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Top Customer Reviews: ICBEAMER 38' 980mm ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
4 / 5
I have bought this partorisca mine 2010 Chrysler City n van of Country. It returns perfectly in a 34 wide thumb sunroof. I have been able to open & enjoy my sunroof like this more these days. I have not had any question that applies & a 3M tape is maintaining a will aim in place. I produce it adds! They are the very happy client .
4 / 5
Was hesitant to buy this so that it was adhesion so only. All of the mine others the cars has used OEM the deflectors that mount of use of sure clip. The prepped surface with rubbing alcohol partorisca clean thoroughly. I have animated both tape and ceiling of automobile with the gun partorisca heat to promote better adhesion. Adhered to vehicle and has left he inside the cochera heated in 74 deg F. It has not driven car partorisca 4 days. It took it it was and paste a street in 58 mph. It has blown of a ceiling of a car, and paste a vehicle behind me. Felizmente Any collision has arrived . A unit is announced as using '3M waterproof tape'. Wrong, has the tape resembled 3M. It is the tape of poor quality . It sees the mine has has attached photo. One is an extra circle of the tape distributed with a unit. Another clearly the pertinent 3M tape. It remarks that a 3M tape has used his logo in a backing liner. A tape of no. of unit has distributed Frankly, finds this disturbing. Using a 3M name when a tape is not . 3M 'type' is that it would have to that read. Like the summarize. beware When that Purchases this unit. The roughly real cost 3M tape partorisca substitute a an on that. Also, a tape applied does not leave partorisca any water partorisca run was captured under a deflector. It would owe that have the pertinent canals cut to some plásticoes to leave the career was. OEM The units do.
In a side besides, is the a lot of looking unit for a prize. Too bad a quality is being missing to manufacture.
4 / 5
Well of the money and looks well! To the left it is to see that very estacas.
4 / 5
Would have listened to some negative critiques, would have been ticked in me. A person has said that that is to fall off while going 70 mph, ossia craps! The mine perfects! You a lot he well, or was the commentary of fake . I have cleaned a zone in my Perspective, dipped the correctly, tried it then on its own name in a street. Results, any prob at all! Yes, it feels flimsy when in the first place I take it, but dip the on correctly, and that sunroof the deflector is sturdy to the equal that would owe that be. People, please stop with some descriptions of fake! Prpers Is doing the bad looks!
4 / 5
The prize adds, the value and the cost add that sure order! An installation was like this easy and to some looks of tape likes him is not enough of strong and then sticks like this well! I had it on for the few months now and has has rain, cold, fog, humid, the sun and the dew and at all there is lifted, broken or anything. I mean, hey, is not the weathertech element and yes are taste and love of the clean investigation less money then ossia where is in! I add compraventa, loves it, perfect for JDM the cars or the cars that looks for the cleaned, blacked was look. My house is so only the little old month with me like this still am adding characteristic customised his and has has wanted to this!
4 / 5
Has cleaned mine painting really well with wax and fat stir, and was cleaned and dry. The aim is to walk to the long of an inferior and car ceiling has been twisted. The aim does not have has wanted to remain down in some corners and would leave loos slightly over time. A plastic was also very thin. It blew it it is gone in an automatic car wash and has been destroyed, class of bummed. Had the different mark in my leading car that taken with 2 clips of metal and 2 rays. This will aim taken for years. The supposition was well for a yes calm prize can take it to stick. Have So only a time for the take installed correctly.
4 / 5
I to of to the that likes when a paste of of alone he and or can see throught the like this the the spray painted it darker but im sure a lot or the compraventa will do that
4 / 5
Ossia in 2013 Lexus ES350 and returns perfectly!! It appears to be the product of good quality, any flimsy. Apresamiento Has measured before shabby!! I clean a zone thoroughly before it apply. Have take a protective adhesive band totally and eyeballed he to plant.. It has adhered instantly and eye adds!! It tries to take it well a first time like adhesive tape will lose his estaca of adhesion /unstick frequently.. And you can it has to that substitute the adhesive tape >> recommends Gorilla 2 sided tape!! Im The DIY and hate to send elements behind and attended for element of substitution so only I work. If your curves of ceiling are extreme, suggests that it reinforce with 2 more sided the tape in both ends the help maintains in place. In general, I am happy with some results/of product and expect it to last and stay in place for the long time.
4 / 5
Looked well and shiny out of a box but, after following all some instructions in a video on 'to the equal that to install', taking the measure and everything concealed, dipped quell'on my car and looked adds, until a next morning.
Has not stuck and has has had to that the take and the turn.
Has not done for me.
4 / 5
This was an easy process has the sunroof. You will be able to go inside your car, and partorisca be in a look of chairs out of a ceiling partorisca centre and adhere a deflector. Beware. A glue are free with which am gone through an automatic car wash so only 1 times. I can require to engineer the better method or find the duty the double heavy plus-sided tape.

