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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
So only it stirs it of out taking film that brotas was all a good material

Top Customer Reviews: Oz: The Complete ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
4 / 5
OMG - I can not say quite a lot of good things in this show. I have had to that buy each season and clock to start with to finalise. That the program adds. A provider was reasonably priced and shipped a lot quickly.
4 / 5
Oz Last season is, unfortunately, the complete disorder.

Has a lot of histories lateralmente that goes nowhere, a lot of characters that reads contrarily to his own character, etc.

Is a unfortunate fines to a otherwise stellar series.
5 / 5
Very happy with a compraventa, fast and exactly to the equal that has declared. Place very good to treat, the very satisfied client
5 / 5
These Dvdes arrived less than timing that expected and wants to him. It is the serious adds !
5 / 5
This show is like this well is so only perfect. Nizza Naughty viewing for this daughter. Again the amazon is a better.
4 / 5
New or has used all some seasons have maintained in of the perfect conditions now can them look a whole series that begins to (sadly) an end any time the master!!

Top Customer Reviews: Nurse ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
They are very happy to have touver Nurses betty version fançaise, excellent emballage and am very satisfied
5 / 5
From time to time you run by means of the film has lost of some coverages of television that have to that be the classical cult . Nurses Betty is the quirky original film with this 'Indian' feel his. Renee Zellweger Is the boy in the city of small Kansas. His looks of life partorisca look the soap opera and his star Dr. David Ravell. His husband (Of the) is the trafficante/of drug of the car dealer those who deceives in sound. A day while Betty is looking his soap in a room, two bad types, Morgan Freeman and his Rock of Chris of the edges, lean in Of the those who tried partorisca sell them behind any drugs fly they. They finalise partorisca kill Of the, as Betty, by means of the presence of door has separated a scene.

Betty now results delusional. It blocks out of a murder while it believes is a leading promise of a fictional Dr. David Ravell and ships in the travesía of country of the cross partorisca find. While, A venue cops loves question, and some killers that @gives has the witness wants to kill.

A film is zany like report among Morgan, a murderous intellectual with class and Rock of Chris, the hip-hopster the results pulled. Morgan believe Betty to be cold and calculating and develops the amour and respect for his they like this travesía,while the rock thinks that that it is so only simple crazy. While All the world Betty among contact with thinking is dice .

