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Top Customer Reviews: Songs From Tangled ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5
Formed: the elepé Record Some images are quite good-looking in a record, and an experience to listen parties that beauty! Any noise of surface and clear like the bell in my copy. Very impressed with east a, can be a better pressing like this far of Disney recent emissions on vinyl.
5 / 5
Formed: elepé the Record daughter loves it. No his bad for the disk of picture.
5 / 5
Formed: elepé his Beautiful Record, Formed beautiful
5 / 5
Record: elepé the illustrations Add Records, but has to that admit that Mulan any exactly have a more memorable the soundtrack in Disney catalogs. Maintain this series that goes this in spite of! Please release the Pocahontas disk of picture - that would be it awesome!!
5 / 5
Some images are quite good-looking in a record, and an experience to listen parties that beauty! Any noise of surface and clear like the bell in my copy. Very impressed with east a, can be a better pressing like this far of Disney recent emissions on vinyl.
5 / 5
Arrived when expected and the form adds
Beautiful look and the better sleeve for him that some of other alike some have purchased
5 / 5
the daughter loves it. No his bad for the disk of picture.
4 / 5
The illustrations add, but has to that admit that Mulan any exactly have a more memorable the soundtrack in Disney catalogs. Maintain this series that goes this in spite of! Please release the Pocahontas disk of picture - that would be it awesome!!

Top Customer Reviews: The Lizzie McGuire ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Ossia One of this soundtrack partorisca film that well partorisca possess. Amur Prompt Hilary Duff the material and ossia the must partorisca collection.
4 / 5
With which 2001 marked a last year of music partorisca pop that is common in radio, and 2000 marked a last year of bubble gums pop; it was until Hilary Duff to spend it behind to today of music.
The soundtrack looks his edgy, imaginative only "Reason Any," at the side it is more upbeat remezcla (which has been touched in the credits of closes of a film).
Also looked on here is a ballad version of duet of "Those Sleeps Are Done Of" and the version of dance of the only of him (Hilary listing likes Isabella and Lizzie McGuire for these clues, respectively). There have it also an orchestral version of "Those Sleeps Are Done Of" in this soundtrack which does not look Miss Duff brilliant of vocal work.
Further of these clues, one of A-pop to list megagroup the swipes the big plus of the Atomic kitten of United Kingdom (A Tide Is Big, which peaked in 2 and selling A lot of consistantly like the only there) that Hilary lip syncs and flange together with in a start of a Lizzie McGuire the film is has comprised.
Unfortunately, any all this is Duff-related are adds. Haylie Duff, Hilary Twins older, so only tries concealed. His self-the clue written is absolutely horrid. It is clear that aims in rhyming, but has failed miserably. A sense of zero of frames of song & it does not have any control of his voice.
But outside of this (those imports) defect, has tonnes that almost split a @@@sparkle of one adds Hilary.
Taylor Dayne has spent of RuPaul is by all the world paste, "Supermodel of a World," test to be amazing, taking the new Disturb Rosa Barbie feels for a song.
LMNT "(Opened Your Heart) to Want to" test to be possibly one of a band of boy more orders ballads of all the times. Ossia An amazing song touched during a scene of work of the fire in a film.
Some Girls plus very Fresh' 1 Dance of Club it paste of game of an end of 2002, "Everywhere A World-wide" - that quell'was also recently touched in a new show Or.C, is looked in Disney remezcla version. This is not remarked, but of then possesses his album, is quite clear. Highly it prefer this version to a version of album. Several words are changed to be more pertinent, but when it hear to some original words in a version of album, his so only very returned in all the chance! The hearts of the finals of Disney version is also better, and have of more the runway feels.
Gives an album 5 stars!
5 / 5
One of my next friends has bought this CD, and said that absolutely it love it. Well, I have decided to listen to the few songs, and expósitos that was a lot. This was an excellent CD . Here it is that it has thought of A Lizzie McGuire CD (the show of favourite TV of mine little sister in DYSNEY).
1) Songs: This really has stirs it of the utmost artists that contributes to do the CD adds. To start with with, Hillary Duff (Lizzie McGuire) has it beaughtiful voice, as well as it adds to do, and his songs are just entertainment to listen to. His alone swipe, 'Reason Any' is something listens to enough often, and really is the song adds. 'Those Sleeps Are Done Of' has a awsome has beaten, and is the preferred of mine also. Singers of pops like LMNT, Jump 5, Atomic Kitten, and Vitamin C mark this for real the album adds. 'The tide Is Big' is the the song adds to listen too much, LMNT has the sum of slow song, etc... So only continuous in. This CD has the little of everything, and is adds like the Present of Anniversary for daughters and has included some boys ages 10-14 or so many. The I (16) enjoyed it, and would buy this CD on its own name any day now (shhhhhhhh, of the that says any one!!!). So only it has the music adds, and know are not an only young (male) the adult that enjoys this CD.
2) Quality: This CD has the tonne of songs will listen too many dozens to time on and on. Has the little bit of everything, of sweet hip hop to retard romance. Has the collection adds young artists, and is so only the CD adds.
A thing I really liked in this CD is is message. Take the casualidad, believes in your sleeps, and never give up. It is something my few explosions of sister in a player of CD after the rough day in pupil, or to has fallen so only behind and relax. He the Present of Anniversary adds, and well, in general, takes 5 stars of me.
CD add, a lot of songs add, utmost artists. Hillary Duff, in my opinion, can sing.
Enjoy a CD! I reccomend 100 Each song of a film believes is on here. It is Lizzie is first (and last), take it while podes. CD adds!
5 / 5
Well, first of all, would like me say that they are not the defender of a show Lizzie McGuire or Hilary Duff, but has taken loaned a CD of the partner, looking for some different music. Well, I have found he - and a CD is not half bad!
Some signals underlined of a CD is definately an energy-infused songs to pop that comprises: that Shines Incident (Jump5) - an amazing remake is fun, quickly, and energetic, totally returns a film. Reason Any and a Reason Any remezcla (Hilary Duff) - I no really like Hilary DUff, but some songs ARE of sound. I am returned really a film, and the frames love dance. A Tide is Big (Atomic Kitten) - One first song has listened of this band, sweats to add! Has the message adds and awesome vocals!
These songs are of sound, and has more utmost some, but some mediocre some really really stink. Some of some disappointments in a CD are: Estimativa (Vitamin C) - I does not know is trying the turn with this song, but does not go to spend. This song is so only pitiful! Everywhere a World (the Freshest boys) - Whoa, those who are some singers !? I have not listened never of them, and this is not that convincing breakout song. It is really annyoing and a vocals is not well.
A rest of some songs in a CD are well, like a Daughter of song in a Band, for Haylie Duff (Hilary sister) which are adds. IMO Is the better singer that Hilary. LMNT Also has the song adds in this CD. Recommended for defenders of pops, or defenders of Hilary Duff.
Global note: B
5 / 5
has bought this cd reason has the few artists on here that really it likes to like Vitamin C, Atomic Kitten, Jump 5 and LMNT. It is quite obvious that with mine that likes these singers that accustoms bubble to gum pop and find the majority of him enjoyable. This cd is like this bad is painful. They are embarassed possesses it. So only I am writing this description because I know stirs it of daughters of 11 years those who has loved a film will have the people that thinks that this soundtrack is soyurderous'. It is not . It is wretched and ghastly. Hilary Duff Is roughly like this well of the singer how is a actora . Vitamin C has has lost officially his alcohol and any casualidad of the turn with this song sings on here. Any included is the one who bondadoso of the calm music would define it like this. Anything is, is terrible. Calm call you everything to not squandering your money is. There are a lot of good soundtracks was right now. Spent one Like A Daughter Loves soundtrack that Lucy characteristic astounds it Woodard. Save your money and buy the angels of Charlie 2: Filler Throttle soundtrack to the equal that will look Rosa. So only please, does not buy this disorder. I give so only one follows the star and concealed is Atomic Kitten remake of A Tide Is Big which is also available in his new self has titled cd and is a lot very very better that anything ossia.
5 / 5
This CD are adds. I listen his all a time. And of then it has the few old songs, is a class of CD your parents will not import touch !
"Reason Any" Hilary Duff-My favourite song in an album! It is really the amused arrive-song of beaten ossia really easy to dance to.
"A Tide Is Big (takes a Feeling)" Atomic Kitten-This song is the a lot of well for Atomic Kitten. I a lot like this song until I have listened this new version. They are sure it calms like this new version also.
"Everywhere a World-wide" the Freshest boys-Ossia the a lot of hip the fresh song ossia perfects to dance too much.
"Those Sleeps Are Done Of (Ballad Version)" Paolo & Isabella- This song is dulcemente, but taste, included although they are not of the big defender of slow songs.
"Shining Incident" Jump5- I any really like a beggining, but is the song adds to sing to the long of too much.
" Fly" Vitamin C- in an album, say this song has not been in a film, but is, and this was the good election of the place in a film, reason this song is sum .
"Opened Your Eyes to Want to" LMNT- Ossia to an only song did not like them of of an album, but some people was to like, likes podes also.
" I seat to Like A Star" A Beu Twin- This song is well, has the catchy has beaten.
"Supermodel" Taylor Dayne- This song is like this entertainment and easy to dance too much.
"Those Sleeps Are Done Of" Hilary Duff- This song is excellent, you wan to create , dance, and sing to the long of.
"In an Evening in Rome" Dean Martin- Ossia an old song that access with a title, and is quite good.
"Daughter in a Band" Haylie Duff- in this song discovers no only Hilary, but his sister has the voice adds. I like this song because it is quickly, and the song of good dance.
"Orchastrel Continuazione" Reef Eidelman- does not have words, but is the well has beaten.
"Reason Any (Remezcla)" Hilray Duff- This song is sum , and the a lot of remezcla.
Like this liked him really of a film, or although it calms no, would buy this album.
5 / 5
To say you a truth, has bought this cd for my Dad of 50 years those who has seen a film and has loved apparently a film and soundtrack for some reason that can not imagine was. Any to take any one has confused... You are not the bad cd, but is done for daughters of 11 years, like this almost all the world-wide more would find a second pop of artist of tax in this cd classifies of annoying. Of then they are not a daughter of 11 years, has not thought a soundtrack was that hot, but go well with a film. It has it that gives conceals...
But then again, any precise to be that I add and still bandage. Lizzie McGuire Has quite that follows daughters of 11 years (and some men of 50 years) that was an only film that included dared to exit in the to weekend still likes X2: X-Men have Joined, and he any all bad in some theatres neither. It likes me quell'has said, if you are not a daughter of 11 years, probably calms will not be too fond of this cd, but is still good to listen perhaps once or two times.
Oh yeah... To the left say me that to my Dad of to the 50 years no liked him to him a film of X-Men, and is really im-mature, as it can be bit it more afterwards to the daughter of 11 years that thinks!
4 / 5
Although a version of film of Disney Canals wildly sucssful chair-with Lizzie McGuie has not finalised when being the swipe of Summer, a soundtrack does definatly rid some music of fun pop for boys of all the ages. One clashes film, Hillary Duff, sings three clues in an album and while it does not have a voice more orders in a world (or possibly included a better voice in an album), his spunky the attitude and the optimistic sound certainly do his songs more than would be otherwise. Duff Is 'Reason any' is actuallly one of some better clues in a CD- no bad for the newcommer. Another stand-outs comprises Vitamin C is remake of 'has flown', that the Atomic kitten is 'A Tide is Big', and he ballad version of Duff peppy 'Those Sleeps are Done Of' for two talented the singers have identified so only like this of the films fictional stars of pops Paolo and Isabella. So only the one who is 'Isabella'? To be perfectly sincere, has a incredable voice- very better that Duffs. Too bad is not regulated in a disk. Personally it wins to listen more than his that Duff. All the things have considered, ossia the CD adds for defenders of music of the pop of all the ages.
5 / 5
Together with a film, this CD ROCKS! Here it is 14 good reasons reasons calms would be necessary to take it:
1. Reason Any- I amour this song. I inspire. Tongue roughly taking chnaces and material. 5/5
2. The tide Is Big- Ossia better that an original! 5/5
3. Everywhere A World-wide- I hate this song! He no any sense! 1/5
4. Those Sleeps Are Done Of Ballad- This one is well. 4/5
5. Shining Has an accident- Different, especially for Jump5! An inspiring song! You love it. 5/5
'- This song is sum ! Fun! 5/5
Your Eyes- I likes alot! 4/5
8. I seat to Like A Star- to dip ready and the papers Add! Happy and inspiring. Any sad or anything! 5/5
9. Supermodel- Pleasant in of the parts. Amused to dance to, this in spite of any quite my fashion. 4/5
10. Those Sleeps Are Done Of- An of my preferred! I want to all roughly that! 5/5
11. In an Evening in Rome- VALLEY. 2/5
12. Daughter in a Band- COST. 3.5/5
13. Ochestral Continuazione- Bonita!
14. Reason Any (McMix)- No like this very like this regulate, but WELL
5 / 5
Hillary, please go was. Nickelodean And Disney has been doing on-time to promote a megahyped "Lizzie McGuire Film", a soundtrack to a show of boys of a same title. The voice of Hillary is at all new in of the terms of stars of pops female average, and when being in Disney focus and to stage to down 13 imagines no-artists of Disney of the name down 15. I can not comprise the one who would buy this but of the people down 13. While still a lot exactly "Never With which: A Cinderella History", Amanda Bines in "That A Daughter Loves" it has done the very better work and is actora much more has respected. Hillary still has to that it weaves to proove like both a actora and singer and is definately any one the name of house (or the respectable a, quite). Instead, a lot of people see so only another career-of-the-mill sub-pair to the princess of Pop likes Britney Spears, Mandy Moore and Jessica Simpson. In ten years see to to Hillary likes to underline the? Probably the no. Takes a "Glitter" soundtrack instead.
4 / 5
Ossia The sound very well clues partorisca boys of all the ages as well as young adults (and some of us the oldest adults!). The tunes am a lot of catchy and upbeat. I owe that say that it likes a "Lizzie" version of "Those Sleeps Are Done Of" better that Paulo & Isabella ballad version (a bit too slow, Lizzie the version is more upbeat). Jump 5 the wonderful remake of "that Shines Estrella" (although I am still partial to a "old" version, Jump 5 the version is fantastic!). Hilary Duff (aka Lizzie) The work adds that it sings some diverse tunes (like Lizzie & Isabella). The song of Taylor Dane is well. And the clue of the his in the daughter in Rome, Italy would not be complete without Dean Martin!
Again, ossia the a lot of well, upbeat, poppish clue of sound. Young daughters, pre-adolescents, adolescent, young adults & the adults the old plus will appreciate one has beaten & words. Fact very good! ( I have bought he partorisca my almost daughter of 10 years, although I listen his too much!).
5 / 5
Are not really to Hillary Duff or LizzieMcGuire, but after giving this soundtrack listens it to in the house of my partner, has thought has not been bad at all. In fact, it was quite good. This CHARACTERISTIC CD mostly fun, catchy tunes of pop and perhaps one or two ballads. The artists included are Vitamin C, Atomic Kitten, LMNT, Haylie Duff, Jump 5, Taylor Dayne, and much more. A CD also looks the songs sung for Hilary Duff/Lizzie McGuire, comprising a swipe "Reason Any" and "Those Sleeps are Done of". The majority of these songs were amused to listen to, and calm loves you create and something! ( I have begun to do round-offs, for behind handsprings, and walkovers in the room of my fellow) My preferred were "A Tide is Big", "Reason Any", "that Shines Estrella", and "Those Sleeps are Done of". This soundtrack is the cost adds is the defender of Hilary Duff or Lizzie McGuire, or although you are one of these people those who enjoy to listen the songs of fun pop.
5 / 5
Really love this CD. I have had he for the while now, probably for the year. Ossia The utmost soundtrack for a lizzie mcguire film!!! The majority of some songs are adds!!!!!
1. Reason any one-Awesome song. I listened it to plot. I love some few papers. It is it adds to dance to!
2. A tide is big (takes a feeling)- another awesome song to dance to! I love it!
3. Everywhere a world-wide-this song is really well, also. Has the really has beaten a lot his.
4. Those sleeps are done of (Balled version)This a good east, but no my preferred.
5. Shining spear-another of the mine favs!! It is a awesome song for jump5!
6. Fly-I like this song, but gave it so only 3 stars cuz
the really does not listen his that often.
7. Opened your eyes (to want to)-this is not that I add. It is too romantic for me.
8. I seat to like the star-ossia another goodie!!! I love some few papers and one has beaten!!! It is like this awesome to dance to!!!
9. Supermodel-This a good east. He so only kinda touches odd. I usually skip the.
10. Those sleeps are done of (lizzie mcguire/hilary duff)- AWESOME!!!! Ossia Much better that another!! I listen his to plot!!!! Ossia Possibly my preferred!
11. In an evening in blunt-uggggghhhhhhhhh!!!! I HATE this song!!! Really I drive given!!!!
12. Daughter in a band- this song is well, is has sung for Halie duff, (hilary duff the oldest twins) but the think precise to do in his music the little more.
13. Orcestral Has spent of a lizzie mcguire film- ossia quite good. It is quite long, but it is good to relax to.
14. Reason any one (mcmix)- Wow!!! I add remezcla for this song!! It does not know the one who the as better, but the master this one!! Utmost work, hilary!!!!
In general, would give them this cd more than five stars! The majority of them the work ADDS in his songs!! So many would say them that it buy this cd!!! If it likes you lizzie mcguire, will love his soundtrack of film!!!!!
5 / 5
This was the real surprise . It has been to him it expects it songs that has been aimed in just pre-adolescents/ this CD has something for all the world! Some the better songs on here are a two fact for Hilary Duff and a remake of "Supermodel" for Taylor Dayne! It was impacted totally when I have seen Taylor Dayne in a listing of clue. Where Coming from/Come from?!!! While it is no RuPaul, the really good work to re-create his dancefloor a reworking of "making love to a camera" to a familiar plus-friendly "smiled for a camera" works.
A rest of a soundtrack is so only I mainly fill up around these standouts. You recommend to take this an only for Taylor Dayne remake, but have to him legustado a film, this soundtrack would be the good compraventa for you too much. So much, it exits and take the little Lizzie McGuire for your player of CD!
5 / 5
One first what a lot of people do when they look the film is haste to one record tent and purchase a soundtrack. A "Lizzie Mcguire Sells audible," it is no different. If anything, ossia a soundtrack to possess of a year. It comprises a wonderful ballad version of "Those Sleeps Are Done Of," as for him this interesting soundtrack.
Some other songs adds comprises Jump 5 version of "that Shines Estrella," and Hilary Duff is remezcla of "Reason No." there is so only a lot few songs to skip in this album, but an only thing that resists behind FIVE STARS is that he aim free is clave and probably be taken out of interior of players of a lot of CD some prójimos few months. This is not exactly an album that will be enjoyed for too much long like this tweens see a lot of things come and go. But for now, Lizzie Mcguire has looked for to be the swipe.
5 / 5
14 Songs three is sung for Hilary Duff. One first song is sung for Hilary and a last song. Both songs are "Reason Any" but a last an east the remezcla. Also it sings "Those Sleeps Are Done Of" it follows 10 in a CD. If it liked him a Lizzie McGuire of soundtrack of calm TV probably like this CD also. Hilary Duffs Sister, Haylie Duff also sings the song in a CD. His clue 12 has titled "Daughter I A Band." If it likes-you the music of calm pop like this CD. A lot some songs have been remakes of the oldest songs. So it likes remakes or of of the old songs but with the plus upbeat rythm you probably like this CD. On all touch the CD adds. For any Lizzie McGuire defender or Hilary Duff defender or both or any one any music. This CD would recommend the people to to those who likes them to them the music of pop. This CD is probably more for daughters so only been due to some of some songs his pertain the daughters.
4 / 5
Compares mine current fascination with Lizzie to the fascination of the people with a version of pop of 50 Cent - as an underground 50, Lizzie is been around for awhile but is so only recently that there is remarked. Well for judges of start, is almost 16 now, but this are beside a point. I have seen a trailer of film for a film, and immediately decided to see it, and has purchased a disk. Wow, Lizzie/Hilary Looks like this pleasant in this film,and the one who the smile! Now I do not go to be as my boy JD, the one who called all the blond daughters "Lizzie McGuire" but I gotta say that this CD are add, especially Hilary songs. His catchy and poppy. Some other songs are class of wack, especially some any one artists of name. I guess Hilary sis Haylie can sing too much, this song is another of them "pop classics" I guess. I recommend that you see this film and purchase a disk.
5 / 5
Has bought a CD in Sam Goody in Lloyd Centre. When I have opened a container in a car, has listened his when they are in my house of way. It was well, some following songs I like a plus:
1. Reason Any
2. A Tide Is Big
3. Supermodel
4. Those Sleeps Are Done Of
5. Daughter in a Band
Some the following songs was like this to sing:
1. Reason Any
2. A Tide Is Big
3. Supermodel
4. Those Sleeps Are Done Of (My Preferred)
wants to sing these songs, and to my younger sister liked. But it take some songs have stuck in his boss. Also it take a Lizzie McGuire Film. When it Take home, I have dipped a CD in my computer and import to a hard walk in a computer to use a program of iTunes, import to a computer in 64kbps, and law well when quell'import is completed. He so only taked in my hard walk. I have downloaded also he to mine 20GB iPod. Also it take on iPod of mine. It take an iPod in a Janzen Beach CompUSA, costs of mine $ 400.
5 / 5
This CD has the good variety of songs. Although the majority of them is pop (in truth the majority of them is), they all have his own unigue feel concealed leaves this CD the refreshing transmissions to other soundtracks. Hilary The songs are all a lot very done, and especially enjoyed a ballad version of 'Those Sleeps are Done Of' and the desire was longer.
Enjoy the songs done for Hilary Duff, then ossia the CD well to try . If you prefer songs with more oomph then does not go with east. The majority of some songs is upbeat, but without to plot of walk. In general it is the CD well to listen to, and kids the one who there is enjoyed to a film will like him a bit songs also.
This in spite of, is the bit in a dulls side. Has his amazing songs, and then has of the that calms his once has listened irons, is a lot for the moment.
4 / 5
The neither will be: well, bad, well.
1. REASON ANY ONE: Eh. Well. Some first calm time listens it his well but taking to annoy calm faster then can say 'Duff'
6. VOLORE: Well. (Again)
8. I SEAT to LIKE A STAR: WELL! I like this song!
11. IN An EVENING in ROME: the song is old.
12. DAUGHTER in the BAND: Haylie Duff (Hilary sister) is the good singer. They go it Likes to see more than sound. Good song.
14. REASON ANY ONE (MCMIX): it is well.
4 / 5
It was very surprised when my sister dipped this on in ours automobile stereo and like me the majority of some songs. Always I have thought that the majority of actors and the actoras can not sing, but after listening to a Lizzie McGuire soundtrack of Film, knows that Hilary Duff is the quite decent singer. I also probably like this CD SO as do reason are the religious spectator of a show Lizzie McGuire and think that Hilary and has sawed-the stars are quite well in acting. I stupified me that it can it to it sing, also.
For any the one who is not familiarised with a film this CD sees with, goes for the see, is the good film . (An end is bad, this in spite of). In this CD, some songs have been chosen well and some of them are resulted my preferred. I love this CD!
4 / 5
Has left expensive he: Lizzie McGuire is the television Show a lot populate. A film has done millions also. Personally, they are not the defender. But a Soundtrack of television was exceptable, as has thinks that would try a soundtrack of film.
Some songs in a Lizzie the film is, well, WELL. They are well, but no utmost. A lot so only. "Tweeny" It is this new "tween" the thing ossia declares that goes in. Search prpers having attacked when you do not look , those explosions out of some God knows where put in some hearts of music and defenders of the film and that causes the accident. That is? It is a new term for pre-adolescents, and the HATE. It is a fluffy giggly-trick of daughter-stereotype of boys headed by some same fun-fond people those who has created a line of Youngster -twitch- which head to me a Lizzie Film CD.
Hilary Duff Song "Reason Any" it is definatly the swipe. It can take annoying listen his constantly, but is catchy and feel-well. A rest of some songs is quite mediocre. A lot they are songs of coverage, which Disney Wants to do. Hilary "Those Sleeps Are Done Of" it is not really his solo, but more than the tune of pop bobo for a film. To enjoy it, you'lll has to that acutally see a film in the first place, how is class to dull . But it is Hilary Duff defender, is probably like it any way.
To the equal that can see, Hilary the sister contributes follows it has called "Daughter in a Band", another dulls song. While Haylie Duff has to add it rocker voice, a song is boring with beautiful elementary papers. A rest of some songs is music that informs to like this "tween pop", the songs have feigned any gullible pre-daughters of adolescents or, his so only to his likes. It tries some samples of song and calm will see that I bad. A song "Supermodel" it is enough, well, stupid. So that it leaves an auditor with the collection of tween pop that can his torment of ear. It acclaims on, if you are the pre-adolescent or defender of a film: it will like.
4 / 5
Reason any one: 4/5 really fresh so only take is the little old after the moment
the tide is big: 5/5 an of some better songs in a cd
everywhere a world: 0/5 ick... I hate this song so much a worse song in a cd
the one who the sleeps are done of balled: 4/5 a lot of
that incidents of shines: 5/5 really awesome are them the jump5 defender how is mine really fresh
has flown: 3/5 this song is a lot is not a better.
Opens your eyes: 2/5 the not liking in of absolute
feel me like the star: 5/5 the really like this song alot has the good message
supermodel: 3/5 it finds them this pleasant song
the one who the sleeps are done of: 5/5 another better song in a cd
in an evening in blunt: 3/5 it is a lot
daughter in a band: to singer Well so only does not like a song the ees never really liked hard rock 2/5
continuazione: 5/5 really well good peaceful song
reason not mixing: it is a lot of the beaten is cools no quite like this as well as original but still some beaten is like this fresh that 4/5
4 / 5
While a lot they find some integers 'LIZZIE' concept mindless, fluff of pure marketing, a world is acutally in need of this class of material. A lame whole concept behind at least world-wide-tired time where fun and well, controversial-the free music is all this has imported. A better clue in this disk has to that be ATOMIC KITTEN is 'The TIDE Is BIG' the coverage of a classical Blondie swipe. It is brilliant, sunny, upbeat, and treaty by 3 good-looking daughters with harmonies add. Be sure to verify out of ATOMIC KITTEN more, like this LIZZIE so only give you the small sample that they have to offered. In general, this cd on is young people his (something is missing concealed to plot). It ENJOYS!
4 / 5
Has been to see this pleasant film and I admit that some songs are a lot of catchy. I have thought really this soundtrack has be worth it. Duff, Vitamin C, and Taylor Dayne is some of some points have underlined. Both Valtamin c and Dayne doing spent of has flown and Supermodel respectively. Also the have the calm boy will know other clues that clips to touch to hang a day. Other good songs are REASONS ANY, Around A World, Attomic the kittens by all the world pause A remake of A Tide Is Big, and much more. Included one steps an older would want this cd. Has something for all the world.
4 / 5
Finally! A CD to exit this sustains an alcohol of a Lizzy McGuire film: poppy, lighthearted, and amused to take your boys to!
I course it daycare in Pennsylvania (!) And me and my two little buddies Corey and Seth want to Lizzy! He no too much, so only runs around and want to everything! I think that that it is the example to continuation a lot also! It is enamoured with my another little mate, Aarón Carter! Has blond hair! I mention I course it daycare in Pennsylvania? (!)
Would have given this more stars, but McGuire is a irish name, and a irish scare me. But one is a lot for now. It has amused! Amur, Mervin
4 / 5
This in spite of Hilary Duff isent a better singer some do any his music enjoyable. You will remark in everything of his songs there is the computer effects like this calm can any never listen the sound sings without him. But it is still a very cd. If yours interested in of the singers of disney the canal tries Lizzie Mcguire Lalaine in an original disney film of canal " desires". Lalaine Sings for a film. And there is no computerized effects. (Raven Of "thats like this crooked" also it sings well.
5 / 5
Some songs in this CD am fun and good. They are songs really good . The majority of these songs is upbeat and fast, and is a lot of catchy. I really like a song Because Any for Hilary Duff, and two versions of him are in this CD!^^ A music was probably one of some better parts of a film, and this CD really the helps add to this. Ossia To the good CD likes quickly, of happy, entertainment, good songs. I reccomend this Yours CD, included if it does not like Lizzie McGuire.
5 / 5
As well as my subject suggests some odd songs in here that whose apt to todays way of A Lizzie McGuire way of music, as one 1950 or 1960 something song for Franco Sinatra( thinks them) "in an evening in Rome" well, it conceal it is not too appealing the girls now everything says is "Reason Any one?" "The tide Is Big" and all this is well.
But You couldve improved in some songs have used in a film.
5 / 5
A word, STINKER.
Does not import Is the defender of pop , does not buy this CD unless you have taken a note to listen to the each song in there. They are LIKE THIS APPRECIATED that I that reason bought it to him, not knowing like this like this a lot of girlie and poppy these songs retarded is, thinks that it would be A lot embarrass to have he in my room.
A lot really was the one who has sung the voice of Isabella, but sure, is not Hilary Duff is. Hilary The voice is so only too much... Deeply innocent. Any to mention, is such the faker/put, anything comes first. It is such the person of pop , this in spite of search to be punkish, pathetic tentativa, really. Pop of just stay, Hilary!!
Does not take Me bad, people. I will admit this a lot: Hilary Duff can do and is certainly enough. This in spite of, ossia according to which can go, and the looks does not count for all that does. As I Can calm it considers an artist when his voice is not even his voice at all? It takes note, people, the REALLY listen to 'his songs.' Reason? Reason, if you have annoyed to do is, calm finally will see like a music is stronger that his possess inging.' They are not one of these people to critique those who prances around that say that some people are not of the true singers and whatnot, but for Hilary Duff? Facts of type: it is quite true.
Some soundtracks that recommends is 'That the Daughter Loves', 'Holes' and 'Freaky Friday'. Now, THESE are good soundtracks that cost your money and has listened. Some films are awesome too much. I give him ten was ten, any day now. But 'A Lizzie McGuire Film' the merit of soundtrack so only the out of the dec. Mediates of a star to try (this ought accounts for something, I supposition) and another half for this song has sung for Paolo and Isabella.
5 / 5
Lizzie mcguire-
Are add Sountrack partorisca any one. M Personally so only like some songs for Hilary duff and are them the type!!!! Some things that gives this album I so that it adds is hilary! shes Quite and talented although a laste notes of pair in "Those sleeps are done of" it is obviously computorized a rest of him are adds. Hilarys The voice is sum contributes three songs to a record "Because any, The one who the sleeps are done of, and because any (MCmix)" the pair of some other songs is good but those are a resons has taken them an album
4 / 5
Hey, the man is this CD never like this fresh - ...
This CD has the audience of definite aim of pre-institute tweens.
If you are the father that loves disctract some boys for the pocolos small then for everything means spent this container ... But you are the collector of hope and TRUE music to locate the serious collection, strongly suggests that pass in this element....
5 / 5
This CD is not so only add it one for boys of all the ages, but are 17 and loves it also! I have seen a film with some friends of mine (age 18) and liked them a film also.
Hilary Duff Is the add rolemodel for young daughters reasons is not flashy or too "mature." They are proud to buy the copy of this CD for some daughters I babysit partorisca (ages 5, 7 and 10) master Hilary and Lizzie McGuire!!
5 / 5
Loves this soundtrack! It is one of one some that listens to entirely without skipping any songs. Here it is my song -for-report of song:
Reason any-- Ossia the fresh song . I do not think that Hilary the voice is fantastic, but is not terrible. I love some few papers (although they take the bit to take used to.)
The tide is Big-- Good song, bit it repetitive. Any complaint this in spite of. So only some Lizzie the defenders will remark that some papers are different of a CD to a film. I will leave calm to imagine it was.
Everywhere a World-wide-- I no really like this song. It has beaten well, questionable papers ("Some tables are turning, New York is burning"--could be it it has interpreted two ways.)
The one who the sleeps are done of-- Beautiful, but courts. And those who really sings this song? Obviously a lot of "Paolo and Isabella", they like him to him CLAIMS of CD, but could not be Hilary Duff, neither.
Another of mine favourite:
seat like this to spear-- the message adds, fresh song.
Supermodel-- really adds to dance to.
In general, this soundtrack is the keeper!
4 / 5
In the first place was, are not the Hilary hater. I think that that it is actora well. Like this also dipped he in of the logical terms, has to remain in a subject acting. A soundtrack like this is decent. It is too bubble-gummy, and are adds for youngster pre-adolescents. But in general, a film was well, but a soundtrack is too overrated.
4 / 5
Well, this CD is light and entertainment. It is to good sure well for daughters. Some songs are everything happy and danceable. The majority of some songs is for bands of daughters. When they have launched a 'Italian restaurant' classify' of song 'An Evening in Rome,' is the good transmission . My only complaint is that has dipped in the song for Haylie Duff, Hilary sister. This song has not gone included in a film and he is not that well. Each one another song is sum .
5 / 5
These starts to everything of you unmusically has educated auditors this 'rave' in a one has called Hillary Duff! You know practically at all roughly that sings & to have to that any of calm then would owe that be embarrassed of you for prpers leaves to be entranced for the a lot of unprofessional singer. The voice of Hillary is immature & youngster & has asked any 'TRUE' the professional musician has educated would say a same thing & those that ladies' there is did not value it fully. Anyways, A calm better thing 'PARTIDÁRIOS of DUFF' can do for his ( you really cure) is to take lying his and promote to believe in a lie that is the good singer ! For a way, has has listened so only a song of this soundtrack in television, but has has listened also the external pair. Please be sincere with a gullable duff one. Calm (& she) will be never like this happy & appreciated has done. It has to that choose to ignore this or calm of critique so only will be that it tries that ignorant and without the education is. Although, I will not govern out of that has some of you concealed is polite that will contest Duff chance. In this chance your reactions & of his thoughts, this description will be remarked. Until next time.
P.D. I so only dipped on 1 star because to the amazon would not leave me to stick he unless I acyually has estimated the, but has had I state date an occasion would have left it spatial. For a way, the number of you folks would have to that learn like paralizaciones to spell, type or anything.
5 / 5
With which have looked a film and I loved it so much I so that start and take me a soundtrack reason lizzie is a fresh plus. So much the gone to a tent and take a c-d with my fellow better hilary, yeah knows them no those some May isnt that frescos that there is gots a same name as his! Yeah Knows! And still although I grow up in an old state of Lousiana can them still amour and appreciate a fact that is one of my idols and would give them a world-wide to spend the day with mine bestest partner hilary duff, the recomned this c-d a lot of reason his very reason he isnt, but require to sustain the daughter to grow so it can take feed to eat and the tall ceiling. Without the voice of fake and the horrible acting capacities, oh and shes very enough. Well, anyways without to the people like them to them, is very very poor and unfortuate, and im happy shes no. A lot in fact im any one except still needa help it starving daughter in need. Thank you, now buy a FREAKIN cd! yay! It GOES HILARY! :-) OH And HAVE A HILARY DUFF DAY! Or!
4 / 5
Has 2 daughters of some ages 8 and 6 and has to that say that they are SOOOOOOO has appreciated that has found any the one who can look until and there not being the enormous quantity of sexual influence. They are not that it attacks Brittany Spears totally but has begun was that it LOVE but has drawn a line like my daughters has begun to walk around a flange of house ' are the slave for tea. We are Disney avid watchers and has begun to look Lizzie McGuire and LOVE his voice of flange to the equal that am like this appreciated that Disney has the place advances the wonderful young daughter the one who is endowed incredibly in acting and singing for young daughters there. A film was UTMOST and find me that it wants to look a Lizzie Show also. They adore Hillary Duff and all some members of mussel of A Lizzie McGuire the show and I give it the reception to the his and promote them to learn the so only be they and wants to like Hillary Duff portrayed in Lizzie. As THANK YOU Disney for FINALLY giving my young daughters a lot to admire those who admire also.
4 / 5
Is has supposed to forget Lizzie fellow better in a world Miranda(the another meso taht has done a show). I lose seeign that pleasant Bettei Paige looks equally( is the little rockabily gal taste). In all the chance at least this pleasant film(thanks to a lady the one who touches a princapal), does not want to be in a princapals ready. The fun film, thats hould there is starred Lalaine also...
4 / 5
I love this cd. In the first place it take this soundtrack thenn a dvd. I love number 2 and number 1. They are propably my favourite songs. I will say all the world-wide to listen to this cd. Each song is well.
1. Reason Any one: 5/5
2. The tide is Big: 5/5
3. Everywhere a world: 4/5
4. Those sleeps are.... 5/5
5. Shining Incident 4/5
6. Flights 3/5
7. Opened is eyes 5/5
8. I seat to like the star 4/5
9. Supermodel 3/5
10. Those sleeps are done of 5/5
11. In a evning in blunt 2/5
12. Daughter in a band 4/5
13. Continuazione Orchestral 3/5
14. Reason Any one ( McNix) 5/5
I sugest this cd to all the world. You will agree by means of some years these utmost cd!
5 / 5
When My boys tug me partorisca see this film has thought there was at all would enjoy. My surprised, that there is enjoyed the majority was some songs ! We adapt me to us of my youth! The majority of these songs is remade classics. Some are included better that some original songs! My girls are singing some songs with me and they can not think that is some papers also! It is the CD partorisca a WHOLE family partorisca enjoy! It tries it. It will like!
5 / 5
Has to that say, ossia the a lot good soundtrack to the pleasant film. They are not any one a lot the defender partorisca pop anymore but to the songs like "Those Sleeps Are Done Of", "that Shines Estrella", and " I seat to Like A Star" it is really catchy and are add partorisca sing to the long of to. You recommend this to any to to which liked him a film.
4 / 5
Are not the Hilary hater! I think that has talent in some things, but definatly not singing . Need of Hollywood partorisca know when partorisca take, enough is enough! Some songs in this CD are well, but everytime any song that involves Hilary comes on, so only can not help but turn of my player of CD. If it listen closely Hilary is singing roughly 10 of some songs is in and another 90 east modifying and other musicians that HAS The TALENT in this subject. Hilary Have stick to some things was meant to do, which are fearful involves so only doing and looking sassy.
5 / 5
With which purchsing, 'A Lizzie McGuire Film' has thinks that has been adds. Hilary Duff Is the talented actora/of singer. On in the first place it sees a film looks childish and estimated for young plus veiwers, be 15 I enjoyed it, that feels that it was the film for all the world. A film was order to the equal that take a clue of sound . Material his to add that Hilary has added a lot of his own clues to this CD but also varying of Atomic Kitten to a lot another famouse artists. If you have loved a calm film then will adore a Soundtrack. In general Hilary/Lizzie door the little bit of adventure to all the world-wide the one who watchs and listen his.
5 / 5
Is thinking Roughly buying his cd, thinks no more. SO ONLY BUY!! If you have seen a film, there is not any point in reading this reason have listened obviously a music. But I amour Hilary, and is not so only the, how is the mix adds the songs add! Everything near, comprising s h, is the shot adds .
4 / 5
This CD has thought would be quite good. I have listened Hillary sings before, and is well, but this CD was so only crapy. Esteems of 1 to 2 out of 5, but choose. Also, I have found that a Buffy A Vampire Slayer the soundtrack is REALLY orders, and has bought that, also. Estimate he 5, and calms that can buy on this place! Although it hate BtVS, you definately love a soundtrack. My sisters and partners (which comprises types) really like a music, and so only have the pocolos fellow to to those who likes him to him a show, and so only a sister.
4 / 5
Ossia The add Cd, but some of him is boring. I want to "Reason Any", "Those Sleeps are Done Of", "A Tide is Taking Big", and "Daughter in a Band." I have listened his million times, and my friends all the amour he also, included although they are not Hilary Duff or Lizzie McGuire defenders.
4 / 5
I presents have wanted to those who says Hilary sings with computer
If I do not know sure that Hilary sings with computer, Reason included do the point to say other people of him?
These malicious the commentaries have not been useful at all and expensive he - is probably jealous that can not sing that Hilary. If it think Hilary fresh - shout to a heaven. If it calms no - maintain your horrible commentaries to calm. Included Have an accident has the feelings and I would not believe anything unless it have listened he of Hilary I.
4 / 5
Has bought this CD a first day of emission.
All some songs are of sound, Hilary Duff really brightens things up. Can say it it was enormous in a future. "Reason Any" it is the song that calm say you to open until life, ossia the very good message . My favourite song in this album is "Those Sleeps Are Done Of", it is really fresh. So it likes Lizzie McGuire, the recommend choose of east an up.

