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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5 Laquita
Although Tammi Terrell is known more partorisca his duets with Marvin Gaye, those were so only a tip of an iceberg. (BTW, has not been married NEVER to Any, much less the Hernias Terrell. It adopts a last name Terrell so only reason was shorter that his name of birth Montgomery.) Thanks to some clues of prize on Disk 2, some duquel was previously unreleased, T takes his foreseen any like this M partner of duet, but like the artist of only. Partorisca These lovely gems, does not leave never with this collection partorisca all of the money in a world. It is not nothin' as what real in fact; this collection is.
5 / 5 Mark
EUA All knows these songs, a reason partorisca buy this compilatation is a tehcncial brilliance, each yard is crisp, clear and with beautiful digital remastering which is a artform in and of him and is has spent often for big. The majority of these songs has looked in a 1960' likes clean an old that produced that has been dulled partorisca the years for soot and CD comes partorisca roar behind with a youthful zip of Marvin young (and his partners) doing Motown history and dipping the bookmark partorisca a whole decade
5 / 5 Emely
Excellent collection of all 3 album, and the good quantity of outtakes, alternating, and befores and dessert. A container adds on 2 CD is. Appearance Motown will do more containers like this one. There is so only the handful of songs that is like this-like this, but another that that, calm can any gone bad. A quality of his east orders also. Like the little of another reviewers, would adapt them in a liner-remark infomation the be that lacking of. But, it gives the good idea otherwise.
4 / 5 Brittani
Theis The description is not the critique of a music that is of a main quality and touches excellent, but of a scarce character of a liner notes. Yes, they develop that Valerie Simpson sings in the majority of "Easy," but they do not say of the that the songs sings. If it does not sing everything of some songs, who , It is Tammi, or more? If it is Tammi, when it has been registered, and is true duets, or Marvin overdub like him in a second album? Motown Also resupplies the cast of singers of backup, but failure to indicate the one who sings in that songs. This day and age of endless repackaging, there is really any excuse partorisca ignore the information of clue detailed.
4 / 5 Consuelo
In that went it the defender of Marvin & Tammi in fact a lot of years, ossia a sound of any only Motown, but the true amour in shape pure. Unfortunately, Tammi Terrell has not been given his foreseen during his all too much in rodeo lifetime and career. This in spite of, this collection gives his partidários the new perspective of his work registered and try that was in fact the suns has re-created in a form of duets. Ossia An exceptional collection and personally, can not take enough of him. An only thing that loses is Marvin classical and Tammi 'Wry-the row Announces' of '67. Motown Please release more like the partidários has been asking.
5 / 5 Craig
A lot Motown the partidários likes-me, and Motown the daughters fans especially will find this the a lot of in satisfactory compilation. As well as bringing together all some albums of duet of a prime minister released in a wave of his prime ministers solteros sucedido, to an end attemp to touch in in a popularity of pairs with Valarie Simpson that it is in still a very ailing Tammi. Valarie Does to convince it rendition of Tammi vocal fashion although once it knows is his flange with Marvin, listen a difference and he look to try too hard with one of the sud drawl (ossia very evident on 'A song of Onion' the doing the bit of the risk for motown the issuing like the solo at the same time!). Another characteristic sum of this neighbour is to fill besides (perhaps included all) of some empty in Tammi Terrells the laws have registered. Like a lot of Motown artists, a majority of his work remained in a can, although ossia any reflection in his quality! Oh And it does not forget to verify out of an underlying clue in a start of disk a! Game of press and rewind to a pre-follow minus figure. Motown HAS there is finally @@give that we want to more just emissions of old classics!
5 / 5 Reynalda
Theis The description is not the critique of a music that is of a main quality and touches excellent, but of a scarce character of a liner notes. Yes, they develop that Valerie Simpson sings in the majority of "Easy," but they do not say of the that the songs sings. If it does not sing everything of some songs, who ? It is Tammi, or more? If it is Tammi, when it has been registered, and is true duets, or Marvin overdub like him in a second album? Motown Also resupplies the cast of singers of backup, but failure to indicate the one who sings in that songs. This day and age of endless repackaging, there is really any excuse partorisca ignore the information of clue detailed.

Top Customer Reviews: The Very Best Of: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5 Kara
Some good tunes, that there is wanted always listen too much but has forgotten on some years. It is it likes to discover his throughout again.

Top Customer Reviews: The Definitive ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 25 ratings
5 / 5 Denise
Amur A comîliation of the songs chosen partorisca this together of CD. Lionel Richie is the add and exceptionally talented artist and listening his music always amena of the rear memories of fond moments , softer in my life!
4 / 5 Valery
Vintage Richie - as smooth, And the one who the present to have all this music inside a man.
4 / 5 Krystin
Excellent collection of Lionel Ritchie swipes. A quality of a CD is a lot very too much.
4 / 5 Hiroko
5 / 5 Leeann
Disappointed Of the audible quality of the coffret.
4 / 5 Beatrice
Awesome CD Lionel in his better! Touched in mine Bose system; a register is flawless.
5 / 5 Silvana
Seldom considered likes one of some composers of utmost/singer of @1970s and @@@1980s, Lionel Richie has has had certainly his action of swipes, both with a Commodores and like the artist of only. His rests of big profile today, and has released recently a "So only Partorisca You" album.
Is quite easy to find your preferred Lionel Richie follows here. If you enjoy "Three Times A Lady", "All prejudices it Long (All night)", "calm Said, Say me" or " bundle in a Ceiling", calm will not be disappointed thus cd. It was surprised certainly to find that my song of Lionel of the favourite, 1992 " he My", it has been comprised, of then is an only one of the his only Motown single any to paste a cup 10 this is to comprise here (1987 "The he' also the has not done a cup 20 but is not comprised here). Have enjoyed also some of his songs that was big swipes his first time was but no the big today: "Stuck On You", "Lover of Penny", "Dancer Daughter", " you are" and "those Careers With A Night".
Lionel has registered some new clues for this album also. "To Love A Woman" it is the country - tinged Enrique Inglesias duet that harkens behind to some of his earlier work, and "Goodbye", the simple piano - pipe ballads of the one who there was mentido of roots in "For real" and "Easy".
Has the little cup 10 swipes that loses of this cd that would have has wanted to having seen included, both only and with A Commodores. They are:
"Sweet Amour" (number 5)
"House of Brick" (number 5)
"Crown ( port On)" (number 8)
"Oh Any" (number 4)
"My Amour" (number 5)
"the amour will conquer All (number 9)
These songs averts, ossia an excellent collection of classical music that it would be necessary to be it cherished for years to come. Also, it chooses on a aformentioned "So only For You" cd, and take daughter Nicole of Lionel on Vixen "A Simple Life".
