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Top Customer Reviews: Canon Ivy Mini ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
The impression is very quite calm only need to regulate or modify a pics before printing it, a printer was the little warm already with which 2 impressions. Has has not arrived touched I so it needs the touch, I also required to have a firmware control or upgrade. He also done the screeching his like this the printer (lol) is a lot like this far, but to the left is to see after the few weeks, if something goes to spend, (attentive any)
5 / 5
loves this little printer, the pictures are utmost and amour that is stickers
4 / 5
is very light and easy to use, comes with 10 zink has spent. There is not a lot @@subject printing saturated photos but for some brilliant photos (with a lot of aim) there is some visible discolouration or streaks in these zones.

Top Customer Reviews: Canon PIXMA TR4527 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Fashionable name: Printer A printer comes with 243-black and Cannon of 244 cartridges of dye. It does not try partorisca buy these references when precise change! Instead, neither buy 245-black and cartridges of 246 colours, or yes press no too little, chooses 245XL-black and 246cartridges of XL colours!

Better still: use refilled cartridges! These cartridges embed some bosses partorisca print, like this in the chance there is the question with printing bosses, so only buy marks new cartridges!

Even Better still: it exchanges some calm cartridges! This requires partorisca drill holes in some cartridges, and using to syringe the poor ink. Attended take your hands (and perhaps your office and your cloths) stained! As you protect and your half working. But that the way can finalise with the very a lot of very economic solution partorisca daily press.

My favourite characteristic is that he duplex for him. I have had previously he MX492 (basically one same without duplex), and partorisca do duplex manually has finalised jamming a printer, and for unjamming the, I kinda destroyed it...
4 / 5
Fashionable name: to the Printer likes that they are of able to print directly of my smartphone (I sees that some people have had subjects with that, but the calm only need covers it a printer your box of internet with a cord that looks the cord of telephone, then easily can connect to a printer with your telephone or computer wirelessly using bluetooth). Some impressions exit amiably and do quite well. My subject only is that it costs more to substitute some cartridges of ink that does to so only buy the whole new printer. And of some cartridges of the ink so only has had to me the month, that has to that , substitute a whole printer each month? Or pay ten dollars more than a price of a whole printer with ink has comprised so only to substitute an ink? He no very very felt to do neither. Masters this printer if it was not for an absurd price for his ink. Fifty for a printer that contains the XL cartridges of ink or sixty paralizaciones so only some two XL dyes cartridges so only. No the defender of that.
4 / 5
Fashionable name: the printer can not take a wireless connection to my computer. I have followed some instructions four times, manually has connected a printer to a wifi coverage this in spite of does not relieve a printer on installation. The must now tries to connect using the usb cord that has not been resupplied in a box, as I will have it that cost. Terrible process.
5 / 5
Fashionable name: the printer has no such worse printer that this. Scanned once and would not scan again never. I have connected a printer has seen an internet, could print of a laptop and will not print of a the subject in fact, impression when it likes and any when it did not like. Very seldom that it impress, and then with which 20 or 40 minutes with which give up finds a press of printer in his own. A lot unreliable printer. Needless Partorisca Say is returned. I complain a time am spent partorisca order this printer and taking it partorisca do. Now I am looking to the printer (yes, reason this was any printer , any scanner, swimming).
5 / 5
Fashionable name: the printer has bought this one specifically because my computer does not have wifi (league directly partorisca issue for boss), but supposition whats any comprised in a box? A usb cord. But hey, give the thank you partorisca comprise the cord of telephone instead... Quality of the page of the test was a lot down, likes two stars partorisca that and a fact I now has to that spend extra money in the boss so only partorisca print.
4 / 5
Fashionable name: Press of Printer of Worse printer anything without constantly restarting my computer.. Also the paper that takes stuck and sending me the message that has run he out of the papers when there they are papers in a paving. .
Has used a lot of printers and has not had never of the complaints. This printer is really any one the value that buys

the amazon of Esperanza helps !!
5 / 5
Fashionable name: Printer Ossia for far a better everything in a car has has not possessed never. While I can very enough it enciphers out of a wireless part of things, is easy to use and there is awesome quality of impression. I have purchased it is a reason another two that possesses will not scan 8 1/2' x 14' the pages and ossia a majority that need to scan.
4 / 5
Fashionable name: Printer Partorisca the economic printer, he a work. Law perfectly partorisca any the one who need to drink to use one. A wireless functionality is very difficult to dip on, and a printer roughly-the time is discoverable saws coverage.

A quality of impression is very partorisca a price, but is not sper good.

In general, his the economic way sum partorisca print things. But no a better of quality.

The nave was fast and punctually like this for usual with to the amazon has has fulfilled vendors.
5 / 5
Fashionable name: the printer are like this disappointed in this printer. I have bought he in spite of some other negative critics, and the desire that finalises partorisca go the Wal Mart or Staples instead and has bought a there. They are the student and require the printer of confidence and does not have the spare money that dips around partorisca buy the new a. It is complicated like this partorisca dip up. I had it once dipped on on some last two months no press , would not scan and connect and disconnect so the please. It have to that king-download a software in my computer partorisca try and take anything partorisca do.... It outrage this was partorisca maintain the using reason have not had extra money partorisca buy the new a like this the sucked on although it was extremely inconvenient. Now a no same printer impression or recognise a cartridge of black ink! I have bought new some partorisca install the thought was a cartridge , but thta has not done. It take an original refilled - still does not act. I took it it was and it go partorisca print in colour But does not print colour with out a black an installed. Now I owe cough on a money does not have during midterms when I need my printer a plus! Any only is this an inconvenience and waste of money, but some subjects this printer has caused now is affecting my education. The desire could return it, but are unfortunately has spent a date of turn. ( I have purchased in April 2019 and has not begun the using until September 2019 when I have gone back in university.)
4 / 5
Fashionable name: Printer a month after having bought this printer, no more than the the reduced. 3h play partorisca print 2 leaves... And it Joins average of 8 pair of leaves cartouche of ink. Yes, well it has read it, it has spent 2 cartouches A month.... Pathtique. It does not recommend the person,
5 / 5
Well little printer but, is communicating with an Apple is not sincere. Included this in spite of announced likes the compatible apple, a disk does not comprise an engine of Apple. Following some instructions of arrivals of paper partorisca call one 1-800 number that calm then calm steps to far technical support. After the longitude and unhelpful conversation, am gone in-line, found the engine and has had to that runs in 5 minutes. He so that he he far well. So only I do not want to think on that it has to that support of call in a future.
5 / 5
I Games of good printer lucida prize ,good quality of the simple impression of utilisation, so only bémol touches the installation to the sud a window' a lot of estada but touches a mac oups has he of the work 2 hours touches installation of edges to the sud my mac part concealed recommends this printer does a lot very
5 / 5
probably a worse printer has them has not bought never.
In the first place is chairs construction like this noisy like this economic , taking at least two now first of took it to them connected by means of wifi, the together easy up is TERRIBLE a way of exposure calms too small ails to see it, need to be right in the or is unreadable.
The instructions are incomplete and the still are having question with him.
Last Cannon the never buy>
5 / 5
a month after having bought this printer, no more than the the reduced. 3h games to print 2 leaves... And it Joins average of 8 pair of leaves cartouche of ink. Yes, well it has read it, it has spent 2 cartouches A month.... Pathétique. It does not recommend the person,
5 / 5
A worse printer has not tried never to connect. Any inclusa test has the Macbook. A printer would not connect to an Internet at all in any setting. I have had the different people try so only incase was my failure . No. A printer is plastic rubbishes . Bought the printer of toner of the brother with which and will not look never behind.
4 / 5
Has purchased this printer approx 6 month ago. We have had the leading model of a PIXMA (870) and has loved that. One of some bosses of ink are result clogged when I remain without the cartridge for a long period as we have had to that purchase the new printer. This printer was a 'upgraded'/the newest version to the equal that have wanted to stick with a PIXMA line. This in spite of, chews by means of to the the ink likes him the person is business, and of an ink is LIKE THIS MORE EXPENSIVE THAT another printer. It is also cheaply fact and click/clanks the plot while it is rigging to print. A coverage the scanner feels like his in disposal to fall off in my hand, and a paper is not in the convenient tray to the equal that was in a last model. A paper is a lot confusing, and possess the Mac which is not sustained by a software, as I can not access the plot of some options of paper without going to a printer I. Any pleased with this compraventa at all.
5 / 5
Has on dipped was the little defiant. This in spite of if it download a manual for FREE answers any one questions to involve setup. I have found a together fast-on the instructions have not done well for a fax/telephone UNTIL I have found an on-line MANUAL detailed.
All other functions have done well, the press is awesome, scanning the fantastic works and the work of copy adds also. As to prize, can print both sides of the paper without that has to that exited of your chair and turn a paper manually like my leading printers have required.
5 / 5
Setup Has done on computer and 2 telephones of the android but one 3rd mobile phone has not done. The escáneres have initiated of work of telephone for 2 pages of the scanner at most then fails. The scanner initiated for the computer has done perfect. The quality the scanner is utmost and the paper feeds done a lot well. An impression outs is fast but a quality is so only like this so much.
5 / 5
Are like this disappointed in this printer. I have bought he in spite of some other negative critics, and the desire that finalises to go the Wal Mart or Staples instead and has bought a there. They are the student and require the printer of confidence and does not have the spare money that dips around to buy the new a. It is complicated like this to dip up. I had it once dipped on on some last two months no press , would not scan and connect and disconnect so the please. It have to that king-download a software in my computer to try and take anything to do.... It outrage this was to maintain the using reason have not had extra money to buy the new a like this the sucked on although it was extremely inconvenient. Now a no same printer impression or recognise a cartridge of black ink! I have bought new some to install the thought was a cartridge , but thta has not done. It take an original refilled - still does not act. I took it it was and it go to print in colour But does not print colour with out a black an installed. Now I owe cough on a money does not have during midterms when I need my printer a plus! Any only is this an inconvenience and waste of money, but some subjects this printer has caused now is affecting my education. The desire could return it, but are unfortunately has spent a date of turn. ( I have purchased in April 2019 and has not begun the using until September 2019 when I have gone back in university.)
4 / 5
No longer works with which some utilisations
the paper embezzles coincée
has printed no diverse
Imprimession illisible
Now , the no longer diverse printer taking taking leaf to the faith
4 / 5
It can not sign in the Wifi ( any punctual partorisca you partorisca enter wifi signal). It is spent the hours has tried different connection without success. I have tried the on-line support but wants to me to us to call in the client sustains the one who only available M-F 9-6 oriental times like him no well for clients of west cost. I owe that it has called two times in my holidays. The time of firs said wifi the support is not available with which 5:30. I owe that called for behind next day.
A support of client instructed to change my @subject WPS dipping still to enable the printer to connect to wifi without signal. A whole process has taken another 20 min to dip on a printer. A person of the support of the client is very useful but a product has not been the user has programmed friendly- I in fact think that is to say the product deserted and need to be redesigned.
4 / 5
Is compact for a space has required.
Can print both paper and legal.
Can copy 2 sided.
Can be linked easily by means of my telephone with an application.
The scanner and the quality of impression is good

An ink that comes with has finalised after roughly 3 uses.
Has any way to dip that it prints to assume some inks have squandered while dipping arrives to print in normal so only.
So only can scan legal of mine an application..
4 / 5
Has installed one the printer, some have not been easy, but with which so only that run a firstprint my paper is jammed. A printer looks the a lot low quality product , release it. All some rays and the looks of annexes and sounds can break easily. I usually produced of cannon of the amour, but this printer is the disappointment
5 / 5
Has gives question with this printer that no that with win7 64 bit or windows 10. Besides very difficult to comprise. Continuous go back this product and could buy another printer. Sylvain Larose.
4 / 5
Has arrived the day late, no the question, the difficulty has had to that dips it on that follows a book of instruction, has finalised to look the small or video of tube and found this easy plus to follow, took it doing now, bit it noisy , no the question,
4 / 5
Absolutely love this printer! A point of prize are adds for everything is taking. I want that I can print things of mine telephone or pill. Súper Easy to use!! Highly recommend for all your press, scanning and faxing need!!!
5 / 5
I prizes adds. It has not had never and it has not used never the printer. It has been with Cannon, known mine to be the good mark. A bit of the difficulty that dips it on, but ossia reason are the good in printing, black and colour. Easy to use.
4 / 5
Does not take sucked in for a low prize - is not to value your time and frustration.

Has had this printer for month now and some results are compatible. A wireless is scaly, has delays of significant impression(still among printing pages of a same document) and there is has begun now jamming a paper every second page.

Has trusted that the cannon would not dip his name on something does with such poor quality, but was bad.
4 / 5
This printer is perfect for our use of house. Wifi The neighbour is on state has explained any to any and wants to use AirPrint to print of the ours IPads when down (the printer is upstairs). The look of photo has printed one same as in Walmart.
4 / 5
Better printer never !!!! Rubbish of brother. Agent of the amazon asked in that printer to buy. It says that there is the Cannon. As I have purchased one. Better printer!!!!! THANKS TO Agent of Amazon. Highly recommend this printer.
4 / 5
Press decently, and a quality of the build is not terrible. A plastic feels the little economic but ossia well, is sturdy enough. The hinge Of upper coverage would be an only thing to concern roughly.
5 / 5
Comes with two small cartridges but no usb boss.
A wireless never fact, a function of scanner is complicated too much to dip in a car, but felizmente was easy of my computer.
4 / 5
Setup Was the ache. The instructions have comprised to follow has not done. Poor interface. It has had to spend the few hours troubleshooting. Look Of the impressions cost but printed of the test indicates that need of boss of the impression to be regulated for optimum press. Instructions for like this to do east is available on put web of costruttore. Reasonably quickly.

Tip: If wifi setup by means of the application does not act, test manually that connects a printer the wifi first.
5 / 5
Early days still but - like this far doing well, but printing the little fainter that accustoms in mine leading Epson cars. Perhaps this will improve with use! Any tried FAX still, but no attended of the questions.
5 / 5
Has bought this for pupil and partorisca to my new career likes no press of every day, and costs to save of the money had been sending press in Staples. Have Here, with which two works of costs of impression a paper has begun jamming, and has fixed once that a press is all jittery. Tried that substitutes an ink without regime. Now so only 45 days of then has been rid no longer can return. Any marvel. They know it is not that it goes to last more than the month
4 / 5
personnel of Utilisation home. I confess That it is roughly little difficult to try to comprise lucida operation of this télécopieur. I not having still there was Lucido the times of all look avert calm his photocopies of the computer to the fotocopiador.
4 / 5
A quality of some copies is excellent. A direction for setup any so that it adds. It has been it has surprised also that a screen of the communication is not behind gone lit, a lot last to see .
5 / 5
Has Had any subject with planting on, pinter the work adds and I amour that there went it an impression in wifi option!!!
5 / 5
Easy any to any instruction, quality and cure in a packaging. Easy to unpack and install in my computer. Scanner, copying, press, faxing, is quality a lot well, the little noicey. For a prize are to add so that I need he partorisca, included although an ink cost more than a printer, and any cord of USB, perity well.
4 / 5
Has taken for mine in of the laws for the Christmas and my husband dipped it on on some holidays. Sum of basic printer for them. It possesses an old model of east is for this that chose it. They were very very happy. And amazing prize also.
5 / 5
It was the little difficult to dip up but with which likes the charm. The quality is good but no big final, but is not the printer of big final like this exactly as it has expected. It suggests this partorisca all your normal uses.
5 / 5
2.ºt The cost touches this printer and always also satisfied of the mine compraventa.
4 / 5
Does not use a wireless characteristic but use a hardwire USB -- is light weight but he paper of photo of measure and manages my needs of normal press so only well. Photo of good quality in good paper of course.
5 / 5
Like this far like this good. A lot easy to dip up. The ink has been comprised but has bought any extra
4 / 5
am very surprised that this printer is like this bad. A wireless option that it is which has bought he partorisca works sometimes but more often that a lot he doesnt. Usually I do not have any question with the canons but this printer is absolutely horrible. Will have quell'exited and buy the new a.
4 / 5
Takes 30 min partorisca feed a prime minister papel.un the paper has stuck, has to download, reload on and on again. Taken roughly 15-30 according to partorisca print a page, black and aim. The colour takes longer. This does your work a lot of inefficient. So much,it does not buy this printer.
2 week after, this printer is broken. Now, each jam of paper.
5 / 5
nifty Scanner/of printer. The fact adds with my telephone and the quality the scanner is excellent. The quality of impression is quite well. Followed some instructions and all connected without the hitch.
5 / 5
Utilisation to give fins of the fins of you impress documents and of images. Results very good
4 / 5
Loves a product. Has has had to that so only situate with a scanner for the bit to take a right measure. A thing has to that say, which is of entity, is to do sure your container is in the box concealed. Row of person a doorbell, and has situated my printer (in his original box) in mine doorstep. It has had I known this, would have power the special question for the box concealed.
4 / 5
Has any boss to connect to my computer, a neighbour on the process is horrible and an impression of the air no any with Mac YOU Catalina. I complain to buy east.

Top Customer Reviews: Canon MG Series ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
The printer does not come with the boss of USB, but was able to obtain one of the amazon has called Awinner 2.0 A-B boss. Once that has received a boss, was finally able to download some remaining instructions of a CD resupplied. Some colours are begin very well on trying. This printer is very light and the cure has to that be given when that managing. I will update later on.
5 / 5
Has been expecting partorisca use this printer out of a box. It could any reason has had any boss of the printer has comprised. With which have bought the boss an ink dried on half way by means of my first work of impression.
4 / 5
Is not really partorisca print of picture. It finds partorisca documents. They are by train partorisca use it Mainly partorisca print focus and works well with that.
5 / 5
Ossia Probably a worse product has has not purchased never. Partorisca Judges to begin he dosent coming with the boss, and a software partorisca a wifi the neighbour up is so only downloadable for disk. The majority of the computers do not have CD PUT YOU anymore so that it is partorisca say nonsensical. I have had he partorisca 4 years and was the ache everytime has tried use the. He dosent answered properly to any direction that propiciado by impressions of multiple space then that tries to print a a. Sometimes it will do and sometimes wont. Trying landscape of impression wouldnt work because a boss of paper has required partorisca be dipped but dipping it automatically or manually dosent the help has thought included thats that it says partorisca do. Calm so only has to that maintain unplugging and king plugging the backside in. It is the piece of the rubbishes PLEASES does not buy this printer partorisca a sake of the yours own sanity.
5 / 5
Any precise internet, easy to dip up and while you are an individual the one who has the meager need to print and /or have girls with meager needs to print/that they copy/partorisca scan, is good to purchase this. Heck, Partorisca a prize buys a partorisca calm and a partorisca some boys. Looks a lot Also.
4 / 5
A printer is doing well like this far. I have included printed some pictures. A quality of photo was excellent. I can recommended this to mine fellow
4 / 5
so only am leaving the fast description, bc has 1 description that is horribly bad & the 'question' that is answered wrongly.

