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Top Customer Reviews: My Spiritual ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5 Lekisha
Formed: Kindle Edition A frank and thoughtful look in a life of Dalai Lick. Masters that!
5 / 5 Kenneth
Formed: Hardcover Amazing condition! Thank you!

Top Customer Reviews: Introducing Buddha: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5 Newton
My curiosity The summer recompensado.
This Introduction done a survol that the leaves to the reader partorisca have joins view closely of the Buddhism, of the his ours causes days.
Lucido The text of Jane Hope is accessible and his illustrations of Borin Van Loon enrich the experience of the conference.
Recommends to the open readers of alcohols, curious taste partorisca learn more than of the of the sud Boudda.

Top Customer Reviews: Seeking Allah, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 24 ratings
5 / 5 Lurline
Formed: Kindle Edition Qureshi take on a travesa incredible of the his devout Muslim faith to a slow dawning of a light of Jesus in his life. Ossia The man the one who has known a lot well a big cost of following a Trace an and a book documents his fights of an intellect, , culture and loyalties familiarised. The only god could have orchestrated some chances that directed until Qureshi conversion. Highly recommend to any the one who has the fellow Muslim, is the Muslim or so only loves the best comprising of both Christianity and Islam.
5 / 5 Paulette
Formed: Kindle the edition was impressed really with an author! Here it is the devout Muslim, the one who has imagined given the Muslim, and has has wanted another partorisca result Muslim, but results the Christian. This tongue to a power of a Gospel and an amour and patience of his partner, David Bevuto. A book also exposes a plethora of lies the Muslim owes pause by means of partorisca accept a message of Gospel. A lot he so only done the Muslim owes pause by means of some lies he or she is said roughly Christianity; also they owe the pause by means of lies have been said in Islam. I have quoted Quershi at length like the resource partorisca speak to Muslims roughly Christianity.
4 / 5 Roxanna
Formed: Paperback A good-looking idea to some fights and of the convictions of the devout Muslim in any so only an investigation and is partorisca knowledge, but of salvation by means of Jesus Christ. Nabeel Qureshi Christianity of approximation and Islam with objectivity by means of critic textuelle and the deep comprising of some fundamental values of the each practice.

One a lot insightful read partorisca any the one who investigation partorisca affirm his faith in Christianity, as well as that comprises that it comes from/come from an Islamic faith.

Thanks to Nabeel, partorisca give your wonderfully inspiring testimony, and my prayer and lean it will continue his woman, Michelle and his daughter Ayah.
4 / 5 Antionette
Formed: Paperback has loved this book so that it has bought the copy for my dad. I have learnt so much and in so much doing chair less fear and much more compassion and comprising. It is writing like this well the chair has seated like this and has had long recognition with Nabeel. I will be to maintain a book manually partorisca reference and recommend it to absolutely any one.
4 / 5 Stephenie
Formed: Paperback awesome rid partorisca know in islam and the one who jesue life of transmission , also has another reservation that says more roughly islam I VERSES of PEOPLE MOHAMMAD , one of a better book partorisca know islam in detail
5 / 5 Keila
Formed: Paperback The one who an amazing man and the one who the travesa. It can it do not dip down. A must partorisca all the world-wide to read, especially in a world-wide alive in today.
4 / 5 Elmo
Formed: Paperback Such the wonderful book partorisca read and yes has calm bed once would go back and read again and again. Dr. Nabeel Qureshi (The god blesses his soul) the wonderful man and the wonderful speaker.
4 / 5 Malika
Formed: Paperback This was astonishingly enlightening and very written! Highly I recommend it.
5 / 5 Micheal
Formed: Paperback was easy to read and gave the best comprising of as the Muslim can think.
5 / 5 Robby
Such the wonderful book partorisca read and has calm bed once would go back and read again and again. Dr. Nabeel Qureshi (The god blesses his soul) the wonderful man and the wonderful speaker.
4 / 5 Mariann
This book is surprising, like the Christian opened it totally my eyes to a Muslim faith and is way of living. The god blesses Nabil familiar and his masterpiece of the book here!
4 / 5 Emelia
This was astonishingly enlightening and very written! Highly I recommend it.
4 / 5 Rene
Was easy to read and gave the best comprising of as the Muslim can think.
4 / 5 Kandace
Maintains your interest all a way by means of and gives partorisca invite to a life of an author and his family.
4 / 5 Jamal
I like a book really researches a bible and found the to be some
4 / 5 Ami
This book one still tombé in amour with my God to the travers gives témoignages of the author. Gloria &Worsens; Goddess
5 / 5 Kyla
These shows partorisca reserve regarding paving beside Muslims and wants to him, hears to them, and to the left have them the picture of Jesus that will look for was until they find- a Way, a Truth, and a Life!
4 / 5 Elvis
Good writing, insiteful. It was hard of the place down. To good sure 5 stars.
4 / 5 Tereasa
Has learnt so much of this book. A genuine researcher of the truth and his street was difficult and inspiring!!!
4 / 5 Patti
Highly recommended for Christians that wants to know more in a Islam faith.
5 / 5 Roy
Praise my expectationss very detailed in thought and emotions
5 / 5 Felipa
My fear is our brother can be be poison. If his family of origin or another zealots has had access to diet Nabeel, can have feed radioactive to die which would result in his cancer.   Attended maintain repent. Perhaps any the one who knows where and when it can be be expose to such danger could alert some powers to initiate the pertinent investigation.  The autopsy can develop poison of radiation if a pertinent coroner is alerted. If any one knows the one who a coroner is or a location of his organism pleases partorisca write mine in and can inform some agents of pertinent police and physicians partorisca convince them of a necessity of the full investigation.
4 / 5 Lilla
Excellent book, probably one of a better and the narrative histories sincerer has listened.
4 / 5 Sueann
Nabeel Explains his fights with islam and his faith (based in facts). A for real good book, slow start, this in spite of can do not dipping down.

Top Customer Reviews: Unorthodox: The ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 17 ratings
4 / 5 Wallace
The the just quantity partorisca read on Judaism and different Hebrew cultures, history and practical. I sifted By means of literature that tries to comprise the one who bad to be Ashkenazi, Sephardi, Mizrachi, Maghrebi, Haredi or Beta Israele Jew. This in spite of, when it comes to a daily life of Haredi or Hasidic Hebrew communities, the literature is almost silent. Yes, there is some light nave in some general practices of Ultra-orthodox seven but further that, swimming a lot of. My curiosity to ultra-conservative jewish the seven is not tainted with test. I have loved so only learn in his culture. The one who are I to judge any in all the chance? Crown Feldman has painted the vivid picture that it is like to be the daughter in the Yiddish-in speaker Satmar Hasidic community in Brooklyn. Brilliantly it describe one preparing paralización and rituals of a sabbath, Yum Kippur and numerous other occasions a Hasidim famous zealously. His lives are poured in studying a Torá and Talmud of an early age. Some few things that usually spend for big to like like this to be modest, habladuría, behave, read, clock, preparing lunch, maintaining kosher, that goes the yeshivas, arrangements of pair and a lot other things of a Hasidim perspective. Crown Feldman has taken the plot of critique of Jews and no-Jews likes Shmarya Rosenberg in a content of a book. You can read both points of view and jueza for calm. A critique does not undermine a value of a book, this in spite of. If you are interested in some dresses and daily life of a Hasidim, this a book is for you. A bit the fund of basic Hebrew dresses helps the plot with reading this book. Have enjoyed each page and surfaced with more than info in this past sect for big. shakirbahzad
5 / 5 Dorothy
For me one the majority of the what interesting in this book has taken the peek to this extremist group of religious zealots. Like the Hebrew woman, has not had any idea has had seven included like this in our religion. For me, I have found it is disturbing revelation to be a reason a mine of book has interested. A history was a lot of but has found has had so many holes in sounds to say of because chairs like this different, reasons his visas there is differed so much, so only does not seat particularly believable. In general still it thinks that it is that the interest read but a history could be more be textured and there is detailed.
5 / 5 Doretha
His isolation of an external world is a lot well has said. Spent up with far amour and unprepared so that the life of adult was to spend, say the history to oblige of growth and evasion. It seats incomplete approximations an end when we read and afterword in the friends of class/grupal/to write that it gives the graces to help the sound finds his voice. These travesías would have done the component adds inside a book.
5 / 5 Johnsie
Ossia An excellent book with the idea adds to the a lot of troubling religious group. I want to be 100 copies and rid went them the women iin front of a Mikvah
5 / 5 Oren
take the lovely plot for a writer to say an interior workings of a Hassidic Sect. Had the plot of things that has known no roughly still although I am Hebrew.
Felt to touch each step of a way and although any all the world will be me in accordance with, am happy for his reason has his liberty. There it has any esome the measures return all' in our religion and the life is everything in elections.

