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Top Customer Reviews: Fishbone: The ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5
The collection adds all some video until a esality Of mine Surrounding' albums, woven together with interviews with a band, quite presented for them, selection of lovely and his clue and quality of picture.
So only a snag, will require fine it-region/ of region 1 DVD player for the look, and economic further of vendors, a lot recommended.
4 / 5
5 / 5
Has substituted finally my vhs version of my adolescent years, inspired after seeing them alive again recently. I add nostalgic look behind in some original bands lineup, and the time a lot considers his summit. Awesome Piece of Fishbone history.
4 / 5
This substitutes one that has lost he a lot the time done. Happy has found he in such the good prize.

Top Customer Reviews: Glass Menagerie, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5
I have received so only this yesterday, and immediately settled down, with some cats fed and rigid orders of silence, partorisca the look. That the wonderful jewel, has lost. This does partorisca t.V. The film has been produced a year graduate of institute, and, a life I then lived in a paving afterwards to the train of city trestle, concealed I dismally shared with my mother and the mine have loved little sister, was probably the little too resembled Tennessee Williams touches beautiful to be of interest of a lot of mine then. Cela This game is based to his early years is now very known, and, although it deny it the majority of his life, 'Amanda', a mother partorisca stifle touched for Katherine Hepburn, is undoubtedly Edwina Williams, mother of Williams of the Tennessee. Although it is a focal point , this soyemory played is so roughly Williams twins Rosa has wanted, whose tragic mental illness and subsequent lobotomy has frozen his in time. A 'Laura' spoilt alive another world, how is Trace . Williams is is remained poured in his sister has institutionalised, the one who outlived the, partorisca his integer lifetime, and has proclaimed always his lifelong amour. 'Tom', a brother and narrator of a game, sleeps of the life fill with adventure, outside of a warehouse despised where extracted his menial work, and free of some unwanted obligations his abandoned mother and sister. Tom was Tennessee Williams real nomination, and there is a lot he in a fictional Tom. When This game was first product in a 1940 east, Williams pursues was very young. It considers the failure, and, a game has not gone initially has very received. Starring as 'Amanda' was Laurette Taylor, previously the actora of renowned theatre, now Broadway has-state, whose downfall to the drink was good known in a world of theatre. Partorisca See his in some first early tests of this game, a partidário financial shouted to a producer...'To THE EQUAL THAT Can calm this mine?' Williams was also sure there is the failure in his hands, and a game has produced modest crowds to inaugural, and readied partorisca close. This in spite of, two local Chicago the critics have sung his praises, and, he later critical immense received partorisca acclaim and prizes of entities. As Laurette Taylor, whose action is gone down in history of theatre, and was his esturno' ( quotes a following year.) Katherine Hepburn, The one who has seen an original production, is wonderful in this function. The lucky is that Some Archive of Theatre has preserved his action. There is near-ups and few bits of business here that marks one @gives so only that scarce and has specialised a actora was. That the joy is partorisca look. Perfectly it transmits 'Amanda is' stifling behaviour, everything in a name of amour partorisca his boys, of course. With his in timing dud joy, and, another time, his eyes brimming with tears, she repeatedly relives some memories of his bygone youth, beaux of pasts, and his turn of promise, to an all the too familiar dismissal of the his claustrophobic boys. You can find his incessent instructions to them on like this partorisca breathe, eats, stand, , but ossia his character partorisca control . Having abandoned state 16 earlier years for his husband, is determined partorisca do his boys 'winning', saving them and she of an obvious fact that is not . His boys have grown is wonderfully and convincingly touched for Sam Waterston and Joanna Miles, and Michael Moriarty equally is moving as 'A Recognition of Ladies.' A touchingly good-looking version of the classical, and the total pleasure of the time the sweet plus, simpler. Tennessee Now there was after mentido his beloved Rose, whose gravestone is inscribed.... Estoallita Humid out of yours goes him, Laura...'
5 / 5
Thank some of the ones of theatre partorisca release this absolutely spellbinding and majestic the originally produced version partorisca television in 1973.
Deftly Balancing Williams' poetry and Hepburn' staunch force, this version focused for Anthony Harvey absolutely resounds with grace and sweet power.
Waterston Mark Tom delicate without any of a overpowering effiminate quality that undermines like this other actors that come from a function. He some consummated Thomas Wingfield partorisca recognise Tennessee Williams' autobiographical realities and it marrying has idealised form. It Likes him Jason Robards is been born partorisca interpret O'Neill, Waterston is been born partorisca spend Williams' to of life.
Of course a can not be assume too effusive a late utmost Miss Hepburn. Amanda is thin, heroic and painfully tragic to the equal that faces one of the functions more are of an American theatre. His work in these stands of version like one of some actions adds that they expect to be discovered.
Felizmente This version is now availbe and servants like the must possesses partorisca all the defenders of this game. Together with Paul Newman is equally excellent version, these questions partorisca purchase and cherishing. Absolutely brilliant.
4 / 5
Wonderful! Now I can take a version has has wanted to all a time. (Any one a cp containing John Malkovich) Now yes so only would release a version of Margaret of Ann of "Electrical"....

