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1 Maxell 190319 HP-100 Lightweight Stereo Headphones, Black Maxell 190319 HP-100 Lightweight Stereo Headphones, Black Maxell
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2 OneOdio A71 Wired Over Ear Headphones, Studio Headphones with SharePort, Professional Monitor Recording & Mixing Foldable Headphones with Stereo Sound for Electric Drum Keyboard Guitar Amp (Red) OneOdio A71 Wired Over Ear Headphones, Studio Headphones with SharePort, Professional Monitor Recording & Mixing Foldable Headphones with Stereo Sound for Electric Drum Keyboard Guitar Amp (Red) OneOdio
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3 OneOdio Adapter-Free Closed Back Over Ear DJ Stereo Monitor Headphones, Professional Studio Monitor & Mixing, Telescopic Arms with Scale, Newest 50mm Neodymium Drivers - Black OneOdio Adapter-Free Closed Back Over Ear DJ Stereo Monitor Headphones, Professional Studio Monitor & Mixing, Telescopic Arms with Scale, Newest 50mm Neodymium Drivers - Black OneOdio
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4 zihnic Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear, Foldable Wireless and Wired Stereo Headset Micro SD/TF, FM for iPhone/Samsung/iPad/PC/TV,Soft Earmuffs &Light Weight for Prolonged Wearing (Gold) zihnic Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear, Foldable Wireless and Wired Stereo Headset Micro SD/TF, FM for iPhone/Samsung/iPad/PC/TV,Soft Earmuffs &Light Weight for Prolonged Wearing (Gold) ZIHNIC
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5 PowerLocus Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones, Wireless Stereo Foldable Headphones Wireless and Wired Headsets with Built-in Mic, Micro SD/TF, FM for iPhone/Samsung/iPad/PC (Rose Gold) PowerLocus Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones, Wireless Stereo Foldable Headphones Wireless and Wired Headsets with Built-in Mic, Micro SD/TF, FM for iPhone/Samsung/iPad/PC (Rose Gold) PowerLocus
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6 Srhythm NC25 Active Noise Cancelling Stereo Headphones Bluetooth 5.3,ANC Headset Over-Ear with Hi-Fi,Mic,50H Playtime,Voice Assistant,Low Latency Game Mode Srhythm NC25 Active Noise Cancelling Stereo Headphones Bluetooth 5.3,ANC Headset Over-Ear with Hi-Fi,Mic,50H Playtime,Voice Assistant,Low Latency Game Mode Srhythm
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7 60Hrs Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear, BT5.0, Wireless Headphones with Microphone, Stereo Headphones with Deep Bass, Foldable Lightweight Wired Wireless Headphones for TV PC Laptop Kids Home Office 60Hrs Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear, BT5.0, Wireless Headphones with Microphone, Stereo Headphones with Deep Bass, Foldable Lightweight Wired Wireless Headphones for TV PC Laptop Kids Home Office Taoclear
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8 DOQAUS Wireless Headphones, [52 Hrs Playtime] Bluetooth Headphones with 3 EQ Modes, Hi-Fi Stereo Over Ear Headphones with Microphone and Comfortable Earpads for iPhone/TV/Travel/Office (Shadow Gray) DOQAUS Wireless Headphones, [52 Hrs Playtime] Bluetooth Headphones with 3 EQ Modes, Hi-Fi Stereo Over Ear Headphones with Microphone and Comfortable Earpads for iPhone/TV/Travel/Office (Shadow Gray) DOQAUS
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9 OneOdio Fusion Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones with 72H Playtime, Studio DJ Headphones with Share-Port, Wired and Wireless Recording Headphones with Stereo Sound for Electric Drum Piano Guitar AMP OneOdio Fusion Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones with 72H Playtime, Studio DJ Headphones with Share-Port, Wired and Wireless Recording Headphones with Stereo Sound for Electric Drum Piano Guitar AMP OneOdio
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10 Logitech H390 Wired Headset, Stereo Headphones with Noise-Cancelling Microphone, USB, In-Line Controls, PC/Mac/Laptop - Black Logitech H390 Wired Headset, Stereo Headphones with Noise-Cancelling Microphone, USB, In-Line Controls, PC/Mac/Laptop - Black Logitech
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Top Customer Reviews: Maxell 190319 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
5 / 5
An odd form of some plastic frames some headphones do not seat in an ear; instead, each one which so it is angled such concealed a side undermines to your boss.

Any subject, hardly can listen, a volume is like this down.

A container has said that it is very partorisca use with the computer -- NO TRUE -- a cord is so only FOUR FEET long like this if your computer is in a paving or no very near, this cord is too short. You are feet is regular period .

Has read the description on here first to buy which has said that they are COMFORTABLE to spend. AT ALL.

Like this compraventa have me now feeling totally rasgado was partorisca buy these rubbishes of MAXELL. It is the waste of plastic and destined partorisca the landfill. SHAME IN MAXELL.

Well, Maxell, has used partorisca LOVE your products; now, you have lost the client of for life. I need the rethink rasgando of clients and contaminating an Earth.
5 / 5
These are gone down in $ each one which to the equal that has chosen like this on two insiemi, that treats it has thought! I use him partorisca my laptop+pc+TV+ipod. But when I took him, as another has said, VERY SMALL, shrink you boss, has included opened to a max, returns like this stagnate against yours a lot partorisca speak in this ear-fashion with economic like this uncomfortable!!! YUCK. Please, spent a KOSS frames if I do not want to spend a lot in the headphone near. Resume: Partorisca AVERT even in 2 bucks! French: Not buying: vraimenet too small, ca presiona your tete like a etau, his oreillettes is too much , compraventa KOSS games qq dollars besides or equivalen want to not investing. I have paid $ and I Remorses! ....
5 / 5
It take these one one adds on reason so only love some economic headphones to listen to mine pre-modify podcasts. Reason his so only chair in the hook in my office when they are not him using, my expectations for them am a lot down, which means that for a prize and my use have anticipated, takes five stars . So only be conscious that auricular master to spend in a bus or out of jogging, these are not these headphones. You would spend for the pair the month because a construction is quell'has bitten economic. (And calm probably would estimate him a star and leave an indignant description.) Lame that have paid for and law exactly as I require them to.
5 / 5
These are auricular of poor quality . Maxell Is the good name usually, but these some of those who walk dipped against your ears, look very economic and brittle and a quality of his poor east. The ones of the that recommends to buy these unless you are in a estimativa extreme and cure so only roughly taking some less auricular expensive can buy. In of the terms of comparable quality, would say that they are slightly better that auricular of Tent of the Dollar, but no for a lot.
5 / 5
We buy 20 of these to be used in a school. These will be more to touch and slowly on breaking them. These are $ 5 headphones and will not blow you was with like this sound with Dolby Atmos for the headphones but is $ 5. They do and it is decently comfortable. Súper Happy with some savings to be used elsewhere!
5 / 5
Excellent for a prize! It uses these in my room. They are comfortable for some students to use.
4 / 5
They are very economic, like this calm can not expect big loyalty. This in spite of compared to another similarly priced auricular has had, these are not almost as 'cleaned' touching, and require significantly more has beaten to drive them. I will try other economic headphones once this pause.
5 / 5
I have bought these for more and has been advised that they were happy with him there is like this left the perfect bookmark.
5 / 5
Sides of effective headphones for boys in of the school, yes take broken is quite economic to substitute
4 / 5
Such one uncomfortable headphone. Some locks in the each side of a headphone the worse fact to spend in a boss. It can spend some money of plus and take the Sony or Panasonic.

