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1 DJI Mini 2 Combo & Auto-Activated DJI Care Refresh Bundle ā€“ Ultralight Foldable Drone, 3-Axis Gimbal with 4K Cameraā€¦ DJI Mini 2 Combo & Auto-Activated DJI Care Refresh Bundle ā€“ Ultralight Foldable Drone, 3-Axis Gimbal with 4K Cameraā€¦ DJI
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2 Funrise Caterpillar CAT Little Machine Construction Truck Toy Cars Set of 5, Dump Truck, Bulldozer, Wheel Loaderā€¦ Funrise Caterpillar CAT Little Machine Construction Truck Toy Cars Set of 5, Dump Truck, Bulldozer, Wheel Loaderā€¦ Funrise
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3 Remote Control Car Robot, Transformer Car Toys, 360 Degree Rotating with One-Button Deformation with LED Light, Robotā€¦ Remote Control Car Robot, Transformer Car Toys, 360 Degree Rotating with One-Button Deformation with LED Light, Robotā€¦ Remote
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4 SNAPTAIN SP650 1080P Drone with Camera for Adults HD Live Video Camera Drone for Beginners w/Voice Control, Gestureā€¦ SNAPTAIN SP650 1080P Drone with Camera for Adults HD Live Video Camera Drone for Beginners w/Voice Control, Gestureā€¦ SNAPTAIN
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5 DEERC Drone Mini Toy Hand Operated Drone for Kids or Adults UFO Flying Ball Gifts for Boys and Girls with 5 Motionā€¦ DEERC Drone Mini Toy Hand Operated Drone for Kids or Adults UFO Flying Ball Gifts for Boys and Girls with 5 Motionā€¦ DEERC
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6 Holy Stone HS210 Mini Drone RC Nano Quadcopter Best Drone for Kids and Beginners RC Helicopter Plane with Auto Hoveringā€¦ Holy Stone HS210 Mini Drone RC Nano Quadcopter Best Drone for Kids and Beginners RC Helicopter Plane with Auto Hoveringā€¦ Holy
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7 Remote Control Car for Kids, 2.4GHZ Rc Car Toy 360Ā°Rotation & Flips Double Sided Rotating High Speed Off Road Rc Stuntā€¦ Remote Control Car for Kids, 2.4GHZ Rc Car Toy 360Ā°Rotation & Flips Double Sided Rotating High Speed Off Road Rc Stuntā€¦ Remote
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8 Prextex Pack of 2 Cartoon R/C Police Car and Race Car Radio Control Toys for Kids- Each with Different Frequencies Soā€¦ Prextex Pack of 2 Cartoon R/C Police Car and Race Car Radio Control Toys for Kids- Each with Different Frequencies Soā€¦ Prextex
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9 RC Boat Remote Control Boats for Pools and Lakes, STOTOY Racing Boat 2.4GHz 14km/h Mini Remote Boat Toys Indoor/Outdoorā€¦ RC Boat Remote Control Boats for Pools and Lakes, STOTOY Racing Boat 2.4GHz 14km/h Mini Remote Boat Toys Indoor/Outdoorā€¦ RC
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10 BEZGAR 15 RC Car, 4X4 Kids Off Road 1:14 Large Size Transform Remote Control Car High Speed Fast Racing Monster Vehicleā€¦ BEZGAR 15 RC Car, 4X4 Kids Off Road 1:14 Large Size Transform Remote Control Car High Speed Fast Racing Monster Vehicleā€¦ BEZGAR
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Top Customer Reviews: DJI Mini 2 Combo ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Be sincere was skeptical roughly ordering this no of DJI directly. But I am happy I any because it would have taken so much more along (roughly 2 weeks) partorisca take this of DJI. It was excited too much and does not want to expect that a lot the time and this vendor looks more a lot respectable something goes the way lateralmente was Amazon and perhaps one want of vendor he well.

Very In general am surprised that has taken the quickly. Ordered the the Tuesday and I took it the Saturday (Same week) As thank you!

A dron is surprising for a prize to be sincere. I possess the DJI Phantom, Mavic Pro and now this Mini 2.
Are sure has like this description there for you to read I so that it will save you that ache to your eyeballs.

Adds this has on taken. ā€œIf you want the Dron ossia reasonable priced, quite small for you for the take anywhere, record 4K, in amazing time of flight, fly far quite (10KM)ā€
Then just click that ā€œBuys Nowā€ key. Reason this Dron control all that on and all this is that really more dron the pilot question.

There. Fact. A lot of goodbye.
4 / 5
In that possessed that two Mini, has to say a Mini 2 is the significant upgrade for his controller of flight and distance of transmission! I have it quell'has begun only fly dron the averages done the year and have fallen amour with him! Each flight is the risk , but can be the a lot of rewarding experience :)
5 / 5
Behind when a mavic mini has been released has loved to take a like this bad. They are like this happy has expected reason a mini 2 is has very improved. The longest row, 4k camera, control of better wind, and has included the upper speed faster does this thing that has surprised. I am stunned in as small this thing is and some images can produce. It can not expect take the on everything of hiking of mine and camping travesĆ­as!
4 / 5
An integer combo the container are adds. It was the bit with a longitude to take a vehicle actuated by means of DJI but he all is exited. Installed an application in my mobile phone and connected with a vehicle by means of a telephone and controller. Configured all some basic settings, calibration and revised a lot of video on Youtube before even trying acts a vehicle. Ossia Key calms has not flown never this type of vehicle before.

Tried it so only has been for a first time like the new user. WOW. This thing is surprising. I tried it external in 0C temperature and like this far does well without glitches. Tried a basic start and take was, near, on and down, yaw, lateralmente, gimbal control and landings. I moved it around but external and has spent has retreated manually to base of house. Everything to so only take comfortable with a vehicle. Have Included he near on my zone to land until a battery in a vehicle has taken the down to continue operative and has landed in a something exact that has varied he with a camera that faces down to do sure that has landed without accidents. Any fact and a lot fully comfortable with him still like this more the practical is application but ENTERTAINMENT like this far!!!

How was was gel fish recently, in the lake. Beautiful clear sunny and a lot of very cold day (-26 Celsius). Tried a DJI Mini 2 and wow! Surprising that this little dron could fly in such the low temperature. A turn to act to house while on 2km, in a lake and in a current to exit. It was able to remark and record in 4 K. A speed in those these travesĆ­as of what is surprising. A RTH function maximice efficiency of battery to fly in the controlled but fast speed to return to base of the first house of a battery is result too extremely down.
This was my first time really dipping some capacities of a dron to try and in such low subzero temperatures. Impressed.
Still without any lense filter, a quality of some images of video, in alone, is impressive.

