first voice times that uses it and the reset to a defult the samples afterwards take some batteries this this in spite of never happend never again take some batteries is hard and any value he still so only to wedge the pice of thin carboard to cut a circet these thinks claim to last 2 year in standby way and functions like the digital clock well and I class of this fallen enamoured with his charm his well in touching these drums of black box and a vocoder done the good goodness or synth noise or noisy and soiled bass this thinks is the 1 pony of trick after a sound of magic show out of fun and tricks also the when quell'being circit the joint does not think wants to take powder in the or place he in my pocket that does a clock of alarm pritty usless and easliy has substituted with the telephone overpriced well in sequencing failure in expresion helps to change neither is posable to use a punch in of the effects with the external audio honradamente would have maintained it so only for an effect of sweep of the stutter so only and the one who the small ideas quickly can do a po 33 with some pre sampled calf vocoder a po 35 fall flact in his expensive janky to use and learn manule is incompleat these products think me adolescent eginering is exiting of business or so only out of ideas

the punch in of the effects is good and can be the lives have registered
normalised to copy to any or all 16 empty and touch any mandate
alive records
easy to do music with the way
his caseous 4 a lot vocoder effects well in goodnesses synth and soiled bass
the sounds of good drum
the build on-parleur is good and strong and has the bit of low for his measure
control of volume
life of battery
sync better work then some buggy korg volcas there is temperaraly possessed
controls like another pocket oporator
3 bpm presetes and can control bpm 60 to 240 I thinks
1 day of fun but can return it
give me if a tallent have
pleasant dog on screen good big text compaired to po33

2 voice 1 drum 1 bad samples vs a po33 4 copy of voice
vocoder still noobs
no for users for advanced
ruins of bug of alone voices some good sequences but the frames looks still to bore and lonly in character
so only 7 punch in of the effects and no for external audio
any glue in of the effects with outsides audia
has to that resist write for alive hard record the touch
the alive register is buggy and was sometimes same when 60 bpm
basic sequencer
the sequencer is fast but anoying 1 key of press or note wants 2 hastens writes the place steps one of 16 space in anoying for other notes owe that repeat 1 and 2 on and on
controls like the pocket oporator but with secret paper
quality of the audio of bad sample has to that wisper to add the noise can any out of words
can not change carrior wave
can not live audio of game externaly likes carrior wave
another 4 vocoder is bad so only add noise to do a sound a clear plus does not require the exsist
too many corners cut in some wrong places that do usless featers has required to add charm and diffrence like this special
120 seconds sampleing time so only 15 empty east is squandered time unless I want to register this description
15 space of sample
16 limeted samples of drum black box
can not turn was to require the disconect battery
forgetfull control
poor manule
the dose no well with externaly train of audio
any midday a nts-1 has midday
there is ruined my anniversary
does not trust this potatochip in my pocket
buggy could be use a po 33 his any buggy
1 day of fun
1 pony of trick
calf vocoder and another 'lint' the free free software of open source can do the better work in vocoding
too economic overpriced can respect that his hard to sell synths but ossia realy the pressing

not looking for argues morals so only looking for something thats entertainment and two the labour fast and portably this thing two the slow buggy and a quality of his some effects ruins all caseous and has amused at the beginning but bad in any serious production a po33 has more options when it takes to touch you that can feed and the sampling cleanly done a 35 looks the greedy cash grab this device is so only all pleasant quirky way with 0 substance or integrate clue vocoding is in a carrior wave and quality any one a build in pretuned sounds and junk register po33 has an a lot of mic reason dose this need to bad save touch also on $26 will take you the good lepel condenser mic and $15 will take you the raspberry pi any convinient so only when prpers have died like this sirious roughly perspective of the prize here fails at all a fundementals of the synth same down to be the device to save of the work a foundation of a pocket oporator is good but that has built on the in a 35 instence is realy bad carrior waves and copy of quality all have required for him to be the good product
5 / 5
service of Client of Layger was horrible! Usually a costruttore resupplies to 12 guarantee of month. My Operator of Pocket has failed with which 50 days of use and resellers is responsible for services of guarantee; Layger has refused to resupply any one services of guarantee. If it attended after-service of client of the cost, no spent of this reseller!
4 / 5
Inner 1 day has had already one of some keys to do. I used it probably 1-2 hours. To good sure overpriced and has not built strongly. A concept and and the idea is fresh and well has thought was is so only a product is too expensive and no very built to the equal that has begun literally dysfunction in a 2nd day.

