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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
This DVD is interesting and a quality is sum . A pronunciation is clear and some contents maintains it that it interests partorisca look.
4 / 5
Has purchased this like the present partorisca the 1st present of anniversary partorisca my fellow the one who struggle partorisca take his edges have interested partorisca learn tongues. I have read in these Dvdes in some papers recently and has thought this would be an ideal present . His edges LOVES It!!! Simple animation but covers all some simple words to start with and interested in learning of tongue by means of fun animation and of the characters of pleasant jungle. I have chosen included on a lot of words to look a DVD with him and has wanted to dance and singing to a rhyme of nursery has comprised. A delicious purchase which highly recommends. Certainly it comes from there another Dvd for my present after, a duquel is French for Numbers of Boys and Colours!
5 / 5
Has found this Punjabi clips of DVD in an internet and has thought these would be good to share like my description.

A clip says it all - simple, entertainment and effective for girls!

Top Customer Reviews: Bend It Like ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
4 / 5
I have seen this film 3 times and never take patient of him but my dog have broken another so it takes the new a. Really well film familiarised
4 / 5
As it was ordered of abroad (I are in Canada), is enclosed and can not be touched for players of blue ray in this region. I have asked the little I.T. People in this @@subject and googled the and apparently this arrives regularly. Total waste of money to the equal that can a lot included look a film. A lot disappointed in amazon partorisca any in that has pleas of authorship in of the elements have taken.
4 / 5
The film adds; aimed the to my students and everything of them has related his and the film expósita that interest in spite of British emphasis
4 / 5
ossia the film partorisca all the ages and the utmost a, loved it of then I football of amour, the film adds partorisca look with some girls!!
5 / 5
Ossia The a lot inspiring film . One of the mine fav film.
5 / 5
The film received and no able of the touch! Any happy a lot disappointed!
5 / 5
The film has executed a lot- very credible and an easily watchable long- no deep entertainment , so only adds. Acting is glorious. So only it can not find any defects or failures with this film. Kudos To everything! Enough suitable for all the ages.. The contemporary rests- and love a musical bookmark... Now buying he for another in some familiar as well as fellow- you gotta the look!
4 / 5
To the Curve likes Beckham is the dvd that has purchased after being exposed to and seeing a film in television and/or an internet (around 2005/2006 when it live in Mayport, Florida by means of United States Navy). In all the chance, to the Curve likes Beckham is the characteristic in the woman has appointed Jesminder Jess Kaur Bhamra (Parminder Nagra)the one who has the strong passion to touch football. A question with his hobby is that his parents, especially his father, still is regulating to that loves in life versus that loves for sound. Jess Loves his family, but is trying to come on hire purchase with reconciling his sleeps with maintaining the strong connection with his members familiarised. Some references of culture of the pop; A character of Jess is pointed admiring the picture of player of famous football David Beckham (also known so that husband the fashion of lights of Daughter/of designer of Spice Victoria Beckham) and fragment of a song Smiled Inner for characteristic to Knit in to Curves likes them Beckham. Two of some characters that Jess fulfils by means of his football that touches Juliette Jules Paxton (Keira Knightley) and Joe (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) dramatically change his life in of the different ways and is both of entities to his growth in some way.
4 / 5
'To the Curve likes Beckham' is the film in sleeps, in concrete in a sleep of Jess (Parminder Nagra), the adolescent youngster the one who would love football to touch as well as his idol, David Beckham. There are two questions, this in spite of. A prime minister is a fact that is the daughter , and a second is very traditional Hindu family.

One first question looks for to be easily surmountable, like this Jess Jules has fulfilled (Keira Knightley), the daughter the one who spends to touch in a crew of local football. Jules presents Jess to a bus of his crew of football, Joe (Jonathan Rhys-Meyers). In spite of some initial scepticism, Joe incorporates Jess to a crew, with which add it the test was.

Unfortunately, Jess can not share his happiness with his family. His parents are immigrant of Indiana, and still although they have lived in Inghilterra for the long time his still cherish his old traditions. Of course, and according to his, the good daughter does not have to that football of touch: it have to that think roughly that house :)

Like the result, Jess hides some abonos informative of his father (Anupam Kher), mother (Shaheen Khan) and sister (Archie Punjabi), and begins to touch football with his new crew. As you can imagine, maintaining his familiar to discover a truth will be quite difficult and hectic. While, we will learn some things in cultural differences, friendship, amour and (reason any one?) Football.

In a whole, highly recommends this film, included if you are not that a lot to football. It is a lot entertaining, but also help you to reflect in ours increasingly multiculturales societies. It liked Especially of a global positive message, and would like me recommend this yours film and your family. It is the winning aim :)

