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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 14 ratings
4 / 5 Leia
Santana With the tone Joined of new Age. Games very innovative the period. The energy gives so only of Santana and give way of Latin percussions with lucidos edges that the plan of some arrangements gives a very different mix gives another CDs of Santana. Partorisca Listen of the start to the Fin without being has annoyed games partorisca submerge in this particular audible universe.
5 / 5 Vonnie
To somewhere among Santana 3 and an end of this record Santana has been of the band to stirs it of the musicians that behind on Carlos Santana. This prime minister three Santana the records are surprising. This in spite of this record feels almost like the out of-take record. It is not bad. In fact really it likes to of me! But it is not in it joins with a prime minister three. For this time almost everything of an original band has been gone. Even Greg Roolie Is so only in leaves of a record. How it is his Travesía to be buddy Neil Schon. But each clue has the different line up. There is no the global structure to a record likes some another has had. Again not saying this record is bad. So only that it is the way down below of some another.
A SACD the utmost sounds. A bit thin in the something but a CD regulate has a same question. As it have to that be a stereo master. Be any 5.1 mix is. It does not think MoFi a company that does this SACD never 5.1 but are not 100 insurance. In general very happy with a SACD mastering.
Hopefully Will see some premiers and third records in SACD some day. Or perhaps in HD Blue ray!
5 / 5 Trula
With Caravanserei Carlos Santana has surprised with the tinted his of jazz, there is facinating is that it is chosen this musical form immediately in his career. I want a bit premiers 3 album a chance if it is different, has to admit that it is very good. A force adds of Santana is to have evolve in always presenting excellent disk, ossia reason is part of an add.
4 / 5 Sage
A sacd the excellent sounds. Ossia The album adds that it is full of atmosphere. This translates well to a sacd version. There is to plot of the smallest details that is exited.
5 / 5 Keren
No like this well like first 3 Santana album , but no like this bad after the little listenings
5 / 5 Karyn
I do not know on already'll, but are in throw tired of this esmastered' subject. In the first place, partorisca arrive to this point of a game, a lot these esmastered' the albums so only are equalised when being of a leading digital copy (the majority probably he 16 has bitten Sony 1630 digital master), this emission done any mention to use some analog masters. Partorisca Lovers of Caravansari, maintain your old disk and save your money unless calm only gotta have those have extended liner notes. Another reviewer is absolutely album, one of Santana is more daring and experimental... The a lot of rewarding listen, but a reissue is mostly roughly the chance and the thinnest disk that leading one with virtually of the his identical. A remaster is the little of wins it quite appealing according to your basically there is not enough differentiates to buy again. Any one follows of prize neither, his 'nt included do esuper has bitten mapping' this time. Of a reissues for Santana, Abraxas is an only one this there is roughly prevails material really very (alive clues of a same period) like the interesting fact. Taking 'Bienvenido' or 'Amur, Surrendered of Devotion' in place of of the this. To the left see me am comprising this correctly- 'Hey that sold before it was to crap, and still a a with which conceal, and sometimes a prójimo an after this was crappy new one east an a lot of one'...If you want to think that that it go some differences are small, once in the while I took the significant improvement , but a step of the time and is the effects in analog tape is doing that less likely.
5 / 5 Boyd
'Caravanserai' Represent Carlos Santana' moment more final, in my book, has included to consider his premiers two glorious albums. His fusion/of rock of the results of the to a large extent directed jazz by jazz here, with less than a raw Latin has beaten/Latin sound, altho these are present besides refined form. A jazz is modern, enough often fast-paced and hard behaviour, and a lot rhythmical and melodic. It is a music that is a thing, for only three of some entrances have papers. Santana Rids visit by force, operates it to oblige beauty, and one of mine all-time register preferred.
A point underlined (in fact, probably a better clue) is a group rendition of Jobim is esFlor of tone.' Santana The sale a lot so only develops to, but outdoes, the composition of a Brazilian master, ridding terrific electrical guitar , smooth and keyboards, pair Exc like the rhythmical exposure. The piano sometimes takes on an advantage, and a percussion is also orders, comprising the cuica, the new Brazilian instrument. All more is also a lot of enjoyable. Among some other songs, esource of the Rhythm,' that comes with which'Flor of the yours,' has the Latin the percussion has beaten, class of bouncy feels, remained with jazzy laws of electrical guitar. 'Each Step of a Way,' a brilliant in conclusive number, while repetitive, has to add it quickly-paced motive of electrical guitar that spends a down a visual horizon.
Like this to a earliner tunes, an opener, 'Eternal Caravan of Reincarnation,' is a lot enough with moderate substance, reminiscent of inging Twenty, crying Bobos.' It directs well to some excellent 'Inner of Waves,' with soft, good-looking, it flow softens riffs, yes, like some waves. After better but brief instrumentation in 'Look on (to See That it is Touching to lose),' paste our prime minister vocals in 'Just in time to See a Sun.' Then, esong of a Wind,' Santana classical, shop windows Carlos is and Neal Schon capacity for beautiful, big-pitched electrical guitar twangs (reference amba Pati You,' 'Europe,' soyoonflower'). It is followed of 'All an Amour of a Universe.' It can it matches a title? Yes, his add! Schon And organist Gregg Rolie book blistering, jazzy so only.
In fact, each one that like this of some titles to some songs looks to be the visual representation of the lovely music of a particular song, always accompanied for the percussion adds. Hardly anything has not listened never matches a fabulous music, a fluid, driving like that Santana the dishes grupal was here.
4 / 5 Gilberte
Carlos Santana is 'apex', 'apogee', calls it that..., This register for me was a BIG TIDE MARK like this Santana the registers go.
Carlos has had 'prefected' his sound of mark, an anguished -cry interstellar blues the note that curves coupled with the most flowed approximation his previously bluesy sounds of electrical guitar of the street(this can be attributed to his use almost excluyente of a dorian transmissions of way, together with an usual pentatonic blues transmissions more another 'rockers' as strongly depend on.
Is common knowledge also , of Carlos' affinity for jazz and Brasilian forms.
Record Jobim classical notarises them, estoneflower' in this register, and has appointed another lp/cd 'Borboletta', a Portugues word for butterfly in planting to use a Spanish soyariposa').
Santana' The creativity in sound has improvised the lines was in level of summit, as showed for endless hearts of creativities in a tune , esong of a Wind'. Quite amazing, maintains to weave variac. Different while using 1 basic scale and tonality!
This registers also looks the plus polished and musically gifted group of musicians that his register 'populate' leading, as 'Abraxas' and esantana 3'(preferred of hippies everywhere, hehehehehe).
A combination of Santana otherworldly inspiration and a percolating behind-on musicians that really the piece was & painted this cloth registered with the rainbow of colours peaked with Caravanserai, and a next pair to registers, especially an obvious mate to this register, 'Bienvenido'.
This register is as 'of entity' mine so Any of the mine 'core lasted jazz, Brasilian, or funk material that the chairs is soyust possess' registers.
Too bad Santana finally abandoned his musical looking for, and that arrest to improve in his technician and develop his harmonic/theoretical studios to return to a mega launches of rock of the platinum complacency that he at present wallows in, ...
Is good to have 1,000,000 star that record to enjoy of now until 'reign it comes'...