A gimmick/meme is not to value of the money in my opinion.
4 / 5
Petit But the one who INCREDIBLE! It designates to the appearance not finalising that the Fragile looks but joins the time in his hands is this in spite of embezzles for the knowledge to expensive robustness to the falls ? This fact of small trick Of Glorious has chosen in him finds a copy,a sequencerer and a synthétiseur he and the that amuses and this touches long!!!
5 / 5
This is not the product has finalised. It is a joint of open circuit with keys and @@@knob. It looked the fragile to use with any terracing of confidence that the no only falls averts in my hand. It looks the project of class of tent of adolescents that has taken to Kickstarter.

Some instructions are woefully unsuitable. One produces does not be suitable for any the one who does not have two free hours so only to do has joined the majority of work of basic functions.

The mine has not done at all, as the one who could say. With a volume in maximum, hardly could listens.

Has based in some his video influencers posted, looks a awesome program if work, and calm can imagines era. But it would suggest that unless you are it has had to that to spend an additional $ 130 for the chance, gives this one spends it.
4 / 5
Have Already A po-33 KO has wanted to one complements mine po-33 the all goes súper well the perfect synchrony ! That is of the po-35 tongue is mine 4 mine of stars the look is one can under the po-33 that it is more is this in spite of súper ! The good truth of the pleasures has ensured!!!
5 / 5
Device very fresh when used like the copy of drum. Sampling to a line in port is a lot of swipe or lose and usually resulted in a unusable his, unfortunately. I register some touch yours the DAW can be tedious for producers more serious but that can expect it for a prize. It finds that uploading boxes of drum discover of a Youtube/of Youtube bros to be a better and more easy approximation to start with.
4 / 5
An astonishingly powerful device still is measure and prize. A quantity of things can do is surprising, and as it plus 'pro device, calm has included can save some sounds and of the models to the file like the backup.

Top Customer Reviews: STYLOPHONE GEN X-1 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5
Modification: After the year with this thing loves it. It is fun more when used like an instrument to improvise in real time. You take to know where some @@@knob would owe that be twisted to take that it touch. For example, to take an eighth out of a arp, or the fifth. Also it recommends to use one in-still tuner line to ensure is has dipped properly ready. Hopefully All a @@@knob to filter that twist the real time will not be I too hard in the May Dubreq sustains his products.

A stylophone is an extremely amused to use synth this can produce the wide variety of retro-sounds of type (the control was Youtube for some vids of him in action). His sound and the versatility amuse the loop ( will require something the loop he with) and can come up with some really fresh material in a fly. It packs The punch when plugged the external speakers. A thing that is quite fresh is that you can covers the boss of audio to a stylophone and use his built-in of to to the effects likes him to him the delay and the yard was filter . The utilisation to do my Otomatone the massive sound.

Has had some bad regime with some units but this company was excellent to treat and was very looked and like such anything issues I had does not import .
4 / 5
In the first place was wants to say that have enjoyed really my Stylophone, some time those that days that the has not been broken. My main question is a quality of low quality build . A flimsy rigid closing stylus the boss is notoriously bad in this Gene X-1 model. I have received my Stylophone and out of a box a boss there is already be the crack in one creases where some starts of boss of a hole in a coverage forward. I have tried to dip electrical tape around a crack, but a hole is too small to return even the discharge of tape around that. I have sent for behind my Gene X-1 (after so only the few hours of use, a connection in a boss was severed rendering he almost totally unplayable), and has had to order the second a. When it Take this new Stylophone the few weeks later, out of a box there is one same unfortunate subject with another crack in a boss insulation, in a something same, and in a crease where some folds of boss.

Personally love a sound of a Stylophone to the equal that are like this disappointed that my second Gene X-1 there is prendido doing in a same way like this first. Maintaining I need to consider inaugural to arrive and that substitutes a boss I somehow.

Has ordered also an original Stylophone S1 model, and for the prize the economic plus, a quality of build is surprisingly upper to a 'the gene advanced X-1'. A speaker in a S1 is also much stronger, a speaker in a Gene X-1 is hardly comparable.