Belen Alcat
5 / 5
That mark the film adds is that a spectator would owe that leave look this film with the good flavour in a mouth that "the film was a lot. I enjoyed it.' This film rids exactly concealed. Some aims of films values the one who traditional go in a way of some sleeps of the looks of the Indian daughter British in. Doing "curry", cooking "roti", and singing the praises of his husband is the cliché of any Indian daughter. That roughly touching football (football in British) touches odd? Well, ossia that it is all the place to assist. A British Indian daughter is so only in excellent touching football (football) and master excel in him. But it conceal it is not the cup of his father of tea. More than that, falls enamoured with the white type? An Indian cliché the family does not go to be for him. As it Hides, careers, and he taking has bitten of a world is everything , "to the Curve likes Bekham" it is everything roughly. Attended the second, think that a film is the serious melodrama ? Hell Any one! It is an out of and was comedy. Some scenes of comic are extremely hilarious and laugh and enjoy a good time funds in a big screen. This film was surprisingly orders, when prime ministers of mine has spent this film has thought typical chick flick, but is for some reason the film adds. Ossia Have to that it sees film.
5 / 5
A film "to the Curve likes Beckham" it is a film to involve in the teenaged Sikh daughter, Jesminder 'Jess' Bhamra (Parminder K. Nagra), These amours to touch the football and his hero is a player of famous football David Beckham, the one who once touched for Manchester United. (Some few images of archive of David Beckham is used in a film.) Unfortunately, Jess parents, Ladies and Lady Brahma (Anupam Kher and Shaheen Khan respectively), any entirely agree (his mother especially) of Jess is continued participation in football to the equal that has grown. Instead, they want to learn more traditional Sikh familiarised ways. An a lot of memorable the scene is an inaugural film with Jess imagining she touching with David Beckham, with commentators of television sport that glimpsed his parents. This in spite of, in Jess imagination, his mother begins to scold some commentators to promote to touch football. It Likes him the progress of history, Jess partner Juliette 'Jules' Paxton (Keira Knightley) invites Jess to touch in his crew that is coached by a Irishman Joe has appointed (Jonathan Rhys-Meyers). Although his object of parents, Jess continuous touch with a crew and he still heads to secretly go with them to touch against the crew in Germania; and ossia when the things changes more drastically and unexpectedly for Jess, Jules and Joe.
Gurinder Chadha Has done the glorious work to direct and writing "to the Curve likes Beckham". (Paul Mayeda Margins and Guljit Bindra assisted in his writing.) Parminder K. Nagra Acting was wonderful, as it was Shaheen Khan like his mother in a film. Another memorable the characters comprise Pinky Bhamra (Archie Panjabi), Honey (Shaznay Lewis), Jules' mother Paula Paxton (Juliet Stevenson), his father Alan Paxton (Frank Harper) and Jess partner Tony (Ameet Chana). Although a film has received any nominations of Prizes of the Academy, is appointed for the Golden Ball for Better Musical or Picture of Motion of the Comedy. It was appointed also for Alexander Korda Rewards for Better British Film for BAFTA. In general, I estimate "to the Curve likes Beckham" with 4.5 stars there is rounded to 5. It is the thoroughly entertaining and involving film that the people of any ages can enjoy.
5 / 5
I really liked this film. It finds his plot refreshing, his exceptional actions and his resolution a lot in satisfactory.
A storyline combines both traditional film cliches (battles of daughter against his conservative family to do he in a modern world) and characteristic more unusual (the customs and traditions that comprises a lovely system of an Indian Sikh family).
Jasminda Is an intellectually and athletically gifted daughter of the Indian familiarised traditional the one who is trying hard to preserve his values in 2003 Londra. His older sister Pinky, the one who also has some feet in both worlds, is resulted the example to continuation of his family for his. Initially rebellious, Pinky has entered recently to the "engaged of amour" with a pleasant Indian boy has been seeing in a side.
With his family like this preoccupied with the preparations of pair of his sister, Jasminda sneaks was in a sly to touch with the seeds-pro women's team. During this adventure, finds a tomboyish Juliet and his drop-died gorgeous buses. Both of this character also has his subjects familiarised own-Juliet with his very feminine mother and his bus with his too motivated father.
Some games of films was all these phases familiarised. A rich plus and more rewarding the moments comes from/come from an Indian familiar dynamics. This calm film leave peer to an interesting piece of culture-the traditional Indians that alive in Londra of the 21st century and that looks for to balance both worlds.
Some actions are exceptional. Parminder Black in a function of advantage directs it nuanced action: it loves a world of football of Londra and big time of modern day but master and respects some values of his parents. Keira Knightley Likes Juliet is surprising. It is the good-looking daughter the one who could concern less in his looks. All wants to do is to isolate his cleats. Juliet Stevenson HAS his mother is hysterical. Yes, perhaps it is quell'has bitten on-the-upper, but takes the laugh every time looks in a film. And an actor the one who touches a bus directs to balance ethical integrity, drop and athletic passion-advantage viril dreamy died in an action!
A DVD has some fun extras. The clue of a manager is entertaining and educational. A "to the equal that to cook an Indian lunch" it is amused. And one has deleted the scenes are entertaining.
Would recommend this film to lovers of "power of daughter" film as well as the families that loves something has amused to look near. It is the film adds for any the one who simply wants to be entertained for the few hours.
5 / 5
Ossia One of some deport plus very pleasant, can/more pleasant that daughter/rousing the films of comedy have seen in the moment! For judges of start, is to laugh -was-strong ape, and to good sure resists your attention. I think that that it was really geared in of the young adolescents and pre-adolescents, but has seen he with my mother, and was twenty years at the same time and the knots to entertainment there was still. Jess (Parminder Nagra) So only loves football of game, but his traditional parents, the Indians will not listen of him. They want to go the university, is resulted the lawyer and be the good Indian woman--accident is not to forget some lessons of cookery his mamma loves @@subject to, as it can cook all some curries, breads and resupplies frito pastries. An Indian youngster-the English daughter will not listen of him, and while his sister is preparing for his own pair, a headstrong the continuous daughter to sneak was and football of game with some types. Another young lady (Keira Knightley) sees sound touching, and invites to join the crew of the daughter. His both come from to develop runs over in a bus (Jonathan Rhys Myers), and then the things take the little say one , a subject of the whole football can not be maintained down wraps for ever.
Still although they are not never be a lot well in football, and does not know any a lot of in a game (this in spite of, has known the one who David Beckham was and that swipe for Manchester United at the same time that a film is coming is included the scene with Jess looking David--or, as to to his mamma likes to call, "This skinhead boy," I touch his "corner"), I have had I add fun looking Jess triumph at stake with which cheek, and there is enjoyed an Indian flavour that generously sprinkled out of the to to this film likes a lot of haldi (tumeric, so that they know for of his Western name) in the savory and spicy curry, meant to be enjoyed with friends and has has wanted to some. Please give this one the , promote any young women and of the daughters for the look. It is to good sure an inspiring film for women of all the ages, this in spite of.
5 / 5
Will admit that I left to take hype-tanned before I have seen this collection of a bit amusing scenes cobbled together to the film roughly assimilation and conflicts familiarised inside the Indian family of half class to Londra.
Knows some works. The figures of daughter was is well in football. It loves something roughly that. And for this take to capture in the redundant cycle of: Jess there was mentido the mother roughly touching for a crew, the mother discovers, Jess the stops that touch, Jess begin him that touch, Jess there was mentido his mother, the mother finds infinitum.
See where this is going? It is quite dull and painfully repetitive, leaving to count down some minutes until a plot reissues he for a umpteenth time.
When A plot is not stuck in his loop, is busy cramming in limping situations and characters. Jess' The family is presented like the next-exaggeration that mark some parents of look of Mine of the Fat Greek pair Big downplayed. Any so only an Indian family, included a mother of Jess' british partner, touched for Juliet Stevenson, is engreído that push-ups bras and short skirts, any shin pad and cleats, is an only way to attract the man. Both families look of the old standby of Solitary Sympathetic Father -- trusting, sympathetic dads -- those who both exist simply to convince his grumbling conjoint to give some boys the pause, but so only, of course, in time for a Big Arrival.
In a side besides, a manager had sucedido in evoking the feasible level of charm of a mould and any acts touch, and is easy to see reasons so many people have come to like this of films. It is hard any to like these characters. More, both Nagra and Knightley has some good looks, natural charisma, and sincere acting talent that mark the person he bona fide star of film. A soundtrack is fresh also except this Punjabi music in a pair that has touched on for the tad also long.
Still, in a whole he twenty on when being the formulaic disorder, no very rousing, no very interesting, and in an end of him all, any all this a lot of entertainment. Recommended hire, perhaps.
5 / 5
Has had three film was last year that has examined some romantic transitions of adolescence to age adult by means of ethnic familiarised cultures that clashed with Western culture. His all has quite directed the bit in a mother-report of daughter. "My Fat Greek Pair Big" garnered one the majority of attention, of course. "The real women Have Curves" it was the sweet look in the Latin-coming American daughter of age. And "to the Curve likes Beckham" presents the alike history of an Indian perspective.
Like the man the one who has been that pensa in plot in a father-report of edges (now that they are the father ) in a past two years, has EXPERIENCED THESE FILMS LIKE WONDERFUL IDEA To the MOTHER-REPORT of DAUGHTER.
All three is refreshing triumphs of a female alcohol against a subservience demanded of women for his cultures. This in spite of all three heroes finally respect some cultures. His (for one the majority of part) felizmente transmission his families' seen in of the women by means of choosing to follow his sleeps. They do like this in the way that respect and controls to the emphasis of his respective culture in familiar, while refusing a dominance of men.
"BECKHAM" It is MY PREFERRED OF THE THREE. "Greek pair" it is a pleasant plus . "Real women" it is one the majority of realistic. In this film, a mother in fact refuses a daughter, and arrival with the view of a daughter that movements on in life. We expect that the reconciliation will arrive; but we are to excite that a young woman has moved on with his life.
BECKHAM HAS adds to do for small-known actors. (Keira Knightley Has been in sewing them to him main like female advantage in of the Pirates of a Caribbean.) A football (football) the scenes are well, but ossia the film in reports, and the football has the habit of creates tension.
BECKHAM Has to that it weaves of a humour of "Greek Pair" but it presents a conflict familiarised in the most realistic way, likes "Real Women". Has the happy end, this in spite of, likes mother and mark of daughter up. And Jess and his partner goes to some the USA in the stock exchange of football to pursue his sleeps to touch in joins it professional of the women.
4 / 5
Well, my woman and I have loved this little British flick. We burst in of the New Years Eve and laughed for a whole time; included harder during some credits of closes. It is refreshing to see the film where a youngster folks amour and respect his parents to a point where is has had to that do sacrifices to do them happy. Eye in of the adolescents in hope and of the American comedies that some people that writes them will go to see to to the films like to them the curve he for some inspiration.
A minute there is pulled a flick was and dip the backside is if it has turned my woman and has done an observation that my niece of 10 years would want this flick. (I test and the the point to spend in of the disks and of his books that thinks will defy the bit this in spite of like this entertain.) Wifey There is prendido for now, has thought roughly the and has then said that she probably . For a life of me could not imagine was reason has to that think roughly he for now. As I have read some of some other descriptions have paste me here.
Beckham Is the wonderful history. It is inspiring without being sappy, there is wonderfully involving characters and is wildly ape. Some daughters are strong and able without crossing a line to this brazen, in your face, bad attitude that predominates the plot of American productions. A message is simple but is the execution is not . Follow your sleeps, but all beat calm to not hurting those around you while it calms he. It can be the very well line to walk.
An only thing that could turn it a bit the parents was is an use of homosexuality like the point of plot. The mother of Juliet dreads his daughter can be the lesbian , that Jess can be his lover and other starts of character of a cupboard to the fellow afterwards. This will not disturb the plot of free thinkers there, but there is definately some parents those who are not on the dot to explain to his boys because the mamma of Juliet is like this unbalanced that Jess has given the kiss or reason concealed another character is fearful to speak in his own preferences inside his circle of friends.
My niece is been born in Provincetown MINA (Saint Franscisco East Coast, but smaller) and is spent his life surrounded for men of gay. Ella and his mother have any question that speaks in these things. If this in spite of, calm does not seat that you or your boy is able to reasonably speak these subjects then resist was until you are. Calm once volume to this point this in spite of, Beckham would be the place adds to start with. It manages some subjects with flavour and utmost humour.
Five stars out of Five. One of some better films of 2003.
5 / 5
With some recent popular successes of indie or foreign films have directed in any-traditional American culture, like "My Fat Greek Pair Big," and "to the Curve likes Beckham," it is saying. It says of the need of consumer of the film that Hollywood of the big production is not at present fulfilling. "To the Curve likes Beckham," it is in fact so only and heartwarming, the qualities that is missing of in some productions of line of production of Hollywood.