Top Customer Reviews: OneOdio A71 Wired ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
4 / 5
Experience a headset partorisca my studio of small house. Partorisca A prize, a quality of his this very good. It recommends.
4 / 5
The point of prize adds like the judge partorisca begin headphone partorisca mix music.
5 / 5
Is economic but the sound and the material quality am equivalent to expensive some.
4 / 5
Comfortable and light. Quality very well exceptional reward.
5 / 5
Incredible, arrival partorisca return a JBL because the sound was really bad, these for the contrary listen a lot a lot well, layer entirely the listened that island the noise of the outside, the tombs listen a lot well, wants the partorisca practise in the battery, has wanted to me spend 2 bosses some for the mobiles and another for use rudo with the battery the truth are a lot of agusto with this compraventa in all the quality felt, prize, his, interaction with other squads, a lot a lot of
5 / 5
I Like him a lot, of tombs in bylines, ergonomicamente a lot well, spend his two bosses of excellent quality.
4 / 5
These are very comfortable and a sound adds partorisca any the one who isnt an insane audiophile. I have possessed the pair bose headphones also and has stuck with those mostly reasons were mark of name , but this beats him in both prizes and action. A durability will owe that be tried over time but feels quality quite good

My only question is that it is quite small. It considers my measure of boss to be half and still has to that extend all a way for record my boss correctly so has the main boss that normal, he probably wont access.
4 / 5
looks that required it so only the pause in period. After using he for the pair of days and varying a volume, has settled down and a response of the basses and the reproduction is on point and very attentive. Any muddier or buzzy tomb. For a prize has not beaten can be. They are not a audiophile for any half. Heck, Are the take USAF maquinal of aircraft with some loss of has listened. But I can say that ossia the @subject compraventa.
Original description (2 Stars)
Not going the lie, some together looks a lot lustrous and professional. But ossia quite where some finals of point have underlined. Quality of his mediocre east in better. I have it hooked until the new mark DDJ-SX3 for cueing and some bass touches a lot muddy. It is weighed a bit to beatmatch with this headset. A start of the basses does not have the net of strong thump, but the 'buzzy' his his.

Does not think well a question for the turn. So only I will give it my daughter and buy something with quality of his better. Buyer be warned, this headset is not to value he in my sincere opinion.
4 / 5
Does not like Me telephones of boss like the point. But there is the big but for these headphones. I bought him for my keyboards he so that it could touch without annoying any one. This left to listen all a screwups has done. Fact me corrected that wrong and on duty fact me better. The prize is not the factor, these are the pair adds telephones of boss.
4 / 5
Is taking difficult anymore to find anything with the 1/4' discharges in without using an adapter, has the line 6 electrical guitar amp, concealed that that come from the pair of adapters (stereo/pleasant) would not choose on these and has solved my subject,more with a smaller entrance in another will feed to some smaller entrances

Top Customer Reviews: OneOdio ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
In the first place, partorisca a prize, is hard to complain too much in these headphones. Characteristic like dual entrances (in 2 different measures) is the good characteristic. Like the true soyonitoring' headphone, these look the good compraventa. It believes retorted an original sound well. I used him both with my Electronic drums, as well as my electrical guitar, and has touched enough well, while a volume has not been very big.

Where The short fall in my opinion is when calm adds grave and volume. Using a volume a big more my cellphone is able to dip was, was easily able the overpower these with anything with a lot of bass. Sprain/muddiness Could be listened with some paste of basses quite easily under these circumstances. It would owe that assume that any one using these partorisca DJ'ing, like the photos suggest, can have alike questions. Personally, it averts to try them was, does not plan on having them in súper-big volume, as I think that that they will adapt my purposes so only well.

My main complaint in these is in fact which looks the trivial thing in other descriptions until calm experience concealed is a way some headphones sometimes twist around when you go to dip them on. It is it likes to solve the every time dipped puzzle the on to do sure a earpiece is facing a right way. This takes old very fast.

In general, for a prize, look quite good. But calm does not go to be blown has gone by some bass, or anything in big volume.
4 / 5
Are not the adolescent daughter that listens to thumping bass drums and electrical guitar of basses. They are also any one the engineer of his the one who seats all day with the pair of headphones in his boss that tries to take sibilant plans to touch 'just' right. I am not listening impaired. They are so only the mature human being rule any music and any on-line jamming. To the date has used, of all the things, of the old Plantronics Gamecom headset ( I active has not touched never the game with him). It has done so only well for me, although his bass was quite down and his big finals any very strong, but some beat big was comfortable. The question is, his polymeric tape snapped recently and there is now result the entirely new mark of headset: Model of Duck of tape 1. It looks the hell but work. In spite of, a time has had to come to buy the together new of headphones, reasons had discovered Jamulus on-line jamming. Folks Was very taken with a sound exited of mine Daion acoustic electrical guitar and Shure SM58 mic while spending a Duck-Model of Tape 1 headphones like this of the monitors. It was A lot of ENTHUSIAST ANY to lose this sound. Everything now depended in some headphones.

Initial evaluation:
When I have received initially some Some telephones of Hate, I with thrilling dipped his on. My disgust has had very deep. I have had grave booming by means of my boss. I have tried to sing with these on, but felt likes has sung with my toes have stuck in my ears while they suffer the seriously bad boss cold. I have written the spicy description that has not sent never. It was like this horrified for a sound, that rasgó of some headphones and launched them in the corner in anger and disgust.

When I have related my experience and frustration to another folks, one the majority of compatible recommendation was that it would have to that buy the together of Sony MDR 7506 headphones as when being a level of supposed industry. One the alone person said would be the deception .

When A three times like expensive Sony dip arrived, I with thrilling dipped the on. A horror, anger, disgust, and the disappointment was sickening. Given a heap of the money had gone through now, I persevered and has against tried all odds to do my sound of electrical guitar as well as it has had before. An only way could take included near, was to dial a Big end ( 12kHz) of mine Mackie 1202-VLZPRO mixer down for 6dB and one has called like this MID-Row () for the whopping 15dB of where had been the previously. This was insane(!!) This in spite of, simply could not go back mine esound to die for' ( likes some had called he). A Sony the neighbour was EXCRUCIATINGLY treble. It was for real painful. This probably means that some people to to those who likes them has to that the loss of listened in a row, which spends to plot. A Sony has exhibited also an overwhelming adolescent girlie tomb of boxes of the boom that had caused to launch me a OneOdio in a corner. So much, a Sony was in fact worse.

In total frustration, have gone was the tent of canal of local music, has tried horde discovers of headphones and has come home with the returnable AKG near. These were clearly more afterwards to a Duck-Model of tape 1 near, has had less tomb that any one a Sony or a OneOdio. Prpers Having readjusted mine mixer for a AKG near, thought it wise to dip behind in a Duck-Model of tape 1 (Plantronics) headset. That the surprise! With some settings for a AKG, an old headset has touched adds!

For now frustration of mine, apprehension, confusion, and the general unhappiness would owe that be clear. So much, has thinks that would do a simple thing. It would try to look on an old Plantronics headset on Amazon, and FOUND THAT. It is no longer available, but an interesting point was one first line in a description: 'the creation of calm Open ear maintain connected to a game and your half'. It hangs on! Reason the person there has been does not have me never says roughly 'open back' or 'open ear'? A lack of this cause a debilitating 'cold of effect of boss when one has to that sing spending auricular. So only now, with which more than the decade, @gives that some elegant perforaciones in a Duck-conjoint of the tape is not so only for show; they are real start with to red sponge behind him. Ossia Reason can sing while spending them. It has known no Never!

Armed with this realisation, has collected a OneOdio together again of a Corner of death in a room. I plugged the in and has regulated a tape to try and impulse some have beaten the pocolos of my boss. It has done to some terracing. A sound was G -R-And-A-T!..... Very better that an old Duck-Model of tape 1 Plantronics near. A esound to die for' the tone of my electrical guitar has been of tower... And better.

Now so only has to that imagine was like this to maintain a OneOdio auricular of clamping entirely closed around my ears. There I needs to be the space.... And his web of place aims no open-auricular backsides.... Or I am a lot of-disguised.