Has seen a book like the history roughly one the travesía to live of the courageous woman his life a way that loves. Too bad that has to that a bit painful sacrifices.
5 / 5 Deedra
Loves a book !!! I have had reconnection or flash behind with my own infancy, has thought included come from different culture.
5 / 5 Deedee
Was enlightened for some facts in this history of an Orthodox Satmar the daughter that grows up in his community limited to New York. An Author taught the a lot of things have known no in this community. Pound very interesting.
4 / 5 Terrell
Has had something in this book that attacked like this superficial and insincere. Interest the one who an author ignored - like information in his report with his mother
5 / 5 Brice
Very sad that this exists. They are the Christian and loves some few Hebrew people. But second Bible, ossia any that the god loves boys to be domestic. Has the fond God.
4 / 5 Willis
Ossia The a lot of insightful memoir this has shouted mixed feelings. It is written with passion and portrays a way of life of a Hasidic Satmar community in New York in of the ways that has not known before. Also it gives a the best comprising of Hasidim Judaism very so only in Amsterdam, but in Israele and to Oriental Europe where cause. I research further after reading this novel, as it applaud partorisca piquing my curiosity. This rids could not be considered by some people like the masterpiece, but certainly is one has read more like this far in a subject. Like Disciples of Fortuna, swipe an appearance of Judaism the a lot of people are misty roughly, or included considers mysterious. Appearance the books like this exit partorisca say a word in other seven mysterious and practical found in some different religions. A world-wide the precise, especially our time.
5 / 5 Elizabet
'Unorthodox' Deborah chronic Feldman' infancy and adolescence. Created by his grandparents, members of one the majority of insular Hasidic sect, a Satmars, Feldman resulted the promise in 17, the mother in 19 and the divorcee in 22, in the point enrols in University of Lawrence of Sarah and bonds of courses with a Satmar.

Feldman Resupplies the accounting measured and thoughtful to grow on Satmar and invokes the pleasure of a reader by means of mutual discovery of new worlds. Like Feldman discovers some pleasures forbidden of Narnia and Roald Dahl, in the twist discovers his world: a school of traditional daughters, a camp of isolated state, and his education in some religious laws of modesty and purity that governs dress, menstruation, and sex. An author shares his intimate thoughts, struggling partorisca reconcile his independent alcohol with a compliance that is expected of sound. We listen his giggles, flus, doubts, critics, and challenges to some state quo, which fulfils without entirely skewering some people around his. His accounting of his past is extraordinarily frank and obliging.

A quality of Feldman the writing is especially remarkable, quotes a fact that ossia his first book , which write in the no native tongue. This in spite of, a final chapter disappoints like this lack of work and frames too many proclamations with small substance. Finally, it leaves too many fine loose: as you sustain and his young edges? It maintain the report with his grandparents? Continuous practise Judaism? Perhaps the clue memoir will resupply the closure has required a lot of.
4 / 5 Patience
To the equal that has identified with Deborah Feldman! Prpers Have domestic state in an Orthodox Hebrew house, also has detested his rigid principles, and on some years, has abandoned these restrictions that felt was unfounded and/or demeaning. The introspection of an author and the alcohol inconfundible has had to that character ' particularly during his years escoles. I have not agreed with some of a tongue of a book; for example, it uses a term Shabbos (identifying a Sabbath), would expect to inform to some holidays of autumn like Sukkos (more than Sukkot). Like this, when informing to a plural of Hasid, an author would use a term Hasidim more than Hasids. These discrepancies have interfered with that was otherwise the a lot of pleasurable read. In my heart, has celebrated the capacity to try Deborah liberty of his oppressive spent, his followers to read literature 'forbidden', and his desire to dress like the 'normal' American woman. A photograph of Deborah with the cigarette rankled have ' distinguished me that although it have spent so much energy in that begins the new life ' is now in the street of the self-destruction.
5 / 5 Willia
Thinks reason I so only read Are Forbidden for Anouk Markovits, which extracted subjects looked of a Satmar Hassidic community, can have judged Unorthodox more severely that it could it to it have. Any to discount a horrific experiences of Feldman inside a Satmar community, but a lot a book has has felt forced and far. In a final chapter, with sounds to seat in the bank that smoke the cigarette, Feldman finds more like this petulant that triumphant, which undermines a whole purpose of this memoir.
5 / 5 Genevive
Expected that this book would be the look of good interior to a ultra orthodox world-wide
had separates that was a lot of - but a last half of a book has taken really annoyed with an author - All is whine and complain roughly which last his life is like his husband ignores does not have the liberty is tricked to pair
I so only found partorisca be ungrateful - egoistic - arrogant - that ignores
4 / 5 Shauna
A bit slow to begin but once comprise where is coming from, a rest of a book will attack you the socks were. It can not take on some that has been it in in his life. The parts of a book give the really good idea to that continues has closed for behind doors in these community and the parts of a book are concrete to his experiences. I will read this book again a day. I have it that leave already was two times . It wishes well and commend his to take some any one precise took to have the occasion in the real life. Ossia One of these books that will remain with me.
5 / 5 Ilse
To the equal that have mentioned here before it is been born to the Hebrew mother and an Anglican Newfie father. While this does for some hilarious the contradictions that grows on, resulted in the feeling of any really knowing where belong in a discharge to return when boxing us all bondadoso of class to require while it grows up. Blah blah Are my own person , but when it was 12 I was fascinated for a Hasidic Jews while visiting NYC with my mamma in a summer. They felt so many... Foreigner, like this different and certainly has had the part of me concealed has wanted to belong so only he so that it can comprise reason felt that living like that was his calling. First of fast to the university where was one of account in four Hebrew students in mine 2400 student campora and was basically one the majority 'ish' of them everything.

Where am going with east, are there is wanted always comprise an Orthodox, but frankly state too scared to ask. I have had a fellow Orthodox when I have lived in Toronto, and answer the tonne of (and has created more) the questions have while had have looked for to order of but any pry his life, and reason goes to grow on more secular that I (apparently ossia possible) to be entirely Orthodox. It likes volume that this book is biased, and an author is treating the plot of subjects has to that grow up in the enclosed community (and that grows up in Waterloo and knowing vário ex-old order Mennonite boys one one idea duquel am familiarised) this isolated, scary and harrowing, this book is still one has found fascinating, and that has finalised in the day. This small short blog is not a where goes to take to that little I knows of a Hasidic community, left to the long of of a Sitmar the community is the fascinating memoir roughly some experiences of people in, and that leaves the tight community I personally there is wanted always comprise.
5 / 5 Verla
Like the Bondadoso or 'Goya' and that takes that Jews is the blessings or the examples of any God to some nations(For example 25 of winners of the prizes of the Nobel are Hebrew this in spite of so only representing 1 10th of 1 of population of earths) , this in spite of any no active listened of Hasidic Jews before, has read the little bit of this book in the place of the partner, and next recognition I reading has maintained. Interest to listen in the segment of Jews this results to be looked in an inferior line to seeds Christian groups that pause out of mainstream stir with his own heretical interpretations or private versions of a bible.

Likes Jehovah Testifica that waste a Godhead of Christ, Catholic that Mary dips likes Queen of Heaven, and intercessor in place of Christ and A Mormons complete substitution of a bible with his own any tradition and biblical fantasies(Book of Mormon), these Hasidics waste a Torá' clear statement of Aarón' Priesthood in favour of any I never listened of before to justify Priests and Rabbi is concealed does not come from/comes from Aarons name. And like these other segments of Religious society, coming up with sectarian and cultic practical that further distinguish his religions of mainstream groups, often in of the extreme ways. And how it is everything too often a chance with Religions that no quite row with a biblical word, the partidários the increasingly frustrated result with the resulted blatantly the obvious defects in some religions are forced to adhere to and finally refuse them wholeheartedly, often launching out of a creature with a bathwater in a process. Like this in this way this book was fascinating to see of the perspective of the Hebrew Woman.

This in spite of of his point of pair onward this book has been downhill quickly, and taken downright bothersome. Although some names have been changed to protect the sure people spoken of, has to be painfully obvious the one who writes on to the to the equal that have known. His distasteful tugging by means of a vase of his husband and his relative was pocolos more than superficial vicious trick. It is an attack with some the majority of the private segments of married life have put coffins for everything to assist under a cook that ‘informs' an audience. It can have dipped some practices and faiths there without some soiled dirty clothes, But instead find like whining and doing excuses for his behaviour and “poor are” that it tries to justify ours the one who has read his refuse of his lifestyle, and finds worse that the feminists attacks on all the men. And in fact it finalises to identify like the feminist. I ask if turtles of religious faiths around a world, together with egoistic men in a secular business world, remained with Hollywood, has not turned so many women out of Faith and men, in favour of hateful attacks of rebellions to some same.

Although it looks to have an occasion to compare his Hasidic religious roots to some alternative Hebrew segments there, chooses enough for the waste all in favour of “liberty”, not taking that bolt of sin or Secularism, is each one has bitten like this enslaving also, resulting slaves to our desires instead. He this in spite of remarks that it has to spend on his boy in orthodox ways to maintain and would expect in some point compares several Hebrew lifestyles and faiths to his leading Hasidic lifestyle and glean values and lovely truths of them.
Also done of the interesting observations of as the sweats that take American of secular cloths and that mixes with secular American women and then consistently that finds any difference in as the women in general perceive and revolver around some things and be' in his lives in spite of religious views or no religious.
For this a half last of a book in general refuses any positive comprehension of a Hasidic Jews some first half frames clear so many take repulsed for his whining and dipping out of soiled dirty clothes to justify his own direction and divorce.

