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Top Customer Reviews: Swiss Gear La ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 38 ratings
4 / 5 Carolee
Well looking, a lot-fact, light, roomy. The main looks that is, and fall inside official dimensions partorisca spend-on luggage with spatial transmission. With effective packing this would have to that help delete a need to verify the stock exchange in travesías more courts.
5 / 5 Tricia
Has bought the pair of these partorisca do hauling tr the luggage has launched a port of air partorisca my woman and little kids easier. Creation and first horrible quality use was the travesía in Messico has taken our luggage and one of some already have lost wheels with which 4 hours of use. Extremely disappointed
5 / 5 Debra
A spinner the wheels look tiny, and has been concerned the would not go as well as my old a, but any subject, plots included of park. This measure is so only in a limit partorisca Air the Canada maximum allowable the luggage has checked, but does not feel uncomfortable to manage in an airport.

He flop around annoyingly when you unzip the, but it doing more rigid would add hanged, likes to fulfil that an acceptable tradeoff.
5 / 5 Latoya
A chance is a lot of god. Extremely light one looks quite durable (although some the small wheels could not be súper hard). So only you wish it it has had it the boss lateralmente, he easier for emotional when have your rucksack attached on him.
5 / 5 Maryetta
Has bought this for my edges and loves it. You recommend this product. It goes a lot of smoothly and has abundance of room to pack for the 3 or 4 travesía of day and qualifies to spend it on for all the airlines.
5 / 5 Shari
Has survived The travesía in Europe. Returned to Canada... And one of some wheels had been burst was.... Lasted of the travesías. Has thinks that that a hard chance would be better that a line of Swiss cloth. Sadly, it Was deceived.
5 / 5 Illa
Adds sturdy little spend on. It is in a smaller measure but is utmost for travesías of small weekend. A subject is that there is any interior of pocket... It likes reason any one !?! In all the chance the'goes used that a lot of time and is súper sturdy.
4 / 5 Tonette
There is not dipping any clothes in him or taken the in the travesía but the looks of initial quality well for a prize. Travesía Big in 'll knows more then!
Has arrived punctually in perfect condition.
4 / 5 Felix
Uses for travelling to one north where the luggage is managed esp. Roughly. Like this far, any broken swivels -- I has been concerned in of the this.
5 / 5 Marvin
I have taken this partorisca my woman. You love it. Perfecto partorisca travesías of fast weekend or the little travesía of day negotiates.
4 / 5 Cathi
This element has the plot of room partorisca the travesías longer or so only the week was,easy to take by means of airport,prize very announced was reasonable also
4 / 5 Venice
has USED SO ONLY this partorisca a trips like this far but am very pleased. Easy to manoeuvre, a lot of storage and hanged light. It looks a lot of sturdy and durable. The time will say but happy like this far.
4 / 5 Elvera
Awesome Little chance. Durable and own partorisca courts of travesías business. Easy to spend on the stairs and the smooth rollers he easy to move to the long of flat surfaces! One 10 out of 10!
5 / 5 Annalee
Really economic. One uses in Messico and some wheels are starts. Really economic, pays the little extra and save you of this product.
5 / 5 Leda
Are like this sad has bought this. It does not have any compartment, so only empty space. I am going back to soft sided luggage.
4 / 5 Calandra
Good initial quality. My woman has a small plus a. It is survived travel it already. The time will say!
4 / 5 Maggie
Some first time uses it, an upper boss snapped immediately. Some rays that resists in has not gone included screwed in at all. That the piece of junk.
4 / 5 Berniece
Some sleeves are good but has some game. Some the alone wheels are good but sometimes do a turn of unstable stock exchange in a wrong direction. Having the double wheels would have been very better and assist with stabilities.
4 / 5 Shanti
Like this far, as partorisca have withstood to to his first use likes to spend he-on piece. A lot of roomy, still light and easily maneuverable
5 / 5 Taylor
Excellent chance!
With option of expansion of the chance.
Hard and light and easy to go.
Returns interior 27' chance partorisca storage.
4 / 5 Raye
Uses this the samples of cart around. Enough sturdy this in spite of if the material is hard to take a retractable boss on or down.
4 / 5 Sebrina
Is not the swiss the recived another mark but he a work
5 / 5 Dalene
Ossia the perfect tall luggage . Light, durable and easy to move around! If I require another, to good sure will buy this again!
5 / 5 Lesia
Loves this look, according to a has to them that a mark. ( Has one in black also) Loves one 360 movement and like an interior is dipped on adds to pack.
4 / 5 Junie
So only 4 wheels in place of double wheels. Esperanza stands up. The time will say.
5 / 5 Darius
Ciao I has Bought 2 chances in December 2018, is gone in vacacional in January 2019, one of a chance there has been the big crack in an of some sides when we go back.
5 / 5 Beula
Does not purchase ..... Marcos used new to pack luggage and a puller is exited of a slider.
Now there is at all to in fact take to to close a zip. A lot disappointed taste possesses of other elements of Swiss Train.
4 / 5 Meta
This piece of luggage was very disappointing. We take it to us on the total of roughly four flights and on two occasions have separated the assembly of wheel has broken was. He a lot has done bad. I can not find parts of substitution. Some complete waste of money!
5 / 5 Mamie
Not to use it still. The utmost looks. Going Morocco in October partorisca 2 weeks. It looks spare room . Hopefully Will not break .🙏🙏🙏
4 / 5 Latesha
Excellent chance partorisca spend on travesía. Hard shell, sturdy, quality of good build. I use it on all my travesías business.
4 / 5 Collene
If better never a lot durable and hanged very light was a lot the value also wants a bit 4 wheels súper easy to move and transfer.

Wants to !!!
5 / 5 Ignacio
Ossia Our 3rd piece of Swissgear happy. Thank you.
Alexandra Cummings
5 / 5 Antione
solid to Look for a prize, to my woman really likes been due to of a weight and easy to go
5 / 5 Theo
Beautiful looking chance, but looks flimsy. It does not know it resists until an abuse in some airports.
5 / 5 Reginia
Arrived Quickly and punctually. Any question. Light like the feather.
4 / 5 Johnnie
Good quality. The easy circles and returns the plot. The hard shell help partorisca know my elements will be protected more when that spends for an airport.
4 / 5 Alberto
Control and well of Concepción. Travesía Of the prime minister completed (three had and a bus) .
5 / 5 Allyn
Had excited initially in this luggage.. An emotion any last long! 1 travesía.. Travesía partorisca Return = so that the bosses was disappeared when I have alleged for bad.