According to update:
Like DJIMini 2 stands up his capacity of heavy wind. If a wind takes included more add, will leave is on screen that is struggling and will notify calm that to do. The Some works of downward sensor likes him the charm. Very sensitive. A 4k the images and the video are surprising. A quality is exceptional. A ready technology that monitors and calm advise you on screen of a life of battery and while using a RTC function, will return to plant to house consummate it of uses of effective power for the do behind without accidents in the straight line.

The furthest updates will be resupplied after practical further.
5 / 5
Before time that use the dron
there is doubted among mini2 and mavik air 2
Decided in mini2 in black friday because of the lowest prize and any need for registration and examination in canada (249 grams)
Like this easy to use that it was able to inspect a ceiling of mine two house of history (leak) a day received it. The quality is upper notch .
Only precise agrees that this model does not have all an avoidance artilugios that pricier give form like mavik air 2 active
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. They are the producer of professional video that does to the plot of travesĆ­a has has related video. Mina the majority recently dron was the DJI Phantom 4 and has LOVED THAT but still with a rucksack has bought for him, was too big to hike with when I have had also my crew of camera. It had read it revises in a DJI Mini 2 and decided to give come from that. All can say is WOW! This flies so only like this it big plus dron but better. They are a lot, very happy with a quality of some images and a time of fly is surprising. I have purchased a Fly More container and is good to have some extra battery and touching unit. I have loved always DJI but now my respect is included deeper. I owe that add, that this dron flies really, rally well in wind and in cold condition which surprised the paralizaciones are measured . For less than half a prize of the Mavic 2 Pro, takes to plot of bang for your buck. Control out of my first video, was really happy with like this some images are result.
5 / 5
Ossia An amazing little dron. It shoots SOME 4K imaging, with a better stabilisation has not seen never. Has the pair of Phantoms can no longer fly, thanks to a no presionando never controls of a Canadian government, the one who quite a lot of parrot a FAA. This little dron takes better pictures, better stabilisation, life of the longest battery (and Much more economic for battery). It has said of another way,, is result intoxicated that flies a Phantoms, and this little Mini 2 comes to the long of and answered never the alone complaint has had in a Phantom! No a less than the how is is VERY CALM, and some accesses of what whole in the chance in a measure of the box of lunch of the girl. AMAZING!!!
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Wow That say besides..... It is genial truth . Simple to configure. The work of application sĆŗper well. It is Stable for real and rĆ©actif. Still with A good Ventilation has been to be impressed the data of edges hanged and his measure. Lucido interventor And perfect and reacts truth well. That Camera 4K do sĆŗper very lucido the work and the image is perfect and stable. I recommend without doubting. A true bijoux of dron.
4 / 5
I recently moved to the rural North Property and has thought having it dron a lot so only be entertaining but also lovely for scouting some zones was. It had looked several descriptions of Video of the Youtube/of Youtube of a DJI Mini 2 Combo and each one which of them highly recommended this dron and container, and these recommendations were of experienced Dron Pilots. My first flight has been flawless, very easy the master this dron, and like this characteristic in the and a DJI application of fly. A quality of video is incredible, (has taken recently to squirrel that evasions while it was in 100+ altitude of metres). Has has had now 5 low flights my tape, mostly on or mine of approximation acreage (in chance that), now the chair are the flight qualified for the take further afield. Highly recommend this dron and combo container..
4 / 5
Has bought this dron look it in fact weeks, was new. It could not actuate a dron. I have conversed with Peter of DJI and said to return it. I sent it behind, it has ordered another and he have actuated and has done fantastically! I flew it so only one the day and was the explosion. Be conscious in GEO zones. Alive in the street of flight as so only can fly until 60m. Some objects in my zone is hazard in this height. So much because of some restrictions a distance can fly is lower. In 60m can fly roughly 2km max before it loses connection and has to that it marries of turn, concealed scared me some but he have gone back to thank goodness, lost drones is not substituted

Top Customer Reviews: Funrise Caterpillar ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
It was skeptical with these toys because they look a lot economic.
Has been touched with newspaper in my house daycare and has not taken has broken still.
A bit pricy so that it is but in general am happy with a compraventa.
Was perfect partorisca ours unit on construction.
5 / 5
Is small. I thought it that it was the very small joint of game but is twisted really toppers.
4 / 5
Perfect measure partorisca in the cake of anniversary that is which bought him paralizaciones!

Top Customer Reviews: Remote Control Car ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 52 ratings
5 / 5
This quota little toy is perfect partorisca boys any cars of transformer and far control! With the push of the key, automatically transforms to the robot. A fresh thing is, is still able to move and walk! Calm can drive likes the Lamborghini, or of the transformer! My favourite part is that so only requires 5 battery, while, RC the cars requires way more. (That means more saving of money partorisca me). My brother my young plus said that his favourite part is that there are lights in a fund of a car as it looks that much fresher. It likes me quell'has said in a start, recommend this element because it is now countless of fun partorisca some boys!
4 / 5
Has bought he partorisca my edges. It is very excited when it take it. A control of automobile was hard some first days. But it can operate now. There is no battary in a band.
5 / 5
does not buy this car or to the to any one likes. They are rubbishes !!! His no !!!! Rasgado Was partorisca two pieces partorisca crap. Buyer beware. To the amazon has surprised is for behind these scammers.
4 / 5
Ossia The present of anniversary of good surprise to my edges those who is the big defender of Bumblebee. It thinks that that ossia so only yellow far car normal. With which have asked partorisca press a key in a half. One transports stands up like a Bumblebee in a film. It is thrilled like this partorisca know this trick and touch partorisca the long time. A control is smooth and easy to manage, my edges knows like this partorisca touch with him instantly.
5 / 5
The measure is not big. Work partorisca paint of the spray is not partorisca perfect but decent. It is not meaning partorisca game in sand or of the water. The majority of boys like RC CARS & police car. This one comes with car and of the quotas of lights-transform characteristic, way more interesting that the simple RC car. Value and good prizes that considers everything. Amiably packaged partorisca gifting. It have been better if his hips strink wrap he with clear plastic like Amz sticker of the bar code is not attached directly in a box. Lucky was them able to peel it was reasonably well, otherwise has been a sound of eye.
4 / 5
This car is surprising, my edges is the defender of a transformer. This car perfectly matches his needs. Easy to control, speedy and looks fresh. Really it likes to transform to the robot.
So only wishes it can come up with the rechargeable function. But this car is only costs $ 20. Reason still owe that expect that a lot? They are sure I will not find another car to control like this value and quality. It is the present adds partorisca some boys. Highly it recommends this product.
4 / 5
When My edges have taken this car of far control , can see the one who happy and thrilling is. Remote use partorisca control car goes forward, backward ,turning around, changes a direction well with which.( Has experience with car of far control). Laugh while it touches a car. When I have aimed like partorisca transfer a car to robot, is surprised like this. Always it surprise his friends proudly with this car, when his fellow coming on .
4 / 5
This car is surprising, adds partorisca my edges those who is the defender of a transformer and also far cars. It is easy to control, speedy and looks fresh. A car is of the measure adds, comes with car and of the quotas of lights-transform characteristic. Automatically it transforms to the robot with the key. A fresher thing is, still can be driven like the car, or the transformer! Works a lot on walk and does not hide like this utmost. In general I recommend this one!
4 / 5
Ossia A awesome little transformer of car toy that easily and quickly transforms partorisca be the automobile to the robot of transformer. My little one is like this happy with him and he the pipe around all a time. It is quite smooth and easy to drive with good turns although this would not be of the that would use for RC that careers. His characteristic is a capacity to transform and find it the sĆŗper orderly toy for my little a.
5 / 5
My little one loves this transforming car! Simply press the key and he turns to the robot! Before what mine little one has said was look of dad in some fresh lights! Works well in coffins stroll and any so much on carpet! Movements with far like the automobiles and the robot! Taken 5 battery EA among far and car/robot (I Use rechargeables)