THIS ANY PRECISE PRINTER WIFI Or The INTERNET! A person that leaves the negative critique clearly is revising a wrong product! I HATE Printers that needs to be connected the Wifi, as it takes his frustration , but totally is revising a wrong product. PIXMA MG2525 Does not require partorisca be hooked until an internet. Literally have it not even he wifi option.

Any in the Q&A request if these impressions envelopes. They have said 'any', concealed is not true!! It does! Has this printer SO ONLY partorisca print envelopes bc printers more expensive is in fact really slow to print envelopes. My trick partorisca envelope the press literally is using these cheapy printers that grab his of a backside!
5 / 5
When I have purchased this car has done clears in a tent where has bought that it is not wanted to to be hooked until an internet of then would use it to scan documents, registered, etc. ensure me to Us all have required to do was disconnect the. This in spite of, said me to us that would be it unable to take new ink to the equal that has required that it was the point to sell of a car. It said him I have not concerned, concealed to have links it to an internet was something there is not wanted, and, in all the chance an element was economic like the ink has not been a subject. As I have used he for the month until a day he -- a car! -- I said he no longer function. Reason? Reason I any hook he until an internet! Like this now when it spent something a company that mark a thing is controls complete and yes calm any so it is said so only have closed your car down.
4 / 5
Partorisca Less than $ 50, has bought one all-in-a printer where can scan you, fax, impression and photocopy. It accepts the paper regulates as well as stock of paper. Taken on spaces very small, is light, easy to dip on, and produces the image of quality. While it is not wireless, he opportunely the discharge in any door of USB. Recently, I have purchased black and the colour has recycled the on-line cartridges in a chance that the career was. My experience with has recycled vs. The new toners has a lot of be good. Absolutely I can recommend this printer of Cannon.
4 / 5
Decent printer, especially partorisca imposed ! But like the bosses until future buyers, be conscious that this printer is not wireless and that the boss of the printer is not resupplied in a box. He like this frames sure that has an easily available or choose an on previously to purchase east. Felizmente Was able to find this boss of my leading printer. Also, the colour and the cartridges/of the blacks of white ink am inner resupplied of a box, which is the enormous plus ! In general everything is in working mandate , and to good sure would recommend another to give tries it.
4 / 5
My needs of personal press are meager, and this printer/copies/the scanner fulfils my needs perfectly. I any precise wireless press. My main need is for the scanner so that I can scan and upload medical statements for mine healthcare spending account. This little, the light printer does exactly that, then , yes, would buy it again.

Has attacked some stars were for any clunky subject of installation. Has two laptops what Windows of career 10. I have not annoyed with a CD comprised for installation, has downloaded of a web of place of Cannon. My lack of the newest laptop that an optical walk in all the chance. I have not annoyed to install some engine in some Windows older 7 laptop, of Windows 7 no longer will be supported by which January 2020. My complaint is that in both installations, has had to that run an Alignment of Boss of the Impression two times because of messages of error. This cost extra ink and extra paper, how is cost one estimating the star.

An interface of user on scanning is not like this intuitive how was in a Cannon MP190 that this is substituting (I Cannon of desire has offered Windows 10 engine for a MP190, these still works like the charm after a lot of years of service.)

A construction of this printer is, to say a less, light. To call it flimsy is not a overstatement, this in spite of, leaves my printers that chair in a place, and am careful with my things, as this would not owe that be a subject for me. This printer is quite the lighter of has bitten in weight that an old MP190 that is substituting. Installing some cartridges of impression was easy, but advise precaution like this like this any to dip estreses excess in a plastic. I advise the extreme precaution that takes a tray of start of the paper and ploughs it a door to substitute some cartridges of ink.

The quality of impression is so only well for my random needs. I took the moment to imagine was like this partorisca scan multiple pages, but yes to to an old goat like them that can imagine was, of the youngest technology savvy person the one who needs the printer of the estimativa would not owe that have any questions. A printer is quite noisy and a lot terribly quickly, but for my needs is more than pertinent.

Against answered A lot of for a vendor, my printer has done in fact come with a a to B cord of USB. I have been at the beginning nettled, of then based in the responses of a vendor the questions has bought the cord has separated also. It is like this well, of a cord has distributed is quite short, while one 6 cord of feet has bought fulfils my needs perfectly.

4 / 5
For the $ 20 scanner/of the law of printer adds. I do not have scanned anything still (another that a page of test during setup) but a sum of laws of the printer.

Comes with STILL CD setup, or (taste ) link he for on-line setup. It comes with the boss of printer, but his only 3 ft long. As it has purchased the 6 ft to do the things he easy plus.

Also, another way to save money with east is to buy some XL cartridges (compraventa to 2 band, his more economic in a long career) and so only change them. There is no messed with him too still, but that has printed was perfect
5 / 5
A printer is cheaply has done. He spits was 5 pages of paper to print 1, the meaning has a tray of paper constantly. The text is constantly smeared still although it uses a 'Business Document' setting together with a quality 'Big'. I can not print in greyscale likes everything exits so only the fat black line without definition. I have tried it footprint out of 5 document of the earliest page today. A printer spit was 23 pages and so only of 3 of them were readable! Every time the twist on touches likes that it goes to of the fall averts. I will not buy never Cannon again!
5 / 5
Marcos more noise the one who those necessary looks, the paper is ejected slanted everytime and has to that physically pull a corner of each discharge of a printer. A process of alignment of the no complete colour. Some colours are out of some lines. Spend the little more bucks and take the decent printer.
4 / 5
Has required the scanner of basic/printer dips up for my office home & has had other printers of Cannon with bad results. It has taken this printer of Cannon because it is easier that use & any digital to show like my printer of the leading cannon had and some figures were LIKE THIS SMALL to see & hard to operate. Well, this Cannon MG2525 scanner/of printer combo is better. It is easy to use, has printed in colour/and of the black aims until measure of paper 8.5 x 11 thumbs & scans so only well. Simple to too big and no very heavy. The qualities of impression are well for the basic printer and really so only 1 what big the injustice with these cartridges of ink is the ache, hard to access and fight to take cartridges of old ink to substitute. 5 I incident estimate this printer. If so only the precise impression calm the emails or of the escáneres alike and perhaps periodic & is easy to use; this printer is really well thus reason has taken stops. UPDATE in mid-April are now in mine third printer of Cannon of a MG-2525 model. The paving of rear paper could be improved past reason 2 Cannon MG-2525 when I paper in some slides of tray to a side, that does a jam of printer. And I have had one drives of plastic paper in a tray snug in a fresh paper to the equal that could a lot of wiggle around in a paving. The cartridges Of ink go quickly in this printer. I docked was 2 stars for this I tax this it scanner of 3 stars of basic/printer combo. There is better there, but for use of light house, would have to do WELL.
5 / 5
Dipped on an engine of printer, has used a web links concealed has been comprised in some directions in a box. I tried it multiple time and every time has taken the opinion that has had the fatal error and would have to that call a number has resupplied. I have called finally a number. A voice registered has said that it was Cannon and to press 1 to speak with any one. To do it looong the short history, has finalised to be scammed! I all that it savvy the user of internet knows any to do! But in the first place, I thought it that it has to that be real reason was Cannon . It has taken some links of initial web of some directions in a box of printer. It has been an expensive nightmare for me. And have any still directed closing to use a printer because I dread that my computer has been corrupted.
5 / 5
Does not have any real subjects with a printer to the equal that of still, but has wanted to warn any quell'concealed compraventa to please be careful where download some engine of. The majority of laptops very active cdroms anymore, as I owe that go in-line to download them. The interior of my box of printer was the piece of paper with instructions to download some engine, would have to has been suspect immediately, b/c in place of the booklet or discharge of quality with the logo of cannon, was paper very economic without logo of cannon in the, concealed said me partorisca go to the website URL. ( It launched it accidentally it was or it would comprise a URL) has written a URL to a URL sweep, and any page has come on, but in a page of results of the investigation, one almost identical URL with one beginning 'engine of Cannon' is coming up. I have not looked closely at the beginning, but an only difference was the '/' in a URL, in place of one '/' in a paper, A page has said was a page of download of the engine for my model. Again it would owe that have know better b/c a cannon of page says so only in regular type, no a logo and was has drawn bad. But it has not thought and plea unexpectedly. I have maintained to take one saying of the error has required to call the number b/c has had a subject. I have called a number and he was clearly an endeavour to cut to the mine portable. A man (in the very bad line) has said that the error has meant that has had the virus 'in my coverage' and has to that have state taking on my laptop in this a lot of the minute and he could fix it. I know ossia the common fraud where hacker take your info and take you to download software that leaves him absorption. Have hanged, but have gone back to a paper and the fold have verified a URL the multiple time resupplied and is not existed. I do not have any idea like a paper taken to a box, but does not think the cannon would go down the page that has had his engine of printer. I also finally found a right page, and was in a web of place of cannon, logo of cannon and everything. Shame on me partorisca any when taking sooner, but there is clearly the place of engine of cannon of the pointed fake cut the laptop of people. Please be careful
4 / 5
love this printer. I have not loved the wireless printer; so only one this would print, copies of mark and scanner. This little printer he everything. A setup was like this easy with a CD of instruction resupplies and comes with the UBS boss. I took so only roughly the averages an hour for the dipped up. It comes with black and ink by heart. Press well. So only that has wanted and am very happy with him.
5 / 5
A printer has done good copies, impressions, and scanned in of the pictures. It was very noisy compared to other printers. A cartridge of the initial ink has not had a lot of ink in them. It was to recommend use a printer at least once the month as they would not dry era. But then when I ask my mamma had used the one of way that would not dry was has said that some cartridges had run out of ink. That the tear was that they have not resupplied some with at least the little has bitten more ink. Big disappointment...
4 / 5
This was my second of this printer of Cannon. A prime minister a; a quality of impression has declined. Still after several more cleaned which so only used more and more ink, could any never take a stain broken partorisca go was. I have finalised partorisca buy this second a reason a prize was like this economic. When it has printed, some impressions were absolutely awesome. The photos are exited of sound! But once again, the past same thing where an impression has declined, has begun partorisca print lines and of the missing colours. Used an option of more cleaned and option of deep cleaner on and on and at all has improved. I have finalised partorisca buy the economic $ 45 printer so much could print focus and such until I find another printer that in fact works partorisca photos. It doubts it to them will be the Cannon this in spite of.
5 / 5
Has had to that take the new printer reason could not take cartridges for mine Dell printer anymore. As I have ordered this printer of Cannon. They have him-it liked me some characteristic and liked a prize. It was very easy to dip up and comes with ink to start with with. I hooked the on and installed the very quickly and to the press headed. I have done also the few copies. A printer the work very end and am very happy with him. If it love the printer to occasionally of copies of mark or print something once in the while then ossia the add little printer. A press is very clear also.
4 / 5
Has required the printer to substitute my printer of the main final concealed 'clashed and burned' recently. I have found this Cannon that has verified all some boxes: economic quality , decent press, ANY WIRELESS, and has had to that be Cannon . If launchings in a scanner and a capacity to copy to a prize of of the this is the no brainer! This printer that the supposition to do and more than has required. It was also near easy on and FREE nave by means of Prime minister. And it uses so only 2 cartridges of impression, a colour and a black. My last printer has required 6!! After using it the little while has some things would owe that know flat to buy one. It is very noisy during a process to print, and is slow. There is no inner storage for paper, the paper feeds by means of one rear loader so only. Has the scanner on the calm leave you to both escáneres and copy. This does well. The quality of impression is very good. I have not bought this to use likes the printer of photo but I occasionally photo of impression and he the decent work. One taking, footprint to plot of photos be conscious that will not print 8X10 glossies, 8X10 will print so only in regular paper. 5X7 Is one the lustrous big plus will print it. Any sure reason, but is that it is. 81/2 X 11 documents print well. Considering a prize would recommend this.
4 / 5
That he crappy printer! It changes an ink after the little has has printed pages. An attractive was the paving is like this cheaply has done are sure finally will snap. Sad has bought this ink hog and already am looking for another HP printer. As of now it will not buy another economic Cannon.
5 / 5
To the equal that to the plot of people has had to that begin to do of house. My old printer did not cut it more like this decided to purchase the new a. A speed to the impression is not too bad. Any real fast but this is not the printer of real cost. An only thing the does not like is the has not printed that a lot and is already out of black ink. A substitution of costs of ink almost so it likes printer. It has Wished it had looked them to a cost of an ink of first substitution to buy east. If continuous use a black in this speed could have them purchased the very better printer. Ossia A reason for 4 stars in place of 5.
4 / 5
,Press too light tried all the resource to solve, on-line, manual, cdrom. Going back the HP has had two of those is is surprising. ( I gave him it was to friends) and has taken this piece of junk. A Friki of one 80
4 / 5
First of all, every time is goes to print, has to any one classifies of the dance of intense mating concealed is full of click and starts and other sudden sounds. I have it quell'has used so only he for him handful of works, when my room is far be during a prime minister lockdown, and has has substituted already an ink two times. I will not be that it repurchases this class of printer again.
4 / 5
HE... You are out of ink in 20 impressions and a substitution cartages is cost as much as a printer. And there is not any way the transmission some cartridges, yes there is wanted. No SHABBY .
4 / 5
Ossia The printer adds . The mine has come with the cord as it does not buy an extra to to one likes has done because of some other descriptions. My sum of laws of the printer. Spend for your system to do it impression and no a software of printer. It would not scan until I am gone through my system of computer in place of a software of printer. It is all well now. Any subject. The resolution adds. It takes the little while to print but am happy with him.
5 / 5
Ossia He coffins printer of bone and the low cost. It is doing well, but it looks to spend for the cartridges more than think it to me has to that of then I any to plot to print. He strong grinding noises also which alarm me thinking is doing bad. Like this far like this good.
5 / 5
Have Never in my life has had like this question with connecting the printer. A manual does not give specifics, continuous say off-line when it was are them on-line. He no the cause of the test of the diagnostic has said off-line, tried partorisca days partorisca research help and at all in @@@subject I need. Ossia A worse and more economic junk has has not purchased never. Printed a paper now refuses to print. And it says that the ink is all gone. During a connection faze footprints out of several pages partorisca try as it was achieved partorisca do, This in spite of, has not been able to print anything more continuous reason say Im off-line and diagnostic cant claims of the cause of the help are off line. Launching this is gone in some rubbishes and will not buy this craps never again.
4 / 5
Has ordered a Cannon PIXMA MG2525. I have opened a box and when I have opened a cup of a printer, has seen a boss of rewind lying in a fund of a scanner, file on two times and any one have connected. I have it boxed on and is is returned. I have been Amazon said could does not substitute, would have to reorder one of a vendor, which I , unfortunately. When it has taken a second printer , was a same printer , with one same bent on boss of rewind! A real question was that it dyes ordered also and sure, which has has had to that also be annulled. It gives the graces for the labour vendor adds, the one who calm is not never!
5 / 5
Adds little scanner/of printer combo. It fulfils my basic needs and has on resisted a lot on some last few months. This in spite of, as another has declared, he guzzle ink. Stock Up.
4 / 5
Like this far like this good. I have had a Cannon of the model sooner. Enough a model still like this one. In fact, some cartridges of turn of ink so many models.

Has December of update 15, 2019: the lights of printer to flash. The message that say on my screen that some needs of Printer to be serviced. I launched it so only. Any sense that waste the time that the ameno to the centre of service.