Top Customer Reviews: Leaving Church: A ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5
Excellent book. I love his transparency as it take his joirney. An only thing wants to mention is that it is not quite like this generic like subtitle suggests. A faith joirney is everything by means of a lense of sounds to result the priest and then arrest it acting and that leaves an episcopalian church. There is certainly a lot of points of connection for any the one who has or is spending for the wilderness experience in his faith, or for those in of the transitions of unexpected life of entity. A a the one who will receive one the majority of of this book, this in spite of, is that they are in vocational ministry.
5 / 5
I love this book. I have known in an author in fact a lot of years, but reading Learning to Walk in a Darkness, and then this one is no useful only state but pleasurable. I love his sense of humour and a frank way in that distribution that is the difficult and painful experience. So much clergy today is experiencing burn-was and difficulty in his careers in a church, and here is an analysis of reason this can spend for some. The desire had read his earlier work in my life.
5 / 5
Ossia The fabulous book for one of my new favourite voices. It is full of sincere idea, humour, and deep faith , deep.
A book that me the BBT defender. The value that rereads. Highly recommended.
5 / 5
Ossia The sensitive and good book writing. One this will speak to that has deceived a busyness of church for spirituality and now is that it questions his faith.
5 / 5
Wicked book! Highly recommended
5 / 5
Artfully crafted and this in spite of causing. A sincere look in the travesía the spiritual authenticity.
1 / 5
Prpers Having grown up like the Christian and having has left recently a church has organised, has found a title of this book a lot of enticing. Reading some of some descriptions have done a sound of book like the very interesting bed. Result a lot disappointed like the author has come from/come from the metaphysical
point of view more than the relational point of view in our Christian walk. Knowing and the living relational Christianity means would recommend this reserves the person.

Top Customer Reviews: The Seven Storey ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
5 / 5 Traci
It is hard to write the description that will do this justice of book. That has said that the friends is that when a book is fact , there is the sense of sadness that owe ways of the part with a partner has come partorisca know while reading. Any only one takes an intimate glimpse to a travesa spiritual of Thomas Merton, but has countless moment that defies a reader with thoughtful introspection.
Has purchased any less than 6 copies of this book partorisca give to close friends and family. A precise not being the religious person partorisca appreciate this book - does not try partorisca convert any one; so only it say the storey. In fact, ossia a magic . Merton Has been of an atheist to Trappist Fray and partorisca comprise his travesa is an intellectual blessing .
Is looking for The comfortable, friendly and in general enjoyable read, calms the favour and choose this up.
5 / 5 Marine
I have been that it wants to read this for the long time. I am engredo that all require to be contemplatives any one imports the one who are. Thomas Merton has learnt that. Ossia His experience . It can be mine .
5 / 5 Kerstin
They are happy with cost of mine although a shipment has taken the long time
5 / 5 Eula
Another famous book for a beloved author. Read and discover why.
5 / 5 Bridgett
It produces it like described and promptly has shipped
5 / 5 Kathleen
An a lot inspiring autobiography of the deeply spiritual man.
5 / 5 Eusebio
I have chosen this book because it is the a lot of-known classical that there is wanted always read. Also, it is the memoir, which have expected to find useful write my own memoir. Merton Is the brilliant writer, re-creating places and phases of his history of life in such the way as to situate me well in a thickness of him. Also the gifted theologian, writes convincingly of a reality of faith, a reality of Goddess. It is convincing because he like this deeply and unequivocally believes it. It is mercilessly sincere in his own failings and wrongdoings, his pride, self-delusion, etc. Of the young, confused, hedonista, self-young man absorto to the committed man, serious of faith, took each step of a way, not losing never my sympathetic and compassion. Reason? Because of the his scrupulous self-honesty and self-criticism. He also intelligently and quite critical of the religious orders, in his resistant until some ideals forged for Christ. Believers and nonbelievers equally will find this intriguing book and provocative.