A down the side to a film is does the little time when you begin to feel sad partorisca Betty and that ossia no longer pleasant, as in a scene of bar of Arizona. For this I suggests another longitude toke, any bogat, and continue truckin' as the film will result ape again, and punctual.
4 / 5
Ossia Very different of some premiers two cynical endeavours of Manager Neil LaBute. LaBute Is doing with more script this time, and concealed can be a reason this film was achieved more than his premiers two endeavours. A dark comedy with some surprisingly graphic violence, ossia to good sure the start of his character driven dips concealed has to that like him absolutely of person.
Is hard any to like Betty -- is the down in his boy so that has an absolutely golden presence. To The one who could no the like? It is difficult to know yes Zellweger more likeable here, as Bridget, or in his "Chicago" function. The very short time, has established like material of main lady, and a camera loves. As Betty, touch it run over in the star of soap opera (Greg Kinnear likes Actor George McCord) the one who is the doctor in his function, results more serious when his husband of low life is murdered for two mobsters. Betty witnesses a murder, and unknowingly takes a car this has a merchandise a mobsters is looking for. When Betty leave his life of small city for The, is disassociated of reality and goes to find "Dr. Ravell" His real amour.
Kinnear Is charming and alternately Betty confused and attracted (the one who does like the nurse in a soap opera). Morgan Freeman is terrific likes Charlie, of a mob, the one who can not help his attractive Betty, in spite of his mission. Chris only Rock, the one who touches the edges of Charlie, looks to be miscast, in the whiny and bitter function. Chris -- CAN touch YOU comedy! Some resplandores of screen when Zellweger is in the, and is drawn finally to the his world-wide and is there when it comes to clash down around sound.
LaBute The wonderful work with a film, but some DVDES extra is scarce and some of one has deleted the scenes are for real distasteful. Alison Janney Is squandered in launching it was function, but LaBute directs to find the small function for his favourite actor, Aarón Eckhart ( is been in all LaBute film) as smarmy husband. John C. Richards And James Flamberg has won in Cannes for a screenplay, and the surprises in a way have said an unusual history.
No for all the world, especially for those looking for light comedy. These spectators will find a violence distasteful.
4 / 5
The one who the pleasant surprise of the film. Difficult to think of the gender would label he to, takes the little @subject-less-travelled of the his own. Work of part, comedy of part (and Freeman and Rock of Chris are hilarious in the no very deliberately pleasant way), and persecution of murder of suspended of part -- more the subplot roughly psychologically dysfunctionally fantasy of Hollywood.
Has read other descriptions here and one a reason some critiques savage this film is that it defies all an usual for-the-stereotypes of numbers. Sure, a subject is a bit doozy but a way has been managed in the film is immaculate -- some flows to film quickly and is flange-of-the-entertainment of chair and almost all the characters are a lot convincing -- of a quirky sheriff of Kansas of small city to some protagonists Renee and Freeman.
In fact, there is enjoyed particularly some protagonists, his histories intertwine in a offbeat way. It fantasizes In his so that it fantasizes in the star of soap. His both dip is gone in investigation of his ideal with unpredictable results. Renee Is sweet without being smarmy, has the naivete to the his in this which is not cloying. And Morgan has seen better days and is a victim of his own lifestyle that leaves in the second if his fantasy was possible and the deep part of him knows is not .
An underlying almost parodic the message is roughly likes to take sidetracked in life when something results too painful by means of just simple circumstances or by means of poor decisions. Pay attention to some words spoken for the character of Morgan Freeman in his last scene.
His amused to look film that takes risks and this sly digs to good sure fact! That the fabulous banquet of film.
5 / 5
'Nurses Betty' is the good flavour declares like Neil LaBute continuous press a envelope. After looking Gweneth Paltrow & Aarón Eckhart in LaBute is 'Possession,' was curious that had lost with this DVD. If James Flamberg has deserved a better screenplay prize in Cannes in 2000 for this script, am not sure. Usually, the writers are said to avert doing your crazy main character reason an audience would owe that be crazy to relate to them. If there is the difficulty accessing a film, is concealed .
According to which acting execution, an only one the one who consistently fails to connect with Chris Rock. One a scene deleted in a DVD where speaks roughly the sex with Asian women is roughly like this gross to the equal that can imagine; and I have not been it conceal pleased with his scenes have left in a film. A scene of the flap deleted where his skull explodes was more relief that annoy. Aarón Eckhart With the yard to peel odd takes a LaBute obnoxious the treatment & extracted admirably like dense self-the husband centred the one who leaves his hair in a paving. A character of Aunt of support Texada likes Rosa the wonderful work like Zellweger L.un. roommate. Allison Janney Likes producing Lyla has the quantity has limited to do, but he wonderfully. Kathleen Wilhoite Like the fellow better Asks Ann his work adds usual with his sign raspy voice. Crispin Glover Of esar to a Future' the one who is by train to tug of the people was now was with 'Willard' does the work to sustain adds like informative journalist Roy.
Some advantages are also excellent. Renee Zellweger is interesting to look, and has to that add Doris what of Day that goes in. Some hinges of films in ours that believes his disassociation of reality; and she he like this sweetly that do. Morgan Freeman could read a book of telephone; and it was to add, which is here again. Greg Kinnear Takes to touch the variety of levels likes Dr. David Ravell in a soap 'A Reason to Want to' and like this actor George McCord the one who is charmed for Betty.
Obviously, ossia the odd little history. My woman has maintained to say in disbelief when it was on, 'has thinks that has been the comedy.' Work been due to a wonderful acting, a distinctiveness of LaBute directorial fashion, and an originality of a screenplay. This has said, any entirely hang near. It liked in all the chance. It enjoys!
5 / 5
Nurses Betty is the loan , satirical and dark comedy that threatens in timing the veer was clue. Every time it does like this, he twenty on redeeming he, but a result is the film that does not direct partorisca entertain consistently throughout. Also it has an odd way of both repelling and involving a spectator. His point his strong plus is his originality , and ossia saying something the year [2000] this was quite predictable in some films.
Renee Zellweger Is Betty Sizemore, the boy of small city whose husband, Of the [Aarón Eckhart] is the crass, insignificant man. It possesses the car plot has used, and when Betty asks can take loaned the 1997 Buick LeSabre was a lot of he so that it can celebrate his anniversary with the promise, say the most economic car would have to that do his just well. Betty sneaks was with a Buick in all the chance, but his partner is unable to exit with sound. It returns home, those plans to return a car a next day, and begins to look the videotape of the his soap opera preferred. It is clear that in Betty drab and uneventful life, this program is almost a centre of his existence. When Of the comes home, Betty, the one who is in a give, turns a television down but continuous look. Unbeknownst His, some two men Of has spent he in some results to house to be there to collect in treating he of big drug Of the screwed some folks on. Some types are Charlie and his edges Wesley [Morgan Freeman and Chris Rock], and in the miscommunication among father and edges, Of the twenty on deaths in a living room. Listening some shots, Betty peeks by means of the doorway. He his street. His any one see .
Betty goes to the clash of estaca traumatic in that a world-wide entirely transmissions for sound. After a sheriff and a journalist of local newspaper [Pruitt Taylor Vain and Crispin Glover] has been in a house awhile researching a murder, Betty suddenly smiled, thanks him to spend for and leaves. In his alcohol is there be any crime. Suddenly, it thinks that that it was involved once the Dr. David Ravell, the character of advantage in his beloved soap opera. Betty takes is gone in a Buick for investigations of the Angels of David and begins the series of adventures very odd. Charlie and Wesley are punctual in hot investigation reason know something she no...
Zellweger Was the wonderful election to touch Chard. With his wispy but raspy the voice and his little daughter have lost looks, is ideal in the film that is liberally laced with references to A Wizard of Oz. Greg Kinnear Gives some good touches to George McCord, an actor the one who touch Dr. Ravell. It is the man whose ego has caused to lose view that is of entity. Freeman, Master that it is, directs to spend empathy to the character that really does not deserve any one. I say it does not deserve a lot of reason are not never able state to buy in Hollywood cliche in that the write the one who living the like this the man unexpectedly is, down he all, so only the type regulates that it tries to take for in life. Also I have the difficult time that finds such the character that amuses.
Is hard to peg Nurses Betty, and ossia well. If it is the comedy familiarised is after, forget it. If it likes-you yours comedy in a quota and quirky side, for everything means give Betty tries it.
5 / 5
A better thing roughly 'Nurses Betty' is that calm never quite know where is going. His free and freeform the leaves to structure some writers, John C. Richards And James Flamberg, the way his work of the wide row of disparate ways and ways - and a tension seldom shows. One can question a appropriateness of the particularly gruesome scene early on in a film, but, for one the majority of part, 'Nurses Betty' wins on with his originality, sweetness and charm. A first element is resupplied for some screenwriters, but a second two that comes mainly of the star of a film, Renee Zellweger, the one who, like this always, radiates a class of beauty and vulnerability of the alcohol concealed has done the star of entity for our time.
Zellweger Touch Betty Sizemore, the boy that read in the café in Kansas, the one who evasions a sinister reality of his pair to the callous philanderer for blanking she to his soap opera preferred and fantasizing in his character of soap opera preferred, a Good-looking Dr. David Ravell, touched for Greg Kinnear. When Betty witnesses a brutal murder of his husband, she periods to the state of psychosomatic rejection, resulting has convinced a lot so only that a world of his program of television is real but that it was travesía necessary in the Angels to gather with his leading fiancé, Dr. Ravell He. Like this it begins the odd cross of Betty-odyssey of country, has followed closely in his heels for Morgan Freeman and Chris Rock, some responsible men for the death of his husband.
But some experiences of Betty of the odyssey is not simply the geographic a - for also takes the travesía deep to some recesses of madness of comic. Like the result, while has humour in a lot of that spends for, there is also ache - and some writers and a actora paste in both notes perfectly. Like this, while the confusion of Betty in that is real and that it is to the fantasy often heads to misunderstandings of comic, also heads to a class of fear, misapprehension and insecurity that can irrationality.
In the alike way, some attack of writers was balance with his conception of Freeman and characters of Rock. Here it is men - a the hotheaded, cold-blooded, murderous calculated, another the criminal professional the one who admits to attack people that 'deserve it' - the one who found in timing like this quietly convincing humorous charmers. 'Nurses Betty' is not always the comedy 'comfortable'.
With his multitude of characters, settings and tones, 'Nurses Betty' sometimes looks that rasgue averts in a seams. Still, thanks to a skilled hand of manager Neil LaBute, this does not spend never. In fact, a film has one expansionary, almost quality of the seldom found epic in the comedy. No each element in 'Nurses Betty' works equally well, but for his ambition, discharge and originality, is the film well the value that the controls was.
5 / 5
Ossia One adorable, if a bit edgy, comedy of the loan and witty script for John C. Richards, crisply has DIRECTED of one a lot talented Neil LaBute, that tries that it can manage comedy like this adroitly to the equal that can one films of house of the art.
Renacida Zellweger To to Accident likes him Betty Sizemore, of the class of Doris Day of a 21st century, the boy of Kansas of the that centre of life of the fantasy around Dr. David Ravell (Greg Kinnear), the star of the soap opera of television has called, "A Reason to Live," the such the fanatical terracing that has memorised stain of a show after looking some tapes on and on again. (This will go in handy later on.) Morgan Freeman and Chris Rock touch the father-edges of instrument of men to attack that extracted cocaine the one who ignites a premise of a film to murder Betty slimy has used husband of car salesman, touched for Aarón Eckhart, the one who there is starred in in a Company of Men (1997), also directed for Neil LaBute. Chris Rock is the comedic psychopath, and Freeman it fatherly murderous whose preferred dictum is "three in a boss, knows has died." One of some amazing things and characteristics roughly Morgan Freeman is that still while touching the professional criminal, directs to touch like a wiser man, sweeter has known no never.
True, some confidences of the plot strongly has sawed-incidence (Betty copping some tones to a Buick that that so only spends to have some sakes in a trunk), precise timing (fulfilling Dr. David and engaged in exactly a moment right), and some questionable psychology (partial and convenient amnesia of Betty). But such contrivances would owe that be the writing was licence like this poetic and has ignored. After all, the one who would critique Shakespeare for one has has tortured plots of his comedies? More significantly, that this work is a cleverness of a plot melded well with some personalities of some characters (while softly satirizing the), and some very pleasant dialogue. My favourite line is when Freeman, looking gravely in the picture of a disappeared little lose Nurses Betty, soberly commentaries partorisca Mecer, " we can be treat the slyness , cruel woman here." I ask, that can be that some of a pseudonymous (and humorless) reviewers the one who trashed this films here and in IMDb is jealous, was-of-writers of screen of the work?
An observation and the question: Renacida Zellweger has a class of him on-assist of screen the delight one the majority of jagged heart. And the one who really is a reigning queen of contemporary filmland comedy, Zellweger or Reese Witherspoon? They are both brilliant . Witherspoon Is the little more in an upper while Zellweger is more impish. It was to interest to see them functions of trade, says, Zellweger like this goody-goody student of Tracy Flick in Election (1999) and Witherspoon like this Nurses Betty. Too bad to to something likes that that can not be done.
Incidentally, a song, "Ca will be, will be" listened in a fund has won a prize of academy for better song in a Hitchcock thriller, A Man The one who has Known Also (1956), starring James Stewart and Doris Day. A reason reappears here is not totally clear, but an appearance of a wonderfully naive Nurses Betty to an on- and was-screen Doris Day (the one who has had also the register unexpectedly of "Ca will be, will be,") it goes further one mills blond hair to the class of irrepressible innocence. In Nurses Betty, this in spite of, a Doris world of Day of fences of the white picket and to the monogamy is given moves it contemporary. Although ossia in some measure the romantic comedy, is one in that a response to a question, The one who takes a daughter , It is a never seen in the Doris Day flick.
Inferior line: if you can look this without strong old laugh and crying some real tears, precise take your hard walk fixed.
5 / 5
Betty Sizemore (Renee Zellweger) is the boy of City of the Kansas the one who dream to result the nurse. An only thing that it is in his way is his husband , your traditional snake of the car salesman. This in spite of, when Betty sees brutally murdered for the pair to men of paste, goes to the fugue been. Oblivious To the death of his husband and confused by some questions some police maintains to ask, Betty decides a solution to all his questions is to direct Los Angeles and be gathered with his leading promise, Dr. David Ravell (Greg Kinnear). An only question is that a totally delusional Betty no longer knows is lucido so only the character of the his soap opera preferred, "A Reason to Love." While A two odd pair men unexpectedly, Charlie (Morgan Freeman) and Wesley (Chris Rock), tries to follow down, any only reason say a murder but reason there is something in a car walk is gone in that master. Unfortunately, Charlie results a bit fixated on Betty, the one who will be his last aim before retreat. These his anger only hotheaded partner Wesley younger.