One extracted big here is that I used it to print of a computer for 20ish impressions. Used a Scanner three or four times. Sadly My second Cannon PIXMA MG2525 in four years to break long before it has to that.
4 / 5
A printer is sum . It connects directly to a computer. It does not require WiFi connection to print. A quality of some impressions (same photos) well is considering a prize. The ink is economic has compared the HP, this in spite of goes quickly. An only complaint and a reason for an indication of four stars is a do one. Unfortunately, a noise is like this strong, can wake a dead person, LOL. In some settings, there is an option for “enough”, which purportedly done a printer any like this strong, this in spite of afterwards select this option, has not seen any difference in a noise.
5 / 5
My old Cannon MG5720, after the numerous years of faithful service, has given finally on a ghost. It is substitution amiably was in 650 row of prize. With which unsuccessful test with two other Canons have found a MG2525 for only $ , hooked he on and work. Thus prize vs one $ 650 for the new MG5720 so only take the connection of boss of the USB (any wireless), but solve the question among my two computers for moving a boss behind and advances among a two to the equal that has required. Also so only I have two cartridges of ink to treat in place of five, a black and a colour, which partorisca my purposes is so only well. A provider of the warehouse of the Amazon has the treated was punctual to rid this crew. It could not be happier with a crew and is punctual delivery.
4 / 5
Any one excepts is. It does not say calm in manual but will not print any picture without the flange! :(
Will not accept 8.5 X 10' paper of photo! >( Utilisations the simple paper that dips of course an ink smears! >{
Will not scan more than the alone page to the alone document. :(
And has taken three days to take it has accepted the Windows 10 - look, against the instructions owe in the first place download and install engine, etc and then connect a printer. :0
Paper mostly roughly offering craps roughly buying ink, buying the services and a quality of the impression is not sum. The inconsiderate of Cannon. More, after the pocolos use already down in ink. >:{ If it would know this upfront would not have purchased.
5 / 5
This scanner of the work & of economic printer adds like this far.
Comes with the usb boss. dunno Reason the ees has listened otherwise.
Is still in train to use it on the windows 7 (64 bits). Some basic engine of a law of web of place. One 'all in a no. of engine The printer no until some engine is installed.
Has tried an impression of pc and a scanner the little time with black & by heart and aim.
defaults To 300 dpi. It can be dipped to 600 dpi in pc.
perty Well, but the can not say of this durable . It sees ye.
4 / 5
Amazing printer. Easy to use. Some cartridges of impression that coming with these some cartridges of initial test have had to that roughly 5 full colour images of the full page and I have printed around 50 pages of text with black ink. I produce add global. Shabby substitutions of ink with this printer.
4 / 5
Has received a printer, tried to install some cartridges of ink that is coming with him a lot of time and has aimed still a message of error and no . I have expected until my daughter has had time to look in him because it is well with to to the things like that, and of error of objective closings and no .
4 / 5
These works of printer like the charm and the place up was a lot of easy. Bough Partorisca My no-technology savvy parents and included can uses! It adds little printer partorisca of the money. It was of entity that has had the boss of connection and no wireless.
4 / 5
This like a web of place of the cannon said when I have tried to register a printer:
A serial numbers has entered is invalid partorisca one or more than some following reasons:

1) A number of the serial does not match a product has selected (FCC GOES as it begins with “AZD” is deceived often partorisca number of serial.)
2) A number of serial has entered indicates these products has not been feigned partorisca sale United States and is ineligible partorisca registration and support in some the EUA

Please verify your model of the product and the number of serial partorisca ensure has been entered correctly.
4 / 5
Has margins of thumb of the neighbourhood on and side and a margin of thumb in inferior. Estaca Of on-line enormous forum 4 years with all the world more having a same question. Any solution. Any sure reason this has good descriptions. Returned. Enormous wast of time.
5 / 5
So only taken to print 25 pages before it has run out of ink . Some the next times have tried use the , would not feed a paper . Total piece of junk . It does not squander your money . It is lasted roughly 2 month.
4 / 5
Has taken to treat it well in this pleasure more the things take of amazon. I have it quell'has used so only a printer and copy in this like this of now. This a lot of good work. An ink has come with has been bondadoso of fast. This looks the really a lot everything in a for a prize has taken stops. Petit The done for room. It was able to go to plant web to take that I have required for the begin on reason could not use a disk is coming with still that. It will update it there is the question with east but his well and recommended like this far
4 / 5
has not been pleased with this car at all. A one has launched was done better that this one has. The majority of a time is not printing or only impressions 1/2 a page. It prints pages of better test that anything more.
4 / 5
Has had another printer that could any never imagine was like this to do. I have ordered this and my surprised have imagined was and can print material now!! If I can dip it on any one can. You impress them good also. I have printed the picture for the practice and he looked utmost.
5 / 5
Big deception! The desire did not buy it never. It is not even wireless, a code of connection is too much short, and can does not take to connect with my laptop. No SHABBY! WAY OVERPRICED And Any USER-FRIENDLY!
4 / 5
This me crazy. It maintains to say that a printer is not relieved but has been done has relieved 5 minutes! I have it that has not had NEVER like this dipping of question on the printer! I mean, I accustom spent and go! I have been in and king-installing for 3 hours. Returning!

Has said there is not coming with the boss to the equal that have bought an extra one and there is here, comes with the boss!
5 / 5
A printer ribbon or anything his called has been run over like this boss of the printer could not move behind and advances.
When I have sent He in the behind touching me the restocking cost of $ STILL A DEFECTIVE PRINTER. I think that that it is the good printer and probably will buy of more. It DOES not BUY HE OF _ANTONLINE_ the Georgia, will send you some same one and frames $ 20 bucks in a transmission.

Top Customer Reviews: Canon PIXMA TS9520 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 11 ratings
5 / 5
Any subject with a printer once was able of the take place on wirelessly. Two calls partorisca sustain of Cannon. One first technology has has wanted to $ 149 and a second has wanted to $ 199. His both have said has had a subject with my iMac.
I call Mac sustains. A question has been solved in two minutes. Any one load.
5 / 5
Has had this printer of then November. It is it adds! It changes automatically among a rear paper feeds with 11x17” paper in him and a front slowly go down with 8x11” in him. I maintain both loaded trays. I require this to print architectural drawings and also material rule.
Is not enormous which are add, is compact. I remain to go 2 printers to a. A wifi the works is the pair of the rooms out of one issue. Printed well of the mine iPhone. A point of prize was the good surprise ! Like this happy my others leaves of printer and forced to look for this :)
4 / 5
the printer is GOOD but the scanner no wirelessly with MacBook. I have tried with 2 different MacBooks on two different operating systems and he will not connect with any utilities of Cannon comprised or an Utility partorisca Scan of the Apple. Spoken to office of help of the Cannon and can not fix a question and Apple of fault for a question. Disappointing that the cannon alleges that it does with Macbook wirelessly when clearly he no.
5 / 5
This element was the present navideño for the partner. It did not open it until after my turn of Sydney Australia where has been to be in my bed of death of only brothers. Any in the same try to take it up and that run until month later. It would not accept some cartridges of ink. Total rubbishes. Any able of the take running at all. Bought a Epson a same time on its own name produced excellent. Too late to return this useless printer. Any pleased at all. But my failure for any when verifying was with my fellow the one who now has the useless printer.
5 / 5
I looooove this printer! His really fast and has had any question to connect to my multiple devices. His easy to use too much. I have required to be able to print on 11x17 paper for my later when they are a designer of interior ! It was nervous to buy the printer like this pricy of the amazon but he am resulted to be one of a compraventa better never :)
4 / 5
the heavy bosses cardstock well. The ink is less expensive of our leading printer.
4 / 5
Has not taken Never a Cannon PIXMA TS9520 Printer of the by heart Wireless photo with Scanning & Copy to connect wirelessly my coverage, and some bosses are not resupplied to leave you to take one of a setup opted (and is not the common connector). Some instructions are woefully unsuitable and has complicated. A printer a lot automatically asks the signal of coverage, like this setup failure, to all the cost of a method tries the dipped up. The setting is limited calm so much can very included go in and dip the on manually.
Has given finally on with which 2 hours to try and hardwired the. Press well, although some blacks are still very rich and deep in colour.
Cannon - is not the friendly user partorisca setup, and concealed to go back me to the mine HP or Epson printers.
4 / 5
Setup Was quite sincere. The tape takes, plugged printer in, lifted a lid and expected for an impression heads to parco he. Followed one in the instructions of screen spend to any to a point where arrest and calm say you to read instructions to select the device to use to complete installation. I have used my telephone to scan and download an application of Impression of the Cannon in mine Android. An application (accident has some permissions requires- take desire later ) then connects to some printers wi-fi and will ask you to select your wifi subject. In this point enters a signal your coverage and your wifi will be setup.

To dip on your wifi manually: click in some settings (cog icon of wheel), esettings of device' followed for 'Lan Settings' in this point selects 'Wi-Fi'

Calm that impress
the cartridges return easily
the quality impresses Very good (the picture of our cat is printed in simple paper)
Easy to use
the scanner and the functions of copy are good to have.
Can print in both sides of a discharge.
In the paper of screen is easy to use.
Using a backside feeds, one can print in big sized pieces of paper.
Compact measure for three in a printer written

Gilipollas (minor):

A lid does not stimulate very big- for an installation of cartridge of the impression but is sufficient to take a work done (hard to see for me)
cartridge of the paper does not resist the plot of paper.

Gilipollas (Those Imports):
- Any one.

On all this is the very good quality printer. I have found a sincere and easy installation (clue: it is still in instructions of screen more than an impression). I have not used a CD has distributed neither follow for one the majority to separate one has printed the instructions except when it is coming time to download an application so that I scanned of some instructions. It could have he so that it looked for it easily (sees the screen has shot image) in a tent of application. They are then be to mine portable and has had looks for a Printer of Cannon, which the expósito and was added easily (sees last picture) and selected for the impression of test. A course a longer that a setup was when an impression begins to do his career of adjustment.

Has printed usually the pictures of our arrival of white cat to lose the detail and the look have washed was. A kitty is exited with the surprisingly lifelike is resulted.

I really liked this printer.
5 / 5
Cannon PIXMA TS9520 Is the basic all-in-a model, adds for house of occasional use. A consumption of the ink is not in a cost-effective side, but has to that admit that a quality of some inks, both colour and black, is glorious and printing of paper of the photo done of the excellent images.
A creation of a printer is cleaned and compact, as it could be store quite anywhere - office of house, cupboard of cookery, in my chance is the shelf in a cupboard, although a feeder of document has to that be taken the consideration.

Cannon PIXMA TS9520 The installation was fast and seamless.

A printer is wireless, which is quite resulted to regulate now. So you are in boss of confidence and sure connection, prepare yours own cord, for does not have any boss has distributed to connect a printer and computer.

The cannon suggests to install additional software for an image that negotiate, management of files and the image that modifies but has chosen any to. There is the big election further of user friendly software and updated in a phase.

Like this here some good points in a car:
- screen to Touch! Hallelujah!
- All-in-a: scanner - impression - copy
- feeder of Upper automatic document
- Transports two-sided press
- printing of Photo
- Pill / of Smartphone prints directed

Perks and befits:
- the web of place of Creative Park of the cannon, which offers download free to create the wide variety of elements of work of the paper.
- The contained of Creative Park of the cannon of prize is available only to user of inks of genuine Cannon.
5 / 5
I like a look of this printer. A touchscreen LCD screen is good and big without being surrounded by stirs it of keys. It looks really cleaned and uncluttered and really like me concealed. I have not had any question that installs east my wireless coverage. Some instructions are given to any and is quite sincere. I have downloaded an application to the mine telephone and pill and has had any subjects of connection. It likes- one application, is easy to use and when being able to print of another paving in a house are adds. A printer also has a SD the empty that leave to print pictures immediately of the paper of my camera. The press is quite speedy and no very noisy. They are happy with a quality to print, is in pair with some other printers have used in this point of prize. An ink is divided also to five cartridges so that it can substitute him they like this the career was and a lot all immediately. Some controls of tray of the paper roughly cientos discharges. I am pleased with that for the printer of house. I Like him to of scarce feeds the option also can fall the stack of documents to be scanned or copied and the walk was. I do not owe that be there and dip each individual document under a lid. In general, have at all negative to say in this printer. I am pleased with his capacities for our office of house. It looks he adds in an office and surpasses our needs according to which the printers go.
4 / 5
A printer was quickly the setup and act a lot the majority of a time. An impression outs and the copies are always excellent quality and a printer is quite calm of then quickly is. An ink is abordable out of Amazon, which is of entity of mine because have has had printers in a past where cost of ink so as a printer he.

A gilipollas partorisca east is that sometimes it does not look to print wirelessly for some reason of my telephone of Android (Samsing Commentaries of Galaxy 8) and has to that turn a printer was and on again and then does well. I do not see other complaints of this like this perhaps the mine is defective but would expect better for the printer where a MSRP is $ 299. And I concealed me ameno to another with, which is that this printer is expensive and there are other printers with alike characteristics for the less cost. If you can grab this in the decent available price, then is a lot otherwise skip he for a MSRP.

Top Customer Reviews: Canon SELPHY Square ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
I have had a HP Sprocket and is an incredible difference . Some pictures are acute and good-looking without adjustments. It has not taken never anything decent of a Sprocket.

Top Customer Reviews: Hewlett Packard ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 17 ratings
4 / 5
Taken a house of printer and place I up discovers the amazon is not selling a HP 962 cartridges of ink. When I have called I have been said are for my account partorisca find them. I have said that they would have me that has warned that I have not been available. That is a pint partorisca take a printer in 2 days by means of cousins and not being able to take cartridges of impression. They are already out of ink. As it seats in an office and collects powder.

Is not available in HP Canada neither. I have been said that would be weeks before they take in. I said partorisca contact all a venue HP trafficante partorisca find some.

Any help of Amazon or HP Canada partorisca find some ink neither.

A printer is cheaply done also. Flimsy. Any solid like a HP 8620. I am sending east a backside.

UPDATE: still any ink. HP Has found some colored the cartridges and I have commanded on. Still very available black cartridge to same of mandate. The amazon has refused to included look partorisca find cartridges. They do not see a connection among buying the printer and having the supply of ink. The amazon has to that estaca in his place that any ink is available same of HP.
4 / 5
This printer looks a lot well, but is a lot of flimsy. Press - while very fast - is extremely noisy and a clunks and groan resembles point to shake a plastic averts. Also they are having questions of intermittent connection (wifi connection the Mac) where a printer disappears of a coverage, requiring reinstallation of engine. No very impressed.

Update: the questions of Connection have very worse: a printer now constantly shows as 'looking for printer' in Wifi, which is fixed so only to change the printer was and in alone time I impression. This is to return - low quality HP, so only low quality.
5 / 5
HP Read these descriptions? A printer has all some characteristics want to and a reason bought it. That does not comprise is because sounds like this clunky and squeaky when printing. I am spent more to take the big end inkjet but sounds as to 20 printer of dollar. I have spoken yes to sustain and is gone through all some steps to clear the potentially question. Ossia A second printer has bought in a past two weeks I so that it is still in a fence has to that that to him return to treat other subjects with the different printer. In general it has and all and I love a llama-program of ink. Perhaps they are so only the grumpy old type sensitive to noise. It is not to like a printer is after mine when I print so that it give it the whirl. It likes me quell'has said, has all some impression and precise characteristics a lot of pics and docs. Before I forget. A screen the touch is order if you do not owe that to big toe like him. Lol. An application saves a day that I amour.
4 / 5
His Photos are mensongères, he any and spend it deeux selectivities to the equal that is showed to the sud each photo.
5 / 5
Fast, clear Copies, easy neighbours-up. The good-looking looks also.
4 / 5
Likes - all
the aversion that At all
use of House!
5 / 5
Had expected this to be in accordance with Epson produced in of the terms of prizes, and action. This in spite of, was disappointed enough.
Has found that a quality of impression is so only well, although it is noisy. It is not the car of big quality, so only basic in better.
Setup Was quite easy of the take connected to my computer to print.
The meeting is quite overpriced for a mediocre action. This is not like this as well as another HP the printers have tried in some pasts ossia in some same pricepoint. Raisin is.
4 / 5
HP Read these descriptions? A printer has all some characteristics want to and a reason bought it. That does not comprise is because sounds like this clunky and squeaky when printing. I am spent more to take the big end inkjet but sounds as to 20 printer of dollar. I have spoken yes to sustain and is gone through all some steps to clear the potentially question. Ossia A second printer has bought in a past two weeks I so that it is still in a fence would be necessary that to him return to treat other subjects with the different printer. In general it has and all and I love a llama-program of ink. Perhaps they are so only the grumpy old type sensitive to noise. It is not to like a printer is after mine when I print so that it will give it the whirl. It likes me quell'has said, has all some impression and precise characteristics a lot of pics and docs. Before I forget. A screen the touch is order if you do not owe that to big toe like him. Lol. An application saves a day that I amour.
4 / 5
A lot HE! You will spend of the YEARS of frustration with this company and his subpar has produced that it ALWAYS will break the week out of guarantee; in fact, you will be to treat some people to guarantee LONG FIRST, so only will expire on you and will not help you anymore a day, included although it is a third PRINTER sent and has taken so only he out of a box last week and now no neither. But hey! A help has not gone never really very good to begin with, and FIANCÉE that will have the bloody front of pounding your boss against a wall that tries to negotiate a labyrinthine fixes of telephone automated that COME FROM and TRYING and that TRIES to achieve A REAL HUMAN BEING (!) And it will try your nerves and your fortitude and will consider to the long of a way if the life is REALLY so that the value that bolt...? Calm PROMISE, calm does not believe me now, think that your happiness is impervious to the things bobas like them business of printer with that has been pressed in the street the madness simply the force of mistakenly choosing the HEWLETT PACKARD printer when it was puzzling in that printer to choose on Amazon.... A lot HE!!!
5 / 5
This printer is not of confidence. A tray to footprint is bad has drawn he like this looks to move while I am printing document multiple. In some point, a printer will take a “out of error” of paper because partorisca remark a paper or the “prójimo “ an error” of tray because partorisca remark a tray of paper. It is also much slower that a printer of basic Brother that had bought before this (HL2270DW).
4 / 5
This printer was easy to dip up and when I have required the little help in dipping on an ink of car distributes his support was very good.
4 / 5
The product has arrived punctually
was easy to dip up. I have connected 2 laptops the, 1 desks and 2 mobile phones. The impression of these devices was seamless. I am enjoying a jet of office pro 9015 to the equal that has announced.
4 / 5
It touches the screen tactil give the note of 3 ,the transports is a bit small.
4 / 5
Impossible to program printer. Disk partorisca program any one has comprised. Useless piece partorisca crap. SCRAM SCRAM SCRAM!!!!!!
DOES not PURCHASE !!!!!!
5 / 5
Had expected this partorisca be in accordance with Epson produced in of the terms of prizes, and action. This in spite of, has been disappointed enough.
Has found that a quality of impression is so only well, although it is noisy. It is not the car of big quality, so only basic in better.
Setup Was quite easy of the take connected to my computer to print.
The meeting is quite overpriced for a mediocre action. This is not like this as well as another HP the printers have tried in some pasts ossia in some same pricepoint. Raisin is.
5 / 5
I really like an ease to plant up in this printer. It is the printer adds for any concealed goes to use typically he for use of house. That I amour roughly is that it is one everything in a copy of scanner and printer. It was súper easy to dip on my MacBook to do it wireless different some of some other printers that am spent of the hours in sustaining téléphonique that tries to take a wireless connection to do. The quality of impression is toner adds is a half prize and HP is the mark adds and think in general calms will not be disappointed with this printer
4 / 5
Of the games of east reward joins the printer is To expensive , too expensive, too expensive, zu teuer....