For now will be to use a OneOdios like better solution until I can find the pertinent rear headphones have opened with useful bass.
4 / 5
These headphones are surprising (). Has has possessed hundreds of headphones and ear buds on some years and used him in the wide variety of situations. As he drummer with my electronic box this receiver resupplies quality of his add. For real I love a versatility of some two entrances of boss that is in some headphones also comes with some two discharges of bosses and covers it . A boss was extra along and works perfectly for my needs. For example I can use a boss covers it my box and one to the mine Portable to the equal that can listen a Box and Music to touch together with. Totally it would recommend these headphones. A Prize and the quality is entirely out of this world.
4 / 5
These headphones are surprising, after reading the few descriptions decided roughly take the shot and buy them, very happy has done reason these are auricular utmost , a quality of his east surprising with these has seen the few descriptions say that it is the heavy bass that is not true would say that it is more the bass attack of then has a capacity to do register more attentive thanks to a 50mm engine, has seen also the things roughly consolation of the like I gotta says is the thing, these are auricular very comfortable , a first day spent him for roughly 5 first hours of my ears have begun takes to hurt the bit but a next day have regulated a measure of some sides and was very comfortable was able to spend the whole day without discomfort, a capacity to take a boss is an amazing prize of then if a boss does not break never so only can buy the new one and does not have to that buy some headphones again, considering the volume are a lot of have very seen of the things that says that it is calm which is not a chance, when plugged directly to mine pc has had to have an audio around 40 on top of then could take quite strong, even more when connected to an interface of audio, tried it also has been with my telephone and was able to take the strong volume well in around 70 volume in mine telephone so that these are to good sure any súper calm, these have the annulment of amazing noise grieves can listen anything another that that am touching neither there are any filters of sound so the person more can listen that it is listening to, Finally these are some better headphones especially for an amazing prize and to good sure reccomend the!
5 / 5
The sound adds, noise cancelation and consolation with these headphones. They touch each one a lot like this well if any better that audio of mine technica headphones that cost two times so much. It can not comment in a quality, look very very built but the time will say. Hopefully Has had to longer that an audio technica like any last very long. Two separate bosses give you options for both 1/8 and 1/4. A boss along and a short that it is the very good characteristic .
4 / 5
Are not a audiophile, stops . Simply it loves clarity of his, start of wear and impressive ‘bass' consolation. These headphones have those spades. For a prize? Quite unbeatable, am sure. Produced of quality. Several months later, now require the together secondary (wireless this time), like an addition and will be to buy it OneOdio produced again without a need to research competitors. Very satisfied.
5 / 5
The sound is imo really bad. Some 'tomb' is very static-like in some chances. A sound of music in general to to the just sounds like was to cut of the hole in the plastic cup, dipped your speakers of telephone by means of a hole and dipped some cups in your ears.

A cushioning for an on-the ear physically hurts my like this bad ears. So only I can maintain some headphones on for roughly 15 minutes before I have to take him was and extend my ears with my toes to relieve an ache.

Some sounds maintains to cut was (causes a cord) has to that regulate a cord to do sure takes his plenary and are not that it spends reason again.

Personally does not recommend these headphones.
Definite turn.
5 / 5
Sound: Decent. A bit basey but still rids some crispness in of the main tones
qualities of Build: Well fact, any noticeable @@subject
Consuelo: A bit too tight, that annoying in long periods of time. The tape is soft, so that well. This in spite of, a big jack this goes to a headphone the claves was quite the bit, if you tilt your boss, will undermine your region/of shoulder of the with the.
4 / 5
Have the pairs of pair of Senns, and has loved the together economic of beats can travel and thrash around. These are absolutely fantastic bang for a buck! This fantastic sound. I can drive a hell out of his with mine Fii0 amps and the take. Yea Some bass will begin to distort in the impulse of heavy bass maxed, but behind himself of the bit to maintain your ears of bleeding anyways and his well to go!

A quality of build is quite well thus point of prize. Quite plasticky.

Absolutely would recommend these beat, and would buy again!
4 / 5
Likes one in of an ear 'DJ' fashionable headphones, these are surprising especially for a prize.

Touch it are to add and quite strong. They regulate and manoeuvre to be comfortable, an ear or two.
Coming with two different bosses, a perfect east for your cellphone to do calls, another perfect east for plugging to the yours mixer.

Also have a 'exited' jack in his, which could go in handy if yours the time setup without to the was, or still to register that the listen Daisy chains like this more can listen in.

The better characteristic this in spite of is that some bosses can unplug and be substituted if you are careless, more than requiring the integer of together new.

Top Customer Reviews: zihnic Bluetooth ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 52 ratings
4 / 5
In general I am a lot so that there is wanted. I have loved wireless, the noise that block and reasonable prize. An option to dip in the paper by heart was the real prize.
A good: you can dip in the paper by heart with your own playlist. They are comfortable and light to spend. A bluetooth looks to be quite well maintains has connected. A tape is adjustable. You the decent work of blocker was background noise.
A like this-so much: quality of his GOOD east but does not add . Some songs some bass is very too many heavy and there is any way to regulate a response. Triple is quell'has bitten feeble and definition of lacks. But then these are not of the suppositions to be auricular of studio of big final so that it is WELL.
A no like this good: a material in a earmuffs does not leave circulation of air, like your ears take warm. They could take uncomfortable and sweaty in warm time, or yes was physically active while spending them. If you are using a paper by heart there is any option to shuffle a playlist, will touch of a start to finalise in an order still every time.
4 / 5
Has arrived quickly. Load of battery in 2.5 hours. Nizza That spends chances. Like other descriptions , the utmost sound. So only quite a lot of bass for the rich and good sound and clear. They connect quickly to my telephone. I do not go him to compare to insiemi more expensive but for some 31 dollars have shipped has paid them for them, is the better way then has been expecting. I have bought these for the work and am sure will do a work so only well. Value for money , could not ask more! Produced excellent .
4 / 5
Uses these in a train, is perfect and a battery last really long and although a battery has died can use you one To the cord this in spite of utilisation some headphones. The only thing is when a battery is almost died some headphones touch a noise of line of empty telephone, confused at the beginning to the equal that have thought that that it was my telephone and there has been dialed the wrong number.
5 / 5
LOVES these earphones!!! A quality of his simply is that it surprises and has been using them paralización 10 hours more like this far and touched them so only once. Any heavy, comfortable in some ears, the volume is very big, the annulment of noise is really good! It is the cost adds and will take some for my boys now!
4 / 5
Seriously love these headphones comfy and any one has included his first tones to use I so that I am unsure in a life of the battery but I to good sure want to them totally 100 value an I is spent on the and has taken a blue some. To good sure enough have green but a blue is well.
5 / 5
Originally has looked for something to use while doing of home so much could have private calls with clients and be hands free. I have tried he with my mamma in the first place and has said that a quality was terrible and has suggested not using he for clients as it is not professional at all. But it averts of that, a headset is comfortable and good quality when listening by means of plugged in the my computer. Still I am doing with him and there is has not used fully a battery, but in general am happy with the together good of the headphones and a colour is stylish too much.
5 / 5
Is comfy, opportunely foldable and coming with chances.
Loves an option to use one to the cord when I love battery of telephone of the enclosed.
Also loves a SD space of paper when I do not want to spend my telephone in the career. Some works of good radio function.
Sadly A quality of his this notably worse that mine another pair of headphones that was a same prize but has not had one to the, radio and sd characteristic of paper. It is well for the music for audio reserves a quality of his east to good sure very a lot enough. Really it wishes upp a quality of sound.
4 / 5
Am enamoured with this headset. A colour, quality, his, life of battery. Some tomb still is that it surprises for a prize. Ossia For far one of some present navideños better has has not bought never. I can buy the pair for spouse of mine. The pointed picture was esatta to that has received.
Comes with the USB to touch cord - a to the cord (that it was it in prize !). It has daunted of some keys but I imagined was inside an hour. One can listen to a radio, response or disconnect calls, listens to the leading songs etc. Am blown was!
Has not tried a port of paper of the memory thingy but has to that well sure would do.
Seriously impressed with this buy - absolutely would buy again!
4 / 5
Was a lot pleasantly surprised of a quality to touch these starts of these bad boys. It is exceptionally crisp sound and honradamente chooses on tones of basses in music that my leading headphones would not choose up. I will be to buy the pair for my husband as well as I will not leave to use mine because it extends out of my tape because his giant boss :P
To good sure recommend these, some only negative is a boss of audio any no exited a quality of the his same likes Bluetooth has described. And enough frankly a boss of audio was economic and distorted a sound. 4 stars.
5 / 5
Has looked for mid auricular of row with an alternative headphone jack the port and has discovered these pairs of headphones. For one touches, a quality of build is impressive. There is no plastic of economic feeling anywhere. It liked he does of an option to listen to FM irradiate. Another big goodness is a life of battery . I last like this long compared to the mine last pair of wireless headphones! I have used he for four veil has has had to that recharge the. Some keys right celery to one touches also.

