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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
4 / 5 Aundrea
Formed: Hardcover Some illustrations is good-looking, a history that inspires. The reading enjoyed really this to my edges in bedtime, which is not something can say for all his books.
4 / 5 Dian
Formed: Hardcover has Taken likes the present
5 / 5 Georgiana
Formed: Hardcover the book Adds:) it wants to be able to teach my boys on some women of the real fights by heart have the lean data. A lot authorising!
4 / 5 Rosia
Formed: Hardcover the addition Adds my library of house
4 / 5 Asha
Formed: Kindle the edition Agrees does a lot of limit to level that that can be achieved if our mindset is without flanges on some
5 / 5 Tanna
Formed: Hardcover the book adds partorisca underline historical function of African women in NASA
4 / 5 Bryce
Formed: Hardcover This book is roughly 4 female computer astounding black the one who has won discrimination and there has been sucedido partorisca do in NASA because of his persistence and skills of utmost mathematics. I have been moved!

Top Customer Reviews: Elon Musk: Tesla, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5 Debera
Formed: Hardcover Elon the musk has impacted a lot and his continuous work influence daily. It is possibly one the majority of influential person of our century and a a the one who will contribute enormously in our world in the significant way and spend to the future the green plus, Mars and like this on... I want to listen in Elon life, although it is horrible to listen that it spends for as the girl, of a violence and abuse that has to that experience each house of day and in colegiala, enfados of it partorisca result the strong person with the positive perspective in a future and the man the one who will not give never up! It is inspiring partorisca see where the person of this magnitude comes from/comes from and for real changes your view in his, the helps comprise his personality and explain reason his quirkiness is like this in an end of a day is so only in the like everything. I want to Elon still the intense childish side his personality and his projects continue to evolve constantly, sometimes included faster that our society develops and ossia incredibly fascinating. This pound will inspire you and perhaps give you the deepest recognition of him and his view in dondequiera spend our world!
5 / 5 Sophia
Formed: Kindle the edition was partorisca add it and easy bed. Some uses of author some voices of characters around Elon partorisca speak in Elon. Ossia Particularly useful because the help knows a good, a bad and an ugly in Elon. Ashley, Starts of impartial but to some looks to finalise to be partorisca Elon the vision of the musk. This incredibly is that it distracts reason taking was one feels of unbiased that begins was with. A Musk of products of the book like the a lot of determinate and fashion fellow goddess the one who east... It is interesting and his value a bed to good sure. It is particularly he has the idea adds to a culture that is innovation in a new age. Oh... And it is also slightly inspiring.
5 / 5 Elza
Formed: Kindle Edition This biography is still in a better tradition partorisca obtain the cooperation of a subject without giving them control. Ashlee Vance The fantastic work partorisca locate the roots of the musk by means of his infancy without succumbing the sentimentalism, and retains the dispassionate yours describing Musk foibles and defects (and the merit of musk some credit partorisca mediate in this project in spite of knowing has not been happy with each revelation), or breezing by means of the a lot of triumphs of the musk and a travesa to the long of a way.

Has any disappointment partorisca be had here, is that any one really take more than occasional glimpses of as the work of processes confine of the musk - like approximations the question in detail. But, it conceal probably it avenges so that that the musk results older and more reflective. For now, it is a lot the man of action has involved.

This was the fascinating law in an of a more obliging the alive people today. If the attractive of Musk was included the part of his sleeps, well can result one the majority of person of entity in human history. It is the value of the man that takes partorisca know.
5 / 5 Lachelle
Formed: Hardcover One adds read. A lot of people do not know any one a lot in a man behind Tesla or SpaceX, has thought I this in spite of this book tried bad. This was the add, easy bed to be able to take by means of a lot quickly. An author was able to express his sincere opinions in Elon that you a lot always see in this way of documentary. Partorisca Any interested in business growth or entrepreneurship this would be to add it read partorisca you. Also I add it read partorisca any interested in a mark of Tesla or SpaceX. Partorisca A business alcohol this book underlines some good ideas and of the bad ideas when treating employees and tip that when be achieved can any join you the majority to populate with your employees. In general it is it adds it read.
5 / 5 Michaela
Formed: Kindle the edition was pleasantly has surprised that this biography of a brilliant Elon Musk fascinated me so much. The cars are not my passion. The science is not never be one of my better subjects. And I know at all roughly when being neither an engineer or the programmer of computer. To to I Sounds like would have to that it has been bored with this novel to the equal that comprises of all these subjects this in spite of like this a real history is in a man Elon Musk.

A type is been born in South Africa, moved to Canada and has received his first terracing in Engineering of University of Queens in Ontario. Then he his way to some States after accruing some Canadians of business men like friends and believer. He Penn has answered also and later Stanford partorisca widen his knowledge. Has and still has the skill partorisca create money so that sometimes look to be crazy ideas. That transports he entirely electrical without trafficante partorisca the sell? That draws the coverage of electrical fill on canal by means of Amsterdam? That sends supplies the Course and have the humans begin the settlement there and begin buries that it forms a planet partorisca be able to sustain human beings partorisca save a species? Sound the few dice? It is by train fully and the tesla is doing and selling these electrical cars. And SpaceX has has sent felizmente payloads to an international spatial season and is returned a rocket the earth. And it was not long first of these payloads comprise people. And regarding Courses, just wait and see. If any one can do it, Elon Musk .

I money is not a reason Elon Musk these things. For real it thinks that it is trying to change in world-wide partorisca better, doing it more cleaned and greener and finally finding another habitat partorisca humans when it results necessary. Material he because it is the special class of characters. This in spite of partorisca try some people of money has to that it marks billions partorisca create a fine billions require to further his ambitions.

Has not been like this enthralled with the biography partorisca such the long time. It is done me he partidrio enormous of Elon Musk.
4 / 5 Leigh
Formed: Kindle Edition In reading this book, has very learnt an importance partorisca adhere to the business vision, to all the cost of adversity or according to difficult look hurdles.

Has learnt on manufacture and car creation, creation of rocket, testing, a intricacies of the culture and the operations inside giant likes him NASA, GM, Ford, aerospace regulators, and private companies. I have seen like partorisca take the subject of has broken to funded in the multitude of methods, as partorisca create the strong peer that follows and be respected, an importance partorisca take risks, pressing behind has accepted in norms, and like partorisca take all the world in the company partorisca comprise you subject bad.