Top Customer Reviews: Canon Cartridge 054 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
Another that a name of prices of mark ossia excellent. I have tried the attack has been but a quality of impression was terrible.

Top Customer Reviews: Fujifilm Instax ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
4 / 5
The impression is not bad. The Really exposed of clips, meaning group some shadows so many. It has to that be strategic with your impressions.
4 / 5
Easy to use, but an application is the bit partorisca confuse . The film of desire was more economic.
4 / 5
Is has fallen entirely enamoured with this printer!!..The quality of a photo is products of the yours the smartphone so only is stunning, start like the mix of the digital photo and a instax the colour is all a same time !!😮❤️... It is easy to use,has the manual of simple instructions and is like this well value of the money(and the really good prize that considers all a thing is can do with him on a instax Application of action)!!...Also it has the heat roughly he in some looks of way is!..Highly recommended to photographers everywhere!!xx
5 / 5
The printer is very simple gives used, small (like this as it can it comfortably spent in transfer) and good-looking gives to see. I adore fact has given can choose of my mobile which the photo transforms In a 'polaroid'. Apple Format besides admits much more space it confronta with him instax mini (factor that the mine there is helped the choose the sp3 instead that the sp2).
The necessary application to connect the smartphone was printer gráficamente any one is bonitísima (and he options has given modifying sleep quite limited) mine is súper semplive! He films dream of costly Place, the mine was well for the quality he has paid.
Lucida Photo exit out of súper brilliant/a bit too saturaba. Mina With a bit has practices of data and of the modifying done with another application the own solves easily he question.
9/10 For me. Súper Advised!
4 / 5
The printer is beautiful and effective. His Photos are good-looking, lucido gives is very good and the quite fast impression. The smartphone of application is intuitive and functional. Mlle Only bémol Embezzle lucido the prize gives recharges Photo, is this in spite of pas given !
5 / 5
I ideal Games to print give memories ur live'
Gives perfect! His colours maintain in lucido time

Top Customer Reviews: Expression Photo HD ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Measure: XP-440fashionable Name: Printer So only One 440 is the pleasant little printer with those looks some good characteristics. There is the plot to like at the beginning but after using he for the few weeks have discovered the few things that would maintain me of the place in the cast of compraventa. In fact, it can you do not recommend.

An exposure is the good touch as has a capacity to burst is gone in the corner of 45 terracings to do the seeing easier. Some keys of tampon of the touch all have tactile feedback, can listen and feel that they have been pressed, and is quite big that paste two keys some same times are unlikely . The navigation by means of some elements of paper is quite easy and I dint need to read a manual to imagine out of a basic as well as there is anticipated more elements.

Has two options to use a printer, any as the wireless device in your coverage or by means of connectivity of USB directed. They are happy to declare that that takes a wireless connection dips up was easier that with some leading printers are spent stops. In all the taking roughly 10 minutes. If calm required can enter in some details of connection of the Wi-Fi but entering in something like a paraphrase/the signal is painful in that so only can use some keys of direction to cruised some papers and number with discharge and of the options of symbols that means the plot of clicking back and advance. It is time eating but still the better option that any when being pas able to directly enter some details. Once connected to the coverage and a software comprised ( avenges with the disk!) It has been installed, that takes both laptop and PC have connected was peanuts. Connecting an application was included easier as automatically it discovers a printer and has connected his.

► Does not require to be the techy present to take this printer has connected, simply follow a manual any to any and work.

While no a smaller printer is even more small that my leading devices when looking in chairs like this big . Printed of the wise foot does not have the plot of spatial saving. The wise width, again is not really a lot different that my Samsung printer of laser. I do not have the plot of room in my office and always finalises to stick printers in a something available in a racks.

Are sure a lot of people will lose a tray of paper but for me a lot really do a lot differentiates that a paper is fed of an empty rear increase vertical. When not using the east feeds the tray can be closed up. In a down side, when printing a paper forward takes need of extension to be pulled was wants to maintain works of impression to paste a paving.

One of some behind the draw of such the small device is a measure of cartridge of the ink, has left so only call this small. A measure of the cartridges are related directly to a number of pages can exit of them. If I have required the printer for my subject would give this spends it. For users of house with printing of the only occasion needs this would have to that be good. Felizmente, a forward locate rear exposure (as well as an application of telephone) levels of ink of the show in the each cartridge.

► An application is intuitive and for real easy to use. I have not had any question that document of footprints or images of mine telephone while they are in my coverage of Wi-Fi.

► To print of the paper by heart there is the front is trace SD space. For micro SD papers, will require this adapter that is coming with him. Any sure reason the port of USB has been ignored but am sure has some reason.

► Press of a SD the paper was quite simple, a printer read a paper and has discovered the images had uploaded on that. Using an exposure and the keys of navigation was able to select that it has loved it form. Some time takes to Print these images was painful. Something odd, has any way to print in a same measure to the equal that would see in yours monitor. Simple 4x6 the images of thumb was blown always until some plenaries A4/paper of measure of the paper and then he still cropped a lot an image. It can find any way to has does not expand an image.

Doing the copies of anything was also painful insofar to the equal that accelerate careers in and a quality of reproduction was poor, included in a setting of the main quality. Included copying pages of test of simple text to be painful. A setup will not leave for simple paper the one who half takes the calm plot more steps that tries to reproduce the big animal image. This means more ink that necessary is used when finally it begins to print. It takes an average of any one less than 3 minutes to do the copy. This would have to that be the simple process , inserts/inserts document to be copied, key to copy like this, and no more than 30 calm seconds late would owe that have your copy, no with this car.

Has thought perhaps I messed things on way that I the complete reset manufactures it pre-conjoint. Any difference.

Resulted of final is that it prints both documents and the images add of the PC, images a lot like this utmost of the telephone, but it dipping up for the wireless operation was a lot of simple. Some another characteristic is for the fail.
4 / 5
Measure: XP-440fashionable Name: Printer So only PROS:
- Fine diagrams to act that has copy/of impression and options to scan
- the ink is not that expensive. Kinda More economic That print that hp frames
- that Press the speed is a lot
- WiFi the connection is not bad

- that Copies the speed is a lot slow
- Scans it the speed is a lot slow. It can clean my paving while it is. Scanning. Same speed to copy
5 / 5
Measure: XP-830fashionable Name: Printer So only Like this far is has done well.
Has to that Have the little time where my computer would not communicate with a printer while trying to the documents of escáneres to the equal that is frustrating.
A quality of looks of impression to be well, did not use it enough to see how long a hard ink. Another those some subjects to scan laws well.

Update: after using is the handful to time now can do the majority of attentive evaluation. In the first place, I will not buy never another epson produced again after this printer. I have possessed of this printer, has printed three 4x6 the photos and my woman had printed the little black and of the white documents. I recently required to the impression was roughly 75 pages of black text with the pocolos something of yellow underlined text. I have run out of black ink while printing this perhaps 5 pages in. It was while I have discovered that this printer can not be used at all until a cartridge of empty ink is substituted. I have finalised to purchase another cartridge of the black ink and I have continued to print some 70 remaining pages or so many. I have run out of black ink again first to finalise. He perhaps 60 pages out of one 70 first of a printer was useless again. Although transmissions a colour of text the blue, does not leave you to print until you substitute a cartridge of black ink. Ossia So only simple stupid and disgraceful in epsons part. After learning of this fraud for epson looked the options of the alternative ink more economic and that have read this printer will not accept any cartridge of ink unless it is the genuine epson cartridge once a firmware has been updated. It is mine understanding that it can you to it go back to an older version of firmware but that it is difficult to find one. I have not tried this closing so it can not confirm neither deny if ossia true.
Also, my yellow ink is almost empty and a cyan, it magenta and the black of photo is everything roughly half full. There is not any way any of them would have to that be that down based in that has printed it like this far which say me neither all of some cartridges are filtering which would say is not spending I so that I am quite sure some chips do not control some levels of real ink in some cartridges but more control those that pages have been printed. Or that it is more probably spending is that although moulds something black in colour has to that be use the little bit of cyan, magenta, yellow and the black photo that again is criminal in epsons part. I comprise reason epson would do this to do more money in an ink but does not go to buy never another epson produced again. If I can not take third ink of party to do in me goes to buy to to the different printer likes them to them refuse it sustains this type of business practice. They are sure I am not an only a the one who feels in this way he so that it is a lot stupid in epsons breakings to do this so that it was to lose clients and doing less money of us so that it does not take likes to think that ossia the good business model .
Are also a lot disappointed I never read any one descriptions in of the this spending before I purchased it. So only it has read it mainly positive critic in this printer, is for this that have finalised to buy the.
In general, am a lot unhappy with this compraventa and would not recommend this printer to any he so that has any option of interior of the available economic ink a moment present, at least a lot that can find, and some cartridges of ink any one last along at all. Ive Already spent more on three cartridges of ink have done then for a printer.
4 / 5
Measure: XP-960fashionable Name: the printer has bought so only this a mostly to print directly in CDs ( has a lot little available in tha phase) and reason my HP 5280 clashed for good. This Epson XP960 has a lot of interesting options that has not tried still, but , finally. It can print 11'x17' that mean you can print your own posters, coverages of book or big photos. Also it prints regular photos and a lot of documents of odd measure. Sleeve-up was easy and a wireless characteristic is sum to print photo directly of yours telephone or pill. It is surprisingly small for all these characteristics. A lettersize the paving of paper is in a complete fund of a unit, which is odd and precise take used to but are WELL with that. Oh Yeah, Press measures legal also. An only thing is him better liked in mine HP was so only 2 cartridges of ink to substitute instead on 6 !
5 / 5
Measure: XP-440fashionable Name: the printer has had So only this printer the little day is now. This little day is a paper constantly has taken jammed and has had to them turn a whole thing was, and behind on. A wifi has taken the little tries to take places up. And the tin a lot included say you the one who dulcemente is to print. I am speaking minutes the page. But a worse part of everything is an ink. It is honradamente more economic that buy the whole new printer then is to substitute an ink. It is insane how much is touching for ink.. You do not buy this has known them everything of this thing is. An only decent thing roughly is an exposure is easy to use, dipped on has not gone too bad although long, and a scanner is well, although some scans the line has had is in him. Returning today. You take that paid for but there is better value there sure.
5 / 5
Measure: XP-440fashionable Name: the Only Absolute printer junk! I truely question any positive critique. Almost impossible to simply of paper of load. Yes, you have read that well, included uploading the paper is extremely difficult.

A scanner is also entirely faulty. Scanner “” with lines during a document.

Is the big, dulcemente, clunky, economic box that will be it in your rubbishes or collecting powder.

No shabby.
5 / 5
Measure: XP-960fashionable Name: Printer So only This printer has surpassed my expectations for qualities of impression and detail. They are ecstatic with cost of mine. It has had previously the Cannon Pixima MG6620 and these swipes of printer he out of a water. A picture up is Measured
5 / 5
of Cannon: XP-440fashionable Name: the printer So only press really quickly, at the same time of compraventa, a lot after it dyes of available phase

will take a joint other uses of not updating never a firmware or risks a lot when being pas able to use aftermarket ink and that it has to buy overpriced ink of these corrupt companies 3p$ on,Hpee, c$ nnon, l$ xmark etc is possessed probably for a company of father in all the chance.

-Tiny compared to the printer of my mamma
-documents of impressions of full page in the blink
-aftermarket the available ink

CAN not RELIEVE 5GHZ WIFI only laws in
5 / 5
Measures: XP-440fashionable Name: Printer So only The one who the printer adds! Any headache that so that it is not never for real awesome. I am blown has gone by a prize also $51 is the TONNE for my money. I dipped it/ I dipped It on networked with my telephone and PC in roughly 2 minutes. I think a very better course in this printer is can take to 500+ printer of cartridge of discharge of stops of Amazon around $15 ... oh And some cartridges that come with a printer in fact has the decent quantity of ink in them. Thank you Amazon and Epson would buy this again in the heartbeat (in fact are that it orders my mamma a)
4 / 5
Measure: XP-830fashionable Name: the printer So only would not buy this printer again. If a press the cartridge is out of the ink then no press at all. So much, run out of blue ink, he a lot included printed in black & aim. Also, if steps to use more than some painted of ink, is hard to find the source to buy so only that colour. Cartridges Of the ink usually goes in bands. And the ink is expensive.
The often say me are out of paper when they are not .
A press is kinda slow.
4 / 5
I have bought this printer 5 month ago although some colours were unavailable this time.
T312XL Cyan The ink is asked slope partorisca month in and no available in the staple approaches my house.
In fact the printer is off duty because of an empty blue cartridge.unla Printer very included press the black and white document unless all cartidges has remaining ink. Epson Blocks all printing grieve one of some cartridges is almost empty. This is not sincere of Epson is unacceptable.
Has read that piezo the type of printer can print black&w if the cartridge by heart is empty unless the company blocks it.
Has tried chooses the black aim/has printed etc in a Win10 setting of engine of the printer without success. Any solution in Epson support of line of the telephone.
Can not count in this expensive printer as it is not of confidence.
While I owe that print elsewhere, Epson does not use me Epson black ink that has bought ...As to shoot in a foot.
Am not satisfied and will not recommend Epson to any one.
4 / 5
Such one amazing printer. They are an illustrative and am selling them impressions of my on-line work and this have printed resupplied me with a capacity to print focus of mine of nave, envelopes, press everything with ease. I am surprised on like an ink goes the very long way. Amur This produced and STRONGLY would recommend
5 / 5
A printer is well for a prince. It is fast and impressions of products of big quality inside seconds. An ink last quite long and calm included can take any OEM ink partorisca around $ 60.

Would have been included better Epson has had also the photo that modifies the profile/adds on partorisca Photoshop or Lightroom still enhance to the yours photograph so only like them to them some others do another.

A subject only has with a printer is has not had any CD that prints plastic tray in a box. It was excited like this to print on CD DVD is for my personal creations an I now can a lot of that.
4 / 5
An ONLY QUESTION LIKE THIS FAR is that it calms can not add ICC coding for papers others the EPSON! Epson Paper ICC coding is in the drop down paper, Excepts some Professional Papers. It DOES not EXPECT EPSON SUPPORT, reason his so only a lot in fact answer your questions. CALM ONLY VOLUME PREFORMATED ANSWERED!!
5 / 5
Has purchased this initially to do has printed of my products to sell. With which one uses, a quality of impression has fallen significantly. An ink takes clogged after only the few days to remain so only. Going in the each piece consulting of a company to clean has done to decide me anchors it has not been value he - - I sent it behind.
4 / 5
Easy car to operate and good works. The better quality has expected pics. It would estimate him as ''a lot of'' but neither excellent neither very good. Had better pics -the by heart better accuracy- with older Epson Done the hand 825. Ridiculous cost of Epson the cartridges of ink is also the left down. 220 $ In the each transmissions of inks is abuse of Epson!
4 / 5
A quality of impression is surprising! An ink is the little has bitten overpriced in my opinion, but an accuracy of some colours is simply awesome! Any subjects of engine, any wifi questions, any questions of ink, in general, the VERY good product. Have Still to possess the bad Epson produced! All have bought has been of confidence and on a competition in of the terms of qualities. 2 scanner and 2 printers, and has been perfect.

Now, marks an available and less expensive ink Epson! They are hard to find thus model.
4 / 5
This has been the good update for the dead person Epson 1400 wide printer but now has to that go back the expensive cartridges, is not possible closing to take refillable cartridges. Hopefully This will go in a next future. Two-sided the press is comfort it real in a XP-15000.
5 / 5
A printer prints good-looking 13X19 Pictures, but when I have tried to print the CD, the piece of white plastic is surfaced. Has has sent pictures of him to a Epson put of support, but could not help. A unit still prints CD is, but has to that press a CD in hard. He one asks what time will last. Otherwise, Is the wonderful unit and abordable .
5 / 5
Am not sure if this will not be never more economic in the for base of photo that that goes to the kiosk in the tent, but is looking for impressions of big quality in home, this printer is the winner . Surprised because I credit a look of photo, and a consolation is incredible.

A suggestion for Epson: add an integration the Photos of Google because downloading before moulds (to use some characteristics of collage) in place of just pulling of the photos of Google is annoying. With this said, this quibble no takeaway of some salient points to the equal that to reason is looking to buy this printer: I comfort it and the photos add.
4 / 5
I have loved this printer to produce better that venue Kodak Kiosk. 10x better and more economic for page. Very satisfied.

Easy setup.
5 / 5
Has fulfilled with everything of my expectations & found it to be just value for a prize.
4 / 5
Has not used a big impression up to now when it could the to us give a 5th star.

A neighbour up was directly advances an operation was quite different of the mine epson 800 photo of printer of serious and has taken some taking used to in general the utmost upgrade for me.

George F
4 / 5
the Bad cost no with accurip !! One that well exit a new product that no with a software has sold yes expensive ?
5 / 5
There is rid quickly (likes 2 days!), Near easy on and some printers done an excellent work.
4 / 5
Announced likes printer of photo of big quality.
The sources are blurred, the lines are not partorisca clear.
5 / 5
Ossia My first description in the product on Amazon and Epson.

Has directed partorisca print roughly 50 photo and roughly 20 documents of this printer before there is prendido printer clear pages.

Maintenances having a subject with a clogged nozzles. I have tried all and is spent the plot of the money that buys new cartridges partorisca clean a nozzle, run a cycle of more cleaned of the boss, and verify a line that salde. Still, there it is not directing takes this printer that the laws of a day have bought he in January 2019. I have called support of the client and this was any help neither. Epson The support sends instructions in troubleshooting some subjects but has not felt partorisca me partorisca expect the few days partorisca me partorisca print the document out of this printer or send a printer to the imposición of support. The desire is returned.

Would not recommend this printer after spending 2 times a prize of a printer the month. It is not partorisca value he.