Top Customer Reviews: SNAPTAIN SP650 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 36 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia An excellent 1080p camera dron. It takes video of big quality and there is not any latency. I have tried taking video with different speeds. Work perfectly. A video is the little shaky sometimes because of a wind, but for the camera in this row of prize, he the work adds. And it is quite responsive to a far and easy to control. It flies really quickly in speed 3 and struggles a better wind.

3D toes does perfectly. It has tried also some characteristic of new rotation of fly and big speed of circle, and do like this announced. A thing there is remarked is that a camera is facing external while he a fly of circle, like this calm can not take a house of camera on you and take the circling video of calm, but thinks it will help to arouse your imagination to take fun video and enjoy a flight of him. lol. In all the chance, ossia the add dron with 1080p hd the camera and is easy to fly and flies stably and on big.

This dron is durable and has the life of decent and calm battery can take 2 battery. I had it it has tried it already a battery. It resupplies time of the longest flight for me.

Snaptain sp650 Also looks control of voice and control of gesture, which did not try it was, as I prefer to flight with a far. The supposition is amused. And functions like headless way, a key apresamiento was, an altitude and control of earth key, all the works to the equal that has announced. It is the toy adds -note dron in this prize with 1080p camera, and adds for principiantes.me likes a lot and highly recommend it.
4 / 5
Has bought this dron for our upcoming travesĆ­a to the provincial park. I think it that it has been it adds to take some good-looking pictures of lakes from above. We buy drones before but those are really hard to control and arrival neither in the loser or in the impactante to somewhere. We begin to look in drones on-line and in-tent. The question is that the majority of some drones has sold in-the tent is too the type that comes around $ 700 of these banded drones like DJI and Parrot, does not want to spend that a lot of money on that. This one was perfect for only 100 bucks. My partner said that the hips buys something like this before and has had the experience adds with him. All some keys in some far is labeled and has used easily. A battery is entrance touched and has begun to fly around and with an application setted up. A Camera was clear and creates some cinematic video. Everything is under control. It resists an altitude a lot amiably and has the control of wind adds. It was able to take roughly 20 minutes of flight in the fully touched battery. So only it presses a a-key of the gone back key and he have landed where leaves. A calm application leave the plot waypoints and flies in his own is that it pilots of car in an aeroplane! In general I add experiance with this dron, clear image and the plot of fun to fly around.
5 / 5
Has looked for the beginner dron for my anniversary of nephews and has discovered this economic dron and decide give this tries it.
One first impression- Drones comes with all some accessories to use that in out a state of boxes and a lot especially a company of year has guaranteeed.
Hanged of good quality and external arrival very light the creation is ideal for the beginner of this hobby adds.
His very easy to gather parts and fly this with manual of date of instruction that is very detailed.
1080P Fill HD that the camera resupplies video of big quality without ice creams and and glitches. 120 FOV And 90 terracing the adjustable creation of a camera resupplies corners of wide video and for this row of prize dron his a lot wrathful addition.
This little dron instrumented with characteristic a lot of fresco has called control of ready voice and concealed can use to fly a dron take pictures and and change a direction of a flight.
This dron can treat to several tricks of fly likes them 360 of toe, trajectory flights and fly of orbit.
This little dron comes with battery and mine some fly for 10 minutes of a battery while I register video of flight and resupply 20 times of minutes of total flight.
In general am very happy with cost of mine and my grandson loves his new toy.
4 / 5
This was my prime minister dron and thus prize has been expecting the toy but I was pleasantly surprised when it take this dron. It is small but is a lot well has built. It is easy to pair and easy to fly. I add for people so only entering a dron phase. Some controls are directly advance and works to the equal that would expect. A dron the self is a lot quickly so that it do not recommend in the steering wheel indoors but struggles it entertainment to fly external. The life of battery is order to the equal that am taking around 12-15 minutes in the alone load, and give you to you a bit extra a like this the life of battery is decent. Compraventa Well, and would recommend.
4 / 5
This was my prime minister dron with the camera and I have found some quite intuitive controls, calm once takes used his. Smooth sense and responsive. Has the trick operates ordered how was the preferred of defender for some boys. Characteristic to land of the car among handy.

Has been dipped up and taking video in 30 Easy min. to gather and begin.

The quality of camera is decent considering a prize. An application of telephone was easy to dip up and video of show.

Has come with two battery. Lasted roughly 10 minutes for cariche.
4 / 5
This Snaptain SP650 dron is the fantastic beginner dron, and in around 125 grams that the weights of fly is a lot I low of the federal dron limit of 250 grams that otherwise requires he to be registered with Transporting Canada. A quality of looks to build to be quite well, and there is survived the pair clashes like this far. A dron feet to land and needs on call of the leaf to be installed when in the first place you plough it, and highly recommends calm to ensure them with a screwdriver of small rays/has comprised. I made a mistake of just in his brilliant in of then felt sure and has had to that go in the mission to succour to find them.