British-fact, is not left dismaying subtitles. A small critique is that "Curve he" it takes the moment the paste is stride . To good sure was the view populate for a football-(or football like the other of a known world knows a sport as) crazed public toting the young daughters were in sleeps of Saturday to result My immediately Hamm or Esgrimido Chastain. Where, "Curve he" for real it is mark is a portrait of a push and appeal of the Indian familiarised traditional that does his way that assimilates to the foreign culture in the foreign earth. Memory a lot Amy Bronzed "Club of Regime of Joy," in these considerations. We are hooked with a film when main character Jess, has touched fantastically for Parminder Nagra, finds the way to balance his amour for the traditionally-imported familiar and his personal sleeps of following his gifted skills to where can direct his in a world. It is the moment of magic cinema .
An only thing that control on this film of a vaunted classifies it of 5 stars is clarity of vision and need for originality. "To the Curve likes Beckham," search to be too much, all the things to all the people. It is everything immediately coming he of history of age, the clash of history of cultures, feels he of the good sports-history of formula, the history of power of the daughter. Besides, it finds slightly sustaining in some sports-crutch of formula.
With this said, a critic is smaller, a film is the a lot of one. Not To Lose it . One has fallen true.
4 / 5
Jesminder 'Jess' Bhamra (Parminder K. Nagra) Is the in his late adolescents and has been touching football casually all his life. It loves a game, and more especially, amours David Beckham ( is an English football adds for which do not know ). As it is touching in a park a day with some friends, another player of female football, Juliette 'Jules' Paxton (Keira Knightley), sees sound touching and recognises that it is well. Jules approaches Jess and invites to the practice with his competitive crew.
The bus of a crew, Joe (Jonathan Rhys-Meyers), dresses, Jess is well. So much, Joe invites Jess to touch for them. Ella excitedly dressed, but then @give has to that face his parents (Gentleman Bhamra - Anupam Kher; Crown Bhamra - Shaheen Khan), the one who knows will not be the enthusiast of an idea. And, well, it is well. His mother quickly shoots down, but goes by behind his backside and of the games in all the chance.
One touching looks well, until Jess starts to fall for a bus, Joe, the one who to Jules has liked him already. But a bus can not take involved with any of his players while his coaching them, principles of club. So much, in the romantic moment, included although they are not supposed to, Jess and Joe is for to kiss when Jules takes him. This dips Jules and Jess in odds. Then, Jess the parents discover is touching the football and she is doubly in question. Finally, his sister, Pinky (Archie Panjabi), dips his date of pair for a day of Jess final party, in that there is supposition to be an American scout that it can invite to touch in joins it professional in Amsterdam.
By means of the quite complicated turn of chance, Jess is finally able to escape of a pair, with the blessing of his father, to touch a second half of a game. Of course, they win! And, Jess and things of the work of Jules was. After, Jess and Jules is both has has offered stock exchanges to touch in Amsterdam. Of course Jess the mother will have any of him, but his dad, the one who has used to be the player of cricket adds, comes by means of stops his and says that can do.
My Commentaries:
has to that it weaves of reasons to like this of films. More than the entity is obviously that it is roughly football (I follows the player of football; I can say this). But it is not really roughly football; it is in the plot other subjects. And these subjects and a treatment of them is really which marks this a film to involve. There is an idea of the old traditions that fulfils new cultures and cultural ideals. There is also an idea of young women 'coming of aged' in the modern world. And, there is romance, friendship, and the parents that @gives that his boys can have the better life that has done because of some of some new occasions in a world. All of these subjects are woven to the complex history, but treaty quite (this in spite of to good sure with the pro-modernist bent). So much, yes, there is to plot of reasons to like this of films.
Has, this in spite of, the pair of reasons a lot to like it: Jonathan Rhys-Meyers and Keira Knightley. It was surprised absolutely in some actions of Parminder K. Nagra And Anupam Kher, but Jonathan and Keira, nope, at all spending here. Keira has known so only like this to overact; it looks he likes was more home in the phase that in front of the camera. Joe, in another hand, so only any relay some deep frustrations that has been supposition to be that it pursues his character. Reason there are some good actors and some bad some, the balances were to be a very everywhere film, but disappoint to see brilliant portraits (Nagra and Kher) has down propiciado by his fellow actors much less brilliant.
A history is very good. As there is remarked on, is able to incorporate to plot of subjects, all desquels is treated convincingly and reassuringly. In an end of a chair of film likes to say, " there is hope for a collision among some two worlds. It can not be easy, but the people can regulate." An only question could have with a history is that, perhaps, incorporates too many sub-weave (like Jess and lesbian to be of Jules; it begins out of ape, but taken old after the moment and really has not been necessary).
In general, there is enjoyed really this film. Taking to plot of poignant subjects partorisca today of adolescents in one increasingly fine-cultural world, dips him to the fast-paced but obliging history, and shows like this the subject can be done by means of and has solved finally. As Billy Elliott has not gone really roughly ballet, to the Curve likes Beckham is not really roughly football. But both films use these settings to present that they involve histories that extracted powerful subjects. Highly it recommends this film, especially for adolescents or of the parents those who could be treat these classes of subjects.
5 / 5
Look! It is in the adolescent of Indian daughter in Inghilterra the one who has the talent and passion for football and loves the game in some levels some big plus. A question is his Sikh parents is horrified and opposed to the desires of his daughter. They want to behave like the traditional Sikh daughter of the generation of his mother behind in Indian.
A film moves fast and has more than enough background components to maintain is stimulating.
In the first place see Jess, a Sikh daughter, touching pickup football with some men. Has the fellow-sure among some men those who later confides his that it is gay . One 'Anglo' British daughter, Jules, hire Jess to touch in the crew of the competitive daughter. Some daughters result good friends but finalise estranged for the moment reasons both daughters have more than running over he in his bus of football viril. A bus of football is Irish, which directs to the good transfer or two, this to Inghilterra to be. Jules' mother overhears Jess and Jules that pause heatedly in this amour. Some something of Sikh woman Jess and Jules that together tongue and mistakenly thinks kissed. Both sides-Jules mother and Jess the family thinks that that they are having the subject lesbian. Jess The sister is involved to be married. Jess A-Sikh like the activities cause some familiar any disgrace, which threatens the commitment of a sister. A Sikh pair is a uproarious, opulent, and subject quite sensual.
Jess Has drawn utmost empathy of me. It pull to touch a whole way. Some frames to film love the career is gone in the field and football of the has fallen to an aim.
A dialogue in a film is in the heavy British emphasis and often quickly. You will owe that pay to next attention likes of take all a dialogue, likes . An only thing that the credibility been missing of era a actora the one who has touched Jules. His acting was well, but look too much like the model. For the daughter jock, his big-glamur the lipstick looked ridiculous, and his organism has looked anything but an athlete is. There are a lot of scenes where is pointed coffins midriff (spending the bra/of sport of the football), and is such skin -and-bone, looks ridiculous. A actora could any never has has has touched sport in his life.
Like a film has daughters that like some sports, or yes calms so only like this of the sports, relates to cultural conflicts, or relate to conflicts among adolescents and his parents. My edges Andrew (10) like reason was roughly of football. Michael (8) likes football, but his attention has roamed. If you are the father , does not concern on one mentions of homosexuality. It is a lot of understated, and I discovered (to the mine dismays, of course) that my boys already know in such things. If my girls know, your girls know.
A film is fun, more than is funny . There is the little more emphasis in laws, that, said, My Fat Greek Pair Big, but to the Curve likes Beckam has of the happy end. It is I triumph it warm of a human alcohol.
One 'Lindy' (my woman) Litmus test: Raisin. It looks a film all a way by means of with the interest adds. It is a mother -the daughter clashes concealed has taken.
5 / 5
To the Curve likes Beckham is the wonderful film. A youngster of Indian daughter, has appointed Jess, the one who idolises star of football of Manchester United David Beckham (the film is pre-Real Madrid of trade) finds it hard to follow his sleep to touch football. His parents do not comprise his desire to touch, especially his mother, the one who only wants to learn to cook good Indian lunch. Jess Is a lot of talented in a game, this in spite of, and a day is remarked for the daughter the one who key in the crew of an all the daughter. A daughter, Julie has appointed, convinces to exit to touch for a crew. Punctual Jess tries to touch a game loves while it tries to maintain he of his parents.
A history is not particularly original. In fact, it is quite formulaic. The contained in this film is elements have all a lot of time seen before. Jess' I parents discover his lies? There it was the conflict among some two daughters in the type his to both likes?( Raisin to be a bus of the crew of a daughter) will have the 'big game' in some arrivals that gives the happy resolution? A response to all these is the he, this in spite of a film is still adds to look. A young mould, all unknowns, resplandores and breathes life to a characteristic. You will recognise person here, excepts Keira possible Knightley, the one who is a gorgeous interest of amour in of the Pirates of a Carribean. Any calm included recognise his in this film, where is such the tomboy, that his worries of mother in his when being in lesbian. In fact, there is the pair of chance of homosexuality in a film, something would have to that be prepared to speak with your girls owe that choose to look a film with them.
In short, like this films to plot. It is the fun pair of hours. Ossia One of these films can go back the few years later and recognise to plot of a launcher the one who was odder at the same time. All the world has done the work adds here.
5 / 5
To the Curve likes Beckham is thorougly entertaining film in Jess, the daughter the one who only loves football of game while his parents want to be the traditional Indian daughter and marry the good Indian boy. While touching football in a park with his friends of type, Jess is approached for Juliet, he caucasian daughter the one who key for the crew of the daughter and thinks Jess would be the good addition. These insiemi on a plot familiarised where the young girl tries to follow his sleep, dips in of the questions with some parents, first of the successful conclusion of all some edges of plot.
Although there is at all new in a plot of this history, is some ethnographic details and some extremes likability of some actors that does these films the joy to look. It averts of an obvious gender-changing (the daughter that deport of touches), a setting (Londra) and a family (traditional Indian), has the number of small touches that has shouted a film on that it could have it been Disney simplistic passage , as Juliet and lucido a lot of-quite-alike situation where his father sustains while his mother any and a bus viril young Irish with another situation of dissimilar house in that a constant father lucido too much. It is that taken the cross -section of some possibilities of report of father of girl, to compare and contrast and @give that arrests all his differences, still games to lose to a need for a boy to do his or his own way in a world.
Like another ethnic take on the subject traditional, My Fat Greek Pair Big, to the Curve likes Beckham has sucedido reason develops that while a lunch, dress, or the customs can be different, the parents are parents and boys is boys. Also it resupplies a glimpses to amuse to this another culture and I help all @harm that, down he all, has some same worries like each like this another.
4 / 5
Jess (Parminder K. Nagra) Has dreamed always to touch football (football) in touching to Inghilterra native, but the Indian daughters simply do not touch of the professional sports. Still, Jess sneaks in practical with some types in a park while possible and decorates his room with posters and David Beckham held. Juliet "Jules" (Keira Knightley) goes Jess touching in a park a day and convinces to come and try was for his all-the crew of daughter that is beginning to take recognised. Before Jess knows it, is touching with the group adds daughters and learning more skills of football that she never dreamed of! There is so only a small question - his parents do not know that it is touching football. Jess Has to that sneak was to practise and games every time and so only his older sister knows. But his older sister is like this crazy in his upcoming pair that can concern less the one who Jess , until watchtower to break on his commitment and his casualidad in happiness. With Jess' familiar died-dipped against sounds to touch, Jules' the mother that thinks that that they are the lesbian pair and both Jess' and Jules' feelings for his bus, Jess does not know is worth it to be able likes Beckham.
This film is so only the fast, entertainment, film of daughter to be able to to that calm of seat of the frames like him can exit there and of anything ! Has think that both Jess and Jules there is absolutely state hilarious families that has maintained to be laughing during a whole film, still, some same time he like this difficult for some daughters to achieve his sleeps. This film has the little bit of all take all the world-wide to the respect: comedy, the triangle of amour, jealousies, clashes of culture, that grows on, honing skills of sports, etc. Think that any (daughter or type!) It enjoy to look this gem of the film!
5 / 5
1/2 'to the Curve likes Beckham' is heartwarming the amour in the young daughter is looks for identity in Inghilterra of 21st century. It likes 'Fiddler in of a Ceiling,' 'Beckham' extracted a tradition of painful fights-has joined the cultures owe that spend for them so that it enters the free plus, more emission fond modern world. A culture in this chance is that of immigrant and first-Indian of generation that live in Big Bretagna. As with all such histories, is a youngster folk the one who feel a need to pull out of a stuffy values of a past, and the one who finalises to tug some reluctant older folk kicking and shouting to a future legislation together with them.
