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Top Customer Reviews: Bad Blood: Season ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
I add show of TV in a level of Sopranos,altough the would not recommend a second season!

Top Customer Reviews: Three Musketeers + ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
5 / 5
Of Artagnan exited like the brash, naive young man with his sense typical of honouring concealed does not prevent of having a subject with the married woman. They are more familiarised with Disney alive version, and there is not reading a first book in of the years. Some similarities and the differences among some versions are refreshing. The only desire has had the together of three film. How it is, a third film, Turn of a Musketeer (1989) is so only available in dvd.

These two films give you four hours of fun swashbuckling in the good prize. Several descriptions give wrong information in a region. They are Region A/B, the meaning will touch in blue-players of ray for any of these regions.

Is English audio with the variety of subtitle tongues. Any English subtitles, unfortunately, and a headline for a second disk was has broken, this in spite of do not have any harm to a disk. I have substituted simply a chance, as it was easier that returning some films and that try to take another copy.
5 / 5
An adventure of dress likes comedy, the subgenre this was to populate in a prompt 50s ('Crimson Pirate', 'Prince The one who Was A Thief ' and another). This stewpot of intrigue, adventure, idyll, swordplay and slapstick is perfectly blended to the delicious film, equally exciting and ape. A terrific mould extracted even better that could be expected. Except a setting and dresses, any endeavour is done to touch part like French — is all very British (in fact, some of a humour spoken is like this English that can be come off worst of United Kingdom). Filmed like a film, like this true to the of some likes a lot another version, is ceaselessly entertaining. Some extras for one (USA) edition of Bay of the Anchor which follows to revise comprises 50 minutes of illuminating interview excerpts with York, Heston, Welch, Finlay and Suskind.
4 / 5
Is Blue-Ray 2 DVD closely is the good election for me. It likes having a Then & Now of version.
Was wonderful to see one has aged the parents and his together boys. Some 3 Musketeers have aged and his boys are resulted the new generation of Musketeers, these known likes 4 Musketeers.
An appearance to add the Woman done a awesome line of history, was out of his element thus period of time, has tried this in spite of worthiness.
My class of history, swashbuckling with humour.
5 / 5
This produces arrived with unmistakeable questions. It can listen some disks and of the bits of plásticoes rattling around inside a chance. So much, reluctant to open a container (after the be has said ANY to for a last time this past) has asked the substitution/of repayment. A shot Beats rep the one who contacted has insisted that has opened a container to see if some disks have suffered harm. I have said I quite any, and has commented that it touch reluctant to substitute an element. With which days of haggling back and advance with this person, has opened a container. Sure enough, almost all some plastic toes that has resisted some disks in place have been broken and some disks were loose in a chance. Still, it has had no satisfactory initiative in a part of Extracted has Beaten. So much, I have gone to Staples, has bought the new chance and has transferred some disks and labelling his. It say him that, and the email taken that say that that stands out his service of client was. Apparently, any in this chance. First and last times spent another element of this vendor.
5 / 5
These are on 2 suns sided disks. They are presented in both widescreen & full screen , both with English Dolby Digital 2-pleasant canal, selection of chapter and neither there is subtitles.

Disk 1 - Some Three Musketeers - 1973, 107 mins, extra: featurettes - A Saga Of Some Musketeers, Leaves A (23 mins), One doing Of Three Musketeers (7 mins), trailer, TVs something, something radio, poster still gallery, talent bios

Disk 2 - Some Four Musketeers - 1974, 107 mins, extra: featurette - A Saga Of Some Musketeers, Leaves Two (25 mins), trailer, TVs something, something radio, poster still gallery, talent bios
4 / 5
Forget all some remakes, ossia an only version to possess . Filled with well-humour and of the excellent actions, ossia an only version of a Three saga of Musketeers that of the precise own. It is the brilliant production of an order a big plus. Also, it looks Raquel always stellar Welch in the delightfully gone back of comic. Faye Dunaway Like coldly calculating Lady DeWinter towers in the sinister action that so only is able of. And to the left it is not to forget one extraordinary Charleton Heston like Cardinal Richelieu -- the brilliant talent of these looks of man to have any end! A rest of a mould is excellent. But it does not forget some Musketeers, Michael York, Oliver Reed, Richard Chamberlain, and Frank Finlay in comedy that scene of flies that delight. Regarding a sword-game, there is no better representation of him. Utter Character!!
4 / 5
If this is not an adaptation of better film of one of the histories adds of a world, is hard to imagine that it can be better. Richard Lester is faithful to a history, both in narrative and feel. Ossia Two full films in a, the fact that apparently has taken a manager in question, and a second is darker that feel that a prime minister, exactly like this with the novel of Of some. Some of one the majority of swashbuckling men available cheek some musketeers, and the one who do not want to Charlton Heston like this Cardinal Richelieu or Raquel Welch so much Sra Bonacieux? A visual feel and managing of the action is wonderful - while a swordplay are add, of Artagnan and the friends are like this probably to fall his opponents with fell it to a crotch, clothes litter wetted or he winebottle. It forgets Batman and see some real superheroes.
4 / 5
Entertainment boba for a whole family in this riotous, fantastically launched (and costumed) historical romp. Any exactly the history but to the entertainment adds.
5 / 5
Calm easily a better incarnation of the musketeers of Alexander as I have not seen never. I have loved a gender of then when being the youngster, and this always will be my favourite version of him.
4 / 5
Two film add. Memory to see these in a theatre like the boy. Entertainment and a lot of action, more the mould adds. One Blue-ray remastering is excellent and has not had any question he touching in the North American player.
4 / 5
The pair Adds film. Probably a better adaptation of a classical novel. The only desire has English subtitles. Another that that the fantastic collection.
4 / 5
Wonderful films. A better the ees seen of three musketeers. And fast delivery of Rarewaves.
4 / 5
Ossia A better of some Musketeers have done, tongue in cheek, the bit bawdy, and a lot of campy. A fun romp by means of one was.
5 / 5
Does not act. This BluRay is the enclosed region and will not touch in of the North American players.
4 / 5
Exactly like this orderly and punctually. Reason in a world has to that write more the words that loves.
5 / 5
These were two stupid films . There is so only I has wanted to see I so that has all has joined other versions of this film.
5 / 5
This has to that be a worse film that has looked the long long time. A film can not decide yes partorisca be funny or serious. The pleasant scenes look forced (and no pleasant) and sincerity of lack of serious scenes.

1. There is subtitles in 9 tongues . . . But no English.
2. To the cinematography is terrible.
3. The dialogue is terrible.
4. Acting is terrible.
5. The jokes spoken is terrible.
6. It has done the jokes are terrible.
7. The sound is terrible.
8. The scenes of fight are terrible.
And this was so only 3 Musketeers! They are not that it looks forward to partorisca look 4M :(

Like this film finishing with 82 in Rottentomatoes is besides mine comprehension. So only separate that has thought was passable was first 10 minutes.
4 / 5
I THREE MUSKETEERS + I FOUR MUSKETEERS [1973 / 1974 / 2011] [Blue-ray] [Emission of United Kingdom] A partorisca All and A partorisca Fun! That can Be Better That Some Three Musketeers! Now Ossia That I Call Swashbuckling!

Here have the Double bill that looks two popular comedy the films have directed for Richard Lester. In ‘I THREE MUSKETEERS' [1973] is dipped in some Bets of 17th century, when the naïve youngster Of Artagnan marries of leaves partorisca look for his fortune like the swordsman. Points done of the friends with some three musketeers: world-wide-Athos tired, comically arrogant Porthos and chivalric Aramis. His enemy is aristocratic schemer Cardinal Richelieu, the one who weave partorisca try an infidelity of a Queen to King Louis XIII partorisca augment his power.