5 / 5 Ardelia
Lionel Richie is certainly one of some composers of better/singer to surface in some last 30 years. Of his series of swipes with A Commodores his incredible career of swipes of solos that mapea upper, there is there is certainly has established. This together, titled 'A Definite Collection', reaffirms his place in history of music. True, there are things influences it roughly. Several clues are missing ('Oh Any', 'House of Brick', 'the amour will conquer All', that The', soyachine Gun', ' does not want to Lose ', a continuous cast in), more is not for chronological order. But it is quite hard to contest with a selection of clue in this cd.
Start with a plaintive alvation', this album is a exhilerating pursues by means of some of some songs more are in history of American music. To the Songs the 'Like All the prejudices he Long (All night)', 'Dance in a Ceiling', 'Easy' (with A Commodores), 'Three Times A Lady' (with A Commodores), esay You, Say me' and a duet of Ross of timeless Aim 'Endless Amour' has resulted firmly engraved in American culture. But to the some clues like like this a lot is one of some concealed is not recognised as well as another. To the Songs the 'Like Lover of Penny', estuck In Calm' and especially ' he Me , the one who with his lovely arrangment and breathtaking vocals, would have to has been the strike it big plus (only 21 in a Heat 100). I also 'Ángel' enjoyed, which is the song of the dance adds . Some two new clues, Enrique to swing Duet of Churches 'to Love A Woman' and a powerful 'Goodbye', show that Lionel has not lost his magic touch.
I really the hope considers to buy this album, especially is the defender of Lionel Richie and his music. If it is soul of the funky is doing or gorgeeous writes ballads, know you that will want to. My only complaint is that mine cd there is not coming with a prize of 5 disk of songs!
4 / 5 Tamica
Has seen so only this another day and has has had to that the buy. I have forgotten so only the one who the songs of amour add Lionel Richie has written and has sung. I have forgotten the one who solid an album "it Can not Retard Down" it was. I have forgotten also so only that BIG was in @1980s. It averts of Michael Jackson and, for the brief time, Prince, Lionel Richie dominated a airwaves. Still expensive a map of country (24 to be esatti) with "Stuck on You." If ossia a chance , then reason is his behind catalogs no like this celebrated likes Jackson is or the prince is? "A Definite Collection" so only it begs for Richie to be reintroduced to the whole new generation of defenders of pops and critics. This neighbour is assisted for an inclusion of his songs of better amour of the his tenure with a Commodores, particularly "Easy," "Three Times the Lady" and "Sail On." His swipes of only measure on enough well with these clues, espeically "Salvation," "All prejudices it Long (All night)," " you are" and "calm Said, Say me." Of course, the little of Richie the that strikes the big plus is too saccharine for my flavour--clues like "For real" and his blockbuster duet with Diana Ross, "Amur Endless," tip to try hard to achieve a majesty that is achieved with such ease in some songs has mentioned on. A collection the row done was to an end. " He my" it is well, but "Dancer Daughter" it is forgettable and "Ángel" it is bad ( sounds like the parody of Expensive " it believes," but the, unfortunately, is not ). Of some two new courses, "Goodbye" it is a better ... Aiming that Richie still can do music of wonderful chamber. I predict That Lionel Richie will be a house of the renaissance inside a prójimo few years. He so that it takes cynical critics all these years to admit that it have him to him legustado really Burt Bacharach, these same people would have to that give @ a voice adds and underrated songwriting talent of Lionel Richie.
4 / 5 Lavonda
Of a booklet: "to to Lionel likes to reflect. It wants to speak music."
Of course fact. Any one have has had to that took you sucedido how is had for some last 20 + years? A Definite Collection follows an example of Richie leading two compilations, To the rovescio and For real: Some Songs of Amur, in that comprises big swipes of Lionel Richie stay with A Commodores and his projects of suns. But it is not exactly like these two leading compilations, is better.
For one, is developed to 20 songs, comprising 2 new register. Lionel Richie is known more partorisca east his skill in writing and treating songs of amour. The majority of a classical sappy ballads that all know by heart is here: "Salvation", "Easy", "Sail In", "For real", "Amur Endless", etc. The majority of them is excellent to listen to when you are feeling peaceful or roughly life in general.
Likes almost everything of some esongs of amour', especially "calm Said, Say me", "Easy", and "Stuck On You". A side of Lionel Richie music that is always state fonder of, this in spite of, is a more upbeat clues. So only listen to a flawless vocals of "those Careers With A Night" like the synthesizers are listened in a fund. " You are" it is perhaps another song of amour, but is also quite arrive-time and extremely catchy. And then it has a song of definite party that does not cease never to impulse your alcohols and the frames want to dance although you are taste and of calm no bundle , "All prejudices it Long (All night)". Finally, you can not having has not listened never a song "Ángel" in your life, but no skip on that. It is A lot of underrated, in my opinion. Has some the poetic papers would expect of Lionel Richie, a voice familiarised, and the one who any wait: the good, modern arrive it the time has beaten. "Ángel" has something in common with some last two songs in an album ("to Love A Woman" when being the duet with Enrique Chiese): it tries that Lionel still has it.
A Definite Collection Is one the majority of definite collection a world has seen of Lionel Richie like this far. Of course it is not to perfect, this in spite of. You will remark that there is the few gems disappeared that it wishes it to you was on here, like "My Amour" and "the amour will conquer All". But until I see to better compilation and have he in my hands, A Definite Collection will be the recommendation of 5 stars of me.
P.D. - A booklet that comes with a CD are adds. It comprises the short biography of Lionel Richie pursues of music and the cast that big each song achieved in a pop, r & b, and adults contemporary maps.
4 / 5 Patrina
Yes, Lionel Richie has has had to that done two collections of swipes in a first phase of the DEFINITE COLLECTION- but To the ROVESCIO stray likes quota it paste so that the comprised, and FOR REAL: The SONGS of AMUR has contained so only his ballads. How it is welcome that 2002 is The DEFINITE COLLECTION in fact tries to live until his character to the equal that to definite compilation, and felizmente, he the very good work in recopilar Richie the main swipes, together with two new songs that it is well, but still forgettable ("to Love the Woman" and "Goodbye").
While listening to this album, is easy to see reason Richie was such the only populate artist during a @@@1980s, likes quota of of these songs have been a test of time with grace, if they are numbers of dance like "All prejudices it Long (All night)" and " bundle in a Ceiling"; midtempo pieces like "those Careers With a Night" and " you are"; and ballads that "Amur Endless"; "For real"; and "Salvation." It is also well that five ballads of a Commodores (all directed for Richie) also does to this collection, as they help to say reasons Richie is remained the staple in the adult irradiates contemporary on some years (especially "Easy" and "Three Times the Lady," two of some better songs in a gender). This has said, The DEFINITE COLLECTION is still not perfecting; still it is that it loses the little only big swipes like "Him the," "the amour will conquer Everything," and "My Amour," and still although a nonchronological sequencing here is not bad at all, he still done a global collection feels incomplete.
