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Top Customer Reviews: Roxio Easy VHS to ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 55 ratings
4 / 5
The cost has verified Ossia an amazing product . The works extremely well transfer your VHS / C-VHS / BETA / 8mm / DVD and other images of half comunicacionales to the digitized formed in your computer -- in this chance any Mac OSX. But partorisca do like this, any device is using partorisca touch these formats owe that have absolutely neither the phono is exited of video with at least a phono exited of audio... Or one all comprising S-VHS start. These products will not accept the entrance of coaxial boss or any class of upconverting YPB link of boss. So only it uses old-pupil phono spent and/or S-VHS discharges. This has said, a really produced product the big quality digital version of any launchings in him. It is also very easy to use -- a lot the friendly user -- without all a bloated useless crapware options that generally confuse one craps out of the majority of final users. Ossia The really simple, scaled down, useful and effective device that enough so only a thing extremely well... And this is taking your old analog material digitized on to your computer with the very small learning curve. There is a negative would have to that apply his. There have it so only 3 settings of conversion... Big, Average and Down. Unfortunately, any of these three is really own to show your films in widescreen TVs. I say that reason a Half and the Low settings produce an image that does not use of the yours TVs the full urban nails in an acceptable quality. How it is it has stuck that it has to that convert to a Big setting. But here it is a thing ... This setting will convert the typical 2 hr VHS tape to the whopping 35 G .mov Lima. Ossia Totally unacceptable, especially if your computer is so only the pair of TB or less reason do not take long for the fill on entirely is transferring to plot of video of old house. It is not even the feasible measure to upload to any services of cloud. My recommendation is to use that dipping anyways and then so only king-convert a version finalised of Roxio to the much more manageable MP4 the formed that it use any number of conversores free there (same in iMovie) with manual settings this'll seats it to somewhere among Roxio is 'Big' and soyedium'. I have done so only the concealed and directed to take that 35 video of Lima of G of the simple 2 hr vhs the converted tape to the very big quality 7.5 G digital file. The picture and that the audio remains perfectly synced also, which totally attributes to a quality of this Roxio has produced. So only a caveat to everything of of the this... Mark takes some bosses of the calm video in any one is using is cleaned really, perfectly followed and generally in conditioning very good. I have found a Roxio software to control to be a lot highly sensitive the fluctuations of qualities of image of video, which then tends to cause his window to control to fall an image fed of his screen -- as be momentarily unable to read one feeds. After careful experimentation and applied, has concluded that this phase is related precisely to boss of soiled video. A simple cleaner of these vcr / camcorder begins to use the good alcohol has based cleaner of the commercial boss to good sure will correct a question -- ossia of course if a boss of the video is not in fact physically broken - and so only so only dirty. Like this anyways, a longitude and short of this this ... I produce it adds. Good works. It learns regarding the use correctly.
4 / 5
The cost has verified Very happy with this product. Taken partorisca transfer all ours old house film Hi8 tapes of video to digital format. Video easily scrollings the iMovie where could separate clips, focus and categorize him.

A camcorder connected it to has there was so only the ape exited but the simple 5 dollar RCA 'Is splitter has solved that any question partorisca take audio out of both canals.

Likes another there is complained... Yes it is the scrolling of real time , sounds to 6 tape of sounds of now to 6 now moves. But that attended, these produced is not that it goes to of some transmission of way like your work of player of old tape so that the complaint is unfounded. So only begin a scrolling and the walk were until his fact! He some time of past after a video is completed but his really of any consequence.

Compatible with mine mac reservation pro that careers X The Suceden sees:

the products Add thank you!
5 / 5
The cost checked VHS the scrolling is still a lot the time that eats. It requires scrolling of real time. A 6 now VHS is still 6 hours of time of scrolling. A time of past of the estaca with which captures of the video was more along that has expected. It has been expecting a capture of video to accused to the usable .mov Lima how was has taken. This arrives after a capture, that involves another long wait.