Top Customer Reviews: AmazonBasics ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 16 ratings
5 / 5 Shannan
I love this stock exchange. Lovely colour and looks strong also. Planning use he in November of final. Attended hard long..
4 / 5 Octavio
Prize and utmost value of
Amazon. Own a lot of these.
4 / 5 Kaley
Did not use It still. But looks well. Managed adds partorisca take around a house
5 / 5 Bennie
has Used he partorisca my travesía to Messico, the look bit it scuffed on already. Colour very good.
5 / 5 Stephan
Travesías To plot. The prize is very reasonable, access in overheard on all some flights have done partorisca date. It likes-I one the look and the wheels do a lot of
5 / 5 Lawana
I have bought this chance so only before leaving in the travesía there is @@give of then in a last moment that my current chance has not gone quite big to spend all some elements have required thus travesía concrete. After a first flight (to my fate) a chance was already all there is lined.. Look have state used long already. In a second flight (returning house) a chance has gone back with a zip that is broken totally. In era like this embarrassing choosing it up in an airport with all my cloths that fallen out of him and that it has to spend he in the way that the would not open . Basically, this chance is not more along usable and has survived so only of the travesías.
4 / 5 Digna
Has used so only this for the travesía - the look of fantastic chance. Good and characteristic quality is on that. TSA The locks are the prize adds . Big recommendation !
5 / 5 Zola
Was able to dip on a system to close in a chance but once a tumblers has been changed of a code has taken place, a system to close has not done. It was unable of the work for resetting behind to 000 or changing a code. Unfortunately I can not return a chance to the equal that was more adds that 30 veil has used he for a first time. Ossia The disappointment . Otherwise Is to add it small chance.
4 / 5 Ferne
Honradamente Perfecto. Durable and returns the plot (expandable). Perfect substitution to verify your stock exchanges in reasons to the to the one who him him like this and while like this like this long to take them in this rolly what. The airports sucks.
5 / 5 Tabatha
Sturdy, Well looking chance. Quite big to take that it is required, compresses enough any to take the place. Lovely colour too
4 / 5 Penny
Strong, light and well has done. Good value for money. Bought packing cubes to maintain all has organised
5 / 5 Neely
has used in our travesía recent the LV. Easy to manage, manoeuvre but a lot especially easy to something in green of hunter of the luggage.
4 / 5 Douglas
Spends amazing on, when have to that stroll by means of the airport has fill big, ossia a way to go and in the prize adds!
5 / 5 Hong
Adds little chance with TSA lock of number, light weight, the colour adds (green) any alot of the people owe that paint like this easy to something in a carousel
4 / 5 Marlyn
has has used so only this chance once bought it of then, but am satisfied entirely with him like this far. I have used he for the travesía of 4 days negotiates and was able to take all have required to this spends-on chance. It looks to be a lot of- fact and is a lot light and easy to go down a narrow aircraft aisle.
4 / 5 Sharleen
I have purchased one 20' Red chance. His sturdy with adding movability. Light and circles smoothly to the long of, included in uneven pavement and footpaths. I have travelled with this like this my carryon and any question with a measure. I seat all raisin in the luggage is overpriced, as this one east but his appeal and very built like any complaint.

Top Customer Reviews: TR.OD Suitcase ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 18 ratings
4 / 5 Fe
Easy to dip on and returns well. There is quite Velcro to do it securely has closed. A plastic is quite fat to do to the look likes will last of long and very easily take rasgado. We buy him to us so many alive in the condo and so only has to that cage of storage in a cochera of estacionar and the chances take dusty (was when we cover him in of the stock exchanges of rubbishes) to the equal that buy these to protect of a powder. They are doing it add for our purposes! Our chances will last much more now that is to protect
4 / 5 Ellie
A quality is well, his transparent plastic, was my deception to buy main that my stock exchange, I never taken for the use, still is seating in my house, perhaps will buy the stock exchange the big plus in order for me to use this. But I create for a stock exchange of right measure, is like this as well as another coverage of chance.
4 / 5 Pauletta
Has bought two of these, and will be to use his when travelling in of the rainy locations. I found him so only the pair of the thumbs he long plus that my chances, as have has attached pieces of velcro to a fund of the each one to shorten them. I will be taping on a hole lateralmente with Tape of the gorilla so much rains any drip in. Also taped on a stitching has used to attach a velcro, as not filtering.
5 / 5 Christiana
This element is not to value of the money at all. I am gone in 2 holidays with him and he is entirely rubbishes. It is rasgado and rasgado everywhere. A velcro a lot included stick like this constantly is that it falls off my chance. Entirely useless and a lot included protect it that considers my mark the new chance has frames and multiple scratches on he because of a “protective “ “ “” rasgando in of the multiple zones.
4 / 5 Marna
Does not squander your money, a Velcro in a fund would not remain closed. It was already in my way to Giamaica, a plastic has taken taken in a wheel and he rasgó. I have finalised to take it quell'has been a chance and has launched was. A lot disappointed.
4 / 5 Edith
Is returned the tad too big, as I will owe that do an adjustment to a velcro, but does not treat it big. We will see like this it resists on
For travesía.
5 / 5 Lorelei
The measure was big and can not be regulated to return 28' . It was not practical as it uses to paste some wheels and prevent pertinent movement.
4 / 5 Sharleen
Cheaply With which one uses. Raisin more and take something has done better.
5 / 5 Shira
Fantastic, but precise additional ensuring to maintain situate
4 / 5 Maryjane
is the little release for my chance but will do perfectly to protect Minnie
4 / 5 Maira
It is the little release partorisca my chance but will do perfectly partorisca protect Minnie
4 / 5 Jeffry
has protected my luggage partorisca my travesía... But the wont marks partorisca a prójimo a reason a stitching is exited
4 / 5 Oswaldo
flavour the one who easy the returned in my chance a lot of sturdy easy to use
5 / 5 Azzie
A velcro does not resist a coverage in the luggage once is in a carousel of luggage, regime, waste of money.
5 / 5 Tammera
Unfortunately the mine has been rasgada in a seams when I took it :( a measure was very partorisca my big chance but sadly a lot included take it casualidad partorisca the use :(
4 / 5 Shayla
has Protected my good chances but wripped during first use.
5 / 5 Jeanne
Bought him partorisca store my luggage, and is returned a lot well. It likes-me a product.
4 / 5 Corrina
Velcro Is not situated properly partorisca be able the snugly fasten a coverage to a underside of a luggage. This result in him tugging down some wheels and it doing impossible partorisca goes it to me around my chance. I have had to that struggle with him in a rain that leaves a ferry in Tarbert and has not gone also has impressed. Some wheels rasgaron by means of some plásticoes and has finalised that it has to that take a coverage to be able to spend on with my walk to a bus stop. My chance and the cloths have been drenched.

