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Top Customer Reviews: Courage ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5 Shayna
It produces it is not that Feigning visualmente, the audible quality is equally to the date!

Top Customer Reviews: De Retour A La ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5 Mi
Service very fast and the products corresponds to all the months expect. It does not doubt partorisca Recommend without hésitation. Thank you.
5 / 5 Sharen
Has purchased this album today in the travesía of day to France and has listened already his two times and found the partorisca be the beautiful and sensational album. You are not that it has been expecting at all and it was pleasantly it has surprised.

Has the plot of material adds on here and each one which to the equal that follows on here well listen to. His voice is like games and liquid chocolate on some songs with such grace and wonderful timing. I do not have the preferred individual on here he so that it have to that choose a whole album.

Are happy has found this amazing artist with such the beautiful flange voice. Have in the first place seen this album behind in June when it was holidays in Canada. Now I have capitalised in my misfortune and feel satisfied with me that this album is the knockout. Ossia Full of excellent arrangements and sung like this fantastically. A must has.
4 / 5 Honey
I The écoute without stop in the car, one of month préféré. I adore it. It fails you in your Collection.

Top Customer Reviews: Best Of - 40 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 15 ratings
5 / 5 Luis
Formed: Audio CD Very Good! I have been surprised partorisca find enough the few songs of his I never listened before although has thinks that has known all his songs. You are the big swipe when it was in my late adolescents. My fellow better and has used to seat and listen his still always... ' Parigi To the month Of August' ameno for behind the such good memories that listening his again after all these years spend me behind to 1966 and all our adolescent sleeps...
5 / 5 Jeana
Formed: Audio CD I amour these 2 Cds. Good-looking songs that spends the memories add. Paul Mauriat the background sound of orchestra is so that surprised like this Aznavour voice. The good election and I highly recommend it.
4 / 5 Kristi
Formed: Audio CD Very good disk, three good-looking songs
5 / 5 Willie
Formed: CD of Audio has Bought like this splits of the present of anniversary.
5 / 5 Geneva
Formed: Audio CD Two wonderful CD with all his successes of Charles Aznavour. A small bijou. Thank you Formed: Audio CD Rest in peace, Gentleman Aznavour ! You will be always A Giant among his Giants and your music...Eternal !
5 / 5 Loriann
Formed: Audio CD Like appearances. Format very satisfied
4 / 5 Latrisha
: Audio FANTASTIC CD to listen my French favourite chansonnier
4 / 5 Randa
Formed: Audio CD thank you Formed: Audio CD I desire has added some papers
4 / 5 Valencia
That the CD adds. It is a perfect background music partorisca dine or of the small parties. Of course, it is also incredibly relaxing so only partorisca seat behind and listen to a music for him. I complain any when buying more collected.
4 / 5 Ted
Very Good! I have been surprised partorisca find enough the few songs of his I never listened before although has thinks that has known all his songs. You are the big swipe when it was in my late adolescents. My fellow better and has used to seat and listen his still always... ' Parigi To the month Of August' ameno for behind the such good memories that listening his again after all these years spend me behind to 1966 and all our adolescent sleeps...
4 / 5 Carita
Love these 2 Cds. Good-looking songs that spends the memories add. Paul Mauriat the background sound of orchestra is so that surprised like this Aznavour voice. The good election and I highly recommend it.
4 / 5 Libbie
Two wonderful CD with all his successes of Charles Aznavour. A small bijou. Thank you
5 / 5 Dottie
Rest In peaces, Gentleman Aznavour ! You will be always A Giant among his Giants and your music...Eternal !
4 / 5 France
This was the present , of alive in a same house was able to enjoy a music also, so only loves that!
5 / 5 Kathaleen
My Father was very pleased or find this under an Albero navideño!!

