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Top Customer Reviews: Fujifilm Instax ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5 Felipe
Different that an original aim a :), you love it! The desire has 10, although the mine there has been so only 8
4 / 5 Annis
It comes with 90 day guaranteeed of the original buyer has defects. Bought the plus partorisca a novelty and partorisca add some difference my Polaroid wall. It was the moment before I break this one opens like this still have the fresh band of aim in my camera at present. This a expíra 16 month with which rids like this mediates that a stock has in the warehouse of amazon takes replenished regularly of FUJIFILM.
4 / 5 Neomi
Pleasant creation - more “splotchy” that galaxy but still súper pleasant!

Top Customer Reviews: Olympus Infinity ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5 Ima
It was in vacacional last February, and does not want to spend my expensive

Cannon Eos, as it takes this camera for a travesía together with SP Study My-

has given the slave Flashes: a result was extraordinary! Especially in backligth situations with a camera fillflash option, and interior & nigth shoots with a unit of slave suport. Some results was incredible for the shoot & of point

camera. Vicente Cardone, Barranquilla, Colombia.
4 / 5 Danielle
Has bought this camera for my daughter in the law and loves an ease of use and a quality of some impressions these products of camera. A delivery was fast and a quality is excellent! It would recommend this cam to any that looks for the small quality, still good camera travelling.
4 / 5 Gordon
The vendor there is rid like this fiancé, and quickly. Ossia The good, economic little camera. A zoom is not like this powerful as it would have liked him, but of a camera takes clear, acute pix both on prójimos and in the distance.
4 / 5 Loyce
Has bought this like the present for any the one who is not technically saavy. His absolutly has loved that. An easy to use the functions and the quality of photo adds has done this an excellent present.
5 / 5 Terresa
Camera a lot small for a good pics and easy to use............
There went it several years and have any question with him.

Top Customer Reviews: Olympus OM-D E-M1 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 16 ratings
5 / 5 Jayme
Coming from a EM1 mark1, this was a jump had been moment to me so that it can continue use my collection of excellent Olympus glass. Some characteristic tones partorisca me and my needs of use are some times that focus and solid IBIS - I often am using this organism of camera in rough external conditions in a wilderness and partorisca industrial labour places where the delicate camera is not ideal. A variety of new characteristics are in that fun quell'exploring like this far, and is restored my passion partorisca use my Olympus train partorisca personal photograph out of a realm that has mentioned sooner (which is more work-related). Loving a solid feels of a grip still, which has been always the big sell for me using this small plus micro four organism of third, compared to the mine leading Nikon box that has not been friendly when it is coming to a weight and bulk. I can not expect be able to travel again and spend this with me partorisca enjoy in holidays.
5 / 5 Kira
Has wanted to be a prime minister a to write the description of this camera, reason is exited 2 days ago, and has opened so only a box 15 minutes ago. It will not be thorough- but will go back and the update after the week or two. The initial impressions are strong. I have possessed 4 Oly camera in a past 10 years and this one has a fast plus AF has has not used never. The papers are intuitive. It does not come with the robust manual, but so only in some premiers 5 minutes could use some keys and such and the take to do that I love it to do. Súper The already dipped paper up. @@@Knob Of thumb to change of MF the AF. The organism feels light and plasticy, but his time there is sealed, as they are well with him. Out of a first box pic without production of estaca with OLY 25mm 1.2 lentils.
4 / 5 Kristina
I previously shot with a Om-D E1 MKii, which is a lot resembled a current model, how was really questioning a need to move to this new model. Photographs unexpectedly of nightclub, and mine a subject has had with a MKii has been has wished always a autofocus would close on aim the little better. This new camera is night and day differentiates, of a moment has begun to shoot, has closed on directs incredibly quickly. A autofocus the improvements are ENORMOUS! A camera are adds! It is the small light full pro camera.
4 / 5 Melodee
Left in the first place begins was to say is a bada$ $ camera!! I have ordered a Em1 Mark III like a upgrade to the mine Olympus Em10 and Em5 camera. First to pull a trigger in this camera, has looked video and of the countless descriptions in a ins and outs of a em1 frames iii and all this camera has offered was exactly that has looked for: eye of Fast/face autofocus, hand-held big king has shot, IBIS very crazy, organism of test of the time, and small/light organism. A Olympus all expected it and MORE!

