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Top Customer Reviews: The Legend of 1900 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
I have taken this partorisca my dad partorisca the Christmas absolutely wants to this said there was alot of clips he never seen before.
5 / 5
One of a better underrated the film is the charm , the view is stunning, the soundtrack that surprised a history awesome, highly recommend this film especially a lot concealed has crossed an ocean in the ship partorisca go in Amsterdam or Canada like an immigrant, awesome awesome film
5 / 5
No a real dvd is in pirate copy a lot the sound has registered not even in HD abysmal. So only it has taken 1 star as it could leave the description.
5 / 5



4 / 5




4 / 5
4 / 5
4 / 5
5 / 5
A Film:

Ossia a film of the English tongue directed for an Italian manager Giuseppe Tornatore. A musical bookmark has been written for Ennius Morricone.

This film of period to good sure not being all the world is cup of tea. An idea for behind a history or 'fable' is really quite fresh, but finally, is the melancholy yarn - an enigmatic man (Tim Roth) is discovered likes one (apparently) the creature abandoned on board the ocean of luxury liner, a SS Virginian, a year 1900, and so much is appointed '1900'. Adopted for a ship' crew, grows until being an extremely gifted piano player, and although surely it would find afamada and fortune on earth, can any never spend to leave a boot and the foot dipped on cost. A history of 1900 adventures on board a Virginian is said mostly in flashbacks for his fellow his next plus Max, the player of trumpet (Pruitt Taylor Wins).

When Have in the first place seen a film a lot of years, has been blown was - With all honesty, still finds a history partorisca be intriguing, but with each subsequent viewing, finds it all partorisca be the bit in a smug side. Another could have reservations in an unusual fusion partorisca some functions of goodnesses, this in spite of another (spectators in some the USA) could not concern for some of the, says, European 'eccentricity' of a film. Inferior line - can does not want to add your collection, but is the defender of unusual, contemplative, a lot-crafted film, would have to verify it was. You will know it is partorisca you afterwards in one first now half.

A Blue Version of Ray:

So much, still when being the defender of a film, was geeked partorisca find the Korean import of a film in Blue Scrapes on Amazon. On that, there there is almost an hour (!) Of the extra scenes have comprised in a career times concealed has not been in an emission of DVD of the EUA original.

Loves a film, and wants to take a better looking (and touching) the at present available version, this Blue the edition of Ray beats some hands of version of the DVD down partorisca resolution and colour. Unfortunately, a Blue the ray is in a 'contrasty' side - in several scenes, the blacks are like this black that there is often any detail, and some of some aims look blown was. A good informative is, be any 'noise' in some darknesses or of the lights, and is still the scrolling partorisca please in general, with some 'extra images' caveat.

Some Extra Images

With a quality of picture has augmented, also has to that look a film with some additional images - there is any option partorisca look different versions of a film (and there is no the characteristic significant extra has comprised here, IMHO).

Looking in other descriptions here, a time of the longest career was in fact the soyake or pause' treat' for the plot of partidários leading. Personally, it does not think some the images added have done some tugs to film on too long. Virtually each scene in a film is extended to some terracing, and the looks included can have used some alternate taken here and there. Some main appearances of some additional images:

- A character of Max is rounded more-out of
- Some characters of a Bandleader and a Captain is rounded more out of
- there is much more interaction among Max and a Trader, and almost all the world Max finds
- A function of a derbi hatted, the glasses that spends man of mystery that show 1900 game a whole piano of a crowd of the passengers in 3rd Class is explained, has more interaction among 1900 and 'A Daughter is' father
- Virtually each monologue peels each character is widespread

If almost some costs of now of an on does not touch apetecible yours, then clave with a DVD. M, am happy has bought this version. :)

