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1 DJI Mini 2 Combo & Auto-Activated DJI Care Refresh Bundle – Ultralight Foldable Drone, 3-Axis Gimbal with 4K Camera… DJI Mini 2 Combo & Auto-Activated DJI Care Refresh Bundle – Ultralight Foldable Drone, 3-Axis Gimbal with 4K Camera… DJI
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2 SNAPTAIN SP650 1080P Drone with Camera for Adults HD Live Video Camera Drone for Beginners w/Voice Control, Gesture… SNAPTAIN SP650 1080P Drone with Camera for Adults HD Live Video Camera Drone for Beginners w/Voice Control, Gesture… SNAPTAIN
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3 DEERC Drone Mini Toy Hand Operated Drone for Kids or Adults UFO Flying Ball Gifts for Boys and Girls with 5 Motion… DEERC Drone Mini Toy Hand Operated Drone for Kids or Adults UFO Flying Ball Gifts for Boys and Girls with 5 Motion… DEERC
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4 4DRC V4 Drone with 1080p HD Camera for Adults and Kids, Foldable Quadcopter with Wide Angle WiFi FPV Live Video… 4DRC V4 Drone with 1080p HD Camera for Adults and Kids, Foldable Quadcopter with Wide Angle WiFi FPV Live Video… 4DRC
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5 Flying Toy Mini Drone for Kid, Hand Controlled Flying Ball with LED Light, UFO Helicopter with 2 Speed, Easy Indoor… Flying Toy Mini Drone for Kid, Hand Controlled Flying Ball with LED Light, UFO Helicopter with 2 Speed, Easy Indoor… Flying
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6 Holy Stone HS450 Mini Drone, Hand Operated and Remote Control Nano Quadcopter for Kids, with 3 Batteries, Throw to Go… Holy Stone HS450 Mini Drone, Hand Operated and Remote Control Nano Quadcopter for Kids, with 3 Batteries, Throw to Go… Holy
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7 DEERC D20 Mini Drone for Kids with 720P HD FPV Camera Remote Control Toys Gifts for Boys Girls with Altitude Hold… DEERC D20 Mini Drone for Kids with 720P HD FPV Camera Remote Control Toys Gifts for Boys Girls with Altitude Hold… DEERC
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8 SNAPTAIN H823H Mini Drone for Kids, RC Nano Quadcopter w/ Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, 3D Flips, One Key Return and… SNAPTAIN H823H Mini Drone for Kids, RC Nano Quadcopter w/ Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, 3D Flips, One Key Return and… SNAPTAIN
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9 DEERC D20 Mini Drone Foldable for Kids with 720P HD FPV Camera Remote Control Toys Gifts for Boys Girls with Tap Fly… DEERC D20 Mini Drone Foldable for Kids with 720P HD FPV Camera Remote Control Toys Gifts for Boys Girls with Tap Fly… DEERC
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10 4DRC V2 Mini Drone for Kids Beginners,Easy Pocket Pocket Drone for Kids Gift Toys ,3 Batteries,RC Quadcopter with… 4DRC V2 Mini Drone for Kids Beginners,Easy Pocket Pocket Drone for Kids Gift Toys ,3 Batteries,RC Quadcopter with… 4DRC
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Top Customer Reviews: DJI Mini 2 Combo ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Be sincere was skeptical roughly ordering this no of DJI directly. But I am happy I any because it would have taken so much more along (roughly 2 weeks) partorisca take this of DJI. It was excited too much and does not want to expect that a lot the time and this vendor looks more a lot respectable something goes the way lateralmente was Amazon and perhaps one want of vendor he well.

Very In general am surprised that has taken the quickly. Ordered the the Tuesday and I took it the Saturday (Same week) As thank you!

A dron is surprising for a prize to be sincere. I possess the DJI Phantom, Mavic Pro and now this Mini 2.
Are sure has like this description there for you to read I so that it will save you that ache to your eyeballs.

Adds this has on taken. “If you want the Dron ossia reasonable priced, quite small for you for the take anywhere, record 4K, in amazing time of flight, fly far quite (10KM)”
Then just click that “Buys Now” key. Reason this Dron control all that on and all this is that really more dron the pilot question.

There. Fact. A lot of goodbye.
4 / 5
In that possessed that two Mini, has to say a Mini 2 is the significant upgrade for his controller of flight and distance of transmission! I have it quell'has begun only fly dron the averages done the year and have fallen amour with him! Each flight is the risk , but can be the a lot of rewarding experience :)
5 / 5
Behind when a mavic mini has been released has loved to take a like this bad. They are like this happy has expected reason a mini 2 is has very improved. The longest row, 4k camera, control of better wind, and has included the upper speed faster does this thing that has surprised. I am stunned in as small this thing is and some images can produce. It can not expect take the on everything of hiking of mine and camping travesías!
4 / 5
An integer combo the container are adds. It was the bit with a longitude to take a vehicle actuated by means of DJI but he all is exited. Installed an application in my mobile phone and connected with a vehicle by means of a telephone and controller. Configured all some basic settings, calibration and revised a lot of video on Youtube before even trying acts a vehicle. Ossia Key calms has not flown never this type of vehicle before.

Tried it so only has been for a first time like the new user. WOW. This thing is surprising. I tried it external in 0C temperature and like this far does well without glitches. Tried a basic start and take was, near, on and down, yaw, lateralmente, gimbal control and landings. I moved it around but external and has spent has retreated manually to base of house. Everything to so only take comfortable with a vehicle. Have Included he near on my zone to land until a battery in a vehicle has taken the down to continue operative and has landed in a something exact that has varied he with a camera that faces down to do sure that has landed without accidents. Any fact and a lot fully comfortable with him still like this more the practical is application but ENTERTAINMENT like this far!!!

How was was gel fish recently, in the lake. Beautiful clear sunny and a lot of very cold day (-26 Celsius). Tried a DJI Mini 2 and wow! Surprising that this little dron could fly in such the low temperature. A turn to act to house while on 2km, in a lake and in a current to exit. It was able to remark and record in 4 K. A speed in those these travesías of what is surprising. A RTH function maximice efficiency of battery to fly in the controlled but fast speed to return to base of the first house of a battery is result too extremely down.
This was my first time really dipping some capacities of a dron to try and in such low subzero temperatures. Impressed.
Still without any lense filter, a quality of some images of video, in alone, is impressive.

According to update:
Like DJIMini 2 stands up his capacity of heavy wind. If a wind takes included more add, will leave is on screen that is struggling and will notify calm that to do. The Some works of downward sensor likes him the charm. Very sensitive. A 4k the images and the video are surprising. A quality is exceptional. A ready technology that monitors and calm advise you on screen of a life of battery and while using a RTC function, will return to plant to house consummate it of uses of effective power for the do behind without accidents in the straight line.