Top Customer Reviews: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 42 ratings
5 / 5
This CD has been purchased like the present navideño. Absolutely they love it and always the touch. The quality adds CD, fact partorisca begin to finalise. Recieved He unopened and the new mark. A casing was also, any fraction and in perfect condition.
4 / 5
Has Had this album when it was them younger and of the one who know anything spends his has bitten like this happy of the have again. Iv The cube in the daughters of spice have fallen latley has has had to that so only order this album.
5 / 5
SHABBY of MINE of BETTER VINYL. This compraventa has to that be one of a better the ees has done, the ees never be like this excited to unwrap the first vinyl like this was them with east a. Ossia Look boxed with a cure adds and touches WONDERFUL in mine turntable
5 / 5
That it can say it. Ossia The album adds and sounds surprisingly a lot on vinyl. Nizza Has painted partorisca insert, pressing of good quality.
4 / 5
That can say it. Ossia The album adds and sounds surprisingly a lot on vinyl. Nizza Has painted partorisca insert, pressing of good quality.
5 / 5
Perfection! If yours the young daughter that has on grown in a 90 is and have the record player, need this in your collection!!
5 / 5
This was the present and is coming much faster that has been expecting! Thank you!
4 / 5
Was the Daughters of followers of enormous Spice behind when they were more so only good-looking daughters with sexy images. We adapt me to us so much of the mine seventh year of note, as well as a summer after my seventh year of note. Everytime I place in this album, goes back to the mine seventh year of note and agree that of the defender was.
In the first place, to the left is partorisca present some daughters. Start with Directed Halliwell, aka pice of Ginger'. I have directed, The one who has been considered partorisca be the preferred with more than defenders and considered partorisca be a Daughter of the sexiest spice, has called pice of Ginger' reason was dress always in red, and is the known good fact that the ginger is red. After, has Victoria Adams-Bechkam, aka 'Posh Spice'. Victoria, the one who spends partorisca be one first Spice more beautiful Daughter in my book, has called 'Posh Spice' reason was domestic in the a lot of classy family. Thirdly, Has Melanie B., aka cary Spice'. Melanie B., The one who is a second Spice more more beautiful the daughter in my book has called she escary Spice' reason constantly is spending leopard-peel outfits and has the tongue drilled. Fourthly, Has Melanie C., aka porty Spice'. It is obvious that Melanie C. It has called esporty Spice' because of the his Tomboy way, which looks sweaters of sport, dressed of sweat, jogging outfits, tanktops, and sneakers of a Nike infamous. Finally, has Emma adorable Bunton, aka pice of Creature'. Emma has called'pice of Creature' reason is a young plus of a group. Partorisca Add to his name, Emma has seen a part, spending short pink skirts, gone in upper of socks, always dipping his hair in pigtails, that possesses to plot of the animals of toy stuffed, and looks in almost each promotional appearance that sucks in the lollipop. Now, to the left it is taking to an album.
An alone prime minister of an album. Any so only was this a prime minister so only released of an album, this was also some daughters' first only never. I remember some first time have listened this, that are immediately fall enamoured with him. Some papers are real catchy and will have to that dance everytime listen it.
A second only of an album. Although Wannabe was that it imports 1 swipe, Says will be HAS TOPPED there Wannabe partorisca paste 1 in 32 country, comprising some the EUA Ossia the song adds that habladurías roughly like some daughters say his fiancés that knows his types love, but all some types owe that do is partorisca be there partorisca some daughters when some daughters require.
An alone third of an album. This in spite of another 1 swipe partorisca some daughters. Some daughters have decided to take the pause of his uptempo songs and decided partorisca release the sweet ballad partorisca the transmission. A song is, in fact, roughly sex. If you have not known that, so only listen closely to some papers, especially when Emma sings his verses. A version in this album has not been used partorisca a video. It Verse of the victory in this version is different of that of a video. In this version, Victoria says 'Any extracted that test, the boys and the daughters together good celery. It takes it or leave it, take it or leave it'. In a version of video, Victoria has said, 'Once again, test , the amour will spend for behind near. It takes it or leave it, take it or leave it'.
Although it loves a vibe to this song, is not like this energised like the majority of some daughters' songs of this album.
LAST LOVER partorisca TIME
Ossia still another song that separates daughters' usual hype sounds of power of the daughter. Ossia Yours song of random amour , but all of his verses are sung for Melanie B., Where sings in the low voice, sexy that can do any drive mad, is that I bad.
A fifth and refinadas alone of an album. Partorisca Judges of start, ossia the beautiful ballad, with a beautiful sound of the heart. Secondly, This was the song some daughters had written partorisca his mothers and was the gesture adds partorisca aim that it loves and appreciate his mothers.
WHO Thinks that that you ARE
An alone chamber of an album. Some daughters have gone back to his sound of power of the daughter with this song. It is the song adds all a way.
has used partorisca be given in this song, but think that touched quell'was on its own name.
In of the SKINS
Some daughters have decided to take the little raunchy partorisca register this song that touch to the mine likes is speaking roughly of sex, intimacy, amour, idyll, and... When being in of the skins.
Although ossia the song of the dance adds , I never really comprised a meaning of him.
For a time this album has been released, some Daughters of Spice were already famous in his own country, which would be Inghilterra , and here in some the EUA. This album has helped partorisca press them further his fame and an album remain the preferred go in everything of his defenders.
5 / 5
A British has musical phenomena that in the Americans three toes of neighbourhood and tuck dives headlong to. A two British music the invasions have aimed that accepts Beatles, Bones, has had to has had to, and Eurythmics. As it was some Daughters of Spice a probing vanguard of a third gradual invasion extension that is the result transformed to dance/to pop the alternative laws that Dido and Coldplay? Quell'Impact has done Parsley, Salvia, , means Sportive, Creature, Ginger, Posh, and Scary has? Well, in United Kingdom, this album harkened behind to a day when more than four solteros has been spawned of an album. In fact, everything are of his single here shot to 1 in some maps of United Kingdom. Eight years after a fact, here is the estaca-mortem.
A contagious "Wannabe" still it retains an entertainment done included when you result the transatlantic map -topper, with this loopy "calm say you that I want to, that I really really loves" the line has repeated, and directed vocals traded among all five, duquel Parsley and Rosemary... I mean Sportive and Emma has a better vocals, with Directed and Honey B that achieves the class partorisca contrast balance.
If one feels does two sounds have separated here, an intuition is corrected. Fashionable pop of the songs like "Wannabe," "2 Result 1" and "If Or it Can not Dance" it has been produced for Richard Stannard and Kill Rowe, while a plus R&B the material has been produced for Absolute. This in spite of, the box of one 70 synths mixed with the strong R&B the bass have beaten of a mid-paced " you say that it was There," a second only, situates this to somewhere inbetween, in spite of being produced by Absolute.
"2 Result 1" still it has his power like better song here like the smooth inoffensive serious-laden ballad meant partorisca soften a hard plus of hearts. I say meant reason any all the world is impressionable. Some arrangements of series were courtesy of Craig Armstrong.
If "What of Amur" it have been done in 80 is, is the number of Club of perfect Culture , done during his " I lose Blind" period, and "Last Lover partorisca Time" and "Something Kinda Pleasant" has a R&B stylings that Santos would take further. A big offender is a cloying ballad "Corazón," those still marks my bacteria of stomach scurrying partorisca coverage. It sends heart the paper instead yes calms really loves.
An electrical guitar partorisca line, synths, and section of brass of "The one who think that that you are," a fifth only, is partorisca nod to upbeat 70 R&B, and is one of some better songs here.
A rap-versed, soul-chorused "In of the skins" it is one a song that in fact extracted a empowerment, equality of gender, with equal and sincere communication dynamic prevalent in Faculty of Daughter.
Together with the strong pulsing tomb and the sample of a Digital Underground "Humpty Dance" and the Spanish rap for Directed, "If Or it Can not Dance" to to the sounds more likes him to him one of of contributi Absolute, although it is not .
Image-wise this in spite of, all was partorisca take 70 is-fashionable feminism, taking to the line of heart Madonna " you express" and container he in black Gucci dresses, marvel of Jack of the Union-bras, creature blue eyes, and trainers of football. And that use that dynamic of bands of sure/artists that dominates street of sure years vested corporate interest, well, 1996 was his year in United Kingdom and Europe, 1997 be his in some the EUA.
Has written at least or has sawed-has written all his songs here. Some love still rests of this endeavour partorisca begin, quotes a sound and adds vocals for Honey C. And Emma, the one who is resulted some albums of only better of a quintet. If anything, this was a prime minister saves in a Revolution of Spice, but think that it was partorisca be still in United Kingdom and here: the slew of imitators and, take an extra-measure upchuck stock exchanges and bazookas was, bands of boy and Britney (urgh!). It looks partorisca be retarding down now, thank advantage. A second saves would consolidate his power.
5 / 5
When More the people think groups of pops female, Some Daughters of Spice are one of a prime minister little partorisca come to import. Some daughters of Spice have debuted in February of 1997 and has taken a world for storm with his catchy solteras and sweet ballads. A group has looked five members, Victoria (. Posh), Directed (. Ginger), Honey B. (. Scary), Honey C. (. Sportive) and Emma (. Baby). His CDs mostly looked upbeat dance floors with only the pair of ballads, which is too bad of some harmonies in his ballads was awesome. Some daughters have released two albums that year before class partorisca dispel of a scene of American music, although his all have albums of suns in an Or.K. For an end of 1997, has had a lot of the few people those who had not listened of some Daughters of the spice and his start was neither the preferred of the like has blamed to the majority of people.
Some take of the album was with some contagious suns, 'Wannabe', which was the typical dance floor . Ossia, well beat it, decent vocals but nonsensical papers. A song contains papers as ' master really really really loves zigga zig has.' Any only is that the extremely repetitive line, but contains words of atrocities as well as not even be anything remotely that resembles the sentence. Also, Honey B. It resupplies the 'rap' (and am using that sentence loosely) to that in brief described the one who each daughter is like ('Easy V [Victoria] does not come partorisca free is the real lady '). Felizmente, be any more 'rap' to like this in an album. An album then retards down the little with a mid-time ay will be There' those shows the improvement adds in of the papers and vocals and ossia probably one of some better clues.
A rear album down even more with the seducer ballad, '2 Result 1'. Both a vocals and some papers are for real good-looking in this song. ('Luz of goes it and soul partorisca always, the sleep of you and me partorisca always'). An only light question with this otherwise the amazing clue is a repetitive character of a heart. A next song, 'What of Amur', chooses on a step but looks the little odd after such the slow, beautiful ballad. A song is at all memorable and is at all out of a normal. A next clue, 'Last Lover of Time', retards down again to mid-time with subpar papers but decent vocals, that does a global half clue. Afterwards it comes the slow, heartfelt ballad called soyama', which, obviously, is on some daughters' mothers. Ossia Another song with good-looking papers as well as stunning vocals. To Tongue roughly like him some daughters has not comprised never his mothers but now, as they take older, begins partorisca see he of his mothers' points of view.
Some last four clues, 'Those who Think that that you are', esomething Kinda Pleasant', 'In of the skins' and 'If I Can not Dance' is all subpar dance follows concealed active pocola operates another that, well, partorisca do one bundle of auditor. Some first two clues out of these four, 'Those who think that that you are' and esomething Kinda Pleasant' is fill with papers without senses and less-then-utmost vocals. Obviously, stellar vocals is not a point key when the song does not have any purpose another it partorisca do dance it but is in good prize. A last two of some aforesaid clues, 'In of the skins' and 'If I Can not Dance', is no better. In of the skins is in fact the mid-song of time with the good-looking papers but does not underline at all in a mix of dance follows concealed surrounds it. 'If you can not Dance' it is highly monotonous and the at all new offers.
Global mark: 2/5
Vocally, some daughters are specialised but his album partorisca begin leaves to plot partorisca be wished. A lot little of some clues have good-looking, moving papers in spite of a fact that some daughters has sawed-has written each song. Included vocally these leaves of albums to plot partorisca be wished. There is not any question that some daughters can sing but so only two out of ten songs ('2 Results 1' and soyama') exhibits his vocal talent. Partorisca This subject, those are some so only two songs that has stellar papers as well as vocals. In some other clues, some papers are neither nonsensical ('Wannabe'), or senses of mark but advantage nowhere ('The one who Thinks that that you are', esomething Kinda Pleasant'). An album was also extremely inconsistent to the equal that changes time partorisca follow to follow. This can do sometimes, but in this album, looks uncomfortable. This album was probably awesome at the same time was done but is considering taking it first, take loaned before shabby.
5 / 5
Some Daughters of Spice were without the doubt one the majority grupal of successful daughter of all-the time. In July 1996, has exploded to a scene of pop with his contagious start so only Wannabe. It enters Realm Joined soltero map in Any one.3, Before storming to Any one.1 A that follows remained there partorisca 7 more weeks. His accquired more popularity and recognition with an emission of his Spice of album of the start. It tops some maps partorisca months by means of November and December 1996 and on in January and February 1997 and has sold 27 million copies by all the world. The a lot of people were quickly partorisca write some Daughters of Spice was like the-paste of marvel, but has has had to that done some brilliant songs and has known to good sure like this partorisca sell record and promote sure subjects. With which four consecutive United Kingdom No.1 single With Wannabe, Says will be There, 2 Result 1 and The one who thinks that that you are Corazón/, some Daughters of Spice have been on in Amsterdam, intent in storming a place - and has done. Officially they have broken a hard American phase faster that Beatles, and interior 5 months his album partorisca begin had sold 7 millions more in some the EUA so only. They were a band that has behind spent music partorisca pop to a world-wide - would have had any Backstreet Boys, 'NSync or Britney Spears some Daughters of Spice have had any active stormed to Any one.1 in Amsterdam with Wannabe. A thing that has done some Daughters of Spice like this populate was his individuality. Each daughter there has been his own character and personality. It has had it has directed pice of Ginger' Halliwell, a strong plus and more outspoken member of a group and to good sure a force of behaviour behind some Daughters of Spice. Emma habida pice of Creature' Bunton, a calm band and innocent member. With his pigtail blond hair, is a pleasant one of a band. Honey habida cary Spice' B, a wacky and member of outrageous band the one who there has been always an opinion on something. Victoria had 'Posh Spice' Adams, a posh one of a band the one who has spent always his mini Gucci dresses and striked that pose. And Honey habida porty Spice' C, known partorisca his sportive attitude and dressed of tracksuit. At least these daughters were individual and has known that has loved of life - different and two-dimensional. Some people those who never took to a phenomenon of Daughters of the Spice never for real comprises the one who was influential. Before some Daughters of Spice, has not had any one interests in music that-like this-never. Then, partorisca roughly two years, was all could think roughly - day in, the day was. This directed finally to to the different musical territories likes him to him Madonna, Britney Spears, Janet Jackson and Mariah Tortoiseshell. They will not know never that it was obssessed with them - together - with each another 10 old year in a world.
The spice begins with Wannabe (10/10). A start so only and paste of classical pop Wannabe topped some maps in the whopping 31 country by all the world and catapulted some Daughters of Spice to a stratosphere of by all the world popularity. A song has to that a-the paste of marvel seats his, but these daughters have been distant a lot of the-paste of marvel. It follows 2 you are you say it was There (10/10). A second only of some Daughters of Spice, this song there is topped some maps in October 1996. Some papers are a lot can of daughter-ish and has strengthened his positive, by all the world famous message of 'Pode of Daughter!' It follows 3 this 2 Result 1 (10/10). An alone third of some Daughters of Spice and his third United Kingdom No.1. Topping some maps in December, 2 Result 1 was a Christmas of United Kingdom Any one.1 Partorisca 1996. This beautiful ballad is one of mine all-time favourite songs - I so only loves that. You go in, you say that it was There and 2 Result 1 there is topped some maps in the staggering 53 country around a world. It follows 4 it is What of Amur (10/10). Ossia Another pop of Daughters of song of traditional Spice. This song is not never state released like the alone, but would have to that it has been! There is mark rap of has directed halfway by means of and some hearts are like this catchy. It follows 5 it is Last Lover of Time (10/10). This song is probably one the majority of diverse in an album. With this raunchy and funky R'any B beaten, this song has to that be my preferred unreleased song of Spice together with In some skins. It follows 6 it is Corazón (9/10). One follows a longer that Spice, the heart was an island consecutive United Kingdom No.1 Only partorisca some Daughters of Spice Leaves 1997. When being liberto around the day of Mothers has ensured another United Kingdom No.1 Partorisca some daughters of a moment. It follows 7 it is The one who thinks that is (10/10). In the first place previewed in a Brit Prize 1997, this song is resulted a classical instant. An action of this song in a Brits is absoltuely legendary; I have directed Halliwell spending the Union Jack mini-the dress was pure class . It was perfect partorisca a chance and has promoted his message of 'Pode of Daughter!' I have seen once his in this dress, has had the BIG-TIME run over in a woman partorisca years! It follows 8 it is Something Kina Pleasant (10/10). This deep and mysterious song has the a lot of to the hip and the street celery his. Honey C is glorious in this song and well of use of Emma of his sweet voice to an end. It follows 9 it is In of the skins (10/10). Oh My God! Absolutely I love this song. A mid-time bassline with swirly beaten and sultry the papers this the better clue of an album. Some Daughters of Spice would have received so much more credibilities of an audience if this song had been released. Honey C little ditto after a telephone-the call is awesome also. It follows 10 it is Yes Or it Can not Dance (10/10). This song is glorious to close such the upper album. A bassline sounds like the car engine revving on - is quite subdued to the equal that maintains your ears have peeled! In place of verses, takings rap of Honey B and Directed in to an and two respectively. This song is also the preferred alive go in defenders.
likes -you the music of pop, ossia an absolute album partorisca you. It is such the shame that with which have headed to the left, some Daughters of Spice have been a lot down to a fund of a casserole. Some Daughters of Spice were a phenomenon partorisca pop main of all-the time and I would give anything to king-alive these moments and feel these feelings throughout again. Shabby Spice of now!
5 / 5
Cleansing out of the day of the mine CD I uncovered an album of my days escoles half, Spice of Daughters of the Spice and Spiceworld. When Dipping in my player of CD has been won with these memories escoles old and requests, 'Reasons can do not going back ?' The daughters of spice was one of some the majority of popular things during 1996-1998, when the music in that then was in an all time down ( says Hanson?) And the majority of a popular artist (like Boyz II MEN and All 4 A) has cooled down. The daughters of spice were a remedy partorisca east. Now that listens to this CD this old and more wise plus in my knowledge of music can say that this is not the bad album. Never there is is like this catchy mega, súper-deceive swipe, 'Wannabe' that is still fresh and a hip-hop flavoured 'Last Lover of Time' an album has covered load of the genders and some daughters have there was talented the voices but I guess a fact has dressed like the 'character' turned all the world was but a lot me and my friends, those who has been included according to which dressing arrive partorisca like them, every day and especially Halloween, and that proclaims that we have had 'Can of Daughter!' (I swears thought that quell'was Honey. B!) Esay Will be There' (mine beans clues) is upbeat and sassy while '2 Result 1' is sultry (mine 3rd beans clue)while 'Last Lover of Time' is acute as 'The one who Think that that you are?' It is witty and the box flavoured. 'If Or it Can not Dance' it is gritty and crude and mine 2nd beans clues (I so only love a line 'is not Never Keanu but the dweeb looking in me'! Creative!)While'omethin' Kinda Pleasant' has the jazzy, has behind dipped feeling his. Has the place in my heart this in spite of [...]Reason some daughters were talented and has had a awesome record to begin and help me and my friends grow up. In of the general Daughters of the spice always will be agreed a lot so only partorisca there outfits but partorisca his music also.
5 / 5
You look by means of some old CD is today and has found is one. I have used partorisca LOVE this CD. Baby Spice Is a Daughter of better Spice . It is a hot plus and one the majority of entertainment. Now this CD is one of an album of better pop of all time! Some Daughters of Spice are a Group of definite Daughter . I imagined it it write the description while it was in a way of Daughter of the Spice.
1. Wannabe - A better song in an album. His first alone swipe and probably his better song never!
2. You say that it was There - Ossia the really good song . It is the tune of Daughters of classical Spice .
3. 2 Result 1 - Ossia one of my songs of Daughters of Spice preferred. It is really good and is the classical.
4. What of amour - Ossia the really good song , also. I have directed The sound adds in him.
5. Last Lover of Time - Ossia also the really good song. It is not like this dancy, but ossia well.
6. Corazón - I amour this song. Emma touches awesome on that. You know it was his idea partorisca east, can so it says! Agree when they have sung this in a concert. It has been it adds.
7. The one who think that that you are - Wow! This song is sum . I have directed The sound adds on he also.
8. Something Kinda Pleasant - This song is quite well, also. It likes- one electrical guitar-ish insturment his in a fund (mostly in a start.)
9. In of the skins - I like a pocola called of telephone bit is. It remembers Honey C in a concert before they have sung this song (which is really well, for a way) 'Well, of then is sooo hot here California Of the sud, decides to take IN of the SKINS!' A crowd has been wild to the equal that have begun discarding random pieces of cloths. It likes me the desire has had snuck my camera in. Oh Well.
10. If Or it Can not Dance - Probably mine less favourite in an album. A start 'rap' is kinda ape, this in spite of. It is everything well!
In general, ossia the start adds for some Daughters of Spice. It is the must has for any defender of pop. Some Daughters of Spice were the ENORMOUS influence in music and has left certainly his mark with this album.
4 / 5
Looked by means of some old CD is today and has found is one. I have used to LOVE this CD. Baby Spice Is a Daughter of better Spice . It is a hot plus and one the majority of entertainment. Now this CD is one of an album of better pop of all time! Some Daughters of Spice are a Group of definite Daughter . I imagined it it write the description while it was in a way of Daughter of the Spice.
1. Wannabe - A better song in an album. His first alone swipe and probably his better song never!
2. You say that it was There - Ossia the really good song . It is the tune of Daughters of classical Spice .
3. 2 Result 1 - Ossia one of my songs of Daughters of Spice preferred. It is really good and is the classical.
4. What of amour - Ossia the really good song , also. I have directed The sound adds in him.
5. Last Lover of Time - Ossia also the really good song. It is not like this dancy, but ossia well.
6. Corazón - I amour this song. Emma touches awesome on that. You know it was his idea partorisca east, can so it says! Agree when they have sung this in a concert. It has been it adds.
7. The one who think that that you are - Wow! This song is sum . I have directed The sound adds on he also.
8. Something Kinda Pleasant - This song is quite well, also. It likes- one electrical guitar-ish insturment his in a fund (mostly in a start.)
9. In of the skins - I like a pocola called of telephone bit is. It remembers Honey C in a concert before they have sung this song (which is really well, for a way) 'Well, of then is sooo hot here California Of the sud, decides to take IN of the SKINS!' A crowd has been wild to the equal that have begun discarding random pieces of cloths. It likes me the desire has had snuck my camera in. Oh Well.
10. If Or it Can not Dance - Probably mine less favourite in an album. A start 'rap' is kinda ape, this in spite of. It is everything well!
In general, ossia the start adds for some Daughters of Spice. It is the must has for any defender of pop. Some Daughters of Spice were the ENORMOUS influence in music and has left certainly his mark with this album.
5 / 5
Was the Daughters of followers of enormous Spice behind in 1996/1997/1998. Then I have directed to leave a group and I have lost faith in them. Spiceworld Is that it shines also, but his album of start has to that be a better.
1. Wannabe
The need has said a lot of? ALL THE WORLD knows this song. It was some prime minister of daughters so only, and the brill one in that. I am ailing of him now, but a heart is a lot of catchy. 5/5
2. You say that it was There
LOVE this alive. It touches like this it adds. It was some Daughters of Spice ' as only. I love Honey C backings in an end, and the first verse of Emma. A video is funny and in general a song is a lot fresh. 5/5
3. 2 Result 1
A prime minister ballad find in a CD. It was a Christmas 1 in 1996, and is sweet. Emma touches excellent in this song, taking on some bridges. It likes-me Honey B catchy pocola what in an end of some hearts, and a music in an end. I add. 5/5
4. What of amour
A first clue a lot alone finds. Ossia The pleasant, catchy little song, where some daughters say his men 'the does not love not pressing and shoving, does not want to know in this thing of amour'. A lot of singable. 5/5
5. Last Lover to Time
Ossia my favourite song in an album related with 'In of the skins'. Ossia Sexy, smooth and brill. Emma touches AWESOME in some hearts, and Honey B the work adds in some verses. And I have directed... The EXCELLENT sounds. I LOVE THIS SONG, LOVE THIS SONG!!!!! 55555555555/5
6. Corazón
This song is some daughters ' fourth sun. It is everything in his mothers, and some daughters' characteristic of mammas in a video. The no really like this song a lot, is too slow for me. But I like an end with a heart of fresh heart. 4/5
7. The one who think that that you are
Relief of alone Comic, which means has extra credit to be for charity. Ossia dancy, bouncy and upbeat, the massive transmission of some electrical guitars and balladness of a last clue. Has the video adds also. 5/5
8. Something Kinda Ape
This song takes to bore listen his too much. Has fresh music and of the utmost bridges of Emma. Some lives of action is brill (especially an alive action In Wembley with some dancers), and in general is the song adds . 5/5
9. In of the skins
My favourite song joined with 'Last Lover of Time'. This has creepy music and adds vocals. Honey C and Victoria his awesome in a heart, and Emma touches well too much. It adores an alive action of of the this. I LOVE THIS SONG, LOVE THIS SONG!!!! 55555555555/5
10. If Or it Can not Dance
A way adds to finalise an album. This song is upbeat and the frames love dance. Honey B the sound adds, and love a music. 5/5
If it can not guess, Emma is my Daughter of Spice preferred . This album is brilliant. It is the shame some daughters have given up in some Daughters of Spice, of then was the remarkable band . This CD is stored firmly in my collection of CD.
4 / 5
Agrees some first time have listened Wannabe in a radio -- I was hooked. In 8th note at the same time and looking for way and attitude, has found he in these five young daughters wonderful. Emma (Spice of Creature), Honey C (Sportive Spice), Victoria (Posh Spice), Directed (Spice of Ginger), and Honey B (Scary Spice) all there have been the varied personalities and his music was amused and thrilling. They were a main thing in Big Bretagna of Beatles, and does not take to yearn them to conquer a rest of a planet, comprising a picky EUA. This album is the classical, and think that all the world would owe that have he in his collection. More memorable That any one another album of Spice, for real do an impression. Here it is a game for game for this album (Spice):
Say me whatcha master, whatcha really really loves -- Wannabe Wannabe Wannabe! The one who has not listened this song? Of course, all there has been our own -arrive versions of a rap pause, everything with different words and of the different fashions. If you have not listened this song, is a perfect daughter -can, a lot-timey, happy and perky what, coated with spice and sugar also. Each one that like this of some daughters takes his own section to sing and Directed and Honey B battles in a rap intro, with Honey C that cries 'hu'! Arguably His better song never, Wannabe is to classical radio tune this in spite of can be listened today. 10/10
Says will be There:
If I am not deceived, this only in fact outsold Wannabe (and Wannabe was 1 in 32 country!). This has begun a heigth of some daughters' careers and in this song each daughter has taken an identity , with to Emma likes Kung Was Candy and Directed to like Trixie Firecracker etc. Some daughters, having firmly has done his identities of the own real life very known for this time, touched with them to create included main transmission-ego. No like this hyped or like this strong likes Wannabe, Says will be had bit it slower but has not been missing of paralizaciones in-yours-papers of type. Another classical with the harmonic so only, is still entertainment and spunky. 10/10
2 Result 1:
With this song, to to him some boys could like him and ossia to the equal that has helped the like this big fact. This was a big prime minister ballad some daughters , and help to do them big like singers and no just celebrities. In fact they could he aim was more than his vocal talent that just vamp around singing short and sweet papers. The points have underlined of this song is an arrangement of serious and a heart, which is soulful but no probing. An amour a lot well song with a part of entity for each daughter, 2 Result 1 was another 1 for some Spices. 10/10
What of Amur:
the A lot of people have not concerned a lot for this song, but that done the a lot of was a rap done for each daughter in a section of bridge. A bit more box but any any one less spicy, some daughters clear in this song that is not touching around. Although this song is not never be a better regarding instruments, still done his mark. 9/10
Last Lover of Time:
has thought always this song was one of a better , simply because Honey B sings a lot down in him, which the fact the sexy and goes- goes-voomish song of type. Another fun thing in this song is a heart, in that sing ' think that am really fresh and sexy?' Very fun, a lot of Daughters of Spice-ish. Instrumentally Like some electrical guitars in of this song. 10/10
Aww, the song for his mommies. The one who has not done the song for these special ladies? This song is also be to 1 and has given some daughters the side he deep plus like apposed to the his craziness. It likes 2 Of Result 1, this song has some sections of serious good-looking, which the fact the lovely ballad. 9/10
The one who Think that that you are:
Now Ossia the song of type of classical box . Complete with fast papers and he raspy embroider it has directed, this song is so only simple entertainment with warped electrical and fast guitars paced brass.
4 / 5
Some Daughters of Spice' 1996 albums to start with is The album that has begun a late integer @@@1990s pop of adolescent phenomenon. It is not a lot I last to try at all paved it a way for the laws of fellow adolescent like a Backstreet Boys, N Sync, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, to result pops superstars. If some Daughters of Spice have had any paste 1 with 'Wannabe', an explosion of the pop of the adolescent can has not spent never at all, at least United States.
pice' Is the album to pop adds for a lot of reasons. It is bubblegum music in his catchiest and more melodic. All 10 clues blend to an another a lot well, and like such listening to a whole album in a seating is likes to listen to the piece of (a lot a lot) candy of ear. 'Wannabe', esay will be there' and '2 result 1', an album' 3 inaugural clues, is for now, classics. Then there is soyama', a mother' hymn of day, and 'The one who thinks that that you are'. Another minor-known, but equally obliging the clues comprise 'Last lover of time', esomething bondadoso pleasant' and a risk 'In of the skins'. spice' Is The REASON because some Daughters of Spice am resulted famous. Sincere the music of advantage of pure pop that does not take too seriously, and so only loves his auditor to have has amused. This album epitomizes all that a phenomenon of the music of the pop is everything roughly, included although it has been of then blurred for some endeavours of laws likes them Britney Spears and N Sync, in an endeavour to be 'taken seriously'. Music of the pop will not be taken never seriously, and one more when for his pretensions and concentrates on doing the happy people.
Like such, espice' is a helluva the album of pop adds, and go to say that in roughly 10-20 years' time, is treasured as it dip it and album of entity to an advance of popular music.
5 / 5
This was mine a lot first cd album, fact 5 years. It begins the downpour that has created my collection of CD. I lose some days of these Daughters, this in spite of resist the place in my heart. Although I love each alone song here, goes to give it rundown in all the chance.
(2:52) 5 Of 5 stars
A first pop-ilcious so only of some Daughters. A blue impression to the tune of perfect pop.
Will be There (3:56) 5 of 5 stars
Alone number two, another animate piece of energetic pop. All some daughters take to show his lovely voices.
3.2 Result 1 (4:00) 5 of 5 stars
Some alone thirds, much more lens that some forwards, but like this perfect the song of pop. This really is the beautiful ballad, something I generally avert.
What (3:37) 5 of 5 stars
Any one the suns, but easily could have been one. Ossia One of mine favourite of this album. I do not want to know 'extreme that sews of amour! ;-)
Lover of time (4:11) 5 of 5 stars
Smooth and sexy pop funk is one. Some Spices are chasin' the type, and a type is chasin' his, destiny. ;-)
(5:03) 5 Of 5 stars
This was the part of the double A-side in United Kingdom with Which Thinks that is. A sweet song on the one who the mamma would owe that be has wanted. It is the sweet song !
Think that is (3:59) 5 of 5 stars
This was another so only released beside Corazón. A totally opposite song to a forward, ossia the song of pop with roots of boxes.
Kinda Pleasant (4:02) 5 of 5 stars
This song I acctually has not liked him in a start, but I maintaining loves it. Has something kinda ape in disposal in is one.
(4:26) 5 Of 5 stars
Ossia slow sexy song , in the young woman that takes control of his sexuality, and any when leaving be used like the weapon against his for another.
Or can not Dance (3:50) 5 of 5 stars
Oh, ossia so only your half Latin hip-hop hymn of pop of the club. ;-)
Ah, Some days of "Power of Daughter!" And some Spices that popularities of surprise. Appearance one can achieve it again someday, and this always will be on mine cd battery.
5 / 5
This album, is the album to start with of a Daughter of Spice, yes, a a concealed launched was him to FINES-FINES-FINES-FINES been of PLATINUM!
This album has been February has released 4, 1997 in some the EUA, but has released bit it before in an Or.K. This album consides of 5 was 10 1 swipe soltero. Thats To plot, hardly any group/of the band/of the singer has has not fulfilled never having half of his album to start with solteros
goes to 1, or have all his single the swipe released ' the daughters of Spice have done so only that, and the result adds it
example to continuation by all the world for simply any those worries and to teach everything to be proud and be the one who are, and forget the one who an audience and another thinks of you. So much, so only it was well for me to give you the description on all sweat solteras has released! Right?!
1) Wannabe: Summer 1996. A a concealed began it everything!
Excellent song!
2) has said will be There: it Falls 1996. A swipe adds.
3) 2 Result 1: he 1st swipe navideño of A Daughter of Spice! Excellent
song of Amur!
4) Suck/The one who Think that that you are: Released a same time for
Caridad. The songs add.
Sucks Amur add/thank you
clue the MAMMAS!!!! ;-)
Those who Think that that you are=
In general, ossia the album adds . One of my cup 5 preferred never, like this far. I so only the music of desire would be for likes it was in in one 90 east, 2000, and 2001. Music, now, has gone ACID, and any album with flavour adds likes was some years mention, so only go gold or platinum once. :-(
But, to turn like him some Daughters of Spice with Ginger!!!!
My amour to everything disturbs defenders and of the lovers of music w/ taste
-"Billy Billz" a Blink
5 / 5
This was mine a lot first cd album, fact 5 years. It begins the downpour that has created my collection of CD. I lose some days of these Daughters, this in spite of resist the place in my heart. Although I love each alone song here, goes to give it rundown in all the chance.
(2:52) 5 Of 5 stars
A first pop-ilcious so only of some Daughters. A blue impression to the tune of perfect pop.
Will be There (3:56) 5 of 5 stars
Alone number two, another animate piece of energetic pop. All some daughters take to show his lovely voices.
3.2 Result 1 (4:00) 5 of 5 stars
Some alone thirds, much more lens that some forwards, but like this perfect the song of pop. This really is the beautiful ballad, something I generally avert.
What (3:37) 5 of 5 stars
Any one the suns, but easily could have been one. Ossia One of mine favourite of this album. I do not want to know 'extreme that sews of amour! ;-)
Lover of time (4:11) 5 of 5 stars
Smooth and sexy pop funk is one. Some Spices are chasin' the type, and a type is chasin' his, destiny. ;-)
(5:03) 5 Of 5 stars
This was the part of the double A-side in United Kingdom with Which Thinks that is. A sweet song on the one who the mamma would owe that be has wanted. It is the sweet song !
Think that is (3:59) 5 of 5 stars
This was another so only released beside Corazón. A totally opposite song to a forward, ossia the song of pop with roots of boxes.
Kinda Pleasant (4:02) 5 of 5 stars
This song I acctually has not liked him in a start, but I maintaining loves it. Has something kinda ape in disposal in is one.
(4:26) 5 Of 5 stars
Ossia slow sexy song , in the young woman that takes control of his sexuality, and any when leaving be used like the weapon against his for another.
Or can not Dance (3:50) 5 of 5 stars
Oh, ossia so only your half Latin hip-hop hymn of pop of the club. ;-)
Ah, Some days of 'Pode of Daughter!' And some Spices that popularities of surprise. Appearance one can achieve it again someday, and this always will be on mine cd battery.
4 / 5
Yes, ossia the pure pop to like has blamed.. But like that? It is amused to listen to!
Now that ossia out of a way, left so only say that ossia the good, but nto adds, pop CD. First to listen his sophomore emission, "World of Spice," it have estimated this better CD, but "World of Spice" frames this look of BAD CD, saves for the few clues.
1. "Wannabe" - Those who has not listened this song!?! Really I any one precise to revise it, calm of then has all listened it.
2. " You say that it was There" - has has listened probably is one, also, but, if no, left so only say that it is better that "Wannabe." A music is a lot of catchier.
3. "2 Result 1" - A really quite ballad. Still although ossia pop , this song is a lot enough, and much more "mature" that a prime minister two single.
4. "What of amour" - And maintaining gone back to some Daughters of famous Spice' sound of pop. This song is like "Wannabe," so only less dynamic.
5. "Last Lover to Time" - This song adds some sutry R&B to a mix. Extremely catchy, with adds it has beaten.
6. "Corazón" - A ballad poured in the mamma is everywhere. It is the really quite a lot of song, although it can be sickeningly sweet. But game he for your mamma, say concealed is that calm feels in his, and cries.
7. "Those who think that that you are" - Eh. Ossia Really all there is to say in this song. It does not have some beaten of pops of the funky or a lush balladry of some aforesaid clues. Skip The.
8. "Something Kinda Pleasant" - See Clues 7. Seriously, they do not owe that it has dipped it these songs afterwards to the each one like this another in a CD. It is hard to differentiate among them.
9. "In of the skins" - Like title, this song is really quite odd. A music is not bad at all, and is in fact the quite good song, excepts a bit rap has bitten.
10. "If it can not Dance" - Of oh! Horrible song to close an album with. It is just plain ANY SAKE! I suppose it that that can be well to dance to in the club or something... nah, So only can not say anything well in this song.
5 / 5
Is not hard to see reason some Daughters of Spice were achieved like this with his SPICE to start with. Still to this day thinks that that it remains the classical in a realm of pop. A mega-paste 'wannabe' was instantly catchy. Still I find humming to the long of the his sometimes. The SPICE is still one of the mine favourite CDs never. Some Daughters of Spice were in a cup of his game with east a. Honey B and has directed sultry vocals, Emma sweet-chirpy voice, Honey C big-gritty squeals and Victoria posh the attitude was has matched perfectly.
Has any aim roughly the one who this CD has been aimed in pre-daughters of adolescents that has has loved it sassy example to continuation to look until. But, it is accsesable to all the world. The no really returned to this category but I SPICE enjoyed really. Besides a mega swipe 'wannabe' other clues that underlines is esay will be there', '2 result 1', 'what of amour', and another. I directed it it has done included the little Spanish rap on 'if I can not dance.'
Ossia Another thing - some Daughters of Spice have had personalities. Each one which as an only and his blended a lot together. I think that that the SPICE was the perfect blend of pop and R&B. It was sweet but no too sweet. So only a legislation pice' with the little attitude. You result the defender with this CD and is still one of these albums that you still can touch again years later. The scarce is that for the pop CD?
Has had yours inhibitions in of the this, the tomb and choose SPICE up. It is one of these awesome pops CDs that will want to touch you repeatedly. I still the whip was occasionally and does not touch dated. It is also the memory adds of the music of pop adds. Sassy, HAS on BEATEN, bubbly entertainment. The SPICE has it everything.
5 / 5
Yes!, An album partorisca begin of the power of Daughter was in fact the a lot of corny record of music of independent woman, but, this album dipped a scene partorisca a turn of a POP-DANCE EASY listening music to some maps in some the EUA. 'Wannabe' His only and first prime minister & so only 1 song dipped a level partorisca to new era partorisca woman in music the one who proclaims independence in the pleasant way, of course Wannabe will remain in poeple alcohol like the clue that does not like him partorisca admit has used partorisca the like and but of the long with him, an alone according to ay will be has TAKEN there a cup 10 for help of storm for a power infused for Wannabe, but a song estada for him own power. '2 Result 1' the sex-song of amour, with trendy delicatessen, has confused a lot of a real meaning of him, song in the sweet touchy vocal way, this song has established some daughters like the musical force for an end of 1997. Other clues mainly pops-dance a lot of crafted and has produced was the boxes like 'Of the that thinks that that you are', a inspiriational soyama', and a soulful'ome Class Of Lover', in general a espice' the album has given Sportive, Ginger, Crazy, Posh, Creature a window adds of the fame and he still take the work of film, enciphers that it was, if this has not been the swipe, that has been?
5 / 5
That never spent to these daughters, huh??? Love behind in '98 - as all the world-wide more. Unless you have been missing of the wrist, as it can calms does not love some few Daughters of Spice?? Certainly, it was hooked of an alone prime minister. As some Daughters of Spice, my mote is always state: 'if already' want to' be my glove', already gotta' take talent my friends; 'the hard friendship for ever, the never final friendship!!' It can it does not add he on very better that has done. But a fun pop of an album does not finalise there, ANY WAY!! A grooves of a second song there will be you on a dance floor in of the seconds, as each alone song of this late 90 pop classical disk. This album, mine, boasts an up to date 80 sound of pop and vibe, well down to a 9-song lineup in an album, which is a quantity of the songs expósitas on like this classical 80 albums!! I luv a format of 9 songs in any albums!!!
Finally, simply wants to say that Britney would not owe that take a credit to start with on blond pop of adolescent - these daughters owe. They have blown it was a 'pop and roll' good world before Britney, and is 9 times more talented!! Down waiting for it pops music more amused of these daughters - hopefully a lot prompt!!
5 / 5
Ossia The good record to dress up and dance to, but lack of substance and meaning. In "In of the skins", that is singing roughly? A British woman in of the skins in a telephone? "If Or it Can not Dance" frames any sense at all, but I like a Spanish rap. Yeah, Daughters of Spice, LIKE can dance in all the chance. "Wannabe" It is a lot annoying, but good to run around a crazy house to. " You say that it was There" it is my preferred . "2 Result 1" it is the contradiction . Some daughters are singing in sure sex, but the majority of some auditors was daughters among some ages 6-12. Daughters too young to know the one who the sure sex is roughly. "What of amour" it is sassy, but the simulated-feminist tune. "Last Lover of Time" it is sexy and sultry. This in spite of, some daughters would have that takes the flange, any rapping. "Corazón" memory of my report with mine that strolls his crazy. :) "The one who think that that you are?" It is the swipe of club of good dance. It is one of mine faves. "Somethin' Kinda Pleasant" it is a R&B song ossia lyrically-has defied. "In of the skins" frames any sense anything. That is that song roughly? "If Or it Can not Dance" it is konga/dance/of pop. It is well.
4 / 5
To the equal that Can any one a lot like this CD? My two mark of entertainment of sisters of me because we take me to knots still listening his. But I can no helps! When him me like the CD, any I so only hears his until it is not to populate continuous listen his for ever! Reason that the plus spent the CD unless it plan on listening his more than a swipe?
In all the chance, the SPICE is probably some Daughters of Spice' BETTER CD, although I no really like his new a, FOR EVER, everything that a lot. Probably reason the spice of Ginger has left a group and now is rumored that the Sportive spice goes to be leaving a group, also! Mina favs in this CD is: "Wannabe", " you say that it was There", "2 Result 1", "Last Lover of Time", "What of Amur", "Corazón", and "Something Bondadoso of Ape". Has utmost vocals and some papers are amused and fashionable party. The SPICE is not supposed really to be the serious CD at all. As everything of you there looking for serious is not the! But yes it calms so only it is looking for entertainment, relaxing CDs, then ossia add it one to add your collection (has no, already). It exits and buy this CD and I know you to you will not complain it .
5 / 5
Everything of his single has had of the summer world-wide wide swipes - like this far. But in this album is not of the so many good songs. So only of the single are to add but can forget a rest. And it likes him -you some the calm songs also will be dissapointed reasons there is so only 10 songs on that. Like reason 4 stars? As I have said I like one 5 solteras more another song
Wannabe: you know his first song a lot you. It is still he adds.
Has said will be there: I also like this song of party.
2 Result 1: His prime minister ballad. Significant papers in the surest sex.
What of amour: Ossia an only good song here that the had not been the alone.
Last lover of time: I guess this would have to that to to sound Likes R any B. But so only it is boring.
Corazón: Like the title has said the song for all some Hearts there.
The one who thinks that that you are: Ossia the typical Daughter -song to Be able to. Any bad. It likes.
Something kinda pleasant: the 'Like Last lover of time'
In of the skins: This was the point underlined in his concerts because they have spent skincolourd dresses and have like this equally was in of the skins. But you can forget a song for him
If I can not dance: they do not touch well it is one . It does not like .
4 / 5
Belive The Or no, this 10 sugar of clue the classical pop is in fact the quite well listen. Some Daughters of Spice have directed to take maturities, innocence, and the sense of fun and dip the all in a disk. Some CD takes was with his breakthrough solteros Wannabe and Says will be There. Those who there is no hummed at least one of these songs in his life? The heart Is in fact the very good ballad, and is probably a better in a CD. To the dance floors of Poppy likes him Of The one who think that that you are, What of Amur and If you can not Dance dipped the majority of the tone of an album this in spite of. Some daughters are not so only here to do to dent in a world of music, but to have some entertainment also. Against popular faith, there is a bit very mature and sexual moments in this disk. Papers like " you are like this as well as I have agreed the creature/takes it on, the take on" it is hid from time to time in an album, and In of the skins is in the daughter has determined to use his sexuality in the positive way. Still although some Daughters of Spice were the fad, has done enough of the mark that will be agreed for the quite long time.
5 / 5
Thinks that Some Daughters of Spice are really good - better that SClub7definatly. Wannabe Is still really well has included now but mine favourate is The one who thinks that that you are. It likes him-me his movements of dance and have good voices - all really talented daughters. Scary Is my preferred, but Posh is aslo well. A fact that some Daughters of Spice are a perfect manifestation of the syndrome for which talentless "artists" sell his souls to a faceless undertaken that there is taken on an industry of music for a big buck and an adulation of mindless adolescent daughters some world-wide on, and that his regurgitate a slick, bland, has manufactured touches of musicians of anonymous session that does millions out of this class of exploitative "music" reason do not have an integrity to do music that says something and means something is symptomatic of a way in that is all leaving creativity, originality and adventurousness in the results of art marginalised. Coming to think of him, the creature is my preferred .
4 / 5
The chairs But this album deserves at least 2.5. Coming on First of all this album is not suppsoed to be taken seriously. A reason because it gives to to the similar laws Like to them Britney Spears or NSYNC the low points is reason his music is boring , bland one same terribble voice and papers. With some daughters of the spice well is manufactured totally and yes . Ossia bubblegum Pop. But calm can not say that calms no the the deep amused to listen to some of some songs in this cause of album I bad Wannabe. You are the paste topped it some few maps in 33 countries and yes all the world has listened, has included they those who hated some Daughters of Spice. This Album is not one of mine fabourites and in fact is not really good but when this album has been released in late 1996 almost all the world has bought. This Album has sold 30 milion copies by all the world and yes the defenders of facts of launch of real music on and little party of daughters. But a whole thing with some Daughters of Spice is such the joke that the in fact sad chair for them I so that it give him 3 stars.
5 / 5
This album here included really has shaken on a scene of music. I am not saying this is the good thing . It is so only the fact. An album is a lot of slick and well together place. It is fun and has utmost hooks everywhere. It is really the album adds and some of you folks really need to relieve up :) this in spite of doing a lot of deception. A harm this album has done in a scene of music is really an only bad thing can say them roughly that. After this album will take stirs it of adolescent really take pop superstars britney, nsync, backstreet boys, and all another craps. But some daughters of spice he well. There have it so only quite tongue & it touches on here to do do. This is not the serious music but is not never state hyped like such. In 97 some type has cloned the sleep. lol. In a world of music some type has cloned some daughters of spice. Too bad some clones have not been like this entertaining like originals. It have to that it listens album thinks them. It is quite insane trust :) it calms left so only goes and enamorar with a madness.
4 / 5
Easily an album of better pop of one 90 east, a world of the music is not never be a closing again grieve these 5 daughters of Inghilterra stomped to a scene with his cry of battle ' will say you that I want to that really really master!!' And for a prójimo 2.5 years his so only concealed--racking on 40 million albums sales. There is not any one filler in this album. Each song could have been the alone. Also tip a diversity of some Daughters of Spice (so that it has not been never given crediticio pertinent for). There is one in an upper pop of Wannabe, one old-school box funk of the that Thinks that that you are?, A pop/motown/R&B to Say will be There (complete with harmonic so only the he Stevie Marvel!), A sexy jazziness of In some skins, and of course an unavoidable pop ballad Two Result One in those some daughters consulting his type to 'dipped the these prejudices is a night when two result one'. One of some coverages of better album also!
5 / 5
Some Daughters of Spice were fantastic in his Spice of album of the start. An album is a lot of dancable and adds. Lyrically HAS no deph or originality but hey is not supposition partorisca be as that.
HAS 10 pop adds tunes ossia very written and has produced. His voices are also well. Also it has I add it wibe to a whole thing. Although it hate or it wants to him you canÂ't denies that some of these songs are fantastic.
Has released in 1996 this album is resulted the enormous accident during a world. Some Daughters of Spice were everywhere. In all some magazines, in radio and on MTV a world has been turned to the rovescio for them.
This album there is topped some maps in 33 countries and has sold on 26 million copies by all the world. It contains 5 swipes of incident and has done some Daughters of spice a phenomenon partorisca pop big never. This in spite of have not done never another album like this one and in twenty years these rests the classical pop.
4 / 5
Five years on his esarrendamiento, some Daughters of Spice' the SPICE a lot so only rest the classical true pop, but is justifiably regulated with ushering in a resurgence of music partorisca pop this has yielded to one likes of Backstreet, Britney, and all his soundalikes. An inaugural save of 'Wannabe', esay will be There', and '2 Result 1' to still stands likes him one of a better a-two-three solteros punches in recent memory, and yes at all here locate to a glorious level of these three, is not to lack to try. Both 'He Or Can not Dance' and 'The one who thinks that that you are' is almost the party for these three and of a together remaining,so only a maudlin soyama'occasionally flanges in skippable. Any partidário true of unadulterated the pop is committing the grave error does not have this one in his collection--Britney and one likes could not turn gold to pop like this in his sleeps his wild plus.
4 / 5
Hears to this CD! This for real marked a turn of POP! Some Daughters of the spice burst to a scene in Amsterdam with a ultra popular song "Wannabe". This CD has been in to sell on 7 millions copy United States so only, and on 23 million copies by all the world! This has to that be one of the mine favourite CDs of all the times. Memory to listen his while it was little (. 10 years), and door for behind good memories. Other excellent solteros of this CD is " you say that it was There", "2 Result 1", "Corazón", and "The one who think that that you are?"... This CD is excellent of an extreme to the another. It is too bad that some Daughters of Spice were like this short has lived! Ossia To good sure the must-have for all the defenders of pops. It is really really really good. It gives it the casualidad! Highly recommended, two thumbs up! It ENJOYS!!!!!!!!
5 / 5
Has had to come control out of some descriptions in this CD, so only reason have has said whenever the people so only do not take a point of "bubblegum" music. They are the 40 old year male the one who has lived by means of a Monkees, a Family of Partridges, a Archies, some Rollers of Cities of Bay, Debbie Gibson, and Tiffany. Any one is alleging that this music is like this deep like Jimi Hendrix or B.B. King. Ossia So only fun music! And it takes talent to create "fun" music, also! ( Had some musicians of the fantastic studio that touches for some of these groups). If have has had boys, would be thrilled to have them listening to this on rubbish like gangster rap and Marilyn Manson. It has been the moment of any one a lot of bubblegum is coming to the long of. THANKS TO a Daughter of Spice and at least to his creators!
5 / 5
Behind a day, the thoguht that this album was really good and amused to listen to--this in spite of is now. Some Daughters of Spice have sung likes has had any morning, like cheerleaders, this in spite of, a way has sung in fact leaves of the main and better container--his whole people. A world is coming to embrace 5 strong, quirky and sexy daughters to his ears (and hearts) with his mark of devilish pop ossia celverly writing and has built. Still although they have sung in materials bobo, in fact was some so only some those who has escaped with him because in the each messages of lies of the song of empowerment. They have sung with passion and flamboyance. Songs like WANNABE, WHO Thinks that that you ARE, IF Or CANT' DANCE is pieces to pop to be able to that so only stick to your boss, while ballads likes CORAZÓN, 2 RESULT 1 is very memorable, happy, entertainment. This album ameno of the so many memories--ossia to perfect soundtrack the youth that so only some DAUGHTERS of SPICE could rid.
4 / 5
Give Law Aarón any day now in an a lot of slimmed- down Fab Five, but behind in '96 was hard to escape some sounds of "Wannabe" while you are exited to the club anywhere in your venue nightstrip. To Songs likes them "Those who think that that you are?" ," you say that it was There" and an aforesaid by all the world the paste concealed began it all has done this album a teenybopper equivalent the " Want to For Destruction" with a right class of attitude (but minus some heavy electrical guitars, of course...). Included a ballad "Two Result A" almost it can I move the tears with sounds to pursue orchestral fund. "Corazón", in another hand, is sappy dreck. True, has helped to ruin music for a prójimo few years with some numerous clones that followed him (I am looking in your direction, S Club 7...), But you would prefer Everclear in of the this?...
5 / 5
Behind when it was in 5th and 6th note has used to love this album, as well as some Daughters of Spice. Now, they are the little older and does not concern thus type of music so much. But, still it gives this disk an occasional transfer. When I , any first 3 suitable clue reason has found this album like this appealing. In the first place it was, 'Wannabe' is in entertainment, uptempo number, while a ballad 'When Two Result One' east a definite guilty pleasure. One both catchy and sexy ay will be There' is easily a song more orders in an album equaling a work of any artist of pop of some last 20 years, comprising more respected to to like him to them Madonna. Unfortunately, a rest of this CD is quite forgetable. Still, I am sure any defender of some Daughters of Spice or of the music of pop will find it enjoyable. 'Wannabe', 'When Two Result One', and esay will be There' is all the songs of classical pop and this one of some albums of better pop of one 90 east.
5 / 5
Loves Some few Daughters of Spice and yes do too much, so only " you say that it was There" for them it likes him the defender. Has the real "What of Amur" for all some daughters. It likes-you touch me his CD is an after another like this "2 Result 1" Mina "Corazón" still they like him. Calm no? Well "The one who think that that you are" Included "If Or it Can not Dance" to some of his songs, is not the "Last Lover to Time" and casserole a whole CD. Here "Something Kinda Pleasant", it does not think some groups is the averages like this very like this of the Daughters of Spice are and ossia a "In of the skins" truth!
5 / 5
Some Daughters of Spice ARE POPS . It is. But they are tunes , any paper. The majority of some songs has papers without senses but have music of fresh/tunes. Behind then the luved 'in. This CD is well in of the terms of music and catchy beaten with catchy papers. But you are looking 4 sumfin' this is lyric-wise substantial, the control was:
FOR EVER (2000)
HOT (2000)
REASON (2003)
to the to DAUGHTER LIKES (2001)
WANTS TO GO more than FAST (2001)
but 5/5 in of the terms of Domination of MAP.
5 / 5
Has taken of some volume gradge sale. 10 clues with surca the total is enough for DAUGHTERS of SPICE. Here it is that it thinks.
Tune! My Bookmark [out of 10] 9.3
will BE THERE-An of mine bro faves. 6.9
03.2 RESULT 1-the amour Adds ballad. 8.6
SEWS-Add teack!-10
LOVER of TIME-Mina beans. 10
good Song for good mothers! 8.7
Thinks that Is?-A groove is contagis-10
Or CAN not DANCE 10