Top Customer Reviews: Swiss Gear Marumo ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 26 ratings
5 / 5 Keiko
I have taken this chance in Scozia, in and out of read and of the breakfasts every day. Súper Portable, no too enormous, but easily returns the value of weeks of cloths more toiletries and memories. It develops partorisca more spatial. Several handy pockets.
Has on data in of the hard shells, reasons look partorisca break. I have lost three now partorisca hurt, as they are of tower to soft sides. I think that that this will last the long time. They do by means of an airport and when being tossed in and out of a car, and is still like this very like this new. A lot easy to pull. Hanged very light!
4 / 5 Christel
A coworker has this in black to the equal that have wanted to underline and has ordered he in burned orange. The ones of said all carryons is basically one same but now know differently. Still with my rucksack of heavy computer that remain on bosses fantastically going in carpet, frames of door and to elevators without touching. I want to I ordered it so much a measure of half in a same gorgeous colour of course!
5 / 5 Gloria
Used it on the travesía another time-Brunswick a lot well has done some 4 wheels have done to manoeuvre a chance by means of a busy Yvr the terminal in my way was was the breeze and a boss does not feel to like goes to the pause was. The zips are big and easy the grab and unzip. To good sure recommend this chance
4 / 5 Felicia
in Amazing! Amur This stock exchange! Like this light and add carryon measure. So only it travels carryon now and find some cubes of cabin are by train to reduce and some pensions of luggage have measured smaller that comprises wheels. My tried and true Spend-ons no longer cut the . It can not expect to the use is one . It looks a lot it has a lot of fact.
5 / 5 Andrea
Has ordered a big to measure which as the current description has said:
the luggage measures 31. 5' H x 19' l x 12. 5' W (can develop until 14. 5” - The measures comprise wheels and of the bosses) / weights: 6. 2 Lbs. – 2. 8 Kg
But when I have measured a space of real chance in an outside a one has received measure 27' H (any incl. Wheels) x 17.5' L x 11' W. More a weight is 2.9 kg . It has been expecting the main chance but I guess some measures have the data comprises a height of an upper and zip of wheels + of sleeves + lateralmente swipes and everything. No very attentive neither useful when you are trying to find a real capacity of a chance.
Ossia The big element and will not be easy for me to return. To the left it is to see resists until stress of travesía. Have Still for the try. I expect that I can express everything in there to the equal that am going in the travesía long of 4 month. I wish this chance was like this big likes the one who a description has said. :(
5 / 5 Roland
I amour this little spends on chance. It returns a lot inner one spends on dimension of the measure for all the flights is on state, but returns to plot of material. It is easy to manoeuvre and slips to the long of well. It is survived several flights without any signs of wear.
5 / 5 Ingrid
Looks the good chance; it was that it has expected; like an expandable capacity and require some 4 wheels for moving around airports.
4 / 5 Bernarda
There is wanted that a luggage is súper light, very built and easy to something in a tape of carrier. Gilipollas, Taken grossly dirty, the corners there is rubbed was to some bones and the pocolos ran during a material, in only a travesía :-(
4 / 5 Hien
I has required an economic to spend in that was light. These produced returns a bill. It does not go to resist to plot to stuff in general and thinks that an extension of sleeve could be the little solider but is light impacts like this probably to the equal that can be manufactured.
5 / 5 Georgia
That drew to this chance was a colour , the looks adds! It is extremely light weight that I amour, and is easy to transport. Shopping of this mark again!
5 / 5 Shantelle
I add partorisca travelling! Has the small compartment in an interior.
4 / 5 Antonietta
This chance is very good. The only complaint is that a muck of orange shows quickly. I will choose next black tjmet
4 / 5 Kory
Perfect stock exchange but has thought is wee has bitten pricey partorisca a measure. Good quality
4 / 5 Janee
good quality and very light low prize of tent of big box.
4 / 5 Delia
Already possess a same chance, has bought the second reason liked him one of one has had.
5 / 5 Wenona
Has received in good condition. Colour to the equal that has indicated. Experience like the present.
5 / 5 Joaquin
The boss is the little shakey after the pocolos use, but everywhere good value for a money.
5 / 5 Arnetta
This spends-in the luggage does not have the good quality and is not durable.
5 / 5 Kyung
Has bought this chance to match my together current, colour still the different mark but the parties adds.
5 / 5 Holli
These looks of chance partorisca be very built and a lot of maneuverable. I did not use it still but it was in Being able to
4 / 5 Zena
Arrive in perfect condition and quickly! It is a good product that has known already! Very shabby !
4 / 5 Kristie
A bit small likes chance but Corrects to the quality of level
4 / 5 Myrna
did not use it still but looks well. Has the smell of the funky but this looks partorisca be going was.
5 / 5 Delora
Exactly that has expected. Súper Light weight and very done, can not expect use the in my travesía next!
4 / 5 Freida
Light and easy to manoeuvre. Amur Some wheels and colour!
5 / 5 Summer
I produced have arrived enough quickly! I have chosen this model Of chance because rings a luggage the Main that respect his dimensions of all his airlines. His Dimensions are all so only in his maximum limits have accepted, then in optient some maxima of place, but do not am missing to overburden the chance!
The chance looks solid fact , goes good and the looks well contain to touch his measure. The looks of stir Extensible this in spite of a bit fragile (a bit difficult to rétracter), but at all of alarming, especially that considers lucido prize.
Does not have It still has used Games to travel, then lucido the time will say yes is joined durable chance.

Top Customer Reviews: Travelon Anti-Theft ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
It adds little purse of travesía, no too big, no too small. Measure roughly 8-1/2' for 8-1/2' and has the pale blue semence. It feels esolid' still although it is nylon. There is anti-clips of flight in a zip, a strap is test of stab , and an organism of purse there is RFID protects can return my passport, stock exchange (still this in spite of has pockets partorisca papers crediticios), glasses of alone, telephone, lipstick, paintbrush of small hair and the pocolas other things. It have ordered another purse to trip a time still - another feels and looks economic compared to this Travelon.
4 / 5
A measure was that it had expected, and am happy to the equal that have loved the purse of travesía small. I have it quell'has bought also measure it the elder of another Travelon the model for the train / of slowly spends-on etc. That has loved with this model was measures it has adapted to exit to the restaurant or theatre, without looking was prepping for the day has visited some seen. A quality of a manufacture is better that has expected, a cloth is good-looking and the good weight and a anti-characteristic of the flight is impressive.
5 / 5
Has ordered this purse for our travesía to Europe. It was a perfect measure and can return all essentials. We direct to return the telephone, auricular, papers, stock exchange, lip balm, mapea, gums, and has had included the trace of shirt in him in some signals! Some locks the seat bit it more reassured in our belongings. A material is durable and has on resisted well. A mechanism to close for a strap is gone in handy when we have not wanted to have our purse in our lap in of the restaurants. It is also the simple looking purse to the equal that was easy to dress up or down there is wanted . Highly you recommend this purse.
5 / 5
This purse has surpassed my expectations. I bought it to use while travelling, but taste so much, is now of my daily stock exchange. So many good details. Some locks in zips, some the still comfortable strap strong, is very durable, very different zippered the compartments he easy to maintain the things have separated. Included the little torch, to help look for things! Highly recommend!
5 / 5
Has seen a same purse in the local retailer that sells luggage for more than two times a prize was on Amazon. Amur A material and all a lockable compartments. A prevails the light focused was the good touch . The still functional creation simple. Mayor that expected but a lot also to use in the travesía to Europe would have to is exited so only adds.
4 / 5
Love this purse. I used it on the travesía recent to Europe and I have has not felt never surer. Any to mention you can return TONNES of materials in him. His roomier that looks. It was able to return I and my stock exchanges of fiancés, mobile phones, and camera in there, together with the boat of sunscreen and another necessities and has had spare still room. If you want consolation and extra security when travelling, can not recommend this stock exchange enough.
5 / 5
This order has arrived a lot quickly and was so only that has looked for. It is quite light that the will not hurt my shoulder and he will resist all I need for the day of sightseeing. A anti the characteristic of flight is to touch also. Travesía In Europe extracted adds , and a last what precise is to tug around the calm things do not use the day with a longitude to walk.
4 / 5
Has loved my Travelon stock exchange to the equal that have bought this one for my woman. We are both using them now still in Spagna. I really like this stock exchange, the chair like our passports is sure of everything excepts accidentally losong his to leave in the café or something.