The furthest updates will be resupplied after practical further.
5 / 5
Before time that use the dron
there is doubted among mini2 and mavik air 2
Decided in mini2 in black friday because of the lowest prize and any need for registration and examination in canada (249 grams)
Like this easy to use that it was able to inspect a ceiling of mine two house of history (leak) a day received it. The quality is upper notch .
Only precise agrees that this model does not have all an avoidance artilugios that pricier give form like mavik air 2 active
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. They are the producer of professional video that does to the plot of travesía has has related video. Mina the majority recently dron was the DJI Phantom 4 and has LOVED THAT but still with a rucksack has bought for him, was too big to hike with when I have had also my crew of camera. It had read it revises in a DJI Mini 2 and decided to give come from that. All can say is WOW! This flies so only like this it big plus dron but better. They are a lot, very happy with a quality of some images and a time of fly is surprising. I have purchased a Fly More container and is good to have some extra battery and touching unit. I have loved always DJI but now my respect is included deeper. I owe that add, that this dron flies really, rally well in wind and in cold condition which surprised the paralizaciones are measured . For less than half a prize of the Mavic 2 Pro, takes to plot of bang for your buck. Control out of my first video, was really happy with like this some images are result.
5 / 5
Ossia An amazing little dron. It shoots SOME 4K imaging, with a better stabilisation has not seen never. Has the pair of Phantoms can no longer fly, thanks to a no presionando never controls of a Canadian government, the one who quite a lot of parrot a FAA. This little dron takes better pictures, better stabilisation, life of the longest battery (and Much more economic for battery). It has said of another way,, is result intoxicated that flies a Phantoms, and this little Mini 2 comes to the long of and answered never the alone complaint has had in a Phantom! No a less than the how is is VERY CALM, and some accesses of what whole in the chance in a measure of the box of lunch of the girl. AMAZING!!!
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Wow That say besides..... It is genial truth . Simple to configure. The work of application súper well. It is Stable for real and réactif. Still with A good Ventilation has been to be impressed the data of edges hanged and his measure. Lucido interventor And perfect and reacts truth well. That Camera 4K do súper very lucido the work and the image is perfect and stable. I recommend without doubting. A true bijoux of dron.
4 / 5
I recently moved to the rural North Property and has thought having it dron a lot so only be entertaining but also lovely for scouting some zones was. It had looked several descriptions of Video of the Youtube/of Youtube of a DJI Mini 2 Combo and each one which of them highly recommended this dron and container, and these recommendations were of experienced Dron Pilots. My first flight has been flawless, very easy the master this dron, and like this characteristic in the and a DJI application of fly. A quality of video is incredible, (has taken recently to squirrel that evasions while it was in 100+ altitude of metres). Has has had now 5 low flights my tape, mostly on or mine of approximation acreage (in chance that), now the chair are the flight qualified for the take further afield. Highly recommend this dron and combo container..
4 / 5
Has bought this dron look it in fact weeks, was new. It could not actuate a dron. I have conversed with Peter of DJI and said to return it. I sent it behind, it has ordered another and he have actuated and has done fantastically! I flew it so only one the day and was the explosion. Be conscious in GEO zones. Alive in the street of flight as so only can fly until 60m. Some objects in my zone is hazard in this height. So much because of some restrictions a distance can fly is lower. In 60m can fly roughly 2km max before it loses connection and has to that it marries of turn, concealed scared me some but he have gone back to thank goodness, lost drones is not substituted

Top Customer Reviews: SNAPTAIN SP650 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 36 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia An excellent 1080p camera dron. It takes video of big quality and there is not any latency. I have tried taking video with different speeds. Work perfectly. A video is the little shaky sometimes because of a wind, but for the camera in this row of prize, he the work adds. And it is quite responsive to a far and easy to control. It flies really quickly in speed 3 and struggles a better wind.

3D toes does perfectly. It has tried also some characteristic of new rotation of fly and big speed of circle, and do like this announced. A thing there is remarked is that a camera is facing external while he a fly of circle, like this calm can not take a house of camera on you and take the circling video of calm, but thinks it will help to arouse your imagination to take fun video and enjoy a flight of him. lol. In all the chance, ossia the add dron with 1080p hd the camera and is easy to fly and flies stably and on big.

This dron is durable and has the life of decent and calm battery can take 2 battery. I had it it has tried it already a battery. It resupplies time of the longest flight for me.

Snaptain sp650 Also looks control of voice and control of gesture, which did not try it was, as I prefer to flight with a far. The supposition is amused. And functions like headless way, a key apresamiento was, an altitude and control of earth key, all the works to the equal that has announced. It is the toy adds -note dron in this prize with 1080p camera, and adds for principiantes.me likes a lot and highly recommend it.
4 / 5
Has bought this dron for our upcoming travesía to the provincial park. I think it that it has been it adds to take some good-looking pictures of lakes from above. We buy drones before but those are really hard to control and arrival neither in the loser or in the impactante to somewhere. We begin to look in drones on-line and in-tent. The question is that the majority of some drones has sold in-the tent is too the type that comes around $ 700 of these banded drones like DJI and Parrot, does not want to spend that a lot of money on that. This one was perfect for only 100 bucks. My partner said that the hips buys something like this before and has had the experience adds with him. All some keys in some far is labeled and has used easily. A battery is entrance touched and has begun to fly around and with an application setted up. A Camera was clear and creates some cinematic video. Everything is under control. It resists an altitude a lot amiably and has the control of wind adds. It was able to take roughly 20 minutes of flight in the fully touched battery. So only it presses a a-key of the gone back key and he have landed where leaves. A calm application leave the plot waypoints and flies in his own is that it pilots of car in an aeroplane! In general I add experiance with this dron, clear image and the plot of fun to fly around.
5 / 5
Has looked for the beginner dron for my anniversary of nephews and has discovered this economic dron and decide give this tries it.
One first impression- Drones comes with all some accessories to use that in out a state of boxes and a lot especially a company of year has guaranteeed.
Hanged of good quality and external arrival very light the creation is ideal for the beginner of this hobby adds.
His very easy to gather parts and fly this with manual of date of instruction that is very detailed.
1080P Fill HD that the camera resupplies video of big quality without ice creams and and glitches. 120 FOV And 90 terracing the adjustable creation of a camera resupplies corners of wide video and for this row of prize dron his a lot wrathful addition.
This little dron instrumented with characteristic a lot of fresco has called control of ready voice and concealed can use to fly a dron take pictures and and change a direction of a flight.
This dron can treat to several tricks of fly likes them 360 of toe, trajectory flights and fly of orbit.
This little dron comes with battery and mine some fly for 10 minutes of a battery while I register video of flight and resupply 20 times of minutes of total flight.
In general am very happy with cost of mine and my grandson loves his new toy.
4 / 5
This was my prime minister dron and thus prize has been expecting the toy but I was pleasantly surprised when it take this dron. It is small but is a lot well has built. It is easy to pair and easy to fly. I add for people so only entering a dron phase. Some controls are directly advance and works to the equal that would expect. A dron the self is a lot quickly so that it do not recommend in the steering wheel indoors but struggles it entertainment to fly external. The life of battery is order to the equal that am taking around 12-15 minutes in the alone load, and give you to you a bit extra a like this the life of battery is decent. Compraventa Well, and would recommend.
4 / 5
This was my prime minister dron with the camera and I have found some quite intuitive controls, calm once takes used his. Smooth sense and responsive. Has the trick operates ordered how was the preferred of defender for some boys. Characteristic to land of the car among handy.

Has been dipped up and taking video in 30 Easy min. to gather and begin.

The quality of camera is decent considering a prize. An application of telephone was easy to dip up and video of show.

Has come with two battery. Lasted roughly 10 minutes for cariche.
4 / 5
This Snaptain SP650 dron is the fantastic beginner dron, and in around 125 grams that the weights of fly is a lot I low of the federal dron limit of 250 grams that otherwise requires he to be registered with Transporting Canada. A quality of looks to build to be quite well, and there is survived the pair clashes like this far. A dron feet to land and needs on call of the leaf to be installed when in the first place you plough it, and highly recommends calm to ensure them with a screwdriver of small rays/has comprised. I made a mistake of just in his brilliant in of then felt sure and has had to that go in the mission to succour to find them.