Top Customer Reviews: Bestop 5686235 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 35 ratings
4 / 5
Really I want to both a look and a functionality of a cup. I have seen other descriptions that complains partorisca space in a backside tailgate but access of mine perfectly. Although desire has come with the full convertible option, a cup of Bikini is orders stop. During an installation has found that some of some rays have comprised was economic and look it undressed quite easily. For some rays I so only reused one manufactures Hard Upper rays that is exited amiably. I also found a comprised velcro to honradamente suck. Arrival to wish install some band to some groups of metal previously to ship. I have found with a tension in a ceiling has begun to impulse of a metal. It would recommend to install his in the first place his so that has time to adhere.
4 / 5
This Cup is Perfecta !!!!! I originally read a feedback and has been concerned in the empty in a fund of a rear window but is mint !!! Tight and Right !!! My last Jeep there has been a soft cup rule but this a this bad ass , boss turner !!! It shows a Youtube installs first video and with some instructions to give is the breeze !!!! It loves it !!!! Five Stars !!!
4 / 5
The instructions have not been some better according to which writings and visual instructions but was able of the imagine was. I took it once on it is I stagnate it record and looks wicked .
4 / 5
Has been rid in an earlier date. Very impressed that has arrived quickly. The installation was easy and now so only am enjoying this product!!!
4 / 5
Would give this zero of product stars it the amazon would leave it.

When Looking for the softop alternative the OEM for my Jeep JK, all byline signalled the Bestop. I have purchased and it was very pleased with a NX the slip has purchased finally. After purchasing the new Jeep JL, immediately have turned the Bestop for the new softop for him. Unfortunately, this in spite of as have has wanted to one Slips for my JK, hate a NX Walked for my JK.

In the first place, would have to be the abundantly clear fact, this is not the short fully convertible. A description of product any clear east. I have called Bestop and has been said that possibly next year (2020) the fully convertible model will be available.

Now to an extremely poor quality of this product to the equal that have experienced:

1. Far and was one the majority of annoying appearance: A flapping the rear window likes remarked for another reviewers and aimed in a video of user in a page of product of the Amazon. Ossia The serious defect a lot easily apparent to install but that grows worse and worse like some pieces of product, particularly in a heat. Alive in a Midwest. We are not that they speak heat of Valley of the Death here. There is at all likes walk down a street with those touch like the investigation and rescue chopper landing in your rear chair.

A rear window in a NX Slip for my JK has used plastic J connector of type of the canal that has attached a rear window to some windows lateralmente that thinks rigidity added. These zips of uses of the model that is obviously flexible.

2. More to a rear window: As another there is remarked, a fund of a bar of the rear window does not seal against a rear door. Material Bestop there is remedied this of the earliest descriptions to comprise the gasket/focus that continuous in a rear door of a Jeep but he still is not still to focus complete.

3. Even more to a rear window: An inferior bar of a rear window does not remain in some boots/of headphones for a bar. It attributes this to two defects:

A. Some headphones/of boots are molded plastic and is feigned probably to the habit is returned some corners of a Jeep - except that his no. Like the result, some boots emigrate to an interior of a Jeep when a bar is seated in a boot or during travesía and some toes of bar up. Of the remedies would have been to have 2 points for to anchor a boot, but instead there is so only one still centrical that leaves a boot to the pívot that causes a bar of unstable inferior window.

B. Some boots/of headphones are done at least of the rigid plastic concealed is less still like this in the warm midwest day. This means that a tab (located in a bar of window) and space (located in a boot), meant to maintain an inferior bar in place in a boot and not releasing, is rendered useless. A plastic is not quite rigid to close near and prevent a bar to release of a boot and flipping on while a vehicle is in motion. Remained with a fluctuation of a boot, maintaining an inferior bar ensured in the place is defying.

C. Some the plastic tabs in a rear window have meant to insert under a transmission of the factory of the Jeep suffers to spend too long and too much cut a same time. A creation of some upper places some tabs out of a canal so that the long tab is necessary, this in spite of hardly resupplies that it would call the snug contingent. Some tabs in fact require to twist to a l fulfil a canal this in spite of a superficial depth of a canal means that a lot little of a tab is closed to a canal. A combination/of the canal of the tab is insufficient to ensure a bar of the lowest window and maintain he to jump open.