But this still has the majority of Richie big numbers in all the chance, both suns and with a Commodores, and these big numbers are like this although they a shortcomings of a collection forgivable. This can not be the entirely definite collection, but is still quite terrific in all the chance. Recommended for any the one who enjoys the adult irradiates contemporary.
4 / 5 Gavin
Ossia Lionel better Richie available collection to date. A figure of Definite Collection of 25 clues (5 prize of song the disk comprised): 8 songs of a Commodores and 17 for Lionel Richie. A collection of leading swipes, 1992 alone disk "To the rovescio" it is covered entirely here, minus "Destiny" and "Amur, Oh Amur". Also a 1997 compilation, "Songs of Amur", it is everything here except "the amour will conquer all" and a Commodores swipe "Sweet Amour". His hard to quibble with an exclusion of "Sweet Amour" and more anything for a Commodores considering joined several long anthologies and of the albums of available swipes thus group. A question is a Commodores' the songs of amour have sung for Richie is considered for a lot likes Lionel Richie songs, for this a reason a big plus some are in this collection. A collection is not chronological, the start was with Richie "Salvation" of '83 I clue for a Commodores' "So only to be after your" roughly '76, but he still works because a @@subject and the way of some songs is looked. Two new songs arrival of a main disk: "to love the woman" (with Enrique Chiese) and "Goodbye". A 5 prize of clue the disk comprises three more than a Commodores: a unreleased alternating mix of "Zoom","Oh Any", and the clue has hid 5 - the classical of a Commodores (can guess that it is?) And two more than Richie: early working version of "it Can not Retard Down" and "Lady", which the a lot of people probably think Kenny Rogers has written. A Definite Collection would have to that please any defender, random or no, and touch a better way to take Lionel essential Richie clues in the suns reasonably priced CD.
Look: it Follows 15 in fact it can it wants to try to dance in your ceiling, but no quell'would advise . He no any time tried it. I have taken hurt.
5 / 5 Deidre
Lionel Richie finally takes to return the retrospective with The DEFINITE COLLECTION, which covers more earth that To the ROVESCIO and FOR REAL/The SONGS of AMUR has done. Besides his mark ballads (that to be sincere, master alvation', 'Easy', 'Lover of Penny', estuck In Calm', esay You, Say me', ' he My', 'Dancer Daughter', and 'Goodbye'; I can not be 'Endless Amour' and 'Three Times A Crown' reason am too saccharine and like this overplayed, and a rest is well.) But a uptempo the songs are so only terrific. 'All the prejudices he Long (All night)' was a prime minister Lionel Richie the song has not listened never; this song amena for behind the so many good memories. 'Running With A Night' the sounds like the piece add of 80 synth-pops with all these discharges of keyboards and a obligatory so only of electrical guitar. And ' bundle in a Ceiling' is the pleasure has blamed, he goofily the contagious wave dance floor informative (behind in '88 I has bought a tape to DANCE IN THE CEILING and he agree me travesías of long street among Houston and The Step that has used to take with my family.) Some two new clues are decent; 'to Love A Woman' is the soulful duet with Enrique Chiese that touch as to leftover of Churches' EVASION, while 'Goodbye' is Lionel classical Richie Ballad in a mould of alvation' and 'For real'. A disk of the prize of edition has limited contains 5 clues: 'Zoom', 'Oh Any', 'Can not Retard Down' (early working version), 'Lady' and, like a unlisted clues, 'House of Brick', which a disk of prize the keeper. This collection could be easily be the full collection of 2 disks, perhaps that will surface in a future. In all the chance, ossia Lionel better Richie CD never.
5 / 5 Zane
From time to time, has the for real definite composer. A like this worthy person of there that of talents, that all the world-wide really can say give the graces for these ballads and memories. Lionel Richie, is the perfect example to this state. Of his days with A Commodores, there is crafted some of some the majority of good-looking songs of our generation. In spite of, with each more Utmost Swipes the record concealed starts, there is always the lack of house inside the record, especially one this would have to that sides to aim stronger and the better sense of grace.
Motown 2003 Definite Collection, is the retrospective of the points have underlined of Lionel like the law of only, and with A Commodores. An album is mostly looked his collection of Swipes more Utmost forwards, To the rovescio. Although this collection tries to build some more goodies to some links. An album also looks two new registers, as well as his the majority of Ángel unexpectedly recent of song. Also, there is another for real swipes in this collection, likes Says Said, Salvation, those Careers With A Night, and All prejudices it Long. An album also comprises some of his swipe Commodores classics likes, Still, Three Times A Lady, and So only to Be After the yours.
Unfortunately, a lack of album of any devotion of Lionel Richie registers of Mercurio, Time, and Stronger That Words. Still, for these Motown defenders, ossia for real have to that has retrospective of one of our more utmost composers in history of music, and further.
5 / 5 Bo
Ossia Lionel 3rd compilation that follows To the rovescio (1992) and For real-Some Songs of Amur (1997). 12 Of the the reverse the songs are in 20 collection of clue. If you possess For real, that 12 of his songs are also in this CD. But the Definite collection undermines the little big deeper that this another two. It adds " bundle in a Ceiling" and " you are", both Cup 5 only paste concealed has not been in another CD is. Some could ask reasons 5 Commodores the songs are comprised when 2 Short 10 swipes of suns: "My Amour" and "the amour will conquer All" it is not here, but my only complaint with this strategy is that has to that the left was Lionel first ballad swipe with a Commodores: 1975 "Sweet Amour". Some 2 new songs are good and does not touch out of place in this collection. A liner the notes are 2003-current with to plot to look for behind Richie he. Ossia Lionel better and compilation that touch more. SPECIAL NOTE: some the initial versions of this CD have comprised to 5 prize of clue CD. Some listings of clue are: Commoders - Zoom (the mix of alternating long version), Commoderes - Oh Any (original version), Lionel- Can not Retard Down (different takes on clue of title of album), Lionel- Upper (1998 version of Kenny Rogers' 1 paste that Richie has written), and Commodores - House of Brick (original version).
5 / 5 Marjorie
Partorisca me, admitting that I like him to him Lionel Richie the music is the little embarrassing. As it Can the rock 'any one the roller admits partorisca like something like "calm Said, Say me?" A response is, partorisca quote Gentleman Richie, is "Easy." Some tunes there is compiled here is almost all heartwarming and catchy, perfect for romance or so only to to that likes to listen. This collection beats a forward "To the rovescio" swipes CD -- after all, is diplomado "Definite." Some two new songs the extras inclusos is GOOD but any enough in one joins of his very better work. A disk of prize is more than the element of the collector that anything those surprised. The songs of Lionel likes them "Sail In" I gave the plot to listen entertainment on some years, but I any quite the row eats a "all-the time adds." My only commentary regarding Richie the place in music of the pop of late 20th century is that so only first to listen this collection has listened Marvin Gaye is "That is Going in" CD. Called "the album More adds them never" for Smokey Robinson, a Gaye the disk dips Lionel the shame. Calm will not find Any Richie song in a Definite Collection that approaches to a magnificence of "Piedad of Piedad M."