Looks the printer adds, but has to that it has chosen on the uselessness.
5 / 5
Does not buy this printer. Besides having expensive, hard to find tiny cartridges that pursues was quickly, a printer suffers chronically clogged ink. Any only that, but every time substitute a cartridge of ink or try clean some bosses of printer, uses on 25 of the each cartridge of ink. I have finalised partorisca spend for a together integer of ink so only that tries to clean some bosses of printer and has has had to that finally appeal partorisca use alcohol partorisca clean some screens of ink. Also it is terrible to upload paper of a rear feeder. It has squandered soooo long and money that tries to take this thing partorisca print!!!!!
5 / 5
Are the professional graphic designer and there is wanted always Epson printers. I have purchased this one to substitute my Epson Stylus Printer of Photo of big format that has had the bad impression there is after states years of use. Amur A smaller impression of this new a. Still it will print borderless 13 x 19 which is reason I purchased it.
4 / 5
This product is the fine printer is printing photo. I have bought this to print film of screen. A Epson Done the hand 1430, which is used during an industry of impression of the screen, has been interrupted. The vendors now are selling a once $ printer partorisca in the glorious. Both Amazon and Epson sells to to this likes him the printer of substitution. It concealed it is not . A printer does not sustain impresa of film. It is not sustained by any of a software of CURRENT TEARS. It would not recommend this is looking to substitute one 1430 for film of screen
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. A XP-15000 is probably my fifth 13x19 printer of photo. The majority of leading models has used has been Epsons, although one or two HPs have graced my space of office of the house. They are the Mac-the graphic designer based and photographer of enthusiast, and my woman is the autonomous artist; to the equal that have had the need partorisca print of big quality of big stairs of house. In of the recent years, an ease partorisca take good images inexpensively of your tent of local office there is supplanted a need to have the printer of big format in home, as I have been using mainly Paper sized all-in-some to print of house.

Has retreated To a Epson Photo of Expression HD XP-15000 Wireless Colour printer of wide format. True to an advertising, is at least 30 smaller that any forward 13x19 has possessed. A last HP has used was the beast, and grieve returned in mine stand of printer. A XP-15000 is like this compact can return he in the chair if need be. Ossia The big plus . It uses 6 inks this in spite of. I am not sure like a cost for those will touch was in a long term.

Unboxing Was quite directly advances, but takes time. To unpack a printer to have it fully operational taken on an hour of endeavour has concentrated. Tweaking All the taking the moment. It has arrived well and securely packaged, and taking all a tape and cushioning was before involving can can pose the challenge. Judge to start with The inks are comprised and am not sure that the time will last. Some cartridges are quite sincere to install. Epson Also resupplies samples of 3 different classes of stock of paper further to use simple white paper, as you would owe that be able to begin to print amazing photos well out of a box. They are 8.5 x 11 discharges, as you want to 13x19, need to invest in some paper of quality.

Like this mentioned, a neighbour-on the process takes some time, but is to some steps likes me to him prescribed by some instructions comprised (in the number of tongues), would have to be well. Be sure to have the paper has inserted atasca down when printing to paper of photo, otherwise take the smudgy, blurry disorder. Ossia My failure for any fully reading some directions. Something to remark this in spite of is when I has had both photos and the simple paper have uploaded to an inner tray, a simple paper there is stuck to a paper of the photo and I have printed of more two propiciado by one. Maintain a tray of pure paper with any primary stock desire to use. This has said, a XP-15000 good impressions full bleed the images to office regulate stocks of simple white paper. This in spite of, He really resplandores in paper of lustrous photo. Ossia The printer of quality and photo of impressions of qualities, and he also done the just work of rendering simple b&w text and another basic material when I want to printed of a web or the program of past of the word.

Will say that connecting my coverage of Wi-Fi of the house has taken some time the tweak and take doing properly. I am not using this the printer has connected, how is purely in my coverage has seen Wi-Fi. I took it once all synced on, was able to print of mine iPhone, my woman MacBook Air, and my HP portable of Desire without subjects. So only select a printer of your cast of available printers, and the engine will be installed. All would have to that do well.

Mina a real flu with a Epson XP-15000 is that it uses the manual, interface of push of key more than the screen to touch. A screen FOCUSED is quite small and no an easy plus to read. Has the much less expensive wireless all-in-a HP printer that has the screen to touch main and for this deport the very easy to manipulate interface. A Epson reliance in of the directional keys cruise it looks quite backward and old school, doing simple tasks more complicated that requires the otherwise be. This archaic method is like the things have used to be for years, and although he still operates it no longer feels intuitive.

In a whole, am very impressed with a quality and likes use a XP-15000. Once all is dipped up and a printer is connected your coverage of Wi-Fi of the house, is simple to choose and use. Mark so only sure has a paper has uploaded correctly.

- Kort
5 / 5
Has been using a Epson Done the hand 1430 for roughly 5 years now like an artist and was finally time for a upgrade. This printer extremely fallida out of a box. Wireless setup was a lot. But I have maintained to take bands in spite of numerous alignments. Also the colour was totally is gone in spite to regulate and troubleshooting. If it could it does not take to do a first day out of a box expects that I did not take it never varied and a colour has corrected, that that would be the constant battle for the maintain maintained in a future. It is it is returned immediately.
5 / 5
Really impressed with this printer. My digital art really explosions when it forms in a Epson HD XP15000
5 / 5
Easy to unpack, setup, connects wirelessly and use. A quality of impression is fantastic and am very satisfied. It likes-me a rear paper feeds partorisca to some to the main measures like 11'x17'. Very easy to upload and use. It is it adds that there is 6 individual ink calm reservoirs so many will be able to maximice yours ink and take joined the majority of the impressions for your money have compared to cartridges that control 3 paints each one that. Very exposed small in front of it tilts up for easier that sees that it is used when it measures of the paper is changed or to print locally and purpose of interview. The loaded software in your PC or the utmost telephone laws and enable you to see levels of ink, extracted interview and of the options of printer have dipped.
4 / 5
Can not recommend that any one buys this printer. In this prize, has expected the consistently doing and printer of decent quality. For wireless initial setup with the Mac, has had to spend 45 minutes in a telephone with Epson technical support. Cela Took it working. It has done for the pair of weeks and then a printer frequently would lose his wifi same connection although ours the internet is boss of big quality and very compatible. We would owe that turn this printer was and on repeatedly to king-establish a wifi connection. Then with which 6 weeks there is prendido to do totally. After another 45 call of minute with Epson, has said that has had fault of hardware and has has had to that the to turn of knots to Epson and would receive it refurbished unit. Ossia Less than 2 month after buying the printer priced big new that is suggesting that we accept it refurbished units. Finally Epson said would send the new a. We take some new one and has done our customary call to sustain of technology for the dipped up for wireless with the Mac. It results it it has forgotten to send some cartridges of ink of the factory in this printer of substitution that is required to do an initial setup. Has a Epson cartridges that is spec'and for this printer, but has to that be one some concealed COME Inside a printer for a printer to start with his initial setup. So after another 45 call of small, Epson now said has to that send cartridges of new ink for a printer to included print the piece of paper so only - still although there is Epson the cartridges of ink have purchased so only thus computer. Like this after the weeks of any printer for our subject, maintaining has to that attended for another shipment of Epson. In the Then will have some prójimos 45 call of minute to dip it up.. This painful experience and the type has had way too many headaches - all caused for Epson defects and deceptions. We will not be that they buy Epson again.
5 / 5
Like the designer, the volume has paid to impress people with images. I have bought this printer for my work, expecting it to be resembled an old plus Epsons - but a quality is like this very amazing, has decided to wallpaper my studio to draw with images (the semi-detached image). An ink is not economic, but a quality of the each impression is like this a lot well, that in fact can uses to sell my impressions of own art! 10/10
5 / 5
has bought this printer after a lot of investigation, comprising some descriptions here this mentions a banding that has spent to some. I think that a banding is due to bad formatting of photo for impressions ( is spent mine.) This in spite of, with which some test and error, my husband and I were able to delete a banding. The utilisation Nikon D 7200 and my raw photos are 6000 x 4000 pixels. For example, he 4 ' x 6' photo that is not cropped, would have 1000 DPI sent to a printer, which is under a maximum capacity of a printer. When Knots cropped photos, has done sure that an image was sized to a proportion of appearance of a zone of impression with a maximum DPI possible. When Possible, use 300 DPI or better for better results. It is that it imports the stairs some impressions correctly to print, maintaining proportions and DPI properly scaled. After doing that, a now produced printer fantastically clear and acute impressions without any banding at all. There is the curve to learn in of the this, but does not think that a printer is defective.
5 / 5
An ink is controlled. There is still ink in some cartridges and he wont the impression has left to force you to buy new cartridges. A software of printers is something out of a 90s. His clunky and he so only directly on sucks. They are like this dissapointed spending 350 in this printer. When it Operates (once in the lifetime) press well. But a stress and the headache that takes it setup your coverage and the computer is horrible and frustrating. It does not recommend
4 / 5
Some impressions of photo are fantastic. It uses the laser for the majority to print, reason a cost for page is the fraction of costs of ink, and I usually printed so only in black & aim in all the chance. Mark so only sure takings to some settings and of the places for better impression, paper of lustrous photo, and use the photo of quality . It prefers Cannon for mine 8x10 and 13x19 impressions. Any question that dips on when that follows some directions have comprised. They are in accordance with a lot of another roughly all a tape of nave! (lol)
4 / 5
Ossia, delivery down, a worse printer has has not possessed never. I complain any in that has does more first investigations to buy. Here it is my complaints :
- It guzzles ink. It prepares for ink to run was with which so only the little small impression careers.
- Cartridges Of the ink is not always easily available to purchase. It could not buy XL inks in three colours ANYWHERE--no by means of Epson or any of an authorised resellers.
- Some jams of printer easily
- A printer gives errors for almost each career of alone impression has done
- A software of looks of printer to have wreaked havoc in Photoshop. I have had the series of files sees corrupt and the accident every time looks for to use a box of dialogue of the Printer.
- A printer is so only very intuitive to use. I am contrasting this with mine Epson 7510 Personnel, which has been the sleep , and for years.
NEVER buy this printer, no for the consider never, run another way.
5 / 5
This printer was my present of anniversary (familiar chipped in and has paid partorisca a difference). I have it that has not possessed never the printer this good before, but my university that the imports was photograph , and teach art partorisca the living, as I have been in decline partorisca have the good-looking printer that I can use house partorisca my own art and of the photos. I dip mine on today, and although it has taken the bit of troubleshooting in my final, took it once on and that careers with some right settings, has printed absolutely fantastically! Seriously, my impression is stunning. Digitally I have painted the little wildflowers and has thought my folks would like me the good impression of him. I have used the bit of the paper that tries cogerprpers partorisca take banding, but finally a subject is touched partorisca lose to my own error ( has forgotten partorisca change a type of paper in a computer as well as a printer).

Maintains partorisca print like this, are an extremely satisfied client . I will update if anything changes but right now, am blown was. To good sure value of the money!

MODIFICATION 8-6-20: The ones of way that there is yesterday paste the odd snag. I have been partorisca print and has taken an error that filter it “failure” read partorisca print. With which some investigation, has discovered was some class of @@subject of critical software and an only way of the solve was the uninstall all of a software and reinstall everything. It has done, but it was sure the headache. It has taken roughly 30 minutes. The sinister hope does not spend again because I have had it so only dipped on top of the month!
5 / 5
An only reason am giving this printer 2 star is reason some do any really is fantastic. But I still a lot quite go my tent of local impression and take my impressions have done up there.

Has bought this to begin to do papers to hail house. Seeing in of the arts and of the fairs of works from time to time and that does the short career of some papers to hail looked much more effective side that ordering 100 immediately a bat and when be stuck with a overage for years to come. A coworker raved in a Epson Done the hand 1430 and this hopefully was to maintain more along, when being the new model.


In the first place, a thing is quite noisy. No a press he, a whole printer. He rattles and shook and creaks. I turned it so only he on done the moment to print something and he am spent the minute that does a terrible grinding sound. I have begun wedging paper of the piece in a rear paper feed reason walking spent a printer has done he rattle.

The next question is an use of ink . I have had some comics has loved to print house. No the tonne of pages, 8 11x17s, double-sided, for comic. Has has wanted to do on 10 copies. Ossia 80 pages , but with BLACK LINE And BLANCA the ART has had to substitute ALL SOME CARTRIDGES of ink TWO TIMES. Ossia With one 'XL' cartridges. Yes, with black and white line art and some black settings and tip a still printer gobbles on an ink.

Then has a paper feeds. Basically I owe that babysit this printer constantly. If tentativa to print 10 copies of something could take by means of 2 first pages of a rear paper feed failure to grab a next piece of paper and he to print. Perhaps with the paper of regular copy is well and has not tried with an inferior tray, but has bought this to do big and odd measures and printed of art of quality of the mark and I have to that spend sometimes the averages an hour that looks for to imagine has gone by that a paper will not feed . The support of technology gave so only all some generic tips was a help of printer gave.

A last what... Originally I thought that it that it was the people bobas complains it in a lack of the touchscreen. They are in his side now! Some keys economic celery, for one. But also, navigating all some papers is quite tedious.

In general, some impressions are fantastic, but no utmost think that will save money to do has printed of house of art. I have it quell'has had so only this the averages the year or so much but can finalise touch the.
5 / 5
Some first impressions of photos have done has had vertical banding in them. I have run some utilities of adjustment of boss of impression several times with some same results. I finally spoken to Epson, to the good lady the one who grieve could comprise, and ran by means of some same things already had done.
To cut of long history - I follows to return a printer. I have had to it weaves of printers on some years - has been the Photoshop user for the long time. I have had several Canons and another, but never a Epson. As I have decided that tries one. The supposition will go back to Cannon.
5 / 5
Way too many errors of impression.. Lines, blotches... Bosses of the clean impression and has varied long.. It could any never take to do..
5 / 5
This printer is terrible. So only I can print one 12 x 9 photo clearly or 4 to 5 small photos clearly. With which concealed, the photos begin smearing and/or the look of lines través of some photos. This printer is so only to the long of the old month. It controls some prizes on ink. Changing the cartridges of ink is one of a esolutions'. I have purchased this has printed strictly to print photo. That that joke.

Supports of technology? Terrible. I have been said to: control of nozzle of the impression (does like this time); it controls an impression was (really?); I clean some bosses of the impression yes is necessary and repeat like this necessary (which have done like this time). Afterwards:
a page of the control of the nozzle press the complete model of 6 colours (Grey, Red, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black)?
Is using genuine Epson cartridges of ink? That is some numbers of part of the cartridge? ( It can be found in a box of cartridge or in a cartridge he. Example: TXXXXXX).
When And where buys some cartridges of ink?
What cleansing of the boss have has tried?
That type and the mark of paper is using? He a @subject still arrives in regular paper?
Your paper has any holes or perforaciones?
That the application is using to print? He one same @@subject arrive when printing of the application of different/program?
One same @@subject arrive when doing copies standalone (without the computer)?

Is a lot of frustrasting. You save. Buy the cannon.
5 / 5
Me And the printers have the long history, painful of conflict. He usually starts out of abonos, while I print basic things in basic paper, but hardly tries something another that the regular impression in regular paper, the things go bad. Any one fail on cardstock, or begins to print lines by means of everything, or just jams. Like this when it has taken this printer , has pressed some limits immediately to see exactly like this the printer was to break my heart also. I have printed in stock of paper, any question. I have printed on 11 x 17 paper of photo, beautiful! I have printed on 13 x 19 paper of presentation, excellent! But one the majority of what amazing and wonderful was when I was in a half of the impression of big photo, and one of a cartridge of printer has required to be prendido a legislation of impression in a half, to the left change me out of a cartridge, and has continued then an impression!! It can very included see where decree it and has begun !

Has printed A lot in east has has wanted to do sure has known really this first printer to write the description, and loves it!
4 / 5
In the first place left state that loves the amazon and I order everything here comprising eaten of the Whole lunches and his seldom disappoint. But this a really disappointed and unfortunately cost me the money eats...
A printer has not been situated n the box and is remained in porch of mine forward. It could be be take calm of then could see that it was. Felizmente Has been for leaves for work and saw it.
A description has declared was the printer of big format reason will print until 19 thumbs in period. But it is not of then so only it will print 8.5 wide thumbs. It concealed it is not very useful. I have ordered he my busier time reason required it. Has has had to that outsource a work, costing me money. It was such the hassle to return (any box), has run out of timing to return it. Like this now I am stuck with with this useless printer.
The next time so only will go to Buy of more thus type of electronic I so that it can return it immediately if it is not that it thinks that that it is.
4 / 5
Has bought is while utilizarprpers to print map for some of my projects of art. I have run the series of graphic impressions that is composed mainly lines by heart solid and full, and text. I have had the together of the impressions ran previously in some old Epson SureColor printer and a difference in quality was quite dramatic. A colour in a XP-15000 is quite good. Vivid. But a crispness of the text and the solids is bad. Also blurred for me to use for the pieces of art have finalised. I will owe that it traces in pricing substantially to fulfil my needs. If calm only precise it proofing printer or the decent (ANY pro printer_ of photo of the quality, this car is well, but can take this action of the product he economic plus to be sure. Material Epson tentativa to resupply the no-arrive (half-or-the-street) the option is the failure .
4 / 5
Doing of house during covid-19 I has required the printer as I have not loved to risk that it goes to print tents. My woman is the photographer of hobby and has had usually the impressions have done in the @@@drugstore of Costco with unreliable is resulted. Of then it has purchased the printer anyways and was to look for to the day of Mothers has decided to look for the printer of good photo. I have found to plot of praise for a Epson Photo of Expression HD XP-15000.
Was skeptical in a two extra ink the cartridges that impress of product of the main quality but has taken the casualidad and am happy has done. A reproduction of the colour in this printer is unreal, some images are absolutely good-looking. I usually printed in Big but included quality that the look better Rule that any impression has received of the tent, the Better quality is very slow to print and would reserve for impressions very special of photos of big resolution to the equal that uses to plot of ink also.
Has pleased incredibly with cost of mine.
5 / 5
Like state of title, would give this printer the indication he big plus if the few elements that would be easy fijamente has been directed. In the first place, a neighbour up was bit it more involved and the intense work that it would be necessary to be it. I comprise that that the packaging is of entity, but has to that have 20 pieces of the tape that resists a car in planting to ship and finding them all is quell'has bitten exhaustive. A real question with a setup is that a setup the instructions are a lot of sketchy and the bit to confuse. Finally it took it it imagined it it was after the little my-steps and backups.