Jess Bharma Is the quite typical adolescent with sleeps to result the player of football of world-wide class. This in spite of, Jess also comes from/comes from the very traditional familiar Indian this believes the daughter would not owe that touch around with boys, his legs of show in public, or aspire the much more there marrying the good Indian boy and creating the family. We have seen this class of place-on countless time before and 'to the Curve likes Beckam' certainly not winning of any prizes for creativities or originalities. He , this in spite of, has it youthful exuberance and the generous alcohol that can not help but captivate same one the majority of diehard, coldhearted cynic. Parminder K. Nagra Absolutely is winning like this young Jess, taking all an innate optimism and unquenchable excites of this irrepressible character. It receives glorious support of the mould of exceptional actors, both youngsters and old, comprising Keira Knightley likes Jules, his inspiring buddy the one who resupply Jess with an occasion to spend his sleeps to fruition; Jonathan Rhys-Meyers likes Joe, a good-looking young coach the one who resupplies the enamoured lessons together with lessons in football; Anupam Kher that Jess' father, the one who resulted to have some of his own personal demons to treat; Shaheen Khan that Jess' mother, the one who does not comprise reason his daughter can not be contained with a pre-ordained life his parents have the place was for sound; and Juliet Stevenson likes Jules' mother, the one who tries that the Indians do not resist the patent on tradition obsessed parents. In his calm way, sweet, a film also faces a subject of racism, particularly in of the terms of like this some Indians are treated often still like this of the second-citizen of class in British society.
Likes directed for Gurinder Chadha, 'to the Curve likes Beckham' is the light-on-his-the feet escomer-very' films that does not take never too seriously. A film suffers the bit of the sitcom mentality, as when, for chance, Jules' parents of low works an illusion that his daughter and Jess is in fact lesbian lovers. A plotting, further to be predictable in time, often looks created and excessively melodramatic (to rivalry among Jess and Jules on Joe when being a primary offender ). But this is not enough to hurt very serious to a film like the whole.
Like this, is looking for the film that is easygoing, uplifting and comfortably antiquated in his gesture and subject, 'to the Curve likes Beckham' is for you.
5 / 5
A film for Gurinder Chadha
Every year looks to have a film unexpectedly of the surprise that any one saw to come. Usually it is the independent film smaller (A Project of Witch of Blair, My Fat Greek Pair Big) and does the good battery of money more than him side to do. Word of propagations of mouth and some entrances of positive critiques, and more and more beginning of people to see it. In 2002 that the film was Curve likes Beckham.
Jessminder (Parminder Nagra) Amours to touch football and is really well in him. It touches with some of some boys in a park. Jessminder Is an Indian daughter, but bolt (and is born) in Inghilterra. His mother is very traditional and while Jessminder has been permitted to touch until now, Jessminder the mother has decided to be necessary to grow up and learn to be the good Indian woman to the equal that can find the husband. Juliette (Keira Knightley) goes Jess touching in a park and damage @it that well it is, invites Jessminder to touch in his crew in joins it. Jess , But has to that hide he of his mother (after his mother forbids Jess to touch). It was combination of Jess touching football still, and a fact that his bus, Joe (Jonathon Rhys-Meyers) is viril.
Jessminder Amur Of football and negative to leave touching causes it rift in his family. Jess The sister is involved to be married to the a lot of traditional familiar the one who looks down in Jess activity and Jess the mother wants to be much more traditional. Jules promotes Jess to maintain touching and as continuous touch some increases of risk of his familiar discovering.
Ossia The very sweet film and is in plot of fun and full of charm. We know that at all for real bad will spend to Jessminder, but continue root for his all some same. We want to Jess to take to touch football and to be happy. We expect that his crew will do a lot of (and with Jessminder in a crew, as it can any one?). There are some covers to this film, and still although we can easily enciphers out of that comes afterwards and like the things take solved, does not import . Parminder Nagra Marcos his start of big screen with this film ( has done first TV of this) and is excellent. While Keira Knightley and a mould of support is of entity to a film, is Parminder sucedido that is the success of a film. It is sweet and believable and absolutely done a film. Ossia The add little film and I hope to see the one who Parminder Nagra done in a future.
5 / 5
A Plenary Monty, Four Pairs and the Funerals, Billy Elliott, Sliding Doors, the this is East, 28 Days so that the cinema is full of first talent in acting, writing and that directs. With like this of few expectations, all these films have surprised all the world-wide and is resulted swipes of office of the box by all the world, and far to be the coincidence, is all a result of any of only talent,but of consecrated hard working youngster filmmakers,the one who has fresh ideas and very original, and those who have taken a casualidades to share he with a world.
This youngster filmmakers, the difference of his mates in France or some the EUA, does not have one same @@@financial support, and some do really fights to take his films have done. Although there is a Joint of Film and BskyB the one who sustain films doing, a death of an excellent Filmfour a distribution of film of the canal of the TV 4(a bit looked to the canal of France +) was the swipe to British cinema. But in spite of that, the films still are done when being, a lot of felizmente and artistically in the concealed.
That distinguishes British cinema, any different some European cinemas,is a next report and collaboration among writer and manager,(if a two is not one and one same). Usually, a two is fellow after , the one who does in an idea jointed for some first time to ensure some finances and shooting his project.
To the Curve likes Beckham is another example of the little film, whose impact was Gurinder Chadha (Bhaaji in a Beach) directs to direct the film that takes womens football like the program, but weaves a lot of subjects on,friendships,sleeps, traditional cultures in Big Bretagna of 21st century that clash with a possibilty to fulfil these sleeps, a concealed has not been available to a first generation of immigrants.
As well as the result,does not import if any like to him the football (football)or does not comprise a game, reason a film has to that it weaves more to offer and entertain calm in a process.
Chadha Directs also to write (or has sawed to write)a wonderful comedy also, which is guaranteed to leave calm with the feel good feeling long after the miras.un the humour mainly comes from/comes from some parents, both Indians and English.
Chadha Also directs,to aim another faces another light plus of fines-Big Bretagna cultural, no the difference of an East of film Is C (and does not look the pair of Monsoon of Nair that a reviewer has seen he).
All some actors are utmost, especially first actor of time, and a lot quite Parminder Nagra(Jesse), and Keira Knightley (Jules),and also of course Juliet wonderful Stevenson, one of mine all time actoras preferred.
To the Curve likes Beckham, is the scarce extracted, the film that totally will captivate you, with his sweet humour, his history to involve, have to that compraventa of a rich turn of British Cinema.
5 / 5
Parminder Nagra Is an appeal, boy of 18 energetic years the youngster of Indian woman that bolt in a suburb of Londra West of Hounslow, prójimo Heathrow Airport and roughly thirty minutes for Tube of a West End. Alive comfortably with his familiar and is the well quite that studies so that his parents strongly is promoting to go the school of law, then marry the young man good Indian and begin the family, of the subjects have included his older, roughly to be married sister, is ready the crosses.
Nagra The chamber is covered with the photos of the football add (football to defenders of EUA) David Beckham. That his parents do not know is that it is more than the defender of a player adds; it is the talented interpreter in his own legislation. When Keira Knightley Visit a park where Nagra extracted brilliantly against the group of Indians of young men, hire his for a local women's team.
When Nagra a crew and results the player of star under Irish bus Jonathan Rhys Meyers, more than taking the step of entity to developing his skills of football in the level the big plus of competition. It feels an immediate affinity for Rhys Meyers, whose own budding the career was dashed for a harm. It likes , it has had to contend with of the strong-willed father.
A clash with Knightley, a person the one who has taken a tryout, arrives when some travesías of crew the Hamburg, Germania for the party. In spite of any that wants to take emotionally involved with Rhys Meyers because of Knightley obvious romantic interest in a bus, a chemist blends and Knightley takes him during the romantic moment, considering his fellow the turncoat.
A plot develops to the breaking final suspender belt in Hounslow, which is resisted a day still likes Nagra the pair of the oldest sister. His leaves of father the sneak was to compete in a party, of then is there for a rest of a big day in the life of his sister. Nagra Need to win a prompt more sturdy concurrido of the father the one who is opposed to his football to pursue glory been due to his own disappointment, occasioned for racism. Like the young man arrives in Inghilterra of his Indian native, and has believed finally has not been given the casualidad appropriate to develop his own athletic skills.
A briskly paced film, directed for Gurinder Chadha, the one who has written a script with Paul Mayeda Margins and Guljit Bindra, movements to the satisfactory conclusion in the Nagra and Knightley become friends again.
A highly talented Juliet Stevenson is excellent in the function of support like Knightley mother, that looks for steer his daughter by means of disappointment in his alive amour while disdaining his forceful investigation of football. In this zone resists the common view with Nagra parents, at least until a history is solved.
David Beckham looks late in a film in the scene has shot to Heathrow Airport. Nagra And Knightley share the laugh in an irony in seeing his hero to the equal that prepare the depart for his adventures of own football in Amsterdam.
4 / 5
To the CURVE LIKES BECKHAM is the good example of the "feelgood" type of film. They like him some few characters, has some questions, but everything exits a calm way loves it to in an end. Further, it is an inspiring history for any young woman the one who touches the sport. My daughter, the one who has taken to the crew of volleyball of his pupil this year, like the plot. A film also has something to say in a clash of divergent ethnic groups and in traditional versus functions of contemporary gender. Further everything of that, a script contains abundance of the humour and some players manage his good functions. It is a lot of reminisent of my FAT GREEK PAIR BIG. Apresamiento That film, movements he in Big Bretagna and the transmission to my FAT INDIAN PAIR BIG and have a picture.
With everything of that that goes for him, this in spite of, to the CURVE LIKES BECKHAM is not "those shines" or "flawless". It is the very flick. Nizza, but very predictable. A script is ready, but a plot does not resist any surprise and there has no really the plot of tension. In an end, all the happy world-wide surfaces and essentially unscathed. Besides, for spectators very British, a dialogue is sometimes the little hard to follow.
I like this the film and I think more the people will find it entertaining, but is hardly the cinematic classical. It enjoys so that it is, but it does not expect too much. It is quell'has bitten surprised in like this some people gush on that. Finally, I have it that there is has not looked even a "extra" it conceal to come with this DVD, but the one who marks or breaks the container of DVD is a film , any one some extras. The good extras are well, but finally the extras are extra so only .
5 / 5
Thinks that that it is to add when the films like this exit to a mainstream earth of film. Yes, has some stereotypes (Jules mamma thinks that that his daughter is the lesbian because she and his fellow kissed after a game of football) has the small 'Three' Company' hang-up (and there is at all against Three Company!) The people comment that ossia like My Fat Greek Pair Big or Look of Monsoon, but raisin that also have the pair in this film, and like some other cultures, is the subject very big .
Jesminder (Jess) Is the big football (ours football) lover, and especially loves David Beckham. (The one who have not known before this film, but is a star of English football) master to touch football professionally, in planting to be the esolicitor,' except only games in a park, without his knowledge of parents of him. To to his mamma would like me the result the 'normal' Indian woman, likes to learn like this to cook Aloo Gobi and marry the pertinent Indian man.
Jules, the one who football of touches she, sees Jess touching in a park, and invites to try was for a women's team, the one who is coached by the a lot of looking Irish man, Joe. Jules and and Jess resembles Joe elegant, but is not left to cross some semence to date his players of football.
While everything of of the this is going in, Jess sister Pinky is by train to marry to the man she really amours. They remain to choose his own husbands, and a pair is coming up. A really good line that we are Jess until the tee is when Pinky question Jess in a car is, ' calm does not love this?' Jess Follows up with, ' calm does not love more than of the this?' Has the sleep that anything for the coming true, is feigning to take the work of state to the equal that can touch a sport, or having his coverage of sister for his so much can go to the game in Germania.
This is not so only the 'the boy fulfils history of daughter. It is in the woman the one who pursues his sleep and perhaps bends some alcohols of his parents to the long of a way...
5 / 5
Will not comprise never Football. It is probably he cause is born and domestic in Amsterdam. Also it can it has to that do with my proclivity to be bad in of the sports. But I will give anything tries it once. Like this when the crew of football of some women of EUA was in a world-wide cup (I supposition ossia that calls ) has looked a whole thing and has been bored the tears.
Sees can comprise reason the people want to touch a sport. There is to good sure to the plot of skill has involved. But with which three hours to look the chicks have run up and down the field, the person that validates the aim, was and. When A crew of the finally has won EUA with has fallen he-was felt still has deceived more. All this skill so only to win a game thru transmissions of regime. Ehhh, could take It or leave it.
All concealed to say, TWIST LEGUSTADO still LIKES BECKHAM, he schnazzy import to Add Britian.
BECKHAM Is a history of Jess (Parminder K. Nagra, Daughter of Rey) the Indian daughter good-looking youngster that bolt in or around Londra. Has aspirations to be the player of football adds, but his Mother (Anupam Kher, Jaal:A Cheat) master to settle down and marry. When Jess Juliette has fulfilled (Keira Knightly, Some Pirates of a Caribbean: A Curse of a Black Pearl) the young lady the one who offered he casualidad to touch with the crew of real football, Jess the life is rasgada among a culture of his familiar and an amour of a game. That wins era? You will owe that look a film and see.