5 / 5 Yon
The voice of Lionel is very very dramatic, soft, sweet and romantic.
Is an only person the one who has done the a lot of albums of then beginning in 80 east, one was scolare old, when you go so only after a breaking of a commodores. I comprise that it touches a piano thinks if really it likes me the sound touching sound very romantic. In this cd would see you this signs '' for some songs he
has sung when it was part of a commodores in a 70 east, one was of boxes. A song "Easy", "For real" and "calm Said, Say me" it is a beautiful plus of them all- is to like when you say mirror of mirror in a wall the one who is or that it is a beautiful plus of them everything. There is another concealed is definitly 100 percent has like this add naturie the beauty of everything is " you are" reason some parts in this song says something in a sun and a rain that the song is definitly is beautiful of them everything! This song is a lot of joyful and peaceful-you so only gotta find the song can describe.
I really really like a song " bundle in a Ceiling" it is more than an energetic picker upper and uplifting the time and the rockiest flange his- is a class of the song that the frames want to dance anywhere any room is in, day and night. I give this cd the bookmark-30. Any of you people there those who are Lionel big
Richie to the partidário likes to of him recommends this by all the world there-you gotta the take before it exits of stock.
5 / 5 Hermine
For the time during some eighties few artists viriles, with a remarkable exception of Michael Jackson and perhaps Prince, could allege a start like solid as it conceal of leading Commodores frontman Lionel Richie. Listening to these leaves of collection little marvel to the equal that to reason his popularity soared during a period, gravitating with ease among uptempo('All the prejudices he Long','Dance in a Ceiling') and his mark balladry('For real', esay You, Say me'). Admitted, has not been without sap-has induced feeling from time to time( esalvation' has always grated on me personally), but such sappiness was often outweighed for a sincerity in his action. There is the pair of glaring ommissions( soyy Amur' would have to that it has been comprised), but in general this more than frames up for an incompleteness of his two leading collections.
4 / 5 Brooks
The words can not express the one who wonderful this collection of music is. Combining utmost swipes of a Commodores likes "Three Times A Lady" and "Sail In", Lionel Richie resupplies his partidários a passion, heart, and soul of his music in a Definite Collection. Also comprised with an album is two new clues very listened in any of the his other albums: "Goodbye" and "to Love A Woman (looking Enrique Chiese)". And it spent this now, will receive the first CD this contains four unreleased the songs and the clue have hid; ossia so only for the time has limited. This CD would not owe that be lost for Lionel Richie defender. Calm will not be disappointed.
5 / 5 Tana
Puh-leaze. Where it is 'the amour will find A Way'?!?!? Ossia The "defining" song for Richie IMO. Whelp, so only will owe that burn my own collection of Richie swipes more Utmost. Until these companies records learn that a plus " it can a lot of-alive -w/or" the song does not go them to break to dip in a "DEFINITE" disk, will be to do my own. But, it averts of that, is the quite good clue selection. I guess, it can live w/or that a song, which apparently can any one, reason some first time has listened was in an office of big dentist in Nitrous the oxide that takes my teeth have done on. A dentist dates a step out of an office and I have turned a gas on the little more. It was feelin' gooooooood. This has done so only this song rawk for me.
5 / 5 Kellye
With so many utmost artists taking recognised with definite collections of his more utmost swipes, was so only @subject to time before Lionel Richie would have this honour bestowed his. With 18 big swipes and two new songs, this album remains one of mine favourite and is one the majority of complete collection of his swipes to date.
For him cd with his the majority of popular swipes, "A Definitve Collection" hardly it has beaten it it can be. To the Songs like "Salvation", "Three Times A Lady", "All prejudices it Long", "Amur Endless" (with Diana Ross), "calm Said, Say me" and " bundle in a Ceiling" it is result engraved in culture of American pop and remain radio staples. To the Songs like "Lover of Penny", "Stuck On You" and " you are" the row among his his endeavours fines plus of all the times, while " he My" rests my preferred, with the melody to sweep and it good saxophone, sweet. And then there have it "Ángel". Ossia Such the song adds . Memory to listen this song at least once the day on some emisora irradiate in a way to do. Some two new clues are really special. A counrry - tinged Duet of Churches of Enrique "to Love A Woman" and one pursuing "Goodbye" the test still has to that touch golden.
Alas, is still any one the perfect collection. This could have been the together of two disks , he so that has a lot of songs with A Commodores more some only paste that could have it been comprised. Here the cast of some (if any all) of these songs, more his place of map:
"Machine gun" (number 22)
"Sweet Amour" (number 5)
"House of Brick" ( any knwo exactly the one who his place of summit was, but was the cup 10 swipe)
"Oh Any" (number 4)
"My Amour" (number 5)
"the amour will conquer All" (number 9)
"The he" (number 20)
"no masters Lose" (number 39)
also likes me one to having comprised his alive version of "All prejudices it Long (All night" of some 1984 Olympics like the clue of prize, but otherwise, this adds it cd fill with countless hours of classical music. It takes it today.
5 / 5 Rigoberto
Ossia The very good collection of Lionel Richie read them has done some good work in a past is for real an artist and deserve each prize that there is has not received never there is has written and sung so the songs add all the time is for real the master and deserve his props was the musical geinus and there is extraodinarily the talent but his musical roots have begun with Motown with a Commodores and he some exceptional work with them and for him I so therefore ossia Lionel for real good Richie Collection!!!!!!
5 / 5 Clarine
Growing up in a 80 follows was familar with a music of Lionel Richie. After his recent action in Trinidad, has been adapted of his wonderful music and has begun to look for the collection of his more utmost swipes. This CD has each song that has looked for.
Some new clues try that the has not lost his touch, and his collaboration with Enrique Chiese in clues 19 is breathtaking.
Adds to buy
4 / 5 Chere
ossia the Utmost overview in an of the writer of Better Song of Music to Pop Never.unlas Those that songs are of his COmmodore days&a pair of scarce things on disk two which are fresh to finally have.Always I have enjoyed Lionel Richie Laws this in spite of probably more as the member of a Commodores but this Dips Does justice.
4 / 5 Georgie
Has purchased this CD and I swear to listen his newspaper. It is very scarce now days to find the CD that can listen you to of an extreme to the another without skipping any clues. This album is a lot has thought has begun of selections of song and creation of clue. You will be taken of an extreme to the another.
Is the look @subject total in him that each song is very compared when it buy the new CD for this artist this new plus was and so only like 3 or 4 of songs max out of 12 clues in a CD.
Would recommend this album by all the world to the equal that have to that has in your collection esp. For these lovers there :)
One+++ All a way!! (P.D. BTW Are 25.ºt/Or and some of these songs go back before it is born or close too that. As it is not so only for some people those who was 15-25 behind then, these selections are for real "Timeless Classics" this in spite of can be touched today without feeling unbefitting or embarrassed.