Betty arrives in L.un. Looking for "Dr. Ravell" And it enjoys the pair of lucky transfers of fate. After saving a life of the young man to use the procedure sees in television once, Betty has arrived with the work in the hospital and the place to remain with Rosa, the sister of a man. Rosa helps Betty same search David, until it discovers a truth and decides to dip Betty up for the disastrous meeting with an actor the one who touches in the function of charity. This meeting results a pivotal scene of a film that resupplies to to his better moments like "David" it is totally captivated reason thinks is surprising improvisational the method that read of Betty. A scene is sustained wonderfully and resupplies some better acting moments in a film for both Zellweger and Kinnear. His amazing connection resupplies a magic this leaves a history to come from. Of course, the bubble of Betty finally explosions in the scene that is, a bit surprisingly, brutally realistic, so that all some lines of plot take drawn together for the climax of a film. We are Betty quite lame the life goes to have the happy end, but there are quite a lot of transfers and turns here that we are not has had to that predict exactly like the things go to result.
This DVD comprise some nine brief deliveries of a dud soap "A Reason to Love." One of some good things in this DVD are some two clues of manager of commentary, a prime minister there is LaBute with a mould, while some characteristic seconds a manager with a crew. This in spite of, this disk does not have a lot of subtitles to turn on while it listen to a commentary. Ossia The film where some actions win some limitations of a script. "Nurses Betty" it is not the Black Comedy and trying hole of pigeons he to a category is the deception of then incorporates elements of types like this varied of films. A question is like -you the little bit of whimsy in your films.
5 / 5
Ossia One adorable, if a bit edgy, comedy of the loan and witty script for John C. Richards, crisply has DIRECTED of one a lot talented Neil LaBute, that tries that it can manage comedy like this adroitly to the equal that can one films of house of the art.
Renacida Zellweger To to Accident likes him Betty Sizemore, of the class of Doris Day of a 21st century, the boy of Kansas of the that centre of life of the fantasy around Dr. David Ravell (Greg Kinnear), the star of the soap opera of television has called, "A Reason to Live," the such the fanatical terracing that has memorised stain of a show after looking some tapes on and on again. (This will go in handy later on.) Morgan Freeman and Chris Rock touch the father-edges of instrument of men to attack that extracted cocaine the one who ignites a premise of a film to murder Betty slimy has used husband of car salesman, touched for Aarón Eckhart, the one who there is starred in in a Company of Men (1997), also directed for Neil LaBute. Chris Rock is the comedic psychopath, and Freeman it fatherly murderous whose preferred dictum is "three in a boss, knows has died." One of some amazing things and characteristics roughly Morgan Freeman is that still while touching the professional criminal, directs to touch like a wiser man, sweeter has known no never.
True, some confidences of the plot strongly has sawed-incidence (Betty copping some tones to a Buick that that so only spends to have some sakes in a trunk), precise timing (fulfilling Dr. David and engaged in exactly a moment right), and some questionable psychology (partial and convenient amnesia of Betty). But such contrivances would owe that be the writing was licence like this poetic and has ignored. After all, the one who would critique Shakespeare for one has has tortured plots of his comedies? More significantly, that this work is a cleverness of a plot melded well with some personalities of some characters (while softly satirizing the), and some very pleasant dialogue. My favourite line is when Freeman, looking gravely in the picture of a disappeared little lose Nurses Betty, soberly commentaries partorisca Mecer, " we can be treat the slyness , cruel woman here." I ask, that can be that some of a pseudonymous (and humorless) reviewers the one who trashed this films here and in IMDb is jealous, was-of-writers of screen of the work?
An observation and the question: Renacida Zellweger has a class of him on-assist of screen the delight one the majority of jagged heart. And the one who really is a reigning queen of contemporary filmland comedy, Zellweger or Reese Witherspoon? They are both brilliant . Witherspoon Is the little more in an upper while Zellweger is more impish. It was to interest to see them functions of trade, says, Zellweger like this goody-goody student of Tracy Flick in Election (1999) and Witherspoon like this Nurses Betty. Too bad to to something likes that that can not be done.
Incidentally, a song, "Ca will be, will be" listened in a fund has won a prize of academy for better song in a Hitchcock thriller, A Man The one who has Known Also (1956), starring James Stewart and Doris Day. A reason reappears here is not totally clear, but an appearance of a wonderfully naive Nurses Betty to an on- and was-screen Doris Day (the one who has had also the register unexpectedly of "Ca will be, will be,") it goes further one mills blond hair to the class of irrepressible innocence. In Nurses Betty, this in spite of, a Doris world of Day of fences of the white picket and to the monogamy is given moves it contemporary. Although ossia in some measure the romantic comedy, is one in that a response to a question, The one who takes a daughter ? It is a never seen in the Doris Day flick.
Inferior line: if you can look this without strong old laugh and crying some real tears, precise take your hard walk fixed.
4 / 5
NURSES BETTY is the ready studio of a human capacity to avert reality partorisca invent alternative universes partorisca a self. The house of a film is Betty Sizemore (Renee Zellweger), the boy of small city in Kansas the one who prefers a world of the his soap opera preferred to this of the his own likes doormat of boss of the philandering husband. After assisting his violent death in some hands of trafficante of drug, is emotionally propelled headlong to his world of soap opera, taking was by means of the unaware country of a stash of drugs in his trunk. His aim is partorisca achieve a "doctor" of a soap opera (Greg Kinnear) and his vision is quite strong to take all a way to an inner actor sanctum where his delusion access neatly with his narcissistic idea that that it is art of big concept .
While, Hot in the trail of Betty is the killers of his husband (Morgan Freeman and Chris Rock), a big to to that likes him the statesman of intuiting, building on Betty like the worthy adversary, another the rash without sense boy of proportion. Betty has fellow the one who worry in his and try give the clue but here a film another insightful observation: the clues go was more people. Some do not learn never, some have to have an accident the reality before finally they take it. Betty finally takes it.
A film is fill with amazing actions. Each last an east laudable but Zellweger and Freeman is stand outs. A dialogue is very written and managed, especially for Freeman the one who is given some a lot of riffs. Some the visual references to some subjects abound. There is the naturalidad sunlit glow to some streets of countries Betty takes to the wing a street of yellow brick the Oz. Kinnear The actor looks for to be like this short likes Wizard, the fact referenced for one contrasts with a height and commanded of Allison Janney like the writer/of producer of the soap opera. Less thin is the boy and of the uniforms of nurses of Betty that it is unmistakably Dorothy.
Finally, has a unevenness to a film. A violence is too jarringly realistic to return comfortably with a comedy. It can use that FARGO touch. Some allusions to the WIZARD Of OZ is witty but intermittent. That loves the film that gives him something to critique with mates but does not classify of the film would owe that enjoy this. That loves the pleasant comedy there will be concealed but will not be able of the enjoy thoroughly given a unsettling character of a violence.
4 / 5
A complete start for manager Neil LaBute, his third film and in the first place soyajor' vehicle, is an amazing piece that in fact gone back in a total opposite direction of the his in the first place films as it has not been alentador or friendly to some appearances some human and sympathetic plus of people. Not To Take me bad... There is still ugly, criminal, and the cruel people that populates this film, but this time has the balance... And a balance is attacked fantastically. Renacida Zellweger Is his charming self, touching a plucky boy of soap opera of intoxicated Kansas, Betty, the one who is married to the car salesman bribed has touched brilliantly for Aarón Eckhart. Eckhart HAS the shady subject extracted that goes (as well as @@subject adulterous). Two men unexpectedly (Morgan Freeman and Chris Rock, the one who is both excellent) come the city to kill and do like this more gruesomely. This in spite of, his no @to give that Betty is house and took a murder. ( They have fulfilled previously Betty, this in spite of, reason was his boy in a diner). Betty is looking the videotape of his favourite soap and his heartthrob doctor (touched well for Greg Kinnear) when a murder takes place. As some class of the mechanism of psychological defence Betty assumes the new personality and thinks that is the nurse and a promise of Kinnear character. It assumes the dud life like his own, among a car and walks in California to reclaim this life. The things go swimmingly at the beginning, and some people those who fulfil to no @to give that seriously it takes this life has assumed. The majority thinks that that it is joking, another thinks that that it is a actora too ambitious that tries to do his way to a soap opera. It fulfils some writers and of the stars of a soap opera, and is so only when it is said that goes to have the walk on has bitten part in a soap that esnaps was' of this psychological trauma. A pivotal and almost that scares the part of this film is when he is in a together of a show and suddenly comes to a realisation that does not know where is or likes to take there. While Freeman And Rock have been pursuing Betty by means of a country because they owe that kill of then was the witness to a murder of his husband. As they travel Freeman falls enamoured with this image has to that Betty, and the rock has to that convince to take the control of him. A film does not finalise entirely felizmente, but Betty exits felizmente in an end. Zellweger Resplandores In this film, and is a lot the value that sees.
5 / 5
Thinks that prevent 'Nurses Betty' to result the film really adds is that it looks for to be too things immediately. It is parody of soap opera of the part , woman in a career flick, buddy film, satire of Amsterdam of small city, and deconstruction of a line among fantasy and reality. In his own, everything of these elements does wonderfully. But when combined near in the jumbled stew, a pot tends to overflow. It conceal it is not to say that I do not have enjoyed a film. I have done. Immensely.
Topping a cast of enjoyable the elements is a fine mould . Morgan Freeman exudes sensatez and cool in a scene, and was-his-rocker mania in another. It is like this effortless here, will not be able to something the acting. The majority of his scenes is with Chris Rock, the one who, while no until the tall levels of Freeman, absolves quite well in his portrait of the surprisingly complex character. This two action an easy chemistry, and resupply some of the moments he pleasant plus of a film. Greg Kinnear Is launched perfectly like the good-looking but bland star of soap opera. He no really do a lot another flashes it his perfect teeth and show of a @@@sparkle in his eyes, but then again a lot really has to that. His character is little more than the device. In the smallest functions, Aarón Eckhart (a LaBute staple), Crispin Glover, Pruitt Taylor Wins, and Allison adds Janney yeomen work livening on a fund. And Renee Zellweger resplandores in a function of title. They are not usually the defender of his work (his schtick attack like this at all more than Joey Lauren Adams-lite), but here is appealing likes woman in a course of both has assumed murderous and his own senses. Uploaded up with attractive innocence, calm can not help fall and feel sad for Zellweger Betty.
Neil LaBute, a manager/of writer for behind a scornful double-bill 'in a Company of Men' and 'Your Friends and Together', so only spends his manager' hat here. Which have thought would have been too bad, reason was sound that writes that it press it these two flicks in a cup. Search prpers having touched the energy of his writer to direct, partorisca has some moments when it tries too hard to do an impression (, Using extreme blues or browns in of the sure scenes, called too much attention his fashion when it is not required really). In general, this in spite of, he the fine work, that moves a history to the long of, and taking some work adds actors. It leaves a script in some hands of John C. Richards And James Flamberg, both screenwriters of premiers of time, the one who an admirable work with him. Although his collective alcohols begin to roam in time (the scenes of Betty in a company of his man of the fantasy of the soap opera could have been shortened the tad), when they take his houses , is strong and ape. In an end, has not lost a vitriol of LaBute the earliest films (although they are itching for him to return to these days again).
Although no really able to spark some classes of dialogue that his leading films , 'Nurses Betty' is finally the experience to reward of LaBute. It does not maintain never in feet to do statements a lot intrepid, that prefers to take a sweeter street. And I guess it conceal it is a real force : aim that LaBute is more than the-author of notes, 'Betty' is the promise of the diverse and interesting filmmaking career to come.
4 / 5
After assisting the murder of his husband for two men unexpectedly, sweet-natured Betty has it desglosa nervous, resulting engreído that it is the character of the his soap opera preferred and the insiemi were to L.un. To fulfil the amour has lost long, the doctor in a show. Unfortunately, a car is driving is uploaded with the drugs and some men unexpectedly are dulcemente, but surely, in that follow down. This is far from manager Neil LaBute searing social works ('in a Company Of Men' and 'Your Friends And Together') but manages a wacky material of good source. In fact 'Nurses Betty' beat very a lot of be a so only the majority of amazing film of a past year, looking plot transfers more unexpected and absurd revelations then a soap opera is clock of characters religiously. It is in of the turns fascinating, hilarious, and disturbing. Renee Zellweger is surprising once again, balancing his action tenderly of equal parts and goofiness. It is clear to see reason was the winner of Golden Ball . A film is, in character, the comedy sparked with players those who are all too serious in his actions but enough unexpectedly to the launch was a-liners in such fast succession that always look THIS NEXT to be draw animated. Ossia The history where all is like this dud as to television soap opera. A sly main man (Greg Kinnear) is the total jerk; a stern, man to attack older (Morgan adds Freeman) claims to be rooted in instinct still clearly fallen for his apresamiento; a man unexpectedly of the youngest apprentice (an out of-of-gender still surprisingly Chris effective Rock) would be to terrify if it was not for a fact is like this damn laughable. But a film has is the darkest moments . A murder of the husband of Betty that insiemi a film in motion is gruesome and map. We are to do PAINFULLY CONSCIOUS that Freeman and Rock are murderous likes him hair and then shoot Aarón poor Eckhart, and a law reverberates by means of-out of a whole film. A sheer has thought of Betty sweet , lovely that fulfils a same fate like his thief to deceive of the whips of husband in an action like clouds of storm. A final shoot-out of some centres of films around the impressive revelation this does a result of a scene all one more that devastates. And an end gunshot has listened in a film is like this startling, spending the a moment exact interior a character @gives his arrivals of life to start with the life of another character arrives to his final. This film is like this allegro the comedy to the equal that will find in some leaves lateralmente for hire but he a lot of lie to an audience in a reprocussions of this character accione. It is hard to say or no a film has the happy end, but will say them bows he on amiably, any sugar-coating an audience, and any to leave them was a hook too easily neither. It is the terrific film , balenced equally on comedy and devastation and definitly deserves an audience that, unfortunately, he never found in some theatres. An edition of DVD is glorious, looking two clues of commentary and the collection of 'A Reason to Love' episodes (which is an original soap opera created for a film). A handful of has deleted the scenes are good but be forewarned: one of some scenes (titled 'A Flap') contains an EXTREME scene of violence, easily one the majority of foul fatal boss the wound has not filmed never. Seen out of context simply is impacting and easily an extra has wished active so only skipped on. But to deny a film would be to deny you 110 minutes of pure originality. Neil LaBute marks still another touchdown.
