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Top Customer Reviews: DUNLOP Purofort ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
4 / 5
The prizes and the good boots add but a hule around a cuff is badky kinked and misshapen. These have fallen usually have tubes of map inside a boot to maintain a form but my pair are obviously state stored for the long time without those and like the result a hule is in the worse condition that would have to be.
4 / 5
Raisin gives 13 and has chosen this model 15 orange especially to exceptional value a bit more comfortable the winter that month 14
4 / 5
Been using my boots now both in a oilfields and on fishing bounced them and is by train to stand up a lot well. They are quite comfortable also but no easy to spend in fat vase.
5 / 5
Any last more than two month that spends him 3-4 times the week for 10 hours. A hule has dried was and broken and a so only separated on the one hand upper of a boot

Top Customer Reviews: Baffin Unisex ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
A boot was orders at the beginning my hubby has said was the pocolos tight around a foot calf was big, which are adds partorisca big caffed men, but is not still 3month in and some souls are leaving on him. A lot his buddies bought him and has wanted to him and there is has not had questions but unfortunately guesses my hubby has done.
5 / 5
Has bought partorisca the new work that will be it partorisca begin in January. I have been spending them around a house and they am comfy like this far- far comfier that a CSA shoes I wear partorisca my current work. Has muscular calves, and a Dunlop the browsers have tried in any records my calves but these records perfectly.

Am prone the hotspots and blisters with new shoes- included only spending them around a house- but like this far are not having any subjects with these.

Usually spends the ladies 9, and a measure 9 of these accesses perfectly when remained with the Bama half.

Can not speak to a heat or grip still, as I have spent any one his outside, but will update my description after my first rotation.

Update 2 rotations in:
loves these boots! I am comfy enough to be in all day (12hr days) without ache or @@tiredness. A grip in his is not fantastic, but when remained with a cleats my subjects of the company has not slipped at all. I am spent the few external days in -30ºC this rotation, and my feet were good and toasty without being too warm. When This wear was will be to substitute his with an identical pair!
4 / 5
Pair These boots with the pair of Merrino socks of the wool and you can do all day in -30. Excellent construction, as they look the little flimsy at the beginning but sure maintain you warm. An only drawback is that yes calm his doors all day walking, a hule around the yours shins wear to a skin the bit and when I take home calm @to give have the hairless leg. I spend this newspaper and am happy of the his have a cold time
5 / 5
My first pair 8 years !!!
According to pair 8 month and falling averts with light work?
Any impressed and will not buy again!
5 / 5
The boots are warm but like volume to the main measure some cups of a boot are a lot to give a no in and out of but poor doing in sticky a boot liners and order some quite big boots to your socks to fall
4 / 5
These are some the better boots have spent and has tried more another. Very comfortable and warm. The measure is perfect
Modify: I have had these boots for 2 1/2 months and a fund have begun to leave on one. I add while I am lasted but the looks of qualities to be poor
4 / 5
are the Technician of Control of the Route to the equal that are in my feet the majority of a day. These boots are comfortable and warm. An only question has is that has the big arch to the equal that are the little snug in a cup of my foot. Highly recommend these boots!!
4 / 5
Maintains the feet animate without using liners.
Ossia My second pair ,still spending some originals in work ,5 years.
Has bought these takes house in a park.
5 / 5
Awesome Bounced. I spend this law daily once some swipes of cold time. It resists until it does of masonry, trace scaffold and to the likes. His grip well the gel. I bought him the elder of half measure to the equal that could apt bama socks in my regular socks for extras insulation and droughts. They maintain my warm feet and dry all day long
4 / 5
Better boots, warm in -40, flexible. Grip A lot well in gel, snow and slush.