Top Customer Reviews: Alice at the Palace ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
It is there anything Meryl Streep can any one , His action in this musical is charming. The actions add everywhere! Ossia Something a whole family can enjoy.
4 / 5
Finally, Alice musical in a Palace is available in both DVDES and VHS! I have been looking for this musical partorisca almost 20 years, and are so it has wanted to having found he in Amazon[.With]. Some musical stars Meryl Streep and has the talented mould to sustain the sound of help spends Alice in Wonderland and By means of a Glass to Look the life in a musical.
Alice in a Palace has looked in television in 1982, and in that then my familiar has had the tape of recorder Beta, as Alice was immortalized on tape. In some signal that some last 10 minutes have been registered on and was transferred of Beta the VHS. Never of then it air, my family has been in the investigation to obtain the copy of a plenary the time has been exasperated enough to go looking for so only a transcript to read and relive the.
Alice in a Palace is down in glorious theatrical gimmicks and big in incredible talent, songs, doing, and humour. It is the delight for both adults and of the boys. I give it two thumbs on and five stars out of five for sheer entertainment. You will be to sing some songs for familiar of the years has done.
And for any the one who says, soyeryl Streep? In the musical? Flange??!' I say, 'Just wait...'
4 / 5
It is there anything Meryl Streep can any one ? His action in this musical is charming. The actions add everywhere! Ossia Something a whole family can enjoy.

Top Customer Reviews: Death of a ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
4 / 5
The wonderful action for Dustin Hoffman enhances this classical American. Tragic and heartwarming all immediately.
5 / 5
Was happy to find this DVD so only shortly after reading a game. While I have enjoyed to read the a lot, has found a game partorisca be a lot of confusing. So only of a text so only was hard to say that it was real and that has not been. Seeing a version of film of this triumphant the game has helped really the plot. 'Died of the Salesman' is the sad and tragic work that emotionally involves calm to begin to finalise.
Willy Loman is the tired and salesman of the heart broken the one who no longer bolt in a world of reality. Instead, it is captured in his world of delusions. Each day that spends of looks of longitude partorisca be worse and worse partorisca Willy. It spends way too much of his time in a past when I need to be that it directs in a future. His woman and two edges have any one creates as it would owe that do for him his so that it knows that it is beginning to disaster in this unforgettable work.
Likes it has said, the one of fact sees this really done appreciate me a game more than just reading he of a text. It can take confuse when calm so only have some words, but when you see treated that all comes near and sense of mark. An acting is terrific. Dustin Hoffman really done an exceptional work partorisca touch Willy Loman. Any so only he so only 'law' a course was, resulted' Loman. I admit that I have had my doubts at the beginning, reason have not seen that touches a part. The mine quickly has escaped doubts of my alcohol with which some premiers 10 minutes or so many. All the world-wide more is also terrific also. (Wow, it looks John young Malkovitch looks!) I think a film the fine work that does the justice of game of Arthur Miller.
A DVD is ordered enough also. A quality of picture is well, considering a fact that is an old film . A DVD also comprises the documentary of period of the characteristic for behind a film, which is really entertaining, and the still gallery. While it can look this DVD does not have the plot to offer, a documentary really the value done-while.
'Died of the Salesman' is the powerhouse laws that calm hooks to start with to finalise. The reading is a thing , but the one of fact sees he the fact much more enjoyable. If calm so only read a game of a text can be quite confusing in of the points. If you are looking for the sum of dramatic film with adding acting and writing, then ossia something calms really would owe that think roughly verifying was.
5 / 5
A title of this description is to quote that Charley has said in the funerals of Willy and is absolutely well. It is true that Willy deluded and unachiavable goodness of sleeps to the his miserable downfall, but is also true that it is that the sleeps and the illusions esatte concealed maintains Willy bolt in a first place. They are his only weapon against a toisome reality that surrounds. Like Hap mentions so only before Willy comes to a restaurant, Willy is not never like this happy as when it is looking forward to something. That constantly is that it looks forward to east a fulfilment of his sleeps.
In his test "Tragedy and a common man" Arthur Miller says that each tragic hero is characterised for the 'tragic defect'. It is a desire of this character to opone to that that does not like and of east directs his decrease. Willy does not operate "law agains some things that degrades" (Miller, Tragedy and a Common Man) the, sleep against that.
There is enjoyed a lot this film, reason achieves deep to an alcohol and a soul of the to to the common person so only likes to of him. Everything of Willy innner the fights are quite something all have to that spend for in a form or another. The experience of Willy can be the lesson to everything of us, some common people.
4 / 5
Ossia The wonderful film . Still although it was compulsory for my course of literature, can say I really has loved that. I have taken included it has loaned a DVD of my professor to look it again rear house ...
The majority of pessimist of look of the people when the managers try to re-create some world-wide-famous literature masterpieces in his productions to film later. Still although they could be well, one would have to that take the account a stellar mould and a manager also. With the to such an actor likes him Dustin Hoffman, of a winner of Prize of the Academy the one who has received Emmy Reward for his function of Willie Loman in a film, and internationally renowned German manager Volker Schlondorff, a success of a production was simply unavoidable.
With so many there full action films of computer and map of stunning effects, some spectators were thirsty for the real old-production of school type. When This DVD is exited in January 2003, has fill this empty of gender and, my opinion, the good popularity has achieved no only among some connoisseurs. My opinion, is the brilliant goodness in a world of film...
4 / 5
Seeing a version filmed of the death of Arthur Mugnaio of the Salesman left with an intense feeling of sadness. It is the history of real life without any "decorations." L The history on some elections he sometimes frames and his consequences.
Willy Loman is the common man, fallible, the one who @gives that in spite of his big hopes and of the endeavours has not achieved anything real in life. His edges are not that has has wanted to bear be, especially Biff. Willy has done some wrong elections of the entity and he is to good sure any "winning-type" of the man but loves his family.
Has seen personally something of my father in Willy Loman, and probably ossia reason was like this appealing for me. But no material can see a film again. I simply not being able to.
Volker Schlondorff The wonderful work, in my opinion. Some actors' touching is more than excellent. Material Willy Loman the function is Dustin Hoffman better has has not touched never. John Malkovich also done the remarkable action as well as all some other actors
4 / 5
stars of Hoffman of Dustin in this reproduction of film of a game, Died of the Salesman for Arthur Miller. It contains glorious acting, especially in behalf of Hoffman and for one of my favourite actors, John Malkovich.
A history delves to some hardships and sleep broken of a main character, Willy Loman, the one who represents a half joe. Been due to of the this, is very easy to result entrapped in a life of some characters to struggle that it is that they represent of one all too common man.
This film is the work to oblige ; some results of the audience sucked in and sympathetic to a familiar to deteriorate. It is a definite representation of one the fault of an American sleep.
A film in time can tug so that they are interested so only in action and of the special effects. There is not a lot home on elaborate scenery or props; instead a main house is headed to a poignant that read that it is very a lot rid for the very chosen mould.
5 / 5
Unfortunately,that comes rom EUA, any have @@give would not touch on lack of United Kingdom.