4 / 5
After so only two film, already had considered Neil LaBute to be one of Amsterdam more acute and more cynical social critics and satirists. This in spite of, ossia his first film has based on more script and still although a social critique and to the satire is still there, is too familiarised and no like this incisive like appearances of the LaBute film. Perhaps I am too hard in lucido. If this film had been directed for more, can very well be singing his praises. Ossia Reason a film is in fact very pleasant and involving, with him storyline this exists in several different levels. I guess so only expected more than LaBute. I think that it that it can do so more than recycling a accidentelle-history of celebrity to write directly out of 'Be There'. Also it thinks LaBute is more interesting when it is cynical and bad-spirited. A happy, to final morally corrects in that all some the loose ends are joined up is something would expect of typical Hollywood shill, no the nonconformist like LaBute. And it is there really the need for another social critique in a deleterious effects of television in American life? A plot has more than his action of contrivances, but give LaBute credit to take like this mileage of them like this possible, although it still can have done without a Crispin Glover and Pruitt Taylor Wins characters. Some strong actions of Zelweger, Kinnear and Freeman also goes the long way sells a implausible transfers of plot (perhaps my complaints in an unrealistic plot could look irrational to the to some likes him to him the film can be seen like this of the fable, but would contest that a can not remain emotionally detached after assisting to the gruesome scalping). Also it have to that mention that there is a lot wickedly pleasant scenes in a film, particularly those involving a delusional Betty and an equally delusional Dr. Ravell.
4 / 5
Is not often that sees the fresh comedy. 'Nurses Betty' is certainly concealed and much more. If ossia any indication of a class of material that can expect of screenwriter of prime minister of time John Richards, then has the future a lot that shines at the head of him. It is a history of the boy the one who has loved always be the nurse. Alive this sleep vicariously for immersing she in his soap opera preferred. When it Is emotionally traumatized to assist a murder of his husband, retreats in the world where to the fantasy and the reality am melted. It thinks that that a soap opera is reality and that it is part of this reality. As it dips it go to find a character of advantage in a show, the doctor that creates was once his fiancé.
Of course, this gives increase to numerous hilarious situations to the equal that sees in living like the character of soap opera in a real world. That is like this ready in a way a history is writing is that Betty is extremely believable while involving in absurd behaviour. Further of comedies, justifies a comical behaviour of characters to assume some characters or some situations are ludicrous. In this history, a character and some situations are very realistic, but his provisional insanity dips his in the separate realm where can be simultaneously earnest and amusing.
An addition of some killers that tries to follow down adds an element of additional comic, ridding the write it traditional plus of humour, with the absurd characters that do absurd things while doing as it thinks that is serious. This terrific and innovative blend a @@@sparkle of film with novel situations.
A direction for Neil Labute is excellent. It is the challenge to maintain the script like this to block the farce, but Labute has spent advances genuine actions of all some actors that has maintained a believability in a premise. He also created some good effects with lighting in several scenes. Considering that ossia Labute first picture of motion of entity, he an extraordinary work. Like the piece of developing trivia, ossia a third film focused for Labute, all duquel has university chum Aarón Eckhart in a mould. His next film, 'Possession' called, stars Gwyneth Paltrow, Jeremy Northam, and surprised, Aarón Eckhart.
Also like the history is, has not done without Renee Zellweger. Zellweger Oozes Sincerity with the charming naiveté Betty absolutely believable. Of then I have in the first place seen his in 'Jerry Maguire', continuous be impressed more with each new function. Has an ethereal quality in his this does his dreamy and adorable, while still having a depth like an actor to manage some heavy scenes with an emotional force a would not expect of such an airy actor. Have enjoyed also some actions of Morgan Freeman and Chris Rock. You the wonderful odd pair, a murderous of introspective career and a brash hothead. Allison Janney also gives the fantastic action in the function of support likes producing of soap opera.
Ossia The only and delicious comedy in spite of this fact that is the darkness of has bitten and odd. I estimated it the 9/10. Sometimes it dreams really it comes true.
5 / 5
LaBute Leading 2 film, "in a Company of Men" and "Your Friends and Together" it was like this cynical still real that has experienced a definite acidic look in of the reports among men and of the women. I have thought "in a Company of Men" it was the stunning film but hardly would turn it on after the work of the hard day when I really required to relax. Yes, this manager a lot still has done to 3rd film that in fact could like and enjoy; same laugh! It have not believed it it was able to do something any vitrolic. For awhile, while looking this, thought that it has gone all a way in another direction and this were to take each one which predictible gone back of Hollywood. It do not go this street, thank God. He partorisci Zellwegger with one the majority of unpleasant husband imaginable (the advantage of "in a Company of Men") and then there is hubby situated of for two men unexpectedly. Zellwegger Character, Betty, estaca of syndrome of experiences of traumatic stress of witnesses a murder. It results, in his own alcohol, the character, Nurses Betty, in his soap opera preferred, "Reason to Love." It is like this deeply to this fantasy that takes was for The to find his " I have promised forward", a "doctor" of a show. Some 2 men unexpectedly, Morgan Freeman and Chris Rock, has to find to take his money behind, which is hid in his car. That far follows his fantasy? Well, an imagination does not know any one limits here but does not love to spoil an experience for any one. He the sufficed to say that will have the rollicking good time this in spite of a film does not go down to the level of car of the sleep of Hollywood. In short, does not result moronic to the long of a way. If I have had a quibble with a film is to use a cliche of 2 men to attack to move a plot to the long of. This in spite of, a husband has had to be situated of in impressive fashion to the equal that suppose that this has taken some possibilities down to so only the little. Freeman And Mecer the really good work with these 2 functions, which besides other hands would have been terrible.
5 / 5
'Nurses Betty' attacked took me when being willfully pretentious at the beginning, but the few days more have to come late to @give the one who the gem this film is. Certainly not to estimate it one of some better films of last year, but @give that different and novel a film is.
Renee Zellweger especially there is fascinated me with his election in functions. To good sure, 'Bridget Jones' Daily' propel sound to superstardom, but his work like this and his simple turn in 'Jerry Maguire' this mark this actora more refreshing that Julia Roberts the good day. This has said, 'Nurses Betty' continue a lot of his' actora of advantage and the solid screenplay, and felizmente, big mark in both departments.
Sadly, Each film has his' weaknesses, and this one is no different. Some of any acting is sloppy, especially Morgan Freeman and the scenes of Chris together Rock. And while Renee steers a film to the long of in the good step, has the moments when it calms can not help yawning and while something drastic punctual raisin. And it does. Ossia The film with the load of surprises, and although it directs to be strongly cliche-driven, in spite of a subject @@@subject @novel, shines when it imports.
Has taken this on DVD another day and has been attacked by a scrolling of brilliant picture, and a wonderful inclusion of 10 mini-episodes of 'A Reason to Want to', a fictional soap that Nurses Betty alive to look. Greg Kinnear Are to add like this he self-obsessed actor (although he on-touch his scene of tantrum in an end) and Chris Rock like the fanatical mobman is excellent, if the little scary.
But in an end, a film is Renee is. It is not postponed for an art of coverage of caseous DVD - I has looked spent that, and founds to enjoy me the loan, witty comedy, with shadows of dark to counter one acclaims, every time. Brilliant work, although the little choppy.
4 / 5
Recommends this film simply reason was like this different that Hollywood usually gives. I have found this film mesmerizing. Have has wanted the cook to dine and look a film a same time, but a history was so that it obliges that the dinner has had to expect. I have looked this film with the group of people and everything of era glued to a screen to see that has spent afterwards. All has asked that has maintained to look , but anything is, could not lose the word.
Renacida Zellweger Portrays the solitary young woman the one who sees a world-wide and everything of his hard realities with 'pinks colored glasses'. When you Took a ghastly & in the horrible murder of his husband separates of reality and house in an only thing in his life that spends any one consolation and concealed is his television soap opera. Betty thinks that has to that go California and find his Doctor. Has thinks that that this was entirely in accordance with his character. Betty has dipped moves it positive in his whole life until this point and in a midst of tragedy, an only positive can find is in an alternating reality, that creates for his. It fulfils several interesting characters in his investigation for his fantasy, and his all think that is crazy. A whole mould has done here an excellent work. Morgan Freeman has been full stop.
My main critique of a film was a tongue. Any precise ALL of a expletives this is to be use. I can comprise some hard tongue tossed in from time to time to do the point, but when the majority of some characters can not look to articulate the sentence without extreme profanity, has to ask me where has been polite. Also, you do not consider never 'Nurses Betty' the comedy. Had some pleasant parts to this film, but is the comedy is one of a dark plus that has not seen never.
5 / 5
Has been expecting the dark comedy (my favourite class), but this films no really returned a bill. In fact, a history of core of Renee Zellweger the character that goes the few dice after seeing his brutally killed husband and that looks for to join a world of the his soap opera preferred that suddenly it thinks is real is in fact quite sweet. Ossia Because of the excellent action of Renee. Door such genuine empathy to a character that is hard to find his character predicament ape. Yes, it is amusing as it heads to blithely insinuate it to a mark-believe world of soap without any one imagining was that for real the dice is, but thanks to the action of Renee, also rooted for his to be achieved in his odd endeavour.
Regarding a parallel storyline involving Morgan Freeman and Chris Rock, there is is funny moments , but was in any one leaves to close the fully utlizing Rock darkly talent of comic. It seats like any number of actors could have touched this function; I have very preferred to see the rock the fact his own. Freeman Was wonderful, of course. Unfortunately, these two have been involved in some incredibly violent scenes - much more gruesome that it would expect it see in the film that invoices like the comedy.
In general, there is enjoyed a film, but can see reason has not been more than the success in spite of some actions adds. It was too schizophrenic to be any one the successful comedy or he succesful film/of adventure of the action. Do control out of a mould and the discussion of the manager of a film in a DVD . Interest to listen that it has considered it a film to be roughly and some elections have done.
5 / 5
There is something bad when both some worse and better parts of the DVD are partorisca be found in a section of special characteristics. How it is with a chance of 'Nurses Betty.' They are ambivalent in better in a real film. I left feeling a bit distracts it still somehow slimed.
Always Taste Morgan Freeman. It is surprising that I me feel something partorisca a horrid touches of character here. Like this, I create Greg Kinnear is one of some actors viriles better there--but is to a large extent squandered in his function here (although his 'bad acting' in some scenes of soap is priceless).
A question a big plus has with this film is that there is person to really like (with a possible exception of a journalist touched for one write the one who has touched Michael J. The dad of Fox in Backside to a Future). All of these characters are unredeeming. Even Betty, the one who spends the majority of a film so only when being dice, sells his soul in an end. A film is just class of pasty and tasteless.
This me ameno to some characteristic special. One a thing I for real enjoyed in a DVD--which took in fact the pocolos small partorisca take laughing on--was a esoap episodes of work.' An inaugural sequence in the each one of them is just hysterical.
This in spite of, this says--deleted it the scenes are just wretched and foul (I supposition a film could have been the worse whole plot ). One 'flap' the scene is an I desire has had any stop of game of the paste.
In general, 'Nurses Betty' is the piece of time has squandered I desire could have behind. I do not recommend it .
4 / 5
Rodeo of film: Betty is the boy . Yes the boy. Oh But it wants to be the nurse . It dreams to be the nurse in a world of the his soap opera preferred "A Reason to Want to". It is included enamoured with the character of a show has appointed David Ravell. It averts sleeps, his real life is not like this utmost. His husband is in scum to deceive stock exchange those who leaves so only in his anniversary. When Betty has taken to the horrible crime, his vehicle of his accident to a world of "A Reason to Want to". It thinks that that it is Nurses Betty and the insiemi were to find the amour has lost Doctor along David Ravell.
My Opinion: Nurses Betty was in different plot that has expected. In fact it was so only simple different. It was not yes "Dark Comedy" he correctly the described, but approaches. Has both comedic parts and violent serious parts. Some the violent scenes are quite serious but is surrounded for lighter that scenes. The life of Betty is quite sad in a start of a film. Raisin for the transformation that spends out of his true self. Ossia The very intelligent and creative film . Chris Rock is in his better is a so it is Renee Zellweger.
QUALITY of DVD: Widescreen anamorphic , DD5.1. Quality of sound and good picture. Two commentary has separated clues, has has deleted scenes, episodes of "A Reason to Want to", and trailers. Some extras in this DVD are really utmost.
That would owe that Do: it sees it that can manage has beaten was film . It is quell'has bitten different of a mainstream romantic comedy like being poised. If you are the film buff in general, and enjoy intelligent films, calm then is in to treat it.
Has related Dvd to Verify Was: Or Brother Where Art Thou?
5 / 5
Has read that this film is described like the comedy. It is true, and is hysterical in time--really fun-- but is Much more concealed it. I think that a screenplay thus film is the plenary tilt bust out of origional faboo explosion of the screenplay, almost Shakepearean thorough (now does not take turned was!!!), And some actors are trace to an occasion in a way that Morgan Freeman so only, the one who is the I true adds to add depth to all the tone, Chris Rock, the one who is stunning in the mostly dramatic function and more sinister that usual is, and Renee Zellweger, one of the ours the majority of underrated actoras--a total peach the one who has taken a part of the lifetime in Nurses Betty ,and my personal favourite second banana, Greg Kinnear, the one who is divine in this film--the man can do anything has launched his way--in all the chance, that am trying says HAS TO THAT see this. They are trace to an occasion and has blown was for knots. And then think abut that at all is like this looks. For that is a point of this charming, still sometimes quite graphically violent film. This film is so only. Some people are not those who are, a history is not that thinks, and is in still a walk of your life. For some times are halfway there, pursuing bondadosos, if driven, amnesiac Betty accross a country, look it picturing his in Dorothy of Kansas' gingham dressed while when being in the dimly has lit Glorious Canyon with hitman Morgan Freeman that looks adoringly in the sound goes to do abundance of sense. And reason any in fact.