Like this of now, would recommend so only that goes for a model a basic plus, he in fact works. Hopefully A day Dubreq tin upgrade a material of boss for something more durable.
5 / 5
The entertainment adds! Arrived punctually to the equal that has described. Ive Used it already in several clues.
5 / 5
Produced of quality. Fast nave. The company adds to treat.

Top Customer Reviews: 24HOCL Keyboard ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5
This was very economic. The sound was very poor. It would not recommend any compraventa this. Has no @to @give ordered something of such poor quality. It was the present of anniversary partorisca my daughter how has been the Thursday rid . His anniversary is morning . I will be partorisca buy the new a finally but require something partorisca morning. It does not buy this. Save your money !
4 / 5
Has bought this partorisca one of the boys of my partner, is 4 and 6 years. It likes him-the a lot of. This piano comes with the plot of built-in functions. A sound and the quality have built is WELL, but still thinks would have to that admit a description of web of place partorisca take to to the some words like 'beginners of Of Adult'! Again one of my friends touches the piano and he has the 'Yamaha P125' that is around $ 900-ish, then , has known and has not expected alike quality partorisca $ 100, besides, has bought he of boys.

So many, considering a built-in of the options and the prizes recommends it if any one wants to buy likes the present for boys, no for an adult.
5 / 5
Ossia The piano of estimativa but still good works beginners those who love the basic one and learn first. Has light tones to follow correct notes. Laptop and can use battery like any need to a outlet spending external. Good quality for a prize.
4 / 5
Súper Pleasant piano and amused for boys. Very easy to use
is Coming with tones of sticker that he easier that learn
ways and songs! Súper Endless years of fun! Option of sum of laws of the battery. It has not left it drains like this very sure the one who hard time, using the plugged in for now.
4 / 5
This keyboard of piano was a perfect present for my niece of 7 years. It has arrived with all the pieces like pointed. Has the sound adds and some stickers for a legend key are perfect for the beginner. Absolutely it would buy again. The quality adds for a prize!
4 / 5
Has bought he for my grandson, the one who has 6year .
Ossia Light weight , full of the still ECONOMIC functions!

Is not súper highend but is sturdy and the good intro device for boys to start with that learn pianos.
Tries this an in the first place before you committed to the real a.
5 / 5
I Games of good keyboard to debut, but there is recu joins boite déja open and joins white tone of the keyboard no . Harm, went back It To us.
4 / 5
Has wanted to how was pink and has had some stickers to dip in some tones. Wine with the microphone also that it was the big swipe !!

Top Customer Reviews: Donner Keyboard ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5
Bought this partorisca my edges that loves keyboard. This box is order because it comes with the stand and the stool. There is some assembly required for a stand but is a lot simple to dip near. A stand a work and a stool is sturdy and comfy. Some sounds of keyboard add and has tonnes of sounds and characteristic. If you have been that it wants to learn keyboard ossia an excellent election .
4 / 5
Has purchased this reason have not been sure the one who my little students will progress. I have thought that they remain it it has interested/connected, I upgrade to the real keyboard (Ca5io/Yama). These produced has the economic, plasticky feeling, but ossia very given a prize. You take the comfy the bank and was a better piece in a container. A quality of his east also very inferior, but again - the girls can not remark this. I have read to somewhere Give is the British mark. But all his content of web of place and a booklet of 8 pages is written in very poor, the tongue goes. Like the user of new keyboard, calm does not have any clue the one who some keys in a keyboard are suppositions to do. There is several pre-has has programmed tones, melodies, and coaching songs, but there is NO printout (neither on-line) of the indication of reference. A literally precise user enters a number of 3 figures of 0 to 500, sees that tone/of explosions to instrument up in an exposure, and manually write his own cast. An a lot of bad product built and hasty that so only sells because of a prize.
4 / 5
Easy spouse up. His well. Ape typo 'Durm' in place of Drum. Audio jack gives some feedback according to quell'headphone or ear buds is plugged in. This is to mean to be the judge of keyboard sure is exited, hopefully will resupply the earth of reasonable learning.
4 / 5
This is coming extremely fast and arrived in perfect condition. All a work of tones without the subjects and a setting was soooo easy! A microphone is practically the toy of boy and no very that has been expecting, but if ossia one of your reasons to take this keyboard, would look for the microphone of better quality to use instead. I want a headphone jack for the option of private practice!
5 / 5
Has not been has taken produced defective but a one has taken has had last 8 keys without sound has had to that return immediately
4 / 5
A characteristic that looked some more advances to era of the discharges to dip mine earphones in stops to be able to practise any time of day, this in spite of hardly appear a volume so only the little more than a minimum, this characteristic no anymore for this reason. Global well for the students, but all some characteristic whose work.
4 / 5
Good morning Lacking Joined the aims in the Game of commission sustains of the piano and his heights parleurs bad work his griche a lot of games of commentary to exchange ?
5 / 5
My daughter is by train of the enjoy like this far. So only a question, one of some holes of ray of the mountain in a fund of a keyboard is not stepped, as it can not be ensured to a stand. I will owe now take the tap to add tread of ray so that it can be properly ensured to a stand.