Top Customer Reviews: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia One of there that of endeavours of better music in this CD.
4 / 5
Every time listens to this CD, like the chair am stuck in a summer of 2001. As it is not timeless. I have bought this CD a first day of emission, May 1 '01. It was the big defender of DC behind then. I guess still they are but CONTEMPT Beyonce like the artist of only - and uses an artist of word slightly. The survivor is very better that A Writing is in Mur. This album sucked, with the few exceptions.
1) Part of Independent Women 1 - Hmmm... 'Yours only coverage celly when I am feeling solitary/ When it is throughout please create and leave' will say you 'like chair in this'. The material like this is exactly reason always say Beyonce is laughable. It was soooo well partorisca listen the sound describes that Ossia the one who the independent woman is and then advances to a song roughly Jesus in an end of a CD. Classical. I took partorisca always to like this of song. Still then it has not gone too excited roughly that. And now they are behind in it squared a - I not liking . One of one the majority of overhyped and overplayed songs of all the times. C-
2) Survivor - Again, extemely overplayed. It liked initially. B-
3) Bootylicious - I has loved this song behind in 2001 and taste now, of bad is enjoyable to listen to. Some papers are so only stupid - soyy the organism is too bootylicious for you babe'? Geez. Like gueto. B
4) Bad Daughter - 'Bad, trashy, sleezy, classless'... Wow, Ossia roughly to the equal that would classify Beyonce these days. 'Bad place some dresses on... Whatcha thinkin' 'Extreme that Looks that the' down... Shaking that thang, looking all stunk and the bad/ Sure look pleasant, daughter in his Booty/ of dukes all looked trashy' Is so only me, or is that Beyonce to the equal that speak? Beyonce, perhaps would owe that LISTEN To your OWN PAPERS!! You are well, 'dipped some cloths on daughter'. C
5) Elegant - An of some better songs in a CD. B
6) Twisted of Apple One The Way - I songs of HATE without meaning besides fences in hopping for some doubt. And this song has some of a stupidest papers - ' I say 'Hey boy, enjoys to seat after mine in me the corduroys/ follows to Knit, my daughter is of Illinois... You are married 'cuz yours very a lot extaordinary kinda scary...' Yeah, Beyonce Is the composer adds... C-
7) Sexy Dad - Ossia likes Twisted of Apple A To the way has continued. And it is too long. C
8) Part of Independent Women II - This song me howl with laughing. Some sounds of music like the sample of A Looney Toons. Appearance listen Bugs Bunny to sing 'That is on, Doc' in a half of a song. And some papers are recycled basically of a prime minister I.W. With the little has added semence. It is like this bobo. The one who is brilliant idea was this? It wants to take the supposition? Seven papers B-And-And-Or-N-C-And, surprised of surprise. Yeah, Is soooo ready. C
9) Happy Face - This song could be be cut of the half. He my boss hurt with Beyonce 'Ohhhhhhhh'ing and ' am flying, am flying, am FLYING!!!!!!' For a last half of a song. You are flying Beyonce, take it. It is still quite well, this in spite of. B-
10) Emotions - This song is probably a better song Destiny the girl has not done never. And look that the only spends any to be writing for Beyonce. It is the Bee Gees song. All of the his vocals is wonderful on here. A video sucked. A+
11) Dangerously Enamoured - Reason is Beyonce and company like this got obsessed with this song? Has the version of only in his CD. Reason? It touches exactly like this one. It sings goodness a whole time, which is an atrocity . It thinks that that it is Whitney Houston or something. Everything is - yodel, basically. And she he in the plot of songs. In fact it thinks that that it is doing something, shouting and everything... Any lied his reason is not a vocalist thinks that that it is. D
12) Brown Occhi - A, pleasant. B
13) A History Of Beauty - @subject Very serious here but a definite message is uplifting. Beyonce Says a song was inspired by the paper of the defender. One of mine favourite. A
14) Gospel Medley - listening to any the one who is dating to to the the foul partner likes him the jay Z sings roughly Jesus is sickening of mine. I prefer to listen to the work of only of Michelle, which is on Beyonce is and Kelly is. F
15) Another (DC-3) Thank you - A, anything. It is like the little peom to the each one like this another. It can it does not estimate.
In general, this CD is good to be of a R&B artist. The difference of his past music, some another in fact taken to sing (SIGH). And this are to add reasons Michelle has the voice adds and is very better that yodeling Beyonce. I guess it deserves three and the half stars.
5 / 5
Surviving, a third album rids our of Beyonce, Kelly & Michelle, this album is not like this glorious as 'the writing is in Mur', but still access in a category of explendid POP of Hip. All some clues are built in the way that the music could be easily understandable. Esurvivor' A main and ploughing so only oddly quite be that a daughter will anger to the each adversity and survive his, harmonously his voices sometimes touch out of place, but some still main work only, especially that strangely delicious bridge that Michille cry 'After all....', 'Bootylicious' The supreme plus so only that a prime minister, is total party stomping classical, Cups of sampling Nicks 'Flange Of Seventeen' loop of electrical guitar, such papers add and ready that suitable days of Destiny better. 'Emotion' the rendition to the BeeGees the song written, the original of Samantha has Sung, this has not been the big R&B swipe, as he a lot of click with his soulful defenders, but a still directed song to take to a cup 10 of some maps of POPS, the emotion adds is one, but still Beyonce is distant a lot of to be adds it balladear, against Kelly. 'Part of independent Woman 1' an inaugural and his clue 1 only for 11 weeks that come from the soundtrack of Angeles of Charlie, one follows does so only a word for the explain: CLASSICAL. 'Bad daughter', esexy Dad', 'Dance With me' is beautiful rowdy together. 'Dangerously Enamoured', 'Brown Occhi' is' utmost results in a zone of amour; some of some songs that somehow failed to the click is soyy the heart Still Beats', 'Twisted of Apple One The Way', and one uncomfortable 'Expensive Happy'(has to that no this be mention to be the paralizaciones to any one likes Hillary Duff?), to dip this in persective, esurvivor' is not one same like ready 'the writing is...' It excepts still it maintains a freshness of Destiny is and would try to maintain the clue or two in your alcohol for ever. An end.
4 / 5
After his very successful turn album, 'A Writing is in Mur,' Destiny' the girl so only has grown and main. When Half of a band (LaTavia and LeToya) has been kicked is gone in punctual 2000, a lot of speculation has been done in a future of a band. Michelle Williams later joined (together with another the one who has been kicked was after the few months!) Mates of original band Beyonce Knowles and Kelly Rowland and was a final three - three members of the boy of Destiny, a main American trio of TLC. A year 2000 had seen some daughters top some maps in both some the EUA and United Kingdom with a @@subject to the angels of Charlie, a daughter of funky-hymn to be able the 'Independent Women.' They locate big, and at all went him to spend down.
How has arrived 2001, and some daughters were intent on doing is his year of mammoth. An emission of an album urvivor' in May 2001 his place there. An album there is topped some the EUA and maps of albums of the United Kingdom, and has like this far sold near of 15 million world-wide units. It has produced some fantastic and very successful solteros, as 'of the Independent Women,' esurvivor,' 'Bootylicious' and 'Emotion.' All three daughters are excellent, but some lies of talent some behind that to Lose Beyonce Knowles. A young lady was so only 19 at the same time of an emission of this album, and is a real shot - has a voice, some movements, an organism, a personality and a raw talent of the producer/of composer/of the singer.
The survivor opens with three enormous songs, 'Independent Women,' esurvivor' and 'Bootylicious.' A prime minister two was United Kingdom massively Any.1 single, whilst A last peaked in Any one.2 In a summer of 2001. All some songs have the fantastic happy feels to them, covering appearances of female enpowerment, survival and sexiness. All subject desquels has been spoken first, but any to the terracing where some whole world-wide stops and takes note. 'Bad daughter' and 'Elegant' follow up in the way adds. A forward has the beaten wonderful and fantastic vocals in those some daughters say it like this is in the 'bad daughter' the one who cavorts around spending hardly any dresses, he doing hard for daughters (likes some DC daughters) to obtain the respect and the one who have dignidades. A last is the moderately enjoyable hymn of funky in the type that to the some daughters do not like .
'Twisted of apple One The Way' is the wonderful piece of R'any B in those some daughters speak the type is very attracted to. Some papers are class of dumb, but a vocals and your humorous of some frames of song up for him. Esexy Dad' and soyun Perfecto' is two R'any B hymns that is quickly partorisca dispel all a trick that the daughters of the girl of Destiny is man-haters ('Bills, Bills, Bills,' 'Bug Some Boos, esay My Name' etc.). Both songs are in perfect men, and suitable some good daughters. 'Part of independent Women II' is the a lot of the feeblest clue to an original swipe, but 'Expensive Happy' frames up for this error. It is the wonderful, feel-hymn to pop well where some daughters sing roughly the one who happy is for living being. ' Bundle With me' is the classy and chilled-was piece of R'any B the pop in those some daughters sings lovingly in the slow and groovy tomb. Soyy The heart Still Beats' is Beyonce is shining moment of glory. It sings his heart is gone in this wonderful ballad, and is evident that is a star of a band.
'Emotion' and 'Brown Occhi' is two wonderful ballads. A forward is the coverage of a Bee Gees classical, and was the enormous European swipe in late 2001. Beyonce vocals Sound And for an end, is really the chance of 'Bee Gees that?' A last is my preferred ballad of an album. Beyonce Takes goodness vocals in this classy and traditional romantic ballad in his lover. 'Dangerously Enamoured' is a half song, in it Beyonce later would go in to sing as 'leaves 2' in his album of a same name. 'A History Of Beauty' is the serious song in the fan the one who has written the paper the Beyonce express hurt the very difficult time of his life. It is the very emotional song , and some daughters really sell it, doing agrees an importance of life. An album in bylines in the disappointing note, with a two the chapel Gospel of songs Medley' and 'Another (DC-3) Thank you). In both, some daughters sing roughly the one who lucky is to have all that does; it is all state done before.
In general, the girl of Destiny was to the winner with this third fantastic album. It has seen some daughters go of the successful career-of-the-band of daughter of the mill to a vocal group main woman in a world. Projects of suns of all three daughters have very tried achieved - especially Kelly and Beyonce. This also spent a lot of rumours that a band is to leave, but a band insists that they will be of tower in a studio next year to register the album of Boy of Destiny new foreseen to release later that year. The clock goes to be - was enormous!
4 / 5
Has listened to some of some songs of urvivor' in the house of the friends and I seriously can does not believe to sell like the a lot of copy has done like this. It is surprising the one who far hype so only can take. The boy of Destiny looks to be all in Beyonce Knowles, a singer of the goodness and the time looks an only singer. It is any surprise enough, reason his dad is also a manager! Michelle has Macy adds Grey/Gospel-as the voice but she hardly takes a lot so only is. Admitted has shared much more vocals then on 'Writings' except esurvivor' sounds very run-of-the-mill. Beyonce Can not write songs for a life of his and his voice looks a lot feeble sometimes. It looks he likes afterwards in that listens him sing alive that his voices are modified in a studio. It ailed and tired after listening 'Independent Women' for a umpth time. An only good thing in a song is that it has taken a awsome film 'Charlies Angeles good Ascent. Quell'Unworthy concealed, is the stupid song roughly money that need to be independent. Calm no precise cash to be independent Beyonce, is the state of alcohol. 'Bootyliscious' Has to that be one of some songs more the transmission has has not listened never. It is not even the real word! (I Abril Lavigne Is esk8er Buey'). And that it is with an use of a word 'Aspic'? They are the type and the think it would be disguisting to see the plot of 'Aspic' this half is fat. A song 'emotions' is basically an only listenable song on here. A song of title is class of catchy likes with a background music but taking still to bore with which listen his for the moment. It was also bondadoso of [bad] still Beyonce to write in his x-members in this tone when it is a a the one who his kicked was! In general, DC3 objective that has been it all to the long of, the pop groups the one who so only takes for been due to Beyonce and his father, and agrees any fashion is a tendency to remain populate (likes Christina Aguilera). In Vogue Is very better and is known for his flange SO ONLY and less for his video of music. I reccomend In Vogue CD 'EV3' in place of this kareoke disorder that is unfortunately state platnum. Global note: F- Please avert to all the cost..
4 / 5
Well, so that has the BIG Hype in this record, but still does not take it . His diss out of LaTavia and LeToya in "Survivor" and please you he Partidário BIG of the boy of Destiny cuz of this album, any email me and "oh his no" cuz has DONE! If his no, then reason has done Beyonce father, Mathew, also write in a clue? Oh And anything is spent to a whole group that writes near, bad, Kelly included written the line in here. In a leading album, Kelly has sawed-has written in roughly 10 of some songs! Beyonce Papers in this one is really some holes. It is trynna marks his vocals stronger but does not act. A thing adds in this album is one sharing of vocals. Kelly alot more, sometimes more than Beyonce. But Michelle poor, so only singing bridges?! Please no very enough for mine in pleasant! And, MI TITLE, one the majority of talented meaning Tavia and Toya, some daughters, a G is, a bomb, a better! They have taken kicked out of just reasons LaTavia ailed and LeToya cure of the his when they were to suppose to be in visit, never listened to ANNUL, Gentleman Knowles?! It could see to read a "Thank you" papers of "Some Writings in Mur" this TAV and Toya was more after and that to bee and Kelly was more afterwards. It looks that Gentleman Knowles has given so only he damn in Beyonce and his prime related, Kelly Rowland. It has not given it damn in LaTavia and LeToya that was bad like this LATAVIA WAS THAT BEGUN ON The BAND A PAIR Of YEARS BEHIND! I mean where it is a rap in this album? In a forward two album have had to the artists like Wyclef, JD, Of Masters P, Pras, Missy Elliott and LaTavia included rap, has lost was! It likes to please it wants to purchase the DC album, goes to take his start. I mean I do and it is uncountable the better time that "Survivor" At least, Beyonce has not had a "anti-fanclub" that grow majorly in that then (1997/1998/1999.) A lot of LUV 2 LATAVIA ROBERSON And LETOYA LUCKETT, A KISS 2 YOU BOTH! The this of REAL G!
5 / 5
Ossia A first full album released with which a lineup transmissions. Among a death of a first incarnation of a group and a current lineup, has had some decent songs that is exited of DC....'Perfect man', 'Any day now Rainier', estimulate Me , etc. After these good songs, would expect to listen some quite some of DC. Well, it thinks again!
Does not love his likes am saying that this album is bad, but, like the title has said, leaves to plot to be wished. I think that that this album could have been the little better.
Some of some songs of dance are decent. Some first four songs will go in your boss and never leave! 'Part of independent Women 1' is wonderful. Esurvivor' Is has bitten goes, but some of some papers are decent (minus feeble part of Michelle). 'Bootylicious' Is the decent song, but a Rockwilder remezcla (in a 'This Is a Remezcla' CD) is in better plot in my opinion. 'Bad daughter' is funny when you listen his, and some harmonies are well.
More than a midtempo the songs are well. 'Part of independent Women 2' is the very good song with good harmony, and would have to that it has been released like the alone. 'Expensive happy' is the Nickelodeon song some time kiddies!! Like this pleasant. 'A History of Beauty' has the @subject @ a lot of his, and a vocals and the harmonies are well.
A passage of the slowest songs well. 'Emotion' is the very a lot of remake, although Michelle could be be give the little more adlibs or something. 'Dangerously Enamoured' is probably one of some better songs of a current decade, and listen it almost everywhere go. 'Brown Occhi' is nettling at the beginning listen, but certainly will grow on you. And a 'Gospel Medley' is a lot a lot of vocally.
A interludes is a lot well in my opinion, for them all directed if a next song. Also they maintain a subject of an album, surviving. Michelle is is up in the first place, well after urvivor', where says ' will survive to be well, will survive to be sexy, will survive to be bootylicious!!' Kinda Pleasant listen his. Kelly is on prójimo, well with which 'Expensive Happy' and is probably a better touching vocally. Has the lovely background harmony where says ' will survive abandonment, will survive the heart broken, will survive loneliness.' Finally it is Miss Beyonce' is, well with which 'Brown Occhi', where says ' will survive a past, will survive fear, and will survive.' If it listen to that once, will think, in an end, esurvive THAT?', But calm then will take it.
Now, some of some songs are downright nettling, and the frames wish you could substitute him with soyun Perfecto', 'Any day now Rainier', etc. 'Elegant' is so only bit it too much for the harmony is well, but some papers suck. 'Twisted of apple One The Way' has to that it is not even be in an album, reason some of some words spend of longitude like this quickly that no calm included know that it is said, for this can very included really take a gist of him in all the chance. Esexy Dad' is overproduced, and a song of final 'DC-3 Thank you' is quell'has bitten too much, for a sound of daughters how was so only his concealed has taken the as the one who has done.
Have another question with this EAST MICHELLE!!! For DC to be bragging that they are like this stronger vocally, his no quite show he for that has Beyonce' doing 80 of a vocals (again). Michelle is given to spare and economic adlibs that the calm frames interest you that it is included there! At all against Michelle at all when I say that, but to good sure would have to that be listened to plot more.
In general, this album could have been to better plot , has had has had a spunk that WOTW , and a vocals that an album to start with has done. It is still halfway decent, and the value listens it or two.
4 / 5
This spends to be Destinys Chico 3rd album and is there more! I can not expect for them to do another. Ossia Better way that his better & prime minister that his second. I will give you my description and say you reason this definately belonging to take 5 stars! I will say you his swipes of this album to say 'his prime minister ? Swipe'.
Independant Leaves of woman 1: His prime minister 1 swipe in September/of August 2000. Ossia A lot of female powered and has the positive message. Fun, especially rigging or driving in a car. 4 stars
Survivir: His according to 1 swipe in April 2001. A song written for Beyonce to say of (in the classy way) some means comunicacionales and some other members that has done liek Destinys Chico. Ohh, For a way is all has related. Cousins or sibling. I add to diss the partner, but know has taken your Cousins of Zodiac write behind you! 5 stars!
Bootylicious: His third 1 swipe in August 2001. A song of State orders amused & like this entertainment to dance to, or add backround music when you are swimming with your prime minister & sibling. 5 stars!
Bad daughter: Another so only for them but no that to 1. A fun song orders that it says like the dress of bad daughter & has said another pay attention and reason does not know his TRUE self! 5 stars!
Elegant: I ADD! I ADD! Summer Song. This like this entertainment in the summer when there it is no school, especially when Gemini & Aquarious is with me, Blinks, his brother! 5 stars!
Wry of apple The Way: A bit more relaxed that 'Elegant'. Still as 'Elegant'. 5 stars!
Sexy dad: So much upper explosion amused in State with Gemini & Aquarius! Like this like this Real! 5 stars!
Independant Leaves of woman 2: Honradamente, does not listen his that often. It is amused & continuous one first half. 4 stars.
Cara happy: I ADD! I ADD! I ADD! With which took on mine desglosa of November 2000-of April 2001, in a Summer this was my subject of Summer 2001! Excellent summer with my Familiar & Gemini (sibling) & Aquarius (sister/of prime minister). Perfecto 5 stars!
Dangerously Enamoured: Sum of emotional song. Shows that amour and has fill takings to be with the sure any one. 5 stars!
Brown Occhi: A good-looking song, good-looking! Master the & listen , will know reason! 5 stars!
A History Of Beauty: Sad, but comforing. It says a history of the a lot of insecure, the person has abused. 5 stars!
Melody of gospel: I am a lot religious & so only listen to this song, excellent and deserves 5 stars! Of all the world! 5 stars!
Thank you: WOW, I love this song. It is the thanks to the each one like this to Beyonce, Michelle, & Kelly. Lovely & is my message to Nico & Alysha! 5 stars!
In general love this album! It is the definate & is LIKE THIS LIKE THIS REAL! I want to & it wishes the music would be to like 2000/2001 Pop music again! But, 2004 it is by train to spend it behind!
5 / 5
"Survivor" it is the boy of Destiny third album released in 2001. This his place in new musical territory besides the new line-up. This album is more mature that his leading emissions. Some papers explore of more varieties of subjects and slightly subjects more intimate. Before "Survivor", so only Beyonce and Kelly Roland has sung goodness vocals. Now, all three members , although the majority of a spotlight resplandores still in Beyonce. There is definite musical growth among his leading album "A Writing is in Mur" and here. "Survivor" also it situates the boy of Destiny likes some R&B divas in his own legislation. This album tries that for real they deserve his afamada.
Each song is writing fantastically for Beyonce with a help of several brilliant musicians. Each song has his own powerful message: independence, class, force, amour, and inner beauty. These songs take auditors in the travesía musical wonderful that begins with "Part of Independent Women I", previously written for a film "the angels of Charlie" and when finalising with "Another (DC-3): Thank you", which each member thanks any one helped him by means of his success. If they treat upbeat or ballad, the stays of Girl of Destiny up. His Grammy-clues to title that wins capitalises his enormous quality.
"Survivor" it is the album adds concealed is allocated to be the classical. Ossia Sure to please a lot of auditors for the long time. Those looking for more also would owe that buy Beyonce album of only "Dangerously Enamoured". Such musical combination adds it listening experience.
4 / 5
While it has thought the girl of Destiny is result too mainstream, little know that his third endeavour of studio would be his the majority of eclectic album to date. While his leading emissions were mainly R&B, esURVIVOR' this in spite of incorporatesw Pops and Techno to a scene.
01. 'PART of INDEPENDENT WOMEN I' (4/5) I Mainly deducted some stars been due to radio extreme overplay. Has all has listened this song before way that does not go to go to detail. And More also know is a subject finally year movig 'Charlie' the angel is' (the btw is the very good film).
02. EsURVIVOR' (5/5) Like IDW the leaves have all has listened is a before. It has taken old at the beginning but of then does not touch it a lot has been beginning for the pleasure much more. A background music is so only simple catchy! All the members are exhibited is one. I also like a video to plot also, agree me the sure show for a same name.
03. 'BOOTYLISCIOUS' (3.5/5) This was thier alone third and in my opinion was Destinys the worse song of the girl to date. I mean they are the type and would not be turned on for the daughters 'aspic.' This is so only simple bad. An only reason reason gives it props is b/c is catchy and has the line of basses of the funky.
04. 'BAD DAUGHTER' (3/5) This one could take or leave. They have known obviously it has required it king-working reason in his his CD new plus 'THIS Is The REMEZCLA' has it remezcla of him. I think that that it goes to be thier after so only like investigation of the emisora irradiate near you! Any much more to say in east a...
05. 'TWISTED of APPLE One The WAY' (4.5/5) has known of a title of a song was to be good. Some daughters try his hands in scat is one and also has more than the jazzy-like me seats then some another. Ossia One of mine fav is of an album.
06. EsEXY DAD' (4/5) Another jazzy-song to write This song could take or leave. An only reason reason gives it props is b/c has the very beats and is scatting the little has bitten again!
07. 'PART of INDEPENDENT WOMEN II' (3/5) Honradamente like me some very better originals. This one could be 'farce' considered and is any party to 'Any Very Any one Leaves II.' As it is not expecting anything adds of east a, which is looked also on DC newer album 'THIS Is The REMEZCLA.'
08. 'EXPENSIVE HAPPY' (5+/5) loves this song. It is such feel it a lot uptempo song. All some daughters are exhibited here. It is the song adds to wake until in a start of a day. It Likes him a techno-ish fund and a vocals is fantastic. It is more than the Pop feels his bondadoso to like something Vitamin C would sing but still likes to of me to plot.
09. 'EMOTION' (5+/5) Ossia Destiny Chica that loves! A group that gives the his song everything with perfect harmonies and each member to group that taking it casualidad to sing. Ossia He remake of a Bee Gee song for a name although it looks Samantha has Sung. Honradamente I like this a better and is on ther with one more remakes of all the times (included closes to appearance&112 is 'all has cried was')
10. 'DANGEROUSLY ENAMOURED' (4/5) When I have listened this song has thought at the beginning that was to be add, but would have to that it has been done on more like this boring me that an end. Some the electrical guitars are to touch this in spite of and goes back to his R&B roots. Ossia One of Beyonce so only.
11. 'BROWN OCCHI' (5+/5) I like this song to plot. He kinda agree me of esflection' for christina aguilera or ' external' for mariah tortoiseshell. It likes- one background music also and Beyonce the harmonies are well. It is an only one singing in this song also.
12. EsTORY OF BEAUTY' (4/5) This song has grown on me so did not like me very first. I can very really say a lot in east a but I still listen his was and on. Any of mine favourite, an only reason reason are by train of the give 4/5 is because of an interesting background music.
13. 'GOSPEL MEDLY' (5+/5) Wow!! Ossia Reason loves the boy of Destiny and a reason because I am such the powerful group . Some harmonies are so only incredible. Still although any like him to him the music of Gospel a lot this song will do like Destiny Of same Girl if they do not like them of then a lot. I outrage 14. 'ANOTHER (DC-3) THANK YOU' these both are ways add to close the fun Pop/R&B album. In general I give esURVIVOR' for Destiny' Chico the B+ thinks that is the good mix of Pop, R&B, Techno and Gospel. Definatly reccomeneded Likes -you Destiny Chico!!
4 / 5
To the left stimulate me my drink on this Surviving album called like that can revise. It has not listened his first album, but the word was that it has been catered to a youngster'some. His second album, A Writing is in Mur, was in fact quite a lot still this in spite of has had the "trifiln' man" overkill on that. He also treaty more grown-on subjects. Unfortunately, it looks a threesome is of tower to cater to some girls with this choppy album.
These sounds of albums as it stirs it of boys was fidgeting with some joints of the his, for some joints of products of the album that can you any dance even to. In fact, I am half-right: Beyonce has sawed-produced everything of some clues, giving an album the TRL-ready feel more than a BET feels his last two albums has given. Perhaps it would be necessary to take the flange; in fact, perhaps been due to touches to produce, spends less time producing his breathtaking vocals and more the time that gives the "way in resume" approximation in his voice (sees a clue of annoying title). Also, it gives some other members Kelly and Michelle wide time in a mic, which is not always advantageous. Kelly sings well, but Michelle practical needs the little more.
Is hard to seat by means of such fluff of pop of the hip like "Bootylicious", some beaten bad in "Independent Women Pt. 2", And one the majority of amazing defect: "Elegant". Here, Dwayne Wiggins subpar the clue fails to match past Wiggins/Destiny collabos like "Dulce Sixteen". There is so only two songs that prevents this CD to be a prójimo Frisbee: "Emotion" (which any one they was write, is the song of coverage ), and "Dangerously enamoured" ( it saves for a title bobo).
Perhaps this group was better when Latavia and his daughter was still there, but that knows is that the survivor could be the swipe with some boys, but for a rest of is an incoherent, disorder in experimental. Now I left it has arrived my drunk.
5 / 5
Ossia For FAR my favourite CD of all the times-! And trust me.. Ive Has listened to A lot of-! I reccommend this to burst & R&B music luvers-
1. Part of independent Women 1- Almost all the world has listened this song- Has awesome papers and utmost background vocals. His roughly when being independent for all some ladies there!
2. SURVIVOR- This song has papers that could help by means of the hard time (like the pause-arrive) His roughly surviving and thinks alot of the people can relate to this song-
3. BoOtYlICiOuS- A FUN song!- A song of dance adds-! It does not fail never to do me loves dance-
4. BAD DAUGHTER- This song is not bad but any of mine favourite. Has a awesome the beaten but a concept is bashing the daughter- which is the transmission of bashing types-
5. Elegant- An of my favs in a His- album on the daughter that need to find his own identity. His jealousies against his friends (gives Chico) is by train to cause them to not wanting to him around n and more. I LOVE a way his sound of voice in this song-
6. TWISTED of apple One His- Way a very song- I of the that listens to this a lot of but I of the one who alcohol lsitening his-
7. Sexy DAD- My PREFERRED of fast song for FAR in an album! AWEsOmE SONG of DANCE!! REALLY they require to do east the only- A beaten is aweosme, loves some few papers!- A definate 10!
8. Part of INDEPENDENT WOMEN 2- Ive seen revise where the majority of ppl of the that like this the song but like- I liek some papers alot but of the beaten is the lil different for the boy of Destiny-
9. HAPPY FACE- This Song can brighten on anyones day! Ossia The real to feel-good song! I want to-
10. Emotion GOOD-LOOKING Song- the girl of Destiny has such Good-looking voices that expresses in this song- His the song feeled w/ "emotions" and his the song w/ meaning and they a aweosme does to sing he-
11. DANGEROUSLY ENAMOURED- My PREFERRED ballad in this album- His beautiful in the daughter deeply and for real enamoured with an amour of his life- Has like this meaning his unreal- Or REALLY need to listen to this or amour ballads, songs of amour, and the boy of Destiny-
the eyes Touch the really sweet ballad. The boy of Destiny really can sing significant ballads-
13. The History Of Beauty- has the good menaing for behind the but any of the mine favs. His in the daughter that takes molested..
14. Gospel MedLeY- Beautiful!- The boy of Destiny is Very spiritual- Andretta Tillman mustve has had the enormous impact in these ladies of the each album a song is poured in his-
15. ANOTHER(DC-3) THANK YOU- A pleasant lil when finalising to the wonderful Cd- Some daughters appreciate to the each one which so another for his support to an another!-
If or of the that possesses this... Ur LOSING was!!!
4 / 5
Love this CD. Some songs are perfect, and some members of DC-3 are adds. The survivor is the very mature endeavour newer that the boy of Destiny. While there are some songs of farce (Melody of Gospel, Sexy Dad, Independant Breakings of Women II) has like this more songs unexpectedly!
Here Is Some Members: Beyoncé- Is a Singer of Goodness. First of Kelly
"Kelly" Kelendria- Second Goodness. Beyoncé First
Michelle- the Newest edition to DC-3. Has A Very Only Voice.
Knows That you know All some Members, here Is There Fabulous and No Like this Fabulous Songs.
That really help him is that Beyonce has had the hand in writing everything of some songs (Except "Emotion"), and Kelly, Michelle, and Beyonce all has written a last song, "Another DC-3. Sure, so only they are that they speak in those that want each one which so another, but take writing credits. This album tries that some women of the girl of Destiny is for real "Survivors." Here it is that one 15 tax of clues of 0(Terrible)-10 (Excellent)
1. Part of independent Women I: you have Listened This one of the soundtrack of Angeles of Charlie. An excellent catchy song. 9
2. Survivor: All the world is listened this some hips. First Swipe Of this Album 9.5
3. Bootylicious: I LOVE THIS SONG! They are also happy that this song is an only informative . One follows of definite dance! 8
4. Bad daughter: Good song with the good message. "Badly Dipped Some Cloths On, has Said Already, does not leave House Without Your Cloths In" calm Take it! 7
5. Elegant: Good song roughly having your own identity! 7.5
6. Twisted of apple One The Way: basically COAST Canzone, 6
7. Sexy dad: it does not add , but no terrible. 5
8. Part of independent Women II: Really I Hate This Song. 2
9. Happy face: A good song roughly having positive self estimate. 7
10. Emotion: Excellent Ballad song of amour! 9
11. Dangerously Enamoured: Really a lot of ballad. 8
12. Brown Occhi: WELL. 6
13. A History Of Beauty: Really good. Has the history adds & message. 9.5
14. Gospel Medley: Well for Christians. 4
15. Another (DC-3) Thank you: the album adds ender. His All has Contributed To This Song. 9
I DEFINATLY RECOMMEND THIS CD FOR Any one Any Enjoy and Love the CD.