Top Customer Reviews: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
4 / 5
Ossia The quite lacking production visually, but a same time quite fascinating. A main action is advance of phase thoughout, sometimes in front of curtain but mainly on place. There is the entrance of stairs the start comes has left rear phase and he glasshouse rear right phase where sometime the action has related obvious takes place, another dark time, but often fascinating. A company of the ballet of the youngster resupplies the considerable quantity of backstage action, and the time joins in frontstage. Also the screen that movements on a phase and is the background mobile shows to an action and attirudes, where to look afterwards?
Which of some interpreters? Barbara Hannigan and Charles Workman takes more out of his characters that in mine other three versions, and also manage a flange much better, not taking never shrill or flange of cry in a difficult big register. This is not the deride has joined other actions that is very good.
There is also the plot of balletic influences in Hannigans action, both in movement and dress, one mentions the dresses vary of formal modern the fantasy, with some dressing of cross, the odd mix but work.
A booklet is lustrous, colour and gain, characters of casts and interpreters, arias scenes and timings, and the law of scene and reasonable synopses.
There is also the background piece for Barabara Hannigan in his approximation to a work as it founds to interest.
So only the look yes is offended easily, has the pocola four paper words in a subtitles, and some topless moments in background.
Up to now my preferred had been Laura Aiken/Zurich unfinished Production, but this maintaining wins.
5 / 5
A singer any the action. Barabara Hannigan Is the phenomenon, any deception. It is Lulu. It is one in oustanding portrait in the each way, and ossia a harm of him. A production is cluttered, far to busy, too many background extras and projections of video. A complicated and 'difficult' quite a lot of work is done doubly like this for a production. Included worse, quality of his poor east, orchestra reccessed and miking of singers (on 2nd disk) distort and overburdens in time. A process of the selection of the paper is weighed also. An enormous disappointment.
5 / 5
Shoots a designer closely. Barbara Hannigan is simply brilliant and is very sustained for the mould adds. But reason is this production dipped in an airport living room? Null Points to a manager. The difference other productions this an in fact movements. We do not take of the singers lolling in grimacing to an audience. As well as Jack a Ripper is the disappointment but concealed is the smallest point. Hannigan The seductive action master any man (or woman to be sincere.} Ossia A production , forgets all another. Highly recommended!
4 / 5
Barbara Hanningan is the miracle like Lulu. Warlikowski The production is more to destroy this work adds for Berg and Wedekind but some singers and an orchestra so only any one will leave . Near your eyes and enjoy!
5 / 5
A powerful action of this work adds - a lot adicións/additions of unnecessary Production
5 / 5
Ich möchte in meinem Text auf die spezifische Inszenierung und die Qualität give DVD eingehen. Ich gehe davon aus, dass jeder, gives bei Amazon nach give Oper sucht, weiß, Was ihn musikalisch und inhaltlich erwartet. It gives Mitschnitt dieser Aufführung von Alban Bergs Oper 'Lulu' ist Are 19. und 26. Oktober 2012 im Brüsseler Opernhaus 'The Coin' entstanden. They are Dirigentenpult the stand gives 1958 to Birmingham geborene englische Directs Paul Daniel; die Lulu singt die kanadische Sopranistin Barbara Hannigan, die als exemplarische Interpret zeitgenössischer Musik gilt. Of the Bühnenbild ist Modern, man sieht z. B. Videoprojektionen und eine Rolltreppe. It denies aber wirkt has given Modernität, bei give give Maler sogar einmal ein Smartphone in giving Hand hält auf dem Botschaften one know geliebte Lulu eingeblendet werden, störend. It dies liegt ganz klar one gives schauspielerischen Qualität give Akteure, wobei besonders given darstellerische und stimmliche Hingabe give Lulu-Darstellerin aus dem insgesamt sehr guten Near