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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
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Awsome The unit Can add and easy to manage- the desire has had some 10 years does!
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Wow That the powerful vacuum. They are a car detailer and sometimes has to that do details in someones house or cochera. The bad has to that pack all my crew. I have had the big plus ridgid and tired me partorisca pack it up. As I have decided to buy this tent of professional series vac. It has Had one the majority of cfm 200 and max watts of air 360 partorisca his measure and has compared his competition partorisca alike sized vacuums. Im Happy I my investigation. This vacuum the swipes was one 4 chevron ridgids a 5hp and 6hp blower ridgid. This vacuum is included stronger that mine 16 chevron ridgid. So only it chooses on muck and debris this has been impeded in a carpet that a ridgids wont choose up unless you thicket with the first paintbrush. I want to which compact east. It is built better way and more quality that an economic 5 tent of chevron vacs one some sell in Lowe east. I can see reason this calls a professional series. Access in my trunk of then when I the detail in a street. Included a cord covers it this vacuum is the durable cord good thickness that it is longer that it plus vacuums coming with. If you are in a phase partorisca the vacuum of this measure. Or yours the detailer taste or so only love the plus of strong vacuum partorisca clean your own car. Then it does not buy one 4 chevron ridgids or a lot another compact vacuum. I had him all and plant them all thru a test. One 4 chevron 5 summit hp ridgid wd4070 was prefered preferred partorisca the car that details until I have purchased this. A tent vac is the 5 chevron in place of 4 and so only has the way more can of the suction has 6.5 summit hp. A cfm 200 and air matts 360 is very big partorisca the vacuum this measure. A power of suction partorisca this compact vacuum is unbeliviable. It is stronger that any 8 chevron or 12 chevron and mine inclusa 16 chevron ridgid. Ossia A stronger suction vacuum partorisca the vacuum of this measure partorisca clean your car. I had him throughout some years and trust me ossia a better. So only with this I desire there was the empty to leave a nozzle while the the dipped down while yours more cleaned and I tent to wish vac has done the car nozzle like ridgid but a claw the nozzle comes with this very well also. When Buying this vacuum yours that goes partorisca need more probably partorisca buy some attachaments so only comes with a claw and the thin crevice tool. So only be careful wants to buy the hose the long plus. Be ossia a professional series has the ray on hose. You will owe that buy the hose to close box of tent vac for other hoses of mark. It maintains it simple and so only the buy the hose the plus with a longitude of tent vac and sure mark he fulminas on. In general I add compact vacuum that will take you big sized vacuum suction but the neighbourhood of a measure.
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Powerful which is which there is wanted. It comes with the mountain of wonderful wall. A description in Amazon resupplies a filter of wrong barrel (Type BB), which of course, has ordered, and has had to that return. Tent vac put web configres 9039700 type BB filter. Like this beware - does not buy a combo has offered on amazon
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has used and the tent abused-Vac systems for several years, comprising some blue Lowe version () of this product. A bit 5 portable chevron is resulted my 'gone-the' vacuum for the majority of renewal and automotive cry around a house.

A product extracted a lot well. Four stars so only to reflect frustration with Tent-Vac is looking unwillingness to clear some annexes of available big quality, and/or requiring an adapter for some annexes in a 1.5' hose, and/or annoying like a discontinuation of some stock exchanges to powder that better return. ( You take one that feels that this has to that be a stepchild of a line of product, when it seats is one of a more all-around useful versions in some serious).

But these are complaints smaller in a glorious diagram. When A time is coming to outfit the second wife, has transferred an original Lowe unit to a beach - still that goes strong - and has purchased this upgraded 'professional' unit () for a primary residence. Utilisation these things several times the week(final) in whichever location, and sometimes ask me like me never left without them.

I really like this system, and with the little finesse, can dip near the 'perfect' vacuum for your requirements.

Obviously, drought or wet work. It is compact, to the suction is well, and one 1.5' the hose is the perfect diameter for the laptop,, Quite big to manage the occasional main bits, without being the ache to move around. Some (like a Professional version) coming with still wall-highland option.