Global note: A
5 / 5
the boy of Destiny is of tower with the new album. Too bad his torture to listen to. It does not take Me bad, DC is the popular group and they have had some songs add, but the majority of Survivor is pure rubbishes. A sad thing is some only people those who buy these records are adolescent , reasons any more has a common sense to take some good music. In spite of, there is the few good clues, perhaps one or two. "Brown Occhi" it is his better song in this cd, the beautiful amour ballad this would have to that be the alone, but probably will not be reason owe that release these crappy upbeat songs that takes after a first heart. Taken for example "Survivor". These sounds of song likes them sound that sings a wrong song, some beaten does not go with some words and his so only the headache to listen to reason his like this jumbled. You can very included find beat it to dance to. "Bootylicious", Michael Jackson was an inspiration , there is calm there is not founding your own identity Beyonce and some daughters of DC, likes to proclaim in "Elegant"? "Bad daughter" it is quite pleasant of to to sounds like is singing to of them, perhaps before they go to preach would have to that look in like this dressed in a mirror. "Sexy dad" it is a worse song has has not listened never. Perhaps Beyonce is writing material now but reason has to that be like this bad. A lot still it writes a music, writes words that goes with a music that is to be give to use for songs. As well as it leaves description; some the better songs on here are "Brown Occhi" and "Emotion". They are such sell outs, jumping in a Survivor bandwagon, of a success of a show of television. Some songs are like this repetitive and annoying. Anything is spent to the to some the good songs like in Of A Writing is in Mur, very the forget. They kicked Some good members was and Beyonce Diana is resulted Ross of a group. Just look in some photos, is always in a half or any a first note. Hmmm... In all the chance, buy this album, calm will wish you left it on to an island of desert likes in Survivor. But if yours quite bobo to buy this album, suggests two Aleve before and after listening his.
5 / 5
Does not hate but appreciate all a talent that is offered of this album, ossia the classical future and will be the part of history of music. People that is tasteless and has not liked him DC FIRST 2 albums unexpectedly, that thinks yours that goes to like his third, included although it is his hot plus a to date. The majority of people is a lot when they say that a SURVIVOR of album "it has not been that has expected", reason is not , is besides better that which could imagine. The people would not owe that be fearful to listen the girl of Destiny new, would have to except some new offerings. Enough it would have the boy of Destiny be trendsetters in place of copiers. An album "Survivor" it is like this hot that can not take any hot plus, as if it is not quite hot for some peeps that perhaps is so only too cold. To do DC the same hotter music his sampled of 3 other songs and one cover song? Beyonce A singer of goodness has written and has produced each song in this album that objective the one who talented this but this in spite of having some other members in fact sing goodnesses in this album to aim that it is not to perfect.
Listed of clue:
1.) Part of independent Women 1 = Ossia a hot prime minister so only of this album and was looked also like the song of @@subject for a number unexpectedly 1 film "the angels of Charlie" and a lot so only it was a film and number a swipe but how was this alone.
2.) Survivor = Ossia a second alone swipe of this album and am sure will attain to number a punctual of then is like this hot. A version in an album is the remezcla, but still has of the original beats like a like this good song like original of then any one there is remarked included that some beaten have been changed bit it.
3.) Bootylicious = This song is dipped to be one 3rd so only of this album as if they a lot already have enough paste this is to begin obviously there. I can apple this maintaining taste walks down of a street that hears the people that says this trendy has launched word "Bootylicious"! It can not give the boy of Destiny all a credit is a reason have done this hot swipe for sampling of Stevie Nicks hot swipe " it Embroiders of Seventeen", very calm perhaps can him give all a credit because his vocals has not touched never better.
4.) Bad daughter = This is not the song in the daughter that is bad reason is sexy, this song is in the daughter the one who is looking unattractive reason is so only bad. I give this song he holler reason each element mentioned in this song is like this true. DC Also sampled another old swipe to do this hot clue, and hot and down to one a lot the truth is.
5) Likes = Any only is this follows elegant but is classy and like this of the daughters of DC mentions in to the this song does not like trashy and classless peeps of the that can not find the amour of the his own.
6.) Twisted of apple A To the way = not having Never follows it been like this tastey like the real lunch is appointed with which. This song is hot and one of mine favourite in an album and different DC old material ossia in fact a lot bashing daughters/of the types instead is everything for them.
7.) Sexy dad = Ossia the song of the hot dance and all characterise you peeps can change some papers the sexy mamma.
8.) Part of independent Women 2 = Like a prime minister a has not gone quite hot, DC has has had to that do this sampling of hot sequela one has beaten of a cartoon of hot classical television "Peabody Improbably History". This remezcla is all the boy of Destiny and embezzle a "the angels of Charlie" reason ossia all original .
9.) Happy type = Ossia the a lot motivational pop song that has the his beautiful chair that the frames so only loves smiled, this in spite of calm still can dance to this clue with his warm has beaten.
10.) Emotion = Ossia one a song of coverage these daughters have done and his each one which to the equal that has his to own and when it listen each one which so one take your respite was.
11.) Dangerously Enamoured = This song is mid-time and is another motivational song that the mark so only loves smiled. After listening to this song probably will do chair to the equal that can win any obstacle of amour.
12.) Brown Occhi = This is the song of amour adds with the good-looking meaning and give the thanks to the god is not of the blue eyes reasons the majority of a world there is "Brown Occhi".
13.) A History Of Beauty = Ossia the song of the amour dipped to an on-time danceable song that you so only gotta be feelin'. Ossia Another inspiring song that has the his positive chair and of the frames seat all warm interior .
14.) Gospel Medley ( the ones of way that Be A lot/Now Behold A Agnello/Jesus Want Me/Total Praise) = Ossia preferred of clue of Simpson of Jessica in this album and touch it medley of 4 religious songs. He not having never has listened such good-looking voices, perhaps would owe that expect the album of gospel of DC.
15.) Another (DC-3) Thank you = This is one the majority of wonderful another has not listened never in any album of any singer. These thank you is to the likes a lot another, is in fact in a form of the song . Some daughters of the girl of Destiny thanks the each one like this another on to the equal that has reflected each one which so another is life and a group.
The people do not hate in this album adds reason calms does not want to be a one these rests was when all the world-wide be speaking roughly DC. This group has to that it weaves to be appreciated for and by means of all his questions have not grown so only musically but is resulted young legends that expects to listen more than in a future. You have thought the boy of Destiny could not survive, well has done and is and will continue to spend at all but a better our defenders. Continuous Survive the boy of Destiny!!!
4 / 5
The accident is sees here.... That the turn to group a song to the success and he big. Well, it loves to know a response to this asks the girl of Destiny. After "No, No, Any (Run 2)" with Wyclef, has gone of the one who are these young women to superstars at night. This in spite of, have taken his big pause after his 2nd CD, "A Writing is in Mur". In spite of a line frecuenta on transmissions, one 2nd CD has been done with an original 4. It was as well as they have mixed a uptempo, midtempo and slow songs all a same time. "Bills, Bills, Bills" and "Bug Some Boos" taken a CD of an earth and "Say My Name" and "Jumpin, Jumpin" helped remains there. I have had always my preferred "Stay" and "Temptations" to listen the hips. After selling 7 millions more than records in some the EUA in his last CD, DC is of tower with 3, "Survivor". In this CD, Beyonce has controls more creative and she to plot of one producing and writing. Some CD leaves at the beginning well with "Part of Independent Women 1" and "Survivor". Although a radio has touched these two songs constantly, these are still 2 of some better songs in a CD. Some the better songs are when DC sticks to a formula of old: "Bootylicious" adapted calm of "Bug Some Boos", "Elegant" it is hooked up with additional production of Dwayne Wiggins, previously of Tony!Tones! Tom! And "Emotion" it is the good remake of DC, with Beyonce taking control of a clue. A question with this CD is that in my opinion, some clues are geared more to the commercial audience. Some of some clues touch repetitive and like this Beyonce produced more, am sure will improve. "A Writing is in Mur" touched more like r&b music. "Survivor" to to the sounds like to of him has been done for defenders of TRL. "Brown Occhi" it is the good ballad for DC but that also sounds like the commercial song. To the as it likes me is that Kelli and Michelle are given of the casualidad to do goodness vocals also. Beyonce Still done his thing, but from time to time is good to listen other women in a group. If it liked DC2, can take of the little moment for DC3 to grow on you.
4 / 5
Ossia Of the defender of heavy music and complicated, this could very possibly enjoy an album has taken. It was in a way for something happy and entertainment when I have bought this, and I gotta admits, thinks that is quite entertaining. This album is like the big wad of candy of cotton - know does not have to that eat all, but you wolf he down in all the chance. Respect Beyonce for a way has taken control of his group, graduating of the typical adolescent crooner bordos all the world more songs to an independent woman the one who is controlling his own destiny. This in spite of, this does not mean can take like this dang seriously all a time. Beyonce Is not quite old and does not have an experience of life to be that he some BIG statements that is trying to do during this album. Really it doubts that his life has to that way that be hard as there will be creates in "Survivor," and some feeble feminist papers in "Bad Daughter" and a two "Independent Women" the clues are downright embarrassing. When Beyonce Decides to so only have some entertainment with some papers, likes in a no-too-dense "Happy Type" or "Way of Wing of Cake of Apple," then ossia when some fun starts. In a musical side, ossia enough an album to entertain, except a three mega-sappy ballads (clue 10-12). This can be regulated to some producers, am sure, but there are some highly impressive vocal harmonies in "Elegant" and "Sexy Dad" which are in plot of fun to listen to. While Beyonce is the singer well, tries way too hard, especially in "Survivor" that almost kills to press nowhere. But has the real goodness in Michelle, the one who is my favourite member of a group. The voice of Michelle is brilliant, shiny, and effortless, and would have to that be listened much more often.
4 / 5
Visits in a radio--pop, urban, anything--and to plot that is has touched to to the sounds likes him to him a bit the papers has been written in the adolescent boys' or daughters' locker room, sung in the cliched way in numbing production. Felizmente, there are new stars in an increase (, Alone Anderson, etc.) Those who locate on a pandering with fresh subjects that self-esteem of exposure, respect, and solid values, sung on production that cough some genuine creativity to r&b/hip-hop. With this album, the boy of Destiny could have gone any way, and felizmente looks for having continued further to the long of a big street with SURVIVOR.
Beyonce Knowles Looks to have the hand in virtually each appearance of the preparation of an album (goodness vocals, songwriting, production). It tries that everything of a hype surrounding a 2001 Grammy the nominations was a lot of-deserved--his appeal and that of some starts grupal with pre-adolescents and crosses until far older demographics that the majority of his peers. Surprising that writing witty, intelligent papers and projecting the strong image, positive can do for one this musical reputation ! This in spite of some the musical results are catchy enough to do fault like this candy of ear, also. Included when a venacular gone back to to likes it of 'bootylicious,' of the sense to prevail of lyrical cleverness rests. A global impression in the SURVIVOR is that of young women with the relatively admirable perspective on life, and the sense is of self-esteem.
Likes one would expect, several tunes choose up in a feels to SAY MY NAME, everything with witty wordplay for Beyonce and the sound has has sawed writers. This in spite of, these clues are hardly one-dimensional clones, and in a course of an album a trio heads to follows of irresistably numbers of dance of the funky to the version of coverage of a BeeGees' EMOTION that in my alcohol outdistances an original. Adding to a variety is diverse thin ballads, and one it capella the short gospel indicates that a group is overtly navigation his on and further the majority of his peers. So only it is not in accordance with several lukewarm the descriptions have like this remote bed. In general, the SURVIVOR is the forward of jump of entity for the group already touted eat having to that it weaves of closing like this has the still room has left for growth further!
5 / 5
A stellar trio, the boy of Destiny after his immensely a lot-has received the WRITINGS in MUR has launched of his album with thrilling anticipated, SURVIVING. The SURVIVOR is helmed for a singer of goodness of a group, Beyonce Knowles with all some songs under his flagship production - and is ostensible that producing 18 songs touches a uphill fulfilled. Sure, WRITING in the WALL entices with more grooves, smooth R&B of the to to renowned collaborators likes him-Rodney Jerkins and to the May the SURVIVOR like an album has resisted more grit and sass, situating a trio as it staunch defender of right woman. PART of INDEPENDENT WOMAN 1 and the SURVIVOR is solid examples like current hot solteros,endearing his audience and defenders with the only sound of the his own. It is in this experience of album and exit of a type of rhythm that is excluyente to DC. Touches of SURVIVOR without only his music but his own papers also.
Kelly, Michelle and Beyonce possesses flawless harmonising and tip his incredible endeavour during an album. The clues aventajadas comprises BAD BOYS, LIKE which are mostly R&B with heavy grooves - but a self-evident amazing part in a form of ballads. It has sawed-Produced with famed W. Afanasieff, To to The songs likes them to them-him them BROWN EYES, MI HEART BEATEN STILL (feat. Beyonce)Is smooth ballads to those amours and resonate with a unit of his voices. EMOTIONS and DANGEROUSLY ENAMOURED especially aim his honed vocals to miraculous audio-feat.
A thing this in spite of is his dance floors , obviously Sexy Dad, the man Perfecto has lost that tongue-in-cheek and flavour that touch pops quite discordant. It is hard to please a commerical side - but the SURVIVOR like an album aims his chryalis phase in morphing his identity and looking for his true sound. It is in fact his more ensured endeavour and @@give to date but also too-ambitious to produce 18 clues singlehandedly. The SURVIVOR can be lack in popping appealas has compared the WRITINGS in MUR, but trust me - DC is going in a right clue to discover they, and yes, in an industry of music - will survive.
4 / 5
Destinys The girl is of tower again to fall another on . This time around the his only 3 but touch better and stronger that some first time are starts. This time arond his didnt hook up with shekspere, rodney jerkins, wyclef or any of some producers has done with in a past. Instead, they have spent the whole new line until matching a line of Dc3. Now for an album, is well? At the beginning listen you will listen is different of anything more has not done never. A sound is more cross-in mixed with hip hop, R+B, soca, and other things. At the beginning I wasent too sure to that likes but with which of the little listens could say at least 7 that has thought was tight.
(1/5 - 5-5 equals Bad to well)
1-Bootylicious(5/5)- uses stvie nikcs sample to do another dance floor. This would have to that be another swipe . Roughly a lot when being pas able to manage a booty.
2-Emotions(5/5)- This was the smooth remake of this song. His couldnt has it a lot of better fact.
3-Elegant(4/5)- Ossia one of some clues can listen the one who touch strong. This of the leaves is roughly a lot they whose liek too much with any names. We can guess this in spite of....
4-Bad Daughter(4/5)- An of some clues of paste of hard plus in an album in the daughter to to which likes them the sleep around. Has the sound of jungle in it macthes one has beaten. Different.
Wry of 5 Apple to the way(4/5)- This one east the smooth place behind follows roughly walking in a club and verifying was the one who looks well.
6-Survivor(5/5)- All the world listens this one and now. If any so only know that touches the swipe.
7-Brown Eyes(4/5)- Slow song(ballad) in an album that touch liek another cross-on paste.
Mina these are some better songs in an album. Material Dc would have to that cross in the plot more with east a. It could not any paste by all the world at the beginning likes has done partorisca of me but I know still will do well. If it likes Dc has to that you chekc of east an out of, if any still would owe that it verifies era. In general it has liked him an album but thinks would have to that it has expected roughly more to fall this album and the little more songs on .
4 / 5
I have received to to this CD likes him the course of BMG CD of a month. Quell'unfortunate Was. First few songs of a CD, mainly some swipes are some only decent songs in an album. Included those take partorisca tire after the moment. 'Independent women Pt. 1' it Has been overplayed and a song of title has the quite vengeful tone his. It is not the a lot of unChristian ( is in reference to line where Kelly sings roughly any comprosing your Christianity) to be that it speaks roughly to the equal that is selling millions without any and how is richer? Tisk, tisk. Besides it was cocky of Beyonce and has sawed. To sing roughly this without knowing if an album really flop. I have not taken an end of a song where Michelle is singing in surrounding she with positive things to achieve bonanzas. That positive things? Goddess? Amur? Familiar? A jade Buda?
Beyonce The voice early grows to annoy reason lacking of row. The majority of songs are sung in a same tone and I cringe when it tries paste these really big notes. A Writing is in Mur was the better plot. Esurvivor', 'Independent Women Pt. 1' And Bootylicious does not compare the 'Bills, Bills, Bill'; 'Jumpin, Jumpin' and esay My Name'. That is up with singing roughly aspic. If it was the man , would not be turned on for the aspic of the daughter. This would mean has the jiggly butt or place of hearts. Beyonce Can also sung roughly shaking his cantaloupes and dipping his peach fuzz butt in a dance floor.
These looks to be all in Beyonce. It is an only one in a group that writes. It thinks another need of daughters to shine more. The thing 'Elegant' would have to that be the self tribute because it is obvious Beyonce is always overshadowing Kelly and Michelle. Beyonce Would owe that think before it sings in the Bad daughter is. Beyonce A lot exactly dressed like the nun.
I horrible sounds alive. Kelly and Michelle are one some the one who touches better alive.
In general urvivor' is the mediocre album. Beyonce Would owe that leave the majority of a writing to a pros. I will give an example: ' has Despertador on this morning and a sun has shined. It thought it that it would be sad without you, master more lasted. To to I These sounds likes him-the something that the 5 old year would say. Daughters, turn in pupil! It is that you Knit that bad the schools really are? Some of some samples have used in an album is real whack. Tarzan Chico? Peabody Unlikely history (Sounds like the cartoon his song)? Michelle has left sings more often!
I desire could believe a sincerity of DC-3 Another, but the girl of Destiny actions, especially Beyonce is faeces believe otherwise. The actions speak stronger that words.
This album so only sucks big time!!!!! Any one will agree in 5 years. Calm so only will see the survivor in a storm of CD USED or when be sold in a Goodwill for the buck. Ossia The one who a cost of album.
5 / 5
Among a current controversy that surrounds some transmissions of frequent member, Dentiny the endeavour of youngster of the boy "Survivor" test that three women is a perfect quantity when it comes to produce the pop adds-R&B. Frontwoman Beyonce Knowles Takes some reigns in an album and does not leave never goes, but is quite bondadoso to give a no for behind a spotlight to leave some other two members to shine.
For separate, some three members are the cottage industry and near is an empire .
Skipping In a first clue, "Part of Independent Women 1," an undoubtedly catchy song with the strong message, positive, but one of a plus has reproduced in songs in a history of radius of pop, coming to a clue of title, the goodness of an album-of only and that it is sure to result a second more the song has reproduced on in a history of radius of pop.
Cela Is not to say that a song "Survivor" it is not catchy. In fact, musically, is better that "Part of Independent Women 1" and it remains one of one the majority of musically intricate songs and stronger in an album.
The boy of an image Destiny has established in his last album is encapsulated in of the clues like "Bootylicious" (which is more probably to be a prójimo only) and "Sexy Dad," while his calm-go it the image of daughter is evident in of the songs like "A History of Beauty" and "it Do Happy." Some rests last the standout clues - - resupplying the positive message of not taking some daily things in life for admitted - - but also exhibits Beyonce amazing vocal row. Take listen it to his in a fund vocals.
A bit those that ballads has comprised here is well, but DC is not known necessarily for his sweet, soulful sound. It is his hip of funky -hop, R&B his still pop that the supreme reigns, and averts of a slightly egotistical "Another (DC-3) Thank you," and an unnecessary inclusion of "Part of Independent Women II" (that it would touch it better in the cartoon of morning of the Saturday) and a "Gospel Medley," the boy of Destiny tries because it is a female group that sells big.
Some albums and a talented young ladies those who produced it will survive a test of time.
4 / 5
Whoo! They are never state blown has gone by the boy of Destiny is esurvivor.' Gone is some days of bittersweey R&B, has been substituted of one a lot of poppy, happy and simple glorious songs so only in this album, almost each one a quality unexpectedly.
1. 'Independant Women'- A 1 swipe of the soundtrack of Angeles of Charlie. A power of daughter adds it the hymn packed for all a independant women there.
2. Esurvivor'- Another 1, rumored to be aimed in a forward DC members 'Thought would not sell without you, has sold nine millions.' I song adds to dance and trying your vocal row. There is the little viñeta-thing to write here go in east and a next clue, looking Beyonce. ( I can not any emphasis in my computer) ' will survive bein' well, will survive to be sexy, will survive bein' Bootylicious!' A pleasant way to present a next song.
3. 'Bootylicious'- A better song of an album, this in spite of like this another 1 song. It does not take panicy on me for a title, is everything roughly impulse of confidence, any so much roughly sex. It gives the wonderful message the people, so only be happy with the one who are, and all the world-wide more will be, also!
4. 'Bad'- song A lot so only in the trashy, classless daughter the one who men of uses. Well it beat it, very unusual and enjoyable song. 1/2
5. 'Elegant'- Like this in, 'does not like you too much, does not like you too much, thinks that is pleasant, thinks that is well, of calm always is trying fly my resplandor, taking offa me, any hassle me, is the one who are!' This is one of mine favourite of an album. Especially a part 'Promised'. Have to that listen to the east a!
6. Twisted of apple One The Way- the Fresh song has consecrated also an especially hot type a daughter run to. 'Lullaby The amour where has been you all of my life, you chocolate coverd strawberry, twisted of apple to the way.' Pleasant papers, good R&P (Rythm & Pops) has beaten.
7. Esexy Dad'- is funny, reason would not have guessed never a title to this a just ny listening to a song, so only say esexy dad' two times during a whole thing. This in spite of, he fabulous song that takes calm out of your chair. 1/2
8. 'Independant Women Pt II'- Skip this a, is terrible.
9. 'Expensive happy'- Nizza, merry pop , caseous song, but no like this caseous like the title would have believe.
10. 'Emotion'- Ossia my preferred ballad of an album, the new take on an old classical, and the very impressive work of the do his own.
11. 'Dangerously Enamoured'- Another the skip.
12. 'Brown Occhi'- Maintain that they go.
13. 'A History of Beauty'- Such the fantastically tragic history! It is the a lot of touching song in the daughter the one who has been abused all his life. Really they look to feel that sings is one.
14. 'Gospel Medley'- No bad, but at all would exit of my way to listen. 1/2
15. 'Another'- Begins of good, then goes to the class of seeds-rap in that all some daughters appreciate each one which so another. Quite pointless, but class of quota to listen.
Recommends each defender of music of pop, and defenders of the his last album, 'A Writing is in Mur.' If it liked a 'Destiny' Chico of original' album, calm probably a lot like this, is much more pop and much less R&B.
4 / 5
Has not expected any a lot of when I have bought "Survivor." It has been expecting it stirs it of "Indpendent Women" clone-songs. It was, this in spite of, pleasantly surprised it! Here it is an overview of some clues:
1. "Part of independent Women I" - The one who has not listened this song for now? Need I same commentary? I do not think so , as so only I will say that it is the song of the dance adds !
2. "Survivor" - Like this first clue, think that all the world is has listened already this. They are in fact quite similiar, is not they?
3. "Bootylicious" - Another paste so only, although no like this overplayed likes first two! Also a lot like this well like first two. It is another R&B/song of pop, so only without so that it adds to the papers likes them to them first two clues.
4. "Bad daughter" - An of my favourite clues of an album! Some daughters diss skanks in this song, saying: "badly dipped some cloths on, has said already, does not walk out of your house without your cloths on, has said already!" Add the funky R&B beaten, and calm have the song adds!
5. "Elegant" - At the beginning, I a lot like this song. A start is so only very good. Then, when some verses have begun, has taken his. The daughters again have the papers add in the daughter the one who has used to be the fellow and is now so only using them (hmmm... It could ossia on some ex-members of a group?). A music is like the mix among "Bootylicious" and "Bad Daughter."
6. "Twisted of apple One The Way" - Odd title, excellent song! I guarantee this song will take stuck in your boss! It is really a incedible song, with an excellent midtempo has beaten.
7. "Sexy dad" - Another song that I 't likes at the beginning, but has grown on me. Still no they like him to him some pocolos versas, reason is more like this quickly that speaks that it embroiders, but a heart is really good and a lot of catchy.
8. "Part of independent Women II" - Ossia the class of retarded-down version of " it Leaves 1" and in fact it likes to of me better. When you Listen a retarded-down version, you bondadoso of has to that hail with your head head to a strong has beaten. It is another "stuck in your boss" clue.
9. "Happy type" - No the bad song, but no the standout neither. It is sweeter that the majority of some clues, and, unfortunately, also more boring.
10. "Emotion" - An a lot of quite ballad that I can have listened likes DC the majority recently so only. Some do any the work adds to add, any pun feigned, emotion, to his voices to the equal that sing.
11. "Dangerously Enamoured" - At the beginning, has thinks that that this was to be in domestic violence. That really is, is the beautiful ballad roughly amour. No for partidários of a plus upbeat DC although.
12. "Brown Occhi" - Another of mine favourite of an album. It is the ballad, but more than the midtempo a, with sweet papers, and the quite a lot of melody. Still to that the does not like him ballads could like it, as it is not slooooow.
13. "A History Of Beauty" - Ossia the very sad song in the daughter the one who bolt by means of abuse. Some do any the work adds to say a history with his voices, and leaving chair an ache a daughter is spending stops.
14. "Gospel Medley" - I usually does not listen to this clue, 'the cause am not big on music of Gospel, but is a lot of reason the religion is something of entity to some members of a group, and sing some songs a lot amiably.
15. "Another (DC-3) Thank you" - Ossia was some daughters thank the each one like this another for present of people of sound. You listen his once, then calms no really never require to (or master) listen his again, but is the good way to finalise the CD adds.
INFERIOR LINE: there is something for all the world in this grab-stock exchange of swipes!
4 / 5
Has bought the album of Boy of Destiny new last Saturday, and can not taking the touching! The survivor is the very mature endeavour of the boy of Destiny. While there are some songs of farce (Sexy Dad, Independant Breakings of Women II) has so many better songs! That really help him is that Beyonce has had the hand in writing the majority of some songs, and Kelly, Michelle, and Beyonce all has written a last song. Sure, so only they are that they speak in those that want each one which so another, but take writing credits. This album tries that some women of the girl of Destiny is for real "Survivors." Here it is that one 15 tax of clues of 0(bomb)-10++++(exceptional)
1. Part of independent Women I: All the world is listened this one of the soundtrack of Angeles of Charlie. An excellent song. 10++++
2. Survivor: All the world is listened this some hips. Exceptional. 10++++
3. Bootylicious: They are like this happy this song is an only informative . One follows of definite dance! 10++++
4. Bad daughter: Good song with the good message. 10+++
5. Elegant: Excellent song roughly having your own identity! 10++++
6. Twisted of apple One The Way: A short, sweet, scrumptious song. 10+++
7. Sexy dad: it does not add , but good. 9++++
8. Part of independent Women II: the part is better way . 9+
9. Happy type: A song adds roughly having positive self estimate. 10++++
10. Emotion: song of Excellent amour! 10++++
11. Dangerously Enamoured: Really a lot of ballad. 10+++
12. Brown Occhi: Also the song of good amour. 10+++
13. A History Of Beauty: Really good. Has the history adds & message. 10+++
14. Gospel Medley: Good harmonies. 10
15. Another (DC-3) Thank you: the album adds ender. 10+++
Global Note: One+ (10+++)
4 / 5
has bought this album when it is in the first place exited naively thinking it would be another A Writing is in Mur. The boy has been bad. There it does not look to be very memorable stuffs here. He all touches recycled of another R&B album. Personally, I think DC is like this well with 3 members how were with 4. While there is Beyonce, always will have a talent. This in spite of, mine to look that Beyonce has the long way to go in that it writes songs. Some first 2 songs are one the majority of recognizable and probably some better songs partly of Independent Woman I and Surviving. Unfortunately, these 2 songs have been touched the death that is resulted a bit a bit annoying. Bootylicious Is the song changes that did not leave me that it loves more. Part of independent Woman II has touched alot likes the part excepts that it shows a subject of "Peabody Unlikely History" of an old Bullwinkle cartoon. Although I have found this a bit amusing, has not done a song one that would listen to on and on. Has-liked me the emotion simply reason am biased to any Bee Gees song, but another that this song, Brown Occhi, Bad Daughter, and suppositions some first 2 songs, has not had anything more than has found memorable. I have it quell'has listened so only thru this whole CD once, like this perhaps the time will change my alcohol. This in spite of, extremely is that it disappoints to find east groups how is endowed like this and able to do so better that this material of trite farce that dips out of the albums have taken. DC, Please do the better work next time in writing your material when you have dipped out of your next album.
5 / 5
During some last years of pair the boy of Destiny is gone through a lot of transmissions inside a group. After taking touched of of leading members Lucidos Jewel and The Tavia the girl of Destiny is on duty survivor like this true. A glorious three Beyonce, Michelle, and Kelly free his first together album urvivor.'
This album to good sure deserves the shinning 4 stars. Still although the boy of Destiny dosen't transmissions his formula a lot is like this amazing in an emission of music of his is the swipe of entity. 'A Writing is in Mur' is my personnel of the favourite album released of the trilogy of Girl of Destiny. Calm can not improve then (Bills, Bills, Bills, Bug Some Boos, Say My Name and Jumpin, Jumpin,) but like this far urvivor' is looking well.
1st SURVIVOR/SO ONLY-ossia the strong song that is to be turn to the video of music adds, that tip that the girl of Destiny is surviving still with which survivor some transmissions of entities inside a group. This song has the catchy tune and the a lot of catchy chours. I want to as all a destiny the members of boy mediate in this clue. I especially it verse of amour Michelle that the aims also can sing.
2nd ONLY/BOOTYLICIOUS-ossia the add to follow until urvivor.' In this clue Beyonce' take the majority of a light of something. Ossia My favourite song to be liberto of an album.
The boy of Destiny is true survivors, but beyonce always is that it directs a way. It would like to listen more than Michelle and Kelly. (With Beyonce afamada reason any only goes so only?) This album are add, but 'A Writing is in Mur' was more thoro and solid 5 stars. It has touched like Destinys the boy has taken really his time with more than patience with his last album.
4 / 5
This album is quite any like this as well as writings in Mur. I mean, this album is really good and everything, but has taken way too hype while merit.
Breakings of independent Women I--You all has listened this a calm so that it decides.
Surviving--You all has listened this a calm so that it decides. But a thing loves is really pleasant in an end because has the little interlude first of throw to "Bootylicious" and one of some daughters (I follows quite sure is Michelle ) is that "... I will survive Reason are bootyLIcious" and his cracks of the voices and he touches really pleasant.
Bootylicious--A volume of beaten really annoying after the moment but some words take stuck in your boss easily.
Bad daughter--A favourite. It is faily fast paced and a message is something some people could relate to. It is basically talkin to a sluts and sayin that would owe that spend more dresses. They are sure that some of master say concealed to come the people know.
Elegant--Another preferred. It is headed to any the one who is tryin to take everything out of his and is sayin as it does not like concealed. It is kinda like "Like this A lot of" in Some Writings in Mur.
Wry of apple One says It more?
Sexy dad--Still like this another preferred. Has the little more his then your half party/creates and song of dance. Some beaten is awsome.
Breakings of independent Women II--Ossia beaten is quite good. In a start and during a heart, has this cartoon that what of sounds and kinda taken to annoy after the moment. Regarding a rest of a song, has are Has his chair. I dunno exactly regarding the explain, but is kinda hot.
Happy type--A title could do a song touches quite stupid, but is not . It is quickly paced, and tongue roughly like the things really are not like this bad to the equal that look. It is kinda an opener of eye for the pesimist.
Emotion--A aiight dunno that plus for the explain.
Dangerously Enamoured--An of a plus ballads has listened. So only it has this real sexy feels that it mark so only think of this special any one.
Brown Occhi--A beaten is aiight, but after the while it takes to annoy.
A History Of Beauty--A beaten is awsome and a message are adds. It is basically in this daughter thats the state has abused emotionally and pysically and say to " I dry your tears because you are beautiful"...The sum he up.
Gospel Medley--Very good accapella and harmonising. Thats All have to that say.
Another (DC-3) Thank you--a lot of pointless and a lot annoying.
Is the data -partidário of HARD CD (taste) says to go still of him. But I know kinda new, takes Some Writings in Mur loves exprience his real talent (still this in spite of the averages some leaves grupal, but oh a lot of)
5 / 5
ANY ONE TAKES THIS DAUGHTER OUT OF PAPER And PEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! vocally Sound that surprised a music is among some years more some works of first production of the taken to a manually left @subject inform me some positive of of the this is mine 4th faviorate album this year after aaliyah/janet (joined in 1) 2 my reflected chritina aguilera 3 madonna music and finally these daughters some starts of song were with independant women that piss me was of the past in a damn soundtrack to charlies angels not thinking could take them an only 2 weeks later and then could buy this album well in all marries an energy of production and mark of music that among a better for these reasons with a clue of headline bootylicious emotions of bad daughter dangerusly expensive enamoured and happy this in spite of a @@subject manually is a girld papers in a cabin of his and behind some joint she a awesome laws this in spite of when it comes to paper and pen shes lethal im listens to alert a world in an obvious fact can not write like this could or the bear still writes independent women with which can pay my bills and bootylicious- the ones of those who thinks youre ready for this aspic is something my little sister said when it knows the wont try the new sandwhich season/ a lot something that utilisations the entice the type in dancing harder so that hes quite well for you to take house and bad daughters- whose walk out of your hizzy without clothes on . . . nevermind wont The to the left use me foul tongue. . . Buy to an album likes destinys of boy and calm of the that believes some other 2 daughters sing reasons they the emotion is a jewel of album and a video the justice after listening to some other 2 albums has decided them ossia a better this in spite of could use some do mainly stapling beyonces hand to a soundboards and microphone to maintain out of a lyricist pens oh expects the minute . . . The dads that ran a show like this the the shell of supposition maintains to give that of the one who love his thoughts on paper
4 / 5
that Follows his increase to multiplatinum afamada and that has the data endure his action of tabloid work, the girl of Destiny free his third album. For all this is well, ossia the very sure, emission that professional of sounds. Ditching Producing Rodney Jerkins and Shekspere, Beyonce has sawed-write and has sawed -produced almost each song in an album, and some results are mixed. 'Bootylicious' Is easily a better song here: catchy, memorable, and sexy, was my jam of 2001. But elsewhere, the fall of things averts--and fast. An album suffers the self-righteous yours that often takes to nettle. One follows of the title is obviously in reference to his ex-members, and 'Independent Women' is the catchy, but superfical, tribute to power of daughter. At all it is bad with that, but a capacity to buy the material things any you independent. The independence is the state of alcohol, no the state of flow of cash. But a song that took really was 'Bad Daughter' in that say the scantily clad woman, included this in spite of DC is known to spend developing dresses. I mean, hell-or, can say hypocrisy? Worse, instruments up with Walter Afanaseiff, one the majority of that marvel of products of bread in a subject, for one of the his ballads, and is the quite bland subject. The no in any way thinks esurvivor' is the bad album. I have enjoyed really parts of him. But it could have been funkier and could have taken more risks in those arrived like another album of sure Black pop.
4 / 5
I have been listening to this album a lot times on while partorisca he partorisca grow on me but instead so only simply empire with never listen. I have listened material like this on and on partorisca like past five year with almost any soul at all. Platitudinous Mundane commercial musical junk exiting of some radio speakers.
There is at all to save this album of falling to some holes of banality. AT ALL!! I almost laught in a stupidity of Bootylicious.
Reason talented people like Depeche Way, Focus, Michael Jackson and Michael McDonald grieves is taking any look these days while to to the mundane laws like DC, Britney Spears and Lil Of Bond Wow is taking all a hype is all a big joke!
A fact that N Syncs Burst which is one of some songs of better dance in enough some time fizzled has been ready 19 while a platitudinous, juvenile Bootylicious has directed to do to a cup 5 is test that the majority of Amsterdam so only doen not liking any challenges in his music anymore. Just sure bets. Destinys The girl is one of these sure bets.
Reason the survivor is taking so the praise is just unbelievable! Tip that the Americans are taking more superficial and more superficial over time. I do not have any idea where this CD will be in a prójimo ten years but I can say that this whole DC thing is all a overhyped, overrated joke!
Definately One of some worse CDs of 2001!
5 / 5
Well Is of the tower but the calm supposition can say Beyonce' still is running things but the one who longer can these daughters remain up. I think that that this album is the big improvement for some daughters but leaving Beyonce' write and produce all on here was the deception grande.un the album looks one 1 swipe "Independent Woman" more "Independant Breakings of Woman 2" which is very better. Also a first alone incident "Survivor" which is a value of songs of the albums that verifies was is a beautiful ballads "Brown Occhi" and "Dangerously Enamoured". "Bad daughter" it could be his prójimo so only is ready because at all more approaches to be quite hot to be the alone. East his cost "Sexy Dad" but this will grow on you a lot quickly and is very a lot of wack. Also songs that is the total waste are an annoying "Happy Face" which is the horrid song, is like this damn corny and a true definition of bubble gums pop. "A History Of Beauty" it would owe that appeal the a lot of of a lot of daughters, is an inspiring song , and "Twisted of Apple One The Way" although the song is too short and pointless. As it Could forget one very a lot sexy "Bootylicious" ossia the hot song but could grow in youBasically some daughters have come invernadero and conquered but is all the world-wide so only in tired of the boy of Destiny, are.5/10 you breakings of decisións Launch
5 / 5
Except a tremendously boring and (musically) uninspired the title follows a first half of an album is absolutely awesome. (Until it Splits of Independent Women II) Some clues are for real original, creative, and pumpin. Bootylicious And the Independent women separate are obviously a better arrive-run of time in an album. But some on Twisted arrangements of Apple the to the way and the Sexy dad are so only and inspired. For these courses have said Bravo.
But when tongues roughly Surviving, Emotion, and Part of Independent Women II the almost the fact wants to cry reason is such the disappointing start of a special character of some courses in a first half of an album. A ballads is the typical bubble gums passage and although I am them sure that a young auditor meso can enjoy to these sounds of slime likes him more than of some same of another 20 something groups mine.
Dangerously enamoured, Brown Occhi, and a History of Beauty is decent courses but no exceptional.
Is obvious mine that the boy of Destiny is the a lot of talented the trio and can not to lacking them to do a business decision to try to appeal to the more audience of mass. But it would expect that as they fill his accounts of bank and receive all one acclaims of an easily influenced and musically public without education that they a day so only be true to a music and purge all a mediocre material is doing so only to sell record.
4 / 5
Here is a clue-for-description of clue:
1. "Part of independent Women 1": Well, all the world knows this song (unless you are spent some last 7 low months the rock). I think that that all the world will know this song as 'daughter-powered-song-of-this-Charlie is-Angeles-film'.
2. "Survivor": to the This song likes to swim to do with a show of television. Another daughter-powered song for a daughter-powered the girl of Destiny.
3. "Bootylicious": Electrical guitar very interesting intro, and this was sampled for Stevie Nicks so the supposition is the good song .
4. "Bad daughter": Ossia so only the song in the daughter the one who is the slut and the boy of Destiny is trying to change his dressing of the alcohol and that does a way done.
5. "Elegant": A section of violin afterwards to a prank-car of boxes. Song very interesting.
6. "Twisted of apple One The Way": has some muttering in a start then turns to the Dr. Dre-ish Song.
7. "Sexy dad": Sinister just hope Beyonce is not singing in his dad. Another rapping/R&B to to the song likes 6.
8. "Part of independent Women 2": A melody remember of the cartoon of morning of the Saturday then is so only repeat he of 1.
9. "Happy type": I think that that this song is so only bit it too poppy for the boy of Destiny. Kinda Inspiring.
10. "Emotion": A better song in this CD, his vocal capacities are aimed fantastically in this song. Props To them for this Bee-Gees remake.
11. "Dangerously enamoured": it Classifies of the song of slow time, with interesting papers.
12. "Brown Occhi": memory of " it thanks God found You". Inspiring (kinda). Slow time.
13. "A History of Beauty": Fast time of the history of sadness.
14. "Gospel Medley": A cappela/"I-Amour-God" the boy of Destiny. Ossia All I need to say.
15. Another (DC-3) "Thank you": A song roughly like all some daughters in the girl of Destiny is closely bonded.
Global description: 3 stars: Basicly: Beyonce, Kelly, and Michelle is saying people " we inspire and want each one which as another SOOOO a lot of". This in spite of this lack of CD of true soul, likes has done in "Some Writings in Mur". The work adds to write Beyonce, but Kelly and Michelle have left to take some spotlight attention for once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4 / 5
A " it Groups--of-the-moment" it is it was with his emission with which a immensely successful "Writngs in Mur." To do this album even more marketable Women , Independent Separates I (this ultr-big 1 swipe) & II is found here too much.
The boy of Destiny has done always in a @@subject to be able the women, especially can black women. Ossia Any exception . This in spite of, is Beyonce Knowles the one who take the majority of a billing in writing, producing and flange, doing this increasingly like the-show of women. Another two: well, they survive for just that that harmonising. East spells question cos Beyonce finally could break free for the career of only. We have seen many.
DC inevitably will notch The little 1 more than the one of the east and upper 10 is not reason this album is particularly well. After all, if it is not broken dun the fix. An album goes one he more among doing listenable R&B/tunes of Pop with beaten of hip and melodic rhythms. His voices harmonise well with Beyonce in a cup.
The majority of some clues blend to an another seemlessly. For now, it would have listened a touched-was title-Survivor of clue, essentially Leaves of Independent Women III. There is the few gems like Bad Daughter, Sexy Dad and a ultra dipped-rear Elegant. A good remezcla of Bootylicious will do well too much. Another that it dun expect anything much newer.
4 / 5
This description is not exactly writes so only to revise this 14 clue CD. Another reason because it has written this description is that hardcore DC defenders could consider take an Australian version of an album of SURVIVOR because has 19 clues in of the totals. A tracklisting is: 1. Part of independent Women I (Version of Album) 2. Survivor (Version of Album) 3. Bootylicious 4. Bad daughter 5. Elegant 6. Twisted of apple One The Way 7. Sexy dad 8. Perfect man [clues of Prize] 9. Part of independent Women Ii 10. Happy type
11. Bundle With me [ follows of Prize, does not concern , this version does not touch to the to anything likes Debelah of the version of Morgan or is version] 12. My Heart Beaten Still [clues of Prize] 13. Emotion 14. Brown Occhi 15. Dangerously Enamoured 16. A History Of Beauty 17. Gospel Medley 18. Another (DC-3) Thank you 19. Survivor (Version of Video) [Ossia the video of the prize follows as it is not available in an emission of the domestic USA of a esurvivor' album or so only.]
In general, thinks that the SURVIVOR is a half album simply reason ...These lacks of emotion of the CD and was purely rushed considers has been inner has registered 17 days. Still although it was by means of any one the fault of the girl of Destiny, a big question for a CD stops has done so many some daughters have chosen quantities in the quality that the bands to a max but some songs do not underline too well besides some have released some.
5 / 5
While the boy of Destiny has come certainly down to plot of fire for a quite haphazard way in the line of the as some groups on was chopped and changed, a reality is that his global sound is not that different to this of an original foursome. A real difference, this in spite of, among this album and a last is one more gritty, grown on (and slightly more cynical) sound to be found in Survivor.
While an inaugural clue "Independent Women" it has not been never one of mine favourite (he that is to be touch the death in a radio and also looked in a disk of the prize of A Writing is in Mur), a rest of a CD to good sure spent on with flavouring a class that hip of transmissions, catchy "Girlz rool" songs that the girl of Destiny is renowned stops. While some defenders with less than bases he in hip-hop to to the music no will like them to them one more hardcore and has complicated to feel of of an album, I, for one, loves it. The interior a moment are hard pressed to choose among Bootylicious and Bad Daughter like my favourite clue, but has a lot little to disappoint in this album.
A one question has with the boy of Destiny is his tendency to do like the mutual apprecition society for eachother (especially Kelly & Michelle fawning in Beyonce), but remain you out of a gospel medley and an another, can avert all concealed.
5 / 5
Deatiny The new boy cd are not to add infact his premiers and second disks have been done with better production and the more ummanufactured harmony. On some of some clues some daughters souped on studio vocals is so only too perfect. But that marks a cd the work is a work and ossia that has given always DC an extra fashion immediately a bat Beyonce sturts his writing of material and producing an integer damn disk a ossia deceive it everything of his leading swipes revovled around an experience of utmost producers like Wyclef and Jerkins and of beyonce is talented and no the boy prodigy so only can does not pull era. But a work and touch that lights the fast delivery is that it marks a disk has to that compraventa. When Some daughters take catty and claws is out of some resplandores of disk because almost all some the negative appearances mix around his personal in acting grupal and that it is like this impressive is that Beyonce is not a better singer! This title goes to Kelly with the little more vocal formation could be the modern day gladys cavalier a soul in his voice is surprising! So only listen his vowel in "Survivor". He cd Is good but yes Beyonce loves to govern some better world-wide frames sure a crown among his measure.
4 / 5
Will be blunt: I a lot like this album.
Does not like Me a big-pitched voice that can not look to match up with some beaten.
Does not like Me a fact that one follows to title shamelessly tries to explode both the series of sure reality and a "power of daughter" movement, but is still a worse song has not listened never, when being a better example of a rhythmless, whiny vocals has mentioned on.
Does not like Me a Girl of Destiny of blatant hypocrisy flaunts roughly in this album. To have the so only called "Bootylicious" as well as he medley of songs of the gospel in a same album is incredibly contradictory, and so only can be explained like another tentativa to pander to like this of a lot of consumers like possible.
But finally, and a lot especially, has despised this album like this when it is exited that it was month before it would leave me to listen in any R&B artist. Thanks to the boy of Destiny, have almost has turned the blind eye to sincerely talented to to the musicians likes him-Alicia Tones and Musiq, and for that, am giving this album an indication a plus down have beaten.
Are sure some members of the girl of Destiny is good people, but this album simply stinks.
5 / 5
Has said my husband that has not been to buy this cd, reason did not think it would be like this as well as his last a. Reason my favourite song "Independent Women" it has been comprised in a cd, my husband has bought he for me. After listening his, has wished there has been no. A better song in a cd was "Independent Women" and "Survivor" it has swum but the song dissing leading members of a group. If calm in fact listen to some words, would know concealed. In an of some verses Beyonce sings, "I a lot diss you in an internet, reason my mamma taught better concealed it." Well, say me Beyonce, "That is a difference in dissing any in an internet and dissing his in the song?" Obviously, your mamma did not teach you all that well. Besides, they have not said anything roughly you, some defenders enough of that in his own. In mine opininon, this cd was so only launched near to cover on a fact that Beyonce is exiting with the project of only. With which some first two songs, an album is terrible. I can not see like the people could give this cd anything in estimates of stars. A song any he cd the value that shabby.
4 / 5
They are the survivor , goes partorisca do , sad, I so only listened urvivor' partorisca a a BILLIONTH time. Kidding avert, the boy of Destiny free his first full album like the trio, and vocally is no worse partorisca wear. Musically, His sound is essentially one same, with some producers of upper shelf of a be of leading album jettisoned, and leader grupal Beyonce Knowles managing a bulk of some duties of production. A more is that they looked partorisca have, partorisca one the majority of part, subsided the little with a "men-bashing"(if ossia that it wants to call he)hymns and extend his stuff the little wider. Of course urvivor' and 'Independent Women' follow east vetoes, but no without being extremely catchy in a process. A rest of an album follows that it issues, and if a production is not like this savvy like last time, Beyonce direct still to show his boss with the hook, has sawed-writing a lot a material, and vocally is like this strong as never. While any in general like this as well as The WRITING is in MUR, the SURVIVOR is this in spite of far and on better that a spate of the be material dips has gone by a lot today of vocal groups, woman or viril.
4 / 5
Was very excited for this album to be liberto, but when it was, was has disappointed highly. They are not that it says that it is the bad CD , but with which "A Writing is in Mur" I expected it to be very better that was. All some songs in an album that was solteros are quite annoying reason were like this overplayed am like this patient of them that I usually so only skip his (especially "Bootylicious" that, when I in the first place listened, has has wanted to). Beyonce Sings almost each alone song practically for Kelly to use and Michelle (the one who are both amazing singers , perhaps better that Beyonce, although it can not say with his constantly taking goodness vocals) as behind-up. Of the single is songs really well, although overplayed has been, and there is some farce I really adds clues (like "Bad Daughter," "Elegant" and, "Dangerously Enamoured") which spend an album until four stars. It is not a same class of album likes "A Writing is in Mur" I concealed I can listen the constantly and never take tierd of, but would recommend it to the defenders of Boy of Destiny.
4 / 5
With a start of three women of the girl of Destiny (LeToya Luckett, LaTavia Roberson, and Farrah Franklin), has thought a destiny of the boy of Destiny was on. But it is not .
With singer of goodness Beyonce Knowles extending to to his creative wings likes them to them the producer/of the fixed/writer on 95 of an album, has created release it-spirited sound for the boy of Destiny. INDEPENDENT WOMEN (RUN I), SURVIVING, and BOOTYLICIOUS is self-explanatory. Beyonce Digs deeper with his writing that/order/of products with BAD DAUGHTER. It is the song roughly saying women those who use his organism like his total value to dip some cloths on. ELEGANT digs to hateration. The HAPPY FACE digs to appreciate your life and some blessings that come with him. The HISTORY OF TERRACE of BEAUTY to the true history of the daughter that has written to Beyonce in the reference to be has abused. A song portrays Beyonce his flange and say is good-looking.
Beyonce Has tried his creative skills further singing like the producer/of fixed/writer and the boy of Destiny has augmented and has aimed that the girl of Destiny can prosper, in spite of tests and tribulaciones.
4 / 5
Well, am not too fond of the boy of Destiny, especially that has listened "Say My Name" one million times in a radio but this was the pair in fact years. Some songs have listened of "Survivor" tried to be irresistable and adictiva. "Bootylicious" It is which convinced to purchase the 3rd album of a group. A murderous Stevie Nicks show me in. Some papers are corny, if any ridiculous but in general a song is amused especially during a summer right now. "Survivor" and "Part of Independent Women 1" it is two other tunes of excellent summer. Particularly it has loved "Bad Daughter". Some papers are the real hoot and loves this has bitten of a group has taken of Baltimora "Tarzan Chico". As the one who some the slowest songs goes, has has wanted to "Emotion" and "Brown Occhi" but "A History of Beauty" it was the real stinker how was some last two clues of a cd. I think DC lies of forces in his more upbeat songs that really shop windows the individual voices of a group. In general I amour "Survivor" in spite of my sooner resistence his music.
4 / 5
Ossia A third album of DC in general, and his prime minister as it trio. I adore this album. Beyonce, Kelly, and Michelle takes each clue and he his. Each song has one terrific 3-separate harmionies and catchy hearts. Songs 10, 11, and 12 is ballads, and follows 14 is the gospel medley, but some other 11 songs are a lot of dancable and upbeat. The favourites comprise a clue of title, "Bad Daughter", "Bootylicious", and "Happy Type". Some only songs a lot really taste was a "Independent Woman" some. There it is it does not listen enough of "IW Leaves I" in a radio?? And "IW Leaves II" touched likes: "Well, we have done this song the run a. It rushes, to the sinister mark the part two as FINALLY we can close a door in this song!!". Another clue a lot really taste was of clues 15 (A "Another"). A member of a group directs another two, calling them "true friends" and "angels". It saves he for a liner comment next time, ladies!! In a whole, this touches better that DC FIRST 2 albums. They deserve the big praise thus endeavour adds.
5 / 5
Felizmente Has not purchased this album because of listening to the tent of the partner of tent of the music promo. So only for a record, this is not in any way, form or form, REAL R&B. For those of you the one who does not know ,REAL R&B is music that you still will be able to listen to 10 years of now. REAL R&B Is Jill Scott, Musiq, Indiana Arie, Maxwell, Of angel, Eryakah Badu, Angie Stone, Rashaan Patterson. These people are simply in some business to do REAL music and no only to win Grammys and go platinum. His music is simply timeless. Destiny Childs' The music is disorder of CHILDISH POP . This cd just shows that once again his music does not have any substance. With to the songs like Bootylicious, Twisted of Of Apple One The Way, and samples of music of the cartoon, Beyonce need to leave a writing and producing of more(Latoya & Latavia). If the boy of Destiny wants to be REAL SURVIVORS, requires to begin to produce real music. And that it was a point of dissing some members grupal ex in a cd??? A Vibe the piece was quite bad. So only another example of the boy of the like a name Destiny really means: Destiny is Childish.
5 / 5
The boy of Destiny is always be the group built in of the contradictions. Fond familiar the one who abandons members grupal original. Cristiano churchgoers the one who are not fearful to speak roughly ... And partying. Feminists the one who spills his cloths in of the video. And on this, is third CD and 1st as it trio; all some contradictions are here. Ossia Also destiny the first emission of the girl like súper stars, of the his last CD, is like his famous . This album, some writings in a wall, was the new wave r&b classical and has changed a course of r&b music. A group catapulted him to a boss of a world of music with his sassy papers, mixing members grupal and one shaking and slithering vocals of a singer of goodness of the groups, Beyonce. The boy of Destiny is not a risk that takes, politically active group and feminist that TLC is. The boy of Destiny is a group to pop surer. This in spite of, his sass and playfulness, and of course some contradictions, is that it dips them averts of a rest of a r&b world, included although they do not have an originality of TLC. There is something familiar in the formula of Girl of Destiny, something Beyonce father and the manager of a group has toilt to instill in them, forcing them to study to groups likes him a Supremes. A lot it locates in a success in this CD. The boy of Destiny has had to try that a writing is in a wall has not been the fluke. And for one the majority of separates to do. Although this album is not like this musically groundbreaking like this album, is more constant and in a lot of ways more enjoyable. In this album, Beyonce has written and has produced a lot of some songs and she toils to involve other members grupal, Kelly and Michelle. Beyonce Tries in this album to dispel to his image likes diva of of a group, but like this hard likes test, can no. or is not infact the diva, ossia a personality that resplandores by means of in his flange. Survivor, a prime minister so only, was purportedly in the assault of some means comunicacionales in Beyonce, but by means of some papers (thought would not sell without the revenges to him 9 millions) and Beyonce uncompromising vocals, some launches of song like an attack in some leading members and threat to some current members a lot to give an out of place. This in spite of, this is not necessarily the bad thing. It is also one hear impressive to Beyonce force and independence. One the majority of obvious contradiction follows, daughter like this bad, another musical assault, this time on ..., it Is followed of one ... Game that is bottylicious. The boy of Destiny is always frank state with his sexuality, playfully teasing some men in his songs, and here his he in his better (the creature can manage this, does not think you can manage this). A sound of daughters playful and spunky and Kelly in fact comes by means of with him decently sexy vocal action in some verses, although it is any party for Beyonce, the one who is wails and cries take a song his summit. Twisted of apple the to the way is an equally ... Emotion, while ... The dad again finds Beyonce in way of attack. Listening to a start, where Beyonce cry 'create and danced in the place, like the car, where his impossible to create and dance is terrifying. Beyonce To to I Sounds like would find you and hurt you if no to groove the his assertions (if no the taste so that it is a lot). Beyonce vocals Is strong during to to a together likes to alternate among big shrieks and down bellows. A background music the independent woman pt to to the 2 sounds likes him-gliela music of circus. This in spite of is hard any to want to when in a half, a music goes all slow, with Beyonce cooing 'hurt your boy of feelings im sad but has not meant to hurt you' followed for annoyingly 'has thinks that has known to have any time for enamorar with you'. Classical destiny' boy. Tease His And then leave them cold and go to laugh with your daughters. A part last of a CD is mostly ballads and a group has mixed result with these. Brown eyes and Dangerously his enamoured exactly like a class of songs of amour some daughters ridicule in of the independent women pt 2, but intense vocal actions for Beyonce, especially on dangerously enamoured, save them to be waste complete of spatial. The emotion is way too slow for some daughters, and Beyonce tries to save a song for shrieking highly, which so only the worse fact. A gospel medley test on for ever without anything interesting arriving, and a placing of a history of beauty, the song roughly incest, in this CD is quite creepy considering some rumours in Beyonce father. It is almost like the abuse of boy is supposition to be part of his image. This in spite of, there is a good ballad on here and ossia happy type . In the majority of a ballads Michelle and Kelly are assigned once again to back on singing, but in general, and especially in this song, touch better sound and more comfortable. With them out of a way a song is all Beyonce is and is a alarmingly that interests one. Again Beyonce is in diva way, but here declares ' has despertador up and there is @@give this world-wide no like this bad after all'. Some papers really leave Beyonce to be free vocally and in an end of a song she the main and main moans until it is in a row so only really never achieved before for Mariah. He for real to sounds likes him a divas happiness expósita. So much, in general, while an album looks a lot adicións/the new additions are to an arsenal of groups and some horrible ballads, Beyonce and some other daughters still have quite playful sass to save to the result has-beens. Beyonce destiny Has not looked never more brilliant, and is lucky, perhaps still will take Michelle and Kelly to the long of still a walk.
4 / 5
This album was a lot. It excepts I gave It 4 stars because any taste to him a DC-3 Thank you song. It does not have to that it has done it a final yard.
Although "Survivor", "Bootylicious", "Happy Type", "Independant Women", and "Elegant" mark up for some down leaves of an album. A down the part is so only a song, as it does not leave this transmission or is alcohol roughly buying east. Any diss the boy of Destiny so only reason so only a song is bad.
A wonderful "Sexy Dad" it is a song that calm give you a feeling to create and dance, is saying " I will hang talent or box finds them my SEXY DADY DAD".
"Happy type" it is one of these songs that marks or feels happy. It Likes him you is of sad or something, just pop in a CD, and skip to number new and then box of the wait is on and or'll the chair adds.
"Bootylicious", aahhh, At the beginning the hated, but has then learnt to like paralización to master that!!!! It is touching right now! I can listen ........ "It does not think calm is ready thus Jelli, does not think or is ready thus jelli, cuz my organism is like this Bootylicious!!!!".
"Independant Women, well, the women have said that it was a anthom, are them the boy, whadda I priest. It guesses to good tune. lol
welll Adds cd, destiny boy
4 / 5
are the defender of the boy of Destiny. I think that that they have found the good balance among pop and r&b. This in spite of, this album is not like this as well as his last album, "A Writing in Mur". Mostly reason ossia Beyonce album of only. It writes, produced, and sings on all some songs in this album. It is shamelessly everything for his and person more. The papers of some songs, which has written, extracted and his estimate, the sound that fulfils the man, to any a lot him the to that likes, and a lot of that tries to fly his image. Some the only songs have joined other daughters write is the call of song of the fake DC-3. In the hire each one which so another. Yeah Right!! An only thing Beyonce is renting and while it is some daughters that says. I seat but Beyonce and his father give to gut that feels that they are egoistic and greedy people . Beyonce Any last longitude in his career of only reason is too predictable in his music and way. It likes him-me some beats in this album but ossia. Kelly and Michelle, calms desires the success adds in your careers of solos and Beyonce, well in all the chance...
5 / 5
A R&B combo the boy of Destiny, now looking of survivors Beyoncé and Kelly and Michelle have arrived recently, has released his third album, enough strikingly appointed "Survivor". In general it is the little disappointing, reason a tow preciding album "the boy of Destiny" and "Some Writings in Mur", as well as an alone swipe "Independent Women Pt. 1" Of a film "the angels of Charlie" which is spent eleven weeks in a cup of some Maps of Poster, has created the expectations add.
"Survivor" it is not the bad album at all, but so only can not maintain up with these enormous expectations. It averts of "Independent Women Pt. 1", His successor "Survivor" and a catchy "Bootylicious" this album can not offer too standout clues. Perhaps "Happy Type" or "Emotion", which adapted of his "classical" sound.
If you already possess some albums to precede, calm also could buy is one. If it calms no, so only know this "the boy of Destiny" and "Some Writings in Mur" it is for far better (although a last taken overplayed in a radio and MTV).