Does good-looking grooves , volcanic instrumental, and some abonos understated flange of Carlos he, a music has the increasing quality, spiritual his that inspired and uplifted me.
4 / 5 Yu
Has not had any idea that this there was state remastered until fact five minutes, and that a version of CD sooner is out of stock. I possess a CD released in a prompt 90s, like this the description is any commentary in a remastering of an original work. Frankly I am always suspect of "remastered" CDs, which often do not resupply any additional improvements or ideas and usually cost more than an original. But sometimes they show marked improvement how is really impossible to say without listening a CD costs a compraventa or no.
The album is my preferred Santana emission, and of course tends to be seriously spent for big and underrated for buyers of music. Reason? It is quell'has bitten more inaccessible that a sooner, more rock-has oriented-works and taking any radio game. Some songs are to a large extent instrumentals. Well, like the defender of jazz of a late 60s and punctual 70s, would say that this returns well in with the emissions add like "Bes Brew" and "in the Silent Way" for Miles, a first Report of Album of Time, some of Herbie Hancock work with Mwandishi and a Headhunters, and McLaughlin Mahavishnu album. Has electronic but he no overdone. There have it to good sure the way to a CD in general, with hushed the tones and to the sweet feels. A coverage is to be supported by in this way, the caravan of the camels that movement dulcemente by means of the desert to somewhere far was. It is not to dull or boring included although it is slow-emotional, and work so that a long piece of music touches a whole disk of an extreme to the another. It is well for contemplative ways.
Likes to take an original or a remaster, anything yours bounce of fleets, but does not spend this an up. It is more than music of just way- is spiritual and powerful.
5 / 5 Bebe
An initial Santana the albums have created the Latins-inflected pops-the sounds of rock concealed was contagious but has risked finally result the stereotypical his, respectable but no in a cutting flange. With Caravanserai, Santana there is showed that his sound transcended a "Black Magic Woman" and "All the world is All " Latin jazz-focus of pop. Caravanserai Is the languid, luxuriant atmospheric explosion of jazz-inflected rock, fusion of equal parts, sixties jam, and music of smooth melodic meditation. Some suns in these records dipped the level for melodic electrical guitar, and a combination of dynamic and easy energy pacing done some songs in this album underline. This is not an album of solteros-- is the Friday adds -prejudice-in-ten-with-fellow-on CD. Santana Easily could have averted taking some risks that Caravanserai has taken--another album of catchy maracas-songs to pop drenched would have sold much more generously. But Caravanserai frames Santana pause with easy commercialism, and has signalled the disposal to explore different streets. His time, has not been accorded sufficient respect neither for one more rockist of Santana defenders, neither among defenders of "real jazz". Years later, some look of distinctions altogether artificial, and Santana tries straddle the genders resists true. While it is true that some the bands adds has chosen never to "place out of", and the bands of gender am remained to an end--the madness comes to import--in hindsight an auditor has to that be appreciated that in 1972 Carlos Santana has comprised that his longevity is depended in transcending a sytle of his earlier records. This album is dated at all-- is the glorious listens almost thirty years later. If you want to ringing solos of electrical and easy guitar, jazzy rhythms, chooses this on today.
4 / 5 Luise
Carlos Santana was in a cup of his powers like the guitarist, in full mandate of some rich properties of his cultural heritage and on fire with his spiritual devotion expósita informative when it registers this brilliant . Ossia An absolutely must-have, DID, anything loves the called CD. Somehow it calms it would not owe that remain to escape a wheel of reincarnation without absorbing some spiritual dimensions of this music. There is so only Coltrane the SUPREME AMOUR that stands in a same light.
In that said the one who, a remastering done for this emission is spectacular. T Is positively gorgeous all a way by means of. You will swear six heaing this for a first time. I have loved this record on vinyl and felt one pressing of the prime minister of CD adds it to him disservice. A recovery here, this in spite of, is to be applauded.
During this disk, Santana was wroking with a core of a group has gathered to break to and light aflame a muisc world when it surfaces of San Francisco. It was not never to really find a same alcohol of mission in any later works. Everything of these insiemi the endeavours are extraordinary, and this one especially comes from/comes from to somewhere very deep in a devotional soul of the very fine human being.
Ossia The MUSIC ADDS lovingly and respectfully has restored his in the first place and undeniable has beaten.
4 / 5 Liane
With which one adds three first albums Carlos Santana has directed his band in the jazzier direction, which can listen you in this album or in an alive double album Lotus.
Some earlier albums look some only big pitched, intensely rhythmical, latinate electrical guitar styling of a eponymous Santana, which, in my opinion is that has the data to the albums likes him Abraxas of his only appeal.
Here these forces are traded instead for the jazz-way of fusion of the rock, which partorisca be sure still looks a big pitched electrical guitar, but without a rhymic forces of behaviour of some Latins beaten. It is also quite apparent that Carlos Santana any quite have a creativity of necessary jazz to spend this was. There is too many long noodling so only that no quite have a walk of before and propulsion that mark for music really orders.
While an album is reasonably pleasant music for background noise, being nothing special . If it likes Santana is other albums, calm probably will find this perfectly listenable. So only it is not very thrilling.
Wants to listen the better jazz-album of electrical guitar of the rock, could wants to try Jeff Beck magnum have opposite Swipe For Swipe in the Beck achieves the electrical guitar touches no different that of Santana, but directs to touch like the real jazzman.
5 / 5 Nakisha
When Santana has REGISTERED Caravanserai in 1972, is inspired by a Mahavishnu Orchestra that had done his earlier mark in 1971 with his album to start with highland Calls Interior. Carlos & drummer Michael Shrieve the one who was to a large extent responsible for a production & composition besides the clues draw heavy influences of Elvin Jones,Gabor Szabo,John Coltrane,Miles Davis & Pharoah Sanders. A result is a extremly in satisfactory album that again ear-marked Santana to superstardom. Start with a number the Eternal caravan of Reincarnation Carlos creates a eerie atmospheric effect to use just sax, double bass, piano & electrical guitar, all a way to add mecer numbers like this of the Interior of Waves, Song of a Universe, Just in time to see a sun etc. Neal Schon The sensitive electrical guitar that that the touch underlines one of the better compositions of an album - Song of a Wind. There is the version of Jobim Stone Flor as well as an exceptional The Source Of the Rhythm that operates of looks of percussion that alcohol of swipes of James Mingo Lewis & keyboardist Tom Coster those who debuts in this song. Remastered In 2003 for his best, Caravanserai well of the money. One the disappointment of entity was that be any one follows of prize in 2003 remastered version. If it marvels reason ? Considering Columbia have some archive of Carlos material alive of 1972 which could be be add as to prize.
4 / 5 Lizzie
With which three successful album and the little swipe soltero, Carlos Santana has decided to go in the new direction. It have been fascinated with fusion of jazz and has begun also follow the spiritual street thanks to Indian guru Sri Chinmoy. A differnece in the musical interests inside a band have taken his toll also.
Has dipped this all hover and have a totally different album of forward some and two of his members(Rolie and Schon) bailing afterwards. Ossia Apparently a tentativa in the album of the concept of then there was any swipe of entity was the and a lot of some clues crossfade to an another. Also, almost all a disk is totally instrumental and a bit those that this can very really be sung to in all the chance. Of the subject centrical of some looks of albums to be fusion of the spiritual jazz there is no upbeat the clues here except perhaps "The Source Of the Rhythm" (Tone of future member Coster games in this clue). A last clue "Each Step Of A Way" you pursue nine minutes.