Further of his characteristics already are, my wishlist would be to sew in the big quality bluetooth tracker. In this way it can dip my telephone to alert me walk out of him.
4 / 5
Loves this purse!!! It returns my long and telephone stock exchange and camera with spare room. Some pockets are a right measure for me and a material is so only that looked for-sportive, classical and simple. Has another travelon the purse and an only reason am taking this new one east the downsize bit it. I have had my leading purse for 2 years and he have aimed few signs of wear-such good quality for a prize. I also really like an external colour and colour of inner-bone in an outside and choral in an interior. It can not say quite a lot of good thing really.
5 / 5
Is a stock exchange three practice with a lot of compartments, differentes magnitude, many with closure have joined eclair, that is more securitaire, a lot qualitee of resistant cloths and some-a with mousquetons delicats and well like, touches his rendres more anti-flight and securitaire.. The ganse is quite a lot of Games of time to spend around the with the desirer.
Touch me, the so only probleme, is that it take would have to that a bit main, is a bit difficult to dip roughly has chosen of the half among his pochettes,,, the space is not quite big... A course this small inconveniant, everything is securitaire and good truth qualitee, so much touches his closures that his ganses you them materiel... Ca Reward of Edges of the costs ....
5 / 5
I have taken this purse with me in Europe partorisca the month, last state. Has does not have to that me never concerns roughly: a rain that ruins my purse, or cleaning litter , or when being in the metre fill or museum. With this purse, has not required the stock exchange. And you resist all have required partorisca the pairs of day of glasses, sunscreen, medications, mobile phone, notepad and pens, further of all more usually doors. A Navy the colour is the very dark navy, which want, and goes with everything. Navy Is a new in a summer. Go partorisca buy a main fashion at the beginning, but has seen he in the retail tent and felt it would be weighed too much partorisca spend around all day, when fill. Also it have to that mention that I my investigation in the first place and this was a better prize and a value has better compared the alike purses. I plan to buy the red a partorisca a cradle.
5 / 5
Has in the first place bought this purse partorisca the travesía to Morocco (14 days). It has had the habit of of then goes to an Antarctic (16 days) and partorisca a day run by means of a flange when I require partorisca take my passport. I want a bit extra clips partorisca attach some zips to a rest of a purse. Has a lot of room partorisca all has required partorisca the travesía of day. Calm also have the small zip in a side partorisca lipstick, knitted etc which are partorisca add like this calm does not have to that clip and unclip a zip. An only negative like this far - some hooks that come with a strap has lost a coating of money and is now the brassy. When A purse was new could use it anywhere, anytime same exiting partorisca dine, unfortunately with a coating that spends was, so only would use partorisca daytrips.
4 / 5
Has bought this purse partorisca my travesía recent to Rome where some pickpockets are everywhere approach some tourist places. Has has not felt has had to that look my stock exchange so many and has left my free hands to take my pictures. It is also the walnut looking purse and has gone well with everything. Highly it recommends this element. Also it go with me in Cuba next month.
5 / 5
Receive a stock exchange and he looked utmost. First day in our holidays in Europe and a cradle in a clasp has broken in a 2nd time that opens it. You are a main clasp in a big half zip where the majority of valuables is maintained. A lot disappointed to the equal that purchase a stock exchange for a anti characteristic of flight. Now it is so only the reg stock exchange of organism of the cross with protecting very small. Not to buy it again
5 / 5
With which having the purse flown, has loved the sure, well has drawn & fact of small purse. I have required a concealed easily could be past crossbody, or has ensured near for, for eg. To the chair. I have wanted to you love/It To it also quite big to resist my mini IPAD. This purse concealed and much more. I can apt pill, cash, resists my papers crediticios safely, tones, trick, defender,more Kleenex etc, without looking stuffed. It is comfortable, and a navy the cloth is attractive & cleaned with the humid cloth. They are very pleased.
5 / 5
Like this far like this good. So only that directs in Italy today. It likes a neighbour up. They are the male and looks a lot on me too. Both my woman and I have taken one. Perfecto for our papers crediticios of passport of iPhone of money 7 More chargers glasses and camera of die mini tripod and blue tooth far headphones , small. Happy camp!
4 / 5
After completing to 3 week the European holidays with this stock exchange takes loaned of the partner has has wanted to bought it so much my suitable for our travesía next. They call this the mini but is measured adds and pode apt stock exchanges, passports, drives of travesía of the pocket, telephoto lentil and the handfan still hot flashes. To Some details of security like prójimos the zip and the stab-the strap of test gave the confidence is gone in of the crowds. A prize was fantastic to the equal that in the tent and other on-line places have had a same stock exchange for two times so much. Highly recommended!
5 / 5
Has used this for the 3 travesía of week around Italy. The upper control of adds. It was able to dip my stock exchange, the telephone and the boat waters small in him. Amado a crossbody strap and felt a lot knowing my money was sure with some a lot of characteristic for Travelon.
4 / 5
Has been looking for something like this for the moment for when I travel. Has the stock exchange the big plus that use for travelling by means of the airports where maintain my documents of travesía. Rings something small to maintain passports/some money and papers crediticios while in our fate. Like this to the equal that has used was quite big and does not have comfortable sense in the now inside my rucksack. Ossia Exactly that has had in alcohol. It is small but quite big to resist that need. It is RFID blocker and has stab resistant straps and closing pouches and can spend it organism of cross. They are very happy with this compraventa.
5 / 5
1. Shipment Has arrived 2 weeks late of the amazon concealed directed me partorisca give 4 stars.
2. The looks of product that the be be describe in a place. It has not used the closing but pleased with a quality and creation. It have to that be quite big for some necessary elements during travesía.
3. I have bought included a plus like the present of anniversary for my partner.
4 / 5
Utilisation this like my daily purse. It likes that no the widen was when of your things are in him and that my papers are protected. It is not the big purse but the things of turn of entity amiably. I can also returned in my husbands diebetic declare and meds. It is light.
5 / 5
My husband and I have taken turns partorisca spend this stock exchange in ours recent 14 travesía of day to Italy. Has the a lot slender profile and easily can be spent under the discharge. All some compartments help the stay has organised. They are happy there is the unisex appearance so that both could use it. We use so only public transport and felt very sure.
5 / 5
Has beaten gone back the plot in this stock exchange, want to all a zippered compartments and especially some zips to close. One of a zip to close the pockets is a perfect measure to returned the passports of my family. I loaned it to the partner when it go the Disneyland and thinks that was a lot also.
5 / 5
Like this far I really like this looks of purse sturdy and has the plot of spatial of storage. The havent has tried went it entirely still am saving them he for the travesía but like this far the really the like. An only thing is that I touch the odd material for the purse for mine in pleasant but so only think that is a anti-material of flight. This purse is also very sure with some clips that attaches in some zips that the amour! Also it avenges with the little semi-detached torch in an interior the one who the didnt knows roughly and the amour also!!
4 / 5
The stock exchange of travesía adds and for every day use. There are a lot of compartments. It is the a lot of sturdy the shoulder done well stock exchange. I have been using this for roughly two years. A stock exchange the still look adds. It is the very big quality has produced. Highly recommended.
5 / 5
This has done perfectly for me for my late plus 3 travesía of week. A lot of sturdy, resists on well to heavy use. I want to all some different pockets. It was perfect to spend my sunglasses, sketching supplies, passport, and telephone.
4 / 5
More the probably use this just to exit to dine while it was. Has the main version of this which has two pockets lateralmente partorisca bounce it water and umbrella that use still excursions of full day. This stock exchange are adds to maintain valuables in him gliela light for behind pac that it can use to store waters of boat, sweater and umbrella.
4 / 5
Has used this stock exchange for the pair of weeks now and absolutely loves that. A construction of him looks to be very good and a colour has chosen goes with almost everything. A subject only has had was when I a lot fasten a hook to a loop resupplied and take in the pair of things (the cage of boss of the cart of compraventa and a side of the door in the commercial edifice). Both chances there is me been due to not using a Anti-characteristic of Flight as they are meant to be used.
4 / 5
Perfect purse for travelling! I access our passports and all a travesía essentials. Some zips to prójimos seats like your valuables is sure in of the zones of big traffic. I have bought him like this of the presents for friends that is travelling, is surprising!
5 / 5
Quality a lot well stock exchange of travesía. Run like the crossbody or like the purse rule in your shoulder. A material felt sturdy and was easy to clean. I have taken this in Prague and San Francisco and walk felt sure around with some cash and the few papers crediticios in him.