A bit those that the weaknesses in these headphones is that a sound is the little has bitten muffled, but a base is well. My main complaint is that a 'turned in/the pairing/connected' the voice and a sound of low battery is strong. I have jumped when I listened him in the first place.

In general, is the pair adds of resonably priced auricular. It would recommend.

Top Customer Reviews: PowerLocus ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
It was in fact really optimistic buying this after reading stirs it of critics really positive, but was with which five minutes of use, am very clashed.

These are not auricular of big quality according to which the quality of sound goes. Honradamente, These are so only marginally better in this consideration to headphones of tent of the dollar. Really.

Has bought the pair of $50 the noise that annuls headphones recently. Roughly $15 more than these. These headphones have qualities of his comparable to mine Sennheiser auricular of studio and is the most comfortable plot, with the active noise that annuls, as it does not listen a hustle and bustles of life around me.

These, seating in $15 more economic, certainly looks very enough. It has taken a teal/the blue pair and aim. A picture has done some looks of colour bit it more brilliant that was, but honradamente am not concerned in that.

Tried him on. I bought him for my promise because his last pair has broken when I dipped him on (I has the quite big boss and a plastic was really economic, which has caused takes to snap.) They are not like this comfy like the headphones have mentioned on, but turn and there is not running over my skull neither. Good work in that. As I will give a durability that estimativas the four-stars so only been due to this (and will update pause for any reason.)

A life of the battery is not fully state tried, his arried with on means the load (which is quite regular,) and is lasted enough a rest of a day. I will ask my promise the week if a life of battery has fallen drastically (some LiPo battery ) and if no, will clash until five stars, he of then done this quite a lot that can say like this far.

Now, a quality of sound. In short, is muddy. My promise does not import , of only listens casually, but still after comparing with my pairs, adapted that it is really muddy. Almost as there was roughly down static touching in a fund. Any all some frequencies are able to be touched, and some bass/mid the frequencies are especially bad. Some the look of big frequencies bit it robotic, almost like beeps more than a be of the instrument has touched. So that it is to good sure any sake. Any the import , of only listens casually in a commute the school, work or house, or perhaps the bit to study so only to flood out of a noise around campus. But a verdict is one : ANY SAKE. It AVERTS.

Appreciates a radio characteristic on he this in spite of. If you do not want to connect to bluetooth, can dip ready in the emisora radio local. Ossia Quite fresh, especially of then listens to a radio in his computer, on-line sometimes. But on a quality of the his bad, a radio characteristic is included worse. Horrible static, although you are external out of a lot of edifices to the equal that could cause interference. And yeah, is noticeable. Calm grieves will be able to listen a real music (or ads.) Perhaps ossia better with one to the cord plugged in (of a boss can do that an antenna, likes the mine showed with his old ear buds.) But in an end of a day, is the orderly concept with the bad execution and application.

In general, gives it the two-stars. These are durable and probably have the life of good battery, prendiendo he to paste one one-star. But they are honradamente incredibly disappointed in as bad these are for a prize. So only go to take you the pair of headphones of tent of the dollar, will be almost like this well like these. If no, plan out of the little extra bucks and take something better.

To the equal that have promised, am returned to inform on life of battery.
Is well. It can go the few days (a bit those that hrs of playback for day) without dying.
Will last for ever basically yes calm only use a To the BOSS. Quite happy with that. Then again, life of battery a lot really marks up for a shortcomings in quality of sound.
4 / 5
Has modified... (Control a last paragraph)

Before it buys the product I always checks 'AMAZON' ELECTION' and global indication with a number of compraventa (would have to that be more than 1000) now see 15500 clients bought it. This popularity and the global indication was the plus for me.
With which have bought a headphone has tried each characteristic of him.

In the first place; wine with the light but a solid chance, has to upload it boss, a jack(is very useful). (+)
Can be bent for two points, for this saves to plot of spatial same without his chance. (+)
HAS a lot of options to paint before shabby, for your eyes :) (+)
speakers To the left the legislations are rounded, done of the soft materials seats comfortably in your ear for an adjustable boss. (+)
Headsets Is quell'has bitten smaller, presses the bit, for this is uncomfortable for users of glasses (-)

Secondly; quality of sound. It depends.
He Has the conversation of telephone with Bluetooth, a quality of his bad east. (-)
While you connect Jack, quality of the conversation of the telephone is very a lot of (+)
is bad for I telephone and users of alike telephone reason these mobiles do not resupply you to use another headset (-)
the Radio quality is well. It is enough for the headset (+)
music of paper of Clave by heart the quality is extremely well. IF you want to feel some limits, would have to music of download of paper of yours good quality by heart. (+)

Tercero; Load.

One load is last longitude , has not tried at all but mostly any collection for the few days if I do not use Bluetooth (memory and only radio paper) the load goes long with these characteristics (+)

>>>so only has imagined was that it could connect two (perhaps more) devices for Bluetooth a same time. I have begun to listen to the conversation of telephone of my woman while it has listened the music in my computer. Well or bad has not been except east is well to connect to a computer and a mobile a same time.

In general: If you want to a lot of characteristic with optimum quality, never lose this headphone.

No: Sad for my English. They are not the native speaker:)
4 / 5
fast and in good condition Delivery has received containers.
Bad surprise to the opening of the boîtier of the helmet, sustains of the écouteur of accident has been opened, has achieved to him refermé (snapper) would have has had to that take joins photo, but good.
At all Of boss connecteur micro USB, lucido boss connecteur jack without bows that the supposed leaves that these neighbours has been already open.
Has uploaded Lucido helmet and taken joins to leave of him joins now, the transmission Bluetooth cut regularly and almost every time when I have turned the directed the accident or to legislation. This was also, the confidence any and was more, useless to continue. I have gone back The together and ask a repayment.
Treats of a Bel near, light, the connection Bluetooth does easily, pair against the general quality does not join me engreída, his keys of control are difficult to feel of the extreme of the toe.
Are has tried lately lucido helmet Mpow H1 to a Comparable prize, the quality of this last is of upper loin, would have to take example to the sud these touches to conceive the controls give work.

Modify : Surprised, three weeks after my turn have received of the new neighbours of écouteur identical to the commander, afterwards joins physical inspection minutieuse without reproaching, games to appreciate PowerLocus of his worry to the satisfaction of his clientele, decided to do a test has deepened.
Listens Of music in Bluetooth without coupure this time, the conference of music has registered map of the sud SD very thankful, investigation of estaca radio FM simple, lucido give is of the impressive quality has joined, his low is a lot dosé period of the battery.
Have Also declare listens It TV of the sud, there pair against his low is a bit too pronounced, if it has had the possibility to choose among divers réglage of équaliseur this would be hoards...
Afterwards Joins week of Utilisation ossia without the months of response have preferred games to accompany me during mine leave journalière of the hour has joined, the so only negative point that has found is the difficulty of manipulation gives touches of control, does not feel touches him not having this in spite of any of fat toes, has to take his écouteurs games to hasten his good touches.