All of of the this in a fashion and glorious Muskian way of living, which is although the highly entertaining and intriguing life, is to good sure any one a life of a daily person gives the emotion adds to never of tower of page.
5 / 5 Luvenia
Formed: Kindle Edition Elon the musk is the fascinating man. It is state that explosions up in an informative recently and has wanted to read bit it roughly the and this book had been that explosions on the plot as I have imagined would give it shot it.
And a content is well, a writing is not orders. A voice of a writer was the bit during a place, also renting of Musk (still when that speaks in lacklustre personal skills), to be too critical in perhaps that tries to look unbiased but is exited like this more uncomfortable.
This book has to that more or has written less, but took the week to take by means of him of then one that reading was to cry it.
Very read if you are curious roughly Musk, but would expect until it goes on sale again (which I foolishly lost when you are and has bought he in full price), of looks to give the decent overview of Musk.
4 / 5 Sol
Formed: Kindle Edition The one who this man has been by means of and how is resulted is at all but Amazing! Ossia The first hand and intimate account of a life and personality or Elon Musk... His vision, his experience his truth.. They are in Ah of his walk and tenacity! It is a lot inspiring and motivating partorisca read successes and challenges and as it has not given never on faith in his sleep and destiny!
5 / 5 Georgina
Formed: Kindle the edition Creates Terrific of an iconic person the one who has spent in an ours culture of evolutionary transmission. Torres of paradigm is weighed often and painful in society and to some character that promotes him. An author has done the thorough work partorisca research a man and his a lot of missions. It has incorporated his investigation to the pleasingly testo readable that help the best to explain a storied life of the Quixotic person. Elon The musk does not swing in windmills- embraces these technologies that his poke in some cartels of fuel of the fossil. His energies are not so only solar, is personal - so it is some costs has paid personally partorisca give his universal sleeps partorisca alternative to some state quo sectors of energy. Calm can not describe the Musk of Ladies likes complacent in any of of his endeavours, his roughly-to-be it the introduction released of a Model X car and a prjimo SpaceX the mission to an International spatial Season is but two examples clichs of his meteoric successes. An author, Crown Vance has given colour and texture to the 4-D portrait of this remarkable - Man partorisca All the Seasons and of the Reasons- but a lot always Please'n- Elon Musk.
4 / 5 Abbey
Formed: Kindle the Yes calm edition never listened of Elon Musk, probably prpers maintenances another planet. Possibly one the majority of alive mysterious man. A day goes a way, a prjimo another. Value the good bed although I the doubt will do comprises a better man! They are one of his defenders in a sense that the technology has to that I advance of movement and not being stiffle for business of big technology partorisca maintain his products in some shelves.
4 / 5 Antonetta
When You thrive and find you so only, that thinks that look partorisca have a legislation that the imports but the calm people around think that is crazy. So many, goes in your calculations again partorisca come up with some same results, chair that is to good sure well, still to another calm is not . Ossia That Musk the looks of life partorisca be roughly but in general another level. Have enjoyed a look inside his world, has felt the sense has authorised , human when you fall and felt superhuman when you are behind up. I am sold.
4 / 5 Dagmar
Wow. Ossia All really can say. This book is incredible. The container has arrived two days with which ordered it—perfect condition. Elon The musk is down shoots right now, but give a very behind and look in a situation, is simply unorthodox. It is the weirdo, and perhaps ossia the one who a entrepreneurial business world-wide needs. This book selves to his complex and entertaining history, and Ashlee Vance an amazing work partorisca write some chances in the factually involving way, presenting some parts like the history with characters, like opposed to the biographical piece, that really draws a reader in. Masters that!
4 / 5 Velia
Would recommend this book to any and all the world-wide the one who is quite able the comprehend 60 or more than some words in him. If has boys perhaps the adolescent would have to read the. The people that asks that to do with his life would owe that fish the. The successful people would have to that fish the. Reason? Still although we are to save some moments of ache or confusion and inner conflict that the life of Musk has touched undoubtedly, there there is enough in here to see like this the person is driven, his vision, which separates has sucedido.... There is extracted adds of practical idea that thinks could/ would inspire, embolden, authorises and reinvigorate so only roughly any with breathes in them.
4 / 5 Carlotta
The one who the bed. That the walk. Although it thinks that that you know the one who Elon the musk is, this book develops the very only character behaviour to solve subjects like this a lot like this he to beat the help maintains humanity in a street the magnitude of existence continued and perhaps true. An absolutely fascinating history that reads like a thriller of adventure, and is really hard to dip down. It can not expect for part II in 15 years or like this, when the humans are ready to leave for March.
4 / 5 Delmy
Buy A lot of books. This was fascinating, an easy bed. It has not had a lot of the parts where tugs. Has has learnt plots in business, science, reports but all presented in the simple, the way has comprised easily. It is one of a very small reservation possesses that I have read in the short period of time, considering never am reading multiple books a same time. It is fascinating to be reading this book a time still likes launch of a recent heavy rocket. I think that that I will buy the Tesla!
5 / 5 Milagro
This book dips out of a life, ambitions, fights, challenges, ups , downs, idiosyncrasies, and ways of a Musk of remarkable Ladies in the clear and entertaining forms which spent to start with to finalise in enthusiastic interest. Maintain a next internet for some of some technical terms some uses of author
5 / 5 Anibal
A book is informative although has bad structured. Some frames of author up for him to resupply interesting facts roughly Musk and his approximation to his aims. The musk to good sure will go down in history for his endeavours the ween was oil and ideally take was this planet. The photos are of an Amazon of real book mailed me.
5 / 5 Charleen
Ossia The detailed inquisitive account of one of some worlds at present people more interesting. Writing for the journalist the one who gives the just account of Elon life. These looks of man to create a same class of fanboi following and this author is not one of them, but his shows of the account how is learnt to respect his accomplishments warts and everything. I have listened an author in an interview and he looked to have cogent facts and have bought like this this book. It does not disappoint .
5 / 5 Aracely
One a lot interesting bed in the very interesting man. Full disclosure, has not finalised reading this book, but has been instead given a book of audio on CD with which have had has purchased already a hard coverage; listened his in a course of the travesía of longitude of street, and was fantastic. A book of the audio also has emphasis for some different characters, which have thought was the a lot of involving characteristic. Highly recommended (particularly on CD).
5 / 5 Almeda
In spite of being the enormous defender of the his (that it was it reason ossia a first description I not having never writes on Amazon), a book looks the profess too much in his positive qualities and always looks to be finding some class of excuses or justifications for his poor behaviour. For any one looking for to do humanity fine-planetary, his lack of the empathy for some people interacts with looks to be counter-intuitive. While a book is the good bed and resupply the very peek the Elon life, averted to feel a bit dissapointed.
4 / 5 Will
Of the that Spent an economic version, there are some pictures in a centre and so only partorisca look in him a place where all some pages are attached has broken near. I owe that no partorisca the read still but a better history be very reason a book is poor quality
4 / 5 Tyisha
that Interest and a lot of paced. A no shy author out of speaking in both a good and bad of Elon Musk. The must read partorisca better sympathetic one of some the majority of interesting figures in industry.
5 / 5 Alona
This rids fantastically is entertaining and the really incredible and thorough look to the that Elon the musk is and that he tick, as well as the little has bitten roughly the one who his life is likes. Highly I recommend it to any the one who there is included the interest of any one in entrepreneurship or futurism / of technology. The fashion partorisca write of Ashlee Vance is in fact one of some main things that mark this book adds. It directs partorisca find the balance adds among any one, entertainment, and detail concealed resembles evades a lot of other writers. Shopping another book for him any day now of a week.
4 / 5 Celine
Has decided to read this book after a rocket of Falcon has done the vertical landing in Florida last month. It was curious to learn in a man, a CEO of three of one the majority of disruptive companies (Tesla, SpaceX and Solarcity) in history. It is arguably one the majority of thrilling and visionary bolt of contractor today. An author the work adds partorisca detail Elon travesía by means of his initiatives - Zip2, PayPal, Tesla, SpaceX and SolarCity. If it takes his business vision to all the cost of some challenge type. It has taken industries like aerospace and automotive that Amsterdam has looked for having given on on and recast his so much something new. It maintain to invest million dollars the SpaceX and same Tesla although it was near the failure. When Asked reason pursues these industries, he quickly the points out of this innovation is spending in internet, finance, and law, and some sectors that is investing in has not seen a lot of innovation. Elon Wants to go down a cost of SpaceX launches to a point that will result it economic and practical to fly the Course and begin the settlement. Amazing! It gives this reserves the read, like this the man goes to define a future for us.
4 / 5 Lashawnda
Usually does not like Me the biographies, but this this is not the usual man. Elon The musk is the visionary, can love, calm can hate, but can not believe is not something more totally.
A book gives so only quite a lot of ideas in all the spheres of personal and professional Musk life and is therefore a lot interesting. Tip a good and a bad of a type and his companies.
5 / 5 Paul
Has loved absolutely a book and devoured it like this quickly to the equal that can. A writing is easy to read and has the positive tone. It is clear that an author is the enormous defender of Elon is. Elon Looks the for real extraordinary person and is the must to be read roughly. I have turned to the enormous defender now too much. While it take rich and take to Tesla! ;-)
4 / 5 Shoshana
Writing a lot well, easy to read, looks factual. An author décomposés a man, myth and doom to be the legend. They are the defender , has to say, has to Tesla and looking in Solar energy. It can not go the Course, but like a main that requires the plan of backup. It is by train of the do A hard way, saves and except with real emotion for some people that reads for him. I add read.
5 / 5 Arlen
A pleasurable read, but the little too superficial for my flavours. With any of the that the life is almost like this amazing like the fictional character, a history of Elon is understandably difficult to say. This book reads bit it too much like the novel, and on glorifies more than explaining. In general, it is the pleasurable albeit the writing has read.
4 / 5 Sharonda
A journalistic approximation has believed to chronic that it is such the fantastical the life resupplies a perfect tension, pulls it a page for page by means of the history that almost need be said in parallel to paint a complete picture but is constrained for a linear character of a half. A balance among a discussion of a technology and some applications, some people and some products, this man and his mission is both obliging and inspiring. This looks like this sincere and so only the history to the equal that can be turned in the man like this eclectic. While it have been easy to direct in a business and histories of technology and management of hard shell ethos like this often spoken with Elon Musk like @@@subject, am like this happy An author has found ways to develop a sensibility and humanity of the man with view of a like this different world in fact can find the way to change he for a better.
5 / 5 Lula
This book is a big plus -that-biography of life of Elon Musk. To be sincere, had listened a lot of things in Elon the life of the musk still has not appreciated fully a breadth and spent of his character. It likes more geniuses can has to that his desert but a sheer row of his successes simply is in amazing. A lot we have strived to follow our sleeps but in some point can fall courts. This in spite of this biography is test -positive that so only-the ambition has imported can have sucedido in spite of a odds. Elon The determination of the musk tip that there is the forward of way for a human race in spite of a nay-sayers and gives hope. The biography of Ashlee Vance is the worthy tribute to this extraordinary man.
4 / 5 Tona
They are always curious state roughly Musk as it thinks that that it is an interesting if any eccentric character, is the portrait adds of his life of the prójimo on perspectives.
5 / 5 Sixta
A lot the book has researched thoroughly in a life roughly one of some the majority of people of entities today. A lot inspiring with respecting to a work ethic, passion and level of commitment of one of a character a brilliant plus of our time. It does not think too many CEOs is engaged like this like this the man is to the each alone step of a process partorisca his subjects. Calm points the one who the people can do with the work ethic and desire to learn.
4 / 5 Simon
Has read this book because it was in a McKinsey/book of Financial Time of a cast of year and has not been disappointed. It offers the thorough glimpse to the life partorisca date of the musk and some the hard realities have to that give support partorisca take to where is today. While it is to good sure the figure partorisca polarise, Vance the work adds partorisca aim so much a glitzy modern day Howard Hughes and a constantly bullied boy the one who has the data endure the life partorisca house that has been distant very stable with a backdrop of the hendido, viril of culture of the alpha directed in South Africa. The offer surrounds add partorisca those looking partorisca learn more roughly the past of the musk, present and dondequiera go in a future.
5 / 5 Shanna
The book adds with the idea adds to one of some the majority of inspiring alcohol there, Elon Musk.
Surprising partorisca see a face of adversity and the tesla like prójima and spatial x is coming to the collapse.
A must read partorisca any defenders of technology.
4 / 5 Jona
Awesome, the book has balanced roughly one of some the majority of interesting audience imagines that goes forward. The some terracing an organisation of a book could be jarring partorisca me, but was really smaller. Like an example, can jump among writing on Tesla and then SpaceX, jump chronologically, jump among speaking in Elons good sides and his defects.