A product is very easy to use and a lot compact compared to other systems. Prices partorisca Mac the version is considerably more than version of PC. Any sure reason this would have to that be.
4 / 5
The cost has verified Quite expensive but has finalised to be extremely user-friendly and useful convert my miniDVs the digital files in my computer. Note: has the MacBook Air and required to contact a company for a software because I do not have the walk of CD ROM to install an accompanying software. But they were a lot quickly, useful and accommodating. Any one subjects another concealed it! I have looked also the video of Youtube on regarding the use and was the piece of cake.
5 / 5
The cost verified had used this product in my local library and decided partorisca purchase he partorisca mine home I so that there is enough the number of VHS is to do to DVD is. I received it once this in spite of, have had at all but questions with him. Dipping it up was the bit to defy and then DVD PLAYER (multiple a bit) would not touch a format. The service of client have advised simply to in the first place spend for an exact process that has had numerous time (which have done and there is ruined another DVD) and then uninstall and reinstall a program. When I this, updates a program as it has meant now no longer could shorten some films (like when any piece a first register of a VHS would begin the rewind and now has this enormous quantity of blue in an end of some of my films) and can do not costing the iMovie reason, according to my later interaction with service of client, 'Please notes that Roxio Easy VHS to DVD for Mac is not compatible with The Suceden and can run subject while installed.' His suggestion was to install the third program of party to convert my film to then import the iMovie, the then export to Toast when I am ready to burn he to DVD. And a lot included take me has begun on Toast. Calm can not burn these films to dvd without him but has not comprised he with cost of mine (when a web of place clearly declares that his ). In general, this has been the horrible experience that has invested now in $ 100 to.
5 / 5
The cost has checked are a lot disappointed in this product. I have ordered he without giving that it has to have you an old plus Mac in order partorisca he partorisca be compatible. My MacBook Pro is running in you X Yosemite and does not recognise a device when I have tried plugging he in. A Corel the instruments of technical support has suggested that tentativa plugging he in the the port of different USB to the as it has not had any regime. I have finalised partorisca do some investigation and a lot of other clients have had subjects of alike compatibility. It does not buy this product unless it check some requirements of the compatibility and your system is in a cast. I am returned a product the Amazon and orderly Elgato the video takes like the a lot of investigation, a lot of people have said that that has wished would have in the first place orderly first to try anything more. The toes have crossed work!
5 / 5
The cost has checked Roxio has not done with my mac. A league of day and an after him no. When it Bequeaths, can not take any audio or video partorisca look. The, this in spite of has the PC and has purchased a version of PC partorisca another computer and that the version has done.
5 / 5
The cost has verified very well touches partorisca recover his ancient video in VHS and very simple of utilisation
5 / 5
The cost has checked calm once imagines a product was, work quite well. Deff. Any easy at the beginning. The program has said has not had any update for a software, this in spite of has an update in a roxy put web that is the must to download, with which that was very easy. Be prepared to spend in 20 bucks in a dvd software in of the llamas 'toasted' of a tent of application. Some work to program directly with east, like this once you, record some calm images so only the click sends the 'toasted' and then a click of plus to burn a disk.
5 / 5
The cost checked The one who the product adds. There is any curve partorisca learn with this product. Simply it covers and go, a software is simple, clear and the friendly user. If you have VHS tapes that you does not want free to time and wear then ossia the must has produced.

Top Customer Reviews: Vegas Movie Studio ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5
These produced is very better that any Roxio or Studio 10. I have purchased Studio 10 initially and has given finally up. It has maintained partorisca clash or in that want to me partorisca pay for a upgrade. I have read a lot of descriptions and finally solved in Sony Vega. A subject main has had is the curve partorisca learn empinada. I took awhile partorisca imagine was like this partorisca dip out of my video of house. I have used alot of test and error. It is class of hard like partorisca imagine was that some two containers of law of together software. Essentially, the studio of Film is that calm modification some films and DVD organise all some pieces. Studio of Film of the use partorisca divide a film partorisca separate pieces. I use DVD partorisca organise some pieces to some separate segments and do a DVD. Ossia Probably very a lot clear which is reason a software is not totally intuitive. There is tutorials which are class of useful but has taken unfortunately tries and error partorisca the take well.

Now that have imagined was, can take my video partorisca house the containers of DVD very partorisca my family. It would use this in place of any Roxio or Studio10 but expect take time partorisca learn regarding the use.
5 / 5
There was a lot of bed another rveiews regarding overlays and such and imagined [...] bucks Risk. Wow! The desire had had has purchased a Platuim Pro 9, and punctual... Vega is utmost! Yes it has the curve partorisca learn. The majority of him is partorisca tug and drop, and looks a lot like the visual basic window. If you are not the complete newbie to programs of software of the computer, would have to take so only well.