Has three options for a cartridge of primary filter - a gone in-level suitable for the majority of powder, a upgraded 'Ultraweb' to powder more final and wet or dry pickup, and the big-finalise HEPA filter of powder (which is excellent). There are two flavours of collection of stock exchanges of basic powder, or a concealed is estimated for fine particles that drywall powder. It combines a HEPA cartridge with some a lot of-stock exchanges of powder, and zero drywall the powder leaves a unit - trust me up this.

Buys the model of low end that a Professional version, strongly suggests upgrading a hose to a 9057300 'Four Flex Hose' when an original cheapie the wears was - a Four the hose is a lot of main quality , extends lengthwise, and is so only far easier and more enjoyable to use (as when vacuuming out of the vehicle he big plus).

Tend-Vac no the easy fact to identify these components of big final (cartridge, stock exchanges, hose), but is available, and do a lot well.

Another that a strategy of questionable accessories (exacerbated for the like this-put web like this corporate), Tend-Vac the service has been excellent. One the fault of engine in the in the heavy-has to that 16 Tent of chevron-Vac the unit resulted in an immediate, any-questions-the substitution asked has sent my house (the unit there was roughly 4 years, still down guaranteeed).

Strongly recommend a product. A unit is easily five incident - has given four stars SO ONLY been due to a slack strategy of accesoria. Spent with confidence.
5 / 5
Made a mistake to compare vac qualified with utility, and graduate of the uncomfortable mine 9 chevron, 5 HP Tent Vac to the 16 chevron, 6.5 HP the model when fallen of the big house remodels project. While it likes a big vac for a capacity of a big hose to suck on big chunks of forest, plaster, and drywall, is the real ache to spend upstairs, squeeze the zones of tight work among ladders and lights of work, etc. Included emptying is an inconvenience when it is loaded plenary of heavy debris.

For comparison, this 5 chevron vac is for the treat. It is small. It is portable. It is light, included when full. It is reasonably calm for the Tent Vac. And it matches a power of mine big plus vac.

This vacuum has COMPARED STRONG to any reasonable definition -- stronger that the disposal of rubbish, stronger that the radio is gaze, stronger that it ringer of mobile phone, and stronger that an integer vac. But compared to another utility vacs has done around, is easily a calm plus, and more importantly, lack of a shrill whine. So only it does not plan in that resists the conversation while it is running.

The felizmente comes with the mini drywall stock exchange, which is quite easy to install, but the one to cover fallen stuffed looks to a tiny containment of 5 chevrons. There have it also he claw tool, he crevice tool, an adapter by other annexes, and quell'group highland of the wall (comprising a hardware).

A cord is generously long in almost 20 feet. A 1½ hose of thumb is the bit in all a short chance in 7 or like this feet, but in fact enhances a portability of a unit, which in and of is not like this last to tug to the long of -- especially of a hose is literally threaded to a tank.

Adds to buy with has beaten a lot -- highly recommended has a lot of small projects during a place.
5 / 5
This has done well for roughly 4 month. He then lost virtually all suction. I have verified a still hose blockage, has take a house and verified for blockage, has tried included he without a filter in place. At all it helped it. Some careers of engine well, he so only a lot vacuum anything up.
5 / 5
Has used this tent vacuum for six month or more, and really likes to of me. Engine quite powerful, hose of annexes and good quality, good builds in of the headlines of cord, and the wall groups a lot very highland. Any wheel, but quite light and easy to spend. Any question of any class like this far. It produces very good and very better that my old a..
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Master! I have loved the powerful vacuum to use for my house. It looked in $ 400 vacuums and has thinks that was the ridiculous quantity to spend in the vacuum, as I have imagined was could buy this powerful vacuum for 1/3 a cost instead. No never it has thought to buy the tent vac before. I so only learnt roughly the partorisca read roughly his on amazon. I am gone down to Sears to look in that the traditional tent vac alike and has been mortified for like this enormous is. I love a small measure of this tent vac. Wow, I have done the good decision. Has cats and the dog and has required something concealed would choose on animal hair - as this does wonderfully! Has oriental coverages in the carpet and utmost in carpeting. Also it likes him the use the to clean up in mine cement zone of yard - the law adds in concrete. And I adds in my paving of cookery also. Wow, That adds it vacuum! An only reason am giving are add vacuum 4 stars in place of 5 is reason does not come with annexes. I have had to that pay $ to buy some annexes. I can not use that it comes with without sustaining on to vacuum reason so only comes with the hose and the small annex. To clean your calm house really need to buy a box of annex. If it tends-vac is listening - precise sells he with annexes.

