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Top Customer Reviews: Connector Cable for ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
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The cost has checked Done as it was supposed to

Top Customer Reviews: Sonic ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 12 ratings
5 / 5
Although this game was so only available partorisca a Sega CD partorisca some time, has had the along-port retarded of a game to a computer. This was one the majority to populate (the majority acessible) version of a game that included taken packaged to several compilations. This in spite of, personally would recommend this on anything can locate a computer. Some reasons that is some following:
A version of the computer does not operate, unless I can find a defender-done of patch in an internet.
A version of the computer also looks partorisca have the serious question with a music. Hardly it could it listens in my version, while all some other sounds were in max volume.
Some games of version of the computer in the small window, for incumplimiento. Yes, you can maximizas the, but east distorts an image and can scrape on some colours, sometimes.
According to which this Sega the version of CD goes, any of these questions exists. I am appreciated especially partorisca a fact that in fact can listen a music. Apparently it has the enormous controversy that surrounds joined several soundtracks partorisca this game of then is different partorisca each region. This in spite of, any one has seen apt to stick a music in an internet, as have has had to that eternally ask that it has touched it likes. Neither that, or pull my ears partorisca listen a version of computer (looking some speakers do not help ).
Certainly, requires partorisca have the working Sega CD partorisca touch this version of a game, but does not see any question with that, personally. After all, taking the complete, doing, the system is even more economic that that cost to modern console (included the one of hand).
4 / 5
This game is fantastic. Ossia One of mine favourite of Sonic games so only reasons his different that some other classical games while be still one he. This was also one of some first games have possessed he so that it was the time add replaying he in his original form versus touching a better Christian Whitehead version. Highly it would recommend any partorisca take one 2011 remake in Mobile of PC or 360 and PS3. A remake fixed the majority of some bugs that was present in an original like a constant slowdown and bugs of physics. This in spite of six the collector and want sonic then ossia the must has. Still if you do not possess the Sega CD can dip on an emulator partorisca run a physical disk.
5 / 5
All soyun says is this calm game forces partorisca retard down and really take the Sonic. It is more defiant, has music and better map and some 3d in him. It is not bad. BUUUUT, Suggests partorisca read a manual and storyline so that it is that it is doing. More a control could have been better. So much, paste of calm gold really if you gt this in a Cube of Game, unless you are the collector . It likes, but I see reason is of debatable. Has multiple finals and good animation, also.
5 / 5
Sinister time of cross and spatial to recover a fabled Bone of Time of Eggman in a bit Planet and rescue Amy is Trace of the Sonic metal!
Without further ado, time of Description:
Graphic: the map adds in pair with Sonic 1 & Sonic 2, some Special Phases' graphic and some moments where a Sega CD scaling the capacities are aimed is a better together with a awesome animate-like this of the sequences partorisca some inaugural and final!
Control: Levels of Sonic controls, but utmost this in spite of in spite of the bit of the watered-down Turns-Pinch
Music & of Sound: A Sound is awesome, a music is not too shabby (and the Sonic boom is awesome) but has found some Japanese versions and of the Europeans' the music is better that a version of EUA in some ways after listening to them on [...]
Plot: Dr. Ivo 'Eggman' Robotnik Has has learnt secrets of some Seven Bones of Time of a bit Planet on Never Lake and plans partorisca use them partorisca Dominance, while using Sonic Metal partorisca kidnap the woman of pink hedgehog has appointed Amy Rosa and now is until Sonic to save a day!
Fun-Factor: Collecting all seven Bone of Time, travelling behind and advance in time, awesome gameplay and the soundtrack is without the only-itty-bitty doubts one of some better Sonic Games!
And so many: it buys it! It will do this the addition adds to the yours Sega/the Sonic/Sonic instruments/Sega COLLECTION of CD!

-J. Garten
5 / 5
This sonic game was half especially in a sega cd is still entertainment to touch
5 / 5
a lot was excited really when it has bought them Sonic cd for a Sega cd but when it has taken a thing has not been lined on at all but when I touched it has not had any music and could not travel by means of time! I mean really? It does not sell something concealed no right ! I mean still I can touch when he right but I cant included dipped in any of some frescos of secret codes! Vendor of amazon: MIRSAX would owe that there is remarked these questions before I have bought he
4 / 5
One of some better Sonic games have not created never. Has has had to that so only choose this up after buying my Sega CD and if yours quite lucky to possess this console then the highly recommend that you choose this title on, calm will not be disturbed that has done.
5 / 5
Has had some question ploughing a chance, a chance there has been the few cracks. A game has done well, but in a behind has had some scratches with something in them. Had also the tear of a soundtrack, which was a lot. In general, it is the good product !
4 / 5
Quite pleasant has been sent release it willy husband =P but a game is awesome
4 / 5
This game is surprising. I want like the sound like this coloreado and detailed with a map. This game also has a intro and two when finalising film that pushes a sega cd technology.
Was them professor of the school of video game the woud gives this game he 1000 A++++
calms of the that has the sega cd as it can take them this game for a gamecube and has been them listening plans for you iOS version also
4 / 5
the game Adds and good prize. To good sure values has the SEGA CD and is collecting retro video games.
4 / 5
This game sucks. That of these cradles is there his totally messed this an on sure. This game is not a lot at all. Some sonic games 1,2,3, and knuckels is far better that this. It is really dissapointing and am happy some costs of game afterwards to at all. All some levels are almost some same excepts that they look different with different funds. Another that that it is just earth in the stupid cradle and take launched up in an air the time of thousand. Some better things that marks the entertainment of sonic game is his speed but there are cradles in the each corner and is hard to build on moment and enjoy a game without running to one of those. Also robotnick is a More adds them wuss never how is like this easy to beat a wheel out of him? Still it sucks one has the paste has gone where is a challenge? And I thought that it that it was the sis in some others play. I owe that say do not have data a lot thus game and he will go my collection because still although sega is well in screwing the things am enjoyed on a system and one 16 has bitten games. A game is that it imports left down and the better cure would owe that it has been taken in the create. It is terrible as it can be .