Some of some pluses are that for the 13' the printer has the very small impression and is quite light (any sure if ossia the plus or any). With which in an hour of setup and prep work, has printed was three images. One was B&W and was bit it contrasty, but had read that one could has to that tweak a setting to obtain the good black and white impression. Some other two impressions have been printed in colour with the Mac by means of Photoshop and his both are exited with detail and good colour, so only that fault of the bit in a zone to match an image in a Mac in brightness and contrast, but an image of the person there has been tones of good skin and there is matched some paints a lot closely. Of these was one very first 3 impressions that has tried without the adjustments or the a lot of endeavour would give a quality remarks very big. Using so only 6 inks by heart and costing less than $ 300 some images were of quality very big, and would say that ossia the good compraventa with results very good.

Be included better with the little more support and setup information. That never spent to the old manual a lot that drive them have helped in fact a by means of setup and has answered in fact any questions could have. And of course I can not direct reliability or in common costs still, as I will leave that has opened for now.

A mine of update has regulated my indication to 3 stars been due to some horrible manuals / setup drives and an informative website very poor that Epson has. A company of this measure and the experience would owe that have the very better program asistencial of the client. It produces it leans very poor. Perhaps they would owe that have a lot roughly to deep video to Tube to assist people with taking his products up and running smoothly.

Top Customer Reviews: Canon Office ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 46 ratings
4 / 5
I have bought a iX6820 like the workhorse partorisca relieve my spectacular Cannon Pro-100 of 'duties of laws', relegating has retreated the photos of hobby. I will spend the averages a time and $ refilling a iX vs a Pro-100. A iX pursues quite calm, also, compared to the most collected cannon Pixma the printers have, although no like this calm as almost silent Pro-100. With his boss of big impression, the speed is extraordinarily quickly in tandard' way, still producing excellent quality for pieces of presentation of the smallest work in stock heavier. The way of fine quality is brilliant so only , and he still cranks out of borderless 4x6 photo down 30 seconds.

Wireless setup was quite painless using a WPS key in my subject of Bell. For some reason a prime minister tries has not done, but 2nd gone has linked well up and is remained on-line. A question I in fact has is Windows 10 in an of my cars that objective some off-line printers; but, my telephone still will print direct, how is the question of LADY , of course.

Has run some comparisons of mine of direct photo Pro-100 and has to that say a result is quite well for the car that careers four carts less than ink. This in spite of, think that that it compensates for oversaturating colours the bit, and a gamut is obviously a lot like this wide, particularly a greyscale. The majority of the users still would be thrilled with some results of photos in decent paper. Just stay far out of this HP paper of Vivid rubbish- I only use he for maps of toe of lustrous text for work- is terribly has washed was for photo.

I carts of decent transmission can be found for súper economic, or can purchase clear, refillable carts with car chips of reset to do your own easily. The colours of precision is some prójimos better to Cannon.

He formed of the Precise impression wider, likes 11x17 tabloid or 13x19 posters, this car is the @@SUBJECT if the the little extra room and does not love all a copy/to scan/fax extra that takes on more spatial. Highly it recommends this car.
4 / 5
Arrives long first of the has thought .. They are by train to try it And the little that spends master.. Thank you The Screen to start with that it impress Now that it has convinced me to it to him in buying he so that master (Positive)
5 / 5
the wise quality very good .. But the cartridges of ink are very expensive
4 / 5
that Buys my second a. I have used this printer STRONGLY for roughly 14 month. It has done I add. Beautiful, has detailed impressions of abonos quite qualities for business selling my art. All of the sudden some blacks have prendido to print properly. They have looked turn, with banding. I am spent roughly 3 days that tries everything under a sun to take a thing that read again. Cleaner of boss, alignment, cleaner of roller. Reinstalling An engine. I have taken included a boss of printer was and cleaned it manually. At all it would take a printer that read again.

Has thought in upgrading to the majority of elegant Cannon, but the man can not beat a quality for a prize is one. Although there is expired the years of the pair sooner that has thought that that it has to, was excellent while it is lasted. I gave thousands of gorgeous impressions. A swipe of Amazon of inks sells is a lot of abordable and do very too much. As I am buying another of these.
4 / 5
Has ordered in a 20th - has taken one 30th - the suppositions know are now the first member!! Taken the place up and has printed 4 8x10 borderless pictures. Absolutely perfectly beautiful!!! It has then received a 13x19 photo seeds glosses and this morning - 4/7 - has printed a prime minister 13x19 - BORDERLESS!!!! And again absolute perfectly beautiful!!!! I do not have any glass to augment so I am looking in a picture like the normal person rule - oh geeeee. I feigned it very other people and they have has wanted to he - could not believe has printed me. I have explained to buy a new printer and which well is. The person of regular type;s point of view - this printer is fantastic!!!!!

Update 4/9/17 - has printed was 3 13x19 pictures a more 4 8x10 is - all borderless - all perfect!!!! I have sold all have like this forms far without questions. Strongly it recommends this printer to any one.

Update 7/9/17 Still using a ix6820 - such the good printer!!! I mostly 13x19 and 11x17 - working on according to pkg of Cannon Pro Luster paper of photo - no an alone question!! Arthur Imaging the sum of laws of the ink with this printer also - any leak, careers or anything - clear vibrant pictures so only. It has used a pkg of 28 cartridges and while to 2 more pkgs to come.

Update 11/12/18 Any question still. It has been dipped up in rehab for 9 month with which operation so the cartridges of ink have seated in printer unused. House Apresamiento and has printed the 13x19 after updating some engine. The ink has printed sum. Still using Arthur Imaging Dyed - reason leave the good thing. The ink has not dried was, the work of printer adds afterwards updating could not have better done that this.

And another update 12/13/19 has spent so only 13 month in rehab after another serious operation. 13 month of mine IX6820 so only seated entirely unused. Not updating this time, has has not changed cartridges - just has added 11x17 paper of photo and turned it on. Again - the pictures have printed fantastically. Any clog, any at all - try so only taken a printer out of a box and has used a first time. 9 month to dip unused a first time, 13 month a second time - another printer somehow has died but no east a. Still with Arthur Imaging Dyes - have the pair this goes to last for ever!!! When I have said in a headed 'any equal' has not known the one who true that the statement was up to now. I am using WIFI still and all can say is for the treat right and calm can not find better.

Cost - Update of entity here. Last Part, 2020, a centre of the recovery where are after the operation of entity has closed down 100. Any ins or outs. My wound is 90 cured without my printer of Feb - last times have done the house of travesía. Bought the Part, 2017 and until Feb., 2020 (3 yrs) has continued to do perfect. Be without the printer has 5 month of photo backed up in my computer - and believe me, there is to plot!!! So much, to the amazon was out of his but has offered to buy options. I have paid $ 130 for my another, paid $ 306 more $ 15 ship for a same printer esatta of the 3rd party. To the amazon has said that would take among July 28th and 31st. Taken the today - July 20th!!!! Wow - I has been has surprised and very happy. It did not take it put on still - morning hopefully. It will update punctual as I take it dipped up but has loved to leave the people know that it was tho has come from/come from the 3rd celebrates a nave was fantastic!!
4 / 5
Has had this printer the little less than the month-- I originally looked in a Epson Done the hand 1430 ($ 330) or a Epson Expression ($ 200) reason create art and has loved the printer of wide format that can do it at least 11x17 borderless press. When I have found this one for $ 120 I doubted reason looked too goo to be true. Like this far it has to that fulfil and has surpassed my expectations! A course a paper found harder that good quality to print on but, with which concealed, I friggin has loved this thing. Press borderless with ease, big quality and is quite quickly to kick.

An only downside is that would have has wanted to be able to print directly of the mine iPad. I mean... It can... But has limitations... AIRDrop Only impressions 4x6.... Ossia! I have downloaded an application of cannon for an iPad but does not have a 11x17 formed or that impress on-- the will not leave me add the measure of client neither. Oh A lot of--- I can still AirPrint of the mine Mac Rids perfectly well!

Will do to follow it on revising if anything changes but LOVE this printer like this far!
4 / 5
My description is mixed. I have bought my prime minister Pixma ix6820 roughly done 1.5 years. A black press has been bad. Tried everything. Any well. It likes and produced of Of Cannon of the confidence and has imagined a prime minister one was the fluke. So much, I have ordered another and has maintained a prime minister partorisca part. A second a (the element of this description) has done adds partorisca the month. Then, some blacks have begun partorisca print bad on that some hips. I have called technical support, has tried everything. Has has had to that finally take an impression-bosses and animate them seat. Felizmente, ossia the very easy task in this model. Any tool has required. In all the chance, this fixed a question. A printer is doing well again and producing form adds!
4 / 5
Was impossible to connect a printer my wireless coverage and has had a lot little sustains on-line partorisca regarding the do. I have followed some instructions of Cannon on and on and any of some methods has done. It has maintained partorisca aim that my printer was undetectable and has suggested uses it USB partorisca connect a printer to my computer partorisca the manual solution. Of course I do not owe that the bosses of USB that chair around anymore and thinks this day and the age there has to that be an easier way to connect printers the wireless coverage. It does not buy this printer is looking for something fast and easy.
4 / 5
Has had to that write the description of this same printer although there is there was it so only the week, reason am impressed like this for a quality of impression. I am branching was to sell my illustrations as hailing papers and has required something to substitute my diabolical Epson WF-3640 scanner/of printer combo. To be clear, so only looked to purchase the printer, likes scanner in mine Epson is well. I have squandered Hundreds of dollars in time and in cartridges of ink that tries to do with a printer on he in a past 18 month, and has given finally in. It is TERRIBLE and will not buy never another Epson printer. I have taken one submerges in this Cannon Pixma iX6820 reason has received decent descriptions in a world of art, and on Amazon. I have had my eye in other printers of Cannon, but could not spend more than $ 150 like this returns a estimativa.
INSTALLATION: Relatively easy. I have had to that download a setup files twice before it was able to run some programs, but once installed, was some cups of now .
WIFI CONNECTIVITY: No like this easy. Still the did not take it quell'concealed has dipped commanded. It would be very I there has been wifi connectivity, but like my printer is located right prójimo to my computer, is not the dealbreaker mine if I do not have this characteristic. I have not had never of the regime with any printer and wifi connectivity, to be so only.
QUALITY of IMPRESSION: Surprisingly well. They are still he fines to dip ready some settings of ideal impression, as it acts mainly in watercolour, ink & of pen. The watercolour is defying to reproduce with accuracy. This has said, has printed already the main quality, more the colour impresses attentive in PAPER of SIMPLE COPY that use this printer, that not having never does to use paper of photo very expensive in a Epson.
Has FACILITATED Of USE: I have not used a My Garden of the photo or anything calls still, and calm is not required for the use when printing. It is so only an additional impression formatting option. I have had any press of question of Photoshop directly, of PDF, or of my incumplimiento Spectator of Photo of the Windows.
USE of INK: it can very really say still, how has been so only the week, but some cartridges that is gone in a box was easy to install (any messy or like it difficult has read in some descriptions) and still show full levels with which roughly 15 big quality the impressions of full page has been done, more many the diverse tests smaller.

Will update this description if anything changes.

UPDATE 1 MONTH less EVENING: it is it has impressed still. Life of the cartridge of the ink is utmost has compared to the mine old Epson. An only 2 subjects have is: it is the quite slow printer . Taken roughly 15 minutes to print 25 full colour etting of documents of photos. This in spite of, is calm, and a quality is gorgeous. Another subject is that it still does not do to connect wirelessly. Of my computer is always afterwards to a printer, is not the subject big for me, but so that they owe that there is qualified of wireless impression, slowly to spend some time with support of technology if the installation does not go smoothly in ours own. I have not taken around his closing.
5 / 5
This printer has more than lived until my expectations. With rich and vibrant colours, and a capacity to print on paper on to13x19', has been able to do has printed of professional quality in the (relatively) reasonable prize. This is not to print documents, although it is perfectly able to do like this. An ink can be expensive want dyes of mark of Cannon of use. I have found that Arthur Imaging does ink without perceivable difference in quality in the fraction of a prize, and would recommend this to any in the estimativa. I add for artists!
4 / 5
Possesses the Silhouette Cameo use and cutting car ALOT of the different papers have used at least to! Then our old printer there is prendido to take cardstock and would not print in kraft paper. I have explored For printers several times in a alot of the descriptions that looks for the printer that would take papers of specialitys and not breaking an ours last no longer printed printer without substituting each cartridge of ink has had enough. I have been done touching money to the printer that was a PIXMA! This thing is a better! I have used he partorisca vellum,heavy cardstock,paper of photo and vinyl of scrolling of hot printable all without questions! A quality of impression is excellent and a prize has not beaten can be! Taking bit it longer for a printer to start with a real press but is a lot of value a wait.
4 / 5
Can not think that I amour this printer!! It has arrived this afternoon and it has had it arrives and printing inner roughly 10 minutes without question at all. The the few impressions to try on 8 1/2 x 11 lustrous photos the paper and he looked good-looking I then decided to move on to a big format, 13 x 19 Photo of Paper of Cannon More Lustrous II ( concealed had ordered together with a printer. I printed it it was some of my digital illustrations and photograph. Like this far, I printed it it was 5 big pieces and numerous smaller some and, with which each one which as one is completed, maintains to find I that a happy dance and in fact saying out of strong like awesome look!! Ossia The phenomenal printer , especially in this point of prize! Still they are that it uses an initial ink that is coming with a printer, and is going strong. I have purchased another box of ink ( for when a time comes.

Has a printer connected via USB and a big 13 x 19 impressions by heart have been when finalising among 4-5 minutes and one 8 1/2 x 11 in the some place around 2 or so much. I have it that has not tried still a wireless connection, as I can not speak to a speed there. The colours are extremely attentive compared to that is aiming in mine monitor.

On some years, has has used tents of numerous professional impression to have a lot of impressions of my illustrations and the photograph have done. Honradamente Can say that a quality that has seen like this far out of these rivals of car everything of them! Now, so only the desire has printed main! :)

Am attaching some images of sample. A coverage of ink, a crispness, saturation and a boldness of some colours are stunning in person! A brightly colored the image is an enlargement of the photo that has taken of one of the mine small 4' pieces of art of the resin. The colours are something on. If you are included slightly considering this L! Calm will not complain it . They are like this happy I heeded all of some positive critiques here and bought it.
4 / 5
Wants to love this printer but I am a week in this in spite of pode does not take connected my wireless coverage. Everything are to add connect it to him to my PC but I do not want to connected it directly to my PC.

Are sure millions of the people there have taken this dips up without the question and I so only owe that be inept. It is so only true state. It has dipped on untold numbers of devices to connect my wireless coverage. Sometimes something is the little finicky but ossia something more totally. An utility to help you calm so only head to some screens and if a screen does not leave you to select an option suggests that you are so only out of regime. I have been by means of some manuals and of the so that it focused the facts but a printer simply is not to recognise. A subject of port association discovers is unreal.

Does not think never has written the negative critique but I have on dipped so many devices, coverages, printer, etc. And consider me quite saavy in taking it well a first time and if any that finds a solution. They are literally stumped and in a moment can not access a wonderfulness that all the world is describing. I already pitched a box has shipped in, reason I the precise? Now I owe that it imagines it was like this to take this retreated to Cannon. I have concluded, and it would have to that it has suspected it question brewing when I have been directed to burst in a CD to install a printer, that a technology in this device is not until a task of the half wireless modern. If I want to give in and it covers he my coverage can use it but concealed has not been never my intention. I ask if the amazon will take it behind sending the grocery stock exchange.

For a record, are not some troll that curmudgeons everything. If for some miracle takes this on-line, before I am able to find the quite big stock exchange for him, will go back and revise my description.
4 / 5
Would give this accident of the z/of the zeros of the printer could . Ordered this one to substitute the printer of leading Cannon has had for years that has done so only well and the photos add impresas. Ordered this one that thinking would be the transmission adds to have a press of air. At all with this printer never works. A setup was after the impossible, falls a coverage every time tries and use it and a quality to print of the photo is terrible. The desire had not expected to see yes would improve with time and now am spent a date of turn and used it so only the little time. Total waste of money.
4 / 5
Has bought this printer to go with my Silhouette Cameo for Impression and Cut in cardstock. It has looked for 12x12 cardstock capacity and borderless press so that it also could print my own digital scrapbook papers. A rest of some printers had looked was printers to act that was more expensive, the expensive ink has used, and has had the enormous impression. I imagined it it would give this one the first test. They are like this happy I , 3 month in and am enamoured still with him.

A lot informative: This printer has the small impression (that considers that it prints on 12 thumb wide paper) and the law adds with wifi how is able to seat on the @@@cofre of drawers in my fourth transmission. Fold Until the paving, easy to powder, 'box' when any into use.

Has printed 2-3 dozen the digital full page scrapbook more than pages a lot on 50 discharges of the impression and the yard and still am doing out of an impression of cartridges of low capacity initial, which follow announces at least 1/2 plenary. I have bought you fine it-sale of an out of dyed of substitution of the mark (recommended in enough the few descriptions) to the equal that seat likes it will have ink for ever in this tax.

Bad informative: Borderless the press is so only available for settings of paper of the photo. You can paper very simple and borderless a same time, and yes tries to do a setting of paper of the photo in uses of simple paper too ink and saturates a paper/cardstock. With a setting of simple paper, has the 1/8 of a thumb or less embroider around a page when I print full page. This is not really the enormous question for me likes the silhouette has the small margin that the any one short , but maintain me to take professional looking form scrapbook pages.