In general although the biography adds, a lot entertaining, and to the chairs like a awesome of the work that explains objectively the one who Elon east and reason. She he everything without steering the fangirling, which doubts could have done if it have written the...
4 / 5 Johnna
Has loved a glimpse in the world of the musk, and an idea to that the toil for everything has. A lot well it quotes in there too much. I found it quite inspiring, and loves me do harder that take that master in life. Elon Negative to take no for a response the example to continuation for future generations.
5 / 5 Mikki
Elon The musk there is molded a world-wide alive in and has inspired millions of people. It is interesting to take the glimpse his history and that spends for to take to where is! Amado the and read by means of him with relieving so that it is writing like this good and interesting!
5 / 5 Annis
This type is for far one of some the majority of the interesting men there is. It is crazy as it advanced his brain is and the one who commited is to everything of his projects. Always it tries things that has not been never done before. This book gives the good sympathetic and in depth look in a creation in his a lot of companies.
5 / 5 Floy
Ossia An amazing book . If calm included is looking in him, assumes that you know that it is roughly, and a quality of him.
To good sure recommends this like this something all the world would owe that read. I have learnt like this reading east.

A book has arrived quickly, and in perfect condition.
5 / 5 Josefa
One of some the majority of interesting people in a planet today. Solar city, Tesla and my preferred, SpaceX. That can calms does not want to know in this man. Simply it is in amazing. It has gathered the crew of technicians to do amazing things. Highly recommend this book is interested in this amazing person.
4 / 5 Dean
A insightful look to a ups and downs, transfers and has turned that Elon has had to that survive to achieve a pinnacle of the success enjoys today. A lot of interesting lessons to be learnt to the long of a way. A rollercoasters has mentioned in an end of a book could do fault to entertain employees, as well as it symbolises a character of his initiatives and survival.
5 / 5 Herma
To good sure value a bed for any interested in Elon Musk and his future plans for humanities. Ashlee Vance The work adds to present an objective biography, neither tries to present Elon like this súper human or inhuman. It likes Elon more now of that knows is the relatively normal type , everything is with the vision adds and More walks them still adds.
4 / 5 Maud
Fast Extra delivery. They are A bit disappointed of the Condition of the book. The jacket is abimée, looks to having taken waters it and the rigid coverage to also. His height was 'Used, very a lot of' but would have has had to that be 'used, a lot'.
5 / 5 Myong
Wow , The very written book that spends calm to a daily life of the character with enormous plans for a future of humanity! A hard buisness man and the loveing man familiarised . Esperanza wins !
5 / 5 Silvana
This rids now give me idea and comprising when I see recent headlines with a MUSK of name in them. That an amazing history and Canada is a lot the part of his travesía.
4 / 5 Ardelia
In general an excellent book. Written the little journalistic for my flavours in time, but suppose that ossia to be expected as it was written by the journalist.

Elon The musk is one of my heroes, and can not expect see the one who some future controls for this man.
5 / 5 Lelah
I just desire to see a long edition of east a. It is crazy to read Elon same life before a reusability of Falcon 9 and launching of the Heavy falcon was achieved, imagine the one who a book will be to like with some newer updates!
5 / 5 Caprice
Has not finalised this book up to now but like this far the very Interesting meeting and very written. Recommended like the good bed.
4 / 5 Racquel
Ossia The book adds wants to comprise a mentality of types likes Elon. His work ethic is incredible and his history is surprising.

Highly recommend.