A controller for a dron is that really I surprised, is quality quite big in this point of prize and a clip of telephone laws really well maintain a sure telephone. A FHD camera in a dron looks quite well also, and is really useful to imagine out of your street of flight. For these batteries have interested, additional for a dron is quite easy to find, so only look for 903048 Lithium-the batteries of ion have estimated in 1000mAh. You can be able to take the battery on 1000mAh for closing of time of the longest flight, but a dron already comprises 2 battery and in 12 flight of time of the minutes for battery have abundance to time to do toes and tricks.
4 / 5
A dron among the good container and is the breeze the setup. I have installed some guards of leaf so only to do sure some leaves would be protected but after a first flight of time are sure that the any one require some guards. A dron flies equally well with some far and an application of telephone, but with an application of telephone can see live the one who a dron is seeing. Once a far and the battery is touched these is 2 any fast to begin , first turn in dron and sync to far for emotional an on top of the clave has left down, any 2 Only paste a Taking was key and flight to start with. The landing is the breeze of only paste a key to land and game to lose dulcemente and earth amiably.
4 / 5
Has bought this reason have not wanted to spend the fortune in a mark to appoint drones there. I have wanted to so only see like laws for video to the equal that are the videographer and often the technology of need has taken. This one has surprised me. For a prize has paid, was able to take the plot for my sure money. Still I am exploring all of the his characteristic to the equal that write this but like this far loves a 1080P camera that is quite smooth for a class of images I stops of needs. It is also súper light doing adds for beginners and boys especially.
Very easy to dip up and use also.
5 / 5
Has bought this dron to practise my skills of flight so that it is like this to manage some controls before I buy the expensive plus dron. The calm supposition could say that ossia my practice dron before I upgrade to the different one again. This dron is well inside my estimativa and is the perfect compact measure. A quality of this dron is excellent and feels a lot well has gathered. It likes that of this dron comes with 2 rechargeable battery so much can maximice a time of fly and be able to continue flying a dron while it touches an exhausted one. It likes-me the fly a dron really big up in an open field and so only use a way of control of the altitude and rotate around to see all some visas. Sometimes he a bit manual flight with a dron and would lose view of him and a function of automatic turn does really well for that. This dron is by train to do me flight more comfortable before I upgrade that it is exactly that has bought these stops. They are happy with cost of mine of this dron and recommends this product to any one looking to start with flight.

- Very still beginners to use
- Easy to learn like this to use
- Easy to use and fly a dron
- Dron is light weight
- 1080P clear and acute video quality
- the life of battery Adds (-24 mins time of fly)
- A lot of priced with estimating

- the controller is the little too bulky for mine in pleasant but still useable
- Along touching time (-120 mins)
4 / 5
am entirely new in flying the dron and decided to buy this to see like this like him. I have been surprised in that has learnt it quickly to fly this dron. A stability on he very easy and entertainment for me otherwise will be to clash the everywhere. That More the amour roughly ossia a fact that comes with the telephone is concealed connects to a far has seen WiFi. It was able to see alive action of where has flown when I flew it around my house. Also a mountain returns my telephone of the smallest android and my iPhone 11 pro has measured besides.

Top Customer Reviews: DEERC Drone Mini ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
5 / 5
Very simple to use. It likes that automatically it relieves of wall or objects and movements out of his with a same ease that movements out of your hand. Has-liked me that has closed was instantly when I grabbed he out of an air. Has 100 confidence that leaves my use of 8 years he(the toy is estimated 6+). A person will love the quite open, inner space. Some first time used it, has pursued accidentally he to a ceiling. It hovered Against a ceiling for the pair of as and has gone down then. Good creation.
4 / 5
Has had low expectations for a soyotion remarking' the characteristic but has been blown was that the legit movements when the deliveries takes near of the! It is it likes use 'A Force'. Included the toddler can interact with this thing, and all my boys have had the explosion that uses it. Highly recommended!
5 / 5
Has bought this DEERC Dron for my boys have aged 10, 7 and 3 years. A Dron is easy to operate. They are having the plot of fun touching with him. They will churn his hand closes his in the hablador to fly to the each one which as another backside and advances. It is the good game has created for them. A dron looks to be very built and very durable. Work like this announced. We have found that will touch less than an announced 40 minutes and will fly for until 8 minutes among cariche. They are happy has purchased this character Dron.

Thank you Jeff.
4 / 5
Ossia Like this fresh! I have bought it likes him the present for my niece and with which has opened has loved to spend it house.

Is súper entertaining so only to look and the movement around with hand-held gestures.

Will be to buy more for mine another neices and one on its own name of course!
4 / 5
UFO Dron Informs

A fun little dron for a visually has stimulated among us.

Would recommend this for any to the one who like him the novelties, or for girls around some ages of 6-10.
A decent prince so that volume; an UFO dron automatically flies around your house that averts wall and of the objects equally.

Comes with this own touching boss, and around 8 minutes of life of battery. The few days to use it, finds that it will avert wall 80 of a time, knows when it is clashing and closes was for the protect. It is plastic shell is enough to maintain it sure to fall is the own weight in any date.

But of entity to the commentary would not recommend taking alfresco, a wind will fly he out of you for ever. After calm launch the, have little controls on where flies, unless you can steer he with your hands, has found some casualidades of the lose to the very big breeze.

I also precaution against treating likes is indestructible, so that there is still sensitive components inside these flies to help around; and if quell'start of sync, flies bad until you recalibrate the. Wacking The To an earth repeatedly will reduce is longterm stability of flight. It goes figure.

Would consider this dron the novelty, and would not imagine use of term along out he, unless you are purchasing he for the boy

Sees a video for the good idea that to expect of this product..
4 / 5
Dron Perfecto Touches his boys, lights and launch in his air. He The very stable flight, he and the give sensor down and to the sud each games lateralmente that you puissez control his direction. It can any decayed Gives piece of furniture or decoration. His toes does not spend to the travers give cracks. If it falls his propeller this For automatically and pareillement games to turn. It suffices so only to turn to the rovescio Games to take his engines.

Mina neuveu Of 3 years adores this small dron.
5 / 5
A DEERC Mini Dron the toy is much more that fulfils an eye and well each cent! In fact, if the indication of 6 stars was available, would have to be considered that pinnacle!

In the first place, is clear that the origin of a toy is of the dron manufacturer that comprises like this to the intelligent engineer, solid, and effective drones. Compliments To them to embrace the club of partidário young to grow with.

While ossia the toy , looks to run with the esmart' system that leaves an operator to control a flight with intuitive hand-held gestures.

Is also the toy that importantly comes with the level of security for girls of all the ages and his means. In fact, when a dron question of sense, tends to automatically fall to an earth. 

Some rotors are protected really a lot as a whole the toy is shielded with the light, still durable cage.

Last but much less, a DEERC will resupply a lot of entertainment, the sensory learning inspired as well as the good idea that the optimum control of flight would owe that be. 

A hard battery longer that has announced that is in prize! Simply take a toy out of his box and begin your entertainment!

Here is wishing you like this to the entertainment like our family has had with DEERC
4 / 5
These types deserve 5 starts more for service of client. We have broken a boss to touch- does not blame of a product. We ask it could take the new boss and his promptly has sent the new product immediately- no only the boss. Ossia Service of glorious client . As the one who a product, is a calmer never for my boy. Sure, it would beat any last too long but has to that be light as it is not the failure in my opinion. Touching taken roughly 30 mins. It is not the big shot.
5 / 5
Cools little toy. Bought the resemblance one in Walmart. I gave it 5 stars on life of battery because still although it is announce so only roughly 6 minutes, ossia roughly 2 better minutes that another. Also it has better stability in an air. Same prize. As this was a compraventa better .
4 / 5
Value a wait...

Think that to the amazon has lost this fresh thing as it took them 2 weeks more to finally rid the ours. In all the chance, all the world in a familiar as well as our neighbours have been surprised with his characteristic. It is very sure for boys, easy to operate and very convenient like calm does not have to that buy battery for the turn on ( comes with the boss to touch his battery). Can leave it on with my daughter of 2 years.