Coming from the fund with using Nikon APSC and cameras of full frame, also felt that a autofocus has been missing of with m43 the cameras but ossia was a Em1 resplandores. A camera AF is like this quickly, that can easily images of capture of mine 2 yr the old daughter that careers around and will close to his eye while it takes a casualidad that is surprising. It could never that with my old more Olympus camera. IBIS is down right incredible and easily can take 4 second hand-held shots and some images are acute!

First to jump to a M43 world, my favourite camera has has not possessed never was a Nikon d5300 because of his smaller measure and excellent grip. A Olympus Em1 Mark III MEMORY SO MUCH of this camera with is ergonomics and excellent grip still, when being smaller that the camera. I want that a Em1 is so only the little elder that a Em5 which leave me to use my small camera pouches and take a Em1 everywhere. In general, I am extremely happy with this camera and I highly would recommend it to any one looking the upgrade or those that are looking to submerge to a M43 world. A++
4 / 5 Bryant
I still have big hopes thus cameras, which have bought for three reasons:
1. The lugged around the Cannon DSLR with the together of lenses comprising the 100 - 400 zoom on Safari in Africa, as it has looked for to rig it lighter that do fault on long days in a field.
2. My hands are not like this in bylines as they have used to be, and Olympus' in-stabilisation of the image of the organism is said to be a better.
3. It was intrigued for a built-house bracketing (that leaves house stacking), which am anxious to use for macro does.
Unfortunately, has not been able to take full goodness of the capacities of a camera in some six weeks that had it. Incredibly, an almost 300 page the digital manual for a lack of camera of a class of depth to in fact explain like work. There is almost any one mentions of house bracketing/stacking in a manual. To give an example of just like ridiculously superficial a manual is - I looked on a capacity (mAh) of a battery, and under specs all has said was a number of model and that it was the lithium rechargeable. Everything is covered, but calm so only ail. Reason a camera is still relatively new help , on-line in a form of forums etc. The rests have limited.
1. The lightest/organism smaller/lenses when compared to the plenary-measure DSLR.
2. 'World-wide better' stabilisation of image.
3. The intriguing special characteristics very offered for Cannon, Sony, Nikon.
4. The shooting accelerates very fast.
1. Significant engaged in quality of image, a result a lot so only of the sensor the small plus, but also reason is a same sensor Olympus has been using in fact a lot of years.
2. Manuel digital enormous, which any-to-less depth of lacks.
3. Bewildering Variety of elements of interdependent paper, an organisation duquel frames absolutely any sense to this mostly user of Cannon.
4. Any built-in flashing. (Neither he the flash come with a unit).
5. Persistent rumours that the days of the manufacturer can be numbered.
5 / 5 Octavio
Súper Has Impressed with this camera. A hand-held salvation-king the calm way of the very detailed 50mp images - utmost for landscape and architecture. In this way it is any joke - the really works! A fact that can you handhold these shots is at all courts of amazing. Olympus Is changing a game with his estupefaciente 7-7.5 stops of IBIS, which is a technology behind producing a salvation-king shots. Calm now take salvation king when calm the want but in the micro container of four third - vary more along, smaller and lighter that the camera of corresponding full frame. A lenses is the smallest plot and lighter. If it do not use a salvation-king, calm then takes the súper-fast camera with long-row, which is excellent for sport and birding.

One 12-100mm pro the lentil is the gem . You take unbelievable achieve in the quite small and light lentil. Mark iii extracted well in low light. A lot they say that a micro sensor of four third can not compete with full-frame in low light. This would be a chance with moving subjects but no with landscape of fixed/subjects. IBIS in this camera is a lot like this crazy can take acute hand-held images in 1/4 - 1/10 of the second - any need to crank an ISO arrive when it can shoot in such slow shutter speed.

Have the Leica SL2, which want, but finds that I am leaving he in home more and more has chosen of then on Marks iii.
5 / 5 Ozie
Left the start with quell'I likes in this camera. A stabilisation of image blew so only was. The hand has resisted, four second exposures. Extremely quality of acute image. Way of big resolution that takes 50 or 80 mega imagine of pixel. Astrophotography Way that pode in of the stars. A autofocus ossia like this quickly has had to that ask has taken really the picture a first time I clicked a shutter key. Ossia A readier camera in a phase and one of one the majority of robust. Easy to spend, an all the creation of metal and has a better time that focus in a phase.