He Take this album , seats behind and relax. Calm included can close your eyes want . The difference of Santana album before and included many of then, ossia an album to be listened to, any sung to.
Of an artistic sense ossia one of the his better acheivements.

Top Customer Reviews: Most Romantic Jazz ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5 Tu
Excellent CD

Top Customer Reviews: Atlantic Rhythm ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 14 ratings
4 / 5
There is no better introduction the music of classical black pop that this; so many ways are coverages , and a quality is always big. (BTW, Has eight CDs, any seven.) Ossia Essential. I trust and each one another reviewer and take east maintaining. You are of the money a calm ready plus will not spend never on music.
4 / 5
After listening and enjoying this together of boxes I regretwaiting .While a intial the prize is big,the music is a this in spite of a lot of some courses are 50 years old a big quality of a material and Atlantics frames of look of big technical capacity as if this collection has been calm issued likes r.&b. Have to that buy this together of boxes!!
5 / 5
Loves dance, can. If it love only chair and listen, can. You can sing and feel nostalgic. It is the wonderful compilation of amazing diverse artists. You can sing and the dance to a music wants . Some sounds of a mark of chair of wonderful music.
5 / 5
Ossia One of some insiemi of better box the esees has listened in the hours of the long time of music adds the must to have.
4 / 5
This collection contains follows concealed is among a cream of 60 soul that was in his summit this time.
5 / 5
This 8 cd the box dipped of historical R&B and circle and prompt rock classics is an incredible collection that document roughly of some more utmost registers for the handful of an utmost plus R&B/artists of Mecer the one who has created some of a plus that captive and astonishingly wonderful, R&B/levels/of Rock of the soul, of a pre-was of rock of the birth and much more there,in history of music. JOE TURNER, LAVERNE BAKERS, RAY CHARLES, RUTH BROWN, SPEAR WILLIS, The COASTERS And DRIFTERS to appoint the little! The rock and the circle was alive a lot before that Elvis has absorbed and reinterpreted the. Unfortunately, a remastering is roughly one 1980 east and these registers[in time]walk of fall and touch the bit dulls and feeble. I have bought three of some individual compact disks(was issued also individually)in a 80 is and there is remarked any difference in a quality of his, in comparison to the east "up to date" version of a Lp Box the Cd. While ossia the "cream of a harvest" box of classical R&B, unashamedly take loaned strongly of a STAX RECORDS SOLTEROS Volumes of INSIEMI of BOXES of COLLECTION 1, 2, & 3 to the 'd thinks that with ATLANTIC RECORDS' long history, would not require to duplicate a cream of a harvest of STAX, to all the cost of a fact that Atlantic was a "mother" undertaken of STAX distribution. They are the "Collector" and I held and cherish each clue of the mine STAX TOGETHER of BOXES(all three and 28 disks!)- Swipes of map or no-swipes - with his supreme and stellar big technology remastering. They are the enormous defender of "REMASTERING" technology and will buy and "rebuy" it reissues according to quell'artist is honored! To all the cost, some registers in this Box Dipped is essential to your ears, heart and soul, like this Atlantic made history of 1947 to 1974 and well continue to a 21st century! I have expected for ever to purchase this Box, while a remastering would be redefined - but bought it to avert losing was, this in spite of, am satisfied almost, like this calm also will be. Highly it recommends a Box of Turner of Joe, Aretha Franklin(" it Reigns Of Alma"), Spinners, Esther Phillips, and Ray Charles(all) there is Boxed Dips, which are detailed sincerely and supremely remastered to a definite sound. It can thank Record of Rhinoceros for a plus end " it reissues" on many of those!
4 / 5
Ossia Where rock'does not run' the roots are in. I have bought an original 7 (double) conjoint of elepé. His equivalents of ORIGINAL CD replicated his May for the few omissions of clue in several volumes. This box comprises EVERYTHING of a origial more than series of the elepé any 20+ extra follows has not comprised previously cover a fertile period among 1947-1974. It is an education in him. Ossia That there is boxed the insiemi are roughly. A raw material of one 40 & 50 is is the indicator to Elvis & Jerry Law. Ossia A roughly of an original music these artists cut his teeth on. Listening Joe Turner Big for a first time was the revelation on its own name particularly 'Corrina, Corrine' and 'Honey Hush'. The Ray has researched calm further Converged' the start has registered based in this together. Some swipes are here and things that be able to you vaguely rememnber also. Legends like a Professor Longhair, Joe Turner Big, Lavern Bakers, Ray Charles, A Drifters, A Coasters, Wilson Pickett, Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, Sam & Dave and a lot another is more than amply represented here. It have listened some of these songs for a first time like some versions of coverage for to the artists later like Foghat, Elvis and Paul of same McCartney of the that 'Career of Diablesa of the Career' CD was the tribute to a 50 east and the pair of the clues in these neighbours taken to nod there. Atlantic has done the wonderful work with this emission. Ossia The one who R & B really was so only the pair of the initials that represents that spends for today of music. I doubt the girl that listens to this material would know the one who these papers have been he takes in today of context. My own preferences are to the period of one 60 during quell'Atlantic,Stax & the volt has come really to the his own likes to the focus of Alma adds. Where Motown Was probably more howbizzy', which is not meant like the critique, the Atlantic developed real grit and toughness is music . Thoroughly It Recommends this box dipped yes so only like the plus of wide education of a rich legacy of American Rhythm & Blues music.
4 / 5
Which says in eight CD, 203 collection of clue of one the majority of rhythm of entity and blues focus? One first word is 'definite', a second is esuperb.'
A focuses Atlantic drop Ahmet Ertegun has gathered one of some archive some rich plus of clues of any company and this collection do fault on an amazing swathe by means of thirty years of the popular music that develops to the long of a way a development of a musical sound that maintain call R & B. Together with well of clues and of the artists known there is smaller that known clues for a greats ('Riada in my Own Tears' registered for Ray Charles an excellent example), the clue recognises but has not known never an artist ('Lucky Lips' for Ruth Brown) and gems ignored (hard to specify of then could have known roughly Ivory Joe Turner while personally his 'Empty Arms' was the surprise of mine.)
Has found personally a first well of CD for historical reasons; to listen Chicago has based the surfaces of Atlantic sound of a soul more than the sound of the sud. An eighth and FINAL CD is that wins to the that far I down the seals well can go when it is submerged enmedio corporate. Some words 'box' and 'dreck' cradle to import. Reason Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway the felt has required to cut such the woeful version of ' the Fellow', but still in a last has jewels like the few good clues of a espinners'
A six goes in is perfection. It thinks of a R & B the artist and he casualidad is does at least two or three clues of the his in a collection. Ray Charles, A Drifters (fronted for both Clyde McPhatter and Ben And. King), Joe Turner, LaVern Bakers, A Coasters, Solomon Burke, Joe Tex, Eddie Floyd, Wilson Pickett, Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin, Sam & Dave - and concealed so only is paste some points have underlined.
This collection goes besides essential. Any the one who profesas the amour or comprising of the popular music needs this together.