Some reservation has comprised is quite worthless, but a the Pdf in a disk, (and the files of help am widespread). A PDFs there is pulled of him so that it could go in him with out Vega inaugural, I never the software of past page beats to take and suff that boggle an alcohol...
Architech The portion dips and 8.5 gigabite film of measure (3 hours) in the 4.7 disk of action, explosions on the message, can compress a wavs ... I am COST of click and the slaps in the dvd for me.
Wants to run 3 or four differnt video in of the small windows in the full film, the majority to plant some messages, the little mpegs, adds some !
Need to undress the sound was and realign he with your video. EASY!

Very characteristic, the majority of that I any precise , is disabled in this version but is not disbaled in Platnium pro 9.
This are add, But has had recomend that raisin of the extra money and take pro. I have offered this together with my edges, with which used it to learn any plus.
Vega is utmost!
4 / 5
Has used Studio of Film for several seeds-professional video, and have a lot of satisfied state with him. It has fallen Some teeth out of programs likes him Pinnacle, manufacturer of film of the windows, and the majority another video of consumer that modifies applications.

While characteristic fault of the one of truth 'professional' application, has more professional-characteristic to level that any 'pro-sumer' modifying the application knows of.

All modifying the applications are complicated, but where Studio to Film hines' is in ease of use. The studio of film obeys all some laws of applications of regular windows (yard, paste, etc.) Which any pro. Modifying the negligences of software. This gives it the relatively down learning curve.

Highly recommends this to any one looking for more characteristic that (or tired of a frustration of) the consumer that modifies applications.
4 / 5
I mine of use for YTPing and adds. He the loops of stutter adds, mixes of sentence and ear rap. Everything of some technicians is can not be done in WMM or iMovie. Some papers and modifying the tools are of sound, included for his age. If has the new computer, a law of software still! Has the windows 8 computers and this add on that! If calm included consider to buy is, calm to good sure has to that.
5 / 5
Is adds with my computer of mine old plus. Has has wanted to he for that, long history.
5 / 5
Thought that it would be able to use costruttore of film of the Windows to modify my films when I have bought my new Sony HD camera, but could not find the way to do the law has bought like this this Sony manufacturer of film.

Is the product adds ; it is like this easy to use like this manufacturer of film of the Windows, and does not retard down my computer at all.
5 / 5
There is alot to learn but once take it down is very fun. Have Thoroughly enjoyed it this software and my films have resulted utmost. It looks very professional!
5 / 5
When it Looked this on I a lot have attentively has ascertained that I have not been a lot enough in a computer to imagine this was. I can do more anything loves in my computer but this was too technical.

Top Customer Reviews: Vegas Movie Studio ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
4 / 5
They are the beginner with the video that modifies and has decided on Studio partorisca Film after reading roughly descriptions. They are happy to inform a the product has treated like this promised well out of a box. This was my first time modifying video, my leading projects were slideshows with the product Roxio dips was and this dipped a Roxio has produced the shame.

An initial setting on a software was painless how was one taking of a video of my camera. Be warned this in spite of those some produced does not sustain some video taken of still digital cameras. With my mini-dv camcorder although all was smooth.

A timelines and qualified partorisca cut/paste and trim audio and video seperately or together is easy to use calm once take a hangs of him. Yes, it likes him anything that interests precise to spend time with some manuals and tutorials but if ossia the complaint then any need this product.

Has quite a lot of effects and transitions partorisca dip together some good projects and a capacity to the casserole by means of still photos is the awesome.

Has the decent that-the section partorisca aim you like this partorisca take the things that goes and a container still comprises 2 disks with effects of the his to add to a project.

Regarding a software of DVD while well still am trying master the to take besides a basics. I have found one that-the tutorials much less useful that in a continuazione to modify but still can do a bit decent dvd papers.

In general can not complain. All has done likes has to that. I have it quell'has had so only a glitch that burns the dvd like the simple reboot of my computer fixed. A continuazione partorisca modify has not clashed once and still although a rendering the times are long a look of final product adds.

Has not tried other products but I really can not imagine anything there that will do very better that Study of Film partorisca a same prize.

4 / 5
Laws, commercial modification DV video that use Final Yard Pro 5 and do effects in Motion of Apple in the powerful MAC workstation. Also I am learning After the Effects 6.5 Pro & 7 Pro. I have required something economic to do projects of small house. I have required also something partorisca create DVD is.