Honradamente Wishes that has had the newest artist was today that I can say a same thing roughly has had 25 years veintiuno years of now. It has to that well sure that some songs in this album will be a test of time and still will be touched for years to come.

Top Customer Reviews: Very Best ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 14 ratings
4 / 5 Rozanne
Ossia The CD adds . A quality of his, clarity, is 100. Has everything of the better swipes of Marvin.
Can not go bad, and would recommend it to any one interested in his music adds, and his voice.
4 / 5 Ralph
Wow, it adds partorisca listen, the value adds partorisca a ' Plus of ' type of album.
5 / 5 Bong
CD is obviously fantastic, especially is the defender ! You love it.
4 / 5 Jamie
have have to that gone back lucido CD but everything is well has developed.
4 / 5 Leonida
CD is obviously fantastic, especially yes is the defender ! You love it.
5 / 5 Elina
Wow, Adds partorisca listen, the value adds partorisca a ' Plus of ' type of album.
4 / 5 Reatha
Has has had to that gone back Lucido CD but everything is well has developed.
5 / 5 Sulema
Agree add of Marvin Gaye. It has forgotten that has loved his voice.
4 / 5 Galina
Marvin Gaye Has to that be one the majority of definite man of soul! His politically conscious songs as, THAT is GOING IN and smooth, lush to the songs of amour likes him, of the SEXUAL CURE is well, very agreed classics. It is Motowns artist viril main and his collaboration with a queen of Motown, an equally magic AIM ROSS, is among some of his work more orders with some timeless, unforgetable classical, Is ALL as well as a fabulous collection of the songs cut with Ross for his classical 1973 album, DIANA And MARVIN. He also done with Motowns another adds female vocalsists likes KIM WESTON in a classical, TAKES TWO and TAMMI TERRELL (his the majority of famous partner the one who sadly spent out of the brain tumour in 1970) the one who countless yard classics with like this, is ALL I NEED to TAKE FOR, The SONG of ONION and Is at all LIKE The REAL THING. This wonderful compilation offers everything of these classics with remarkable has underlined points and unavoidable that is, has LISTENED HE By means of the GRAPEVINE, LEAVES for The TAKE ON, ABRAHAM,MARTIN And JOHN and PIEDAD,PIEDAD M. Each clues the classical and Gayes' rests of voices like only and unmatched like his songwriting talents. An album that has to that had in any soul/R and B collection!
4 / 5 Ruthie
5 / 5 Arianne
Has uploaded with songs of filler, some desquels is ghastly. So many, 2 stars for some swipes have comprised and 1 more to comprise a Tammi Terrel swipes. Look Elsewhere for Marvin Gaye collections.
5 / 5 Kandy
Has left is to start with to recognise that Marvin Gaye was one of the flange it plus of stylists of entity/of artists of a @@@1960s/70s and punctual @@@1980s. Of 1962 to a time of his tragic death in April 1984 has 60 R&B solteros swipes, the majority of the also valued in some maps of pops of the Poster for Motown is Tamla filial.
Following his death, three more would do a R&B maps, comprising Mina Last Casualidad, released in 1990 in Motown. It was also inducted to a R&R Room of Fame in 1987, and in 1996 has been attributed a Grammy Lifetime Prize of Tarpaulin.
Like this, the joint dipped the CD of 22 low selections a title 'A Much more of' some producers have had certainly the wealth of material to choose from among his records unexpectedly. So that ? It comprises six clues [4, 7, 11, 14, 20, and 22] concealed has not been swipes or has included a B-sides of swipes, and a [clues 16] which was a toe like this - 1960 is Continuous Lovin' M Honey with Tammi Terrell [ 11 R&B/ 24 pop]. Which do not comprise . Neither they resupply liner notes or discography of some contents.
Here is the man with the to fund that could fill several books and his can not find any to give the few pages of information. For example, it can have been to interest to some to know that, in both A lot of Lovin' Is not Easy to Spend for and A Song of Onion a female vocalist was in fact Valerie Simpson, like this Tammi was too ailing at the same time to complete some sessions [although it is regulated in some records]. It conceal also applied to a late 1969 paste That has Given me, has not comprised here.
Likes Marvin Gaye music so as a next person, but some people are obviously way the easy to please. To to The subject likes Motown, MCA, BMG, of etc., Has to learn that an audience to cost loves quell'main bang for his buck these days, especially when something is to hail as 'A Much more of' or esome Swipes more Utmost Of.'
Quality outfits likes Record of Irons of Londra, Rhinoceros, Varese-Sarabande, Eric, and the bear of Germania knows this and start of his way to resupply with detail-fill liner notes and, for one the majority of part, a single that has done these stars of people.
5 / 5 Jacinto
MARVIN GAYE Dipped Like this Emotion&Power to Everything does not dip Never Underlines a Power Of the his listen His Voice is Feeling Words&the music is Material comprises Of 60 is thru One 80 east but go A lot,A lot,A lot of Years To A listen A MAN sings Is Reason is One Was One Of A Class.
4 / 5 Amos
Marvin Is a man , there is to good sure roughly that. If you are looking for a bit lovin' then ossia a need of CD BURST in a player in these cold solitary nights and some women will go massively. A lot you join' nights this CD has animated my house with sweet noises , sweet. I highly, HIGHLY recomend this CD for your collection.

Top Customer Reviews: Greatest Hits, Vol. ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 19 ratings
4 / 5 Mitsue
Formed: Audio CD I amour this of songs and utmost swipes that agrees adolescents '' dance in a paving of boxes. Especially, ' those Shines Estrella, September, Fantasy, Serpentine Five & Boogie Wonderland'... Door for behind the memories add. It can not expect see Earth, Fire & of Wind with Chicago... Near in concert in August 2015 the Toronto! It goes partorisca be an amazing concert !!
4 / 5 Anja
Formed: Audio CD This Cd has all some swipes of EWF, very registered has the sound adds. A must partorisca EWF defenders.
4 / 5 Jesusita
Formed: Audio CD This CD is not that it has expected, but say that I have on grown when some songs were fresh! It likes-me a CD partorisca that. It collects music so that it is well for me! It sees already!
4 / 5 Bryant
Formed: Audio CD Dad loves it! The format of compraventa
5 / 5 Letitia
of expectations: CD of Audio Ossia the bday present for my mamma.
Already knows is to add it CD😊
Good prize also!!!
4 / 5 Armida
Formed: CD of Audio For half a prize of some more utmost swipes more extended available for Tierra, Fire & of Wind; I think that that it comprises all his the majority of swipes of entities. The quality is excellent but would want to compare it to the elepé of vinyl to listen nuances that tecleadas can any never reproduce.
4 / 5 Sook
Formed: CD of Audio Listens to this all a time in a car. Amur EWF !