5 / 5
I atlantic records has a rich plus, more-luminous has registered of the archive in a history of American music--with a possible exception of the Chess records of Chicago.
A lot in fact have this together of boxes--I has a seven volume dips on vinyl that was king-released in a mid-eighties. But a listing of clue remains one same, and a music is further compare.
Like any value closely of the box a prize of admission, has to lit. Any only regurgitate some swipes, but do lacking-on worthy, but to a large extent-ignored, nuggets. It have to that say the history.
And this does. Of Tommy Ridgley "Jam On" the Persuaders' "Fine Line Go in Amur And Hate" to swipes very known for Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Otis Redding, a Spinners and LaVern Bakers, ossia any-less than the course of recognition of the music in compact disk. A history of rhythm and blues' fascinating transformation animates it.
Some words 'classical' and 'absolutely essential' is laughably on-used, but sincerely apply to this box. Shame on for not appointing is an essential register. It averts to feed, water and oxygen, does not take more essential that this.
Or dip another way, would marry--underlying view--any woman with east in his collection. He (and she, to good sure) is that well.
4 / 5
Has bought a CD dips released in 1985, was has disappointed probably that several songs have been ignored of a version of elepé of this anthology. A current version contains all some songs of a leading emission, some songs disappeared of a leading emission, and another classics. I have taken the shot adds to like of both versions of this fine collection, but am pleased to see some adicións/additions like Tammy Grimes' "It Ol' Black Magic," Ray Charles' "Left a Circle of Good Time," Booker T. And a MGs' "Hip Hug-The," and "Whatcha that Goes to Do" for Clyde McPhatter and a Drifters. These together offers a collection of swipes more the officious order for Wilson Pickett, Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin, a Coasters, and another; it is the hands -down @@subject.
5 / 5
An African-the contributo American the music is one the majority of signifcant cultural tarpaulin of a 20th century. But that the ballast thinks that that this dips the big, boring lesson of history, to the left warn. I have touched this in mine car and has sung and stomped like him madman a whole way behind and advance to Cleaveland. The boys of any one the cars looked in me pleasant. But they are by train to say is Ray Charles . It is Aretha Franklin. It is Otis Redding. It is a Drifters. C soyencima!! It is each known emotion to humankind, packaged in the beaten of behaviour and beautiful medley. There is at all more final - not even in two times a prize.
4 / 5
Ossia A attemt to try to take some atlantic engineers to persuade them to do insiemi of the good-looking box of all a jazz adds artists that has registered legendary albums thus tribute to one likes of, carmen mcrae billie holidays,she fitsgerald,esther phillips,mabel mercer,marti brown,aretha franklin,doris troy,so only one looks & new fact blues afamada!!barbara lynn, will lose the good thing & untill then the'll suffers afamada!!More,the gospel adds marion williams,to appoint but the cast goes !!p.S. leslie uggams & betty johnson!!
5 / 5
Almost of a time of his inception, Atlantic was to R&B that the failures was in Chicago blues. Of a prompt 50s to a prompt 70s, twenty years! , the person could touch him.
To call this essential is to declare an obvious. Any calm so only take the lesson of vital history, calm also the classical volume after classical, particularly of '55 onward.
If you have not bought this still, that is your question ?
5 / 5
ps. So only it likes to comprise More it adds them r n b artists that would owe in this box adds dipped of atlantic records like levert & a system. Dipped other divine swipes was like this more the people are conscious of another talent adds,so only simple wholesome well like the good music,this music of sweet soul! It gives more swipes for roberta flack, wilson pickett,well and. Rey, arthur conley, otis redding, sam&dave aretha,rb greaves,drifters,spinners,esther phillips,his mccan,eddie harris, herbie mann, yusef lateef, a kingpins, percy sledge,of entity harris,spear willis, clyde mcphatter,coasters,jimmy beaver,spectre of the,peggy scott&jojo benson,shirley scott,clifford brown,billy cobham,cornell dupree,blue eyed soul of lulu,delaney&bonnie&friends,awb,chard midler,the manhattan displaces,billy flange,the late,adds spingfield,búfalo springfield,derek&he dominos,more much more! It maintains on a work adds! Continuous soulin'on!Thank you!jhh52757!

Top Customer Reviews: Shades Of Blue: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 15 ratings
5 / 5 Rosalinda
It is normal to buy a first album of the each artist like, and is of a chance , buy it
4 / 5 Silvana
to the focus of Jazz there is recently @@give that the majority of people down 30 hip enough to appreciate the jazz has not listened his, but listening the jazz that is reinterpreted for enlightened subterranean DJs and producers instead. They have said, "hey, if these writes done for us in planting to pirate all our classics, is to win win situation." And theoretically, they were a lot. The blue note has been doing pieces of novelties with hip hop producers for on means the decade, and Verve has done his Remixed what on more than the dance/electronica tip. It thinks the material of the Blue note has been the little stronger that is been credit given partorisca, but still a lot that adds.
Enters Madlib. Has the quite a lot that follows for any with like this change ego and spotty he incredibly promising work. It uses samples of better old jazz that the majority, Note like this Blue paid to do the whole album for him. Some of some tunes chooses is predictable; Mystic Brew, Trace, Song For My Father, and the impressions are dips ready a lot well , but overdone. Some of mine favourite are to Please Plant me in Eases, going in Tomorrow, and Dance/of Dolphin of Paz Madlib reworking is according to his established but always frames of hip; there is at all here YNQ the defenders will not expect , perhaps the little less than will expect. Still although an atmosphere of an album is fat and effective, a whole thing feels the little half has baked. It likes him he knows was a lot and so only have it not dipping his all his, or perhaps tries really hard and so only has not felt of the things. In any case, at least it does not touch to to the keyboards too many like in Stevie (of the how is worse that this), and when on Bundle of Dolphin, touches well.
If any already the ones of the Corners Without Flanges, calm slap and buy the copy. If you cant take enough of a sound blunted crazy, then buy this. But Madlib is more when he no shackle his fashion to reinterpretations likes here and a YNQ album Stevie, and included better with people besides he to rhyme on some beaten (control out of Madvillain).
4 / 5 Ardelia
Ossia The project adds of a bit eclectic and wonderful sounds of Records of Blue Note. If you do not know Blue Note, calm does not know any one a lot in a way of modern jazz, basically (thinks Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Herbie Hancock, Donald Byrd, Grant Greene and NUMEROUS another).
Besides, If I do not know MADLIB, any really is anything in "subterranean" hip hop, although it always looks to surface external of an underground.
Likes -you it jazz, and like to hip hop, then of this album is undoubtedly for you, how is the perfect blend of both (but yes is looking to listen of a lot of MC is would have to that try some place more, likes retreat, there there is so only one follows with some vocals on he).
In the note to correct a forward reviewer (the one who has no FAR was, but is the little was), Madlib a lot so only PRODUCED Quasimoto and a Yesterday New Quintet, Is Quasimoto and Yesterday New Quintet (and DJ Rels)... In fact, it is ALL 5 MEMBERS of Yesterday of New Quintet, as well as The averages of Madvillain and average of Jaylib, a main contributing factor to a Lootpack and the pair other projects that is upcoming, as well as producing extrarodinare for songs for to laws likes them a Liks (previously a Alkaholiks), Declaime, Cale Agents, Prozack Turner (of Foreign Legion), Asia of Planet, and another.