Some locks of zip me feel included surer, although some of that was the placebo of then remained in of the sure places to start with with.
4 / 5
This stock exchange was well in a start.
After the few months' uses a key and the pocket of the looks of interior was rasgó averts.
Is not the durable and stock exchange of qualities.
Would not recommend this stock exchange.
5 / 5
Takes this purse that travel. Able to spend small camera and small boat of water together with small stock exchange. The colour is neutral, although it have preferred he in light ash.
4 / 5
Ossia Such the travesía adds purse. Your material is really sure and ensures has bought in fact this purse like the present partorisca the travelling mate with which listened raving roughly mine
5 / 5
A stock exchange is well has done. I forced partorisca cut down in that I usually dipped in the stock exchange (which is a lot). Partorisca me, is not too big, no too small, is in his point!
5 / 5
Excellent and handy purse partorisca my travesías in Italy and Uk this year. It was like this happy to having bought the, is measured add ( has spent the small stock exchange, glasses, cloths, some trick). I have loved some characteristic of security like a zip to close. Some the different pockets were very thought-was and practical. I love this purse!
5 / 5
Likes everything in this purse excepts to the desire has been in a thumb a wide plus and a strap the little longer. Controls a basic material well.
4 / 5
A bit small but in general has loved that, so the pockets and I have loved a feeling added of security especially to maintain document like your sure passport.
5 / 5
Can return my sunglass husband in this purse and bounce it water in a side. I love a period of a double strap, where chair can rest them my arm in a purse while walking. Some spaces for papers is to touch also. Any precise to jam the stock exchange in a purse.
Is roomier that has thought but quite slender.
5 / 5
Loves a measure.... I have possessed the big more Travelon stock exchange of shoulder and expósito that takes weighed. A measure of this one leave to dip so only my essentials in him, for this doing it lighter that walk around with.
4 / 5
Has used so only this stock exchange in the travesía of three weeks in Europe and was perfect. Light and sturdy. A anti-characteristic of the flight gave an additional level of consolation. It can use it likes him my purse of newspaper now!
4 / 5
This was the present partorisca my woman when we travel in Cina - the want. The decent looks resupplies, perfect measure partorisca glasses, telephone, passports and another travesía docs as well as the stock exchange. The security was consolation adds although certainly we do not experience any tentativas of the fly or take his. I think that that ossia the ready accessory partorisca travesía and has bought also a partorisca my daughter.
5 / 5
Has bought partorisca the travesía the vegas partorisca the week. It has wanted to have my free hands ( to drink lol) resist alot more than has thought them. Included the waters of boat. Fat material, solid zips that can close it. I add. I want a bit other colours
5 / 5
has taken a stock exchange in Europe and felt very sure with him. Knowing a strap can very easily be cut and have the RFID the blocker in a side of stock exchange is the feeling adds. There is the plot of room in a still purse incidentals and that never more precise. You recommend this purse to any one these trips
4 / 5
love a purse but that has ordered the stock exchange a same time, I sure desire would have chosen a so only bit it main. My stock exchange only accesses in him when I the force. It have to that do until I can resupply another. It is the lovely purse .
4 / 5
Has arrived faster that has expected. It is main that has thought. It can not expect take has been and the verify was. Has the room for all raisin and probably the small cost ot 2. Bought one for my daughter, will be to buy more for presents. I produce it adds.
5 / 5
Really enjoyed this stock exchange. It is a stock exchange of travesía perfect with all a anti-mechanisms of flight. The calm leaves relieves to know your stock exchange is sure. Perfect measure also!
4 / 5
Even more adds that I thought it would be. Perfect measure for my travesía in Europe this summer. It returns more than it would have thought them looking in an on-line dimension. An only thing that soule the surest fact is all some zips where hid.
4 / 5
Has decided any to use these too many that tries to find where have dip things. It can be I adds for travelling any I still uses it.
5 / 5
I really like this travelling still purse. I think that it that that can have taken bit it main but returns more the things have required. No really big enough to take the small mini iPod in him. But it is a lot well, with a lot of pockets.
4 / 5
Very happy with this compraventa taken some taking used to access a zippered parts but to good sure the difficult fact for thieves to slip in and out of your stock exchange without being remarked

Top Customer Reviews: Hanke Expandable ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 29 ratings
5 / 5 Vivan
Ossia The versatile stock exchange that is expandable of some following measures - small to means the big. We take it to us because aliamos in the holidays that has comprised the travesía partorisca purchase to some outlet shopping centres. We require one develops-described like being able to spend our house of compraventa. He a work, and was able the apt fold a quantity behind.

To the equal that can see in 3 pictures has wheels and can be gone around. In some 4.os show the one who small and easy is partorisca store, a lot compact and maintained in our cupboard of chamber.

In a smaller measure, recommends to use a strap of shoulder of emotional the around can be delicate using rollers. A half measure and big measure, better to use a roller. Some things of pair partorisca maintain import when using this, is partorisca maintain a heavy material in a subordinated and in a half as it does not touch . A quality looks very done, last first ours trip without subjects.

Has takes 1 star because some declares to the cast is partorisca spend it on stock exchange. A small plus will not spend AC or Westjet levels. So you are buying this element beware that is not partorisca spend-in friendly. If you are looking for the stock exchange of travesía expandable that has to that be verified in, then this to good sure the good election.

Will update later on reliability.
4 / 5 Daniell
With stopping to jump that comes on, looked for some luggage that can be compress to the smallest measure, and be able to develop to plot of spatial. This was exactly that has looked for! Has 2 zips partorisca regulate a period and measure of a chance, wheels partorisca move around yes is weighed, and bosses partorisca do it any luggage or spend on. Material and the quality is sum without spending downs after the pair of uses, but recommends to use packing cubes when that uses this chance. To good sure recommend it to any the one who is looking for the chance that can returned the all in a.
4 / 5 Pearline
A creation of this stock exchange is so only partorisca the piece has checked big of luggage. Some two sections that develops is not partorisca separate compartments. So only they augment a depth of an upper section. Packing Is done of an upper zip down one manages as it will not find like the question like utilisation cubes of compression. This stock exchange is quite roomy and with a flexibility of expansion, accommodates to plot. The look of zips sturdy and so only will require 1 closed to ensure a stock exchange. I will not be using this for several months he so that it is unclear to the equal that stands up to an airport is automated system of the luggage but the chair is the construction is comparable to other stock exchanges have possessed (the polyester in this stock exchange is quite sturdy). It requires less room to store like this of the collapses of stock exchange and has included some folds of upper section down. All the things have considered are happy with this compraventa and look forward to using he with any travesías future.
4 / 5 Jammie
Ossia The glorious product . I have ordered the hanke to try it is gone in mine the majority of travesía recent. It is everything alleges to be. After travelling my cloths is is remained organised and like this neatly bent how were when I in the first place his packed. Remarkable! An idea of “living out of the chance” has lost all his negative connotations. Thank you hanke!
5 / 5 Jodie
Has purchased this after going back of one abroad trips where has finished to buy 2 additional chance last now to store all my well finds 😉

the figure would owe that prepare better for a travesía next and find this foldable if that can joint it with me in a chance. I have seen another but this look to be better fact and more durable. Also it has wheels in some subordinated to the equal that can pull more than just impulse and spend especially takes weighed.

My parents were to try this chance was as I am gone in the travesía but because of some confusions does not blame of a vendor has finalised to receive a product late and my parents were gone in his travesía already.

Like this now will owe that attended for my travesía next to see that well this chance will treat. But of one looks of him, control on amiably and here is that it finds that it likes:

- Fat durable materials
- wheeled
- easy to block and appeal on
- light
- lockable