Has written the report in an of some better things have learnt to read this book, feels free of the verify ://
4 / 5 Tosha
has Loved a book.
Has appreciated some thorough explanations of a reason?
Would take too time to write that it thinks.
Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, And an Investigation for the Fantastic Future5 the stars are enough of an explanation

Top Customer Reviews: Rosalind Franklin: ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Lester
Pound really interesting that takes a history has corrected. Rosalind Was like an author says 'Airbrushed out of history' and has won the noble prize partorisca his work. Photo 51 was his and Watson and Crick has flown his glory, taking the noble prize because of his work and that it is worse his taunted the when it was bolt . This book opens your eyes to a real woman behind Photo 51 ~ a prime minister never photo of a human DNA and the one who stirs it of snobs has to that give support while it was first bolt to die of cancer. The god
5 / 5 Kylie
wants to read the biography of Rosalind the franklin has the election among two separate endeavours: 'Rosalind Franklin and DNA' for Anne Sayre (1975) or 'A Dark lady of DNA' for Brenda Maddox (2002). For the own admission of an author, Sayre the book is not really the biography but the protest to the book typical of Watson. It Maddox The offered here is the much more balanced view, although the times have had an impression was a bit partial Franklin and the bit derisive roughly Watson. This could be justified totally this in spite of, reason according to more people those who have known personally, a portrait of Franklin that is to be paint for Watson in 'A Double Helix' was the caricature.

Of a publication of 'A Dark Lady of DNA' have the very better recognition of the that Rosalind the franklin was, both like the person and like the scientist. The whole life of this Franklin of coverages of the book and is extremely has researched well. This endeavour has been motivated for the desire to rectify a dud impression the a lot of people have had roughly Franklin after reading 'A Double Helix'. Ossia Reason Maddox is a lot of critic of Watson during a book. Some the only time takes his side was when he has mentioned the personal episode in a nickname Rosie: 'This diminutive is not like this inherently abusing like the a lot of critics of Watson is 'Rosy' in 'Of the Double Helix' has suggested. When I in the first place arrived in Inghilterra of Massachusetts, has shared the paving with a Anglo-journalist of Reuters Irish has appointed Rosanna Groarke, and routinely has directed, although any one has done more, as 'Rosie'. It looks the sign of American friendliness.'

After reading this book has had the very better comprising of a function touched for Franklin in a discovery of a structure of DNA. But the few subjects remain opaque. For example, it is still not clearing for me that was Franklin has dipped any time dates to a possibility of the double helix structure for a molecule of DNA. For chance to plot of fuss around his conviction that one A form has not been the double helix. Still it write it mocking look of death to this effect. But Crick and Watson has thought that that it was the double helix and was a lot. For the technical reasons more has recognised easily that a B the form would owe that be the double helix. But we do not know when exactly it avenges to this conclusion, and that impact has in his comprehension of one A form. Perhaps we do not have quite material in our disposal to be able to follow Franklin closely in an evolution of his has thought. To the respect was in plot easier that follow the account of Watson in 'A Double Helix'. In another hand the one who Maddox has done very clear is Franklin the one who cautious was in his investigations scienziathe. It comes from any to any and was very methodical. This approximation is risky less but taken longer. While Watson and Crick was often careless can have been too careful in time. This in spite of, these two opposite approximations are essential to an evolution of science, to represent complementary attitudes that you can he both yield good results. And a elucidation of a structure of DNA illustrates that particularly well. It is it has recognised generally that Crick and Watson has trusted strongly in a meticulously collected data for Franklin. And this left him the his intuitions of earth and deductions in of the experimental evidence. In the science often sees the experimentalists that hand of law manually with theoreticians. This in spite of, in this particular chance the vital informations have been obtained for Crick and Watson without a consent and knowledge of Franklin. This partially can explain reason take like this long to recognise a value of the his contributo.

That finds in this biography is the much more elaborate and sophisticated portrait of Franklin that that can be found in 'A Double Helix'. That coming to @give is that some commentaries have done for Watson in his soyyth doing narrative' reflect so only the short segment of his life. This sad episode was very painful to his at the same time and a whole situation is resulted unbearable after the moment. It have to that it has learnt it the shot adds of this experience and he have done probably his mature that before. Although there is not a lot long to live enter one the majority of productive period of his career after his start of King is. For a context in that now evolves was very different once there is left behind a poisonous atmosphere that prevails in his leading institution. And this new life has offered an occasion to better show a full discharge of his capacities scienziathe. Everything results clear with which learn that when that the franklin has been assumed to do on DNA was under an impression that this new field of investigation would be totally his. But you fulfil rigid tolerance of Mauritius Wilkins the one who there was state quite said one same in of the considerations in his own place. An immediate consequence was that the cooperation has ceased first has has begun even. A quickly decayed situation and turned to a unproductive turf war. In planting to cooperate with each another has finalised to cooperate with Crick and Watson, with that was unknowingly competing. An odd pair Wilkins/the franklin has failed to appreciate like this determined a dynamic duet Crick/Watson was to solve a question still has done on.