heraussticht. Hannigan scheut während Gives Singens auch vor angedeuteten Ballet-Einlagen place echtem Spitzentanz nicht zurück. Zudem habe ich - zumindest In einer Opernaufführung - deny eine Sängerin gesehen, die sich leichtbegleiteter und schutzloser auf given Bühne wagt: Streckenweise agiert Hannigan nur in schwarzer Unterwäsche und Ballettschuhen. Überhaupt: Obwohl Is auf give Bühne nur wenig wirkliches Nacktes zu sehen gibt, sieht man von zwei barbusigen Tänzerinnen in Nebenrollen a zwei Stellen ab, habe ich selten eine erotisch aufgeladenere Aufführung give Oper gesehen. Yesterday passt Given Inszenierung und gives Spiel give Akteure zoom Lulu-Stoff! Of the Beiheft give DVD enthält neben einigen Farbbildern nur given Sprachen Englisch, Französisch und Niederländisch. Lesenswert sind Given Gedanken von Hannigan zur Opernproduktion ( soyy Amado Lulu'), wenn man eine give Sprachen gut genug versteht. Nun zu Gives angekündigten technischen Aspekten: Zwar wirbt gives Produkt im Kleingedruckten für gives Videomaterial place dem Prädikat 'HD-registering', dennoch muss man anmerken, dass die Bildqualität dieser DVD recht schlecht ist. Nicht nur gibt Is kein HD, gives ginge technisch ja auch nur auf Blue-Ray. Nein, Die Qualität bleibt sogar sichtlich hinter dem Level einer handelsüblichen DVD zurück. Of the Totalaufnahmen wirkt gives Bild selbst bei meinem nicht übertrieben großen Fernseher und einem normalen Betrachtungsabstand vom Wohnzimmersessel aus oft unscharf. It is wird erst akzeptabel, wenn die Kamera a data Darsteller heranzoomt und wenn dadurch gives Bild nicht that detailreich ist. Yesterday the hat gives Crew, gives given Bilder ediert hat, eindeutig schlechte Arbeit geleistet. Schön wäre Is, wenn die Inszenierung irgendwann in einer besseren Bildqualität erscheint, gives the data gives HD-Ausgangsmaterial ja hergeben müsste. Abgemildert wird Given Beeinträchtigung bei give Bildqualität durch die gute Tonqualität (ich habe yesterday auf einer sehr guten Anlage given Stereoversion gehört). Die Sänger sind jederzeit plastisch und räumlich präsent - trotz give Ansprüche, given of data Inszenierung gives Darstellern schauspielerisch abverlangt und the data gives Singen sicherlich erschweren. Wer singt seinen schwierigen Deja schon gerne in Unterwäsche und im Liegen? Of the Orchester wurde dip seinen Soloinstrumenten - ein sehr schönes Saxophon - und One gives lauten Tuttistellen adäquat gestaffelt und natürlich aufgenommen. Ferner ist Given Dynamik nicht zu sehr nivelliert, like dass gives Orchester are natürliche Kraft entfaltet. Deshalb insgesamt von mir, auch im Vergleich zu Gives anderen Mitschnitten give Oper, man to die bei Amazon kaufen kann, eine klare Kaufempfehlung für has given Produktion. Nur Leute, Die einen großen Wert auf eine gute Bildqualität legen, sollten auf eine give zahlreichen anderen Mitschnitte ausweichen. Ihnen entgeht dann allerdings eine exzellente Aufführung, Die wahrscheinlich zu gives besten gehört, die ich gesehen habe. Wäre Quotes Bildqualität besser, würde ich fünf Sterne vergeben, likes waystation ich avenges für angemessen.
4 / 5
Lulu Is, Essence of Pair, lucido gender of work that opens innumerable perspectives of conferences, of interpretations and, then , of staged. It knows rapport perturbadora that has maintained Berg with laws of edges, the that has had joins daughter when elder of seventeen years so only, has had joins the link with married woman has joined. A boy that no alive practically never and of the that has not attended . But, it is also In Alwa that has projected Berg the-same, pair of character essence mixed and a bit ambivalent. Finally, we do not forget That Berg was a lot has marked pair the death of Manon, the daughter of his big Soul friend Mahler, dead that inspires lucido the concert touches an angel and that have influenced partly the final writing of Lulu. In rodeo, listens and see Lulu is also A bit contemplate some appearances of the life of Berg the-same, of the flavour of edges touches the provocation and the radicalidad gives place, radicalidad that has expressed high and strong that gives it main precentors of the dodécaphonisme total, absolute and without any concession.