Top Customer Reviews: Piano Keyboard 61 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
They are like this, pleasantly surprised with this keyboard! Partorisca A keyboard an economic plus in a phase has not had big expectations and was the little nervous in this compraventa, this in spite of is perfect! The prize that considers, a sound is good and has everything needs to any one learns partorisca touch or tinker around and touch your favourite songs. Some tones are also perfect and good-looking quality. Has the real piano feels and is weighted that it was the lovely surprise . I have touched in of the keyboards that felt like this economic and ossia that has been expecting but concealed is not that it will take. If you are loving the hobby of new quarantine and is considering piano, ossia the compraventa adds . It is quite small to return in the island of my paving but quite big to learn some songs want!
5 / 5
Has loved always learn roughly music. As I finally decided to learn to touch a keyboard during COVID time. I have purchased this keyboard and has been learning and practising for a past 6 month. I think that that a keyboard are to add and the use the plot.
HAS the good sound and has the plot of different characteristics.
Are happy purchased it. They are having the plot of fun touching different songs....
A more than satisfies experience.
Are in 70' - like this calm so much can see - can teach you an old dog new tricks.
5 / 5
Has forgotten as to read the music done long, but wants to do a bit. I have tried the at least expensive bit and the smallest keyboard far. It was a lot of quite that have @@give, to having amused and learn, has required something with big, adult sized tones. This big keyboard is, for me, a right measure--neither too small neither too big. It is a lot light. A 'voice' is a lot impressive, and better that has listened in of the leading keyboards. A glorious piano touches quite glorious! Some violins, saxophones etc. All touch well, some excellent, another occasionally pulled but good. Still it has to that it enciphers out of a part to learn, but this keyboard has all a versatility I need, like the beginner at least. I use it plugged in but work well in of the batteries. Quality of his excellent.
5 / 5
There is disappointed this is lasted so only 32 days and then some tones have broken. Had some question after the week with him turning on, but if the unplugged and plugged he behind in would do again. Disappointed does not see like this can connect with a company to take the repayment or the new a. Read some first descriptions to buy and was mixed as well as other descriptions of keyboard other vendors. Probably the value that buys in the local tent next time. Present of bad anniversary, has the a lot of sad 10 year.
4 / 5
Roughly 7 or 8 tones have prendido to do altogether and another 5 or 6 would touch the note and then stop and touch it again. Some speakers have the data also has been inside this week and an audio have touched really bad. I know it is the very economic keyboard but after the week will owe that the launch was reason the majority of some functions has ceased to do. Waste of money.
5 / 5
I need to go in contact with service of client but of the one who know that without beginning the turn. A cord to be able to does not operate. I require the cord to be able to.
5 / 5
A lot a lot a lot touching toy.
The combinations are point and averts. Breaking, Tones, Drums and much more.

Works with a pedal and Bluetooth auricular in a To the PORT.
Also a law of USB adds: it covers only calm in a clave of USB with files of music.
Much more: For the chance can touch music of your PC, start BT to a keyboard and is exited a keyboard by means of the stereo boss to a system of entertainment.
All to the long of you can have the pedal connected and touch a piano on a music.
Has tried all some ports and they the work adds.

Communication a lot well with a vendor.
Has asked in a pedal and gave an exact model to buy. The pedal works are.