Top Customer Reviews: 4DRC V4 Drone with ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 37 ratings
5 / 5
So only opened on a dron new of amazon and see that has scratches during the and to to the muck likes is of state relieved and the lentil broken on front of him. There is not disappointed any value in $ in this quality. It would not recommend and I will be partorisca look for risarcimento or substitution
4 / 5
has Flown he partorisca small when, all of the sudden, no longer answered to far and has flown so only was the never partorisca be found. That an expensive $90 or has to that say 15 minutes. 😞😖
4 / 5
Ossia My prime minister dron-fly-write anything, as it leaves partorisca be real partorisca beginners: it will take the pocolos incidents. As in, it feels light and really breakable, but is SURPRISINGLY DURABLE.. Any proud to say that of experience.
Is easy to learn, included partorisca be uncomfortable to the equal that are with RC anything... At least with a far, in fact a far conteoll the functionality is better that has expected, seamless execution of mandate, a far plus has tried he of this so only like 10-15 feet this in spite of.
An Application has taken some taking used to, and I still after the hours partorisca touch with him, touching, and that touches again, still can not imagine was like this partorisca fly a damned thing with my telephone. It would give it 5 stars but an application is incredibly difficult to imagine was.
5 / 5
Difficult to control and no Stable but very thankful, feigning the games of challenge partorisca learn to control the small car. Has do not stop tried to the outside, when you are inner , lacking partorisca do attention to the wall,
4 / 5
A dron has the bit of the curve partorisca learn and some instructions are printed in microscopic impression but once takes partorisca go is not bad. I have had a subject with a battery. After a first scrolling, a clip of battery has broken. They are quite sensitive to stuff like this and was quite sweet with a battery but he have broken still.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. A lot Well for a prize ! My boy of 7 years could operate it interior 30 min. has not tried To the record video but an image looks the little shaky... But pics is well. We enjoy it to knots.
5 / 5
Dron Has come with has shortened bosses of the antenna cut for both wifi and rc. Any sure if ossia to the equal that clears customs or no... The realistic row is roughly 4 feet then results no responsive when connected to wifi camera in 5 feet. It flies well when any connected to wifi camera on 30 feet direct line of view. Save your money for the dji mini 2 or 3 in November! Calm will thank me more than evening! Has has attached pictures and video of a dron 'conclude arrive' the pictures and the video are grainy and full of noise. Any well for Pictures or video. Well to line to see so only!
5 / 5
Ossia Prime minister of mine dron. I have been said by another begin economic and do your way up. I have imagined I mangrove an or two before really taking a lot of have chosen like this this an up for economic! So that it has paid it is not bad. It flies costs this in spite of will not hover. I tried it external prime minister with the light breeze and he have floated was. As it spent it the interior and he still will not hover. I know it is not the gps dron but looks this has a side a heavy plus that another and I can not imagine was that for aforarlo. Some video are not utmost. To good sure any 1080p has not used all some work still this in spite of which have used are moderately happy with him for a prize.
5 / 5
Decent little dron for beginners. It does not expect the stable camera well or real 1080p quality. The time of flight is short and the response is retarded enough if no very a lot near of far control. Our lentil of camera has come also to installed raven like him all the pictures and the video are in the permanent slant. The application is not a better neither. In general any value a seal of prize.
4 / 5
A lot disappointed flies but he Hass to be in of the perfect conditions. Also some weapon that control some propellers tend to move around that cause a dron to do the odd and sudden movements without the entrance does not recommend .

Top Customer Reviews: Flying Toy Mini ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I have bought this partorisca my daughter but I also am having the plot of fun with him. Very easy to operate. Any calm in fact need anything averts of the touch. It is it likes emission the bird when that launching. It relieves any next objects and steers he out of him. A lot sure partorisca use inside a house. So only it averts partorisca do sudden gestures like this he a lot accidentally paste and break anything.
Present better partorisca boys!
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. So only partorisca give you an idea like small is, take the look in a picture partorisca see like this compares with the clock. I have thought I am taking them scammed in 20Cad reason has had them doubt can included fly. And it was them bad!! He of course fact! It sees, a video Aims a dron while flying down. It does like this reason is been flying 5 minutes directly of full load, and a battery so only can manage like this. I have bet it is small and light as there is qualified less, but in a toe-side, Complete touch less than time, so that it means can go back touch with him immediately (read that an hour partorisca be esatti).

Protip: Of calm does not have any real control in the, is not advisable to touch this alfresco reason to good sure will fly was, although it could run out of power less than 10 minutes, perhaps will be in someones ceiling or backyard or drunk group that time
5 / 5
has Bought this partorisca the present navideño and has had the (small) tries run first of the wrap ( slowly partorisca do so only a test but has had so much has amused that we 'try you' he long!).

Takes the pocolos small partorisca take used to some hand-held gestures, has to do movement a lot sudden unless it calms that wants to send flying very fast. I have been concerned would owe that take averts to a toy like him some pointed models for the touch, but this one has an external port to touch, which is awesome!

Has clashed the little time because we have wanted to press his limits, a flexible plastic so only bounced of an earth and any harm has been done to a toy or our pieces of furniture :)
4 / 5
the element is exactly to the equal that has described. Very easy to use and a lot of responsive with some 5 sensors. My edges of adult was very surprised in that a bit that the UFO could do. It identifies wall and ceiling a lot well and will back out of them. It calms that can direct lateralmente, for up and for down with your hands. If it spends for still be directed on out achieve, will touch to lose has bitten it the time until once it calms more can control he with your hands. Has two accelerate which is to add touching in general room where a main speed is advantageous. Stop He easily for grabbing and turning to the rovescio. Really it is fun and impressive for any the one who did not see it never first that. Unfortunately they are not in the now reason is the present for my grandkids - but has has had to that the try was to do sure has done ;)
the subject Only is that the the battery does not remain touched for longer that 7 - 8 minutes and taking roughly 20 minutes to recharge. I find a connection of USB is very hard to take of a unit - to I seat likes he has to that grip he like this last to pull out of one covers of USB, that could break a unit. Hopefully Will result less sticky with the use has repeated.
Ossia To good sure the only object to touch with, this in spite of can see a novelty that spends was unless has any new of the feign.
There is probably the on-line better deals, but a unit has ordered has been sent directly of the amazon and I have received he inside the week of an order and was very pleased.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Like this amused to touch a flight with my boys, the life of battery is well, quite easy to touch with, any hard, so only bit it noisy, but like this fun, controls with your hand, at the beginning does not know a little torch of key , is coming with a toy of flight, but any instruction for that, press a key but a light wont gone back on, has then discovered is infrared light , if point to a toy of flight, prenderá to fly and just stop and landed, very interesting, and so that it could he take first of my boys that paste the to anything.
5 / 5
Amazing little flight saucer... Easy to launch .. And direct with a presence of your hand or the light touch .... It will locate so only with a presence of your hand down that... Load easily... Very sure to use ... You can take he with your hand while it is flying and toe he to the rovescio for the turn was.. .. To start with that flies again calms simply and softly launches up and will take to an air again... Crazy good entertainment... 😊
4 / 5
A dron touches and has done well out of a stock exchange. Habladuría Roughly emotion for some girls. I have been touching with him while they sleep. It is the quota little toy to move around. There is the far comprised to start with on a dron of the distance. Otherwise Can launch for slightly tossing the up in an air. I thought it at the beginning it would fall but some kicks of engine in when it feels a falling feeling I supposition. Prójimo In his own and behind was yes that goes afterwards to the wall. I besiege your hand down he for him to locate and behind the in any side to do sees another way. Highly recommended. The interactive present adds this year for everything to touch.
4 / 5
An easy introductory dron toy for my boy. Essentially calm only turn he on, the give the light toss and was goes. Súper Life of short battery tho; -8 mins to fly for load. It touches under an hour tho, as it is not the dealbreaker. It looks the little delicate, but there is survived like this far. This was the present navideño and all some adults were like this surprised and impressed like this of the boys- has had any toys of flight when it was the boy !!! V happy with this compraventa, the prime minister very dron experience of toy.
4 / 5
Bought this for my boy and the boy have the explosion with him. The simple creation and do like this feigned and quite amused to look some boys are mad about roughly that.