Top Customer Reviews: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5
Produced EXCELLENT to a very good prize. It recommends this CD of Album that is that it spends is quite complete to touch all his abonos collectors of popular musics in French. You And you will feel a Total of 13 songs of this big singer Céline Dion. This Compilation is edges 28th studio of the album exited in 2007.
4 / 5
Beautiful cd of Celine! It has to that buy six the celine collector!!
4 / 5
Has looked for this CD of does long and did not find that in Mp3. Alive Amazon and his prizes imbattables!
4 / 5
Is likes had said before roughly Celine. Awesome The artist and my prime minister want to all his music in french. This one is included classifies main in a cup 10 for his. They are happy likes him like this.
4 / 5
This so only could be the finest work of Celine never. Although specifically tailored for a French audience, the flows of passion of Celine superbly and easily during this absolute gem. Of his prime minister so only 'And is not remained that joins (would be cell-the)' desire and crisp vocals to the paste of sure fire 'Woman like each one' that can it very very crossover to HOT Poster AC map this Summer. This album is poured in women. And it does not fall short to rid an absolute stunning tribute. Some songs meld to the beautiful potpourri of emotions and brilliantly has executed vocals. If ossia yours one and compraventa of ONLY CD in a Summer of '07, the buy. Seducer, emotional and fabulous.
4 / 5
The continuous amazon fall a ball with this album. In the first place, they have had a name of wrong artist (Celion), and now two weeks to release, still any listing of clue. There is also two other editions. One with the dvd (of course, the amazon does not describe that it is on that!) And the booklet roughly Celine. Another comes with the sample of the perfume and the main booklet. I create these two are limited editons.

This album is class of the sequela to the 1995 album of accident of Celine Of them (for them). Of them it means one same but specifically for women. (Fast french lesson - inform to the group of men or men and women. It informs to the group of women). All of some composers are women. Calm does not require to comprise french to want to Celine when it sings in his native tongue. I do not comprise the majority of him and I think is breathtaking.

1. 'And it do not remain That it joins ( it was That)'

('And there was So only A Left of Woman ( would be That One)') 2. 'Immensity'


3. 'To Cause'


4. ' I look for The Shadow'

(' am Looking for A Shadow')

5. 'His Paradise'

( esome Paradises')

6. 'The Diva'

('A Diva')

7. 'Woman Like Each one

('to the Crown Like them to them Some Another')

8. Esi Was Any (Like The Another)'

(' Was Any (Likes Some Another)')

9. 'They are at all That'

('are not An One')

10. 'Lucido Time That Counts'

('A Time That Count')

11. 'Paper Of Georges Sand Alfred Of Musset'

('Paper Of Georges Sand Alfred Of Musset')

12. ' It is Loved A Cause '

(' Want Each one which so Another Reason')

13. 'Berceuse'

5 / 5
Like the francófono, there is enjoyed his French register, especially his earlier work, but these looks of albums on-produced and a bit repetitive. Ella coulld better....