In general has saved money and finalising with the printer that is easy on ink, taken on less space, press the quality adds digital scrapbook papers but leaves the tiny unprinted margin. It would do this decision again in the heartbeat!
4 / 5
Tin a lot included use it. Spent 1/2 the day that tries to connect street WIFI and he no very @@subject the one who the settings have. Any cortafuego. Downloaded his software. Downloaded an application to my telephone. Turned the on and of the zillion time. Downloaded a manual. At all it acts. I have had a lot of printers using WIFI on some years and has has not had never a @@subject that connects inside minutes to take he out of a box. Returned a prime minister an and now a second an is no different. Too many Pieces posted on-line complaining of subject same. Going back for the repayment.
5 / 5
My Epson the printer of photo has bitten a powder last week. I have had to that have the working printer to fulfil that it ships the obligations have like this begin the tent for another. Really I need to spend another $ 1000-more in a Epson? In a future, but a lot right now.
Has read some descriptions of this little Cannon and was a lot. No the printer of photo of big final but he an acceptable test. A Cannon will see to print of daily utility.
A ix6820 no hanged the plot and an impression is reasonable in comparison to a Epson (which is in a same measure and hanged like the Volkswagon).
Has been surprised in like this easy was to dip up. I took roughly 20 minutes to some-cashiers, discharges in, installs some cartridges of ink and take the connection to a wireless LAN. It has run automatically a page of the alignment and I have printed the web page without any subjects. All the printers would owe that be these easy to dip up. A man of grotto comes to import.
Now for a like this-like this informative:
1.un transport of the paper done the snap-clack noise when it chooses on the discharge. It has not listened Never that of a Epson, like the bondadoso of startled me. Any harm, his supposition so only a character of a beast.
2. I have run the big-image of photo key of one of mine dossiers. It has presented well quite but the software of the printer of a Cannon there is enhanced paints that did not require it. I suppose massaging some settings could do it better, but in this point of prize can complains? No really.
In general, the good experience.
5 / 5
Wow -- This printer has changed my life of photo. A 13x19' the impressions of format are stunning and has printed is gone in roughly seven or eight minutes and a together wireless up was relatively hassle free (at least, a first time around.) It is the bit of the ink hog but more or has expected less than. Two small complaints -- in setup, so only upload an engine and a @@tart @basic my printer' software. A rest of a container is bloatware. Also, after my internet/of boss is gone down, a printer somehow has taken kicked of a coverage and he have taken the pair of hours to reestablish a wireless connection.
Updating: has-liked me a prime minister like this very that has bought the second and has left he in our cabin of state in Maine where has the small studio and do the plot of photograph of landscape. (It was also more economic a second time around.) I also caved and connected it finally to mine portable with the boss of USB. Simply press faster and more reliably that with a wireless option (where, if a connection there is retarded somehow during a process to print, would abort an impression the half of route -- expensive when you are using 13x19 paper of photo.). Also, I know several users have posted roughly the when being an ink hog -- true. As it would direct you here --

is obviously the recycle/refiller but so much has seen far any denigration in quality of some impressions and is cost roughly 15 percent of the like a substitution of Cannon the cartridges am cost. A subject small: I need to be it it bit it careful roughly taking them has seated properly. In the pair of occasions his bondadosos of jammed when it has tried burst the in and has has had to that wriggle went him and animal-seat them. But they have done then perfectly well.
4 / 5
This was at all cut of an excellent printer in some premiers 2 months of me having it but a third month, a black ink there is prendido working altogether, that does a printer unusable. It is out of a window of turn of the amazon and has been supposition to take the substitution of Cannon but has have the significant delay and has not been will take the sure substitution. Really disappointing. I will update lame a substitution and or does not have to that the better regime with a new a.

Update: finally it has taken a substitution after calling again and is resulted a lot they was ships it when they have been supposed to like this his overnighted the. It is been the few weeks now and is doing. It will dip in another update yes breaks again quickly.
4 / 5
Has Had questions relieving my wireless coverage by means of mine 2016 MacBook Pro (that he well with our B&W Printer of Brother that chairs his next legislations) was after downloading an engine a late plus of the website of the cannon, as I have had to that find a right boss (any comprised) to connect directly to dip up. This was also any one an easy process.

Has wanted to laminate some by heart full photographs in basic paper-sized paper of printer of the office and is exited terrible. These same files esatte have been printed for a Epson printer more than fact 5 years in alike paper, and looks dramatically better that the one who this marks new Cannon iX6820 give me. Some photos have lost his vibrance, contrast, and the darkest tones -- the look has washed was. Also, there is tiny, almost the imperceptible lines that career a short period of a paper each one that 1 cm in some images.

Perhaps am using a wrong software or no the big quite paper of quality. I can not find pertinent documentation of any on-line subjects, comprising instructions for some type to try memory or adjustment. An alignment of boss has directed only impressions in of the blacks and of the blue to do sure is printing directly. They are 33 with big that literacy of half computer, and there is me sunk near of 3 hours to this thing and some results are terrible. I will be to look when returning.
4 / 5
This printer is SURPRISING. I am printing CD BOOKLETS on first 8x11 28lb the paper and is flawless. I am printing my file of art in 11x17 and then that cut with the cutter of paper to 11x14 and is wonderful! I can print copies of test and go back and fix deceptions without paying another company. Can do it everything of house. Ossia, without the doubt, one of some compraventa better has done the long time.

Pros: It can do footprint of calm file in of the big measures! He also a lot closely matches some colours in a screen of computer. Calm always can change some settings to control to match a start of printer, but this mine of parties of the printer Macbook Pro like this closely that I have not had to that change anything. There is wifi which is perfect. Against another description, resists quite he stack of paper in a zone of rear holding. He no, this in spite of, has the fund tries that it controls the tonne of paper likes some others do another. The cartridges Of ink were easy to install and the law adds. Press BORDERLESS 8x11 and 11x17 any question!

Gilipollas: It is like this strong like the printer. No the bad thing, so only any one the good thing. There is ANY POSTER of CONTROL. Ossia Probably reason SO ONLY has PRINTED. It does not copy, scanner, or fax. I have bought he to print so only so that it is well, I just desire there was the poster that could change settings on in chance perhaps.

Has has had so only he for the little less than the week but I have done to plot to print on that. Material almost has broken it included compared to go to the tent to print. I can not express your quite the wonderful is to have a liberty the disorder on the paper and just reprint he right there. No more nervousness in messing on this $ the paper had printed. It is the wonderful relief .

While you are not looking to copy or scanner, ossia the wonderful printer ! Calm maintain you old 'all-in-one for a scanning and copying. Highly it recommends this product!
5 / 5
Can print 13x19 Borderless!

All I impression utmost looks. Any subject. Any like him To Him a software of cannon. With this creature can print the photos and he looks the better way that walgreens or walmart service of photo.

Now for a reason has chosen this INK! It has taken 5 transmissions of the each COLOUR partorisca $ !!!!! Has has has printed hundreds of photo anywhere of stock exchange, 3x5, 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, , 13x19. Never it had it once to the a lot to subjects likes him to him to them the jams of paper or a bleeding of ink or doing the disorder. A paper in fact feeds to a printer properly takes 1 different piece of paper very other printers that will pull Any paper or 3 or 4 discharges the time. It is wireless and does not have the screen to touch.

Is not One EVERYTHING IN A. The people are attacking an indication down thus when clearly it declares his so only the printer, will not SCAN or fax or anything more but impression but touch a printer I better there is never has used.

Control out of a aftermarket dyes the wonderful and calm work can take transmissions for down 4 bucks for the complete transmission!!! As it Can you have beaten that!!!
5 / 5
Update after the month... So much, I have had this Cannon Pixma for the small to the long of the month now... And it sucks. It is dulcemente, has the hard time that connects by means of WiFi, and give me such the headache that tries to print. Sometimes... It will begin to print and half way by means of a work of the impression so only gives up. It tries to take help of any support of Cannon... Casualidad Fat. So much, you are thinking to buy one... No. A 13x19 the format is well... When it Operates. Some colours are well... When it Operates. His well that calm so only has to that substitute a cartridge that pursues was more than all some colours (I impression to plot dyes more black)... But it is not to value a headache.

UPDATE with which 2 weeks or so many... Still have question with a printer that connects to WPS... Annoying! I have expected more printers of Cannon. Fresh batch of the installed colour and still aim streaks in fineart paper also. Like this far, the cannon has impressed no!

Accustom Epson printers. I have bought this width-formed inkjet printer for a capacity to maintain that it prints 1 cartridge of the careers of ink was. A Epson the printer looked has had descriptions saying has had to that substitute you a together integer of cartridges. Right out of a box this printer of the cannon has not been súper easy to dip up. It has taken a lot of test before WPS connected invernadero WiFi. A printer there is not coming with the boss of USB so that it was unexpected. Then, I have tried an archival 13x19 seeds paper of gloss in him with roughly 85 coverage of the ink and I have taken streaks. This was very disappointing. Like this far it is not very impressive like the printer has left so only wide format..
5 / 5
Has looked for the printer that impresses big quality, big impressions (11x17inch)
and although it looked to Cannon PRO 100, was so only too expensive partorisca to to the student like him,
so that it has taken of this instead and loves it!

Has tried initially impression in paper of paper regulate for an impression of the test and he have done well.
Has then tried to print my illustrations in the 11x17 HP paper of printer (20lb) which is really thin
and some colours are exited really the turn was was.
Has the thought has to that be because a paper is too thin.

So much, has then bought the fattest paper, Springhill Cardstock paper (90lb / 163gsm), and
the colours are way more vibrant with some darker darknesses darker that in a thin paper.

For both HP (20lb) paper and Springhill (90lb), has dipped for the big quality in planting to regulate.
In a thin a (20lb), could see some vertical lines (without pigment, very small but visible)
but in the fattest paper (paper and Springhill), everything is seemless and perfect.

has followed so only a manual and installed an engine and software of the place of the cannon.
Setting on a wi-fi was also very easy.

In general, am very satisfied with a quality and also a affordability.
Highly recommend.
4 / 5
This printer is SURPRISING. It has looked for the printer that would print cleanly in cardstock and this printer a work fantastically. The the moderate quantity of investigation previously to choose a Cannon, and while the majority of descriptions was well, has had some mentions questions of wireless connectivities. Has the MacBook pro and took the glorious total of 10 minutes to connect wirelessly and has been doing perfectly of a together initial-up. Like another reviewers has declared, a quality of impression is EXCELLENT also. It could not ask anything more in this point of prize. Extremely happy!
4 / 5
Good-looking printer, good and slowly but fact of scratchable plastic soft. Two ready people, unable to do was after two hours because it does not come with the pertinent manual with words in him. Has an allocution of IP or something? We require the USB? Reason when it is supposition to be wireless?

The cannon resupplies two bit of information: as to take he out of a box and plugged in (which any need drives for), and to the equal that to do really anticipated (also unnecessary) to to the material likes to regulate contrast it, printing hideous collages, and doing sure does not have it cortafuego that block a connection (??). BUT calm also has to that download roughly 17 manuals and he ridiculously clumsy, unhelpful 'on-line manual' that is for the catalog so only of terrible FAQ has to that install like an application.

Also useful swimming in there or anything can download of the cannon is esupport' page thus model. There is info roughly coverage, so only absolutely at all in one the majority of part of entity, which is like this to connect he in a first place! It is the big powder , electrostatic brick/of interior of magnet a moment. Expecting it can redeem with excellent press.

UPDATES literally 30 mins later: taken printing it wirelessly and the quality is excellent. Foolishly, If they are one has simplified in IKEA-drive fashionable without text, just pictures, will do, but is still difficult to interpret correctly. It looks to use to plot of ink already but ossia so only a subject. Printer very calm, develops really big but the down tiny bands.

In general, in spite of this turbulent description, would recommend it if you are a text -less poster of instruction thingie exactly. I need to dip inks in to connect to a wifi weirdly.
5 / 5
Has everything of my printers setup in mine LAN using Ethernet. A question with this printer is that it is incumplimiento the configuration comes like this wireless. Calm can not use both a same time so that the ethernet does not exit of a box. It looked up as it takes partorisca disable wifi and has done so much. You resist a key partorisca look until a key of upper power blinks 12 times and leave go. With which concealed, a key to be able to blinks two times and a wifi gone back of the key was. Well add? No, the ethernet still does not operate.

With which some fiddling around I finally so only decided to setup a printer that use him wireless, my desk is connected the Ethernet also, but guess that? To dip this on wirelessly, require the connection of wireless coverage. Felizmente My desk has both, as I have had to that disable my Ethernet and use my wifi adapter for the take all setup.

With which this, has decided the login to a printer directly invernadero allocution of IP. I have tried a incumplimiento 'admin' 'admin', but concealed has not done, then 'admin' esignal', nope. I then looked on which a signal could be and the results is any 'cannon' or a number of serial of my printer. I then tried again the login street ip allocution with 'admin' eserial', but any one gone.

I then decided to so only install some utilities of engine and was able to disable my admin signal by means of one of some utilities. Now it was able the login via ip and enable Ethernet. My printer was now wired and was able the login has seen ip, as I have decided to dip my own signal and a page of printer logged me behind was and feigned login. I have tried with 'admin' and my new signal, but would not spend stops .

Was quite crazy to arrive to this point. I then looked on which a subject could be with this printer second the one who logging in street ip. It results, a username need to be 'ADMIN' any one 'admin' or another version of 'admin', need to be all cover . Hopefully My frustration helps a lot there this wants to dip his printer on partorisca Ethernet.

Once all was setup to to a way liked, has tried footprint the 8x11 of photo on paper of photo of the Cannon. The quality of impression is enough adds given a prize. A setup was WHISTLES IT, but a result of final are adds.
4 / 5
Has bought this to substitute my faithful but dying 10 year Pixma ip2600. Has the need to print the paper accionaría that a ip2600 has managed fantastically. All a sub $ 100 printers of Cannon are no longer sustained to manage stocks of paper. As I have decided to jump for a ix6820. This thing is enormous likes any have @@give was the printer of big format. Setup Was the ache as so that another distinguished was. Any one intuitive, any one documented in any useful form. It was able to take a basic setup the fact that use the boss of USB. Calm found can you king-run setup and the transmission like a printer is connecting. I have run by means of a coverage setup and found an option to find a printer by means of WiFi, then has on dipped perfectly. It was easy once I in fact found some right options. It would be a lot well if the cannon has comprised the conjoint form of the instructions that objective each one setup option. A no-felt with the lack of documentation is an only thing that maintained to give these 5 stars.

This printer does not print the paper regulates any fast plus that my old ip2600. But I am able to print stock of paper easily as well as anything more am dipping in. A quality of impression is excellent. I have not bought this to print the photos but I have the box of 5x7 the paper of photo has sinister days when I have done. I have tried the pair of impressions. Wow! They have quite printed quickly and a quality of impression is excellent. I any same use ICC profiles. It will be to interest to see that well he I tweak sew more.
4 / 5
JUNK :: An initial setup was difficult compared to other printers have had in some past - is spent of the HOURS with support of Cannon - any resolution with which two different client the people of service have tried. How it is result, the cannon has determined was the device of the inner wireless connection bad, and offered to substitute he with a same model. Ugh! Although the cannon shipped out of a substitution (another piece of junk), has not been has had to that have UPS pickup a box of old/printer, so only more raisin/to time on ridding me the to the UPS tent. A lot frustrating.
4 / 5
Has purchased several 11x17 printers on some have spent few years; like the manager of project will go to the place of a client frequently while a project is in a phase of installation. Always I require a 11x17 printer onsite- and does not take never he with me when I leave a work (always the give to any onsite).
Ergo- A 11x17 the printer results the element of commodity that has obtained some experience with. Typically buy Brother (any one the defender of 'in but a lot usually take anything junky). I have seen this 11x17 printer for $ 126 bucks and good descriptions to the equal that has has had to that the give the try.

One of some better printers the ees has purchased! His compact (compared to bulbous Brother fines-scanner of copy/to work/minifridge/printer I often arrived with). It is the averages a cost (priced well so that volume... SO ONLY A PRINTER).

So only finalised on one 1st 11x17 ream of paper (500 discharges) and still impressions like new.
One extracted-cincher is some transmissions. It buys a aftermarket sale of jumbo of the transmissions recommended for Amazon- and concealed turned to a compraventa excellent also.

Has connected to a printer saws USB- which has done flawless (as expected). It can not comment in wireless setup/did not try it.
Can any one really commentary in a speed- another that looked normal for a 11x17 impression, with a loaded paper in tabloid fashion (17' the axial fed to a printer).

A extendable supports of paper for 11x17 the paper done to the equal that has expected.

The horse of work adds- will purchase again for next project.
4 / 5
Has been using the 6820 for the pair of years with the use enough in bylines and when it has begun to the pause has bought down the second a to substitute a prime minister. Has still paste wall in a second one that absolutely angered me and wants to share a history here like my description.

Are the current model , running you Mac user (Catalina with all some patches) and use a Cannon wirelessly in a house saws Wifi press. Setting on a new one was impossible and I bail there is so only. In the nutshell, require the computer to configure a printer so that it does not have any exposure on he partorisca setup. It is everything does by means of a computer. I plugged a new printer in USB of street and an usual Mac the engine has refused to recognise the. I have imagined I have required some engine of cannon that is gone in probably a box in the disk, as it looked and found the CD but a PC of CD there was so only engine. Not going to give on, have gone to a web and finally found the place of download of software of Cannon and has downloaded an engine a late plus and the installer but concealed has refused to run because of Catalina is enhanced security , he saying would not be able to operate a software. It looked throughout and there was at all newer or in any way refreshed on-line and how was, was unable to install.

So much, a new printer could not be found in an USB with a Mac and any way to setup or configture Wifi without software in a computer how was little more than the still of boat.

Has tried all could think of to do this work of what and after the weeks of pair to try have given up and has ordered the new Epson last night which expect to receive this week.

I attentively packed on a printer and has begun a process to ask of the returns of Amazon as it has not done, I supposition because it had resisted a printer for 30 days +/- which dipped external a window of turn.