Revise like my Commentaries to five stars, the account has maintained to give the functions offered and of the give a lot of gratos of the neighbour is difficult, according to me, to find reward of quality of better rapport.

Bravo to Amazons and PowerLocus touches the attention that you porters your clientele.
5 / 5
With COVID-19 mine of running of the bulls gymnasium and my work, has been that does to plot to run external. I have used to use Bluetooth earbuds, which has done well, but these are BETTER WAY ! It is still he bit it chilly the majority of days like this these maintain my warm ears and stay in place, after running 10km they a lot included budge. A quality of his east orders for a prize and noise cancelation is good but any 100, this in spite of like him be able to slightly listen if the car is coming (and sometimes does not listen he). I have run at least 2 first hours of his touch but has to that any to leave them run until they die to see what time a life of battery is, usually I so only his tone after the career or two. They look so only like some photos pictured (gold of good-looking rose) and some keys are easy to use. His hips come with the chance of travesía and fold down to be inner compact he. It will be he adds for aerial when a pandemic is behind . In general I am very happy with them!
4 / 5
Has received in 1 day! His amazing! Súper comfy! I prefer a key of power in this model because calm in fact know when it is on or era! To to The This law likes them the noise quite a lot annulling auricular because it can not listen any the one who is taking mine when I am listening the music 😊 I highly recommend these!
5 / 5
Has purchased for 1 yr old to spend on aerial. It is returned (so only slightly big) and the volume was quite strong to listen video/of music of iPad. Ossia Well reason have had it has purchased previously the version of the volume controlled (another mark) which could not be listened on aerial. When it Has been done using them, was also able to spend for a rest of a flight. I WANT that they are wireless to avert a bit a pulling in a cord like our last pair. We also purchased and has uploaded the micro SD paper with music. This has looked perfectly!
5 / 5
This was a second pair compraventa likes first the pair was like this awesome, that has given one ours daughter of prime minister. They are light, easy to use, easy to touch and a sound is well. We have purchased probably close to 5-6 pairs of headphones a past year and the half. Purchasing different types of ear buds the on some ears, and wire fences to wireless but each pair so only there has been his together typical of questions. These this in spite of is returned our needs perfectly, to be able to connect to our devices with Bluetooth, control of the his add for our daughter, light for both his be 4 and I the one who finds hanged excess in my boss, to augment headaches. They are for real wonderful, included for the helicopter locates my daughter spent them to treat some sounds. I am impressed like this for them, an also has the mic, and can insert the micro SD right of paper to them for more than options of the music so only does these products everywhere in amazing!
5 / 5
A service of client are adds! ! I have purchased a small plus an and found a form of ear is the little small for me. I have seen an email a vendor sent and has said roughly this subject. And it was like this well I concealed I asked have has wanted the try this big plus one with form of the main ear. I have not expected Never I discount it and he gave me to knots. This vendor respects his business and try satisfy all the clients. For a product, has found a sound is good and a big more a perfect east for my ears so many is very comfortable to spend for several hours. A life of battery is very too much. I have not calculated some hours esatte but at least 7-8 hours.
5 / 5
Dipping it up. 2 clicks and work. Now I can touch absentee or dead while quietly listening my music or an informative. That time is going the works ( took it so only the new mark), does not concern me , am happy right now.

WITH WHICH 2 WEEKS Of INTENSE USE, are BEHIND to ADD THAT The PRODUCT SURPASSES Any REASONABLE EXPECTATION. (Automatic connection with chance of voice, car-enclosed when any to sleep with, is calm like this light does not seat calm is by train of the spend and so much.. )

My Joint yes has asked ? SO ONLY The BUY !
5 / 5
Has used this headset two times, is returned then. I bought it specifically for use in a gymnasium. First time used it, when that runs a treadmill had am annoying rattle inside a legislation earphone, like the free piece of plastic bouncing around. Then today, second time have used these headphones, there was rattling in both right sides and accidents! That disturb it!

In a quality of his, the a lot of so that I used them paralización (gymnasium) but to good sure quite half in general. At all 'amazing' in a sound....

UPDATE: Upper frames for service of client of a provider. With which promptly accusing my repayment, the substitution dipped of the receiver was sent also like this to courtesy. A rep the one who emailed me equally quite concerned for my bad experience with a product. I have appreciated one follows up! An only question is that a defect of the same immediately looked manufacture in a together of substitution. Using them in a gymnasium for a first time, a right side has begun to rattle roughly five minutes to mine treadmill sets. For all more (@@@stretching, hanged, rowing car, etc.), Is very--averts of a sound quite meso quality. So only it looks that that runs a treadmill cause some bits of plásticoes to come free and beginning rattling around.

Using these headphones in a gymnasium was an only reason bought them, now so only and-squander to recycle....

Top Customer Reviews: Srhythm NC25 Active ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
These are fantastic! Im Any expert on technology and can do not giving statistician or anything but I live down 3 noisy boys!! These are not 100 noise that annuls but say that they. This in spite of when a stomping, shouting the tantrums are going spent these to the mine portable and paste a noise that annuls the key that are roughly 75-80 free noise! Also, I suffer with the and of the questions of shoulder like the weight of headphones has to that be súper light, any one the a lot of compression in a could not be more comfortable or hanged light. Honradamente Can not go bad, highly recommends!!
4 / 5
Ossia The hard description partorisca write , because of a dichotomy these presents of mine have produced. Some headphones are súper comfortable, and can be spent for hours without dipping any tension in a boss. They are returned a lot very around some ears, and a power of battery resembles last quite the long time.
Is easy to use, connects the Bluetooth easily, and some keys in one an ear is very intuitive to use.

This in spite of....... A quality of his is not a lot very at all, at least the my ears. They allege to have the clarity adds and big final, as well as utmost bass and down-final. A last is grave a lot strong—some sound. But there is not any clarity or crispness AT ALL. And this goes for the music or the word spoken (podcasts). Sometimes included it can touch muffled bit it. I have tried to change to listen to a source of same audio (Spotify in mine iPhone) with some headphones and then with my Apple regulates airbuds ( to the), and a difference in clarity and crispness is night and day in favour of an Apple airbuds. A lot disappointed in this part of him. I have tried included order the second pair, and is exactly one same. It is the tradeoff has to that be prepared to do.
4 / 5
These headphones are like this pleasant and returned like this amiably in my boss! Has the main/ boss wider, and usually, quell'auricular squeeze my boss and give me the headache in my ear and of the temples. This in spite of, these headphones are like this comfortable! They are quite tight that remain in my boss, but does not cause any discomfort at all. A quality of his these phenomenal hips! Listening to some songs, in fact am remarking sounds that I didnt included listen first in mine trashy old receiver. Súper Easy to pair and súper comfortable. To good sure would recommend to invest your money in these headphones. It had purchased the $ 40 pair before and does not compare to these earphones at all!
4 / 5
Listen Of the music, is my games of therapy to escape to the moral suffering engendrée pair the epidemic. But I am a lot demanding Of the sud the quality of the Edges and can affirm that I have been a lot of gratamente has surprised. That More is, can defender lucido the pendant of crack gives hours and is well the première times that finds a helmet that no presiona and does not run over them crâne
4 / 5
I like these headphones.
Very comfortable, looks to be the little main that the majority, included in a way has reduced., But a lot still.
Fermi a lot easily, found a sound the little low but fixed he to grow a level of the his in mine
TV, headphone reacted consistently. If the prize is the worry , value each cent.
5 / 5
These headphones are utmost. I have tried several types of headphones and ear buds but these surpass everything of my expectations. A reduction of noise is glorious and quality of his excellent. They are comfortable to spend snug still light weight. An only caveat is that spending glasses and spending a telephone of boss for too much a lot the times tend to hurt my ears of elephant.
5 / 5
Ossia Our third near of these, has bought for my daughters and mine self, is extremely comfortable, has boss and of the sensitive ears and these do not annoy at all, take them to knots in the travesías long and his perfectly
4 / 5
After a sad death of my beloved Bose headphones that has had for the years looked to opt for the most economic alternative to the noise that annuls. I stumbled to these headphones and I have to that say am pleased with them, a noise that annuls is effective to the riada there is echoed was background noises, I like an idea that can touch him in planting that has to that the battery of use. They are very comfortable and hanged light to the equal that am able to have them on for long periods to time jamming was the music without ache or discomfort. A quality of his east meso and for a calm prize can any gone bad. In general I am very pleased with cost of mine and I recommend these to any the one who is looking for the most economic alternative to the noise that annuls auricular.
5 / 5
In the first place to the left initiate me to say are has impressed
is gone in the box sealed , very delicate in the protective black chance
A lot packing
A sound is quite good and is to good sure in a noise that annuls side more than any
Could not listen my voice of mammas an I there went him on with some music , neither could listens a water to sink while washing mine mug , well perhaps but grieve
is light goes says , like this calm does not have to that concern roughly the when be weighed in your calm of advance of the with the once takes them was
A part of ear feels like this of the pillows , quite comfy