Top Customer Reviews: Duets: Friends ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 26 ratings
5 / 5 Henriette
It goes partorisca aim that the voice of Anne has survived a test of time. Still although this CD has been registered much more late in life, his voice has aged but still maintains that the sweet byline smoothness that agrees. My preferred are his duet with Dusty Springfield and especially with his daughter Dawns. Any one sings the song of to the amour enough likes him Anne Murray, music that calm and relieves all your daily emphases.
4 / 5 Lovella
Ossia The register adds . An evening has listened them to a register sooner of Anne is and founds to sign me to his place of web. It was there where has found this CD. When I saw It versions of the duet contained of a lot of my preferred has has had to that the take. There is a duet with Celine Dion which is really something that considers a recent loss of his husband.
4 / 5 Shaun
Touches this the plot as I have on grown with Anne, and master a bit the duets sings with other utmost singers. They have chosen some right songs to sing joints and sweats the must for a defender of Murray of Anne.
4 / 5 Shirleen
Quality of his excellent that looks talented female vocalists. Some the musical arrangements are also excellent. It is the wonderful production .
4 / 5 Tommye
There is so only a better thing that Anne Murray CD and ossia the CD that has his registration with other artists add
5 / 5 Joi
I really amour Anne the music of Murray!! Out of all his albums this a, 'Duets of Murray of Anne' is mine very preferred a!!! I can touch this an on and on again!!
5 / 5 Shantell
ANNE MURRAY. VISITED The MUSEUM of Murray of Anne this summer in Springhill New Scotia. A real extracted.
5 / 5 Melva
5 / 5 Meryl
Excellent register, too bad a quality of a Sony the player has not been until sado.
4 / 5 Rachael
Anne Murray does not disappoint never. Ossia My favourite CD thus famous, talented artist!
5 / 5 Maurine
Excellent album j aodore anne muray and his artists that and sing
5 / 5 Katlyn
taste Anne Murray but is especially good to listen some other singers with sound.
4 / 5 Lolita
In a course of his long and prolific career, Anne Murray there is carved she the only niche in history of music. Any exactly the artist of pure country, any exactly the singer of pop, certainly any one the singer of rock, there is constantly straddled some common zones of these musical genders with successes adds. His voice is differential and expressive, and has directed to take well of priest of him; like evidenced for this album, his voice is deeper that it was the days the young plus but has lost any of his flexibility and expressivity. Ossia All a more obvious data a fact concealed 'Legends & of Fellow - Duets' find his paired with the wide variety of female interpreters. Perhaps that reflects a diversity that always underscored the music of Murray, this row of interpreters of one some that would expect the duet with his (Olivia Newton-John, Carole King, kd lang, Emmylou Harris) to this calm any (Nelly Furtado, Sarah Birghtman, Daughters of Indigo, Shania Twain). This concept is a lot appealing, of then there is not any a lot of album of the duet that looks so only interpret female. Some songs have registered is here be elected by means of the compatible repertoire of Murray and has a lot of points have underlined in an album, like nowbird', 'the person wants to like me calm ', 'Danny' song', 'A bit good informative', esong of Amur', 'Daydream believer' and ' has required me'. In spite of a diversity of guests and generate musical, an album has the smooth and warm flow his; calm does not take one that feels that these duets have been simply patched together so only for a sake of an easy sells. Although « Legends & of Fellow - the duets » were meant obviously like the crowd pleaser, is certainly an effective a.
5 / 5 Beatriz
Thanks advantage for a web of place, where can show all some clues complete. One 30 according to snipets in the competitor of Canada rival has not gone enough. Although I have ordered one of Canada, some the USA will take this gem on 1/15/08, and done the present of good Anniversary for mine 50th.

Has not been conscious that the leading album of Anne of ' will be to See you' has been feigned to be his last. I took it like this continuing his 'Croonin'' the fashionable albums and that face another era successfully adds. His video in an album of the new duets in a web of place have mentioned has Anne that declares that ' will be to See you' (in all his formats and of the titles) was a LAST, but the DUETS have come to the long of. A project has done his way of duets with several singers the only ladies. I think that that it is better in this way, and he casualidad for possibly the Duets II down a street with some types. Some video of Anne records with these artists adds to look all the world is having the ball.

My curiosity thus near it was an electronically created duet of 'I Falls Justo Enamoured Again' with a last add Dusty Springfield. Knowing of the admiration of Anne of Dusty work, the one who the way adds to spend the song full circle. Of then Anne, Dusty, and Karen the same carpenter has released a song inside the discharge of the year, would have been something all three crown could have been gaze. Still, this new version with Dusty is glorious. My second curiosity was nowbird' with Sarah Brightman. It is Sarah would not be operatic and use his voice of pop. If no appearances Sarah, would have thought it was more, partorisca in my ears, to to Sarah sounds likes him Olivia Newton-John (of the one who looks with Anne on 'Cotton Jenny'). Perhaps it is so only me. Still the good rendition. A surprise was 'Another Pot Or Tea', which is the preferred of clue of personal album . Although I am not big in Emmylou Harris, his voices blend gorgeously and this clue is the true standout. My only bummer is any duet 'new' with Celine Dion. Although 'When enamoró comes from/comes from 'An Intimate Evening', and some clues has not been in a CD, but in a DVD/VHS so only. I have expected for the different song, or included the king-record.