That is well in the film like this is to give the glimpse of Londra seldom sees in some films. There is the enormous Indian population in a city and the such the fascinating culture. BECKHAM excels In giving the glimpse to a tradition, and pageantry of this ancient culture without doing things also in a cup. They are sure you looks in any culture, or the walk of life will find regular people that some quite pleasant things and BECKHAM try an Indian culture with such amour and condition, but also with this touch of sweet quirkiness.
Also tip the one who the tradition and the religion still survive in our modern world. Like Cultures that was separated once for the miles now live in a wife spends next. There is add it has shot in a film of Jess family having the celebration. It is strong and boisterous and in a next fence there is the British lady rule that hangs clothes litter. It is a class of has shot one says to plot without saying the word.
Parminder K. Nagra Is phenomenal like Jess. I want like a script constantly is forcing to up an attacker. Pressing his character to grow up. It likes like this it is of plenary of uncomfortable moments, moments bobos, tragic moments, and in an end is like this real. A smaller film would have done this in winning film a big game. BECKHAM The bets are much bigger. You are your sleeps , or follow your family? It can calm both? While a film joins these concepts on enough amiably, he so only because of Nagra sweet action this in spite of strong that a film takes on the life of him is suitable and challenge any contrivances.
My so only qualm with a film is the pointless and ineffective outing of the smallest character. No servants any purpose in a film and in an end for a cold of film. Look like this unnecessary. It does not enhance a character more. Look tacked on reason in the to to film likes him to him-the these is necessary to have a token type of gay. But hey is such the smallest defect that prenderá harping on that.
Manager Gurinder Chadha there is crafted the really sweet, affable film. It liked to of me Really to plot and I football of hate.
Hey Has-liked me to the CURVE LIKES BECKHAM thinks more to to the people really will like also.
4 / 5
Ossia The wonderful history in the daughter that wants to pursue his sleeps of stardom of football. But it does not make a mistake to think that you would have to that have more than the interest of any in a game to comprise and relate to this film. All precise knows is that Beckham of a title is Michael Jordon /Wayne Gretzky or the English football and that has a capacity to kick the ball to the long of the wry trajectory, for this 'bending it'. Some the basic subjects am far more universal, centring around some differences among parents and of the boys, viriles and women, and Western versus East Asian cultures.
Parminder Nagra Games Jesminder (Jess for courts), a younger daughter of Londra prójimo living familiar Indian. The difference of his sister and a lot of of his friends, his sleeps treat no with obtaining the husband and having boys but touching professional football. As to underscore one philosophical divides, a portrait of the Sikh religious figure dominates a living room of a house familiarised while the poster of his idol David Beckham is one the majority of prominent characteristic of his room, with both images that is in an end to receive prayers and confidences. Any surprisingly, Jess' the traditionally imported family does not see his obsession with football like the positive aim (any pun feigned).
When it Is recruited for Jules (Keira Knightley) to touch in the crew of tournament of the daughter, Jess looks for to balance lessons in traditional Indian cookery with his mother with games and surreptitious formation. Jules has his worries with a possibility to impress an American scout, and the mother that failures in a possibility of the passion of his daughter for the athletics that his turns to the lesbian. Toss To mutual condition that both daughters have for his bus of the Irish football and you have the wealth of occasions for confrontation, misinterpretation and cultural conflict.
A beauty of a film is that it manages this collection of familiar, generational and cultural disconnects with the fond heat and humour that alienates person. Differing seen and the aims averts, a respect and condition among everything of some characters is not never doubts, and does for the more entertaining history. It is the keeper!
5 / 5
Likes all the world-wide more, appreciates to know for advanced if the film is poor like that can avert; also, I prefer to 'discover' one especially enjoyable film more than listening or read raves roughly he for advanced. Ossia One of three film has seen for a first time without knowing anything roughly his, another two be A lot of Hunting and My Fat Greek Pair Big. Although I consider any one the film 'add', thoroughly there is enjoyed all three but for different reasons
to the Curve likes Beckham has been directed for Gurinder Chadha and has sawed-stars Parminder K. Nagra (Jess Bhamra) And Keira Knightley (Jules Paxton), with Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Joe), Anupan Kher (Jess father), and Juliet Stevenson (mother Paula of Jules) has launched in functions of support of entity. A film examines some fights of two adolescent daughters to win parental control to touch touching in a Hounslow Harriers football to join (aka football) crew. His definite aim is to touch for the university or university United States. Until they give it that career of arrivals, his Harriers bus (Joe) has touched in the professional crew of entity in Inghilterra. Both Jess and Jules is attracted to the his demanding but that concerns young bus. I see his feelings for him like this when being more substantial that adolescent infatuation.
How is also true of so that other films of sports (p. p.ej. Hoosiers), Has the Big Game to have Livestock and, of course, increases of dramatic tension to the equal that approaches. Given a fact that the sister to him older is (Big Fat Indian) the pair is planned a same day , Jess remains to touch? Jules becomes friends with he be king-has established? With or wirhout Jess, a Harriers wins? If his , like this the victory affects the occasions of career of Joe like the player or bus? Jess And/or Jules be offered an athletic stock exchange? An acting is consistently exceptional. Chadha Brilliantly outlines some traditional values of Jess family (especially his mother is), some duquel differs significantly those of the family of Jules (especially his mother is). Each bolt of daughter in two worlds, both duquel competes for his loyalty. Jess And Jules struggles to maintain his happy parents while doing like this hard to help a Harriers win a championship of joins. How it is also true of Good Hunting, My Fat Greek Pair Big, and Tortilla Soup, has an abundance of humour in this film. The a lot of moments are hilarious, comprising a no-to-be them the final credits have lost. A film has good fund and warmhearted throughout, included when the misunderstandings threaten reports, notably Jess Jules becomes friends with. This film there is little (if any) social importance but offer wholesome, delicious entertainment of quality very big. It refreshing!
5 / 5
To the Curve likes Beckham (Gurinder Chadha, 2002)
to the Curve likes Beckham, another film with load of hype surrounding it, is another entrance in ones suddenly-popular 'immigrants that tries to return in' gender that the Americans have been doing these days. And again, it is not the bad little film, but like Thirteen, a result of final looks enough to plot of hype for something concealed no really the merit.
Jesminder (ER Parminder Nagra) Loves at all another that to touch football (football, to deport-has defied-American) like his idol, David Beckham. His parents think that that it is now of place was a game and concentrate in pupil. Unfortunately, so only some the same time decides this, Jess takes invited to touch in some all-daughters' crew of football. Please his parents or continue touch for behind his behind? (A last, of course, or would have the film.) To the long of a way, finds possibly taking romantically entangled with his bus, Joe (Titus and b. Pleasant showstealer Jonathan Rhys-Myers), which would cause his parents to have the attack of heart. Hilarity ensues.
HAS the few laughs (hire a DVD, will require a subtitles to take some of some jokes), he abonos he predictable plotline (the wag look with has maintained to compare to a show of television Saved by a Bell), very very quite folks doing a lot of quite a lot of things. Everything well for the pair of value of hours of distraction, but at all to write home roughly in a 'groundbreaking new romantic comedy' department.
5 / 5
That marks this films the delicious light comedy is that cleverly done the elements of look of human of modern human work and ameanble to remedy, without any when never be heavy-rid or also has caricatured. A main character is adolescent of Londra young , nicknamed Jess (short for Jasminder), and been born of immigrant Indian parents, those who dream to touch profesionally in the crew of football of the British daughter. She initially hides of his parents his practices with with the local crew until his father accidentally stumbles in the report of sport of the TV of a crew in the party to visit in Germania. Any so only he Jess expensive a horror and reprobation of his parents, but alienates his mate of crew and partner (touched for Keira Keagan) the one who hand his infatuation with an Irish bus, a earnest the turbulent boy for his own distance of his father. When A bus tries to persuade Jess' father to leave to try for the stock exchange of football United States, he dicovers of as his own Irish experience of exclusion is mirrored for an experience of an Indian man the one who arrives in Inghilterra of Uganda while cricket of touch.
Some characters muddle by means of all bondadoso of misunderstandings, comprising Jess and his teamate faith of parents that some two daughters are having the lesbian report. Everything of of the this is to do with enough of the light touch that has arrived sympathizing with almost all some characters!
Ossia Fun familiarised entertainment , mercifully without slapstick and overworked stereotypes.-
5 / 5
Of the distance Juliet and Jess looks to have little in common. But after fulfilling in the park an evening so much @gives quell'action an amour of football and David Beckham together with aspirations of career to turn pro in spite of the desires of his family. Jess Comes from/Comes from the Indian familiarised traditional the one who feels that touching the football is unfeminine and inappropriate for the young Indian daughter. While, Juliet is resisting the desires of his mother to spend dresses more feminine and dating boys while they dread his daughter could be to lesbian . Both families was missing to take the sleeps of his daughter seriously. In spite of tensions home Jess and Juliet forms the good friendship while his crew of football is headed to a playoff . It is so only by means of a perseverance of his toil and determination that the members familiarised relax and come to his note that enables them to follow his sleeps of football.
To the CURVE LIKES BECKHAM is to feel he-the appropriate good film for a whole family. While a plot is predictable, does not have to that deter one to enjoy this film. Some sequences of action am amused and am a lot laughs involved, especially with the scenes that comprises Jess Indian family. Looking this film amena for behind a lot of memories of when I have touched football like the young daughter and further validates my claim that the football of the daughter is of entity. It is any marvel because this film has maintained such popularity of then was liberta.
5 / 5
Generally does not accept critiqued praise for the foreign films of the critiques of American film tend to gush throughout anything finding an ocean. But, this film is cost everything of a accolades and more.
A film is the mature (, Intelligent, any sexual) coming of history of age of a domestic Indian daughter in modern English culture. Some Indian traditions, of course, conflict with some European ideas, but has not taken one that feels that some costruttrici of films were mocking Indian customs. Some daughters of a family are bicultural and has had a lot of scenes of some sisters comfortably transferring of a culture to another.
Is not the film, for like this, to denigrate a culture or another. A point was to aim that there are differences, but the person can transcend some differences how has been done for basically each character in a film. A so only clownish the character was a mother of an English daughter the one who was a fellow better of a character of Indian advantage.
This has said, left also say that a film was often hilarious, never sermonizing, and has learnt a lot of things in an Indian culture. My Indian friends were pleased also with a film and rice in some scenes of some clashes of culture. Especially you recommend a film for daughters and of the adolescent women for the strong statement of a film of empowerment. Finally, it shows a credit of final outtakes, is priceless!
4 / 5
It is incredible. We finalise partorisca return in Arctic Alaska vacacional of three weeks (or "holidays" as they call)in Inghilterra and has then had an emotion partorisca look "to the Curve likes Beckham" to our turn.
Like an extra dose of an incredible condition an English has partorisca football ("football").
A film expertly blends in this passion with a passion of the glorious immigrant Indian familiar partorisca preserve his customs and traditions, included in his house under a street of flight of busy Heathrow Airport in Londra.
A film has shouted some serious subjects, but does not leave a mould or some spectators take mired there. A character of advantage ---the Indian young woman Jess any football, Beckham, and then his bus of football, quickly clouds of offices of worry with his smile and force. That loses, one merry, sometimes strong extra, the contemporary musical bookmark chooses up and kicks to a plot of next film.
Some could say that an end is the bit has created. But when my woman Chris and I have finalised to look a film, am gone in and has given the kiss and he has said there is wanted.
Still taste Quarterback Bret Favre of of a Green Bay Packers the little more than David Bechham, but am taking to be more and more the defender of football.
To good sure look this film ---will move you to him and you smile ---guaranteed!
5 / 5
there is doubted to rent this film been due to he is foreign character or is sucedido of pauses of office of the boxes (domestically), then has left dipped me you directly. Ossia The add, ape, film.
A history takes place in Inghilterra like the young daughter discovers has the natural talent to touch football. Still it takes invited to join one all-the crew of daughters. An only question is that it is Indian and his parents are traditional. In his alcohol, need of Indian daughters to concern roughly learning cry created and finding the husband, not touching games. Of course, Jess that all the adolescent daughters would do in this situation: you had mentido to his parents and sneaks was to touch in all the chance. A backstory involves his sisters pending pair and the one who Jess' the football that touches, and erratic behaviour, will do to hurt a pair.