Now see this film. It is the game of remarkable morality with incredible charm, class, and demented to the entertainment and that have read his, calm, in every aspect.
4 / 5
Nurses Betty costs to see for two main reasons: Renee Zellweger and Morgan Freeman. They are simply wonderful likes two romantic dreamers investigations of the desire of his heart. Cela One is the boy in the state of dissasociative incident and another he hitman in an end of the long career are beside a point. His both yearn to hail in some idealised "another".
Oh, And is the comedy . Some the graphic murder avert (I same supposition seeds-screwball the comedy is not immune to this in this era) is the sweet and ape oddball comedy.
Morgan Freeman is simply unable of the bad action. They can give Oscar every year for my money. It is always real and always likeable which is exactly that is to be require to spend this alive character. His whistful, gradual falling enamoured with Betty is something to behold.
But Renee Zellweger is a revelation here. I have tried, and I can not think of another actora that could have pulled of this function. His absolutely believable Betty, sweetly, obstinately, determinedly marching to find his fantasy "real amour" it is daffily right and so only was-centre enough to do his lovably real. It is the piece of work and maintains a film centred by means of some of the his plus farfetched elements of plot.
Chris Rock and a mould of support is well, but is Morgan and Renee that will resist your interest throughout. Work really well of them both.
4 / 5
Does not expect any a lot of this film excepts perhaps the decent 'popcorn' film. There is to plot of power of Star in this film: Morgan Freeman, Renee Zellweger, Chris Rock, Greg Kinnear, and the few solider actors. This offbeat 'comedy' is to walk out of dead persons in a first half. We take some far to close of a DVD, but decided to continue of then is the weeknight and has not had time to restart another film. A lot of start of film of stong and finalise feeble. This film, this in spite of, improved of 1 film to star to the 2.5 film to star in a second the averages. Although usually joy Renee Zellweger a lot of, is hard to determine yes was a victim of the bad script, or simply could not pull was roleplaying the person with dissociative amnesia--simply portray it boy a whole film. I have seen his perfom very better in of to to the films like "Jerry Macguire". You mediate them to them to chalk he until a terrible script or dissapointing that directs. Morgan Freeman and Chris Rock were also dissapointing in this film, as they are chalking he until the terrible script. A film finally pulls joint to an end, but the still falls a lot of dishes of falling to any category to deserve; this film does not qualify for any one the comedy or work, and simply fallen the 'earth of person'.
5 / 5
Renee Zellweger Resplandores in this inventive, darkness, and film very pleasant in the daughter of small city has on taken in the soap of television of Hollywood. So many transfers & turns with 2 or 3 different plots that career in a same time. A mould of support adds that it looks Greg Kinnear, Morgan Freeman & Chris Rock (Kinnear like the dr. Of the soap "-All" Ravell, and Freeman & to to Rock likes him to him the crew/of edges of the father of drug of bad type chasers). Also remark fine actions for minors of known actors Aarón Eckhart (the car salesman of Betty slimeball husband) and Allsion Janney (the producer of the soap of television). Betty touches a naive daughter of small city that read like the boy to the tee. It is clueless to all this is going in around the his - still the murder of his husband (at the same time). She mentally blockades out of a murder and hops in the automobile and directs in the Angels to find his true (and unexpecting) amour. A scene where finally fulfils Kinnear face to face it is exceptional. All a time, is driving a car with a stash in a trunk that Freeman & the rock loves like this bad. Of here, enter a 2nd plot and more relief of comic. I have been to this films no really that knows as to expect... It have read some good descriptions in a newspaper to the equal that has thinks that would go to see it... It was pleasantly he surprised it. I add flick.
5 / 5
Seldom done the film combines a tragic and elements of comic as well as 'Nurses Betty.' To say that ossia the history roughly the investigation of sleeps is to direct so only in a first half of a film. It is in it has bitten it more. It is the history in the person that comes of age and pursuing his AWAKE sleep.
Betty (brilliantly touched for Zellweger) had been pursuing his sleep never of his husband, Of the (Eckhart), has been murdered. It leaves City of Kansas for Investigations of Dres. Ravell (Kinnear) That creates to be his ex-finance. All has been enough well until his dreamy investigation to dream finally finalised with an ugly scene in that George an actor that touches Dres. Ravell Was cruelly reprimanding Betty for his inability to do. So only with which then Betty awake arrive and go back to his real (but new) life. A final scene of a film has aimed Betty enjoys it in Rome. And ossia really a sleep that has to that have state pursuing.
An alike message has been manifested by means of another character, Charlie a man to attack touched for Morgan Freeman. This in spite of included has admitted it is soyun of rubbish of human condition,' Charlie has dreamed of an unrealistic future with Betty. It follow down more been due to his admiration for his that for a drug stashed in the car of Betty. In an end, has to pay a prize for his dreamy investigation of his impossible sleep. Any only the but also his edges has been murdered.
While pursuing a the own sleep is the good thing , can be dangerous if an is not to wake and so only to blind follow his impulse. It is of entity to draw a distinction among a real world and a world have imagined. It is easy to be directed to pursue sleeps in some perfect, simple imagined world. But that distinguishes a achiever of the pure dreamer is a capacity to recognise, accepts and reconcile an imperfection of a real world and resist a temptation to maintain oneself closed in the sleep.
Besides one delicious blend of tragic and elements of comic, a film also offers some actions add of his mould. Zellweger Is almost flawless. Freeman, Like this usual, the enormous work and the rock is seriously pleasant. It is the film adds in general.
5 / 5
Renee Zellweger Resplandores likes Betty, he downtrodden diner boy the one who finds evasion in the soap opera. His husband Dell is the car salesman used the one who is terrible his and of the cheats in sound.
A day, Betty takes loaned the car of Dell plot, not knowing that hide it paraphernalia of drug in a trunk. Two bullies come to a house and murder, which Betty accidentally sees while looking his soap opera. This sends his to stick syndrome of traumatic accident, in that direct to believe was involved once to star David of his soap opera and that it is the nurse . It drives among California to find David with some two bullies with which sound.
And to the equal that begins an odyssey to the alcohol of the young woman and that believes is possible, when before it thinks that at all was. Cleverly it is writing and fact, and Zellweger portrays Betty innocent sweet perfectly.
Another stand-was is a report among Chris Rock like sardonic sarcastic bully and Morgan Freeman as older wiser and a lot-in-bully of control.
A script is for far one the majority of what original to exit of Hollywood in of the years. You will enjoy this films any one @subjects the one who your usual flavour in of the films is. It is the winner !
4 / 5
Renee Zellweger ('Bridget Jones' Daily') the touches to soap opera fans those who loses to touch with reality when you took the murder of his husband in some hands of the pair of hitmen (Morgan Freeman, 'A Shawshank Redemption,' and Chris Rock, 'Dogma'). Believing she to be the character in his soap opera preferred. It dips among the travesía to find an actor thinks that that it is enamoured with (Greg Kinnear, ' Has been Soldato ').
Zellweger Oscar appoints taken for 'Bridget Jones.' This is a film has to that it has been appointed partorisca. It looks this sweet , pleasant, unassuming young woman, but in a turn of the say me the obsessed result, creepy and included disturbing. This in spite of calm does not lose never compassion for sound. It is almost impossible to pull that it was, but she he perfectly. Freeman Is well in practically anything and the rock there is surprisingly strong acting ribs he when it directs to remain out of drek likes 'Bad Company.' Kinnear Is one of these writes those who there is simply way underrated -- can touch sincere or sleazy and all go in-.
There has no too here in a way of extra, minus some stars for that, but a film he well a prize.
4 / 5
...Has thinks that that this was to be pleasant cookie-comedy of chick of the cutter, but arrival to be quite dark and original. Some reviewers there is complained in a violence in a film, but these elements are justified and the people have involved in a violence generally takes that deserves (the kinda bugs me roughly lighthearted film where any person that dies always is dipped up as I complete it jerk, so only to do an audience feels !).
In all the chance, to good sure the quirky, value of vivid film one acclaims it has received. All the actors have involved the fine work (especially Morgan). No, this in spite of, expect it hilarious action out of Chris Rock--his character is a bit unpleasant and cynical. This in spite of, attractive was does not expect a humour is known stops .
Some extras are quite well, the episodes of soap opera are comprised (9 of them, roughly 5 minutes each), as well as clues of commentary for a manager and mould, and the second clue with a manager and crew of film. Some trailers of films and something of television looked totally unfamiliar mine--I a lot really agree this be of film in of the theatres!
4 / 5
Any one the escrewball comedy' so as the dark comedy skewed tragically bad. I do not have expósito Renee Zellweger character anything but annoying. His general cluelessness has not been endearing and does not result 'authorised' in an end. After assisting to the gruesome swipe, soap-the intoxicated boy takes amnesia and thinks is the character a Time partorisca Want to'. It dips it go partorisca find his along-stray amour, Dr. David Revell (Greg Kinnear). A two praise and hook on (the majority improbably!) Kinnear Soap-stud the doctor finds his delusions esfreshing' while the majority would find his ramblings these of the creepy stalker.
Has had some utmost moments with Morgan Freeman and Chris Rock likes him two men partorisca attack those who take to a street partorisca find Nurses Betty and a secret there is unknowingly stashed in his trunk. Sequences of odd sleep that compares Betty with Dorothy in a Wizard of Oz is so only simple odd and does not add one the history. So only I can not find anything partorisca like in this character; it wants to give the sobresalto good.
Is obvious this film has wanted to be 'Fargo' except the far short falls of his aim. The stay was!
5 / 5
Personally, have called this Crazy film or Nutty Betty, would have comprised. Calm here has taken this married woman to the womanizer the one who deceives well I under his nose. It looks to take killed, and all can think of of the this going Hollywood and fulfilling his character of soap opera preferred then finally coming to his senses once takes the walk in leaves???Everything a moment, unknowingly directs some same killers those who killed his his husband? Not knowing of some contents in his car???? Too much. Yep, has lost for real his calling in a title there. In spite of everything of that, liked really of a film. I have loved the character of Morgan Freeman. He a work, has begun still having feelings for this woman, and Chris Mecer always will be, any @@subject that, hilarious. But this woman, has had to that shake my boss and laugh in sound. My daughter and I have seated on a night and has looked this film and has laughed so only. Habladuría Roughly , in an end, calm can not help but likes Betty. I agree comedies to cover crazy behind a day.
5 / 5
Reading these descriptions on to the amazon thus films am pleased to see my opinion has resisted was. But to the left explain me he in my own way, this in spite of.
Ossia The film to that liked and quite found of charming but that has not expected more than people to like a lot, simply reason is film for the sure flavour. A violence to disturb punctual in a film really hurts a capacity to enjoy some characters have touched for Morgan Freeman and Chris Rock. It accepts the justification of a manager for this violence likes found in a commentary of DVD during a scene. He in fact, likes dispute, marks a traumatic effect to Betty believable. Unfortunately he simultaneously traumatizes the majority of an audience. It is perplexing to imagine like a film could be be shoot differently to both transmit like this effectively and believably the sense of trauma and the resultant dissociative transformation, this in spite of remains the comedy.
With this said, has found some adventures of Nurses Betty of this point on to be really charming and surreal. I won really on.
A value of Morgan Freeman and the actions of Chris Rock has not gone really comedy but character. For one the majority of the part is not pleasant, but his actions are interesting, how is his characters ' developments. Chris Rock is the brilliant comedian, possibly a better famous comedian treating right now, still in this film transforms to the positively chilling figure. In scarce occassions is wonderfully pleasant, but for one the majority of part is cold and disturbing. Enough an impressive acting work to depart like this clearly of his present phase. It can be that it was too well of the murderous that some comedy has been lost. This can be signs of some acting capacities wider to exhibit in a future. This in spite of this would be the mixed blessing for then his comedy would be lost, as it was for one the majority of part in this film. The character of Morgan Freeman is odd and complex and results humorous so only by means of time, this in spite of is likable in only the way has reserved. The comedy requires peasant that it is less than truth frigthening, with weaknesses to do them laughable and endearing. It operates it of Freeman better that the rock is, but neither is enough to maintain a consistently pleasant film to balance a factor of fright.
Renee Zellwegger In another hand is simultaneously the comic and dramatic revelation in this film. That he actora wonderful is looking for to be, entirely departing of his function of Maguire of Jerry here and aiming she in Bridgette the newspaper of Jones and M, I and Irene to be able of even more radically diverse personalities. Although all of his characters are lovably defective and vulnerable, touches each one that like this of them uniquely. Agreement that has been disdained for Oscar with this action. As with Jim of ex fiancé Carrey, has to look to some prizes of Golden Ball to give planned acknowledgement once again. Finally Greg Kinnear and Allison Janney is both like excellent likes one would expect. Even Crispin Glover And the husband and Betty of Betty roommate is perfect fusions.
This film is saved of his contradictory offering to an audience of both trauma and comedy for all these terrific actions and for some really inventive and ready writing. This in spite of, fully comprise reason some people will not be able to find a charm of some actions and a writing enough to win a trauma of a prompt visuals.
4 / 5
Has finalised so only look this film for a second time, and he still wowed me. A wacky and was-beaten the script is managed perfectly, and a can not help but be drawn to Nurses Betty is touching travesía to find another, so only, in an end, for the find. Simply I have seated daunted of a glorious action of Renee Zellweger. Some costs to film to take so only to see that he actora well can do with him challanging function. Wisely, A manager has given one his camera, and a result of final was glorious. A whole mould has done very a lot of neighbour to do this film much more that simple entertainment. A lot it admires Morgan Freeman, and he, like this usual, gives the wonderful action. It was impressed also for a fine use of the music in a film the help creates way. Ossia The film any to the to all the world will like, but thinks it will resist of the special place in some hearts of those touches. An only negative thing can say in a film is a needless use of profanity. I have added at all to a film, and hurt the lovely script. Bravo, for "Nurses Betty." It gives the graces for the film adds.
4 / 5
Neil LaBute NURSES BETTY is potent black comedy with often-jarring elements of action that mark he mesmerizing experience of film.
Betty Sizemore (Renee Zellweger - the NEWSPAPER of BRIDGET JONES) is the solitary boy of the small city, married to deceive it, loser that presses to drug the one who accidentally took his graphic murder in some hands of two hitmen (Morgan Freeman and Chris Rock).
Betty totally loses all felt of reality and disappears to a shininess of his soap of favourite TV 'A Reason to Love'. It dips it go for The to find 'Dr. Ravell' (Greg Kinnear), That there is tricked to think is involved to. This in spite of, a two hitmen has decided to follow and silence Betty as like any to be discovered by one FBI.