Confidences the realisation to a metteur in scene like Krysztof Warlikowski is certainly take the deliberate risks of has joined approximated also radical and décapante so much the man The fashionable personnel has marked, joins the natural inclination touches the provocation, to modernity, wins it to underline this that he and the besides glauque in his lyric characters (cf his fantastic Medea recently example of pair).

Here, Krysztof Warlikowski The visibly decided to do of Lulu no the usual wrist a bit naïve at the beginning, the toy gives men and of the his fantasmes, victim quite malchanceuse give circumstances of the life but to embody joins woman psychopathe, adrede ready to everything touches to arrive to his fins, manipulating world of edges, sure of his charms and abusing to the excess games to do yield his feeble control gives viriles that takes in his rêts like his flies agglutinate to the sud a paper gluant.

In transposant the Action of days of knots (one gives given of Krysztof Warlikowski), underlines the universality. Doing half of the significant way gives young danseurs and especially danseuses that they plough his laws (of way a bit too long and theatrical in spite of), in fact gives observer involontaires that the life can reserve him besides horrible all does his figurants of the stray innocence has joined, that that has been also joins young danseuse first to finalise in pute of footpath.

With One such party-goring, fails the personality joined of games of iron to assume lucida function and is little say that Barbara Hanningan finds there one of his functions of big plus. His plastic Of sleep, the pair has underlined that spends lucido clearer of the first law in lingerie scene of the sud, in the source joins fatal woman to the little cold beauty, creates in the vision that in the Krysztof Warlikowski. Here it is it Joins Lulu that no An am cold to the eyes, loans to all his lusts of those who in any one saves glorious-has chosen, games to arrive to his first fins of his own cupidité, that gives men that in profitent, his psychopathie does not press he in his bajuras. His clear voice, quite little charnue, any Source that reinforces joins type of cold determination before to change in dismissal.

Of general way, the distribution is of another side of all the plan of prime minister. On it will have known sure enough of the the besides glorious individualities aforáis in the each one one gives functions, but the pair of together strikes his vocal coherence and a game of actors that continuous a lot. The alone shadow to the picture is a proxénète visibly to the combs Touches maîtriser the edges that reports the function joins tessiture of tenor quite tall perchée duplicated to be able to joined of the emission that the defect. This Action closely is of so more to underline that it gives it the initially planned singers was victim of a grave accident the first day the première and that have done to fault the like all recalibrer in urgency, that lucido defect of the access of the boss joins first week of the general and that B. Hannigan Has taken here Function of Edges. Everything Touches a maximum risk finally superbement has controlled.

Further of the weakness of the give singers, some elements of staged will have been able to agacer. Lucido Resorted excessive to the Video, a lot of rubbishes, the pair of arrival overburdens a purpose that the spectator/of auditor took it, thank you. He doublage of the guardian of the pair of Zoo joins voice of product a décalage the pair underlined it captation to the for main flat video and ameno joins confusion in the understanding that it is that .

But, seen Lucido level closely, seen the coherence of the purpose and of illustration of edges, in pode no it admirer lucido result. Some will escape to good scandalous insurance to the scandal. It touches my part, I and see the exceptional realisation has joined, voluntarily indignant, any dénuée of the defects but that will mark his alcohols and continuous of installer Barbara Hannigan among his very big specialists of current lyric singers of the contemporary. Had already has ascertained in 'The Glorious Macabro' of Ligeti and, more recently still, in 'Written on skin' of G. Benjamin. She no done That confirmation with force. Bluffant.