This new collection has his power, and yes achieved, am sure will see the Duets II, resembled that Frank Sinatra has issued before his step. If Anne goes with 'the Types' as some partners, there is abundance more than his songs that would do like this of the duets, or included go with a concept of one of the swipes of Anne/is still in against one of the clues/of swipes of a partner viril. I think that that all the world wants to see Glen Campbell partnering for sake of old time, more some of another greats there.
4 / 5 Carmen
In revisiting his swipes, Anne has done any tentativa partorisca re-create some original register. Neither it has you try to do tricks. Simply it sings to to some songs likes them-gliela his street today, which is not always like his street yesterday.
Some duets are partorisca one the majority partorisca separate true duets, with some two singers in a together studio, and artistically this does such the difference. Everything here is fascinating. Particularly I love 'Cotton Jenny,' with Anne that does to to a song likes to write and Olivia Newton-John noodling in and out of a melody. Anne and k.D. lang, Anne and Jann Burn and Anne and Dawn--a lot these voices so only blend sumptuously. It thinks that Anne and Carpenter of Karen would have touched like neighbours. 'Another Pot Or' Tea' resupplies the point underlined but, hears, EVERYTHING in an album is the point has underlined! Fantastically Fixed, fantastically has registered. You are the big vendor , big .
4 / 5 Seth
Wow! That the surprised that Anne has decided to do another album after toying with an idea this ' will be partorisca see you' would be his last. In 62, and with which 40 years in a biz, the voice of Anne resplandores still. Highlites Are ' has Required me' with Shania Twain. His voices blend surprisingly a lot together and both give the stellar action. 'Another Pot Or' tea' with Emmylou Harris is the dreamy, touching tribute to an Irish grandmother, and his voices are so only celestial together. Nelly Furtado coverages in the strong action on 'Daydream Believer' that has the entertainment, uptempo has beaten. 'Calm will not see Me ' with Shelby Lynn is the must-the one who the catchy vocal beaten and strong of both. Jann The burn Is always excellent, and his take on esomebody is always Sayin' goodbye' is also the standout. Tape & of Anne of Céline was maintains the base of 'When enamoró and Amy Grant has the pleasant take on 'Could have this Danced, with beautiful vocals. A two real showstoppers this in spite of is 'A bit Good Informative' with has has updated papers (substituting 'Bryant Gumble' with 'Dianne Sawyer' and Ireland with Gaza) where the daughters of Indigo and Anne do justice to the original of Anne with moving it. A last number is quite possibly a better. Esi Never see again you ' with Quebequesa diva Isabelle Boulay builds on until the heart joins in in an end. This song packs the powerful punch. Anne loves calm-please any one any to take never! PS-I almost has forgotten, his posthumous duet with his fellow late Dusty Springfield simply is pursuing...
4 / 5 Rolf
This register are really adds. I have been the defender of Anne Murray for the long time and has listened of course these songs many times but this cd is different. Some songs are fresh in some hands of some of some better singers around. It was especially happy to listen Song for Myra like this beautiful this in spite of like this seldom touched or seen in of the compilations of swipes more utmost. Good decision Anne! Happy retreat golfing !
4 / 5 Novella
To my heart and alcohol, has two singer the one who represents Canada - Gordon Lightfoot and Anne Murray. While Lightfoot has written and has has treated songs that captures a Canadian personality, Anne has presented in a world-wide phase like the proud Canadian and has built the significant career his way, which has comprised to remain in Canada.

Has songs like this joined to the voice of Anne that asked to to him likes the format of the duet could any never enhance. It takes the lovely plot the reinterpret to to the songs like required', 'Danny' Of Song' and 'A Song of Amur' but Anne bravely goes in the territory tried and shares a spotlight with today upper female vocalists.

Some the majority of successful pairings, in my opinion? k.D. lang On 'A Song of Amur' is worthy of serious radio time. This song is now the classical reborn. Shania Twain the contributo have ' ' Required On' leaves the tone that heart of pauses to this good-looking song. Olivia Newton-John on 'Cotton Jenny' leaves a twangy, the country feels of a song to aim his face. The daughter of Anne Dawns offered one the majority of sweet vocals of everything on 'the person Loves Me Like Calm '.

Some of some other pairings are curiousities. Carole King vocals in a song writes 'the times do not run Was on Me really does not help a song recovers any relevance. Nelly Furtado on 'Daydream Believers' sounds as if it is by train to ask like arrival in this situaton.