A controller for a dron is that really I surprised, is quality quite big in this point of prize and a clip of telephone laws really well maintain a sure telephone. A FHD camera in a dron looks quite well also, and is really useful to imagine out of your street of flight. For these batteries have interested, additional for a dron is quite easy to find, so only look for 903048 Lithium-the batteries of ion have estimated in 1000mAh. You can be able to take the battery on 1000mAh for closing of time of the longest flight, but a dron already comprises 2 battery and in 12 flight of time of the minutes for battery have abundance to time to do toes and tricks.
4 / 5
A dron among the good container and is the breeze the setup. I have installed some guards of leaf so only to do sure some leaves would be protected but after a first flight of time are sure that the any one require some guards. A dron flies equally well with some far and an application of telephone, but with an application of telephone can see live the one who a dron is seeing. Once a far and the battery is touched these is 2 any fast to begin , first turn in dron and sync to far for emotional an on top of the clave has left down, any 2 Only paste a Taking was key and flight to start with. The landing is the breeze of only paste a key to land and game to lose dulcemente and earth amiably.
4 / 5
Has bought this reason have not wanted to spend the fortune in a mark to appoint drones there. I have wanted to so only see like laws for video to the equal that are the videographer and often the technology of need has taken. This one has surprised me. For a prize has paid, was able to take the plot for my sure money. Still I am exploring all of the his characteristic to the equal that write this but like this far loves a 1080P camera that is quite smooth for a class of images I stops of needs. It is also sĆŗper light doing adds for beginners and boys especially.
Very easy to dip up and use also.
5 / 5
Has bought this dron to practise my skills of flight so that it is like this to manage some controls before I buy the expensive plus dron. The calm supposition could say that ossia my practice dron before I upgrade to the different one again. This dron is well inside my estimativa and is the perfect compact measure. A quality of this dron is excellent and feels a lot well has gathered. It likes that of this dron comes with 2 rechargeable battery so much can maximice a time of fly and be able to continue flying a dron while it touches an exhausted one. It likes-me the fly a dron really big up in an open field and so only use a way of control of the altitude and rotate around to see all some visas. Sometimes he a bit manual flight with a dron and would lose view of him and a function of automatic turn does really well for that. This dron is by train to do me flight more comfortable before I upgrade that it is exactly that has bought these stops. They are happy with cost of mine of this dron and recommends this product to any one looking to start with flight.

- Very still beginners to use
- Easy to learn like this to use
- Easy to use and fly a dron
- Dron is light weight
- 1080P clear and acute video quality
- the life of battery Adds (-24 mins time of fly)
- A lot of priced with estimating

- the controller is the little too bulky for mine in pleasant but still useable
- Along touching time (-120 mins)
4 / 5
am entirely new in flying the dron and decided to buy this to see like this like him. I have been surprised in that has learnt it quickly to fly this dron. A stability on he very easy and entertainment for me otherwise will be to clash the everywhere. That More the amour roughly ossia a fact that comes with the telephone is concealed connects to a far has seen WiFi. It was able to see alive action of where has flown when I flew it around my house. Also a mountain returns my telephone of the smallest android and my iPhone 11 pro has measured besides.

Top Customer Reviews: DEERC Drone Mini ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
5 / 5
Very simple to use. It likes that automatically it relieves of wall or objects and movements out of his with a same ease that movements out of your hand. Has-liked me that has closed was instantly when I grabbed he out of an air. Has 100 confidence that leaves my use of 8 years he(the toy is estimated 6+). A person will love the quite open, inner space. Some first time used it, has pursued accidentally he to a ceiling. It hovered Against a ceiling for the pair of as and has gone down then. Good creation.
4 / 5
Has had low expectations for a soyotion remarking' the characteristic but has been blown was that the legit movements when the deliveries takes near of the! It is it likes use 'A Force'. Included the toddler can interact with this thing, and all my boys have had the explosion that uses it. Highly recommended!
5 / 5
Has bought this DEERC Dron for my boys have aged 10, 7 and 3 years. A Dron is easy to operate. They are having the plot of fun touching with him. They will churn his hand closes his in the hablador to fly to the each one which as another backside and advances. It is the good game has created for them. A dron looks to be very built and very durable. Work like this announced. We have found that will touch less than an announced 40 minutes and will fly for until 8 minutes among cariche. They are happy has purchased this character Dron.

Thank you Jeff.
4 / 5
Ossia Like this fresh! I have bought it likes him the present for my niece and with which has opened has loved to spend it house.

Is sĆŗper entertaining so only to look and the movement around with hand-held gestures.

Will be to buy more for mine another neices and one on its own name of course!
4 / 5
UFO Dron Informs

A fun little dron for a visually has stimulated among us.

Would recommend this for any to the one who like him the novelties, or for girls around some ages of 6-10.
A decent prince so that volume; an UFO dron automatically flies around your house that averts wall and of the objects equally.

Comes with this own touching boss, and around 8 minutes of life of battery. The few days to use it, finds that it will avert wall 80 of a time, knows when it is clashing and closes was for the protect. It is plastic shell is enough to maintain it sure to fall is the own weight in any date.

But of entity to the commentary would not recommend taking alfresco, a wind will fly he out of you for ever. After calm launch the, have little controls on where flies, unless you can steer he with your hands, has found some casualidades of the lose to the very big breeze.

I also precaution against treating likes is indestructible, so that there is still sensitive components inside these flies to help around; and if quell'start of sync, flies bad until you recalibrate the. Wacking The To an earth repeatedly will reduce is longterm stability of flight. It goes figure.

Would consider this dron the novelty, and would not imagine use of term along out he, unless you are purchasing he for the boy

Sees a video for the good idea that to expect of this product..
4 / 5
Dron Perfecto Touches his boys, lights and launch in his air. He The very stable flight, he and the give sensor down and to the sud each games lateralmente that you puissez control his direction. It can any decayed Gives piece of furniture or decoration. His toes does not spend to the travers give cracks. If it falls his propeller this For automatically and pareillement games to turn. It suffices so only to turn to the rovescio Games to take his engines.

Mina neuveu Of 3 years adores this small dron.
5 / 5
A DEERC Mini Dron the toy is much more that fulfils an eye and well each cent! In fact, if the indication of 6 stars was available, would have to be considered that pinnacle!

In the first place, is clear that the origin of a toy is of the dron manufacturer that comprises like this to the intelligent engineer, solid, and effective drones. Compliments To them to embrace the club of partidƔrio young to grow with.

While ossia the toy , looks to run with the esmart' system that leaves an operator to control a flight with intuitive hand-held gestures.

Is also the toy that importantly comes with the level of security for girls of all the ages and his means. In fact, when a dron question of sense, tends to automatically fall to an earth.Ā 

Some rotors are protected really a lot as a whole the toy is shielded with the light, still durable cage.