Now like this far , is been a first day , an only unconvince has has found is a fact that when calm his maintenances on for the bit , has begun in that has bubbles of air in my ears of a tension
am not sure if ossia normal or any one except felt that annoying and take them out of time in when to give my ears the other
My ears have begun to hurt after an hour or less, and any no of a volume , had them out of moment while it has read

In general still is giving to 4 star because I can very really compare them to any so that it is to say my first pair
Hopefully treat me well and maintain me good company when I seat so only
5 / 5
does not spend never to plot in auricular because they are frugal but my old Bluetooth the headphones finally kicked to a cube like him upgraded to these. These are some of some better headphones have not used never, has not had never the noise that annuls auricular before way that finds them quite amazing. Like this here it is some things like and of aversion - global I loves him but there is some question plus very small that had not expected.

Pro Is:
-A noise that annuls the characteristic is new and in amazing mine, sounds of music so better that has did not listen it never first that. It does not think it it could go back to headphones without annulment of noise.
- Look add - I has taken a by heart green mint that thinks looks a lot lustrous and like a colour was ash . In general I like a creation and feel likes is that I have expected of some pictures.
-Is extremely comfortable, has to the smallest boss likes I any precise to regulate a measure at all but is possible. They are like this comfy that has wanted to spend them to bed so many could listen the music while I have fallen asleep. An only reason is not reason have @to @give an annulment of the noise probably would do me lose my alarm in a morning.
- Coming with the chance to spend that the easy fact to spend them anywhere with a boss of audio/to touch jack boss

With east:
-A cloth of a chance to spend is an unpleasant texture that is the shame of a chance is like this convenient. I hate to touch the, the desire was smooth or resembled a plastic-cloth muffs/band of some headphones
-I does not like to like a muffs dipped when I have dipped some headphones around the mine with which I often/when any one tries to speak with me. It is not drawn for this situation. A earmuffs also turns outwards, to the that am speaking to, which would do like this quell'speaker more than dipping walk against my @@@cofre where the sound would be muffled. No the enormous question but is an only pair of in the receiver of the ear has had to that expensive outwards more than in.
- Has 4 keys, some regular backward, game/of pause, and advance and then the fourth key that does not comprise . If I resist it deletes the one who touch like static? And I resist the again one static go back - some instructions have not been to clear in the concealed was or regarding the use.

UPDATE: In general, if you are not a snob of audio these are very good and comparable to Beaten for the fraction of a prize. I had him for roughly 2 months and a critique so only has is that they are not utmost for calls - I often there is videocalls has seen my computer and I has been said these emit the small echo-like touch which has not been spent until me until well with which have revised these. If the quality of microphone is the worry would consider the different mark, has had personally too many questions with headphone mics and am looking to microphones of good office to do joint to these headphones.

Top Customer Reviews: 60Hrs Bluetooth ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
August 17, 2022

No longer will be partorisca do descriptions partorisca any compraventa of Amazon

Thank you, to continuation well and have a awesome day
5 / 5
Took him on treat he partorisca $ 15 and is returned still. A Bluetooth his was the little better that well. At all it adds. If you have chosen to him it covers it it begins dipped in, is the different integer ballgame. A sound is horrible. If yours a audiophile taste, of these is not partorisca you. Any @subject to the equal that has regulated a quality of his in my device, these have no the cut. In better ossia very partorisca working in yours portable if yours in a library.
4 / 5
So only arrived today.
Found him easy to connect to the mine portable.
The control of volume is easy.
The sound is very clear.
Comfortable to spend and light with adjustable tape.
Very very satisfied and would recommend to any one.

Well Is so only be 5 days and I have found a question and he is the question of first order with some headphones.
Even Although I am connected to wi-fi I maintains partorisca take pop ups in mine portable while using them partorisca connect the wi-fi, his hips interfer with a video, whenever it has to that reload show, as I go partorisca be returning them.
5 / 5
Has bought some headphones partorisca listen to television at night by means of Firestick. Some headphones are comfortable and a sound is well. Works of control of the good volume. A pair of headphones easily with mine other questions at all. Although I bought him mainly partorisca listen, has discovered that there is the built in microphone in a side of one of some telephones. This in spite of, a microphone is almost entirely deaf and registers any sound in any of some applications I use (eg. Skype, Zoom). Like this if not to impose you not using a mic, some the sum of auricular law and is comfortable. It can not comment in a life of battery to arrive to this point as I did not use him enough.
4 / 5
Is comfortable. They touch quite decent, especially considering a point of prize. The life of battery is average. For one $ (CDN) that has paid for these, thinks that is the value adds and the decent product, while it has had to.
4 / 5
Been using this almost 2 month now, and there is probably touched it so only once, concealed . It says already a percentage of load and quality of his this quite well also. Striking around stock exchange of gymnasium the stock exchange of gymnasium, am pleased with like this is resisting up.
5 / 5
These headphones have done well for several months, this in spite of, one touching the port fails and maintaining can any recharge him. Has the a lot of disappointed little type.
4 / 5
His good good prize well of characteristic good consolation. Mic Is feeble and unreliable. The minimum volume is still too strong. All the work to comprise in calm was to give you the beep more than the message of voice. The model is wh-b4511
4 / 5
I n master at all a lot disappointed does not save his uploads long, goes m in taking, has question , goes in commander another May like my spouse

Top Customer Reviews: DOQAUS Wireless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Daaaaaaamn.. These headphones are any joke !

Has taken the big fro (likes really big) and the big ears but the returns perfect in my ears. Nizza And tight but comfy. The tin to good sure run with these. They are like this perfectly pressed against my boss that included resist my glasses of massive airman in place. Like this perfect in of the terms of records.

Sounds... I almost fallen in of the tears 😭! Simply beautiful. To good sure a pair I better there is never has purchased. There 3 way of his that you flick by means of.. Tomb (my personal favourite), Vowel, EQ/normal. They are happy with a sound.

Has not tried a battery. Bluetooth Was sincere and any subject like this far.
4 / 5
The headphones do well. Bluetooth Connection the nvidia works of shield perfectly. Good row (any subject with sounds to fall when walking around a house). So only negatives is that it controls of volume for clicking in the side of headphones feels economic and does the 'click' the strong noise every time rule (and of then is in your ear listens that strong click in your ear every time and is annoying). Slider Tecla to turn headset on and was also feels bit it economic. Hopefully Stands up over time, but will not be pause surprised in some point.