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 25 ratings
5 / 5
Ich liebe Britney und als Partidário musste ich mir has given Album einfach kaufen! It is War besser als erwartet und ich kann jedem nur gives Kauf empfehlen! mein Lieblingslied ist DO! und SLUMBER CELEBRATES

Ich kann jedem nur empfehlen bad reinzuhören und is sich zu kaufen :)
5 / 5
Ich kann gives Album nur empfehlen, Songs of data sind sehr abwechslungsreich. Selbst nach mehrmaligem Durchhören wird Is nicht langweilig. Definitiv eines meiner Lieblingsalben von Britney.
5 / 5
The new album of Britney Spears... GLORIOUS! It costs the pity buys the album of then is a master work in all his expression.
4 / 5
Pleasant, Is exited well a lot he better (for songs) of the the album has given Britney, cmq was he produced have received it integrates.
5 / 5
Are unsatisfied, and disappointed, like the rear part of the carcasa, is partorisca come fraction... It could have had more cured with the product.
4 / 5
Frau Spears ist zurück dabei stärker und besser Gives!
Nach dem eher kleinen Unfalls Gives letzten Album "Britney Jean" machte Pop of data-Prinzessin diesmal alles richtig. "Gloria" ist überraschend gut und zeigt Britney in ihrerer Bestform. Lange sah sie nicht mehr Likes toll aus, lange überzeugte sie nicht mehr has dipped like this einem grandiosen Album wie has dipped "Gloria".
"Gloria" wirkt sehr erwaschen und abwechslungsreich. Spears selbst schrieb bei einigen the songs have dipped. Kein Lied gleicht Damage anderen, aber to the Songs passen dennoch zusammen in ein Konzept. Of the Albums ist zeitgenössisch aber dennoch nicht purer Mainstream. Dabei wirkt Dies erste Only Auskopplung "I me" noch als einer gives schwächsten the songs give Albums.
Is gibt eigentlich immer etwas "Neues" zu entdecken. The same ob Gives Auf- oder Abzählen einer geheimnisvollen Sprache In "Man in a moon" , of the öffnen einer Dose in " you want to come on?" oder Gives starke Gesang In "That precise".
Man merkt, dass Britney auf has given Album wirklich Lust hatte und gives sie Herz und Blut has given Album gesteckt hat.
Wirklich starke Leistung! Weiter That!
-Slumber Celebrate
-Want to me Down
Empfehlenswert ist auch dies Deluxe Version von "Gloria". It has given beinhaltet noch 5 weitere given of the songs of the prize is wirklich in sich haben! Dabei stechen Songs of data "Better" und "Lair" besonders heraus.
5 / 5
Mein Album ist gives? Ja Gives ist is! Und Is ist klasse besser als jemals zuvor, is kommt in einer edlen hülle wo to the Lieder nochmal stehen ( auf einem Sticker) g of die dipped-eazy aufgenommen wurden. It is sind glaube ich 4-5. Of the Albums muss Maps of data stürmen jedes Lied auf gives Album ist wirklich ein loses, habe nochnie like this ein gutes Album gehört.