am very happy with this product and will recommend this to any one.
5 / 5 Idella
Has gone back so only of the mine first travesía... zipping & unzipping Some partitions have done well. When Empty, to good sure blockades to the very small measure, and returned in my big chance that use the minimum space in a way WAS for my travesía. A cloth is to be waterproof light , & strong. I used it like this it spends on for a house of travesía - some measures a smaller can not be FILL this in spite of fulfils carryon the controls but was certainly quite big for overflow of mine and has used he to pack cubes of cloths that was esquishable' for him to be dipped in a tall compartment. One 4 spinner the wheels have done well. It likes him-me some long & short straps, thinks that will resupply good options, according to a measure of a stock exchange any time dates.
4 / 5 Eli
A measure of a chance. Expandability Are adds. I wss very surprised. It has fulfilled totally my needs.
4 / 5 Efrain
This chance develops easily but am not sure a measure a smaller would be raisin considered on. A material is sturdy and the global quality is well. I have packed to Use packing the cubes and has not been bad but without some cubes that has to the band of a cup is quell'has bitten uncomfortable. Calm also has to that balance one uploads in a chance or he can touch on.
4 / 5 Felicidad
To the Three elements do not like of of this stock exchange of travesía; 1- I has thought has 3 compartments that could open like a stock exchange. That never these 3 compartments are so only partorisca only doing a stock exchange a deep plus. And 2- A stock exchange opens in a cup, and was very partorisca open in a side, partorisca dip down like the chance of dress, in this way one could easier that spend for his stock exchange. And 3- it does not have the rear support with the boss, and this is to import partorisca travelling.
This stock exchange is a bit difficult to move around in an airport. A travesía of next time, will not use this stock exchange.
4 / 5 Annamaria
Adds partorisca travelling! Light, foldable and easy to manoeuvre. So only perfect so that there is wanted. Fast delivery!
Highly recommended!
5 / 5 Marilu
Use like the second stock exchange and so only dips no breakable to to the things like to them the cloths in him. A characteristic of double expansion is gone in really handy
4 / 5 Robbie
These are surprising chances. Well fact, light and easy to manoeuvre. I have bought to Pack cubes to use inside the and the band done and unpacking in some hotels the breeze. It WINS it has bought him so much 3 more for my family.
5 / 5 Ione
A product looked good quality but a zip has broken has landed grieves in the place of my Woman. I have had to that take his chance to travel behind home. Left this product with sound. It goes it to the launch was. Used the so only once. And a zip has broken. It have to that it has taken it something of Walmart
4 / 5 Rosemarie
the looks was the good product , but a zip has blocked.
Has contacted vendor, has accepted a same turn after using it.
refunded In plenary.
Service of client very good and committed.
He the quality of cloth was a lot well, I of the that knows that it has been it bad, but is a lot handy, could have 3 measure in a.
5 / 5 Odessa
My first travesía in Cuba and is that well. It give it the four stars because a boss of zip in an outside is exited a lot easily and lost it finally and another thing is that you really need to balance your material in this stock exchange or he will be the lop sided stock exchange that is hard to go. In general some extensions are utmost is light a stock exchange of airport handlers did not abuse it they so that it has done with mine another hard shell stock exchange.
4 / 5 Agatha
The ideal touch !
Can regulate I 3 formats differents.
Like travesía thick, and that has several friends in republic, leaves always with 2 chances, and my turn can three well insert this empty chance in mine another chance. Fantastic !!
4 / 5 Argelia
Has received so only a stock exchange, although I have not used he to travel still, an idea of an expansion of this stock exchange is character. Other descriptions suggest that packing and unpacking can be defiant need something in a fund of a stock exchange. I have purchased to pack cubes for this a lot of reason, which believes will do it more the friendly user. A stock exchange is very built and exactly like this pointed
5 / 5 Myrtice
was very surprised with a big quality of this stock exchange. It is the little has bitten more weighed that has thought but is stock exchange a lot well for a prize
4 / 5 Tony
It is a perfect chance partorisca me. You love it. I have ordered 2 for deception but will maintain both they so that it is a lot very
4 / 5 Estelle
If a measure a smaller is smaller and can be to to use likes to spend the on, this would be perfect.
4 / 5 Emelina
Likes that it develops, does not like the one who difficult is partorisca pull, tends the twirl and not following easily.
5 / 5 Ricky
Want this continuazione the chance has extended fully gave he more soiled that the big chance. Easy to move in his wheels. You recommend by all the world
4 / 5 Marcelina
This is to produce adds . It moves like this smoothly with ease. Has plants like this hanged and walked with him long hours before and after a flight. Really happy with him!
4 / 5 Pearlie
If very good... Justo last partorisca find dresses when it is big has taken...
5 / 5 Hope
Am using he partorisca a first time my travesía in France
4 / 5 Camila
It likes! It is like 'hid' extra space partorisca those in chance that elements.
5 / 5 Cortney
Any still has travelled with Of here lucido month of October will give of the new juster
4 / 5 Jenette
used it partorisca travel for aeroplane. It is like this light, liked really is of characteristic expandable
4 / 5 Melodee
The fact adds like an extra stock exchange. I have regulated this luggage of smaller, average, and big partorisca travesías different that has taken. Wonderful stock exchange!! And it is súper easy to move around flexibly in some wheels.

Top Customer Reviews: LERTREE Transparent ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5 Jeanelle
This is to be purchase partorisca protect an expensive chance I own. Global good product, but does not expect a plastic coverage partorisca be the tears/of tear-test. With which one uses had tear smaller remarked. Perfecto partorisca minor managing of chances of dress.
5 / 5 Epifania
Has received quickly produced . Games very practical calm his trips especially because travesía a lot. This in spite of, think that that it is a bit expensive games the quality. His measures are good

Top Customer Reviews: Samsonite Omni PC ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5 Darrick
Really solid. You control clothes and delicate material material, like this well. Easy to press/appeal in his 4 wheels, and develops for 15-20 percent the accomedate present vacacionales partorisca when I go back house. Really happy has bought this. He really done well in mine last travesía, any question. It have to that mention that a Teal the colour is very thin. A chance looks black or dark blue unless you are in brilliant sun, in that if it looks green half ash . When I bought It it was fearful that goes partorisca be too brilliant, but is in his point. It looks well in the each light, and easy to GO and spend with my black spends on a same type.
5 / 5 Jorge
Ossia My prime minister 4 goes stock exchange (yeah, knows, has expected like this along), and obviously wants to all his advantages. It is also quite light (although the models the new plus is lighter even , but pricier also), like this in general the good product. It likes-me a fact that while strictly that pause his total dimensions surpass one 62' the majority of airlines requires, is verified in without the question with Airing Canada (can not see reason another would not accept it , has seen other descriptions and of the equal responses questions here confirming it was a chance - pun ANY FEIGNED). :) A downside this in spite of: the scratches easily can be seen on that; we have done a flight with him, and already has the enormous scar on he in a half. It is well for us, but you are annoyed for scratches, probably would owe that take the soft / cloth a, or wrap your stock exchange with thos plastic wrappers sell in some airports.
5 / 5 Samantha
Has not used my luggage still but hanged very light and extremely big. So only that require for the súper travesía long. Amur A colour. It revises more when it is used in April.
5 / 5 Shavonda
A lot Excepts is coming with the harm in some corners. A hule protective ribbon is somehow misplaced and sticking was. A box was a lot. I am expecting the punctual substitution. I will update my description when I take a new a
Update: taken a fast of substitution, perfects
4 / 5 Natisha
Very like this far, would have liked me the point in both halves. Grab The On sale.
5 / 5 Felice
Has bought these for the good prize and has done well for our holidays.

Top Customer Reviews: AmazonBasics ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5 Tammara
Ossia The luggage of monster .

Has bought one 28' the version that measures it and the thought is a right measure but when I received it , is enormous. It is main that has thought because of a thickness. It is the very fat luggage . And besides it has a fashionable expansion of the accordion has seen another round of zips to burst it free. It is enormous.

A luggage he 28' organism but concealed does not count for some wheels. Like this in general around 29'.

Is scattered with memories that ossia a product of Amazon . There is the logo of the pleasant amazon as aimed in picture in an upper legislation. Then when you plough a luggage, a nylon the lines are pressed also with Amazon everywhere hahahahah. Amur That.

The interior of a luggage is roomy. Tonnes of spatial for your 2 travesías of week. Two luggage of separate compartment by the liner divide zipped up. Typical x-dressed of band binder on some arrivals. Petit pouch In a side for perhaps toiletries (but for women that is simply ceremonial pouch still toiletries).

Some wheels are look and the hard core will take to beat the . They go a lot smooth. Amur That has four.
A shell is hard and also look it can take has beaten the.

A luggage he , empty , is hanged quite light. Has the Samsonite hard shell approx same capacity that hanged the plot more . So that awesome. That has weighed is exactly? Well My stairs has said: . For reference my Samsonite is 15lbs.