This has said, is returned. A micro four camera of the third will not compete never with the sensor of full frame when it comes the decrease of light photograph. So to the equal that have wanted grab people and say 'Hey, look in this fresh characteristic' I no my duties. I have thought all the f the indications of stop were some same, but a f2.8 lentils for the micro 4/3 camera is equal to a f5.6 In the camera of full frame. It will take the fantastic picture in low light in the tripod, but any if your subject is moving.

Am returned a Olympus and elected on the full frame mirrorless camera, but the sincere I desire has had both.
4 / 5 Brady
4 / 5 Vonnie
Like the Manager of Marketing for the pro instruments of the football based in some the EUA, also the photographer for hire in a side, has purchased a OM-D And-M1 Marcos III for his quality of the image augmented (resolution the main/processor faster), better video (4K options/HD lens-me it option) and stabilisation of exceptional image (arguably a better of any mark).

After the weeks to try, upgrading of mine OM-D And-M5 Marcos II has been the decision adds, and highly would recommend this camera. It has attached the few images, comprising roughly in of the basses-light settings (down some lights in the party of football), and a quality of the each image more than has fulfilled my levels.
4 / 5 Isreal
Prpers Have been the Cannon shooter partorisca on 10 year, still wants to him, looked to move to a mirrorless train to save some weight but when I have seen the one who macizo his pro the glass of level has been he has known that I not obtaining anything partorisca remaining with them. I have used this in studio and out of this camera and the combination of lentil is fantastic. They are very happy has done a transmission.
5 / 5 Yasuko
Has bought a Em1 Marcos iii last month, mainly for street, travesía and photograph of landscape. Together with 3 lenses and absolutely loves that. This really extracted camera well is doing photograph at night, mainly because of a stabilisation of upper image which can give calm until 7 stops of light. I can easily it presses in 1/3 shutter spd the hand has resisted, and take the clean acute images without that have to that create my ISO. Something concealed is impossible to do without the tripod for another camera. Also a Salvation king the way of calm characteristic of the one capacity to take 50mp the photos manage resisted, and 80mp with the tripod! That absolutely is that it surprises, that considers that it is the 20 mp sensor. Highly it recommends this camera. And they are the diehard full frame Sony user.
5 / 5 Jenell
Functionality and amazing usability for any professionals or amatuer photographer!
4 / 5 Easter
The camera adds for any yours the photographic needs is.
4 / 5 Justina
Still am learning some characteristic, and would have liked me has liked the hard copy of a manual as PDF is slower to find pages and having answered quickly manually. But a camera is taking the photos add, and looks to be a upgrade of mine IN-1. I have loved the second organism to be able to have two lenses ready, and with Olympus that sells a distribution of camera, has not had any one the class thought that of camera will exit of them in of the future years.
5 / 5 Yadira
Master and has begun to possess OLYMPUS way of cameras behind. I possess 3 OM analog camera (way of Film)
4 / 5 Leota
A better OM-D has taken still. I have had everything of one And-M1 and And-M5 versions like this far, and this one east a better of one stirs