Renee Zellweger Is ably-sustain die for the strong mould headed by Harriet Harris (the TV is 'Frasier') and Allison Janney (the TV is 'A West Wing').
A DVD comprises commentaries, has deleted the scenes and the widespread prize 'A Reason to Love' scenes.
4 / 5
These stars of comedy Renee Zellweger like the boy of Kansas the one who takes amnesia after a brutal murder of his husband and believes is part of the his soap opera preferred. It escapes in the Angels with some killers in hot investigation reason some drugs are afterwards is hid in his car. Finally it fulfils up with a star of soap opera of his sleeps and the complications follow.
A better thing can say in this film is that Renee Zellweger looks enough and that a history has resisted my interest a bit. But in planting to laugh in some purportedly pleasant parts, has opened so only my eyes surprises roughly that stupid is. Morgan Freeman and Chris Rock are launched like this of the killers and his racial stereotyping has abused. A rest of a mould a better that could but a material was so only simple bobo. This film was at all but the time waster. But sometimes ossia all love out of the film, something sweet and innocuous. Once in the moment, ossia or.k.
4 / 5
There has been divined of descriptions of press and buzz that this has been supposition to be the pleasant comedy. But the one who the total disappointment, the waste of entities of actors, crew, talent and money.
Will give credit to endeavours of Renee, Morgan Freeman, and to the. To do the one who could to spend out of the wretchedly implausible script. Freeman, Especially, resplandores. It is for real I adds it, nice actor, partorisca of the one who character in this no-épico an almost can feel compassion.
But a rest of him can dip behind in a can. Chris Rock, especially, disappoints. It is the brilliant , pressing-the-flange comedian in HBO. But here it is so only another street-foulmouthed punk, Eddie Murphy in Murphy trashmouth better (worse), likes Murphy another self-squander caused of talent.
Hollywood hubris, again. As it Can any one has think that a premise and the execution of this film is cost to invest $ in? It does not squander YOUR MONEY. It leaves this one in a shelf in a tent.
4 / 5
These 2 lines to this film are classical of Morgan Freeman and Chris Mecer the one who has had to the chemical sum likes 2 of men unexpectedly. But a rest of a film really resplandores because of Renee Zellwegger action. I mean I have fallen enamoured with his totally in to his action likes them Betty: the youngster, charming woman , good-looking the one who is inspiring to be the nurse, and the one who is enamoured with the doctor of soap opera. After his husband is murdered brutally in his living room, and mean brutally, some transmissions of incidents Betty to think precise to go back with his ex-promised(the doctor of soap opera). This direct Betty to exit in Hollywood, and unknowingly spending the sakes flown some men unexpectedly are afterwards. Film very pleasant all a way, but is the dark film also. Still ossia one of the better films of Renee of everything. There is doubt his beauty and his charm that really resplandores by means of with evey the film done. Fall enamoured with his instantly.
4 / 5
Of a coverage and a trailer of a film, could not know that a heck is going in in a Nurse to film Betty called. I owe that say that a history is original. And so only thus fact, really love this film. Any only there is one of some better moulds that has been in the film for awhile, but a film is really pleasant. A house of history on Betty (Zellweger), the woman to house the one who operates from time to time in a local city diner. It is obsessed also with to the soap opera has called A Reason to Love. Mainly it is enamoured with a main star of a show, Greg Kinnear. When His husband of car dealer is axed, Betty loses it and goes to the state of accident. Of then in a film is a cute romp this evokes more few laughs. If you are in a way for a film to entertain with stars likes Morgan Freeman, Chris Rock, Greg Kinnear, and Renee Zellwegger, then ossia one to verify was.
4 / 5
Renee Zellweger Touches it goody two shoes housewife and boy the one who is obsessed with to soap opera. When Presence and unexpected and horrible tragedy, the results have convinced that a soap opera is real, and travels some the EUA to fulfil a star of a show, that really thinks is that it is in a show. In some class of psychotic fantasy, that included does not choose on on, is pressed to the report with him and, for the time, happy. But the darkness is in a horizon, likes perpetrators of some witnesses of crime is by train to hunt down. Morgan Freeman operates it acting adds and Chris Rock adds humour, but so only the little of him. In a moment have the department of a sheriff in Kansas that hunts down, the thought is a perpetrator of a crime. It was so only too "dreamy" to be real or included feel real, but no too bad to spend 90 minutes or so many.
4 / 5
I have loved this film, and the one who has known that the character could be like this loveable! Zellweger His work perfectly in this film!! Freeman Is always a lot-liked, in the each film he , calm always in his side! Chris Rock adds in this film also. Crispin Glover(Backside To a Future(George Mcfly)) operates it quite well also!! Acting plot , different a lot of the one who the really good fact!! It is the history of amour and the chance to murder a same time! Two mob hitmen(Freeman and Rock) murderous the write the one who spends to be (Zellweger is) husband! Assist one kills, but does not inform it to a cops. Instead, it runs to the and results the nurse and falls enamoured with his ex-promised(A nurse/of actor)! I have not wanted Never any character as well as his is. It is like this pleasant and sweet, and Freeman was awesome again! So only the film adds, and there is at all would change!
5 / 5
Usually looks for to avert like this-has called "screwball" comedies, but "Nurses Betty" more aptly be labeled in a region of black comedy.
This fantasy has some utmost moments, the majority of them when being among Rock and Freeman. In the Fiction of sweet Pulp ripoff, Freeman is another in the parade according to look endless of philosophical hitmen, this in spite of Freeman hitman is like this good and that amuses that it forgive a farmiliarity. The rock shines like this always and portrays the plus amoral and violent man.
Some appearances of soap opera are interesting, as we see the one who the people use to escape of staid, difficult existences.
A scalping, the pinch of romance, aspirations of nursing, and the good representation of normal folk combines to do this the dynamic film that manipulates endlessly, but will forgive.
4 / 5
Each one once in the while it roam by means of a isles of your tent of local video and choose the film so only reason there is like this of them lining some wall that the " it has to that be good." Such era a chance with Nurses Betty. To look a film, remains baffled in his success. I will not give a plot was, but Nurses Betty ridiculous romp investigations of his soap operah heart-throb was built bad and tedious. Chris Rock is the foulmouth sidekick still Freeman (the one who attractive of a better action of a film but one of a worse in his career.) He this in spite of, any totally without redemption, has moments of comedy, and one transfers of occasional plot.
My joint; there is any reason to cross this film of the yours "to see" cast, but sure mark that it is a lot down that!
4 / 5
In that seated he by means of the slew of half-cooked (and humorless) films "comedies" lately, this one was an absolute delight . Zellweiger Is perfectly delicious likes Nurses Betty, the woman in the difficult pair, secretly attacked with the doctor (touched for Greg Kinnear) in his soap opera preferred. When Betty take paste in a boss, loses his memory and believes is REALLY LIVING in a world of soap opera loves. While Zellweiger are add, a film requires some actions of some other actors to really spend a whole premise was - and, felizmente, Morgan Freeman, Chris Rock, Greg Kinnear and a rest of a mould is rock-solid in his functions. A full comedy of laughs, but also touching and poignant also.
4 / 5
Ossia A seriously ailing film , but me laugh in all the chance. There is the plot of violence, that comprises the really ailing scene where some two bad types take revenge in the sleazy trucker, as if the violence offend, does not look this film... And it is To good sure ANY FOR BOYS ! Really! Sometimes the film takes a 'R' indication so only owed to the pair of f words; this a really is for adults so only ! I will not go to details of plot, like this leading reviewers has covered a storyline quite adequately, but will recommend a film based in his odd humour and some fine actions for Zellweger, Freeman and Rock. If it likes offbeat, of black humour, probably will enjoy 'Nurses Betty.'
4 / 5
Listens, taste Neil Labute. 'In a Company of Men' was riveting and hard. 'Your Friends & Near' it has not gone enough like this impressive, but less badly value a time. But 'Nurses Betty.' Eh. This was the disappointment .
Knows, can agree behind when it read in Labute new upcoming film in some magazine (or on-line to somewhere? -- The one who know) ... And although I have wanted to drink on a kooky premise of this new upcoming film and say to me: "Original! Fresco! Character!" -- It has had a unconvinced voice in a backside of my boss obstinately in insistent: "One ... These sounds ... Stupid."
And to the equal that say, is mine very disappointing to have this voice has tried well when I finally taken around when seeing.
That 'Nurses Betty' fact, in my eyes, is taken the fundamentally bobo, unbelievable premise and tentativas to build the big, and occasionally very dark, sitcom around that. Questionable In and of him, but that it is worse, is that it fails quite miserably.
Reason? A main reason to the equal that see is that any of some characters feels a slightest has bitten real (Betty has comprised), and seldom do a lot of senses. Have enjoyed a rapport go in Freeman and Rock for some premiers twenty minutes or like this, but like the continuous film in, this rapport -- in place of developing and be fleshed was -- simply results stilted and boring. Both characters try inexplicably odd, and neither is particularly believable like this men unexpectedly, this in spite of "wacky" men unexpectedly.
Of some characters no real celery and frames little sense, felt any compassion or empathy partorisca/with them, and my level of the interest in his result is remained enough down. I mean sure, Betty was sweet, but the murder of his husband and is subsequent effect in his (a mysterious psychological " it snaps" the resulted in his in believer that is the character in his soap opera preferred), is atmospherically uncomfortable, surprisingly unengaging, and, as I have mentioned, unbelievable.
Betty "sweetness" it is, I gather, supposition to be the force of behaviour of entity in a film. It is his utter lack of pretension and his faithful faith in his own fantasy that things of causes to order of "magically" raisin around sound. This annoyed. A minute, am looking Morgan Freeman and Chris Mecer do the imitation of Fiction of low quality Pulp, a prójimo, is taste to him are in Disney films. Betty "magically" it saves a patient in an ambulance. Betty "magically" -- by means of accidentel and -be-humorous circumstances -- twenty on the real nurse! Betty "magically" (and again by means of accidentelle, -be-of the humorous circumstances) takes a casualidad to fulfil a star of soap is obsessed with, and, even more "magically," he (again by means of aforesaid circumstances) falls for his, delusion and everything, (albeit temporarily.)
Too "marvel" and no quite fictional credibility for my flavours, on an already accounted partorisca done that any of some characters was really that interesting or developed or looks it real.
Now, the disillusionment of Betty in a together of a soap was an interesting scene (atmospherically reminiscent of Chad "disillusioning" Stacy Edwards' character in 'ITCOM'), and was certainly the a lot of-required and admirable swipe to a overdone and no-the especially pleasant atmosphere of fashionable boy "magic" ... But finally he any a lot of for a film like the whole. That he the fact really transmission Betty? As it Seats in a fact that is to be clinically insane for a last ... (Month or two)? The one who knows? Apparently any one a writer or manager. Nope: Betty so only snaps out of him, like this easily and incredibly as it snap his, and is given quickly the hastes were to that I supposition has been supposed to be the rollicking, nutty confrontation/of climax in the partner of Betty spends, where everything of a character is that esees been after his simultaneously look. Chris Rock has the few moments to amuse to be sure, but in a whole is so only ... Transmission. Of then any of some characters is particularly coherent or entertaining, so only comes of like this, well, that is: it stirs it of incoherent, any-a lot of-entertaining the characters that tries really hard to save the boring film, boba.
When All is said and fact, 'Nurses Betty' has not touched me, move, me laugh, cry, involve me, disturb me, or anything more. Have so only he shaken my boss in disappointment.
Better regime next time, Neil. You look better of working with your own script.
4 / 5
Does not know roughly you, but have gone to this while the comedy. It is certainly he does not blame of a film, of course, but any I really defines Nurses Betty like the comedy exactly. There are a lot of pleasant moments, but there has more than a film of adventure feels in a taking there. There are moments of surprisingly of graphic violence (especially in a outtakes in a DVD) and the class of dark undertone to some scenes with Morgan Freeman and Chris Rock. Zellweger Is inspired likes Betty, how is Freeman in his function. The rock no door any one very new. If quell'conceals is not never be the question, has not gone now (and vice versa, of course). It classifies of quirky, the only history done a film a lot involving, this in spite of has a lot of moments that it is class of hard to believe. In general, any bad, does not add .
5 / 5
Does not know have to him legustado this film or no. But one a thing knows is that has the true star among knots for a name of Renee Zellweger of the that the talent would not owe that be underestimated. After seeing his in the few films recently, am coming to a conclusion that is an acting character that all another flashy stars of upper Hollywood of his pale age in comparison (yes, half Roberts, Bullock, etc., ect.).
See this film thus amazing perforance he at all more. Besides it does not take never it hold. Besides also it has Morgan Freeman the one who would walk the mile to see in any film. His last scene with Zellweger is a lot, very beautiful. Unforgettable really.
The one who the travesía!
4 / 5
After a cold cynicism of manager Neil LaBute last two films, 'in a Company Of Men' and 'Your Friends And Together', has not expected anything like this sincerely touching as 'Nurses Betty'.
Betty (Renacida Zellweger), the boy in Kansas, is married to the raven of car salesman has appointed Of the (Aarón Eckhart). Of the is deceiving in sound. Betty, unaware and remote too good to does not deceive never on the, is enamoured with the doctor in his soap opera preferred. One prejudices like Betty is looking TV, two professional criminals look in a house and kill Of the to try for his on extracted touch he of drug.
Betty, looking by means of a door, goes to the state of accident. Fantasy and transfer of reality in his alcohol, and spaces out of a murder and decides to begin was to the to find his doctor of soap opera, that believes is his ex-fiancée. A question is, a car takes is a car as Of the stored some drugs in. As some criminals, Charlie (Morgan Freeman) and Wesley (Chris Rock), follow his trail by means of Amsterdam.
Betty, enamoured with a fantasy of the doctor, thinks so only of him and while Charlie begins to think so only of Betty, after seeing the photograph of his and building on the version of fantasy of his in his boss. Still although Betty is a one the one who is 'crazy', is really both in a trail of his sleeps, enamoured with the people do not know .
A film directs to avert any cliché and creates characters really worry roughly, and Renacida Zellweger the action is yours -perfect. It is a engrossing history with a lot of different levels, and to good sure the value that looks. While With it excite it follows to anticipate LaBute next offering!
5 / 5
This film is the wonderful to go down it comedy key that incident Renee Zellwegger in to his brilliant action likes them Betty, of the that thinks that is the nurse in the soap opera populate after going in accident to assist his husband horrific murder. A two hitmen the one who killed his husband is a suprizingly hilarious duet, Chris Rock and Morgan Freeman. Some transfers of plot and turns to the equal that have followed Betty of the his rural mid-west hometown to Hollywood reason thinks that is the nurse the one who is enamoured with an arrogant doctor, has touched fittingly for Greg Kinnear. Fly of Freeman of Morgan some laughs of Chris Rock to the equal that follow Betty, the one who is an only witness to a murder, by means of a country and always one steps behind sound. All the world will enjoy this film for him is talented actors, is comedy and is "warm and blurred" final.