Has to that it weaves of laughs, but there there is also some serious work, and a mould and the appeal of crew was seamlessly. Calm really will enjoy to this film likes a escapist adventure. A lot in the no alive in Inghilterra, and is not Indian, like an enrichment receives to look this films more then does up for any smaller weaknesses a film can have. Really I do not have remarked any weakness, and my attention was riveted to a screen a whole time.
Highly recommends this film. Not to give it was descriptions a lot a lot of of 5 stars, as when the film recieves a, to good sure the merit.
5 / 5
Are not the defender of sport, and is a lot pocolos roughly more games. This in spite of the film of the good sports often can teach universal lessons roughly life in the way that can defenders and no-defenders equally. To the CURVE LIKES BECKHAM is exceptional to the respect. A film has said a history of Jesminder Bhamra, and the Indian daughter that bolt in Inghilterra, the one who is ardent roughly football, and the star more order David of the football Beckham. Any only loves a sport, is well in him also, but his traditional family does not sustain his endeavours. It touches a game secretly, but then has to that face his parents in his sleep. Jes Be supported by his friends Julie (Keira Knightly), his bus Joe (Jonathan Rhys Meyers), and his prójimo buddy Tony (Ameed Chura), the one who comprises Jes' feelings of not returning in the personal subjects been due to in his own life. Although a spectator knows that a film will have the happy end, a way evolves is realistic and emotional.
Some touches of films in the wide variety of the subjects that comprises to achieve some sleeps, an importance of bonds familiarised, self acceptance, prejudice, and falling enamoured in the way that rids a message without taking preachy. To good sure a film will inspire young women those who love football, but move any the one who loves it feel good film.
5 / 5
One delicious coming of history of age with two luminous stars, Parminder Nagra (now starring on 'ER') and Keira Knightly (the majority recently in 'Amur In fact'), 'to the Curve likes Beckham' is to the entertainment adds.
Nagra Touches Jess, a younger daughter of the Sikh family of half class, the one who anxiety to touch football (football in Inghilterra) professionally in spite of the objections of his family. Jules better partner (Knightly) is treating parallel disapproval - his mother thinks that one athletic tomboy is allocated to be solitary, lesbian or both.
While a centrical history of some daughters' friendship, and his mutual passion for football (as well as his bus of football) is immensely likeable, a esmaller bit' and the characterisations are classical. Jess' Howls Of sister and raisin on in his impending pair, and his badgers of his mother in a right way to cook - but does not have any question that Jess want the anyways. Jules' mother, the one who is full of silliness, constantly tries to comprise his daughter and failure miserably, but never to try. Joe, an Irish bus and interest of amour, is inspiring to both daughters but obviously wounded for his report spent with his Give'.
The a lot of look of film comprised him bad but plucky boy or lass, the one who finally achieves success and tip his families, friends, and often a world, that was well, and all the world-wide more was bad.
Yes, is in plot very old .
But in your typical film roughly first families of generation like Jess', an older generation is painted like this when being out of touching with his sleeps, in that has sacrificed his ambitions, as well as his homeland, for his girls. There is something bittersweet then, if a boy turns his backside in his culture of house and familiar to take sucedido in a world-wide a wide plus: this sadness is evident in 'Double Happiness' and 'Floating Life,' two other films in Asian immigrants, in Canada and around a world-wide respectively.
Has some sweet poking-amused in both mainstream English culture and Sikh immigrant, but 'to the Curve likes Beckham' is more realistic in this Jess a lot really wants to leave his culture to house behind - wants to live in both worlds, English and Sikh.
In a scene, sweats teammates his pepper with the questions in his sister is fixed pair, and plans later for sound. Jess Clears that, while it is has had to that to go against his parents' desires to touch football, is in accordance with his seen on amour and sex.
You same habladurías (in the no caseous way) in his talent for football as when being the present of God, that knows that ossia something his parents can comprise, people like this religious. A reason of plus reason ossia the film adds for parents to look and speak with his adolescents, anything his background - objective that the parents and the boys can involved without sacrificing sleeps and common values.
I boys and the adults equally also will want a bit fast-paced, upbeat soundtrack, that comprises a song takes 'Day of Independence,' of tomboy--Melanie well C, previously known like Sportive Spice. A film adds for slumber parties or to give night of Monday the bit of zing.
5 / 5
Has looked in fact a DVD more than an emission of theatre. A better part of any container of DVD is some extra, and has three. One is featurette in a doing of a film ossia charming. One is the short featurette aiming a manager and his mamma and the aunt that does Aloo Gobi. A high point is, of course, a commentary of audio, and here a manager and his husband any Indian add his only and interesting perspective. A spectator can see a film again by means of the different pair of eyes, which is reason is darn the shame there is shut captioning does not choose on his commentaries. Regarding a film he, all the world is die quite was a history, likes I no. Any one reading my descriptions in the regular base knows want coming-of-film of age. I have seen some of some better, and thinks these rows to film a lot up there with them. Included this in spite of the boys he the old plus is involved is one, has found a very charming film. It looks the clash of culture in several levels: traditonal and modern, British and Asian, included young and older. But it prevails it in an end is an amour the family has for an another. It is the good history that the youngest spectators those who are ready for histories more mature can see. I recommend it highly.
4 / 5
This film in the football of young Indian/football the player that grows up in Londra is amused to look and would be the selection adds for familiar viewing. Jess Is not really rebellious -- only loves football of look and football of game; it is like this ardent roughly touching like his mother roughly is that it is him to it resulted to him more traditional. When it Joins a club of football has organised, Jess is surprised in an occasion to touch in "real" stadiums and tournaments, but his parents want to settle down and take more involved in his sister impending pair. They are in accordance with another reviewers, concealed when being cliche-trace and predictable no really detract of entertainment of mine of a film. A mould was very good and a scene of pair was amused enough.
The extra Of DVD comprises the 15-small featurette with a manager that objective to the equal that to do the traditional Indian dish, Aloo Gobi, a recipe, doing he-of featurette, 3 trailers, 10 has has deleted scenes, the video of music and promo something, and commentary for a manager and has sawed-writer. A film can be listened in English or Spanish, and subtitles is available in English, French or Spanish.
Ossia The fun cross -cultural comedy without surprises.
5 / 5
David Beckham is the star of football in Europe. And Jess, a Sikh adolescent that bolt in Londra with his family, maintains the photo of him on his wall. His parents want to learn to cook traditional lunches and then marry. But Jess, touched for Parminder Nagra, is different. It loves football of game.
Immediately, has the clash of cultures. And an inspiring history roughly that goes for your sleep. A British setting is refreshing, an acting is wonderful, and a history is upbeat and full of amour.
Keira Knightly Games Jess partners, the one who present to some daughters' crew of football. There is conflict later among them like this his both there is run over he in a bus, touched for Jonathan Rhy Meyers. But a history is light, all some questions are solved, and in spite of his predictability, has quite a lot of tension for the maintain interesting.
Ossia To good sure the " it feels-a lot of" film, with the ethnic clashes have reduced the comedy, details and charming characters of modern day, as when the coverages of mobile phone and the group of main Sikh ladies all the attractive his telephones of cells out of his saris.
There is enjoyed a film and has smiled to plot. Recommended.
4 / 5
...yeah, That annoying contrarian this has to that disturbed that all the world-wide more is apparently like this enamoured with. There is not it prom date in pupil? That is his shot ?
WELL, has not had any one creates this was like this enormous, but reading -160 5 accident the descriptions me @give go to take zero out of X number of useful descriptions, of course. In spite of, it seats it likes that this was an American film starring to to Mandy Moore like him to him some plucky, of the Oriental European has comprised bad or [inserts/inserts obsolete level ethno/cultural stereotype here] daughter, this would be predictably state panned.
Like another reviewer said, the Americans are windy still "schlock with the foreign emphasis."
A plot, of course, is entirely predictable. In a cook to be the "modern exposure in culture of youth of contemporary United Kingdom", has some traditional Indian parents that does not love his daughter to touch football. You can write a rest of a script roughly 5 minutes in: interest of predictable amour, predictable friendship, predictable wacky cross cultural misunderstandings (concealed really is not terribly pleasant) - all, of course, with a typical PC overtones during a film. (Now, no law much more there if you have not seen this.) And of course, his liberty is epitomized for an epiphany-laden night in the tacky the European box that drunk and dancing the terrible techno music.
That is-sound-arrived of expensive hooking up with his bus of football, and arrival to cause the rift with his fellow native English? It is "white racism" a cause of everything of of the this, with that is-his-face to be insulted like the "Paki" and his father in fact that annoying that it is-his-the aspirations of football of the face because of his own extreme with racial prejudice? It is that it is-his-the oldest sister of the face so only one Going-Briton version of the class of rubbish of club of Jersey of female to resupply it zany contrast? Like this ironic like this can look, salts of this in fact that feels that it is reinforcing ethnic stereotypes - the one who American, the one who sees a whole world by means of eyeglasses that has maintained foreign cultures in a Disneyland " it is the Petit World-wide" mould, amour. So much, again, big surprise here.
And everything of of the east take solved neatly in an end, with Gentleman Metrosexual he doing the appearance of special guest with Spice of Lady? I do not know . Calm will be necessary looks it and discover.
Of course, a point of the film like this certainly is not to do one thinks. But you are expecting something more than that this in fact is - slightly in the passage of half Hollywood has aimed in a together adolescent lower - will be disappointed.
5 / 5
I already know this goes to be the VERY unpopular description . I can see some hundreds of 'any-of useful' votes already. Oh Well, here it goes in all the chance...
This film is caked with like this cliches, ruins a strong potential has. An Indian daughter with the severe burn-mark in his leg, falls enamoured with his Irish bus, the one who also spends to have to that hard scar in his leg. And he so only like this spends, that the fellow better of an Indian daughter is enamoured with a bus. You can guess that it comes afterwards. Jealousies, bickering, and all more. While, An Indian daughter also is that it battles his psychotically religious parents. His mamma is a typical of all the stereotypes (I goes to annoy not even that goes to some predictable intentions of these old wench. It is a basic 'does not spend shame in a family, blahblahblah, the women cook this for a husband, blahblahblah, be the good Indian daughter and the one who your parents say you, blahblahblah, can not touch Football, blahblahblah, marry an Indian boy, blahblahblah, no tip your coffins legs to million people, blahblahblah'). His father, has TOUCHED ALSO the sport, once to the time (As convenient for EUA, eh?). Unfortunately, you are kicked out of the club and to the entertainment done of paralización, takes this, spending the turban. So much, of some aims refused him (because of the turban, any less), thinks that knows that it is more for his little daughter.
This family has more than his just-action of subjects. As it start things to heat on (in BOILING point) all can do is duck and coverage. That is to treat to, is disputes, lies, deception, racism, homosexuality, suspicion of homosexuality, the indictments and all more can think of. Oh yeah, And guess that! The pair of a sister is an EXACT SAME DAY LIKE The BIG GAME! Hey, The one who not having of a come? Ugh! And any only hate when any walks on 2 people So many is roughly to kiss? Raisin here. And no only that, as one still to this sickening cliche, some walks of father in in his daughter hugging his bus. These predictable streets are resulted like this tiring, that destroyed it quite entertainment of mine for a film. And to the left it is not to forget a obligatory Indian pair... Cause afterall, any Indian film is for real complete without one.
Has seen a final law that comes the mile was, also. All all has on wrapped in the orderly little container.
And left so only finalise this description on good and quickly to say Jess' the mother gives one the majority of HORRIBLE, TERRIBLE, DISGUSTINGLY ANNOYING action of a last century. His on-the-the upper approximation dents each scene is in.
I hate to give this films such the low indication, reason have seen to PLOT of potential. It is all quite squandered, in my opinion. Perhaps it have to that it look the second time , and go will enjoy it to him more... But until then, ossia the film of 2 stars .
5 / 5
To the CURVE LIKES BECKHAM is one consummates 'feel good' film. This film stars two adorable adolescent, Paraminder Nagra like British Indian Jess, and Jules new partner, touched for Keira Knightley. Jess' I parents are immigrant of Indians those who are trying his hard plus to create his two daughters in a 'old country' the successfully small way. One a thing that is in firm roughly is that Jess will not touch football (football) reason is not fashionable lady. Jess' The athletic capacity is discovered for Jules (of the that the horrible mother constantly is trying press his daughter to buy cushioned bras and dresses more feminine--also tries to discourage one touching of football) the one who presents to a bus of a women's team. Jules' the father promotes his daughter to touch and same practices with sound. Some fun starts when Jess is has taken constantly sneaking was to practise. This film is like this pleasant that oftentimes would have to that rewind reason the mine that laughs covered on a sound. Have has wanted a gorgeous dressed of a party of beautiful pair. Ossia The film to be savored and to look and on. Highly I recommend it!