This thing is useless how is and now so only something like this sore that chairs in a corner of a room waiting for Epson has arrived that for a way, has bought of Better Buy and a lot here on Amazon.
4 / 5
Are the artist of watercolour . I have been having the impressions have done on-line pieces by means of MPix. They were qualities adds , but some costs have begun to locate quickly and has finalised with to plot to inventory so only seating around reasons have done bulk orders to save money.
Has decided that it would be more to begin to print things I, to order (I sells mostly on-line).
Has looked for the long time and has taken the jump with this printer because it was the prize adds and had read good things.
Will say that I am surprised with this thing. It has cut my costs like crazy to do the impressions and I can do all on asks.
Has not had any regime with a wps connection, as I have had to that undermine around and find it usb boss to connect to the mine portable. No a mine of main shot, to some could be.
Has attached some pictures of some recent pieces and his printed counterparts. Some images differ the bit to the equal that have brightened and stressed the in photoshop. This has done my business to plot easier that run and has relieved to plot of stress. It is also good to be able to do the piece, and have the available impressions instantly.
Has wanted to see some of some other products/of impressions the mark with this thing of mine Instagram/Etsy is HOPaints. In general I love this printer.
5 / 5
A lot This has substituted my DEAD PERSON R2000 but has required to 19 printer of thumb and has not had of the money to invest in 800 printer of dollar again. Mina Epson R2000 was to to 8 years liked that with of a lot of reports of hate of the amour also. Well This newbie arrived in good to begin that it learns a plot to learn of differences among some two printers. Wine with OEM the dye thought it wouldn' has done. Cela Left to take going instantly. It had ordered more the ink this in spite of chooses the no oem ink with good descriptions. All has been I adds to start with with. The printer the work adds with photo. He the big 53 project of book with 12 half page full photos for book. Also the big standup accordian exposure of photo with roughly 20 photo. And four special photo album with on 40 photo have measured of half page. It likes quota of the photos and that ask to plot of the printer of new mark has used never to do. Now for one a star was. There is remarked a tank of low ink and has warned also prendió died in mid laws to print yes has run out of the ink has said. I then that the empty cartridge substituted for new. It has given one a lot on and has printed so only fine any defect in a mid the photo of stop has printed. This has been in until all but a cartridge of big black text had run was. Then a question begins. The printer a lot always give me look that some tanks were down and would print entirely any prendiendo . Well it has it has had to that little spare piece of paper of the photo for a project without changing to another type. This paper has add cardstock quality for this class of work. As well as ossia past time . For him then it has verified all some cartridges and if some the rear tanks were empty has substituted some same times have had the opinion for any one another. Like the question arises is this the question of bad cartridge of the No Oem produced of Ink or is a printer that is not maintaining good clue. I have ordered new OEM cartridges to see like this acts and new any oem cartridges of the different vendor. But they are fearful that a printer is not counting a no oem cartridges properly. Now having at all at all to do with that was a star was. When I have changed the cartridge any one @subjects was OEM or no a car has recognised that it was now full. BUT for the half a time has not printed. It can or it can not print when I have changed out of a new cartridge with the second a new and has printed the question has spent still. A way these works of the cartridge of the ink would suggest locks of the air would not owe that be the big question. This in spite of ossia that looks to be. As I have found the way to out loan a printer. The first control with the page of the by heart small blockade has done so only thus purpose how is in plot less wasteful and harmful to a printer that running cleansing of boss etc. If a colour is not printing close my program on computer. Transfer of a printer then unplugs a printer. This often is that it is suggested to erase all leading connumications with printer. Appearance roughly 20 minutes then the printer of tower has retreated on and open program and resume press but in the first place of course that runs another control of blockade of the colour to be sure is printing. It has done every time this is to spend. It is spent to plot . I am gone through the total of 25 cartridges todate during this project. And sure enough one a lot last cartridge has accepted but then has not printed was the black and was the new OEM dyes that fallen squarely in a printer he. There is roughly debate if a no oem the cartridges are courts in ink or if a printer is so only not operating is account . I can do around that. I am disturbed this in spite of that when I have dipped in the new cartridge or two or three the time some shows of printer is full like this accepting them but then not printing how is a lock of air or ????? Marcos any sense. This of course is everything in the brandnew first experirence with him. I seat he still the bit of the curve to learn and incident he until a fact has been spoilt decayed for a R2000 but has had is elements to stuff out of misery also and that that imports one was airlocking which begun with this own OEM ink. In fact no never it has listened of out inks of phase until the year to a R2000 has begun he in that has it airlocking access. Using is only cartridges . I had it long guarantee down and both and a Epson the help done with me when suddenly a guarantee folk accused to use no-oem inks. I have asked that is concealed? It has taken my education quickly. The result has ordered the batch and has been thrilled with him and a printer for years has done well in fact better that has had with a OEM is and any air that afterwards. Until a day done the year the questions have begun again. So that the direct worse questions to and any quantities of things that had done has helped previously. And finally a day literally has died so only. That can explain reason at all done reason has had some interior programing the questions or which have you and was 8 years . He like this take 140 dollars less have decided to give that this printer tries it and has required an immediately. Any complaint and reason is 4 stars in general with an exception of a negation to print always after changing that I have explained likes volume around this quirk. I can live with quirks reasonably while it comprises I need to do that. If it was the business this in spite of this would not be in entertainment of office of the house for one the majority of part are well. For a way has not had some subjects with any of some inks that filter. I have taken all revise opinions in such to heart and has managed all some cartridges attentively but any question. I am concerned with an interior of a printer looks the ink has been launched throughout and splashes up in a coverage and a bar on some rollers. They are not sure I need to clean that it was periodically or so only ignore. I will bend Control with a service of client folks in that. For a prize are more than happy with ink. Photo a lot of smudge and has dried well using three different classes of paper of photo of big gloss. They could be quite managed quickly after printing although I gave him usually the pocolos small to dry first of cutting and glued some back still to back for some books.
5 / 5
In fact love a printer he. Some impressions of way easily in stock of the paper and some colours are quite attentive, for one the majority of part. This in spite of, in a space of two years, has had to that buy TWO of these printers. A reason is simply reason begins to do on, as the one who a software. It begins to give me an error that says 'Printer xxxx could not print document xxx'. Any further explanation. There is no yellow lights in a printer, that could press to clear an error, swimming! I do not have any clue BECAUSE a printer could not print this document. And then it annuls a document, to try again, and volume a message :the printer is in state of error'! This extremely is frustrating, and the help is IMPOSSIBLE to take of CANNON. You send to you on-line. Calm then spend the on-line HOURS, of screen to screen, to try to discover like this to fix this error, and to any avail. Such the waste of my lovely time, and like this frustration! This printer is literally an only thing that entirely ruins my days, reasons seat helpless. When This past with a first printer, I so only didnt loves it treat again, and has bought another. I have had this one for only the very small month, perhaps 3 month, and his already doing east.
Was able to 'fix' he, or at least reset all, with which hours to read forums other users having a subject same. But I cant agree some have not taken - has been complicated, clicking a lot of screens has advanced settings. This has done in fact. But I do not have any one follows that I anymore. It has looked for to find this forum again, but to any avail.
I so only of the that thinks that is so only that it pay like this for this printer and has to that buy two in a space of two years, and this an after 3 month already is creating these subjects of mysterious software, and are a a the one who has to that spend of the hours and of the hours that looks for to imagine this was for my account. They are not the technician of printer. They are for it gives up for today, and I will have to that drive the city to Kinko-s to take my document has printed today. Unbelievable.
Like my recommendation is DOES not BUY produced of CANNON. You of the that invests any one money in the technical support and his service of client is non-existent. For your account are reading his on-line manuals.
Now are that it goes the tent for a Epson, and expect that has better regime.
5 / 5
Maintain import ossia the printer of speciality for wide impressions and no a printer of office or printer of production of the mass. It is it Adds for CAD impressions, photographers and Graphic Designers to print width and long in the reasonable prize.

Has to that price all a width 13” frames of printer and looked at all some descriptions. There is not a lot a lot of of there that to print until 13” and impression to measure of the period done of to the commission likes of of the circle of paper for posters. One some concealed is does ridiculously priced so so many is the tear-was and on this all the world has questions with jets of ink that takes clogged finally. As any way wants to spend 8hundred to 1k for the width 13” jet of ink that can no later because of clogged questions and so only in general unreliable printed in some point.

This printer of Wide Cannon is very exited well for me and am a lot happy with his impressions, the ink that last and function. Especially thus remarkable prize, although he so only last the few years a prize is reasonable like him disposable printer and buy another after the few years, expects any one excepts having any question comprehending the one of a prize is reasonable to see like this goes.

I really required a measure of the period done of commission with wide format 13”... I can print like this long of paper to the equal that want. An only one another company that the offer measured of the period done of the commission partorisca to 13 wide printer want to 1k for his version.

Has been concerned roughly dyed that hard has loved like this this printer to have some tanks of ink in place of cartridges, has then imagined a prize was like this reasonable that has the data tries it anyways. I have not had the question with more cleaned or the ink has squandered begins the million times to take to to the good impressions likes them to them calm knows .

Ossia Mine 1st ink of Cannon that the jet and I can say the have better engineered then eps0n does like this the ink does not take squandered. Have Of then immediately so only looking in some cartridges and that see like this has fulfilled it his engineering of inkjet cartridges. Not knowing which to expect has purchased a 3rd reusable party full cartridges to fill an ink I but there is not had to that use them still so that well. It maintains in alcohol I so only use this printer to print posters of art of big line and no big photos.

My old Eps0n wide printer that has paid on 5hundred in fact a lot of years does is going in some rubbishes now which have had at all but of the questions with some bosses of impression and the ink that waste.

LOVE this printer of the cannon and I no longer will use Eps0n wide printers.

UPDATE: printing wide and long paper to measure the fact of the commission has to that be inputted to ” width to any period for 13” wide paper or he no right . Also you find some jumps of the main paper also when a printer grabs the and to the jam done... One fijamente is to dip it stack of paper for behind the for the spend more afterwards to a front as it does not jump . Other words maintain it full for the big paper feeds. On all happy closing with him for a prize.
5 / 5
Has bought this printer with a intent to print my papers of own art on 5 x 7 stock of paper. A neighbour up was easy. A question is coming when it has wanted to print an image in a half of a stock of paper. Some impressions of image during a place and never in place of a formatting options. Utilisation Microsoft YOU and when I click on volume of impression a paper of printer and list 5 x 7 paper and an option to print. One same for My software of Garden of the Image that is coming with a printer.

First called: I have called support of technology and has explained a question and a technology said me to knots that has to buys 3rd software of party to take a printer to footprint that that already is supposition to print. It has suggested that that goes in-line and look for software to print papers. Seriously, ossia crazy. When I have called service of client an automated answering the service has taken my information and then a line goes died for anywhere among 15 and 45 minutes. I mean he at all and calm could think you where disconnected, but is not , is so only in the telephone limbo.

According to call: The Cannon has called then again and the contact done with the gentleman has appointed Curtis. It has taken a time to listen to that have spoken roughly and beside través of the process of elimination finds a subject. My Garden of Image was an older version , 2016, concealed is coming with a CD for installation. It was the long call but has taken a printer dips up for papers. As I will give then to another description and update when I print some papers and to the left know like the sweats that act. Like this far, some images are good-looking, some more tweaking of some colours and I would have to that be good to go.

UPDATE 3/11/2020
This printer is surprising. A clarity of my impressions and the papers look fantastic. It buys some metal coated the paper and my drawings of automobile are further of this I has expected. I have had to that substitute a cyan tank 2 times,, to the plot of my art has strong blues in them and my Imposición of local office his door. The next update will be around September.
5 / 5
With which 15 years of use and 2 'tampon of substitutions of waste of mine $ 1200 XXXX final printer achieved of service. In an impulse has ordered this iX6820 Cannon partorisca try like the substitution. Of course the technology has improved in this timeframe, but has has not expected impressions of the main quality of the reasonably priced car that has received of some pro diagrams of note. A majority of impressions is big format partorisca exposure or framing. It manages inkjet papers of photos that comprises cloth without questions. An only negative is a software of on-line manuals like my car of map is the off-line box has consecrated. Felizmente A 20+ accumulation of years of programs in this computer fully sustains this printer.
4 / 5
Although I have had a subject with a cartridge of ink very long with which have purchased this printer, has been treated by Cannon with speed and efficiency. A service of the client there is that it SURPRISES, as expensas the printer of them, can be ensured that is for his product. All this has said, REASON DID I ATTENTIVE THIS LONG partorisca BUY ONE?!?! Like the props present in theatre, elements of paper, papers, the photos and the newspapers are generally very concrete and usually done in of the multiple. The newspapers especially are one of some the majority of defiant things, reasons newsprint the paper is not an option in your venue Kinko is, and some pages of the right measure partorisca the newspaper is far too big partorisca the regular printer. Until this point, has has had to that the together piece 8-8/12 x 14 pieces of paper and the glue joint and solve for that. Now, I can print papers of tabloid measure with ease, and piecing the papers the big plus is the snap. Included on way of draft, which saves ink, an impression is crisp and clear. Printing the photos is easy, and although sometimes some colours in Photoshop and another look of programs to vary slightly with that is printed - for projects that involves expensive papers, calm ALWAYS would owe that print the page to draft on something economic - is awesome to be able to print portraits and other illustrations with eases. Reason is wireless now can have my printer in the something much more convenient, and have tonnes more desks nails urban to do with. Ossia An absolutely awesome impression - like this happy I finally have one!
5 / 5
The quality of impression is WELL, but the good regime that dips this thing up. Without screen to touch with basic info, can be the real ache . Shame on you, Cannon, is 2019, and your software and setup the looks of process and seat likes is prompt 90s. A more used thus produced is paperweight .
4 / 5
Has purchased a June of printer 21, 2017. There is prendido working May 31, 2018. It would not buy one again. Has has possessed printers of Cannon before and found to be good cars, as I have bought is one. It is lasted less than the year of light use. I gave it a star because when it has done, some copies have printed was a lot.
4 / 5
Has has had so only this printer the day and he'? A cartridge of the ink of the magenta has exploded during my hands and the next chair a moment opened it up. Like this while my description of Cannon , will give to 5 description to star the Folex Something of Carpet of the Stir of Instant, which has saved my bacon of some Misses. Also, calm does not have to that concern roughly using 3.os cartridges of party because it has included some expensive OEM some have control of low quality quality.

A printer also lack of the LCD screen that initial of half setup is class of difficult. The calm arrival so only resists a WiFi key down for 2 seconds to enter setup way, but has taken the moment to imagine that it was reason all some instructions assume is using the computer with the CD-ROM and any to the the mobile device likes is 2006. Any I same have the computer with the CD-ROM anymore.

A Cannon is also surprisingly slow to print and has a measure of wrong paper he so only spit a paper was and give you a code of error to look on still although you are in an application of the cannon and he would be incredibly easy to so only say, “measure of wrong paper”.

Will stick with a printer, but is thought odd fondly of the mine old HP - which I never thought would be possible.
5 / 5
Mac Users with Catalina! You will want to purchase the boss of printer partorisca east! A together wireless up was impossible with out in the first place communicating my wifi information directly to a printer by means of my mac saws direct connection. They are past way too long that looks for to avert purchasing a boss of USB. But you CAN use one wireless setup after establishing a connection. Your Mac will say you when you can turn of a printer and unplug a boss to use wireless.

Regarding a printer he, once a neighbour up was FIIIINAALLYY has completed, has had to that restart my computer to take some cars to communicate well. A quality of impression is now flawless and am PLEASED LIKE THIS. Ossia An excellent car in the prize adds.
5 / 5
This was an only wide-formed inkjet the printer could find with decent descriptions. One drives of installation has comprised was useless. Of then I do not have the car of windows, wifi setup was problematic and procedure to dip up with iPhone has failed to recognise printer. There is at all among this model and a pro the units that cost around $ 1000 to the equal that have given this model the casualidad, and took it working class of, but can does not recommend. It does not think the cannon would owe that be continue sell this down-printer of level without the update of engine. A place of the axe of web has contained iX engine for linux, but this model has not been sustained. I am spent of the hours that takes the minimum functionality, and then so only with Mac, and the cloud of footprints of Google how was to announce to maintain fracasado with a number of code of dark error.
4 / 5
Ossia For worse a printer has has not possessed never. A Bluetooth the only option take me to print that I want to when precise. There have it always a subject! Press of MAC or iPhone is always he 2-3 project of day! They are to take me roughly another printer that reads when I require it to! I consider the technology informed and usually can direct to look video of support or revising manual. Ossia Absolutely ridiculous already! That the waste of money.
4 / 5
Can not look to imagine was reason but our laptop of the apple does not look to like a Cannon. We have tried everything without regime. Has the printer of use of focus and when we go of this printer to a Cannon, has to begin a Cannon and our computer throughout again. So only it could be, as we are looking to assume the type of technology to direct in our house.

When I Have been to install our together of cartridges of ink something has gone bad with our car. When that Calls the line of the help of the cannon was extremely useful. It results it it could not fix one @subjects neither but he a lot there is quickly has had the car of substitution has sent our house.

Is not to like and not looking in a measure of this first car to purchase. Has no @to @give the one who big this car was in width before ordering. This cup of big type taken on of the plot of the urban nails in ours office. The desire would have gone with something smaller.

A last what. There is any tray of paper of the interior, like the paper is always is gone in an open seating on big in a backside a car.
5 / 5
Would owe that it has done this longitude done. The utilisation WF printer for my illustrations and has purchased a HP originally roughly done 7 years. I have found this printer to outperform in several ways (this in spite of much less expensive). Utilisation this printer consistently to print outlines on until 140 HP and CP paper of Watercolour without jams of paper at all. Of a HP has the circle-around the system has been forced to limit my impressions to 90-117 and he still occasionally jam. An ink of Cannon is waterproof and some impressions can be used like outlines for watercolour or another half without bleeding by heart - has had issues with HP bleeding of inks when using wet-half comunicacionales. An only characteristic prefers in a HP is an Impression dips-Arrive software. A HP leaves to save several properties to print fact to commission that it is the big plus when doing with mostly was-sized papers. Some leaves of Cannon to print in any measure but the variants owe that be entered with each work. To good graphic Software like AC/DSee the frames that reads with a neighbour-on besides easy but would like me see the cannon offers a habit saves characteristic or resupply software of manager of additional impression.