In ' I FOUR MUSKETEERS' [1974] with Of Artagnan officially enrolled in a king' service, his army besieges one rebels to Rochelle and Cardinal Richelieu is determined partorisca prevent any meddling for an English before some falls of cities. He offices Milady of Winter in Londra with orders to murder Buckingham. But has the prize – mapea white partorisca situate Of Artagnan and “the slut Bonacieux” to the equal that sees apt. Our heroes, go in- dodging balls of musket to Rochelle, must once again outwit a Cardinal Richelieu henchmen to save a day.

Of Manager Richard Lester and looking the stellar mould Oliver Reed, Raquel Welch and Christopher Law esome Three Musketeers' and esome Four Musketeers' is faithful to adapt of Alejandro Of some' classical novel, with the belly laughs a-abundance and endless swashbuckling.

DONE to FILM Any one.1: Prize and Nominations: Some Three Musketeers: 1975 Golden Ball®: it Wins: Actora Better in the Picture of Motion in the Comedy or Musical for Raquel Welch. Appointed: Picture of Better Motion in the Comedy or Musical. 1975 BAFTA® Prize: Appointed: Anthony Asquith Rewards for Music of Film for Michel Legrand. Appointed: Direction of Better Art for Brian Eatwell. Appointed: Better Cinematography for David Watkin. Appointed: Creation of Better Dress partorisca Yvonne Blake. Appointed: the Better film that Modifies for John Victor-Smith. 1975 Reward of evening of British Film Rule: it Wins: Better Comedy for Richard Lester. 1975 Grammy Prize: Appointed: Album of the Writing of Better Original bookmark for the Picture of Motion for Michel Legrand. 1975: Guild of Writers of Big Bretagna: it Wins: Better British Comedy Screenplay for George MacDonald Fraser.

DONE to FILM Any one.2: Prize and Nominations: Some Four Musketeers: 48.os Prizes of Academy®: Appointed: Creation of Better Dress partorisca Yvonne Blake and Ron Talsky. 1976 BAFTA® Prize: Appointed: Creation of Better Dress partorisca Yvonne Blake. 1976 Reward of evening of British Film Rule: it Wins: Better Comedy for Richard Lester.

DONE to FILM Any one.3: According to George MacDonald Fraser, Richard Lester is the result involved with a project when some producers in brief have considered to Beatles launch like Musketeers, as Richard Lester had directed two film with a group. An idea of Beatles has fallen of a wayside but Richard Lester is remained . In late 1972 George that assumes MacDonald Fraser to write some script, that the saying wants to do the film of four hours and mould Richard Chamberlain likes Aramis. It was later decided to turn a script to two film. ‘Some Three Musketeers' has been shot for David Watkins, with an eye for detail of period. Some scenes of fight were choreographed for masters swordsman William Hobbs. He 19 September 1988, Roy Kinnear has fallen of the horse during one doing of ome Four Musketeers' to Toledo, Spagna, and has sustained to bleeding of pelvis goes and inner. Roy Kinnear has been taken to hospital in Madrid but has died a next day to the attack of heart, has on propiciado by his harms. Roy Kinnear was 54 years. Roy Kinnear is sotterrato in Sheen East Cemetery, which is known also likes Sheen, and is the suburb of Londra in a Borough of Londra of Richmond to Támesis.

Some Three Musketeers have Launched: Oliver Reed, Raquel Welch, Richard Chamberlain, Michael York, Frank Finlay, Christopher Law, Geraldine Chaplin, Jean-Pierre Cassel, Spike Milligan, Roy Kinnear, Georges Wilson, Simon Ward, Faye Dunaway, Charlton Heston, Joss Ackland, Nicole Calfan, Michael Gothard, Sybil Danning, Gitty Djamal, Ángel of the Pozo, Rodney Bewes, Ben Aris, William Hobbs, Gretchen Franklin, Francis Of Wolff, Richard Briers (voice) (uncredited), Michael Hordern (voice) (uncredited) and Frank Thornton (uncredited)

Some Four Musketeers have Launched: Oliver Reed, Raquel Welch, Richard Chamberlain, Michael York, Frank Finlay, Christopher Law, Geraldine Chaplin, Jean-Pierre Cassel, Faye Dunaway, Roy Kinnear, Michael Gothard, Nicole Calfan, Ángel of the Pozo, Eduardo Fajardo, Simon Ward, Charlton Heston, Sybil Danning, Gitty Djamal, Jack Watson, Bob Todd, Tom Buchanan, Leon Greene, Lucy Tiller, Norman Chappell, Richard Adams, Tyrone Cassidy, Joss Ackland (images of archive), Gretchen Franklin (images of archive) and Richard Briers (voice) (uncredited)

Manager: Richard Lester

Producing: Alexander Salkind (uncredited), Ilya Salkind (uncredited) Michael Salkind (uncredited) and Wolfdieter von Stein

Screenplay: George MacDonald Fraser (screenplay), Alejandro Of some pèanimal (novel)

Composers: Michel Legrand and Lalo Schifrin

Cinematography: David Watkin (Manager of Photograph)

Resolution of Video: 1080p [Technicolor]

Proportion of Appearance: [Panavision]

Audio: English: 2.0 DTS-HD Ape of Master Audio, German: 2.0 DTS-HD Ape of Spanish and Master Audio: 2.0 DTS-HD Pleasant Master Audio

Subtitles: Spanish, Danish, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Finn, Swedish and Japanese

in common Time: 214 minutes

Region: Region A/1 and Region B/2

Number of disks: 2

Studio: Optimum releasing / StudioCanal

Andrew Blu-Informs of ray: Each generation has his adaptation of own screen of ‘Some Three Musketeers.' In 1921 it has had Douglas Fairbanks like this Of Artagnan. In 1939 Alejandro Of some the novel is resulted the musical comedy that Ladies of stars Ameche and a Ritz Brothers. One all-the star has launched to comprise Gene Kelly, Lana Turner, June Allyson and Van Heflin spent a history the life in 1948. And more recently, in 1993, a band of brat has done his film of ghastly atrocious Musketeer possesses with Charlie Sheen, Kiefer Sutherland and Chris O'Donnell. As well as a 1973 version of ‘I THREE MUSKETEERS' has to that recommend all you the sword that struggles swashbucklers there?

After a lot of versions of Alexander Of some classical adventures, to the long of comes ‘I THREE MUSKETEERS' and was when it has seen a film for a first extremely impressed time for this individual adaption this is to be divide a history on two film. One mould, comedy, adventure and quirky the humour is somehow never in odds with an original history, using spectacular locations, lush cinematography, and historical accuracy. Alejandro Of some pèking (novel) has woven the fact and the together fiction around characters and historical chances.

Richard Lester also exploded some good-looking European locations for ‘I THREE MUSKETEERS.' More than fifty locations and cientos insiemi have been extended by means of Spagna. An use of the crew done of small cities, likes Salamanca, where a local magistrate has said that that collects quite a lot of costs of the production to feed of a film still a poorer person in a city for the year. And they have had it accesses to several castles, as some good-looking Arnjuez Palaces, has called often Versalles of Spagna. But in spite of a gorgeous scenery, a cradle and time of state in Spagna was gruelling because of an intense heat. A day to shoot in Arnjuez, especially a scene where Of Artagnan is inducted to some Musketeers, a temperature has achieved 122 terracings Fahrenheit. An informed 7000 water bounced has been said to be eaten by a big mould and the necessary crew for one elaborates scene. Some insiemi for ‘I THREE MUSKETEERS' was closed also and the European press to any one has liked him the to him a bit. But Richard Lester has been concerned roughly having his ideas flown likes four other adaptations of Alexander Of some classical was also in production at the same time this has looked of two Italian, a French and an animate film.

While a photograph is not like this dark and candlelit realism like other leading films of this type of outside, in spite of of the this, one lighting still evokes a period partorisca time a lot the first time of the electricity is available result, but with a slightly look more romantic that the master product Dutch. Together with some amazing dresses and palaces in writings, this these two films to good sure deserves to take this new digitally restored Blue-emission of ray. Some two films were popular swipes and was perfect at the same time for a British summer of 1974 and 1975, and further.