For occasional use these are utmost for a prize. If you are using for multiple hours the day probably does not compare with more expensive headsets (but ossia a chance with any product would imagine).
4 / 5
Loves these headphones. I used him in our gymnasium of house. They are like this more beautiful in person. My husband finds returns too small, has the main boss that me. So has the main boss any thinks it would do. I love a sound and I can not listen any one another noise when I dipped him on. It is it adds to dip ready out of boys. Some days dipped on and walk around a house.
4 / 5
- Simple recyclable packaging a lot of
- the Clean lines looks big final
- Very comfortable in a boss and of the ears
- the sounds of mine is quite well, background noise a lot very muted for some cushions of ear
- the life of sounds of Battery very

- Microphone on USB is to crap and unusable. The commentaries in the conference of video was that I have touched likes a lot that speaks in the radio of old ham...
- Connector Of USB (to touch) in a headset is really rigid to go in and era.
- Put web of costruttore and support
- Quite a lot of lens
- Could not register my product because of working he badly forms of HTML
- Could not send message of a form of web as it does not accept number/of telephone of Canada of format of EUA
- has has listed emails (, bd and sales) does not do and bounce for behind
- works
- the boss of Audio is for start of the his only (any microphone)
- A bit too tight to spend around a with the (I follows the 15.5' with the)

If yours is looking for the sub $75 headset to listen the music in bluetooth or wired ossia the good compraventa in an ascending prize.

Update: the support has been quite good to answer, almost daily. Communication very good.
4 / 5
Súper Cost! True, are not disappointed, and included am impressed Of the quality of the edges.
Use he to the sud the computer of week has joined, to adapt this is not eight pair of day of hours but not having still has had to them recharger. Lucido The helmet is hyper comfortable, cut a lot well give noises environnants.
Are curious to see that this will be able to give in an aeroplane!! But At any rate it does not complain true any one my compraventa and recommends animadamente this helmet of hears!
5 / 5
An Excellent helmet d ecoute!!!...Lucidos I edges is three well and well has balanced in l is also three a look on , without ' flashy' against , exert join ears of good pressure of month of the sud , that cause a inconfort apres 1 now ...But I possede Joins tete with a very that explains these abonos ecouteurs in l together Games lúcete the prize has paid!!
5 / 5
These headphones resist his own. They are not the connoisseur of music but enjoys a sound of these headphones. It finds his max is quite strong but can see like some can want to stronger. They are not the noise that annuls - more like noise muffling which is all I need. I want that they return in your whole ears! They are very comfortable. I am expecting that some material resists on - look sturdy enough. A Bluetooth the connection has not broken at all during my use of now long (something has maintained to treat with forward earphones). One a thing am disappointed are has taken an ash and light pink version that it is really beautiful but some cords are red and black! Ossia Aesthetic so only is speaking here but for me is the quite big eyesore. It does not look any thought has been dipped to this appearance. It would be much happier there is matched !!!
4 / 5
Awesome Quality of his and life of battery
Quota out of a box and I have to that say wow. Blown has gone by consolation and quality of audio. I add highs and mids. Quite decent lows. A life of battery is longer that has expected. But of then they sustain to the is not a @@subject if they are the little light on life of battery. A measure is perfect for women or of the young adults. My woman loves it of then some measures is perfect and better that one exiting Sony has.
4 / 5
Like this far like this well, loves it. Now I can look the show in mine telephone while mine lil some cartoons of clocks. An only down the side are am not sure regarding the take to connect with mine lg ready TV.
4 / 5
The quality of build is a main surprise . These headphones are sturdy and does not feel plasticky. His creation is glorious and is light and does not express a boss or a jaw. A delight to spend. Unfortunately a sound is not like this good. The treble suffer more. Anything a setting, treble and mids is nowhere to be found. Worse when on 'Tomb' way. Mina, not even the election. Considering noise cancelation, there is simply any one. WELL With that of then has not looked for that. The life of battery is also stellar. In the nutshell, could be a better shot was $20 less or has had the touch it vibrant plus. Any sure will maintain him . Beginning to think time for me to leave a world of headphones of the estimativa. Finally, a place of the web of a company is no functional. The email addresses are images like any clickable and asking the information is impossible of then has to that enter the number of telephone but some looks to plant to refuse American (Canadian) numbers. As any way to communicate.

Top Customer Reviews: OneOdio Fusion ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Ossia The neighbour add of headphones. The annulment of noise is effective and a quality of his utmost east. It covers my electrical guitar by means of my amp and the pill a same time. You owe that touch the little bit with a volume but in an end takes the just sound partorisca practise.
Can use a together wireless by means of the bluetooth connection or wired directly to or spent this in spite of the wireless way is automatically close when you use the boss.

A battery last quite the few hours, in fact have any recharge some headphones took of then like 4 days ago.
Inferior line, is the good product for a prize.
5 / 5
I some register of studio and require the together new of headphone likes to last a the value in $300 has died on me without warning. The precise something with his very good clarity and a sound like neutral like possible... But whose import the impulse in a cause of basses are them quell'has bitten deaf in a part of basses and are them the bassist also like this he s of entity for me to listen mine self in a mix. Mixing all day could it create @@tiredness of has listened.... These one is a lot well in this appearance. Still tired in an end of a day but less than very conjoint has tried them. Isolation of his incredible east in a subject of not disturbing another averts... Have Almost any idea that am listening them too much. That The audio is better for me with to wire fence that with bluethoot. But he s the good amp also !

In the word thus I reward he s an excellent election and cant see reason buy more expensive unless for the very concrete application
5 / 5
lucidos the edges is súper good-looking qualitée recommends strongly is also better that d another qu paid in 350 then the reason pays more type . They are in prizes Three advantageous

Ps damage j would have has wanted to do joins Video but lucido place d to amazon no always
5 / 5
These headphone changes a way enjoys music. A Hate (An Audio) the headphones are fantastic quality . They are certainly any one the expert of his May this sound is like this powerful and crisp and full and rich. They are surprising. By means of a boss or on bluetooth the songs so only explode by means of my boss. It feels like the different world. And they are astonishingly comfortable in a boss. Any points of odd pressure. It is everything soft. I love it. Thank you A Hate (An Audio).
4 / 5
Has has had so only these headphones for the day and are startled reasons very sound, that well is together place and for some options on him. One concludes 1/8' jack in a legislation and one 1/4' jack in an accident is the option adds for those using these headphones for DJing, Podcasting or during gaming.

Incredibly well for a prize. The main possible recommendation.
4 / 5
Like another reviewers there is remarked, a quality of his this quite well, but some bass can be boomy according to your source of entrance. For example in bluetooth way, listening to Desert Dwellers by means of iTunes in my telephone has touched quite awesome; but plugged to an interface of audio to register in GarageBand has produced excessively boomy tomb in playback. For comparison, has used my Sony MDR-7506 professional studio monitors, which are balanced very better, but of course is auricular of main final . ( I have bought these OneOdios like this of the economic transmissions for when a grandkids comes on and game around with keyboards, etc.)
p.S. These are not the noise that annuls auricular, and is not announced like such.

PROS: Decent touching for a prize. Bluetooth Has connected to the mine iPhone perfectly. Versatility in wire fence or bluetooth the use is has very appreciated. Described to the equal that connects to two devices simultaneously is the good characteristic for musicians. And I love detachable cords!!

GILIPOLLAS: Physically, they are light and comfy, BUT a eskin of protein earmuffs' is disturbingly squeaky and noisy when managing – can listen you he of ten feet was. A noise is amplified even more in your ears when touching them takes adjustments. For when prendes to touch his, but movement of jaw (likes to sing) will cause noise. Ossia The serious defect for a device of audio. A bluetooth Vankyos has taken the few months does is súper soft and entirely silent. It has not been if some tampons of ear are changeable in a OneOdios, but yes is to good sure will be to look to substitute them with something better. OneOdio Need to direct a question.