Top Customer Reviews: NORTIV 8 Men's ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
I have had the pair of Merrells that these are substituting partorisca my boots partorisca hike and to the receipt took him was, his of course mell' as many have said of a manufacture 'was-gassing' that spends during transport.
Now, there is remarked immediately the one who rigid this celery and is not like this flexible like Merrells was like this new and this a bit is baffling data a winter a fresh plus is having and like these will resist up. More on that later.
Now an extra no sure in a 'reason' in these so many again will owe that see one some resupplies is useless or so only an extra pair of tips.
I spray waterproofing in some boots eat partorisca do with each pair of hikers that possesses so only partorisca added as it meshes partorisca look the material did not give me the warm and blurred feels.
The access is expected like this, spends the measure 10, has ordered the measure 10 and rapes!
Gone back snug initially but is beginning the loosen on the bit likes bet the feet compresses so that they are while partorisca bit it more room partorisca my wool that socks of hikes.
The grip is good and one has the habit partorisca look a lot of fact again with any shale hikes I my Merrells is lasted incredibly long so it takes 2/3 of a wear out of these in some same zones, will be happy with that.
Will do partorisca follow it up informs the time of month or 2 like this is when a hule fulfils one issues quite literally.
4 / 5
Has not tried still in ruff the only condition apresamiento
. Apt I follows usually 9.5 to the 10 and order the 10 returns add
. Light weight for boot of the main of highland/shoe
. Raincoat And moisture rejection insole lining
. Layer of foam of the memory insole
. It prevails of tip of extra shoe I supposition
. Looks Of grip and feels well like this far
. Like a front fold stiched toe
5 / 5
While these are sold like those boots of hike, bought them have required like this the Boot of new winter, and oh boy these do a trick.

Has had so only ours first snowy real, like an earth is covered in soft snow and slush. After the 15 walk of minute in these conditions, my socks am remained dry, and was able to confidently trudge by means of snow and slush without as well as the worry roughly that slips and sliding.

Some boots could be the tad more comfortable, but for a prize is paying, these will maintain you sure and dry in of the conditions of winter
5 / 5
These boots are quite comfortable although they are very rigid when new. They look to be softening well with use. Alive in Canada and spent him on the pair of snow and gel has has covered trails. They are warm almost to a point to be too warm. It will owe that see like this are in state. It holds of the water is good and has maintained my feet dry to give a no in of the superficial puddles and crossing of small superficial water.

Has had to return a pair of prime minister to the equal that have ordered same measure like my regulate sneakers and was too small. Reordered 1 full measure elder and was perfect.
4 / 5
Loves this hiking has fallen so that it used him far enough the bit and is returned amiably and is a lot of comfy.
Has tried in some snow and cold and spent for hot, traction.

Update, 7 Month later some boots for any start to reason to develop two holes with very minimum and normal use, has contacted a vendor my risarcimento is offered 20 discount , could have received the pair with the subject of quality perhaps but be tired, the boot to the hike does not have to that last 7 Month and calms the not even was hard in of the trails.

Now both average entirely the useless stay era.
4 / 5
I really like an appearance of these boots and is very comfortable . Some have the habit of boots this in spite of sound quite slippery when compared to mine old hikers . I bought him to walk in those trails of hikes in a winter but his do not give me a sure footedness requires . To drive or the cost where has little snow and gel is well . I will be to purchase something more to hike in winter .
5 / 5
Has had these boots for the month now, probably would take to 4 description to star if it has not been for a thing.

Slips on anything still slightly traction anything. If you are hiking in the dry footpath, is utmost. It adds some dew of morning to this footpath and you are probably he better has been barefoot.

Rocks, cimienta, asphalt, dry trail, well. Slightly humid herb, gel rink.

I also laws in the cookery, has walked a day and a paving was still the little humid of the recent looked the character of cartoon.

Is not súper comfortable neither, very rigid same after the month of enough every day use
4 / 5
am impressed enough with these boots. Has the very difficult foot to apt i.et. Narrow arch and EA cures . These have fallen returned well well out of a box. They have broken in easily and I have been spending them on the daily base never has them of then receipts (roughly two months) and have any complaint. An only reason did not estimate them with five star is that a cushioning in some boots (likes another has commented on) initially feels very substantial and very comfortable, but blocks quite quickly. This in spite of, a boot tends to conform to your feet quite easily have blocked like this to the cushion does not create the question. The boot could be improved to use material more substantial in a cushioning so that it retains his initial 'feel 'for a long period of time.
5 / 5
At the beginning wear , some kicks returned well, but has developed to crease he during a second wear around a ball of my sinister foot that bit it to him that annoying to spend. It joins the long cast of shoes in my cupboard that will give was for free in the opinion of moments. Average that thought that it could economic was on. I am exited a next day and is spent of the extra money to buy the boot of big quality.
4 / 5
Are 6'5', spends 14, the half has twisted underfoot and thin feets.
A cushioning in a backside of some inner boots looked bit it big and leaving the hole in a fund of corner;
A front of a boot is bent on on 2/3 (to the rovescio) and a tip of some boots is tight like this horizontally and vertically.
I measure of use 14 and has ordered 14, would have to has gone with 14.5.
But does not go to try in again.

Am sticking with Merell is to hike shoes and few boots, feels likes heaven of mine :)