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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia A film of Iranian tongue (with English subtitles) in the female vampire the one who stalks people for prejudices he this is to be direct for Ana Lily Amirpour in 2014. A film was filmed in fact in some the USA this in spite of, with a creation of the faith of mark, downtrodden city of the oil called 'Bad City'. This was the surprisingly interesting film that is filmed fantastically and has directed. It is an intimate portrait of the woman that a can not help feel is symbolic in his representation of the women that alive in the society that his force partorisca conceal his personality. Walking at night remains shrouded with his that goes, but inside his small paving show all some contemporary popular interests of the young woman that looks in some world-wide around sound. The brilliant posters adorn some wall and the popular music is touched in his record player. These are things that could be found in the room of any young western woman. In some levels feels that a female vampire represents a empowerment of the woman that bolt in the repressive society. Finally by means of the occurrence of casualidad fulfils the young man the one who has his own questions, giving endures the father the one who is intoxicated the drugs . Partorisca Dress up likes Dracula partorisca of the results of the stray party in some streets and fulfils a female vampire. This witty matchmaking goodness to an unpredictable idyll. A film remember of something Jim Jarmusch could dream up. It is intimate, humorous, and delicately has gathered.

Ossia The good to dip which comprises the graphic novel, a test, and numerous interviews with a manager and of the actors, comprising a with Roger Corman interviewing a manager. Also it has has has deleted scenes, and he stills gallery.
4 / 5
Ossia The darkness , atmospheric film but no really the film of horror. Yes, a daughter is the vampire but no in a less scary. A film is billed like a together American vampire Western in Iran (this in spite of any one in fact filmed there). I think that that to the critics has liked him to him a novelty of an idea. Unfortunately it could not follow a dialogue, has bought of the video has announced like this English but in fact in Persian with French subtitles. While quell'concealed that has not helped my recognition of a film in any way, I still found the slow paced and enough dull.
5 / 5
This film is the dark master piece odd. I admit some tattoos in a pimp is quite ridiculous. But asides of that and a start of the slow peace to a film is in fact the film of good-looking only horror. Of a music to do this film is a lot a lot of fact and pleasing to a sences.

These films basically in the write those who is car taken to take for the trafficante to drug reason his father Coulding pay up. So much in a house of way a career at night to the of the woman bondadosa. I recomend this films the people those who enjoy artsy films because this is not your pop on the horror is much slower and phycological. It likes. It likes to of me to plot! 8 outta 10
4 / 5
ome Walks of House of Daughter So only At night' is in odd goings on in a Bad City, is in a city of Iranian ghost
house of prostitutes junkies pimps an each one sordid the souls can find, this film is dark one odd a bloody a lot
forget this appearance of him, has a solitary vampire the one who there is stalking the inhabitants of a city for his blood thirsty desire
to live, but then the daughter fulfils boy one something odd arrives, a film is dulcemente all a way by means of but for some reason
fulfilling that appealing for his character like this vampire of solitary destitute, is almost likes is one a lot first vampire to
roams some streets not knowing those who partorisca suck a life out of prime minister, the more there is a booklet of illustration with this film this' is
ordered to read, a map is done to perfection,
5.1 Surrounds. White & black.
Do With Subtitles.
Runtime 100 Min.
This Daughter Is in your Door Halloween?
4 / 5
Has loved this film in a lot of different levels. Some extras that was included was icing in a cake. Amirpour Is an amazing manager. To good sure shows for more than his work in a future!
5 / 5
A different class of film of vampire. I did not drive mad me for him, but I have loved to see the and am happy is in my collection. The class of has thought agreed of Jim tip Jarmusch.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
4 / 5
The film is not in version a lot-has censored at least is in French version Quebec (duplicated-québec) but his scene was all has censored in englais
5 / 5
Like this pleasant is a line of history of an original film
5 / 5
99 of some pricks in of the films, TV of reality, celebrity, and like this on... @Fare!
A film is purely homo-erotic, also can be softcore! :D
4 / 5
A film is hilarious partorisca begin to finalise. Totally my sense of humour. With a lot it likes me he recommends a film like the must sees.
4 / 5
Good film, no the masterpice but entertainment, a parody is very good. I have found
Carmen Electra ugly old woman but form with 17 discharges of trick.
5 / 5
Hunky The men in the underwears of skin is a device of better plot in a history of cinema, likes done that a designer of dress has failed partorisca win Oscar partorisca he is outrageous