Both films have created a benchmark for realism to add blood and exhaustion to a swordfights. Some are touched for laughs, but calm whenever it knows that some spades and the sabres are deadly arms and that some the bloody wounds really hurt. Here, all a history is has maintained quirky because of one a lot-has researched screenplay for George MacDonald Fraser, author of one still-cherished “Flashman” books and his inspired hips it lavish location the external rich film starring Alan beats and Malcolm McDowell, in a Real ‘film Flash' [1975]. George MacDonald Fraser has written also the cutting book that avert on Hollywood more adds historical inaccuracies.

A mould of the actors in these two films of Musketeer is an impressive mix of Europeans, British and American stars, and all are totally convincingly has launched. Looking it now in this double Blue-emission of disk of the ray and especially in a 1080p the image has encoded digitally for a first time, is very apparent that one follows of the whole dialogue had been king-has after registered and especially when being “looped.” Included at the same time, could say that some of some extra had had the addition of humorous dialogue besides late, likes some calm carriers to chair complains it in Faye Dunaway, and saying, is is dipped on hanged...' And passers-to comment on Raquel Welch that careers around some streets in his nightgown at night, and saying, 'Dipped some cloths on, you saucy bitch!' Also Jean-Pierre Cassel [Vincent Cassel' dad] like the French king has confused looks to be that they treat in English but touches more like a British actor Richard Briers.

Producing, Alexander Salkind and Michael Salkind brothers, informative facts to film ‘I THREE MUSKETEERS' and ‘I FOUR MUSKETEERS' behind-the-rear, with a mould under an impression gone be a film of long epic. So much in spite of a history that is liberto likes two film, all some actors have received so only a cost. Signals of Law of Christopher is gone in Christopher Law: A History of Screen has authorised” that a small impression has mentioned was paid for the “project,” no the film. Some producers have tried a same manoeuvre five years later with a prime minister two Superman ‘of estimativa big' film, but east times less felizmente and especially having manager Richard Lester that it has to that complete ‘Superman II' after a Gene of production of stray actor Hackman and was-is used in a lot of scenes, and manager Richard Dà the one who finally released his possess version more serious.

Filming ‘I THREE MUSKETEERS' and ‘I FOUR MUSKETEERS' the films were apparently a swipe an easy plus, but listening attentively touches to to the mine likes them an American mould is not returned to loop his characters' voices. Charlton Heston, Faye Dunaway, Raquel Welch and Geraldine Chaplin does not touch to like they in a film I FOUR MUSKETEERS.' While ‘I THREE MUSKETEERS' is a frankly and adventure very pleasant with almost a lot-action of stop, ‘I FOUR MUSKETEERS' have hanged far more dramatic. Any less brilliant, an a lot of downbeat the moments are worthy of any historical work of entity of a time. While there is action like this a lot of, initially was slightly there is disappointed that you are not like this pleasant, but is still the joy to look. But some shocks and the dramatic towers have left still the totally durable impression. For both films to aim such row, the to good sure all-round entertainment for all the ages, without compromising in a material of source or characterisations.

Each swordfight has movement he so only to maintain them fresh, without being unbelievable. For example, dipped in the real dirty clothes, among him firework exposure, the convent, or included in gel, fights to fix William Hobbs struggles of sword choreograph is everything totally admirably imaginative and later done in Ridley Scott is One ‘ Duellists,' ‘Flash Gordon,' John Boorman' ‘Excalibur' and Terry Gilliam' ‘Brasile' go in a lot another. William Hobbs looks in a film and, likes all a main mould, his own sword that fights. Christopher Law and Oliver Reed have had has crossed previously spades in of the Films of leading Hammer. In spite of the good sure sword that the practical fight in some films of Musketeer, concealed did not protect him both to suffer harms, Oliver Reed for example same impaling his wrist in the leaf.

In both films of Musketeer, is to good sure my favourite band of actors of Musketeer. Michael York is very launched like an on-enthusiast, floundering upstart. Frank Finlay is relief of excellent comedy , so physically and verbally, and seldom like this very used in spite of a relatively small part. Richard Chamberlain is differential likes a effete cup' man. But Oliver Reed takes partorisca rid his the majority of sterling action never, somehow maintaining his serious deadly scenes by means of the majority of a shenanigans, especially some confrontations that heart of pause in ‘I FOUR MUSKETEERS.' Also it is rewarding to see Charlton Heston behind in dress of period, easily menacing like the backside-the-peasant of scenes, this in spite of still the fleshed-was character, Cardinal Richelieu. The note likes aged looks to be, that knows that ossia among- his soyun of action' does of ‘Omega Man' and ‘Earthquake.' Also seeing Charlton Heston in his brief sparring with Christopher Law is very electrical in his action. A function of entity partorisca Christopher Law, like hard test to escape Dracula” typecasting, shows it that Christopher Law can do with a better of them, swordfight like the professional, and easily touching the a lot of droll, romantic baddie with Faye Dunaway like his lover.

Faye Dunaway Is in a cup of his game, underplaying a villainess Milady. While Cardinal Richelieu is a brain, a boss of church that tries to depose a King, Christopher Law and Faye Dunaway the characters a Cardinal Richelieu is work very soiled. Faye Dunaway Is touching the action finalises his character so much that he he hard to fully condemn his villainess action.

Raquel Welch games a pivotal function to Try a Queen dressmaker like an accident-prone simpleton like this well, that has thought initially Raquel Welch was in fact a lot all there. After seeing more film, has learnt has not gone so only voluptuous but a actora of excellent comedy. In Big Bretagna Raquel Welch has been seen as sexier of Hollywood launch woman in this period of time and so that the regime there would be it, Hollywood was enthusiast to do film in United Kingdom at the same time, meaning Raquel Welch looked in a lot of British comedies at the same time, spoofing his image of the god of sex. For this Raquel Welch Lillian has touched Lust in a film ‘Bedazzled' offering two pieces with the cup of tea to Dudley Moore, and whipping daughters of seminude slave in ‘Some Magic Christian.'

Roy Kinnear almost fly his scenes in ‘I THREE MUSKETEERS' as hapless, maltreated sidekick Planchet, a workhorse of some a lot of musketeers, often taking a last laugh in some scenes of comedy. One of some laughs some the big plus in a first film is his character failing to steer his horse to gallop around the tree. Although a gags is done by the stuntman, is now no longer pleasant that knows that Roy Kinnear would have a serious and fatal accident and of course finally has spent was that it follows the horse trick during a filming of sequela of day last ‘A Turn of some Musketeers' [1989], which has very gathered a mould and crew of these two films, and another times directed for Richard Lester.

Richard Lester animal-has used comedy more British a lot of actors of his time with “A Goons” EMISSIONS of BBC of Radio comedy and of Beatles' film ‘A Day Lasted Night' and ‘Help!,' it Likes Him Graham Hard and Bob Todd. But more than everything, “A Goons” Spike of writer Milligan scenes of actions with Charlton Heston and law with Raquel Welch, the one who touches his woman! This is funny in him, but Spike Milligan builds on his scenes, as well as aiming the fashion adds for more serious acting. While a first film perhaps tries the little too hard to milk distraction out of each last onscreen character, there there is little more the failure in these two wonderful gems.

