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Top Customer Reviews: Swiss Madison Well ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 16 ratings
4 / 5
Elegant creation, with underlying box and good quality of download. I am satisfied with this compraventa
4 / 5
That it has to that say for my prime minister never the basin installs this thing has come with each asks has required partorisca connect mine in existent plumbing that it was a lot. It is a lot of sturdy and resist my weight (200 lbs+) any question and is súper company. It is the plot partorisca do especially when being the mine in the first place installs and be VERY CAREFUL installing a basin he. You owe that cut some pieces of connection of the basin and if any calm his cups to a pertinent period can bust some of some group in a trace of basin. I need to be careful any partorisca cut it too cut as well as a basin then would filter/partorisca fail when you go the flush.
My only real negative is that a flush he a lot always do a better work in yours 2 east. It can require an extra flush but am very happy with him!
4 / 5
Has not installed a basin still, as I can not say a lot roughly that. This in spite of, am struggling with taking the bidé chair of basin that would return this basin.

First of all, an official response in Q&A bad east. A basin has gone , any elongated. Calm does not determine that of a total period.
Secondly, Is the odd shaped basin of round. A period of centre of chairs partorisca locate the holes to a flange forward is 16 thumb. The majority of basins of round there is at least 16 1/2 or more. This means when compraventa bidé chair of basin, almost everything of them hangs in a lip forward, and can see an advance of lip inside a hole of chair.
5 / 5
This was the triple winner - I has not loved to clean the traditional basin, and has had some superficial plumbing pipe clearances to win, and is both courts as having an adjustable height in the frame of wall was utmost. It does not have a traditional chair feels, but his used takings. But this basin is súper noisy, and splashes in a flush quite bad. As it maintains this in alcohol for your installation. The contractor has said that it was the breeze (he never done a forward).
5 / 5
Has had some part in loser and shipped it immediately with FedEx, very easy to achieve them on a telephone or email.

Has substituted all my bath to house that returns (total 3) with highland assembly of wall fill of swiss Madison.

A lot reasonably priced. The mine so only complains is does not aim all some on-line part for me to buy if any part goes bad. I am saving his information of contact in chance I need to achieve them 5-10 years of now for parts.
4 / 5
Well, as I am very experienced in plumbing, no the pro but has done very a lot DIY baths on some years. A basin is surprising, all has expected paralizaciones, some instructions of installation this in spite of look has been done by a Ikea designer that tries to save paper. If you are not really handy and really experienced with plumbing this will be really hard to install, basically has to that it imagines was calm, learning curve very big. Once it is it looks to surprise and works perfectly!
5 / 5
The level of water is down like this literally has to that clean a bowl of basin each one taking. And a flushing the mechanism is broken already and never for the running water owe paste the for the take to take.
4 / 5
Adds to look basin. Easy to install. A lot of abordable. It does not produce a better flush. Meeting that has to that flush the little time to empty a bowl. It is the descendant flush which does not produce the vortex. In general, I have received that have paid stops. Still the generally good product for a prize.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. The installation is easy. Looks Well.
But flash is very bad. Precise resists some keys until a tank will be empty or flash two times.
Seat Is wobbly. The hinges are calm too free.
Houses renewal for living, as it is not my first basin and seats Installed....
5 / 5
Really does not comprise all a glowing descriptions. One looks of the basin adds but is terrible in the another way. If you want to all to go down after doing your subject has to that flush more than a swipe... This means to expect with which a prime minister flush for a tank to fill again. If you decide to any flush two times and leave it then go back to the smelly bath.

A level of water is way too down! My contractor dipped a like this big level to the equal that would go and is still too down. This half has to that clean a basin almost every time goes.

Of of the this is the basin of the wall is not easily substituted so many is kinda stuck with him. A lot disappointed.
5 / 5
Any flush a lot well, no the good creation. I comprise highland unit of the use to wall less water but the majority of some flows partorisca water down a backside of a bowl, blocking a drain. Seams Likes in that has more flow of water of a front of a bowl would be an easy solution, any way am buying another mark partorisca my second bath.
4 / 5
Would not say easy to install but the look adds and perfect work súper happy
5 / 5
his the a lot of good and basin very easy to install will be partorisca order another partorisca another room of bath
4 / 5
This basin is very noisy. A water splashed on is very bad. A lot of water is squandered and can not be washed well reason some starts of water in the straight line and can a lot of he the same the lava was toilet paper ,

I remorse that bought it too punctual, a contractor installed the too much evening, has lost a time of turn, and has squandered of the money partorisca three basins and a system around $ 1400
5 / 5
the looks add! Nizza A lot haveing he in a paving. Súper Modern look.
5 / 5
The basin arrived in 10000 pieces but swiss madison has the service of client adds and has sent the substitution asap!