4. Some windows lateralmente attach to a mainframe for way of the plastic J hook Bestop informs to like this tiffener' these controls to a metal of of a cup. A plastic is also of the poor quality and has broken several weeks in an of my rear windows. A NX Slip for my JK has used the metal peg to the equal that has inserted to the to to the hules hard like to them the hole in a main of, was very built and sure. A plastic J the hook is the pause while to spend, which has not expected long in my chance. To exacerbate subjects, I emailed and has then called Bestop when any response has been received. I have informed a rep that has had the pending holidays and has required a substitution separates quite punctual and has been ensured was on is way . When there is not coming (with which 2 weeks) has called again and has been said the has not been in stock. I have suggested that it ploughed it the box with a whole cup in him, take a part, the send mine, and the substitute when a part has come to stock. I have been said this could not be fact. It would contest that it could be be do but that the would not be done for which knows that reason. Instead, I have been forced to manufacture the part to adapt, which is probably more durable at any rate but that would have to it has been unnecessary but for the minor has bitten of service of client and want to very when repeating client.

5. A coverage of main frame is resisted in place, partly, with Velcro by means of a rear bar of a main frame. An user is required to apply a hook and loop to a frame in of the places his self. Unsurprisingly, The little Midwest hot (again is not that it speaks roughly Valley of death or Knit or really a lot To the sud of point of Minnesota) has caused a Velcro to come unattached of a rear bar of a main frame.

This product is bad defective. It has been rushed neither to stage or is that it represents of the new Bestop level of quality. I any and will not recommend a lot of Bestop produced for the Jeep JL until the strong verification for the owners of Jeeps indicates that of the big regular a lot in the owners of the jeep has/had for Bestop the cup is returned, defects to draw remedied and perhaps so only importantly, the service of good client is returned. Neither go with OEM or attended to see the one who Bestop approximations a very inferior product.

Some photos describe some varied subjects and my tentativas to Jerry rig some upper so that any entirely ruins our 9 travesía of day of Western street. Unfortunately, my rigging has not done and like the result, my boys have been lost in these headphones and devices to flood out of a noisiness of a faulty hoards and my woman and I has been limited the minimum conversation been due to an emotion, or enough, has achieved l racket eminating of a backside of a cup.
4 / 5
So only the install, and surprised, has the empty enormous in a tailgate. To good sure waters will spend stops.
So only spends 5hrs also the install. And tomorrow it will require to dip a short hard again. I really annoying

update an empty has Been reduced to almost he 3/32 empty, still thinks will take water. But need to see yes in the pair of days this taking fixed.
4 / 5
In the first place was to comprise that this is not the plenary retractably cup.
A sunrider a lot easily opens up on a row forward.
Some 3 windows exit quite easily but some second stays of row have covered in any phase.

Finally look add and returns tight..

The installation looks a lot intimidating and I marvel because Bestop a lot preassemble some pieces that can be although the majority of products is that that.

HIGHLY recommend:
1 that follows one 23 video of the small fact for Bestop and the use to a manual likes the reference.
2 Be sure to have some tools recommend. Some parts do not come with any tools and has an exact some use it will go much easier.
3 A preassembly inner of work in the table
4 maintains all some rays, washers etc organised to the bowl or otherwise something to maintain them has organised. The majority of them is VERY SMALL easily can disappear.
5 figure was for advanced the one who the rays are which for , will see the one who the bad

believes if you are súper organised and have the second person that does an opposite side of all could that any he in 2 hours, more sweats the slightly defying 4 process of now.