Like this in general, ‘I THREE MUSKETEERS' and ‘I FOUR MUSKETEERS' is both rousing adventurous yarns spent the vivid life in a screen for a manager that shines Richard Lester. They are of the corrected old fashioned entertainment of type of Hollywood that it is timeless in his appeal. Seldom have any action of films like this remained with humour; and near, a two mark of film for a perfect Saturday matinee double-characteristic. A rest of a mould is everything equally impressive, of Christopher Law in a function of flight of the scene of Rochefort to Faye Dunaway is scheming temptress Milady. Once again, the special mention for a creation of dress, which is for real glorious throughout. So many in general both films are no-take entertainment and reason Richard Lester shot two pictures in some vain, takings two films for a prize of one. A lot some two films are touched for some physicists and a verbal comedy, as well as it feels all the world-wide has had the brilliant time that film so much the films and he is such the shame does not take to see rear documentaries-to filming of scene or personal interviews, but in spite of of the this, both films are so only like this brilliant to look and never held, as each film has his own merit and some people prefer one to another, but the mine personally loves both films, but has to that admit that one first film has the light flange in a second film, and reason so the action is going in both films are a lot the value that sees several times.

Blue-Quality of Video of the ray – Optimum releasing and StudioCanal you amenos this Blue-scrape container of double disk with the 1080p image of the quality encoded and an equally impressive appearance proportion and is not data too bad so much the film was emission in 1973 and 1974, although some images can be slightly grainy in time and there is roughly muck in an impression. A picture does not have to that treat adds of detail, particularly in long external shots, and in some chances there is the light halo effect in of the far edifices. As the one who a visuals goes, a film is quite a lot of fact, with insiemi big and good use of location and everything in looks to offer reasonably true for some settings of period of the time. A relatively good informative is that partial corrections to cover these limitations and one look to film more acute and smoother has not been applied. There are traces to filter during a whole film, but is clearly a lot like this breaking so many could have been. One the majority of sever the examples are during a majority of some scenes of panoramic daylight where the detail and contrast it is clearly state has affected. A lot some prójimo-ups, this in spite of, is quite easy to see and a reproduction by heart is also very decent. In general, this in spite of, a diagram by heart is certainly so more than satisfies and much more upper that was in an emission of Bay of Still inferior DVD EMISSION.

Blue-Quality of Audio of the ray – Optimum releasing and StudioCanal you amenos this Blue-scrape container of double disk with the 2.0 DTS-HD Experience of Pleasant Master Audio of the his, and therefore it does not offer any a lot of in a way of audio aural emotion, although a dialogue is always clear and understandable. An English DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 clue in both Blue-the disks of ray are quite good and with some of a more elaborate scenes of the action in a film has benefited clearly with an audio boasts that familiar crispness and fluidity all the clues of the a lot rid audio. Similarly, some effects of the his and music in both Blue-the disks of ray are very thrilling, especially composed for a brilliant character of Michel Legrand and Lalo Schifrin, is a lot of product and no detract of a film.

Finally, with this Optimum releasing and StudioCanal Blue-scrape container of emission of double disk, which also can be purchased likes two separate Blue-disks of the ray yes prefers. In spite of having any special characteristic extra, but am very happy to inform that these Blue-scrape container of the emission of double disk is such the presentation adds . Sadly A lot a mould is not around these days, but Richard Lester is, and has been the occasion adds to take some recollections in a doing of such two épico swash buckling épicos of films, and with these oddball the pair of film could of has had at least some class of commentary of audio if no the full documentary. Alas, it looks that these films are not never to receive a respect to be remastered that deserves this totally so only, eccentric and link to lose energetic brilliant among some épicos of Hollywood adds of @1950s and @@@1960s and enormous Hollywood blockbusters has had of then. A lush soundtracks that has been composed for Michel Legrand and Lalo Schifrin is respectively both available in the emission of Compact Disk that shines, like this in general the compraventa of definite must, especially yes is the defender of both films, taste, and well of the value that adds to the yours Blue-Collection of ray. Highly Recommended!

Andrew C. Miller – Yours Definite No.1 Ardent Film
Lucido Cinema Paradise
United Kingdom
5 / 5
All the world knows (at least vaguely) roughly ome Three Musketeers' -- cardinal of harm, diamonds, and the band of quite riotous types whose mote is 'All for one and one for everything.' Felizmente A history of two part of ome Three Musketeers' and esome Four Musketeers' has abundance of charm although you have read Alejandro Of some' novel original -- his @@@sparkle with humour, idyll, swordplay and political plotting.

Chico of park Of Artagnan (Michael York) arrives in Parigi to try to result one of the musketeers of elite of a king. After being defied to three interior of duels five minutes, Of Artagnan arrivals befriending three of some Musketeers: Athos alcoholic wry (Oliver Reed), naughty priest Aramis (Richard Chamberlain), and charming fop Porthos (Frank Finlay). Included this in spite of Of Artagnan is not the Musketeer still, some three Musketeers take the in pleasant his -- like this done the sexy woman of his owner, the lady of a queen-in-while Constance (Raquel Welch).

This in spite of, a bad Cardinal Richelieu (Charlton Heston) is looking for partorisca overthrow a queen, the one who is having a subject with a Duke of Buckingham. As fixed for his infidelity to be exposed by the pair of cruel killers, Milady of Winter and Comte of Rocheforte (Faye Dunaway and Christopher Law). But Constance takes Of Artagnan to go to Inghilterra to recover some gems a queen has given a Duke, together with a help of some three Musketeers.

ome Four Musketeers' is a second half of an original novel, and appropriately called soyilady Revenge.' Milady Is, unsurprisingly, a lot peeved that some Musketeers thwarted sound in a leading film. As it takes the special pardon 'for advanced' of a Cardinal -- loves murder Of Artagnan and Constance, and be unscathed for any punishment.

Of Artagnan sends Test to the convent, while this will maintain his insurance. Then, idiotically, begins a subject with Milady, so only to discover a harlot frames in his shoulder. Milady The long machinations in an English canal to engulf a Duke of Buckingham. Now so only some four Musketeers can expect spend Milady the justice -- but no first of the terrible prize is paid.

An art of an action-the comedy is lost quite -- doing the pleasant action. And esome Complete Musketeers' is the first example of that. A the good example is a fight with the guards of a Cardinal, where Aramis gleefully dodges the shoot of sword, and Porthos attacks with rocks and of the claves. Another is a scene where some use of Musketeers to struggle to feign to shoplift lunch.

But a film never quite down to slapstick, and has abundance of work and same tragedy, as one of some characters of entities dies, and another develops no-like this-secret pleasant. Some insiemi are exceptional, lavish and full of detail. And a scripting is equally solid, taking by means of abundance of information in the series of solid a-liners.

All four of some Musketeers are exceptional: York has to naive Luke Skywalker vibe, while Finlay is the charming hothead, Chamberlin the charming prays priest, and Reed it tormented soul. Raquel Welch takes to touch to entertainment, comedic to to character likes him Constance of clumsy (the one who, grieves go, fallen some stairs). Heston Looks to be relishing a function of the bad type, and Christopher Law exudes icy whips like Comte. Faye Dunaway Is also excellent, although it does not take to shine until 'Four Musketeers.'

An alcohol of Alejandro Of one looks to maintain the base of in a solid, entertaining, tragic, action-fill 'Three Musketeers' and 'Four Musketeers' is the piece of period with the wink and nudge.
5 / 5
Yes, rejoice one and everything, thus new Lionsgate edition of, Some Three Musketeers and Some Four Musketeers have a content of EXACT same disk likes collection of Bay of the Still (excepts it duller screen of silk in some disks, ashes read with etched writing) same papers, same extras (the new doing of the in fact has said documentary, presents of Bay of the Still) but in the two disk marries plastic (the measure of the chance of alone disk) without paper of chapter (where I so that it thinks that a together of Bay of the Still there has been some casts of chapter inside a map, the toe marries fashionable open, with some headlines of plastic disk that tended to do you almost brake some disks that tries unlock the) but those who does not use never some papers of investigation of the chapter in all the chance.

So that it is to say a together to take yes is looking to purchase these films.