Some odd circumstances prevailing has propiciado the own time a worse out of Franklin. Mainly tip his his side dark plus in planting to show his brilliance, which already had been recognised abroad when you stick doctoral does in France. But thanks to a laborious investigation has spent has gone by Brenda Maddox, a Dark Lady of DNA now can rest in peace, that knows that his lights now shines more brilliant that never.
5 / 5 Corinne
An extraordinary book in an extraordinary woman.. Has not founding a technical material too much difficult neither. A typical reaction of men to exclude women in spite of his contributi - the history constantly repeats .
5 / 5 Carli
'Rosalind Franklin A Dark Lady Of DNA', is the biography, and is not like this laden with science that a place-the person can not read and enjoy a work. But I have read, and commentaries, likes put he-reader the one who is fascinated for some people and some methods have used to uncover one of some utmost discoveries in a History of Science.
Has found this book recommended in a Scientific American magazine. In spite of his reputation to be for a scientist has coached, or a lot give the support has studied well, a revised routinely suggests reservation very accessible for a inquisitive reader. A biography is a lot readable, and when the science results integral to a history, some explanations have offered together with some diagrams, marks an accessible science to a place-reader. A discussion of DNA is limited to some separates that was to touch such the controversial function in the one who has been credit given, Nobel has received prize, or in this book, a woman, Rosalind Franklin, the one who has been pressed averts. Some reasons were maintained the honours and the recognition deserves is a lot, and a book covers him in detail adds, but like this strong to the reason likes any one was a fact was the pioneer like the woman in that was then, virtually a totally the discipline of all the men. Also you result terminally ailing like this some papers and the ads that considers some discoveries of a famed duplicate-helix was published, and this has done his marginalisation all that much easier.
Some names Watson and Crick is synonymous with a discovery of a double helix of DNA. That is less very known is that his past discovery when he , any one only because of his work, but an absolutely critical and essential work done for Rosalind Franklin. A photograph takes, has titled simply number 51, has been aimed without his knowledge together with another information that has done some ads of Watson and Crick possible long before his otherwise would have been possible to proclaim.
Rosalind The franklin was to die in age 37, and 4 short years Nobel the latest prize has been given was to the which have benefited directly and substantially of his work. A better part of half the century is spent, and in spite of one appointing of edifices, facilitated of investigation of the science, and tentativas to revise a historical record to give this amazing woman his planned, has not gone never enough.
Brenda Maddox has written a work of entity for all the world-wide so much is helping to document the historical record this was deeply defective, and now dulcemente is when the be has corrected. This book is of entity to like this for a same reason a name Watson and Crick is like this of entity. Rosalind The franklin was one of some tones to a discovery of DNA, his work has done Watson and Crick the possible ads, and the history would owe that be taught correctly. That The students today would owe that know one the majority of attentive version that has taken place it, any one simply which is result sensatez accepted generally
Equally of the entity is reason his work has been shared unethically, without his knowledge, and reason such behaviour has been tolerated. This book goes the long way to expose these valid questions and reasons is so that it imports a record be attentive.
Has any way to know yes Rosalind the franklin would have been given A Nobel estimativa together with Watson and Crick has has had bolt. A number of women honored for this society is absurdly small, and again an author shows no only the one who the amazing women have been excluded, but the one who the men would expect to see the winner has been spent on for names that will surprise you. Some literature of examples of date of coverage, and a honorees and those have ignored will surprise you.
A fact is sure, A Nobel estimativas is not attributed posthumously, and unless this never has been to change any one people those who can have state deserving will not be recognised never. Perhaps it is quite that a historical record is corrected, for still if it is not, sure ways of honoring contributi historical to the science always will be closed to Rosalind the franklin and ossia simply unjust.
5 / 5 Lia
Gee, is surprising that it has changed it little in a past 50-odd years. They have released so only the report (Foundation of National Science) that aims that few women and the minorities have put of weight in investigation and clinical science during some the EUA and his universities and companies. It is the fight of entity still to try to be the scientist, if you are the woman , if you are slightly older then a normal student, if you are the racial minority , or one 'capacity' minority. It have to that know: it was three of an on, and a lot my professors in med school for Neuroscience (investigation) has done my miserable life to a point that has to leave it a program.
Rosalind The franklin has fulfilled to plot in his short life. It is the glorious crystallographer: A science that is not used a lot of anymore, but without that it could any elucidated a lot in chemist and biology. Unfortunately, has a lot of detractors, one that is James Watson . Those of the knots involved and embroiled in bioethics and the inability does not have the very big opinion of this man in all the chance, because of the statements have done in some last few years that involves genetic roughly 'taking rid of all some ugly women' and 'the basses more IQ 10 in societies" ( always there is the plus down 10 any one @subjects that society of calm people 'rid' of until takings to James Watson so only!). This book has confirmed so only that that has thought was a rantings of an old man, was in fact one has confirmed prejudices of the chauvinistic scientist.
If it have not been Franklin of paralización, Watson and Crick not having has achieved quickly his 'eureka' moment in determining a structure of DNA. A work of Franklin that quell'was in still the editor was quite rid to Watson and Crick, and his photograph has been view for Watson without his permission. Walk to his office to find Watson that spends for his is surprising that this information has not been recognised for now. Ethically, Watson And Crick the use done of his work, without giving his recognition. And of a Nobel estimativa is not attributed posthumously, has not been comprised in a recognition. The calm frames ask you has lived , quotes an obvious prejudice against some women still in science, if it have been recognised. Few women are. In fact, in some last few years, can not agree the alone woman in the science that is recognised by a Nobel Comitato.
Is now of to rectify this injustice. Attended and suggest that some to another group likes Microsoft would resupply to to the stock exchange likes him to him Nobel is concealed recognises both minorities and of the women in science and technology whose work has resupplied the diversity has required a lot in thought and in science (if that bolt or dead). A prize could dip on chairs or background work in a name of Rosalind Franklin and resupply a real history for behind a discovery of DNA, as well as it gives his familiar a retroactive place of pride that would owe in sound. Such the prize also would promote minorities and young women, if racial or capacities or cultural, with some mentors require to promote them to go the science. Without diversity, some prejudices of the social programs pocolos resulted of entities, especially in genetic. A turn to eugenics would be less likely to spend if the science is diverse.
Karen L. Sadler,
Education of Science,
University of Pittsburgh
5 / 5 Ena
was drawn initially to this book (as more other readers imagine) for a controversy that surrounds Rosalind Franklin in a discovery of a structure of a DNA helix. Instead, it was undeservingly rewarded with the fine biography of the character each one has bitten like complex and fascinating like the hero in the novel of James of Henry: the rich, boss the strong Hebrew daughter English, blessed with the passion in of the llamas for science, talented but trapped in a chauvinistic world of war to stick English science. Spend his life has left among a sunny sophistication of France and a sobriety of Inghilterra. His arrival of professional life by means of a Second world-wide War, and a estaca-period of war, resupplying the rich fund for a biography.
In a controversy of DNA, Brenda Fox gives a more obliging counts that has read that it has spent it in fact: if anything, Franklin was the victim of a fractious the atmosphere created for J.T. Randall, Boss of a department of Biophysics in the university of King. For not clearing some working reports go in Wilkins, Franklin and his students, Randall deliberately has created an ugly turf war. Watson and Crick taken to see his data was the result of confusion more than espionage.
Still, a question is often has created that Franklin has not been able to solve a structure in his own. To answer this question, a so only has to that follow his later career to discover that it was for real one of an add crystallographers. His elucidation of a structure of a virus of the mosaic of the tobacco was attacked the technical easily rivalling that of DNA, and could have directed to the Nobel-price if no for his early death. In fact, his collaborator of youngster in a virus of mosaic, Aarón Klug, would go in to win the Nobel prices , quoting Franklin like his mentor more adds in his Nobel-speech of prize (a big honour among scientists). Brenda Fox undermines It voluminous quantity of material, which aims that Franklin was careful more than unimaginative, as some have alleged. In the more supportive atmosphere, that the franklin would have solved some structures of DNA . This in spite of, Watson and Crick built on like this of the results of Franklin (this DNA was helical, those some phosphates are in some outsides, that there are 2 forms of DNA) that a real scandal is that his lied in his paper in active coming to a model by means of pure theory so only.
Produced of Fox of Brenda portray it magnetic of Franklin - the woman the one who was alternatively gregarious and witty, with the followers for all the French things (an a lot of well prejudices in fact), still was also cold, hostile and aristocratically overbearing. His reports with some men in his life were complex and dissected with sympathetic acumen for Brenda Fox. In short, averted with an impression that Rosalind the franklin was any one would have liked me known. I can think of any praise More adds them for the biography that concealed.
p.S. So only the little note to the leading reviewer: to crystallography in of the proteins is alive and well: a 2003 Chemistry Nobel-the prize has been in Roseau McKinnon for a structure of crystal of a canal of potassium, in 1997, goes to John Walker for a structure of ATP-synthase.
5 / 5 Suzy
Brenda Maddox Does the masterful does to dip out of a history of life of Rosalind Franklin, a supposed 'the crown forgotten of DNA'. This biography is far upper to some personal revenge waged against J D Watson on Franklin behalf for Anne Sayre (sees my commentaries on 'Rosalind Franklin and DNA' for Anne Sayre).
Rosalind The franklin is University scientific King the one who has obtained a photograph of X-ray of a B forms of DNA that quell'was a piece of entity of information in an eventual description of the model of a structure of DNA that is to be describe for J D Watson and FHC Crick in 1953, and so that they, together with Maurice Wilkins, has won a Nobel estimativa. It has been a lot of writing on him the the franklin has been robbed crediticio for his contributo of DNA, if it have determined a structure for his, and has shared in a Nobel. If these things are some or can have come to raisin is difficult to say. Franklin has died in 1958 and without his responses to some of these questions are left so only to speculate.
This in spite of Maddox leaves little speculation roughly the one who Rosalind the franklin was. Ossia The biography of model of the true pioneer and an example to excellent continuation so that look for the career in some sciences. My own career was a lot of influenced by the personal account of Watson of a description of a structure of DNA of the model he and Crick has proposed. In that then (1971) was taken more with one intuitive has thought showed for some protagonists and his after the hours antics that for a portrait of 'Rosy'. In of the following years have read Sayre and also Crick and another and is a bit state bemused for a situation that surrounds Franklin and DNA, perhaps reason is almost all personal opinion and speculation. Maddox The picture is any of of the this. His book is a description of the talented, strong-willed, opinioned scientific woman and yes, the feminist. There is little doubts that Franklin has done contributi scientific significant. There is also little doubt that has been emotionally immature and fragile. There is less still doubts that it die far, far, far too young but with alcohol and utmost dignity. Some first chapters in a pre-Rosalind the history of a Franklin is is slow in the disposal but a reader is more than compensated by some final chapters that touchingly described the last months of the franklin. In his last few years see the woman that does his place in the world of the man, and it doing a lot of felizmente. His emotional life inclusa can be after state has fulfilled when being. But herald of abdominal aches a start of the treatments of cancer have repeated that arrived in his first death of his work in viral the structure was to be showed on exhibition. The book of Watson is fun, an easy bed roughly like the science is done (for some) but Rosalind the history is fill with overwhelming emotion roughly like the life has been lived and cut short. You are robbed of an only real prize - life.
5 / 5 Brynn
Ossia The fine biography that the life of both Franklin of coverages a lot well and resupplies the solid sketch of some world-wide lives in, without going to an endless detail that some 'life and time' the biographies do. A book resupplies the clear comprising of the one who Franklin was and like work, both good and bad. It was the brilliant scientist and the warm, that concerns fellow to a lot; in another side was the perfectionist ( goes with a brilliance) and an intellectual snob. It is a task of biography to aim a whole person, and this reserves that.
A book also resupplies it fascinating description of a world of postwar science in Big Bretagna. It was still one was of science of shopping centre' in the brilliant character has done discovered of entities while doing in cramped, soiled conditions with minimum eases and that now looks absurdly estimativas small. The individual scientists have drawn still his own crew (one of the contributi early of Franklin was a creation of a camera of the X-ray improved) this in spite of the endless days have spent on pencil-and-paper mathematical calculations unless they were quite lucky to take permission of some of the to estimate to assume the 'computer' human to do an arithmetic for them.
To cover the career of the franklin in detail, Maddox the frames clear that his does on DNA was only part of his career, and probably any one the majority of part of entity. When it Die an arch of his career traces still. That The franklin had has lived has been the likely candidate for the Nobel estimativa has based any in his function in DNA but in the investigations does later for his own crew of low researchers his own direction. His death in age 37 the short his short career was the loss to all human society.
5 / 5 Dolores
A history of a unmarried Hebrew woman in the world of the man of science. A biography of Rosalind the franklin opens a book in the a lot of-to-do Hebrew family in United Kingdom, developing roughly of a deep-has seated the pressures and the motivations that strolls this remarkable experimentalist. Like the Biochemist, now appreciates a fact that there is more to a discovery of a double helix that will read roughly in a Double Helix. In fact, a discovery of a double helix can be the 50 year-old example paralleling today insider trading. A discovery of a double helix is a history of as any one is presented with an unpublished data of Rosalind Franklin (to recognised key to a structure of DNA)and esells' a product in a world without his permission or knowledge. Look: this book can change your perspective. It can not dip this book down.
5 / 5 Ethelyn
Brenda Maddox Writes the book that amalgamates the technical action of his subject with his human frailties. It presents Rosalind Franklin like this technically gifted and thorough to the terracing more mortals any comprehend, with the personality that is simultaneously beautiful & hostile, fragile & robust, everything in a a human being.
That is refreshing is Maddox' honesty in treating his subject, and an intense heat door his. A counterpoint of Rosalind scientific brilliance in one a hand and his vulnerability in some other frames touch a character to absorb. It inspires like this when being prosaic in a level, innocent in another and exceptionally diligent and intelligent.
But in an end Brenda Maddox brotas another message - that Rosalind Franklin in spite of his forces and of the weaknesses, was fantastically human. And ossia a refreshing breakings.