But can not ignore a fact that these vocalists of guest have gathered to register with the singer has admitted, and pursues it respect. And for this reason, Anne has done proud, a lot proud.
4 / 5 Concha
Some of some songs of Murray of Anne better animal-registered with a help of female artists known well. A whole album can be listened to in the web of place of Anne, to start with to finalise, and has to that say, this album is the must . Any one bad remakes or different takes on his songs. Some the musical instruments and the arrangements are so only like some the original songs registers all these years does. It remains some his formula that has done the success. To to The Songs likes them-gliela person loves me Like me Calm , sung with the daughter of Anne is sum. It touches so only like his mamma some early days. Other points have underlined in this album is some songs in the Martina McBride, Sarah Brigthman, Amy Grant & Celine Dion halves. A true gem of this album this in spite of, is a duet with Shania Twain, for a song Required. These 2 ladies are some some Canadians songbirds, and is the organic voices has been done for this song. This good compraventa so only an album. Ossia To good sure good recognition behind to old classics with more modern touching his & of quality. A must has!
4 / 5 Hosea
Are like this proud of this CD. I can not expect for him to paste some the EUA.
Has had to take copies for like this of my familiar and friends with which have listened on-line. I expect that some emisora the radio is touching he in Canada and people be asking thinks in some the A bit Good USA Informative goes it to paste big voices all blend to the equal that to listen the follow up with one and Buble' that it combo that it was...
Taken to see Anne sings with Nelly bolt in the profit of Club of Gilda on was awesome....
5 / 5 Dot
Then am satisfied to choose to revisit some swipes of his career, and has comprised the circle of voice a lot well in music in doing like this.

Am impressed for almost all some pairings, and a duet with his daughter Dawns Langstroth is wonderful. That the voice! But then, I suppose that it have to that coming like any surprise.

My preferred of some seventeen clues are: Another Pot Or Tea (with Emmylou Harris) / the song of Danny (with Martina McBride) / I Falls Justo Enamoured Again (with Dusty Springfield) / the person loves Me Like me Calm (with Dawning Langstroth) / Jamai See again you (with Isabelle Boulay) / and A lot Always is sacking (with Jann Burn).

That can be 37 years of Snowbird launched his career in Canada, but still has some ribs to pull of the project like this with his professionalism of mark and way.

Thank you, Anne!
5 / 5 Shemika
Looked forward to the new emission for Anne Murray. No appearances the Duets CD, but an album of new material, but am happy dipped something was in all the chance. It likes me to him the majority of a CD, an exception when being his duet with Carole King which really only tugs to the long of, more like this because of the flange of Rey that Murray this. They like him some few arrangements, especially on 'will not see Me ', but finds a music for one the majority of part is too much in a background compared to some voices. My preferred are some tunes with Emmylou Harris, Shelby Lynn, Dawns Langstroth ( the good-looking new voice ), Shania Twain ( his voices blend perfect together ), Some Daughters of Indigo, and especially Dusty Springfield. Anne Murray has one of one the majority of original, so only and good-looking voices in music. I expect that it maintains to record and please to the left is to listen Anne Murray' type of album that dips is gone in 1996, which was fence any, his better endeavour never. I expect that I surprise his next time was.

A longtime defender!
5 / 5 Dorothea
Like usual, the voice of Anne is flawless. Especially it likes-me Cotton Jenny with Olivia Newton John, Song of Amur with KD Lang and will not see Me . Congratulations Anne in another album add.

PS - A person the one who has given 1 star because an album cost the $ 1 more in Canada - take the life. There is 300 million people in some the USA - is has has called economies of stairs.
4 / 5 Wes
WELL, Is the bit of the explosion of a past but LOVE an idea of having two women that sings duets. We live in Canada. We celebrate life and amour. An album is like the present giant . It likes me hope Anne Murray will continue for years to come.
4 / 5 Maris
My mother-in-law want this CD, and estimate an on-line experience with 5 stars. I have bought this CD for the Present navideño and there is did not listen it even, but, was very impressed with a speed and efficiency of .
4 / 5 Audrie
Because it is this Canadian interpreter with a lot other Canadian interpreters that is on for more than money that when a Canadian dollar much more? I do not take it ? But I will not be buying of ... Perhaps itunes? It listens some apresamiento today in CBC the radio and has touched utmost.

Top Customer Reviews: La ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5 Orval
It do not know so that Appearance, but has known of not going partorisca be disappointed and has projected the month expects. All His songs are well.
4 / 5 Zada
All his titles are a lot adores is in my vehicle and the games crimps
4 / 5 Ardella
produced Very good. My edges no longer wants to listen another music in the car.
4 / 5 Candance
All His titles are a lot Adores is in my vehicle and the games crimp