Attended these helps :)
5 / 5
has received so only my copy of "Some Complete Musketeers" and, well, that can say but bravo to Anchor Bay.
Some two films are in some corrected anamorphic proportion of appearance of his theatrical emission and remixed in Digital Dolby Pleasant (although, also have an election to see both films in his format of full frame! Importing for those with screens of small TV).
A anamorphic the format has been formatted to apt today 16x9 screens of television.
Creation of excellent packaging, practically the spell Deluxe edition.
A quality of picture is acute and the colours are like this brilliant like his originals of theatrical emissions, some scenes are in fact state visually there is enhanced.
My only critique to Anchor the bay is, concealed to appoint this collection "Some Complete Musketeers", they have forgotten neither, or it has had some authorising questions (that is to be release for Universal and no for 20th century-Fox) with a third delivery of a filmed classics, has called "A Turn of some Musketeers", which has been filmed sixteen years later, in 1989, representing Alejandro Of some' another classical history, known like "Twenty years less take" (Twenty years Apres).
Is really the harm, of a third delivery has a same mould (York, Reed, Finlay and Chamberlain) like forward two and was directed also for Richard Lester.
This really would have been a "Complete Musketeers" pair of collection Exc.
My only hope is that, of Universal does not look to take up in his better titles for decently releasing in his theatrical format on DVD, that at least any or some Company can buy some legislations of his hands and emission also this last title (together with another missing longitude some) in his pertinent format.
Behind to Anchor the version of the bay. It is fill with extra.
Two has filmed again documentary of 25 minutes, for each film, fill with highly of commentaries and interview informative for a main mould and personnel of production (York, Welch, Chris Legge, Salkind, Finlay, Heston, and and and...).
In a prime minister DVD, also has comprised an original 7 documentary of minute of one doing of "Three Musketeers".
All a rest, and in both Dvdes, is composed for theatrical trailers, Something of television, Something Radio, tonnes of stills and posters and very detailed bios of a Manager and Launched of both films.
Really remarkable, data had of then on any hope of not looking never these films resurface in his original of theatrical format.
A sound, included although the simple Dolby Pleasant Digital (agrees, both films have looked in Ape and reason was, has not had never stereophonically the copy has followed around), but in spite of of the this, is spatially stunning. An a lot plastic sound, to be Monaural.
This, in mine dress, is a definite version of a filmed "Three Musketeers". Any version before and any one has come after included near of these two masterpieces.
Is both filled with excellent dialogue, swift and spectacular action (the scenes of fencing are has considered still a better never filmed and represent material of studio) and a lot of humour, in a true alcohol of Alejandro Of some.
A mould is stellar to say a less, in that gathered that a better, Inghilterra and the United States have had to offer in that then. Of Michael York to Charlton Heston, of Faye Dunaway to Geraldine Chaplin, comprising all the world-wide the one who is all the world in a phase and subject of film, as Christopher Law, Roy Kinnear, Frank Finlay, Oliver Reed, Raquel Welch and Richard Chamberlain.
Ossia Also the film familiarised, suitable for all the ages and promises to plot of entertainment for all the ages.
In the Big Adventure then, and does not forget , some Four Musketeers am existed really, perhaps a lot like this glitzy as described in of the books and of the films, but has walked for real an Earth and therefore it is also leaves of the lesson of history.
He Wishes offered an adventurous film the yours girls, without neglecting the touch of history has connected his, then "Some Complete Musketeers" it is a perfect election .
Everything for One and One for Everything!
Or can say, Everything for Two and Two for Everything?
5 / 5
When it Grow up in a prompt '70 is, has seen a theatrical original premieres of both Musketeer the new year suburbial, there is at all more rousing then seeing any cries 'a paralización all and everything for one' and then go was and kill the averages saves he of a Cardinal of harm in the fight of sword. But seriously, like the girl has loved these two , almost thirty years later, manager Richard Lester 1973 ome Three Musketeers and is sequela, esome Four Musketeers' more then resists on like this of the versions of better film of an often said classical, history of Of some of Alex. Richard Lester (manager of a classical Beatle film 'A Day Lasted Prejudice')has created two rousing film that is humour of equal parts, pathos and adventure. A very known history movements on in the fast and raging clip without any one the detriment to one there is rounded well characters. Some films look the wonderful 1970 international mould. A youngster and niave, Of Artagnan is touched wonderfully for Michael York. His Musketeer cohorts is also very touched with several personalties and good characterisations (Oliver Reed, Richard Chamberlain and Frank Finlay). Reed Is particulary as well as drunken, darkness and melancholic musketeer, another side of of a coin is is an astute and politically motivated, Cardinal Richelieu (Charlton Heston) and his nefarious underlings Rochefort (Christopher Law) and Milady of Winter (Faye Dunaway). I mean like this it can the film not being adds with these three actors like this of the bad types???? A history is not treated likes some musty old history of bygone días.un the script is a lot quickly, ape and witty. Some characters are not of forests with thees and thou is exiting of to the his calm law likes or Of I, with a lot of humans foibles and for one the majority of part, is motivated by normal needs (likes amour, sex, money, and can).Besides some utmost acting, some films also look some of some utmost more swordplay and work partorisca trick never dipped to film. Last fight of the sword of a second film goes in Of Artagne and Rochefort in the cathedral, maintains wrist of mine that the beaten hard any @subject that the times the pour! Some two films are now together under a title of DVD ome Complete Musketeers'. A picture and is remastering is in better plot then incarnations of LEADING DVD.unla Quality of his is just fair . Some extras in a DVD are excellent. Both films look wonderful documentries, this comprises participation and of the commentaries of many of some actors and people of production. For comic and entertainment of utmost adventure, highly recommends a esome Complete Musketeers'.
4 / 5
Bay to anchor king-emission of both one 1973 film, Some Three Musketeers and a 1974 film, Some Four Musketeers, sees one all new packaging of these films.
Both films have been remastered and is presented in Animorphic Widescreen And Fullscreen in a same A-SIDED disk (one for each film) street the type of own selection to choose the clue of sound.
For quality of picture, using Widescreen indications of Descriptions, would give them A picture is cleaned without film or of the grain of apparent machineries. Looks Roughly like this well for the '73/'74 to the equal that can take. (Ossia A film an old plus on DVD I has, BTW)
This in spite of, a downfall of this emission is that the sound is so only Dolby DIGITAL APE. So that it leaves to plot to be wished partorisca soundstage. This is surprising of other films that has had pleasant audible bands remixed to DD 5.1. One such film was 'A Terminator - ' that converted the pleasant soundtrack to the quite convincing 5.1 mix.
The propagation was in both disks contain the mark the new documentary has shot in 2002 which comprises glimpsed of some of some actors that comprises Christopher Law, Charleton Heston, Michael York, and Rachel Welch. Very interesting to see Rachel in all his 62 years of glory. Still it looks well! LOL! But in all the chance...
Is interested at all in a 'Three Musketeers' saga, choose this copy up. Oh yeah, almost has FORGOTTEN. A packaging is one of one the majority of appeal 2-the disk has dipped has seen of then, well thinks never. It is the book of type of map of fold of container with inside flaps that has spent a Dvd inner. In these flaps is the setting of all four Musketeers together with still photos of some in the deep blue films. Opened those on and is presented with the '3-page' funds place target of pictures of some secondary characters with a Dvd his when being like this splits of a setting. In a 4th page, a far right flap, is the cast of stop of the chapter for both films how is written in script of 17th century. Packaging Very attractive in general.
Gives an emission 4 stars been due to a DD audible Band Pleasant, but another that that it is the neighbour to add film.
5 / 5
Has in the first place seen Richard Lester "Some Three Musketeers" during the a lot of
turbulent period in my life (during the initial emission of a film). When I have walked out of a theatre, felt at least 10 big feet--I had experienced one of an add "uplifts" of my life of adult.
Perhaps was so only some emotional circumstances of this particular time, but there is treasured this film never of then. An absolute perfection of a mould, and a finely the direction has balanced is some advantages of films of boss, together with a awesome, to the AUTHENTICITY DETAILED of some settings- some dresses, props, and insiemi.
Any of some actors that touch some characters of title were in a prime of his youth when this film has been done, but is astonishingly viril, agile, and powerful in his scenes of fight, and
fantastic actors partorisca kick. Frank Finlay, very respected for his "legit" game in Inghilterra, is especially energetic.
(Sample for his double-function like befuddled jeweller in Buckinham yard).
Simon Ward is breathtakingly regal likes Duke of Buckingham, one astonishingly was-Spike of beaten Milligan is the joy to look Raquel Welch buffoonish husband, Christopher Law is to to the presence partorisca terrify likes them Rochefort, and Roy Kinnear, of another end
actor and comedian, is one involving Planchet. And one mould internationally renowned continuous in and on! Welch, York, Dunaway, Heston, Chaplin, some French Cassel and Georges Wilson....
And an action! Imaginatively Drawn and superbly staged---
swordfights in the yard of convent, the dirty clothes, to tavern, prójimo the enormous water-wheel, etc----all of these settings fantastically intergrated to a plot. Ossia The hard, gritty world-wide full of blood, sweat, sweep----the Musketeers are not supernatural creatures, but men very real those who grunt and gasp under a hand-held tension-to-hand-held fight.
But, with which a particluarly to the forceful fight is concluded, one first line listens is Porthos' "My hair...!" Yes, Richard Lester wacky felt of humour pervades a whole film, balancing witty asides together with a visceral intensity of this violent and dangerous period in history.
Finally---the music---an of some soundtracks are all the times , and concealed is not a overstatement. Michel Legrand the bookmark is one to be able to, briliance, and, in something, a unearthly classifies of beauty, combining elements of music of true Renaissance with his own
robust and sensuous fashion. A fight in an inn underscore is
a true gem, and a music for a final scene in a sunlit yard (when listened in his entirety in a register of soundtrack) almost is that it overwhelms, and really take me behind to a dynamic experience of mine first meeting with this film in April of 1974.
Is the harm that "Some Four Musketeers" it is such estupefaciente emotional downer---but a unbridled joy and rousing alcohol of "Some Three Musketeers" it is something that I always held.
5 / 5