Top Customer Reviews: Inner Sanctum ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5
First Blue-ray partorisca some Pet Shop Boys. A quality of image is sum. An intimate show in a House of the work of Londra is very shot with the strategically has situated cameras. But that it is alcohol blowing is a concert in River in front of more than two hundred people of thousand. In spite of such the big crowd, some Pet Shop Boys are able to take all the world-wide the low party partorisca rain of beams of lasers. And when you think that more the people in some the USA think is the 'a marvel of attack' of 80 east. These types have been releasing utmost albums partorisca more than 30 years. It gives the graces for Europe, Amsterdam Of the sud, Canada and other countries partorisca aim that some Pet Shop Boys still can do the music of pop adds.
4 / 5
This DVD is coming quickly, ordered in a weekend pointed Monday, Amazon speedy book. A DVD comes with DVD SCRAPE Blue/ and 2 audio CDs, adds and handy to have but is fun more looking it. A visuals fun. But not being amused like this there. I have seen some Pet Shop Boys to Toronto behind in 2016/ Sony Centre, and wow, was sore to dance, is like this entertaining. Any one has seated, all has danced. This DVD also comprises the neighbour shortened in River, in the festival in 2017. Although not completing, a festival gives it the different atmosphere.
5 / 5
A lot of products of concert very partorisca BD disk, his (any Dolby Atmos but is excellent), video ( shot in 4K, thinks), the lights and to the choreography is own of Pet Shop Boys which is not the bad thing. A tracklist is the mix of new and classical songs. A lot recommended.
5 / 5
Thinks a quality of an audio and the video was that I impressed more in this presentation of the wide spectre of PSB tunes.
4 / 5
A lot of neighbour of disks! Any PSB the partidário would enjoy it. It have taken 5 stars if the delivery was faster. Month of mandate for advanced so only partorisca the receive the week with which quotes of emission.
4 / 5
A description of product declares that a Bluray is Region2, when in fact it is Region 0 (all-regions). A quality is One-MINA-ZING and ossia one more prójimo partorisca be there. HIGHLY recommend it.
5 / 5
A concert adds and the video jointly adds! Masters that.