UPDATE: I have had an upper the pair of month now and there is upgraded an evaluation to 5 stars. It has thought always it was more than 4 but now with which month of the use does not have any complaint. Very easy to do with and does not filter that I am conscious of. I am not sure it is the costruttore the option suggested but can now fully ‘retract' he but undoing a Velcro and snaps in a backside and tucking a backside under a sunrider. Basically it is the hack . Included in big accelerates at all movements. Like this now I have the fully uncovered soft cup for less than $ 1k
4 / 5
Good cup! I have looked a video installs for bestop when it has installed the mine and he have gone quite smooth. I want a fastback look of a cup of hike. Like other descriptions have said, there is the light ploughing in a weatherproofing in a tailgate. It is very small this in spite of, less than 1/4 of thumb. Some falls of the soft upper cloth real in this zone in all the chance, as it does not think waters it any never his way in there. In general I love a cup! Sunrider The cup is like this easy to open and near.
4 / 5
Love this cup! I have been of a soft cup accionaría to this and loves one looks. It goes in with all precise so that any need to use any stock hardware! So only down it falls it it is it can not bend an upper all a way behind... If you want to be for real topless has to that take an upper portion entirely. In fact it is calmer that a stock some hips! Finally it has had some wrinkles in some windows but those are exited the few days and everything is smooth now!
4 / 5
To that it can it that to him the worry has ordered this upper and expected for a time to finally take as well as it could install it. A cup has been rid and a box was undamaged thank you UPS. I have followed some instructions and has verified all one separates how was has sealed stock exchanges and white packing coverages of foam. I have begun to gather some separates that has required to be installed far like this good. I have followed a better upper video for tips and to do sure has done a correct assembly. Everything is going well until a point when I have had to install some drive of door of the front and I have discovered hoards it better packeged two right side drive and no sinister. Now his morning of Monday created punctual to install this upper so that perhaps it could be able to exit and enjoy the Memorial Day that relaxes the walk has been of then doing any stop in my work like police agent. My only day was too btw during this Covid-19 Pndemic. But no !!!! I have had mine buddy come on to help me stir an upper and now can not finalise a project. An anger and to the frustration am resisting behind is considerable. Reason is like this difficult the just container on some correct part to start with and then checks again. In my work does not forget some things know I needs to treat my duties and thats bit it more details them dipping part in the box. Im Sure any in a Better upper warehouse is having the laugh vacacional well in my cost. I expect that any short Better will look to the respect and please in the prejudices join me leaves I need to complete this 4 project of now long ( RUN of DRIVES of DOOR sends the SIDE LEFT ) has not done never a hard part and resupplied a number of correct part. Now he more than the 24 project of now oh reasons are closed in Memorial Day. I expect that the short Better will do this legislation and look to a Control of Quality of the warehouse there is some subjects in there.

Top Customer Reviews: Bestop 56852-17 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 33 ratings
4 / 5
I have installed a Trektop NX More in mine 2011 Wrangler Sahara of 4 doors done two months and like this far has been bondadoso of the disappointment.

Has followed a less-that-useful directions to the 'You and has looked a Youtube tutorial long - same rewinding and prendiendo on some of a tone, and often vexing, no. The law in of the cars and of the bicycles all a time and has had an assistance of my brother the one who is equally mechanically-has bent. Precise examines some directions attentively and pay next attention to a video. Partorisca Chance - and echo that the be be say for another reviewers - a highland dish in a throwback the bars is drilled in the way that does not leave it partorisca dip flush in frames it likes calm would expect. I have looked to the to video likes-the 5 times and, sure enough, ossia a way is supposition partorisca be ! Marcos any sense. It has been for partorisca hammer new holes. A lot HE! It will cause some bars partorisca be misaligned. Calm To good sure will want to leave an upper is gone in the hot sunny day partorisca take it soft and stretchy - this has helped the tonne. It pays next attention to like this partorisca apply a Velcro the launches in some back overhang bars. And to good sure take the buddy to the help was.

Now, in that he sure that a cup has been installed properly, and retracing each step, this thing is noisy like heck and air of leaks and water like the sieve. Sometimes I think that it that it would be better was with the tarp and the together of bungee cords of Imposición of House. He flaps noisily in of the speeds on 70 mph and some clips that takes to a bar of circle rattle annoyingly. A tailgate the bar is impossible to return to one drives in a rear window. If he the slides was, the good regime that takes it behind in without some serious cursing and finagling. A the nude time that is to be resupply is too thin and air of leaves partorisca whistle in the the long of a headed. Also I am taking waters it that it filter in slope some heavy downpours to the long of a cup of some windows of door of the front.

Has some positive this in spite of. A cloth and the windows are certainly has done well. A beefy the zips are better way that those in mine OEM cup, and does not require you partorisca turn any corners. Taking some clips down some lips of the frame of the Jeep can be bit it delicate, but when they are in his insurances. A lustrous, the creation quickly behind is a lot a lot looking and maintains a free rear window of rain and street grime. A throwback creation of a sun-the rider is súper fast and does not require tucking down to the to ceiling likes in a OEM of cup. One has has added pockets in a underside of a ceiling is the good addition also.

