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Top Customer Reviews: Bonhoeffer:Agent Of ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
4 / 5
While I create it it can be be do better, aiming the interaction & of schooling & of the history of brother Dietrich with another that sustains Nazi/Statist theologians, this film is the fast overview of one the majority of terrible time in the recent history of Germania and partorisca German.

A Nazi Summer has taken can in the churches and ossia where brother Dietrich has drawn correctly a line. A wickedness of any State to persecute the Christians always has consequences.

Is useful to know that some German basses regulates Nazi - in a government has tried to take Hitler and his madness. They have paid with his lives.

The god blesses a Dietrich is of this world!!
5 / 5
If or does not want to buy this DVD will depend on calm reason the want. If you want to know of Bonhoeffer a theologian, will be disappointed; if you want to locate his activities like the fighter of control and concursante in a plot to kill Hitler, probably will like you.. A film pays utmost reverence to a man, and is obviously does like his tribute--but throughout he all subtracts the far figure. Really we learn a lot roughly the and his in the Christian influence of 20th century has thought? Unfortunately the no. are the defender of Bonhoeffer and expected this in spite of more.
4 / 5
This docudrama roughly Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrestling with dipping his Christian faith the action while alive in the Nazi context suffers reason he marginalizes Bonhoeffer faith and instead games on a politics of a movement to hold German to the to the equal that belongs. It falls far I cut of a power of a film ROMERO, although Bonhoeffer the history is any less powerful that that of Archbishop Oscar Rosmarino, murdered by some I Salvadorian fascists during mass for his outspoken engaged to Christ embodied in some people of Salvador.
Bonhoeffer Also clears that Christ were embodied in a German Church--and doing in accordance with this faith spent to join a movement to hold German, while overthrow some harms of a Nazi diet. This video, this in spite of, neglects Bonhoeffer fight with an ethical dilemma this posed and house in some details of east control. While it poses some abonos anectdotes in Bonhoeffer impact in other prisoners, and like his faith and the prayers helped to go calmly to his deaths, falls short of HANGED IN THE WRY CROSSES, the documentary in Bonhoeffer.
Three stars. No more. It does not squander your time is an until you have seen HANGED IN THE WRY CROSSES and ROMERO. Both am far films more powerful that proclaims Christ Incarnate in an immediate present, more than muddying a water with the dark political machinations gone awry.
5 / 5
Has based in real facts, learns more in this man of princes in a Christian faith so that it sacrifices his life. I in the first place listened of this man of God the Launcher Southcott of MYL afamada the few years behind when I said of the video in that he and some of his mates am gone in L.un. perfomed A narration.
A life of this German aint' finalising a lot too punctual. It maintains in feet so that chairs, no the modern practice, and have taught that same in a heat of confusion would owe that maintain a faith.
His history is an inspiration to all the one who would be still in his footsteps. No, they will not be executed as it was -- in today of world-wide. All the precise world knows of this man of principle.
A historical novel, VILLAINS & of SANTOS (1998), studies a character of this righteous man the one who read in his same convictions in a cost of his life. It describes like the failed assassination tentativa against Hitler has directed the Bonhoeffer imprisonment. It was for real the consecrated Christian whose faiths have caused to opone some Nazi.
Can recommend this and also HANGED in CROSS has TWISTED also Easter passage for all the Christians and that they want to be good people in the world-wide replete with so many bad people.

Top Customer Reviews: God's ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
Any to 'be enjoyed' as it is not an easy history, no a piece of entertainment, but informative and very done.