This film, averts to be one of one the majority of faithful and better mussel versions of a history of Musketeers for Of some can agree see, is Rembrandt that produced that movements! With A lot of faithful costuming and better that half cinematography, there is also the realism and his talent that little of the leading versions have had. A so only standout like the concession to thought of Hollywood in a mould is Richard plastic Chamberlain likes Aramis, class of the peripheral character to start with with. Another critic is the blasphemous throwaway the scene that involves the mental chance with him smudge pot in his boss in a half of a film.
An actor to look in this film is Oliver Reed, of the one who Athos is a centre of a film and a band of small Musketeer that it is a centre of a history he. A rest of a mould is quintessential 70 is A-ready of actors: Faye Dunaway, still hot as it pistol with which 'Bonnie & Clyde' and 'A Subject of Crown of Thomas' games a Lady partorisca scheme Of Winter; Raquel Welch, in that is his better film to date , touch the bumbling, pleasant Test Boniceur; Simon Ward, two years out of 'Young Winston' games a Duke of Buckingham; Michael York, of the one who 'Logan' Pursue' and soyurder In an Orients Express' done launches it to him little prevails this film touches a youngster of Artagnan; Frank Finlay, a dark actor that this in spite of leave his hamminess mark for a enjoyably go Porthos; Charlton Heston like this Cardinal Richilieu, (good fusion,); Geraldine Chaplin, (the daughter of Charlie,) likes Reina Anne; Christopher Law that Rocheforte and Richard Lester man of repertoire of the mark, Roy Kinnear, like Blanchet. His all come neighbouring to do the film, (party to two for period,) ossia without the doubt a better version of this history in wide emission in some last forty years.
This film has been hard to locate down for video to house before this reason has been bandied roughly among the handful of the dark video that negotiates of emissions, but there is not any way masterpieces like this could be lost for ever. It snap it On before it disappears again!!
5 / 5
The bay of still dips joint the fabulous the container with this 2 disk dips partorisca contain a Lester/Salkind film ome Three Musketeers' and esome Four Musketeers'.
One first option of paper that comes up in some disks is partorisca choose among the 1:77.1 Widescreen version and the version of Full Frame. On the each option of the paper in this screen is the Frame Grab that gives a an example of a widescreen vs a full frame. One loses the small quantity of information of flange in a version of full frame. Personally it recommends to go with a widescreen version, which so only gives some very small black bars in some upper and fund, but very enough to be the real distraction to hate it widescreen presentations.
A quality of a film to DVD moves is sum in both films, in my opinion. Some colours are so only quite brilliant. A mine of looks of the quite acute picture , also, to be 30 years. According to a backside of a box some films have been '...Entirely restored of original of on duty elements...'. A quality of picture on'ome Three Musketeers' is far better that a Vixen/Lorber the tape has bought he roughly done 6 years. A scrolling in that a mine looked to be the bit in a dark side. One follows of the audio is clear, although it does not give your system to touch the workout, when being imitate, like the original of era of theatrical emission.
Some extras are terrific, also. A first disk has the 23 documentary of the minute called 'A Saga of some Musketeers'-has separated One. It looks new interviews with Ilya Salkind, Michael York, Christopher Law, Frank Finlay, Charlton Heston, and Raquel Welch, together with the little another that can not think of. Everything of them speaks a lot fondly of an experience. It covers one doing of ome Three Musketeers'. There is also he 7 small featurette called 'A doing of'ome Three Musketeers'', which has been produced in 1973 and mainly looks glimpsed with Richard Lester and Ilya Salkind. There is also the theatrical trailer, the ad of television, the number of Radio Ads, the poster and still gallery, and bios to launch members. Some second extras of look of Disk of 25 documentary of small 'A Saga of some Musketeers' - Leaves 2, which is on one doing of ome Four Musketeers'. One same folks has interviewed partly 1 is interviewed partly 2. Also it has some good tributes to Oliver Reed (Athos), Spike Milligan (the husband of Test) and Roy Kinnear (Of Artagnan' Created), the one who has died of some films have been done. A documentary also habladurías in a fact that some actors were quite angry in a fact that had been paid to do one 3 1/2 now film of epic and then a Salkinds has decided to leave he to two film. It outrage a documentary, there is also the theatrical trailer, the number of television and Radio ads, Poster and Still Gallery, and Actor Bios.
I desire that the bay of Still could have roped some of a mould to do a commentary of audio and that they could have persuaded manager Richard Lester to mediate in some documentaries or, at least, the commentary.
Stiil, can not give this band any less than five stars. The bay of still has the place joints the wonderful container and some films have not looked never better. They are, in my opinion, one the majority of enjoyable version of some Musketeers' history. A fusion is perfect. One splendid blend of action and comedy. His no lacking never to spend the smile and, in time, access to laugh mine.
A last note, a lot of people am complained in a fact that this neighbour does not comprise a 1989 sequela to these films, 'A Turn of some Musketeers' agreement that has been the addition adds to this together. This in spite of, esome Three Musketeers' and esome Four Musketeers' is possessed for'tudio Canal' in France, while 'A Turn of some Musketeers' is a MCA/Univeral held. Obtaining some legislations the esturno' probably would be the nightmare for Bay of Still, as it does not think has distributed any Universal films. Bay to anchor already has an arrangement for a distribution of the library of film of Canal of Studio in some the EUA. It does not think a name ome Complete Musketeers' is misleading. A neighbour is the complete adaptation of Of some' esome Three Musketeers'. Esturno' Is an adaptation of another book on some Musketeers, 'Twenty years With which'
4 / 5
can say You that a folks in amour of Entertainment of Bay of Film of Still. Tip in each emission of disk (likes to last wonderful years soyFIESTA of MONSTER of the ANNOUNCED DVD). And this new emission of manager Richard Lester delightfully enjoyable 70 comedy/ swashbuckler is 'I THREE MUSKETEERS' and 'I FOUR MUSKETEERS' in a together of 2 disks is still another example of his cure and amour. Ossia The wonderful emission and the upper work in the vixen of a DVD-Lorber has had in a phase for a last pair of years. The person did not mention it never (perhaps any one there is remarked he), but a Vixen-Lorber DVD of '3 MUSKETEERS' has been missing roughly 1 minute of images in the scene among Charlton Heston and Christopher Law. These new disks have a bit few complete versions of both films and the look and touch it add! For some first time are presented in anamorphic widescreen in his pertinent appearance-proportion (the versions of full screen am comprised also but has did not see him still so it can not comment on the). Some extras are also very good. Two now mediates the documentaries in each disk comprises glimpsed with stars Raquel Welch, Christopher Law, Charlton Heston, Michael York and Frank Finlay and producing Ilya Salkind and Pierre Spengler. Trailers, TV Something, something radio, galleries & of poster of the photo and biographies of star (ossia in fact informative and lovely reading) round out of this a lot pleasing container! It buys it, it looks it and enjoy!
4 / 5
A scene especially exemplifies reason like these films. In ome Four Musketeers,' the troops are bombarding Rochelle with fire of cannon. We see the long line of cannons, each one in disposal is gone in sequence. In a foreground, has the priest quietly blessing some cannons (in Latins, thinks), and then among some cannons and a power, the band of short goats frenetically to the long of a line of some troops.
There there is always at least three things that goes in in any of date of scene, and long sews unusual. Long, these elements represent (look of as) contradicting ideas (animal/of peace/of the war herding), and so that has the touch of surrealism the a lot of some scenes -- takes the moment to dip to mandate likes the chair in that is seeing. This leaves it to multiple viewings.
Another note: this considers this sale partorisca twin announced of Some Three Musketeers/Some Four Musketeers. It has discovered that some credits in Some Four Musketeers are in another tongue ... French, creates. Also it looks mine that perhaps a soundtrack is not synchronised enough with a rest of a film in some places (but concealed can be so only my imagination)...
But anomaly of the no annoying soundtrack mine with this film, like this visuals is a thing of entity with these films, and concealed is not spoilt at all. This was an odd thing , this in spite of, and I previously asked reason sold this band of the twin in such the cost has reduced ... There is your response.
Both films are still a lot of enjoyable in all the chance, and recommends no only taking some films but looking them many times, as you will see something new in them almost every time!
4 / 5
Does not listen to a reviewers those who say that these films are faithful to a book. I am reading a book right now and while there is to plot of similarities these films ARE not faithful to a book!
A comedic the appearance of these films is way in an upper and is not like this extreme in a book. Aramis Is the different character and Of Artagnan and Constance is not like this damn beast!
In all chance concealed in that has been has said these are still films add!
Excellent fusion of the our favourite swashbucklers and very pleasant.
Be well to have a third film was also same if any measured until a prime minister two also.
He Love another control of interesting versions out of A Man in a Mask of Iron with Jeremy Irons, Gabriel Brucia etc... No the bad film and Disney Three Musketeers, while also the severe start of a book has a lot of grace and some ages of some actors are in fact more afterwards to some ages of some characters in a book.
Was well to see versions more faithful of everything of Of some free but then again these are still value and the good films that sees!
4 / 5
Ossia A presentation of better film of some Three Musketeers for Alejandro Of a novel has like this remote fact. Oliver Reed, Richard Chamberlain, Charleton Heston, Michael York, and an attractive Faye Dunaway and Racquel Welch is so only the little in this all the star has launched. A film follows a novel quite well and some locations in France are spectacular. The majority of all a dry talent and the humour in these films is hillarious and gliela gem to look and on again.
Charleton Heston Touches a Cardinal of bad Richelieu, the one who hardly dips up with a stupidity around the and is quite ambitious in faculty. Oliver Reed, Spike Milligan, Richard Chamberlain is Athos, Porthos and Aramis and Michael York is an anxious to do well Of artagnon. Each one that like this of these actors is brilliant and a lot of believeable to look.
In my opinion these are some films that Of some would enjoy, full of adventure, talent, comedy and some tradgedy that will maintain you looking these on and on again.
4 / 5
Thinks does to plot of people there as I concealed is estatic in this new releasing of some Musketeers. I square perfect quality and with the cariche of extras does a leading emission (for Vixen Lorber Studios) look pure doggy -do. This 2-the disk dips really surpasses some expectations! Included an art of coverage is awesome, for inside and for out!
And in a film he (I look in them like this when being a film, but in two part) calms some investigation the descriptions of critiques and other printed, will find that this is to look amply to like this when being an adaptation of better film of some Three Musketeers have not done never. Comedy of part, work of part, so only like a novel, and with a more perfectly the together launcher has not seen never in any film before!!!