Ossia The add aiming that the man can do with free reign to an amazing studio of amazing clues, and of the which have listened, is a lot possibly better that any of a forward "Diggin in Blue" CD of series is, as it is recorded in stereo and there is not the ridiculous quantity of cry-outs during a record (to the equal that has listened a Biz Markie and Gentleman Finesse "Diggin in Blue" album )...
Control out of an album because it costs your time... (And for a insider tip, tries to buy he by means of BMG service of music, as they had it on sale on done the month partorisca in $ 25 less than touching by train of the sell here)
5 / 5 Tamica
Little remezcla producing/of the artists have the record collection - or a recognition so that it can he glean uner a together right of circumstances - that this character usually hip-hop producer.
Madlib Is in hip-hop producing was Calas known to mix on the quite odd-still-catchy has beaten. He he rap record under a name of plum 'Quasimoto' that was fascinating in his risks and
elections of music, has then done an album ('Corners without Flanges') as it jazz 'group' - a fact-arrive 'Yesterday' New Quintet', and now this together, which is essentially he remixing stirs it of jazz of levels of old Blue Note (and some a lot of-like this levels). It has to that the subterranean hip decided-hop feels, but still maintains a lot the
original, surca feigned in some clues to be listenable like this more than tomb beaten. It is the record add for people to to those who likes them to them his jazz of contemporary, but not softening. It is not like this solid like YNQ record, but work. More like him 4.5.
5 / 5 Lavonda
Celebrated hip-Hop producing Madlib has been reigned of free data, to seal of jazz of big profile 'the Blue note is' rear catalogue of titles of jazz, and die of full permission to remezcla & Reinterpret has selected title so it sees returned. ......... Madlib Try any so only have the one of truth discerning ear, and the level of reinterpretation that could be considered Unparalleled, which considering a material of some legendary artists in question this resupplies a material of source 'Donald Byrd is - Far Earth', 'Wayne Shorter is - Impressions', 'Horace Silvers - Peaces, blended with 'Herbie Hancocks - Dance of Dolphin' is like this professionally, artistically, & musically like expressive likes a lot possibly could expect, and this cd has an honour to be one the majority of startlingly unexpected surprise, of all a music has listened to this month.
4 / 5 Deidre
Was wildly impressed with east for a first pair of clues...
And then so only a bit has impressed...
And then was them that "ehh, is aight... "
The only question for me was that everything of a remixes has begun to touch a mine inclusa... It seats it likes the listened madlib on-apply his sound to some the original register and he have begun overshadowing some present fantastic pieces in place of correctly completing them...
And tho the ones of truth likes many is, is one 'UNTAINTED' version of these songs that has my boss in some clouds...
props To madlib tho... Like the jazzfan, the thank still his excite... It follows so only happy to see hip any hop bosses still lobbying for a cause of an experience of jazz!
5 / 5 Zane
Before included starts to listen to this album there is the few things that would have to be bourne in alcohol.
1. Madlib Is in renowned Hip hop producing.
2. The blue note is still to focus fantastic for jazz.
3. An album has been produced for Eli and Butter of Wolf of Peanut.
With this class of credentials hardly is that it surprises that the fantastic album has been produced. It combines some wonderful jazz (does not feign to be learnt at all, although has Miles Davis and Coltrane Album, as I have dipped my toe in a water) with to hip hop flavour, which generally means the bit of papers in a fund, with a melody of a song that the intact rests. Some beaten is chilled, with some electrical guitar of grave fresco, double bass, the piano and the trumpet that touch around with a music in the way that beats of musicians of only jazz.
I like some albums that sees like this advance for music in general, and ossia to good sure one of them, how is Bobbito Earthtones which also would advise. This class of the calm music so only of the the good feeling, in the first place because calm the the expósito but also because of a time of some frames of the music so only loves smirk and go down the modern day James Brown stylee. Ossia Well!
4 / 5 Bo
Madlib HAS the bad, scratchy, free feels his production. A producer that enjoys a space among each element has used. There is spatial among his dry snares, washed flatly, cow bwlls, and tank of cookery atmospherics. I love his work, but this emission is not all his fact was to be. A partner of the mine the one who produced the courses have said to spend roughly 5 years in a turn of blue note with a MPC and prevails it included he peep has been dipped on wax. It looks that a project has been rushed in a tentativa to do the profit out of a cred. lib HAS among people in a record buying world. A world-wide concealed is not never state smaller. Some the better yards are already solid blue note classics Rey: soyystic half' -( already the man managed in a yard of tribe of old ass), estepping the morning' - and eslims returned- (the Boss X cel used in a prompt Blackalicious side). A sinkers in this piece is some clues Madlib tones of games on. I will not know never that possessed to touch the keyboard on Hancocks 'Dance of Dolphin', but his class of likes design in the coverage of Thousands of Reid. Bad informative edges. As any one says Lib to dip of a rhodes, and stick to doing esoteric bangers. Paz.
5 / 5 Manie
When I in the first place listened in this project, was excited enough in a perspective of the very respected hip-hop the artist that takes to some archive of Blue Note to mix things on has bitten it. I have not been disappointed with some results. This album is that it satisfies blend of hip-hop beaten with the sensibility of solid jazz that marks for background music of upper shelf in the place-rear gathering of friends, or the good way to relax and cold like focal point of the your lounging in the lazy evening. Some circles of albums to the long of paralizaciones almost an hour, and an excellent behind-half of an album (clues 10 and further) leave that it loves the--More follows always the little bummed when a record is on.
Has anything concealed detracts of an entertainment of an album, is a tendency for some loops of drum in the pair of some songs to be bit it too repetitive: the little of some clues do not show a lot of variac. At all. Ossia Well for the pair of the pieces more the scarce, but is underwhelming for pair of some longer songs. It does not leave this calm stop for the buy, this in spite of. A majority of some clues in an album are exceptional. It enjoys!
4 / 5 Miles
All the world familiarised with Madlib the work probably will be that it approaches this album with Yesterday of New Quintet in his alcohols. And ossia natural, how is a so only another jazz has distributed that takes amply he-centre-stage player along that Madlib is the place was, It is a a that the majority of some people is more familiar with. A flu of the jazz is obvious in the plot of his work, but in this jazz of record is a subject dominant .
Likes has compared the YNQ, a hip-hop the element looks more apparent here, which can do it more accessible to any one it YNQ no quite click with, owe such people exist. Still, Madlib the endeavours of only active attack me always like this when being more for some bosses---the material of type of the musician of the musician, and although the plot of people has given a time and merit of attention, still chair Madlib could take take used to still some folks. In this record In the middle of some songs is "remixes" of registers of old blue note while any one another half is "remakes," treaty for Madlib, transmission of sound ego, and varied other personnel. Still a thing/of beaten of the jazz, but now has courses and rhymes to come his (any one too strongly, but is there).
Although done for the most obvious pair among hip-hop and jazz, a thing adds for me is that Madlib the music does not turn to any one hybrid bobo. This is not an electronic musician that does his best to approximate the sure sound that is coming to associate with an idea of "jazz," and it is not so only the loop of saxophone and beat it, neither. A fact that comprises and feels this music comes by means of---the music develops and transmissions, flows in and out of him and maintains this for a period. It does not take pretentious. It is paying in front of it focuses it, the sound that loves and has grown with, and although it finds like this mine quite personal, is also the good way to take any in the jazz vibe the one who could not have gone that subjects usually---ossia still music for all the world.