Last but much less, a DEERC will resupply a lot of entertainment, the sensory learning inspired as well as the good idea that the optimum control of flight would owe that be.Ā 

A hard battery longer that has announced that is in prize! Simply take a toy out of his box and begin your entertainment!

Here is wishing you like this to the entertainment like our family has had with DEERC
4 / 5
These types deserve 5 starts more for service of client. We have broken a boss to touch- does not blame of a product. We ask it could take the new boss and his promptly has sent the new product immediately- no only the boss. Ossia Service of glorious client . As the one who a product, is a calmer never for my boy. Sure, it would beat any last too long but has to that be light as it is not the failure in my opinion. Touching taken roughly 30 mins. It is not the big shot.
5 / 5
Cools little toy. Bought the resemblance one in Walmart. I gave it 5 stars on life of battery because still although it is announce so only roughly 6 minutes, ossia roughly 2 better minutes that another. Also it has better stability in an air. Same prize. As this was a compraventa better .
4 / 5
Value a wait...

Think that to the amazon has lost this fresh thing as it took them 2 weeks more to finally rid the ours. In all the chance, all the world in a familiar as well as our neighbours have been surprised with his characteristic. It is very sure for boys, easy to operate and very convenient like calm does not have to that buy battery for the turn on ( comes with the boss to touch his battery). Can leave it on with my daughter of 2 years.

Top Customer Reviews: Holy Stone HS210 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
I have bought two, for separate, a past few days... A second purely like the backside-up in of the boxes, while mine partorisca kill a prime minister has ordered. Rings an inner airman partorisca use in mine 14' ceilinged living room partorisca practise on partorisca big more sophisticated drones in a possible future. Ossia Fun galore, included partorisca to the to old fossil likes.

In a past few days - this ducted-defender dron gave A lot of and loaded FLIGHTS recharge cycles - 20 minutes with the cellphone upload, and a battery is on and that careers again. With some two drones experience, the esees has taken 6 220mah battery, more another 6 of 150mah bought economic. Enough to maintain me learning, and entertained for an hour or two, solid.

Has built quite decently - has fallen 14 feet to tile, after the suck to a ceiling, repeatedly .. Bounced was a lot of wall as of the the just st on the trick grupal very real-shot - a hole usually when being a backside of the cupboard that the then ricochets down quite violently.. It takes the licking, continuous ticking (Sad, Timex).

Very stable.. Still I am touching with him, in the level of the beginner 1 .

Some inner solid beginners dron. Recommendation of age: 5 to 85...
5 / 5
It liked that HS210 is coming with of three battery like each like this hard only 6-7 minutes. Also it avenges with 2 touching boss that maintains the possible current operation. It is durable and easy to fly. It is very stable and has multiple speeds and headless way. I have experienced some question taking he the headless way when it flies. He a lot always laws. A big speed is very fast but still really responsive. I think that that it is good value partorisca a price. It is the a lot of fact quadcopter. Has big outside quadcopters but is not the stable like this small a.
5 / 5
This was the present of anniversary partorisca our boy of 4 years, and while we were a lot of (a lot) nervous before it open it, this dron has been to good sure the success!
Has impressed for real with the takings so that it has paid... A technology really is in amazing.
Is flipped the stirs it whole of time (that means a function of toe; no for incident), and is to good sure in a way when controlling. And when it takes the little freaked was, paste a key of earth of the car and down goes...
Has the big, long learning curve in flying the dron (ossia my prime minister an also), and is 100 satisfied with this like this the no. of prime minister
Good Fact Holystone; we will be back when it is time partorisca 2!
PS - Mina so only another question would be the chance partorisca when we want to take it to somewhere.
5 / 5
It has received so only this the few hours does and in that want to it. Perfecto partorisca inner flight, is a lot of responsive and sper easy to fly. I paired the, there is aforado a gyros and was was the some races. Any I still needs partorisca regulate a trim. Has Stones diverse Santos drones further of east a... 170 / 170G, 110, 181, 181G, 181W, 183 and 300 / 400. Like this usual a quality is excellent. A a start of earth of key, headless way and 3D toe the characteristic law perfectly. My two cats and the dog love this little rest is too big and scare them. As any he so only done this has my seal of approval has his hips :) I add micro quad!
5 / 5
Ideal games partorisca begin to drive. It is very Stable, simple to save in place estacionario. It is a lot of maniable, answers very good to the commissions. I expected to roughly it choose it besides bruyant the transports is small but no.
His propellers are very protected, robust.
Several luminous signals Of different colours Touches partorisca help walks to fichar the forward of the practical backside after several toes. The audible signals also Touches his battery of the dron and of the tlcommande.
Touches lucido price, comes with three battery and 2 chargeurs is sper the car with his young plus has the patience partorisca do load the games of battery some minutes to like, this is not evident. In the like this had 21 minutes to like in continuous!
Only bmol, His battery are good truth has joined, the manipulation is a bit difficult especially touches a youngster.
He drne is 'also Pleasant' according to boy of month.
5 / 5
Ossia The fantastic small dron and the plot of fun.


1 - Astonishingly Easy to fly. You will result an expert during your first flight..
2 - Full-looked with headless way, trim, look of low battery, etc.
3 - I rotors are extremely has protected well. Ossia The rugged unit .
4 - Smooth Operative controller.


1 - Oddly, no with all the frames of battery in a controller, comprising 'Duracell'. Has has verified voltages partorisca do sure. It can have something critical in some tolerances of compartment of the battery that prevents contact with sure battery. Any question this in spite of. Battery of just use that read.
2 - A lot of was/on transmission. Battery of discharge of the must in the can one unit. It averts plugging in all a way or of the discharges is difficult to take. Calm punctual will take a hang of the turn on/has gone by agent that spent.
3 - the row of transmitter Adds out of the doors but the clock were partorisca a wind (this really is an interior dron but like this well will love the fly is gone in a yard). This little type buzz and whine like an angry insect against the light breeze. I have sent today among a street and he have done grieves behind in almost of calm air. It gives credit for finally in the leader. That he valiant fight. Prjimo To some helps of earth because a speed of wind will be lower there.
4 - Volume almost 5 minutes the flight of confidence times which in fact looks longer that is. Be careful out of doors - so much battery depletion approaches a unit can result the bit erratic as if it is having the question that communicates with a controller. Suddenly it can obtain the plot of altitude and/or the boss is gone in some unwanted direction. He willl dipped down in his own shortly after that. To prevent loss I strongly recommend you dipped an electronic timer for something likes 4 minutes and spend a house of unit when it goes era. You take 3 battery and touch quickly.

