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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
An element has received any one is one same as it has described. I have ordered the MB-MC256GA/ARE which is guaranteeed in EUA and has verified this was a number of part in a description. I have received the MB-MC256GA/APC that founds is partorisca one to Asia Pacific phase. An element there has been the form of focus that has spent a OEM bar code and SKU info. Ossia Really bad practical subject and, as I have read, looks partorisca spend quite frequently whit SD paper. The amazon would owe that do the control in thesis. Unfortunatly, Waste of page of the description to accept my picture of him. Probably I will return it and avert buying SD paper of third vendors of party.
5 / 5
Estela short of clues to follow first to jump the conclusion

-the front of a packaging will have the bad press to somewhere and or an image of quality calms really poor could not remark at the beginning looked
-the element fails shortly after shabby and or calm give you error when searches to go besides sure quantity of same storage tho is not even halfway by means of a capacity has announced
-the stickers of Packaging have applied on real UPC fence (Sees pictures)
-SD Adapter of the paper does not have any press in a backside he . Ossia One the majority of obvious giveaway like costruttrici big like Samsung always will leave the impression of info in a backside of the his SD Adapter of Paper (Sees picture for Reference)
-the element bought of north Amsterdam and a code of model in a real UPC the fence does not finalise with D/ARE
-A speed. When being the Samsung produced, both writing and that law the speed would owe that be almost the same to the his announced spec. A counterfeit will vary a lot after the batch has produced he with. The mine was ultra slow in only 6mb/s writting and 12mb/s reading.

Has not loved to create had received them the counterfeit of an Amazon FBA vendor. I fold Checked and has confirmed my finding with some softwares. My paper has clashed, failed and there is prendido to do after so only the few hours of use. My old but legit micro sd paper has taken them does years with the Samsung the telephone is spent this test and still does like this of now.

A vendor was Exec Revendedores

Hopefully has educated any futures of potential buyers enough.
Has bought produces said and discovered, taste, of that has the counterfeit, any simply the turn.
Support of Client of the amazon to the left knows roughly the to form that can forbid these vendors.
4 / 5
Action and presionas excellent; works well in mine Samsung Tab S4. But I have confused. A number of model has announced is MB -MC256GA/FOLLOWS; the clave-in the sticker has MC-MC256GA-CL2 and covers the number of model of MB256GA/KR. That all some the different numbers mean? And reason no lame MB of number of the model -MC256GA/ARE?
4 / 5
Usually works with the majority of mine other cameras, but sometimes no in my hero 7, dunno reason.
4 / 5
A week after installing a camera of pinch, my car has been broken to. A thief there has not been any idea that a camera was there. When Some police there is pulled a video of a paper, has done well for the day, has been then bribes to produce video of rubbish and then would not be recognised in a camera. He no king formed. To the amazon is returned a defective form without subjects and some new one east doing perfectly. It would recommend it.
5 / 5
Doing like this feigned in my Transmission of Nintendo. I have tried a paper with the software in chance that to see yes has contained a real quantity of spatial was saying ( of then feign sd the paper is common recently) and there is showed almost 245go which look well that consider the paper never realy contain an exact space but he was after enought to know has not been scamed. Regarding a speed, can go like this big so that announced but no in the each situation / to read of the writing. It was still happy to see the uploading almost 3x fast in minecraft ^^ .

Considering a shiping, are the first member and was 2 day shiping likes any complains there. Global good election of the paper and a vendor there is rid well.
5 / 5
Has loved first all A Soyp3 player' the game contains roughly 32 000 mp3 the one of the sud joins map micro SD of 256gb.
Likes that here it has not mentioned any Part a maximum name of files, has all of continuazione have opted touches this option.

+ He boîtier is of quality, looks very resistant and he finition is very cured.

- Read His commentaries with report to the alphabetic order desfalleciendo , lucidas orders of system according to the chronological order during moves gives files. How it is A bit he bordel afterwards Touches to dip everything for alphabetic order.
- One each manoeuvre he and he lag incredible of 30 dry to 1 minutes.
- Instructions innexistantes, has had to read of the sud very other commentaries and the critic of the games of product to have a little documentation, truth lucida the principle is at all 'the friendly user'
- has lost enormously to time to try to find give the methods touches to order everything.
- The random Conference does not take to upload all his files but so only joins small part
- Enormously of ice cream and of accident of the part of the systèm.