Top Customer Reviews: HEAVEN ON ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5
The film adds that it takes calm in and calm grips well of a start. It is the history roughly amour. Hate. Differences of culture and is totally believable. It is the clock of must and will resist calm of begining partorisca finalise.
5 / 5
Very good to illustrate a plight of immigrant women.
5 / 5
I so only looked Deepa Mehta Heaven partorisca film on Tierra and was blown really was. Some chronicles partorisca film the travesía of the young of Indian woman the Toronto, Canada partorisca live with his new husband and long family. A pair is fijamente and clearly an inconvenience partorisca a husband. Some lives of husband with his mother and father, sister and brother-in-law, niece and granddaughter in the small house.

The mother is a matriarch and essentially he domineering bitter old woman the one who control some people around his while his edges are repressed and filled with anger. Unfortunately his informative Indian promise resists a brunt of his anger as it beat and tentativas partorisca control. His mother-in-law extracted terribly like this done his sister-in-law.

A narrative is really quite brilliant and the woven to a history is an Indian myth that a young promise recites like his mother has done his when it was home in Indian. A myth is his comfort and results personified in a film that helps to spend in a conclusion. Really the very powerful and emotional film artfully done.

Mehta Has directed the number of film, notably Hollywood/Bollywood a North American/Indian crossover that has done enough well. It Likes him the manager Mehta uses a film like the vehicle to present a plight of immigrant families in Canada and a cultural pressure among generations as well as a plight of women in general, pressure in of the men other cultures and a resentment to grow among the immigrant boys been born in Canada and his parents and grandparents those who struggle to maintain traditions of countries of the mother. There is also the peek to inter-cultural clash among immigrant community.