Top Customer Reviews: Rise of the Rocket ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5 Bryan
I have not received this possibility that did not order it still ??
5 / 5 Rutha
Has finalised so only this book and was like this floored for has had to that leave the description.

Like the technology, and has been that loves to read more on some contributi of women to a field of technology, has concerned me this in spite of a book would be dry and filled with diagrams of equations. The boy has been bad! Right of one beginning the narrative of an author has taken my attention and has not left to go for 352 pages, all some the official descriptions see thus title is absolutely something on! Nathalia Holt Cured me so much in these pioneering women; his contributi incredible the science & like presents that in fact seats sad to leave them when it take to a final chapter, in fact so only can turn around and read the again!

I hope this book will be read for this science interested his career And for those around him; his mothers, parents, brothers & of sisters, reasons has to that leave for behind this outdated faith that the women are bad in technology & of science like some Daughters of Rocket tries, without the doubt, that is so only very true!

Top Customer Reviews: Mindf*ck: Cambridge ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5 Berta
This book is the must read partorisca any person the one who worries in political - our system partorisca people partorisca control people. It is the first hand-held account of a birth of information warfare in a political stage, and details some despicable period that desensitised the humans can go to.
5 / 5 Leia
This book would owe that be reading required partorisca all the world-wide the one who vote (and in fact think that know that it is doing)!
Besides an a lot informative content and detailed has based manually-held first knowledge of an interior of Cambridge Analytica scandal, is taking partorisca read this book, a narrative, a writing is point and averts!
Seldom will find the no-the fiction written in such the fluid totally way any boring, without falling to a self-that absorbs rambling. This in spite of, a thick author partorisca a narrative to offer astonishingly deep perspective and often original in a disturbing subject social , politicians , human that this book extracted.
4 / 5 Tonja
Ossia One the majority of book of entity of our time. Read the. Read to again. And then buy the second copy partorisca the fellow to read. Our liberties depend on that.

Top Customer Reviews: Uncanny Valley: A ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5 Milton
An interesting peek the startup culture. I do in healthcare, so much of this information was new mine . That the different world-wide this would be- has appreciated a female perspective of in some trenches.