Colleen Gillis
5 / 5 Harris
In this author of book is trying to define disparity in society. A period is of entity here that is directing the Second world-wide War and the people are treating poverties and misery of war. It is hard time , and like movements of a country to another country and that loses his parents and resultant saviour of people. A point key is collective authorship that was authorship of all the world-wide to take Hitler, and trace partorisca be able to been due to the fault of all the world. This was concept of theory of just war.
5 / 5 Lola
A Seven Storey the mountain is the book fantastically writing . Thomas Merton was the intellectual brilliant the one who had looked in a lot of different types of faith. Merton Give that it is not happy, this in spite of, and continuous look for until it has converted the Christianity . A Seven Storey the mountain is a history of Merton travesía to be this confused and despairing intellectual to be the sure and happy Trappist fray.
A Seven Storey the mountain offers a reader so much. It is an extraordinary way to build faith. A lovely picture that Merton presents like this a lot in fact has had to give on him for his faith in Goddess is like this inspiring. Some of some passages roughly the god is like this beautiful. An only possible opinion has thus book is that his possible that some the Protestant readers can be slightly offended for some quite general critiques have signalled in of the no Catholic Christians. Still, these in no way detracted of a book for me, and think that any reader of this book will benefit in spite of some any doctrinales differentiate. A Seven Storey the mountain is moving and joyful history of the travesía of the man to God, and is trips it which would have to that be celebrated and learnt of.
4 / 5 Becki
Something those the majority of people forgets or the just plain ignores in today of world-wide of hustle and bustles. Something that Thomas Merton rediscovered and has shared with us. A Seven Storey the volume of knots of the mountain by means of a life of Thomas Merton, of his infancy all a way his acceptance in the Trappist monastery in Kentucky. Throughout he all, Thomas examines his life in detail fill, that develops like the common of the people do not want to admit in his own so only is responsible for his own unhappiness. As @it give so only that miserable and empty his life really is, remarks that all to the long of the god had been to call to something the full life of peace, happiness, and contemplation. And like each one which of us, an only requirement for this life is the simply the accept. Sometimes confusing because of a fact that was the Catholic and are not , this book was still an incredibly enlightening and thoroughly enjoyable book. After reading this book, calm probably will look forward to measured some time out of your busy day to simply chair and ponder some marvels of Goddess, which coincidentally, is when calm finally will listen the god that pause yours.
4 / 5 Dodie
Sometimes has to that give lean to plot of ache for the pocolas ounces to like. I have chosen on TSSM to the recommendation of the partner, and with which have read me he little incredibly insightful date of a book. Besides, they are the enormous defender of Brennan Manning, the one who quotes Merton quite often in of to to the books like "A Ragamuffin Gospel" and "A Byline of Jesus," that further whet my wins to read TSSM. That founds was the man the one who is incredibly complex in his dogmatism, the one who has begun the project, some proportions duquel can have found more adds that a reader.
Some chances of his life, of birth to a day an ink dried in a manuscript, can try be too wordy for a lot of people; this in spite of, was the shame to leave Merton droning on roughly second looks the insignificant chances discourage a reader to achieve a final 50 pages. I have wished it has had the condensed version, reason his fashion is not conducive to such minutia that that eats in such and such lunch. To to I Details like that really bog down this autobiography. I mean, coming on, has think that it was necessary has been bit it more selective in those elements to ignore of this book.
To be just, looking in mine after copies of mine in an office, sees roughly 40-50 dog-eared pages interspersed during a book, marking the feelings that diverse of an empty spirituality of an Anglican church, a futility of life without Goddess, communism, a prison of consumerism. Some of his words, writings 50 years ago, is chillingly prophetic. For example, " it is any marvel that can not have any peace in the world where all possible is done to guarantee that a youth of the each nation will grow on absolutely without moral and religious discipline, and without a shadow of a life of interior, or of this spirituality and charity and faith that so only can safeguard some treaties and the agreements have done of governments?"
Give this book has been written under the pen of the rigid editor (his abbot), so that detail in his sinful the past has been attacked of a final manuscript. Such details are of entities when that tries to comprise a character of Merton self evaluation. Reason seats like this remorseful in concrete situations? Tongue in his remorse, but does not direct a specifics of his sin that is causing the chasm among him and God.
Like the detestable Protestant (almost paraphrasing Merton), this book had both acclaiming and squirming uncomfortably in some of Merton statements. A more ailing the point was his statement (I are paraphrasing) "the Catholic Church is an only institution this has presented a unchanging, cohesive theology on some centuries." A bit those that pages later, is rasgando of the long prayer to Mary, that hails his to like Mother of all the Life, a Mother of Goddess, which is the doctrine that a Catholic Church has adopted a 8th century. You do not consider that "unchanging and cohesive," any to mention some transmissions of Vatican I to Vatican II. When being the Protestant, has found his veneration of Mary foreign and uncomfortable, and perhaps the substitute for a intercessor Jesus has promised, a Saint Alcohol. Background way Mary and no quite Jesus or Saint Alcohol. Of course, I have not been a pointed audience, as my personnel offends is intangible.
This in spite of, has found a lot of gems in Merton writings and are not has had to that launch this creature was with a water of bath of the his catolicismo militant near. A man was the character , there is to good sure in my alcohol, and TSSM is fill with paragraphs that would have to be posted in some wall of our institutions, to at least take people to take and think in a direction in that is driven. I found it it bite it wordy and bit it too militaristic of the resupply 5 stars, but a lot will find it well value a time.
4 / 5 Mahalia
Ossia The wonderful book , although it is in fact quite Augustinian- almost Dostoyevskian- in a terracing to the Merton publically flagellates he here for any one that has found his destiny until it result the Catholic and the Trappist.
Can take past concealed - and his jibes in of the Protestants- can appreciate you a Merton of a late @@@1940s/punctual 50s, the one who was quite in shoots spiritually. (I , this in spite of, a lot admire his to take onthe Oxford Movement- precursor to Alchoholics Anonymous. Merton Has been died in aims there!) His description of his experience in the church in Cuba simply is that it surprises before hand of the like the Buddhists would call an experience of illustration.
I for one appreciates more his contemplative works. (Of course, like the Buddhist, that can expect?) Still ossia the beautiful, cult, and although defective, touching account of the travesía spiritual of a man.
Would say this in spite of, master more, test "Seeds of Contemplation" and "A Monastic Travesía."
4 / 5 Flo
Thomas Merton is like this one of some imagines more is produced never for a contemplative common of Christianity. A Seven Storey the mountain is a history of like this avenges the faith and a depth of asks finds there.
Has dipped in a first half of a twentieth century, A Seven Storey the mountain follows Merton of his infancy on until his entrance to the monastery in Kentucky.
Has been moved for a lot of some details of Merton early life: a loss of his mother, his report with his father, and his adventures in education. Merton skillfully Dips out of a fund of these chances. Time and again, a common humanity of Merton resplandores by means of by means of barriers of time, place, and experience.
This Book is the masterpiece. I recommend it.
4 / 5 Keisha
Has read this book two times in mine twenties, and like the jew, has been them scanning still has gone by merton embraces of a spiritual life, and one calling of a church that has directed in his investigation for the most significant existence. The powerful is this book? I will quote an episode. In the library of habladuría of congress in american writers for literary critic alfred kazin in 1980, asks an audience of diverse hundred rapt auditors the simple question: "that is your favourite book ?" It poses this question to 10 random people. Two has answered, "seven storey mountain." It has Found this remarkable. How it is this memoir ossia priceless, timeless, and transcendental in his sincere looks for truth and piety.
4 / 5 Shawnee
A Seven Storey the mountain is in no way Thomas Merton Masterpiece. But it is his more very known work. A lot of people so only know Merton partorisca east, a biography of his early years. This can direct people to an uneven view of Merton and his worldview. One the good antidote to this particular question is to read a lot of Merton Seen again or his Papers. I damage the a lot of wider view that Merton developing has thought.
This in spite of this book is not without his charms. As All some subsequent endeavours of his biographers, any one has said a history of this period of Merton the better life that Merton. There are indispensable ideas, biographical as well as spiritual, to be obtained of this book. It is still probably a better place to start with Merton. I recommend it.
5 / 5 Tom
He Are of any religion, are probably confused it blend of Taoist and Hindu -- like this has the fate has conspired to mix me up. This in spite of, does not find that has anything in Merton SSM which does not speak by means of incredible gulfs of difference. Any serious religion is an investigation transcendent truth, and Merton the investigation is obliging it, beautiful account of the travesía of a character to the long of this street. No respecto very a lot at all yes or is not the philosopher adds ; it has been it has had to that pay far more attention to any the one who investigation to experience and to know of Goddess directly that I to listen to a too-a lot of theorist-philosophical works of the far and mediocre character, whose authors cerebrate that can not feel. There are few utmost philosophers those who can touch, and Merton can not be one of them. But when I have read that has left for a world, can not help but feel that has felt a deep influence of the MAN adds, and there is not too many of those around these days, neither.
5 / 5 Jesus
After World-wide War two, a Catholic church in some the USA was in his @@@zenith. Some the vast immigrant populations have run to some average and upper classes and was punctual to produce a first Catholic president in JFK. Loyalty to the doctrines of a church was strong, his cultural presence was extended and has respected. It was also an intellectually vapid was. The majority of writers was Thomists and unaware appearances of any one another philosophical movement or the approximation except when they have taken the few moments to publicly paint them like this diabolic and/or heresies. The Catholic life in some the USA was optimistic, cosy, insular, increasingly thriving. When Thomas Merton, the man with moderate talents like the writer, has left a world of nightclubs of jazz and literary aspirations to join the monastery where the tongue has been forbidden, and has then written a history of his conversion, is rented like being the renaissance of culture for Catholics. You are the poet (a bad a), an interpreter of Oriental philosophy (more like the misinterpreter), it fray with such animates it restless and alcohol that his committment to a trappists was more in word that in action. Ossia The paving , spiritual autobiography of forest. Included when a taken the account a fact that his history of life has been censored for some powers that was (an illegitimate boy, among other things), a book is written still with the treat well of distance of his subject, the one who was an author he. He never soars and one saying of some chances that has directed his conversion is spiritually uneventful. To listen say it, all this past is that it experiences any boredom and lack of direction and found the cause in a church where bolt felizmente never with which. No like this fast! In fact, Merton grieve done his swears that it was investigation again for another spiritual and emotional solution to his sense of incompleteness. In fact, he experimented with each spiritual point of view that was available his in an abbey. A well can imagine try out of EAST age , New Science , Christian, and reading inclusa Shirley Maclaine, have been available his in an abbey. It is not that it surprises that he sneak out of a sometimes a lot of monastery likes the life chooses has not been the good returned for any the one who was the spiritual pilgrim . I predict That Merton will turn like his writings are produced of his times and he look more and more dated with every year of no. On its own name, does not take never a sense that Merton is convinced of some a lot of things duquel writing. It looks to be that it tries to convince he, and sometimes aims in his coyness. It is as if his skills to write has gone to automatic and or a lot sincerely thinks that writes is irrelevant. To the each one to which likes him the reservation concealed has has followed looked to be at all more than his scribblings in his pet later spiritual enthusiasms - that could be it expected (and predicted) to change grieve an ink in some pages had dried. A heck of the good type, am sure. But I doubt that any of would have listened of him or his writings if there it is not resulting the fray. As dipped the writer, has been the fact along forgotten.
4 / 5 Inocencia
These chronicles of famous autobiography the life of an author of infancy in some measure like the young man an intrepid decision partorisca enter a Trappist order. It likes very , Merton spiritually sleepwalks by means of many of his youth. But gradually, it is drawn to God as it comes partorisca perceive a shallowness and futility of a intellectuality and self-indulgence that has had thusfar has characterised his life. Finally his amour partorisca God results the passion of awesome proportions, enabling him partorisca spend his life to the wonderous balance, inspire partorisca write some of some the majority of influential religious reflections of our age or perhaps any age.
Some questions Merton grapples with here--like this partorisca balance of the second looks that impulses of clashes of our intellect, passions, and alcohols--is timeless. Any one looking for harmony more orders in his/his life undoubtedly will find inspiration and idea of sound of Merton history.
Also--I thinks today 'A Seven Storey Mountain' is particularly pertinent because of his historical context, which as closely parallels our own. A lot Merton the history takes place during an explosion of Second world-wide War. Like the war looms main and main, Merton has described with adds unease a sense of impending doom, an uncertainty of where a world is beginning, this in spite of like this a certainty is beginning to somewhere disturbing and dangerous. As I have read Merton reflected in a Nazi invasion of Czechoslovakia--a law to define of war--has thought for now that law roughly September 11. A threat to loom of terrorism give it newfound described as it relates to Merton world-wide, and this thinks does his remote message more accessible, significant, and necessary for knots to listen.
5 / 5 Louisa
This mystic tongue with a sincerity of the saint and a pen of the poet. Each page - and there is a lot are - delight to read, and feels, somehow, likes is some memories of a reader, any only Merton is.