In general the powerful film with the strong history and message. Any all the world will enjoy to to a film likes blends of Indian and North American influences (like Mehta done in the majority of his films). I think it acheives his tip quite extraordinarily but a lot of the North American spectators can find a film that bores reason is a lot the history driven.

Highly recommend it! It is available for hire. Please notes that a film is subtitled with English.

Top Customer Reviews: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
LeGustado A history but am sure have of then weaves in the dozen other films.
4 / 5
The granddaughter loves this film and wants to learn a still bundle skate. It is the skater . It wants to know everything in his Indian Heritage.
5 / 5
Has chosen this indication of then was mark -new in his packaging. Has-liked me all this has been rid and I never returns of mark in a product.
5 / 5
An acting is quite good but a history is like this transmissions. One stirs of Sikhs prejudice to feel of the aims decides to the aim can touch with some big boys in some local Toronto rec joins decides to form his own Speedy Singhs instruments. A question with a film in general is can not decide wants to be the comedy or no. Honradamente, Has very found a humour takes. Even comedian Russell Peters only looks to be doing his schtick is one.

HAS the Curve 'In Like Beckham seats his but while this paste to film all some notes, these some only looks the little too created. There is the gratuitous Rob 'Youngblood' Lowe the one who goes of ex-has on wash NHLer the Zamboni engine to coach of Sikh crew. Of course, his daughter (the smokin' Cabin of pleasant Bunk) falls for a star of a Speedy Singhs.

In all the chance, has to go in? You can guess an end how is one same as enough each one another film of sport. A material in the Sikh culture perhaps is that it interests if you are not Sikh neither live in Canada but our here is like whoop-of-freakin'-do, is Sikh. As that? We touch hockey in a street with all the world-wide and perhaps the life is different in a West Cost that a Centre of a Universe there in Taranna but has not seen never any one sticks the Sikh boy in aim and then come from to shoot a ball of hockey in his turbaned boss like the joke. The one who that? That was a point to aim that in a film?

Ack, Is CBC as well as wait. An odder thing is does name Bollywood actors in this as well as the video of music in an end that has Ludacris in him. Oh, yeah, And some players of Sikh hockey fulfil rapper Drake also when they go clubbing in a film. It has said of another way, is the mould of thousands.

An extra there is enjoyed more in the so many take to know some actors and like a film has been near has dipped . Now that is cost looking. This film, in another hand, is perhaps the film of good TV in better.
5 / 5
A lot entertaining film. Rob Like this usual Lowe was to add so it was a launched a lot that is a bit ignore. Seeing this appreciate me an Indian culture Of is even more and a diversity has in Canada!
5 / 5
Has deceived of any to @give the would not touch in my player of DVD (import of EUA), looked it finally in the fiends portable. Another that that, for the partidário of hockey, is the poor film & would not recommend he in any player of hockey.

Top Customer Reviews: Murder ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
One has seen this films the few years does in television, and purchased it recently. Ossia An excellent film . Extracted social, relational and religious subjects that is taking place in a world-wide today. That agrees, this is to base in the true history.

Treating this cashier was a lot of and easy. Any complication, and has received my mandate sooner that has expected.

Would recommend this film and would have any hesitation partorisca purchase of this cashier again.

I hope my description was useful.

The god blesses,

Mardy W. Dixon
4 / 5
There is enjoyed a documentary. Enough an eye-opener.
Thank you. It recommends it. It exposes the
corruption, but also offers the hope that something
can be done to help these people.