With glue of gorilla, I glued are 1.5 thumb diameter caster wheels of hule soft in a fund of a vacuum. The maintaining that can go around and is very stable. I have it quell'has bought also stirs it of dyson vacuum alleged to use with a car (I has had to that buy the wand of thumb and hose). Highly it recommends this vacuum.
4 / 5
To the suction Adds! We add an extra hose to the equal that can leave a tent vac in a wall and clean a car. The works add!
4 / 5
Uses for the forest that read them are attached to the cyclone. Really it maintains a powder down

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
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They are class of enclosed to buy a Tent Vac mark because I have accrued like this of his accessories, and has done my part possesses and hoses partorisca his stops has has specialised applications. Ossia My third Tent of 10 chevrons Vac.

In the first place, there is always there is doubted strongly use the real stainless steel partorisca one can. It is a lot probably chrome-plated steel of carbon. There is the difference. One can is magnetic, so that the principles was type 304 and 316 stainless. Type 430 stainless is magnetic, but that almost universally comes with the arrival brushed, and this has the shiny chrome arrival. How it is probably in fact chrome-plated steel. This has said, has has not had never the question with one has beaten that rusts thru, and alternated dry and wet pickup constantly.

A suction is fantastic. A dish of engine has said 12A.

An iron is 1/2 diameter cane of solid steel.

Some two wheels are molded plastic and look quite durable.

One can has several dents in him, how is spent thru the hands of diverse client and has been refused. These do not import mine. They are sure I shortly will be to add my own dents. To the sinister dipped me he of in this way, am accepting some dents so that it does not have to that .

Some bosses lateralmente are good and beefy and a lid latches is quite good. These are two of some the majority of characteristics of entities IMO, with which suction.

A two small casters for a base to go is utter crap. One is coming with the hub already has broken. Very economic --an enormous mismatch for one a lot beefy iron in another side. An only good thing can say roughly is does not look owner. Felizmente Does not use never a base of roller, more immediately would order better casters.

This vac will accept a big 2.5' hoses, which are utmost for chips of forests and a big plus chunks. I do not comprise reason the limit of people to a 1-1/4 hoses. With this model can have both.
4 / 5
In the first place of a vacuum is adds! Calm and powerful like the Tent Vac would have to that be. But one 1 1/2 thumb the returns of hose at all. All the annexes are 1 1/4 thumb that requires an use of an adapter has distributed so only. Any question buys more adapters - but no - Tend Vac no longer sells him . That sells in place, comprises correctly, calm force to cut an end of your hose and clave in the 1 1/4 asks final. Supposition I upgrade with the 2 1/2 thumb box of hose.

Loves a Vac - hate a hose
5 / 5
Turn because it is concealed harm . It has been it likes the swipe taken for the truck
4 / 5
do not last to gather, decent quality, but dented well of a factory. Logistical poor. Reduced a global experience and lovely sense.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
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These stock exchanges of collection were a OEM substitution partorisca a Tent Vac Micro 1 chevron wets/dry vacuum cleansing. A container has said that that is to return one 1 chevron and 1.5 chevron vacuum.
4 / 5
Some stock exchanges are exactly like this described, and has arrived punctually.
5 / 5
Likes that they return a lot well and maintain a clean interior while gathering some rubbishes.
4 / 5
Very easy to use. The desire there has been alleged better but does the work adds partorisca clean out of automobile. Has the 100 lb the dog takes partorisca estacionar every day. We clean every day he adds
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That can be said in the vacuum clear stock exchange? It returns and work.
4 / 5
Has done perfect. The prize was very compared the tents of big plot.

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Amur A fact that comes with 3 filters. I can wash one and still work in a tent.
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These stock exchanges grieve returned in levels Craftsman or Rigid tent vac filters, but, turn. Extend a time among cleaning and life of filter. Wash and reuse.