Top Customer Reviews: This Is Your Life - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
4 / 5
Like this leading reviewer has said his to add that dvd is the free region eg games on all dvd players. Have enjoyed looks Chard Davis an icon. Looking his smoke is gone in TV that to era of different era! Ossia Yours life the American version is lighter humoured that English version. I add partorisca see Vincent estimativa and Some Carpenters. Especially exciting was Laurel and Hardy his an and only time in television. Recommended.
5 / 5
Agrees this TYV show. And to the equal that remembers this show of television! It was differet partorisca say a less. And it was television 'alive' when any one has been surprised suddenly. Agree a some concealed has not wanted to spend for with him? Near of Edwards of Ralph on a subject with old-old friends, familiar membners and those who know those who more exiting of rear phase when Ralph finally gone back to a studio with a subject in a spotlight.. And it has had some will agree to like ROY ROGERS like a lot of joked , 'included his horse TRIGGER cried' when Roy that sees his old and friends lost long familyu was in fact hard and almsot embarrasing. Still, Edwards pulled was weekly and was the show of upper TV. Copy -the shows of cat have followed , comprising a some for Dick at all like an original Edqrds has done..'Alive'...With out modifying was anything says and fact. If it likes the television 'alive' in punctual b/ will love this collection! ... It is the plot of fun..!
4 / 5
To be sincere, has expected to look this dips & for the sell quickly behind in Ebay or but his like this wonderful and a lot of packaged, that touches the keeper that I cherish. They are the creature of 51 years boomer and looks to like all a greats was still alive when it was the boy and my knowledge and the curiosity has been limited behind then and a lot really is anything in these greats or appreciate them like me I maintaining. The majority of some people in this DVD he in his own with his talent, the charisma & of to the charm does not like a phoney a lot of talented has no of business to be to the types of celebrities have considered likes them Bet Hilton & an endless ilk.
In all the chance, was wonderful to see to to the these wonderful people likes them-Laurel & Hardy, Abbott & Costello, Jayne Mansfield, etc., Coming alive with real people in the spontaneous dipping any assaid does not dip on for some pr be of person they with his has wanted to some, has lost partners along, etc. Lou Costello especially touched & breaks one of some spontaneous cracks has improvised more pleasant has has not listened never. Jayne Mansfield Finds like the really wonderful person also and can see reason his daughter Marissa Haggerty exited like the law of class.
This would do the wonderful present for your parents & any creature boomer the one who loses some years of marvel of yesterday.
4 / 5
The packaging Adds, good booklet, jumpy selection that goes of Laurel and Hardy to Some Carpenters. Has the feeling will not be seeing a numerous other episodes in of the officials dvdes. It looks as if a historical and educational plus, a less ask the serious TV, both in dvdes and retro TV.
5 / 5
Has expected with the anticipation adds for this together. Has come finally, and when I have burst he to the mine DVD of 1.5 players of years, any of some disks in these neighbours would touch in the Toshiba player. It has had to that take them to another player has, the new plus a, the Panasonic.

Ossia scary. Still, I like a together.

A lot included Has to you like some of some stars in these disks; so only seeing his reactions, his horror be on 'Is Is Your Life', and his sometimes disingenuous the reactions the people is entertainment adds.

Is also sad to see some of these people those who are no longer with us, as Karen Carpenter and Jayne Mansfield. Karen is looked to be so only an innocent, wide-eyed, all-American daughter the one who rocketed the fame, so only to die too punctual. That the cutie. And Jayne really 'touched' his goodnesses in television, but can say that under a glitzy surface was the woman the one who has concerned in his the one who was anything but transmission.

And has Jack Cassidy, a 'hammy' husband of Shirley Jones, and any the one who also died too punctual.

Still, these are fascinating glimpses to some private lives of famous people. Sometimes they look uncomfortable, there are plots and to the a lot of pregnant pauses likes them to them the stumble of of people for words.

Recommended, precaution.
4 / 5
A for real wonderful collection of classical shows. I have read that Ralph Edwards is spent was shortly after this together has been released. I expect that any one chooses on legislations to this fascinating serious and episodes of emissions more punctual. Really it would like to have a Buster Keaton programs on DVD. This collection is excellent this in spite of. Highly recommended!
4 / 5
Wow This one take behind! I have used to look this show with my mother behind in a 50 this-60 is and has not lost never an episode! There are so many actors add, actoras, and other prominent people have represented here and that it has to that say is still fascinating today! It solves behind and to the sample likes him George Burns, Dick Clark, Betty White, Bobby Darin, Jayne Mansfield, Milton Drink them (Uncle Miltie), and Are Laurel & Oliver Hardy go in a lot another is surprised and have entertainment with Ralph host Edwards and see the one who fellow professors , forwards, and has sawed-the look of workers to celebrate with them.