In the rodeo can not recommend , has commanded A Fioo M3K in parrallèle games to compare and he Fioo is of upper loin to look of mine.
4 / 5
The speed of summit written (transferring big file) : 100MB/s

has Sustained to write speed (has written 100GB value of big files) : 73MB/s

Usually when I write stirs it of data to the microsd the paper would be fast for the pocolos second, then retards down to the crawl until the one of the the minute to cold. This one is so only excellent aiming almost a lot of slowdown.
4 / 5
Has bought these 7 months , and has broken today all of the sudden while it is to insert in a computer. Mina another computer also could does not recognise. I fold Checked, is not the question of the computer, is a quality of this disk. It can it does not return it it can not take the repayment :-(
4 / 5
I the test of speed in this product and is coming on far short of one has has announced read/to write speed. The averaged 61 Mb/s for both bed and write. Considering some descriptions of some another micro SD the papers there will be happy with some speeds take. This paper is for use in my Transmission as they are not also has concerned.

Top Customer Reviews: Samsung EVO Select ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
5 / 5
I have required some MicroSD papers partorisca the system of camera of the security and these return a bill. While I have been tried for ECURITY partorisca HAVE THOSE HEAVY' PAPERS (offering longer that redraft cycles?) These papers were 1/3rd a prize and Samsung is the name I confidence.

Goes in the paper of wasteful map with plastic insert which is unecessary waste partorisca the product any those details. Also they comprise the MicroSD to SD adapter that has launched in the drawer with one hundred other adapters have accrued.

Has been doing well in some cameras alfresco in some worse of Ottawa Winter (all partorisca rain the snow to -30C time) stops to the long of the month now without subjects like this far. Although one burns was and has to that the substitute are still advances , and a prize on these will have fallen included further a need arises.
4 / 5
I like a packaging of a product, there is not meaning pf packaging well a profile is not recognised in any of some devices has inserted . It has included he not aiming measured of the storage could be does question in a configuration of paper. Global bad experience. Never expected like this of a Samsung has produced.
4 / 5
Ossia An only SD paper of roughly 10 that the own, which the spent an extra say me on partorisca take Samsung. And it is an only a concealed died inside the year. One some less reputable the frames still do well... Figures!
4 / 5
Has purchased 2 of a Samsung EVO selects 128GB SD papers partorisca use with my GoPro Saint 7 Darkness. These papers are registered like this of the good papers in a GoPro place, and is one the majority of economic for a measure of capacity takes, in all the chance that sees. Really I read studio for this paper with which the mine buys and there is remarked the few people had taken potentials phony papers and has there have been blunders while registering. As I have run H2testw in my paper, and has not looked to have any subjects (sees photograph). A paper has strong development, and a imprinting in a bundling is fresh. A connector is done in Cina (ensured for 1 year), and a SD the paper is done in some the Filippine (fines the year has guaranteeed restricted). To guarantee that it buy the genuine paper, prescribe buyers to ensure that your element is envoy And sold for Amazon. You can do this low one 'think in ideas on Amazon' segment in a correct side of a screen. It tries any to purchase of outsider trafficante.

Up to now, this paper is treating to my desires with my GoPro Legend 7 Darkness, and there is not founding any subjects. I refresh my control has to that anything changes.
4 / 5
A product does not match a specification. I have bought 32GB sd the paper and he so only cut 95mb read / 20mb written. One adds says careers 100mb / 95mb. It can please transmissions your specification so that the people that buys your product would know a specs when buying SD papers.
5 / 5
Must'Go estada fake because there is prendido to do after the few months and some read writes the speed is not announced like this. Useless to pinch cam
5 / 5
Looks these are well for my dashcam. Rule sd the papers have failed after the year of use because of some hard inner conditions of a car. This look to allege that they can withstand the better heat and like this far, has done well in a cold also. An of confidence sd the paper is essential for dashcams.
5 / 5
Uses this in mine pinch cam and the work adds! Some video are clear and works quickly without questions a last month to use!
4 / 5
Is that it is , the question there was at the beginning that takes my camera for the bed but after the take was and it dipping behind the little time has done well with which concealed .
4 / 5
Good value for a Money. Original Samsung has done in some the Filippine.