I the plot of the investigation in some better Windows has based DV NLE (editor of digital video any linear) in a $ 50 - $ 150 row of prize and Sony the studios of Films de Vega is exited up in the each category especially with satisfaction of user of the end and stability. It looked in: Season Premiere Elements, BIRD VISUAL EDITOR, Free Miser DV, Cyberlink PowerDirector, EditStudio, Jashaka, MainActor, Magix the film Modifies Pro, Pinnacle Studio, Roxio VideoWave, Ulead Videostudio, Studio of Film de Vega, the video Modifies Magic and Manufacturer of Film of the Windows. Again, Sony the studio of Film de Vega is exited up in the each category especially with satisfaction of user of the end and stability. A lot some other upper programs have received of the like this complained of instability, incidents of software and YOU corruption of file of the system that is to be surprise and there is disappointed. As has the known studio of Film de Vega was an only real election . With a version of test, was able to do a bit good modifying and has been sold on he immediately! Reason?

Sony The studios of Films de Vega surprised me really partorisca be so that the power packed with characteristic has expected so only in to the the professional editor likes ripple, 4 of clues of video and 4 clues of audio; a capacity the reorder clues partorisca extend them on or under other clues; a capacity the audio of video/of the discharge and simple compositing; a capacity to repeat content in the clue to tug it on to the long of a timeline ... The same characteristic Motion of Apple can any one without that has to that create new discharges. Although some of some characteristic are quell'has bitten childish a way is showed likes Video FX the samples and the text that modifies the be a bit limited, still agree me that ossia the $ 100 level of consumer has produced. Then there is keyframes for precise timing control!!! Man!! Keyframe Modifying in 100 program! Ossia A bomb !! Oh yeah, 3-Go to to the by heart primary correction likes in Final Yard!! It can exited in Quicktime .mov Formed also!! It can show start in an external monitor. It can regulate a speed and same reverse video in the very intuitive way! It can be extended with discharge-ins. Ossia Almost crazy! ... For $ 100!! Any way! If you dig deep, tweak some of some settings and use a keyframes, can take some unexpected fine-layered the effects of video concealed apresamiento PIP (picture-in-picture) to the integer of new level! ... Far further of this I expósita in a manual or a company announces can be done.

Of course, is not to perfect. A Studio of the architect of the DVD is the joke ; especially it has compared the iDVD in the Mac. There have it absolutely any imagination in a part of some designers of @@subject any and the capacity to draw of a software the fresh motion has has based papers, if possible, are volume in better! I have not tried SOUR XMC has taken still. Neither it has it it has verified out of a bundled effects of his closings. So only it wishes an editor of video has had better support for compositing. It would want to be able to incorporate toallitas humid of Digital Juice, overlays and canal of alpha stills. I guess they are so only spoilt for some pro applications. Any past of video neither but ossia software of level of the consumer .

In spite of, a NLE editor of video so only in a low prize has paid is well the value that gives a software 5 stars! Kudos The Sony!
5 / 5
Vega Studios is the editor of the video adds . Calm once take used to some papers and the navigation is quickly to use and has all some precise characteristics. I have used Pinnacle 10 in a past, and still use he for some things, but has thought was intuitive but extremely buggy.

Vega is the product adds but have the bone to choose. If you are planning on using he for DVD authoring be carefull. Creating the Discharge Only DVD read so only well, but Spent Dual Authoring has the pocolos bugs. Like this far I have not directed to create the project of Dual Discharge becasue of the errors am taking roughly DVD MEASURED of project. It looks that Vega has question with knowing/ predicting measured to file so much can take alike errors.

Sound a grace to save is that a support of the technology of the email is very useful and at present am doing with them to imagine out of the workaround thus question.

On everything is the very good program , and probably a more can take for a money, but any program is perfect.
4 / 5
For the company that like this obviously hates his clients, Platinum of the studio of Film de Vega is the wonderful, characteristic-rich product in the reasonable prize. When being new to the video that modifies has researched several products but this one all that has required without breaking my account of bank. My only quibble is a curve of necessary big learning to use some of his characteristic and the lack of automation that mark some appearances of a too complicated program -- for example, another program has does a 'Effect of Burns of Ken' very better and is easier that use, but is not the true video that modification program. A characteristic of the correction of the colour de Vega is also more difficult that would have to be because there it does not look to be the way to automatically regulate a colour in a way of Photoshop and other programs, but is still feasible. Those are subject smaller with a otherwise the program adds and would be hard to find the better value in the video that modifies software.
4 / 5
Has has used produced in treating adds. I will try to buy has has used produced again! Well I am cost well am cost well cost a lot of