All-in-all, are not 100 satisfied with this cup, but a truth is each cup goes partorisca have subjects in the Jeep - is a character of a beast. But the desire sure would improve to some defects of numerous drawing. And partorisca chrissakes please redraft some instructions!
4 / 5
A cost of a product has frustrated like this fluctuated a moment has required absolutely he because of selling my cup. Besides a hangs of prize, bought it still and loves it. A short leave me to take of just some rear windows and has he sunrider ossia like this easy could unlatch he in the traffic yes there is wanted. A short does not aim in some photos of Amazon, but an interior has pockets of zip. I am enamoured with a cup, a cost, and an ease of installation. It has taken roughly 30 minutes and has extended of then in a sun and returns perfect.
4 / 5
Bestop the service of client has achieved was mine and fact with me to take photo and verify an installation of my cup. I have done with the fellow to take an upper entirely and reinstall the. It has not done the difference, a subject has persisted. Crystal Was incredibly patient in any last few weeks to the equal that do by means of of the this. It did not love me to have the bad experience to the equal that has offered to substitute an upper free of load! I gave an option of a same thing, or a sunrider upper which would leave me to dip my hard cup has retreated on this in spite of has the cup of toe. I have chosen a sunrider hoards of then looked the better option for me. They have shipped out of a cup (together with the free tshirt and stickers) and has been received inside the few days.
Bestop Has tried that his subject of the clients and they will exit of his way to do good things. I will be the client of for life!

Original description down.
Has expected the first full year to write the description of this product to the equal that could speak the durability of long term. Alive in a midwest and has maintained in fact this produces on for a year directly without changing behind my hard cup.

has read everything of some complaints and has looked a first video to do an installs with the partner (the one who is the mechanic ) and has not had any real subjects. It has taken some time but he in the 98+ day of terracing and things wen't quite smooth. My first worry (of a lot of) was that a rear window a lot really dips flat, was ripply. Second worry that is that one 'clips' (want to gliela call concealed) ossia supposition to ensure to a centre (speaker) the bar is the giant joke . I do not have any idea the one who has thinks that that those were the good idea but I a lot they was annoying.

A first pair of weeks having this in Jeeps of mine (2016 JKU) was well, was in fact quite calm. I have loved a capacity to toe an upper behind quickly while I have wanted. Ossia Hands down one of some characteristic better.
After the few weeks are spent, there is remarked that while it was in a street this thing begun finally flapping that crazy and that does an incredible quantity of noise. My daily walk is in of the suburban streets (that averts a street) as perhaps this was one @subjects more collects that have @@give.
Going down a street six month in, there is remarked that it is windy out of some sides of this cup (near some advance of passengers) will begin to impulse up and leaks of air in like this crazy. There is readjusted this thing so the time that tries cogerprpers still soothe , but thinks that is so only a character of a beast.
One 'clips' as mentioned on this attach to a bar of speaker of the centre rattle and do an incredible quantity of noise. It is resulted such disturb it that has finalised to go to a tent of hardware and buying three bungees to ensure them and prevent some clips of ratting and a cup of squeaking in a process.

Filter/of the Subjects of Water: I have had .. This cradle has had an incredible quantity of the rain and I spend for a car wash in the weekly the alone leak. Import that are not constantly take and unzipping things. They are so only flipping for behind a cup in a zone of passenger and driving with some windows down.

Ossia where the things have gone down really hill and a number a reason for the estimate like this down. More than a swipe while driving down one issues a rear window would begin to bounce around and doing stirs it of noise. Part of of the this is to be due to a terrible foam that has dipped you in a rear door, so only does not remain dipped. I am pulling things in and out of my car constantly and every time will require to reattach this foam. When Some starts of window to bounce around (maintains to import the year later, a window still does not seat entirely flat, there is ripples in him) a cup of a window that the slides to an assembly would pull out of a clue and the part of a window would fall. It appears that with which this thing that vibrates noisily behind and advances one follows that the slides to this free result.
Having A window dislodge while it goes down the street in 70mph can be bit it scary, suddenly does an incredible quantity of the noise and I has been concerned a window has come entirely was and paste a car behind me. A first time this past (4 month in), there is pulled on and there is @@give that it had spent it and there is remarked that some zips there was rasgado avert (any unzipped) and a cup of a window was flopped down. Having to that reattach all of this moment in a side of a street (with raining coming) is not in plot of fun. A worse part is that I have not had any 'zip lube' as these things were the nightmare to reattach. This spends in the monthly base (in a snow) and contact a costruttore saws support and receive answered of zeros. The class of has known as it has taken to when I have purchased this, but has read some very positive critiques of people that more probably so only has maintained this on for a season of summer and then taking it behind was. Spent a more economic version of this cup? Yes. It has to that that there is forked in an extra money the possibly have the better experience? Perhaps..