A learning adds dron and abler that could think. Punches Well on his tiny weight. If has questions, glorious support of Saint Bone. They are some better. Highly recommended.
5 / 5
A bit those that days of fun and one of an engine there is prendido partorisca do. You are the toy adds if he kepted doing.
Has transmission to 5 star because the service of client is upper. It take the unit of substitution with which have achieved was mine. Behind in action
5 / 5
Bought this because I have had some money has left in the prepaid the seen and have not disappointed! Sper Fun small dron that can learn you the day or two. The fastest way is really quickly partorisca such the little car. The costruttore is really generous to resupply 3 battery and 2 chargers. I have it quell'has clashed also this thing the time of pair without any questions... This little type is durable! Only minor drawback is that some connectors of battery are too small and is hard to pull them in and era. Otherwise This product is perfect. 9.5/10
5 / 5
Amazing action partorisca his row of price. He that is to announce partorisca do.
Pros : Compact and portable. With some extra batteries, easily can spend this dron alfresco.
Gilipollas : Sensitive controls. A dron is light, as it also reacts to your control quickly.
Btw A service of client is surprising. I have had it questions in his dron but is gone in and further partorisca answer my questions.
5 / 5
This little dron is awesome! It was the little sceptic at the beginning because a dron is like this small. I am not sure state like flight of boss, indoors and external. My surprised, mania fantastically! Partorisca Such the small device, a HS210 is sper fast in a third speed! It was able to take this thing that MOVEMENTS around my house, in and around my basement, lightning quickly! A lower speed is excellent to learn like this partorisca fly the dron to the equal that are able to do to to everything would like without a worry that goes it too fast.
Are the professor and have Stone Santo HS100 which is the big dron with FPV. I love my students partorisca learn regarding the fly, but is quite big and expensive the " it learns". It wins to buy more than a HS210 to have my students learns. It is economic, but besides, a device of excellent learning that it is easy to use and teaches all of some necessary skills to be able to control appropriately.

Thank you Saint bone to do such awesome quad-copter!

Top Customer Reviews: Remote Control Car ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 42 ratings
4 / 5
Mina 8I has received this element partorisca his anniversary and he can not taking the using. It is enjoying changing among some clues and of the wheels, as well as creating all the classes of courses of obstacle and challenges for his new rc vehicle. I see a lot of entertainment, advances of creative days during the long winter with this toy. Has a lot rc the vehicles and ossia for far one the majority of rugged, versatile, and entertaining. Fabulous Value for a point of prize.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. My edges and the daughter have had the explosion with this rc car. It is 360 and has the rechargeable battery. A creation of this rc the car is for the interior and I can be turns around and stop in the dim. It is toe very easy to control then far a backside and an advance. It comes with two near of wheels. The to east clues like and of one is wheel likes. A battery last for the good 20m before need to be recharge. I add for young girls.
5 / 5
This car of far control was the present for our technology savvy three year. Some days of pair after receiving a transport receives an email to agree to touch an interior of battery of a car. We touch a battery before gifting the to our edges partorisca Valentines Day. It has loved absolutely a car! We leave one follows on in place of some wheels. One transports a lot really takes stuck reason a side always locates to do a vehicle averted of a wall etc. His ordered one sees it toe around this in spite of being able to drive he without that has to that walk until the he manually the turn an immediately. The life of battery was well, in an hour and the half? Load quickly. An only downside would say is a far control joysticks is quell'has bitten rigid but some car works with them when be pressed hard.
5 / 5
This RC is in fact main that expected and like this more rugged also. The boys want to do stuns with him and also use this RC in a muck/backyard giving them obstacles and jump extra. Marcos the present adds.
4 / 5
Originally has given is the 1, but a rechargeable the battery has been fantastic of my daughter is driven constantly this in things with his brothers.

Be careful with stairs, some wheels are not like this fat like another rc transport like this cause the tonne of swipes to some stairs and car.
4 / 5
Ossia So only a Car to Trick more pleasant never for a prize has paid. I have purchased this element for the anniversary of my Granddaughter so only took it so only that goes. Some instructions for use are extremely clear -- like this easy to comprise and follow. I did not achieve it it was to a Vendor, contact to us to ensure was happy with a product! I have purchased a lot of on-line elements and a Vendor that contact has not spent before. They are very pleased with a Vendor and a quality of a product. I have purchased the second car for the grandson and I for real believe both love it!!
4 / 5
My edges loves it once has taken a car this Tuesday. It touches to daily plot of then. In fact a leading car has had (another mark) has been broken, as I have decided to buy this mark for him. Compared with that a, Comdigio is much more quickly, and more durable---every time can touch around 30-40 mins first to touch a battery. Everything is A lot like this far.
4 / 5
Has purchased this car of far control for my daughter like the present. In fact this was his first RC the car and enjoys wide variety partorisca trick that some offered car. It is spent quantity of quality if time with this car and really happy with our present. A car has built was sturdy, rugged and good plastic quality. With a point of prize and some characteristic of these automobiles ā€“ Ossia for the fly. I am planning to buy this produces again like the present for the boy of my partner.
4 / 5
Has arrived defective. Strong clicking and snapping noises during use. While acceleration, turning and revoking.
4 / 5
Has liked him a fact was in plot of fun for my grandson and leaves the challenge as it has taken stuck in a gel. It has been disturbed with a fact that so only 1 battery has come with him and has had to suppose to be two.

Top Customer Reviews: Prextex Pack of 2 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5
It has given this container of two far control cars to my grandchildren of 3 years. Unfortunately, some transports has not done I so that it has sent a container behind to a vendor.
4 / 5
Adds little toy. Durable, music of frames and does not look partorisca squander battery.
Some girls are overjoyed with them
4 / 5
Like this far the utmost buy for my grandson of four years. Easy to use. Durable and the plot of fun!
4 / 5
My husband and amour of edges that touches with these cars. My edges there is so only 16 months but still can move that car around. The creation adds!
5 / 5

Top Customer Reviews: RC Boat Remote ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 39 ratings
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Simply place, this boat is the plot of fun! When it took it in the first place, it was impressed really with one feels. It feels hard and sturdy. We try it we quickly in a bathtub partorisca do sure has done before we decide to take to a lake a next day. It has done that has been adds.

A next day, take a boat to a lake and was sĆŗper entertainment. My daughter and I have taken turns to drive a boot around. It is fast and agile. It would not be surprised achieves 30km/h in of the calm water. If a water was rough, could have the difficult time.

A far are partorisca add and simple to use. My daughters 8 years and I has has had to that so only tip once like this partorisca drive a boat. Any time, has driven around a lake and has launched has included was the register and flipped the. This in spite of, a boat has the fresh circle in looks how is adds. I have not been prepared partorisca jump to a lake today.