Top Customer Reviews: Joni (Bilingual) ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
The inspiring film that objective the one who the faith can pull calm by means of anything.
5 / 5
Quotes Lebensgeschichte von Joni geht zu Herzen und ist interessant in jeder Lebenslage, besonders in schwierigen.
Leider The war is nicht einfach dies amerikanische DVD are Computers abzuspielen, musste erst versuchen gives geeigneten Player zu installieren. Aber anscheinend ist Is einfacher sie A einem DVD-the player follows Fernseher zu spielen.
5 / 5
If you have not listened never Joni is (Johnny has pronounced!) History, and like you the histories ANY some better, likes I , calm then is in partorisca the treat. It is my preferred all-the HERO of time of REAL LIFE. This film is the sweet older '70' film, which my husband and I amour. If you could use some alcohol in your life, grab a popcorn and enjoy the different of today is, film. For a way You' s alive closing this in spite of promoting.
5 / 5
Joni Resplandores Is. It is not a actora better in a world-wide but the one who has said that that has had to that be a better in EVERYTHING! It can do almost all well and to sing and produced and teach and write and more we the thing has has had to that do? It is lovely in this film. Beauty that surpasses everything. I have wanted to it loved/ it That, everything of him and are by train of the take my local library for them to share with any any one knows his best. So only it expects to take to plot of attention there. Would want to maintain it but there is too many those who require to see this to leave chairs in mine shelf and collect powder. I have read his Memoirs, Transmissions of Elections and Joni' book. Has some devotionals too much with his illustrations. Material one of some the majority of the amazing appearances in his film was a show of the art dips up for his wonderful Dad and Targets, his fellow better. The desire there was has had to that the fellow better likes Targets the one who is coming his and has done his in the most possible priest and shorter. I regulate GOD by means of Jesus Christ for which this amazing woman is resulted. It is 62 now being born in 1949. It is also now the survivor of cancer and concealed blow era! That more has to that this woman has to that spend for to please Goddess? It has to that it has been it all some drugs have pumped his for 45 years in this chair. In all the chance, now can be the light the victims of cancer. That quota is ?

Takes this film and place he in your library. It shows two times or three times and to the left goes. It will do it is heart -do again and again still although it is 30 years . It shows so only he for your own heart also. You will be blessed!
4 / 5
This film is the classical. 'Joni,' A film offers the chair of row of the in front of the portrait of a travesía extreme Joni Erickson has shipped on like the adolescent that follows the accident to submerge the resulted in sounds to result the quadriplegic is to 70 films and he am likely presupposed down also -- like this, does not look he for a cinematography -- but a message is unpatronizingly promoting and timeless. It is one of some better films to look are feeling overwhelmed for some circumstances of your life.
5 / 5
This true history in this brave woman is taking for us he like this touches a part of his in of the coverages basically of just first of his harm to roughly 10 years with which.Especially it likes like this it is spent for of all a row of emotions and pleasure the peace done finally with to to the god likes him the harm has touched was. They are like this prone the depression like this films as well as reading his biological helped was alot.

This film has been done in 1979 I thinks so ladies,t big wait def when it looks is still around,produced,sings(I has some songs for his)and has has experienced treatments of cancer recently --the one who the woman of Goddess.

Also has the book that the tongue exited concealed next year to a subject of his Knowledge of husband of 30+ years and his feelings to the equal that has fulfilled,married and has cured of sound. I require to know more in his fantastic loyal husband,as it can love his likes does and apply to my film,any swearing,cussing or nudity--a film of quality of the church all a way.
4 / 5
Thought it would be the corny old film and in the a lot of ways was, but my woman had been that goes in in what effect there is on state lucido when it saw it when it was still the new film to the equal that have said would see could that to him finds on DVD. It is not a More adds them to do, but inspired. They are the Christian, like this of course I like a subject of any the one who has seen the joke of the same god when faced with adversity, but still if you are not the Christian I calm think you that could like so only reason is an astonishingly inspiring history of as the young daughter, the one who would have each excuse in a world-wide to give on, has begun really alive when it has to that think that that his life was on.
4 / 5
Wonderful history to be broken, spiritually, and that traces of some ashes to do lacking Goddess, any one imports the one who are, or that your circumstances! Beautiful book, written of the experience of real life, and real Christian woman. I add for tweens the one who is trying to find his identity and place in a world.
4 / 5
Has listened to Joni Eareckson Tada converged in a very hard reality of his suffering, and she no sugarcoat anything. But it offers real hope by means of Goddess and His Word. My 'complaint' so only is that a terrible depression, has thought suicidal, and despairing thrill them has written of in his book so only has not found in sounds to do in a film.
4 / 5
There is enjoyed really look a film with my family.

Top Customer Reviews: Paul The ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia The very a lot soyini-film' of Paul an Apostle, presented in widescreen formed and with subtitles. There is a scene of violence, but averts of that, ossia the perfect film partorisca a whole family. A tool of utmost teaching!