Is of entity to agree, this in spite of, that Merton disowned this book later in his alive. It says you are not "disciplined quite" or to the to something likes concealed. So only it object to the his rigid stances of catolicismo in report to other Christians. Also I create in "one, saint, catholic, and apostolic Church". This in spite of, is this thinks that compells me partorisca approach a multitude of Protestant churches with compassion and any condemnation, which unfortunately Merton sometimes fact. Perhaps ossia reason the felt has to disown it.
Any way, is the beautiful book , he spirtual book, and the history of wonderful conversion of a scarce type of person the one who in fact and legitatmely has directed to find peace in this life.
5 / 5 Alma
Thomas Merton was brilliant, specialised in literary critic, the poet, analytical and creative. His sense of self, this in spite of, was the mix of deep introspection and measures it of self-abhorring. His spiritual looking for headed to the short stay with Trappist fray in Kentucky. Like the result, gives on his worldly career and shipped in the travesía of spiritual looking for like the brother in a monastery.
Merton Has loved music, women, good lunch, this in spite of also there is the desire to be free of a world. It describes a ascetic diet in an abbey--the flesh is forbidden, still fishing any eaten, and some fray operates agricultural weighed on bread, vegetal, cheese, and in an evening, perhaps the small dish of applesauce. In spite of some hardships, Merton finds that resulting the priest is one the majority of what significant never to spend his.
Merton The writing researches him like this famous to hermitage in an abbey. He never looked quite comfortable anywhere. His sense of discomfort with him and his extraordinary sensibility to mark of spiritual heights for fascinating reading.
4 / 5 Serafina
Has been the pair of years has read of this autobiography. Of a perspective of a writer whenever it aspires and poet, applaud this piece of literature to take an interest likewise one the majority to box unbeliever or a-anchored agnostic simply for a raw and accessible history that transmits. Of one is-point of the spiritual researcher, he self-censoring 4 in a Enneagram (read "Merton: A Enneagram Profile", for Suzanne Zuercher), and the religious tolerant (it Merton certainly resulted in his later life), has connected with him instantly in the very intimate level.
Honradamente Can regulate Merton for inspiring me partorisca research Christianity much more deeply without an usual repugnance and the negative sprain had approached me he with before, and there is of then result one of my favourite writers, artists, thinkers, and Christians... Period!
Merton Was the a lot of "human" be. His fights proudly, ego, Biblical understanding, lust, vanity, etc. Can help a spiritually bent reader to accept his or his own defects in the more forgiving light. Adapted that any one is perfect.
Highly recommends this book to both a defender to oblige autobiography, and to an applicant contemplative.
4 / 5 Emile
So only roughly any compraventa has interested this book is more than likely a bit familiar with some of Merton is other works. It was perhaps a 20th century More adds them Christian contemplative the alcohol has had a privilege to read. This is due to a fact that so the people have expressed on some years that Thomas Merton is a reason has been drawn to a Christian faith. Even People other religions respects skilled and wise approximation of this man to otherwise dogmatic dialogues. One of a reason is this autobiography is like this wonderful, is that the majority of can relate to the contents of him. This is not the person the one who only achieved some class of aint lifestyle' without spending for any tribulaciones his earlier years.
The one who draws a to Thomas Merton is his simplistic writing. In this book discovers the one who the causes have produced an effect that loves it join an Abbey of Gethsemani down in Kentucky for him. Of his years that grows up in France, then on to Inghilterra. Behind to new York. And then, it find his house. This house was an Abbey of Gethsemani. Merton Is able to spend the people he after plus to Jesus, reason done an alive history. Appropriate to this a lot of life in the modern era, any so only the society that is everything too disconnected of for now (the society during a time of Jesus). This book is like this applicable to 2004, any withstanding a fact that has adds it a lot his any one has documented years in this work stemming of this publication his Death in Thailandia.
Take the sad time pocola after his acceptance of Christianity, Merton quotes the precaution of the god to a Israelites, "For an Earth the one who thou goest to possess is not to like an earth of Egitto," and it remarks that there is "he a terrible deception to enter a Christian life to the equal that was simply a natural life invested with the class of supernatural way for grace." He dulcemente and nervously was to learn the god was dreadfully more than some simple underwriter lovely. In this book Merton aim the hungriness, the walk to comprise a meaning of life. A secret to live the entirely saint life, submerged in servitude to our Creator. This hungriness can all relate to, is a walk to comprise truth.
5 / 5 Coleen
The SEVEN STOREY the MOUNTAIN is Thomas Merton autobiography, that concentrates in his early life until his experience of entrance and Catholic conversion to the Trappist monastery.
The comparisons abound among this work and some CONFESSIONS of St. Augustine, both authors direct a book so much to God as to a reader, and his so much look for behind scornfully and regretfully to his lives before entrance to a Church. This in spite of, Augustine has an upper hand here because of the his immense honesty of his sins, while Merton allude sinful actions without exactly that says like him bad, that directs a reader to ask that exactly it is complaining roughly. Merton fathering Of a illegimate boy while in Cambridge is the crucial chance that advantages to touch Inghilterra to leave, coming New York and finally to a Church, but is not never plainly declared, and in fact one has to that read a preface to discover that has spent.
Thomas Merton is converts the z/the zeal is impressive during a book, and that a book aims a view of interior of the amour of the man for his God is his a redeeming factor. This reviewer is complains is that Merton claims to want to live the better life, but he spurns a poor and unfortunate people of a world, escaping the solitude to do for his salvation so only. A reader would think, if so only Merton had aimed his amour for God by means of helping a required, would have one of some workers of charity more utmost in history. But instead, Merton finds likes a uncaring, incompassionate man.
The SEVEN STOREY the MOUNTAIN is, of course, the history of conversion and is for like this written in the frenzy of amour for God. His later works are concerned much more with ecumenicalism and world-wide chances of the monastic point of view, and like the reader would owe that know that this reservation read differently.
5 / 5 Carl
Thomas Merton is the deep person, and his personal history reflects his sensatez and enthusiastic sense that is of entity in life. A book is surprisingly easy to read, this in spite of in looks to time to contain more the detail that has expected takes, particularly in some separates last of a book. Like the no-Catholic, has not read this book for concrete religious doctrine, but like the studio of a character of intensely has consecrated religious people. It take my money and the cost of time.
5 / 5 Lucien
This was mine real prime minister "history of conversion" I concealed I have read, and I am sure he will be one of a more I never read. After spending a lot of years in a darkness of sin, Thomas has converted to catolicismo and finally, he Trappist monastery. His history was really inspiring, and there is nurtured my possible vocation to a Trappist life. This book would be to add it read for ALL THE CLASSES of people: senior citizens, atheists, Catholics, and Protestant.
5 / 5 Minta
This book is an excellent introduction to Thomas Merton. In fact law like the novel adds, which the fact even more fascinating that it is an autobiography . Merton Has appreciated often for his contemplative works. Any I necessarily considers A Seven Storey Mountain he contemplative book, but to good sure belonging in a cannon of Western mystical literature. It can resupply I add it doorway to the deepest works and more spiritual. To Subjects likes him monasticism the absolutely intriguing result after reading this book. Be warned that this book could cause you to ship in the travesía spiritual adds!
4 / 5 Melany
With which reading Thomas Merton&8217;s &8220;A Seven Storey Mountain,&8221; and when be surprised in that I bed, master dipped down a reaction has has had to that this powerful pound. Merton&8217;S History of his faith, of his virtual nonexistence the conversion and then that finds his true vocation has touched deeply my alcohol and enabled me to reexamine the portion of spirituality of mine that, like an author&8217;s in my age, was severely has neglected. I doubt to say that Merton&8217;s personal &8220;confessions&8221; changed my life, reason this sentence is like this cliché. This in spite of, like the partner converts, journeying of uncertainty and darkness to light and joy, has connected in this level with him immediately. Some feelings I action with him is to express more by means of his words. Appearance transmit some sense of some dominant effects of faith and amour on life, which Merton has explored. A masterful unit, coherence, and balance of his words so only can come from the life of faith...
Some rests of question: reason he Merton&8217;s the continuous history to fascinate and speak the like this after 50 years? A fact that his works remain in impression and is available on 20 tongues suggest that it is at least profitable to maintain them on shelves of bookshop and &8217;s the works are not dated, but continue affect millions. They are classics, included when visas in the purely economic stairs, discounting substance and material. Robert Giroux, the fellow personnel of Merton, Van of Mark of the date Gilds, an influential professor in his and Merton&8217;s life, in his introduction to &8220;A Seven Storey Mountain:&8221; &8220;A classical is the book that remain in impression&8221; (xviii). They are in accordance with [a reviewer] to a discharge when he skeptically questions, &8220;But I doubt that any of would have listened of him or his writings if he hadn&8217;t is resulted the fray. As dipped the writer, has been forgotten he a lot the time done.&8221; Robert Giroux directs this quandary in an introduction: &8220;Reason has done a success of a Mountain goes like this far besides my expectations like an editor and editor?&8221; (xvi). A spiritual desire and look for peace in the nuclear age and cold war, where the small boys in innocence has been taught to duck under his offices in chance of an attack, certainly touches the function, so that Giroux note. But, &8220;Merton&8217;s the history was unusual &8211; the a lot of-polite and articulate the young man takes &8211; reason? &8211; To the monastery&8221; (xvi). Reason in fact the man denies that to the yielding career likes them the professor, writer, and intellectual to treat continual penance in an isolated abbey? This intriguing question and the only situation resupplies an initial draw to a &8220;Mountain.&8221; To Amsterdam of modern half class, an idea that any one would give on &8220;profit and the financial security for asceticism and look of lacking penance. Perhaps the readers were awkwardly condemned by an idea that something more substantial existed that the cold beer and hot shower to be happy, and that any one had found this something more. This in spite of, after the curiosity attracts, Merton resists a reader&8217;s attention in his own merits. After a surprise that boss of turns, prendiendo one spends for in mid stride, has to or, as like this appeals of carnival, quickly relinquish his control hardly is established. Merton&8217;S the faith situates in a Church is humbling, and resupply the a lot of the strongest draw that gaudy tongue or verbal theatrics, although a reader is not in accordance with his philosophies. A clock of passion in his words and a yearning the spiritual union with Goddess is like this simple in his heart that he propels a reader like a promise of an oasis driven the nomad by means of endless deserts. Merton Gives his reader, the fellow spiritual pilgrim, if they know it or no, the clear drink to refresh and strengthen. And, it likes Merton finalises his history and taken leaves, offers the consultor of final piece: &8220; it seats finalised books, does not finalise quaerendi &8211; To the sinister ossia an end of a book, but no an end of an investigation&8221; (462).
Has written the test he long plus in this book - wants to read the, send me an email in
4 / 5 Ben
Thomas Merton is the wonderful voice partorisca a spiritual desire that there was you inside mentido everything. Merton, The trappist the fray has expressed a spirituality of like this people that yearned the religion that could both function inside a bounds of Christianity and the spend the life. For this is with this poet, fray, and student of some Masters of Zen some world-wide recieved the new voice in his @@subject his old plus. In this book, Merton spiritual autobiography, one among contact with the for real beautiful human being. This book has my nomination for a twentieth century adds American novel. It is the book in that each word echoes a heat and passion of his author.
Thomas, will be sadly has lost.
4 / 5 Tashina
Am not Catholic, and does not go to be never Catholic, but I ejoyed reading Thomas Merton travesía religious in all the chance. It seats it has had something that loses in his life, included although it was to populate and achieved in a secular world, and look until it finds that it has been missing it. In his chance, found God, and the certainty that has had order and amour in a world.
Found the easy to follow Merton by means of the majority of his travesía, reason looks a normal person . I have comprised included his self-abhorring, reason sometimes seats likes it fault something, and not doing that I ought to be doing. His writing in some early sections is clear and simple, but also a lot descriptive. But once it convert, I have found a book a hard plus to follow, especially when you comprise poetry, or has sung in a marvel and glory of Goddess.
Calls the spiritual atheist. This bad have the sense of marvel in a world, and tentativa be open, but does not create anything can not try. As it can not relate to Merton experience of Goddess a way has related his secular life. Also, it was the little disturbed sure reason is that a pre-Vatican II CATHOLIC CHURCH is an only right religion . I comprise it result more open, but when you write "A Seven Mountain of History," it was still the recent converts. It looks almost smug, a way he glories in his report with God.
So only thought it: Merton has on grown without a lot of religion. People that does not have the religion is more probably to convert the others religions later, and believe in them strongly. Ossia Like this to the plot of the people joins literate. If you look in Merton that way, is likes a bit people those who has joined the cult of Door of a Heaven. They have believed strongly enough to take of a world-wide and kill them. Merton Has not killed, but take and tried like hard likes has beaten to be the entirely different person. Ossia So only something to consider, when tongues in Merton spiritual virtues. It is really any that special. So only it choose a religion established and has written well.
Admires people those who have a willpower the really last it look for something thinks that that they require, but am not really comfortable with the Merton finds like his response.
5 / 5 Kate
A Seven Storey the mountain was the book has suggested mine for my father when it was the adolescent . I have ignored his joint 20 years ago and found me comming behind to this work so only now that are to marry with two girls. They are happy that there is not reading a book in 17 I was too young to fully comprise it reason have not had quite a lot of experiences of life to recognise a value in Merton points. You definately need some scars and experience to take this book to heart.
One another thing has to that maintain import always while reading this book is a fact that has been first writing of a second Joint of Vatican. I am doing this point because Merton the descriptions and the characterisations of Protestants can be read like hard in a plus ecumenical world-wide alive in today. They are the life long catholic and found some passages and referneces plant me behind. If a emnity among the religions was compatible with these commentaries, then am happier that be living today that then.
A last what is that ossia the longitude , long, long book. You owe that do your way by means of several pages of hundred before he all comes near. A work is work to to an endeavour the pleasure last 100 or so that the pages are some of one the majority of emotional and spritual the words have read. This effect would be lost totally if no laws a whole book. Like the joint is to dip your alcohol to read a whole thing that knows that has to that reward in an end. In this way, a book is the metaphor for a spirtual life.
Is the teeenager recommends that the book has called "A Cross and a Switchblade". A good book on religion and when being the adolescent that has read when it was the adolescent . Although his together in a 1960-70 is his still cliché.
5 / 5 Faviola
Has revised this reserves the few years does. Has, this in spite of, receded a lot in his importance in my life, as I am married now felizmente and has left all a guilt of my life like the backside of alone man. Yes, Seven Storey has some good commentary in a plight of modern humanity in him, but a guilt that Merton feels in his looks of the almost pathological life, now that look behind on that. I think that such the lack of relectiveness related to his own failures (and blaming he for some harms of some world-wide now looks a lot odd) inside a frame to teach of Catholic church, one sees a darkness of a dogmatism of a time. Perhaps reason have the satisfied result with my spiritual growth, and any rasgado usunder and distressed for him, can no longer very well relate to this book. In a lot of ways, maintain these dark days of guilt roughly the sex and that lives the happy life, fulfilled like the man a lot in a fore. They are happy I has known once this book, and bad so much mine a time, but in a whole, thinks that appeals the people those who are possibly WAY TOO MUCH HARD on they. I think that that we have to all relieve on the bit, in an end, and a world will be the plant it happy plus . Perhaps this means to take besides a dogma of religion has organised.
4 / 5 Charlie
Are the catholic, and with which a lot of years I finally read this book. Frankly, I am disappointed. It is no be for a wonderful introduction for Robert Giroux, a reader would not have learnt of Merton fathering of a illegimate boy. Merton Does not speak this in a book. That then can any one seriously compares this with St. Augustine Confessions? I have loved to learn on some fray, the one who was, where has come from/come from, and reason has entered a monastery. His funds would have a lot of be interesting, but Merton gives any of of the this. I have found some spiritual passages too many simplistic, like mine catholic grammar catechism scolare.
5 / 5 Ernestina
Are far of an intellectual but thinks deeply roughly God and life.
Has like this mystery and power in Merton writing--a lot of raisin of longitude my brain and heart like the train to accelerate.
But--some words, sentences, paragraphs, pages, the chapters celery to like rain of fresh summer---another time, like the ray of inspiring relieving.
Seven Storey the mountain resupplies the idea adds to Thomas Merton a boy, young man and the prompt adult that heads to sound entering a monastery in Gethsemini.
And a book also the wonderful lunch rid for thought (and prayer) as well as fuel for my travesía spiritual own.
My immediate aim is to take my Dad to read he---long row to do take he in his beloved Gethsemini.
5 / 5 Xenia
This book is the modern masterpiece-- often compared to St. Augustine Confessions. I think that that a comparison is valid. Merton The fights in life can help drive today.
A book is the bit partorisca bore in time, but calm still would owe that be able to take by means of him without too much of question.
Highly suggests anything for Thomas Merton.
4 / 5 Eddy
Merton Has known like partorisca plough by means of his past life so that a grace of Goddess, an alcohol of Christ would result like this apparent in all this spent his and by means of him in this autobiography.
Any sentimentalism. Any archaic tongue. His descriptions of a Eucharist and some other sacraments are cleaned and frescos and deep and vivid, touching a reader with the odd conviction, immediate. His words pressed with faith. It say, "well, perhaps I do not know ..."
Thinks Merton ameno a worldly more afterwards to a church and a churchy more afterwards to a world. The people do not know where to situate. Calm can not stick to focus in lucido.
This book are adds for just any one. That is Catholic of the cradle will benefit a lot this man the one who is coming to a church, this man the one who was like this biased against anything Catholic, this in spite of the one who is not gone in any contact with any "crisis" it conceal suddenly do to say, "LADIES! LADIES!". No. That is, any crisis of a "world-wide". It was spiritual. An account of "something" this is to spend his while dipping in his bed is simple and vivid.
Does calm @to give you that that it is spiritual has to that do with that is human.
4 / 5 Michelina
These chronicles of powerful book Merton infancy, adolescence, and age prompt adult and his investigation for spirituality. Although written of the Roman Catholic perspective, Merton the book is appropriate for any reader in the travesía spiritual, Christian or no. A book is not never dry -- in fact is a lot of writing, frank, colour and deeply introspective -- like this appropriate to this new millenium to the equal that was to a decade of one 1950 east during that is writing. To read Merton Seven Storey the mountain is to live his investigation for Goddess with him. A can not help but to take durable truth of this book.
5 / 5 Jacque
I have struggled by means of 350 pages of this book before finally giving up. Extremely you bore and like another reviewer aptly dipped the 'slowly and of forest'. Like the Catholic convert the one who has read the just number of histories of conversion (both elderly and modern) the this rids doors in comparison. Has read histories of conversion that is 1/10th a period, but that band 10 times an inspiring punch. A comparison favorecedora of this book with St. Augustines The confessions is absurd and insulting to this saint adds. A question of looks of boss partorisca be the Merton is so that self has absorbed that it is really writing the book roughly he in place of roughly of God, or his report with God. This self centeredness access in perfectly with modern society and probably explains reasons so many people are fond of him. Partorisca An a lot of Catholic bed looking for the be inspired, steer clear of this mundane book and take the look in something likes Saint Therese of Lisieux is estory of the soul', or G.K. Chesterton Is 'Orthodoxy'. Please does not squander your time or money in this book
4 / 5 Ross
has read this reserves done several years during the time of sum of spiritual crisis. A partner very wanted to has given me it first edition copies does several months. I have found an inspiring book because of Merton humanity during his dark night of a soul. Admit his sin any to avert punishment but for the design more afterwards to God.
I marvel if any one has had more the alike experience?
5 / 5 Anisa
No active a lot to say thus book. It does not develop anything that interests to a reader has learnt, and so only drones on and on in a suffocation of christian dogma. Simply, it adds at all my experience.
5 / 5 Ginny
Potential decent thus book, but really begins to tug with which awhile. I have expected more thorough the passages that detail his ultiamte decision and eventual life in a monastary. A book retards too long in his "sinful" lifestyle and any enough in some moments that has drawn the Gesthemani.