Top Customer Reviews: How to Change Your ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 22 ratings
3 / 5 Margaretta
I have enjoyed really a Omnivore Dilemma, and has found this reserves quite interesting. This in spite of, Michael Pollan lost when it characterises a Canadian prairies as the frozen wasteland. Ossia A type of commentary that ignores could expect of the president the one who characterises some a lot of- put of EUA like s country of hole, but disappoints it of the probably intelligent Berkeley prof.
5 / 5 Billy
I add. Mostly mine a lot informative, but adds partorisca gather of theories and information, and the wonderful history that says with historical ideas. This was partorisca me more interesting that be in a structure of consciousness that in psychedelics for , but done his chance partorisca his legitimacy very strongly.
4 / 5 Jerold
Well, it have converted already to some potential profits of psychedelics previously partorisca read this like this very really changes my alcohol. But to any the one who catagorically situate 'psychedelics' under a poster of 'bad drugs' in his thought ought to read this. But, the good regime that says that the people that esees has taken his alcohols have on fact. To all the cost, thinks that that a book will have the positive impact on like the society sees these substances and will do a lot to change the
prevailingg view that is simply without profit or use. Read the.
5 / 5 Nyla
Awesome Read partorisca dip person although a dictionary is gone in really handy. A wealth of information and other sources partorisca more if one wishes. No the 'as the' manual, more as the 'that he'! Micheal Done a lot of Pollan!
4 / 5 Vanetta
The excellent investigation in imports partorisca change the substances expsitas in character of an author of the a lot the book writes well in that eaten is more partorisca everything.( It eats little, mostly the fruits and the vegetables is my paraphrased version).
5 / 5 Caryl
Has there is almost has finalised this book ( has been procrastinating an end for month now) and so only does not love it to finalise. Pollan Has created an incredibly in-depth and insightful piece with this book, and him him Any interest anything in psychedelics, a history of investigation, or anything, ossia the must -read.
5 / 5 Inocencia
As with all Pollan writing ossia an excellent and fun partorisca read look in a power and potential of psychedelics and the cogent argues paralizacin because the science would owe that be look far and width partorisca options of new treatment partorisca the row of illnesses and subjects of health. It is also he fascinating exploitation of a politics of scientist and investigation of health. Interesting episodes also.
5 / 5 Louisa
Amado this book. Amur Michael Pollan, amour psylocybin. I read it very quickly and they are even more fascinated for a potential for psylocybin to cure our worse mental illnesses.
5 / 5 Alma
Rid adds. Hopefully Will help partorisca spend psychedelics behind to serious studio partorisca a betterment of humanity. Directed me Paul Stamets & treatments of potential/cures partorisca cancer & another ills.
5 / 5 Serafina
Utmost overview of the plot of information had seen before. It liked Particularly of a chapter on neuroscience as it resupply the plot of information I 'any' seen before. Suspicious king-read.
5 / 5 Earl
Acts of utmost coverage , well of history and exploring something that a lot of need of knots.
4 / 5 Terra
Has opened totally my alcohol to some possibilities and positive affects of psychedelics (when administered down some right circumstances.)
4 / 5 Alden
An informative book that resupplies the window to a potential adds that psychedelics owe society of offer in the digestible way to write. It was an excellent book to enlighten any uninformed skeptical.
5 / 5 Carmel
Appreciated partorisca the the public voice of entity likes Gentleman Michael Pollan spending time with this subject.
5 / 5 Diann
They are so only on understand three but already feel this book can be transformative like his earlier books have been. Pollan Is the clear
and the inspired writer and a subject is of entity. His history of recent Developments is informative and comprises significant chances in Canada.
Subtracts partorisca expect further to read!
5 / 5 Shandra
WELL, so it suspects all the world wants this reason some the famous type cost which have been doing illicitly.... But for any the one who has no the user and any he boomer this reservation does to look the dry product look attractive. It is it likes to listen to the majority of fellow bored of your father ramble on and on and on and on in a crazy material he and your Dad 'behind a day'.

Some premiers two chapters are so only insanely dull casts of people those who have done trips. My woman has given until arriving to this point and I almost blocked ( have fallen has slept several times) but I soldiered on bravely, the thought has to that have something lovely reading in here because of some descriptions. It relieves up in a third understand but calm is has left still asks 'the one who is this type and reason is writing this pleasure any one concerns ?'. No never it have read or included really listened of Pollan before this so that it has not been prepared to instantly empathize with his boring, boring adventure.

Still does not comprise reason the chairs has required to take the travesía, another that some waffly rationalisations and 'anxiety'. It explains it clearly and curiously in an of some boring bits has begun dozing is gone in? The boring has bitten? I have found his hand of querellas wavy and has weighed on episode and light in of the data. Deliberately It Averts the description detailed of a neuroscience because it is too hard but both my woman and I find his credibility to be failure.

Had some a bit in interesting bits embedded in chaff as but still quite have mine $ $ and time behind.
4 / 5 Suzy
'As partorisca Change Your Alcohol' contains both an overview of psychedelic drugs and a first personal author of hand-held experiences by means of has driven experiences.

Michael Pollan resupplies the historical perspective of some experiences that involves LSD and some of an a lot of-the player known key in some scientists and community no scientific. Besides, it comprises commentary of today of current use of a drug, which can surprise a reader. In general, his writing is clear and a lot readable--without taking bogged down with scientific tongue.

Thank you GoodReads Partorisca A book.
4 / 5 Brynn
Has purchased a audiobook (read for Pollan he), and the enjoyed really. Of a history of LSD to his personal experiences with several psychedelics, Pollan done the good work partorisca spend the culture a lot the time suppressed behind to a surface and opens until rational discussion. Highly it recommends this book to any with a inkling of interest in psychedelics or alternative ways of psychotherapy. Calm will not be disappointed.
4 / 5 Dolores
The book for any audience. pollan Has done an excellent work to spend his own experiences to the book that is is heart an educational and scientific piece of literature. Some chapters were a lot of touching.
4 / 5 Ethelyn
A very interesting book. This in spite of, there is less science throughout then purported to be. There is more history of some drugs and testimony to trip then there is science.
5 / 5 Maryam
Found this does a lot of Iluminating. Highly it suggests reading this for any the one who is has interested
in an Alcohol, and some a lot of doors that still need to ba has accessed.
5 / 5 Homer
Highly recommend it by all the world this has doubts in psychedelic. It recommends it the people that is open imported and wants to mediate in the experience takes his subconscious.

Top Customer Reviews: Crime in Progress: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5 Beaulah
Interesting as it has written this book before it was included available to read, you troll.
4 / 5 Nubia
In some reports of means comunicacionales massively buzzing each short new day apresamiento, is refreshing partorisca read a long view apresamiento here. Any partorisca say that the individual subjects are neglected for some two authors, those who are informing in his has has lived experiences as well as some popular mlleau that was to force finally to, but his unwind the longest perspective also. If some the daily feelings is mecer was your feet this insider the history will give you relief. Some authors find professional investigations like this definite whose worse fear would be that the interest of his client is compromised. One can remark so much his relax of long-the tension has resisted, and his estimate deserved partorisca the work of the his undertaken to the equal that relate his function in an investigation and chance of some financial bonds and politicians among now-of Triumph of President and a nexus of Russian criminals, oligarchs, and political those who command a Russian government and of the coverages of intelligence. I have read a Kindle version and so only has discovered the conclusion a documentary along endnotes, referenced the sentences in a text like this like this any partorisca interfere with enjoying a history. I have had the sense adds of veracity of a book -- a precise opposite of a feeling one takes of an administration of Triumph and his defenders. Five stars! Crime in progressing in fact.
5 / 5 Mika
Has so much @@@disinformation roughly Fusion and a Steele File that was refreshing partorisca read this first hand-held account of the like transpired in 2016. A movement of authors of accounts very personal of as it is the result has involved partorisca research Triumph and some very big costs have had to resist when this information is resulted public. Very recommended wants to learn more roughly of one of one the majority of controversial - and investigation of the compatible opposition has not done never.
4 / 5 Blythe
Would owe that be read by any with concerning like this to a direction a right wing the conservative movement is taking the current politician has thought. Any only in some the EUA but United Kingdom and Europe. In a 50 is was a communist dominates theory, now is thinner latched the avidity partorisca financial and profit partorisca be able to. The half comunicacionales social was envisioned partorisca be all roughly sharing partorisca mutual profit. This movement is in an opposite, his myth partorisca share to benefit a bit those that in planting to be able to.
5 / 5 Jamee
An excellent period of some chances that surrounds an investigation and of the tentativas partorisca discredit GPS of Fusion. Amazing to see like some mean comunicacionales and character opposed partorisca inform a truth distorted some facts. Some details to reserve some chances that surrounds a Steele file.
5 / 5 Tiera
Adds read and highly enlightning on behind some scenes of Russian influence and meddling in some 2016 EUA presidential Election. A must read partorisca each American before has paste some urns in a next election.
4 / 5 Blair
A fund read and very interesting adds in the history that continuous. An idea of offer of the authors partorisca any interested in sympathetic that is spending behind some headlines of Russian influence in Western democrat values.
5 / 5 Juliann
A book adds. Value a bed. It says in the spent behind some scenes considering GPS of Fusion and like Nunes and Launch Grassley has looked for to destroy them . But GPS of Fusion there is prevailed.
5 / 5 Brendan
The book adds partorisca read while looking a impeachment of Donald Triumphs ! Very new info !