A word of precaution, if the ones of the young boys, toddlers, his grab a unit while doing and these leaves of defender are in súper big speed. It does not think it it would generate moment enough to cause the yard, but enough a sting for both I and he 2 yr old. To be sincere use improperly and swimming detracts to purchase this product, is quite entertaining and a rechargeable the sale of battery is excellent.

Uploads of unit in roughly 40 min, and is announces 5-8 minutes.
5 / 5
Has chosen this up for our 7 old year for Navidad. This is not his first flight dron, but the difference of another model has, some propellers in this model am closed entirely, as we are much more comfortable with him using it and is much more sure touching with him. A house is sturdy, but flexible and is quite rugged to withstand some accidents and clashes that it will come he with touching with him. Some propellers are the little in a strong side but some boys' yelling while they touch with him inevitably will flood that it was. For a prize, looks that this will be the good value for a playtime that probably will take of this element.

Top Customer Reviews: Holy Stone HS450 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 46 ratings
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Ossia The very easy to fly dron, adapted partorisca beginners. A dron will take was and earth partorisca press a key. With 3 ways partorisca a speed, can regulate easily to your level. I have flown RC HELICOPTERS 10 years ago and was able to control a dron immediately. My promise was able of the control in his first fly without any leading experience.

Has the way of avoidance of the collision where a dron will go in an opposite direction of the wall if a dron is less than 50 cm of a wall. This could help beginners, but does not use the spaces narrow like this of the small corridors. The beginners would not owe that fly there so that it is not a subject. Also, there is the headless way where a dron always will go in a direction of some claves has question with an orientation.

A dron is really solid, all some propellers are protected and a dron would not owe that suffer harm for accidents. There is a together extra of the propellers have comprised. A dron is really small (returned in a hand of an adult) and would not owe that cause any harm.

In a faster way, a do one tourism 2 metres for the second when they have pressed fully. I have tried a dron external with low wind. As dron is small and light, need to be in a faster speed but is flyable.

Each one would beat last for 6 to 8 minutes. There is 3 battery has comprised, like the time of total fly is around 18 - 20 minutes. Ossia Spare for me. A dron warns calm with beeps when some batteries are down and can usually fly for half the first minutes of a dron earths . A time of load is around 40 minutes.

A dron can do toes. I require at least 10 feet clearance. I do not have any place that big in my house. But for me it is the trick of party , spent it to practise flying skills and orientation. There is the way where a dron can do circles automatically, work well.

Has entertainment with this dron. It flies the together of battery each evening with which dines.
4 / 5
Has bought this small dron like the present partorisca my boy, but eventally is resulted a defender a big plus of of the this. This is not the expensive toy, but the defender of plot. It likes- one creation of a protective partorisca his propellers. It is very drawn he so that it will be any question at all when it paste an inner wall. Also I can use my toes partorisca take a dron in the air. The control is esay, and a defender a big plus partorisca this dron is not roughly controllering, is in a 'Avoidance of Hampered. Can dip it to fly for him in the cycle and game he without controller. In general the very good toy partorisca dron beginner.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. With a cold & rainy time already here, my boys are touching the majority of an interior of time. When I have found this mini dron of Stone Santo, knew it will be the pleasant surprise partorisca his, and peaces partorisca import on its own name. And this dron has surpassed for real my expectations. Here it is that it likes me:
- material Robust & creation of big quality that will not break easily;
- Sure to fly inside a house, any danger partorisca hurt any, or things of harm inside a house;
- 3 battery that can be easily installed, and king-touch a lot quickly, so that you can enjoy almost continuous touching; Each battery leaves 7-8 minutes to touch, can recharge 2 battery the time;
- can operate use your hands ( has 4 sensors) or use a transmitter to fully of motion of control;
- altitude of Controls, has a key takes- /landed and executes like this pleasant tumbles and 3D-toes;
- The same has a system of avoidance of the obstacle and 3 speed to gradually advances to fly skills;
- operation of the time of the Night is súper-fun.
Absolutely the delight and a prize súper abordable for this quality. I am not surprised: the Saint bone has the experience adds to draw produced of big quality, and really incrustado in this mini-dron max characteristic!
Súper Good gift for a season vacacional. Included my husband the one who is Professor of the science wants to buy the small to show them in pupil and of the boys of delight (of then everything is sure). Drones Will result in a future more and more miniaturized and effective; an essential tool for a lot of industries. Time for boys to take familiar with this wonderful technology!
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I have ordered Stone Santo HS450 dron like the present for my husband and loves it! It has arrived a lot quickly of the amazon and was packaged extremely a lot- both a packaging of nave and a real dron packaging. A dron was smaller that originally expected (slightly main that the Estaca-commentaries® He) but a power and the characteristic are to do up for a measure! Comprised with a dron is part of spare propeller, he mini the engine of ray to open/closes a compartment of battery in a unit of control, the little wrench-like device to change out of damged leaves of propeller (if necessary ) 3 Dron battery and 2 USB that bosses of touches; you will require to resupply 3 AAA battery for a hand-held controller. Some battery last roughly 20 minutes each and is fantastic that 3 battery are comprised with a dron because I can touch 2 battery while piloting a device with another. A controller is very easy to use and settings to control look mimic some settings of alike control to the controller of video game; this in spite of, purchasing for the boy, strongly would suggest a unit for the girl slightly older (8+) simply because of a coordinamento has required to pilot a dron.

A dron has very fun tunt' options while in to flight likes flipping to the rovescio, models of circle and mid-airs to go. A Headless the option of Way is also the utmost characteristic reason ensures a front of a device always are facing, as it can pilot a dron in a place without that has to that follow a dron around. Some the infrared sensors really help a dron to relieve and avert obstacles and in chances a dron is for collide with something fragile, has a stop of looks of emergency of the like law like the charm. A dron has DIRECTED also that lights to the equal that leaves a pilot to fly in a dark which is súper entertainment, especially for some boys.

In general the big-the durable quality little dron this maintains all the world entertained.
4 / 5
This mini dron is surprising especially in timing navideño for boys. One 'Launch to Go' is the really orderly characteristic. A unit is almost ready for gone well out of a box. With three battery have touched invernadero USB he the fact a piece of easy use of the boxes Inside minutes was able to manoeuvre around a house ( can launch he in a house). It is small and light and an eye popper for boys when apresamiento was. It has built also in gyro and trimmer functions to do an experience even more entertainment
Took to take thei for some girls and grandkids for Christmass.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I have bought this dron to pratice inside a house. Joysticks I controls are regular creation , which is well loves pratice first to use the expensive plus dron. Sure for some pieces of furniture. A box has said 14+, but would say the boy he old plus then 8 years 'nt have the question that uses it. BE CONSCIOUS, when calm in the first place begin a dron precise a gyro calibration, easy to do : it is the key prints key (sees instructions). If it calms a lot he, will not be able to control a dron or would be very difficult. Calm does not require for aforar every time begin a dron, first time so only or a dron results diffcult to control after the moment.