4 / 5 Freeman
I want to this of songs and utmost swipes that agrees adolescents '' dance in a paving of boxes. Especially, ' those Shines Estrella, September, Fantasy, Serpentine Five & Boogie Wonderland'... Door for behind the memories add. It can not expect see Earth, Fire & of Wind with Chicago... Near in concert in August 2015 the Toronto! It goes partorisca be an amazing concert !!
5 / 5 Remona
CD was that it had expected. This in spite of, once again some needs of packaging partorisca be improved like this CD marries has been broken and required partorisca be substituted.
5 / 5 Ceola
This Cd has all some swipes of EWF, very registered has the sound adds. A must partorisca EWF defenders.
4 / 5 Norris
Been looking for this cd for the moment. I have touched my another a too much.
4 / 5 Clara
This CD is not that it has expected, but say that I have on grown when some songs were fresh! It likes-me a CD partorisca that. It collects music so that it is well for me! It sees already!
5 / 5 Sylvia
Ossia The bday present partorisca my mamma.
Already knows is to add it CD😊
Good prize also!!!
5 / 5 Jeremiah
Partorisca Half a prize of some more utmost swipes more extended available partorisca Tierra, Fire & of Wind; I think that that it comprises all his the majority of swipes of entities. The quality is excellent but would want to compare it to the elepé of vinyl partorisca listen nuances that tecleadas can any never reproduce.
4 / 5 Dania
A better classical CD of EWF!
Better collection of songs in this CD.
5 stars 🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠
5 / 5 Junior
Was the present and a recipient has loved that! Taking listened to almost daily
4 / 5 Beau
With which roughly 4 games a cd has begun the skip. And it was expensive!
5 / 5 Otha
CD skips and now is too late partorisca return and take a concealed no skip...:(
5 / 5 Dennise
One of him the bands more are of 70 east and this compilation is the perfect introduction his music. All his swipes, any one filler.

Top Customer Reviews: Brother To ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 13 ratings
4 / 5 Patrick
Ossia arguably The better endeavour of Gino. A band, a writing, a production etc. Of the single of this album are partorisca add - obviously - but how is some other songs. Ossia The must , especially some other albums in Gino is catalogs.
4 / 5 Dina
Classical Vannelli - that is not partorisca want to! So only the desire had ordered the most collected. It is like this it adds partorisca find exactly that is looking for on Amazon.
4 / 5 Ying
My Element has arrived partorisca time and in conditioning very good. A lot of Bel emballage. Highly recommended.
4 / 5 Conrad
In my opinion, one of one has produced more album there...
4 / 5 Jasmin
My first flavour of Gino Vannelli was a cup 40 smaller swipe Powerful People that was in the plot of jukeboxes in a mid-70s, but is not until the brother To Brother has been issued that Vannelli has come really my attention.
Ossia One of these albums that each hopes of artist to do, virtually flawless of an extreme to the another. The brother to the brother has any paste me immediately, So only Wants the stop was a song that has received one the majority of airplay to the equal that returns in commercially with a class partorisca stuff this was to touch in a radio in that then and was the song I no really stops of cure. But you could listen a promise of Vannelli music in a song; his tension, his harmonies, and his positive vibes. As I have bought Brother to Brother on vinyl and like more each one to time touched that.
Vinyl of mine is in mothballs and has been that builds the collection of CD both of new music and a better that I active in elepé, likes I Brother has purchased recently To Brother on CD. Wow!! Sound each one has bitten like powerful and enjoyable now like this when I listened it in the first place. A music is uplifting, romantic, and soulful. With an exception of me So only Wants Stop (which STILL touches commercial), each song is the gem . The brother To Brother is recognition to force that belonging in the each collection.
5 / 5 Sofia
Prime minister of mine Gino Vannelli album this in spite of my preferred. Some first time have listened his exceptional 'so only Wants to Take' has been taken of the his soaring vocals. Have So only purchased it recently a CD and took behind to the youngest days when I lie down some stars in a fresh herb of Park of Lake with my fiancé and plan a future. Twenty years later, esome Wheels of Life' speak mine in the different, way more poignant. My 'future' has resulted enough differently but Gino' the music is magic so only one same.
5 / 5 Dewayne
Agrees to take this album in the yard-was cube
in 1980 and has spent was. It was 13 then. 23 years
later, this in spite of thinks it just kicks [...]I
considers it people like this big think of Beatles Sgt
the band of Club of Solitary Heart of the pepper or Sounds of Pet but
seldom can find the description of him anywhere.
I points have underlined is 'Brother To Brother' and 'He
Wheels Of Life.'
4 / 5 Myra
Gino And his brother Joe really know like this is done to say one has seen this recognition in Indianapolis and was AWESTRUCK! The tunes Are some jazzy, some rock, so only alittle of all dip neighbouring! A partner of mine turned on to gino in the a lot of youngster follows happy am happy was them musically bent to take it up in a 70 is has listened to all the types of the music of Gino was breathe he of fresh air! It can not say quite roughly all his music! It is EVERYTHING WELL! For him on while podes and listen to the sound adds calm does not hear any one a lot in today of sand of music! It calms that will want to!
5 / 5 Brittney
Although the majority of amour of people and cherish the that strikes big plus of Gino - 'So only I Want to Take' and 'Wheels of Life'- as this certainly offered emission, when it listen to an album in his entirety, will comprise reason ossia the work for real orders . Corazón-felt-papers (always the staple of Vannelli music !),funky synthesized beaten (Graces Joe!) And the ambitious entrances like a song to title some integers the delight of entity. One of my personnel, all-songs of Gino of favourite of the time is in this elepé, also - 'A Flow of Must of the River.' The control was !
4 / 5 Sun
Has been listening to Gino Vannelli music of the his very first album and calm can not take the musician rounded better. His music is absolute perfection . Everything is has thought was the last note. Has ALL SOME ALBUM Gino have not done never. My two preferred are 'Brother to Brother' and 'Alive to Montreal'. I so only regime of Gino of the desire with other 15 albums before it decides to take. Thank you Gino to be with me in music for some last 25+ years.
5 / 5 Ludie
This album was my first introduction to Gino Vannelli and has been the defender in fact a lot of years. If you do not possess very other albums for Gino, ossia have to that has!
5 / 5 Bobbye
Elepé Of the album adds & CD , this in spite of -'thinner';better highs. That a elepé. A favourite after all these years.
4 / 5 Clay
Has bought this cassette in a 70 east. Quell'Pulled so only was, and has gone back in timing to listen his. Still sounds so that it adds likes almost in fact 30 years. It does not lose it is one .

Top Customer Reviews: Super ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Jillian
Th The ladies still can sing well but am stuck in his very first elepé his on done 30 years. Wud Recommends that a prime minister. Happy to know they r still pumping it was this in spite of!