Top Customer Reviews: Fujifilm Mini 90 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 36 ratings
4 / 5 Mendy
Ossia My camera of film of favourite instant in a phase right now. It combines all some classical characteristics that cameras of films of the instant-amour of defenders with some profits of new technology. Using the small LCD exposed and the few keys, the photographers are data more flexibility partorisca take perfect images in numerous lighting conditions. Compared with a Instax Mini 8, Instax Mini 9, and Instax Mini 70 ( has used the all), a Instax Mini 90 is your better value. It uses one same Instax Mini film like the majority other cameras in this line (excepts some versions of new square film), like this yes possess several cameras can stock-up in a film. Also, a result of characteristic new in of the calm better photos so that it takes the better turn in your investment in film. Finally, this calm particular version of the one the majority of bang partorisca yours buck--characteristic a lot partorisca the reasonable prize. Highly it recommends this camera to photographers, hobbyists, or any one looking partorisca have some entertainment with photograph.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 - Lunar Camera of Film of Classical Instant, the Black/money
5 / 5 Dahlia
is the very good camera but is not Canada-test. External when it is cold (half of cold of winter in a prairies) partorisca do and has to that be covered before he again.
If this condition has not gone there then take full 5 stars.
5 / 5 Emil
Love this camera so much!! This fuji instax has a better look in my opinion has collected of then everything of a fuji instax camera. It take a lunar classical and so only want it like this! I used it to take photo of my external boys like this far and a quality is quite good. An only thing suggests them is to do near on pictures because you will be able to see some better faces but another that that it is very amused to take photo of instant with. Also you recommend that it goes in Youtube to learn like this to use a better camera. Highly it recommends to buy this camera to any one. For a prize and look of a camera, is a lot of value he!!!
5 / 5 Conchita
A camera has done excellent for some premiers 40 pictures. It was not used by means of a winter and like this really has begun only shoot with him in a late Cradle. They are still happy with a camera and would give it the indication the big more any for a recent dysfunction of one load. I have touched a battery the total of 2 times. In mine 3rd tentativa one uploads no longer works. This highly is in disappointing.
5 / 5 Arminda
Ossia Probably one of some cameras of better instant in a phase today. I have had he for the little while now, and loves it. He well the photos look the good photos and the photos of the look of good photos adds. A creation is lustrous and elegant compared to another instax mini cameras that pure plastic look.

Some things have imagined was while experimenting with a camera: it does not take of the portraits of far was. A camera tries to take it everything in and the result bit it blurry. Has a lot of lighting. A flash in this camera is decent in better, has some class of decent lighting shooting at night.