After clashing the little time, this dron continuous to do perfectly, thanks to some propellers protectors.
For a prize thinks that that it is the good small dron to have entertainment with and helps to improve your dron skills.
5 / 5
A HS450 is the add dron for the beginner, he Xmas present for the recently has arrived that interest of shows in a hobby.
When I have tried a dron indoors, A characteristic of avoidance is sum!! It was sure and answers a lot effectively, an only thing I need to mention is that you are buying this dron like the present pleases to add 3 AAA battery as they are not comprised with a dron. This could be something concealed could help clients in some futures shipments. In of the general thumbs on thus produced
5 / 5
Taken this for my boys to maintain his hands of mine more serious dron and really is amused. A onboard components and 6 axial gyro marks this very stable airman. An avoidance of infrared obstacle is very effective and usually the component of models more expensive. Some the same sensors are used for hand-held mandates. A toss and the fly is surprisingly effective. Finally having 3 battery some amused last much more without that has to that material out of extra cash.
4 / 5
Unpacked A dron previously to wrap he for Navidad (a present for my grandson). I have loved to touch some batteries and install some batteries of controller has so be to go morning navideña. I gave it the flight of fast test and he immediately clashed to a wall a next plus. I have taken the most next look and found one of an engine that traces the arms has been broken. A an engine was a lot of raven and has meant that some leaves pulled a dron in the direction would not owe that have . Too late and to plot of hassle to exchange like this aplanado an engine and glued an arm broken. I have tried repack a unit in an original box and is any marvel a mountain of engine has broken. It is it was all jammed in with one of some engines always interfering with a controller joystick. Quell'Packaging that Disappoints!
Has touched with one has repaired dron bit it. Calm mostly do well but is quite difficult to control in any way. I guess it was so only $ 50 and we take the little entertainment of the hours out of him would have to that be happy, so only that the majority another look of descriptions to think this thing is sum . Perhaps so only we take the bad a.
4 / 5
Out of a box a dron has done to surprise without any calibration. Some controls were easy to use and intuitive. Some 3 bands of battery were utmost and resupplied long of flight. The batteries do not take long to touch and comprises 2 agreements. A taken was and landing the key was extremely useful. The boys want to one 'toss to fly' functionalities and with some practice was able to control a dron. It is prime minister of mine dron and was very easy to fly. I produce it adds.

Top Customer Reviews: DEERC D20 Mini ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 23 ratings
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I have ordered a D20 partorisca some boys. It had seen good descriptions and confirm a quad is very amused to fly and answered well. A chance is the good touch , and a time of flight is indicated like this. Has-liked me that is like this of the units types more main in both control and flight prep calibration. Ossia The prime minister very very dron. More complicated that so only the toy. The guards of leaf am recommended as they protect an user and a unit. The external start before gone inner to learn like this to control and regulate. It averts windy days. Video the just shows take was with which calibration. Some control and the acrobatic manoeuvres of voice are the plus. A camera takes add selfies. I need the mobile phone to do full use of characteristic.
5 / 5
Reeview Is based into use short indoors.
Setup And the connection is simple. A thing was that, loves to use your telephone like precise screen connects to a dron has seen his own wifi. My prime minister dron, like this perhaps thats how is supposition to do 🤷‍♂️
Take was and the landing is easy and has done well, if it has chosen them the zone of flat landing lol.
I controls in the controller is very sensitive. Slightly strong movement of any joystick will send it flying, like this in my chance, those clash to wall.
Would be right in assuming that I uave clashed the long already... At all it broke it, still. A time, one of some guards of propeller has flown was so that the to the chair, but a propeller was a lot.
Mina 1 and 10 m the old edges is fascinated with him and pursued it everywhere our house and would spend it behind mine with which has landed and master me partorisca maintain in the steering wheel again.
Any sure has an option for some lights to be on/was, didnt annoying to verify still, but would be had more an option for him.
Sometimes would have the question that near still. But in general it is the very good entrance level dron in his prize.
Comes with extra propellers, all 4, and mini🪛.
Cant Commentaries roughly life of battery but maintain both fully touched feels it to them would be well. 2 Touching the bosses for each battery is resupplied.
Adds sturdy spend chance that snuggly returns dron with the wings have bent in. Too bad it cant tent with ghards on. You will require to attach and deattach every time. They are súper simple to attach and deattach sentence like this leading isnt the question.
And, as my another and transfer to win.
So only 4 stars because havent has touched with him external still.
Will update to 5 maintains in feet to the little wind.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. That the add little dron! A lot of entertainment! It would say that it is the fabulous beginner and for seniors taste dron! We have tried this alfresco first, but easily could be used indoors. Dron Looks a lot of sturdy and resilient of then clash it the little time while learning without harm. Like the commentary is entertainment adds for our dog! A camera is satisfactory but has not registered any impressive video still, but again, is still learning . We were able to master a “function” of toe to the equal that can see in semi-detached video. Very easy to manage and resists to look for place well. A chance to spend is wonderful! It maintains a dron sure and sure while any into use and the easiest fact to transport! Highly it recommends this dron! Fantastic product (and especially for a prize!)
5 / 5
Quite easy to use dron to take used to flight. Luz (down 250g) like any need for him dron licence in Canada which is very good. Well for indoors or outside in days very calm. It is very struck for wind because it is like this light. A main zone is more, a dron very near well in a something and need to be actively flown around. It looks to be quite resilient like this far, he raisins to bounce of the to the some wall likes to of them. A dron comes with propeller and guard of spare propellers. A life of battery is quite short but pertinent for a type the fly that can you to him , and comprise 2 battery. It comes with the very a lot spending if that all return inner. A way of toe is very fresh and easy to use. Mark so only sure has quite spatial and press a key and a do one the full toe. A camera is more than novelty in this dron. No attended to take that it impresses dron photo or video. It is useful to see where a dron is and see quell'direction is signalling.
4 / 5
Has purchased this donr with an intention to While small, this dron bosses surprisingly a lot down to twenty of means (10-15 kph.)

My edges of 9 years is able to felizmente begins on, the fly and the earth/have closed down a dron everything in his own. It is has some experience with another small plus drones, but is able to manage this dron extremely well.

Has had some subjects with a wifi in mine telephone not connecting to a dron, but a DeeRC instruments of the service of the client helped was, and was satisfied extremely with his service!

My only critique is that a chance is not purpose-built for this measure of dron. It is oversized, and has foam to take a dron to move around. While any ideal, this does not affect a security of a dron (while your sure he with a foam,) or a functionality of a flight, of here reason has maintained a description in 5/5.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Bought this mini dron for my boys. Has has had previously the judge to start with dron that was smaller that this, as this was a upgrade. Among the sturdy if that can store you a dron and a controller, which is very useful. A dron the self comes with beautiful self explanatory instructions that was easy to follow. It has taken any time to take use to fly a dron and also connecting to an application to be able to take video and photo. There is the number other functions as I conceive and his control which still owe that try. Like this far, it is been the good cost , especially for the judge to start with dron.
4 / 5
Enjoys everything in this dron. Very easy to use and Manoeuvre . It resists it is dipped well when looking for and a lot of responsive to some starts of far control. Some batteries give it abundance to fly time also. I am spent of the hours that fly this dron took it of then and have the zeros complain. Ossia The add dron for beginners and has has experienced airmen also. I love an a lot of spending chance that comes with him. I produce it adds!!!!
4 / 5
Honradamente, could not fly external with 10km/h wind. I flew it on porch of mine and a wind was 4km/h. It is a lot of dron for beginners to practise. It has to that aforar each one that paste to take for something. Some tampons in earth would owe that be stronger. Very light and less than 250gm like any need any licence in Canada.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I add small dron, comes with the good chance. I maintain in one car load he with a usb. It returns in a palmera of your hand, like this calm so much can see for a video yes is windy can escape it on you but video a lot enough for the toy dron and that it is that it goes in a heaven among 3-7 seconds?
4 / 5
This element has been shipped a lot quickly are the first member an order has arrived interior two subject is excellent especially during this pandemic. A Dron looks to be of good quality for a prize. Because of windy conditions , has not had the occasion to fly same.

Top Customer Reviews: SNAPTAIN H823H Mini ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Leave the useful vote has found this useful description!