Top Customer Reviews: The Sound of ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5 Josephina
This book is Ruth the history that grows up in the polygamous settlement. His Route of stepfather is the boy molester and his mamma was the feeble person . I think that Ruth resilience is coming to the big part of his grandparents. Also it looks that Mormon the women and the daughters do not have any a lot of elections and is just game. A book has the good end ...A history maintained spellbound to a last page
4 / 5 Christy
A history that required partorisca be said. I have found a riveting book and read in the each occasion. Ruth Wariner is partorisca be fill partorisca write this book. It have to that it has been it very painful partorisca his to spend behind some memories of his ganadería very difficult like her and his brothers and the sisters have the data to support likes the consequence of indoctrination for the sect that religion of uses partorisca force women and girls to the cruel and violent lifestyle.. Crown Wariner the history is very very written and easy to read and would have to that be read amply..
4 / 5 Lindsey
Has found this the very interesting bed on polygamy and like the women are exploded like this likes them really any of the casualidad partorisca see an external world. Very sad!!!!
5 / 5 Viva
Rids a lot well, for the woman the one who lived it.
5 / 5 Annette
A history of resilience and ache. An author the work adds that it spends a reader to some memories describes.
4 / 5 Kathrin
A enthralling history partorisca win challenges. Found a description partorisca grow up in a family of unstable polygamist fascinating.
4 / 5 Yuonne
Fantastic bed. Touching heartwarming.
5 / 5 Luetta
Rids a lot of writing in a unconventional infancy. That the strong women Ruth has grown until being in spite of some challenges of his infancy. A lot touching partorisca read.