Absolute Kaufempfehlung! Lohnt sich Ohrwurm vorprogrammiert!

Bitte bewertet doch Has dipped Hilfreich:)
4 / 5
5 / 5
4 / 5
5 / 5
4 / 5

4 / 5
4 / 5
個人的にはLove Me Downが好きですw
4 / 5
Bewerte dies Deluxe Version.
Gives Album of glory klingt vom Touches his anders als die anderen Alben.
Gives Stil von Brit Hat sich geaendert.
Sehr Dance lastig.
Kannte Man ja von gives Alben Fatal Woman oder gives CD of Tejanos of Britney is.
Auf dem Gloria of album fehlt ein has Paste.
Aber Is sind auch tolle Songs drauf.
Testet Bad 'So only Luv me', 'Want to me down' oder 'Clumsy'.
Auf Gives Deluxe Edition gibt noch 5 Extra Titel.
Davon ist 'Liar' give dipped Abstand beste.
Brit klingt erwachsen.
Brit ist erwachsen,auch Optisch.
5 Sterne: 3 fuer Gives Album Gloria'. Stern 4 fuer given immer noch huebsche und Britney sexy.
Stern 5. Ganz einfach.
Trotz Skandalen und Gives ganze Fog a ihre Present.
Brit ist immer noch Gives.
5 / 5
Britney album is glorious! It is quite the cold that listens to in a car, while cleaning your house, in a beach, while rigging, in of the daughters-nights, and in of the parties. Ossia A class of the album can so only dipped on and calm does not have to that skip the song, a flow is really good! His voice is like this quite and powerful. It experiences with the different sounds of his voice likes them mutter, falsettos and use his his low register more than ever before.

I points have underlined: soyake me', 'Invited, 'Master me down', 'Private show', 'So only like me'
Future solteros: 'So only luv me', esfiesta of forest' perhaps with Drake characteristic?, ' you Want to come on' and soyun in a moon',

'Clumsy is also the very good party/song of dance, but the chair like a song would have been the better access to Britney Tejanos Album. 'Hard to forget already' and 'That require' is good songs and could do like this solteras for artists besides under caliber that Britney. This in spite of, compared to an exceptional quality of a rest of some songs, these two does not underline mine. Except an end of 'That require', is very fresh and entertainment ;)

Some of a deluxe the songs of edition are like this well would owe that it has been in an original album! Especially it likes 'Liar', 'Better', 'Coupure of tram' and 'Transmission your alcohol'. No the big defender of 'am dancing ', feels bit it too childish for me.

If you are hesitant to but this album because it does not like soyake me', 'of Private show', 'Clumsy' or ' wants to come on', give a rest of an album he casualidad. There are so many good songs here and RCA no the justice to choose one has mentioned in songs like promo-songs for an album. Also, soyake me' has grown really on me, after all is the prime minister so only very different of Britney that that it is to use also. It is usually some the precise songs listen too much quite to the to the little time also likes that it will want to touch you on repeat 1, 2, and 3 of years later. Suspicion that will be a chance with diverse of 'the glory is ' songs. Perhaps this will be another 'Blackout' for his, where the people no @to give that well an album is until years later.

In general, Britney there is rid and this for real is the masterpiece in of the terms to write of song, vocal action, production and cohesiveness, with songs unexpectedly of entities!
5 / 5
A lot catchy clues, and is good to listen the raw voice of Britney more than usual during this album. My favourite clues are soyake M,' 'Private Show,' 'Clumsy,' and 'That Require.'
4 / 5
It is the album adds with some good clues and beaten!! It liked his "Blackout" and "Circus" album one the majority of but ossia the CD adds !
4 / 5
I amour Britney. I have it that there is wanted always. The skipped 'Britney Jean' with which one has taken bad descriptions but has taken is a with which has taken almost universal rave descriptions. They are happy has done. Ossia The album I sincerely adds . I want like this of these songs. There is the pocola uselessness, but some songs adds is among Britney better.

Does not take never a credit deserves for him, but Britney is always a innovator and his albums are experimental and revolutionary. In this one has said that that has dipped his foot down and has demanded the sure sound, and can say. Britney Is having entertainment in this album and calm can say master these songs. It is immediately nostalgic still Britney has been listening the paralizaciones almost 20 years now, and very current for 2016 with experimental sounds. I will not be surprised to listen some sounds in this album mimicked in of the coming years.
5 / 5
I love this album. Ossia Britney Spears some album in my opinion.

PS-When I have ordered this album has said that that has taken a deluxe version. :(
5 / 5
I amour this album, although when I bought it I this in spite of era a deluxe version, will have to buy it again
4 / 5
So that it has taken a CD in an Eighth when I have been supposition partorisca the take a seventh (Free Two Nave of Day) and when it has taken here a chance has been broken everything by means of a backside. Any so only the concealed but in spite of taking a Deluxe version of mp3 of the edition immediately, a CD was a level . It would have maintained it but, partorisca listen his has discovered a whole clue would not touch without skipping! It results it does scratches in a CD rendering the party of forest deuna clue' unplayable. Of of the this was a first time that use a CD, knows this has not been the mine that does. Considering the east has been bought directly by means of Amazon I am A lot DISAPPOINTED.

Some Clues are awesome, totally would recommend a CD but no of here ossia sure! I will add the photos later will leave me .
4 / 5
LeGustado His material his old plus. It would owe that it has saved it my money is one .
5 / 5
Wow!! This has to that be a worse album still. Save your money because it has included that it download the song is the waste of the dollar.
4 / 5
Has bought this partorisca my fiancé to the equal that has aimed interest in him. It liked So only of a song. Amazon An amazing work that rids east. Nave of same day ( has bought the on pre commanded) has shipped a half night has been released and was in his place with which roughly 8 hours.

Top Customer Reviews: Honey & Wine: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia A second Volume of the ones of Carol King and Gerry Goffin laws and the part of the remarkable series of one focuses in of the composers that has comprised Mann and Weill, Randy Newman and Jackie DeShannon.

Follows that it has evolved it to a formula established and wonderful.

A handful of very known, oustanding swipes, some unreleased or dark and unheard gems, and some unexpected and illuminative alternative to well of known clues.

A CD look some particularly enjoyable sides of soul, with clues of Ben And Rey, perhaps a better interpreter of his material, Spear Jackson and Freddie Scott of some boys, Maxine Brown, a Shirelles and the new (mine) emission of the classical soul ballad for Tammie Montgomery (punctual to be Terrell) of some daughters. Thios Is not partorisca take was any credit of some sides of fine pop of Gene Pitney, ther Wry and Marianne Faithfull.

Like this always some notes of sleeve are detailed and very researched, with the references to those some clues have done his way of demo the symphony, and a sound is excellent.

Maintains he in the active, Van McCoy afterwards?
5 / 5

5 / 5

( キャロル・キング自身は歌ってない音源で)コンパイルしてます。

4 / 5
First & more than entity, this collection is surprising partorisca one extraordinary remastering in these clues. Has five different places in my collection of music with A Drifters' register of 'Up in a Ceiling.' A clarity here is that it surprises with some pocolos tinkles in a like this vibrant and clear triangle. An engineering in this disk is LIKE THIS UPPER that almost reinvents these registers. Bertell Dache Is 'Any Only Morning But Always' mirrors a melody of ' calm Still Wants to me Tomorrow' with Carole King' original backing vocals published here for a first time. Gene Pitney opens a together with one delicious 'Each respite Takes' complete with Phil Spector' masterful production. Some serious virtually sizzle out of some speakers. Have Maxine The register of Brown of Carole classical 'Oh Any, No My Creature' in two other places. This remastered the version is surprising with some vocal and serious nuances lovely flourishes like this merry & brilliant. Bobby Vee is 'Go was Little Daughter' registered in 1962 has such the dramatic tension with the type rasgado among morality & of biology. A Hollies registered a clue of title of this collection that boasts these classical harmonies of an early Hollies' catalog, with this sweltering version sizzling splendidly of some speakers. Jackie DeShannon The version of Carole is 'Chica of Mina' that has been registered for his Capitol album ongs' is remained in a can, according to a liner notes. DeShannon Nails this lovely song that it is an incredible version . Sounds of Wilson of Nancy like the Dinah Washington devotee in his wonderful version of Carole is 'Writer' was 'Any Easy Way Down,' with a percussion that touch gorgeous in this remastered version. This collection is essential listening so that they appreciate Carole King and Gerry Goffin songcraft. It enjoys!
5 / 5
Continuazione Excellent to this series. It Registers him to him' the collections are a lot invariable , and this CD is any exception to a principle.
4 / 5
The tapestry is still mine all time preferred albumn and has broken finally down and has bought a cd of him. I know it was one all time more selling albumn for the female artist in fact a lot of years this in spite of would have to that be in my opinion. Has a Room & of Circle of the Rock of Fame here in Cleveland and during an evening of education (which is free same if you are not the member - only has to that RSVP) this was one of some books have mentioned. In preparation to fully appreciate and enjoy a upcoming 'Trupador' the concert that begins Carole King and James Taylor I has has had to that the so only take. Calm appreciate you taking it mine quickly!

Top Customer Reviews: The Very Best ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 13 ratings
5 / 5
A CD was well, does not have the data listen it still partorisca listen a quality but a CD was in the chance broken and has looked something concealed has been chosen up in a side of a street. Quite disappointing.
5 / 5
At all beats a BSB classics. Happy still can buy was Amazon. I have ordered included another copy for the fellow the one who is the fellow BSB defender.
5 / 5
These boys are well. Some harmonies and the beaten so only no partorisca. A riveting 'Leave playin games (with my heart)' launches a backside to back swipes. But of course they have a lot the time is disappeared of then.
4 / 5
Has suspected like this, this product is one which a lot am enjoying! All mine all-preferred of the times are on there!!! Strongly you recommend any Backstreet the boys fans to purchase it!!
4 / 5
Has loved this CD. It Likes him A Backstreet of the boys will want this cd!
4 / 5
the mamma is the big defender to the equal that can any gone bad! These lives of albums until his title and looks everything of a Backstreet Boys upper Swipes and solteros. Recommended for any Backstreet defender of Boy that looks for the gone-to album with all his swipes.
4 / 5
Has liked him Backstreet music of boys to plot when it was them the Adolescent and listening to them now is
Utmost. Still like many of his songs and door for behind good memories.
Contains all his swipes know they and 2-3 other songs there have not gone Never listened of.
Adds to buy in the low prize.
4 / 5
The mamma is the big defender to the equal that can any gone bad! These lives of albums until his title and looks everything of a Backstreet Boys upper Swipes and solteros. Recommended for any Backstreet defender of Boy that looks for the gone-to album with all his swipes.
4 / 5
Present Navideño given in sign of nostalgia. He cd game of then receive it.
4 / 5
ASKS roughly that damn Sno Ez.. That the nightmare that is / was.
4 / 5
The band adds, the compilation adds!!! You recommend in any BB defenders or 90s/00s defenders of pops
4 / 5
The compilation adds, all some songs my daughter has used partorisca touch on and on again, all has joined the a lot of happy memories. I have wanted always harmony and some of these is wonderful, escómo Me A Meaning to Be Solitary' and ' loves It That Way' among my preferred
4 / 5
This CD are adds for any Backstreet defender of Boys ! Ossia The add to add for your colletion. This CD are still adds so that it is defenders but has not bought never any of his leading albums. You take the selection adds swipes.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 46 ratings
5 / 5
This was the present and when being the defender Rosa was very satisfied with this album. It thought that it that it has been it adds that it was in the vinyl has lived.
5 / 5
The album adds. Shipped punctually arrived & in the condition adds.
4 / 5
Fcking Awesome! Violeta colored record. This sound and touch really good!
5 / 5
Are the enormous pink defender . I love this album this was a prime minister CD I bought when it is in the first place exited. Each song is the swipe
4 / 5
Some of a better work produced for Rosa can be listened in this CD, and, his creative energy is evident in his songs. His earlier work is characterised for big pitched notes, explicit papers, and, one will have to that social activism that is nowhere partorisca be seen by other artists.
5 / 5
The rose is taking blonder. Obviously a bleach has washed was some of the his pizzazz. It returns with his second album "Missundaztood," that victim of falls to a sophomoric recession.
Breaking to a scene with his attitude-pipe of man-chiding swipe "calm There Go," Rosa looked partorisca have some sakes - the punky present with swipes of pops. This in spite of, with which quite Pink of the exposure exits like this more than the spoiled brat more than the rebel with the cause.
"Missundaztood" It contains a faceless, bland " it Takes One Celebrates has Begun," the song that tries that it calms does not have to that be creative or has included talented to please radio.
A new emission strays of his start in a sense that there is less bitchiness and more popstar dilemma. It expresses his battle with narcissism in "it does not leave Me Take me" or tentativas to look for idea in "Portrait Familiarised."
Has the noticeable gone back in fashion to launch down beats to the rockiest ways - the majority of probably reason 4 Pleasant Perry Blond has contributed to a penning of 8 of some 14 clues that comprises a catchy, this in spite of directionless "Missundaztood" and "Respect." Perry has looked also in a song "Solitary Daughter."
Pink meanders for mecer manufactured in all some wrong directions. First with a street-trippy "So only Like A Pill" and secondly in a sad "18 Wheeler." His lyrical the capacities are not an acute plus. Included compared to his start, this emission short tomb in a lyrical appearance.
A mayhem no partorisca, especially when Pink duets with goddess of rock Steven Tyler in a soulish "Misery" - if it has had soul in a start, has lost he to an end.
An only clue that has the ready arrangements is some slow-time "Daily it has wanted." Fleet without on-of production.
"Numb" It is the clue that is weighed in arrangements of rock, probably too weighed for the offering of pop.
An album in bylines with "Vietnam." A song roughly the one who his father has taught and likes to relate his - an aim in integrity that fallen without achieving a point.
When being a TRL bunny that it is, the rose a lot really has to that all this hard to look obnoxious the adolescents shout his name in television. Has an image, the powerhouse for the record undertaken for behind his and the attitude of star of the pop. It is to good sure a lot like this fascinating like other daughters.
The rose can not dance like Britney, sings like Christina or be like this charismatic likes Nelly Furtado. Out of all some recently arrived there, the pink faces rigid competition. "Missandaztood" It will not be helping the sound wins a race.
4 / 5
I owe that admit, does not listen to a lot of that is considered 'populate' these days - have been raped for a complex, glorious, whimsical, arty and odd. This in spite of, the fellow 'accidently' bought this album partorisca the promise of mine, not knowing possessed it already. It was too lazy to return a disk to a tent, as I spoke when maintaining on its own name.
With this said, now converged on Rosa and a content found on _M!ssundaztood_. An album looks the number of catchy hip/of dance-hop clues, countered for bluesy and jazzy-tinged numbers, injected with Rosa Marks so only of melody and sensuality. Pink exposures the crudes, aurally ambiguous (but powerful) sexualities, which can cause several quantities of intense emotion - if positive or negative (his exposures of viril machismo can be a lot of disturbing to some, while enticing to another.)
Some starts of albums with follows!ssundaztood', dances It clue quite simple with beaten of simple keyboard, fronted for Rosa smooth and innocent vocal delivery. 'It does not leave Me Take me' is the mix that the walks last of rock + of dance. Some the vocal harmonies are good-looking and intoxicating in the sinister way. People those who find failure in Britney Spears probably like a Rose in fact of small prick in his in this clue. 'So only Like A Pill' the characteristic roughly enough risks the papers am remained with a edgy section of rhythm. 'Take A Party Headed' is the dance floor that enough speaks for him. A lot of people have has listened probably is a jamming in the clubs or the parties have resisted at night. This clue is strangely adictiva and catchy. Esspect' Rosa of characteristic in his sexy plus - vocally and lyrically. Some beaten is in something of 8 east and 16 is, while exploits Rosa his sexual papers on the all with the slick, risk r&b voice ( tries his hand in rap on here.) '18 Wheeler' Characteristic some triumphant and inspiring papers, which look his perfectly matches up with a triumphant and inspiring melodies (and vice versa.) To to I Sounds likes him-the something concealed could result the swipe (if it is not already.) I add vocals on here also. 'Portrait familiarised' is based in Rosa' own dysfunctional family. A raw and sincere clue that it can tug he in some emotions. Soyisery' Is the slow bluesy/jazzy follows to look guest Steven Tyler (vocalist for Aerosmith.) They have harmonised enough very together, like this dueling vocals on here is quite convincing and emotional. 'Daily it has loved' the characteristic Rose that use the sensual whisper to do confessions to his newspaper (like the song.) 'Finally' it can look lackadaisical compared to the majority of some leading clues, mainly because it looks to be missing quell'energy takes some leading clues exuded. This in spite of, a melody is strong here. Esolitary Daughter' is the sad song with Rosa that reflects in his life like the star of pop. It appears the appearance of guest of Pleasant Perry - singer of goodness of band quite known 4 Any Blond. It looks to spend the class of megalomaniacal and morbid class of voice - as a lot to be very attracted to. Rosa the very good work in his vocals (which are vastly different that a tone of Pleasant Perry is.) 'Numb' Looks to share a triumphant lyrical alcohol of '18 Wheeler.' A call of next clue 'Gone To California' is probably an only clunker on here. A melody is well, but is the little too slow in comparison to a rest of an album. It appears some that touches sad saxaphone touching on here, which is quite well, but almost masochistic. Soyy The starts of Vietnam were with some beats that I touch it ominous in a start, first to turn to the electrical guitar-tinged r&b/tune of dance. Rosa takes on the sexy living room-write vocal action in some of his lines, while it spills his guts in his feelings to grow up. In an end, listens some the electrical guitar distorted separates to churn out of several bits of an American of National Hymn.
An album a lot very in fact. While ossia music of pop 'populate', I personally any Rose of the piece with one likes Britney Spears and another of a phase of pop. She exudes the raw honesty that seldom listens of to one likes him Britney Spears. If for that a reason so only, would not refuse Rosa to this state. But, a lot especially, a music is melodic, diverse, catchy and upbeat, while it contains an air of confidence and sincerity.
4 / 5
I really really like this CD. At the beginning, I have not gone really sure that has loved to buy this CD. Has thinks that that the rose was hot, but has known no to like me his CD, also!!! LoL, anyways, I really liked 'Take This Party Headed' as I downloaded it. The listened 'does not leave Me Take me' and like, as Of I one same . With which I really liked 'So only Like A Pill' have known I has had to possess this CD. It was surprised really in that him me like this CD. It is it adds! I recommend it to any one. I know to plot of to the my friends no like him to him the roses, as so only hides this CD. LoL. In all the chance, will break it down for you.
1. Missundaztood - (4/5) Ossia the good song . I listen his to plot. It is probably one of my favourite songs in a CD. Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! ( It listens to a CD to know the one who this is everything roughly)
2. It does not leave Me Lame - (5/5) the song adds! It is really good. It likes to of me to whole plot. At the beginning, it has been taste 'huh?' But I have begun then to like it. Sure it grows in already!
3. So only Like A Pill - (4.5/5) so only am giving is the 4.5 reason I overplayed the and kinda killed the, but oh well. Still it likes to of me!
4. Take This Party Headed - (5/5) Awesome song! A song of dance ADDS. Really it likes to of me. If has-liked you this song, will like you ths OF CD.
5. Respect - (3/5) I like this song. It is quell'has bitten too girly for me, but still kinda entertainment to dance to.
6. 18 Wheeler - (3.5/5) I like this song also. It is quite good. Ossia All has to that say.
7. Portrait familiarised - (6/5) Any, is any deception ! I really, really, really like this song. Sure, it is kinda sad, but I like these clues to depress on CD is! (I knows, am odd) One of a better in a CD!
8. Misery - (4.5/5) A thing adds in this song is STEVEN TYLER ! I want to Aerosmith and that so only saves a song, otherwise would give it the 3.
9. Daily it has wanted to - (4.5/5) I like this song to plot. It is really , yeah....
10. Finally - (3/5) it is kinda slow, kinda Or.K. I guess it likes, but of any as much as some other songs. Well?
11. Solitary daughter - (3/5) is Or.K. I guess it likes, but of again, any as much as some other songs. It is kinda retard also. It is so only 'Or.K.'
12. Numb - (7/5) Again, any deception. Or.K., I lied roughly 'Portrait Familiarised', ossia a better song in a CD. Reason is not the the alone???? Some things will not be answered never in life. Everything knows is that I like this song and calm also!
13. Gone To California - (3.5/5) Ossia one Or.K. Song, but you gotta give props to Lose Rosa there so that it wants to go tto one State of Sol! (Rock on!) The unworthy concealed, is Or.K.
14. Vietnam - (4.5/5) Ossia the really good song . I really like a bomb-ish sounds in a background and in a intro. These sounds are really fresh. It is the good song , also.
Finally, THIS CD ROCKS! Calm would be necessary cost enjoys 'Take This Party Headed' or any of another P!NK solteros. Also, you would have to buy Mariah Tortoiseshell NEW CD 'Charmbracelet'!!!! It is really good. Until next time, goodbye. It enjoys!!!!!
4 / 5
Does not do statements that will have to retract when a phenomenon of the music of next pop comes to the long of in five minutes, likes particular attention to pay to that are roughly to say.
Rosa, this white-daughter rapper of the one who first album was a lot of but no remarkable, has created an album of music to pop like this personal, like this fun, like this catchy, like this diverse, like this delicious and so only like this damn adds that he silences all detractors. It is one of a more rewarding the cost has done last year, and, likes music of pop, is fantastic.
Like the alone, "Take This Party has Begun" it was incredibly a lot-fact, has thought some first time listened it. A rhythm has taken mine, and has danced in mine car some next time listened it. I saw it on an ad, and a vocals, occasionally caseous, was easy to agree. An island by means of some 20.os the times have listened this in a radio, was my favourite song that touches. Included now, after the listen again and again for the year-and-a-half, a song still hypes arrive me, included although a novelty has spent of the fact of long time.
"It does not leave Me Take me," in spite of being necessarily self-indulgent, directs to face some subjects of self-esteem and confidence in the new way. When it Has been touched in a radio, agrees to find the like this interesting likes before song. "So only Like this to Pill" attacked me less like this, but was still the song of quality.
Like me relented and has bought an album, which surprised further my expectations. In the, the rose directs to create much more radio-friendly songs, like a clue of title, and to the diverse personal songs like "Portrait Familiarised." An album also comprises it rap song and the ballad, one hurting "Misery" duet with Steven Tyler.
A same time, begin him rose like this personal, realistic and, a lot especially, humble.
This is not my usual class of music, but "Misundastood" works. It is the album adds .
4 / 5
Rosa, the one who last year was probably conseved like another biker chick wannabe 'boy hater', but really, in his sophmore the endeavour soyissundaztodd', totally blows that it creates out of a water. With Pleasant Perry (Three Any Blond) near his and some new founds to sing talent, obvisouly, the rose has matured a lot and has aimed a world-wide the one who really is. A radio prime minister only, 'Take A Party Headed' is the amused-tune of dance of fond pop that the expósita is probably one of some openers of better party never (I DJ alot of parties). Some, this in spite of, after listening 'Take A Party Headed' could have thought Rosa has changed so only his colour of hair, was obvisouly looked in his radio according to only 'does not leave Me Take me' that tip no only personal side but reflects on some very strong opions. ' They are like this tired to be compared to damn Britney Spears/ is like this quite concealed/ so only is not me' is one of some lines of 'does not leave Me Take me' this quite taken the little present ' ears. Rosa, believes them, any only has WAY more talent that Britney Spears, but in fact looks quite well also. If taken it sidetrack of a radio solteros, will remark some very different classes of hymns of pops in an album besides 'Take A Party Headed'. Some of those is a corky opener of album of the pop soyissundaztood', some hymns to base to be able to heavy sonspect' and '18 Wheeler', a very dulcemente influenced 'quell'Go To Calfornia', and one more upbeat tune to be able to soyy Vietnam' the final an album.
Turning Behind to a single, 'So only Like A Pill', one 3rd so only of an album, is brilliant. With his very basic Rose and heavy fund gritty papers the can not remain in your support of the life/there is penuria in a transmission/the can not remain in your cause/of morphine is makin me itch/the said the tried to call a nurse again/but is the little...', calm to good sure would have to that find this a intreeging number. A late and more personal plus that any only a single but all an album, 'Familiar Potrait' is to good sure value the listen. Rosa is disturbed perspective of his that bolt in 'War of Word 3' as the girl the very good song.
Other big points of a radio alone street are a downbeat soyisery' with Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, an a lot of adictivo 'Daily has wanted to', and a duet of Perry of the Pleasant is all value to listen to.
In general, attended some enormous differences of this album and the start of the rose, 'Can no to Take me House'. If yours the defender of this album and the songs likes them 'There Or sees, soyost Daughters', and ' Do me Ailing' would suggest them to find another cocky woman r&b vocalast, because Rosa obvisouly a lot it anymore.
5 / 5
The rose is a better of a current harvest of edgy singers of pops female that also comprises Abril Lavigne, Vanessa Carlton and Michelle have dipped. These aims of Pink albums that diversifies besides one that touches generic R&B this has done his famous, to embrace musical elements that comprises alternative rock, hip hop, folk and electronica. Die to affinity of an industry of music bet sure, the rose is taking the considerable musical risk here for totally changing his sound, and for this would have to that be credit given for such the tentativa brave.
The rose of exposure of the better songs of an album is rebels alcohol, and the time finds like the day Joan Jett, or the Idol of Billy of the woman. His best selling the point is his image of bad daughter , and his papers reflect this. In the better clue of an album 'does not leave me take me', sing 'tired to be compared to damn Britney Spears, is like this enough, that so only is not me'.
Another standouts comprise a whispery 'Daily has wanted to', 'Portrait Familiarised', which take Eminem is 'Cleansing Out of My Cupboard', and a alt-mecer stompers 'Numb' and soyy Vietnam'.
On 'Take a party headed', perhaps a neighbour more an album does not take never to an old Rose, to spear was celebrates to invite and starts to touch that Gwen Stefani, which is necessarily the good thing, likes opposed to to the sound likes him Britney Spears, with that Rose obviously is trying the distance she of.
My favourite clue is 'So only like this to Pill', he midtempo number of rock in that compares his lover to the travesía bad. A lot timely, and a lot poignant.
In general, ossia the surprisingly competent endeavour of the singer that all the world has thought would be the-paste of marvel. Here it is helped by a lot of able producers, comprising Pleasant Perry (of 4 No-Blond), Steven Tyler (of Aerosmith), Antonio and Austin Tiled Reid. With a success of this album, the pink aims his critics that goes to be a one has left with the successful career when Britney, Mandy Moore and Jessica Simpson result a Debbie Gibson and Tiffanys of today. It sees, daughter!
5 / 5
Has not been the defender of Rosa is when I am spent his contagious 'Take a Party Headed' video in the tent. Mina, was so only he blip in a radar of music - the-paste of marvel; in fact, it could very included think of a title of his swipe of the his first album. So much, when I have seen a video for his sophomore first alone album, was pleasantly has surprised; I have not been blown was still, but a music there has been the well has beaten. It was with which have bought an album that have @@give the one who an artist for real is. Albeit His songs are danceable and contain inner his elements of generic pop, there is the amazing quantity of profundity instilled in his songs. Britney Can lament that it is no longer the daughter and a lot still the woman, but the rose has more personal and atrocious subjects with that to treat.
Some beaten rhythmical of soyissundaztood,' that opens an album, has the blithe and his communal that the disposal of Rosa of shows to coffins his soul while having some entertainment. ' I have been the bad daughter , bad ' is the line (of a catchy and devious-touching 'Daily has wanted to') that it could he easily tumble of some mouths of Britney Spears, Willa Ford, to infinitum; this in spite of, with Rosa has a undeniable felt of honesty for behind these words, an honesty that is not necessarily sexual in character. 'Take a Party Headed' could be an undoubted radio swipe, but 'does not leave Me Take me' is another mid-winning to time that worries self-image and develops insecurities Rosa, the song to those a lot of daughters would owe that be able to relate. If his vocals there is not touching too impressive in a past, up for him with to clues likes him a soulful and introspective 'Finally.' But, if slow and soulful the songs are not your stock exchange, there is still 'So only Like A Pill,' another contagious song that to sounds extraordinarily likes him to him mid-version of rock of the time of Whitney Houston are ' Always Will love You.' Rockers Will enjoy one in-yours-expensive and electrical guitar-weighed 'Numb' that is reminiscent of Blond Platinum. Beaten heavy interspersed with the silence flows into the introduction of rhythmical electrical guitar that spends to the long of Rosa reflective and intense soyy Vietnam.' 'The continuous life fall the bombs / and I maintain bookmark,' sings in a clue, a statement of entity that encapsulates a reason for his musical endeavours.
A diversity that the Pink shows in this second album has to that individual and scarce; to improve with the success is something seldom seen in a subject of music. It is surprisingly savvy in a subject of music - of course, has to have a bit few radio hooks, which is irrefutably 'Take a Party Headed'; this in spite of, also has to that have some depth and improvement to testify the longevity, and a rest of an album appeases the wide variety of flavours: a song of rock, a sexy song, a painful and introspective song, a R&B / song of Alma, etc. Some could be disappointed that a whole album does not contain the songs resembled a first alone swipe, but some so only could be pleasantly surprised with songs that will resist his interest for longer that the month.
4 / 5
Of some first time have listened Rosa in a radio, could not take some grooves out of my alcohol. In fact, I do not want to . At the beginning, there is no @to @give that many my favourite songs were for this Artist. 'It does not leave Me Take me' often touched in my alcohol, during a day. Every time I listened 'Take One Celebrates has Begun,' I cranked-on a radio. Then, a day, has looked a 'does not leave Me Take me' video, on-line, and was hooked.
The aim has found I looking-advance to a time when each emisora that the radio local has touched Rosa is , has not gone enough. I have had to possess this collection of songs adds.
'So only Like A Pill' has begun to touch, locally, while I have expected for my CDs to arrive, creating anticipation more orders.
Now, possesses a CD and I can listen the Pink while I please (often), honradamente can say that it was very surprised. I am habituado to purchase whole CDs with only 1-4 good songs in his, and to plot of 'farce.'
Soyissundaztood' HAS any material of farce. Each song is surprising and heart-felt. It looks each tune is belted-was, or sung in breathy vocals, of a soul.
Am thrilled to see the musician that precaution of launches to a wind and the one who loves the one who some questions of record company of sound. Included a bit those that things bobas that could have it been modified-was, like an end of a first song,
soyissundaztood,' add to an on-Libertad of a collection of tunes. A song, he, are to add--a lot of catchy.
The music of the rose there is catchy grooves, utmost intros and Papers that to to the clave likes him the glue to your alcohol.
Is wonderful to see the people that use this gender of music for fun and self-expression again, without using a formula of Seattle. I leave to buy music, for the long time (with an exception of Prince). The rose has renewed my interest in this gender of music and inspired me he delve behind to a field/of Pop of the Rock. A ploughing riff of 'does not leave Me Take me' well a prize of a CD, so only.
I pink looks to be quite a Feminist and can be surprisingly inspiring the women of this persuasion, also.
Is tired Bands of Formula, Seattle-inspired Gloom & Industry-copy generated-Pop of cat.... Test 'Rosa.'
5 / 5
Released in 28 Jan 2002
Focus : LaFace/Bordos
zone of artist Rosa
listen recently Rosa that proclaims to be more talented that Madonna? Enough the claim for any in his second album. Especially when this second album, is, frankly, no very good. Apparently I return it Rosa "the roots of skater", soyissundaztood' arrival more Alanis Morrisette.
Any one looking for any spicy R'any B to follow on Rosa' fantastic breakthrough swipe, soyost Daughters', will be sorely there is disappointed.
Opener, And the title follows much less, is feeble, which is not the good signal. It is a sound of Rosa that touches in front of his mirror with the hairbrush, complete with uncomfortable grunts and embarrassed giggles.
Elsewhere in an album, the rose affirms " it is hazard to me" on possibly a worse clue Tiled Austin has not produced never ('does not leave Me Take me'). Recent so only, 'Take A Party Headed', is breathe he of a dirge, but so only yes has eaten sixteen pints of alcohol and/ or is down sixteen years of ages.
A more affecting the moment in this album is a heartfelt 'Portrait Familiarised', which hints besides deep workings in alcohols Rosa. It is also he resupplies the welcome shelter of a rock-lite production that dogs a majority of this album. Soyissundaztood' The ends in soyy Vietnam', the tasteless title if it has not had never one. It appears such wonderful lyrical to the ideas like "the life maintains to fall the bombs and I maintain a bookmark". A turn of song was like this of the games of Americans of national hymn in a fund.
No. of boy More talented that Madonna? We will see 15 years down a line. Soyissundaztood'? Perhaps, but in this evidence, is nobodies failure but his own.
5 / 5
Like this, has had Madonna, Janet and Michael Jackson, and George Michael that paste-the costruttrici of one 80 east. In a 90 is has had Mariah Tortoiseshell, Backstreet Boys, Celine Dion, and Boyz II MEN. Many of these closings is doing swipes today, but one 2000 I thinks has potential to be dominated of one a lot talented the young lady has appointed Rosa. To the left it is to take the look....
In a late-cradle and prompt state of 2000, Pink explosion to a scene of music with his contagious first only 'There Or Goes.' It was the enormous swipe (I thinks listened quell'on a radio hourly.) It has released his start 'Can no to Take me House' and has aimed his hand in R&B. Later in 2000, it has released soyost Daughters' those tried to be another big swipe. Then in prompt 2001, take ' Do me Ailing' that has not been like this big like forward two single, but result to be the decent radio swipe. In a summer of 2001, the rose looked with Christina Aguilera, Mya, and Lil Kim on 'Crown Marmalade' that was probably a main song of a year (and also thinks the rose has had a more vocals on that.) As now here we are in late-2001 and the rose is ready to release his sophomore album....
'Take a Party Headed' was an alone prime minister of Missundaztood and thinks that was the bridge adds of a first album. It is the song of the pop adds and result to be this in spite of another massive swipe for sound. Probably it will go down in history like The SONG of dance of the institute-opener. After listening GTPS and buying an album, has the data listens it and was the little sceptic. It was quite the transmission. I took the little listens to really take a just of him. 'It does not leave Me Take me' is one 2nd only and the song any adolescent can relate to this in spite of again, has given Rosa the big swipe. Soyy Vietnam' and esolitary Daughter' is' songs of confessional in his more utmost. Then we my absolute favourite clue...'So only Like A Pill' (which is incidently his prójimo only.) It is the definite swipe with his catchy heart and punkish on-tones (but Rosa vocals marks up for him.)
Like this, finally, ossia the very versatile album . Pop, R&B, blues, and punk/rock. It is in good sure values to verify was. Parents, precaution to use this in spite of. There is some profanity and sexual down-tones.
5 / 5
P!NK And this album, creates, will be to take to whole plot of nominations for a Grammy Prize in February. If or it will not go house with a full arm of the trophies there is still to be determinate, like the competition will be rigid (Norah Jones, Abril Lavigne, Vanessa Carlton, and Kylie Minogue so only to appoint the small). Ossia Which well this album is! When Material of this disk (that spends to be one of mine faves), I class to have the hard time that comes from describirprpers (but will try). After a R&B endeavour to start with drenched, the rose is now the god/of Rock of the Pop! While 'Take a Party Headed' is very fresh and funky, my favourite clue is 'So only like this to Pill.' It is funky , quickly-paced pop with the dose sã of rock! Rosa also adds the very personal touch to this album with 'Portrait Familiarised.' Some papers, which speak of the family in confusion, is a bit biographical. Rosa, aka Alesia Moore, comes from/comes from the house broken. His parents divorced when it was very young, and the rose is using this song like the way of reflector and cure. While some papers are breaking of heart , a music is funky and simply awesome! With Rosa, only calm can any gone bad! When Have in the first place spent this album, was prepared at all - Like this to plot of people. It has been expecting another 'Can no to Take me House.' I have been taken was guard to say a less! While Rosa still there is R&B incrustada to his lastest music, really finds like this R&B the pop has based. So as I Like him R&B, listens to this album to plot more than me beginning Rosa. In fact, any all the world will be pleased this work. In general, this in spite of, is so only to plot of fun! There is not to whole plot of the soul that looks for that it goes in here, so only he cd that it could be it declared an album of official party! I expect that the rose will continue to do more the albums have taken. It maintains on a Miss of good work Moore (I bad, P!NK)!
4 / 5
... I very seldom buy CDs in a force of one follows, especially today; too much often it is so only it stirs it of the farce packed around a awesome song. Knowing that, I class of has behind resisted, included after going given some first time have listened " it Takes One Celebrates has Begun" during an episode of "that Does A Video." After reading the little quite positive pre-descriptions of emission, has said "That a heck!" And it has on elected M!SSUNDAZTOOD To this emission . ... I undermined it well of a prime minister listens, and has learnt to love the even more with subsequent games. Ploughing on a disk is an I surca -clue of friendly title. As we hear whisper Rosa " it goes, Damon! It goes, Pleasant!" And it has sawed-producing Pleasant Perry squeaked answered of turn of " it goes, Rosa!", we Are subconsciously presented with the fact that will result clearer for the end of the disk: there is a society/of producer of the artist on M!SSUNDAZTOOD Ossia sorely Losing besides the register is telephoned in, and all the world is doing all have beaten to do sure everything is done well. As declared, "M!ssundaztood" It is one of these clues that so only took under your skin. With this boom -the boxes have beaten, airy vocals and jangling electrical guitars, is the total butt -shaker, and will do the clue of incident so only the "...Party." After up it is "it does not leave Me Take me", one of some songs on M!SSUNDAZTOOD Tries concealed Rosa is like this of the bosses and rows on like this of a little daughter wannabe singers there today. With this angry arrangement and dark papers("it does not leave me take me/ are my own worse enemy / is bad when calm annoy you"), it is hard to believe Rosa is so only twenty-two. If it can be this brutally sincere now, imagines that it will be able to do for his fourth or fifth emission?!? "So only Like A Pill" it is the classical "he -me-wrong" song, updated for a 21st century. It is strong heart (" I can no to remain me in your support of the life/There is penuria in a transmission/can no to remain me in your morphine/'the cause is by train to do me the itch/has said that that has tried to call a nurse again/But is the little bitch ") it is it sings it to him never-like this-differently every time, the usually taken trick so only for seasoned pros. And that it can be said in " it Takes One Celebrates has Begun?" Well, it was one of a cup two or three clues of 2001, one of a Cup Ten of some last five years and, eight years of now, when they are revising a first decade of a 21st century, to good sure still will be considered the classical. Simply place, "...Party" it is the first example of reason would owe that spend for behind single! Mindless, But, oh then , entertainment!
After up is "Respect." To the equal that listen Rosa slyly been "Ossia mine rap song!", All smirks and attitude, could be bent to write a song was like this "Possuer the daughter Wants to Do Hip Hop." No! With this sing-song vocals and powerhouse grooves to balance that it authorises lyric woman ossia more educational for some few daughters (and boys!) There that anything more when be fact by a BrittneyChristinas of a world-wide today, the rose has on come with the socially conscious song that you really can move it to, and when it was a last time has had one of those?!? It has said of another way,, so only 3! One of some things that probably @fare M!SSUNDAZTOOD Looks more powerful that finally really is is a fact that five of these six stronger songs is some first five clues in a CD. A sixth clue, a mecer "Solitary Daughter", it duet with Perry, is chilling. Writing for Perry, the rose a song his own. Place in the beaten militaristic, the pink projects a doubt, desire and uncertainty that comes with afamada (as well as a persuit of him!). The harmony of Greek heart of Perry vocals adds a perfect topping. If the flange can maintain this alive CD long enough to warrant the chamber or fifth clue the radio, ossia a one the Rose of presents in the very different light, and is one this does a lot well. Other clues that operates it almost also is one it hard paste "18 Wheeler", a Alannis-fulfilled-Edie Brickell, hip-hop flavoured "Daily it has loved", with these papers of confessional that is sincere without being cloying, and "Numb", another behaviour rocker. Also deserving of the mention is "Misery", it duet with Stephen Tyler, in that Rose more than controls his own (once again, he boggles an alcohol to think that it will be able to do for a time achieves his 30 is and 40 is!) And "Finally." In fact, an only real clunkers in a disk is "Portrait Familiarised", another clue of confessional that Rosa trys to the infuse with the depth and the experience so only has not obtained still, and "Gone To California" and "Vietnam", which are, well, so only bad songs. But ossia nit-choosing.
M!SSUNDAZTOOD Is 100 better that his dismal, cookie-cutter, flavour-of-beginning he of month, and the work of art of the gal the one who, if it can maintain it all near, would have to maintain entertained - and guessing! - For years to come. " It goes, Rosa!", In fact!
4 / 5
One of a surprise more orders in a scene to pop this year is that ROSA experiences the dramatic transformation of the R&B queen to pop to the pop-rock Alanis with his sophomore album, M!SSUNDAZTOOD. With 4 Pleasant Perry Blond and the icons of rock likes him Steven Tyler, ROSA injects the dose of funk-mecer to his legislation-in-yours-hip of expensive-hop attitude. The defenders can decry in his to be the tear-out of Gwen Stefani and Nelly Furtado, still the astute auditors will find Pink value in looking for his identity the fruitful a. One transfers in his first clue M!SSUNDAZTOOD Will do calm @to give you that self-the parody is in an air and his second clue, does not leave Me Take me confirmation concealed. In the catchy way of rock of Californian pop, the tapes Rosa was blatantly 'the professors date me/ My parents hate me/.... It does not compare Me to (...) Britney Spears/ what the are not that quite/' So only like this to Pill amena out of Rosa energetic spunk and deadpanned irony, 'So only like this to pill/ in planting to do me better/ me ailing'. His alone prime minister, 'that Takes a Party Headed' is rowdy farce of party with to hip-hop gueto seats which touches uncannily like some suns of American Descendants.
Some gems are earthed in a later part of an album. EsSPECT' Rosa fashionable blatant dress to the glove and is essentially the hymn to command of the respect of daughter. 'Portrait familiarised' is poignantly heartfelt and he sorrowful paean in dysfunctional families - animadamente with cutting papers 'does not love my mother to change my last name/ will look for to be better/ Dad, please gone back'. Misery Is another country-folk pop that strums with emotions. His collaboration with Steven Tyler is cataclysmic; both with raging vocals this augments an emotion of a song. FINALLY it is Pink stab in of the people those who has treated bad. That true when it sings ' has drunk your poison when you have said that it was wine . Shame on you if you fool me once/ Shame on me if you fool me two times... I expect that you take your finally/ I hope will be there./' Solitary daughter (feat. Pleasant Perry) is another poetic rendition of the roses have thought on stardom and his emotional luggage with sacrifices.
This album is rough in some flanges but to good sure very empty. We assist sincere Rose grit in his materials and included it streak of rebellion as well as introspectiveness in some of his songs. His vulnerability in a translation of his own songs sprouts the spark of surprise and novelty for an auditor. This transmission can hint treachery to his fan the one who are habituados his hip R&B image, but in this business - lose some calm so that it obtains some. The rose there is forgo lucido the success has commercialised to indulge in his fashion of own rock. Felizmente, mecer with attitude. You go, daughter.
4 / 5
When being the Pink defender for the year and the half now, has grown to appreciate a way feels in things. Of his report with his familiar his eccentric personality all a way until his crazy and hard dress-mecer inspired tunes. It is an inspiration to all the daughters those who are not 'perfect.' To the equal that says 'tired of bein' compared to d Britney Spears, is like this enough, that so only is not me.'
Some clues in this CD are refreshing of another music was now same. They are everywhere of dark to insurances, quirky to downright defiant. Rosa is a singer the one who has redefined adolescent R&B for me. With this disk, pop of attacks of adolescents with a edgy his of rock.
Some clues:
1. M!ssundaztood: A intro could look nettle or included caseous at the beginning, but is the song adds calm once accustoms a 'flavour' of him. An underlying irony in some papers, as 'always in a wrong clue, lookin' for a right clue, and is catchin' all these clues that are layin' down for you?' Add to an appeal. Rosa some 'grunts' after an end of a song and is not fearful to poke entertainment in his. 'This is not a lot of d ex-lax ad, ossia mine alone prime minister , man!'

