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Top Customer Reviews: Gurdas Mann in ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
Sie interessieren sich ernsthaft fĂŒr Ă€gyptischen Bauchtanz und dessen Geschichte?
Dann kommen Sie A dieser DVD nicht vorbei:
Schauen Sie, wie die berĂŒhmtesten TĂ€nzerinnen aus Ägypten ausgesehen haben und lassen Sie sich von ihrem Tanzstil und gives Musik von damals inspirieren: zu sehen sind u.un. Tahia Karioka, Samia Gamal, Nagua Fuad, Suhair Saki...
Gezeigt werden Quotes berĂŒhmtesten TĂ€nzerinnen Ägyptens - angefangen von 1947 bis in Jahr 1976 - given nicht nur im ihrem Heimatland, sondern im ganzen Orients verehert und geliebt wurden.

Viele Gives Auftritte sind In einem Spielfilm eingebettet - ganz erstaunlich, wie offen und frei sich Frauen
in Ägypten has given Spielfilmen bewegen können. Auch wenn Man nicht allzuviel nackte Tall sieht: it has given Frauen sind sexy, verfĂŒhrerisch und marks davon einfach eine Augenweide. Ganz entgegen mancher Vorurteile sind Has given Ă€dchenhaft schlank, entsprechen also auch dem westlichen Schönheitsideal.
Allerdings sind viele Gives Filmausschnitte In schwarz/weiß und auch nicht von besonderer QualitĂ€t.
Auch fehlt mir nÀhere Information zu gives einzelnen TÀnzerinnen - wie sie gelebt haben ect.
Daher 2 Sterne Abzug.
Fazit: eine Informative, interesting DVD DIPPED einigen MĂ€ngeln - interessant nur fĂŒr Ă€gyptischen Tanzfans.

Top Customer Reviews: Live in Concert at ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
It looked he advances in anxious anticipation to an arrival of this dvd - almost salivating in a thought to see and listening a wonderful Abida Parveen. I yearned A sound of the his evocative the voice that gives life to some of one the majority of good-looking and sensuous poetry. A combination almost the value that sells yours a lot of stops of soul.

This in spite of when a dvd has arrived, was bitterly there is disappointed.

This dvd has been rid a lot quickly, and was keenly priced.
Sadly A sound and the quality of picture is cut at all of atrocious.
Is not too much to say that a quality of production of this dvd is an insult to both Lady Parveen and to some poets those who penned some words sings with such can and passion.

Mina of looks that some producers of these dvdes actuate has downloaded simply the number of poor quality youtube video and then committed the to a dvd exactly how were.
A result is quite simply an abomination.

Loves beauty. If has the passion for words and music. If hot blood , red flow by means of yours vetoes. If calm there is no known never a human being of external amour, then avert this miserable offering.

A plague in some houses that they have produced this despicable outrage.

Top Customer Reviews: Digimon Fusion: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
4 / 5
It is not bad.... So only it does not add .
Digimon The fusion you amenos Digimon in a setting of interesting war. A history is very enough to maintain looking and some characters are fresh if no the bit cliche sometimes.
Has the good number again Digimon to see. An only thing that really annoy me is that an only method of digivolution in some looks of show unimaginative and an a lot of concept of digivolution the levels is entirely be he has refused. A main character is transformed name is usually so only the number multiplies that another Digimon has melted his, as while looking to the different looks like test very small has been dipped to appoint characters.
Had purchased this together with season 2 for purpose of collection, although it also looks unlikely that parcos 3 will not be baptised never and has spent on as well as the whole, a serious also will feel incomplete.
On everything, there is enjoyed Digimon Fusion so that it is but remain to feel likes would have to that have more.
5 / 5
Has ordered is while it takes Parcos 1(6 disks), instead has taken Parcos 1, leaves 1(3 Disks), literally the averages that has been announced.
4 / 5
Has ordered Estaciona 1 -6 DVDES, but has received Estaciona 1 Volume1 - 3DVD.
Sees are not an only one with a subject same.

My daughter is very unhappy.
5 / 5
There is disappointed. I can not comprise like this was in the web of place of United Kingdom when a DVD is so only suitable for touching in some the EUA and Canada. Airwave3s Has said usually declare this but I could not find he in a description
4 / 5
My edges says thoroughly there is enjoyed these serious and can not expect for season 2 to exit.
4 / 5
My amours of edges digimon and this was a perfect present . The value adds also!
5 / 5
Frustrating to burst this in and @give that half some disks lag, skip, or so only freeze all near. Any sure takes the together defective but to good sure displeased.

Top Customer Reviews: Dancing With the ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5
I have enjoyed a work-was, but has thinks that some presentations do not dissect some movements enough. It is like the and the two, four ... Eight. They are exagerating so only the little. Also, it considers that the DVD like this would owe that express in layman terms, does not have any need to the on hire purchase technical shortcut, unless calm explained them first.

Frankly, ossia the product has authorised bad planned , in that has little that in fact it links behind to a show, so only a fact that a work-was is inspired by ballroom dance it and is presented by a pros of a show. Had the potential this in spite of more, likes images of use of a show, or that gives the plot more examples that that can be done with some steps that is to teach.

How is is the forgettable endeavour.
5 / 5
Has had this for enough the moment and is one of the mine favourite workoutdvds. You are dancing an integer dvd so that it is not for the tug. Has some fund of the social dance but I do not think is too hard for beginers, reason repeat all the plot that builds some routines like this if any taken something at the beginning calms finally will take it. A whole thing is good but a jive the section is so only sensational - a lot of entertainment and the real workout -I would say my preferred cardio workout of everything and value a prize for this section so only. Mark and Julianne are energy very big and positive. One one do one for improvement if king-released is the quota down section like the bondadoso of calm drops in max cardio.
4 / 5
There are many of a DWTS dances/to exercise Dvdes. This an is not the preferred of mine. The section of Mark is very difficult (and have experience of dance), the beginner would be fallido. Also the desire has comprised the pertinent to cover and cool down or pieces.
4 / 5
There is a lot expĂłsito little workout Dvd that really joy, and ossia a ossia quite good. It is amused to dance, and learn movements of different dance.
4 / 5
This is not easy for beginners to the equal that has alleged. It moves a lot quickly paced. It would not purchase this unless calm already know these dances!
5 / 5
There is enjoyed this workout, is good to do with some writes that knows of a show. They are well in him. But I have thought it it has not had to it weaves of instructions. The majority of a time, is more 'look in me and tries to do a same thing'. And one modifying is not always well, that means that sometimes a camera is on more when a monitor is presenting the new movement. The half that can does not see immediately. I have been dancing all my life, a class of dance or another, how was able to follow or chose it up after the few repetitions, but could imagine any without experiencing to dance that is very stray. And forget a part of challenge! I will require first month to be able to follow and included then. They do not give any direction, so only that side to go. Very hard, they was to take lost they!
But some 4 dances are fun and have a lot that could uses in the dance floor, which is very fresh. I expect that they do more Dvdes!
4 / 5
This a bad east fact. Some stars are good (and love his dances!) But a production this virtually useless. A Much better the option is Fitness with a Pros and dancing Like a Pros, both for Edyta Sliwinska and Alex Mazo. They explain some movements, and aim a difficult plus some in slow motion. Has both Dvdes and really the together law well. And they are amused!