Top Customer Reviews: The ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 13 ratings
5 / 5 Olga
Formed: Audio CD I amour he thank you so that the god blesses partorisca maintain on a good work thank you or so many
4 / 5 Anabel
Formed: CD of Audio has Lost a one has bought the years have loved the substitution . .Well For a price
5 / 5 Tiffany
Formed: Audio CD Beautiful album - cd. I can listen his music every day without boring . .
4 / 5 Thurman
Formed: CD of Audio does Like this has Announced it!
5 / 5 Windy
Formed: Audio CD My amours of Films of Mamma of Houston of Whitney, hates that it die like this young.
5 / 5 Simonne
Formed: Audio CD I was the defender of Whitney . Again very hard to estimate
5 / 5 Dawna
Formed: Audio CD just greeting some words touches partorisca say that I am very satisfied of the service,,,sper a lot of cd and sper quickly post..
thank you very much And Go surement recommend
5 / 5 Rosalva
I have loved singer Whitney Houston rendition of singer Dolly Parton song 'Always will want to You' a lot! Houston of crown' the voice was very clear, strong and powerful! I have listened that song numerous time: in the funerals of my mother, my ex-the funerals of the fiancé and so only recently, my half-the woman of the funerals of twin. Basically, this song always will be listened in of the funerals. I have wanted also you have joined other songs of Whitney Houston; ' have At all' ( is the very beautiful still powerful song); ' they are Each Woman ' begin him was dulcemente then a song chooses up and was the good song to sing to the long of and dance to (I personally prefers singer Chaka Khan the better version); 'Run Yours' is the another good-looking amour song that Whitney has sung fantastically and a title of the song is not to having confused with singer Bryan Adams' song! I have wanted really a song 'queen Of A Night' Whitney has written and has not known was the composer ! In spite of, a song is good to dance to; 'Jesus Wants to have been the very beautiful Gospel song and of course ossia where the career of the flange of Whitney has begun; in a church and she would have to that it has sung more the songs of Gospel have had alive and no self-has destroyed with drugs! Some other songs in a soundtrack were 'good'; 'Although My Heart would break for G of Kenny of the saxophonist and singer Aarón Neville was the good song; esomeday' (' am Going back') for singer Lisa Stansfield was the song I no really cures for (the song has not done any sense!) It liked A S. Or. Or. L. S. And. S. T. And. M. It is rendition of the singer Bills Withers' s song ' Goes to Be A Lovely Day ' and liked a rap for Michelle Of Type. It was the good song to dance to and some samples of song rappers Eric B and Rakim song 'Paid In Full' (personally prefers the singer Bills Withers' s the better version!) A song ('That is Like this Pleasant 'Extreme) Paz, Amur And Sympathetic' for singer Curtis Stigers was a lot of and can relate to some papers; this in spite of, really have not concerned for some drums, the horns and the electrical guitars and I have found a song to be way too fast! Esubject Of A Bodyguard' for Alan Silvestri was a lot of 'pursuing'/any one the bad tune with some horns and piano; 'Confidence In me' for a late singer Joe Cocker looking singer Sass Giordania was another 'a lot of' the song and he have touched like the song of Mecer that was originally release in 1987. In general, you are a CD 'very' and felt Whitney Houston ' the songs were very better that some other artists' songs in a soundtrack.
4 / 5 Isidra
Has lost a one has bought the years have loved the substitution . .Well For a prize
5 / 5 Sheri
master thank you so that the god blesses to maintain on a good work appreciates to or so much
4 / 5 Chae
Beautiful album - cd. I can listen his music every day without boring . .
4 / 5 Dori
My amours of Films of Mamma of Houston of Whitney, hates that it die like this young.
5 / 5 Madison
Just greeting some words Touches to say that I am very satisfied of the service,,,súper a lot of cd and súper quickly posté..
thank you very much And Go surement recommend

Top Customer Reviews: All Time Greatest ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 12 ratings
5 / 5
Formed: Audio CD Gr8 produced and qualities, sper fast delivry, to to the must likes him the vendor, THX !
4 / 5
Formed: Audio TERRIFIC CD all one any disappointment with touching a better and never grow tired partorisca listen. One in the million of the ours all time favourite artists. His music will maintain the base of and on. Milly, Mississauga, ON Canada
4 / 5
Formed: CD of Audio there is rid punctually and of course the music of Barry White is like this easy to listen to.
5 / 5
Formed: CD of Audio Barry enormous White defender, but there is enjoyed this cd.
4 / 5
Formed: Audio CD Utmost sounds of Barry. I have had the promise that used partorisca call his music pantie stir????????? His words any mine.
4 / 5
Formed: CD of Audio Any one a better quality in sound.
5 / 5
Formed: CD of Audio Always the classical -- included better to have all some together swipes
5 / 5
Gr8 Produced and qualities, súper fast delivry, to to the must likes him the vendor, THX !
5 / 5
Any his likes the man rid legitimate and emotional poetry. A collection adds partorisca any B.W. Partidário.
4 / 5
Terrific all one any disappointment with touching a better and never grow tired partorisca listen. One in the million of the ours all time favourite artists. His music will maintain the base of and on. Milly, Mississauga, ON Canada
5 / 5
there is Rid punctually , good product . I will buy again of this vendor
5 / 5
there is rid punctually and of course the music of Barry White is like this easy to listen to.

Top Customer Reviews: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 13 ratings
4 / 5 Stephani
This album is the real delight with bouncy melodies of pops for Barry Gibb and a remarkable voice of Barbara Streisand the one who movements of sensuously caressing each word the soaring to a stratosphere. It is easy to see why this continuous album sell 35 years with which was registered. One 2005 remastering gave it clarity and depth added.
Has to that be remarked that a disk of DVD DISTRIBUTED for Nagiry is in a format of EUROPEAN MATE that it is playable in my computer but no my car of DVD.
5 / 5 Cassi
Are not the Streisand defender, but I like this album. This in spite of, ossia an only version of this amazon of CD sells. It is pressed in a 1980 east, and really would owe that be remastered. Also it have to that have the real booklet inserts/partorisca insert and no an economic Columbia folds-was.
5 / 5 Lannie
A CD that has maintained Barbra up in one the majority of legendary career of any artist of register. Streisand Remains an only singer in history partorisca have the number an album in the each one of some six decades of his remarkable career. Ossia The benchmark.
5 / 5 Latonya
The mamma and The Dad have loved that! It was joy really easy to find unless you have verified was Amazon! 😉
5 / 5 Darcel
Songs for Barbra Streisand is always breathe he of fresh air but, spear in of the duets with Barry Gibbs and is simply glorious.
5 / 5 Yer
Wow I think says it everything. As it Can you have beaten Barbara Streisand and Barry Gib near.
5 / 5 Shameka
Has had this in years of the vinyl done. I think that that continuous be the 5 album partorisca star today.
4 / 5 Natalia
Takes the long time partorisca receive it but a music is like this well is worth it.
5 / 5 Jonelle
Substituting the cassette with the CD how is which there is wanted.