PS: You can buy on Amazon
6 ft. (1.8 m) to RCA Boss - to 2x RCA - Viril/Female - the RCA (MU1MFRCA)
VCE Woman the Adaptadora Woman, 1/8 Thumb Stereo Mini Connector of Extension of Discharges he, Audio of 3 Bands Jack in TRRS Gold Plated.

After a keyboard is opened to all some possibility.
4 / 5
Has loved always learn like this to use the keyboard or touch a piano and this keyboard is going the easily help me to fulfil this feat! Has a lot of ways that beginners of the ease of the help like to learn like this to touch to the of long of dulcemente (although it loses some notes of a song like key) with the song that leaves for potentials of maximum learning. Of course, have in the first place looked the little video to take to know a basics of notes, agreements and eighth, and with a help of a keyboard he, has has learnt already a start of the favourite song! They are very excited and recommend this product for any one has had to take a time to learn!
4 / 5
Absolutely love this keyboard!! It touches it adds, has so it has had he for the month this in spite of finding characteristic new. It was easy to hook on my bluetooth the devices with an adapter have bought for $ 10. The value adds adds for a prize!!! Totally it recommends a AKLOT am very pleased!!
5 / 5
Has looked for the lights any keyboard of types for my edges and this was perfect for a prize. As more another sees is a lot of pricey, but this does a work perfectly. I have loved so only some tones to light for the easiest for my edges to learn and he have done. It is not the keyboard of upper final, but is good work. It is the add judge of the keyboard exited in my opinion.

I included found I touching and learning songs again.

Top Customer Reviews: Donner DEP-10 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
4 / 5
Learning the piano is amused. All the world in our family enjoys to learn the together piano and that has a lot the time a lot of then takes this digital piano . They are the beginner that learning begun so only and does not know any one a lot roughly piano. My fellow recommended this one and am happy that are to spend bit it more partorisca take this piano with stand of mobiles that everything among a container. Saved me time the tent for the still stand match. A keyboard of piano is heavy (any recommended look for the laptop a). A stand of pieces of furniture is solid and well of look. A prize is expensive for me also although the beginner but believe volume that stops of has paid. A quality totally currency a prize. A lot happy and satisfied. For a way, if has the estimativa well, calm also can buy a digital piano that has build in coverage of keyboard to protect your keyboard of powder.
4 / 5
Has had harm to a stand in a backside and five black Tones are quell'has bitten free/shake. Otherwise The good keyboard. It does not feel weighted at all this in spite of.
5 / 5
Loves this product so much. The boys struggle me for the touch. Sounds like this good.
5 / 5
Has bought this I so that they are so only the beginner and Casio has used small keyboard at the beginning. Amado the plenary measures no too expensive digital piano to hopefully maintain for years. That the difference, a sound is surprising and now am taking used to some seeds-weighted tones. I am using a Simply application of Piano to learn.
5 / 5
Are the complete beginner - I has thought wine with some free on-line lessons but has to that it has been deceived. This averts, touches fantastically and love a sound. It has not used any of some other characteristic still but in the rest waiting for.
4 / 5
Has arrived quickly, a lot of packaged. Easy to gather with a help of another person. Now enjoying touching every day. Has the good tone and still although I have not used all some works this in spite of look quite easy to use.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. コロナ禍でお友達一緒にDTMに挑戦している子供に触発され




・電子ピアノ DEP-10







 PC上ではSynthesia、iPadではGarageband、Perfects pianoなど


5 / 5
5 / 5
Mina 11 I edges those who is in a spectre of autism has taught partorisca touch a piano and has has wanted to something another that the portable keyboard. It has not been partorisca spend of thousands of dollars in the piano of full measure like the present of anniversary 😳 to the equal that have read some descriptions in multiple “piano like” some keyboards and solved is one. It touches partorisca surprise and feels likes is touching in the real whole piano! Some tones are weighted perfectly and a peddles really helps with a sound. This mamma is satisfied extremely with his decision!
5 / 5
Has touched acoustic piano partorisca years. This digital piano resembles an acoustic piano well excepts some tones have an unusual corner. I have marked he in a picture.
In general is the good piano that considers his prize. It is weighed also and a lot easily portable.