2. It does not leave Me Take me: A personal favourite (how is the majority of some clues), this song is in self-hate and self-dout. 'Oh, it Is hazed to me/does not leave me take me/ are my own worse enemy .' Finding the one who are and hating the one who are. Two things of entities the adolescents treat today and the remarkable song that shows that.
3. So only Like A Pill: Some ready comparisons in this song the one of a more liked in a CD (and rumoured to be a prójimo only). ' Interest, is so only like this to pill/ tead of makin' me better/ maintenances makin' me ailing.' This is so only the song adds.
4. It takes One Celebrates has Begun:really I can not say I like this song a lot and releasing he like this first so only looks the deception of mine. At all in some sounds of albums like this song. I appreciate it is defiant character , this in spite of.
5. Respect: ' it Is' mine rap song' the rose declares in a start. Any wait Aretha calm, collected and dignifid r-and-s-p-and-c-t is one. 'Give it on, will not call you ,' says. While the little hip-hop flavoured, if it sticks to a subject of an album and a force of character Rosa.

6. 18 Wheeler: Here again, wonderful metaphors. While ossia the song purportedly that contains a 'f word,' is modified ' calm can run over me with your eighteen wheeler the truck and I will not give one...' It could you do not like him to of the principle, but really grows on you.
7. Portrait familiarised: Ossia such one amazing song . If you have lived by means of the divorce, can relate to the each word. Although personally it calms it has not experienced divorce, an ache is like this real in this song. It feels each word .
8. Misery (W/Steven Tyler) : Well, but no my fashion.
9. Daily it has wanted: Here again, no my fashion of song
10. Finally: This a regime to all some people those who has tried to take or hurt P!nk In some way. But it resists the grudge? You have bet! ' They will take his finally, and expect that they are there.'

11. Solitary daughter (w/Pleasant Perry): Everything goes to present to an AMAZING song is a heart : ' calm included know the one who are (Oh, are still tryanna find)/A sleep fallen or the star to locate (I has loved to be the star)/is your good life or is bad (can not say anymore)'

12. Numb: This in spite of another pops that surprised-tinged R&B song. So only it loves one has beaten of east a.

13. Gone To California: One of some clues plus a lot toneless, but still quite strong.

14. Vietnam: the life is all the world is Vietnam, this song is not the winning battle of an album, this in spite of.
In general, an incredible CD with few clues less than five star-has estimated. That more could ask?
5 / 5
Has debated really on yes to take this or no. Pink flavour old fashion & how it was always so only in your face. That sees is that or take. But, surprisingly, I want this cd so only with which one listens. I have read like this negative critic in the " it Takes One Celebrates has Begun" it was an only good clue & any of some others included measured until him. Well, they were bad. In my opinion, each clue has is own special meaning and phase. You owe that verify this was.

"Missundaztood"- A wonderful song that the adolescents think can relate to, adults thus subject. Tne Clue of the title is not a better, but is still really good.

"It does not leave Me Lame"- Roughly a lot catchy papers & a song is like this significant & it is true. It touches it adds also.

"So only Like A Pill"- Prolly a 2nd so only of this cd, this clue is really orders. Also it has catchy papers & a heart is so only like this fun and different, but again, is ture. Really they are that it likes him this song, as I expect that it is a the prójimo so only.

" It takes One Celebrates has Begun"- Alot of knots prolly knows this one for now, lol. It is not a better, but is the very good song with the well has beaten. It is easily adictivo when or need to be acclaimed up or dance.

"Respect (Feat. Scratch)"- No a better, but this song is really fresh. Some papers are fresh & Rosa so only says it like this is.

"18 Wheeler"- Woah! This song is quite fresh also, papers stagnate. A good catchy tune.

"Portrait familiarised"- This song is mine really sad like the aims concealed no each family is perfect & that feels likes to spend for such terrible tramadic experience that will affect calm for a rest of your life, for ever same. An a lot of touching song that mark or comprise the one who hard is to spend the monde to something likes concealed.

"Misery (Feat. Steven Tyler)"- This clue is very slow, but is well, no a better. But in general, ossia the good ballad & has the very different sound.

"Daily it has loved"- Omg, alot of the people can relate to this. It is on so only when being able to trust your newspaper & it concealed when being quite sad. It is on that when being an only thing some people in fact can speak to.

"Finally"- An of mine beans clues of this album. ' You will take your finally'. Like this true, can definetly relates to this song.

"Solitary daughter (Feat. Pleasant Perry)"- Pleasant Perry does not have a lot adds vocals in my opinion, but this clue means alot & it is spoken of a heart.

"Numb"- Very very slow, but to the equal that can say for a title, is still another song in a blues.

"Gone To Calfifornia"- I can relate to a 1st part of this clue like this well, and ossia one of mine faves also. I want a catchy papers & a heart is really good.

"Vietnam"- This song is sum with a Sep. 11th material and everything. It is kinda coinsedence she this before then. It is roughly like the life can be hell , good or bad. Roughly it is when be has confused. An a lot of utmost way to finalise an album, the clue adds that it underlines.

Well, love this CD. Some papers go in a cd jacket & a pics is awesome. More, an enhanced cd figure of the pages of interactive papers for "So only Like A Pill" & " it Takes One Celebrates has Begun". Of more it likes him 6 of photo that is really fresh. Also you can register to the web page of private party & view a " it Takes One Celebrates has Begun" video & listen the clue of special prize fresco has called " it takes 22". It does not lose It !

So much, this cd is awesome. I any reccomend the to young boys tho for a cos would not comprise some signals at all prolly & two, there are some words of curse in here. I love it, but I am speaking roughly like 8 year olds or something. But I guess all the world is different. Adults & the adolescents think has taken. It does not judge the book for his coverage, really try this.
4 / 5
The rose finally can be undaztood after taking touched of of all this beaten unnecessary that has has had to that his album to start with to do his sophomore album so only the does not advance paralización mecer. When I have listened the rose has changed his gender for mecer, has think that that was to do a thing of Moore of Mandy is so only be dip instruments for behind songs of pops, but the rose has maintained his word. Ossia Rosa more movements still and his in disposal to do his career prospers even more. The rose has written 11 out of 14 songs in this album in that has dipped it each emotion to his different these R&B follows that she that has not been bad, his just that calms has not learnt or grow to listen to them.
Listed of clue:
1.) Missundaztood - Ossia The hot clue that the rose has dipped down for the knots with the heart add and calm can say that it was having to that the entertainment adds when it has registered this clue. This clue is so only one of these feel better roughly calm follows, and he sure brightens on my way.
2.) It does not leave Me Take me - This clue is very significant and to good sure can relate in sympathetic that some days so only do not like you calm and do other days. Rosa in fact gives the cry was to our partner Britney Spears in this song.
3.) So only Like A Pill - Ossia for far one of some the majority of promising clues in this album, this clue is of a hook, can feel Roses of inner emotions in this song. This song has the heart adds and when it declares "And the interest is so only like this to pill, in planting to do me calm better maintains to do be ailing" I think that that it expresses a metaphor a lot well.
4.) It takes A Party Headed - Rosa has been ready to choose this clue like his prime minister so only reason to good sure aims his side of new rock and still has to that pinch of the his old R&B side.
5.) Feat Of respect. Scratch - In this rose of clue alleges his rap but still am feeling a strong rock vibe of him.
6.) 18 Wheeler - This song is very interesting, his the song that you would not expect the women to sing, but more yours can, Rosa.
7.) Portrait familiarised - Ossia the very sad and tragic song but his very true hips and has ascended so only dips down all some facts that the people find to disturb to listen to. Rosa basically is saying that any all the families are happy.
8.) Misery Feat. Steven Tyler of Aerosmith - This song is really like this as well as his anticipation alleged it to be, his both a heck out of this song with there misery touching like vocals in front of the jazz/blues has beaten.
9.) Daily it has wanted to - I knows that Britney Spears' "Daily it has loved" dipped the bad name in any song of a same title but the Beloved newspaper of the rose is really sweet and significant, and everything really wants to do is for the say his secrets.
10.) Finally - This song is another sad jazz ./blues Song, he well to listen an artist shares his ache because sometimes some defenders are spending for a same thing.
11.) Feat Of solitary Daughter. Pleasant Perry - A beaten and a Rose of way vocals the flow in this song is very sweet and beautiful and can feel that it felt. Pleasant Perry the one who has helped has sawed-write the little of some songs in this album is has looked in fact sing a heart.
12.) Numb - Ossia The song of rock of hard core and can listen all a Rose of assault is expressing in this song.
13.) Gone To California - Any song roughly California is well, California is the good place , these characteristics of song a lot of jazz/blues beaten in him. This clue is of a hook.
14.) Vietnam - Ossia the very significant song , his until you on that calm interpret him but touch Rosa very serious in this song.
Are like this proud of Rosa operates it and she have me really that looks forward to his next album. This album is masterpiece of the expression adds, and has loved only action with a world-wide to the equal that adds this music the person feels and the one who your missing was on if any calm the the.
4 / 5
Has has wanted to P!NK Last album & stunned for his guts & forthrightness. This in spite of his crisp r'any b the production has been now substituted for the plus embroiders of rock (undoubtedly influenced for Pleasant Perry, with the P!nk Has has sawed-a lot of writing some songs in Missundastood). An album finds like the relief & of the dark angry confessional thus singer & is immediately the defiant & enjoyable listens. For this a title speaks volumes. A first pair to listen take you aback as it is not a same sound like this first. A brave step for P!nk, But that interests it one. The upper clue of an album IMHO is the real gutsy the clue has called 20 Wheeler, which has one of these hearts that goes & of calm hook in like this P!nk Disowns The lover & declares his autonomy & resilience. Dark but melodic. A definite contend for the so only the one who leaves P!nk To exhibit his his & voice gritty flange. Some first so only rests one the majority of uplifting clue in an album. A lot some looks of albums to be autobiographical - the brave step for the Sophomore album together with rodeo of the his original. Daily it has wanted to (a song in his parents' questions & of divorce in his familiar), Missundastood & Vietnam all have the self-questioning flange, like P!nk Examines, while a current so only does not leave Me Take me is angry but brilliant. With the reflection am surprised for a number of open songs in his hope & of life that spends a precise emission. A global sound of this album veers more to Alanis that to Janet sounds (approaches to A Rope of Velvet in @@subject), but is all an own lady. It is the definite talent & am so only sad has not taken to see Janet of support Jackson to Londra last year (owing to September 11th). A compraventa that the definite interests for defenders of music of all the ages. So only the give the little listens & will be hooked:-))))
5 / 5
When Rosa first has come in a scene in 2000, was
definite was to result the sound
pink 'do,bad attitude,and rocker-like brashness,she
resulted a lot down a crisp R&B
surface of " it Can no to Take me Home",his double platinum
start, Rosa equally(real name:Alicia Moore) was
that resists behind something..
In "Missundaztood",Rosa sophmore album, is
has developed that that Rosa has resisted behind the on was his
roots of rock.
"Missundaztood",The rose abandons a R&B-pop sheen
and test out of the rock of more persona.un album the majority of
the intriguing yard is "it does not leave Me Lame",a self-mocking
mediation in afamada(" I said to HIM it will result the pop
star/All have to that do/is transmission all are").
With this booming rhythm of rock,resplandores Rosa.
A self-autobigoraphal "Portrait Familiarised" and he
developing "Daily it has loved" it sees to be Rosa so only she.
"Solitary daughter" and a Tiled Austin-helmed "18 Wheeler"
also soldify this.
Dipped does not leave a rock banter fool you(or a fact that
Pleasant Perry of 4 Any Blond the fame produced and has written
the majority of him),"Missundaztood" still it has some soul.
A prime minister so only,the thumping " it Takes One Celebrates has Begun",
can touch like the Deee-Lite outake but Rosa soulful
soprano takes it to another sees "Respect"
(looking Strach) to see Pink goring inclusa it
rock-ier "Misery"(looking Steven Tyler) has soul.
The rose takes a lot of credit to be likes oposed to
the one who has when being the chick of rock is that
the rose has loved,ossia that would have to be it ."Missunda-
ztood",it can not govern a R&B formed like his leading album
but is the good artistic indiacation of the sultry,moody,
sarcastic young of female artist
4 / 5
was very surprised when I have listened to this CD when I took it in the first place. Calm so that it has joined other descriptions say you, the fashion of the rose there is almost there is entirely has changed! I love it, this in spite of and here is that it has to that say in each clue:
1. M!ssundaztood-(8/10)-A poppish song with the sound of his good electrical guitar. Corazón decent and he hilarious leaves in a Exlax ad in an end of him!
'T Left to Take me-(8/10)-A song of fast rock. Has good papers and the good heart. This could be Pink song of @@subject.
Like A Pill-(10/10)-song of Rock with fresh papers and an extremely catchy heart!
A Party Headed-(10/10)-All the world has listened this jam of dance adds!
-(9/10)-I amour some verses more than a heart. Some papers are real ready.
Wheeler-(10/10)the song of rock Adds in force and Confidence Rosa!
Portray-(9/10)-A mid time R&B'ish song with some deep subjects in his family.
-(10/10)-A lot of Blues/Rockish ballad. Rosa the voice is surprising in this song, especially in an end. Steven Tyler harmonises with his fantastically.
Daily(10/10)-An of a better in an album. A sound is a lot of "polished" and smooth. I add catchy heart.
-(5/10)-To good sure a worse song in an album. Basically it has no real tune to take to.
Daughter-(10/10)-song of Rock with Pleasant Perry which is mid time. Corazón adds with the papers add.
(10/10)-the song Adds all a way by means of. Has Fiona Appleish his his. I love an electrical guitar used in verse.
To Calafornia(7/10)-A lot of ballad roughly that Calafornia east. Some papers are a lot the value that listens to.
Vietnam(8/10)- is fresh to the equal that can listen some sounds of helicopters of army in a song. I think that that it tends to exaggerate his papers is one but in general are adds.
Ossia Has to that has album for any Rock, Pop, Dance, Blues, and possibly R&B defender. P!nk Can have has has changed plots but she still rocks!
5 / 5
The rose does not take almost quite attention for his east on some better talents to come around in many is taken the raspy,strong voice, good-looking and is able to spend a lot of emotions. It has taken a casualidades to see his alive does the year, and so only has to that say that it is is taken the hell of the big of the future at the head of has sawed also-written the majority of his music, and produced, and I respect has said that, will say that that Rosa desperately needs to do is to abandon any prestresses has in courting some needs of young adult to abandon need to do in his lyrical described, reasons while lyrically this disk has the few good moments, there are a lot of moments that it is so only downright is not that at the beginning,compared to other stars of pops, but really is also require to touch this person of chick 'lasted, which resists up in to the the clues like does not leave me take me'.Also I need to leave his songs have can more melodic, reason the interior a moment is trying wayyyyyyyy too hard to have centre around catchy hooks and hearts, but yes nudes down some songs, there has any Rosa entirely abandons all these prestress, and fact of the that KNOWS is fully able to do someday punctual, will be a value of artist loves to listen his potential, listens to to the the clues like 'Finally', and a wow-ing the duet with Steven Tyler soyisery'.But, another that that, to plot of this really cries with marketing ploy. They are lookin' was for east a, the cause has it.
4 / 5
This has to that be his better CD still! I want to all his songs!My mamma has said that it would not owe that listen to any of his songs because it says to a lot of bad looks I priest?NO!!!!!!! And ossia also roughly Britney Spears.I like him to him his hair does and am quite sure to call his pink cause his far hair his his swipes the big plus is 'Take a Party Headed' and 'does not leave Me Take me'. They are both quite rad the songs but like ' does not leave Me Take me' more. It does not think really it likes him Britney so that it has called otherwise there would be says 'tried to be compared with damn Britney Spears' but has done also the like this called statement the saying is is like this quite concealed so only is not me'.Like this the one who knows if really it likes or of calm does not know still, his llama of song newer 'So only Like this to Pill'. It is the good song and taste even although has has listened so only likes 5 also has to that a bit to to other songs would like to mention.
There is esspect' and 'Wheeler'.The starts of respect was likes a bit people of corner of funky 'and he 1 and he 2 and he 3 and he 4' then some really odd noises a song has the habladurías different in the daughter that any one imports the one who does and any one imports hate it can not take killed or calm can no to maintain me roughly is giving the rose joins to Celebrate has Begun is roughly a lot of duh!Taking celebrates it has begun the Saturday does not leave me Take me is roughly be a lot another the calm or hate you and wants to be any one is quite long but gain.
5 / 5
A conscious start of the previously established image is the adventure that often can be comprised bad or in a chance of Rosa, "missundaztood." The bad grammar averts, Rosa sophomore the session shows the only mastering lovely stemming very so only of his expulsion of a lot of of a R&B has directed partorisca touch which has done the Cup 40 level, but the disposal partorisca expose she intimately by means of his papers and his vocals. An album has a lot standout the clues that comprises some retrospective "So only Like A Pill," a surprisingly blues-the duet based with Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler has called "Misery" and included a deliberately perky " it Takes One Celebrates has Begun." Partorisca This emission, play Roses on the funk-the inspired by influences a lot of clues and uses his differential voice the tangibly emotion of bond with some papers of some songs. There is probably the handful of people those who will be turned slightly has gone by musical type Rosa later-impulse, but that is has owed to bear invest pertinent listening the time will obtain a recognition partorisca the talents of this artist. Rosa resupplies decisive evidence that consistently can evolve like an artist while simultaneously resupply has consecrated defenders with just quite tinted sass to continue renting his musical endeavours.
Is odd that has chosen the depart of a successful R&B sounds as it has spent his initial success but I am not complaining. Leave your reservations behind, this is breaking material.
4 / 5
A lot the lack of respect the Ludacris, but this second album of Rosa would owe that call 'Behind for a first Time'. This sophomore the endeavour is Rosa has loved always do, as you could wants to call this the rebirth for sound.
In the first place was, is to Pink wait to sing these R&B to to the tunes like has done in of his first album, is not spending. It is of more than rock-flavoured tunes now, and is the good thing also. This in spite of Pode no to Take me the house has produced some strike 'calm There Sees and soyost Daughters', a rest of an album was quite volume. Felizmente, the rose ameno a soul on some of some clues of mecer here to produce the good mix.
For example, has esolitary Daughter' looking Where-Is--Maintaining Pleasant artist Perry (of 4 No-Blond afamada), and a song has listened before, 'Take a Party Headed', the funky concoction of dance, '70 is-fashionable rhythm, and Rosa soulful/now the voice of rock has influenced. 'It does not leave Me Take me' is on Rosa a lot that wants to have confused with to other singers of daughter likes them Britney. But it is in a down-home-blues soyisery' (looking Aerosmith' Steven Tyler) where Rosa really resplandores.
The majority of a material is produced for Pleasant Perry and Austin Tiled likes M!ssundastood Is rock of part and run R&B. Also, in that wrote it the majority of a material she, the rose is really the part of this project. This album does not have one 'doubt, the career was and buy this album!' Quality that other albums this time , but ossia an album ossia the value listens it.
4 / 5
When you Think of a Rose of singer thinks of trendy, music of bad daughter that the mark loves , ossia that would think of the his first listening to this album. It is still trendy and is still the bad daughter, but where is of the dances?
An alone goodness in this cd (" I am Coming On") it is an only for real feel-good song in a whole album. A rest of this cd is a lot introspective and extracted to plot of Rosa "subjects" with his past, his parents, to the infancy broken, etc. has said of another way,, stirs it to stuff concealed does not apply to or interest to plot of people those who buy this type of music.
The new sound of the rose can do the sound looks the musician he credible plus in some ways, but this endeavour fails to remain true to those some defenders have fallen enamoured with touching a first time around stops. His words do not have an idea of Alanis Morissette or Master Bulls, but is thought-causing in his own way.
The rose loses earth, this in spite of, when she flus roughly Britney Spears (wing Willa Ford) and likes to take sweat compared all a time in an of some songs. In the personal note, the new album of Britney is twenty better times that this one. I can not help that it feels that all some there concealed the singers maintains to choose on Britney is having some serious insecurities of his own that the need that extracted.
The rose is stepping the fine line here among touching whiney and touching like the surivivor. Ossia He cd for hardcore partidários Roses so only.
4 / 5
To do the sure things am clear of a start: 3,5 stars are the positive indication of me. I have been taken by surprise for this album, has to say. I have known so only some of Roses solteras ('There sees, esome daughters', ' do me ailing' of the his first album, and of course 'Take a party headed') and found the entertaining, has not been material would buy some stops of whole album.
Has given to listen to this album out of curiosity in my venue of record tent and that I have listened has surprised bought that to me so much. I am enjoying a rock of plus to pop gone back oriented has taken with '18 Wheeler', 'Numb', 'So only like this to pill', 'does not leave me take me', some of my favourite clues in an album. 'Finally' and 'Portrait Familiarised' is a lot r'any b follows also joy.
A ballads 'Daily has wanted to' and esolitary Daughter' (good combination with Pleasant Perry' voice) is not bad at all. Soyisery' Is the little too sugary for my flavour, but likes of a recent ballads for Aerosmith will love it. Steven Tyler is true his and the voice of the rose matches his quite well in fact. If has-liked you an alone prime minister, also will like you esspect' and 'Take 22'. 'Gone to California' is the slow atmospheric song, I like a pause of saxophone. Soyy Vietnam' the papers touch very personal and mature.