A Good:
- Easy to learn
- Extra parts
- No brotas exposed

A No Like this Good:
- the Far keys are the pocolos flimsy

Ossia the really fun dron partorisca touch around with. This an in fact near when has everything there is aforado. Very small and access in a palmera of your hand. Uses three AAA battery to power a far and a dron is rechargeable. Some batteries are resisted in for the clip plastic piece and has an additional ray partorisca do sure all the rests in place. A good thing is a costruttore has comprised also the screwdriver partorisca this which is awesome. An only thing is that some keys in some far is the little flimsy but ossia so only the fun thing partorisca touch with. A dron comes with leaves of spare propeller and is shut like this calm any like this material volume taken in an engine and calm does not take hurt yes short yours or of the things of the harms run to. Easy to learn and take hang he of, last an average of five to eight minutes in the load.

Gives the thank you partorisca read! It remembers partorisca leave me the useful vote has found this useful description!
5 / 5
I have purchased this mini dron partorisca my niece. It is an adorable inner dron. So only it takes the little time partorisca practise that my niece of 8 years can fly it on his own. It is very light and has protect of perimeter as we do not concern roughly the when being easy to break. One the majority of I like a sound is very small. They are very annoyed with the big plus dron that has bought before, my little daughter has scared, but likes this little a.
5 / 5
Ossia To good sure one the majority of entertainment has had with the dron - and flies him every day partorisca work! A dron is the fly is docile, GPS there is enabled commercial drones. This little fella is the teeny tiny dron with a heart of the lion and a bit of the puppy :) A encased the propellers this dron incredibly sure indoors.

Is characteristic packed, with to to the capacities like landing of some touches, of takeoff, fine speed, and acrobatics. Has the built in battery this is to draw partorisca be sure so that the boys do not take . A big vendor partorisca me was CONTROL of ALTITUDE. Cela Calms mean can leave your hand of a throttle, and a dron will hang in place in an air. A lot other sportsmen few drones does not have this characteristic, which means calm constantly is battling among a dron running of the bulls unexpectedly to a ceiling, then behind to a paving. It can be funny, but also frustrating. This dron take that annoying hassle. But still it flies around like the little demon in a way of big speed!

Touches quickly of any port of USB - computer, bank to be able to, adapter partorisca wall etc.

can not recommend this quite big. If you are buying this for the present - buy two. Calm once see it in action ... You will want to one :)
5 / 5
I have bought two of these so many presents navideos. Decided partorisca try them was so as to there is not disappointed kids on tomorrow navideo. I have fallen enamoured with them at the beginning flight. One of them have not resisted one uploads against everything and has been returned the Amazon, a lot easily could add, and has ordered two more. They are very small, everything has has protected propellers, and easy to operate. I have bought these partorisca the 5, 7 and boys of 12 years. They fly on, down, behind and it advances, rotate and toe, with a touch of the key. I have touched with them partorisca roughly 4 minutes each, as any insurances that the times remain touched. I also like a fact that has 3 speed and a lower speed is very partorisca this group of age. They will have amused on tomorrow navideos. An only negative is will require partorisca be plugged in partorisca touch for an adult. A lot of dainty and a lot last to unplug.
5 / 5
Always we are looking for new toys partorisca our two cats and this was such the pleasant little dron in a price abordable. It takes the little tries to take used his but then is easy of the fly. An only thing that sucks is that a hard battery 5 minutes and takes an hour partorisca touch. But partorisca a price can not complain... It flies and near really well. I think that that they are more his that some cats LOL but likes him to swat in of him and the follow around!

It beeps When A battery is in decline. I add takeoff of some keys... Easy to take he in an air! Probably more partorisca use indoors or no the windy day reason is very light and small.

In general loves that and cost a compraventa!
5 / 5
This was the compraventa really good . A price are adds partorisca a product of quality takes. Some first time have used he in home my in fact jumped dog and the bit while it flies and has thought them sure pause but felizmente any harm and my dog wants to pursue the while his looking for in lucido. Really you recommend this and I will be to buy more :)
3 / 5
It has Had this partorisca the week and has has had to that the turn. Begun of adds. Easy to control and the good measure partorisca inner flight. In the Then found a battery partorisca drain quickly (perhaps 2 mins partorisca fly) and has has had to that then touch partorisca quite awhile first of good to go again to the equal that has frustrated mine 8 yr d the one who loved it only fly. We have tried also a key of house of the turn in a far and concealed caused the partorisca bank hard accident and has run to the wall and after the has not flown never properly again he so that it was the little fragile. No appearances an amazing experience in a point of price and in of the moments surpass expectations. Perhaps yes calm the the so only flown attentively for the little mins the day and has not used any of some other keys of characteristic can be the good toy but has has had to that the to us unfortunately turn.
5 / 5
I have possessed 3 mini drones & a big plus a. Ossia For far a better value. It is interview & of the height of the stability is incredible.

My girls find it sper easy to fly. Some cages in some leaves he very sure & partorisca indoors. Amur This thing.

Wishes a battery was swappable or touched faster because he no last along and wants to maintain touching! It can buy another.

MODIFICATION: we buy the seconds a & can fly both in a same room without interference! Utmost cost!
4 / 5
Inner use so only, is too small to survive the gust of wind and without the camera does not mean any clue partorisca the find. The hard load 3-4 minutes of flight. Average of wall with relieving complains it noisy small the one who calm promote you partorisca avert concealed. It can be confuse when a dron the turns that the cause has left partorisca result right. A light gives the good clue like the orientation. I have bought a partorisca my grandson of five years (' precise the far, no an iPad, Dad) and one on its own name partorisca practise. My woman is happy with life of battery the scarce.
Thinks that ossia an excellent dron partorisca emotional of beginner the experienced, and the very good price.
4 / 5
Everytime Be able to you on a dron and far, and after your paired a two and is gone through a sequence of calibration, has to spend at least the minute trimming the like this level of flies, otherwise goes to derives too much. One in-air trimming the calibration is complicated too much partorisca the girl.

Low update
A vendor has contacted to direct our worries directly, and have offered help with the new dron. They are happy with a service of client.

Top Customer Reviews: DEERC D20 Mini ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Toy very well, like the present of anniversary partorisca boys.
A key partorisca Land/of Start Key partorisca begin a fly, the control of altitude can maintain a dron in the sure height, which the like this easy fact partorisca control and take video.
A camera is 720p, wireless transmission. An extra battery does partorisca touch the time the long plus. And he partorisca beat that it touches another when flights a dron.
Takes the sure skill partorisca begin that it takes era. It is better to coach more in an open earth, preferably in a soft gram. I attack partorisca the little more proficient first to touch in a yard, otherwise, will be easy to fly to the place that is hard of the take behind.
After touching with my time of diverse boy, has found that have to him legustado also.
Because of this dron measured small, is more to take was when there is little wind.
4 / 5
When I have received my D20, could not believe the one who small was.
Immediately has wanted to the one who stable and responsive is.
This leave to fly my D20 in of the small spaces indoors or alfresco.
A camera is well, but does not add .
Would recommend this dron for people those who enjoy to fly, but is not looking to take serious dron pictures or video.
4 / 5
Like the prime minister-time dron buyer, an element are adds. My family there be enjoyed to touch a dron, is very easy to fly. It comes with HD 1280x720P wifi the camera leave to take amazing aerial photo and video. With the extra battery leave to enjoy a dron in prolonged time. It comes with the characteristic available in application more the stops to the beginners likes them one touches taken /landed and multifunction options like tapfly, control of voice and hand-held gesture. A mobile is easy to use leaving an user to practise some skills of flight spend to any, as you can improve of beginner the expert overtime.
4 / 5
After reading all a positive description, has bought one. Nizza Little dron. You will require to practise with material of first basic flight to try any elegant some. I suggest that you take some small pieces that goes in upper of some four rotors. When you Clash your dron while it tries to fly he for a first pair of time, these very small pieces go to fly in any direction and is a lot last to find afterwards. The place averts him and dip his backside on when improvements in flying a dron without the clash.
4 / 5
Follows honradamente disapointed with a quality of these girls dron. For $56 it has taken to fly it once before it has clashed to some walls a propeller safty leaves flung was the the ones of the one who know where and a propeller has broken immediately! Big sucks. First airmen to time of those who know that it is paralizaciones . We couldnt the figure was like this to take a far control to do and has had to that use an application in mine devise for the fly that was it really hard to imagine was reason any of some keys is labled in an application he seamed likes has had the big lag in a press to time a his key in fact doing anything. My daughter was soooo excited to take this and has appointed has included Right-handed. But the knots so only took to take was once. You would think that that they would be it quell'has bitten more durable for the boys dron still first timers. ?