In general, is the camera adds , loves a camera of instant, ossia a a to buy
4 / 5 Regan
Seen the plot of descriptions of people with expectations that believes them is too big for the camera has taken. If you are the serious/professional photographer his probably any one a better thing for you, as some of some photos whose perfect result (maintains in alcohol the still am learning roughly all some different settings and the one who any one). Highly you recommend to any that wants to have some entertainment/impresses people with photograph of instant!
5 / 5 Dania
So only that has expected as I have had a previously but unfortunately take busted because of some intoxicated people... lol, And a quantity to take it diagnosed and fijamente was a same quantity for the new mark a. Amur A quality of picture and a look of vintage of a camera he. Obviously I am happy with cost of mine are of then exited of my way to take another. :)
5 / 5 Junior
Love this camera. I prefer this an on some another reason has more characteristic, like this calm leave you to touch around the plot more. I have used he for my travesía the Montreal and has had any difficulty with touching or imagining was regarding the use. Also the utilisation to take pictures that can then present in my friends in of the papers or scrapbooks.
5 / 5 Mitch
Would have preferred having he in brown but he s all well .A camera is awesome a lot fashionable and enjoyable yours is still in a fence roughly does not expect any one longer that the buy :)
PS: it avenges quite quickly also.
4 / 5 Lynetta
The camera that surprised them but you have to that know that it is taking to. Those that are waiting quality of amazing image, detail and measure of the no annoying image with this camera. You are better was with your smartphone.
5 / 5 Simon
Loves this Polaroid camera! We use for a cabin of photo and our pair and continued to use it on our honeymoon and from now on! Such the pleasant fashion and has the strap adds to spend! Easy to change a film in and was and so only love a Polaroid way
4 / 5 Herma
That Camera that surprised but calm has to that know that it is taking to. Those that are to the expects quality of amazing image, detail and measure of the no annoying image with this camera. You are better was with your smartphone.
5 / 5 Maud
Loves a look of a camera. My fiancé and I are doing an album of adventure with east and is doing adds!
4 / 5 Myong
Uploads no literally well out of a box, a camera probably takes the good pictures but I will not know never ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
4 / 5 Silvana
Like this happy!! Works well, prepare you to lose 20 picture of the cause of experimentation is is the plot to dip for a chance and the value that comprises
5 / 5 Ardelia
am enamoured the this camera! It is better that imagines. My family has another class of camera of instant and a quality of some photos am not very good. This camera has a lot of options to do your well of photo. It outrage ossia the beautiful decoration
4 / 5 Tamica
Good camera. I wish a prize was lower, but takings to the equal that pays still
5 / 5 Lavonda
Expensive film with low quality results. Any value of the money imho.
4 / 5 Danyel
Loving this type like this far. It has not tried some double exposures or many of some another characteristic, but snaps was some pictures enough of confidence and he is good to have options for artsier experimentation.
4 / 5 Alethea
A lot of user-friendly and clear, crisp photo! Bought the like this the present for the partner for his pair— loves it!
5 / 5 Ward
Does not avenge with discharges regulate! It has spent he of United Kingdom and a lot another in of the boxes, can do not touching for the use.
5 / 5 Allene
It was perfect! It was skeptical purchasing it on-line but was exactly which are supposition partorisca be . Among a box with all still packaged on and quickly too much!
5 / 5 Diamond
Likes more than Fuji film polaroids has used. It is much smaller and easy to take places. Marcos the present adds
4 / 5 Tatum
Looks well, compact. Abundance more characteristic to touch around with quell'another Instax camera, as it say that he better use of a quite expensive instant film. Rechargeable The battery is also the plus. Very amused to shoot.
5 / 5 Melba
Is all value he. Like this, an option of camera of better vintage partorisca scrapbooks. Like this far, there is no
the question has found took it of then. 😙
4 / 5 Una
Is the camera adds , is coming with all some essential part and has the battery really adds life !
5 / 5 Calista
Has used this camera to take picturesof the commitment of my sister, pictures of the instant of his expensive has surprised for ever :)
4 / 5 Elden
there is Rid quickly, more economic that the majority other places have looked and an exact product has loved. In general very happy roughly purchasing
5 / 5 Mallie
This camera is fun, easy to use and taken adds Polaroid pictures! This does exactly that has anticipated. A quality of picture is utmost partorisca the polaroid.
5 / 5 Nicol
Really it likes to of me and looks partorisca do really well, some photos am resulted fantastically. Quite simple to use so only take a time to read some instructions. Some photos are class of small (paper crediticia sized), and wish that has had only splurged and has taken the Polaroid this gives the main photos. This be has said that it is still a awesome has produced!!
4 / 5 Cesar
Received it and expósito that one walls the load has been broken and could not touch a battery, which was very disappointing. Substituted the and expósito that a camera can be very uncomfortable to resist even with my small hands. Be conscious that fiddling with the characteristic arrivals to squander film quite expensive. I have found that a quality of the picture has not been very acute, and some products looked muted. Calm once take a hangs of him, give you the vintagey looking pictures. I can you do not hear, an idea is amused, so only any one the experience adds for me.
4 / 5 Claire
Adds little camera is guaranteed fun time. (Note, comes with the z/the zero films which have to that be bought for separate.)
4 / 5 Cassie
Love this camera. It lines a Polaroid itch without in fact when being like this expensive to shoot with like this real Polaroid. Some photos are tiny, but pack the odd pocola punch.
5 / 5 Elfriede
A camera is doing well and a quality of picture is well. We will take more pictures, up to now, so only take 2 pictures so only.
5 / 5 Lucretia
A better for far in a phase there. Really really well
4 / 5 Lashon
love this camera. I bought it to use in the party of anniversary of my husband and has added some photos to the joint during a night for people the scribble in of the notes and generally peruse. Big swipe. Easy and entertainment for those taking a pics and these in that took him. In the L stirs The old plus has been surprised that a technology was still around while one steps a more youngster has done invented it.

Top Customer Reviews: Lomography Sprocket ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5 June
Amur This camera. For real the only and fun camera.

Top Customer Reviews: Nikon N80 35mm SLR ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 15 ratings
4 / 5
This has not been like this expected. An organism was sticky/tacky looks for having had the protective organism this has been takes. There is taken on an hour partorisca rub alcohol and qtips partorisca take all a sticky was.
A subject main is a show of the image is one all black N80, that has taken was the black and money F80, a F80 is a European version of this camera.
According to which a functionality, all looks partorisca do well. Ossia A an appearance that is attentive to a description, engine, flashes, sprocket, mirror, and focus them look all functional and doing well. Has the substantial quantity of experience of camera and the most cleaned and will say it was cleaned internally.
Also there is not coming with to to the the strap likes him to him the show in image. eBay Is probably the better election.
4 / 5
Adds little camera of film. The works add with both D and G lenses. So only some lentils like this far that has found partorisca be incompatible with and was one 105 mm/f2.8 macro lentil. Found the walk of new engine partorisca he and the law adds of a walk of engine uses EA batteries.