Top Customer Reviews: Six Characters in ...

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This was the famous (and a bit scholarly) game partorisca synchronise that it means partorisca 1920 audience that was the work of diving of a "Theatre of An Absurd". This DVD presents the very unusual but the version adds of this game, that changes a situation of the phase the TV of studio of Hollywood where the actors are gathered partorisca treat the rehersal. Suddenly some professionals are interrupted for six characters those who allege that they are part of the work of an author the one who has not completed never his history and is looking for partorisca have his much more interesting work has treated. (In the does not know never if really they exist at all) A manager, (John Houseman) listens to the a lot of convincing arguement of "A Father" (Andy Griffith)the one who presents his chance to the equal that to reason his "game" it has to that be fact and incredibly dominate an action of this point. There are some real surprises here! Good direction for Stacey Keach. An appearance for his edges James Keach likes "Some Edges". An only turn the part of a work involves interracial idyll (a step that imports in 1976) and perhaps a big plus stunner of everything, Andy Griffith likes "A Father" test that is more than just the simple country bumpkin sheriff in the start of his functions of usual good type. Of course all the world gives was one was in that this is to be do in dress and hairstyles (1976) but is still an unusual and intelligent adaptation of a classical absurdist game that cost your time and investment.

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An extreme disappointment felt with which in the first place looking this Midsummer the sleep of the night has been tempered the little for subsequent viewings, but has to that very sure in my alcohol that ossia the seriously defective action .

With the pair of exceptions keys that will take to in the minute, is hard to blame individual interpreters. They vary of quite good to glorious. The upper prize goes to Damien Nash, whose impish the looks and the voice dipped the benchmark for a function of Puck. It is far better that a quite plummy and Stephen Terry rigid in an old 1960 registering directed for a composer. Some lovers absolve well, particularly Cynthia Buchan in a function of Hermia and Felicity Lott likes Helena. His Law 2 piece is appropriately catty, hard how is to imagine any one taking exception to a never-delicious Flott. Lieuwe Lived And Claire Powell extracted well in some small parts of Theseus and Hippolyta, a bit less stuffy that John Shirley-Quirk and Helen Watts in a 1960 register. Individually a Rustics is well, Curt Appelgren like Inferior and Patrick Può like the flute that deserves special mentions. Power does more than Flute/Thisbe that a portrait of tugs of the level of queen and Appelgren gives the Pyramus/Inferior the one who reports compassion as well as laugh.

According to which perfomances is concerned, is some fairies those who has left a side down (Puck excepted), beginning with Oberon and Tytania. James Bowman Oberon, hooting out of a forest, has a row of vocal and visual expression of the sty stuffed. Ileana Cotrubas Looks to believe Tytania is producing the ad of toothpaste. Flies of time in of the boots of goodnesses when any one is on phase. It goes the Deller and Harwood in an old Britten registering to listen like these functions would owe that be sung, and unless your imagination is entirely atrophied will summon on visions that is far upper to that is in aims here. Regarding a rest of a crew of fairy, taking to one of some serious weaknesses of this action.

Ossia He 1981 register , and the video of work have come the million miles of then. The managers give that that spends for acting of the distance of 50 feet or more, does not escape a scrutiny of a camera. If by means of on-of test or so only reason the boys will be boys , this together of fairies is a less inspired, more transparently there is you bored never found in this world-wide or a prójimo. A camera occasionally zooms in in a face of some boy the one who patently quite be kicking the ball around outside so only then. So only in an a lot of well, as they file has sung 'With this field-the dew consecrates' does a camera takes anything remotely impish, a fairy deliberately that launches his dew of field in a face of a fairy behind him.

In fact a whole production is clearly earthbound, the failure to the designer, the manager and the manager jointly can dip claim. An essence of this work is light and shadow, contrast among yard, realm of fairy and rustics, among the summer is night and day, among sleeps and wakefulness. This light and shadow, a magic of the midsummer night, would have to be an interaction among visuals and music during a work. But here we have insiemi monochromatic (yes, knows is night , May .........) It has sustained of monochromatic music. Haitink plods By means of a bookmark. The rhythms are slack, the instrumental colour is subdued. A duetting among instrument and voice, witty give and take concealed is such the characteristic of one 1960 register, is almost totally absentee here. The details of entities are lost. For one of the examples of hundred, listens vanamente for a modulation to shout that it accompanies Demetrius has interested wooing of Helena in Law 2, likes plug-tingling in an old register, so that there is down-has declared here.