My orange colour is like this funky and so only. Easily able to choose he out of a sea of black luggages.

Will inform behind after the travesía of France.... It sees yes it survives a travesía international.
4 / 5 Arturo
Ossia One or some the better pieces of luggage have possessed the long time.
- The orange colour is good-looking. It looks much more expensive that really is.
- With which 3 backside-the-travesías international rear, no the scratch in any of some 3 pieces have bought.
- Some wheels are movement and good quality freely.

100 recommended.
4 / 5 Kerstin
Has had the $ 400 Samsonite the luggage has checked spinner partorisca almost the decade and was like this clutch. Unfortunately a day, when choosing on my luggage of a carousel in Vega airport there is @@give two of the wheels had broken was (I fault a stock exchange checkers of then 4 working wheels were in the when checked). I have required something to verify in a house of way, and when being in some the USA could take two day that ships well to my hotel. At the same time this was so only $ 89 as I have imagined would take my time to buy something more when it take home, but 6 travesías later this has on resisted a lot amiably, still turns quite well and still although his hardside his quite light weight.
4 / 5 Eula
Surprisingly durability and good quality for the mark of house, much better that a material of Swiss Army I so only bought for house. Two travesías down and any harm at all!
4 / 5 Bridgett
So only love my Basic Amazon Hardside Spinner husband, is the add compraventa, does not break or anything like this well in that has it yes is looking for the Hardside Spinner Husband.
4 / 5 Kathleen
Is the little heavy when empty but another that that it is the solid and easy chance to use. Any no for the fill never on or is overweight. Amur A brilliant orange! Very easy to the something in a luggage chooses on
5 / 5 Eusebio
has used so only this chance for some first time and I LOVE It. It is it likes two chances in a reason both sides are separated entirely. I maintain my cloths and soft material in an open side and then uploads on a zippered side with my little material, toiletries, and my thousands million recharging cords. Even has packed Full, was so only 36 lbs like hard shell any does not impact a weight like this like this thought that .

A really, if really good. It can you do not recommend enough.
4 / 5 Harris
A lot impress with a quality. A liner the interior is very good and well has done. The excellent circles, a colour is darker that in a picture, his lighters that another spinners has. I will take it on my travesía down the sud of next month and concealed would be a definite test with these international scrollings. But like this far like this good.
4 / 5 Lola
Has bought this for my travesía to Scozia. It was perfect and has abundance of room and a lot of sturdy. Besides the little scuffs on that. It is totally undamaged. We have moved to the different city each morning. As we have dipped on on 1100 miles while there. As it was not opened so only in a hotel and then dips was until 2 weeks later. Highly you recommend this first chance of any another. It acclaims!!
5 / 5 Becki
Very does not know to take the defective a, but a chance has lost a place of wheels when spending he of of plot of estacionar to an airport... The good thing is was easy to send behind to Amazon for the repayment. Included Has thinks that some looks of luggage to be of the fine quality but the needs correct some material defects.
5 / 5 Camila
Súper Impressed and uwed in of the travesías multiple without cracks or of the failures of zip! Soufflé Was partorisca a prize and would buy again sure!
5 / 5 Cortney
Can not believe the one who lucky has taken partorisca find this chance. It have paid double that has paid partorisca he, as we are speaking bang-partorisca-yours-buck I really does not think has anything concealed compares. Easily my favourite characteristic is a capacity to 'near was' half a chance when you can very necessarily require all a space. Like the result, are add partorisca shorter (5-10 day) travesías but also partorisca longer (2-3 weeks) travesías. Some pockets of interior, easy managing and the brilliant colour is also all fantastic. A mine of saws of the mate during the travesía of work and partorisca listen a prize is returned immediately his luggage another times purchased and has ordered his own. The work adds, Amazon.
4 / 5 Jenette
Has survived The 3+ travesía of week around some the EUA, in several different airports. It was able to pack the serious quantity of material is, partorisca combine he with BAGSMART Packing Cubes (2 insiemi = 12 packing cubes). In a zippered side of a chance, has used 5 long stock exchanges and 1 small stock exchange. In a clipped side of a chance, has used some two main stock exchanges and 3 small stock exchanges, the most had room partorisca situate two jackets of sports up. He really helped partorisca maintain all has organised, but a lot especially maintain it contained so that the clothes a lot in fact takes on so to the room likes otherwise . This have left with a leftover of long stock exchange, which I tucked to a side partorisca use like an emergency spends-on in an end of a travesía partorisca small memories.

Partorisca Break down that it was in the each stock exchange, using a Konmarie folding method:

- long stock exchange: 6 tights, 1 long sleeve shirt
- long stock exchange: 10 boxers, 1 box of business papers, 1 boat of B12
- long stock exchange: 1 hoodie, 1 sweater
- long stock exchange: 1 pair of shoes of dress (contents inside a XL Ziploc stock exchange with bouncing it spent), could have also returns the averages the pair of corridors
- long stock exchange: 1 pair partorisca walk shoes, 1 pair of sandals (contents inside a XL Ziploc stock exchange with bouncing it spent), could be returned another half of corridors (in this chance, has left some sandals, 1 in the each stock exchange partorisca balance out of a measure)
- long stock exchange: to spare, it bends for the half (with the stock exchange of the inner dirty clothes bent)
- small stock exchange: little toiletries (content inside a XL Ziploc stock exchange, and has bent on to apt interior), no own partorisca big quantities of toiletries
- small stock exchange: 10 pairs of socks of dress
- small stock exchange: 9 bonds, 1 pair of cufflinks, 2 places of dress
- small stock exchange: stock exchange of gymnasium - 1 shorts, 2 shirts, 2 fast drying underwears, 2 socks of sports
- big stock exchange: 10 key of dress on shirts
- big stock exchange: 1 pair of tejanos, 2 pairs of shorts, 4 trousers of dress
- in his own stock exchanges: 2 jackets of sports
- miscellaneous few papers of small/elements

In general a heavy chance in in around 48 lbs, which is reason has take in the few corridors and the pair of the any one has listed elements on, partorisca spend a weight among 45-47 lbs. Perfecto for the 3 travesía of week negotiates, with some dirty clothes done halfway by means of.
5 / 5 Lucinda
A lot happy with this luggage. He he so many ways by means of countries with the transmission of plans twice and any one give.
A colour is distinguished like this like this easy to find in checkout. A lot of room. The zips and the wheels do well. The interior has downloaded the useful pockets. Has a small extra along zipped pouch pocket also. Easy to wash down in my turn with the cleaner of spray. A shell has the bit to give his different some old hard chances but is the election among weight or of the súper solid sides. It arrives amiably boxed also.
4 / 5 Christeen
Has looked for to use the two chance of wheel in mine last travesía and was to cry it. It was jealous looking people easily pressing his 4 wheel pinner' chances to the long of and have bought like this this one for my travesía next. It looks to be fact well and certainly quite big, as I am looking for the try was punctual in my travesía next
5 / 5 Ryann
Feels extremely sturdy. Comparable or better that any one another chance has possessed. The woman has taken he with his in the travesía recent in Cina where was to somewhere new (almost) each day. Arrived behind home still looking new.
5 / 5 Wilhelmina
Has taken this on and down rough cobblestone streets in Portogallo, without harm. A chance still goes smoothly and some external looks well. A colour is eye taking and a chance is roomy enough.
4 / 5 Lana
Has had this for roughly 6 month now and has been goes with me for several travesías that comprises roughly 8 weeks. I can say that this luggage has been by means of the hell and has on resisted perfectly. I have walked a lot of km with him and some wheels are still perfect and by means of all some flights and travels an outside has been I adds also.
5 / 5 Christal
A product is well, sturdy and the wheel adds. Some the different colours are different prizes and has paid extra for a blue and finalising with black. Any value a question to return it. I recommend to go the Drugs of Londra when has his on sale luggage. I have bought the Swiss Army a (still likes that I have bought of the amazon marks different just) for $25 more economic!
4 / 5 Hildred
Are mostly happy with a chance. I find it odd this in spite of those some zips in an inner semence is to some outsides of a chance like this can not be fully concluded and is difficult to operate especially for the person with toes and of the wide hands. Otherwise The good cost for a prize.
4 / 5 Apolonia
This was my hard prime minister sided spinner chance. I have had soft some before. A storage is surprising especially in a flexibility of a chance and a zip of expansion. This chance is travesías light and good .