Perfect camera partorisca try photograph partorisca film him the Nikon system. My SB-910 flashes and Profoto Air Nikon Far so much recognise a camera but I have not tried using them still. A SB-700 any and has to that be used in manual way.

When paired With a Nikon 85mm/f1.8 lentil of G, produced of the good-looking portraits.

Works with mine 20mm/, 17-35mm/, 24-70mm/, 50mm/, and 85mm/ lenses.
4 / 5
So only giving two stars partorisca a poor condition of a camera. It has been supposition partorisca be 'very a lot of' but probably would estimate it as 'poor.' It has been returned. Otherwise, A characteristic place of a N80 is exceptional. I so only the mine of desire had been the good copy .
5 / 5
Camera of film of fantastic quality! I possess a D810 & D750, and has wanted to add the camera to film that would leave me to use my collection of modern lenses, and also give me a capacity to do manual adjustments to the equal that has required. This camera all I need, and he perfectly!
5 / 5
I receifed the F 80. A company there has been some questions of computers. It has taken a lentil and has been said that an order has been completed. I emailed the and the request where was my camera. They have corrected an error. Offered the full repayment or the different camera.
Has taken an organism of money F80.
Is the very good camera . They are happy with him.
5 / 5
This camera was for my class of photograph of the film, his a lot of gain for the class. A professor has said any Digital so much has had to them that buy this. It is coming almost like this new. In the first place a camera is gone in the very good container alot of foam. I have taken an use one for 80 bucks and the camera with the lentil that is a lot very also. A camera uses the CR123 battery that is very expensive has bought them 1 near and was 20 bucks!!!. But camera a lot well the love a screen lateralmente. A dial of way is the little court on way but the brotáis in M way like this really does not have the question. On all a camera is a lot well of then was was to like in year 2000.
4 / 5
The camera adds, arrived in an original box as announced and in wonderful condition. It can not expect have a first circle to film developed (which have finalised so only!).
5 / 5
Thinks that this was a deal of a century. Have has wanted the camera of film, to complete my digital organism. A Nikon the sense does like this gone back all mine lenses. For me to shoot surround occasional to film this camera was perfect, small and light. Smaller and lighter that mine D7000. No like this sophisticated like D7000, so only 4 points of home, for example. But advance of film of the car and rewind, and electronic metering and will accept to the wide row of lenses. This camera has the permanent place in my stock exchange.
5 / 5
Are the photographer given of hard film. With a N80 can use all mine Nikon AF lenses.
4 / 5
I have ordered one of these here on amazon the while behind, was sold neither of b and h or adorama is been the moment and am them too lazy to verify like this partorisca east the excuses. A reason Am writing them a description is reason a product has received them was the version of ash of phase a f80. It was bondadoso of miffed that this had not been developed but has decided them treat the one of then was basically a same thing. It does not shoot any a lot of film and am quite sweet with my train because the feign for him to last the longitude while. Well, it has shot them perhaps 2 circles during a life of a camera. Then a day when it has decided them shoot the circle has taken them a camera out of a stock exchange, has inserted a battery and begun to shoot and with which each one which so it shot it would take them a message of error and then a camera basically would close on until there are them depressed a shutter (assumes them to essentially squander the frame if any of some frames was in fact working) likes the blazed by means of the circle that tries was and assuming the so only had not uploaded properly a film or something. So much the dipped a camera was until it could go back them to a manual. A manual informed that a message of the error basically require to send a camera in still service. It would be good with east excepts that it has had them the camera of ash of phase that is limited according to which a guarantee is is concerned. As be tired, this camera can be risk it apparently of then can have the terminal error without hardly any use (or perhaps a question has been he has not taken has used often enough, the one who knows) and the vendors here are apparently very utmost develops that they are selling versions of ash of phase.
4 / 5
Like this far, does not have any question. It has used a camera with the telephoto lentil and have impressions very good.
5 / 5
A decent organism, film of course. I bought it mainly to take one 50 or like MM lentils on that. :Or)
4 / 5
A lot sure he is a box lenses this is coming with my d5100 or yes is a camera , but a viewfinder mine of looks terrible darkness. The look of exposures to be well,
4 / 5
A camera arrived and does not feed a film at all. How it is unusable. A lot disappointed. At all that the description said it to be.
4 / 5
This camera of film has to that be my preferred of everything of mine 35mm his light weight, quickly, a shutter is not strong and always takes a work done.