This was the ready movement of Rosa, which would have to maintain his happy defenders and obtain his roughly interest of any TRL auditors.
4 / 5
For Brooks Girsch, 20
Senior Editor

The rose said of the his his CD new plus are!ssundaztood' That is 'that has has loved always.' To the as it likes me on Rosa is that one is resulted quell'esal person' in my alcohol, which the others stars of to pop likes him Britney Spears, to that Rose is compared often, has not been able to do.
This probably the statement needs the qualification: has the sure to to that likes him paralización Britney Spears and one 'unreality' amused of a world of pop. But it Likes me Rosa because she straddles some two worlds, of strutting by means of a airbrushed unreality of a MTV video of music the flange in an ache of divorce of the perspective of a boy.
A singer of 22 composer/of years, whose real name is Alecia Moore, is of Doylestown, Pa., Outside of Philadelphia. His musical influences are diverse: Janis Joplin, R&B, Madonna, Nirvana. It was an only white member of the heart of black gospel in Doylestown, and has continued to twist racial stereotypes to do his musical start in R&B.
Some of Roses the subjects demand an older audience, and his caustic thick attitude can not be for all the world. A material is sincere, this in spite of - there is not any way to gloss in an ache of the divorce, for example. Rosa certainly does not try to do like this in 'Portrait Familiarised,' an of some the majority of powerful songs in an album. Among some papers are, soyama please cryings of the stop/ can not be a sound/ your ache is painful and are rasgando down.' A lot of that Rosa has to that say roughly that grows up and roughly when being the coverages of true daughter with his audience.
Some of the his apresamiento is lighthearted, like a upbeat and to poppy esspect' that begins, 'volume really ailing and tired/ of boys up in mine expensive/ choose-arrive to lines likes them that it is your sign ?/ It will not take you any place/ when me and all my daughters/ go to walk down some looks/ of street can¹t gone anywhere/ without the automobile this goes beep beep.' This sassy the commentary in behaviour viril is completed for 'Numb' and '18-wheeler,' more serious commentaries on to victimisation and the fact with the feminist rock feels.
In '18-wheeler,' the rose has said, ' is beautiful still although it calms is not sure/ does not leave the attractive calm for a skirt/ goes to take is the feelings have hurt.' This class of message spends an album: Be calm, and does not dip up with atrocity of any one. Rosa defies that it has said it once, ' will be the pop stars/ all owe the transmission/ is everything is.'
4 / 5
Listens so many people complain: ' it is such the Rose of shame any black music anymore.' Salvation?! The rock Is black music . Rock, together with very other genders of popular music likes them rap, hip-hop, dance, and reggae is all branched out of R&B. And that it is like this fresco in of the this is that all these elements can be found in NEW CD Rosa. Rosa has the flavour adds and knows like this to expand his rows, and are down with that. It admires. She without the doubt is a character, and is declared clearly in his papers that has to weaves of self-respect and does not want to be compared to all this pop moguls there. Really I like him a bit songs. Each one which so one has a awesome sound and message. Really I can relate to to the the songs like soyissundaztood', esSPECT' and '18-Wheeler'. It could it did not say it better I. 'Numb' HAS the Nirvana/Green Day-like feel his. Esolitary Daughter' characteristic the heart sung for Pleasant Perry, the one who has done with Rosa in this record. I think that that it is the musical character to whip on instant-paste-hooks, any farce of sound. There is also another appearance of celebrity of Steven Tyler exceptional he, you callaborated with Rosa in soyisery'. They touch to surprise near, they both active raspy, blues-like vocals and pode tape out of such emotion. This album comprises a paste of incident 'Take A Party Headed', 'does not leave Me Take me' and 'So only Like A Pill'. Really appearance '18-Wheeler' is his prójimo only, reason ossia definitally the swipe.
5 / 5
The rose tries in his second album that has a talent and some guts to move on, if any entirely, of a formulaic, angry-tunes of dance of young woman of the his first album. Although this album contains a requisite numbers of dance, that comprises a clue of title, and 'Take a Party Headed', also explores more than that has spent the the this point, and a self-doubt concealed has followed his success.
Pink rows out of his demographic core, to say histories that any group of age can relate to. It sings of him it has sawed it-addiction and bad reports on 'So only Like this to Pill'; to be it misfit in 'does not leave Me Take me' in that admits has when being says can be the star to pop transmissions entirely to be like me Britney Spears; self-doubt in his fame in a good-looking olitary Daughter'; and to come from the house broken on 'Portrait Familiarised', in my opinion, one the majority of emotional song in an album, and a better example of talent Rosa.
That Rosa of insiemi averts of another pop or stars of the dance of his generation is his capacity to morph and disposal to take risk, more his talent transcends any look or projects of way. If it maintains this on, will last while Madonna, of then has to that chameleon included-like way, more, the a lot of stronger voice of a taking-go. Entirely I enjoyed this CD to start with to finalise.
4 / 5
I A lot really expect the never buy this album has left so only listen his but am them happy has done them. Rosa has taken really mine undivided attention this times around in his sophomore endeavour and hopefully this album will dip his career of music to big train. Like this opposed ours offer an album of wax-coated r&b hymns in misundazstood, ascended it taken his music to the entirely different direction with alternative rock, blues, and danceable hymns that is sure to be touched in of the clubs everywhere. There is still a feeling of r&b during an album to the equal that would owe that satisfy some of a fan the one who has loved a first album but the think this album will give the exposure he wide plus perhaps. A greates differentiates among some premiers two album in my sincere opinion would be a lyric fashion and is obvious here has to that it weaves to confess or to share with a general audience is has listens. Defenders of alanis, rubbishes, or included to good sure probably announces this to his collections of long music but am expecting them this album will achieve the wide plus fanbase. Some of some recommended clues comprise so only like this to pill, does not leave me take me, and 18 wheeler. All can say them is that it can have them written was also yield the pair of years behind and am them happy has seen them a light of day. missundaztood Is definately value your time and will be them to touch this cd for some time to come.
5 / 5
P!nk The newest album MISSUNDAZSTOOD is probably his offering his more loans still, which know is hard to say of the his so only his sophomore album. Ditching A R&B law, among the favour of the plus mecer his oriented, thanks to a help of Pleasant Perry the one who has been involved in the majority of this album. A result is the ready album , fill with deeply of personal songs in demanding respect of types, disfunctional values familiarised and treating some questions, personal subjects, and other subjects a lot of people in this life can relate to. Perhaps one the majority of poignant and good-looking song in this album is a clue of enclosed, soyy Vietnam'. This in spite of, there are other strong points here, comprising 'Portrait Familiarised', 'Gone To California', 'Finally', etc. Pleasant Perry has joined P!nk In a clue olitary Daughter', and Steven Tyler joins in soyisery'. An only mine-the steps in this album is 'Take This Party Headed' and a clue of title, which so only do not look to return a global vibe of an album. Another mine-the steps in a vetoes was, some songs 'So only Like A Pill' and 'does not leave Me Take me' is almost identical, in his messages and of the meanings down. Otherwise Ossia The together of song . P!nk Tip that has a makings of the star of pop adds, the one who is worthy of this title, resupplies music with in depth meaning down he all, Person of different Miss Spears. It gives this one tries it!
4 / 5
Rosa cd is the combination of rock, pop, jazz, and r&b or michelle stirs it fulfils alicia type of tones vibe.
(1)Missundaztood-A simple song that claves in your boss. It is a upbeat song. That says in an end of a clue is funny.
(2)does not leave me take me-the clues has the electrical guitar of murderous intro to start with was. Ossia One of his clues of rock. This song remember so much of song has liked him to them in a past that has liked him to them.
(3)So only like this to pill-a bit slower. A song is basically in an ache of any concealed hurt his in his life. Another decent song.
(4)Takes a party headed-the song adds. The calm frames want to create you and dance
(5) Respect-pink is doing the little old school rap in this song. A heart are adds. A sound of odd song when it begins was first but improvement and better. A upbeat song.
(6)18 wheeler-Another mecer song. Another heart adds. Justo
!Amur! His voice in this song.
(7)Portrait Familiarised-ossia a standout clues in a cd. Underlining so much in vocals and has beaten. You can feel an ache in his voice. His the slow song with the fast has beaten. In an end of a calm song so only will say wow or swimming.
(8)Misery-A jazzy song of rock with steven tyler of aerosmith the one who mainly sings background. Rosa sings quite strong in this song. Some beaten is some those slow then to to sounds likes him to him the sound asking.
(9)Daily has loved-at all really underlines in this song. That sings roughly is his life. His the slow song with an acoustics of electrical guitar in the slow hip hop has beaten. Some beaten is in fact something concealed to underline reason his only for a song.
(10)Finally-sad depressing add súper song. It classifies of jazzy and slooow. It wants to light the sail and the churn around. Ossia One of some better songs in a cd. As it Finalises a song 'll has to that listen his. His really good.
(11)Solitary Daughter-looking pleasant perry of a group 4 nonblondes. One of some beaten better in a cd. Song a lot well, sad but good. A bridge in a song really underlines calm then listen pleasant perry voice. It gives a song that push to a flange of ache-in the good way this in spite of.
(12)Numb-Rear the happy again. The fast song roughly feeling strong again after the bad report. It touches like the song adds for the commerical, perhaps the gum commerical... Or perhaps no.
(13)Gone to california-rear the sad again. It begins it was with pink flange 'im that goes to california'. So only when have think that the song can not take even more sad. im Seriously thinking of not going never to philadelphia after listening to this song. Kidding philadelphia, philadelphia is the place adds with adding hotdogs. Well Behind to a song, his east some class of instrument in a background this goes perfectly with this song, can listen the little bit during a song and to the clearest plot in an end.
(14)Vietnam-the starts of song were with something these sounds like his recta of a janet nation of rhythm of the song. His the fast song that the fastest asks a next plus takings to an end. This song is different of a rest of some songs in a cd like this vocally and all more. It finalises with an alone of electrical guitar of something patriotic. Ossia Another standout song in a cd.
A cd is enhanced also so that has the access to one takes a video of party headed, the page of papers, and some material plus on that. In general, the sound adds it cd. The totally different transmission has compared his 1st cd. It has said also that in this cd was able to so only has to that the entertainment is, LIKE The COMPRAVENTA!!!
4 / 5
Here it is a clue -for-description of clue:
1. Soyissundaztood': Starts of moderate hip-hop has then beaten takes the little electrical guitar plot to. I think Rosa so only wants to all the world-wide to know that it is comprised bad reason any one knows a real him.
2. 'It does not leave Me Take me': A personal hymn for the person the one who there is not perfecting. It likes- one melody and some papers of this song. Favourite line 'be it Tired has compared to Britney Spears, is like this enough, that so only is not me.' (I thinks this would have to that be a prójimo so only.)
3. 'So only Like the Pill': Starts of mid-time, kinda sounds like the ballad. But then gone back to as Mandy Moore-ish song. It is a lot interesting.
4. 'Take a Party Headed': First only of this album. A lot the worthy party, a lot 'boss-bouncy'. Although he kinda said if the rose goes to the party (because of a Benz, etc.)
5. Esspect': Although ossia class of the rap song, will find you the edge. It is roughly like this to the to all the world likes to choose arrivals and like paralizaciones to respect you without types.
6. '18 Wheeler': Has thinks that that this was to be like this he truckin' song, but is in fact like the song of rock. It is also roughly which last any one could extracted calm start like this need of this report or so only dawn hard.
7. 'Portrait familiarised': it touches something of a esave some Last Dances' soundtrack, but is in fact the a lot thoughtful song writing in Rosa Familiarised (that it could go it for any family of divorce, any that was.)
8. Soyisery': A lot of bluesy; I can Rosa of picture and Steven Tyler in the living room embroiders of club in front of as the band or the piano. He so only to to the sounds like to them concealed.
9. 'Daily it has wanted to': Of course, those of you that 'Daily' looked in MTV, this song was on that. Although it touches better in a show, without this sound of odd electrical guitar.
10. 'Finally': A lot slow and melodic, but still there is concealed 'Rosa angry' sound in him. It has thought it does not sing he in this way.
11. Esolitary Daughter': A piece of reflection for Rosa and like the life has treated his hard. Although I think that that Pleasant Perry is the good and producing writer, so only hate his voice.
12. 'Numb': Another 'rap song', sounds like the song of Vitamin C first endeavour. Muttering Rosa, and the heart of behaviour touches a lot of together fresco.
13. 'Gone to California': the sounds to the bit likes that of a song 2Pac and Dr. Dre Hover (can not think of a title!) Also it touches to to the the bit likes is travelling by means of of a country in his van.
14. Soyy Vietnam': it owes the war in Vietnam feels in a start, is the poor start . But taking that electrical guitar little intro, and east straightens all was.
Global description: 4 stars: This the radical start of 'Pode no to Take me House'. For real it has said his alcohol and expresses it well in this CD, applaud his to do such the good album with producing 'unknown'.
4 / 5
Has liked him Rosa of then has in the first place seen his in this terrific video with a motorcycle, and think that is quite the talent.
His actions always take my attention, has the present to grow for songwriting, the fashion of only flange, and I just amour that little wobble in his voice.
This CD has his ups and can live without some first 3 clues, but also has some exceptional some.
With " it Takes one Celebrates has Begun" and "Respect", the rose is in his brassy-sassy more, and "Misery", it duet with Steven Tyler, is the down home bluesy number that really well of law.
Some gems in this CD to my ears is "Portrait Familiarised" (writen for Rosa and Scott Storch), which is the really emotional piece that does not think could be sung better for any, taste "Finally" ( it writes for Rosa and Pleasant Perry) more with each listened (good papers), and "Gone to California" (Rosa and Perry again) are adds. His phrasing in this song is glorious, and there is a prize added of the jazzy A-1 so only of sax for Jimmy Z, and David Siegel in the organ adds his plot also.
These three songs are some of a slow plus some in this CD, and aim to plot of art. Out of a current harvest of young singers, would not be surprised if the rose is a one will be to listen to 10 years of now.
4 / 5
Theres Something a lot striking roughly Miss Alicia Moore. Besides a fact that shes obviously attractive, theres something a lot charismatic on sound. It underlines of a crowd been due to that perceives like the fk you all the attitude that is class of refreshing. Cela And a fact that has changed of a R&B singer to the pop-singer of rock in a swoop. Missundaztood Is the perfect title for him reinvention of some person. The rose always could sing, but has not known could sing this sake. In fact it has emotion when it sings, any empty vocal acrobatics so only that looks to pursue the majority to pop these days. These songs treat real familiarised subjects, has been stupified to listen some of these papers that is in fact that it hard paste. But the rose knows like this to have some entertainment like requisite the dance floors are present and quite excellent. Some signals underlined for me at least is an amazing "Portrait Familiarised", "it does not leave to take me", and "Numb." Numb Is the perfect example that that has not expected to listen of Rosa. His quite odd to listen the electrical guitar in the song Rosa, but returns and like this well. When it Reads to Go Stone, another day Shirley Manson of Rubbish the rose said would do an advance of excellent woman for the band, and could not adapt more. Well fact, Miss Moore.
4 / 5
When in the first place it saws Rosa the few years , has refused like another bubble-gum feeling to pop concealed probably would finalise in cheesey local with Britney Spears, NSync, etc. And this was certainly worse nightmare Rosa. "Sad, Rosa" :) For Rosa is to good sure any in this category for any half. His gutsiness agree me of as Madonna has used his skills of pops in a prompt 80s the latest surface like an artist the one who has expressed with integrity like an artist, still astonishingly has had a capacity to do this in the bold, accessible, fashionable, intimate, irresistible way.
This album is not another R&B album like his start. It is really quite difficult to describe, but would say it there is more than the format of rock. To good sure has the modern, the fresco feels his concealed agree me of the new-millenium Aretha Franklin. It is gutsy and bold. It comes by means of with integrity and sincerity in his papers that is quite admirable.
Really does not have the disappointing clue at all in this album. My preferred are one súper-ballad "Finally," rock-infused "Eighteen Wheeler", "Respect," and a bluesy "that Goes California."
Folks, This album is to treat it. Calm banquet for Rosa in 2002. Still has the future a lot that shines at the head of sound. Masters to you Rosa!!
5 / 5
Without even that listens a song "it does not leave Me Lame" I have thought his r&b, "street" vibe was very created in his first album. It was a Flange experiences that is to go well. Now this album is good but does not add . As it has listened his has @@give has had 15 years probably would be surprised by a content but when being so only two old years then Rosa ( is 23) looks the little elementary. Perhaps still it was censored of his focus to the equal that could no Alanis (the one who was so only 19 when it has released Jagged Little Pill) and the pause was to the anger creative, original. If you want to it listens it it concealed it dips on Fiona or Alanis the one who so only spent to have the swipe of big pop but has not been striving for him.
Now is to the some gems like does not leave Me Take me, Of Solitary Daughter and So only Like A Pill (so only like this to the pill has required really a plus to) but has felt tried hard to give each song the hook of good pop. Usually when volume to a heart of the majority of his songs listens exactly the one who a first album was - the album of pop with r&b. Ossia The album of pop with rock and only cuz tombs of the samples and beginning to use the electrical guitars does not mean you has reinvented. It would like to see the sound abandons pop entirely but appeals a lot well to the his demographic. Perhaps we will see more than his for real leaving among a future.
4 / 5
When I as CD of Rosa has listened in the first place, soyissundaztood' was the little taken aback. It has had the habit of a R&B sound of the his LEADING CD, 'Can no to Take me House,' as this was to good sure different. This in spite of, one has listened more his, one has appreciated the more and Rosa has respected. I owe that give a lot of respect the Rose for really exiting there and doing music that is of his entity and not doing the one who an executive thinks will sell.
A lot of some songs have so much emotion for behind his that calm has to ask you that Rosa same goring by means of registering this project, has left so only the treat on and on again. 'Portrait familiarised' and soyy Vietnam,' mine, is two songs that really done an impression on me. It portrays ' Familiar' the rose sings in a loss and sense hurt when his parents there is divorced, and in soyy Vietnam,' once again tongue of the his homelife and to the equal that has given to endure his parents and life in general.
Stand-Out of clues:
Portray Familiarised
Daily has wanted to
highly would suggest any defender of Rosa is to buy this album although you accustom a type of music has done in his first album. It can be the little that impresses at the beginning, but the time really will grow to appreciate a musicianship!
5 / 5
For a lot of artists, the transmission is well. But the transmission is so only well evolve to something. In a chance of this album, Rosa regressed. Certainly, I have had big expectations for this album. I have been bad partorisca east? No. His first album was the a lot of crafted blend of R&B and Burst that Rosa now looks for having abandoned. Still instead you wish Rosa to be rock and would be it was a lot. But an album is being missing of in a lot of departments.
Some papers are laughable (Vietnam and does not leave Me Take me) and some clues are uninspired. It wishes to be a new milleniums answered to 4 Any one Blond, but the one who of knots agrees his alone swipe? A solitary good song in this album is 'Take This Party Headed' and included this song in comparison to his last endeavours is sub pair. They are not that it says that it has to that the does not dip it was the others describes as a musical landscape, but has to that strive for perfection while doing so much. And this endeavour is not 'HE'. Rosa to good sure has a talent. I have listened the sound gives the stirring rendition of the Stevie Nicks song in the backside a look of scenes in last recognition, and was ADDS. The rose can sing. Has the strong voice that is able to rid soul, rock and pop. It is so only that a material that has chosen and has written leaves a lot to be wished.
4 / 5
im No the big pink defender. The ones of the that HAS his first album neither does the master the nd didnt really wants to possess this possesses neither. But this was before has taken them loaned this of the partner. Reason has taken them has loaned has them any idea but im happy has done them. At the beginning when that the pink prime minister so only takes one celebrates has begun is exited the didnt really the like. I couldnt Relate his. Has come then whose sinister take and so only like this to pill. This could them relates them to reason some papers were like this heartfelt. Of those who Left to take me was exactly that the sense at the same time an only is exited. It could be in accordance with it has ascended when it has said that that has loved to be someday more becuz thats the one who feels them too much. It could relate the only like the no in a liked a song this in spite of nd some papers were quite catchy. Then it has taken them it hurts a lot afterwards to my heart nd has seen them some papers in the whole new way. This song was an only song has touched them for days. So many has taken them loaned an album of my fellow and really listened his. His summer in mine cd player never of then.
1-Missundaztood-A lot easily likable song a bit catchy
2-whose sinister take- beautiful has loved the a lot of catchy could relate his
3-like this to pill- that has surprised vocals could relate his easily yes or esees has not had never ur the heart broken or some1 after your hurting you a lot of catchy a stay of papers with you
4-take a party begun-a song of party costs no bad has won 2 mtv prize
5-respect-his a lot of didnt really like it this in spite of
6-18 wheeler-sounds the little bit like christina aguileras struggling his well a heart is a lot
7-portrait familiarised-that has surprised it loved that good song especially yes ur the parents there is divorced could relate his
8-misery-his very any mine preferred
9-daily has loved-britney launch them have had the song has called the newspaper has loved his version [stinks]although the roses is good-looking sweats a lot roughly anything especially but his the very emotional song
10-finally-a lot of any mine preferred any
11-solitary daughter-beautiful that has surprised vocals loved it favourite song
12-numb-okay the song has expected would be the little more emotional no the bad although
13-gone to california-hate he-to of to the that likes his well but the cant listens to this song at all
14-mine vietnam-beautiful add vocals song a lot good
4 / 5
Hmmmmmmmmm. This album is like this bad. I do not have the word for him. First of all. Some songs are bad. Fault of of depht and originality. A music is like this so much. And the rose thinks that that it is the rocker. Please. His voice is terrible and some papers are transmission . His hair is terrible and a Rose of name (oh please). If it is the punk rock chic precise do transmissions. Skip An executive producer craps. It goes to another focuses Laface record. Hmmmm. An advance of good coverage definately shot for the neither done photographer with Britney or Christina. A @@@back cover well could think of Aarón Carter. And a title of album Missundaztood a lot so only is that the title takes for a elepé that is supposition to represent a real you but is written like the title for the rap album. Some songs and a music in a elepé is bad and his voice is feeble. This is not the music of rock is pops it teeny pop even more that Britney. And For a way that says that your parents hated you after reading to plot of look of interviews to take the longitude with your good parents and they at all bad to the equal that say reason was the father of the spoiled bratt the one who does not appreciate some lives of way and always takes prendido and no his duties and anything would launch era.
4 / 5
The rose has paste really a nail in a boss with this album. After the recent chances think that that the people are looking for music that actuyally tongue to them and any music that will be as to pill of sugar with has limited effects. In Missundaztood has ascended it taken strongly to write some songs. It has written 11 of some 14 songs in an album. Some clues in fact mean something and some melodies and the musical arrangements are breathtaking. To the Songs likes them to them Vietnam, Solitary Daughter, and portray it Familiar really take yours and leave you breathless. It maintains his sense of humour and ads pocolos in bits of speakers in a start of sure songs that will maintain you in sonriente. I have bought this CD a first day is exited and has been listening his no-take all day daily. Especially I love his song of the new rock driven. But it does not take his wrong is not roughly to result all Indian, there there is still some R&B in this album. It is the perfect fusion that all the world will enjoy. And that more on here said is true, calm can not dip this album in a gender. It is definatly an album has better listened of any of these artists that is exited during Britney was. While Britney is whining and that feigns to have a lot deep, the rose is not that it feigns to have a lot deep, is so only sincere.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
4 / 5
My infancy bundled until a awesome cd of one of my favourite bands. Growing on has not had the personnel cd player- so that it has not collected so the music has retreated then. It is the remorse that has not taken to possess any of some albums of Daughter of the Spice when initially they were libertos, but like an adult is the special extracted to take all my favourite clues of a band in a convenient album. They are like this happy has released this I so that has the plot of special memories that bond in the a lot of these songs.
5 / 5
Know this register well. Happy to have the copy to touch STRONG in my vehicle!!
5 / 5
to the amazon sold the album has used. A lot disappointed, a chance has been broken and a disk scatched. Work but there is disappointed still. Some songs are awesome and how is some video . So only the desire had received the new copy.
4 / 5
Are not usually the defender of these types that call has has manufactured groups but there is in fact the few decent clues for these ladies, 'Also' when being my personal favourite.
4 / 5
Arrive aujourdui L the date prevue three satisfies thank you
5 / 5
listening some songs and seeing some video have spent he behind swimming but amazing memories! The delivery was collected more than that is to be declare, very impressed. An only down the side was that a packaging has said that a video for 'Headlines' was in the, but sadly, is not . Another that that, loves it to them!
4 / 5
This copy is 100 king-production of Daughters of leading Spice elepé of PICTURE of the swipes more adds. Like the quality is craps. In brilliant noise and flicked from time to time, a start is tooooooo low and walk. A lazy product! A manfacturer would owe that do another master of this elepé, his the reproduction of rubbish of leading emission. It would owe that do in double disk lp and any compressed in the alone disk, thats reason a quality suffers. Stay out of the this.
4 / 5
This in spite of another the fault of quality of the sound. Returned a disk of picture because a quality of sound was horrific. The experience is one , and any transmission. These needs to be the container of double vinyl. Too many Songs in a quality=of his terrible record. A stars for some songs add.
5 / 5
My infancy bundled until a awesome cd of one of my favourite bands. Growing on has not had the personnel cd player- so that it has not collected so the music has retreated then. It was the remorse that has not taken to possess any of some albums of Daughter of the Spice when initially they were libertos, but like an adult is the special extracted to take all my favourite clues of a band in a convenient album. They are like this happy has released this I so that has the plot of special memories that bond in the a lot of these songs.
5 / 5
The amazon sold the album has used. A lot disappointed, a chance has been broken and a disk scatched. Work but there is disappointed still. Some songs are awesome and how is some video . So only the desire had received the new copy.
4 / 5
They are not usually the defender of these types that call has has manufactured groups but there is in fact the few decent clues for these ladies, 'Also' when being my personal favourite.
5 / 5
Listening some songs and seeing some video have spent he behind swimming but amazing memories! The delivery was collected more than that is to be declare, very impressed. An only down the side was that a packaging has said that a video partorisca 'Headlines' was in the, but sadly, has not been. Another that that, loves it to them!
4 / 5
A lot of some swipes in this cd is very big-quality and good to listen to. Agree be in institute when many the songs of a Daughter of Spice has been touched in a radio. Many these songs are good to listen to when you want to augment your way and/or place you in the mindset to having amused and be carefree. Here it is some of his swipes that would recommend to listen the prime minister:
'2 Result 1' spice On Your Life'-this was one of my upper favourite songs for them when it has listened to them during my years of institute.
ay Will be There'
'Holler'-I confesses that it is result more interested in this song recently. 'Holler' Is the a lot of daring song roughly a lot that wants to give any like this like that I shout his name (that explains a name of this song).

Seats that the good work has been done to select roughly of his better swipes. Listening to the this cd also gives a the positive nostalgic feeling of some of a British music that was to populate to listen the slope a 90 east and a prompt 2000 is. My global favourite song in this cd to good sure would be 'Holler'.

Would recommend to take the collection more Orders of this Daughter of the spice yes enjoys music/of pop/of dance of pop.
5 / 5
Some Daughters of Spice have left the majority of people has divided. Calm His neither has loved irons for his carefree tunes of pop and cartoonish image, or despised them for some reasons very was. Any @@subject that the side of a fence was on, a quintet is resulted one of some laws that sells better of all the times. His increase the fame was instant , meteoric, and has been gone inside the pair of years to go in several projects of suns without the goodbye appropriate his audience.

Dry more added frames up for this drop-initiate key, for increasing an original five members purportedly for a last time. All of some swipes are in there ('Wannabe', 'Those who think that that you are', essuperior', 'Alive for ever', esay will be there' and like this on) and there is also two new clues. 'Headlines', the ballad this paste a cup 20 in his native United Kingdom, is slick and contemporary with a melody to involve and the sweet vocal action of some Daughters of Spice. 'Voodoo' Is catchy and effervescent number to dance that probably it will take some clubs for storm. Soyove On', the clue of the his second album that is to be look in the Pepsi ad, is has comprised also. It would have been well to launch in the pair of rarity (specifically soyy the strongest dress', which was comprised originally in a soundtrack to a game of Broadway 'Aida'), but the suppositions can be save that material for later.

If or any one some Daughters of Spice will allege for behind his rests of leading glory to be seen; after all, ossia simply the compilation (although the very a lot one). Still, there is obviously an audience that remain for some daughters, reasons his upcoming world-wide recognition is sold-was and this compilation is doing a lot very abroad. I guess he still room for music of the old pop very based around catchy melodies and involving beaten !

This special edition comprises some video to everything of his single, with a remarkable exception of some 'Headlines' common ( would have been the good idea to comprise he). His video are campy, colours, slick and bobos; diehard the defenders would be wise to has chosen this special edition on a rule one.
4 / 5
Some Daughters of Spice have left the majority of people has divided. Calm His neither has loved irons for his carefree tunes of pop and cartoonish image, or despised them for some reasons very was. Any @@subject that the side of a fence was on, a quintet is resulted one of some laws that sells better of all the times. His increase the fame was instant , meteoric, and has been gone inside the pair of years to go in several projects of suns without the goodbye appropriate his audience.

Dry more added frames up for this drop-initiate key, for increasing an original five members purportedly for a last time. All of some swipes are in there ('Wannabe', 'Those who think that that you are', essuperior', 'Alive for ever', esay will be there' and like this on) and there is also two new clues. 'Headlines', the ballad that paste a cup 20 in his native United Kingdom, is slick and contemporary with a melody to involve and the sweet vocal action of some Daughters of Spice. 'Voodoo' Is catchy and effervescent number to dance that probably it will take some clubs for storm. Soyove On', the clue of the his second album that is to be look in the Pepsi ad, is has comprised also. It would have been well to launch in the pair of rarity (specifically soyy the strongest dress', which was comprised originally in a soundtrack to a game of Broadway 'Aida'), but the suppositions can be save that material for later.

If or any one some Daughters of Spice will allege for behind his rests of leading glory to be seen; after all, ossia simply the compilation (although the very a lot one). Still, there is obviously an audience that remain for some daughters, reasons his upcoming world-wide recognition is sold-was and this compilation is doing a lot very abroad. I guess he still room for music of the old pop very based around catchy melodies and involving beaten !

Diehard The partidários would owe that remark that there is also the special edition that looks the DVD of everything of the video of a band (with an exception of some 'Headlines' recent).
4 / 5
A sale an elder of one 90 is is of tower with his collection of Swipes more Orders, twelve contagious and undeniably classical songs that calms will take you corner-a-slow in instantly, not losing the word, as if some last ten years have not spent never. Also that looks his NEW MARK so only 'Title (the Never Final friendship)' the good-looking ballad a lot of reminiscent of a fashion of old Spice, and another new upbeat dance floor, 'Voodoo', that is still in a footsteps of his past accident 'The one who Thinks that that you are?' This deluxe the edition also comprises the DVD with some daughters 13 video, is not never state seen in such fantastic quality. If it was so only able to possess an album in my life, this would be a a !
4 / 5
Ossia The album adds for a lover of daughters of the spice in you. Some video have a spice has added to this, and some daughters have done well. So only downside is that his new so only is, Headlines (the Never Final friendship), the video is not in a DVD. Another that that, the add compraventa. It goes Daughters ... It can not expect see you in concert in February.
4 / 5
It arrives aujourdui L the date prevue three satisfies thank you
4 / 5
was the adolescent when the daughters of Spice am surfaced to our lives, has gone absolutely viral and was the by all the world feeling. Behind then it was familiarised with his swipes, but never really paid any particular attention his Music, neither is the one who the good productions were. This CD spent behind 20+ years and for ones very first time have paid attention fill the Daughters of Spice' Music and the one who a incerdible the music has created. This CD is the candy to some ears! Paste with which paste with which paste, everything like this product a lot well, can a lot of belive these songs have been created such the long time does. Each song in this Album could be be release today this in spite of being considered like the swipe Of ENTITY. Ossia Spice like good Daughters' the music was and still is. To any the one who has not gone included born when all these swipes have been released - does not go and buy this CD, RUN! And to those, to to those who likes him, was of adolescents when this song was swipes in a Radio, has to add this yours CD collection, for a good Music, for a Nostalgia.
4 / 5
Would not owe that admit this, but the amour this.

Has bought for my Missus, has has stuck once on in a car the could not help but smiled.

No really the 'pop' defender, but these daughters have fallen some tunes is.

Took also behind to a glorious 90 east (still although a whole decade was the bit of the haze!).

Has recommended.
5 / 5
Has loved some Daughters of first round of Spice of time and then has taken has bitten bored with them, but for some reason has decided to purchase this like the travesía down walks by heart and is fab! All his more utmost swipes without any of a hype, so only some pop of the power of daughter adds - perfect for a car when I can sing to the long of the my content of hearts and not feeling embarrassed that knows each word.
5 / 5
Has to that confess is not very gone the defender of daughter of the spice at the same time, but there is not founding this too bad. This in spite of has to that be said to bear whats agreed like the upbeat group to pop so only has 3 or 4 upbeat songs, the majority of of the this is slow ballard songs of type.
4 / 5
This album has taken some bad descriptions could have added three other songs on here and any this in spite of for me a bit the video of music have comprised in this version is orders an only bad one was spice on your life that some daughters have admitted that that has had any entrance to and does not like .
All a rest is well adds to relive these memories of some evening nineties compraventa essential yours the daughters of defender of spice.
4 / 5
This CD was for the anniversary of my sister. It has finalised to be to see them in concert and could now singalong with them on his way to do.
4 / 5
Has had 3 of these now, each copy has arrived with a lot of residue in a record how is any subject raisin for my cleaner, this in spite of each copy in any one last few clues lateralmente one and enough for all leave side 2 games with a lot of noise of surface, a record is also calm, in general for almost £20 a to avert
5 / 5
Long wait for delivery, has been this in spite of driven by my selection to the equal that has taken a street of option Berlino more economic, experience for neice the one who was overjoyed like me defender of daughter of big spice
4 / 5
That is there to say, one of one the majority of groups of influential daughter of all time. The vinyl was quality adds .
4 / 5
CD adds has bought he partorisca my daughter but pleasure to of knots good value partorisca money
5 / 5
Fab album in the economic prize and fast delivery, very happy with my compraventa.
5 / 5
Has bought like the present partorisca my younger niece the one who is changed now on to 90 music of pop. This was partorisca accompany a World of Spice dvd and am sure will be touched the death.
5 / 5
Has taken all thier attacks more utmost in an album. The selection adds songs here. Shining partorisca a Car
5 / 5
CD that the shines has purchased this two times to good sure would recommend
5 / 5
Really a lot of CD absolutelove some daughters of spice all some attack EXCELLENT CD.
4 / 5
5 / 5
A present perfect saint secret partorisca any one calms a lot particularly like
5 / 5
Sale of album of classical daughter well, can not believe has agreed all some words. Any that has been singing to the long of the his in a car.......... Sincere
5 / 5
hands Quickly, a lot of packaged. Any @@subject to the equal that has expected.
5 / 5
Is that it is, history of music. A together good of songs that all agree with the smile in our faces. This in spite of, have never the full prize paid partorisca he this in spite of!!
4 / 5
Wants a bit the daughters of Spice will want to this, is adds!
5 / 5
The cost of the edges like the old disk there is lined.
V good condition

Top Customer Reviews: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 25 ratings
5 / 5
A photograph in some inner coverages is good-looking, and an album is well. I appreciate that they have comprised a three deluxe songs of edition in a vinyl like piritual' and 'Choose Your Battles' is two of my favourite songs of a record of PRISM.
5 / 5
New the music of Perry of Katy, has purchased this and Witness after listening to an Adolescent Sleep cd on and on. His music is complex and good-looking and his papers often have depths that give plots partorisca think roughly. His risked the material is amused and classy.
4 / 5
Good songs. He not having @@give some of some swipes were in this album,
4 / 5
the boys touch this record every day. Shipped quickly. The vinyl was the little bit warped, but good games.
5 / 5
Katy still owes his amazing that door like to some ears.
4 / 5
Some songs are very written, some material of poppy. It has amused no too serious!
5 / 5
The prism is not quite like this bubble-gummy like the material sooner of Perry. It has had always more substance in his music that another in a gender, likes Spears or Ciro. And this album aims the more mature and creative approximation that never before. Some sound of songs Perry a lot different, and those are among my preferred. Legendary and Spiritual lovers is two concealed to come to import. An entertainment, the material of poppy is there yes calms master that, also: a fresh plus is Anniversary and Smiled International (possibly his better song never!).

Justo a song is the complete turn -was but this can have more to do with my flavours in music... Dark horse, the a lot of hip-hop-the clue has oriented. No my fashion at all. Desire could it to them delete immediately a disk.
5 / 5
Are in 40 east. The music of Katy maintain sã with good laughs and keep fit physical. There is not A SONG in this CD That it Is BAD. They are Katy like this happy has maintained his alcohol to energise alive!
4 / 5
Ossia The fun compilation of music. There is bouncy tunes and some with more meaning. In general the a lot of listening experience.
4 / 5
The prism is súper is always in the air is a better song in this more could the say.
4 / 5
Music and utmost album the amour that listens his but one 2nd lp has flanges a lot rough and chunks to the long of a side of a vinyl. Thought roughly returning it but touches very so only is not pleasing partorisca look in been due to a poor finishing in some flanges if a vinyl.
5 / 5
Mostly good but no really a material of Perry of Katy likes them. Well he so only one same. It does not complain a compraventa.
4 / 5
A cd adds, can not say that any to like me any of some songs in a ablum at all. His value that shabby.
4 / 5
Took the little listens but results the prism is the clue adds to Adolescent Sleep - maturing and that grows like an artist. Esperanza visits with him!
5 / 5
Would buy another album instead, Katy Perry, his voice is really strong and does not touch good in big volume - turn a triple down! But on-everything. Still it takes a 'A
5 / 5
4 / 5
I excitedly pre-orderly “Prism” for Katy Perry (deluxe version) entertainment of mine been due to of leading music of “Adolescent Sleep” (of 2010) and the strong intuitive feeling to purchase this collection. They are happy that has followed the psychic mine hunch reason many these songs are happy and symbolise the message of cheerfully relishing several facets of life. There is something for a lot of men and of the women in “Prism” like a be unstoppable and resilient in life by means of a Roar “of song” and when be enamoured with any the one who is the alcohol of yours kinship: as by means of a clue of music Double Rainbow”. Obviously, I am fully conscious that the preferred of personal song goes so that be varied like auditors of “Prism”. My personal favourites are Anniversaries “”, “International Smile”, “Dark Horse”, “Legendary Lovers” and “walking On Air”. This in spite of, there is much more tunes of music to enjoy on “Prism” like this “Unconditionally”, “This That ”, “This Moment”, “For A Grace Of Goddess”, and “ Taken Two.” “Prism” (deluxe version) for Katy Perry is recommended to good sure there is enjoyed Katy Perry and/or like you collections of music sprinkled with pop, hip-hop, and eurodance melodies.
4 / 5
This album is honradamente the piece partorisca crap. Each song feautures Katy boring vocals and take it has beaten. Also, each song touches an exact same. The adolescent sleep was a full AMAZING album of different sounds, but this extremely is that it goes in a wrong direction. Also it thinks his ape that has said that this was partorisca be the 'darkness' album. Sad, the album SUCKS.
5 / 5
Is simply Katy Perry in his better. Totally I love this album and there is not the alone clue that does not like me .

Whilst While to an album partorisca arrive, has downloaded my Mp3 'released the version that Cloud of uses of Amazon (Amazon of Thank you) and has imported my iPhone and has touched an album the pair of time by means of headphones.

Then, has received a cd album and touched it on my HiFi and an album took on the whole new quality of sound. Like this crisp and clear and some bass is like this wonderfully deep without any sprain - helps him him the good system that can produce it good bass :-)

13 clues in of the totals in an album regulate - I was partorisca buy a deluxe but could not expect, has has had to that 'The buy Now' (touching the bit like a format of on-line auction lol).

As declared, want to all 13 clues with the 10/10 for each alone clue. For like this, I will not be giving an individual bookmark for each clue.

So much, is thinking ; eshould I or has to that it does not buy it '. It does not doubt, you have to buy this album. Calm will not be disappointed a so only has bitten.

Once final word. The digital downloads are utmost but calm can not beat possessing an album of REAL CD.
5 / 5
Has taken this for my niece - the one who could not expect take this quite good album. Although this CD is for the niece has to that admit that I like him to him the number of songs I, and the songs of Lady Perry are really very done - is ready, imaginative and exemplified for a fact that the prism has been released on October 18, 2013 and debuted in numbering an in a Poster 200 map quite immediately. For Lady Perry is the a lot of talented lady with an emission 'Dark Horse' so only doing is his ninth number-an alone to date!
4 / 5
Ossia A model gold for sugar coated music of pop. Like the producer/of music are opened to all the classes of music and has learnt to really appreciate mainstream pop and the one who mark the catchy song. Ossia Full of them! Walking In the air and the International smile are stand-out of clues.
5 / 5
To the equal that with some first albums Katy the initial in a prime minister only likes Jane of a full Jungle of fun and emotion. A undercover Katy in several disguised parties for a video of Anniversary, and Dark Horse with one In a subject Upper Egyptian, and More surprised to come with his funky and catchy tunes of dance of the pop. So much with a third album firmly in a stock exchange like another better vendor, can this poppet the maintain up and fresco and no for the burn was. Like this inner a moment Perry Allegro all a way and maintaining entertainment of funky and popular music with the bit of wackiness in a side.
4 / 5
Another melodic and catchy conjoint of songs in this disk. It finds that it is very easy to listen to and will dip me in the good way. One underlines the clues is is of the single how was the little bit there is disappointed any one the uncover to any Gems have hid likes them in of some leading records. This in spite of the roar is still the song of glorious pop and did not hold me listening his in spite of a quantity of airtime has had on emission.
In general this is not his better album, but is still the most fun plot that more in the albums of pops have released recently.
5 / 5
After the Adolescent sleep thought it would be downhill for the new music of Perry but was them bad, Felizmente!

The PRISM boasts new songs that is joined to be swipes and a world-wide wide accident; Roar.

Particularly Like me a bit songs: Roar, Dark horse, Ossia like this , walking on air and legendary lovers.
An or two songs to the equal that could be remained of a cast of final clue but at all of entity.

Another album adds of Katy. A lot impressing 4/5
5 / 5
has bought to this cause has-liked me the songs of pair this in spite of a rest of an album is not a better. The delivery was quite very this in spite of.