The one who this precise chance is an extra boss in a subordinated or another side as I can grab opposite sides partorisca upload to trunks of cars.
4 / 5 Clemmie
Has bought this chance on two different occasions. More recently, I used it partorisca transport three 27' monitors in our movement of Canada in Cost Rico. A chance is sturdy and has done the work adds that it protects an electronics. It goes easily on it is wheels and looks adds also.
5 / 5 Antwan
Has used this luggage partorisca the recent two travesía of week and was perfect! It was light weight and easily maneuverable. Abundance had of room partorisca pack my belongings, with extra pockets partorisca maintain my things have organised well. I have appreciated really be able to develop a width partorisca accommodate a compraventa has done! A brilliant by heart easy orange to the something in a luggage of airport chooses-up. They are like this happy has bought them this chance!
4 / 5 Rochelle
Has had has purchased previously a smaller version and was very pleased with him. I have ordered a main version and he have arrived punctually and looked partorisca be a product of same quality. This in spite of, have used so only he partorisca the travesía recent and has not been impressed. A chance has blocked up is self, which dip excessive stress in a zip. I have required partorisca open a chance and forces a side out of another, so only like the chance would go properly. Ossia The worry of the entity like the chances takes piled in the each one another when uploading and downloading the aircraft. I can see that a chance will fail been due to of the this blocking of compartments to the each one which another. It does not recommend this chance to any, and would return it or transmission he for the smallest version.
4 / 5 Jannet
This is not exactly that there is wanted. Confuse when that measured a measure of chance of a paving or a real measure of a chance. Arrival to be main that there is wanted and would be it returned but a nave was quite type. It has thought that it has had nave of free turn. No! Ossia So only is damaged . A do one and am sure was very. So only it has to that do sure that no the overburden !!! The lesson has learnt. Mark sure that the order is that it loves.
5 / 5 Kiersten
Has used this luggage for a first time and has has WANTED TO all roughly that. It is light weight that considers a measure, easy cruise it by means of the busy airport with and same when fill has not surpassed a 25weight of kg has obliged. Looking to purchase another in the smallest measure.
5 / 5 Lesha
- Is orange, how is easy to the something in luggage chooses-on
-very spatial for your elements
-swivel turn them he easy to move around
-good prize

-does not feel sturdy. I have been concerned roughly leaving it open (he any). I have it quell'utilisations so only in a travesía international.
5 / 5 Denna
The zip Of interior is broken already with which 3rd day of first use vacacional. I will be to return a stock exchange when I take house . Also an interior joins that it controls some cloths in place is flimsy and does not resist dressed in situating when you plough a stock exchange. A main zip is responsible to resist a joint of whole chance. If it breaks a whole stock exchange opens and everything would fall era. Looks Well of some outsides but this unfortunately is not the well has thought was produced at all.
4 / 5 Christene
A lot disappointed. Bought this chance, when using he for a first time arrived in an airport to leave for our travesía. Pulled a chance out of a car and a zip stitching the chance averts of a chance. It had not gone included in our travesía still!! We have had to that take tape of an airline the tape on a chance before we verify it to us. We have had to that leave in our travesía so that it was any time to repayment he or there there would be. It was to contact Amazon to take this orderly when we go back.
4 / 5 Lenora
Love a colour and an interior has the divide like the majority of impressive fact. I can not expect take this thing was and does not have to that maintain an eye was for normal looking luggage.
4 / 5 Tomoko
Like this expected, the quality is in pair or better that some known frames, surely value a prize, very light.
An orange colour, quality of the zip and the wheels of transfer costs a prize. To good sure recommend people partorisca buy this.
5 / 5 Jake
Ossia Perfect for my Micro-ATX Recognition (Corsair X280), but this can returned the Mid gone back without any questions. Has quite spatial to dip some bubble on and mine 27inches Monitor. Ossia Perfect to spend my gaming rigs everywhere (I espacially use he for DreamHack Chance).
4 / 5 Dulcie
The better chance there is never has possessed. It is enormous! I want to that has the material divide that the enclosed zips and has pockets that the next zip.
There is dip dresses in a side and my snorkel train, books, shoes, toiletry stock exchange, etc., In another side. It is been in several travesías already and still intact. I have it quell'has ordered so only one a measure a smaller.
4 / 5 Eugenie
Amur This luggage! It have bought a together of 2 and has loved the so much that has ordered another big chance. It looks good and a spinner the wheels do perfectly was when heavy. It is quite spacious also.
4 / 5 Willard
Has been 1 week the tub with him, the wheels he really easy to walk around even tho a luggage has been uploaded. Abundance of room for everything of my mine further of need of travesía and my squads of scuba diving of the promise.
5 / 5 Bobbi
Has been using this luggage for the year now. For a calm prize can any gone bad. Any subject like this far and has travelled with him roughly the time of dozen with 6 travesías that is abroad and abroad.
5 / 5 Yasmin
Has bought this chance for the 2 cruise of week. We fly to San Francisco and has verified this stock exchange, and verified it on a way behind. It was managed also for some personnel of cruise. He certainly resisted on well, and resists the significant quantity of clothes. It is it adds for the two travesía of week. I am pleased enough like this far with this product and, in fact, active has ordered also the smallest version. An action/of prize is hard to beat.
5 / 5 Opal
Has to that any to dip to a test still but the looks is good quality . It looks sturdy enough to take the light beating. Some wheels go a lot easily also. Recommended.
4 / 5 Cristina
Like this far 5 travesías for work with him. And everything well. Excellent trooper.
5 / 5 Virgen
Has not used this luggage still, ossia my first hard side luggage. It looks to be well, sturdy quality and when going, the wheels are solid; very smooth and calm. It can not expect use for our travesía next.
4 / 5 Ariana
My order has come well when it was supposed to, which is always well! When I have opened some looks of boxes partorisca surprise, his quite big and a colour are adds! Wont Loses this one in claim of luggage. Very impressed.
5 / 5 Alline
Am impressed like this with this luggage! Like this very he he! I love it!! It take it on the travesía and he slips like this well. It is like this sturdy. Calm surer can choose was quickly when in a carousel of luggage
5 / 5 Faye
Sturdy to resist big volume, more expandable. An only question can see is a zip of enclosed can fail or take stuck material test in too many things.
4 / 5 Tawna
A plastic gusset around a zip rasgada and chipped a first time a chance has been used. I have lost unfortunately some dates to return so that I am stuck with this chance. I have very bought AmazonBasics the products that comprises the soft sided chance and has not had never the question. This chance is not until AmazonBasic levels!
4 / 5 Mirtha
If a lot well Touch a lot that travels occasionally. His Roulettes to 360 terracings are particularly effective.
5 / 5 Jeri
Has bought an orange an and can relax in a luggage chooses up as I can see the mine that comes from/comes from far. Light with a lot of room .
4 / 5 Floria
Easily visible in an airport, wheel well, looks robust, and returns the plot of material in him. Well for big packers or has extended trips.
4 / 5 Alejandro
Was nervous roughly buying these but takes has taken in Messico and behind with just the pocolos scratches. A bit main then has loved.
4 / 5 Alfonso
The orange colour really underlines in the carousel of luggage, the value adds for the basic piece of spinner luggage. It can any gone bad.