Top Customer Reviews: VOVO STYLEMENT ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
I have listened in this basin of my fellow Korean and has wanted to verify it was on its own name. And... It is surprising.
All a bidé the characteristic is there with self-cleaning nozzle of stainless steel. Also, to the left converged on an OPEN and CAR CAR FLUSH!!! They are like this good. I have not known how it was such the annoy the flush a basin before. Now... I do not want to use another basin. I guess it concealed it is that all my boys are doing now. You so only come to our master bath to use a basin. Still although it has installed bidé for another basin!
With the CAR OPEN/characteristic PRÓJIMO, my woman has no yelled in me for not dipping a chair for the whole week LOL! Now, I do not owe that worry in that never again!
Was easy to install and has all some tools have required. Ossia For far a thing has BETTER purchased on amazon!
Does not think never can go back the normal basin!

Top Customer Reviews: Sun-Mar GTG ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
Arrived 2 early days. Solid Fat resin and creation very simple. Partidário In of the works of good ventilation. Qualified of easy big urine partorisca take and dump. Looks Well.

Top Customer Reviews: Johnson Pumps - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
Very happy, easy to change of accident to right and the law adds!

Top Customer Reviews: DeerValley ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5
Rid punctually, easy the instal, useful in the small space.
4 / 5
Has the small bath these accesses of basin perfectly and looks partorisca surprise
5 / 5
Very happy with this product
And the look adds
5 / 5
Perfect for my small bath remodels. The protective packaging Adds! An engine of delivery LAUNCHED IT in fact was his truck to an earth, and my surprise there was ANY HARM 😃 to a basin. He flushes very quietly, still has any subject with “taking all” a first time. In this point of prize, please does not expect the lid of big final partorisca a chair. Some works of slow next function fantastically, but I upgrade later of a light plastic one has resupplied.
Oh, the service of client was adds also! Helped quickly with the little @subject that has been in fact my handyman failure 👍. He somehow taken debris in a supply line.
4 / 5
Loves this small basin, compact. My original basin there has been the hairline crack in a tank that has caused the slow leak. I have loved the dual flush system to conserve water. The decision has better does while upgrading some second walk of history. The small impression resupplies more spatial. It will order again like me substitutes some other basins in my house!!
4 / 5
Perfecto! All precise installs is has comprised!!
4 / 5
Perfect measure for my small bath, easy to install and looks wonderful.
5 / 5
Likes of uses the regular hose for a basin to a wall takes xtension in a backside in a fund Where a house connects

Top Customer Reviews: Kohler K-77780-0 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
Kohler Like the company done the good products and ossia one of them but enough require the bit of refinement for the do the 5 product of star.

Here is where the short falls:
1. Lack of presets in a far for multiple users. The different users owe that do constant adjustments for them. A Karing 1.0 has an option to dip 2 presets in a far and this would have to that it has been gone to a 2.0

2. Lack of nightlight, is not really the nightlight when a lid in bylines some light starts. This has compared to Karing 1.0 when a lid in bylines a light concentrated is still on and surrounds to a bowl likes in fact behaves like the light at night.

3. Manuel of user, has an error in a manual to dip some functions owe that ' Press and Controlled a far function to do change, some manuals simply declares to press. Ossia An easy to fix but the marvel if some people those who has written an in fact read manual the.

4. Far settings, to do dipping the transmissions with a tone is far more difficult that requires to be, there is times a basin done an extra beep alert when I do not expect it he so that it is quite confusing and could be changed for the do more the friendly user.

5. A Wand, does not extend was quite to avert taking water splashed in a backside of a chair. Every time a wash behind is used with a wand has extended fully finalises that it has to that dry a backside of a dry bowl like this of the water splash there. A calm full extension still require to scoot all a way behind, would have to be able to extend a thumb or two far more than averting a backside splash when a power of water is in maximum.

6. Sensor of Seat, compared to a Karing 1.0 has to that be literally so only in front of a chair almost touching it to take a chair to come up. A Karing 1.0 can be you the feet or two was and would open how is a lot of b/c with one 2.0 has to that attended for a chair to open and unfortunately has any way to regulate a sensibility of sensor. Please add sensibility of sensor or change it he so that it is more like this Karing 1.0.

7. I conclude of lid. When A calm lid you in bylines can listen slams near, again compared to a Karing 1.0 which concluded but was much calmer like the lid has not closed unexpectedly against a chair.