Top Customer Reviews: An Empire of Ice: ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
I have known for advanced that it would be it partorisca read roughly counts 'technical' considering exploitation of period of Antartide 'Heroic'. It is not that an author is not knowledgable, but long history in the embryos or the Darwinism has not been that have looked for.

Each student of the exploitation of Antartide knows that all British attemps in a Pole Of the sud has been surrounded or pursued with programs of long science. In fact, one gathering of the data would save expensive if a true aim of an endeavour, when being in a Pole Of the sud, would fail. In this consideration, Larson the account is the little too dry partorisca my flavour.

This in spite of, has learnt the thing or two concealed has not been covered in other books of Antartide, likes Uncle Bill Wilson first attemps in Boss Crozier some days of Discovery.

I definetly not recommending this book if it is a prime minister one choose on roughly the Heroic period of Antartide. Read in the first place 'A travesía worse in a world-wide' for Cherry-Garrard, 'A last place on will hold for Roland Hunford, 'Race to an end' for Ross MacPhee or 'A Colder Course' for Susan Solomon first to choose on 'An empire of gel' and SO ONLY one which and reason of projects of the science in Antartide is highly lovely yours.

Top Customer Reviews: Endurance: A Year ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 18 ratings
5 / 5 Ava
This book resupplies the fascinating look to some nuances of life in spatial and develops a lot of details in things take partorisca admitted in our daily lives where the gravity influences everything does. As you Eat in spatial? As you Sleep? As you answer a call of character when you are doing to 12 now strolls spatial? That way is up? As you Maintain a spatial season in good reparation? Where And when you receive supplies and that spends when they do not come , The Calm keep fit you?

5 / 5 So
We are everything conscious of some requirements of entities of an astronaut, education, bravery, toil. In this book Scott describes that really it takes partorisca be an astronaut, patience, self sacrifice, the partner of true life, cooperation, true friends, has had to go an extra mile,a positive attitude, committed, a capacity to follow commanded this in spite of doing his own decisions, the sense of humour and an open alcohol.
A book partorisca all the world more than entity partorisca all the students of Institute.

Does Scott good, took on trip partorisca space one that the could not have imagine. Calm the the real mine done.
5 / 5 Agustina
One a lot very read. If it calms there is not wanted never comprise some challenges have required to be defeated when you are in this half orbital, ossia the perfect bed. An a lot of so only experience like this of the twins are involved in a studio of term with a longitude of 'questions' spatial in a human organism. Loss of weight, loss of muscle, emotional experiences, optic questions etc. Also, the utmost incites to a Russian vs American culture on-jointed and a friendship and estimate that the all possible.
A lot very done.
5 / 5 Anjanette
Well it creates to write , excellent to an importance of a spatial program and that incredibly difficult the work is, but also like this a lot of entity. Any boy that has inspirations to be an astronaut would have to read this and be inspired further.
5 / 5 Kasey
Rid adds. It has given a one recognition for as precarious an integer @@subject east.
1 / 5 Gregoria
A quality of a book is terrible. Some pages are porely cuted and a setting is all the raven . They are really stoked in a content of a book but a book is a worse quality has not seen never and are for real disapointed.
5 / 5 Cecily
Good book and $ 5 more economic here that in the history of tents
5 / 5 Veta
This book resupplies the fascinating look to some nuances of life in spatial and develops a lot of details in things take partorisca admitted in our daily lives where the gravity influences everything does. As you Eat in spatial? As you Sleep? As you answer a call of character when you are doing to 12 now strolls spatial? That way is up? As you Maintain a spatial season in good reparation? Where And when you receive supplies and that spends when they do not come ? The Calm keep fit you?

5 / 5 Janie
Is all the conscious of some requirements of entities of an astronaut, education, bravery, toil. In this book Scott describes that really it takes partorisca be an astronaut, patience, self sacrifice, the partner of true life, cooperation, true friends, has had to go an extra mile,a positive attitude, committed, a capacity to follow commanded this in spite of doing his own decisions, the sense of humour and an open alcohol.
A book partorisca all the world more than entity partorisca all the students of Institute.

Does Scott good, took on trip partorisca space one that the could not have imagine. Calm the the real mine done.
5 / 5 Callie
Rids really that interests roughly the life of Scott Kelly. I really liked likes boat among his year in spatial, and his experience concealed has propiciado this point (like his military time, another time in spatial, and his familiar). And it is like this clear master and respects his twin, and that has the very strong bond. Really very read!
5 / 5 Season
One a lot very read. If it calms it has not loved never comprise some challenges have required to be defeated when you are in this half orbital, ossia the perfect bed. An a lot of so only experience like this of the twins are involved in a studio of term with a longitude of 'questions' spatial in a human organism. Loss of weight, loss of muscle, emotional experiences, optic questions etc. Also, the utmost incites to a Russian vs American culture on-jointed and a friendship and estimate that the all possible.
A lot very done.
4 / 5 Terresa
Well creates to write , excellent to an importance of a spatial program and that incredibly difficult the work is, but also like this a lot of entity. Any boy that has inspirations to be an astronaut would have to read this and be inspired further.
5 / 5 Apryl
The book adds. It has given a one recognition for as precarious an integer @@subject east.
4 / 5 Vivien
An a lot of writing, fascinating glimpse in a world of spatial flight!
4 / 5 Keri
Am interested in military and spatial history like any I surprisingly founds Gentleman Scotts reserve the good bed. I have appreciated his candour regarding reports with several controls of earth, some questions of biological life in spatial, and his fellow astronauts. It was advantageous to all the humanity could give @ is everything in a ISS, ( calls it earth), which is so only one or two orders of magnitude less fragile of a spatial season, but the difference of a cosmonauts/ astronauts, has no another shelter partorisca retreat to.
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David M. Mckee
5 / 5 Keturah
Ossia perhaps an autobiography of better astronaut of then Michael Collins' espendiente a Fire' (1974). A lot it likes him Collins has given the sense partorisca look in his shoulder to the equal that coach paralización and has flown Gemini 10 and Apollo 11, Kelly is able to give the sense of ' utmost flight with him' to the equal that describe his early life, his fight partorisca result an astronaut, his thorough formation, and like chairs partorisca fly a Shuttle, and later partorisca live in spatial in two missions to an International spatial Season. His writing clearly explains some the technical challenges finds, and he his easy fact partorisca a reader partorisca comprise. 'Endurance' Brotas A reader that the desires or she could join Kelly in another flight to a ISS, and is querella partorisca oblige to continue human exploitation of spatial. A lot well lovely reading!
4 / 5 Luanna
Has received this book of PenguinRandomHouseCa partorisca a sincere description. I owe that it initiates partorisca say I histories of amour in spatial, space shuttles, and a spatial season. It have known of Scott and his brother of twin, also an astronaut, Mark Kelly long before Scott has been chosen partorisca this mission to the equal that was very excited in this book. This book is the wonderful account of the year of Scott in spatial. We listen of an isolation and a toll takes on your organism. Scott describes partorisca take to a spatial program and his missions. Also it details the one who precarious these missions are. In general ossia the book adds in living in spatial. Highly recommend.
5 / 5 Jon
The astronaut of Scott Kelly memoir takes a reader by means of his year in a ISS, alternating with chapters in his travesía partorisca result the pilot of fighter and eventual astronaut. It does not doubt partorisca take real and say likes is, while also sprinkling in of some humorous moments. Some details and the procedures have required takes daily so only that maintains the base of a spatial season is incredible. Highly recommended!