Top Customer Reviews: Samsung PRO ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 36 ratings
4 / 5
A Samsung Paper by heart & UFD the utility of Authentication has indicated that a paper has received was true. Partorisca Be doubly sure has used H2testw which is not returned any error. Some states of packaging until 100 MB/s read and 30 MB/s writing, but so only am taking 24.8 MB/s read and 20.9 MB/s write in my Motorcycle E4 to the equal that is disappointing. I expected it partorisca be faster, but partorisca a prize and durability, are well with him.
5 / 5
Has received the genuine Samsung paper by heart, like this Samsung software, how is everything well in this consideration. It looks partorisca be doing well in my camera of pinch of the cars (Blackvue) partorisca a week that has had he in a camera. With normal microSD the papers have had at all but question, usually can say inside the day does or no, of a camera will begin randomly rebooting each one that 5-10 minutes. Ossia A lot informative partorisca me, reason is state partorisca struggle to find microSD papers that read properly, averts of an extremely expensive camera manufacture branded some.
4 / 5
Mine another microsd the paper has died I so that it follows partorisca try this one was. Like this far any subject with him, my pinch cam is on 24/7 and this paper is doing perfectly in of the very hard conditions (hot inside a paper, the constant that careers)
Like this far is been 5 month , wait that hard, will be of tower partorisca update a description yes dies.
5 / 5
After installing this microSD the paper has not had any subject with my pinch cam - all the registers were salvos and was playable - in contrast last to another micro SD papers I previously used in a pinch cam. Some other papers neither travesías whole lost or some of some images of video was unplayable - no utmost partorisca something loves work and can require confidence on in chance of an accident.

Anyways, Some other papers have done well in of the Windows, but for some reason so only has not wanted to touch well in a pinch cam. This paper has solved that @@subject and now have pinch of confidence cam register.
4 / 5
Has the camera of security that record 1080p constantly. It EATS my microSD papers for desayunar, how was hyped to see that Samsung does a endurance a. Based in a specs has listed, this would be necessary hard 3 years. Mina another SD papers to measure smaller and no-endurance the mark lasted among 3 month (8gb) and the year (32gb). Any always I control to do the sure things continue to do, how is of entity of mine that takes something that can trust.

Has included spent the mark of quality, a uSD the paper can 'lock of car' he after the preset number to write. Taking a endurance one at least specific clearly when this tope is expected, as I can dip my calendar consistently to verify his health.
4 / 5
Has been using Samsung papers for on 10 years and never once has has failed. This paper is perfect to use in yours dashcam. I have used he in temperature very cold (Ontario winter) and in a lot of heat, he always done in action of summit. I have done the long walks where was register (writing) for on 7 hours and he have not failed.

Does not forget that it is of entity to use 'Endurance' paper in dashcams normal reason sd the papers tend to fail when records for the long time.
4 / 5
Has done for the small but has given always errors and has has had to that king formed of then first use. It could do a day and then a dashcam would say error, reboot, the error has said again and then say need to format. Formed and would do and then repeat a question neither some time later that day or for a next day. Using in the Thinkware F770, has not had good regime with samsung in this dashcam like this far. It has Had 2 EVO more papers that inner the those that days have errors of date. Expected a Pro Endurance would be better, has had also errors on PC that it is reason think his was faulty.

I still use Samsung papers in my Cameras/of Video of the Photo but for my dashcam has gone back to Sandisk which have been doing for me better. It could be a Thinkware dashcam, like this him him he Thinkware hopefully the the best but happy regime of the sees has done for another in other cameras without subjects. Still like Samsung, only no for my dashcam.
5 / 5
Has bought this for my Q800 Thinkware Pinch cam. There are any subjects of the compatibility and the law adds to store images. These are very cost effective and is the genuine product. Has 5 another of this same paper for my cameras of security (32 Meg) and law perfectly to the equal that are all the external cameras .

This paper will be used in a pinch cam and expect that in a summer will resist until inner temperatures in my truck in of the days of hot summer.
5 / 5
Has taken this for the pinch cam has purchased on Amazon.
Sandisk Is the mark has trusted. This paper is supposed to give support nonstop use.
Like this far some works of paper perfectly. The time will say the one who durable is thus type of heavy use.
Because of the limitation of maximum capacity of a camera (32gb) follows to give 4 stars for value and capacity. We can take a same paper with pair or quadruple more storage for only the little bucks more.
4 / 5
Has bought this paper by heart for my Blackvue @@@650s-2ch. It has done for the long time a lot when I have bought he in 2019. Unfortunately in one spends 2 weeks have begun to take messages of error in mine dashcam. I have tried formatting and other things, but the a lot of avail. It has had to that go back and reinstall a orginial 16gb paper that is coming with a camera. In all has taken perhaps 1 year of use in mine dashcam with this 64gb paper.