Haitink Is directing is somnolent, Peter Room is directing hardly helps. After a long introduction, atmospheric to Do 2 a Rustics roams to a phase like some spectators in of the loose ends during an interval of half time of the party of boring football. A scene that follows, so that Shakespeare resupplies acres of potentially material of comic, is leaden.

Surely, in a like this full work of fantasy, to the imagination will inspire the creation dipped to run annoyance? No. One a concession to the fantasy that trees of movements - fail comically. That can do in the phase is redolent of at all so like this unsavoury men in trenchcoats in row of camera to the equal that choose out of shadowy stagehands redistribute a foliage.

And look for vanamente for visual communication among interpreters. Seldom they speak to eachother in planting to sing was to an auditorium, turning this the majority of interactive of works to something that to sung.

No, far sooner listens to a 1960 Aldeburgh action and leave mine full imagination in a visuals. Britten Is directing is in joins it totally different to Haitink is. I have not seen other DVDES versions of Midsummer the sleep of the night, but know this work a lot well and mine this version sells it sadly short.
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Are not the Britten defender, as it can not be the good judge of a quality of a work and a composition. His works are very odd to sing and on-line of history. I think an only work of his that I at least the averages enjoyed is 'Billy Budd.' A libretto in soyidsummer' is in English, which is a bit useful, , but one has to that read a history is to be able to follow his good progress. Any melody, of course, but ossia Britten. I have forced almost to complete it (several weeks to see and not seeing ) and then read a line of history, which, of course, I ought to do first; but I supposition I wanedt to take a DVD has spent to say that I saw it!
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Are not an expert on acts, or has included on like the work is filmed; this in spite of, am coming to be something of an expert in a filming of Shakespeare is 'A Midsummer Prejudice' Dreamed. Ossia A sixth rendition of a game has seen, which have done the point to see with subtitles. Operatic English is grieve easier that listen intelligibly that operatic German, Italian, or French.

Of a music so only can say Britten is not in joins it same likes Mozart and Wagner. So only compare this to 'A Magic Flute', and a difference is palpable. Ossia Of entity, reason likes them the history of Mozart, a Britten / version of the pears of Shakespeare underlines a plot of history of the fairy, and is dipped mainly in a has loved the forest esincluso join external of Atene' to fulfil that, his lop of the scarce but essential scene with Theseus, Hippolyta, Hermia, Demetrius, and Lysander. Hermia The father is listed not even in a mould. Shakespeare has used this scene to establish the critical tension in a history. For any the one who is interested to abridge a game, ossia the useful device , and work reasonably well. When A four youngster Athenians wake in dawning, a character of some transmissions of forests of brooding to the brilliants and the flower has fill. We do not see Theseus' palaces until some final scenes, took up for a soyechanicals' game inside the game, which is done roughly as well as the majority other films, but with bit it less hamming he up for Subordinated, as James Cagney done in 1935 film

Of some soloists, the majority of them looked perfectly adapted to his functions, but there is an enormous exception, James Bowman in a function of Oberon. One valuing for a function has been written for the 'tenor of counter', a main row for singers viriles, bordering in falsetto and castrated flange. It is in a same row like the half woman soprano function. A row was to populate in flange of Renaissance, but has fallen in hard time. It was down renaissance with an appearance of Alfred Deller, the one who has sung in this row, and the one who has touched Oberon in a 1960 action of prime minister. The my ears, has touched enough out of character. Some interpretations of Oberon I like a more touch, and all his minions, except Puck, like the quite dark character in contrast to a lightness of Tatiana attendees. This interpretation of a history done the bit more than Tatiana Indian east paramour. A 1935 film touches that up. The majority another look of versions if virtually ignore the subplot.

Like usual, one more entertains it the scenes were these with a soyechanicals', which requires one the majority of creative acting. This production, likes a bit interpretations, has chosen the actor 'big' to touch a function of 'Fund of bully', which is sung by the baritone of basses, the row that bridges a two other rows, used by Wagnerian heroines. A second more interesting function, Puck, taking very short shrift, reason is touched of the young boy, probably any much older that 12, the one who has a lot of the few lines, and those who does not sing . And, the difference of a date of latitude Mickey a lot young Rooney in a 1935 film, this boy takes any casualidad to ham he up.

A production has been done totally in the phase, or in the phase of sound has dressed to look the classical phase. A scenery diverse a lot little of scene the scene, as any of some wide and glorious effects, especially with the ballet of a 1935 production of Hollywood is view. One the majority of the ready effect in the phase was that some the background trees means was giant sized puppets, essentially dressed for people those who could move roughly, although an effect has not been used excepts to give the sense of an alive forest, resembled Fangorn Forest.

If this production was to offer anything to any the one who desires to dramatize Shakespeare, could be with seeing the one who musical decorations Britten has given to those scenes. That some have been presented with drums and that with horns.