Top Customer Reviews: Doctor Mabuse / ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
The film is bad, but is original. Having accounts that the Manager and the screenwriter were 21 years when he he, has a lot of merit. Regarding the sending, has arrived in mint condition.
5 / 5
Ossia Some two films dip is gone in 2013 & 2014. Each one which so it is around 122 minutes. It is a lot like some old Dark Shadows T.V. Serious with moody music, caseous props, and wonderful in acting. Figure Jerry Lacy, Kathryn Leigh Scott, Lara Parker, and Christopher Pennock (so only in Etipomar).

The characteristic special comprise trailers, he 45 minute that does of featurette of both films that has been done in 2015. It appears partorisca comprise adicións/additions to a one in a first Dr. Mabuse DVD. It does not comprise one has has deleted scenes.

Some actors are mostly in front of the green screens like these films are in the estimativa of series of the shoe and fact for the brilliant 20 year the one who appreciates some shows of yesteryear. Some actors are brilliant and transmit a deep feeling and intense work that you amour of some old Dark Shadows. I expect that they the little more, and take the estimativa the big plus.
4 / 5
To the to This no likes him to him any film has called the soyovie' has seen.
Is filmed súper the estimativa low but some actors try his best!
Is very boring & has tried to remain wake me three times that looks it volume like this drowsy except of east a.
Is three hours on DVD & I has taken for only $ .