Think transmissions behind my hard cup this fall and perhaps revisit my options the after being. No material will buy another Bestop produced, will look for out of another costruttore (has a).
4 / 5
Has purchased of the warehouse of Amazon likes vendor. It has taken a hard cup was and 2 minutes in me find that some holes in one drives of the door of the front is drilled 2mm was, as sunrise group of pívot does not line up. No the defender that has to that he mods the $ 800 product, the one who is claims of costruttore to be a better. Begging this will be a subject only .
4 / 5
While it loves one looks and functionality of this cup, I so only cant look to maintain water out of Jeep of mine. The sound that goes in to the long of one A pillar as well as one rear. It looks he concealed is due to the poor creation in a window sills likes the water literally collects in some canals and of the careers down some doors to a Jeep. If they have been extended a thumb or like this more along, a water can run was to an outside more than dribbling down some doors. I have tried to regulate multiple time, verifying a gaskets and included has purchased any aftermarket tape of foam in a tentativa to take some leaks. Unfortunately I have not been achieved. Besides, as another there is remarked in his descriptions, there has been lining of difficulties on some hinges as they have not seated flush and some holes have not varied. Ossia Inside a first pair of any so much was the bit to frustrate. Once it has taken spent that leaves, a rest of one installs has been smoothly. Still they are while I can find the solution for an intrusion of water. If I can find solve it, then this definetely be the 5 product of star.
4 / 5
In spite of my original subjects with a vendor, this cup is not bad. In general it is much calmer that my factory JK upper which had been in Jeep of mine for almost 10 years. This in spite of, some the look of rear windows to puff is gone in a street, and volume the strong buffeting sound in of the winds of big cross or when spending tractive-trailers that are quite annoying (for this a 3 indication of star). I have cut down yes break my window, so that it is the work -around. The installation was easier that has thought also. Amur Like a Sunrider the works of portion have compared to a cup of factory, and that some windows and to back the curtain is easily removable to turn a cup to the bikini also. Take a whole cup would be the little bit of the ache because of a creation of some points of annex in a backside this in spite of. Still it recommends this upper to any one looking for the frameless hoards for his JK!
4 / 5
This really is a better cup. One installs was simple and the looks adds. I love an ease to fall an upper backside. Highly I recommend it.
4 / 5
Service of notice of bad client. It was roughly 2 in the installs found some questions with some parts and an edge in an of a frame of door. It has been said by service of the client of better cup would be roughly 12 weeks before thay could send me parts of substitution partorisca east. With a punctually of the control was on halfway done with one installs. It does not want to beginning of scratch and wast all a time already had dipped in the this. Upper is well. It would not buy again so only been due to service of client of service of client very bad. They have taken my money for some upper to the equal that has has not wanted to me give more service of client.
4 / 5
Also is quell'has bitten pricey but value he. Really I stagnate at the beginning same when installing in a hot sun. It gives it the few days will extend and returns correctly. Some headed of the door of the front has the piece of metal this has to that be screwed on. Some holes do not line on properly have them so it has had to hammer. I have contacted bestop and has sent drive them new but they have had a same question. It has not been the enormous question for me but could be for any concealed can not manage drilling new holes. The rear windows are easy to take. Sunrider Can be opened with a delivery. It hoards sum.
4 / 5
This cup is basically that coming partorisca expect of Bestop. I have had a cup partorisca almost the year and any question. A fast-rear apresamiento the small taking used to, but looks really good. Flipping A course at the head of an upper behind is simple and taken less than the minute. Taking some sides and the rear poster was is quite easy also but takes the little more the minutes that some video direct you upper believes. Taking an upper entirely was is quite easy and dipping it behind the on is the little time that eats but no more than 10-mins. Installation: This has taken some times and calms that can do so only, but two people cut down in some frustrations. Slowly for 3 to 4 hours are for calm.