8. I conclude of lid, takes the good minute for a lid to close after calm create you, ossia so only too time, is sleeping and the calmest minute late listens a slam of the lid against a chair can be startling.

9. Pre-Wash, a intent is well, but when a lid opens it pre-has washed a bowl, the does not think that is to say necessary goes 1 the prewash a lot anything . A question is calm to grieve feel in a bowl he pre-has washed again squanders to the water likes pre-washed when of a lid opens, that pre-has washed again grieve feel in a chair. So only squandering water here and a prime minister pre-the washed would owe that be deleted.

10. Dryer: well ossia worthless so only like a Karing 1.0, the difference of a Karing 1.0 you can not dip a heat in a dryer at all, sometimes an air is cold, sometimes warm, any sure that causes this to blow cold or animate when master but is not compatible and like one 1.0 any dry at all unless you want to seat there by means of 2-3 cycles of a dryer the one who stop in this point still will not dry you . You will require toilet paper to dry calm and a chair yes uses a wash behind.

11. Rear plastic coverage: A rear plastic coverage is quite difficult to do work and stay in place, some hoses of stainless water not having a lot give and when calm joins it your valve of house is usually impossible to close a rear coverage and dip all some hoses is a tight space . No the big shot but something to improve for Kohler

12. Way to save of the Power, still unclear like this does like this ive tried with killing he-a-metre of the watt and it draw is constant.

13. The far lacking keys and a key to be able to is recessed and flush with a hard mountain to press to wake up. Would have like a capacity to move an icon is around but this could be anticipated more than sinister

14. I owe that called Kohler was is, steps this a lot in the basin and give you to you an economic plus besides economic to to two rays likes him to him the part of a final step to ray a coverage to a base. All 4 times that the ray undressed on me and has had to them use my own rays to ensure a bowl. That is cost to resupply the ray of quality, can buy the box of 100 for $ 6 of lowes. Kohler Would owe that be embarrassed of them to resupply similar rays of rubbishes!

Now that it can it to it look to look stirs it of negatives, but a reality is will not find the better basin in a point of prize. To the left I list a Pros of this basin.

1. Kohler The service of client are add, if has any subjects have the crew consecrated for ready basin. Now it is not in accordance with his evaluation that credit some works of the heater and I think more the people would adapt any dry well.

2. Lustrous creation, foot and impression of minimum creation

3. Easy to clean, the global creation the easy fact to clean compared the regular basin and other ready basins

4. Forced flush More than gravity flush, really cleaned to to a bowl likes flush of the how is more add

5. Pre-Wash, ossia again the pro and with a way is actuated, but one 2nd pre-the washed are adds to avert anything that sticks to a bowl

6. Flush A lot of splash out of a bowl, compared to other ready basins some rests of water in a bowl and does not locate a chair, more enormous

7. Car flush the work adds, so only the only flush is required usually with which 2

8. Far it is lustrous this in spite of a sensibility is something concealed could be improved. I have spoken in a key recessed in an upper which is not easy to press. A far awake on when a chair opens how is the enormous plus like calm does not have to that press a key for the wake, and can touch a screen for the wake when it sleeps how is the plus . In general a far is a lot lustrous and looks far more professional that another remotes other ready basins have of then looks the far boys have compared to this.

9. It seats heated likes of the utilisations, does not concern for him

10. A Electrolyzed waters and UV sanitization of the wand is sum and no another company of basin offers this. Again hygiene and cleanliness is critical.

11. Powerfull flush, Is strong but no too bad and clean a bowl.

12. The installation is not bad at all, everything is resupplied in a same box a line to water that assumes is a closing that breakings your valve.

13. Well packing of Kohler, a basin is very protected, can not say one same in his tanks

14. Like this far it is spent and game , the time will say yes hard .

Top Customer Reviews: Nature's Head Self ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
4 / 5
Extracted better that has expected, with just the alone person and some odd guests this seldom precise unit emptying and a defender means even during using there is not any smell anything
5 / 5
has taken almost the month to arrive so that it has not been impressive, but has arrived once to easy era to install and has done to add for some premiers 4 months.
A defender has died with which 4 month and I have not been able to imagine was regarding the substitute. Of then there is it totally has to take a basin in mine RV (that alive in full time) has had to continue use a basin without the defender; that any state adds and has goodness to some subjects of smell.
For a prize am not very impressed that the components have prendido to do like this punctual.
4 / 5
Absolutely any smell and was simple to dip up. Utilisation to camp it van and plan to take another for my out of cabin of grille.
4 / 5
Takes to head to leave grille.
A lot well has done .
Súper Creation.
Big quality.👍👍