Top Customer Reviews: Gilbert & ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 15 ratings
4 / 5
Formed: DVD has had to that has it of then was Nanki Poo in my production of the institute done some Format
5 / 5
of years: VHS the tape has been to lover of some works read of Gilbert & Sullivan in fact a lot of years, and this production to synchronise filmed of a better of these works read is like this near like one could come to be there this in spite of not being there! This production stars one Of Oyly the map Undertaken of Light Work to an end of his more utmost years but still starring roughly of some more utmost members of the history of this Company! To John Reed likes "Ko-Ko", a Big hapless Gentleman Executioner, is the joy to both see and listen to; Kenneth Sandford like Big Ladies All More "Pooh-Bah" it is perfect in a function that could be be do for him; Donald Adams is a definite Mikado, especially in his song of byline "My Object All Sublime"; Philip Potter is the wonderful "Nanki-Poo"; and Valerie Masterson is like this charming, demure and beautiful the "Yum-Yum" as one could wish, especially treat "A Sun Whose Rays", one of some the majority of good-looking songs Gilbert & Sllivan has not written never. Some insiemi and the dresses for this production to synchronise filmed is like this historically attack like the purist could never desire for, and no the alone line of dialogue is changed, changed, or up to date (another joy for G&S purists).
If so only are beginning to learn roughly Gilbert & Sullivan, ossia one a lot (in fact SO ONLY!!!) Video to start with was with. A must for any lover of G&S, of light work, of true theatre, or for the for real classical video collection!
4 / 5
Formed: VHS Tape Ossia an excellent video of the very sincere, conservative, and traditional staging of a Mikado. It does not have any of a lack of confidence that some productions of the look of video to have test do the production of looks to synchronise to be anything more than him ought to be; it is like a camera is a lot unobtrusively moving around in the production of traditional phase. Ossia The good way to do things; there is no "tricks of stupid camera" this interferes with an action.
Some characters in him are has touched well; Pooh Bah and Koko is especially fine actions.
Some video roughly more recent the productions have been "in an upper", trusting unusual staging (likes has dipped he in 1930 Inghilterra); this video is the good baseline version of a work because another can be courts he so that has no fooling around with him; so only a work rid to the equal that was more or has feigned less.
4 / 5
Formed: DVD has on grown with a 1939 version of a Mikado (my parents have had the register) and was used enough to a good quality to sing in this version. This one he ameno the life. Compared to a 1939 version has seen on film, this a fresh east, less stagy and Koko does not run over all some other actors. It was refreshing to listen all the world-wide the one who has been supposition to sing the sure songs in fact treat. I still like a 1939 version for some voices of lovely old tenor (and Katasha is the real dragon in that a!), But I prefer this one to listen to still purity of the yours, good voices throughout and clarity.
4 / 5
Formed: DVD An emission of one 1966 Of Oyly Production of Map of Work of A Mikado on DVD in 2003-2004 was the main idea. Gilbert and defenders of Sullivan have been years for the moment for a classical film to look on DVD. It GOES (Artists of International video) offers very a lot and scarce works on films. Gilbert and Sullivans' the works read were a byline of one Of Oyly Acts of Map and in a 60 is this mould was some main interpreters of a gender. Tenor Phillip Potter portrayed Nanki Poo, some edges of a Mikado disguised like that asks minstrel. His action is upper-notch and Valerie Masterson, a soprano that sings a part of Yum-Yum is his perfect counterpart. Together music , good-looking as in his duets. An actor of comic John Reed sings Ko-Ko a Big Gentleman Executioner. A short, playful and man bobo, is far of an expected strong and fearsome image of the Big Gentleman Executioner. Christene Palmer Is Katisha. His presence to command, dramatic mezzzo soprano voice and imperious the character a perfect Katisha. Has some powerful scenes, like a Law I Final in that interrupts a Pair of Yum Yum and Nanki Poo and watchtower to develop his true identity, operatically dramatic in his cries "My Injustices With Revenge will be Crowned !". Donald Adams touches A Mikado Emperor. It is in his plus bobo in an air "My Object All Sublimate" in those leaves out of the big pitched shriek like this described his fascination for torture and execution. An authenticity of a way and setting, the the Giappone of fable and art, is manifested gloriously in a scenery, which gives of the Japanese "World-wide Float" look and a props, bridges, lakes, houses of teas, aesthetically classical in spatial and form. And these dresses ! Extraordinary and very Oriental with models coloreados in a silk. And an use of defenders was almost on-the-upper, some characters that after and opening his defenders pose Japanese, but still laws effectively. All some utmost numbers that has done this famous work is here- "Three Pocolos Domestic of Pupils" and Ko-Ko Song of Cast. Coincidentally, This was a same production that inspired a crazed Murderous of Serial of the Zodiac the one who was fond to twist a Big Gentleman Executioner image. He same king-has written some papers to Ko-Ko Song of Cast. Ossia A better version of A Mikado has not done never. Well a prize and has value because of his camp classical appeal.
4 / 5
Formed: VHS the tape has the saying of hard time anything negative in a 1966 version I so only , cut a "Knightsbridge" reference (otherwise known likes "wherever" line...) Or his equivalent, and an integer "song of a sea" section of "Wandering Minstrel" it looks to have has bitten a powder, also. But I think that it it has been it, as the one who , yes, have left out of a second to of a madrigal.
Does not comprise some omissions at all. That is a question with saying "Londra," or "Cleveland," or "Pensacola?" That is a question with 4 extra minutes of films? Anything.
A colour was the little toned down and a music was occasionally "tinny" my ear. But some actions and trick that has listened disparaged elsewhere has not affected entertainment of mine of a proceedings a whit.
Some voices were of sound, and I Reed has WANTED absolutely. It says Pish-Tush looked the no , His voice was well, but is almost like his look looked more likes has been filmed in 30 east. It does not ask Me reason say that it conceal. I suppose that I agreed so only of any one.
In all the chance, in that saw it a Canadian, on-the-upper version and a series of PBS where Clive Revill touched Ko-Ko, so only can say I A lot prefer this 1966 version. It is like the time-warp and, of the majority of living can a lot really judges yes or no a company has been in decline, or like this as well as it was in 1932 or 1886, this looks so more the PROPERTY.
Pitti-Sing had, for me, an odder appearance in Anna Quayle (sic); so only the random has thought. A comic schtick and near-ups did not annoy me never. I have touched "A Mikado" in 1986 and they are for game "Ko-Ko" the month down a street. It is it adds to take feel he partorisca "the real thing," although I do not feign to cannibalize joined to to several tapes like him to him some recent Nashville the production has done. Whoosh.
Has loved the threat to commit of Reed seppuku, whereupon a "knife" it has been developed like the defender. I think our transfer on can be the mine that jumps to our river (a real goldfish pond) which, of course, will be roughly 6 deep thumbs. It have to that take the laugh.
For a way, behind to a prójimo-ups that has seen also belittled a hell these people EXPECT the game to be filmed? I want to see the character joined And the groups have been thought was perhaps the little overdone - this in spite of like this effective - in " I am Like this Proud."
In short, go it to look again when awake on morning (or, technically, later today).
To somewhere has seen the description in that some type has said uses this tape to present his girls to G&S and there is hardly does by means of 40 minutes. That expects out of boys, in all the chance? That class of commentary Is concealed? Unless they are scientific of rocket in age 6, so only present to a music and wean his To G&S. They will be happy has done. It have not enjoyed it the boy. But I love it now.
How is evidenced for my disposal to ladies that hot kimono for several hours in the whack.
Like this, in all the chance, take a tape and prepare to enjoy you. If this Canadian Pooh-Bah was also for you, and if the inability to move of appearance of Conrad of William , is in still the half-of-the-energy-dread The G&S undertaken.
And a rest of calm to look horses of presents in a mouth. Or, thus subject, anywhere MORE.
5 / 5
Partorisca Gilbert and Sullivan fans ossia the property with one Of Oyly Map the company of one 1960 east. Has come from/United Kingdom come from and has been shipped in good time. Had also pleasant communication with a vendor. A disk is Region 0 likes work with any player of DVD.
4 / 5
A disk has sent the mine no in my player. I have done note of of the this and has taken any response?
4 / 5
Has had to that has it of then was Nanki Poo in my production of the institute done some years
5 / 5
has on grown with a 1939 version of a Mikado (my parents have had the register) and was used enough to a good quality to sing in this version. This one he ameno the life. Compared to a 1939 version has seen on film, this a fresh east, less stagy and Koko does not run over all some other actors. It was refreshing to listen all the world-wide the one who has been supposition to sing the sure songs in fact treat. I still like a 1939 version for some voices of lovely old tenor (and Katasha is the real dragon in that a!), But I prefer this one to listen to still purity of the yours, good voices throughout and clarity.
4 / 5
Thinks A Mikado (or alternatively, A City of Tittipoo)has to that be one of the majority of famous and popular operettas of Gilbert and Sullivan to date. He never age, is always fill of G S catchy songs with these very ready illiteration and that rhythm of rhyme and quirky Japanese touching names, ossia like this a lot Gilbert and Sullivan. Always be the preferred of mine.
4 / 5
Unable to take A ENO Eric goes him the production has solved for east a. No like this humorous but fact very good.
4 / 5
Some singers have given to please the actions and a delicate dialogue could be has listened clearly. A mould has been resupplied with dresses of full excellent period of the colour and some insiemi were a lot has drawn. Once again Sullivan catchy the melodies were the pleasure to listen .
5 / 5
My father has used to sing Gilbert and Sullivan and I have thought this the version adds, the just desire has had the leaflet with all some words to some songs. I found it hard to agree to to some words likes them-the (my father) has died he on done 25 years. This in spite of, some melodies have come to flood behind.
5 / 5
A Mikado is to delicious operetta for Gilbert and Sullivan that looks the grotesca history of the intrigue and the identity deceived in Giappone of the longitude done. Witty The papers and the good-looking music this unforgetable entertainment.