Top Customer Reviews: Smittybilt 92915 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 24 ratings
4 / 5
Once but like this always Amazon in time and form. They are very satisfied with the service that Amazon of the offered and any one weigh me in the paid absolute the membresía partorisca all the profits that offered of Amazon. Now well, the produced, hardly installs he a pair of days but up to now a lot well the produced, so only that announced is exactly be that has received. Well produced and easy to install.
5 / 5
A lot happy with a material quality and an ease partorisca install. Really you help him they shade an interior when I do not love a hard cup on.
5 / 5
A cup is well has failed this in spite of partorisca the obvious You ALSO REQUIRE BUY:
Smittybilt 90101 Windshield Canal
4 / 5
has Dipped this on last night for me, is gone in so only and stagnate well. Some the only flaps knitted the little bit in a backside while driving in speed. A good product that would suggest to any one looking for this type of upper. Any one sure to the equal that will do in rain, but is driving the jeep with the cup of bikini would expect to take the little wetted to all the cost.
4 / 5
This was easy to install. I wish a behind was able to be pulled tighter and remain tight. They are that it has to that regulate daily like this is not flopping in a wind. Another that that they are partorisca add like this far. I am not sure on durability I of then there is so only there went it on partorisca the few weeks.
4 / 5
An upper access perfectly in mine 89 YJ with a late plus YJ 'fashion familiarised' bar of circle. Any flap too much bad partorisca a fashion of upper is. The sum of looks of the quality and some straps are strong.
4 / 5
This returns mine 95 Wrangler perfect! His durable and has taken taken in a rain and he maintained me to us and my dog of dry Jeep! It would buy again, but I think that that this will last the long time.
5 / 5
Wants to this!! It has taken some of a wind am gone in some right places, maintains a rain was to join me inner to be entirely drenched, & was easy to install.
5 / 5
Has had it Pavement the upper ends before and this one returns to the tightest plot, the look adds, any flap too much bad in a motorway.
5 / 5
Easy to dip on while you are directions . The utmost looks

Top Customer Reviews: Wade 72-20102 Smoke ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 38 ratings
1 / 5
Works really bad when have your soft cup in causes like this noise his crazy!
1 / 5
Seriously any sake! It can any one has used he with your soft or hard cup!
5 / 5
Our 2015 Wrangler JK 2.ºr Has come with the hard cup. We purchase it it used it slightly 2015 Sunrider hoards Soft partorisca use of state. Because of a deformed windshield gasket (formed to a hard cup) any one imports that it could not take to focus good in a centre at the head of a sunrider fences in of headed. This result in noise of wind that begins in 20 mph and quite strong that could not have the conversation or listen to speak radio. We have tried all some tricks find on-line. Time added-undressing, hose of hule added around a latches to draw an upper tighter. It has taken an upper entirely down 4 or 5 times that tries king-seat a headed. At all it took it rid of a noise of wind of a centre of a headed. This deflector of wind a trick. No longer we have a howl on 20 mph. We remark a drum of base effects another there is complained roughly. Ossia To do the flapping of a convertible upper cloth and is prendido easily to dip your hand on he for the pocolos second. Also, you appear a blower with an upper entirely in place, these swipes out of a cloth, in the now tighter and preventing noise.
4 / 5
Like another reviewers has declared, this the very difficult fact if any impossible to open and close a soft cup or a Bestop Sunrider. Still with a flange at the head of a deflector of wind down to a flange of an upper frame, estacas out of quite far that when it look for to open or close the soft cup, paste a deflector of wind like cant open or afterwards. Also, with him once installed and an upper enclosed, has caused the drumming of a wind in a cup. If a corner of a deflector was further up could leave for inaugural or closing of a soft cup. dulcemente Looks it would collect water among a deflector and frame. It would not buy this again how is now
5 / 5
Ossia pure rubbishes ! I have purchased 3 of these in a past two years and some glues does not resist it on for more than few weeks. Has thinks that perhaps he no the thorough work in prepping a zone for one will aim to adhere to. As one the majority of recent time has purchased one will aim are spent the significant ammount to time to clean a zone. I washed it, it has applied to rub compound and dried it down with some toallitas humid of alcohol. I have left my Jeep in a cochera for 2 days to give an adhesive time to bond. NOPE. Two weeks more has burst late was.
Shame. When it Is on he significantly cut down in a noise of wind.
5 / 5
Some 'instructions' say' to locate it 1/4 thumb on a windshield. It acts more to locate it well in an upper flange of a windshield focus. A deflector is coming the little warped, so only enough to go in a way of a Sunrider cup. I have had to that use the gun to heat with which was to situate the 'warp' retreated ready. It was the process along , but has done. I can think that that the ways could have done a better deflector, but the looks likes so only dictate 'quite good' and has begun to sell the. Another description said 'Utmost idea, poor execution' that is something on. A manufacture has to that in much less resupply decent instructions or... Be like this last to do the video? A more thought, there is at all to prevent water to collect a pocket that is formed among an organism of Jeep and a deflector. They are by train to ask me That forms of raisin of gel there. In all the chance, work, a work, but remain for your account to imagine it was, troubleshoot and be patient. Good regime.
4 / 5
After listing everything of some descriptions has decided to take the shot with east and has ordered. I run a hard cup in a winter likes any any sense to buy this. I run a Trektop NX in a summer and him him a know an access is less than perfect in the JK. An empty among a bar of headed is often too first of the few years go by and some upper pieces out of the little. Here it is that it finds:
1. In of the speeds of 70 mph a wind of a zone of the bar of the headed is excessive.
2. With or without a deflector a wind is still excessive on 70 mph.
3. A deflector in fact vibrates and does the really odd noise in 70+ mph. (Any one the effect of drum that another is mentioning.
4. Really I do not see any difference because a deflector in fact looks to create the noise in some drives lateralmente where I noise there was never first that.