Likes madlib, still will like you. If you do not know his material and does not have the strong to feel for jazz but is has interested still ossia perhaps the best intro that YNQ, although it is hard for me to say that with to the conviction likes to like me that everything. It gives it the casualidad, at least, if it does not like now of calm finally, while I trust and the give an endeavour deserves.
5 / 5 Wanita
This album has begun to touch a way YNQ has begun to touch after listening his after one 50th time. The shadows of what only have begun so only with which one 3rd or 4th listening. I want to Madlib. It was and defender of instant after my prime minister that listens of Quasimoto. Still it hears his without taking patient of him and the still find pleasant sounds that me laugh and go oh sh But Shadows of Blue, if it is the album of tribute or "here! Ossia Where the coming from/come from" the class of album is class of annoying. Quickly it turns to the chees-of the-tuna with a greats be sampled to a mix that gives the praise to one adds MadLib.
Ossia Just Cheezy.
Oh And the are not like this to a stereo effects MadLib has been launching in in some records like YNQ. Ossia Quite nettling.
For an album of Shadows has been expecting something inventive like Quasimoto but in a 'jazz' side like YNQ.
5 / 5 Shanel
A Kool Keith of beaten is in him again, and east times a lot of messed on and free accident in a stacks of Blue Note. Yes, Blue Note. Where His alcohol is free to roam among some grooves and time of this lovely garden of sound. Some roots of basses run deep and tap to a magnetism of earths, an essence of his and motion; giving nourishment to some colours and delicate chimes vibes painting this landscape of sound. Mdl:b Is a cross of ailing bumblebee-pollinating the grooves that creates especially new of organic rhythms to further express a beauty of his in character.
4 / 5 Hien
Shining! This will go down in history together with 'Class of Blue'. There is any need to describe this album or is songs, so only know is brilliant.
4 / 5 Georgia
Madlib Makes history with Shadows of Blue. A better hip hop/album of jazz of Blowout Comb of Digable Planets. There is no low point in an album. The far earth is a classical instant . I recomend this one to all the world.
5 / 5 Tony
This Cd feel me like this could them paint the big graffiti in the edifice so only for a flow of him, but the never learn in a graffiti principle like this the so only maintains to dream roughly the, ;)

Top Customer Reviews: Idle Moments ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5 Kirk
This album is the album of the jazz adds that it was likely to enjoy you in any format. One first clue is simply the masterpiece and a rest of an album are adds also. But in a particular chance of this vinyl reissues, has to say that these Imports of Music has done an excellent work. Some instruments celery like this real, likes is of presents in mine living room. A selection of the instruments in some sinister speakers and of the legislations is like this insanely well. And also amazon the very good work with a packaging and a nave. Certainly I will try other titles of Subjects of the Music!
4 / 5 Carmelia
It have to that has partorisca to all the lovers of electrical guitar
5 / 5 Mauro
It is hard to say like this CD would touch without a wonderful, 15 clue of minutes of long title. Certainly a magic of this clue is the big part of the success of a CD.
Goes him I moments is one of these scarce moments in the music registered when some musicians and a music are resulted a, joining in alcohol around a musical fire. These needs to be listened, partorisca comprise a potential of music has improvised partorisca express amour and unit.
But a rest of a CD contains elements that he the special fact also.
Like the player of saxophone I amour a way in Joe Henderson follows an advantage of Grant Green, shows it that the player of the sax does not have to that be in front of partorisca touch fantastically.
Bobby Hutcherson the leaves in the each register has touched on has been crucial - here his sound and tasteful touching is one of some main ingredients to a global success. Duque Pearson has contributed a clue partorisca headline also a Nomad of fast time. The sound that the touches is sensitive and the group has oriented throughout.
Has been a lot of especially Green writing touching and his leadership - deserve all compliments. A drummer and action of bassists in this celebration of ego-less alcohol to group that marks this like this special music.
A lesson that this music taught is that when the talent and mutual and sympathetic amour join forces, a result is exceptional. This would have to that be an aim of the each music. And to think that the majority of some musicians here were in his twenties when they have achieved this big level of musicianship - is the testimony his magnitude and to a power of a group to elevate his member.
Needless To say - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!!
4 / 5 Melani
..So much the yours he down and try say so only the few words--, Grant Green has been the preferred of mine I of then has in the first place listened in 1966!
A note to jazz neophytes, Gentleman Grant can be compared for mecer electrical guitar "legend" Carlos Santana in a fact that , likes Santana, "G.G." It has not been the pure technician of an electrical guitar, neither a improvisior of endless creativity,as it was WES Montgomery for example. Grant Green "magnitude" it was the result of the his ENTIRELY DIVÍSALAS frasing , and infinite transmission! Has the "cast" of everything of his sentences of pet has on enclosed inside my boss!
Likes Santana, he consistantly achieved to the his "stock exchange of tricks"(and plan) ossia immediately identifiable , his personal byline. Any marvel was gracing Note LIKE THIS BLUE that record electrical guitar of the sessions of jazz is an instrument a HARD plus in that to develope vary it "voice", delivery down done!
This register is not so only timeless of the "history of jazz" perspective, but for me personally, A Session of SLEEP..
I musicians in a session are all the favourites of mine, Bobby Hutcherson, master improvisor in a vibes, a diverse tenor, rich saxophonics of Joe Henderson, ELVIN (!!), And some clues have composed of a unheralded the composer of fixed/jazz, Duque Pearson.
Of languid stantements like clue of title, and John Lewis' level "Django" to an absolutely BURNIN' "Jean of Flor" and "Nomad", it can say in this session, "the POTS were ON!"
A real shame, Jean of Flor has been modified for an emission , and these types could have(would have to that have, PROBABLY DID..) It goes to blow for ever, the clue of classical Blue note!
1000000000000 stars does not go it to do, adds like this a lot of extra zeros With which hear to some interior of musics!! ciao
5 / 5 Abel
Go them I moments is for Greens of far Stock exchange better album. It conceal any to say that his another music (the matador, levels, alive) is not a lot or like this good. This Cd so only underlines the little more than his another, there something roughly concealed is special. It can be a fearsome sextet that Joe characteristic henderson on saxophone of tenor ,Bobby Hutcherson in vibes, Duque Pearson on piano, Bob Cranshaw down and To the Harewood in drums. The near all sizzle is in an in a magnum have opposite yard of title , in some Tejanos to swing of flower or in a mid time django. Perhaps it is a remastering which is also excellent. Everything of a music in this Cd the glass of sounds clears almost likes is plaing in a same room with you. But I think that that it is one touching to Admit green which is point and averts like this usual. It swings when it Has to that and still it can of the some shivers of auditor with his patent the alone note that touches. It likes me quell'has said that ossia Stock exchanges more and would not owe that be has lost of defenders of music of jazz and especially any to Admit Green junkies. A must has.