Top Customer Reviews: Gift from the ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 46 ratings
5 / 5 Wilford
Formed: Paperback An author Anne Morrow takes the travesía, for his, to the small island partorisca have the a lot of holidays have required. While it is there she collects shells of sea in his a lot of walks to the long of a secluded beach.
A prime minister an east the delicate shell that has housed once the whelk, to to the the snail likes them the creature. When A shell is deserted the little hermit the crab takes on residence for awhile. A shell was a measure of the thumb and shaped like the pear. It compares it to a shell once has dipped around she and discarded later. Ossia Peel all dip around the each one once in awhile to prevent to be hurt and like our returns of confidence spill this thin external shell and leave people in once again.
A second shell has called the moon peels renames it his shell of island. This compares to the solitary moon or an island that is serenad and calm force to live interior a moment. The people can result self contents and serenáis like an island.
A third shell calls the double sunrise with to to the each side like him to him the wings of butterfly and is unblemished. It is the paint gustandos sunrises. It compares it to the again married pair the one who am often in next harmony with each another.
A chamber ,a shell of bed of the oyster, is compared to the man and woman with girls those who have has to that like this in and out of a house. A shell has had a lot of pieces and clashes that in his alcohol has represented an a lot of adds on is to a familiar on some years.
A final shell is a Argonauta has occupied of the paper nautilus concealed is not attached to a shell and is the provisional chamber. This compares to some years some late plus in the report when some girls have on grown and gone the university, doing and have families of his own. A final phase in life and retreat.
Collect his shells of sea, studies them and then plans on taking them home and showing them on his office to admire and reflect on. All a way by means of a book speaks in women that requires to take time for them although so only for the pocolos small to bake cookies. In some modern world-wide women tend to lose an inner force possesses when they are exposed to a hustle and bustles busy bolt with husbands, boys, works and committed outsides. Taking time to oneself help the reboot and rediscover that the inner forces that is required to spend on with his lives.
4 / 5 Earlene
Formed: Kindle the edition has had to that read a book to two times likes before time read it, goes in my boss like the cloud of any one without me comprising a lot. But I have known it loves it take. Thanks to Maria Shriver those who has mentioned in the television aims this book has done an impact in sound. He on me too. There is like this held in him. Good Interesting analogies that has had to that think to comprise which is the good thing . I inspired to continue writing which expect that a day will have the book to help another like this the book is doing.
5 / 5 Jenny
Formed: Paperback there is ENJOYED really this book. Generally I any bed of the books these courts but has been wanted with him.
5 / 5 Hung
Formed: Paperback tin a lot really revise this book. You are the present for my daughter, the one who is pleased enough with him.
5 / 5 Daniella
Formed: Paperback The one who the wonderful and refreshing has read. Such sensatez simple and timeless.
5 / 5 Sharolyn
Formed: Paperback Such the beautiful and only book. You are recommended mine for the fellow and there is not disappointed. Like this feminine and timeless, loves to have he in my collection.
4 / 5 Leanora
Formed: Paperback A simple and timeless description of a travesía of that a process that each one that like this of the knots spends for to involve some reports and self the examination is the universal phenomenon ....
5 / 5 Mila
Formed: Paperback that the interests read in mid lifeand pair.
4 / 5 Hiedi
Formed: Paperback Enjoyable has read. It maintains for mine bedside and read sections on.
4 / 5 Venessa
Formed: Paperback I really enjoyed this book and can comprise reason the sound has considered the classical.
4 / 5 Lavonne
An author Anne Morrow takes the travesía, for his, to the small island partorisca have the a lot of holidays have required. While it is there she collects shells of sea in his a lot of walks to the long of a secluded beach.
A prime minister an east the delicate shell that has housed once the whelk, to to the the snail likes them the creature. When A shell is deserted the little hermit the crab takes on residence for awhile. A shell was a measure of the thumb and shaped like the pear. It compares it to a shell once has dipped around she and discarded later. Ossia Peel all dip around the each one once in awhile to prevent to be hurt and like our returns of confidence spill this thin external shell and leave people in once again.
A second shell has called the moon peels renames it his shell of island. This compares to the solitary moon or an island that is serenad and calm force to live interior a moment. The people can result self contents and serenáis like an island.
A third shell calls the double sunrise with to to the each side like him to him the wings of butterfly and is unblemished. It is the paint gustandos sunrises. It compares it to the again married pair the one who am often in next harmony with each another.
A chamber ,a shell of bed of the oyster, is compared to the man and woman with girls those who have has to that like this in and out of a house. A shell has had a lot of pieces and clashes that in his alcohol has represented an a lot of adds on is to a familiar on some years.
A final shell is a Argonauta has occupied of the paper nautilus concealed is not attached to a shell and is the provisional chamber. This compares to some years some late plus in the report when some girls have on grown and gone the university, doing and have families of his own. A final phase in life and retreat.
Collect his shells of sea, studies them and then plans on taking them home and showing them on his office to admire and reflect on. All a way by means of a book speaks in women that requires to take time for them although so only for the pocolos small to bake cookies. In some modern world-wide women tend to lose an inner force possesses when they are exposed to a hustle and bustles busy bolt with husbands, boys, works and committed outsides. Taking time to oneself help the reboot and rediscover that the inner forces that is required to spend on with his lives.
5 / 5 Tommie
A fantastically written book where some flows of words like a mar. A book adds for any mother/of woman the one who is struggling with his identity or with his season in life and would want to at all more than to escape his life for the short time to imagine the things was. Still although it is not always feasible for women of modern day, this book is an evasion in him of some pressures and emphasis of life and motherhood.
4 / 5 Britni
Has had to that read a book to two times likes before time read it, goes in my boss like the cloud of any one without me comprising a lot. But I have known it loves it take. Thanks to Maria Shriver those who has mentioned in the television aims this book has done an impact in sound. He on me too. There is like this held in him. Good Interesting analogies that has had to that think to comprise which is the good thing . I inspired to continue writing which expect that a day will have the book to help another like this the book is doing.
4 / 5 Stacie
Reason? Reason Anne Morrow Lindbergh has had the message for some women of his day, which resists some today. While some references to womanly the cry is a lot of outdated, a message is not . We require to take and examine that shell of small sea to find an interior of beauty.
5 / 5 Alta
There is enjoyed really this book. Generally I any bed of the books these courts but has been wanted with him.
4 / 5 Carry
Tin a lot really revise this book. You are the present for my daughter, the one who is pleased enough with him.
5 / 5 Guadalupe
The one who the wonderful and refreshing has read. Such sensatez simple and timeless.
5 / 5 Eufemia
Such the beautiful and only book. You are recommended mine for the fellow and there is not disappointed. Like this feminine and timeless, loves to have he in my collection.
5 / 5 Octavio
A simple and timeless description of a travesía of that a process that each one that like this of the knots spends for to involve some reports and self the examination is the universal phenomenon ....
4 / 5 Kaley
I really enjoyed this book and can comprise reason the sound has considered the classical.
4 / 5 Bennie
I have read this book before and wished partorisca the possess, as I know is well. This in spite of, when I have received a book, is missing a coverage of powder (as pointed in the available page of the amazon), sees the photo has attached. As it was disappointed enough.
5 / 5 Clarisa
Enjoyable Has read. It maintains for my bedside and read sections on.
5 / 5 Hortencia
I as there is enjoyed a vived terrain of the desire to fan of this author his autonomy and individuation. An equally appropriate call today to constantly eek was solitude, to find grace for plume some depths of our consciousness to burgeon.
5 / 5 Jacques
Would recommend this reserves the women of all the ages. It is packed with wonderful ideas for each phase of our lives. I have purchased 3 more than these books for my daughters of own adult and for the partner has wanted. It is the book that wants to maintain you in your library and inform the thickness.
5 / 5 Krysten
A beautiful little book that has purchased like the present. I have had my own copy in fact a lot of years.
5 / 5 Larhonda
Has possessed the copy of this book for on 20 years. Some lessons Tops Lindbergh teaches the maintenances see new appearances every time I animals-read the. It is it adds to possess and add like the present.
5 / 5 Winston
Ossia An amazing book , still appropriate after the decades. It soothes a soul. It has given a lot of copies like this of the presents and reread the periodically.
4 / 5 Oma
A lovely and inspiring book. It liked so much of that has bought 6 more partorisca give to all some ladies in mine familiarised and some friends.
5 / 5 Isa
Can any never take enough of this book. Bought one for the fellow to the equal that could read and speak. You love it!
5 / 5 Tisa
I in the first place read this book like the young Mother. On some years the the reread and amour for sounds to calm, intelligent, ways, still is there. This book is timeless.
5 / 5 Anglea
All-time favourite book never. My gone the present for any younger woman or new mother ❤️
4 / 5 Allen
has read this reserves several times in a @@@1960s and he am resulted the preferred before I lost it. A lot happy to take the substitution and read the once again. It thinks a sensatez in him relates to today even more that all these years does.
5 / 5 Sharmaine
The coverage rasgada besides rids a lot well for my collection
5 / 5 Queen
A must read for each woman. Warm, Inspiring, and filled with presents of life.
5 / 5 Arlinda
The must read to see like the woman has left some shadows to launch the enormous shadow she
4 / 5 Dale
A lot of insightful, reflective and easy to read. Highly recommend it but the must read partorisca women on 40.
4 / 5 Kylee
There is enjoyed his fluent fashion partorisca write. Surprised like his thoughts of the still has connected women with women today.
4 / 5 Eloy
My fellow well gave the copy and I am enjoyed totally some ideas to human character. I need read this in the calm place.
4 / 5 Marjory
Adores this book. An excellent read partorisca any one any phase.
5 / 5 Muoi
Was very pleased partorisca find thistitle in ebook formed. Taste read the each one of year.
4 / 5 Sherice
A thoughtful reflection of a female condition, of reports and of amour. I have benefited, in the very personal level, of Lindbergh idea.
5 / 5 Clyde
“ Finds has the quality partorisca be so only ossia incredibly lovely. Hastes of life behind to a void, richer, more vivid, fuller that before.” In this timeless classical, some subjects of coverages of the author of simplicity, solitude, and cure of soul in the way that almost mimics some poetic rhythms of a mar. Originally penned in 1955 whilst in holidays for an ocean, Ann Morrow Lindbergh the writing is like this pertinent today as it reflects on amour, pair, half age, and balancing busyness. It draws sensatez of shells—of creation specifically—and invites a reader to take breathes it and appreciate a beauty of a unrushed life. A gorgeous little book!
5 / 5 Sena
Lindbergh Connects city-living with relaxing symbols of a beach, causing a reader to see busy, daily that bolt in the different perspective. Although ossia a 50th edition of anniversary , finds that some thoughts and the ideas have described is still applicable to today. Ossia The timeless book that would be able to read in several phases of my life this in spite of take something different of him every time.
5 / 5 Holly
This book is the gem of feminine idea and would have to that be reading required (I for real hate this term, but in this chance, is valid)
for women on 30. Any to mention women those who plan to achieve 30. Retreat having this book has forced down our immature throats in
young of big English class, when a first book is exited to the critic acclaims in a late 50 east. This looked ailing-advised, subjects like this @@@subject, fault further of plot and development of character or same characters in a first place, tried enough besides a literary recognition limited of a class.
The averages he lifetime later, while perusing a dusty shelves of the tent to reserve used, has found the copy of this almost forgotten book, presented like this enthusiastically but naively for my along-done of English professor. Now, like an adult, has decided to give the mature consideration; Ic can not believe the one who the property has had in my hands--like this have lost these pearls of sensatez human for decades! But it is not never too late to recognise the jewel among coverages.
An author felt impelled to take remove he in an almost deserted island--perhaps to reflect in lesiure to to the his functions likes them to them the daughter, sister, woman, mother, woman and human being. As it strolls carelessly to the long of a soothingly indifferent cost, can not resist choosing on vairous shells--all the presents, as it was, of a mar. that considers each type at length in of the days' well, @gives that these several shells represent some the different phases of the life of the woman. A bivalves, like this butterly shells, has spent his of some bonds of pair; a chambered nautilus reflects his house, which need more rooms like familiar develops. For Lindbergh each one shell fill the special niche in some multitudinous functions that it is the privilege to treat of the woman. Like invitation all the thoughtful women, sensitive to submerge his hands to a foamy surf and contemplate some presents of a Life. It is not fearful to take some phases of your own past, for all the personal fights have the validity in one is private destiny. Lindbergh The present in humanity is the tender sound but timeless idea.
5 / 5 Mari
For any -- but more particularly any woman -- in investigation of self and his place in a world-wide this book, written in 1955, is the must has read. The Like this fully articulates some inner fights so many women today try to come to grips with-- while a time still illustrates that so as we would like them think that a lot that arrives in our lives is the new occurence, a fact is that for real it have it at all new under a sun, that this fight so only persists of generation the generation.
This newspaper is like this timely throughout that it is in timing almost spooky. It listens Lindbergh, for example, conjure on images of an impact of today Martha Stewart the time when Martha Stewart there was so only 14 years this in spite of the very long way of Lindbergh consciousness or that of a general audience:
"Here I live in the coffins shell of sea cottage. Any heat, any telephone, sweeping and clearning here. They are no longer conscious of a powder not plumbing to speak of, any hot water, the oil of two stove of burners, any artilugios for gone bad. Any coverage. It has had some, but went him on a first day; it is easier that sweep a sand of the coffins stroll. But the meeting does not bustle me with unnecessary sweeping and cleaning here. Have spilt mine Puritan consciousness at all tidiness and cleanliness. It is possible that, also, is the material load? Any curtain. I do not require him still daunt; some pasadores around my house is quite protect. I want a bit the windows plough all some time and I do not want to concern roughly rain. Beginning to the loss anxiety fashion Martha roughly a lot of things. Washable slipcovers, Turn and old -- I hardly see them; no respecto on one do one in other people. I am spilling pride. Like pocolos mobile like possible; I will not require any a lot of. I will ask my shell so only these friends with quell'I can be entirely sincere."
And listen to touch speak directly the women of both a 20th and 21st (and probably one 22nd) centuries when it writes:
"With to new awareness, both painful and humorous, begins to comprise reason some saints were seldom married women. They are engreído there is at all inherently to do, as I once supposition, with chastity or girls. It has to that do mainly with distractions. One in resistant, rearing, feeding and educating of boys; one in current of the house with his details of thousand; human reports with his attractive of myriad -- the normal occupations of the woman in countering the creative life, or contemplative life, or saintly life. A question is not simply one of Woman and Career, Woman and a House, Woman and Independence. It is more basically: as to remain whole in a midst of some distractions of life; to the equal that to remain balance, any one @subjects the one who the centrifugal forces tend to pull one was centre ; to the equal that to remain strong, any one @subjects the one who the shocks gone in in a periphery and tend to break a hub of a wheel"