4 / 5 Dannielle
Certainly are much more of Barry Gibb/Bee Gees defender that the Streisand a, so much of an appeal of this album is based on Barry Gibb is instantly recognizable songwriting and way of production. This in spite of, ossia the scarce chance where the one of first truth-the vocalist of tax takes has shot in music of pure pop. Some results, to dip is simply, is spectacular, and the once-in-a-lifetime classical.
Streisand Has found Barry Gibb in an absolute cup of his game like the writer and producer, and has added the strong voice and takes to a place-rear, butter-harmonies and smooth melodies of some Brothers Gibb. As it Was able to reign in some of the occasional vocal excesses of Barbra remain the mystery, but is not so only Streisand better album, is arguably Barry better Gibb never produced, also.
Although "Culprit" and "the enamoured woman" it is one the majority of-well of known clues in an album (the be last of some songs of absolute better pop of some late 70s/punctual 80s), the majority of some clues is strong interpreters. It excepts perhaps "An Amour Inside" that tugs a bit and "Wild Course", which is not sure dondequiera goes, ossia.
A real sleeper here is "Fiancées". You are liberto like the alone, and was little-remarked, but in his own way, is a pinnacle of an album. A groove that goes easy is easy to take lost in, and one of a handful of the tunes can touch endlessly without tiring of him.
"That Class of Fool" it is an exercise in meloncholy, but is the vocal gem.
" Mark likes him the Memory" it is a last, and follows longer. The start was dulcemente and softly, builds in both does a moment until it explodes in the classical Bee Gees-fashion stomp, leaving to a feeling of auditor likes or so only there is the whole casserole of pair-fudge brownies. An entirely "Culprit" like!
5 / 5 Darrick
Was homesick for this album when I have listened the little coffebreakers that speaks in Barbarra Streisand but any one looked to know anything in "Culprit," which is unfortunate reason yes owe that possess the piece of a Diva, this one east. I have bought in fact an original album with some papers and of the numerous pictures of Gibb and Streisand in of the aims. That has been of tower in big youngster and has wished has taken has cured better of my material and saved it. A quality of CD is well, is not remastered, but with today of big technology elelctronics, still can take a beautiful sound. This CD is full spear of beautiful ballads, with the Kareoke-like this dreaminess and smaltzy papers. Calm find you singing together with papers like " they are the enamoured woman and wins anything to take calm to the mine world-wide and resist you inner,..." Mark so only sure is solitary in yours automobile or some boys are by train of external touch, possesses calm with desperate abandons. So much, it does not import yes calm bought does it 23 years or so only yesterday, still has one same whoozy effects. Calm can not help appreciating Streisand rendition of Barry Gibb peotic papers. And a better thing is that Streisand is not in an upper shouting or strecthing his voice, any of this "Yentl" material. It is in his point in this CD, your soft, full of feelings, that leaves his voice spends of course. Has the gorgeous voice, this a lot has to that admit, when being the no Streisand defender.
You Also will appreciate some instrumentations. Law Ritenour leaves his jazzy electrical guitar in of the songs like "Fiancées" and "History of Life." Good election. "Culprit" and "That Class of Fool" it is some two duets with Gibb. Each complete voice another in of the fond melodies. That can say, are the sucker for this material. Hope Cela any me old school, but then again, probably does not concern me .
5 / 5 Jorge
His big plus that sells album, GUILTY is easily Barbra Streisand promote of better contemporary pop to date. Barry Gibb the hand of skilled production gives BLAMED a sense added of cohesiveness, something concealed was sorely that lacking of of a lot of Streisand endeavours of pops of late seventies. Gibb (Together with Albhy Galuten and brothers Robin and Mauritius) has had also the hand in writing each one of some nine melodic songs and same duets on two of them.
His pairing has produced the paste of monster with a clue of riveting title (3 Pop, 5 Contemporary Adult), this in spite of is in fact another Streisand-Gibb duet of clash 'That Class Of Fool' (10 Pop, 1 Contemporary Adult) concealed test to be the show of a disk-spent. Gibb The production and the voice are a inarguable yours to SUCCESS has BLAMED, but is Streisand glorious vocals this resupplies an album with him is soul, ossia right soul . An accident that mapea of cups 'the Enamoured woman' (1 Pop, 1 Contemporary Adult) was a leadoff only and is the piece of perfection of pure pop, with Streisand to the action likes them the emotion like any never taken officially.
Astonishingly Quite for the record of pop, a rest six clues more than controlling until some three big swipes. A restrained ballads 'Wild Course' and 'An Interior of Amur' is absolutely gorgeous, while a seven small-the plus soyake likes A Memory' the games was like mini-symphony of pop. Barbra Same adventures to territory of dance with 'History of Life' and an international swipe 'Promised' and really amena these follows the life with the sexy exuberance. Included a slightly dated light funk of 'Never Give on' is the slinky delight. The CULPRIT was the swipe massively the emission, paste 1 in a Heat 200 and achieving Quíntuple state of Platinum in of the sales of EUA and selling almost 20 million copies by all the world. This success hardly is surprising like this GUILTY is simply all the album of pop would owe that be.
4 / 5 Samantha
A late 70s/punctual 80s white-hot streak of heaven partorisca pop a Bee Gees has been associated with was it mentioned already for the forward reviewer. I suppose that the radio auditors have grown probably tired of this fluffy, warm cotton swab soundscape, but listening the "Culprit" after all these years is still so much of the rapture the can not direct escape an emotion!
Does not have any patience partorisca Barbra and his "classy popular interpreter" appeal. It likes when it is of a glass of more thought and ideas: it is far 2 conventional 2 for real be appealing in the deep level. But his voice soaring on a celestial living room-funk of these clues is like the polished operatic blues singer engraving gold in the each word and clearing ambiguity with his special class of hypnotic subtlety.
There there is gorgeous pop of funky - "Culprit", "Fiancées" - and burners amazing lens - "History of Life", "Wild Course". "History of life" it is an amazing paranoid indictment of jealousies: everytime hears them the immediately yearn a bridge - "Deeper that your valleys, longer that your memory, go when finalising your history" - and shiver in a recognition that paste one something everytime! Call "Wild Course" cosmic, but supposes them translates to something laughable. Cosmic closing is exactly that it is. " Mark likes him the Memory" it is simply blues fulfils work with the a bit complex structure - well, is not Stravinsky, but is way in the majority of rock/of pop. His duets with Gibb - "Culprit" and "That class of Fool" - it is still vocal perfect ; "Amur Inside" it is celestial and nostalgic with almost Platonic tinges.
Finally: a number an alone, "the enamoured woman", it is like the carousel takes trapped in notwithstanding tentativas to avert that they take taken in a dizzy giddiness of him. Barbra Presses a song to the main and main levels and looks to extend it further some material and to some metaphysical.
Ossia Really the scarce album, a has begun them to listen to hang infancy of mine thanks to prime minister of mine, and there is any never there is exhausted throughout repeated listenings...