Will send behind to amazon... There is the paper to take one for free inside a box gives your sincere experience with a dron and then contact them for email in but am them very skeptical will receive them another dron still free! And the do the expect it would be of the better quality but the one who knows? Update. We contact me but im quite sure his wont give a free like this one has broken and the correspondent that behind.
4 / 5
- Good prize! Ossia The must .. For good product
- easy to gather and pair
- easy but requires some practice to fly, as has very characteristic
Gilipollas Look:
- does not try the fly in a room is the beginner like
- to time to eat 😂 will take you intoxicated

was the present for my grandson of 7 years, but go to buy another on its own name
will recommend it to any any one spent dron still beginners
4 / 5
Honradamente this thing is quite awesome for an easy prize to use, league and control, and the quite durable so that it also is that you consider what time there is hurdles to the trees houses wall and of the cars bought it of then but this dron has a fatal defect that goodness to such hurdlings is quell'has bitten too light which is a lot when Ur flies around with a lot of life of battery but once a wind chooses on Jesus takes a wheel, still the product adds to learn to use the dron very intuitive and the row of camera is quite terrible outside or have the big Inner space would be perfect
5 / 5
This dron is easy to create and that careers with as it beginner. Having a trim key in a far is a lot handy and is something will require to use while suitable and take comfortable using a dron.

Is smaller that expected (Access in a palmera of your hand) but this is resulted to be the thing adds so it is much easier to take with you on adventures.

A quality of image of the camera is not sum but is 'a lot of'. The amateur video on Youtube and would not use some images of this camera for that. BUT we are also a company to draw of the Interior and has used this dron to buzz on and control out of one that exists roofline of the client to help with decisions for the extension of house, so that it was awesome!!

In general, as it beginner or the boy, would recommend this so it adds judges to start with dron.
5 / 5
Has bought this dron for the anniversary of my edges. I am impressed really thus little dron. It is very easy to control, but still suggest you to touch he in an open place. Has paste a wall some first time have tried he in home, felizmente has guard of propeller. Like the propeller will not suffer harm in the light collision. My edges of 8 years taken familiar with regarding the control. This dron also has the 720p camera, and can be connected to the mobile phone has seen Wifi. But, it does not expect a quality of video in this prize. It is the good present for the boys and something can learn like this to control the dron.
4 / 5
Ossia Prime minister of mine dron to take the wet feet and learn to practise first to buy expensive professional dron. To be sincere, when I open the box sees this little dron, was doubt of his action like his small measure and hanged light. When on in the first place try, has recognised immediately that in spite of this measure and hanged , is doing work quite well, still has 0 experience with dron, still can easily has taken flies around low control with far. It likes to have to that two battery which can touch longer, a booklet of instruction is detailed that it is a lot of gain to take start, although it has resupplied spare propellers, suggests to install a protective propeller securely before in the first place try avert possible harm. If game in the external open zone, try avert windy day that it could the stray control in strong wind.

Top Customer Reviews: 4DRC V2 Mini Drone ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. It likes said in a title. This mini dron is unbeleivable. It is very stable, with an end tuneres in a right side of a far, has directed partorisca take near almost in place without any movement, to calm like him can see in of a video). It is it adds to love inner of practice for when you go external and use you bug dron if the one of some controls is very intuitive.

At the beginning looks small, but is perfet measure for use of interior. No really for alfresco especially yes it is windy. Calm can bend returns like this small in a far which are adds to store and transporting. Still calm the small compartement in a far to store an extra battery and a system on call. It comes with 3 rechargeable battery. Like this whrn is using a, can touch another.

The inferior line is I cant beleive is down $40 . If you are not sure, calm would be necessary to take it and the try.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. wow That is amused really and awesome. Yes perfect for beginners but what amused to control. I have tried a lot and ossia my preferred . It installs in a far and comes with 3 battery, and yes finally the designer the one who sells 3 battery that says the long time to have time to always have one to touch calm in this way can touch indefinitely
4 / 5
first time that touches with the quadcopter for me so that it is the curve to learn
A far controller has the space of cupboard to store a dron and some guards of leaf. So only it wishes calm does not have to that take some guards of leaf out of everytime tent a dron was
taking a dron the start up is finicky but perhaps reason have not touched never in the quadcopter first of
surely will be amused once imagines was regarding the control
4 / 5
My grandson adds saved on his money to buy this mini dron. It has arrived much faster that attended and has been thrilled. Early we discover that of some three battery, so only 2 was compatible. A third day, after touching a battery, has aimed fully touched this in spite of has inserted once a battery has aimed any touched and no

the amazon was orders to issue the full repayment and in the closing is looking for the dron for him.
4 / 5
Really is like this small to the equal that say. It is quite the little dron for $ 35. I took it in fact on extracted he of lightning for $ 28. I add for beginners, the economic way to see if that flies the dron is for you or if a novelty would spend was quickly. I have bought a model without the camera as I can not comment in a quality of that, but so that I have taken, loves me go further and buy the big plus and more anticipated one in a future.
5 / 5
Has three full measure drones and wants the a lot of but has loved to take more the practice that flies like this resulted according to character of mine. This in spite of, a full measure drones is way to powerful for use of inner so that it is reason was pleased like this when I have purchased this little mini dron. It is súper entertainment, perfect for interior And external and now can take my practice in so like this loves. And YES It Is TRUE, comes with 3 BATTERY for the plenaries 30 minutes of game. It is the hard little unit because I clashed it roughly 50 times like this far and his closing ticking to the long of. If you are thinking to buy this dron, any doubts inclusas, just push 'buy now'.
4 / 5
J Have r Buy A second dron Car my prime minister lucido carrier any never rid mine my door and leave in has joined gone in of past of blockade of 24 house then he the missing ?? The CARRIER EDGES HARM INCOMPETENTS !



To the equal that has wanted A lot have this dron Transport l adored but dress his consecutive questions c etuis mine derriere casualidad and benefice of the doubt that sinister and think that receive gives returns of dron that his people gone back touches the bad operation then has finalised to take more than casualidad go back and has finalised this compraventa a lot that feigns and adorable but fall too bad of the sud these devices.
4 / 5
Easy to begin up. It takes the bit to practise to imagine out of directions but was quite easy to manoeuvre around after this
Comes with 3 battery like this still can have while fun while to another to touch
the Good compact measure the easy fact to pack for when we go to camp. It returns in palmera of mine easily
A lot too noisy neither
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Bought this to coach my edges while it already has the good skills that value of control of far cars. It comes with two spare battery and number of leaves of extra propeller. A battery is well. It was able to fly he with Canadian flag has attached his so much in a video. My edges has loved to have seats he of stampede this year which have lost because of covid. Ossia Very economic and value of the money. Very shabby . Recommended.
4 / 5
Ossia An amazing little dron.
My edges has has wanted to one for Xmas and has decided to try this character a.
There is not disappointed!
His fast,but easy for mine 9I to learn.
Has imagined this was a lot quickly.
A hard battery 10 to 15 mins and is quickly to recharge; but it comes with 3 battery!
The element adds that it would recommend and the shabby again has required .