This film would do Of some proud. A classical in a true sense of a word, and add for has has repeated viewings!
5 / 5
All the world-wide dictate it, and is absolutely true. These two films are roughly like this perfect likes adventure/of action filmmaking taking, with liberal doses of the humour that avert out of a swashbuckling. A mould is perfect and a screenplay for George Macdonald Fraser is the brilliant adaptation of one Of a novel, fill by heart of period and comedy. Richard Lester adds madcap visual gags and ready asides and directs some sequences of action with fashion and enormous way. The fencers will say you that these are a more swordfights has not filmed never. Rejoice That these are available again on tape and DVD, and does not squander your time with a limp and phony Disney remake. You will find something new to laugh or marvel in with each viewing. It have to that be required looking paralización all -be of the managers of films of the epic.
4 / 5
Is young and has seen only Hollywood of Disney schlock version of this swashbuckling classical, still has not seen some real Musketeers. And yes it calms so only it has taken your first flavour of the comic adds that it does in a gender of historical action this past summer when you have seen Johnny Depp upstage dollars of million special effects in 'of the Pirates', has taken to good sure! A production is gorgeous, a dialogue is witty, an acting is wonderful, some scenes of fight are thrillingly choreographed, one view gags is worthy of a slapstick master of silent film, and oh yeah, mentions his ape? With this two disk has put takings a whole history , a lot faithful to a book, and takings a whole picture , with a widescreen option. Extremely recommended!
4 / 5
Of course these are 5 star films like this I so only commentary in a new emission 2 conjoint DVD. A picture and his quaity is improved A lot in a vixen/lorber the emission and both films are presented in his CORRECT widescreen with Some Four Musketeers that offered the election of casserole n scanner or widescreen. It comprises glimpsed of the current day is with Heston, Law, Welch, York, Salkind go in a lot another in a doing of a film. Included you join 'two film' the dispute is spoken in detail for everything!! Packaging Well, the interviews are and the scrolling has improved this it must partorisca upgrade. Turn too much bad has not been comprised. If you havent seen these films take dipped for the real extracted. The desire could go back and see them for a first time again. You any 'in like this anymore...
4 / 5
After looking diverse diverse version more recent that some histories of Musketeer, has thought was finally boring state for and outgrown the everything. Then, I stumbled by means of one 1973 Michael York Version of Some Three Musketeers on boss. Have @@give has not been a history, is a lousy new versions that could not resist my interest.
Of all some film have based on some' Musketeers, this two east, for far, a better. Perhaps any for today of levels of special effects, but for excellent storytelling and cinematography.
And, a lot especially, Raquel Welsh!
Any with an interest in history or esgrimís or Raquel same Welsh will want to look these films on and on again.
4 / 5
A Three and Four Musketeers recommends to any the one who want to swashbucklers and some writings of Alexandre films remain quite faithful to an original York an excellent work as Of Artagnan.unvosotros Musketeers excellently touched for Oliver Reed(any like this appeal likes Athos in a book),Frank Finlay (any like this big or big like Porthos in a book or other versions of screen),Richard Chamberlain (perfectly launched likes Aramis).Raquel Welch adds it comedic gone back likes Constance but is not returned a characterisation in a Dunaway perfect in his acting capacity like Milady of Law and Charlton Heston utmost in to the his circulate likes him to him the account of Rochefort and Cardinal Ward,Geraldine Chaplin,Jean Pierre-Cassel,Roy Kinnear and Spike Milligan also a lot well like Duke of Buckingham,Reina Anne,King Louis,Of Artagnan has created Planchet and Constance' cuckold of the Gentleman of husband Bonancieux.unvosotros Has dressed,doing and scenery excellent thus period swashbuckler.Highly it recommends sure to look both parts to take some plenaries 1 tries of Artagnan and some musketeers that saves the honour of a Queen of some machinations of Cardinals Richelieu and his agents "A bad and beautiful Milady of Winter and his lover Rochefort two birds of apresamiento in of the fine feathers". It leaves 2 known likes Four Musketeers extracted of the Cardinals and the agents that goes for revenge against Of Artagnan and some Musketeers and defenders of this version Ursula Andress was considered also for a part of Milady of Winter (an excellent election,actora well and the real blond beauty) and Charlton Heston was first beloved for a part of Athos but has demanded a part of Cardinal Richelieu and taken that loves this version also be sure to see a sequela A Turn of some Musketeers:Some Musketeers 20 Years has to that one mould still the GustanTres and Four Musketeers have filmed 14 years later and also could add does a bit new character ashame that Oliver Reed and Roy Kinnear is could have been the fourth film in a final of Musketeers loves treatments of the full film of this novel recommends Some Three Musketeers-version of Kelly of the Gene,Some two breakings French version of 1961-62(quite looked to the east a)the 1999 145 small fact for video stageplay and Douglas Fairbanks 1921 version and his sequela an Iron Masks that no only extracted a Man in a History of Mask of the Iron but with a second half of a Three novel of Musketeers (Fairbanks the versions were Richard Lester is (Manager of a Three,Four and Turn of some Musketeers) has not seen never these see you to you saw him and wants to him-BUY!
4 / 5
Ossia A excelent remaster piece of one of one the majority of classical history of all the times "Some Three Musketeers". I love a entrence scene for "Some Three Musketeers".As they have had a fencing artisticly stunning and an acting is glorious.Some films have a bit of some better actors and the actora of him is time .
Any to mention Charlton Heston like Cardinal Richelieu.
5 / 5
Arguably Some films of better musketeers never. Excellent scrollings to DVD and ANY to having confused with a Vixen an old more Lorber emissions. The documentaries in a two conjoint DVD comprise commentaries to launch members Michael York, Raquel Welch, Christopher Law, Spear Heston, and Frank Finlay. Desire Roy late Kinnear, Oliver Reed, and Spike Milligan could be here be to contribute also.
4 / 5
Almost, but a lot enough. Too unnecessary slapstick, especially separate One, and a local Spanish used in both films (well, three films in fact, yes comprise The TURN OF THE MUSKETEERS, 1989) can very possibly spends for France. But still, a lot lavish, good-looking and entertaining film a whole family can enjoy. It was impressed especially with some creations of dress and detail of period, and does not go never to look Raquel Welch in just roughly anything, but a whole mould was equally excellent. A definite must partorisca Of some passionate. Peaces, bro.
5 / 5
In the first place was, love a history. Although I so only recently read a novel, the history of Of Artagnan, Richelieu, Louis XIII, and to has been the one of one the majority of fascinating and the thrilling histories has has not experienced never. While some of some adaptations to film older was quite well, and a 1993 version with Charlie Sheen and Oliver Platt among a mould was midly amusing.
This in spite of, Richard Lester film for far is some the majority of faithful adaptations, and is more comical.
A humour is has derived any so much of one-liners and witty talk it like this rid for Platt in a later adaptation, although they help. It is more than genuine clumsiness, mainly in some parts of Raquel Welch likes Constance and Frank to Finlay like you Porthos and Michael same York as Of Artagnan. 'Leave to Porthos to invent new ways for the disarm' is one of some lines to film adds of all-the time, as follows the sequence where an eccentric musketeer, aim of the 'new trick' in launching his sword to a dummy failure to take the account a possibility that an armed enemy can deflect a strike, which Aramis (Richard Chamberlain) with ease. An action is splendid, and a swordplay is a better of any film of a gender. Finally, some characters are like this realistic to the equal that take. Some musketeers, for example, is cleaned often and very cured of. But in these films, as in Of some' novel, was one gives a no at the head of a line of soup - I often touches the one who little money has had to take the lunch. One of a more amusing the sequences comes when Aramis and Porthos phase to struggle in the café, during those some four mates - together with Of Artagnan' domestic, Planchet (Richard Kinnear), flies quite eaten and drunk to take them by means of a night. Some insiemi are fabalous, some exceptional dresses and included some the background details look true.
Does not solve for one, likes Four Musketeers is not so much to the sequela how is the conclusion to Of some' novel.
5 / 5
Ossia A definite collection of these two classical films!!! Two Thumbs Up!!! Bay to anchor another work of quality with this "Complete Musketeers" 2 conjoint DVD!!! You take both full and widescreen versions of both films(Some Three Musketeers and Some Four Musketeers!!! His and quality of excellent picture!!! And some extras are upper notch also!!! A five container of star!!! AWESOME!!! A+
4 / 5
love these films! Pure joy! They differ the little of some books but an alcohol is something on! That annoying is that I can not buy this band because it is not in my region (Australia)!!! This thing of whole region is the cruel joke . It is especialy unnessesary when it is an old film has taken. When These cashiers wake until him???
4 / 5
In spite of Richard Lester announce of tentativas nauseum to reproduce a gaiety of these two films, is still same enormous entertainment with which thirty years. Extraordinarily, Neither the film is available on DVD in United Kingdom, likes hooray for fines-region DVD players!
4 / 5
Three Musketeers & Four Musketeers have had this video in VHS and aim his age to the equal that have bought one 3 and 4 near of musketeer. A conjoint prime minister DVD 1 for three musketeers have not done, a second an era a lot like this to the amazon has exchanged he for free, a lot well, this in spite of a together of substitution was exactly one same, too bad to the equal that have legustado this films now am taking the repayment. I have had sucedido add with Amazon on all another compraventa.
4 / 5
Has bought this film because memory to look the pleasure the boy. A film is not bad, in fact is a truer version to a book. This in spite of exits like this probably more campy that Of some would have . In general it is the very merry look in the classical masterpiece.