4 / 5 Murray
If it calms it is not never the work of the electrical guitar of Grant has listened Green before, ossia a place to start with . Any only reason the green is touching in his plus end, but as his is his all-the star to sustain launch which comprises Joe Henderson on sax of tenor, Bobby Hutcherson in vibes, and Duque Pearson on piano. A Pearson penned title-the yard can be my preferred has registered so only cut in history of jazz. Each one that like this of some aforesaid soloists some incredible work. A piece is dipped-rear and languid, but with incredible soul. A rest of some diverse tunes the times but the majority have of the same lazy, smoky feels to them while touching fiercely inspired.
Go them I moments also spends to touch incredible in his again remastered edition for Rudy legendary Van Gelder. His one of a better touching disks in a same series. Those of you the one who possesses an emission of original of Blue Note to good sure would have to that consider a upgrade.
Highly recommened for any with an interest in jazz or those looking for the place to develop one.
4 / 5 Lettie
Among Grant Green umpteen registers for Blue Note, ossia probably a better. (Although it takes some rigid competition of Matador and the little another.) His good-looking improvisation, relaxed in a gorgeous the clues of title is the perfect chance of "each note in his right place" (the thousands would have been proud). Vibes Player Bobby Hutcherson and saxophonist of tenor Joe Henderson was still relatively ignored when this CD has been registered but touch that old pros, while bassist Bob Cranshaw and drummer To the Harewood resupplies the sturdy, swinging support to a music.
Go them I moments is one of some albums of electrical guitar of jazz more final never registered and an essential part of any collection. Kenny Burrell The Blue midnight is also up there. If you want to listen more than Grant Green is touching, chooses on Matador (with McCoy Tyner and Elvin Jones) and Larry Young is To Somethin' (with Sam Rivers, Larry Young, and Elvin Jones).
4 / 5 Tomeka
Is hard to say like this CD would touch without a wonderful, 15 clue of minutes of long title. Certainly a magic of this clue is the big part of the success of a CD.
Goes him I moments is one of these scarce moments in the music registered when some musicians and a music are resulted a, joining in alcohol around a musical fire. These needs to be listened, partorisca comprise a potential of music has improvised partorisca express amour and unit.
But a rest of a CD contains elements that he the special fact also.
Like the player of saxophone I amour a way in Joe Henderson follows an advantage of Grant Green, shows it that the player of the sax does not have to that be in front of partorisca touch fantastically.
Bobby Hutcherson the leaves in the each register has touched on has been crucial - here his sound and tasteful touching is one of some main ingredients to a global success. Duque Pearson has contributed a clue partorisca headline also a Nomad of fast time. The sound that the touches is sensitive and the group has oriented throughout.
Has been a lot of especially Green writing touching and his leadership - deserve all compliments. A drummer and action of bassists in this celebration of ego-less alcohol to group that marks this like this special music.
A lesson that this music taught is that when the talent and mutual and sympathetic amour join forces, a result is exceptional. This would have to that be an aim of the each music. And to think that the majority of some musicians here were in his twenties when they have achieved this big level of musicianship - is the testimony his magnitude and to a power of a group to elevate his member.
Needless To say - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!!
4 / 5 Marianela
If you are not never the work of the electrical guitar of Grant has listened Green before, ossia a place to start with . Any only reason the green is touching in his plus end, but as his is his all-the star to sustain launch which comprises Joe Henderson on sax of tenor, Bobby Hutcherson in vibes, and Duque Pearson on piano. A Pearson penned title-the yard can be my preferred has registered so only cut in history of jazz. Each one that like this of some aforesaid soloists some incredible work. A piece is dipped-rear and languid, but with incredible soul. A rest of some diverse tunes the times but the majority have of the same lazy, smoky feels to them while touching fiercely inspired.
Go them I moments also spends to touch incredible in his again remastered edition for Rudy legendary Van Gelder. His one of a better touching disks in a same series. Those of you the one who possesses an emission of original of Blue Note to good sure would have to that consider a upgrade.
Highly recommened for any with an interest in jazz or those looking for the place to develop one.

Top Customer Reviews: Genius + Soul = ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5 Leonard
Ossia More on some 'Original Register' of Hallmark that a real music for Ray Charles. Ray Charles is fantastic is, but a scrolling of CD is terrible. It fails all a triple---muffled touching. I can not express as it disappoints it this scrolling of CD is.
4 / 5 Bethel
Ray Charles touches everything joins the generation is That « 'd I has said » at the beginning give years 60 and well other titles. It joins voice Animates , a phrasé more syncopé, Ray Charles is a passeur that walks to other musics that lucido rock or he yéyé of these years-there. A Swipe of nostalgia and has fulfilled a small Ray Charles, one of these years there but that has discovered much more late.
In December 1960 Ray Converged the falls touches partorisca park ABC this album of mine in edges of pair of the music copain the arrangeur Quincy Jones (and of the sud some pieces Ralph Burns. Without way, Quincy emprunte Orchestra of Edges the Account Basie and summons some another pointures games partorisca offer to Ray Chat a bigband partorisca sleep that goes partorisca do fault a carpet partorisca note of the sud that the ray goes partorisca dip the edges weigh of orgue. Lucido The title of the Album speaks of him-same, the equation is very checked and has validated. They look in this Album gives levels as 'A Mint Julep', ' have Informative partorisca tea or soyoanin''. It finds the leg of Quincy in the way whose sounds the orchestra. The orgue of Ray Chat the pair against a bit aged, some edges that hanged well edges half century. Ray does not sing that of the sud 3 or 4 beaches. There are several republisings of this Album whose east comprising 2CD.
Goes His salvation copains
Rudy Van Gelder to the manettes and Create Taylor to the production.
Some names Of musicians to the offices : Frank Wess, the Real marshal, Billy Mitchell, Frank Adoptive, Seldon Powell (saxes) Thad Jones, Clark Terry, Joe Newman (trompette); Jimmy Cleveland, Grey, Urbie Green (trombone); Freddie Green the electrical guitar; Eddie Jones or Joe Benjamin to the contrebasse; Sonny Payne or Roy Haynes to the battery (cast no exhaustive)

Top Customer Reviews: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5 Bev
This is to result one of the mine fav hard bop record, quality of his this quite well, but a content is surprising
5 / 5 Mariel
A classical - like this well in a 20th listen so that it was in a prime minister.
5 / 5 Freddy
Material volume of amazon relatively often. Always well.
5 / 5 Shannon
Like the relative noob partorisca Jazz, this was an album that hooked me. But having this album on CD and streaming is a thing - a vinyl so only dipped the in a cup. Absolutely fantastic heat and coziness. Ossia A night of Friday with the glass of wine, the cold was partorisca an album of weekend and sound.