can ail in the little date has paid this reserves a respect deserves. He the sufficed to say that highly it recommends this book. In fact, the suspect goes to be my aim in 2002 to dip he in some hands of a lot of friends, members familiarised and acquaintances!
4 / 5 Dionna
Has on elected Anne Morrow Lindbergh "Present Of a Sea" with the shot well of trepidation. A Oprahfication of Amsterdam there is also has spent often some sexes the concurrido in sound of war. So much so that when the men or the women write in those means to be men and women, can not look to resist taking backhanded swipes in a value of an another. At the same time, it has known no that "Present Of a Sea" it was imagined like this that would be a material still sees too much of today rehashed in pleasant warm-blurred, dud spiritual way to return a phase. I am corrected.
Cups Lindbergh aims to be an author of deep idea, intellectual and true honesty in those worries . As it reflects in the each shell finds in a beach and related them the life a lot so only like the woman (although it is the subject centrical ) but like the human our modern time (returns close--included fifty years later), has been scanning until his thoughts and dazzled for his soul.
Lindbergh Find a lot of value in that is when all a noise of our half is undressed was. It researches to stick to this essence and spend it to resist like this she reenters to tempest of daily life. I can relate to this.
"Present Of a Sea" memory with energy that David has said in a seventeenth Psalm. It cries it go to a a the one who has done. It asks that the god maintains likes apple of his eye--to leave to look for shelter in shadow of his wings. Ossia The cry to protect but also for the wholeness all are missing of, anything of the lives of ages in. I create Morrow Lindbergh the words echo this. David concludes with these words:
"And I--in righteousness will see your face; when awake, will be satisfied with seeing your likeness" (v. 15).
Be able to us everything! I recommend this book.