My global opinion is, could be the waste of money, helps the little in the approximation of speed 65 mph and down. In general it sticks on with 1/4' 3M tape and requires 48 hours of time of cure. I have situated two pieces of Tape of Gorilla in some finals for the few days to do sure remains sure. Some finals do not line on perfectly and leave two small describes that it can possibly loosen a tape over time. It has cured once I plans to take another comments joint and dip the pairs count small of silicone in this zone.

Very sure the one who the people are saying roughly does sure his mine situated 2014 JKURX has to that almost be touching a window to install this calm so much can take your upper on and down. A pointed picture in a listing is so only in impossible. It would imagine that one has planted the cups are a some taking a drum is reason I has bought a Hike NX cup and has substituted a frame spends has an upper on and some windows down so only like a hard cup.

Is my two mixed now although it is cost buying or no.

For a way, for a type that screwed has been thinking when calm that?
5 / 5
An adhesive band that the control in place is very still to narrow. Some corners are both be resisted in planting to less than half of a glue as constantly they come loose. Also any picture or the directions are has comprised. If it do not install a deflector so that a fund is touching a cup of a windshield when in firm a soft cup will interfere and the the ache in a booty to close a cup.
4 / 5
Any question in mine 2008 JK at all!! I drive with a soft cup and does not have this effect of bass drum that some write on. Look... So only follow some instructions and situate grieves about on a windshield glass (that the line of smooth air To a cup, more than creating the circle of wind because it is too big). Thoroughly Clean a zone with some tampons of alcohols to take grit and/or wax. Help to have any in another side to resist a unit in situating while you adhere the averages... In this way it is quell'has centred is returned. This also prevents the free application where pode the warp. A piece is like this well like installation!
4 / 5
I so only installed the this morning. After reading another revises, has had the good idea that have bought. A product returned but has added foam in three locations and is the prefect is returned now.
Be the Very simple solution, but once driving it, there is not cutting behind in any of a noise but he worse. Very strong. Has has had to that the turn.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
Exactly that says is. Stops A wind of swirling around your boss and spray of street in of the wet streets.
4 / 5
Quality very a lot of 't doubt partorisca take one.

Top Customer Reviews: Smittybilt 90235 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
4 / 5
I have adapted this to mine 1st gene Toyota 4Corridor like any insurance like returns in the Jeep but is fact partorisca add looking cloth partorisca have that has weighed. There have it has included the zip partorisca attach to the barrel has spent. It can not think that well a prize are has ordered like this the transmission. The utmost looks in mine Yota and extends a hardtop-was season.
5 / 5
Has ordered this Screen of Wind partorisca match up with a Smittybilt the coverage of barrel has purchased earlier a year. It was very difficult to take a zip partorisca match up at the beginning. Once , and we take it joined to a bar of the circle and he looks and good works. This in spite of, some straps in a fund there is nowhere to attach in mine 2012 Wrangler, but concealed is not any a lot of a subject. Any noice or flapping, as it guesses is well.
5 / 5
Ossia The meso-the cooked creation in better.

He a lot easily mountain, is not very durable and does not cover quite a lot of zone

there is at least to 2 thumb or like this empty on all the sides, like those calm install it.

Is neither a correct form to install amiably, can arisen to be installed but a lot amiably.

Tore On one first day I installed the, this thing is absolute rubbishes .
4 / 5
Received it so only today. Beloved calm ails has takes he of a box. The quality is very impressive! I will add pic when it installs it. Unfortunately it is in a tent that takes pampered today!

Top Customer Reviews: Smittybilt 93635 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
Terrible product. Every time it rains the volume drenched. It have expected that this would be the good alternative to a soft cup accionaría that is ache partorisca take on and was but is not . It looks one same inbred pleasant the one who has done partorisca create a stock jeep soft cup also laws partorisca smittybilt. I will not buy never smittybilt again.