Top Customer Reviews: Le Grand Blue (The ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5
His Critics did not love it his incursion.
Some hundreds Of the thousands of any one was this in spite of has done joins studio : his spectators were partorisca give young and give old... All has interested : risk his Games of life joins passion that gives a sense and approximate the death with a point of interrogation. Game with The Stranger ! With His depths abyssales of the sea !
A lot sure Touches that this film spends when Declaring One is missing it that Besson changes the fin and happy final joined to the American ! Désolants In the Neighbour Immatures !
Fails so that it does Attention and look the French version !
Regarding the wealth of the music of Eric Serra, would have been able to do three film with him material musical that he my in this film and with his systems of video of edges of today is sure of not forgetting this film.
4 / 5
This disk no in Canada/of EUA, in spite of an in fact said vendor at all roughly he in his description. All a plus, and strangely enough, when inserted in the laptop - where would have to that run the independently of a region - a title of looks of disk Leon a Professional, which is not a pertinent title. To the Looks A lot likes him to him the mine copies illegal...

Also, the disk is shipping of United Kingdom, as it expects delays.

A lot disappointing. It does not recommend a product and vendor.
4 / 5
Has purchased this film in DVD DONE several years and has taken around when looking last night. A quality of video is that it would expect of 1988, but there is enjoyed a history in freediving. Of the note is that there is Korean subtitles during a film that could does not disappear in spite of touching with a paper of disk. We are to result to use to a subtitles inside the pocolos small and has not been the question, this in spite of can be for some could not take the digital copy of this film, as I am still happy with cost of mine.
5 / 5
Has bought the copy of Big Blue of the Canadian of the amazon () put web but a Blue Ray DVD I receipt does not touch in of the North American players. It is B region. They are in a.

So much, basically a place of Amazon or his third vendor of party the poor work of blocker a sale or in that leave me know that a DVD would be useless in Canada. The name of vendor has said Rarewaves-CA (the thought was California ).

No happy - tired of amazon and his third companies of party - will begin compraventa locally and things of source elsewhere.
5 / 5
Has seen this in television partly but no his entirety... Looking forward to seeing he in his entirety. Thank you, Folks, is a BETTER!!!!!!!!!
4 / 5
A lot interesting to see some of a freediving methods of pasts of days. Have enjoyed really this film!
4 / 5
Films always also wonderful, which like to see again them in tall definition. Idea a lot good to dip these two together Films.

Thank you Touches the excellent service and your consultor.
Exceptional vendor.
5 / 5
The box and lucido the disk has joins the doubtful quality has would say the copy has joined almost
5 / 5
adore this film and see again join me a very glorious pleasure. It is genial