Are the defender of enormous Dark Shadows of some old sixties was goth soap but this I just pop in if I feal I need to go to sleep.

Some dips look súper fake but with the dreamy quality.

The value shot it.
5 / 5
Leaves your memories of Lara Parker and other members of mussel of intact Dark Shadows. Estimativa Of zero and a no DS members of the mould has not been utmost actors. Honradamente, the productions of institute have values of better production.
4 / 5
2 & 1/2. This there is little to do with a novel, or a three Fritz Lang film. Atrocity coloreada That fails to produce the satisfactory end. A bit it likes him the look esen City', if the city of Sin had been done in colour, and without the plot, and without the estimativa.
4 / 5
Excellent! Ossia The must has for all the defenders of Dark Shadows! It is really good and highly recommends to buy east! The desire would do more with this mould!
4 / 5
Any one like this as well as I expected it to be, but no like this bad neither. A bit in a computer generates side, and economic looking, but then has not looked to see work or good-looking arts. On all this in spite of, liked an acting, and give them one of one for endeavour.
4 / 5
Although a disk has arrived, there is the scratch in a surface of the joint and he can not be touched. Reason want to see he for everything means reorder ... ...
4 / 5
Was too artificial partorisca to to me did not like in of absolute
4 / 5
films A lot well would recommend it to any to purchase this film Jerry Lacy was adds in a film has done so many circles in his career. Ansel Faraj Was adds like the manager in this film remains waiting for seeing more than a work of manager . Where Can see more than Ansel Faraj film ?

Top Customer Reviews: Prisoner Cell Block ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5
It would owe that it has read it a whole description more thoroughly I supposition. This is not one first season to the equal that had expected. It is so only the handful of the random episodes there is pulled of some serious extremely long. I am returned he partorisca the repayment and has taken this instead reason has some premiers 32 episodes complete.

4 / 5
Has loved some serious and recently was able to binge all 692 episodes! It was sad to see them dulcemente disappear and has looked for immediately the way of the see again. (PCBH Really need be looked more than a swipe to see everything. A series has wanted to spend actors behind in new functions!)

With the majority to be any format of EUA, has been excited to see this and one 2nd together. It was happy to see Place 1 has different episodes.

Has dipped One has comprised 3 DVDES with 12 episodes.
1 HAS Episodes 166, 287 (A Freak arrives), 327, 400 (Goodbye Bea)
2 has Episodes 536, 550, 551, 552.
3 HAS Episodes 600, 601, 691, 692

has fandom plants that can you to it give a description of the each one.

Is not a whole series, but is the good way to take your dose of a Wentworth band. Hopefully A day, will release the together complete again (an available partorisca in a Joins States).
4 / 5
A very fresh collection of programs of Prisoner. Prisoner if any calm know it was the history of the prison of the Women dipped in Australia. Each prison has to that have the upper dog and this one could be very fresh. Each episode the history of some women has taken said as well as a dreariness of the life of prison has been said extremely well. But no for there reason a history on call has taken has said also. And they could be very interesting and some flanges among the legal action and the delicate behaviour could take a lot blurred in time. A real convict stands up to please? Sometimes a real convict was in a wrong side of a fence. One has to that he!
5 / 5
This DVD is wonderful,if Calm 'know' a show,and the majority of some characters.
When it Was in syndication here in some the EUA, was wonderful,is so only state cut to half an hour,of this original An episode of Now.
Wants to see this show once again,if so only for some 'characters',and a goings on in 'Wentworth' Prison.
This in spite of,this was the weekly oap work' in Australia. When I saw It, there was already three years in syndication.
Takes a DVD ,and so only the 'little' of some characters have known to look here is in this DVD. With which 'the grotto of mine in' episode,which is where our local affiliates has chosen to pull one covers here in some States, has been lost. I 'nt know the majority of some characters with which concealed,like some episodes advance 'jumped' the few years,leaving me clueless.
Patsy Rey,as Erica Davidson had left,and there was unGobernador 'new'' in Wentworth',and Elspeth Ballantyne likes Meg Morris,a Governor was still there,but again, was to soap opera . Episodes a lot disjointed,and left in slope. BUT,FOR me,it was in fact the walk down Walks by heart.
If for another reason, looks for some memories. I have wanted for real a show. Now I have a second DVD closely of a show,which gives the little more than 'Prisoner' prompt,and Counters an integer shabang. Although,truthfully,to Calm likes him the NEED of buyer LIKE THIS SET of the do justice.
Thinks 'American,as well as the Canadians have bought these just to see esome daughters' in action again. Thus a lot, I am appreciated.
Has taken to see one 'Prime minister',and an episode 'lasted,in these two insiemi.
Ossia Really all I need. Has my fix for ever now of Prisoner:Cellblock H. It does not buy it esoap acts' without all a sure east to lose something!!!!!!!!!! A show has run almost 8 Years.
Remains In peace Lizzie Birdsworth,wherever has to that booze hid,and say Salvation to soyum' of everything of knots diehard defenders!!
4 / 5
Was excited like this to buy these serious - I was totally be hooked on he in a prompt 80 east in California Of the sud. It would owe that it has paid it heed this in spite of the of some earlier descriptions that has mentioned was difficult to enjoy disconnected episodes. A DVD are to add - some episodes were utmost. BUT, so only taking to look an episode without clue left very dissatisfied. A lot I have dipped enough a show was season for season.
Are in fact sad has bought this DVD......
5 / 5
This three dvd conjoint of the disk is the introduction adds to a show, so only appearance that continues more the available episodes for knots to buy! Would want to see it exited in of the seasons (or broken down to same three insiemi of disk.)

In a first disk is some early years of a show - has chosen some utmost episodes to spotlight a start of a series. All some the classical characters are there, that comprises an introduction of Joan 'A Freak' Ferguson.

A second disk has the scarce extracted to start with with the flash behind all some more interesting moments in a history of blockade of cell of the prisoner h, besides taking to see all the world-wide again - helps to tie up a history of arches of entities for all some main characters.

A third disk is like a show has finalised, and was the end adds ! If any one calm saw it this spouse well sees an end so only.

If you are the defender of blockade of cell of the prisoner H ossia has to that has. If you are new to a show is sure to enjoy this scarce glimpse in an Australian Prison. My only question afterwards is seeing these want to more.
4 / 5
Adds to see all my favourite characters in action in a 'plus of' near in mine favourite all the women' centre of paralización.
This esoap acts' of Australia in a @@@1970s, amour these emphases, is like this entertainment. Dvd Game in of the cars of EUA.
I desire would release all 8 years of this series, I 'd amour to see all some episodes have lost.