3 / 5 Florrie
This is to result one of mine fav hard bop record, quality of his this quite well, but a content is surprising

Top Customer Reviews: Cape Verdean ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
4 / 5 Ivonne
After a success of Song partorisca My Father and his yard partorisca title like this, Horace Money have been moved to pay tribute further to his dad, any to mention connect with some of his roots. The father of the money is been born in a nation of island of Green Boss (Africa West next) first to emigrate United States, and ossia an inspiration for behind A Boss Verdean Blues. Any all of some clues are influenced directly for a music of Green Boss (this in spite of some incorporate the flavour of the money for light exoticism); this in spite of, there is the alcohol of adventure that pervades a whole album, the sense of exploitation that would not have been enough one same with the quintet of the money of old. In meso, some clues are longer that habituáis, and a lineup -- looking saxophonist of tenor Joe Henderson (a holdover of a Song for My sessions of Father) and trumpeter Woody Shaw -- is one of one the majority of Money that sustains modernist never registered with. They press Money to territory more advanced that it was habituado usually the working, with sweet dissonances and (especially in Henderson chance) the majority of flange has believed to one touching. That is more, bop trombone legend J.J. Johnson looks in the middle of some six clues, and the sounds of Money have excited his finally the laws with the collaborator have been pursuing for some time. Johnson ably manages some of the majority of defiant material of an album, like a moody, swelling 'Bonita' and a complex, on-rhythms of time of 'Nutville.' The majority of interesting, this in spite of, is a lilting clues of title, which conjures a flavour of some islands with the blend of Latin-tinged rhythms and calypso melodies that this in spite of does not touch quite Caribbean in origin. Also aventajado is 'An African Queen,' with his blend of emotional power and that clues of drifts of liberties, and 'Beautiful Eyes,' Money' first original waltz. This in spite of another album of interesting Money. BTW, I money there is also writes 'Ecaroh' that is Horace spelt type.
4 / 5 Twana
Different the majority of a recent batch of RVG emissions (3/9 & 3/23/04), Horace classical Money 'A Boss Verdean Blues' has been easily available for years, but this remastered reissues is the welcome addition to a Blue Note catalogs this in spite of. While have enjoyed all of the albums of Blue Note of the money on some years (please consult my descriptions for ix Pieces of Money,' 'Exploitations Further,' 'Tokyo Blues,' and 'Horace Obtains'), has has resisted always the special place in my heart for his two collaborations with Joe Henderson -- ong for my Father' and 'A Boss Verdean Blues.' After the years of collaborations very achieved with a Cook of Youngster/of Mitchell Blue quintet, the money has required an influx of new blood to take his band of hard bop to some newer experiences of modal jazz. Henderson, The one who there has been has done already the series of highly of successful album for Blue Note in his own, was more than until a task. (To note further, Henderson has not registered his album of own Blue Note like the leader in 1965, like this October 1 & 22 sessions, together with Pete LaRoca is 'Basra,' comprise Henderson' 1965 start for a focuses.) That this even more the special album is trombonist J.J. The turn of Johnson the Blue Note (with which almost ten years) in last three clues of an album, turning a solid quintet of Money, Henderson, trumpeter Woody Shaw, bassist Bob Cranshaw and drummer Roger Humphries, to the formidable sextet. In everything, 'A Boss Verdean Blues' is the chance the welcome plus of a blues.
5 / 5 Adam
Estimate this CD based in some 5 stars leave or for some 5 stars in a register? I will take to a heart of the like this CD is everything roughly. Horace Money, as his Art of mentor Blakey, has opened a door for like this jazz greats of one 50 east and punctual 60 is. Mitchell blue, John Harris, Jr., Carmel Jones,Joe Henderson and Cook of this Youngster but the micron of the like an infamous HS was all roughly. His stylings is not never dominant likes, says Oscar Peterson, and his soloists am remained to really 'of cook.' As the result when one established adds like Miles Davis or in this chance J.J. Johnson gives one any one embroider is not some class of ounds of some giants' but more likes Law Morgan and Freddie Hubbard is 'Night of some Cookeries' begins to do your tap of the feet and your alcohol go during a room. Calm does not listen to Be the eat. Up! Apresamiento And launch each song in this CD was, but one, and that one can survive so only for the lifetime. If you are Latin man , will find new blood in a tune of title. It was not yes Palmieri or Pont has registered is one, but would have to that have. It takes this, 'Tokyo Blues' and esong for My Father' and can die praise. This that Money is still roughly today and folks Is a last of a Be Boppers fences in any one.
4 / 5 Betty
Right of one a lot first remark this album can do the winter in Antartide feels likes been in a Caribean. Each music in this register is touching his instrument like the master of an art, but the one who the accounts more are some compositions and the walk of Horace. Joe Henderson, although so only the coming man in this register, blows all the world was with his solo in a clue of title. These bars of only cost to invest your money in this CD! I can dron on and on for hours roughly that splendid the all is, but has to that so only indulge. Compraventa! It enjoys! I thank later that present you to this! Calm know you ...
4 / 5 Trang
Follows the recent defender to j.j. johnson, Like the'go state goin out of explorin album of the his east nails my have two cds for him and is excellent! Ossia Any exception ; ossia some gratifying material here! Real Grown folk music! And now, on the this, the damn the muses of jazz take me entangled to some works of horace money!!! Yes, they are them the addict of jazz and the freely admit it! :-P ...If calm also is intoxicated as well as the, then this can quell yours win (for now).

Top Customer Reviews: Blowin Blues ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
4 / 5 Joana
Song partorisca My Father usually takes one nods like the better album of Horace Money in a estaca-days of Messenger of the Jazz, but partorisca my money there there is simply any competition. Blowin' A Blues Was semence on song with which song of punchy, upbeat hard bop, with melodies that will remain stuck in your boss partorisca days in finals and grooves that it pursues three feet to a paving. A feisty line at the head of Cook of the young and Mitchell Blue is in his the majority of inspired, and each tune is chock-full of the funky of Horace, soulful the piano that touches. So only give "Sister Sadie" I move it and calm will know that I bad.
4 / 5 Coleman
At least based in that has listened it of jazz-which is the plot -I does not consider this album partorisca be an essential register. It is good and in time, very good. Some of these tunes will be recognised immediately for some. A rest is a lot also. This album is my first experience with to Horace Money likes him the leader, like this perhaps so that the continuous time in and volume the more feel for his music thru other albums will appreciate this an even more. Well, but no essential.
4 / 5 Soo
Some day Horace will owe that explain a point for behind his incessant hout way of heart comping. It has to that be annoying like this hell partorisca a soloist. It is the writer adds and fix for horns--ossia his stronger dress in mine dress. A fashion is unmistakable. Also without him an appearance of gospel in the jazz can not have presented. That need partorisca his soloing and comping is an editor this in spite of. There is has had always oodles of ideas--but often to to sounds like is of the girl that tries to touch each corny idea that comes partorisca import. Perhaps partorisca some auditors this is part of his charm.
5 / 5 Williemae
Really can be on forty years of this excellent example of the music of Horace Money have been registered? This has everything. A Trio as well as a Quintet with a player of the tenor more adds, Cook of Youngster. A music with a clue of title of the behaviour, a Sister partorisca stir Sadie and a wonderful follow which is like this aptly graduate "Paz". Possibly a better that Horace Money has registered? If it is or no, this CD spends like this time in my player like elepé original fact+ 30 years. Wonderful music for one of a greats of jazz.
4 / 5 Sydney
In fact all have listened of Horace Money is wonderful. All some tunes are of sound in this album. If I owe that choose the preferred is "St. Vitus Dance". I can listen so only to this clue on and on again.
Also the controls was Horace Money & some Messengers of Jazz, Toe Poppin' and Song partorisca my Father. Those are one some was, and is all more than Five stars! Certainly it plans on buying plots more CD is of this musician adds.
4 / 5 Susanne
Horace Money & His of the FANTASTIC GROUP is an Album HAS Strong Arrangements&Music that is in a Big plus does not leave never up.