A far also leave is when a battery is down like this without accidents can plan your turn the cost. The wise row, did not try it too much of then has not spent some kayaks was but took it to us was probably 30 feet that is quite impressive.

In general, loves this boat. Touching the time is roughly 10 mins or so much. We do not owe that a lot of adjustments to a trim. A boot also comes with the stand like calm any wreck a props for has it dip around.

Would buy this again in the heartbeat.
4 / 5
Skytech H100 RC That the careers bounce is the add little boat. Any only is one of one the majority of hobby abordable commentaries RC is in a phase, but also offers the action adds for such the prize adds. When they Allege 30 kp/h speeds, in fact will achieve these speeds in of the calm water. A transmitter is surprising. Any calm so only aim you life of battery of real time of the yours bounce but also touches an alarm when your battery of boat is running down, leaving knows is now of begins behind in still the recharge or fresh battery. A boat is instrumented also with the device of security that does not leave a boot to answer unless it is in of waters he. Saving calm of any accidents that all know can spend. A boot also has the fresh ā€œtoe behindā€ looks so it spends to toe on in a water, simply ā€œmecerā€ behind and advances a throttle and some toes to bounce behind on. For a prize, calm can any gone bad. In fact it calms included it could buy two thus prize and there is even more has amused that careers with the partner.
In the note lateralmente, that comes from/comes from any the one who has been in this hobby for enough the while now, honradamente can say that this boat has surpassed in my expectations. To good sure would recommend this RC to any one looking to take to a hobby, or to any so only that it wants to have some entertainment in a water. Two big thumbs up.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I have verified on to to Amazon likes him to him the comparison and surpised that this boot values quite well for a money.

1. A boat has come from/packaging come from very attractive. It comes with the stand also for a boat.
2. It does not have an antenna that precise worry you roughly that would fall off (if you are in a water once an antenna is in watering you no longer can move yours bounce).
3. Has the far concealed calm say you a life of approximate battery to the equal that can recover your boat.
4. They are boot in fact takes some time to take use to so that has an engine and the flipper for you to steer the.
5. In general this look of boat adds and has very characteristic. I have used he for the pair of time but require more practical. It comes with the manual that requires to read.
4 / 5
Is saving this for the present navideƱo. Opened the quickly to look in him and a quality looks utmost so that done a durability. It can not expect for my edges to open this!
5 / 5
This boat is waay better that my last a, an engine is very powerful and a far has communication of 2 ways with a boat. Be sure to dip a boat in a first water of powering in a far like them sync correctly. A boat has the line to cool that waters of careers in the torsion around an engine and out of a creation behind adds! I have been surprised to see a far control has the trim setting for a rudder, but the travesĆ­as of transmission of a rudder further a way that another.. Material this is not to treat it big, but would be awesome was uniform in his radio to turn.
5 / 5
A lot This boat is quickly! Absolutely I love the, has maintained them to try to take the good video of him on a lake but he whipped for like this quickly that a video was blurry.
Originally has bought is to bounce for mine 12 yr old edges for his anniversary.
Was like this happy when it opened it and has seen that it was. It has loved the to us try was immediately but is supposition to touch some first battery.
Has known once was has touched fully a next day takes it to us down to a lake for the try was.
Takes the bit to take used to some controls but after the while his like this easy to learn. A boat is like this quickly that it was them fearful that was to take too far out of us and would lose control of him.
Definitively recommends is to bounce for age 12 and up.
Loves all calm to sew them far control how were more familiarised with that to do, but recommends them that you read all some first instructions of operative and try run in the smallest mass to water until it takes a hangs controls.
4 / 5
Are very satisfied of the ships and of the Service to the clientele. I Prevail him it ships that I sent it has taken it waters it then I sent other ships in 1 day of delivery then lucido the service is excellent. Lucidos The ships goes a lot well to the sud waters it, tried it to the sud joins river with a bit common and any question and goes this in spite of enough quickly, of then have had any bad of entertainment for the use. The battery last roughly 10 minutes max. It rewards of the quality of the Rapport is perfect service and a lot well after-come you.
4 / 5
Life of hard battery while it would expect for a prize. A far control is on purpose dual sure good for some class other elements that sells (if you tilt the, the small dron the looks of image in a screen)... Like this /REALLY/ unimpressed that this thing does not transform to the dron, reason this would be amazing. (/Sarcasm)

A whole thing feels a lot cheaply fact but act suprisingly well for a prize. It waters it to good sure will take interior of him ( has done in his travesĆ­a maiden), but we so only emptied was and has dried was a lot of and was well for a next career.
5 / 5
Boot adds for a prize. Some instructions are useful with controling a boot but there is some spelling and of the errors of grammar, and there is information key that is missing; a row of a boat, etc. A web of place is included worse.
4 / 5
Boot well. Raisin of coverage openning is hard. Any sign partorisca door latch tills &unlock place. The boys can break it quickly like ours. In a prize and global quality , has bought H102 which is basically a same boat but have 2 has has improved spent with pertinent markings and ... After $20 more economic that this an on Amazon. As it goes partorisca more economic H102 which is better. Speed and row of far controller and everything with this boat is well. Prize and just coverage. Life of battery of 8 minutes to 10 minutes looks well.

Top Customer Reviews: BEZGAR 15 RC Car, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 25 ratings
4 / 5
This one has spent my memories of infancy behind, has bought this car to touch some time external, has touched some batteries fully before first use and is sĆŗper awesome the hard load around 35-40 mins. It liked really of one transforms way when some car toes backward can use car in way of sport partorisca move, the product looks durable but far and car organism could be improved at least partorisca a car could use some metal partorisca look more sturdy, and he rechargeable battery partorisca far also. But it liked like this it is done in of global creation, and am enjoying my memories of infancy with this fresco of red monster, thanks to amazon.
4 / 5
My edges is really to RC inner to transport a moment and has has wanted to one this could go was-street. This one looked fresh as it could transform of an out of vehicle of street partorisca go down the profile that car of careers. Has the organism of metal as it feels very built, and my edges there is ramped quell'has been diverse things and he continuous go! When it Is out of way of street and continuous in, calms that can turn the way of the low profile and he will transform and some go paste an earth and calm can maintain go neither in a ceiling or whole. I add to buy for any RC entertainment!
4 / 5
Likes before what is does the 12 months have guaranteeed limited so that they are by train to ask - just taste when I am trying this class of toyšŸ˜‰
My edges really loves it.. Very easy to manoeuvre and use a far controller.. It is so only 4 and his only 5 seconds for him to know all a material in a controller.. Has 2 rechargeable battery that is awesome.. It is been touching with him has been of then rid and still is excited roughly the newspaper.. Recommended so that they are beginning to learn and game RC.. Some materials look durable.. My states of edges in the quantity anywhere and the still looks do well.. Some wheels looked durable included an organism.. It can crawl and circle inšŸ‘ŒšŸ¼ā­ļø
4 / 5
In fact, has another rc truck but when it has seen them this, has been them thank you for the buy reason was them intrigued. Read in