Top Customer Reviews: EDI When Calls the ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5
I have bought this element like the Present navideño, as I will not know like this likes. But if this one is like another in a series will be wonderful. This series is old time and folksy a lot of good morals partorisca families partorisca enjoy.
4 / 5
Will revise later once looked, has arrived quickly and amiably packaged
4 / 5
purchase this element partorisca spend on looking parcos 7
4 / 5
Ossia one of these pocolas-known gems my sister said roughly. I a lot usually seasonal program, but of a first season of When Called a Heart, was clear ossia the a lot of the series done well -- the Hallmark groan. A rich history in the young woman of a city the one who comes to the small city partorisca teach school. The characters are developed gradually so the calm chair knows them, and more the characters periodically are added. It is partorisca feel he-the good city thinks that that all the world would want to live in and have some character like neighbours. There are turns and of the unexpected transfers in a character varied bolt, doing it a lot of involving. It likes to buy this offering reason taken some extras (has has deleted scenes, glimpsed, etc.) Also. I expect that this continuous series partorisca the very long time!
4 / 5
The amour looks it now.... Estaciona 9 east come to Hallmark canal in 2022 <3
5 / 5
was well, didnt the way has expected a history is going according to some books.
4 / 5
A DVD has been rid 3 earlier days that originally has identified. A together of DVD was a lot.