CONCLUSION: After long side for comparisons lateralmente with two other pairs of headphones that possesses, a quality of his east well for a prize, as I will be to maintain his so many transmissions for some boys. Hopefully Will not be annoyed by a tampon of ear squeaking. I have not tried a life of battery still, but bluetooth is not my primary intention to love spare headphones in a house, although it will be there has required .
4 / 5
May... im Any audiophile, the havent has bought one in telephone of boss for the long time, like this ossia prime minister of mine of then 2000 the supposition, never of ive so only state using my headphones of apple, the long investigation, looked to sony and bose later some, the alive in the basement, and the ones of the that really takes annoyed by noise, if yours touching csgo or some another game ossia spare to help, or if yours listening to youtube video, conference or anything, the whose uses Bluetooth connection like this the cant do the commentary in bluetooth or life of battery. The short long history, ossia well, durable, any fact of the some economic plastic likes of some other insiemi of audio has been described like this, one... Right and sinister side laws perfectly.. The Bad , takings more than the bang for your buck.
5 / 5
The headphones have been rid punctually. Glorious built quality and consolation, the sound is upper notch (heavy bass), the element is not to announce so that the noise that annuls but can not listen external noise when listening the music for the half volume. They are 100 satisfied with cost of mine. To good sure would recommend to purchase if yours in a phase for headphones.
4 / 5
Has taken to admit these are really good. I he PhD with ready descriptions in this row of prize. Remarked very compatible and has estimated highly descriptions. I am pleased like this with them. Really it adds well it has balanced it. Comfortable. Bluetooth Is the little more quite that still really impressive. It would not think two times in this compraventa.
4 / 5
The value adds so that it is. But reviewers comparing them to serious headphone mark or calming to be audiophiles is any liars or fill they. Perfectly serviceable headphones. The value adds. I add to beat life. And perhaps they compare well to Bose but his pale compared to Audio Technica or Sennheiser in bases of sound.

Top Customer Reviews: Logitech H390 Wired ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Bluetooth More pc wireless to find in another pricier auricular
audio of Big quality
Foldable and partorisca find in another pricier auricular
partorisca find in another pricier auricular
piece of microphone of Big quality that is bendable also
Ear pices any engulf ears your so many can listen half around you and very especially, calm can listen you that it speaks in the telephone to find in another pricier auricular
Well too bulky
transmissions and Convenient keys.
Removable And replaceable THE battery !...Hard to find in another pricier auricular

the Maximum volume can be too down for the noisy half
Reason a earpieces whose engulf some ears, but chair in some ears, his no soundproof
My last a has broken after the few years of heavy was the buzzing noise in a right speaker...
2 / 5
If you are using a Logitech H111 headset with the Lenovo portable, be poised partorisca purchase the Female to 2 Male Headphone Mic Audio And Splitter Boss. A characteristic of the microphone no unless has this splitter.

This headset does not have the connector of USB as some have mentioned in a FAQs, so only of the discharges. These works to cover good partorisca a headset plugged to a laptop headphone jack, but will not leave capture of his of a microphone.

Am estimating this product two stars because there is any mention of this requirement in a description of element. It has had I known this detail would have ordered another product or the splitter a same time like headset. I have not been able to try a headset was partorisca action to the equal that are now while to an adapter.
2 / 5
Wonderful headphones in a lot of ways, but can do not to use them reason creak like this bad that the people maintain partorisca ask me 'that is that clicking?' I often host webinars and can not have an audience that listens all these clicks and snaps like plastic casing around an ear casing creaks every time moves my boss or my movements of jaw. Some headphones are not tight, as I can not imagine was reason is like this sensitive in any movement. A subject is worsening a plus along possesses him. Included that it play my boss causes the plot partorisca creak. It is really that frustrates that badly fact casing ruins otherwise good headphones. A boom mic chooses on the each one creaks.
1 / 5
In the first place I will mention that I have not received logitech auricular. It take some knockoff auricular with the 'Iogi' logo in a side (sees photo).
That when be said, am happy to say have low levels partorisca headsets.
According to which has been concerned, has required so only the barebones headset, any precise to listen the audio of big loyalty by means of him or sing a work. This in spite of - in spite of my low levels so only poden 't avert a determination that these are really uncomfortable. It results the distraction with which included that 10 min called of telephone.
A cup of some headphones does not touch my boss at all. Some sides of a headset (in a earpieces) - extend spent a real earpieces - like this earpieces the push the hard plus that usual in my ears. Of a cup of a headset any returned well in my boss - an integer headset pívot advance and regularly has to that achieve up and reset he. I think that partorisca have the relatively normal shaped and sized the boss but I have hair very short, as have alot of the hair perhaps has not gone so much of the question?
A quality of his good east.
Will be partorisca look for the different headset, and would not recommend any compraventa this one.
1 / 5
The only reason bought them inclusa was partorisca cause an a lot of place has is to somewhere in my cause of storage of movers/thieves & any one knows in Italy of Milano has loved cat of voice with me,,,, When I plugged the to my big Desk PC has on dipped like the together of headphones, as they no well a can not be reset on like this PC does not aim him anywhere not even in a manager of device, took him to do in another PC BUT I did not buy thus little portable, bought him with a intent to use them on this PC,, like this for this reason say that they are the complete POS save your money looks for the together better of headphone in place of this F'n POS junk...
4 / 5
Utilisation this headset partorisca business calls and am said a quality of microphone is excellent. I find some speakers to be utmost for voices and good for music and of the effects. Obviously these are not auricular of reference, but is not lacking anything I need. I any precise tomb of booty, but has some bass. I want to one in-transmission of line and controls of volume.

Minus A star because a tape is really tight out of a box. It hurts to spend he for longer that 15 minutes. As I have built the device to @extend of special tape (mine couch pillow) to resist a headset in place with 18 space of thumbs of ear the ear. More than of the this and would be to risk snapping a band. I left it like this for the week. Now a headset access comfortably, without pressure in my ears.

Require another headset, would buy this one again.
4 / 5
Like this first changing to this headset used the Sennheiser PC 8 USB, and has thinks that that one was quite well for his row of prize. Some things to commentary are planning on buying this comprise:
- Some speakers are main that look in some pictures, to good main insurances that a Sennheiser PC 8
- Headset feels súper tight when it begin to use his
- to Seat likes could snap yes tries to do them less tight
- A lot of questions of the his (mic and speaker) and is of a quality of the his same as Sennheiser PC 8 according to my friends
- Bondadosos of hard to regulate a mic causes a swivel is quite rigid

will update there are any questions

Modification: Like mic swivel looks to be More the loose now, but the looks already is exiting? Any sure he is part of a creation but a mic swivel looks to move it was-centre when it is moved now (to the equal that goes to break out of too much of movement). I did not move it around that a lot but it is in fact already breaking was then ossia horrible quality .
5 / 5
Excellent quality, easy to use and place up.

Has tried plot of configurations of the plot of different classes of headsets, but the maintenances go back to the east a!
Highly would recommend this headset, is using he for calls of voices or looking the films that/hears/the music!
A sound are add, a material is of decent quality, and is quite a lot of discharges and game (in of the half half of windows).

A control of volume and mic the transmission of key is the little sensitive in time, but among handy slope of the calls of voices and films.
1 / 5
I have received so only a Logitech H390 that orderly, and finds that one of a description 'balls' is fraudulent: 'On-the-boss-Binaural-Circumaural-8 ft Boss-the noise that Annuls Microphone'. An ear-the tampons are not 'circumaural', which means that they would have to that surround an ear and rest against a skull, any only against an ear. A H390 ear-the tampons am a lot too small to surround some ears of an adult. It can not find a word 'circumaural' in a container.
1 / 5
I have had one of these for 8 years and he have done a lot well. A battery has begun to go to having decided like this to substitute it. I have found an exact same model on Amazon and has bought one. He no well. It is a lot of finicky when changing among desk speakers and a headset. Sometimes it take until 5 minutes to take a headset to do. Also, a reception was poor, no more than two feet!! With this I is returned to Amazon for the repayment.
A bit those that weeks later, have of then has had the $ 30. Reduction in a same headset. I reordered, while a prime minister headset has ordered was defective. Well, you are not ... Still I have some same questions like mentioned before. I think a question with a headset is a frequency of a dongle and clashes with another dongles this is to connect to my PC.