Creation: the as RC transports because it is not prone to touch overs like the wheels feel afterwards to a surface when it runs. In another hand, taste rc of truck because that can can run on virtually any surface. Ossia One of these trucks that could offer both. In a press of the key, can go of stable centre , down of gravity, the big, entirely of terrain. I can now game in both smooth pavement and registered/of gram without interruptions

Durability: it believes them some wheels are fill with air, and has tried them drive he in a yard on these slides of gymnasium/of the jungle that has the acute drop of at least 6ft unscathed. Besides, it does not say in a description of element but assumes that when it falls, touches on way that when this spends in any way, if you toggle among ways, some forwards backward is first result, vice versa. Ready creation, well?

Strong engines. It would say that ossia one of some trucks with some powerful engines that has seen, easily could tow my boy is downloaded 4ft fisher trains of toy of the prize or the way averts during direct impact

Playtime: the decent 30 minutes, or an hour that use some two battery

Other points besides: it comes with this own SCREWDRIVER !!! NIFTY!!!! Besides, some supervises so only requires two battery the difference of a pistol grips that requires at least three!!!

Truck really well, would have to buy one and the try you!
5 / 5
My edges has seen this eye that takes RC MONSTER while it has looked for new cars his collection and I have decided to buy this for him.
This RC the car is red and black in colour and built with sturdy character. A material is hule and hard plastic and friendly material boy. It comes with two battery, user and manual of far controller to use this in out a state of boxes.
A far is a lot of responsive and there is anti jamming functionality and there for acting independently to do races with same class of cars.
The calm band of battery has life of long battery and each band of battery can do 3or the minutes and both resupply roughly an hour to touch time.
This RC can can drive in both sides of him and because of 4 wheal the functionalities can go a lot quickly in any surfaces. This car is ideal partorisca RC CAR that careers and this one is far accelerate more better that my friends of edges some.
The wheels are any creation of slip and because of this this can run over any snow of life of the surface and because of sturdy character any harm spent after using a lot roughly for 2 weeks
My edges loves his new car and I am really happy with cost of mine.
4 / 5
This RC the car is awesome! I have bought he for my boys to touch with. I have been surprised roughly that easy was load , and place up. Mina 6 old year there has been any question that unscrews a hatch and that installs a battery. It was able to begin to touch immediately. A battery lasted among 20-30 minutes, and then when it has been exhausted, has changed so only a battery with a second (comprised) battery.

Is quite fast and can move the surfaces of varieties. My boys have had has included to drive on the slide quite empinado! It is sturdy and can take some moderate jostling and jumps.

This are adds RC transports that will resupply it a lot of entertainment for girls. One touches, if has more than a acequia, spent more than a RV car. It is hard to share all this entertainment!!
5 / 5
Before included they take out of a box, commentary a powder of the joint of hule has bent the coverage has been bent out of form and would not go back to an accordion the folds would owe that it has had. It was in the box to the equal that could does not see the advance and my edges has opened he for his anniversary. It was EXCITED LIKE THIS thus so much it was exactly that it had asked it, but was instantly sĆŗper disappointed that his car of the mark of new sleep was already has broken. One has bent the folds have interfered with the capacity to bend of a joint smoothly and properly. It would be it returned to the knots immediately has had to be able to see by means of a box, or he state of the local tent and had time to do like this first presenting it his, but was the present of anniversary was anxious to touch with. We were in a lake, as I leave game with him while a fold would go back to a way would owe that it has been. He no. Instead, a coverage of powder has taken the small hole in him with which some premiers 30 minutes of game in our street. When A battery has died, touch one to spare so only to find that one uploads stays of tip of the USB in any USB that the brick of touches has tried. It has had to use pliers for the take was. He still the load but is the real ache every time requires for the take and try reattach the. Any sure at all. I have imagined we would owe that the to turn of knots and has seated 2 times to contact a company on amazon but has been unable to find contact info. As I have been discouraged. Still I can return I can it has seen amazon; had thinks that would be necessary contact he one directly first company but the supposition can no. In all the chance, a car is sĆŗper fresco and entertainment for him to drive, is so only too bad a coverage of powder has come misshapen and is resulted in the hole in him during the travesĆ­a maiden of a car. Has has attached photo- a prime minister is that looked well when we take of a box. One 2nd is like another side looked (pertinent). 3 it Is a hole has formed that it can be related to a malformed spent of powder. 4 shows he of a cup. 5 shows an USB uploads some first time have touched a battery. It likes me quell'has said, my edges loves this car and an extra battery is fantastic to have, but so only is not gone in a perfect form to the equal that would owe that expect, and then another class of subjects of there is ruined his his anniversary the present plus has anticipated this year. :( If a company reads this and has any way to help with a coverage of powder and usb upload, would appreciate it.
5 / 5
Very agile rc the car with 4 wheels of the hule driven concealed helps a car to go in herb quite long and hills of trace. A way transforms of out street to on the form of street is funny and interesting. I have bought he for mine 6 daughter of the years and she loved it so much. Battery last longer that 30 minutes and there is extra battery in a container. Container Well with bezgar focus. I have loved personally an agility of a caršŸ˜Š
Custoher the service is sĆŗper responsive and the delivery was like this fast.
Subject only with my daughter that car has any light while his cars of brothers havešŸ˜….
5 / 5
My edges of 8 years loves this car. It is fast and can control he of beautiful far was (50m at least). It loves a 'transform' characteristic, which leave flatten a car was calm so that it can drive it when it is flipped in any direction. Ossia Perfect reason a car seldom takes stuck. It locates wall and of the toes on, and walks a lot on herb and has registered.
A second battery is also fantastic. We have not timed a battery, but a declared 20-25 minutes touches well. Having the backup means almost an hour to use the time. Finally, they were quite good to comprise some extra rays for a poster of battery. My edges almost undressed a ray of prime minister has undone, and is to add have the little extra in chance perhaps. The daughter is interested to take a RC transports now also, would not doubt to buy one same one again.
5 / 5
Adds little 4x4 the only thing is is the any he 6v battery to the equal that has declared on but enoygh juice to cruise around. A lot very on herb that marks this those surprised for a prize. Thank you.